The No Bullshit Guide to Making Money Online

I’m going to tell you how to make money online. I’m not going to tell you how to have an entrepreneurial journey, or grow as a person and spiritual being – I’m going to tell you how to free yourself from the shackles of trading your time for money.

When you have an internet money making system in place you make money whether you work or not. You go to sleep and wake up to see how much money you made the day before.

How much money can you make online?

You can make a lot or a little. It depends on how hard you work, how much you learn about your industry, how much you are willing to try and experiment, and maybe just a little luck. Some people make a few bucks a month, others make 40k per month or more.

If you can make $10 you can make $100. If you can make $100 you can make $1,000. If you can make $1,000 you can make anything you put your mind to.

The open secret to making money online

There are lots of little secrets and tips and tricks and hacks to making money online, but the only way to make money on the internet is by selling something. You’ve got to sell, sell and sell some more.

You can have the greatest product in the world but if you don’t sell it then you don’t make money. You can have the worst product in the world and sell, sell, sell and make a whole bunch of money.

Here’s how you do it:

1) Create your own product and sell it – You can create an ebook, a piece of software, or sell another product that you have created, commissioned or purchased. You can create this product yourself or you can outsource the work to a freelancer.

2) Sell someone else’s product – Selling a product that someone else created for a % of the profit is called affiliate marketing.

3) Sell advertisement(s) on your website – You can sell advertising on your website directly to a company(s) or you can use Google AdSense to sell advertising.

4) Sell a service (consulting) – Most bloggers who make money off their website also sell their consulting services. They consult about SEO techniques and tactics, or they can act as life coaches.

The REAL secret to making money online

The real secret to making money online, the real moneymaker, is selling “How to make money on the internet” programs. That is where the real money is. This is the secret of countless bloggers, location independent entrepreneurs, Tim Ferris wannabe’s, Affiliate Marketers and clickbankers who will have you believe otherwise.

Countless bloggers have followed this approach. They faked it ’til they made it by selling “How to make money online” programs. If you can make people believe you will show them the way to make money online they will give their money to you to get your information.

Money vs. Art

You can create art or you can make money, and never the tween shall meet. If you want to make money online you can forget about creating art and focus on salesmanship. Sales is the name of the game.

ABC – Always. Be. Closing.

BOLD & DETERMINED is art, not business. I really, truly hate writing technical “How to” articles so I will keep this as brief as possible.  I’m going to give you the facts and the resources and from then on it’s up to you to make something happen.

There are two types of people this guide is for

1) People who want to leave their 9-5 jive forever and need a way to do it.

2) People who want to supplement their 9-5 and make some extra cash money.

Why should you make money online?

So you can be FREE. Freedom and time are the most important things in the world. Being shackled to an office chair is a soul-stealing, heart-crushing affair that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy (ok, maybe I would) but I wouldn’t wish it on my friends. Be smart and leave the 9-5 jive forever.


I saw this Panda in Hong Kong. He was just facing the wall in this concrete room instead of hanging out in the fake grass. We could only see him through the TV monitor. I saw this look a million times when I used to work in an office. Why should you start making money online? Freedom. You don’t want to end up like Prison panda. You can be free IF you work to get there.

There are two kinds of money to be made online

Passive money and Active money.

Passive money is when you make money selling a product. Passive money comes to you without you doing any additional work. You set up the product, automate your page, and sell your product which is charged and delivered automatically.

Active money is when you make money selling your service(s). Active money requires you do additional work (i.e. consulting).

Ways to make passive money online

Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is when a person advertises a product for another person in return for a % of the profit.  Anytime you read a blog that talks about a product they love so very much and they conveniently provide a link for you to check out the product you are looking at affiliate marketing in action. To become an affiliate marketer you will post a review of a product on your website, get your customers to purchase the product and you will get a piece of the profits. This can add up to some very good income. You can make up to 75% of the purchase price of the product doing this. Let other people create the product and you send traffic to buy that product and collect your money.

The most ethical way to become an Affiliate Marketer is to actually use and enjoy the products that you promote.

Advertising with Google AdSense – Google AdSense is the most popular, and easiest method, to put paid advertising on your website. Will it make you a bunch of money? Maybe yes or maybe no. It takes experimentation to find what works best.

Selling Private Advertising – When you have a decent amount of traffic to your website or blog you will get requests to place advertising on your website. You can also create an “Advertise?” link on your website to allow advertisers to contact you about placing their advertising on your website.

Selling a product – The biggest moneymaker is creating your own high quality product and selling it to your audience. You can even create an affiliate deal for your product – allow others to generate traffic for you and give them a percentage of the sale. This can all be automated by using companies like

Ways to make active money online

Sell your service –

  • Are you an expert in a certain area?
  • Are you good at SEO work?
  • Are you good at programming?
  • Can you be a life coach?
  • Are you a good graphic designer?
  • Are you good at using PhotoShop?
  • Can you teach someone a 2nd language?
  • Can you be a personal fitness trainer?
  • Can you write quality articles for other people?
  • Can you fake any of that?

People will pay you for your service if you have a quality website that makes them feel like you are a qualified expert.

I have news for you, most bloggers who blog about “How to make money online” don’t know anything and are trying to make money themselves. Most bloggers start a blog to make money and become famous. They fake the hell out of their knowledge.

The 6 steps to making money online by blogging

1) Start a quality website or blog

2) Provide something valuable

3) Get traffic

4) Capture the emails of your audience

5) Sell your audience something worthwhile

6) Repeat

Bonus #7) Be free

The biggest money spending audience on the internet

Do you want to know who the biggest money spending audience on the internet is?

It is you and people just like you.

People who are looking for a way to leave their soul-stealing job and live life on their own terms. People who are tired of feeling like Prison Panda.

That’s why “How to make money online” programs and websites are popular and profitable.

One of the easiest ways to make money on the internet right now, this very second, is to create and / or sell a “How to Make Money Online” website or ebook because that’s what people just like you want to know. The secret is that you make money online by selling other people how to make money online.

What kind of website should I start?

First rule: Do not think in terms of a website, think in terms of websites. To make money online you must have many sites producing income for you.

Blogs: Blogs are the easiest websites to start and monetize. On a blog you can use Adsense ads, you can sell private ads, you can post affiliate links, you can create and sell your own e-book or other product, you can review products for a fee, and you can sell your consulting services. There are many, many ways to make money from a blog.

Blogs are the easiest way to start in the online world. If you cannot think of a topic to blog about you can download 30 Days of Discipline and blog about your progress. That’s a perfect way to get started and used to blogging.

Running a blog with WordPress is very, very easy.

Niche Sites: A niche site is a small site dedicated to a small market. For example: a website about how to kill ants. Pepper in some articles, pepper in some advertisements, pay attention to the SEO and the competition and watch a steady trickle of money come into your pocket. Niche sites are the bread and butter of internet marketers making a living from their websites. 10, 20, or 30 niche sites bringing in $100-$200 a month can bring you some real money. Niche sites can certainly make more than that per month – but they do take work.

You can build niche sites the same way you build your blog, using WordPress.

Single Landing Page for a product you have created: A landing page is a simple one or two page site that shows you a product, its benefit and then it’s price. A good example of this is Eat Stop Eat – Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss. A very simple but highly effective sales page for a quality product. FYI – That’s an affiliate link. If you click on that link and purchase Eat Stop Eat then I make a commission off of that. Can you now see some of the ways you can make money?

E-Commerce Sites: A lot harder to start for a complete newbie but can certainly be very profitable.

How do you create a “How to make money online” website?

Be patient, friend. That’s coming soon.

What is…?

Domain Registration – A domain is the name of the website. For example: The domain name of this website is A domain can be .com, .net, .org, .us, .info etc. Domain registration is the act of purchasing a domain name. Domain names are quite cheap if they are not already taken by another person or company. A .com domain name will run in the neighborhood of $10 for a year.

When you purchase a domain name it is a good idea to also purchase a private registration. If you don’t purchase a private registration anyone on the internet can see who owns your site and they can possibly get more information about you. It’s a good idea to protect yourself as much as you possibly can.

There are free websites available but they do not look professional and I highly advise against them. Free websites and blogs can be built at or but they will always have blogger, blogspot, or WordPress in the title. For example, if I had started BOLD & DETERMINED on a free platform the domain name would be and I would never, ever be able to change that until I purchased a real domain name. If your goal is to make a professional money making website you must purchase your own domain name(s).

Hosting – Hosting is where your webpage, files, and documents are stored. Your website must be hosted somewhere or it cannot be viewed by anyone. It sounds complicated to a very beginner but it isn’t. Once you set up your hosting provider you can forget all about it.

SEO – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When someone searches in google for a particular word or phrase and you want them to come to your site you must optimize and manipulate your wording so that you have a higher place in the google lineup.

WordPress – WordPress is the easiest, best and, frankly, only way to run a website. Best of all it is completely free. Every money making blog and small website uses WordPress as their platform. WordPress takes less than 5 minutes to install and is extremely easy to learn and use.

There are two types of WordPress. and is a site that will let you create a free blog and provide free hosting but your domain name will always end with I do not recommend you use is what the big boys use.

WordPress Themes – A WordPress theme is the look of the website. With WordPress themes you can change the look of your website in a matter of minutes. You can design your own theme, you can use a free theme, or you can purchase a professional looking Premium WordPress theme. Since your goal is making money and not making art then a Premium Theme is the only way to go. Your site has to look good if you’re going to make some money.

WordPress Plugins – WordPress plugins are additional tools to add to your WordPress website to optimize performace. WordPress plugins are extremely easy to download, activate and use. Some examples of WordPress plugins: When you see a “Facebook Like” button or a “ReTweet” button on a website or blog you are seeing WordPress plugins in use. There are many, many behind the scenes plugins that the casual viewer will not even notice or be aware of but they help make your website run smoothly.

E-mail list / Subscriber list / Opt-in list – This is your list of website viewers who have given you their e-mail address to be kept posted of A) any new posts to your website and B) receive any e-mail communications from you. For example: You can send out a weekly or monthly newsletter, send out any special or urgent news, or send out special offers for your products or your affiliate products.

Setting up an email list is a MUST DO from the very beginning of your website.

Monetize – To monetize your website is to turn it from a non-income producing website to an income producing website. To bring in money.

How do I start my first website(s)?

Follow the links in the resources below.


Remember, this guide is a primer to making money online. This is how you start. You must continually read and learn to make money, but you’ve got to start somewhere. Start here:

Setting up your website

TIP: Use BADNET to set up your website. Including hosting, domain name, 4 blogging reports and free WordPress installation if you need it.

WordPress Themes
  • StudioPress – My favorite themes on earth. You will need a theme for your WordPress site. Your site has to look good, it has to look professional if you want to make some cold hard cash. Studiopress has the best selection.
  • The Thesis Theme for WordPress – High quality, professional theme.

Installing WordPress, WordPress Themes, and WordPress Plugins

Installing WordPress

  • WordPress – You do not need to download WordPress. Hostgator and Bluehost both make installing WordPress extremely simple and painless. To learn how to install WordPress on a Hostgator hosted site go here. To learn how to install WordPress on a Bluehost hosted site go here.

Installing WordPress Themes

  • To learn how to easily and painlessly install a WordPress theme go here.
Installing WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Plugins – WP Plugins are the easiest thing in the world to install. To learn how to install WP Plugins the easy, hassle-free way go here.

Market Research

  • Google Analytics – Google’s free website tracking and analytical tool. View all sorts of info about your visitors (i.e. how long they stay on your site, your most popular articles and pages, how visitors came to your site).

Outsourcing Work

  • E-lance – Elance is where you go to get a freelancer to do some work for you (i.e. Site design, site coding, ghostwriting).
  • oDesk – oDesk is another website where you can find someone to do some quality work for you.

Money Makers

  • Google AdSense – Google AdSense are ads you put on your site. Anytime someone clicks on the ads you make some money. It’s only small change but it adds up as your traffic grows. It can turn into some real income for you if you build a good website.
  • Clickbank – Clickbank is where you go to find an affiliate product(s) to advertise on your website. Signing up for a clickbank account and promoting clickbank products is very easy.
  • Amazon Affiliates – If you send someone to amazon to purchase a product you can make a percentage of whatever was sold. Signing up for Amazon Affiliates is extremely easy.
  • Commission Junction – Commission Junction is another affiliate website where you can get links to companies to promote their products and services for a percentage of the sales.
  • Paypal – Paypal is one way for you to accept payment for your website, goods and services. It’s very easy to set up. FYI – You can donate some of your hard earned money to me for producing this helpful and free guide for you. Paypal accepts all major credit cards, to make a donation you do not even need a Paypal account. But you will likely need to open a Paypal account to receive payments.
  • E-junkie – E-Junkie is how you sell a product you created. You simply create your product and they will take care of the rest. You can add their shopping cart to your website and boom, everything is automated for you after that. You can also choose affiliate products from E-Junkie to promote.

Email Subscriber & Newsletter List Creation

  • Aweber – Aweber is the best of the best for capturing emails and sending out mass emails and newsletters. I used it for about two years. I only stopped when I no longer needed to send out mass e-mails.
  • Mailchimp – Mailchimp is a way to capture email addresses and send out mass e-mails for your newsletter. Mailchimp is free for the first 12,000 subscribers and 2,000 e-mails per month. I have been using MailChimp for 2+ years and love it. Subscribe to the free BOLD & DETERMINED newsletter.
  • Feedburner – You can use feedburner to offer RSS subscription service, e-mail subscription service, and newsletter service. Feedburner is free. Feedburner gives you some great details about how many people are reading your posts, opening your e-mails etc.. For BOLD & DETERMINED I use feedburner for my RSS Feed and every time I post a new article it is e-mailed to people who subscribed to the e-mail updates. Subscribe to BOLD & DETERMINED by Email / Subscribe to the RSS Feed.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

  • Intuit Quickbooks – You’ve got to run your website like a business, and that means taking your bookkeeping seriously.

Business Creation

  • Legalzoom – Create an LLC or other business structure right from your computer.

Must Read Books

  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill – This book is the best business book ever written, hands down. It’s all about mindset. Repeat: It’s all in the mind. Change your thought process, change your life.
  • The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich by Tim Ferris – This book literally changed my life. For better or worse I can never go back to how I used to live. I’d be wealthier if I never read this book but I certainly wouldn’t be happier. This book goes into quite a bit of detail about how to run a successful online business. Don’t let the title fool you, to become successful you will work a whole lot more than 4 hours per week.
  • Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder by Arnold Schwarzenegger – I just plain love this book. One of the most motivational books of all time by one of the most motivational people of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger. This book has absolutely nothing to do with making money online but it has everything to do with winning.


Quit bullshitting. If you want to make money you’ve got to work for it. Wake up at 5am and put in 3-4 hours of work every morning. Work on your lunch break. Work in the evenings before you go to bed. Think about your business 24/7. Live and breathe your business.

Download 30 Days of Discipline to help you focus and get into the right mindset.

Never be scared to ask for money. Your goal is to make money, there is no reason to hide that.

Time is your most precious commodity, don’t waste it.


You’ve seen Fight Club right? Think of it like this: If you’re not on your way to making money online in 6 months you will be dead.

If your mission is to make money online then there is no better time than right now.

Go to BADNET now and get started.

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  1. Marquise says

    You must of been the guy God was talking too after Adam and Eve bit the apple! lol


  2. Russ says

    Great post and the first no bullshit guide I’ve seen.

    Although I’d like to add something…

    Internet Marketing is bubbling, and while there’s plenty of opportunities still, I’d recommend using the Internet Marketing skills to build a QUALITY business. Instead of just affiliate marketing for hiking food, arrange to have different hiking food products private labeled, dropped shipped to one manufacturer where they are packaged into a ‘days package’ and dropshipped to your customers under your own brand. The four hour work week is about being a ‘deal maker’ and doing the ‘uncomfortable things’ others won’t. People go hiking all the time, once the IM bubble has popped people will still be coming to your company’s website to order a ’10 day supply’ of hiking food for their next trip. Damn, now my brain is on overdrive, paleo hiking food anyone? Still looking out for that myself, getting tired of drying steak in my oven. Being a trend watcher and a deal maker is where the money is.

    I’m working on my software company, I’m charging 3x as much as my competition because I go directly to the businesses, I’m willing to have 1000 awkward conversations and get laughed out of offices, I’m willing to inject myself and my nuts into the business, I’m willing to take 3am phone calls from customers (until I can subcontract that out) and build up a solid long term income generating machine. It will be a real muse requiring only 4 hours a week upkeep. But you have to pay the price now. Most the successful Internet Marketers say about 3 years of solid effort, but I believe you can buy some time back if you’re willing to do the things no one else is. I’m expecting 1 solid year and 1000 awkward conversations till I can take my mini retirement. Are you willing to visit manufacturing companies or wholesalers in person to convince them you’re good for it? Are you willing to then beat them down on price? Are you willing to bargain with shipping companies? Are you willing to go to 20 to get the terms you want and force them to outbid each other and have everyone involved think you’re a cunt? Tim Ferriss would.

    It’s 6.30pm here, I got to go meet some mates for dinner and celebrate New Years. Plan to be in bed by 1.30am so I can wake up early for my first day of discipline.

    Remember this, you can make a shit ton of money through IM, really you can, but it’s not a magic pill, it requires hard work, more hard work than offline businesses.

  3. Stuart says

    Just purchased a host, domain name and drafting up first posts.

    As excited as when I first quit Facebook!

    You’re changing lives out here Victor….

  4. Nabila says

    Thanks victor, you are great! Does this apply only to U.S citezen or even us outsiders can do it like you just outlined?

    • Victor Pride says


      The world wide web is worldwide – you can make money from any country. There may be websites unavailable to you (I don’t know) but you will be able to find ones that will work for you. Good luck.

    • Russ says

      Hi Nabila, Lots of Affiliates are based in the US and only pay in US dollars. But no one seems to care as long as you push products. I have a small Amazon US webstore which brings in a very modest trickle of income and Amazon US happily sends checks to a UK address for me even though I live in Australia now. Other companies may pay you by bank transfer, HSBC is a great bank for the mobile Internet Marketer.

      This is the Internet age, no one cares let alone knows that you’re a dog. I use a few services restricted to US residents, no one cares if you’ve got money in your pockets.

      • Salman says

        Hey Russ,

        I will be moving to UK on January 2015. I’m going to study there. So I was wondering if I open a savings account at Barclay and have my affiliate commissions transferred from PayPal to my savings account. Will the bank take notice of all the money coming in and enquire where the money is coming from? Because I will be opening a bank account as a student. If the figure is in 1000s. Will it matter to the bank? What are your thoughts Russ?

  5. Shaun says

    Incredible blog Victor, I’ve wonder about such ventures every time I see somebody else with a different “how to make money” guide. Makes me think: geez, I want to start a how to make money website. And I believe now I shall begin. Thank you good sir, and if you have a moment and you could email me, I would like to ask a question or two if possible?

  6. Jeff says are the MAN. Because of your site I finally am determined to get out of this 9-5 slog, and I’ve opened up my own site and used all your fantastic tips to get it off the ground..great stuff

  7. says

    Great site!.
    i stumbled on to it researching Modafinil and have been running through your other articles. Any way expect more comments and questions from me.
    I have done a few things online and made a very few dollars. looking foward to tips, idea’s and maybe some advice.
    keep it up.

  8. says

    Most people who look for ways of generating income online discover affiliate marketing. I think a course or a tutor help many people get started.

  9. cezrok says

    hi vic im trying to put links on amazon on my wordpress i currently use version 3.5.2 but the html button has gone it only has text or visual when you write a blog

    ive spent hours trying to search and work it out
    i can put on links for other sites but cant put them in like you have in your website thanks for all your help


  10. says

    One part of this article I took with interest is where you mention an affiliate should try the product before making reviews to which makes a lot of sense however I have not found one bloody product that I have purchased online that I can give a favorable review off as most of these products where just shabby junk or the ones that did make a half grade with me had service where I would not get an answer back to my issues for at least 48 hours.

    The way I look at it if a company cannot handle issues the same day they should either get more staff,outsource to a qualified outsourcing company and not willing to spend the money on any of these solutions then do not sell your own product

    Kenneth C Young

  11. says

    Holy fuck I just had to comment on this to say thanks for all the info, I skimmed thru some of your other articles which were all incredible. I don’t subscribe to too many blogs but I know a top notch “cream of the crop type” when I see one. Can feel my testosterone levels spike from reading these articles lol


    • Victor Pride says

      Depends on what you talk about and what your goals are. If you want to sell your consultant services you should use a real name.

  12. Rori says

    What a fucking boss you are sir.

    Just found your blog. So good to find a straight talking blog unlike all those other pretentious blogging twats I am used to.

    This is probably the best line I have ever read “Can you fake any of that?”.

    Will subscribe.

  13. vuk says

    Great site, great way of thinking, i was on the way to figure out things same as you, your site helpt me to skip some bullshit and get to the point, keep up the good work. My english writing is not perfect im from croatia

  14. Bob Smith says

    .Hi Victor,

    I love this article and I finally pulled the trigger and “started” my own website. I don’t really care about making money from the website. My aim is to write high quality articles (like you do) that will motivate people to change their lives for the better.

    Going through the motions of starting a website has been the most frustrating time of my life. It seems to me the whole process is needlessly complicated, but it’s probably because I don’t know what I am doing. I bought a domain name, web hosting, and a simple theme for my website. Then I published my website to the internet. Then I Googled my website (to see how it would appear to others) but it simply does not exist. It’s driving me crazy!

    I have a question for you. When you first published “Bold and Determined” to the internet was it immediately available for others to see?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Bob Smith

    • Rick Green says

      SEO is for the most part techno-woo. Focus your goals elsewhere, there are people in the business who know it’s pretty much nonsense. There’s no way too fool a google algorithm, you’re either generating hits or you’re not. Pretty simple explanation of a complex issue.

  15. Joe Owens says

    This is one of the best articles on advice I’ve ever read. It’s certainly spurned me to get of my arse. Thanks

  16. says

    Thanks for the guide and the kick in the butt! I’ve been a long time reader, and your message finally sunk in for me. You motivated me to start my own site. I’m not sure if you got commission for the HostGator reference (I just clicked on whatever was the default coupon from the link), but you should get it from the Genesis theme. Take care buddy.

  17. JR says

    Is there less of a learning curve on website creation if you went the blogger or blogspot route?
    Can you still affiliate market or use adsense on those sites?

  18. says

    Hi Victor,

    I am involved in both passive as well as active online money making opportunities.

    But, I have found that active ways to make money, i.e., selling services is the best for a sustained and massive increase in the income.

    At the same time, affiliate marketing, especially, recurring commissions can also be a very good source of income.

  19. says

    I created a how to make money online website about 6 months ago but I haven’t got around to building a list yet. The free version of Mailchimp does not let you use an autoresponder, does it? I can’t use aWeber right now cause my bank account is fucked, but I might soon.

  20. Leon Maderas says

    Hello Victor,

    I’m very happy for how things have turned out for you and again you’re serving me as an inspiration. I’m back and ready kick ass on a new stage of my life. I’ve been working for 8 years now as an independent software consultant. I own my company, I have no debt, I don’t buy things, I live like a spartan. But I’m ready to take things to a whole new level. Consulting makes me a lot of money but I’m tired. I’m still selling my time and it often requires my physical presence. I’m ready to break those chains too. I’m now working on adding content to my site and selling e-products. It’s an insane amount of work but I don’t care. I work, work, work, polish and ship. And I have a strategy to keep churning products for the rest of the year. I’m even cutting my rent by 80% so I have more money to invest in the making of these products. Once I get the a sizable portfolio I’ll work on the e-book on how I did it and by next year the money will be rolling in. Peace out.

  21. says

    Jesus tapdancing Christ! The price of those themes. You paid $100 dollars for your theme? I can eat for a month on that.

    Would someone mind taking a look at my free theme and provide any feedback?

  22. says

    This is a great post Victor. Guys let me just tell you Victor is the real deal when it comes to this. He makes real money and shows all of the serious people how to do the same. I bought his 30 Days of Discipline and all I can say BUY it if your serious about becoming a true above average man and taking your business to the next level!!!
    Your friend,
    Dylan Madden

  23. says

    Hey Victor I am running a company off the internet and was wondering if once I launch the clothing line part of the brand if it is required that I get an LLC. Great Article it really helped me when decided to launch my blog.

  24. Sleek says

    You are doing extremely great here. I really appreciate every bit of information I have got from you.
    I want you to take a look at my blog and my site.
    I just purchased a domain name for the site but I have not done anything in there.

    My blog is not working as I wanted,though I withdrew back few months ago from posting frequently.

    Take a look at them: and

    I am not achieving what I have in my mind for them.

    I will be glad to get in contact with you,so,we can talk about it;because it would be too long to narrate all my pain. Thanks

  25. says

    “I only stopped when I no longer needed to send out mass e-mails.” When is that?

    My view has always been that the MOST valuable thing you can have is a large email list. So much of the online marketing world is focused entirely around building a large email list, and they consistently say that “the money is in the list”

    Even Tim Ferriss realized the fundamental importance of getting emails, and changed his home page/entire blog to be focused around that specific conversion.

    I’m confused that you think that you don’t need/want to continue to send out mass emails anymore, even when you have new posts. (RSS is dying.)

    I love the article, and I’ll be linking to it in my book that I’m publishing next month.

    • Victor Pride says

      “I only stopped when I no longer needed to send out mass e-mails.” When is that?

      Look at the date, many years ago.

  26. says

    I loved this post, I’ve read so many other articles about how to get started and make money online but yours was by far the best . you basically laid out the whole process step by step. That’s awesome.

    I have been wanting to start a blog for awhile now but I am so stuck on what to write about.


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