The Only Piece of Advice You Will Ever Need to Pick Up and Attract Women and Keep Them Vying For Your Love, Attention and Affection

Warning: This post is rude, crude and lewd. Reader discretion is advised. 

Friends, if you’re having trouble with women I have the answer for you.

If you’re reading online about how to pick up and keep women I have the answer for you.

If you’ve been getting the run around from Sally-Jane down the street I have the answer for you.

If you haven’t been laid in a year I have the answer for you.

If you’re girlfriend is withholding sex I have the answer for you.

If you have a hard time keeping women around I have the answer for you.

It’s not going to be the answer you think it is and it isn’t pretty.

How to pick up and attract women is on sale by charlatans all over the internet but I’m going to give it to you for free.

It’s got nothing to do with being a better man, it’s got nothing to do with getting in the gym and building muscles, and it’s got nothing to do with pick-up artist or ‘game’ baloney.

There is 1 rule above all others that must be followed if you wish to have undying affection, attention and love from women.

Now, before I give you the holy grail I want you to do something for me. I want you to be completely honest with yourself about what you want in a woman. It will make this process a whole lot easier.

A lot of guys have been bamboozled by TV and magazines and schooling and a whole bunch of other nonsense. Some guys actually believe they want a “strong, independent” sassy woman. Rather, they want you to believe that’s what they want. They’re scared that if they admit the truth then women will no longer like them.

The truth is that men love women who are demure, feminine, and polite. Women have it twisted, they think that being a nasty bitch is the same thing as being honest and true.

The unfortunate thing is that a lot of guys let women get away with this nasty behavior, in hopes of getting some sex.

These guys let women pretend to be strong and independent. Friend, those are male traits, those aren’t female traits and they never will be.

If you wanted “just one of the guys” you’d be a faggot, not a straight man. You want a girl. You want a girl who isn’t ashamed of being a girl. Men love femininity. We don’t like women who act like men. And the guys still pretending got to give this BS a rest.

Women want to make men happy. Once you realize that, you can forget about the nonsense of equality. The “fight for equality” is nothing more than a war between the sexes.

Now that you are honest with yourself it makes what I’m about to tell you that much easier to put into action. Once you stop believing in that baloney it’s going to turn you into a testosterone machine irresistible to women and girls.

Let me be clear about something: The rule I’m about to give you works for all women, from the sassy, independent sex and the city wannabe’s to the good ol’ country girls raised in the church to the girls from a 3rd world country to girls from outer space and beyond.

How to Attract Women

This is the only thing you ever have to do to a) Get women and b) Keep women. If you read online about how to pick-up women you’re always going to read about alpha males and beta males. An Alpha male is the top dog and beta males collect the scraps. Bunch of nincompoops will write pages and pages about “being Alpha” but none of them will ever boil it down to what it really means. Well, today I am going to tell you exactly what makes an Alpha Male. It ain’t: looks, money, social skills, leadership abilities, social status, height or anything else. These things matter but they aren’t #1.

This isn’t a nice piece of advice but it is the 100% unadulterated truth.

If you follow all other ways to become attractive to women but ignore this advice you will fail.

Here is the only piece of advice you will ever need to attract and keep women:


That’s it. It takes a selfish man to have a woman or women completely devoted to his happiness.

Alpha simply means ‘to be selfish’. And women love selfish men.

An Alpha is completely unafraid of being selfish.

Alpha literally means ‘first’. It’s a selfish ‘me-first’ attitude.

What does an alpha Lion do? He sits around while the women go out and hunt for him. When they bring the food back what does the alpha Lion do? He eats first. Pretty selfish, huh?

The Lion doesn’t tolerate others eating before him. The best food is his. The alpha Lion doesn’t let other, lesser males mate with his pride. The Lion doesn’t act in a fair and noble manner. The Alpha Lion doesn’t raise other Lion’s children. He’s selfish. And because he is selfish, the Lionesses do everything to make him happy.

Now, I know a lot of guys will say “man, that’s a real douchebag thing to say!” to which I only have one reply: I hope you enjoy jacking off.

Political incorrectness does not make something false.

Women line up for the selfish men. Women run as fast as they can from the guys who aren’t selfish.

It takes a delusional mind to think that women want a nice guy who brings them flowers and compliments their beauty and does everything to make them happy.

The man is the leader. That’s all there is to it. When the man is most concerned with her happiness, guess what she is most concerned about. That’s right, she is most concerned with her happiness.

When you are most concerned with your happiness guess what she is most concerned about. Right again, she is concerned about your happiness.

She takes her cues from you – never forget that.

A woman with an unselfish man, one who will do everything for her, is like a dog with a weak owner. The dog is unhappy because it has no boundaries or rules. The owner is unhappy because the dog acts like an asshole. When the dog has a firm owner and knows its boundaries it is a whole lot happier, and the owner is happy because he’s got himself a loving, obedient dog.

When a woman has herself a man who sets boundaries on her she is a whole lot happier.

Does this sound familiar?

What the heck does she see in him? He’s such a prick! She’s way too good for him! If she was with me I’d treat her like a princess!”

That’s exactly why she will never ever be with guys who say this nonsense. She doesn’t want to date a giant faggot. She wants to date a selfish alpha. She want to be with him and make him happy. She’s disgusted by the thought of someone wanting to treat her like a princess and groveling for her affection. A selfish alpha simply demands her affection. If she doesn’t give it there are a whole lot more women who will.

If your brain works properly then you have noticed that women who are completely, head over heels in love are never in love with a “super nice guy”. They’re in love with guys who are selfish.

If you treat women like women they’ll sit around in skimpy outfits feeding you grapes. If you treat women like men you’ll get nothing but an earful about how unfairly she is treated and how you need to respect her and then she’s gonna go out and get fucked by a selfish alpha who treats her like a woman. Do you get it yet?

So what do you have to do to get women?

You got to get rid of the nice guy act. Just do what you want to do, when you want to do it and don’t put up with bullshit.

Only be concerned with what you want.

Be completely, unapologetically selfish.

It’s your way or the highway.

Learn your new favorite word: “no”.

If she does something you don’t like then you be selfish and tell her.

Never, ever pretend that what she did is ok. Never pretend that she is an Angel who can do no wrong. If she’s acting like a bitch tell her to stop acting like a bitch. If she cooked food that doesn’t taste good then tell her it isn’t good. If she looks fat in that dress tell her she looks fat. Lying to protect her feelings only makes her delusional about what is and isn’t acceptable.

Never pretend that she is a man or “just one of the guys”. She’s a woman. When you treat her like a woman she’s gonna act like a woman.

Let me tell you something that most people are afraid to say: Women are chameleons. They will change themselves for a man. That’s a woman’s nature. It doesn’t make her a bad person. She wants to change into the woman you want her to be. Let her. Help her. You aren’t doing her any favors by encouraging bad behavior, but you are doing her a big favor when you act like a man who knows exactly what he wants – and gets it.

What would a selfish man do?

Would he take turns doing the dishes? No.

Would he accompany her to her co-workers wedding? No.

Would he grovel and beg for forgiveness for anything? No.

Would he massage her shoulders for an hour? No.

Would he feel bad about being such an asshole? No.

Would he put up with bitchy behavior? No.

Would he take her silly tests seriously? No.

Would he be ok with her seeing other guys? No.

Would he forgive her for betraying him? No.

Would he spend 3 months salary on a ring? No.

Would he put up with flaky behavior? No.

Would he take her out to a fancy dinner on the first date? No.

Would he say “please can you bring me a water sweetie“? No. He says “bring me a water“.

Is he scared that if he isn’t nice enough she will leave him for someone better? No.

Is he afraid to show her the door if she doesn’t act the way he wants? No.

Would he use her as a tool for his own happiness? Yes.

Would she love him with all of her heart and soul? You better believe it.

Would she stay with him if he turned into a super nice guy who put her happiness first? Sure. For a while. But she’d be getting sexed on the side by a selfish lover.

Guys – women were put on this earth to make selfish men happy. Not the other way around. You can be a liar and pretend it isn’t so, and drive her away in the process, or you can act like a man, a winner, and let her make you happy. She can become a part of your world or you can become part of her world. The choice is yours.

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  1. Robert H. says

    I agree with this article to a certain point. But when you become too much of a selfish prick, that girl is going to end up banging the guy who puts on the “I really give a damn about your feelings” act. I believe she will always revert back to you, but there will come a bump in the road when she will stray for the guy who acts like he cares.

    • Ola says

      I thought since I am a woman I would comment on the subject of what woman really want.It is true that woman want strong, independent man who is selfish but …in a good way.Selfishness comes from self worth and self love and only when we love and respect our selves we will be valued and loved by others. The most desired man is a provider, a leader in a relationship,a man who knows what he wants and he goes for it, he also knows what type of woman he wants and he will choose her himself (woman should never approach a man first). What we want is very simple, we want financial security and feeling of being looked after and safe. We might never admit that but we also want a man that we can look up to, a man that in a way we can admire. Once we are with that man we will naturally please him without even thinking that he is being selfish. After all giving and caring is in our genes.

      • Olattentionwhore says

        I AM A WOMAN AND I STATE THIS ON THE INTERNET BECAUSE IT WILL HELP ME EXPRESS MY OPINION. Lady, If you have an opinion, just say it. I will probably respect it more if I don’t know its coming from a woman.

        • Till says

          A forename like Robert and all the others here says “i’m a man”, so what?

          This article carves an important aspect of men/women relationship out. An, not the aspect … doubting there is such – in particular if you focus on special people with their own biography, not that general “i know all humans” stuff.

          Your comment, Ola-attention-whore, shows me again, that contempt and the will to reign is a hidden major force of this way of thinking, of pick up concepts, “how to get women” literature and so on. The dog and owner example just hits, propably unintended, the bull’s eye.

          Surely big and especially tiny fights for predominance can’t be cut out from love relationships after all. Surely a shot of ego-focusing makes women’s hearts beat higher and lubricate fluid flow faster. As distinct from “henceforth you live to serve her needs” the self-ish suffix may seem necessary, but at the end you overreach yourself, heading toward the sphere of bitter (and often clandestine) misogyny. Ironically you’re in assosation with people led by misandry, from abstentious (wannabe-)feminists to nymphomanic “men-are-dumb-creatures” cynists.

          I think it’s simply the (other) self, what’s so much sought-after, distinguishing from self-lacking and -lost people … to which almost everyone belongs from time to time. Focusing on the -ish part brings us far away from beeing two in one and sex beyond vacuity, and, in long-term, we even loose more self by beeing selfish, while real overcoming the soleness of life from time to time strenghtens and let your self grow.

          So of course many relationships work with the man → ruler / woman → servant setting. And they love each other, the idea of it contains so much (different). But they have their inherent disadvantages one should be aware, if he follows the selfish way.

    • She-Wolf says

      I hate selfish men. The world is not about them spoiled brats. First men shall be honest, have favorite activity to do, and treet women as queen not as sexual accessory.Women not a cars, guitars and motorcycles. Men do not own or order to women cause women wont hesitate to slap across the face. And if i in their eyes selfish independent sassy selfish woman you think that kind attitude will work?

      • TheGreyWolf says

        It sounds as if you are in a wonderful, fulfilling, desperately happy, long-term relationship… with a woman.

        This article did not mention women as a sexual accessory, a car, a guitar, or a motorcycle. Neither does it mention owning women. Not one word in this post is about physical abuse.

        But YOU said, “Men do not own or order to women cause women wont hesitate to slap across the face. And if i in their eyes selfish independent sassy selfish woman you think that kind attitude will work?”

        The answer is no, it will NOT work.

        You are angry.

        Angry because you haven’t met a true alpha.
        Angry because you are unfulfilled.
        Angry because you have been likely subjected to beta males who are emotionally 15 year old little boys trying to act like successful, 30 year old grown men. They have the body of a 30 year old man, but the mind and heart of a 15 year old boy.

        Your problem is not men.

        Your problem is YOU.

        Inside the manosphere there is a niche where real women, and real women wanna-be’s add to their skill set of becoming and being real women. If you are interested in finding that location then do just a little research. I’ll even show you the first step:

        If you find yourself angry at me, at Victor Pride, and the rest of our gender, then your problem may not be alpha males or masculinity. You are simply living out the curse given to you 6,000 years ago. If you want better, then change yourself for the better.

        My wife was a feminist. She was the President of the Women’s Association of her very large, very liberal college.


        I’ll leave it at that for now.

        “First men shall be honest, have favorite activity to do, and treet women as queen…”

        You DO get it, but not ALL of it.
        I’m honest, especially about being selfish.
        I have my favorite activities, and many of them don’t include the Queen.
        I treat my wife like my Queen.

        The time-honored King and Queen relationship brought up by you is a great analogy.

        Before you use this analogy again, look it up in history. Your comment on this blog shows you know how to use the internet.

        You obviously have your expectations on how to be treated like a Queen.
        Those expectations apply to the servant class, the serfs, the peasants.
        You cannot expect the King to treat you as the servant staff treats you.
        Look at how the Queen is to treat the King.
        Look at how the Queen’s treatment of the King is expected, even demanded.
        The King’s treatment of the Queen is benevolent, at best, and is often performance based. If you doubt that then google: King Henry.

        Pick any country, or many countries, if you like for your study of the King and Queen relationship.

        Back to the point…

        You are angry.

        The problem is YOU.

        The selfish men you attract that treat you like a sexual accessory, akin to a car, guitar, and motorcycle, and your desire to slap them is a reflection of your attitude towards men.

        If you don’t like your reflection, change your image.

  2. pete smith says

    I’d have to agree with Robert. It’s cool calling the shots most of the time,and girls like being dominated and led, but if you try to call the shots all the time, that’s a sure ticket to jerk-off alley. decisiveness is good, but a little compromise seems to work well too.

  3. Jeff says

    It motivated me, Victor, to never be the whipped nice guy again, regardless of how hot the chick is or how much I want her. The post reinforced what I already knew to be true.

  4. Benjo James says

    Great page Victor, amazing advice. I’ve been seeing a model, met up with her yesterday and everything was fine, we were kissing, cuddling etc. and then that night she gets a bf! Instead of begging for her back or just trying to be friends I’ve just simply told her I’m not happy with her and I can’t be arsed with her bullshit. I am not going to tolerate a woman who makes me unhappy.

  5. Jeff says

    I bookmarked this one to read once a week until it’s memorized, cause society and the media are constantly brainwashing us in the opposite direction.

      • Milos says

        Elaborate please. Will a girl like a feminine man who is self-centered and selfish? Or is this a contradiction.

        This is one of the best articles ever but I find it incomplete. I would like to read more about selfishness being attractive. This could be life changing for me as I’ve already stopped masturbating and while it gave me a confidence boost because of higher energy-sexual drive I lack something mental. This is very likely it. I find most of the material on picking up girls geared toward guys who are complete pussies. I’m already fairy confident and good-looking but I don’t look sexual enough so I come off as boring.

        • says

          I reckon selfish always wins. Like I used to care what was ‘alpha’ and what was not, what was ‘manly’ and what was not. Now I just, think I want this like this, so this is how it’s gonna be. No compromise, and if a girl really can’t handle that chuck her, there’s plenty more of her out there.

        • Victor Pride says

          “Will a girl like a feminine man who is self-centered and selfish?”

          You have perfectly described a gay man, and women love gays. Your answer is yes. What you lack mentally is the predator instinct. If you want the puss you gotta push.

  6. Alpha Intha Making says

    I’m in a Frat on my Campus. I seem to hang out with the same unattractive to semi-attractive women on a regular basis. I desire the finer women in life. I have good talks with them during the day, but me and these better looking girls night lives never develop. Might be me, might be the crew. I am not sure.
    My main concern is, would this technique work on the women that belong to a certain Sorority, that have been put on the pedestal by many of the Frats?
    And In a club or party situation, how would this rule work?
    Would it be as simple as, shes asks me to get her a beer, me saying back to her “No, get me a beer”?

  7. says

    Would this rule even apply to the “hotter” sorority girls(the girls all the Frats know are the hot girls and put them on the pedestal) that come to my Fraternity’s parties?
    Like here is my example of executing your rule as i think it is.
    Shes asks me if i could get her a beer, I say “No, you get me a beer”.

    This is also off topic but the hotter girls tend not to come to our parties, got any tips to that could change that. I want to be able to hit on hotter chicks. Could it be me and the guys are doing something wrong? I will be honest, we are not the best looking guys on the block.

    • Victor Pride says

      Of course, the hotter she is the more selfish you must be to win her heart. Being the nice guy is a waste of time.

    • jen says

      Hello AlphaInthaMaking. My name is Jen. I am a ballerina. I’ve always made my phisique a point of pride, and I know that I am commonly considered beautiful. I have also been raised to be feminine, kind, and well mannered, and well educated. Intelligent, challenging coversation, cultured wit, kindness, and physical conscientiousness are what my peers and I generally tend to seek in men. My fiance has one ot two of the qualities that Victor Pride has mentioned in his article, however, I am afraid he wouldn’t be considered a viable match for any good girl if he exhibited all of these qualities…or even half of them. These qualities would likely appeal to women with little self-respect, unfortunately…and women with little self-respect tend to make poor partners. If you want a one night stand, I would suggest Mr. Pride’s methods. Remember, however, that one night stands can present a danger to your health.

      The qualities that I admire and respect in my man include, (but are not limited to!): his stunning intelligence and surgical insight into people, situations, and communication…his inspiring dedication to fairness, the fact that he is “hard to get;” in other words, he wouldn’t just sleep with any girl willing…being with him was actually special, his beautiful, muscular, well cared for phisique,

      • jen says

        (I accidently posted before I had finished commenting…apologies!)

        His serious, incredibly intense nature, and lastly, his boundless kindness that never ceases to amaze me, and stop me in my tracks. Women tend to seek qualities in men which exhibit both strength and an integrity which we can rely on to protect and inspire us, but also a gentleness and a kindness that lets us know he could be a good father, and he will be tender when we feel vaulnerable.

        In conclusion, the aforementioned qualities that Mr. Pride has listed will help you have one night stands with women who are seeking validation from strangers…so if cheap, quick intercourse is all that you are looking for, then yea; these tactics will work on “hot” sorority girls.

        • Sam says

          Almost choked on my water after reading the bullshit you just wrote. My mom and all the women I know that aren’t divorced are with a selfish bastard, including my dad. You just do not get it, but then again, I’ll tell you what to do anyways so no worries.

        • Walt says

          I admire your courage! Based on your comments, I can tell the type of guy you are sleeping with. I believe that it would be fair enough to have him read this article and “let him make and write an opinion” about it…. (after your close supervision and edition ;)

          I believe that you are wasting your time in reading and writing this article. This is material for men who wants to get woman not exactly like you.

          Vic: Excellent material! Love the article about Body Building …. I did quit my job and working on my businesses right now. I am following the Golden Rule:


          Thanks man, you changed my life.


  8. davidr says

    Ask yourself if you’ve ever met a guy too vicious to have a girlfriend? OTOH how many “nice guys” have you known that never get laid?

    Summing it up in a single word – SELFISH – may be simple enough for a few nice guys to finally get it.

  9. D.W. says

    I’ve been perusing this blog the last few days and found the content relatively interesting, but this is the article that won me over. I mostly agree with what you have to say here. The bluntness and strong in-your-face language is probably necessary to convince some of the more brainwashed nice guys out there. However, I think many people would misread this article as saying “change yourself and start acting like an asshole.” I think the real message you want readers to get is “don’t ever, ever change yourself for a woman, or worry that by being true to yourself you are being an asshole.” You don’t necessarily have to be a prick to get women, just be honest and blunt about what you expect from your partner and it will gain you more respect than if you fawn over her and try to change your behavior in order to please her. Once again, that may not be strong enough language to really convince some of the pussies that believe otherwise, but nevertheless, it holds true.

  10. greg says

    i understand what youre saying here..but at the same time..i think it is slightly unevolved way it put it, since now a days, i think to succeed you have to be a little bit more advanced. sure, you can apply these things but she will be gone faster than before and no girl would stick around for you if it is all about you..yet i do know what you’re saying, and agree with most of it..but it is a bit old thinking given the times we are in. what do you think?

    • Victor Pride says

      This piece was true 2,000 years ago and will be true 2,000 years from now. The man who believes women have evolved beyond being caregivers is delusional. Women will always be caregivers and give their supreme attention to any selfish being that invades their life. Maybe work, maybe child, maybe dog, maybe man but they give all of themselves to whatever selfish entity demands it and disregard anything that does not demand it. Women worship the ground the selfish walk on. Happy evolution.

    • Victor Pride says

      Depends. Depends on this, that and the other. Depends on bunch of things. What would you do should be the question to ask.

    • Damien Bass says

      “Hey man, how would you deal with a girlfriend talking to her male friends? Tell her no, or trust that she is yours?”

      Men are only “friends” with a woman, if a). they have fucked her, or b). if they want to fuck her. Have you ever wanted to be “friends” with a fat ugly woman that you were not attracted to? Have you ever even wanted to talk to a woman that you were not sexually attracted to? Think on this, and you’ll have your answer.

  11. Seekay says

    So true. But thats for attraction and when you are dating. When you are in a more serious relationship you take things easier BUT you keep alert so she never takes control and run all over you. She has to fit in YOUR OWN REALITY and not the other way around. Never take any drama.

  12. john doe says

    let me share something with you guys that just proves this guys article right. I’m talking to this girl who is your classic rich bitch who has a ton of money and talks like she is from the valley. The chick comes from $$$, and she own a bunch of properties and investments. She is probably one of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen, and talking to her would be intimidating for most guys. I have been talking to her like she is nothing more than a dumb slut who was put on this earth to make me happy. I even told her that I’m going to treat her like a little slut whenever we meet up. See, this girl tried that BS text messaging game with me and it didnt work. She was responding with quick one to two word responses, often not responding at all. I quit persuing it, a week goes by and I get a message asking me “did you forget about me already” u know what my response was? “Honestly I just got bored, you were not responding to me and when you did it was quick generic responses, and I honestly just GOT BORED TALKING TO YOU” No girl wants to hear she was boring!! Now I’m beating the brakes off her, I drive an old beat up Jeep and make middle class income. This girl is worth millions, do I give a fuck?? She is used to every guy she meets being intimidated and having to go overboard with $$$ or a date to prove himself to her. When she is with me she actually pays for things, and she wants it so bad we rarely can even get out anyplace but the bedroom. I actually think about Vic’s post here when I talk to her. I laughed to myself the other day, I had a great idea for a T-shirt, it could say “I did Body of a Spartan and all I got was a bunch of pussy”

    • Victor Pride says

      “I did Body of a Spartan and all I got was a bunch of pussy”

      hahaha! I literally laughed out loud at that. Great idea!

      • Asher Fryer says

        Good for you mate, but I don’t think this goes for all women. So she hasn’t earnt anything, and wants to compensate for it by being a ‘bad girl’. I think if your happy with a false, manipulative relationship without true personhood involved, your just as limited as the chick you are using. Unfortuanately, all your talk of riches and class means nothing, because stripped away from all of this is just pure animalism. And that is not what true manhood or womanhood is.

        • Sam says

          This logic applies to planet earth so all you need to do is ask yourself two questions.
          Am I on planet earth?
          If not, do I need a fucking sledgehammer to see the truth?
          Problem solved.

  13. Chris says

    Pretty much spot on. I cannot believe how tainted I was by modern media and all of these liberal/far-left views. Time to clean my shit up.

  14. Mark says

    I’ve been married 22 years (I wish you had this blog back then, I would probably still be single). But we have a very harmonious marriage because I am the alpha male in my house. My wife brews the coffee in the morning and brings it to me in bed every morning. When I tell her to give me a refill she gets up and does it. She cooks my dinner every night and then does the dishes afterwards while I relax after a hard days work (she works too). She does all the clothes washing. I have my own manly chores (take out the garbage, fix things, etc.) so I’m not a complete domineering douchebag. I leave her every night to go to the gym and selfishly spend time on my self improvement. But for subjecting her to all this subservience what is my reward? This woman loves me, adores me (her words) and does whatever she can to make me happy. The advice given in the blog is right on the money…

  15. Duke says

    This works to an extent, I think the point trying to be made here is to not allow your self respect to be compromised (not taking her shit) a balance needs to be struck, from self interest and empathy. The human species have empathetic drives in our brain for a reason, excluding sociopaths, we derive great pleasure and personal satisfaction in life from being empathetic and compassionate. That isn’t personal opinion, that’s proven psychology. Either way some good points were made.

    • Asher Fryer says

      Yep, very true. I think there are major deficiencies in a man who thinks it is a good thing to be useless at anything except making money. No truly great men throughour history were like this. I think the problem here is a highly reductionist view of manhood: sex, eating, fighting, working. Shit, you might asa well be a commie. True manhood has never been, and will never be, this limited.
      As I said in my comment below, there is a difference between selfishness and standing your ground, between manipulation and leadership. Although I respect the unalloyed stand taken in this website, I maintain that this definition of manhood goes no further than instinctual man and women, the very bottom layer of human potentials. Ironically, it was going beyond all of this that created writing, the internet, and communication like we are using now. Let’s not lose perspective in the necessity to battle male hating sexist feminists and all the rest.

  16. FuriousFerret says

    This is straight up how my old coal miner grandfather was with my grandmom. She worshipped the ground he walked on. He never did any chores around the house, he went to the bar whenever he wanted, he never cooked food. All he had to do was a bring home the money to run the family and make the important decisions to keep the ship going the right way.

    When I was young I thought this guy sounded like some old relic of patriarchy and that women now needed and wanted to be treated with all kinds of deference and respect. There is no way in hell I believe that now. They want a master. If you supplicate to her she hates you for being a weak leader.

    I think back in my grandpops’ time in the place that he lived, the men would read this article and wonder why an article of what was known back then as ‘common sense’ had to written.

    • Carol says

      Have you ever heard your “worshiping” grandma saying at the end of her days that her life was a shithole? If not, then you maybe wasn’t born when she died. You description of your old man is exactly the man of the 40’s. Since i know my self and my bout grandmas, and others grandmas with men like you describing saying one thing. If his still alive: Well, his a giant shit. After his death: Well, he did some good stuff bringing money home, but my whole life was a shithole, and just now i realised just how many years i lost obeing to some rules of an dictator. Now, i’m not saying that men should be a bunch of pussys as they are right now, but i also believe that allot of people here got the whole story wrong. This is not about men being neanderthal retards. But more about men acting like men and not like a bunch of pussys liking their womans shit. Now, got it? If not, read it again.

  17. Asher Fryer says

    I think that this article needs work, some refining.
    Firstly: I think that although a lot of what you are saying rings true, it is not true for a certain type of woman who has dignity and class. I think the type of woman you are talking about is the ‘instinctual’ woman, and that is true, to a point. Of course, I also know that the exceptions prove the rule. By dignity and class I don’t mean that they wont want to please their man, and are vain or fashion crazy etc. I mean they wouldn’t put up with crap, on the same level as a man.
    Secondly: I don’t think I agree with your assessment of women on the level of dogs. I do believe in equality as complimentarity, as harmony, and of course, this does include the ‘selfish’ impulse you are talking about. Women are not just cooks, cleaners and sexual satisfiers, they have other, higher qualities that a true man needs in order to become a true man. I doubt that you would agree here because your understanding of manhood, although impressive and at least strongly in opposition to sexist feminism, is still deficient.
    Thirdly: True manhood is not selfishness, it is strength, vitality, courage, wisdom, power and knowledge. There is a REAL DIFFERENCE between selfishness and manhood. Anyone can be selfish. It makes no sense attacking women for being ‘women’ (ie: selfish, lazy, chameleons, etc) and is not manly to manipulate their weaknesses for your own selfish endeavour. Yes, power, manly needs and so forth are legitimate, but so are female needs, and without women, men would not even be here.

    My point is that you have some good points, but I think your uber macho approach is limited and imbalanced, if not borderline immature. I have plenty of experience with women, and giving them time to ‘have feelings’, giving them massages, and helping around the house has done nothing to limit the attraction they feel for me or any attraction they have. This is because a true man is able to be competant at all things, not just stereotypical, caveman qualities. I think you have to be careful of imbalance, and it is a detraction and limitation of manhood to become a mindless chauvanist, and show no respect for women beyond their instinctual habits.

    Thanks for your time.

    • Jacob H. Bamburg says

      You are so full of shit, everything on this site is about being a man.

      LOL ” they have other, higher qualities that a true man needs in order to become a true man” really, what are these ‘higher qualities’ that are left unnamed?

      Your satire is awesome, almost had me fooled into thinking you really thought that way.

      • Sam says

        Amen, Jake. I recommend Asher learns that men are better than women. After you graduate, come back with the rest of the winners.

  18. Tom says

    This definitely works. Not just for women but for men too. When you go into the world demanding things, it’s funny how often you get them. Be nice and ask for things just “whenever it’s convenient” and you will never see them.

    One other thing I learned from someone on the internet. Something that makes life and dealing with people much simpler. Categorize people into “givers” and “takers”. Avoid and dispose of the takers in your life. I simply have a hard time explaing the difference in having women in my life that were givers vs takers. In fact, it wasn’t until I met a real giver until I realized the garbage I had been dealing with most of my life!

  19. Alex says

    So True,

    Modern Society has F’d us all up by preaching feminism and equality, between the sexes. Most guys have no idea what women want, because we are brainwashed from early childhood to believe that girls and boys are the same. That’s how I used to think. I though if I treated a girl really sweet she would love me, because that’s what I want from a girl. The golden rule. Treat the other person the way you want to be treated. This works with other men, (mostly) but not women.
    It wasn’t until the last couple years that I woke up, and realized the truth. Women do not think like men at all.

    Personally I believe many of modern societies problems are the result of Feminism, and lie of sameness.

    I guarantee you everyone of these retards, who does a mass shooting, is a sissified post feminist nerd, who can’t get laid.

    • Carol says

      Well, this is as true as a horse doing some box. First of, that bitches are not feminist and am pretty sure they fuck what ever they want, with a woman concent or without it. If you call this bunch of savages, sissis, then my friend, you have to revise your scale of reality. Second of all, wam do not know what they want, and that is why yoi have to tell them. Their brain cannot jist tell what they want, so you don’t know what they want because they don’t know that either, so that is why comes alpha crapper and tells them the rules of what they want;).

      • Sean Bryan says

        Grammar and writing class await…Maybe I am a savage who cannot read well, but your posts needs work. Your spelling and flow are way off. To explain this…because of the spelling and sentence structure I have no idea whether you are male or female or even what you are saying. I have known both men and women to be called Carol. Wtf edit your work!

  20. Pillowess says

    I don’t know any woman who will find a guy who treats her like shit attractive. Surely the whole point of being with someone is to have someone to be there for you, hold you, look after you when you’re sick, love you and spend time with you. Acting like a selfish jerk will only show the woman that you are not prepared to do those things. If you do act like a selfish asshole to a girl you like, you will be labeled as a “player” and written off. The guy who wrote this is a deluded idiot. My 3 year old brother could offer better advice on how to pick up chicks than him.

  21. Corsair says

    A lot of comments here are missing the point. You can be selfish without treating the girl like shit. It’s easy – while she’s flirty, agreeable, and caring (that is, behaving) it’s perfectly fine to be kind and loving back. Just don’t overdo it or hand over any of your situational power in the process. At the same time, if she turns on bitch mode or starts acting up, then you treat her like a misbehaving child and tell her how it’s gonna be. You don’t have to be an asshole at first, but trust me, there will be times when it has to come to that. When it does, remember not to hold a grudge – but make it clear that she wasn’t meeting your expectations and that shit will be shut down when it happens. If in normal operating mode, you’re calling the shots (if you feel lazy, it’s fine for her to pick the restaurant once in a while – but be damn sure to veto any place you don’t absolutely love) and taking charge of your life and yourself, she’ll be pleased to let you call the shots. There is something else though – if you say you’re going to do something or get something done, you better do it right or do something else equally as important, impressive, or rewarding (that is, manly). Because just like the girls have their place, so do we men – and our place is doing big things with our lives and amassing power and influence any way possible (or as far as your ethics are willing to take you). You fill your role, it’ll be easy to make her fit hers.

    • J.P. says

      “Because just like the girls have their place, so do we men – and our place is doing big things with our lives and amassing power and influence any way possible (or as far as your ethics are willing to take you). You fill your role, it’ll be easy to make her fit hers.”

      The wisdom in this statement is worth all the gold in Fort Knox.

  22. Nyagda says

    It’s an interesting point of view…never heard anyone say it that way before. I’m the “nice guy” type 100-fold, and most of my life I was never able to attract girls, until I met my wife who’s an alpha female with a high-powered career. She knew I was the “nice guy” type before we married, and that’s what she was looking for. We live pretty much the reverse of the traditional roles. So I read this and think, “Hmm…maybe if I acted more alpha for a change, she would be more turned on and things would work out better.” But that would be like changing on her after so many years. Things have worked out a certain way…maybe it’s best not to mess with it, I dunno.

  23. says

    This is the one blog I never read because it’s one thing I def don’t need any advice on. But shit, I couldn’t have put it any better. If I could add one thing, I would tell all men out there to treat there dick like it’s gold. Think about it, would you give gold to any women? Would you give gold to a hoodrat? I’m 26 and I take a look at all my friends with kids, then I look at the kids mother’s and think “Damn, what a sucker”. It only takes one time to slip up, be selfish. Great post

  24. Syed says

    This article is 100% accurate. Women are designed to care for men. Men are designed to work hard and provide for the family
    . Women have all these hormones ruling their emotions, thats why they are always confused. They dont know what to wear , what to buy, what to eat, ..Thats when we Men come in and give orders..

    Its best to be completely predictable and not let them use their brain.
    I have found such a girl who worships me. But I am not as rude and selfish as you explain in this article.
    Its 98% my way or the highway and 2% ok fine ill think about it.. I try to be reasonable when i actually should.
    Most nights she massages my feet till I sleep.

    AND you HAVE TO HAVE TO remember her birthday..

    But.. if u give in to her demands at any point of time.. she will start manipulating u into doing really evil things… like destroy ur relations with ur bro, sis, parents, friends….

    And you should stop her from meeting all those nasty bitches who will try to brainwash her into believing she deserves much more crap..

    • Syed says

      and i have treated her really really bad.. like iv left her alone on her bday to go on a road trip with my friends…

      the trick is to first find a shy girl…make her fall in love with ur romeo all kinds of gay stuff to woo her…and then slowly start giving her orders…trust me she will be more then happy to obey u .. then u gradually change into the alpha male…

      • Carol says

        So for you, to be alpha, means to be some random retarded wannabe man? Or even worse, being the dictator is going to give you favor. Men, you need to respect that woman if you want to cry for you when you turn to dust and not saying: This shitpreek has eaten my life with his bullshit. I can’t believe i wasted all this years with him. And thinking about the other she loved;).

  25. writhe says

    This article is spot on!

    I just got out of a 1 year relationship with this shy chick and I did everything to woo her, bought her flowers took her to dinners etc etc, she only put out a handful of times..My delusional ass thought she was “different” a real “lady” in modern times….Bullshit, she had me walking on eggshells and left me for being a fucking chump and caring about her more than i cared about me.

    Before her I used to swim in pussy, most of the time i didn’t even need to go out because they came to me (im a tattoo artist) and the ones that wrote me letters,picked me up for dates, snuck me into their house and “loved” me all treated me like a king because I only had my own interest in mind. Even that shy chick had heard about my “bad” reputation of being a player at the beginning of the relationship and that only got her hotter…Thanks victor, This article is pure gold.

  26. Mike says

    Victor , I can’t believe I’m reading this now. I was actually looking for Internet crap on the whole how to pick up chicks garbage. Then I saw this I should have know the greatest site in the world would have the answer. I already knew this on a subconscious level. It’s also how I act naturally . I’m naturally selfish.Saying what you don’t want and won’t put up with no matter how small or big the issue builds self confidence as well. It’s not money . Learn your favorite word NO. Thank you Victor

  27. Bill says

    Hot damn! This article is absolutely 100% on the money! Every MAN knows this stuff deep down, but the media and society in general have tried to brainwash us. This is great. And anybody who disagrees with it is only bullshitting himself! I know, I have been the “Nice Guy” in the past, but wised up.
    Keep up the excellent work Vic!

  28. says

    DAMN!! Well said Vic! I know this is an old post but let me tell you; I’m impressed.
    But when you said that nobody quite said this in the game community before, that is not true: For one this has been said many times in many ways by Roissy, plus if youd seen the article Women who love jerks and the nice guys who love them.
    Yeah goes along those lines the later was also viral I published as WC back in IMF: it garnered many negative reactions from ehem! Jezebel and the whole delusional femcunt crew: which made us happier by the way and you should be too! because you will be pissing off (or have pissed off) many morons by this post! God bless people like you

  29. J-Roc says

    Okay, so what if you’re already married with kids? How exactly would one “turn the tables” when the wife is still clinging to her mother’s apron strings and they gang up on you and constantly label you as “controlling” (when actually, it’s the other way around most of the time)? I’m trying to envision how being “more controlling” by being more selfish would put me ahead? Maybe it’s genius because you would never guess that to be the case, but I would like to hear some input on this one.

    • Victor Pride says

      J-Roc, that’s always the case. It’s ALWAYS the nice guy accused of being controlling, of being abusive, of being a selfish asshole. On the other hand a man who is selfish and controlling, like me, is always told how great and wonderful he is. Women HATE beta males so much. In your case I would read the book The Married Man Sex Life Primerto get a clear understanding of why you need to be the leader and not the whipping boy.

      • J-Roc says

        Vic – your posts and commentary are pure genius. I felt compelled to reply back even though it has been several months since my initial post back in May.

        I hate to admit this, but I came out of the gate running with a renewed energy after I read this article and your comment back to me a few times. I hit the ground running, and I felt better about myself just being in a more “alpha” position. I stood taller, was less affected by subsequent outbursts/arguments from my wife, and I almost felt a renewed sense of freedom.

        Unfortunately, I eventually conformed back to the “whipping boy,” as you put it. I’m shaking my head right now as I am typing this. And guess what happened next? That’s right. Things got worse. Much worse. Not only was my wife starting fights and being pretty much relentless, but she was getting her mother involved in the mix. By involving her mother, I mean she would call her mommy and complain/angrily carry on about me being controlling because I simply didn’t feel like spending the *entire* day at her mother’s house – on my day off – when I work hard all week.

        I’ll spare you the details of all of the BS and say this. I went to back to this site, searched for “be selfish,” read your post, read it again, and read it a few more times. I told myself that really I’m unlikely to be any worse off, so why not give this an honest shot again? Why not get comfortable with being in an alpha role, where I’m supposed to be?

        One of my favorite parts of this:

        Learn your new favorite word: no.

        Awesome. My wife asks me some things, sometimes asks to do things around the house. I tell her to wait and I’ll get to it (on my schedule). I don’t lie – I take care of things, but I don’t jump up and snap to it. She now approaches me almost sheepishly, and she has gone from an almost demanding tone to “could you please do [blah blah blah]?” When she hears the response to let her know her request is noted and has been put into the queue, she goes away and waits. Unlike before – where she would pester me on when and how long it will take, etc.

        You, sir, are a genius. Whenever I say “no,” or “wait,” etc. – I can’t help but to smile a bit afterwards. I think I truly just don’t care anymore what she thinks if I seem to be a little more crass (without being a jerkish asshole). Even around her mother I’m the same way now. And I just started this back up again recently, but the results are pretty much immediate.

        I want to be the voice here for those doubters that read your material and make the mistake of shrugging it off like I did and end up in the same boat that they were in before. This is a safe place for guys who want to be guys. You won’t find this on BS sites like Facebook or Pinterest or wherever else women tend to hang out. That’s because this is for men, by men, and about men.

        We, the real men, ARE leaders. We ARE the alphas. We ARE supposed to be waited on by our women. As you said, this same thing was true 2,000 years ago and will be true for the next 2,000 years. We aren’t supposed to be a jerk to our girlfriends or wives. But we are supposed to be decisive, establish and maintain a leadership role, and yes, put our needs first because that’s how it was since the dawn of time. Television, Oprah, and women’s rights movements have established themselves well into the psyche of pretty much everyone. Well guess what? The shit isn’t working, otherwise we wouldn’t be looking at over 50% divorce rates. What happened in the old days when men were men and women were women and everyone knew their respective places? Divorce was pretty much non-existent. The facts don’t lie.

        Thanks again, Vic. This is a long reply, but I had a lot to say. I hope my words will convince at least one of your readers to stay with this advice – no matter how hard it can be sometimes. Persevere.

  30. marcelo says

    Victor I’m really not so sure about this one. You can pick up bitches with this selfish, “I’m the fucking most important thing in the world kill everyone else” mentality, but you miss out on a lot of hot, slutty, slightly nicer girls. Che Guevara was apparently hugely attractive to the women who ran into him and his whole life, agree or disagree, was trying to help the underdogs of society.

    A lot of women who are freaks in the bedroom are actually into a dude who cares about his fellow man and world. Not a pussy—nothing but—but someone who shows compassion for the suffering of others.

    • Victor Pride says

      Marcelo, jut because a girl is nice doesn’t mean she wants a nice guy. All women hate nice guys. I’m selfish, demanding, unapologetic, blunt blah blah. You know what my girl says to me all the time? You’re so nice. I love you so much. You know what actually nice guys hear from their women? You’re such a selfish asshole, you’re so abusive.

      • J-Roc says

        ^ He’s absolutely spot-on. I heard the same thing. Before I stopped being so damn nice. Another favorite word used on nice guys: you’re so controlling. But guess what? You take control as you should, and you never, ever hear again how controlling you are. Funny how that works..

      • Lebowsky says

        What Vic stated is so true, a man who does what he wants, gets what he wants. There will be sometimes that same man wants to take his girl out to a nice restaurant, BECAUSE HE WANTS. Thats when his girl will say “your so nice.” That same girl earned her way to that nice restaurant. Woman want to feel like they have earned their man. If a nice man took his girl out all the time to a nice restaurant, just because. That same girl will feel like she didn’t earn anything. Once that same nice man says “no i don’t want to go to that restaurant”. Guess what his girl is going to say…….”your such an asshole.” Make your women earn you, YOU ARE THE PRIZE THAT SHE DESIRES.

    • Corey says

      Marcelo, by praising Che Guevara, you’re proving Victor’s point: Nice guys get called abusers while actual abusers get called nice. Che was a vicious murderer who killed all sorts of innocent people, and yet, here you are calling him compassionate.

  31. TRUTH says

    Know from lived experience, and what I saw it’s just so true dude you’re website worth more than any of the self-esteem bs that’s on the shelves these days!

  32. Ben says

    This is all true. You can EASILY see this by looking around at all the women that love the 50 shades of grey book. Its basically a book about a SELFISH MAN that treats the girl however he likes. He may go over what you think is the line, but i have heard MULTIPLE hot women i personally know talking about the book amongst their friends say, “i need a man like Christian Grey”. I havent read the book but the basic synopsys is that he is her master, she does what he wants.

    Great article.

  33. Thomas says

    What about the concept of honor amongst your male peers? I am good to my best male friends and they are good to me. We mutually benefit from helping each other, often at our own expense. That trust and unspoken pact is where a lot of my confidence and social status stems from.

  34. Ashley says

    I like the article, It is unbelievably true. I would be interested in reading a piece directed at the confused woman population. If men need this reminder then there are definitely women out there who need it too. The only time I ever felt like a successful woman in the role of woman in a relationship, is when I was doing things progressive women would sneer at. There is a kind of eroticism to making sure my man got his drink when he came home to a clean house. I’d like to imagine that I can do that and have a few years of a career, I can give in to my biological pre determination and do the family thing. But I’m much to selfish to share my life with anyone right now. And I’ve recently been lamenting the lack of men and how we girls are now expected to do something outside of the home, inside the home, and see? I’m all confused. It’s something I spend way to much time considering. For my nature, and every woman’s nature, I do enjoy well structured rules.

    A checklist could also be useful for this audience to give to a confused girl. She’ll either try it and like it, or leave the man alone.

    Thank you for reading.

  35. says

    I need some advice from real men, thats why I ask here.
    I date a chick for 4 months and the bitch decides to go 400 kms away for a month and a half to work (she went there last year too).She knows a couple of beta males there, one of them is picking her up and drive around town, he tells her naughty jokes and teases her.
    Two weeks ago I went there to fuck her and met the beta, he was acting nice to me “We are all friends here” “You are a nice guy” and some other shit.
    I know that he is messing with her mind, she is 3 weeks there and her attitude has changed a little and last year when she was there she broke with many of her friends, it has to be with the betas there.She told me they don’t like masculine men there, men that weight lift and are generally have alpha attitude, they are a bunch of hyenas that gossip all the time like girls thats what I say.
    She is shy but she has a lot of male friends and generally she can be manipulated easily.Manipulation is for girls and beta males and I m sure this guy is trying to manipulate her, he is acting like “pick up artist” (that phrase makes me laugh).
    No need to say I m not acting nice with her and I set the rules, I told her before I leave that anything besides the typical with him is not acceptable.But I can’t control the situation from here.
    I was thinking if I fuck him up he will get the message.Any suggestions?

    Greeting from Greece.

    Kostas M.

  36. Mike says

    I gotta say, while I did find this article brash (it’s like you’re trying to offend people)… it has really hit home for me.

    I’m 26, just come out of a 6 year relationship. The best times we had were when I didn’t give a shit. When I didn’t bend. I’ve always been a provider and somehow along the way I’ve allowed myself to become an accessory when in actual fact it’s always been me that is the driver, the person who makes our lives better. I’ve often said, other people focus on problems. I focus on solutions. I’m a Man, how did I let my house get into such a shit state?

    Now we’ve split up because I’m so sick of it always being about her. Every conversation was one sided.

    I’m more than happy to be single, and working on my business (being doing Internet stuff for 4 years, I ain’t a slave!).

    I’ll most certainly keep this in mind when I can be arsed to get a new woman.

  37. Gerard says

    “I hope you enjoy jacking off” man you got quite a sense of humor :D good point though, but just with some exaggeration .

  38. Damian says

    I understand what vic is sayin,, but what he’s saying should be expanded to include location, the West, US, English speaking countries… selfishness is meant for the western woman, with truly feminine women like Latinas, girls who come from poor families who are humble and wise in their own way, being a provider and a person with backbone and character, (keeping your word) that’s what is gonna help you land quality,, selfishness is a first world luxury, were im from u learn to share, to be humble, hell I remember I used to play with trash on the streets, a spark plug in the middle of the road was as good as a brand new power ranger (mid 90s). getting back on topic,, selfishness may help u get western girls (brainwashed, very low quality, spoiled children) but being a humble human being will help u land quality

    • CommonSense says

      Damian – you nailed it! And there are quality women in the west – it’s just harder to find. Being yourself will bring you quality. Don’t put up with shit, but don’t become the asshole that Pride describes, that’s only going to get you shitty relationships though it may make you feel alpha and in control for a while, it’ll lead to short term, unhealthy, dysfunctional relationships. Not quality. Following the advice in this article will never get you quality.

  39. says

    Hi Victor,

    I was wondering how I could apply these principles in a practical situation for a fourteen year old guy?
    Could you use a specific example?
    How for instance, would I indicate to other girls, that I am selfish?
    Thank you,

    • SpectrumWalker says

      Your actions. Go after what you want, and if you don’t like something you say so. For an easy example, take her out on a date on YOUR terms. You choose the place, time, circumstances, and you lead her. Betas ask, alphas do. Easy. It’s good you’ve discovered these blogs at your age. You’ve started your path to manhood early on compared to your peers who will be light years behind. By the time you hit your 20’s, you’ll be a regular Casanova and successful with whatever you choose to do in life. Keep it up, kid and stay within the realm of the manosphere. But remember, no glove no love. You get a chick pregnant while your still a kid yourself, your life is all but over.

      • TheGreyWolf says

        “You get a chick pregnant while your still a kid yourself, your life is all but over.”

        You get a chick pregnant at ANY age, and your life IS over. At least two decades of it.

        You get your wife pregnant, and you give her control of the next 18-19 years of your life.

        All she has to do is file divorce, and you are done.

        You can be a scout leader, Sunday school teacher, at the same job over 20 years, non-drinker, non-smoker, pillar of the community.

        Your wife can be a non-functioning, psychotic, prescription drug addict swallowing nearly $30,000 a year in meds and be 100% disabled by the Social Security Administration for chronic and severe depression so debilitating that she cannot perform the most menial of tasks for any minimum amount of time.

        She is a better parent choice than you.

        To reinforce that point, the SSA is going to give her $23,000 a year in benefits, plus an additional $12,000 a year for the kids, and the state is going to make you pay $16,000 a year in child support.

        That’s right. Your lazy fat cow piece of shit ex-wife gets $51,000 a year before she gets out of bed, TAX FREE.

        The only reason you don’t have to pay alimony is that you divorced her because you can prove she stole over $119,000 in family assets.

        Sorry for the rant.

        Before you stick your dick into any hole, make sure it’s not a man-eating pirrhana.

  40. Eric J says

    Spot on. This article, along with so many others I’ve read on this blog today and yesterday, is pure gold.

    I’ve been a pussywhipped beta chump most of my life. My dad was an alpha male who married a woman 25 years younger than he was and fathered me in his 60s, but after he died my mom meant well but raised me to be passive and feminine -she couldnt help it; she is not a man. After escaping a horrific relationship, I learned several important things. Perhaps most relevant here being that the more of a selfish, cocky, bastard I was, the more the girl seemed to adore me (in spite of the fact that she was mentally unstable, lacking in virtue, and a feminist.) This works on ALL girls. It’s biology and instinct. They worship a strong man and cannot tolerate a weak man.

    95% of guys never ruffle anyone’s feathers or do anything edgy or untoward, describe themselves as “nice,” and are described by others as such. Yet 95% of guys have difficulty attracting women, are clueless as to why, resort to ridiculous gimmicks and tricks to try to get some action, or even a second glance, and go through life miserable until they finally marry some fattie from their work or social circle in desperation. Not coincidentally, feminists howl about roughly 95% of men being awful.

    Contrast this with the guys who get sent to prison. They’re generally scumbags by any objective definition, and are absolutely and unequivocally out for themselves and only themselves. Yet, as soon as they get out, they never seem to have any trouble whatsoever finding female companionship, often with “good” girls, and those girls are more than happy to worship the ground they walk on, serve them, and get knocked up by them.

    As best I can figure it out, men are supposed to be selfish, because selfishness eventually results in a more favorable position for the kids, who are a man’s legacy. Women are supposed to serve him in this because this household help gives him the ability to aim farther and higher in his selfishness, not having to spend his time washing clothes or cooking food, and she’s weak and not cut out for conquering the world anyway (being naturally suited to having and nurturing children and the domestic matters which accompany that) so his selfishness benefits her by letting her tag along for the ride.

  41. David says

    I’ve just discovered your blog recently via one of your articles. I’m a fan.

    This is honestly the best dating/women advice I’ve ever read or heard and I’ve had my fair share of reading countless blogs, videos, articles and books about dating/relationships and women. I’ve even attempted a few Pick-Up Artists meme (of which I’ve found a FEW things helpful but most of it was BS).

    I love how you keep it so short and simple, yet profound and most importantly true. As Einstein said, if you can’t explain it to a 6 year old, you don’t understand it at all. I’m glad this is the only piece of advice about women I would ever have to know, and it’s the best I’ve ever heard.

    (p.s. i’m also a korean guy and did read your article about duk woo which got me into your blog the first place)

  42. says

    I gotta say …

    This is an older article, but I gotta give props where they’re due. This is one of the best posts on the site. It is exceptionally well-written. And the message makes a whole lot o’ sense.

    I really dig the businesses and the unpleasant truths articles. Need more!

  43. Charlie says

    I agree with most of your points. But, I think to attract and most importantly hang on to the women you want, it requires the full range of personality traits possible in a male. Most of the times, yes you should be selfish. But ONCE IN A WHILE, a little bit of sweetness/innocence/submissiveness is required. As with most things in life, a certain balance is required. Sometimes that balance should be 50/50. Sometimes that balance is HEAVILY favored to one side, but regardless some sort of balance is required. Whats wrong with massaging a women’s shoulders for an hour sometimes. The whole article I was like “this guy gets it” until you got to this point and a few others in that section. Bottom line is this, males should be predominantly masculine with a bit of femininity thrown in for good measure once in a while and females should be predominantly feminine with a bit of masculinity thrown in once in a while. Yin and yang baby, yin and fuckin yang. Be good at life (from a man’s perspective) and the women will follow.

  44. Jay says

    As a “nice guy” this article hits pretty close to home. I am 25 and have a job, truck, business degree, and decent physique and yet I feel like I’ve screwed up royally to have no woman and no real prospects at this point. It doesn’t make sense I know but that’s just how I feel when I see all these chodes I went to high school with getting married. Why does this bother me? Because every weekend I end up going to the same bars/restaurants with my buddies or watching football and I guess it’s just getting boring. Anyway, as it relates to the article, it’s especially eye-opening when this smokin’ hot co-worker of mine is constantly bitching about her lazy, inconsiderate redneck fiance. And yet, he apparently is a man with a plan who makes decent coin and she is content to go along for the ride. While I don’t necessarily subscribe to the idea that you gotta be a relentless prick you do explain well the dangers of being malleable. Thanks

    • B says


      How do you dress? What is your overall outward appearance? Do you present yourself to the world with pride? I ask because, people really do care about these things. In fact, it is a critical part of successful living. Vic has a great article on it. You’ll be amazed what happens when you go out to the grocery store in a nice shirt, trousers, sport coat and polished shoes; instead of unshaven in a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. I’m not saying wear a 3-piece suit everywhere you go, but make an effort to look great. Puff your chest out, square your shoulders, look dead ahead, as though you don’t have time for anything, except what you are doing.

      Coincidentally, if you’re living on-purpose, you really won’t have time–this won’t be an act. Don’t spend time looking at other people, especially women, and stay focused on what you are doing. If someone is in your way, say, “excuse me” and brush past. You’re at the grocery store to acquire food, not a wife or friends. One time, I had a young woman, probably early 20s and a hardbody, apologizing all over herself and blushing as she looked me over, because she was in my way. I just sternly asked her to move. When I snickered at her blustering reaction, it amplified the reaction. For reference, I am 33 years old.

      What else will happen? Women will hold the door open for you (and smile while doing it), beta males will look longingly at you, wanting to emulate you. Others won’t care (because they are this way, already), and you may even be approached by a woman. It’s happened to me, many times. When this happens, you suddenly have options; the ball is in your court. Give it a try. You aren’t being an asshole, just selfish, as you should be.

      Your co-worker (who hopefully isn’t bitching to you) is doing so because she really likes the guy. She may bitch and bemoan the ‘jerk’ she is with, but he is taking care of business and she will stay along for the ride (literally and figuratively). If she is bitching to you, tell her you don’t want to hear it and you have work to do. Your interactions with female co-workers should be as follows: “Hello.” “Goodbye.” and (optional) “How are you, today?”


    • Pathetic Loser says

      I think being intelligent (like witty) and being of at least average height (I am at 160 cm) are the prerequisites to be with girls. I have none , so girls don’t even bother coming close to me. Selfishness will come later, when I have at least some interaction with a girl at first hand…

      • B says

        Napoleon Bonaparte was 168 cm and an incredibly successful man (and probably got more ass than a toilet seat). Don’t sweat being short; it’s not as big of a deal as you think. The CEO of a company I once worked for (20,000 employees) was around Napoleon’s height. Height is no indicator of success.

  45. pbw says

    Women in feminised countries have become so mentally deranged and self obsessive — that even being selfish may no longer work. What seems to work is a guy who is a real psychopath and has some criminal and dangerous mind –one who really will commit crime. Women seem to be attracted to such guys who often have a lot of tattoos.Most men however are not naturally selfish. So selfish may not be the right word. Is it worth the effort of forcing oneself to act and be selfish when one is not just to attract a feminised woman? I find in latin countries women are not attracted to selfish guys — but in feminist countries women are attracted to feminist guys. In my travels in latin countries, being direct and a bit nice is what seemed to work the best. Being nice in feminist countries though is a sure turn off.

  46. Mikey says

    Dude this is some SERIOUSLY good advice. Which I intend to follow. I don’t care if it gets me laid or not, it is certainly gonna make me feel better. I am 48, in poor health and Incel. Women want assholes. Then that is what they are gonna get.

  47. Manlysense says

    This guy is a victor indeed.
    I agree totally with this entire article, although I am new to the alpha game. I have to fix some of my behavior in order to become alpha, but I am no clean beta for sure. I remind myself of my ex when I used to “NO” her I got much more affection and she loved me much much more… then I got sensitive, I started to show her my affection and in less than 6 months I fucked up the entire relationship. Guess who got screwed up? Me.
    I just hope readers don’t turn this into something that is not meant to be. Cause Victor spent some time and solid amount of words to straighten up what it takes to be selfish and what other qualities a man should express in order to be alpha. Maybe they aren’t all summed up in this topic, but you have an entire site dedicated to that.

    And after reading Ludvig’s guest post, I like the part of this topic when it says: “I’d like you to do me a favor…” ;)

  48. mike says

    I would have to agree with the basic premise of this article. However, as a Christian I am called to “dwell with my wife love and understanding”. That said, I am also called to lead my home/relationship with a view towards what is best for our family. My wife in turn is to be submissive and follow my lead. For the most part this works as expected. On occasion she fights against it – usually when she is PMSing. When it gets too bad- I draw the line and tell her to stop. She usually gets the hint and ends it. If it continues there are repurcussions. One of the most effective tools of discipline is to withhold sex. When she acts like a “good girl” she gets great sex. If she doesn’t then forget it. It works pretty well. She does all the cooking, laundry and a large portion of the cleaning. If she is really tired, I will lend her a hand with dishes – but its always on my terms , never an obligation/expectation. In turn, bust hump running my own business and cover most of our household expenses. I also make all of the major decisions for our household. I can say with confidence that I don’t worry about my wife leaving me or getting boned on the side by someone more powerful than me.

  49. Jake says

    Dammit! I was on fucking fire reading this Vic! This should be read by every male in high school. I will be changing my ways

  50. says

    I know this is a pretty old post, but having just read it. It makes a lot of sense and agree with it 100%

    The reality is, its not just women you should apply this to, but with everyone. The reason people want to engage with you or spend time with you is because of their ‘own happiness and gratification’.

    In other words, if it makes them feel good about being with you and have something to provide them in value, then thats all they really every care about in the whole grande scheme of things.

    The same thing when it comes to relationships. So you have to be selfish and think of your own needs first. It’s not malicious, but just how human nature works. If you’re personally not happy to be in the relationship, then there’s no sense to continue being in it.

    We’re all free to walk in and out of any cart we want, so long as it satisfies our needs. But if it doesn’t we’re selfish enough to walk away from it and move onto something that selfishly provides us with the happiness we need.

  51. Ryan says

    Awesome article! But what if you like her a lot and she’s potential wife material, should this “game” still be used or should you just be honest.

    Im still learning the whole relationship stuff as im only 21. So advice would be great. thanks!

  52. jerry sanders says

    I just gotta say, this is the best advice ive ever gotten. I’ve been talking to this one girl on and off for 3 years, and i tried this out, holy shit within a day she is on my di**. she cant get enough, i call her my little slut and she loves it.

  53. Movonnow says

    I just don’t understand what is the correlation between being selfish and those affirmations :

    Would he put up with bitchy behavior? No.

    Would he take her silly tests seriously? No.

    Would he be ok with her seeing other guys? No.

    Would he forgive her for betraying him? No.

    Explain it to me. (hey, you told me not to say please).

    And just another question : should I give up on my career because I’m affrait of others?

  54. Eddie says

    Hi Vic and Bold and Determined Readers

    I’m in need of some advice….BADLY

    I pulled my current girlfriend within weeks of reading this article. The ideas presented were fresh in my head and I realised how easy it was to get chicks to literally do anything for you.

    Cut a few months into the relationship and I’ve started to really forget the selfishness and I’ve been pussying about trying to please her. Luckily I noticed this and realised the detrimental effect it was having on the relationship. Is it too late to fix this now? Have I given her more power and basically fucked myself over? I was very sick and weak for a few weeks and basically lost sight of everything and became a little bitch.


  55. Davin Rock says

    If you have any doubts, you boys go back and listen to “Cater 2 U” by Destiny Child. These chicks ain’t playing, they want and need to serve to us.

  56. Christian says

    Hey Vic,

    So how do you think I should go about getting a girl to like me initially? I mean I feel like I can’t just walk up to her and demand she loves me or hooks up with me? I’m sure this is great advice for one whos already in a relationship and I agree 100% with this post. However, I am not sure how to get the relationship started in the initial meeting and hookup stages

  57. says

    I normally don’t comment but I have to say this.

    I just watched a scene from Divorce Court and I instantly thought about you and this article when I saw this:
    That’s just too funny.

    Anyway, thank you for not only this article, but all of your other articles in this website. It certainly has changed me. For instance…
    I was a vegetarian for almost a year (July 2013 – May 2014). When I became disillusioned by these articles, I completely stopped the bullshit and started eating meat again. I especially stopped consuming any soy products; I don’t want to turn into an emasculated faggot. Although my mom doesn’t make it easy for me to obtain meat (I’m 17 years old — still living under my mom’s house [she’s a vegan supporter]), I still try to eat whatever meat I can get my hands on. Also I have to say pertaining to meat… it’s funny when you look in the past, eating meat was seen as a luxury. Nowadays, it’s seen as a political decision. It’s ridiculous.
    I have also started to try bodybuilding. Although I don’t have access to any gyms at the moment (I won’t until my senior year of school starts), I try to use heavy things in my household and go from there. I never tried the farmers’ walk yet, but I want to. Maybe I’ll just put heavy things inside two backpacks, leave my house, and start from there (unless if the backpacks break, lol).

    Thanks again.

  58. Rubi Dechambre says

    I’m a women and I have to say this article is completely true. Victor Pride huge fan of your work.

  59. Stevan Flores says

    Hey victor I was reading a few of your articles on my mobile and wanted to post some comments, however I had to annoyingly scroll all the way down just to post this one. …

  60. K says

    Victor’s Be Selfish = I don’t have time for anything, except what I am doing. I have a mission in life, help me or get out of my sight. Clarify – is this is right?

    Also: be selfish doesn’t mean, don’t bother to please her in bed…does it? Just to clarify. Thanks for your precision on this point.

  61. P.S. says

    I believe that women liking selfish man is something that comes from their nature. I mean It’s them who gives birth to a human being while withstanding tremendous amount of pain yet after the baby comes out they put a happy smile on their faces thinking about the future of their sweetheart who they will have no problem getting up at night for. Vic is right political correctness is how weak gained “strength”.

  62. says

    Girls asks for my number in gym, we start texting. we go out to the club together that night, i lost her when she went outside to her friends, she was gone too long so i started making out with another real cute girl. Don’t think she saw anything. The next week we go out again. We were making out then she started eying up some guy. She see the other random dude make out with some girl and gets pissed off, seriously wtf. I go to the bathroom and come back to her all over this guy. I leave fuck her. But how should I play it if I just want to fuck her once? She is only in the country for a few months.

  63. Daniel says

    There’s a common misconception out there that being selfish is a bad thing. This is wrong! Selfish people are the ones who make the world go round, who create art and civilization. Selfishness is the key to living a happy, successful life.

    A lot of people are getting the wrong idea here!

    Being selfish doesn’t mean exploiting others just for your own greedy desires. Selfishness is not using others, or making them serve you, or removing yourself from people. Selfishness is being primarily interested in your own goals. Selfishness has nothing to do with other people – a selfish person who hurts others is a contradiction in terms and a low-life. A selfish person is concerned with their self, and has no need to hurt others.

    With the possible exception of your parents, no one else is looking out for you (and your parents may get it wrong sometimes, even if they have good intentions). That means that you are the only one really on your side — so it’s your job to put you first! That’s not being selfish — it’s being logical.

    • Peter says

      So what if the man wants a woman who is more than a disgusting servant, more than an inferior creature, more than a tool to be used and manipulated, he wants someone who is in many ways an equal (BUT indeed a feminine WOMAN) because that’s the highest form of happiness a human can achieve? Should that man just give up on women and real relationships alltogether?

      • TheGreyWolf says

        “Should that man just give up on women and real relationships alltogether?”


        I have strengths and weaknesses. My strengths include my spirituality, integrity, and strong work ethic. My weaknesses include weak discipline and poor personal health habits.

        I found a woman who prizes my being more than my body. She is my cook, my maid, my whore, and my best friend. I enjoy her in every way.

        She wants to please me. She wants me to lead the marriage. And in our marriage, we continue to get better for, and because of, each other.

        This isn’t my blog so I won’t go on a rant, but you can have it all; but remember this:

        In the bank of life you have to make large deposits before you make large withdrawals.

        Too many people are overdrawn.

        Simplified; if you want a great woman, be a great man.

  64. Ulugbek says

    Confused. I have a sister who is married to a Man who fits the ‘selfish’ Alpha here. And she is not very happy. He doesn’t help with the housework, he has a good job (she does too) but he’s pretty lazy in the house. She is frustrated and doesn’t enjoy ‘serving’ her man.

    What I can take from this advice is why a lot of divorces happen. The guy is selfish, and doesn’t balance ‘Alpha’ qualities with, generally speaking being a nice person (nope, not the nice guy you talk about). If men follow this advice, there will be an increase in divorces and less successful relationships. That’s what I think anyway. You need to draw a balance between Alpha and Nice. No extremes are healthy.

    My sisters marriage would become a whole lot better if he just washes the dishes sometimes and helps with the housework etc. What kind of ‘Man’ says GET ME THE WATER. You wouldn’t speak like that to your boss at work, so why your wife? How much of a ‘man’ does that make you?

    Also, there are a few things need answering here:

    1) What about hitting/physical violence your girlfriend, is that your version of ‘Alpha, selfish’?
    2) When can you be nice to your wife or girlfriend?
    3) Being selfish to a certain extent may be good. But if gone too far, you’re a prick right? Why treat your wife differently to your friends?
    4) Why not show this attitude to people in society rather than picking on weak women?
    5) Comparing women to dogs is horrible. Is your mother a dog too?
    6) Do you as the Alpha male described here, have the right to cheat with other women? Yet restrict your wife doing so?
    7) What about porn? Do you watch porn and say “I don’t give a fuck, I’m a man and I like other women too!”. Is porn manly too in this case?

    Enlighten me so.

      • Ulugbek says

        Ok, so let’s clear something up. I am a 21 year old student just finished University, and am now starting to build my own business. I don’t have a damn boss. I was referring to most people who read your site, I would assume most of them have bosses.

        Egoistic, narcissist issues perhaps? You come off as quite a hateful person. Insulting, teaching others to be selfish and hateful is a very, very poor trait. A real man doesn’t treat a women as a slave, neither is he a slave. There’s a balance, something you don’t speak of and perhaps you don’t want to admit you’re wrong. You’re just another kid in a mans body. Grow up.

        • PM says

          hateful? shut up man there’s no hate, its all about gender roles. maybe if your sister didn’t have a job she would be more happy just cleaning and cooking haha. My mother never worked, always cooked and cleaned and my father always worked and thats all. they have been married for 35+ year, so your divorce theory is wrong. You just dont have the balls to tell them girls what to do.

        • Maple says

          Give up. They would never face any challenges and they simply say ‘no’ to those challenging them like you, as stated in the article, or simply labeling them ‘sissy’. Just be yourself, you are the elite and those so-called alphas are bound to pay for their ignorance and arrogance some day.

    • Daniel says

      So you consider your wife your boss? HAHAHAHAHAHA

      I guess we finally found your balls… Rolling around next to the eyeliner and tampons in your wife’s purse while she’s fucking a big hulking black guy.

    • says


      Stop trolling.

      “I have a sister who is married to a Man who fits the ‘selfish’ Alpha here. And she is not very happy.”

      Happiness is a choice. She chooses to be unhappy and frustrated.

      “He doesn’t help with the housework, he has a good job (she does too) but he’s pretty lazy in the house. She is frustrated”

      Did she marry him in the belief that he would her maid?
      You say they both work, so they can hire a maid.
      Solution: Hire someone to do the housework.

      “If men follow this advice, there will be an increase in divorces and less successful relationships.”
      Really? So far, you’ve stated your sister’s husband is selfish because he’s not playing the role of ‘maid’ after working all day, therefore, she’s frustrated (and she’s not happy).

      “My sisters marriage would become a whole lot better if he just washes the dishes sometimes and helps with the housework etc”

      Wow, there you go again, he’s not a maid, and you’re regurgitating her words that entertainment narrative writers have fed her through all popular media in whatever part of the world they live in.

      Your list shows you projecting your own issues onto the artist that wrote this post.

      “7) What about porn? Do you watch porn and say “I don’t give a fuck, I’m a man and I like other women too!”. Is porn manly too in this case?”

      Your #7 is the final proof that you’re a troll:

      All of us stay away from porn for a lot of reasons, including the fact that it LOWERS TESTOSTERONE. None of us here want to lower our MALE hormone levels.

      Educate yourself. Buy Victor Pride’s book “30 Days of Discipline” which includes leaving out the habit of watching porn.

      The benefits of ABSOLUTELY NO PORN USAGE is a regular theme on this blog:
      READ IT!

  65. DancesWithBears says

    Spot on.

    Not doing this is the cause of many more divorces than doing it.

    I would add that it’s a different kind of selfish — not selfish as a child, but selfish as the head of a pack. He can’t just lay around and demand that his wishes be fulfilled.

    You have to actually do the things the Alpha does — i.e., provide resources, protect, and set strategic direction.

    Wives making more money than their husbands is a problem precisely because of this — unless the woman wisely submits to the man despite this, she partly assumes the responsibility of the Alpha, and tries to claim the spoils. There can’t be two kings in one kingdom.

    Also, it’s not an issue of saying or not saying “please” when you ask for water. Don’t get caught up in semantics. It’s about the fact that you lead, she follows. And if she doesn’t follow but it’s the right thing to do, you will go anyway.

    • Vyacheslav says

      This one line really stuck out to me “She takes her cues from you” That is so true, women are ten times more emotionally attuned to deal with non verbal cues than we are. its not just what youre saying, its how you say it, your tone of voice, whether you phrase it as a question or as a demand.. Im not saying be a complete asshole all the time, but i think that using dominance in harmless situations, such as, telling her to bring you some water in a brusque manner, or saying youre going to watch a movie without asking for her input as to the selection.. I think that small acts of dominance such as these are harmless yet go a long way toward conveying a dominant, leadership attitude which i do believe women are subliminally drawn to…. One of the biggest things Ive realized personally just from past experience is that you should never have those situations where neither of you knows what to do, like what to eat or watch or where to go and both of you are like “i dont know, what do you wna do?” if that situation comes up, instantly make a decision .. Because that kinda hesitation and indecision comes off as what? insecure, i.e. the worst quality in a man.

  66. says

    “The man is the leader. That’s all their is to it.”

    Unapologetically, “their” should be there. Otherwise this post and this whole fucking blog is perfect.

    This was the father figure I never had growing up. You have shined light on so many things. I’ve gotten more from this blog than anything in the past week I’ve been on it. You’ve inspired me to become selfish and stop caring what others think about me. Thank you Victor.

  67. Alpha Wolf says

    Victor. Good site. I have been reading your articles for a couple of weeks and i def agree with this one. Some people dont get it. Selfish is not acting like a prick is knowing what you want , never quit , dont put up with crap from people and dont let your woman control you. That doesnt mean you have to be an asshole to her but give her control and she will run all over you. Here is a quote i found.”The wolf may be weaker than the lion or bear, but he never plays in the circus”

  68. anima basnar says

    we has been wired by the creator/programmer of universe. just follow through will make this life damn easier.

    Easier word,

  69. Juni says

    Hi Vic. You brought up many interesting points in this article. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    There was a typo in here where you used “their” when you meant “they’re.”
    This is a common grammatical error. Please be careful in future posts. Your writing is compelling and direct – both traits that I admire. However, small errors like this may sometimes reduce the writer’s credibility. You’re a good writer. Please don’t make these mistakes – only lazy writers do that. Cheers Vic. You have inspired me with this blog.

  70. Ibracadabra12 says

    In most cases he is right but dont take it too serious. Just keep the balance or your relation wont last long…

  71. Carlos says

    Hi Victor,
    You are the man. This is priceless.
    Short story to confirm your article:
    I had 4 serious relationships (over 3 years) and I can tell you that with 3 of them I was the Alpha selfish you describe. They loved me more than anything in the world. I cheated on one of them and she loved me even more! She said that she was going to fight for what she loved. I can remember that 2 of them once even said that ´I would give my life for you´. The last one was a focus career woman, very attractive, super hot. I felt in love with her and treated her very nice. Cooking, massage, presents. The whole pack for her. I was a pussy, I have to admit jajaja. She treated me like shit! It took me a while to weak up. Then I told her to f… off.
    I hope my experiences help others.
    Victor I´d like to ask you if you have any former psychology studies or education. I am very impressed with your ability to describe the human behaviour. If so, could you recommend what to study please?
    Thank you for all the valuable information you are giving us. Your work is very appreciated.



  72. Khin Swe Myint says

    I’ve tried other pheromones, but Rxattraction spray is pretty decent. I like it, the girls like it. I can’t complain too much wish the oil had a dropper for better application other than that it works!!

  73. derrick says

    what about long distance relationships? im in college and my girl is selfish af because im nice to her. so ibviously shes taking that for granted now and weird. so hwo should i turn around into this “älpha”type thing without her being surprised by the change and leaving?

  74. Dan says

    I always find myself coming back to victors blog for motivation. And it rings true. You have to be selfish and have your own goals and own aspirations in life. This is nothing about being a dick head or a “bad boy” all that stuff is acting for insecure boys. This is about being your own man and having your own goals and not being ruled by your dick. Its amazing the length guys will go (me included in the past)just to get a little bit of pussy or love and affection from a woman. Its sickening. All men should spend their time working on themselves. Achieve physical perfection , mental clarity and spiritual peace. live Spartan and put your money into things that will help you become an arse kicker, like training yourself up to become a consultant in a certain field or play around with stocks and strive towards creating a business. spend your spare time working or lifting weights and doing productive things like learn an instrument or read interesting topics. When you go out , go out to have fun with your friends have a good dinner drink some scotch down some beers, don’t give a shit about the women. Don’t fall into the trappings of society just in order to attract women(huge debt). Be your own Man. Men spend their whole lives doing everything for women, Huge house, mass debts, working and inescapable 9-5 and they get shit on for the honour of doing so. The house and kids and wife used to work for men back in the day, but its expensive now and you are never the king of your castle unless you are earning a huge amount of cash.

    • Dan says

      Continued: Its amazing how I still see Men doing this in the UK. entering into a duel mortgage contract with another full time working women. The prices of houses here are absolutely insane now. But men still do this , and then have kids and end up paying someone else thousands a year in childcare costs. The only logical reason to buy a house over here now is if you get someone else to move in to pay your rent and eventually sell it on and make money off it. The whole system is different now but people are still running of the same software mantra. I think people are so stupid they would continue to do it if it took 4 people to achieve the same life that a few generations ago took 1 person to achieve. A guy could have wife house and kids off one wage back in the day. I know the social stigma is bad to stay at home with the parents but seriously do it unless you can find a cheap rent accommodation, and spend your money on pursuits that are going to make you more well off in the future and that will enhance your life now. Times have changed too much to hold onto the same life that our grandparents had. If you want that you got to move abroad , or earn an absolutely massive income to do it on western soil

  75. Mike G says

    Holly Shit Victor,

    I’m fucking rolling on the floor. You are a funny motherfucker. I love it. Keep up the good work!

  76. says

    Where do we have to put love in this discussion about getting pussy by being selfish?
    I get your Point Victor Pride. Do you also feel lonely without your Girl? Do you even love?

  77. Nikos Miou says

    You truly affect people!Thank you so much for your GOLDEN tips!Keep up!Your man,Nikos from Hellas!

  78. Drew says

    This article is bada$$ and priceless. I have always been told by all my girlfriends how selfish I am. Until I read this article I was a bit concerned I should tone it down a bit. F*ck that!!! There is no Plan B…thanks Vic, you da man!!!


  79. Caleb says

    Bro, you brag on grammar but post “When the dog has a firm owner and knows it’s boundaries it is a whole lot happier, and the owner is happy because he’s got himself a loving, obedient dog.”? C’mon now: It’s ‘its boundaries”!

      • Caleb says

        Hahaha I’m no idiot!

        January 13, 2010 8:30 am Victor Pride:
        I have a proofreader going over every article and fixing every typo. Just takes time.

        It’s been almost six months! In any event, when your “typo” becomes a grammar area you look like an idiot.

        • Victor Pride says

          “It’s been almost six months! In any event, when your “typo” becomes a grammar area you look like an idiot.”

          A grammar area? Idiot.

          • says

            Hey Mr. Pride I Love The article…do you have some more examples of how to show your a selfish person when u first meet the girl…what i like to do when i first meet a woman is tell her to take me out on a date (just as a joke) but i would like to know some examples of how to be more selfish when i first meet a woman,,,


  80. RealTrue says

    With Most women nowadays that are very high maintenance, independent, selfish, and very spoiled, is a very good reason as to why many of us Good men are still single today. Not our Fault.

  81. Kevin19 says

    This article has some good points. The problem with nice guys is that they are too nice to the point that they put other people first before their own needs. This turns off woman really fast because women don’t like wimps and weak men. But that doesn’t mean that women like assholes either. I find that contrary to popular belief, women generally still find a gentleman with class to be attractive.

  82. Randy says

    I have to agree. Nice guys don’t even finish. I just lost out again due to being naive and foolish and sappy. I am ashamed of how easily I seem to revert to sap, when I am interested in a woman. Thanks for the advice. It won’t ever happen again. My dad never taught me how to do it, so I’ve been winging it, with abysmal results. Thanks a bunch, Victor.

  83. Lady says

    Honestly this might work on most girls but I am attracted to a guy that is himself and is a nice guy. I teasingly decided to never talk to a guy again because he decided to play this stupid selfish bs weak game. Real women & yes even nice women like nice guys.

  84. Jim says

    Victor I found this article fascinating and I know from my own experience it is true and does ‘work’ however, it has always lead to me hurting girls a lot – and whether this comment is alpha or not – it doesn’t feel good to make others feel bad

    How about the wise old statement ‘do unto others as you would they should do unto you?’ Treat others how you want to be treated etc

    I agree with everything you said in how to be attractive and difference between masculine and feminine and for that matter all of you articles

    I hope you can take the time to reposnd to this.

    My question is – does it honestly make all women happy to be treated this way?

    Thai and most Asian women are second class citizens and they are brought up in this manner – so the man being selfish is all they have ever known. Then again thai women do seem in general more happy than the west.

  85. Nah4 says

    Ever since I’ve stopped giving a fuck about what women they flock to me. 1 week ago I fucked some girl off tinder – made her do a 100 mile round trip to pick me up and drop me off home – I didn’t offer her a penny toward petrol.

    I got to her house, helped myself to her food, put what music I wanted on, watched what I wanted – went out and played poker at the local casio while she stayed back at the house (told her not to distract me when playing poker, it’s my job and I do not need any annoyances).

    She messaged me saying she has never been so attracted to anyone ever – she loved how I owned her and dominated her the entire time.

    Fuck all this bullshit about being a nice guy to women – do exactly what you want when you want, when you want and they will love it. Women love a guy who doesn’t give her a say and dominates her. It seems the less I give a fuck about them the more they want me.

  86. yung fish says

    Honestly, Victor, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Acting selfish and what loser fuckboys call “douchey” has gotten me plenty of women. You’re an inspiration bro. Keep spreading the word and keep grinding.