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Date: Monday morning, July 1st time to get busy, time to get smart

Subj: Working hard vs. working smart


Hard work is for suckers.

I said it and you read it.

I don’t work hard, I work smart and I work only for benefit.

Listen here, I’ve structured my life in such a way that I never spend time with people I don’t like. One of the many benefits of economic and geographical freedom.


I do my work on the internet, which means I am forced to deal with some of the world’s dumbest people who don’t have a filter on their keyboard fingers.

One thing that really gets my goat is these silly motivational sayings, like “Do things because they’re hard” or smug shit talk like “What’s the matter, too hard for you?”.

Working hard doesn’t irk me, but this type of silliness is always vomited from the mouths of bullshitters. No-getters pretending to be go-getters. Losers talking down to other people and pretending they “work hard”.

Let me tell ya something, fellas, I don’t do anything just because it’s hard. “Hard work” is what people without a brain do or, usually, what lazy people say on the internet to feel big.

I did hard work one summer roofing houses and making minimum wage. That was hard and I won’t be doing that ever again. A year ago I ran a 12 mile Tough Mudder mud race in the middle of a Texas summer. That was hard and looking back there wasn’t a single benefit to doing it.

Now there is only one reason I do anything: Because there is a benefit. If it’s hard and there is no benefit I won’t do it. If it’s hard but the benefit is great I will do it.

Hard or easy makes no difference. What makes a difference is BENEFIT, but the reality is that most of the best things I’ve accomplished were actually quite easy.

Some of the greatest things I’ve done were just easy, peasy. I’ve made $45,000 dollars in a single day before. You know how hard I worked for it? I made a few phone calls, that’s it. I had systems in place, you can bet I wasn’t sitting around foolin’ with video games and smoking dope, but I wasn’t doing anything hard. I had my systems in place and when opportunity came knocking I opened the door and let her in.

After getting your business set up it’s easy. It might seem hard at first, while you learn, but it quickly becomes easy. Things are only hard when you don’t know how to do them. Then they become easy.

But never confuse laziness with easiness. Laziness means doing nothing. Doing something that is easy and has a big benefit is what action takers do. I used to work a lot harder than I work now and I used to make about 1/4 of what I make now. I used to hate my job, that’s what made it hard and that’s why I didn’t make any money.

So if you’re like me you branch out, go your own way, give up the stupid “hard work” game and get to working smart. After you’ve put your plan into action, after you’ve put your business on auto-pilot easy things just happen to you. So many times when my bank account was running low a deal would just fall into my lap. Again, I wasn’t foolin’ around with video games or watching TV, I was working, but I wasn’t doing anything hard.

I am telling you without a hint of pretending that money falls into your lap after you have put your systems in place, and it isn’t hard. I work from my home office. How hard is it sitting at my desk with my air conditioner going full blast while I look out over the pool? It isn’t hard at all. Compared to the way most people live, my life is like a vacation. It does take time and effort to accomplish my goals but time and effort does not equal hard. Here’s the silly thing, a lot of people are so stupid that they will choose to do nothing instead of doing something easy. They won’t make a change even though the change makes life easier.

Those Mexicans standing out in front of Home Depot at 5am hoping to be picked for day labor to make $15 bucks, that’s hard. Going to your shit job day in and day out to cover the bills is hard, putting up with your nagging wife and your spoiled kids is hard. Living the life of a free man who makes his own money and rules is easy.

So I take the easy way out and I work smart.

Know what else I do?

I take shortcuts.

You know who doesn’t take shortcuts?

Dummies. “Stuck in a rutters”.

Years ago I would drive home from work at 5:30 in Dallas traffic. If you’ve ever been on I35 in Dallas at 5:30pm on a Monday evening you know it’s no place you want to be. Bumper to bumper to bumper traffic.

After sitting in this traffic enough times I decided to stop being stupid and I got out a map and planned a shortcut going through this street and that street all the way home. I took my drive home from an hour down to a half hour.

I see dummies on the internet saying shortcuts are bad, that’s why those dummies don’t have a pot to piss in. They prefer to “work for what they have”, which is nothing. They’ll talk about the virtues of hard work in the same sentence talking about how hard it is to pay bills “these days”.

How many times have you read in the news “He worked so hard all his life and died with nothing“? I’ve read that a million times.

Listen carefully, there is working hard and there is working smart. Working hard is for the everyday Joe. Working smart is for the man who takes the time to look at all options and pick the best option that provides the most benefit. Easy? Hard? Who gives a shit. The benefit is what matters.

Follow the rules, or follow the benefits. One or the other.

I have chosen to follow the benefits. I don’t give two cents if something is hard or easy, if it’s beneficial I’ll do it and if it’s easy that’s all the better.

I used to follow the rules and work hard (for someone else’s benefit), it never worked out too well for me. I used to have bills up to my eyeballs, I used to have the body of a slob, I used to go through a new girl every week and each of them were alcoholic party girl slobs who couldn’t cook a piece of toast and cried about having to clean the kitchen once every three weeks.

Now I’ve got money in the bank, freedom of location, the body of a greek god and a little 20 year old shy girl who loves to cook and clean, follows my every command like it was gospel and does it all with the world’s biggest smile.

It takes time, it takes effort, what it doesn’t take is “hard work”. Doing hard work is the same thing as doing something you don’t like to do. Hell, “hard work” can be replaced with one single word to be more accurate. That word is tedious. You’ve got to do a lot of tedious things to become successful. And that’s a lot easier than roofing houses.

Mindset of a winner or mindset of a worker bee. Every single day I see people working their fingers to the bone doing hard work, that isn’t anything I’d wish for the readers of Bold and Determined, the Website for Winners ™.

You’ve got to stay busy, you’ve got to be building, but that just isn’t hard. A lot of things seem hard when you start. That’s called learning. After you’ve learned how to do math it stops being hard, doesn’t it? You’ll say “That’s all you have to do? Wow. That’s really easy“. And it is easy.

But hey, what do I know? Anonymous commenters on the internet with a hundred bucks in their bank account and a hundred extra lbs on their body think telling you to work hard will help you get it all.

Yeah, OK. Good luck.

Those boys can work hard. I’ll be busy working smart.

See you next time,

-Victor Pride

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  1. says

    Great Monday post Vic. My old high school math teacher would always say “Work smart, not hard” and I would always laugh whenever he said it as if it was some kind of joke. Amazing how a few years (or months of B&D) can change the way you think entirely.

    • says

      I also had teachers that told me that if I studied hard I would get a good job and go places.

      I did study hard and got a good education, but thanks to the economy I have not gone anywhere. Relying on other people to allow you to live your dream doesn’t always work. Even if you put in all the hard work that still does not guarantee others will open the door for you.

      In my case hard work has not paid off because it required others to do something that they were not willing or able to do, based on a bad economy.

      I need to start working smarter not harder as this article points out.

      Thanks Victor for showing people how life really is and showing the bologna that losers tell other losers to do.

      • says

        My math teacher told me at least once a month: “I see black for you! You`re not working hard enough!”

        If he could see me now, i think he would feel validated. Quitting my banking job to do my own thing that has nothing to do with an physical product. It`s pitch-black!

    • says

      Yeah,, why do math teachers know that?hehe
      My algebra teacher way back in hs used to always say “The harder or the longer the formula; the more possibility for errors”.
      Therefore almost everybody right now is in error

        • says

          Bull’s eye! ¡has dado en el clavo! The machinery of the society right now is actually set; but the machinery works against the people with middle class values and Employee-mentality

  2. says

    Great monday post victor. Wanted to say that I just got your body of a spartan ebook and the chest workout bonus and just started today. Im already fit as fuck from lifting heavy for 3 years (used i be a fat slob), but have been lacking motivation lately due to having the same routine forever. I just started your powerlifting-focused regimen and im fuckin psyched. Thank you.

    Anyone here who is even an experienced lifter can learn some stuff from victors ebooks.

  3. Brandon says

    Killer post Vic. One thing I’m curious to know…

    “I’ve made $45,000 dollars in a single day before.”

    Mind sharing how you did that?

      • Kurt says

        You’ve written about Lonnie Deals before, was this something different? Could you do an in depth post on how you achieved this. I’ve been interested in learning real estate investing but there seems to be so much conflicting information and many scams out there.

        • Victor Pride says

          Yeah, it’ different but I won’t be posting about. If you really want to learn google these things “sub2 investing”, “Subject to investing”, “sub-to investing” etc and spend the next two months reading everything morning to night.

          • says

            Hi Victor.I am currently building my niche website.called
            I don’t have articles yet but does it look professional and presentable?any pointers?
            Thanks man and I shall continue building and eliminating the bullshit!!

  4. The Grizzly says

    Great post!

    Sometimes all it takes is the first step and I feel I have since discovering this site.

    • Victor Pride says

      My friend that’s exactly what it is. The first step seems so difficult, so you wait and you wait and you wait and you finally do it and then you say to yourself “that was so easy! Why the f did I wait so long?”.

      • The Grizzly says

        I can’t believe I’ve waited as long as I have…….I’m so fortunate I came across this website. It came at the right time because the day I found your site I was extremely stressed out over my 9-5 slavery. I am now happy to say that I’ve created a business, a blog and an online store. All within a month of discovering your site and I’m not slowing down, I’m creating another site soon.

        Give me freedom or give me fucking death………..

  5. Daywalker says

    As someone who “works hard”, I feel a connection to this post.

    I call it “hard work” because to most people it is. But to me the work is physically demanding but not hard, it’s actually quite easy when you are young and in great shape. And people are willing to pay me well to do the work.

    I own my own business and work hard for myself. With that said, I agree with most of the article. “Hard work” isn’t anything special and it doesn’t have special value. It simply pays the bills.

    This post calls me out on some last remaining flaws. I would trade my “hard work” business in any day for a self sustaining Internet based enterprise.

    I’m “working hard” but staying still. When I get done working hard I spend my free time with my family. I’m living the “American Dream”. While this isn’t terrible. On most days I’m quite happy. It leaves me desiring something bigger and better. I’ve realized over the last year or so (thanks to B&D), that there is more to be had, and it’s easier to obtain then you think.

    Thanks for the blunt truths you speak Vic. They keep putting me back on track when the world begins to derail my ambitions.

  6. Carmo says

    I think too many people are afraid to get started because they dont have it all figured out yet, or have a million dollar idea right away. The first, and in my opinion most important step is to make decision to change and usually everything will fall into place after that.

    Two years ago I decided to make a change, started a blog, started an e-commerce store, both failed but that led to developing a new product that is completely unique and in high demand. Now I am selling the product, about to start a TV campaign for it and have retailers lining up to take it national next spring in time for the season. All because I made a conscious decision to make a change.

  7. says

    But Victor!!! In the Disney and Hollywood movies they always reward the hard-working guy!!!
    Does that mean that movies and other social programming media bullshit values are not true? :O ;-)

  8. says

    When you work for benefits work is no longer work but something you enjoy doing. When you do something you hate it’s when it becomes hard work because you are forcing yourself to do it

    Great post Vic

  9. says

    Amazing post! Keep up the good work and inspire hundreds if not thousands more. Your articles and posts are great. I like this post and I always look forward to your email updates on your latest posts. Should start teaching everyone on how to build up their website, traffic, etc and how to mimic what you have done and/or start something completely different to get out of the current hole they are in.

  10. says

    Hey Vic, your main page (boldanddetermined dot com) still shows the sales page for the spartan entrepeneur. You might want to change that, since the sale is over. Just delete this comment afterwards :)

  11. Mike says

    Hi Victor,

    I want to appreciate your application, your inspirational reckless output so far more bellyburning than only just pushing forward.

    All the best of the best,
    Mike your favorite poster

  12. says

    Victor what s up? It s your favorite conspiracy theorist here. Great article. However, why did u say that the tough mudder that u did was for nothing. Bro that s an accomplishment. That just made u mentally tougher. Elaborate please..

    • Victor Pride says

      It was like running a marathon, pointless. There was no pride of accomplishment because they let any retard finish. All the girls SKIPPED the tough parts and just ran around them. There’s another one called, I think, spartan run or something and it’s about 3 miles. The tough mudder I did was 12 miles and it was hard and POINTLESS. The 3 miles one sounds like it would actually be fun.

      • says

        I totally agree. I ran one last year and didn’t find it to be that difficult at all. It wasn’t even timed! People were skipping obstacles all over the place. Hey, at least I got a nifty head band! hahah

        I just recently did a Spartan Race (3 miler), I think it is the one you are referring to. They actually timed the event and you were not allowed to skip obstacles. Definitely worth doing if you are looking to get a top time for bragging rights.

  13. Marcus says

    Hi Victor,

    what do you think, with how much money can a man go abroad to Asia and live there and try to survive, earning money there, without having cash flowing in in the background yet, like you with your website. With 10-20-30 or 40k as a backup?

    Thank you!


    • Victor Pride says

      WITHOUT money coming in you could do it with 10k, sure. Depending on where you want to live. Chiang Mai with all the other “nomads” you can get a place for $100 per month or less if you share, and if you spend your time working on getting that flow in you’ll be ok. If you spend your time drinking beer and farting around you’ll burn through 10k very fast. But! when you come to SE Asia you cut your expenses down to half or less instantly. If you want to go to Japan or Korea or Singapore or HK you’ll need more.

      • Rich Ron says


        I would like to move to Chiang Mai, $100 rent per month is awesome! How about the other living costs? I would live simple and minimalistic, basic local food, internet flatrate and gym mebership. What can I expect to pay for this per month?


        • Victor Pride says

          From what I’ve heard you can get by on $500 per month there. At the gym I went to I believe I paid 40 baht for a day pass. Basic local food, cheap. Internet, dunno, but you can probably get a place that includes internet if you have roommates. You can look on craigslist at the studio apts available.

  14. Alex says

    Thanks dude!
    Btw, we desperately need an audio version of your articles, to listen to while driving, working out, etc…
    Any plans on recording a motivational podcast of some sort?

    Thanks matd, and keep going!

    • Victor Pride says

      A podcast has been in the back of my mind lately. Personally I don’t listen to podcasts, I like to read, so I’d have to spend some time learning format, the technology etc.

    • Victor Pride says

      LIVEFEARLESS, I have sent you an email. You need to open your email and read that message immediately.

  15. Joshua says

    Outstanding post, Victor.

    I figured you’d spent time in Dallas when I recognised Doug’s Gym from the pictures in Body Of A Spartan. Best goddamn gym I’ve ever been to.

    Creating info-products is hard, but it’s a different type of hard to labouring. It takes guts and gamble. Most people have already entered the death process by the age of five, and with each passing year there is less of them in the sense of being original beings with a chance to break through the obvious. They become too empty to attack.

    But yes, once you’ve built a system, life is comfortable. This is speaking from experience.

    We wake up and do as we please – lifting and eating and shitting as free men – sitting down at the screen to make six-figures a year. How holy can we get?

  16. Aaron says


    Have you ever thought about expanding, as in social media and making youtube videos? What’s your opinion on that?

    • Victor Pride says

      Well, in regarding things like fb, no, we’ll never have a fb. In regarding youtube vids, if I met someone talented who could put that together.

          • Aaron says

            I know exactly what you mean by greener pastures. I just came back from Garner State Park, man, it opened my eyes. Jumping off of 30 foot trees into a river… well, actually seeing real trees again… all the trees here are over-sized bushes. I’ve got about 7500 in the bank. How far will that get me in bangkok? I’ve been thinking about traveling, getting out there. Seeing more of the world really does something to the mind that I can’t describe…

  17. says

    Solid post Vic. Have to agree with your point that working a lifetime in a job(s) you hate is a lot, lot harder then working a lifetime in a CAREER that you love.

    Work no longer feels like work when you do something you love.

    Big thank-you for kick starting me into quitting my university degree to pursue something I love.

    Something I could do for a very long time and definitely not get bored from or make me feel like I’m working hard :).

    • says

      When I quit coffee and energy drinks my acne cleared up on it’s own, but when I reintroduced the caffeine I broke out like a beast. Sun tanning is great as well, kills the damn things and helps prevent new ones.

      And if your taking a multi cut it out as well. All those synthetic B vitamins can cause acne as well.

    • says

      check your diet. Eliminate processed foods. A great resource is the book “The Clear Skin Diet”.

      In terms of over the counter products, nothing has worked as well as benzoyl peroxide for me.

      As for the wrinkles? Eat a great diet, exercise regularly, don’t smoke or drink and live a stress free life. Also, use a moisturizer daily with SPF.

    • Scott says

      Eat a clean diet, cut out the crap.
      Pro tip to actually reduce wrinkles and clear your skin: Eat wild caught Alaskan salmon everyday, 2x per day for the next week. You will notice a big difference in how you look, no joke.

  18. Dan says

    Great Post

    The job I just walked out of was one of these hard work jobs . 12 hour days ,getting paid for 8(no overtime pay ,no sick days.I was Trying to learn a hundred different things and getting shouted at for things that did not even merit it, spending a lot on fuel). I could often get no lunch break.My boss was a know it all dick head.

    For the effort of obtaining a degree and spending 4 yrs chasing a ‘career’ i was depressed sat on my arse in a different stuffy office everyday typing until my fingers hurt doing absolutely pointless crap that could be made so more efficient . I was following outdated sales techniques like cold calling for a service that would not sell through cold calling. The whole thing was bullshit.

    The reality of the corporate world is when you are a slave to someone else most ppl in the UK will hit a salary between 20-40k a year (this is at peak btw ) and the more you earn the more you will get taxed over here as it rises into a higher bracket.

    My salary was pathetic ,15k a year (a typical wage for a post graduate over here, and companies can get away with it due to the crappy economic situation. For all this hard work and effort at the end of the day i was mentally drained, couldn’t get a sale so my wage wouldn’t go up and i was stressed to the eyeballs trying to do something to someone Else’s specifications when i would do it totally different. Was on edge on a daily basis encase i got shouted at for not watering a plant in the office or some bull.

    I could earn 15k a yr being a drone in a supermarket or flipping burgers at McDonald’s, or serving coffee or beer . In fact a coffee chain over here offers 23k a yr for an experienced coffee maker. Instead of going to university I could have learned to make coffee and have better job prospects and a whole less stress !this is the reality of the graduate dilemma in the UK and I’m sure its the same in the USA .

    I also believe that a career = harder work,longer hours .more boring job and not necessary more cash than an every day job. All in all its a giant scam . If you do jump on that ladder be prepared to suck your bosses dick also, or tits depending on the sex, and if your a natural introvert (could be a genius) it means shit in the career ladder world. a blonde with a good set of tits or a loud extroverted arsehole who has the brain of a chimp will do better . If your boss is a woman and your an introverted beta you wont stand a chance in hell of a promotion.

    doing my own thing now is so much better and if it doesn’t work out and i end up cashless I’ve come to the conclusion that its actually far better from a health point of view to be on job seekers benefits and continuing with trying to get your own business up on its feet ,maybe take a part time low stress physical job to bring a bit of cash in whilst enhancing your health . But this career corporate bullshit ain’t for me. I even heard the great Jack Lallane said something like ” if you don’t have your health then it all means nothing”. I think he actually said this to a board room of obese corporate fat cats.

    as long as i have a roof over my head and clean water .Enough for two simple meals of eggs a bit of veg and fruit,fish or meat a day and access to exercise equipment or a gym daily, ain’t i the one who’s winning?

    Killing yourself for minimum wage on a daily basis and then spending your cash on getting drunk beyond belief at the weekend is no way for a man to live, watching that cash vanish to a mortgage, a car and a feminist wife is no way for a man to live.

    As victor says . Live below your means . Take care of your health and try and make your own path.

    Keep up the good work

    • Mike says

      Dan I hate the corporate environment also. Create something that generates money for you, be it some ebooks some video courses, email courses, cellphone apps, indievideogames, blogs, affiliate, dropshipping business, youtube guru vids.
      There are alot of camouflaged opportunities on the internet I bet there are at least 100 more camouflaged ones. Hope you can stay out of the corporate hogwash once and for all Dan.


  19. says

    Victor if I start taking trt with doctor s supervision do I have to worry about bitch tits? How long does it take to start seeing gains while on it?

  20. Abgrund says

    Work is only “hard” when it doesn’t feel commensurately rewarding. Lots of things can be challenging and demanding without being “hard”. I used to do intense physical labor; I consumed 5,000 Calories and 2-3 gallons of water per day without gaining an ounce. Most people would consider this hard work; to me it was like being paid to spend all my time at the gym. To me, hard work is anything neither physically nor mentally demanding.

    If you avoid things that are “hard” merely because they are difficult or demanding, then you will never be anything, because any asshole can and will do things that are not difficult or demanding.

    • Lion says

      Correct. In fact replacing “easy” with “efficient” in the article above would drive the point home more efficiently (and easily).

  21. says

    Victor I just finished reading your 30 days of discipline ebook again. I wanted to ask u why did u say to eat 3 times a day in the book versus 2,4, or 5? is that enough for muscle gains?

      • says

        Too bad magazines don t mention this. All they say if u r fat and trying to get in shape is weight training, eat every 2 hours whether u r hungry or not, do cardio everyday, eating speeds up your metabolism, eat 1 to 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight, drink a gallon of water, drink shakes, overtraining, genetics, etc. I thought I knew everything but finding your site shows me that everything I knew was bullshit. U would have saved me time and money from all the food shopping,etc. Keep spreading the truth and I ll keep reading and buying your products…sorry for the questions too.. I just want to be on your level and escape the matrix

      • Anon guy says

        I use to eat twice and skip breakfast. Sadly, my doctor told me that intermittent fasting was wrong, now I’m force to eat 3 times because it will do a lot of damage to my metabolism in about 30 years. So I got to think in the long term results. Eating three times a day is the proper way to keep being a spartan even when I’m 40 and up years old.

        • JP says

          You may want a second opinion on intermittent fasting. I do it once a week (18-24 hour fast) with good results, and am in my early 40s. I asked my doctor and she thought it was fine since I’m in good shape and not overweight. BTW, my doc is a very fit and does rock climbing, soccer, Spartan-run type races, etc. She’s also my age. I refuse to go to a fat doc who takes a bunch of presciption meds for health advice.

        • Abgrund says

          I think the frequency with which you should eat depends on a lot of factors, including what you eat and how you burn it off. But the human body is pretty flexible concerning diet; we are biologically scavengers: we can digest goddam near anything, go without food for weeks and still function, or suck down a week’s worth of calories in one big greasy meal. Three meals a day is a very recent idea, historically speaking, and I don’t know of anything to recommend it as a rule or any reason why fasting would be bad for you. Fasting is natural human behavior, we are built for it, and it also develops mental discipline. Human beings have been voluntarily fasting for several thousands of years, and eating three scheduled meals per day only for a couple of centuries.

          One thing I would definitely NOT recommend is eating when you’re not hungry. That is unnatural, creates bad habits, and will make you fat. Unless you have some kind of brain damage, your body is very, very reliable about telling you when it needs (or wants) food.

  22. Anon guy says

    This is so true. Everybody I know works but I don’t. I only work once a year programming an app. After that I make $4,500 a month and I get 24/7 free time for a whole year until one month in summer where I will create another app and try to duplicate my revenue. I dont work hard but I do work smart ;)

    I felt like what I was doing was incorrect because I wasn’t working hard like everybody else but this article made me feel better about it.

    • Abgrund says

      Most people couldn’t code a functional app in one month, or in one year for that matter. They would also regard it as very “hard”; i.e., requiring more concentration than watching reality tv or masturbating. So congratulate yourself on having a “hard” job.

  23. says

    Victor I guess the final truth is eat only 3 meals a day, lift weights and eat some steaks. Forget snacking and supplementing and get on trt. That s it…

  24. says

    .Victor I noticed u used tm after bold and determined. Is boldanddetermined officially trademarked and registered by the uspto office?

        • The Grizzly says

          Hey Ralph,

          On behalf of all the alpha males on Bold & Determined I’d like to say to you……


          • says

            Hey mister softie mind your business. U r real tough behind a screen loser. I m not here to cause trouble to Victor. I m here for self improvement. It s a blog idiot. If u don t like my comment don t read it ignorant mofo. Go bust a nut or wack off to blow some steam . u got a lot of estrogen to get off your system u tuat…

          • Kurt says

            Ralph, go fuck a goat.
            Your shit is pretty annoying, I agree with everything The Grizzly said. You want to talk about acting tough behind a screen but there’s no way you would say so much stupid shit if you were standing in front of any one of us here.
            Next time I happen to meet someone named Ralph I’m going to punch him right in the mouth, just in case it’s you.

          • The Grizzly says

            Hey Ralphie,

            You coward go hide, you should know full well about estrogen you limp wristed pussy. You are the idiot, and yeah I know it’s a blog you moronic fool. It’s you that’s abusing the blog by posting your immature garbage. Go back and read some of your shit, you are a complete IDIOT. Fucking uneducated, tampoon wearing faggot. I’d love to meet you face to face, I’d show your little bitch ass a thing called………..RESPECT.

        • The Grizzly says

          Hey Ralphie,

          Since you have trouble spelling (see your posts), I thought I’d help you out with what your name really means.

          R-rag wearing
          A-asshole loving
          L-limp wristed

          I’d love to meet you Ralph, where in NYC you live? I have a something for you, fucking scum bag cocksucker.