How I Started the Best Blog in the World and Made it Profitable (Victor Pridecast ep: 1)

Hello friends.

I’ve gone and recorded the first official Bold and Determined podcast from my hotel room in Ho Chi Minh City.

Please listen and enjoy, and excuse the gruff voice and slight coughing.

I talk about the history of Bold and Determined and how I started it, how I discovered that you can make money from a blog, the blogs that influenced me, and how I moved away from “Someday Isle”.

Mentioned in the podcast:

The podcast was recorded with:

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

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  1. Lucas says

    God Damn
    I was just about to go for a walk and was searching for some audiobook or podcast to strengthen the mind and this JUST showed up.
    Thanks a lot for this, I hope your podcast keeps on rocking as much as your blog.

  2. Attila says

    You rock, Vic!
    I got a question: If somehow Bold And Determined wouldn cease to exist, would you miss it?
    After all, you worked hard on it. Or do you have other plans, which would be also as profitable as this website?

  3. Adam says

    You touched on the golden rule of not writing unless you have something to say, which people never seem to abide by. This goes for books and magazines, but blogs are the most frequent offenders. I seen hundreds of blogs, many that are clear spinoffs of this one. The authors mean well, but they don’t add anything new or different. You hit the world from a different angle with this blog. You were the first to take the subject of masculinity and articulate it in a way that was motivating, intelligent, and authoritative. There are a few aspects to your writing that make your articles stand alone, but most won’t see what those things are unless they have a very solid understanding of language and prose.

  4. steve says

    Hey Vic,
    I got a rough timeframe of how long to do what you do, aint gonna be as good, key is the .com bit i think. Found your blog by chance, gotta do this shit! if the old bill hadnt rinsed me for£300.00 on friday AND snatched the car id be on godaddy now! still every cloud got a silver lining! i`m here now give me time!!

  5. says

    Killer podcast!

    Creating three eBooks in six month is incredible! It took me almost six months to write one…my process was horrible. Next time

    1. I will concentrate on the important -> creating the content
    2. I´ll hire professionals for everything else (cover design, formatting, editing…)
    3. I´ll only hire top notch. I hired a cheap editor and it backfired. It did cost me lot`s of time to fix his fuck ups

  6. Michael says

    Know what you want and do the work.

    That is straight to the point.

    By the way when taking your profit figures from last November as a basis I would also not have sold for 325k plus a perspective 12k+ a year.

    Guess it is hard to need to think about selling your baby that made you something and see it managed or at least influenced by someone else…

    Thank you for your inspirational input that made me think a lot in the last half year!

    • Victor Pride says

      Inspiration really isn’t the right word, my actual writing inspiration isn’t from any blog past or present, but I don’t know what the right word is.

  7. says

    Last October I quit college, stupid course, stupid people, stupid city. Totally waste of time. I also stopped hanging out with people that dragged me down emotionally, I started 30 days of dicipline, and baby I’m having it. ripped body, clean haircut, no bullshit from collegues, stares from girls, pay raise. Crazy things. People asking me to work for them etc. I have made some terrible terrible mistakes, have had depressive days, everybody turned against me. But I learned so much in such a short time. Social skills, understanding how the financial world is, the fucked up lies of Uncle Gov. And now I even want to go to college because I have found out what my desire is.

    I have started during 30 days of dicipline and it feels like a baby, everyday when I am not working I am feeding it, protecting it and caring for it .It will grow like a seed from a tree and when the time is right I can harvest my fruits. Because I invested in it!

    Everybody, follow 30 days of dicipline, there is really no need to look for any other blog, website, product or ‘guru ‘. Victor covers it all, Best of the best, no bullshit. Everything you want you can build or create during 30 days of dicipline. If you quit, which I have done 2 times do it again. If you quit you will feel depressed, you will feel like a btich, everybody running over you. But if you complete it. You have come to a whole new world where you are the boss, you are the man and you will have pride!

    Good luck! Start today because tomorrow it today!

    – Everest

  8. Wes says

    Really great podcast, Vic. I liked it a lot. Good to hear how you made it to this point.

    Will you be selling Spartan entrepreneur again?

  9. Rob says

    Can you enable the download option for Soundcloud? I only get the time to listen to podcasts when I’m either at work or on a commute. If it’s too much trouble I’ll use recording software, but would prefer if you just enabled it. Thanks.

  10. Mike says

    Boah fuck what the fuck grumpy voice? The voice rocks, don’t know why you are sad about it. It will get better.
    Maddox is a punk. No doubt about it.
    Muscles and Self-Employed, The Dream realized by Unlord Vic.
    Good concept I like it.

  11. Heathenwinds says

    Is there any way you can make this available for download? I would definitely pay to listen to this on walks or in transit.

  12. anon1 says

    question, about bold an determined the early years victor, how did people find about your blog?

    did you do guest posts or just word of mouth from other bloggers?

    i’m just curious about what to do at the beginning, how do i get my voice out?

    • says

      I would suspect that most of it was organic. That is, men would find his blog because they were searching for terms that resonate with the posts he’s authored. Also, given that Vic writes with authority on the subject matter that is dear to him, it encourages guys that find his blog to share it with other men in need. I’ve linked quite a few guys to B&D since I first discovered it.

  13. Takumi says

    Cool stuff. Don’t need no dramatic music, no technical arrangements to make it sound motivating. It is motivating when you talk, cause you yourself ARE a motivating fella. That’s what it is, not just having idea, not just talking about it, BEING one. Hope your cough will get better, take care sir.

  14. says

    Good initiative Vic. I was expecting this to happen sooner or later after all the requests for a podcast you got in your Christmas post.

    Keep it up. I look forward to seeing what you have up planned next.

  15. says


    Favorite parts of this PRIDEcast:

    “Someday I’ll… I was stuck on the Isle of Someday” – I don’t know if anyone else caught that, but that was genius.

    “Sun up to sun-down. I was running low on my savings account, so… I worked like a fucking dog…”

    Necessity is a motherfucker at getting my ass to work. Necessity is a bad bitch you need to keep by your side.

    When money is running low, as long as you have half a fucking brain, you’ll find a way to make money. You don’t need a job. You create a job. You need some balls and a bad bitch like necessity.

    If you’re not a writer, you don’t need a blog to make money. You need to step up to the plate and start swinging. Take some chances.

    • says

      I’ll second that as a great comment. A very successful friend and fellow entrepreneur once told me about starting up a business. He said that most business startups ask “how can I get more money, funding, etc.?”. He said that’s the wrong question to ask. The correct question is how can I launch it with less money? When you have a bountiful amount of anything, you tend to be more wasteful with it. When times are lean, as was Vic’s savings account, his motivation was in peak form. If you master what you have when times are tough, you’ll be much better prepared to manage much more money once you’ve earned it.

      • says

        I understand what you’re saying Vic, but it doesn’t work. Even if I hit the play button. Switched from Internet Explorer to Opera Browser, changed the settings of my Flash Player, but nothing happened. I try later, gotta catch up some sleep first…

  16. richard says

    Hey victor. I dont have the guts to quit my nine to five job and start a business of my own but reading your blog has helped me stand up to other people. I used to let other people control me and tell me what to do, what clothes to wear, what shoes to buy, and so forth because I couldn’t stand up for myself. After reading your blog, when someone tried to control me and ridicule me, I pushed back, shouted at him, and then threatened to kill him. He backed off quickly and has left me alone. But when I see other weak men being victim to bullies, I feel pity for them and realise how much of a humanitarian you are and how so many peoples lives would be better if you got your message out to more people.

    • THe Grizzly says

      “After reading your blog, when someone tried to control me and ridicule me, I pushed back, shouted at him, and then threatened to kill him. He backed off quickly and has left me alone”

      That is you hearing the call of the wild. Welcome it, embrace it, unleash it. Never let anyone treat you like a bitch, ever. Fight and die like a man.

    • says

      I understand your situation I was probably in the same position as you are, after following 30 days of Dicipline I felt great and greater and every day I started to demand more from my surrounding. It was not that I became that awesome in just one day but it took like 2 months after 30 days of dicipline. Girls started to stare at me, guys went out of the way for me. But it took time, it was not just in one day after 30 days of dicipline. You’ve just started a self fulfilling prophecy my friend, as long as you do a tiny bit of work (be demanding, pushups and widening your comfort zone) everyday you will grow as a fucking Lion and you shall say a big F You to all those guys (and girls) that once treated you like trash

  17. irishinasia says

    The volume levels go up and down quite a bit, when you are speaking softly as to when you are speaking louder.

    You said you were using Garageband?

    If you plan on making a ‘pridecast 2’, make sure you run the audio through a compressor after recording it. The compressor should have a preset called “Vocal Compression Basic”. Google “garageband compressor speech” if you need more help. But it’s a simple step worth doing.

    Great content though! As always, I look forward to your next post.

    • Victor Pride says

      I appreciate the tip, guy, and if you have more I’m all ears. If you have any tips or tricks for adobe audition I’d like to hear those as well.

      • irishinasia says

        Audio and recording technology is my area, so anything you want to know, hit me up. I’ll try and explain it as simply as I can!

  18. Italian G says

    $325,ooo.oo F@CK THAT! Guess what I’m starting tomorrow? Wait until they get a load out of me. I’m glad you have control. I would say give me the goddamn money now. I made 7.5k a month off SEO & way more off my other company. Oh this is on. As soon as I heard that amount. I have a voice…. Neil Straus and that mystery bitch have nothing on me. I actually get women with high self esteems & will sell anyone into the pavement. Thanks dude… I only sleep 4 to 5 hrs a night. Superior genes and I’m not depressed. I go to sleep listening to motivation cd’s every-night. I was like….oh… Interesting…. this fine young chap Mr Pride did a voice thing. I jumped out of my bed & am wide awake. $325,!!!!! WTF!!!! I came from nothing really. I’m forged in fire. I am sharp as iron boy… Oh this is on… I am the CEO. WOW. I’m floored. I just moved right the f@ck off “Somedayisle to Getthef@ckout of my WAY”. Damn… Pantera fan as well? well…. It’s time for some DOMINATION because God gave me a MOUTH FOR WAR & I’m in the game now…. holly shit Vic….

  19. Italian G says

    Got to admit that lib bitch kicked your numbers WAY UP into the stratosphere! You probably reached a lot of misguided nancy boys that said… “Wait a minute… might I be a twat”? Remember who gave you the idea that sparked another ??? :) She’s such a dirty little hamster. That’s the key…. I’m just going to submit my articles to that twat. Possibly my ex-girlfriend will see… Revenge is gonna be a motherf@cker…. When I heard She read Jizzabella I silently laughed to myself. For these F cups you all would have done the same…. Pick your Battles, win the war….

      • Italian G says

        Totally. He clobbered her and I assure you he converted 3% of the fellas that were reading her libtard drivel. Shes in my town… Vic, you should send me a letter of congratulations for her. I will Personally DELIVER THE FLOWERS & take pics and video tape. Its always nice to let someone know you can reach out and touch them. Started my blog today. Got the f@ck off “some day Isle”. 325k? I’d go down on Racheal Maddow for that much. I’d hate myself and wash my mouth out with a 5th of JD, but I’d have 325k .

        • Italian G says

          I like how she tried to bring Henry Rollins in the mix. Fight your own battles coward. I tried to get Vic to take a Jab at him. My dream would be Mr Black Flag and Victor would do battle. God that would be entertaining as all hell.

    • Victor Pride says

      I didn’t forget anything. I started that blog to write boring tech articles that don’t fit on B&D. It’s still there, serving it’s purpose.

  20. Carl says

    Excellent podcast Victor. Hopefully this will be the first of many.

    Are ToS and privacy policies essential when starting a blog? And did you write yours yourself?

    • Victor Pride says

      They are NOT essential when starting but the ARE essential if you make money, promote products etc. Did I write them myself? No, some friends helped me.

  21. says

    Hey Vic,

    Just listened to the first episode of the podcast, great stuff. It was interesting to hear you grew up in a house of books as well, can’t remember what life was like when I wasn’t an avid reader. I think that’s a really important thing for someone making a living off their writing and it shows in your work as you’ve read enough to know which posts don’t make the cut.

  22. says

    cool Pod cast, interesting to listen to.

    How did you make your money in property, I’m extremely curious?

    Did you buy low and sell high? Develop it?

    Are you still looking into property deals/investment?


  23. Josh says

    Fuck hard. Hard is for idiots. Physical labor is hard. Nothing else is hard unless you are a fucking moron.



    One thing I’ve seen that has been successful in other podcasts is guest speakers. I’m not sure what your plans are for the future of this podcast, but I think that you’d eventually have to have other people on. Conversations are usually more interesting to follow. Plus you get insight into other areas. BTW that cough sounds brutal. I lived in Shanghai for 3 years and by the end of it with my asthma I woke up every morning gasping for breath. Pollution’s a killer man.

  24. Sam says

    Nice, finally get to hear the man speak.

    Gotta get an RSS feed set up for this, and get it up on iTunes to increase visibility and availability, Vic.

    Then after it catches on big, which I’m sure it will if it’s anything like this blog, maybe Joe Rogan will even invite you on his (very popular) podcast!

    • Victor Pride says

      Family is doing fine, I don’t hear any negativity when I speak to them. Just a bunch of “wow, that’s so cool” type things.

  25. John says

    Great stuff.

    I never thought I’d see a link to Pavlina on here, though. I used to read his stuff. Pavlina’s just a little too much “Love and light” for me anymore. Him going vegan didn’t help at all, I dare say it made matters worse.

    I must say, since you talked about post frequency as well, it really does matter. Another blog I venture to from time to time is Mark’s Daily Apple, and he does just like the name implies, he posts daily on various dietary, exercise, and other modern-caveman type of subjects. Unfortunately, he does post every day, and despite how broad his niche, he’s eventually going to run out of things to say, or he’s going to run into something where he just repeats himself far too much. (He’s already doing that now.) Granted, I think it somewhat works for him because, as he does post daily, nobody is going to sit there and read through several years worth of posts, so even if he does repeat himself, either very few people have read it already, or they’ll just know to skip and wait a while. But this isn’t something people should really attempt to emulate.

    Your pacing is phenomenal. I can go away for a month, come back, and only have missed about 3 posts or so. It’s quite a nice thing to do, as you don’t feel overwhelmed. Posting less often with better content really keeps people reading, and gives people time to reflect on them in between posts.

    That ending was amazing, though. “It’s worth more than that.” The way you said it with such conviction.

  26. A says

    “Fuck hard. Hard is for idiots. Just do the work”

    FUCK YES Victor, that attitude is why I love this blog. Great podcast, you speak slowly and clearly and it wasn’t too long like some are. Great feature of B&D.

    Just bought ‘Body of a Spartan’ and I look forward to hitting the gym and kicking some ass.

  27. Brian says

    Hey Vic,

    What did you do in China for a year? I thought you needed a visa to stay that long.

    Also, why not move out of Bangkok to Chiang Mai or somewhere less polluted? I work out daily and visited Shanghai and Beijing last year and no way I could live in that filth.

    Nice recording. Reminded me of Colonel Kurtz, haha.

    • Victor Pride says

      Of course I had a visa, I wasn’t an illegal alien. I will tell the China story another time. In re: Bangkok, I like Bangkok a lot but the pollution is killer. The way my visa is set up I have to be in BKK immigration every 3 months so doesn’t make much sense to leave. Plus Chiang Mai is full of disgusting hippies and the flights are limited. Also, this particular time is when they burn the fields in Chiang Mai and the air is terrible. I AM looking for other livable solutions, but I’ve not found anything better than BKK as of yet.

      • says

        Take a trip to Jakarta man and lets do a session together in the gym (I’m a boxer and i train strength and cardio instead of BB). I’ve been to BKK many times, and this place is way better. It’s pure chaos and it’s like BKK on crystal meth, but there’s nowhere in the world quite like it for opportunity, ladies and making what you want out of life. kinda what i imagine America was in the gold rush! Indonesia is a new level of awesome

        • Victor Pride says

          “It’s pure chaos and it’s like BKK on crystal meth” ha. You have successfully convinced Jakarta is not the place to be. I will be in Indonesia mid to mid-late 2014. Bali and..I think it’s called Bundang.

  28. Liet says

    Dear Vic,

    please allow me to raise a suggestion/quality claim:

    You are using a real LOT of affiliate-links in your posts, which I think reduce the credibility of your writing, as it might prevent you from neutral and serious information.

    I made good experiences by tagging Affiliate-Links as such (by just writing “affiliate-link” behind it), so it makes the impression that you are at least honest about the fact that your recommendations are supposed to generate revenue.

    I think respect for your readers is not a bad thing!

  29. Fortis says

    Love this post, Vic. You remind me a lot about me. Same deal as you: I can write my fucking ass off. Whenever I read anything I’ve written, people are like “dude, publish that shit!” But I’m on Someday Isle. Your story inspires me.

  30. Michael says

    Your a great inspiration for me to get started on my own business . BnD changed my life Victor. This year I’m going to make it happen to be self employed . Starting a Blog and website is my first Step in to Greatness. That’s what my future holds . Love the podcast by the way . Great stuff.

  31. Justin says

    Someday Isle is a terrible place. Sure, the weather is good, but the people are shit and the taxes will kill you.

  32. says


    What’s the top 5 books you’ve read that have had the biggest impact on your life?

    (Not necessarily business/money orientated)

  33. Brandon says

    “I said no… it’s worth more than that.”

    Just outta curiosity Vic, what’s the minimum amount of $$ you’d be willing to sell the site for?

    • Victor Pride says

      I wouldn’t know. You often hear about how successful guys have “changed” and don’t hang around their old friends anymore. You are the sum total of who you spend your time with so why would you ever hang out with “go-nowhere” people. One advantage of success, you get to hang around a better class of people.

  34. Chris says

    Great Podcast.

    Trying to Pin Point the Accent. Sound Like A New York (like myself – Brooklyn) or somewhere from the Northeast. Keeping kicking ass and taking names bro.

  35. says


    You say that you worked for 6 months very hard, and you tell us to just “do the work”. I am the type of guy that will work from sunrise to sundown just like you did, but can you give us an example of where to start? When you say, do the work, can you be more specific on what exactly the work is? Should we just focus on our blog in those 6 months and make modifications to it until we have a decent amount of traffic/visitors? Or should we also be focused on other things in the meanwhile as well such as reading books and/or other things. What exactly would you do from sunrise to sundown. I want to work hard just like you did, just want to make sure I’m using my time effectively. I’m sure your response will help many of your subscribers as well. Thank you brother!

    – Alex from Miami

  36. says

    Hey Vic,

    Little bit of a technical question today. I thought you may know. I sttarted my blog about 3 months ago and I’m getting good hits now.

    Basically the address is a address, but I’ve noticed that a lot of the traffic is coming from MY web address but ending for example,,

    Is someone cloning my website or what is going on? A lot of these sites are popping up and reffering trafic to my original site. It’s not something I’m familiar with.

    Any light you can shed or anyone else who has a blog can tell me what’s going on will be greatly appreciated.


    • Victor Pride says

      Different countries guy. Check their IPs. People in Thailand don’t end up on, they end up on

  37. says

    Everything is about taking action!

    Victor knows his stuff, and what he preaches works! I’ve been working really hard following his advice and have put together my own website using what he preaches.

    Just how Victor says in the podcast, “fuck hard, do the work”. Yes, the work can be frustrating at first, but you have to stick with it and LEARN.

    I had no idea what the hell I was doing when I started my blog a few weeks ago, and honestly still don’t know as much as I wish I did. However, I am learning everyday and making improvements.

    Just Google any questions you have about building/editing a website/blog and TAKE ACTION! Don’t take action for a day or two, take action for six months to a year just like Victor did.

    I have made peace knowing that I might not see income right away, but I am sticking with it until I do.

    Forget going out with friends, forget spending money, forget about the ladies for a little while. Get your page up, make a little extra cash, and then reward yourself with what you sacrificed.IT WILL ALL BE WORTH IT!

    Below is the review blog that I have put together using Victor’s advice just to prove that what this man preaches, works!

    Check it out and let me know if you have any questions that I can help with. Remember fellas, take action!

  38. says

    The hardest part for me is to not multitask… but i narrowed things down to apps for the most money potential because I do have some programming skills. I also FINALLY started a blog to build an audience and keep me productive. I got a daily log in the sidebar to record my progress. Also, it just feels good to write out my mindset and have it all in one place because most people I’d talk to on a daily basis are fuckin indoctrinated by the system and laugh or shrug at my words, but I know there are people like me out there and they can find me online.

  39. Sam says

    “The name is of utmost important. Same words, bad name = piece of shit.”

    What do you think about names like ?

  40. Charles says

    WOW, As I sit in my office waiting on my insurance license to come in (just passed yesterday), I spend all day learning how to make money online and reading 4hour work week on break. After hearing this, may, am putting in my two weeks notice. FUCK THIS SHIT!.

    Good shit Vic

  41. Sam says

    Do you think it’s a good idea to choose your own (screen) name as a domain like: / / / …

    Or is it much better to choose a domain name, which describes or gives an idea of what you are writing about like: / / / …

    Because I think it’s very hard to find a descriptive .com-domain, which is short, cool and easy to remember.. But I would be happy to read your opinion.

  42. Mahesh says


    Have you disabled the download option for this track? I would like to download this track and listen to it on my device.

  43. Mahesh says


    I cannot see a ‘download’ icon for this track next to the ‘share track’ icon like I can see for your interview with Chris from GLL. Have you disabled the download option for ‘How I Started The Best…’ in recent months?

  44. Bob says

    I played this audio again and listened intently.Victor, when you did the 3 e books at the time, how many subscribers did you have or was that even important to you then? Or were you simply more interested in getting the books done and the growth of followers would just continue? And was this particular Word Press theme the one you had from the get go of Bold and Determined? Thanks.

  45. says


    I never listen to “podcasts.” I find them to be nothing but fluff most of the time.

    On a long drive, I decided to give yours a shot since I like your articles. This first one really shocked me. While your articles have strong value based on the content you provide, I think there is something you didn’t realize at the time but may have now about your podcast.

    With audio, your energy and mindset is conveyed in a way your written articles are not. For this reason, I hope you continue to make new podcasts. I find them even more valuable than many of your articles – simply for the reason of convenience while driving.

    Anyways, thanks. Steve Pavlina was the first guy who made me think blogging was a way of earning money. It was great to hear the story of your learning curve. I think what is most interesting that no one really talks about is the middle process – what was it that took your blog to the next level?

    I know you talk about writing quality content, and it will speak for itself. But there must have been a turning point where you went from a hundred visits a day to thousands. Was it linear, exponential? Was it directly after you took those 6 months to develop what I am guessing the bulk of this site?