The Old School ‘Steak and Eggs’ Diet for Fat Loss, Balanced Energy, and Increased Testosterone

When it comes to burning body fat simplicity is often overlooked in favor of needlessly complicated systems and plans for losing weight. People will needlessly try to count calories, mix and match several different ingredients to “activate their fat-burning” abilities, eliminate all high calorie foods, or drink nothing but juice for a week. And they end up right back where they started – with unwanted body fat!

Well, I am here to tell you there is an easier way, a simpler way, and a funner way.

It’s called ‘Steak and Eggs‘.

The Steak and Eggs diet was developed by famous bodybuilding trainer Vince Gironda as a way to burn off all excess body fat.

It is the simplest diet in existence and it is one of the most effective.

The Steak and Eggs diet is exactly what it sounds like – you eat Steak and Eggs, cooked in butter, and you watch the fat melt off.

You eat only two meals per day: Breakfast and Supper, or Lunch and Dinner. For meal #1 you eat 3/4 lb to 1 1/2 pounds of steak and 4-6 eggs. For meal #2 you eat the exact same thing. Cook your Steak and Eggs in butter, as much butter as you want, and season with salt and pepper. Prepare your eggs any way you like, fried, scrambled, sunny side up, poached, or hard boiled. No carbohydrates, no vegetables, no other foods, no snacks, no drinks except water, black coffee and unsweetened tea.

Every 6th day is a cheat day and you can eat whatever you want. Ice cream, pies, alcohol, McDonalds – nothing is off limits.

That’s 5 days of Steak and Eggs and one day of glorious gluttony. Repeat until lean.

Isn’t it hard to eat only Steak and Eggs?

It is only mentally hard. Physically you feel great on this diet. Once you get past the mental aspect of eating the same thing it’s as easy as going to McDonalds and ordering a #3 supersized with a coke.

Won’t I be hungry all the time if I just eat two meals of Steak and Eggs?

At first maybe. After you get used to it you will not even notice hunger. Fat and protein are very satiating and fulfilling. It is when we eat carbohydrates that our bodies signal us to eat more and more. Everyone knows the joke about being hungry 30 minutes after eating Chinese food – because it is mostly rice and other carbohydrates. Fat and protein provide long lasting energy. Someone can sit around and snack on carbohydrates like potato chips and cookies all day but you cannot snack on steak all day because you will get full.

But isn’t Steak and Eggs cooked in Butter high in fat and unhealthy?

It is high in fat, yes. Unhealthy, no. What you don’t hear on the nightly news is that saturated fat is essential for health, vitality and testosterone. You can simply take a look around you and notice how many obese people avoid fat like it is evil incarnate. Well that’s just plain untrue. Fat is essential for maintaining a lean weight. You need to eat fat because fat provides steady energy throughout the day. When you don’t eat fat you simply keep eating (in humans it’s called snacking, in animals it’s called grazing). All grazing animals are fat and all snacking humans are fat.

How does the Steak and Eggs diet burn body fat?

The Steak and Eggs diet is a ketogenic diet. That means it is a high-fat, moderate protein, zero carbohydrate diet. When carbohydrates are eliminated as a source of energy your body is forced to burn fat as fuel. For the ketogenic diet to work you must eat high fat and not eat carbohydrates.

How does the Steak and Eggs diet give you balanced energy?

On the Steak and Eggs diet you do not consume any carbohydrates. When you eat carbohydrates you spike your insulin which results in bursts of energy and fatigue. Everyone at the office knows of the after lunch slump when all you want to do is sleep. That is because of the carbohydrates consumed at lunch. When you eliminate the carbohydrates you eliminate the insulin spikes and your energy stays steady throughout the day.

Vince Gironda - a Lean, Mean, Steak Eating Machine

Vince Gironda – a Lean, Mean, Steak Eating Machine

How does the Steak and Eggs diet increase testosterone?

Simple. Fat and cholesterol are the building blocks of testosterone and must be consumed in order to naturally increase testosterone.

Can I eat other meats besides Steak?

Well then it wouldn’t be the Steak and Eggs diet would it? If you need to replace a meal here or there with another meat it is no problem, but keep the bulk of the diet Steak, Eggs and butter.

Won’t I be missing out on essential vitamins and minerals if I am not eating vegetables?

Let’s see. 3 ounces of beef provides the same amount of Iron as 2 3/4 cups of raw spinach. 4 ounces of beef gives you 40% of your daily requirement of Zinc. 4 ounces of beef gives you 40% of your daily requirement of Selenium. 4 ounces of beef gives your nearly 50% of your daily requirement of vitamin B12 and 25% of your daily requirement of vitamin B6. Beef is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Eggs contain Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium.

How long should I do this diet?

As long as you want to or need to.

Who is the Steak and Eggs diet for?

Anyone who wants to naturally burn some body fat, lose weight, have steady energy and increase testosterone.

Rules to Remember:

Don’t be afraid of eating fat! You MUST eat high fat in order for this diet to work. If you eat zero carbohydrates and low fat your body will go into what it called Rabbit Starvation (or protein poisoning). Protein by itself is toxic and must be accompanied by carbohydrates or fats.

Never give in and snack on “just one”. It is never just one, it will always lead to more and more until eventually you’ve eaten the whole box.

Alcohol is off limits while on the Steak and Eggs diet.

Remember, five days in a row of Steak and Eggs, one day of high carbohydrates, lower fat cheat day. You will notice after your carbohydrates cheat day you will look great in the mirror. That is because your muscles may look flat and depleted while on a ketogenic diet, when you eat carbohydrates they fill up with water and look spectacular.

Update: Want my favorite Steak and Eggs recipe plus three additional recipes for a lean and mean body?
Click here to get them delivered free.

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  1. Stuart says

    Do you not need some fibre with the steak and egg diet to avoid crazy constipation? I’ve found too many eggs and/or liver tablets need to be followed with a serious amount of fibre………

      • Cam says

        Can this work for the over 50 woman who is hormone depleted and losing fat is difficult. How safe is it? I would like to try this, how long can one stay on it?? Thanks!

        • milly says

          Hi there! I’m no nutritionist but I wouldn’t recommend the steak and eggs diet for your age bracket and goals – I’d guess this particular diet is for people that want to lose the fat quickly for an event (bodybuilding, acting etc) or something. Of course once they go back to their regular diet they’re gonna gain everything they lost right back.
          You can still try keto though – high fat, moderate protein, low carb – and get all the nutrients you need without being constipated from lack of fibre. Here’s a link to help you get started:
          Good luck Cam, wishing you all the best :) x

          • JTC5 says

            increasing your fat intake helps you go to the bathroom, so in reality theres no need for fiber :) so no constipation

          • Craig says

            Losing weight is losing weight. You don’t magically and instantly gain weight back once you stop the low carb diet versus other diets and weight loss methods. You will only gain it back by returning to a bad diet. Once you lose enough weight, resort to a sensible diet and exercise to maintain it. I took off 40 pounds with a low carb diet and didn’t gain the weight back. I never understood people who said “You gain it all back once you stop”, and coming from a supposed nutritionist is even more baffling.

        • Ralph says

          No! It’s called a steak and eggs diet for a reason. Cheese is… really, really not correlated with healthy diets ANYWHERE. The french can do OK on it, but they’re about moderation, which means not eating like a fat american. Also, they eat cheese by ITSELF. Putting cheese ON things is a horrible, horrible trend. No. Cheese is a cheat. It’s high fat, lactose, and low protein (whey protein comes from the skimming of protein from cheese!), and not going to do you well. Get over it. You probably drink sugary drinks too. Simple is best, stick with the plan!

          • Alex says

            Your response is actually quite ignorant. Read the last part again in the article where it talks about how higher fat is NECESSARY for this diet to avoid protein poisoning. Adding cheese would do just that, add more fat without as much protein.

            You are unnecessarily rude in your comment, and need to get over yourself. Also, don’t respond to people if you don’t have a freaking clue what you are talking about…

          • Matt says

            This guy is fucking retarded. Ever heard of Mongolia? go there, bet you won’t see very many fat people, and basically all they eat is fucking milk, cheese, milk and cheese byproducts, goat, beef, and other animal parts. Victor’s post is spot on, the comments section is filled w/ fucking retards though.

    • says


      I found that drinking A LOT of water helps prevent constipation while doing the steak and eggs diet. Aim for at least a gallong a day. Good luck!


  2. Scott says

    have been interested in starting this diet for a while and i found a friend to do it with yesterday, we started today! Just bought 6 dozen free range eggs and 27lbs of good steak!!! Time to feast!!

    • Scott says

      So we ate strictly steak and eggs for three weeks straight with a few cheat meals (thanksgiving etc.) I lost a good 5lbs and i was already pretty lean, six pack is much more visible now. My friend lost a good 15lbs in the first two weeks and we had plenty of constant energy, and felt great. So many people thought we were crazy, you need your veggies, blah, blah, blah…..80% of conventional wisdom is flat out wrong! If your thinking of doing this, it’s worth it.

    • nmiller says

      hey, hows it going.. i was curious calories do u bother with? and do u think great for taking the weight off , femalse and males?

  3. Jeff says

    Can’t afford, at this point, steak every day but I have a few steaks, ground beef, pork, chicken, turkey, eggs, just a few apples and bananas…feeling stronger than ever. Just implemented IF as well hoping to knock a few bodyfat percentage points off without losing muscle.

    • Victor Pride says

      Lately I’ve been really into meat on a bone, like ribs and leg of Lamb. I haven’t been eating too much steak or eggs, but lots of boney meat.

  4. derrick Taylor says

    How often can I eat on my cheat day. Twice or three times that day? Can I go 6 days on the diet and 1 day cheat?

    • Victor Pride says


      Experiment and see what works for you. I ate one normal meal to start the day and then ate 2-3 cheat meals. Sure you could go to 6 days or even 4 days and see how it works.

  5. Steve says

    as a possible fiber solution, i cut up bits of steak and put it in my chili. are beans against this diet or simply a necessary addition for some?

  6. John says

    This diet works, even tough I slipped and drank on the cheat day. Anyway Weight progress, 325 before, week 1 317, week 2 306. Also I totaled how much i spend on food and it’s about as much as I spend on food before. I used to buy all sorts of candy and other shit even on a “paelo” diet.

  7. Timo says

    I agree this steak and eggs into a certain point. Ketogenic diet has certainly been effective for me, first time I did it I lost 17 pounds in a month. Insert intermittent fasting and you are pretty much there. However, if I’ve been training like a sport that requires high intensity (such as Muay Thai, Ice Hockey, or a circuit type hypertrophy training with weights) I do seem to be sluggish. I just don’t have the energy or the perform properly. Also I noticed back in Thailand when I did like 5-8 hours of training per day, you couldn’t just recover from the training with absence of carbohydrates. So my opinion is, yes, a good diet if purely fat loss is considered (Allthough I’d throwe in some healthy fats too sometimes, like nuts, avocado, or wild salmon) But in athletic performance, I just can’t produce and recover when carbohydrates are absent.

    • says

      You are exactly correct. The steak and eggs diet is just a very low carb/zero carb diet. The diet is ketogenic so your body will start burning fat for energy. It certainly can be an effective fat loss strategy, but it is a tool. It is not an end all be all. Carbs are important for energy and even testosterone production. If you have a very high activity level, do sports, or are lean to begin it would be unwise to cut out carbs, as they provide an excellent source of energy. I would recommend the steak & eggs diet to people who are mostly sedentary and are looking for a short term aggressive fat loss strategy, and then, I would have them change to something more sustainable. Even Vince Gironda (the creator of this diet) advocated phases of eating vegetables to clean out your system.

  8. says

    Yeah, this shit works

    Did it in college in the mid ’90’s although it was 5 day-2 day(The Anabolic Diet) and my friends were juicing and I was doing that
    combined with the Big Beyond Belief program…and everyone thought I was juicing

    I was getting leaner and my muscles were just popping out

    Now I am 39 and self employed which is good…I just had a habbit of boozing too much…and you can probably figure out the

    So just bought a shit load of steaks(I got ribeyes, new yorks, top sirloins, tbones….all kinds of shit)…and a crap load of eggs

    Ready to start tommorow

    Keep up the good work with this bad ass blog


  9. Italian G says

    Yo Mark… Thanks for sharing with me this dudes blog. Its damn good… I can back up what Mark is saying, he did get huge. We went to the same college. I remember you in the gym, telling me about this & I was sceptical, but I do remember you were pretty yoked.

    So I don’t get it… What do you guys eat after the steak and egg days? What do you eat on day six? Are you guys saying eat carb’s only on this day?

  10. natosha miller says

    will this only work for guys
    and can one make it into 3 meals

    like cut the portions up to make it firt 3 meals breakfast lunch and dinner?

    and really does calories of the meat and eggs not matter

    • Victor Pride says

      It works for all. You can eat three meals. It is not necessary to count calories. Give it a try, hope it works out for you. Good luck.

  11. natosha miller says

    thank you, i guess i’ll slowly start out because i’ve already been eating since janurary a carnivore diet

    just grass fed bison ground, and eggs natural brown eggs love the taste
    normally 11 eggs and 9oz of bison today going to go to 12oz of bison and 11 eggs
    plus drink only water and bone marrow broth with salt substitute through out the day

    so i’ll keep up with it. I love bison so i was also wondering could this work as a substitute to the steak since its still red meat and for me easier to cook up

    • Victor Pride says


      What you are doing now should have the same effect as steak & eggs. If it is working for you I do not see a reason to change your diet, especially to one which is basically identical. You have been doing this for three months with no carbs? Is it still working for you? I see this is a temporary strategy to burn bodyfat, not necessarily a long term habit.

    • Tammy says

      Bison may be to lean to get the needed fats. You should incorporate some fatty steaks along with the bison.

  12. natosha miller says

    it has been working i just actually now seem stuck same weight like taking forever to go down any more which i really don’t need lose weight. I’m mainly eating this way to be on pure carnivore diet. nothing but meat and eggs and water.
    i guess i figure i wanted to add more meat to my diet like started today 3oz more because i seem to be hungry faster the past few days notice my stomach growls and continues too for a while 2-3 hours after normally i was able last5-6 hours before eating but now i can’t and i figure if i add few more oz of meat i can boost my metabolismit could be slowing from the lack of food and hunger so see how today goes so far no stomach growling with the extra and feel fuller happier energized better not as tired either.

    thanks for quick rely i’ll keep to what i’m doing thank you

    • Nat says

      Sometimes on a keto diet you need to lower protein as to much can be changed to clucose in the body wich is like a carb and will make you more hungry keto diets are lower protein its an easy trap to fall in.when your in keto you will taste fruit in you mouth.

  13. Simon says

    I am doing a paleo diet at the moment. Lost about 16 pounds of my already lean frame. However the paleo diet involves me eating vegetables. I also cook my steak in vegetable oil.

    Is there something wrong with cooking in vegetable oil instead of butter? Also what is wrong with vegetables (or are they just not productive).

    • Victor Pride says

      This isn’t a paleo diet, it’s a ketogenic diet which means no carbohydrates which means no veggies.

      “I also cook my steak in vegetable oil.”

      I can’t imagine that tastes very good. Butter is better for you and it tastes better. Butter is win win!

    • Lucere says

      I would avoid all vegetable oils. They’re highly inflammatory. When frying stick to saturated fatty oils. Butter, coconut oil, and ghee. Ghee is excellent. High smoke point. Don’t fry with olive oil either. Use extra virgin olive oil only for drizzling over foods. Look for unfiltered EVO from spain, italy, greece, or even california. They can found at whole foods or trader joes.

      As for meat. I would only buy grass-fed meats and game meats. Try and find a local buying club and get to know the person who raises the animals. When buying in bulk from these clubs, you’ll save a lot.

      When people stop buying crap (profitable foods) chips, packaged food, frozen foods. High quality meat and eggs don’t seem that expensive anymore.

      Even organic eggs are a scam. You have to find a local source who sells pastured eggs where the hens are outside in the sun pecking around for worms, insects, etc.

      These commercial organic eggs from hens who are kept in warehouses and fed “organic” corn, soy,etc are all BS.

  14. natosha miller says

    quick question..

    was curious i hear that red meat like bison and beef have cla which good for metabolism and speeds weight loss is that why this diet plan works so well and does it really allow no matter your weight to eat just as stated that amount of meat and eggs cause so far i went to 12oz of bison grass fed and still 11 eggs and broth but moving to like thinking 16oz so a ppound meat and slow increase since weight isn’t increasting but actually might feel bit leaner now eating more . Is this possible ?

    • Victor Pride says

      If it happened it’s possible, ya? Real deal, the diet works because you’re eating less than you would if you ate carbs.

    • Tammy says

      Eggs are a natural fat burner because eggs contain the vitamin B12, which breaks down and burns fat within the body.

  15. Ben says

    I am in the army. I cant eat steak and eggs everyday. I can never eat it actually. What can I substitute instead. I can bring foods from home but I need food that doesn’t need any cooking. I have access to tuna. Would eating 2 or 3 cans of tuna a meal twice a day be alright?

    • Victor Pride says


      Eat whatever they toss in front of you. Pay attention to keeping the protein high and keep the junk carbs low and you will be fine. Good luck.

      • Ben says

        First, thank you for replying so quickly. I can really respect that. I also like your blog it’s great.
        As for the food. The problem is we usually eat one meat meal and two dairy. In the dairy meals we have pasta some vegetables bread and sour cream or some sort of white cheese.
        For meat meals we have schnitzel chicken breast or some sort of burger with- you guessed it! – pasta vegetables and bread.
        These are all carbohydrates. What should I do?

        • Victor Pride says


          Are you trying to lose weight / fat? If you aren’t trying to lose I wouldn’t worry about it. I would just eat whatever and hit the weights hard. If you are trying to lose I would load up on meat and veggies and cut back on all the carbo’s.

  16. natosha miller says

    hi i’m curious i wonder if my weight loss stopped because i’m eating very low fat i mean i have 11 eggs natural antibiotic free eggs and bison ground lean meat 12oz-13oz a day and bone beef marrow broth 6 cups a day. Should i try adding more calories and maybe grass fed cheddar or dairy for more nutrition and fat or is it ok cause i’m trying to lose weight to eat low fat and not to high in fat? or should i add more fat and is dairy an ok option from raw,grassfed cows

  17. Hunter says

    Loving the I.F. way of eating. Want to start the steak and eggs diet, but am unable to cook eggs and steak at work for lunch. Would it be feasable to only enjoy the one major meal during the week and have two on weekends when I am able to cook two? Thanks Hunter

    • Victor Pride says


      You can definitely try it. I find it very hard to eat a ton of meat in one sitting. You could also try bringing some hard-boiled eggs to work and eating them for lunch. If you try eating steak and eggs as one meal per day let me know how it goes.

      Good luck.

      • Hunter says

        So it would be advisable to have some eggs for lunch (around 12-1), go home around 5, work out, then have my big main meal?

  18. natosha miller says

    question is the way the food cooked mean any thing like well done to medium or rare or does cooking amount doesn’t matter?

  19. scatmaster says

    Was directed to this site by a google search on Paleo foods.
    I may be missing something but is this diet for body builders only?
    I am trying to lose weight. I had a heart attack two years ago and lost 25% of my heart muscle and am pretty sedentary by your standards. I take walks do normal daily routines (cleaning house, cutting lawns, etc). I am 295 pounds on a 6’4″ frame. I take multiple cardiac related drugs. Lipitor, nova-metropolol, etc. Would this diet be safe for me to try?
    Should I try for a month and then get re-checked by a doctor? I would like to be about 195 and get my testosterone back. With all those medications running through me I am the first thing to wake up in the morning these days if you get my drift.

    • Victor Pride says

      Yeah, guy, this will work for the obese. Give it a shot. And if I were you I would look into getting off of those statin drugs ASAP. And I would go to the doctor and say “Doctor, I clearly have low testosterone. I would like to start HRT asap”. Good luck.

      • Ray says

        Vic, Whats the most you have seen someone lose on the Steak n Eggs diet and how long did it take? I LOVE this diet. Except I do it, like Gironda did it and have a SMALL salad at night(Spinach Lettuce & Romaine Lettuce, thats it)

  20. Eli says

    1 week so far and the results are awesome. Now that I’ve adapted to ketosis, not only am I losing fat like a motherfucker, but I can think more clearly too.

    Also steak and eggs take approximately no time to cook, which is a godsend.

        • Ricky says

          Hey, Im 6’2 275 FAT. would you suggest a set amount of protein to shoot for. I was thinking maybe 200-250g protein daily to lose fat and maintain muscle. Is that reasonable?

          Also I know you said drink water with meals BUT if I had zero carb shakes (isopure) with my meals to help get me to 200-250g protein, is that ok?

        • Ricky says

          So are you saying protein doesn’t matter to lose weight to just do the diet and lift?

          Or should I not lift at all and just do the diet?

          This is a real question. I think you think Im bullshitting you. I just wanna know what to do to drop the fat and build some muscle.

          • Victor Pride says

            What I’m saying is you are a fatass you should not be concerned with eating MORE food, you should be concerned with eating less food. Doesn’t matter if protein or not.

        • Ricky says

          Okay got it. Eat less food. So steak and eggs will help me do this (if at a calorie deficit at the end of the day)? Should I lift while on the diet or just do cardio?

          • Victor Pride says

            Both. But lift in a circuit fashion with little rest, you want that heart beating. Yes, steak and eggs will help tremendously.

  21. Mark says

    Remember when steak and eggs were considered a one-way ticket to obesity, heart-attack and stroke? Thank goodness that nonsense is finally being put to rest. I love my steak and eggs! When I was a vegetarian I had skinny arms and legs and a fat belly. Now I’m sporting a six pack and vascular big arms, a 54 inch chest and only a 30 inch waist. Not bad for a guy who just turned 48…

  22. DONNA says


  23. Seekay says

    Incredible! 2 months so far and great results. Honestly Speaking I never believed this until I tried it. I used to eat whole grains oatmeal etc and not anymore. Now I have more energy and train harder. Got leaner too! Im eating so much fat and Im leaner. Unbelivable! Thanks so much Victor. Steaks and eggs!

  24. KJ Barnes says

    I’m doing grass-fed steak, raw eggs, and lobster tail for a week. A salad with cucumber, lettuce, and olive oil as an appetizer being the only vegetable/carbs, aside from the occasional sweet potato. Also combining this with intermittent fasting and weight lifting.

    Should kill that fat for sure.

      • tosha says

        how much butter and food did you eat..i tend have big appetite and wonder how it worked for you..i fear i’d overdo it

        • Roy Walker says

          Most vegetable oils are high in Omega 6, because they are high in poly-unsatured fat, which can be a problem if you are not getting enough omega 3″s. Better using butter or lard. If you are afraid of Animal fats, then use ordinary olive oil, (not extra virgin) but don’t heat to high.

        • Roy Walker says

          Eat 80% fat, (butter , lard, olive oil, coconut fat), and 20% protein, (meat, fish, eggs), for 30 days, then see how you are going, Eat until you are full, it is very hard to over eat, because it is so filling and satisfying. Eat 2 or 3 times each day. Have coffee with full fat cream. Keep your carbs to as close to zero as possible. Remember eggs, cheese, and cream have some carbs, so be carefull there. Use artificial, sweeteners for coffee, if needed, not too many though. You will lose weight, Do not starve yourself, hunger is anti weight loss.

      • tosha says

        if i had as says above and use a bar butter a day is that = to weight gain

        2 lbs ribeye steaks 1 stick butter 12 eggs

        would that cause gain then loss?

  25. Maggie says

    Greetings Vic — I’m female, middle age and slow going on Atkins. Feel lots better though since being on the induction for the last month. Not a whole lot of weight loss though. I need to take off about 45 lbs and this steak and eggs is intriguing to me. Will this work for a mid age female — I’m working out more now — weight training, treadmill, walks — but I’m stuck — no losses this week at all. I did have my steak fried in butter today with a small bed of greens — a bit scary to go off all vegs but you all seem like you’re doing great here. You think this might work for me to get this fat moving off? Many thanks and great blog!

    • nmiller says

      hey, how is it going for you and how much do you eat. i’m curious about this diet for female and curious of your progress. ty

    • Roy Walker says

      80% – 85% fat, 15 – 20% protein, all from animal sources, try for 30 days. Eat until satisfied, coffee with full fat cream, in coffee. If you don’t lose body fat you are doing something wrong. just eat, the fattiest meat, cook it in fat, butter, have some butter in your coffee.

  26. Erik joshua says

    Hey im 15 years old is it okay if i do this diet? Im around 93 kilos and i want to use this as my fat loss diet. Would be alright fir my age?

      • Erik joshua says

        Yeah im pretty fat and my heights around 170cm. I consulted my doctor about this i didnt explain much about this article but i mentioned how i wanted to do a keto diet and she didnt agree with it. She said that im too young to be doing keto. So i was just wondering as the writer of this article, what are your views on me trying this diet?

  27. Ketogenic Guy says

    Add a green vegetable once a day. Just a small portion–like the size of the vegetable side that you get in a Steakhouse restaurant. Trust me on this one, men. Not only will it augment your vitamin and mineral intake for the day, but it will add a host of phytonutrients for health and longevity. This is a hell of a lot more important than most people realize. The caloric intake will be nil as will the net carbohydrate intake. Now, if you want, you can forego the vitamins and minerals for just the phytonutrients in a “green” drink. That’ll work, too. But, green drinks are pricey unless you are buying worthless shit off the shelf at Walmart. Here’s an idea: make your cheat day a vegetable day in which you eat green, red, yellow and orange vegetables instead of visiting McDonalds for utter malnutrition.

    • Ketogenic Guy says

      Yeah, in review of my own comment above, I see that it might appear wussy and opposite of everything that this site stands for. But, damnit, it is important. In part, western societies are sick and getting sicker today because all of our food is heavily processed and lack these phytonutrients. Even the eggs and beef (and God knows I love both) is nutrionally deficient today compared to 60-70 years ago because of how we feed and farm our animals. Eat some green, fellows. If nothing else, you will be hedging your bets down the road in preventing cancers, dementias.

      • cobue says


        i doing very well with the Steak and Egss diet, following it since 5 days for now.
        I always drink a lot of natural juice (like Grapefruit) while eating the diet.

        It´s a good way to get Vitamins and minerals and avoiding too much Carbs.
        I also supplement with Arginine, Nigella Sativa, Fishoil, Krilloil, OPC and MSM

  28. $teak&3gg$ says

    would this keep a slim person slimmer? or do you need to watch calories? cause all can be coloric and over 2000-2500

    how would one lose

  29. chris says

    Im going on a steak diet, so I googled it and found this.

    Seems I should add eggs and nothing else.

    Hope it works for me, I eat meat every day but usually load it with potatoes, chips & bread etc which isn’t good.

    I’ll be trying this purely for weight loss (fat loss… Weight isn’t everything)

    I’m fat, 27 and have a seriously damaged knee so no running or jumping from me – exercise bike, weight training and rubber bands are at my disposal though.

    I only ever eat 1-2 meals a day anyway, and I drink nothing but water already.

    So, you think it will work?

    I’m gonna add apples to my food intake as I know they are good for weight loss.

    • Daywalker says

      Chris, if I could lend a little advice. I too am 27, at 22 I was once fat. 5’9 235lbs. Now I’m 170 and about 6-7% body fat, mainly thanks to Steak and Eggs.

      Stick to the strict steak, eggs, and butter at first (or atleast as strict as you can be, as often as you can). I recommend Metamucil Fiber Supplement, 3 times a day (mixed with 100% pineapple juice and water to help your liver and kidneys and give you a boost of Vitamin C), to help digest the meat.

      After about 2 “cycles” of steak, eggs, and butter, start adding back in the “good” carbs.

      Lift heavy, and do pushups and planks for cardio. Nothing gets the heart going like holding a pushup position to failure.

      Put your mind to it Chris, and you can not fail. Its that simple.

      Enjoy eating like a man. Having men open doors for you. And having that hot blonde in the produce department scoping you out.

      • D says

        Daywalker, I was wondering if the steak and egg diet was still working for you.

        I know pineapple juice has benefits for digestion and fiber certainly helps, but does this addition throw off the steak and eggs’ “protein and fat but no carbs” profile? Is the amount insignificant?

        Also, as someone who has had success on this diet, what cuts did you stock up on? At $9 a pound or so for ribeyes ,the steak and egg budget is about $550 or so a month? I understand that getting a freezer and buying in bulk (1/4 steer at a time) will lower the cost.

  30. chris says

    Hey guys,

    Been on it for 4 days, but tonight I’ve been seriously dizzy.

    Went for a crap and went seriously light headed, and have been dizzy ever since, you think I should add a bit of carbs?

    I was thinking a hot curry for tomorrow.

  31. chris says

    OK guys, 9 days in – I’ve cut out the eggs has they are now making me heave and doubling up on meat.

    Instead of 1x 8oz steak & 4 eggs per meal, I’m eating 2 steaks – I’ve also added variety of my steaks as beef (Gammon steaks, pork loins etc) are getting hard to swallow too.


    9 days in, lost 3.5kg (5.5lb) & 2.6% Body Fat.

    • chris says

      Oh, forgot to add.

      I’ve added some ketostix to make sure I’m using my stored fat as energy, so even if I slip on my diet or eat less, this tells me if my stored fat is being burned up :-)

  32. says

    Going on this diet from today, the only supplement i plan to use is Spirulina tablets(3-4/day, for all vitamin and nutrition needs) and possibly a tbsp of flax seeds for fiber(if i have problem with evacuation ) , total carb intake with this does not exceed 2-3 g daily (that coming from flax seeds )
    Is this permitted?

  33. Chris says

    Is it cool to drink milk with the steaks? Its pretty low on carbs. And how bout nuts before bed? I heard that increases test and is also low on carbs.

  34. Lestat says

    This diet works amazingly for me.

    Meal 1 : 50 gram Whey shake w/ 2 tbsp peanut butter
    Meal 2 : 6 Whole Eggs (Egglands Best)
    Meal 3 : 50 gram Whey shake w/ 1 tbsp olive oil
    Meal 4: 8 oz Steak and 4-6 Whole Eggs, 2 Cups Green Salad
    Meal 5 : 50 gram Whey shake w/ 2 tbsp peanut butter

  35. Kristine says

    This is my ? I am 5’2 and 131 I like to be 120 I do have a muscular frame I ran a marathon n I am sick of cardio I wanna eat steak n eggs and see what it does for much do you think I would or could expect to lose over next 18 day period? How many eggs and how much meat ..I am 35 female ?

    • Victor Pride says

      You should be able to lose 10 lbs pretty fast. Eat enough steak and eggs to be full, there is no other guideline.

    • Kristine Duby says

      Thanks for QUICK response…ok one more question ….I plan on eating every time I am hungry steak and eggs no sauce on it and only water…will I lose even if not training…and will I lose a little more if I train and do light walk for cardio?

  36. Rimzey says

    I’ve bookmarked this site for about 2 months now and everytime I feel like losing weight I came back and read the top article to motivate me. I’ve always wanted to lose weight and had tried all sorts of diet but slip through the second day due to restrictions. I’m 30 years, female and I’ve always been skinny in my school days, but after my fourth child I realised I’ve gained excess weight.Because I have a secured job, I’m forced to get up early in the morning and go to the bed late. Every Friday nite, I go out and drink with my friends. This morning, I made a decision to go on this diet for 2months. I weighed myslef today – 132kgs, so this means no snacking, no alcohol etc. Wish me luck for my new life journey and I’m happier I’m not alone :)

  37. Jack says

    Yo Vic,

    First of all, wanted to say, love the site, man. You helped me out big time and I’m working on the steak and eggs diet. The only problem I have is I’m a boxer and with this diet I do not get enough sodium. Is it bad to take a multivitamin with this diet?

      • Jack says

        Hey Vic,

        Have you heard of the blood type diets? Do you think each blood type has a specific diet? Was reading about it and the lifestyle described as meat, veggies, and fruits with no grains is blood type O. What do you think of it?

        • Victor Pride says

          Jack, I’ve heard of it but I don’t buy into it. Karl Landsteiner won the nobel prize for discovering the blood types in 1909, how did people eat for thousands of years before that?

          • Denys says

            I really enjoyed reading your post and must deff all the comments. … lol. … oh my! …. but I love to keep an open mind about ideas new or old. … which brings me to the blood type “dieting” idea. … very intriguing to say the least and I agree to some extent about the way people ate a thousand years before that…. for instance I myself eat meat fat and fruit afterwards and feel absolutely wonderful energetic clear minded etc. …. which leads me back to wondering if there ain’t something to blood type dieting… not necessarily the one that is out there.. each geographical area is unique temperature wise, elevation, soil and so on… well anyways very interesting…..I’m learning allot thanks

  38. Bibi says

    Wow! This site sounds great. I am a 57 year old woman but everyone thinks I am between 35 and 39 because my skin is so clear – no wrinkles etc. I have always taken very good care of my skin .. and I used to work out like crazy years ago. Okay after 40 or 42 I noticed the weight gain slowly but surely and now that I am in menopause … it looks like I am dragging a WAGON back where my butt and hips used to be! I weight 122 kilos and at 5’9″my goal weight is 90 kilos. Sounds like a lot of weight – but I do carry a lot of muscle weight from my youth. I can wear a tight size12 jeans or a normal, size 14 jean and honestly I look great at that weight for my build. So now that I am single I have got to get it together bodywise .. or I may never get sex again! Hee hee! Anyway – thanks for this blog .. I will start my 5 days on .. 1 day off program tomorrow!!!!!!

  39. says

    Almost 3 weeks on the diet and its one of the best things ever.
    I love the 6 days on it, the only problem is, the refeed day

    On this day(7th day of the week) I eat healthy carbs and a small pizza or two, the problem is, I hate the carbo feeling now(i.e stomach bloats, my energy is totally zapped etc), is it cool to skip the refeed day? Or perhaps have it like once in 2 weeks or so?

    anyone doing the same?

    • Rasz says

      Just try losing the wheat/bread crap first. That stuff is crap and probably why you are bloating. I eat meat and eggs and any time I eat any type of BREAD or WHEAT PRODUCT no matter what it is, nasty ass bloat.

      Try some rice or potatoes and milk and yogurt, bananas and fruit and ice cream, etc on your refeed day, healthier stuff instead of the processed crappola and that should help.

      My refeed is crap tons of low carb veggies and greek yogurt and low sugar fruits and nuts, it’s still a refeed but it doesn’t totally ruin my lean mean fat burning machine (doesn’t totally kick me out of ketosis) so you could try that too. IS NOT AS MUCH FUN AS A BANANA SPLIT THOUGH! :D

    • justj1970 says

      My sister & I tried this diet about 10 years ago and I lost 17lbs in 6 weeks and my sister lost about the same. Now, I’m in my 40s and I’ve found that weight loss isn’t as easy. Remember that I once had success at losing weight, I found my way to this site while looking up “beef & egg diet”; on the weeks when money was tight and we couldn’t buy steaks, we substituted beef patties and it worked the same, on the “cheat” day we didn’t drink alcohol, or eat any bread, pasta or sugar, just beef with some veggies and went right back to it (beef & eggs) I was a diet soda drinker at the time & she stuck with only water. I’m not sure why we didn’t stick to it, but now I’m starting back.

  40. Chris says

    January 9th – February 25th

    14lbs – a full stone lost.

    I no longer eat eggs as I can’t stomach them no more, so egg protein shake.

    And I mix my meat up, steaks, gammon, pork loin, etc etc. (all lean cuts from butchers, not supermarket stuff)

    It’s going ok so far, I go on the exercise bike 6 days a week and do a little bit of free weights 6 days a week too.

    It’s hard, but seems to be working ok so far.

    I take fish oil and multivitamin daily too.

    I’m now 99.5kg (nice to see it under 100 weeee)

      • Chris says

        Yep, just all varieties of meat and an egg protein shake as I can’t stomach eggs anymore.

        My cheat day is Sunday, to which I have a massive curry with some onion Bahji’s too. :-)

        I try to bike & do some weights 6 times a week, but I do feel like my body is getting some shape.

        My massive man boobs have definitely shrunk, and my legs and bumps have shaped.

        I don’t feel any lighter, but scales say a stone lost.

        Fat percentage has gone down from 36-31% woop woop (although says 33% some days… But at least it’s going down)

        I’m not completdly on just steak & eggs, but the meat diet in general is great – feel fitter, although it’s super hard to keep eating it.

        I’m gonna keep at it, and Hope I can turn some more fat into muscle – I’m not even too worried about weight, as long as the fat goes and my body gets some shape instead of the blob that it is LOL

  41. David says

    Hey y’all,

    I know it’s said that after a weight training session, it’s good to have some fast acting carbs PWO to restore glycogen and give your body an insulin spike to help shuttle nutrients to the muscles.

    Is this still recommended or necessary following this particular dietary strategy? Will it be counter productive to ingest the carbs or be beneficial to aiding recovery?

  42. Andres says

    I have tried this diet with some variations, it is good but you need to be careful with your colon, lots of meat can overload it, I use metamucil and fiber, and before eating I have a portion of big salad to rinse the intestines and help with the transit; as I am not fat anymore I change meat with salmon or chicken some days, it also helps with the composition of the stool- sometimes I change butter with olive oil. Just remember to include fiber with this diet, it is very important in the long run.

    • cynthia says

      does the amount u eat matter too? like amount fat and meat..

      like a typical person could do this any weight n not gain or only if your n need to lose?

      • Andres says

        If you are asking me, I consume 250-300 grams for lunch and a smaller portion for dinner, in my specific case, I think a big portion salad and metamucil o psyllium before every meal is important for my digestive organs, as victor said, every person must experiment , some need fiber others dont. For breakfast I have oatmeal or juice or coffe, I Have good testosterone levels but I am pre-hypertensive, that is why I include onions and garlic.
        I have improve with the spartan routine and Serge´s routine from this blog too, I am not the biggest guy in the gym but I am the one who lifts the most without being fat or using steroids.

        • cynthia says

          awesome ..ty i guess i’m very interested in trying this to maintain my body weight and muscles..been doing the stillman/dukan like diet

          lean protein and lofat dairy, unlimited..

          6-7 chik breasts large and cottage cheese 1percent no added sugars etc.. my curiosity too try fat in my a diet and by thebway this diet is, seems like no calorie restricton with fat and type meat…should there be or

  43. Clark says

    I’m just curious about what makes Steak so special in this diet. What about other zero carb meats such as beef ribs, pork spareribs, ham, sausage, or even lamb, or a chicken drumstick? What is the steak doing that these other meats are not?

    • banjo says

      steak = rich in protein. Its stated above whats’ so good about stake for your recommended daily allowance (RDA)

    • banjo says

      Like Vic stated,
      It MUST be steak and egg… nothing more nothing less… LITERALLY just those TWO twice a day.

  44. hflc says

    does anyone know..if your already thin, will it help tone the body and change fat to if no weight drop but body fat loss , is this possible?

  45. terri says

    just started yesterday, mixin ground beef and steak.
    I can’t do 2 meals, but 4 is this ok?

    having 12 eggs 3 per meal.. 6oz steaks/beef and butter about bar worth lol
    is this ok then 2 meals?, i have it spaced out from 1am to last meal 5pm …is this ok?

  46. Hassan says

    I can’t seem to find a way to become lean and strong at the same time. I’ve tried intermittent fasting, TKD, and CKD for months at a time and lost weight fast with them. However, I lost strength. With TKD, pre workout carbs gave me some energy but due to the overall carb deficit I would perform 80% at best. Once I introduce carbs more heavily, my lifting numbers go up and after a couple months I gain all the weight back.

  47. niko says

    Hey, how do you minimize muscle loss during this diet? I’m 5’5 at 200+ pounds with semi-visible abs, want to shed the fat off chest and waist, and I’m really worried about losing muscle. Up until now I’ve eaten loads of protein and carbs and some fat and I’m feeling kinda stressed about this. But goddamn do I feel like a king after emptying a plate of eggs and steak ! Is it ok to take lots of BCAA & EAA, uni-liver etc?

    Thanks !

  48. Ivano says

    Hey victor, so I’m 5 7 178 lbs n have 20% body fat, so along with eating two seperate steaks a day, ur saying it would be okay to eat 8 eggs a day including the yollk?

      • TonyF says

        Hi VIc

        I love your site and body of a Spartan ebook. Their so loaded with so much good information!

        I have a few questions regarding the Steak and Eggs Diet:

        1. Do you personally strictly eat 2 to 3 meals or do you have snacks in between?
        2. Is it OK to have protein shakes on your workout days?
        3. Is it OK to take Amino acids while on this diet?
        4. Do you take Amino’s or eat a snack before bed on your work out days?



  49. Kristin says

    I’m glad I found this. Now I know what I was doing wrong – I was also eating some cheese and using milk and artificial sweetener in my coffee. I’m also not as ashamed that I went a little crazy with the booze on day 6. Only concern is I am a woman and I’m worried about raising my testosterone. Should I be worried?

    • Kristin says

      Oh, and considering I have a crazy work schedule…whats the least and ideal amount of working out I should do?

  50. Mach says

    I love this diet, it’s simple and it taste real good, plus it’s healthy.

    Thanks for sharing Vic, a job well done!

      • Mach says

        Yes, it’ working for me, but it’s more of a concept as well. protein/fat and NO CARBS on the table.

        I drink ONE greenshake in the morning (11 a clock)

        and eat ONE big meal efter workout around 8pm.

        How often do you hit the gym?

        • Kristin says

          Since I’ve started my new job it’s been about 3 days a week; way less then I was before. I do .7 pounds of ribeye and 4 eggs cooked in butter or coconut oil and seasoned with sea salt and pepper every morning and night. drink about 100 oz of water, 1 green tea, maybe a black coffee. On day 6 I go crazy – booze, carbs whatever. I’m thinking about cutting out dinner and doing more weights, less cardio. I need to build muscle ASAP.

          • Mach says

            ” On day 6 I go crazy – booze, carbs whatever. ”

            I skip these so called “eating days” I recently read about a bodybuilder who has been (and still is) a elite competitor for 20 years, and he said the following “who ever said you should have a “eat day” is a nutcase” I will have to agree, you are either on or your not. you either do or do not.

            Skip the booze, carbs, and you should se improvment in 2 to 3 weeks. Hope that helps and let me know how it goes.

  51. Kristin says

    ok. I’m not going to lie, I’m trying to shine at my new job and I’ pouring my free into getting better at it as opposed to working out like I used to. If I stick to this diet but not lift weights will I get fat???

  52. dreambig says

    Hey Vince. How does eating like this for a month affect your lifting results? I have heard lots of people saying that they lost strength on keto diets or couldn’t reach the same intensity as before in the gym. I’m in the position where I’d like to lose some fat but I definitely don’t want to stall my strength gains either.

  53. sascia says

    After reading this article and complete thread I embarked on the plan on monday, going well so far.
    I’m 38, active 5ft 6 woman about 9st 10 and wanted to do this to rid myself of some unwanted body fat. Will keep you updated with my progress.
    Not getting hungry between the morning 2 eggs and 250g of steak cooked in butter but I usually have sugar in my black coffee (this I am struggling with) could I use pure organic honey from my friends beehive? If not I will cope as I’m totally dedicated.

  54. Ed says

    How much weight can you lose on this diet?
    I am a 40 year old man, 40 lbs over weight too.
    I am pre-diabetic and have a bit of high cholestrol.


  55. Rob says

    Well, I have been on this diet only for a week now and lost seven pounds already. I have been working out for some years now BUT the frustration in never getting real muscle was getting to me. I was getting stronger no doubt but too much fat I had.. Now after just one week, I am feeling the muscle coming on my arms and my dreaded stomach is already improving in terms of fat loss. Looking forward to another month from now.. I love this way of eating. I am thinking so much more clear now. My energy is very good of late. I work out hard for three days a week. I know some do more days but I go very hard at it for those three days. So for now that is good for me, possibly add one more day. I have used chicken and eggs, hamburger and eggs, etc as well… When I get cravings I just pop a handful of peanuts in my mouth or almonds doing two meals a day… I absolutely DETESTED the theory of eating all the time.. It was driving me nuts.. This two full meals a day makes me look forward to eating. Can I be on this for life???. Just had my cheat day.. I liked it but look forward to getting back on the Steak and eggs again…. I LOVE this site.. I love straight shooters in life.. Life is short.. I can’t deal with long winded BS anymore… You rock Vic!!

    • nisha says

      I have a question? I will start my diet today so can I drink coffee with cream while in this diet? What can I use to marinate the steaks? On the 6 th days when I can eat everything can I consume alcohol? Thanks

  56. KATE says

    Hi Victor great article! I started the true Atkins on April 10 2013. I lost 55 lbs. I feel good and I am off diabetes medication high blood pressure and cholesterol. All meds gone yippee. I stalled the month of October, but I stuck with it. Last week I gained 4 lbs and I had not deviated from the plan once. That night after weigh in I said piss on it went to Culver’s and had a triple custard cone. Sunday. I started the fat fast and then I found this.Omg it’s what I was doing just cutting out three cups of lettuce. Deeper ketosis. I can’t afford steak all the time so I’m meat and eggs and butter. I started this Monday and Viola 4 lbs down in three days! Woo hoo! Thank you Victor I’ll keep you posted on my weekly weigh ins. It works!

  57. nisha says

    How can I marinate my steak with what kind of spices? Can I drink coffee while on this diet with cream and sweetner? Can I consume alcohol on the 6 day?

  58. Dylan says

    I went on this diet for a little over a month getting ready for football season. I wasn’t trying to lose much weight but just to lean up and look better. I actually lost about 10 pounds in little less than 2 weeks and started to add more food to this because of the weight loss. If your really wanting to lose fat I suggest this diet because it works amazing!

    • Victor Pride says

      Ribeyes, t-bones and strips are usually what end up in my belly. I look for marbling, redness of the meat, and pricing. No other food in the world looks as delicious as a thick, red, fatty steak.

  59. says

    Also, if i only consume steak & eggs, will my body be purified of toxins, because i was thinking of starting a 40 day water fast, but i have no idea how to break one.

  60. Brodie says

    Is it easy to keep mental focus while on this diet? I spend a few hours a day on language learning and just want my brain to be a sponge in that time. If nothing can go wrong this looks amazing, I really love the simplicity.

    I like this blog, keep it up man.

    • says

      hi all
      been trying to lose fat for a while on strict keto, keto, IIFYM, IF etc
      not too much success at all
      im 5’4 weight 140lbs was measured to 25 per cent bf though it doesnt look like it
      im very fit, weight lift 5 to 6 times a week with PT
      i have had had ups and downs and cheat days but really struggling
      im 33 years old i used to weight less than 130lbs weight training on a low fat high protein diet but didnt keep it up
      i have started just eating eggs every day, started few days ago but one day i was out and about and really hungry, so I had nuts and cheese
      in the last couple of days i eat 3eggs in butter for breakfast, a bullet proof coffee around 11am, 3 eggs and 3oz of cream cheese for lunch and 3 eggs in butter for dinner…thats only been 2 days strict on this latter
      should i do steak and eggs or just what im doing now
      any help appreciated

  61. FokkerTISM says

    I plan on trying the Steak and Eggs diet at some point, but I’ve only got access to margarine. Is it OK to use that if you have no butter, or do you need real butter?

    • Kurt says

      You absolutely need to find some real butter, margarine in poison. If you can’t get butter (I can’t imagine why) I would go with coconut oil or a very high quality olive oil.

  62. Joeytuna says

    Is there something that butter adds to this diet…better than stuff like olive oil or grapeseed oil?
    Also how about steak eggs and bacon would that be okay

    • Victor Pride says

      Steak, eggs and bacon is fine. I did that for four weeks and it worked like a charm. I had steak and eggs for lunch, bacon and eggs for dinner. Why would you pick oil instead of butter to cook meat? Steak, eggs and bacon don’t taste good cooked in oil.

      • Joeytuna says

        Thanks for all the help so far Victor. I plan on doing this diet for a whole month and then evaluate.
        Is it better to cut out whole milk, I’ve drinking it a couple times a week. but it’s no problem to stop it for a while.

  63. claudiogut says


    Do you need a high level of activity for this? Can I just lay around, sit at my desk, and not work out and still shed the body fat?

    Can I cook a bunch of steaks at once and freeze them? Do I get the same benefits by eating a steak I just thawed out?

    Can I drink massive amounts of alcohol on my cheat day?

    Should I avoid eating the strip of fat and gristle around the steak as this may be consuming TOO MUCH fat?

    Why do you recommend steak? Can I get results eating ground beef? Pork steaks? Chicken breasts?

  64. Sami says

    Uncle Vic,
    I love your site and everything you stand for.
    Question: Can steak (beef, right?) be substituted by mutton?
    I tried analyzing the nutritional info but couldn’t come to a conclusion.

  65. says

    Steaks and eggs are great for rising T levels. What really annoys me is when Doctors who know nothing scare people with horror stories of eating stake and eggs. All this BS advice is slowly emasculated the man. Good post Vic.

  66. Mingshi Wang says

    I workout on a one day on, one day off schedule. Is this diet appropiate for me or its just too much energy on the day i don’t go to the gym? Thank you for your answer!

  67. Will Varandas says

    Hey guys,

    A friend told me about this diet today and reading this helped a lot. But I have a question. I’m 5’10, 152lb and look pretty built from working out and eating right….but I wanna look shredded!

    Is this diet only to lose weight as in overweight people or will it help me look even better?

    And most important question, can I still hit the gym hard while on this diet or will I be too tired and not be able to workout properly?


  68. Bob Kesterson says

    I am 59 years old. Can I eat this steak & eggs fat loss diet without creating health problems ? I love steak and eggs and butter. It appears to be a 2 large meals a day program which I can do. I need to lose about 80 lbs. of FAT. Already spent years at Gold’s Gym and was repeatedly told to carb up. I never was able to get cut up but I did increase my muscle size and strength. That wasn’t my goal. I just joined World’s Gym and want to know if I should use a low weight high rep circuit
    training program and how much cardio do I really need to do ? At Gold’s Gym I lifted weights 3 days a week 2 body parts per work out (45 minutes) and 20 minutes of cardio and walked 3 days a week for 45 minutes on my off days. This program didn’t get me shredded. Can anyone provide a sound, efficient weight lifting/ cardio program for me to follow ?

  69. kin says

    Hi Victor,

    Not asking for medical advice just would like to know your opinion. Say someone has slightly high cholesterol would this diet make that worse or better since it is the ‘good cholesterol’? Ive just heard that animals fats and egg yolks cause bad cholesterol? Also what is your opinion on the whole hype on ‘Grass-fed’ beef, do you think it is worth the extra money?

  70. Panos says

    Quick question,
    you cooked them in butter, but do you eat extra butter, or do you pour the one which cooked them in?

  71. Daniel says

    Hey Victor,what do you think about eat whole eggs without cook,?break and eat,how many grams of meat are necesary each day.I think eat too meat.I weight 136lb,I should bulk now.I eat white rice only after training and on the night.Thanks victor

    • Victor Pride says

      Daniel, I’ve eaten raw eggs many times. Never had issues. If you weight 138 lbs you don’t need to diet, you need to EAT!

  72. Nick says

    Need some help, whenever you have the time, Victor.

    For almost 2 months I’ve been doing the steak and eggs. I’m 160lb with I think 12-15% bodyfat. You can see my upper abs, not too much, but I have fat at my lower section and “love handles”.

    Trying to get rid of it!

    My training is 5 days in a raw, with multijoints lift and oly lifts. (Squats front-back, deadlifts, barbell row, bench press, clean and press, behind the neck press, military press, dips, pull-chin ups and push ups) In a way of what you say in the body of a spartan.

    I’m doing 1-2 days sprints, and I also started (last week) the things you mention on the 30-days of princ. The push ups, shit ups squats, but instead of sit ups I do 50 pull ups. This week I also started 20 minutes jogging at 5 am, upon wake up (after that I’ll do the push-pull-squat)

    (I’ve bought both your books, just to support your effort, ’cause you helped me in many ways with your articles!)

    I eat 2 meals, of steak and eggs, first meal at 10-11 am, hit the gym at 15:00, and have the second meal at 18:00. Bed time 21:00-22:00

    My meals are 5 eggs with 150gr of steak, that’s for one meal. Total I’ll have 300gr of steak and 10 eggs. Steak is cooked in 25gr of butter, more or less.

    I refeed at Sundays.

    I think I’m doing something wrong here! Maybe is too soon to see results.

    As I said, whenever you have time and mood to suggest something!

      • Nick says

        A year ago I was pretty fat! At 196 lb, and I think somewhere at 25-30% bodyfat. Although I did workout out, the same way, and eating “clean”, when I changed my diet into somethink like paleo, i dropped 20pounds, into two months.

        • Victor Pride says

          Great job, pal. That’s excellent work. It’s only been two months? You’ve got to give it more time to lose that extra fat, you won’t look like an underwear model in two months. Come back here at the 4 month mark, 6 month mark, 8 month mark etc. It don’t happen overnight.

          • Nick says

            Thanks Victor! The steak & eggs, are 2 months more or less. But the low carb-high fat paleo type of diet is almost a year.

            I was thinking that my total cal were either too much, or too low. After all, 10 eggs and 300 gr of beef, are somewhere to, 2000 cal.

            But, as you mentioned, 2 months are a bit soon to see results.

  73. Matt says

    But it’s pretty tough to find an actual university/medical study that doesn’t show a positive correlation between the consumption of animal protein and the prevalence of cancer.

    Do you want to look good or live a long life?

  74. Bob says

    I am going to give a BIG shout out to this way of eating lifestyle.. I have been doing it for at least four months now and I am noticing BIG strength improvements now. I finally have hard muscle coming instead of the muscle fat I always had wondering why my body would not change despite me working out. Like victor says. you actually get used to this way of eating and the simplicity of it all.. I whip up steak and eggs like it is a joke now. The times I don’t I go with chicken or some other meat. Or have chicken parm with no pasta.. Stuff like that.. Various peanuts, etc. There is no doubt it gives you more power and you lean out.. I am not Mr. Universe but more like the transformation Victor was at in the middle zone when he could see big improvements coming..I tried all the stupid diets, etc.. eating 4-6 times a day where I wanted to vomit at the thought of food. All I got was chubby and a gut!.. This way you eat and are FULL.. I go with 3 scrambled eggs so far each time I have the steak and just a small amount of bread.. A tiny bit. Next thing you know hours go by and I am not even thinking about food!
    I am getting more looks of respect from people. See it all the time now. I am 6 foot and about 220 now where I was always hovering at about 233 before.. Always was kind of wide and all but now seeing the lean come on me. Shirts are suddenly tapering to me where before my stomach came out. Again, I am not totally there yet. I know I need improvements but it is VERY true about getting looks from women or just guys who know you are bigger than them. Like the animal kingdom.. Or just nods of respect..
    I 100% say anyone who has not gotten “Body of a Spartan” should get it!! I paid 20 bucks and it is totally worth it. Know why? Because it cuts through the bullcrap of so many other things.. We all want to cheapo it at times and find “IT” on the net for free.. You wind up disappointed in cases like that or wind up nickel and dimeing for 5 bucks here and there. So NOT worth it! You don’t even have to do or agree with everything in it.. But MOST of it you will and it gives you the main things to work on.. Excellent! If you ever bring back Spartan Entrepreneur I will get that too. This ( mostly) Steak and eggs diet and the Body Of a Spartan WILL set you into directions you have not been if you are do not like the look of your body. Will make you VERY happy with it.. And I am not even where I want to be yet but everyone knows when they are turning a corner. Especially after years of utter frustration in NOT turning the corner! This stuff works!!

      • Joe Owens says

        But it should be of interest, given who he was. After all, it’s his diet you’re pushing. It would have been of interest how much (if at all) his arteries were clogged up, with all that healthy animal fat he ate.

        • Bryan says

          There is a Wikipedia article all about him. The poor guy fell on hard times, dedicating serious chunks of his time and energy to an ill son which later contributed to the loss of his gym. That kind of stress will kill you.

          Vince still just about hit 80 years old though, regardless of these two exceptionally brutal events. If none of that had happened, it wouldn’t surprise me if he lived for another 5-15 years.

  75. omar says

    Hey Victor was wondering if you can help me out. I been doing this for 2 months and I started at a pretty low bodyfat (8-9 percent maybe lower) but I wanted to really be at the top of the top so I decided to do this diet. I Honestly have lost definition and cuts and my abs are not nearly as visible as they were before. I have gained muscle mass however, which was not my intention. Any advice? I am really looking to get that max defintion, not trying to bulk up haha.

    thank you

      • omar says

        Ok great thank you, trying to get the ladies excited this summer.
        12-16 hours after I ate the night before I have a steak/eggs meal Cooked in butter or coconut oil. Then before I go to sleep or dinner I have 1 more. Every 5-7 days I have 1 day where i have 1 regular steak/eggs meal followed by about 3 big carb meals With lean meat spread out in the evening (usually rice and potatoes or sushi) and usually try to keep the night low fat. Your blueberry pie idea sounds like something I’d like to try though as it seems like more fun then what I’m doing.after the carb night its back to steak and eggs all week. And yes I’ll switch in bacon or lamb or some kind of other fatty meat as I don’t see the difference. Only black coffee and tons of water. What you think brother?

        • chris galea says

          just keep it simple …. don’t modify anything …. why 3 big carb meals ???? sushi is not carbs ….just steak and eggs ( 2 MEALS A DAY ) and 1 cheat day a week ……. PERIOD !
          and train your ass off ……….

          • jem says

            you clearly didnt read what i posted right. thats exactly what i was doing. 2 meals of JUST STEAK AND EGGS and then ONE CHEAT NIGHT (stuff like sushi). and you are wrong SUSHI is definitely carbs.

  76. says

    I’m definitely giving this a try. I’ve always been able to build muscle easily, but getting that six pack has been hard. The closest I’ve ever been to it is a four pack.

  77. jem says

    Hey Victor,
    Just out of curiousity have you ever thought about Salmon and Eggs? You think that would have a similar effect, better, or worse? I guess there aren’t too many super fatty fish so Salmon would be the choice.

    • Victor Pride says

      You can substitute salmon for steak every now and again, but I’d personally get sick of Salmon every day. I never got sick of steak.

  78. Scott says

    Hey, Victor.

    I’m kind of big and kind of fat so I really am just trying to get lean right now. I made my own diet based on this and other small pieces of advice on eating high-fat, no-carbs. I’m a college student and simply can’t afford enough steak to eat, but I love bacon and the store accross from me sells peanut butter for dirt cheap, so this is how I’ve been eating:

    Breakfast: fast
    Lunch: Bowl of about 10 oz of chucky peanut butter mixed with 10 oz of unsweetened, full-fat yogurt
    Workout: 20 minute full-body HIIT bodyweight workout
    Dinner: 5 strips of Wright Brand Bacon (equivalent of 10 strips of most other brands) with 5 eggs cooked in the grease, butter, and 8 oz of cottage cheese

    What do you think?

  79. Ken says

    I envy your future cubs, Vic. If ever you have kids you’d have a wealth of wisdom to pass on to them.

  80. stephanie andrade says

    i have a question can this diet be done and be drinking green tea and a teatox tea?

    any recommendations? has anyone tried it?

    • chris galea says

      yes go for it … works wonders ( at least on me ) …. I drink nomal tea and coffee …. with sweet n low …. the scales didn’t really go down ( approx. 5 kgs ) but I became muscular …. you feel stronger and alive …. give it a good 8 weeks to see good results ….

  81. Bob says

    This steak and eggs diet and an added beans on the side could not have come at a better time for me. Food is going up astronomically now in America. i live in a big city and I was just at the supermarket and only wanted a 1/4 pound of swiss cheese.. That was all.. The guy cuts it and he puts in the per pound cost of the cheese- 10 bucks! I was like what? The guy behind the counter said that was the cost.. wow. Everything has gone up but with the steak and eggs or some chicken or beef and eggs with some frozen veggies, etc., the diet stays consistent.
    And I feel much less stress food shopping. I see people checking their grocery receipts more and more almost in shock. They buy everything under the sun as I once did not too long ago. With this way of eating I truly feel I can deflect much of this insane food inflation. And I am so used to eating this way now( except for the one day a week where I eat more carbs). I do the intermittent fasting, the eating in an 8 hour window except I add one more hour and keep it at eating in a 9 hour window. Works better for me. Bold and Determined has helped me to keep my food bills down as best as possible.. Awesome!

  82. says

    i am pretty sure humans can survive without fibre. as long as you do not eat *Vast* amounts of food, and you drink plenty of water, and you avoid grains, your body will be able to turn what you give it – steak and eggs – into muscles, minerals and fuels without the need for fibre.

  83. says

    I promise to start this —- tomorrow
    I love eggs already, so 5 or 6 cooked in butter with some steak on the side for 2 meals a day sounds marvellous. No more junk food

  84. Chase says

    Hi there! I have been attempting to get fit and drop weight for quite a while now, and the more research I do on this particular diet, the more I think that this is going to be the absolute easiest and most effective. I have tried literally EVERYTHING and the problem is I get bogged down and overwhelmed in the complication of counting carbs and calories and all that stuff. That is why the simplicity REALLY appeals to me! I plan on starting this as soon as I get to the supermarket!! :) I did have a quick couple of questions though: Can you use a bit of fresh herbs and garlic to flavor it up the steak and eggs? And I know you have to drink a LOT of water to flush everything out–can I enhance it with a little squeeze of lime or lemon juice? And can you substitute the steak with fatty tuna or salmon cooked in olive oil every once in a while to help with the monotony and to get some heart-healthy fats included? And if I am drinking coffee with cream is it heavy whipping cream or half and half that you want to use in it? Thanks so much in advance, don’t want to screw it up with these tweaks, but if they can be effective in maximizing flavor and keep it from getting too boring then that is even better!

  85. says

    I am documenting my 30 day steak and eggs challenge on my blog at
    I am on day 2 now. So far so good! not looking forward to the carb crash but this blog is a massive inspiration! Thanks for motivation Victor!

    Keep up the good work bro!

  86. Lyuben Laskin says

    Can somebody give insight regarding the cheat day? Is it part of the diet (in order to not go for too long without any carbs), is it partly psychological? In short, what purpose does it serve? Thanks!

  87. Kurai Kenshi says

    Hi there Vic,
    I started the Diet a first go and was sold on its simplicity. Being a former Heavy then turned to a a less heavy I’ve been inching towards that goal of Beach worthy Body! Or in my case, that envious physique I could show off at the next Star Trek Convention. I’m 24 5’7′ and around 175 lbs and after my first attempt at this diet I was able to see results in both energy and build. Not a whole lot although it was enough to keep me in a mirror for a spell. Falling off due to a sudden case of Strep throat (third time this year! FREAKISH) I took a week off to recover which damaged my exercise routine and gains. To a good month later I start my 2nd attempt and its even harder than the first! Fighting the cravings has been a struggle of Epic proportions so I would like to ask, how do you cope with the relapses of falling of this hear diet? And maybe through me a clue on how to bulk up enough to show rippage as well as to not have loose skin after the weightloss. Thanks and Qa’Plaa

  88. says

    This is great stuff. I want to do this diet AND go to the gym as well. Would that be a good idea? If so, should I eat prior to working out, after, or does it matter? Also, what type of steak and eggs should I consume — grass fed, cage free, or just off the supermarket? Finally, are we literally eating ALL the fat in the steak and using butter to cook? Or should we trim off some of that fat? Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.

    Keep inspiring,

  89. Patrick says

    Hey Victor!
    Just wondering. I work out in the morning, and I was wondering if I could eat the first lb of steak before the workout, and the eggs after the workout.
    Thanks man!

  90. Ricky says

    Hey Victor,

    Firstly thanks for all the articles and especially this! I am currently on IF (leangains). Can i combine IF (leangains) with this steak-egg diet plan to continue losing fat and gain muscles? Or will it only be good for losing fat?


  91. Dane says

    Hi Victor,

    What do you think of adding plain shrimp to the diet? They are very low in carbs and high in protein correct? Thanks.

  92. says

    Now I know exactly why my great grand father was so strong.He was muscular and 6.6 ft tall.He could turn the heavy lever of a steam engine railway line by grabbing the tracks.

    I have been trying to lose weight for the past 2 yrs.I ran everyday for 2yrs and lost just 20 lbs.But i never could get that last piece of fat out of my body.

    Its amazing to know that you can lose weight by eating beef fried in butter.Its like God is helping me.

    I just have one question.Do you throw away the yolk ? But since you must eat fat I’m guessing I should eat the yolk too.

    • John B. says

      Generally speaking, the egg white is practically protein and water. If you’re going to skip on the yolks, ditch the eggs entirely, as the yolks contain most of the nutrition an egg can give you.

    • PM says

      well stop running everyday, its bullshit for losing fat. Dont throw the yolks, its full of good shit like cholesterol, all your hormones are fabricated from cholesterol,your cells membranes are made of fat, your brain use cholesterol or fat for energy.

  93. Arvind says

    The Spartans were vegetarians and celebate. The former helped maintain the latter and the latter helped them be (and not act like) real men. `Nuf said.

  94. ian roberts says

    hi victor sounds good can i ask something? im not sure about some things iam a naturally 205lb 10 percent bodyfat guy i want to stay at 10 im quite happy at 10-12 percent bodyfat but for the weight iam shall i just eat the 1 and half lbs of steak like you said per meal? no counting calories or etc like that i just want to stay at 205 at 10 percent dont want to go bigger or lower bodyfat percentage and meal timings? does it have to be a seperate gap between meals? certain amount of time or just like you said 1 at breakfast dinner or 1 at afternoon supper anytime? give us a few time pointers to eat those meals thanks hope to hear

      • SLOVAK says

        yeah, but can i have me diet for bulking high protein, high fat and low carb when i keep sufficient calories? Or do I have to have a high carbohydrate and low fat? Thanx you man.

  95. Shyam says

    Hi Victor,
    I had a question about your ketogenic diet, where you eat only steak and eggs. Do you do any high calorie and low calorie days? Like say, 2 days of eating less steak and eggs…and then one day where you eat a lot of steak and eggs…and then again eating less steak and eggs?…finishing it off with a high carb day on sunday? Or do you eat the same amount of steak and eggs everyday?


  96. Ian Szgatti says

    I just wanted to leave a comment about this diet. I read this post 2 months ago and decided I’d give it a try. I’m a lucky guy; I stay naturally lean and I never have to worry about getting “ripped’. In the past I worked out using protein powders and creatine and things like that. I wanted to get back to the gym and when I did I decided this would be the diet for me.

    I’ve come to the point where I believe in it so much I’ve met the butcher and made a deal for bulk amounts of the finest rib-eyes I can get my hands on. I gotta say, I have so much ungodly strength and energy…all day at work and then at the gym in the evening. I can see my body exploding! I like this natural approach. I eat breakfast, lunch, and a dinner, but I don’t need to snack in between. In fact I feel like I metabolise so much better when I get that hungry feeling for a while and make myself wait. This diet is incredible.

  97. Nathan says

    My budget won’t allow for me to eat steak twice a day (even cheap cuts). I’m wondering if offal might be a suitable alternative (things like beef heart and liver)? They do also have the same amount of protein (or more), and they usually pack more nutrients than plain beef steak… Thoughts?

  98. dartis says

    Thinking of doing this diet. Is alcohol permitted on the 6th day? Also have not seen mention of using salt anywhere else on the that definitely allowed as part of it? I only wonder if that would make you retain water? ! I’m a novice at this stuff!

    • Jeff Hamlin says

      You can eat and drink anything you wish on day 6, alcohol included. Use salt to taste but remember to drink lots of water so you stay flushed out of any excess.

  99. Jeff Hamlin says

    Hey Victor,

    I just started a very low carb plan (steak is not in my regular budget for now) on May 1. Starting out at 399.4 pounds, I lost 10.8 pounds before the first cheat day on May 6. The next morning I regained 2.4 pounds which I assumed was water retention, and of course I was back to very low carb.

    I checked in this morning at 388.8 pounds, which was my original loss of 10.8 pounds as noted on May 6. Does this sound reasonable to you?

  100. Jeremy says

    I am allergic to dairy. It gives me body acne. Can I use a lot of olive oil instead of butter with the Steak and Egg diet?

    Thank you Victor.

  101. Dave says

    Hey Vic,

    I have been looking around for an answer to this online but I can’t find it. Can you put ketchup on your eggs? i pretty sure ketchup or any kind of condiments are a no-no.

  102. Jayme says

    I am 4 ft 10, 37 years old and female. I’m also 266 pounds. Would this work for me? I have no medical issues and need to lose some weight, it’s killing me. Advice? Thank you.

  103. RhinoRyan says

    Hey Anyone, thinking of doing the diet, know it works!

    A few useful tips:
    -george foreman grill to cook steak, easy to use and clean up
    -drink eggs raw (eggs get tiresome fast)
    orgainic only
    -consume heavy cream with coffee if no steak and eggs available
    -don’t tell anyone about the diet they will tell you “that’s not healthy…blah blah blah”
    -Keep it to yourself oh and use the body of a spartan program with this, I’m getting MASSIVE results with 6 days in gym and steak and eggs

    This is the best working, most amazing diet ever Vince and Uncle Vic thanks

  104. says

    Hi Victor I need help and I’m stressing out my testosterone level is 317 and my prolactin is 41.6 which is very high what jinn a treatment should I go for?


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