The Rule of ABC – Always Be in Control

From the desk of Victor Pride

Monday, May 20

Subj: Control, options, ownership


ABC. The most important rule for being a winner.





ABC. A- Always, B-Be, in C-Control.

Be in control of everything in your life, leave nothing in the hands of others, and always keep options.

Control your money, control your earning, control your woman. Leave nothing to chance when it can be controlled.

You have to have money and money making ability to control your life. You cannot be in control if you’re broke, you cannot be in control if you beg your boss for your bi-weekly paycheck that has been thoughtfully taxed in advance for you.

Control your earning

When you have a job as a wage slave you don’t pay taxes. You aren’t a taxpayer. They take taxes. They say “oh, that’s mine. Here, you can have the leftovers“. And, as a wage slave, what do you always say? “Damn taxes! Barely leave me any room to breathe!” and then you dutifully go back into work day after day, again and again, complaining the whole time, and waiting with your handout for your de-taxed paycheck.

When you are in control of your money, as in you do not have a boss, you pay appropriate taxes. Taxes are not taken from you they are given.

As a self-employed man of destiny, an entrepreneur, you control how much or how little you earn. You don’t call anyone boss, you don’t run in fear of disappointing your boss. The world is on your shoulders, and that’s the way it should be.

Control your money

Never leave all of your money in the hands of others. Never fall into the trap. “Oh, I have a company 401k, I’ll be fine“. With your money and your future you’ve got to take action and keep a watchful eye on your money and not let a team of complete strangers control your investments.

What is it they say? Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. For your money you can multiply that rule by 1000. Never, ever, ever, ever keep all of your money in one spot. It cost me $7,000 to learn this lesson and it was worth every penny because I didn’t lose $70,000 or $700,000.

Always keep multiple bank accounts with a balance and always keep cash around the house. Cash is king and you never, ever know when your bank accounts are going to be inaccessible. Put your cash in a safe or hide it in plain sight with a diversion safe.

It pays to be a little paranoid because you never know what will happen. When I was in China my bank just decided to close my account. Huh? Yeah, it’s just closed now. I called them to get it fixed and they said sure, no problem, just come in to the nearest branch and we’ll get it fixed. Oh sure, I’m only 7,000 miles away. I lost a dollar for every mile through late payments because it was a business account and obviously business payments stopped until I could get it fixed. Thankfully I was ok because I had another bank account and I had cash, but I was still out 7 G’s.

Because of that little lesson I now have 7 bank accounts spread across 3 countries, an additional two nominee bank accounts, credit cards and prepaid debit cards. I keep balances spread out, I am not playing around and you shouldn’t either. Never let one bank control your finances.

Pay in advance

Whenever you can, don’t pay anything on credit, do the opposite and pay everything in advance. Don’t put anything on credit. When you have bills you are a slave. Pay everything in advance and you have peace of mind and no one is going to give you the old “you owe me money” bit. Paying in advance is power, paying on credit is slavery.

Think of a credit card only as a delayed payment debit card. I have my gym membership, my web hosting and one other bill directly billed to my credit card every month and I pay it each month before any interest is due. You can also use your credit card to take advantage of frequent flier miles and other nice programs, but never, ever, ever use your credit card just to buy stuff you can’t afford to pay cash with. IF! you are to use credit cards it should only as a strategy to build your credit or to get a bunch of free stuff with your credit card points.

Live below your means

You don’t have to live like an animal but you should not be stressed or anxious about paying your monthly bills. If you pay everything in advance you don’t even have to worry about the big bills. But if you aren’t in a position to pay everything in advance you need to choose your home and your automobile wisely.  A house and a nice car is not worth the anxiety if you are living beyond your means. Always pay cash for your car. I had a 5 year note on my pickup truck, that’s 5 years of payments to drive from A to B. Never again will I have a car payment, and since then I have bought 3 or 4 cars and always paid in cash in full. A car is a car is a car, paying monthly when you can pay once is stupid. If your car costs 2k or 30k it doesn’t matter, only buy what you can afford. If all you can afford is a 2k car then buy the car and work your ass off until you can buy that 30k, 40k, 50k car. Let that motivate you to achieve but don’t go beyond your means.

Back in the States I had a $1600 mortgage for a 3 bedroom house. It’s stupid to pay so much for one person so I rented a room out to a local college kid and got a little money back. Now I have a central condo in a large city and my rent is paid up through the end of the lease and I have less stress.

You need to live below your means so you have some padding in case of hard times, especially if you are an entrepreneur. As an added bonus when you live below your means you have money to buy anything you want. When I had a job and a set income I was always poor and had to save up to buy anything. Now I don’t “save up” for anything, if I want something I just buy it. That’s because I live below my means and don’t spend haphazardly. In a regular month I buy food at the grocery store and pay monthly bills like electric and internet. I’m not throwing money away on a car payment, house payment, the newest electronics, restaurants, or all that stuff that today’s modern enlightened man can’t live without. That means when I want to buy something I just go and buy it and don’t fret. When I want to go on vacation I just go and don’t worry about saving pennies. Of course it should go without saying when I buy something or go on vacation I always search for the best deal.

Control your intimate relationships

Getting married is an act of surrender, of defeat. When you get married you give 100% of your power to a woman. Women only respect you when you have power over them. That is as true today as it was in 1950 or 20,000 BC. That’s why married men walk around like broke-dick dogs, because 99% of them are broken dogs. That’s what happens when you give your power away. A married man has no power whatsoever, his wife and the courtroom have 100% control over his children, his income and his assets. In return for what? There isn’t a single benefit for a man to get married. When you get married you sign away control.

What is it the feminist pigs always say? It’s not the 1950’s anymore! And they’re right. You don’t have to have a job, you are free to do as you wish, to go where you wish, to make as much or as little as you wish. Today anything is possible. The irony is that living like a modern man, in debt up to his eyeballs, married to a good for nothing slob, working a job he hates, fat as can be on his way to diabetes, is probably a lot worse than a life in the 50’s.

Personally, I live a sort of alternate reality version of the 50’s. I keep a woman around and pay all the bills and she does 100% of my housework and everything else I tell her. I rely on her to cook, clean and suck. She relies on me for safety and security. That is complete control and I could find a new girl in a nano-second but I am happy and she is happy so there is no need.

Now I know there are a great many websites telling you to never, ever provide for a woman, never be a beta provider, never give money yadda yadda. These websites are written by guys who have a very hard time attracting women but they are 50% right. I would NEVER give money to or financially support a modern western woman. If I were a western man I would be a cad until I found a non western, non feminized, non empowered, non undignified woman. If you find the correct woman it is not only acceptable to provide it’s also the only way to have complete control of your relationship. The reality is that money is power, women are attracted to both money and power and when you are the sole source of $$ for a woman you have complete control over her and, if you are appropriately selfish, she will dote on you all day and night, just like in days of old. It’s completely true that modern women make money and have options, and that’s a huge reason why they are terrible as wives and girlfriends.

You need to have options for other women, at all times. That doesn’t mean you always need to have 10 girls in your phone or your instant messenger ready and waiting, it just means you need to keep yourself in a state where it’s easy to attract and keep women. The reality is that I am blessed to be tall and handsome BUT! if you are not so handsome there is hope and I mean that sincerely. Money and a dominant disposition is your salvation. Women are attracted to men with money and always will be. That doesn’t make them gold-diggers, it makes them women. Men love titties and ass, women love money and that’s life, baby, no need to cry about it.


Always keep options open. Options, options, options. Options are how you stay free. Keep many bank accounts with balances spread over each. Be an entrepreneur and make your own income. Stay out of debt always. Don’t leave your investment strategy in the hands of strangers. Keep options with other women. Have options and ideas for making a real income, not a “dream job” but a real way to make green dollars and red pennies. Your other options don’t need to be acted upon, they just need to be there, in your mind, ready to go if a change is needed.

I have two options for making money if for some reason Bold and Determined doesn’t work out for me. I can build another online venture that I’m positive will provide for me. Alternately, I can move to any mid to large size American city and make money in real estate within one month. Even though I am putting all my effort into Bold and Determined, and it is providing me a nice life, I have the other options in my head at all times, ready to go if need be. And both options are completely under my control, I’m not relying on interviewing with some little girl in HR, going for a second interview with the gay Mexican HR manager, and then going through sensitivity training all so I can receive a tiny little bi-weekly paycheck already de-taxed. Not for me anymore, no thanks.

Until next time, friends.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

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    • DOMINIC says


      Just read your ABC article. That’s really good stuff. I just acted like a pussy with a girl – I didn’t have her phone number and she would call me when she wanted to come over – and I finally said that’s it, it’s finished. That was yesterday and I read you article today. Ironic.


  1. Adamzis says

    Great Monday article brother. Time to get focused on the money, I have to agree with you, a proper source of income must be in place before a man is to venture into anything else.
    Keep on ass-kicking.

  2. says

    Thats right! In the end, the only person you can rely on is YOURSELF.
    This is why being INDEPENDENT is fucking awesome. Great article Victor.
    (Btw I’ve sent you a couple of emails regarding affiliate deal, hope you’ll get back to me)

  3. says

    Two thumbs up to “Maximize income, minimize overhead.” And delay marriage until age forty at least. And when you do finally marry, take a wife in a country where the culture discourages girls from giving it up before wedlock…but that’s a whole other thread.

  4. Saver says

    Real Estate Investing has been a main focus of mine over the last year. Since you mentioned it so casually, will you write a post on your thoughts regarding REI?

  5. says

    Everything you say is true but I have seen entrepreneurs who still have a job for healthcare benefits. So they have a business and a job. Remember here in the states healthcare is very expensive. Medical bills are the number 1 reason for bankruptsy in the usa. So it s kind of smart to have a online business and a job or career for the health insurance. If u know of a better way to cover your ass and protect your bank accounts than this please tell.

    • abgrund says

      If you get out of the US and have a reasonable income you don’t need health insurance. The cost of healthcare in the US is wildly inflated by the insurance-based market model and by artificial legal restrictions paid for by the AMA.

      If you don’t have insurance and can’t get out of the US, there are still some things you can do. The most important is to stay fit. Then learn a little about health and medicine, which is easy for anyone with 2/3 of an intact cerebrum to do with Internet access and common sense. Doctors don’t know how to do anything but hand out pills and carve; I’m not suggesting self-inflicted surgery but you can usually do at least as good a job as any MD of figuring out what pills you need. Buy them mail order from a free country.

      If you get cancer, you’ll still go bankrupt, but you won’t be denied care entirely. You’ll die, but you probably would even with insurance, and you’re still better off than 95% of people worldwide. And you’d probably go bankrupt even if you had insurance. Last I heard, rates of medical bankruptcy were only slightly lower among Americans with health insurance. Those bastards just have too many loopholes to stab you in the back.

  6. says

    I m saying this because I work in the healthcare industry. I have met people with money and no health insurance who got sick or into an accident and lost it all in medical bills. I have met people like you Victor strong and jacked get cancer and lose all that muscle money because of and accident or disease. Guess what some of them have done after that? Yeap…commit suicide. A lot of times all that muscle and money can t protect u from something like that. Look at joe weider and how he ended up before he died at the age of 93. Maybe steroids had something to do with it.

      • Cruz says


        ABC . . . ALWAYS BE IN CONTROL.Let’s face it most people in the states do not eat healthy and for sure they don’t exercise. If a person wants to be healthy they have to be in control of what they consume. Many times you hear people getting sick and the main reason is poor diet. Not too long ago I read an article saying that acient mummies did NOT have a trace of any cancer! Now lets eat healthy foodswhile we build our empires and take care.

    • christine says

      Are you nuts? He died with millions,
      lived in Beverley Hills,at 93. Have you got a plan that will guarantee
      that? If so you should be on it yourself

  7. Alexander the Great says

    Victor so are you paying rent, food etc for your live in gf while she cooks, cleans and fucks you? Does she work?

  8. says

    This was great summary of the core issues you have to control in your life. If you liked this, you may also like Tom Leykis Show. He does two segments which are similar to this, #MoneyMondays – financial advice from a self-made millionaire and #Leykis101 (Thursdays) – how to get laid more while spending less. There’s a strong resonance between what Victor talks about and Tom Leykis. Just Google him to find his website or use TuneIn app on your Smartphone like I do.

    • Victor Pride says

      I never particularly liked Tom Leykis. What he says is of course true, but I don’t much care to listen to him.

          • Andrew says

            Gotchya. Reason I asked is because I used to listen to Leykis a lot (definitely was worth it) and he operates out of Los Angeles… he actually doesn’t live very far from me, so I thought maybe you were from LA as well if you used to listen to Leykis. Do an article on where you invest your money. I’m day trading futures and occasionally options, but most aren’t willing to go that route because of the perceived difficulty.

          • Brandon says

            I googled Tom Leykis. I can see why you don’t care for him Vic, he’s a disgusting looking mess of a man to look at. I know a you’ve stated in many blogs you don’t have much regard for men that don’t take pride (no pun intended) in their appearance.

  9. anonk says

    Nice post man.but why do you come across as racist sometimes?you write things such as the gay Mexican,the black lesbian,and Indians with no sexual direction.but why not about whites?I don’t mean this is an angry or offensive way or anything but do you think your race is the best or what?just curious….

    • Victor Pride says

      Bud, do me a favor and go visit your HR department. If it’s staffed by straight white males I’ll take back everything I said. If it’s staffed by gay minorities you take back what you said and come back here to say I was 100% correct.

      • anonk says

        Okay I might just go. Just remember to check for open gays and lesbians in Africa and Latin America.oh ,aren’t gays striving for right s in countries with high white population(western world).

        • Victor Pride says

          Bud you’ve got to reword that for me to understand what you’re trying to say. I’m not following.

          • Justin says

            He’s calling you a racist homophobe for daring to notice women and gay minorities are a gold-mine for companies to hire right now for salary and pr reasons.

          • Victor Pride says

            He’s gonna have to get in line behind like 50 homo’s who already called me that.

  10. says

    He abused his body at your age with steroids. My point is that u look amazing however u won t keep that up until let s say 70 or 80 years old when aging kicks even if you workout. I workout and look great not like you but I don t take any type of hormones. I have patients that compliment me all the time and then tell me enjoy dude because when aging and gravity kick in u would be lucky if u can walk to a gym. That s life. The body was meant to decay. Show me pics of any natural or unnatural bodybuilder who looks great after 80 or 90 who s jacked doing everything u do? I haven t seen any..and trust me I read and follow the sport. I used to work in a gym and now in the hospital. I have seen a lot of great physiques but not after 80. Jack lalanne died at 96 and still lifted weights,ran,etc. But always covered up. Why? Ageing caught up with him…However I love your mindset…keep up the good work

    • Victor Pride says

      Are you implying I said you can look great at 80+ years old if you use steroids? Are you saying Weider died early because he abused steroids? I’m lost here bud, but I’d be willing to bet Weider never touched gear a day in his life. He was a businessman and a schmoe, he wasn’t a bodybuilder, he was a muscle worshiper. The pics you see of him muscled up are doctored.

    • Victor Pride says

      Well, I don’t know about MLM but this is a reason I have shown my face. If I’m on stage ala Tony Tobbins I can’t exactly be anonymous.

      • says

        Well I guess you’d be posting bodybuilding vids soon; well its good for traffic anyways; since now you are ready to show your face on the net might as well milk it

  11. says

    Hey Victor what are your thoughts about those security deposit boxes offered in the banks? I know that they are not insured by the fdic in the states but I heard it s also good to store untraceable money there…

      • abgrund says

        But if the problem is not inaccessibility of the bank, but of the account, or of cash (think of the bank runs of 1932, 1983 and 2008) a bank box is a good hedge. Of course, if there’s a real breakdown those little portraits of Ben Franklin won’t be any more useful than the imaginary numbers in your bank account, but it could get you through a panic or some transient problem with your account (like when Bank of Moronica paid someone else’s check, on a completely different account with a different name, out of my checking account). I always keep a thousand or two on hand in cash, some of that is in a bank box for security.

  12. R.K. Hessel says

    What does “Victor Pride” actually believe in?

    Is this really his life’s purpose? Though far more impressive than a slave with a white collar, I can’t see how ANYONE can think they have a purpose in life. There is none. The human race has no end goal. Death negates everything. Liberalism thinks we are progressing more and more and one day everyone will be “free” and “happy”. Grown men will be able to fist each other in the privacy of….the town square.

    I can understand truly religious people (note: excludes 90% of those who claim to be religious) and I can understand Nihilists/Pessimists/Misanthropes, but I’ll never understand Humanists or the average Man-On-The-Street who is a “Christian”, but constantly talks about “sports” or “shiny new electronic trash” or “fornication” or “beer”.

    It’s probably best not to think. All is vanity….

    • Adamzis says

      You come across as very nihilistic. From your first statement.
      “I can’t see how ANYONE can think they have a purpose in life.”
      That’s because you aren’t looking at the big picture. Look at it from someone else’s point of view. Some people want money, some people have dreams of being with a special someone, Some people want fame, some people just want to have sex everyday. It is hope that drives people.

      Just from that statement you are admitting to be unable to look at the bigger picture, instead you look at it from your own point of view. Think about people with dreams who just want to fulfill them, or for people who want to leave a legacy behind, or make sure life is good for their children and grandchildren.

      I can however, agree with you on the religious statement. To ‘most’ religious people death is simply the beginning. To someone who doesn’t believe in anything death is the end.

      I can also agree on you with the vanity part, I don’t understand people who live for material things. But with all the commercials and propaganda we are exposed to on a daily basis it is no surprise. The majority of people are sheep and will eat up anything if you tell that that it tastes good.

      The point of life? Whatever point you give it. If you don’t give it a point then life has no point. If you have a purpose such as a goal then life has a point. Yes, we will all die, but why sit around and wait for it why not enjoy the ride.

      Just my 0.02

  13. says

    What do u think about online banks and opening an online savings account? I read your article about anonymous living before about keeping your house and car anonymous but what about keeping your business or bank accounts anonymous in the states so no woman finds out about it?

    • Victor Pride says

      Only way you can do that completely is with a nominee bank account. In plain english, you have another person open an account and you use their account and pay them a fee for the privilege.

  14. Rick says

    Vic I love your blog. Only discovered you a few weeks ago and you have got me motivated already. Quick west ion. When will you have the Spartan entrepreneur available to buy again ?

  15. Alexei says

    Hey Victor,

    Great post man, and I agree with 95% of it.

    However, are you saying guys can’t pick up girls, unless they’re loaded, particularly if they’re good looking and know how to talk to a girl??
    Also, when you talk about “making money”, do you mean striving towards becoming a millionaire, or simply making enough in order to support the Lifestyle you seek and escaping the 9-5 jive crap?

    • Victor Pride says

      No, I’m not saying that at all. I’m saying if you’re not a handsome fella you will do well to make some money and have a dominant attitude.

      • Jim says

        To have much luck with females a guy usually has to have one or the other – money or good looks. A dominant attitude will help, but if you’re ugly and broke it won’t be enough (unless you’re willing to take fat chicks).

  16. A Women says

    Control your intimate relationships I find this very interesting. Many Men have no idea what real control is or how to manage themselves when they get it.

  17. Italian G says

    Can you write about opening bank accounts in other countries? Id like to know what countries & how please.

    • Victor Pride says

      I will have an article soon dealing with flag theory/permanent travel theory which is about planting flags off shore to include citizenship/taxation/banking/business. All the accounts I opened I opened in person, however, it is possible in some places to open an account without your physical presence, Nevis, for example.

  18. Shavoune Mills says

    Vic your prob expecting some kind of feminist, lesbian back lash on your comments under “Control your intimate relationships” (or you have prob blocked them lol).
    A little crude perhaps- but I must admit, that if a man was to pay the bills I would have no qualms in um cooking, cleaning and well um sucking….
    In all honesty Vic, as a western woman I am flipping TIRED.
    I have a full time job (two in fact, extra dosh made so that I can travel).
    I live with my partner and I cook and clean 70% of the time.
    Eventually I will have to pop out a grommet or two or three and prob still continue to work with the kids as these days people cannot afford not too!
    I have to go to the gym and look good and prepare the healthy meals and I have to spend 8 times the cost on hair cuts/make up/ beauty creams then my partner does.
    For example his hair cut is £6, even at my cheapest place mine is £35.
    So ALAS my point is coming!!
    As a woman I now have to COOK/CLEAN/WORK/HAVE BABIES/GYM and now pay 10 times more than my partner to look good and also earn less (as woman still earn less than men in UK).

    SO VIC- I am absolutely exhausted and the future makes me want to curl up in bed and rip out my womb.
    So yes the feminists can hate me all they like but all they have done is doubled my workload all in the name of independence
    I would HAPPILY lay down my independence in order to cook, clean and suck….

    Your Fan,

    • Victor Pride says

      Hi Shavoune, babe, I ALWAYS get feminist lesbian backlash. I just delete their nonsense and never publish it. The way I live is the natural way and it’s a better way for all involved. Working sucks, dumb feminists fight for the right to do their boss’s bidding instead of their man’s bidding. All for the pleasure of being miserable. My gf is happy nearly all the time, always smiling and singing. She never has to worry about money, ever, she never has to go to a job, she never has to worry about anyone hurting her, and she gets to have sex 2 or 3 times per day. Then you have fat feminist tards who work all the time, in debt up to their eyeballs, can’t find a boyfriend, alcoholic and miserable to the point of insanity. Geeze…I wonder why.

      Literally as I was typing this she was in the kitchen cutting some vegetables and out of the blue said “I feel happy!” with a big, bright smile and a laugh. When’s the last time anyone ever heard a feminist say that and not be lying.

      • Shavoune Mills says

        When is the last time you heard any WOMAN say that!?
        Feminist or not, it is FACT that we now have to work harder thanks to our Bra burning ancestors. We now have to have the children, continue working AND cook and clean.
        Like you said the 1950’s guys was prob a lot happier despite being a married slave and I can promise you the 1950’s woman was a whole lot happier too.
        But we can thank the feminist lesbians for all their comments- who else is better to laugh at?

        • says

          :) left the corporate world and have never felt happier. Backstabbing bitches about bullshit I couldn’t care less about.
          Suits just ain’t my thing. P.S I do the same thing as your girlfriend now lol random bouts of happiness !!!!

  19. says

    damn victor….you are having sex 2 to 3 times a day? U r the man….spill out the sex diet….I m 34 and can t do that anymore…I eat clean but u know how it is here in the matrix, usa, it s tough…so please tell….

    • Shavoune Mills says

      Lmao Chelo- Trust you to pick up on that of ALL his advice!!!
      But yeah I second that, WTF!?

    • Victor Pride says

      There’s no special sex diet I follow, I have high testosterone and I’m at home all day with a 20 year old tight body who will do anything I say.

    • mike says

      Make the consumption of food part of your lifestyle. If you live in a rural area of the USSA – much easier than if you are an urban dweller. Network to find local sources of meat and produce. Be persistent about it. Buy whats in season and freeze the rest. This might mean having many large chest freezers – but again this is part of your lifestyle. My girl and I live in a tiny third floor apartment ( living below our means) and even we have two large chest freezers that sit in our little kitchen. They are crammed with grass fed beef, berries picked in season, tomato sauce from tomatoes we raised in our driveway last summer, raw milk butter etc…Once a month I drive to a source I know and pick up organic raw milk yogurt in glass jars and store it in our fridge. Every two weeks I go to a closer source and pick up grass fed raw milk – also in glass jars. The extra we freeze and use when needed. My lady grows sprouts on shelves I built for her that sit inside our kitchen window..Every night she makes a scrumptious meal from the local goods that I procure.. The list goes on and on.. The point I making this is a lifestyle choice that I take very seriously and because my girl loves me she does also. Where we live the closest largest grocery store is a Super MalWart. All I hear from slack bags around me is how terrible the selection is and how there are no good sources of food in the area. Bullshit ! If they spent more time hustling to rustling up the healthy goods and having there wives cook it up, instead of glued to the idiot box watching the World Series – they would too would be able to eat this way. But again its not a lifestyle choice for some. Even in this desolate waistland for healthy food there is hope – you just have to make it a priority.

  20. Lillie says

    You fucking masagonist bastard, delete this post of face retribution of feminist community, we girlz are gonna suck you cock simultaneously in groups of 5 you’re gonna black out! How dare you treat woman as property?!?! I bet this is the way you cure complexes from having a big dick and muscles.

    Expect this on some fucking feminist blog ::D Great post as usual Vic

  21. Ishaq says

    Yesterday was my last day of school here in the UK. To celebrate, my parents took me out to a classy restaurant. While waiting for an excellent meal, I made a few observations….

    As we were seated at our reserved table, smelling the aroma of exotic food, I couldn’t help but notice who had unfortunately sat on the table next to us. One overweight female who looked to be in her mid 20s was joined by 3 friends. They all had wore a ton of make up and designer clothes. The only attractive one was a lady on the far right side, who joined in with the constant discussions regarding the ‘low standard’ of modern males. I would not have noticed them had they not been so loud, however the fat woman proceeded to pull out her smartphone from her giant handbag, and began recording a series of short messages, I assumed they were voice mail to the last ‘scum bag’ that had rejected her (by now he must have blocked her number) involving a string of vocabulary which truly expressed how unattractive she was. The ironic thing was that she tried to justify herself to her feminist companions by saying things such as ‘I know I’m large, but I’m deep on the inside’. They all nodded their heads as if they were used to this, almost like how a real man is used to the weights section at the gym. I had observed her for a few minutes and already saw how shallow she was.
    The next person to enter the restaurant was a white male around my height (5’9) that looked to be in his late 30s. He wore a dark blue v neck jumper, straight faded jeans and boots, and had a shaved head. His sleeves were stretched by his huge arms and I could tell he was juicing and had put in the prior years at the gym. What impressed me more was the fact that a trim, chipper Asian woman elegantly walked in with him, holding his hand. Before they even reached their table, the 4 feminists started staring at them with envy, while the male just sat down, followed by his woman. He knew exactly what meal he wanted and was ready to order and pay 100%. I thought to myself, this is what a real man does. BoldandDetermined came to mind….

    On behalf of real men, keep spreading the truth brother

    • Adamzis says

      Your comment just pumped me up brother!
      Stay bold and determined.

      Btw victor, when are we going to get bold and determined apparel? You could make some good income with that plus have free offline advertising, win-win.
      Just my two cents. Plus a bold and determined T shirt would be kick ass.

      • Victor Pride says

        I hired a guy a year ago to design my Wolf shirts but he did a poop job and left a sour taste in my mouth. I’m actually looking for the perfect fabric for the t-shirts. I bought a t-shirt in Thailand 2 years ago and it’s the perfect gym material and I looked for them in bulk for months. I actually forgot about it, but now I feel that fire again. B&D shirts coming soon.

        • Adamzis says

          You fire me up I fire you up brother.
          Just wearing a B&D shirt would make you feel like kicking ass, making money, and winning and grinning all day long.
          Glad to hear the good news!

        • Alpha Centauri says

          I am definitely buying a BoldandDetermined shirt. Words, ideas, and images are weapons. More and more I wear apparel that both looks and feels good but also expresses my philosophy.

          I have been checking into your blog as well as others, combined with reading and self learning and experience over the years and I can report that my life has gotten better in every way imaginable. I’m in better shape, in more control, make more money, more dominant, kick way more ass and absolutely bang more chicks than ever before. I like to liken picking up chicks to going fishing. I used to go out on the lake and cast all day and nothing would bight. Now I’m reeling them in left and right, hold it up for the picture, and release it back into the water!

          People like you have opened up my eyes. I have learned, to a large extent, to just absolutely give a fuck if someone doesn’t approve of the way I do things. We are in control of our own destiny. You showed me that all I along I had a key that unlocks everything I want in life. It was sitting there in plain site the entire time, but the liberals and feminists somehow convinced me that it wasn’t there. Thanks for showing me the key; it is truly magical.

          I honestly appreciate your candor in supporting fellow white men. White men for too long have somehow been duped to believe the feminist, communist bullshit and for whatever reason went along with it. I can feel it in my bones that we are finally in the nascent stages of a psychological revolution where white men give up on supporting all impediments to our success and well-being. The feminists hate this, because they know their house of cards will go down in flames when a tidal wave of white men ditch their whole ideological social construct. This is a fight we are going to win. I can already feel the tremors and can’t wait to see it come to fruition.

          The more I’ve learned about people, women, power, money, science, faith, sex, joy, and pain the more I have become optimistic that the world will be a better place. Thank you!

  22. Jade says

    Hey Victor,
    Thanks for the great posts, you are a fatherly influence to many of us young men out there! I recently found out about this site, and I have been catching up with every single one since the start of the blog and I have a question for you regarding marriage/picking the right wife/harnessing sexual energy for a young man.

    I am 20 years old virgin and still in a school for engineering but am working on some entrepreneurial projects. I never really talked to girls but I think that I should start sometime soon and shift my focus from just work. The only sexual gratification I get is from masturbation (going to stop, but should I replace it with real sex?)

    According to your blog post on picking the right wife, you mention that at age 30 you begin to think about getting married. You also mention in multiple blog posts at from 20-30 are the wild years, but you suggested not going for one night stands/empty sex. You also mention about harnessing your sexual energy but how having frequent sex allows you to have increased testosterone. What would be your advice to a young male at around age 20? Should we go out and try and attract women to be girlfriends knowing that we will not eventually marry them? Or should we just focus on our projects for work/school and spend time later on attracting women? It seems like it requires a bit of time, effort and focus that could otherwise be used for more productive thing. If my concern is worthy, do you think you could elaborate on your post on harnessing your sexual energy and the balance with maintaining high testosterone? And balance between work and attracting women (talking, dates, etc.) Thanks again for all the knowledge so far, your posts on getting things done enabled to kick ass lately, this is just stuck in my head and eating me away mentally.

    • Justin says

      Here’s some simple facts. 1: Being lonely will do more damage than high t can repair. So schedule some social time a few days a week. Literally put down something like ‘friday afternoon is for mingling.’

      2 In my experience, there are two things that fill your chest with warm power. Which I assume is an instant, natural T spike. The first is competing in something you’re competent at. The second is that moment you see a womens pupils shoot open and her eyes squint in a smile.

      There’s probably more, but adrenaline or emotions likely get in the way of isolating that feeling.

      So you might not marry the first girl you hook up with, and you don’t want meaningless sex. No big deal, you can build a meaningful relationship with someone you might not stay with.

  23. Frank says

    Victor if there are things outside of your control (as usual) that limit greatly the choices that you have in forming your ideal lifestyle of options and control what would you do? Would you choose to work to eliminate those things holding you back or work to maximize the voices you have?

  24. says

    Any tips on marketing the website that u built so that you can start making money online and leavr your job? I want to quit my 9 to 5 already….what do u think about seo?

  25. says

    I have been thinking about seo but its like 2300 dollars in the states. I have been thinking about it but I m not making money yet and I need to gain users. Any suggestions…

  26. says

    The older I get, the more I realize that control is an illusion. Controlling one’s fate is simply a matter of minimizing risk through planning ahead. The best plan and foresight can be ruined by random chaos. However, this is a great to-do list on preparedness and self-sufficiency.

    • Victor Pride says

      Hey Eric, that topic really just bores me to tears. I’ll throw bits and pieces in the articles but I won’t be writing a book about it.

      • Benjo James says

        My two cents is guys prioritise women too much and it just makes them insecure and lacking in direction. This past year I’ve put my genuine passions ahead of women, harnessed my sexual energy, and without focusing on women consciously I’ve naturally started attracting them more. Focussing purely on attracting the opposite sex is to put them on a pedestal. Attractive women are the perks of a great lifestyle; not the great lifestyle in itself.

  27. anonk says

    You said meat is good for u and I completely believe this. But how do countries in Asia such as Japan such long lifespans?

    • Victor Pride says

      US soil is bad, we dont have the nutrients, vitamins and minerals we need because the soil has been killed by fertilizers. We are grossly deficient in vitamins and minerals and Japs are less deficient in necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Japs in particular eat a ton of fresh seafood which is rich in iodone, most Americans will get only a miniscule amount of iodine and Japs eat the necessary healthy amount. The beef we eat is corn fed, not grass fed as it should be, and we are missing out on all the vital nutrients in the beef because of it. In a nutshell, the food source is bad and is causing sickness, cancer, faggy boys with bitch tits, male pattern baldness, fat slobs etc etc etc.

  28. Mike says

    Hi Victor,

    Post fired me up, thanks for taking the time creating it.
    Can you write in the future about what shaped you, what made you to the person you are now. Your parents are they disciplined ones or are they not? How did they influence you? what happened that you did not lose focus, fought with total determination? Long story short: What were your ‘reference experiences while you were down’? lol all the best


  29. says

    Great advice, especially on banking. So many people are unprepared for anything that comes their way. One time having some tax authority or business levy money from your bank account, even when it’s not theirs to take, and you’ll realize you have to have more than one basket.

  30. Niko says

    I have to say I wish this blog had existed before I did my time in the army. I would have been more of a man and have no regrets of not doing everything 100%.

    • Niko says

      Also, to add: the philosophy and mindset promoted here is something similar that I’ve had in my thoughts for years (I only found out about this blog few weeks ago). I needed a catalyst, a kick, to get that sparkle and bring vigor into these thoughts, this is it. A powerful, iron shaped body and a powerful, iron will… Iron is my religion, discipline is what defines me, should I stray from this path I cease to exist. Victor you are an inspiration, a god-self of old times, and I salute you !

  31. Harvey says

    Hi Victor, great article but I have a question about testosterone.

    I just had my results done in Australia. They are:
    Total Testosterone: 24 nmol/L
    Sex Hormone Binding Globulin: 31 nmol/L
    DHEAS: 6.7 umol/L
    Adrostenedione: 7.4 nmol/L
    FAI is not measured.

    Since Australia uses a different measure than America I am not sure how this converts. The doctor said it was good but I still feel sluggish some mornings and seem to run out of energy in the evenings. My motivation is shit.

  32. nek says

    Speaking of being in control, this is why one should moderate any drug/alcohol usage. Having drinks is fine, getting retarded sloshed is not.

  33. James says

    The power of pussy runs the world.
    Makes you work out to build the attractive body.
    Makes you use your energy to earn private federal reserve notes so pussy comes round.
    All for that moment of bliss.
    Control? It is but an illusion grasshopper.

  34. john doe says

    Great read, the ironic thing about much of what I read from you is you constantly blame westernized modern culture, but yet are one of the few that actually moved someplace else and can compare/contrast. That is why I take nothing you say with just a grain of salt, you are spot on with everything!! I think the bottom line is this; to succeed financially in America in this day and age, you almost have to isolate yourself from 90% of everyday communication and distractions. A family and a wife can be rewarding if the woman is on board with your gameplan, unfortunately most are not. One of my dreams is to move to the country and have my own self sufficient plot of land and home. I want to position the home to take advantage of sunlight/heat, solar pannels, water sisterns, central heat ducts for an outside wood heater to circulate the home. Self sufficiency is key to me. I find most people to have little or no value to me, and most material things as a distraction to my main focus on life. And when it comes to women, spot on infromation!!! Yes, money is power, keeps a woman in control, but the problem is bitches dont appreciate anything anymore

  35. Eneas says

    Man, you are so fucking true and you think the same as I do, especially about the thing of modern women. I strongly think, too, that modern women are terrible as wives and girlfriends, especially because they make money and have options.

    I like your blog a lot! Cheers!

  36. Gunny says


  37. ryan says


    Quick question. When u say don’t go into debt. Do you also mean dont take a loan to invest in something. For example building apartments to rent out?


  38. Esteban says


    Appreciate the in your face approach. For sure I agree men should be men in all aspects. I believe men should be motivated 100% to the fullest in all areas of life. I also do observe the weakness that is out there in our American men. I haven’t read every post you’ve written so I can’t determine if you come off for the cause of just white men. I am bi-racial Black/Mexican myself and I care less what anyone thinks. I left my mother’s house when I wanted as a teen, join the US Army without approval from friends and family. They got a letter from the Army with a photo saying your boy is in the Army now. I was a contractor in Iraq and again my family and friends found out as I was leaving for the airport. I lived in Cuba, Korea, Panama, Germany and Mexico. I pay cash for everything and working to get out debt but still got money in the back with several bank accounts.

    One thing I have to disagree on is marriage. I married a great woman making bank and supporting all my ideas and dreams. We been a great team in paying off all credit card debt and vowed never to get sucked into all that debt slavery. We paid cash for our wedding and honey moon. My new Tundra will paid in May 2014 and I just got it a few months ago. And I vowed to never make payment again and payout straight cash.

    Washing clothes, cooking, cleaning that’s small stuff that doesn’t phase us. She washes her clothes and mine and we share the cooking as it comes.

    So far I’m hammering ideas for business of my own, getting free college education and my tribute is to God. Yes God . Which Victor. You covering all areas of your life have you considered you spiritual life? I’m not talking religion. I’m talking of straight up having a relationship with your creator ? Facts are facts we will meet Him one day.

    Keep up the good work. I enjoy your blog and I have bought your Spartan book and 30 days of discipline. So I have also invested in you. So I’m not just a talker but doer!

    • Johnson Su says

      I am 18 and my girl is 19 and also my business partner. From a $15000 loan (from both our family and friends + savings) in August, we have now broke even and are now up 8 G’s for Christmas. Is she going to be my wife? Who knows.

      I like to work with people I trust more than people who are ‘more capable.’ This is control.

    • says

      thank you so much for your comment. I love this blog.. it was hard to read some of these parts. I am looking for a strong guy who has ambition, its hard to come by these days. Many guys want to act like babies, or frat guys into their forties (living in a apartment with 5 guys, because they can not manage money). I want a team mate, money does give options, thank GOD for that.

  39. Riaz says

    I came across your blog through chris- good looking I already do a lot of things that you always motivate people on. I recently quit my job and have been constantly reading your blog since a few days. I earn money through trading in the stock market. It does provide me a regular source of income these days. I have also travelled a few countries and was looking on shifting my base from India. What I wanted to ask you was- About the multiple bank accounts that you recommend. How do u avoid the fees in them. Which bank do you say is the truly International .