The Real Life NZT-48 (from Limitless)

Image from Limitless

There is a movie called Limitless. The movie is about a writer who is a bit of a lazy slob and has a nasty case of writers block. He lives in a filthy apartment, has long, hippie hair, and goes drinking rather than starting his novel.

One day, he runs into an old pal. His old pal used to be a drug dealer. Nowadays his old pal is dressed sharp and looking good. Instead of dealing drugs he is now a pharmaceutical rep, a legal drug dealer. The drug dealer and the writer sit down for a cup of coffee and a chat. The writer spills his woes for his old friend. His old friend, the drug dealer, tells him about this magical new drug. The new drug is called NZT-48.

The drug dealer says “You know how people only use 10% of their brains? Well, this drug allows you to use 100% of your brain“.

The writer says “Yeah, right. Whatever. Sure it does“.

The drug dealer says “I’m going to give you one for free, on the house“.

The writer says “nah, I don’t want it“.

The drug dealer says “Be greatful. That drug costs $800. Per pill“.

This piques the writers interest and curiosity.

One day, the writer takes the pill.

And then the fun starts….

Before he knows it, he remembers things he learned once, many years ago.

He can predict all conversations even before they take place.

He can seduce any woman.

He makes millions of dollars in record time.

He writes his book in an afternoon.

He is the smartest man alive.

He can do anything.

As long as he is on the drug.

What a great premise for a movie, huh?

It’s just too bad that drugs like that don’t exist.

Or do they?

Drugs exist that turn a frail, skinny body into the body of a muscular god.

Drugs exist that can turn a weak man into a strong man.

Why don’t drugs that make you smart, or smarter, exist?

It turns out they do exist.

They’re called…..can you guess….


The scientific name of these drugs is Nootropics.

These drugs are also known as memory enhancersneuro enhancerscognitive enhancers, and intelligence enhancers.

Nootropics don’t exactly make you smart if you are stupid, what they do is enhance your focus, your memory, your motivation, your attention, your mental clarity and your cognitive abilities.

In a word, they help you focus.

Wait, so what is the real life NZT-48 from Limitless?

By all accounts, the nearest drug to NZT-48 is a drug called Modafinil. Modafinil also goes by the generic names of Provigil, Alertec, and Modalert.

Modafinil is a memory-improving and mood-brightening psychostimulant. It enhances wakefulness, attention capacity and vigilance. Its pharmacological profile is notably different from amphetamines, methylphenidate (Ritalin) or cocaine. Modafinil is less likely to cause jitteriness, anxiety, or excess locomotor activity – or lead to a hypersomnolent ‘rebound effect’ – than traditional stimulants.

Modafinil was first developed and prescribed to narcoleptics to help them stay awake during the day. It was later used by the Navy and Air Force to help pilots stay alert on long missions. Modafinil keeps you awake and alert, has an effectiveness that spans up to 8 hours, and increases the capacity of your working memory. It remains prescription-only in the United States, and any US resident would need to either obtain a prescription from a doctor, or purchase it from a foreign supplier.

Does Modafinil actually work?

Let me share my experiences with Modafinil.

I ordered Modafinil (actually, modalert) from a pharmacy in India.

I took my first dosage of 200 mg in the morning, around 8 am. I didn’t feel smarter, but I soon felt a sort of focus that is hard to describe. I did not get any work done but I become obsessed with finding watches on Ebay. Later that evening I went to the gym to have my workout. The workout that evening was one of the most intense, most focused gym experiences I have ever had. The weight was flying up, the rest periods were nil. The focus was absolutely insane, I may as well have been the only person in the gym, or whole world. It wasn’t a workout, it was a mission.

Side Note: It turns out that Modafinil has been used by several athletes (sprinter Kelli White in 2004, cyclist David Clinger and basketball player Diana Taurasi in 2010) as a performance-enhancing doping agent.

The next day I used another 200 mg first thing in the morning. That was the day that sold me on Modafinil. That day, I worked for 10 straight hours on Body of a Spartan. 10 straight hours without food, without break, without even moving from the chair except to drink more coffee (caffeine is actually the most widely used Nootropic in the world).

I have used Modafinil several times since then and it has given me an intense focus each time. I am already highly and intensely focused, Modafinil really pushed me over the edge.

Are there any side effects?

Yes. Side effects can include:

  • Back pain
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Feeling nervous
  • Stuffy nose
  • Diarrhea
  • Feeling anxious
  • Dizziness
  • Upset stomach
  • Trouble sleeping

I did not personally experience any of these side effects but I did experience one un-expected and harsh side effect:

No patience for stupid people. None. Whereas before I could mildly tolerate stupid and/or weak people, on Modafinil I cannot tolerate any stupidity and I have zero patience for it. Modafinil has intensified my already high disdain for stupidity. Like roid rage, it could be described as smart drug rage. And it’s very real.

Is it a placebo affect?

Perhaps. One thing that cannot be denied is that my thoughts have been intensified and my focus has been thoroughly improved. For better or worse. According to Wikipedia, studies have shown that normal healthy volunteers between the ages of 30-44 showed general improvement in alertness as well as mood while using Modafinil.

Is Modafinil addictive? What happens when you stop using it?

Unlike harsh drugs like Adderall, studies have suggested that Modafinil “has limited potential for large-scale abuse” and “does not possess an addictive potential in naive individuals.” So no, it is not addictive. Some days I use it and some days I don’t. On the days I don’t use it I don’t feel any side effects at all and I don’t feel the need to use it to make any addiction pains go away.

Will you continue using Modafinil?

You bet I will.  It’s going into my arsenal of productivity tools. Modafinil did not turn me into a Wolf who eats stupid people, it only intensified my hunger.

Should you try Modafinil?

That depends on whether or not you would like to improve your focus and productivity.


You can buy Generic Modafinil Online Here.

Note: Modafinil and Modalert are the exact same thing.

More Articles on Nootropics and Modafinil:

“Ten years ago I went on a quest to become an expert on coffee and to sample as many different ways of making it and as many different varieties that existed. I tried everything from the French Press to the Coffee Siphon, Hawaiian Kona to Jamaican Blue Mountain. But unsatisfied with mere coffee, I went on a quest to find out how to use chemicals to enhance my mind. It had its roots in old high-school days when I’d bring a six-pack of Jolt cola to a computer-programming marathon: cramming together study halls and lunch breaks in my senior year. The nootropics of that era were caffeine, sugar, cortisol, dopamine, epinephrine and norepineprhine, and the last four in that list were all natural hormones my body was making itself.”

You can watch Limitless here:


MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Superdrive Publishing Ltd., publisher of Bold and Determined, makes no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy, reliability, completeness, currentness, or timeliness of any information provided.  This article is provided for information, entertainment and convenience only – it does not constitute endorsements of any situations or medical tactics or advice. All information contained herein should not be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed physician. The information provided here is for educational and informational purposes only. In no way should it be considered as offering medical advice. Please check with a doctor and/or licensed medical physician. NO LIABILITY WILL BE ASSUMED FOR THE USE OF THIS ARTICLE AND/OR ADDITIONAL POSTINGS HEREIN.

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  1. Exenith says

    Without pain, we could not have pleasure.

    The pain of stupidity, of persisting despite laziness, and of struggle — these are what build the glory of success.

    Drugs take that away.

    I read your blog a lot, and you’re obviously intelligent. You probably thought this concept through and dismissed it. But it’s very important for others to consider.

      • will says


        That is a very condescending reply to an important point. What makes it slightly more annoying is that you do not seem to understand it.

        • Mike Lopez says

          Everybody halt! Will knows something we don’t! Ugh, while being offended by condescending people, you urself are being condenscending. Yup, makes sense.

          So instead of trying to sound high n mighty on ur high horse, just explain the point, like we’re 8 yrs old… because I’m stupid and don’t understand ur point.

          • Devin says

            Victor, im assuming, is referring to the traditional connotation of the word narcotic – meaning an illegal substance used to zonk the f* out, escape your harsh reality, or be recreationally non-productive

            Drugs, im assuming, he is saying is anything that is a synthesized chemical compound used for a specific purpose, primarily of altering something for positive results (everything from advil to fix your hurting head, to vitamin C tablets to fight off an oncoming cold, to modafinil – to make you PRODUCTIVE)

            Will is saying that victor doesn’t know the differing definitions between ‘narcotics’ and ‘drugs’, as they are basically almost synonyms….. Will is being too literal, as most people on the internet are that are just out to prove someone wrong for the instant (albeit fake) gratification of feeling accomplished.

            Good night and good luck

  2. andy says

    Haha fuck you’re creeping me out Victor… I’ve been taking Modafinil as of last month… it’s good… too good.

  3. Russ says

    Very informative Vic, had some experience myself, nothing ever worked for me at the time. I’m megadosing dopamine right now, which is highly effective, unfortunately I can’t stop thinking and only sleep 4 hours a night. Possibly antagonizing serotonin. Will try the Modafinil suggested in a few weeks and come off the dopamine gradually. Interestingly my Grandfathers both died from conditions related to low dopamine (Parkinsons, Alcoholism, Motor issues). I strongly suspect it’s related to the high prevalence of Neanderthal genes (highly correlated to intelligence) among Northern Europeans and a greater need for a meat/milk diet instead of the grain and soy oil crap people eat now. In fact, I will boldly state that diet explains a big chunk of our current mess. There’s a lot of info out there about different enzyme activities in certain people. Worth looking into.

    I highly recommend any man fixes his diet first to increase his baseline energy and concentration, then use this hack for when you need it.

      • Sigurdur says

        Yep, being a vegan, but being a ovo vegan is the way to go. That means eating eggs and being otherwise vegetarian. Because what caused the outbreak of the mind in europeans is simply more protein in their diets. If you read Osho, he suggested this to his disciples in India, and he wanted them to eat eggs with vegetarian diets to become more inventive and intelligent. But many did not follow it because of the belief that they were eating fetuses, but he says that is simply not true, there is no alive anything in eggs, none. Eggs are just protein. Milk is also bad for thinking, the curd in milk is very bad for the brain and can also fuck up your stomach and the acid also makes you get more mucus in your throat and eyes if you get a cold or have hay fever or allergies. Interestingly enough when Japanese people are asked to point to their brain most people point to the stomach area. Eating meat is also bad, mostly because it can start rotting in your intestines because it takes longer to clear out. While it takes 1 day for vegetarian food meat can take 3-5 days. For animal protein, stay with eggs. For vegetarian protein; hemp seeds or quinoa. Have you tried korean ginseng for increased focus?

  4. says

    I watched this movie just a few days ago. One thing I always come away thinking is how I like their take on accessing the whole brain. Seems more… real to me. Another thing I always come away thinking is NZT would be one drug I’m not opposed to taking. Once I have a disposable income, I’ll have to check out this stuff too. Will probably be one of very few man-made drugs I ever take.

    • Victor Pride says


      I am not big on taking drugs either, but this is one that I just had to get ahold of.

      • says

        Did some further reading, apparently those side effects were only seen on individuals who took extremely high doses daily for 1-3 weeks for testing purposes. And no deaths have ever been recorded from using it alone, and I haven’t seen any mention of anyone getting addicted. I really want some disposable income now!

        • Anonymous says

          It isn’t addictive. But, as someone who has taken it daily for a year and recently had to go two weeks without, you will find your life shitty without it. You expect to be able to only sleep 5 hours and function at the level you did on Modafinil, because that becomes your new normal. Folks around you expect that to….and so you have to go back to Modafinil to get that level you were at before.

          Modafinil isn’t addictive. But the increased performance level is. As for disposable income, pretend it’s a cup of Starbucks coffee a day, suddenly it’s not so expensive.

  5. says

    Several of the world’s most renowned writers used their versions of smart drugs, typically lots of coffee, booze, and drugs. For some, these substances allowed them to loose any inhibitions and write freely and creatively.

    • Victor Pride says


      I’ll take that a step further: most artists are using some sorts of drugs to create their works.

      • Anish says

        Absolutely! Bob Marley wouldn’t have been Bob Marley without his hemp.

        Great stuff btw! Didn’t know about this Modafinil drug and I’m pretty damn intrigued by it. Going to give it a shot soon.


  6. Carl says

    Hey Vic, been reading the articles on your blog. Some good stuff. What i find a little ironic though is that you call your ebook about exercise and diet Body of Spartan. You seem to endorse a high fat protein rich diet low in carbs. But, the Spartans ate starch-based diets, with barley being a rich source of calories.

    • Victor Pride says


      Yes, in a likelihood the Spartans were tubby. But the image we have of them today is lean and mean.

      • Anonymous says

        Hi Victor,
        Are there any Nootropics you recommend for social purposes? Stuff like alcohol (I’m pretty sure alcohol isn’t a nootropics, but it’s just an example).

        • Victor Pride says

          The only nootropic I use is modafinil (well, and coffee). It most certainly will not make you more social. Try alcohol, it certainly seems to help.

      • Carl says

        From what i have read about Ancient Greek culture and the Spartans, they were lean and muscular, which is why we depict them that way today. Egyptians, on the other, were often tubby.

        • says

          It really depends on the time period, but in their hay day, the Spartans had a pretty good diet. Fresh meat from the hunt, grain from the slaves, stuff like that. They essentially had a rougher version (that’s why we use the term “spartan”) version of the Greek diet, which seemed to contain lots of carbs (from their breads, which they really liked) and fats (from cheese and olive oil, which they really liked).

          • says

            Fuck yes, Pride! This is why I read your shit. Gonna look into this stuff pronto. Body of a Spartan was well done btw. Kudos.

          • Pat says

            I have celiac disease , & my cognitive issues were extreme, so bad the neurologist suspected MS . Fortunately no, it is an underlying condition though . I had to go to balance therapy , speech & geez I don’t remember, something else . Anyway , I was diagnosed is 40’s & today I’m 53 . Don’t eat wheat , barley , rye , oats .., kills

  7. John Doe says

    When I was a kid in school I used to think that the kids who got good grades seemed smarter than myself, eventually I accepted the fact that maybe I wasnt as sharp as other students. Then as I got older and into the real word my perception of all that changed, They were never smarter than I was, they were just working harder

    • Victor Pride says

      Doe, I was the opposite. I knew I was smarter than all the kids who got good grades and I knew that they tried harder. Proof that anyone with a base level of intelligence can do anything they put their mind to.

      • ALI says

        Well said, I agree with that totally! I’m a firm believer that intelligence to a degree has a lot to do with confidence & it being instilled at a early age.

  8. says

    Hey Victor be careful of shopping for drugs overseas. I’m glad it worked and with no side-effects, but the majority of such drugs are counterfeit and of questionable quality.

    • sfer says

      Drugs are cheap in India. Companies can make decent money shipping these drugs to the US with a big markup. Don’t think that these drugs are fake/ineffective. Why would they risk alienating potential repeat customers?

      • Victor Pride says

        Yes, this. Modafinil is sold OTC in India. What’s the point of faking it when it’s so cheap? I spoke with an Indian American fella who works for one of the pharm companies over there, he told me bluntly that his COMPETITION was NOT selling fakes. He said it like it would be a silly thing to assume they were selling fakes. Hey, maybe they do sell fakes but I see no motive.

        • lex says

          so what online site did you use to place the order? im very interested. focusing is important in my job field and i have trouble in that department.

        • Roy says

          i think they create the fakes to keep the drug protected. Its strange to believe but sometime people don’t like it when other people are better than them at anything and they therefore try to eliminate that person by avoiding or becoming even better. Creating the fakes can the keep the value of the drug, its not expensive and therefore its not valued enough and some stupid people take it just for fun thing its the same as meth or something, its silly really. Another theory is that the person you to buy the drug from, may think you are not eligible for it, it can be your appearance, your state of being, and how healthy you and give you the fake by telling you its real for your own good..

  9. Mr.A says

    Took my 1st today at lunch. 8pm now, man this is awesome. People are checking my eyes out as if they think im on some gear im that zoned in. Thanks for another benefit mate, just when i think you couldn’t have too much more info BAM they just come at the right time. There is something you may like also that gives a charge & focus similar but different to Caffeine, Yerba Mate. Taken the traditional way with the Bombilla & Gourd. Che Guevara was said to always have this in 1 hand drinking this and a book in the other in his time. Jase

    • Victor Pride says


      It’s pretty amazing. I will work for 8 or 10 hours straight on one thing, not eating, just complete focus and concentration.


    Hey Vic,

    You gotta nice site. I’m looking forward to diving in.

    Quick question for you and anyone else, i’ve heard some not so good reviews regarding the online pharmacy you’ve linked to. I’ve take your suggestion and googled “buy Modafinil” but there’s so many it’s hard to discern which ones are legit.

    Do you or anyone else have any recommendations for other suppliers?

    Thanks for your time.


    • Victor Pride says


      I am not too worried about getting fake modafinil. It’s cheap enough to manufacture that there is no need to fake it. I’m not saying there are no fakes, I’m just saying I’m not worried about it.

      • KIKO DAIKENSHO says

        Thanks Vic I appreciate the response.

        Another quick question when you have time. Now that you’ve been taking it a few weeks now, do you see any fluctuations plus or minus in your creativity?

        I’ve been reading a number of reports that after about the third week of moderate use, it dampens their ability to think more broadly. This mode of thinking as I’m sure you know allows your brain to make connections that were not so obvious and birth new ideas. The Laser guided focus the drug enhances, has been reported to stunt their ability to take a step back a think “big picture” thus the well of ideas seem to dry up.

        “fast and flat” as I’ve seen it termed.

        Much of this is anecdotal at best but I was hoping you could share some updates into your experiences so far, in particular the affect on your creative juices.

        Thanks again for your time.


          • Nova Ursamano says

            G’day Victor. Found this site after watching Limitless yesterday. Haven’t been able to stop thinking of that pill since. A Google Search is what led me to this blog.

            You said you’d post an update in a few weeks/when you exhaust your supply. With that update, would you mind explaining why exactly (you think) Modafinil is the closet incarnation of NZT-48?

            You said this pill not only made you alert and shite, but it made you a fitness monster. I’m joining the Corps soon, so this also interests me.

            Conclusion: If a pill out there is close enough to NZT-48, I have to own it. Feel free to send me an e-mail if you wanna talk further, if not, I’ll stand-by for the update (though I’d rather not wait).

            Be Easy,
            – Nova

          • Victor Pride says

            Welcome Nova. Yes, I will be explaining all the nice effects. That post will probably be 2 weeks away but right now I will just say that I love the stuff. Intense focus is the best description I can give.

  11. Kurt says

    Hey Victor, do you actually get this shipped directly to your house? What about this being a schedule IV controled substance? Ever had any legal problems with this?

  12. Erik says

    Thank you victor, for you site with its amazing knowledge.
    I have ADHD (So they say) it can be hard to focus if i don’t have a morning ritual. Caffeine, lifting weights running, being jacked are all part of my day. I am very interested in this modafinal. Anything that increases focus and intensity is invaluable. I cannot wait for my order to come!

  13. says

    Hi, I saw the movie 2 day ago , haven’t been able to stop thinking of that pill since. A Google Search is what led me to this blog. I want to have it, but I have some problems. I am from Serbia , and I have no idea how can get those pills. Can anybody help me, please?

  14. Thomas says

    Hi Victor, I’m about to order Modafinil(Spier) from the link on this blog. I’ve never trusted websites to buy drugs or other medical stuff. I’m wondering if it’s really safe. On a note, i’m from Belgium.

    Thx in advance

  15. Lincoln Barth says

    This is very intriguing indeed. I am 16 years old and will be taking the SATs in a few months for the first time. I have the intelligence to score very highly on the SATs, but lack true focus. I’m aiming for a 2000 or higher and I believe this drug can get me the scores I desire. Only problem is that im 16, and my parents definitely aren’t going to order me drugs from a foreign country. Any suggestions on how I can acquire Modafinal?

    • Will says

      At the age of 16 your brain is still in the developmental stage. May not be the best idea for someone your age to fool with nootropic drugs. Not telling you what to do just saying…maybe a little more research on your part may be in order before you jump on the bandwagon.

  16. says

    Theres bad feed back on – Modafinil
    Ive read through a forum about the real drug of the movie Limitless (I know there is many).
    2 people that Modafinil, dont think its like the movie, but to before that was over a year after you created your post on Modafinil
    Some nob said delta9-THC. Dont bother look it up its BS.

    NZT-48 – Forget the substitutes, there selling it on ebay today.

  17. Jess says

    So I’m about to purchase some pills from the link you shared, and I wonder the more expensive the better? If they’re the same then why the prices are different. Thank you so much for sharing btw! :)

  18. Jess says

    i just order 100 pills from the one of the link and they required to send the check/money to the following add which is:
    Seyalis Corp
    Suite #854
    14781 Memorial Drive
    Houston, TX 77079 USA

    i mean isn’t it tricky doing it this way instead of online payment? or you did this as well?

  19. Sahin says

    Today i took my first Modalert 200mg(5 pill).. but really speaking the effect was very little.Actually I am fucking my mind since many years.I am using excess of marijuana, DMT like substances frequently..not pretty sure if that was the reason the effect was not experienced or the medicine i got was a fake!!!!! need some expert advice.

    • Will says

      Not a pro, but using drugs like mj and dmt, although fun and interesting isn’t going to do your brain any favors and certainly isn’t going to make you smarter and more focused.but, you don’t exactly need to be a pro to riddle that one out.

  20. Afonso says

    Mate, I don’t take any smart drugs… but I’m pretty sure that it would be a “placebo effect”, not a “placebo affect”.
    And english is not even my native language, mind you…

  21. says

    When I was still working in the corporate world, I met a fellow contractor who was into nootropics. The guy had an awesome memory which he largely credited to those smart drugs. It inspired me to try them, and they worked. Problem was they messed with my sleep so badly that I had to give them up.

    If I was still in the working world I might give Modafinil a try though.

    BTW Limitless is one of my favorite films.

    • sht3lla says

      Hi guys, i just started to resarch over Modafinil.You didn’t answer this guy from Serbia.I am from Bosnia and I have the same question.How can we get Modafinil,.which sites for ordering do you recomend, Thank you

  22. says

    I have a 14 years old boy I am so frastrated, he is a slow leaner and his is doing grade 5, is there anything you can help with. I am in South Africa and where can I get modafinil or Nootropic ?

  23. John says

    “No patience for stupid people. None. Whereas before I could mildly tolerate stupid and/or weak people, on Modafinil I cannot tolerate any stupidity and I have zero patience for it. Modafinil has intensified my already high disdain for stupidity.”

    This is kind of ironic, given part of your description of the scene from Limitless:
    “This peaks the writers interest and curiosity.”

    You should have written “piques”. “Peak” and “Piques” are two different words with two different definitions. I guess Modafinil can’t improve a person’s grammar or spelling.

    • Victor Pride says

      Thankfully I don’t need to worry much about typos because I always seem to have an army of ankle biters who like to play the snarky editor game.

      • Chris says

        I have been reading your blog for a while now but haven’t commented yet. Just had to here… Your reply made me laugh till tears rolled from the side of my eyes. There are a lot of “John’s” in the (online) world or as you so eloquently coined them “an army of ankle biters who like to play the snarky editor game”…lol…

    • Will says

      They sell a product for people with your particular problem sir. Here in the states it goes buy the name brand Ex lax.

  24. C says

    Hi Victor,

    I was hoping if you could answer some questions when you got time.

    In the movie, the drug dealer says to the writer: “It works better if you are already smart”. Does Modafinl works that way as well?

    Also I would like to tell you, I’m studying actuarial science, I have a good diet and I go swimming 3 times a week and to the gym 2 times a week. But, eventhough they said that a good diet and excercise helps your mind focus, I still find it very hard, specially when I try to do my math homework after 5 hours of continuous math class. Do you think Modafinil can help me? How much would it be right to take? Should I talk to a Doctor before I take it?

    Thank you very much.


    • Victor Pride says

      Yeah, same same. It won’t make a stupid person smart but it will help you focus intensely. I think it can help you BUT I’M NOT A DOCTOR! Whatever you do don’t take it at night, you’ll never sleep. They come in 200mg pills, I cut mine in half with a knife and just take 100mg when I want to kick some ass.

  25. Sam says

    Hi Victor, I want to try modafinil after reading this. But its been a year since you wrote this. Did you keep on taking the drug and did the effects stop after a few months?

      • Sam says

        Actually, I meant the effects of the drug on being motivated and concentrated.. Did it lessen in power over the months of dosage?

        • Victor Pride says

          Ah, I see. No, it never stopped. I actually started cutting pills in half and using 1/2 per day. I’ve been out for months, haven’t bothered ordering more because I haven been trying different things but I haven’t found anything that works as well.

  26. nbwriter says

    Dear Contributors,

    Thanks to Vic for sharing his experiences. I find myself agreeing that “Limitless” poses an intriguing premise… Although I think on balance, the story flawed. From my perspective, its a tale examining addiction, one of the most powerful forces at work in our lives today. The film implies Eddie conquers his addiction, but I think in the real world its less cut and dried…

    Personally, I’m in concord with Russ (an earlier contributor). An appropriate diet that releases energy through the day will stimulate synaptic activity, focus and concentration. The special forces eat oats, honey and bananas for breakfast, for example.

    I’ll leave with you with this thought: When Eddie gets super smart, he borrows from a violent gangster and decides to invest in the stock market. But if clever people ran the Stock Market, it wouldn’t crash, right?

    • nbwriter says

      Dear Contributors,

      I’ve attempted to discover what’s in modifinil … I did study brain chemistry for a year (motivated due to the loss of family members suffering dementia). It proved to be a fascinating research project. But I’m no professional… I think I need help and would appreciate any feedback. Here’s what I’ve discovered so far:

      Modifinil is a compound – benzhydryl sulfinyl acetamide – discovered in the 1970s and initially offered as an experimental treatment for narcolepsy. Narcolepsy itself is a serious neurological disorder disrupting sufferers’ sleep patterns. Benzhydryl appears to be a compound based on benzene, a well known organic compound based on… would you believe it… crude oil. Benzene itself is toxic and known to promote various cancers in humans (Source: Wiki 2013).

      But then I start to get lost in the Biochemical Jungle… benzhdryl sulfinyl is described on Wiki only once as a “carboaromatic” compound. But I don’t know what this means. The final “acetamide” is less elusive…. Acetamide is compound based on acetic acid, more commonly known as white vinegar.

      So there were we have it, modifinil is derived from crude oil and white vinegar… With an elusive carboaromatic compound “sulfinyl” thrown into the mix. If anyone … particularly biochemistry majors I guess… can shed more light on what sulfinyl really is, I’d be pleased to hear from you.

  27. Jagger says

    I have tried modifinil (provigil) and have watched the movie. This article is dead on. I can friggin kick ass on anything with provigil. I also have tried just about every other drug out there and nothing compares as this doesn’t numb you or “trip you out” it just gives you complete, utter focus. If I had some now I would be writing a 500 page novel comment and you all would think I was a columnist for the New York Times! Really though it does kick ass!
    P.s. no side effects for me other than as commented, no tolerance for stupid people ( although I have none anyways) also just wanting more.

  28. code says

    Just got my package yesterday after about a 3 week wait, fries one out today and the amount of focus I got was unreal. Modafinil is truly the real deal.

  29. BuenaVista says

    Tried modafinil based on VP’s recommendation. Purchased my first batch from the Houston outfit he recommended. I’ve already purchased more from two other online pharmacies I’m trying (which take plastic, as I found the requirement to send a check to vendor #1 unsettling). I have found it as low as $3.10/Qty 120.

    My results track others’ comments: the second half of my day is much more productive than ever. No shakes, weird head-spacing, no negative physical side effects. Appetite does seem to be suppressed a bit during the day; hard to say. All I really have most days is coffee with whole milk, until I’ve been up 12 hours or so.

    Also, I drove the 1180 miles between my two homes straight through (19 hours) without struggling through the last 300 miles, as I usually do. This would correlate to its use in long-duration Air Force missions.

    I’m usually awake between 3-5 a.m. and I take 200 mg at that time, with my coffee. I’m functional until 10 or 11 p.m. if I need to be, when previously I would hit the wall after my first 12 hours of work. I fall asleep normally. I did have one night when I did not sleep — but I have periodic insomnia anyway and cannot say it has been affected by the Modafinil. If anything I’ve been sleeping better with fewer interruptions (i.e., I can bank 5 hours without waking, since taking the Modafinil).

  30. Gracie says

    So, I’m about to graduate college and am thinking about going into PR. Do you think this will also help me as far as interviews or speaking also?

  31. ozzy says

    hi Vic, i need some suggestions ,so i got the pill yesterday , i ate around 10:30am and i took my first pill around 11:00 i took half then i took the other half around 12:30pm bc i didn’t really feel anything with half.. then it did give me some energy and i did get alot of little stuff done (i was expecting alot better) , then about 6 i got some time to eat so i went to mc donalds n ate 1 full meal, then about 7pm i took a super pump (pre work out ) after that it all started
    i felt like im on ecstasy, molly or some kind of drugs , i didn’t feel good and i was tripping , then i threw up the whole mc donalds and super pump, after that i went to gym i was very pumped but i wasnt feeling normal i didnt wanted to talk to anybody and i was tripping the whole time and i was mad/stressed most of the time , so worked out drunk alot of water and sweat then i started the feel better by 11pm .. so im def. not taking pre workout while im this pills , but what im scared about is i threw up the preworked yesturday .. well anyways sorry about my English i kind of write it like im talking face to face and now on modafinil so i guess its not helping me write better ,lol

    please i need some suggestions about what should i do to make this pill work better, like drink alot of water? or music or no music , eat little meals ? btw im trying to gain muscle and get leaner, so i do wana drink some protein shake in between or eat smtg before heading the gym around 6-8 , btw i love site and i hope with ur help i ll be very successful this year thnx

    • says

      a) Have your protein shake AFTER you workout.

      b) WTF are you doing eating McDonalds? Try eating real food.

      c) Sounds like you might want to take just half the pill and skip any other stims that day.

  32. Artemis Rider says

    I’m 14 and really want to order Modafinil. I can do it easily online but scared of any long lasting affects. I am willing to take the risk though. Could you tell me of any you know of or what you think about my predicament?

    • Victor Pride says

      What do you think I think? I have some noopept collecting dust in my desk drawer, it is a joke compared to modafinil.

  33. Jake says

    I hadn’t heard of Modafinil until I read this post and I’ve done tons of research. I’m looking to test it out myself, but the one thing that’s limiting me is my age. Do you think it’s okay for a teenager (18) to take or should I wait till my brain is fully developed?

  34. Joe says

    I like to have it really I wonna arrears in college and wer can I get modafinil and it really help me.?

  35. Icarus says

    I took it for 12 days at a stretch. I really liked it, I finally found something that actually work on cognizance. But I stopped taking it only on one issue. I had anxieties for my failure over job issue but it was in controlled state. After taking modalert 200mg for five days that anxiety started to develop, I found myself drowning in those thoughts of failure day by day… what I missed, what I failed to do in my life. I felt that modafinil actually accelerated my thoughts over everything. I just couldn’t bear to continue and finally stopped taking it.


  36. synner90 says

    25 cents a pop. Any one can try it. The only issue is that in a world of brainiacs, some of us will always need an upper hand.

  37. MidgetLoser says

    I am a shit. I can’t do good even while on a drug. I need something to concentrate. I am wide awake on modafinil but it doesn’t improve my focus. I keep getting distracted. Sadly No loss of appetite for me!! I keep eating as usual. It is my second day on this tab ,100mg on both days . yesterday I spent 23 Hours awake 4 Hours sleep. (couldn’t even maintain a 24 hr cycle). Today it is 18Hrs and my eyes are still wide open. I am such a loser. I can’t even implement properly a simple drug.
    The only good thing this has done is I am not suicidal anymore, not even depressed. Though I am feeling very bad about myself right now, yet I am not depressed. I am only frustrated, why can’t a simple drug , working on so many people, work on me?? (the focus and productivity part, not the being wide awake part). One other good thing is these two days have been the two days since many months when I did not sleep for 14+ hours. But it doesn’t mean shit if all I do is get distracted and hyper.
    Victor. Can I take this shit 100mg daily ? Does the effect wears off with tolerance developing in body ? ? ? In how much time (days/months) will my scumbag body develop tolerance against it? and what should be my cycle period? I feel like shit for asking such naive questions.
    PS: I hope my comment makes it in the forum this time.

  38. Loser says

    it is day 3 now. Yesternight I had 8 hrs of sleep. Took modafinil after waking up. Took a stroll outside in sun, surfed intent. Went back to bed after 1 hour. Slept another 4 hour ,while on the drug ! I am awake now, but will go to back again soon. The old self is back again. The two days of wakefulness (day 1 and day 2) were only placebo. The good feelings of hopefulness that a drug could help me are gone. I am back to suicidal self of me.

    • Loser says

      The drug is total BS. it’s 7th or 8th day… I still sleep hours and hours. I don’t get tonnes of work done, in fact I get just 2-2.5 hours of works done only. That’s doing part-time job and that’s maximum work I can put on my body and that’s how I earn my living. I had somehow hoped this drug would actually do something. Doctor’s medicine don’t work on me, and neither do these medicines that I find online hum-bug bah. I would goto gym…but it makes me even more sleepy…besides these days i can’t afford it. Someone , suggest me some website or something else ,to how I can die without having to create all the drama….i.e die in peace and isolation…I don’t have access to any cyanide like thing….can somebody suggest me something???

  39. Loser says

    @victor: If you can post something that could put some life in me, I will pay you 200$ or more. (it would help a lot of other people also, I guess)

    • Victor Pride says

      Nothing can help a loser and you are one of the biggest losers posting comments here. (Note: I did NOT change the user name to Loser). First and foremost you don’t need any drug, you need to focus on not being a loser anymore. You need to think positively. If you can’t do that then you can be a loser.

          • says

            First and foremost apparently you need to see a psychotherapist. Then you need to change your diet and include supplements like amino acids and magnesium. Finally, look for a good acupuncturist in your town. Chinese medicine can work wonders on depression and anxiety. But nothing will work without the talk therapy included.

          • says

            I’m really glad Vic left this thread up. a Man doesn’t beg for help and Man certainly doesn’t offer $200 (which he probably doesn’t have) for someone else to inject some life into them.
            A Man takes control of his own life and builds it into the life he wants.

  40. Nouieau says

    Yeah so I just saw the movie. I know I’m late but the film was great. Im not into drugs because like in the movie, (ultimate) dependency is never an advantage. I really thought at several points in the film that the main character should have quit while he was ahead….but I’ll check this stuff out.

  41. Ella says

    Meh, it’s OK. My sister is narcoleptic; she is prescribed Modafinil on a repeat basis, and takes usually 2 (but sometimes up to 4) a day.
    I have a long commute to and from work, so, because she always has spares left at the end of the month, she gives me a few each month in case I feel tired in the afternoon, otherwise I’m liable to almost fall asleep while I’m driving home.
    It works; I stay awake, I don’t get sleepy. It makes me feel a little sharper – more alert – and it’s a great appetite suppressant… but that’s all. I’m a writer in my spare time, and I have to say I have never, ever felt as though my creativity was being spiked, or my focus was especially great. You’re not tired, so from that point of view, of course you can get things done. And it doesn’t make you jittery or give you palpitations like caffeine.
    But it’s an expensive drug, and I just wanted to offer another viewpoint before you all went out and bought some from some dodgy internet place. It’s OK, it’s a good drug… but it’s not a magic drug.

  42. Brain John says

    There is one drug better than modafinil it’s IIV-2 stands for Intense Intellectual Vigilance and 2 for double meaning: Doubled Intense Intellectual Vigilance, i got it from one of my collegues who has an uncle that works on a nootropics lab. once it takes effect it lasts for 12 hours and gives you amazing memory amazing motor skills amazing and fast learning time amazing motivation and you don’t get tired at all while you are on it, there is few other effects such as panoramic vision, amazing hearing, tasting and feeling skills. he sold one pill to me for 200$ expensive i know but it was fucking worth it i never felt more briliant in my entire life after i took it.

  43. mind seeker says

    After watching this movie, I started searching hardcore for something to enhance my cognitive function.

    Properly engineered brainwave entrainment made the biggest difference for me. This product WorkSharp:

    Plus a bio active form of b vitamins (by Thorne Research) and two strong cups of green tea per day. But definitely WorkSharp and the main track “Neural Advantage” in isochronic format.

  44. Seth says

    Regardless of whether or not this works I would like everyone to know that the whole “we only use 10% of our brains” is an absolute and complete myth. It is completely false and has no basis in reality. Look it up.
    That’s not to say the drug in question doesn’t work. Its just that too often people come to a conclusion using too many assumptions (such as: “we only use X% of our brains because i read it somewhere, so this drug must make me access all 100% etc etc) along the way.

  45. Terry says

    Victor, My wife found your site and forwarded to me. I have been taking Provigil for several years since being diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I drive cross country often for work and need to drive through the night regularly. I have only taken this drug for that purpose and it works great. I can’t say I can drive 1000 miles with out stopping but the term power nap has a new meaning. I take my dose 100mg at a time about 6 hours apart. If i get tired a 20 or 30 minute nap and I can drive or work more intensely for another 8 hours. And when I hit the pillow I can fall asleep in minutes. Really only need 2 or 3 hours of sleep and ready to rock again. when I do start to feel a fade, I just boost it with a strong cup of coffee and get the kick start needed for several more hours. I do get quite a bit of teeth gritting and not really sociable when using. A couple of beers knocks the edge off and I do seem to have a bit higher alcohol tolerance. Anyway, great conversation article

  46. Indian Sucker says

    Since the day I read this article, I had been wanting to get my hands on this pill. It was about 6-7 months ago. Since then, I had been looking for the best way to get it. I read all the articles about modafinil on your blog and researched at various places on the net. I read many experiences on the drug and finally decided I am going to get my hands on it asap. At first I was concerned about the cost so started looking for the cheapest source that ships to India (I am in India). But then I learned that this fucking drug is manufactured basically in India only, lol.

    Then I was concerned about whether the pill is available on common chemist shops or not and also about getting the prescription or how to convince the chemist. I thought my dad would know some chemist and he can get it for me, but I didn’t want to him about it.

    Somehow I did convince him and he went to a chemist he knew (just 1KM) from my home and got 4 100mg pills for 33 Indian rupees (lol, that’s 0.54 USD). I won’t go into the experience.

    By the way, Vic, I love your blog and bought both of your books and they are just great. Keep writing!

    • latinosbabe says

      Hye, vic. I’ m from Malaysia. I’ve been watching limitless more than ten times, i guess. Why? Damn, this movie really attracts me. Oh, yeah… i’m taking meth once a while. Can say like twice or once a month. Ghee..i hate the side effects sometimes though it makes my husband wow at me when we having sex.well, taking meth is making u a sex-goddess. But im not taking it for sex alone, coz im running my own biz n it is useful when i’m on project proposal. Since i discover about nzt, i just wanna make sure that there wont be any side effects as shown in the movie. I dont wanna die yet, though. Haha.. anyway,i want it, vic. But i never trust online shopping especially when it is abroad. Gimme some ideas, vic. Thx

    • T Webster says

      You can get this in the US via doctor for different reasons. I have no insurance but get it from the pharm company free and have for few years. I started taking provigil when I had insurance, in 2004(?) then , stopped when my employer stopped offering medical coverage. After a few years I was older, weaker, another baby bigger, and had the metabolism of a sloth .
      So my doc, whom only writes what’s is safe and watches my blood test very regular, wrote the script, which is now nuvigil, and I enjoy a better quality of life.
      I am still an over weight working mother, but do not feel I could keep up my job, full time, without mommies little helper.
      I sleep at night, if I take it early enough, I wake alert. I can multi task. My body maybe in one place, but my mind is working on the next task.
      I have ran out before, went a week without and felt like I had the old Hollywood flu for few days.
      Turns out, I did have a respiratory infection, so, maybe not the Hollywood flu.
      It is not like the movie but it is a great mind enhancer . Plus, for extreme sleepiness, it is what it is.

  47. david says

    What do you think about marijuana, is it a drug or not? I think almost all side efects would be erased with marijuana. I am curios about your view on it.

  48. James boysuk says

    In the movie “Limitless” the brother in law said while sitting near the bar was,”We use 20% of our brain and that the pill allows you to use 20% at once”……… And we all know that we use only 10% of our brain…..

    Just for thought…

    • Dustin Jackson says

      Actually, the whole “we only use 10% of our brain” thing is a myth. I would advise you to look it up. Every area of our brain is used at some point or another, but we can actually strengthen our brains. Every memory, experience, problem, etc activates different parts of our brain. However, some areas of the brain can be weakened by drugs, alcohol, and trauma. ADHD patients actually have less activity in the frontal lobe regions of the brain, and the use of cannibis can actually damage the neurons which retain information. Have you ever wondered why potheads seem so empty-headed? Google brain SPEKT imaging.

  49. Jim says

    Hi Vic!
    Great article and fantastic website.
    I was involved in a car crash almost ten years ago in which i suffered a massive brain injury, broken neck, and also a bit of death….

    Since then my memory function has been extremely poor and suffer occasionally from anxiety.
    Also adding to the problem- my weight has been up and down for the last few years, and now i am a shadow of my former self. (when i crashed, i was huge -273lbs @8% bodyfat- one of the reasons i am still here) and now i need to get myself back to being jacked again.

    I remember watching limitless and thinking ‘ that pill would solve all my problems’
    thankfully i recently came across your site, I have ordered some Modanifil and will be starting on the steak and eggs diet very soon.

    Thanks for the inspiration, i will post back with my results soon.

  50. Dustin Jackson says

    Interesting. I’ve never seen the film, but this Modafinil seems like it should be prescribed to people with ADHD. I’m definitely interested enough to try it, but what are the legalities of it?

  51. Ben says


    I am very interested in Modafinil. But I am in high school and was wondering if I took it now, at 17, would it negatively affect me?

  52. says

    Very intriguing Victor. Sent you a contact, but, I had another question after sending. I work a tad in neuroscience producing things that alter brainwaves. Some of them do have effect on mental focus. I wonder if taking this in addition to using brainwave altering science, such as my Brainwave Booster, will have increased or diminished effect. Does this change the brain’s electrochemical responses to stimuli?

  53. James Mark II says

    I just ordered a 6 week supply for $148, looking forward to killing it in the gym once again and firing on all cylinders.

    On another note, does this affect sex life positively or negatively or no change at all?

  54. Mike says

    Argh! It’s basically illegal without a prescription in all of EU! Can’t even ship it ‘Discreetly’.
    I’ve been curious about this for 2 years.

  55. Bence says

    Hey Victor,I’ve been following you for quite a while and I want to tell you that you are truly a man I look up to,first of all.I don’t want to sound cheesy but your posts keep me motivated to chase and get after my goals and desires.
    I would deeply appreciate if you could share your opinion on stimulants more thorougly.I used to be an avid coffee drinker ithe past however I’ve been caffeine free in the past 4 weeksThis is actually an experiment and what I have found is that if I drink coffee it makes me jittery and I shit you not,one day when I drank coffee about a week ago, I had a panic attack and thought I was gonna die so I had to call the ambulance.
    Also,coffee makes me feel ravenously hungry after my workouts even if I drink it black(and I do IF 16/8,every day).
    What I have experienced is that not consuming coffee or raw cocoa and heading in my workouts fasted absolutely kills my appetite.It seems that I do not handle caffeine very well.
    What actually works for me is ginkgo biloba,I love it.I personally call it a natural modafinil because it improves my concentration both during workouts and during studying.
    I also bought kratom here in my home country,Hungary,but all I experienced was stomach ache.Maybe it was poor quality,I’m not sure.
    Bottom line is that I believe that coffee,raw cocoa and other herbal stimulants(such as ginkgo,or panax ginseng) are just tools in toolbox and one should rely on their willpower to get shit done.Thats just my two cents,Vic.

    • Victor Pride says

      “Bottom line is that I believe that coffee,raw cocoa and other herbal stimulants(such as ginkgo,or panax ginseng) are just tools in toolbox and one should rely on their willpower to get shit done.”

      You said it all right here. I don’t need to expand on anything else. Use what works for you and move on.


  1. […] “I took my first dosage of 200 mg in the morning, around 8 am. I didn’t feel smarter, but I soon felt a sort of focus that is hard to describe. I did not get any work done but I become obsessed with finding watches on Ebay. Later that evening I went to the gym to have my workout. The workout that evening was one of the most intense, most focused gym experiences I have ever had. The weight was flying up, the rest periods were nil. The focus was absolutely insane, I may as well have been the only person in the gym, or whole world. It wasn’t a workout, it was a mission”. Victor Pride […]