The Secret to Gaining Muscle

You will read countless muscle magazines, books, internet articles, and online message boards searching for the secret to gaining impressive muscle size. They will say things like:

  • “protein powder 6 times a day”,
  • “load up on creatine for 6 days”,
  • “take this amazing N.O. pre-workout supplement”,
  • “be sure and eat within 45 minutes of your workout”,
  • “never workout longer than 45 minutes”,
  • “eat 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight”.

The supplement advertisements will come with pictures of muscled-up monsters so you know what they say is the truth. Other articles purporting to give you the secret to gaining muscles will say “The secret is that there is no secret – it takes hard work, determination, and sacrifice“. Or “The secret is taking this combination of supplements every three hours“. What they will never tell you is the truth. The truth is that there is a secret to gaining muscle mass, an open secret, and every single person in the fitness industry, bodybuilding industry, modeling industry, film industry, advertising industry, sports industry knows it and they will never, ever tell you what it is.

Well, friends, I know the secret and I will share with you what it is. In the back of your mind you already know what the secret is, you just don’t want to believe it. The secret to gaining impressive, dense, eye-popping muscles is this:








Yes, friends, every single bodybuilder, fitness model, muscled up movie star, athlete, weightlifter are all on a cocktail of these drugs. Every. Single. One. Having a muscled-up physique that turns heads and drops tongues has very little to do with genetics, diet and exercise and it has absolutely nothing to do with over-the-counter supplements like whey protein, creatine, and other garbage sold to you by people who know the real secret. Building rock solid muscles has everything to do with muscle enhancing drugs. These people will never tell you the secret to their success for 3 reasons:

1) They will stop making money. They make an easy buck selling you worthless pipe dreams in the form of supplements like whey protein. Many of these athletes are sponsored by supplement companies (which allows them to buy their drug cocktails) and they will lose their sponsorship if they ever uttered the truth and they cannot openly make money by selling you steroids.  They would also be blackballed from their industry for revealing the secrets of their success.

2) If others know the secret then they have a lot more competition. When they mislead the gullible people they can be worshiped for “having great genetics and a strong work ethic” and not have to worry about competition. If steroids were sold in supplement shops just like whey protein OVERNIGHT 8 out of 10 guys you see would look like a professional athlete, fitness model, or bodybuilder. The United States would turn into Invasion of the Meat-Heads!

3) In the public eye they will forever be known as cheaters. They will be known as people who “took the shortcut to the top, they didn’t work for what they got“. The real story is that they aren’t cheaters, they cannot possibly be cheaters because all of them use drugs. They cannot be cheaters because 99.9% of their peers do the exact same thing. It isn’t cheating when it is the norm. In fact, any type of muscle industries cannot exist without the help of drugs for one simple reason: natural physiques look like absolute shit in comparison to drug physiques.

There you have it, friends. Now you know how the pros get their insane physiques. If they didn’t take drugs they would look like you or I, the average Joe’s, who train hard and eat hard and don’t take drugs. It is possible to attain a good physique naturally, but not a great physique, and you had better train like a maniac in your first two years because it becomes much harder after that to make any gains. The plight of the natural is that he can have size and be a little fat or he can be lean and a little skinny. You cannot be ripped and have size as a natural. That is the law of nature. The human body can only handle so much muscle without drug assistance.

We all, naively, want to believe that people work hard and reap the benefits of their hard work and sacrifice. We want to believe that drugs are the shortcut and only cheaters take them. We want to believe that anything is possible with just a little dedication. The unfortunate reality is that some things actually are impossible. The human body just isn’t capable of handling extra muscle mass above what was intended for us without help from drugs. Every bodybuilder you have seen, every athlete you have seen (since the 80’s at least), every fitness star you have seen, every muscled action star you have seen has used muscle enhancing drugs to get that way. Muscle enhancing drugs have been around for a very long time, since at least the 1930’s. They are not new on the scene. They have been utilized for their muscle building effects for decades. Bodybuilding, in particular and in all its shapes, sizes and eras, does not exist without drugs. From the first (John Grimek) to the last (whatever Mass Monster is popular when you read this), all use(d) muscle enhancing drugs. In fact they go beyond use into abuse. They take insane amounts because insane amounts are required to achieve that kind of size.

Someone will inevitably say “well what about Eugene Sandow? He was around before steroids were invented! If he can do it I can do it“. Let me point out three things:

1) Eugene Sandow was the absolute best of the best in regards to “natural” muscle building. He had everything perfect for his illusion: the right height, the right bone structure, the right metabolism, and the right strength.

2) Eugene Sandow had no size to speak of. He was incredibly lean. Which proves that naturals can have size or leanness, but not both.

3) Eugene Sandow took a fat burning drug called Cocaine, which was perfectly legal at the time.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I must shed light to the poor souls who spend money on muscle mags and protein powders and pre-workout supplements. You can skip all that bullshit and use food and intense training and build a good physique. You can take it a step further and build a panty-dropping physique if you take drugs. Just remember, in some countries Muscle Enhancing Drugs are illegal without a prescription and could land you in trouble. I’m certainly not advising you take them, I am simply bringing the truth to you.

Full disclosure: I am a lifetime natural. I live amongst a population where no one uses steroids. The physiques at my local gyms are laughably poor. Because of this my physique is #1, cream of the crop, apex. Quite unlike the United States where every gym has a very high number of steroid users and, therefore, eye-popping physiques that put my natural physique to shame.

Stay tuned for more because, baby, we aren’t done with this subject.

Part 2 available here.

Eugene Sandow – a killer before killing was cool.


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  1. Derrick Taylor says

    !. John Grimick, Steve Reeves, and Leroy Colbert ( first man the build 21″ arms naturally didn’t take steroids. I have talk to Leroy personally. He said he would have if he didn’t hurt his ankle in a motorcycle crash. I have been working out for 25 years and I have the same measurement as steve reeves and most of the aau mr. america measurements. 50″ chest, 18.5″ arms, 25″ thigh, 32 inch waist, weighting 212 pounds. I am natural. Never took them and never will. It is possible to achieve a good physique without steroids.

    • Victor Pride says

      All 3 of those men used steroids. I did a quick google search and, surprise, Leroy Colbert is in the supplement industry selling junk supplements to gullible trainers. When a bodybuilder makes a big show and dance about being drug free and never taking steroids, while sitting in front of a stack of supplements, you know they are lying. Watch this video, while Colbert is lying about juicing, he lets you inside the minds of athletes and says they will do ANYTHING to make it. He also mentioned he “would have” used them if only blah blah. That’s the little bit of truth coming out of his mouth. He knows the real deal value and benefits of juicing and even though he is lying about his usage he cannot completely and totally lie about it. The truth seeps out a little at a time. “I would have drank horse urine if you told me it built muscle” but he didn’t pop a few dianabol which were legal? Don’t be naive.

      You can build a GOOD physique naturally but there is no bodybuilding without steroids. Period.

      • derrick Taylor says

        You didn’t comment on my accomplishments. I was 2nd at a npc natural completion in 1988. It was the last time I competed because the real 2nd place guy was disqualified for taking steroids. I believe that Steve reeves didn’t take them for two reasons.
        1. He mentions many times in his book that he refused to take them during his Mr. Universe years.and
        2. I have achieved and many other drug free bodybuilders the measurements that he and other aau Mr.Americas during the 1940s and 50s have. After 1960 is when the measurements have gone way beyond what’s natural. I believe that Steve reeves was about 10% bodyfat. I’m 5’11” and had to compete at 200 pounds with a 29″ waist and 48″ chest relaxed and 18″ arms.

        • Victor Pride says

          I’ll bet the guy in first place was a user too, but he hid it better. Reeves was notorious for getting into tremendous shape in a very short time frame. If someones uses for part of the year, or even once, they cease to be a natural and forever will have their cell structure altered by even small amounts of steroids. During Reeves’ time dbol was available in pharmacies like aspirin. Congratulations on your accomplishments, sounds like you were in excellent shape.

          • Terraxa says

            Commercial introduction of Dianabol by CIBA was in 1958.
            Steve last competition was in 1950.
            There’s no way Steve or any other could have used dbol before 1958.
            It didn’t exist.

            Here, a short dianabol history and its creators.
            Albert Wettstein, Alfred Hunger, Charles Meystre, Ludwig Ehmann, Ernst Vischer, Hans Peter Frey and Walter Voser. They were chemists at CIBA Pharmaceuticals (Switzerland) and part of the team that first outlined the synthesis of methandrostenolone in the Swiss-founded scientific journal Helvetica Chimica Acta.
            Vischer E, Meystre C, Wettstein A. Herstellung weiterer 1-Dehydrosteroide auf mikrobiologischem Wege. Helv Chim Acta 1955;38:1502-6.
            Meystre C, Frey H, Voser W, Wettstein A. Gewinnung von 1,4-Bisdehydro-3-oxo-steroiden. HeIv Chim Acta 1956;39:734-42.
            Look at the dates: dianabol synthesis was in 1956.
            Commercial introduction in 1958
            Steve last competition in 1950

          • Illyas says

            Victor I’m going to gym as I’m very skinny. I can’t take steroids because I’m less then 22. Any ideas how to get muscular faster.

        • Victor Pride says

          Sure man, whatever you say. When you get tired of living in fantasy world where hero’s are drug free supermen why don’t you do a little research on testosterone suspension.

          • giorgos says

            you are right man,thank you for your time and your patience..i believe that when you were in my age (iam 20) you didnt know what to believe and you where confused…thanks to you, everything is clear now.

          • Victor Pride says

            No problem man. When I was your age I was the same way, had no idea what to believe. It took me a long time.

        • john says

          Dianabol was the first oral steroid available in the west. It was NOT the first steroid. It is well known that Reeves was a guinea pig for Ziegler in the development of Dbol. Injectable testosterone had been around since the 1940s, possibly earlier. Its use was widespread in WW2 Germany and the allies took a lot of anabolic steroid from German scientists after the war.

          Besides this point, if you examine Reeves in all his pictures, he looks stringy and natural in most but there was a period of time when he blew up in size especially in shoulder width while getting leaner which is indicative of steroid use. It’s simply wishful thinking to believe that the legends were natural. In reality the best natural physique of all time was probably Sandow although there’s evidence to suggest he used cocaine as a cutting drug.

      • Nazhad says

        Yo Vic,
        I believe you in the fact that most of the professionals in the limelight use various non-fatal but probably a tad unhealthy drugs. But I have to criticise your stand on supplements. I personally have used whey and creatine and they’ve done what they were supposed to do. Nothing comes overnight, even when on steroids. I know some skinny fat cunts who are on a regular steroid cycle. Y’know, dianabol and stuff. I’m not a brand promoter or anything, I’m just saying that some, not all, supplements live upto their claims. I’ve been training seriously for about a year now. Here’s what I took: Nitrotech performance series, cell tech, anabolic peak and the creatine monohydrate, both from inner armour. They worked. Nothing magical though. The benefits in using good supplements is that they are time saving and easily absorbed. Excess amounts of fat in food can be avoided by taking the right amount of supplements. I mostly rely on food for my nutritional needs. Anyway, here’s something to end this debate: frankly, how much beef can you eat in one sitting, until you’re violently sick?
        Once again, great article as always.

          • Nazhad says

            Depends on how you interpret it. I meant that you just have to eat quite a lot of food to gain adequate protein mainly. Fair point yours, there. Sorry, my bad.

  2. derrick Taylor says

    Maybe black guys can build a decent physique naturally. How about Norton layne ? Google him. Btw is white.

    • Victor Pride says

      Black guys are the best of the best when it comes to building natural muscle. Norton isn’t on the level.

      • Joey the Hustler says

        Dunno about that, I see plenty of fat black dudes and ripped white guys where I live. I think it’s just a case that the black guys who are in great shape are the only ones running around with their shirts off.

  3. derrick Taylor says

    If I may ask you, what are your measurements. Your height and weight. Your percentage of bodyfat? I know I’m asking personal questions but it would give me an idea why you are saying these statements about drugs and bodybuilding. There is a physical limitation that a body can be built natural. I think you wrote that you are natural. One of the reason I don’t do steroids or anything because people believe certain muscle can only be obtained by using steroids. Also, I like to keep my hard earned muscles.

    • Victor Pride says


      I’m 6’1, I started lifting when I was 130 lbs and I have put on 60 lbs naturally. I am leaner today than when I was a skinny fat 130 lbs. Bodyfat, I’m not sure. I would guess 8% – 10%. My abs are clearly visible and very hard. I’m not a bodybuilder but I like to lift and be in shape. I have one of those catch you by surprise physiques, I look like a normal guy when I have my shirt on but when the shirt comes off people yell “whoa!”.

      If what you say is true, that you never used, then you are at the very top of what is achievable naturally. But you are in the minority in the natural muscle building game, most guys cannot touch those numbers natty. Especially skinny white guys. Like you said, there is a physical limitation that a body can be built naturally. Anyway, I used to work in the gym industry. All of the “Holy shit!” physiques are users. Down to the last man. From my own eyes and ears I have seen.

  4. derrick Taylor says

    No, I feel that there are many more guys out there who can achieve what I have naturally. I was always athletic. I started lifting when I was 17. I was 160 pounds. I ate lots of liver. I love it. The four day split was my main stay until I went back to 3day a week full body training. I have seen steroids guys. I really didn’t like the look up their bodies. People who are ignorant about bodybuilding thought I took drugs. I would say that I am as big as the drugged up women but not the men. The guys who were on drugs and were competing from the gym I workout in 20 years ago are fat, very fat or very skinny. I on the other hand still the same size as I was 20 years later at age 50. I couldn’t get any bigger unless I want fat mixed with the muscles. Being black helps I guess. I think you have a good sight here. I like your and Matt’s principles. Keep up the good fight out there.

    • Scott says

      Just curious, how did you have your liver? cooked, raw, any special recipes? Dessicated? I just bought 40lbs of it because i can get it so cheap from a local farmer i know it’s amazing for health and muscle building but i do have to force it down.

  5. Joseph says

    Yes, getting ripped is not possible if you have size. Yes, being ripped if prefered in both women and men. Yes, I have a thick short stubby bone structure and have gone through years and years of extensive strength training, and my abs are huge but are still covered in a layer of that has existed since I was born and will exist after I die.

    The truth is, I would rather be lean like Sadow than big boned, and skinny people like Sadow would agree and wouldn’t want to change anything.

    Though i could look like [insert action star here] with speed, steroids and liposuction at the expense of my health.

  6. Marcin says

    Actually you can get VERY big naturally. You just have to get strong – which is possible (Sandow et al) and then (or simultaneously) transfer the strength into volume training. Take my word for it – if you do deadlifts for 5 sets of 6-3 reps at 500 lbs you are going to be huge. Believe me I was doing that repe scheme at 400 pounds and it got me to 220 pounds (I am 178 cm) – all on a diet of two low-carb meals per day with protein amounting to probably never more than 100 g a day at the very most. Just follow up with 2-3 compond exercises for upper body and that’s it. Word of advice – skip the bench if you want that classic physique.

  7. Joe says

    Funny how i came from your article about your panty-wetter friend who is huge AND ripped to here where you say it is all but impossible to be huge AND ripped, lol. That makes me question your site, that major contradiction, but since it’s my first time here i’ll cut you a break and have a look around to see if more ‘discrepancies’ pop up or not . . .

      • giorgos says

        Greg plitt ,lazar angelov,rob riches trained over 15 years…they are not big at all just very lean…i think that with very good diet 15 years of hard training this is possible??do you??

    • Victor Pride says

      Anyone who looks good, as in muscular, and makes a big deal about being natural is a compulsive liar. That’s the giveaway, the word natural before they say bodybuilder and you know right away they are narcissistic liars.

      • nikos says

        there is something else except steroids and prohormones that helps build muscle??i am going to the gym 1 year and i went from 120 lbs to 135lbs only with clean bf 10% and height 169cm..i believe that i cant be more moscular naturaly (my arm 13 in). please help

        • Victor Pride says

          Protein and hard n heavy weight training. Eat more protein, hell, eat more food.

          • nikos says

            thank you very much!!you know i see all that transformation video on youtube to which these guys beeing ripped and put 30 lbs solid muscle a year and i wonder my self what is wrong with me and i cant do this…its not good this feeling

  8. giorgos says

    hi victor
    you believe that all supplements are waste of money..protein ,creatin pre workouts all of why so many people are using them??they are idiots??

    • Victor Pride says

      Money. They can’t sell you juice, but they can show you pictures of a juicer and tell you he got that way on vitamins and protein supplements and then laugh all the way to the bank at the naivety of their clientele. Supplements will not help you build muscle, not on this lifetime or any other.

      • giorgos says

        ok so even though supplements do nothing at all and yet so many people take them, how come they dont realise they dont actually work after a lot of use?? Also, all of the guys that use hormones (for instance greg plitt) in order to always look jacked do they need to use steroids constantly? if they stop using them but still continue their diet and training hard will they still look the same?

        • Victor Pride says

          “ok so even though supplements do nothing at all and yet so many people take them, how come they dont realise they dont actually work after a lot of use??”

          Because they’re marketing monkeys and will buy anything they’re told to buy.

          “Also, all of the guys that use hormones (for instance greg plitt) in order to always look jacked do they need to use steroids constantly?”


          “if they stop using them but still continue their diet and training hard will they still look the same?”


        • Chris says

          I am not sure your age, but this guy is in his teens probably like 17-18 (he’s at the PRIME muscle building portion of his life!) And even at that he looks pretty “full”. Unless you are the same age or around 20-24 getting this physique is tough if you are over 30. From someone who is 38 myself, who has tried both “clean” and “gear” you can get big, or you can get lean but to get both, you really do need “help”. It’s important to understand to get that shredded you have to be in a caloric deficit, a big one, and for most natural guys that also means while your fat is wasting away so is osme of your size and muscle. now same for the opposite, to get big even for me at this age is pretty easy, but im not going to be on the cover of any mag all veined up. Getting big comes with putting on some fat. To get BIG and RIPPED usually the person is on something, a complete genetic freak of nature (there are some) or on gear, hgh, etc. The amount of dedication to get to a level of this without some sort of help is immense, a buddy of mine is a natural body builder and he’s not on anything he’s also JUST turned 30 and to get this lean is hell, to stay that way year round is not possible unless with the help of something.

          Victor, amazing blog bro!

  9. Abhi says


    what do you recommend must be ones strength to bodyweight ratio in basic exercises(squats..bench..militry rows…bb curls) before using hormones?

    i ask because i see a lot of sites mention different parameters.
    want to know your opinion.

    • Victor Pride says

      “what do you recommend must be ones strength to bodyweight ratio in basic exercises(squats..bench..militry rows…bb curls) before using hormones?”

      If you can’t handle 135 lbs you shouldn’t be on gear. I see a lot of young boys in the gym on gear and they can’t even bench press 95 lbs, it’s pathetic. 2+ years in gym, MINIMUM 22 years old, attention to diet and training first and foremost.

      • Abhi says

        thanks for the quick reply man.

        I always lifted but did split bb routines and diet was shitty.

        i was gonna quit lifting when i founf your weight lifting articles.

        currently eating enough proteins good fats and training every muscle 2-3 times per week i have made good gains…db rows up to 35kgs from 20kgs…bench shot up to 160lbs from 120lbs all while “overtraining” for last 3 months.

      • says

        You know Vic,
        I kind of always knew about the information you presented here, but many of those who claim to be natural would make a major point in mentioning it like Mike O’Hern and Skip LaCour. Yes you can develop a really good physique naturally, but like you said, Many of those who claim to be natural and make a living with their body are probably not. Either way, it does not matter to me. I already know what I have and had to do. I do not hold certain people as role models of any kind because I admire both natural and regular, enhanced, bodybuilders and powerlifters. I think many men who start training to build their bodies are unique individuals anyway.

  10. Loser says

    I think taking these supplements adversely affect your health….but haven’t done the research so do not know…

  11. Tom McClintock says

    How about jack lalanne and vince gironda?

    By the way tongat ali helps me put on muscle. I will agree it is the only supplement i ever got any NOTICEABLE benefits from though.

  12. artyny says

    Bro be careful about taking about creatine, it almost is like a steroid. I put on at least 2-3 lbs. I used all the creatines, but the Dr Max Creatine 3X is by far the best. My strength shot through the roof and endurance was crazy. Libido = CRAZY , Sex Drive = Insane. I know what you’re thinking , I’m probably lying, BUT i’m not .

    My bench shot up about 3 reps , my squat went up about 2 reps. People started asking me at the gym ‘what I was on”

  13. Derek Wolf says

    Great article, Vic.

    Your honesty goes a long way. Clever guys can usually tell if someone is utilizing PEDs… shameful though that many pervert the issue with dishonesty.

    As you say, it results in John & Joanne Q Public thinking someone is a freak of nature for using PEDs. Not realizing however that their favorite athletes and fitness gurus are in on the game.

    Mike C. @ D&P called out a few gurus like Mark Sisson to be honest about PED use. He has great info but if he’s using PEDs (HGH, TRT…), but telling his fans “Oh, just eat walnuts and coconut oil every day and you look like me! Buy my book!” that is dishonest.

    You, Mike C and John Doe deserve all the great recognition you get for being HONEST. Man should not be ashamed or shunned for PED use – it’s his endocrine system to manipulate as he pleases – but honesty in the long run will help people more than misleading them. Guys need legit info they can trust.

    Be well,

    • I Still Care says

      Hi, Derek Wolf.
      First of all, I agree with you when you said that a person should be able to put whatever they desire into their body as they please. After all, it’s THEIR body.
      That being said, I have personally never taken steroids, protein powders, or whatever crap it is people are putting into their bodies to get jacked. People ask me all the time how come I never get sick, how I stay so healthy, how I look so young, how I look so muscular, how I am relatively stress-free, etc.
      If you want to get muscular the natural way, the formula is quite easy. (Hardly anyone has the discipline, will, or patience to do it though.)
      Here’s the “secret” to being healthy and for building muscle:
      1. Eat a well-balanced diet and don’t overeat. Stay away from processed foods! If the food doesn’t rot within a few days, don’t dare consume that garbage! Look at the labeling on the food. If it is loaded with preservatives and chemicals that you can barely pronounce, it’s a good sign that shit is bad for you. And, don’t be afraid to spend more money on quality food. I hear people complain all the time how real (healthy) food is so expensive but they won’t think twice about buying lottery tickets, booze, or cigarettes.
      2. Exercise. Stay disciplined. Perseverance is your best friend.
      3. Drink lots of water. Does your water contain fluorine or chlorine? Uh oh…time to start drinking purified water.
      4. Stay away from intoxicating substances that pollute your body. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this.
      5. Get plenty of sleep. I personally struggle with this one. I am always doing something (teaching myself new skills, for example) and although my body is usually exhausted by the end of the day my mind is always in high gear so it’s difficult for me to get more than 3-4 hours of sleep a night sometimes. I’m trying to work on this though.
      6. This one is probably the most important, in my opinion. Mind your own damn business and NEVER ALLOW OTHER PEOPLE’S PROBLEMS TO BE YOURS. Of course, there are a few exceptions to this, but I am trying to keep this as short as possible.
      That’s it!
      Make a healthy lifestyle a habit for life. Once you start eating better and exercising, I guarantee you will feel a hell of a lot better about life and you will approach your own life and problems with confidence and positive energy you never even knew you had. Your mind and body will slowly, but surely, begin to lift out of the fog and you WILL NOT want to play video games, watch TV all day, watch porn, smoke dope, or whatever it is losers occupy their time with. And, hopefully, you will start to see how you are being brainwashed and manipulated by the mainstream media who desire to ruin and corrupt you with their propaganda which is full of filth and poison. Liberalism is destroying the human race by spreading like a malignant cancer and making people think that we are all created equal. Don’t believe this BS. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. A lot of people realize this plague among us but are afraid to speak up because they will get demonized by those in power. If you really want to know who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.
      In short, if you start (and continue!) a healthy lifestyle, the new you will start to seek out avenues of prosperity that will benefit YOU and your loved ones, not the scum who only have their best interests in mind. Your brains and your body are the only real possessions you have on this Earth. Treat them well and you will be filthy rich for life.
      I Still Care