Why You Should Have High Standards

highstandards-dsOn occasion I have been accused of having high standards.

I confess, to you here and now, that, yes, I do have high standards.

But let me point out one teensy weensy little itty bitty tiny detail…

Our culture, western culture and in particular American culture, has been so degraded that the simple act of having standards can be interpreted as having high standards.

For example, on my simple list of what you should look for in a future bride are traits that my Grandfathers generation simply took as normal. If a woman did not possess these traits she was not marriage worthy. These traits are still considered normal in most parts of the world.

Today in our world, however, even the simple thought that you could possibly marry a woman like this, a virtuous woman rather than a used up cum dump, is blasphemy.

If you would like to run a little test you can do this: explain to someone that you would only consider for marriage a woman who has not had her femininity and grace pumped out of her. The person you will have explained this to will react like you just explained that you admire Hitler. Unimaginable for most people today.

This is because our generation is so completely void of standards and afraid of, heaven forbid, judging someone (unless that someone is a white male who projects strength rather than weakness and vulnerability). The thought that women should abstain from things like eating too much food and being a slut are just beyond the realm of thought for a decaying society full of lost and confused souls.

Friends, just because the world is burning does not mean you have to lower yourself to the level of the animals and go on a looting spree.

Just as you would hold others to higher standards you should hold yourself to the highest standard.


Having high standards is the mark of a man who is not swayed by the lies of the television, the lies of the government, the lies of the deluded and drugged masses of the soul-less.

High standards are the mark of a man who is, indeed, above. Holding high standards is an easy accomplishment when others have standards only slightly above complete degradation.

The world can burn all it wants, but I am not going to lower myself to the level of an animal. I hope some of you will do the same.

-Victor Pride


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  1. Rey Kel says

    Beautiful post. I agree about having high standards in this western world of “loose and liberal – permissive – ‘do not judge’ – PC – feminist – nothing is sacred” nonsense. It’s so great to read a voice in the noise that speaks the truth…that it’s okay to maintain high standards (especially about women). It’s a comfort to me, even if it means I’ll be a life long bachelor. Solitude with dignity and peace is better than having a lover who reminds me I settled and caved in.

    Anyway, awesome stuff, VP. Keep on crushing.

    • pete smith says

      “Solitude with dignity and peace is better than having a lover who reminds me I settled and caved in”.

      I like it!

    • Zanna says

      I refuse to settle! I loved this post! This is how I feel exactly! I am often criticized for having standards and I find it ridiculous. My standards aren’t “high” at all. It’s just that so many others have none why it appears so.

  2. Jose says

    Great post! I dont see a problem with someone who has high standards. i see that as something we as men should all inspire to have. Instead we strive to be the douche or a red rag so that we can be famous for doing nothing. we are totally lost and need to get back to basics

  3. Julian says

    Hey Vic, one thing not covered in your ebook was about registering. I want to get a domain and hosting site, but i heard that when you sign up for a domain, even when using a fake username, that your real personal contact details, including name and address, can be found online using sites such as whois.com. is this true? and if so, is there anyway around it? if i set up a review blog using a pseuodonym, can people still find out who is really behind the blog?

    • Victor Pride says


      You either: A) Use a pseudonym or B) Add PRIVACY PROTECTION to your domain order. Privacy protection will show a domain holding company as the contact for the domain. It will not show your name. It’s about $10 a year and worth every penny. Even if you already purchased your domain you can go back and add privacy protection to it.

  4. Hamish says

    Victor. Like the blog. Love the hardcore discipline stuff. Curious about your high standards Victor, especially in relation to women. You say you want a pure woman, who”s not used up. Awesome goal I think. But do you hold yourself to the same high standards? Im not making any assumptions here about your own sex life, but do you hold women to a different sexual standard than yourself?
    If you expect a woman to remain pure for her future husband, do you expect the same for men? Or have a double standard?
    Genuinely curious. Cheers.

    • Victor Pride says


      I have a double standard. I do not hold men to the same standards of women and vice versa.

      • Hamish says

        Ok. Fair enough that youre open and honest about it.
        Problem is, the kind of girl that is going to be disciplined enough to save herself for marriage is, most of the time, going to do that for a religious, spiritual or similar reason, and is going to expect the same discipline of her future husband.

  5. says

    That’s like when you tell people you don’t wanna date some cum dumpster with 4 kids that’s never been married and they all have different fathers people look at you like you’re crazy…..Amazing

    • The Grizzly says

      “Victor, it appears you feel insecure with experienced women, whom you call “cum dumps”.

      Experienced women? lol, ok so now whores are called ‘experienced’? Sounds like your trying to justify your guilty and/or skank behavior. The truths eh?

  6. Roxanne says


    I’m also genuinely curious about something. What do you think makes men and women so different that one is allowed to engage in frivolous, purely pleasure fueled, sexual acts and not the other? I’m not saying I like the fact that either sex engages in such acts, but I do believe each should be held to the same standards and repercussions. But that is my belief, and I would just like to know why you believe different. Genuinely curious. Thanks.

  7. Joan says

    I think I have high standards on men, and even if I wanted, it’s imposibble to change them. I want real love and mutual respect, not everybody can have a good relationship, it depends on their personality and emotional maturity. There are men I wouldn’t date. Being single is better than a bad relationship

  8. shell shell says

    I agree..in essence. I’ve been told that I am single because I have high standards. 1. I’m actually okay with being single, especially if its because of my standards 2. I dont have high standards, I just have standards. It doesn’t make sense to hold yourself to a certain standard and then have absolutely no standards for the person you’re choosing to marry. Talk about a recipe for a bad marriage. I just think the article comes off a little self righteous and unforgiving. My best friend and I bump heads concerning the same thing. She is a 26 yr old attorney who is a virgin. She prefers guys who are also virgins. In my opinion, its one thing to have standards but another thing to be completely unforgiving of other people’s mistakes. A very thin line…

    • TheGreyWolf says

      “In my opinion, it’s one thing to have standards but another thing to be completely unforgiving of other people’s mistakes. A very thin line…”

      To me that’s what standards are. Other people’s mistakes, persona, behavior, looks, education, family history, et al, don’t make the cut: the ‘standard.’

      It’s different for everyone. What is important to me isn’t important to someone else, and vice versa.

      In my second marriage (I’ve made a LOT of mistakes) I determined to find a woman who was a compliment to me. I wanted to enjoy her company, be able to talk for hours on end. I didn’t want just a cook, a maid, and sex. I also wanted a best friend.

      I got it all. In exchange I work 50-60 hours a week so she only works 24. Along the way she lost 135lbs, and now makes $65 an hour teaching Zumba.

      Standards. I didn’t settle. Neither did she. I spent two years getting to know her, her past, her family. I had my list, so did she. If one of those past ‘mistakes’ were unforgivable, time to move on.

      More standards. Less forgiveness. People need to think beyond today. “What are the consequences of my/this action today?”

      Too many want to live life without personal responsibility or consequences.

      Standards with forgiveness are just meaningless guidelines.

      Ex: my wife attracts more male attention than most women at her age. She knows that even one indiscretion would be a MEM. Marriage Ending Move.

      That’s a standard. I demand fidelity. And that’s okay, because its mutual. Infidelity isn’t a mistake. It’s a deliberate selfish act.

      I could go on by defining mistakes, but I won’t.

      Sorry for the length, you struck a cord. I think we have tolerated ourselves as a culture to the point where literally everything is okay.

      And it isn’t.

  9. says

    Where I come from (Nigeria) we still maintain high standards but its almost as if our standards are being watered down by the American culture. Nevertheless, I agree with you. Having high standards has cost me some friendships which almost made me give up my standards for the friendships but I couldn’t cope without my standards so I embraced my standards and let go of those friends. No doubt it was a hard choice. I’m about publishing a post on my blog and I’d love to add this if you don’t mind “Just because the world is burning does
    not mean you have to lower yourself to the level
    of the animals and go on a looting spree.” I’ll make reference to you in the post. Thanks

  10. Diamond says

    “The person you will have explained this to will react like you just explained that you admire Hitler”
    So much yes. I get this daily for more than just standards of women. My life standards are incredibly high, and many people can’t suffer through it. I refuse to bring myself to their level, and have lost countless friends because of it. All I’ve ever wanted was success, and when I look around and only see failures continually failing, they try to turn their failures onto your success, and hate you for it.