The Minimalist’s Guide to Getting Rich

From the desk of Victor Pride
Subj: Minimize debt to maximize income 101

Bills bills bills! I can’t get rich because I have bills to pay!“.

Well then get rid of the damn bills and stop buying things.

If you want to get rich you have to stop being a consumer or goods and services and start being a provider of goods and services. You will never, ever get rich being a mindless consumer.

What’s that famous saying? “If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.

If you weren’t born rich you must get rich. To get rich you must give up luxuries you cannot afford. That means no auto payments, no credit cards, no loans, and no expensive mortgages or rentals.

Minimize to maximize. It’s really that simple. Stop spending that dough on things and start spending that dough on assets. Buy things that will make you more money, don’t buy things that won’t make you money. When you become rich then you can buy all the toys you want, but not before you become rich.

But if you buy buy buy things before you have the money (the actual cash money, not credit) then you are digging yourself deeper and deeper into a debt hole. Where I’m from we call these people 30k millionaires. They make 30k per year but they have all the latest cars and phones because they max out their credit cards every month just so they can appear rich.

But how the heck are you ever going to get rich if you are a debt slave?

Trick question. You won’t ever get rich if you’re deep in debt and you especially will never be free with the debt noose around your neck.

Can I be honest with you? I never cared about being rich. I never dreamt of owning a Ferrari or a yacht. I never cared about that stuff, not once.

But what I do care about is having the ability to do what I want, when I want, and how I want. In other words, freedom.

Do you know how you get freedom? You buy it with money. If you have money you can come and go as you please.

But Victor, money doesn’t buy happiness!

Irrelevant. Money buys freedom, whether you’re happy or not is up to you. I’ll tell you I’m a whole lot happier with money in the bank and zero debt than I was with no money and debt up to my eyeballs working to make someone else a little bit wealthier.

If you don’t have money, and if you don’t have a money maker’s mindset, you are stuck working for someone who does have a money maker’s mindset. I was never too happy working to make someone else rich.

Here is one cold, hard fact of life: If you have a job you are working to make someone else rich(er). That’s a fact.

You are already working to make someone rich, why not flip the script and make yourself rich instead of enriching the owner of the company you work for?

You’re already working, everyone is, so it just takes a little flip of the switch to change your mindset from worker bee to owner.

Heck, you don’t even have to become a multi-billionaire. Anyone can make 80 grand per year working on their own time and if you follow the steps below that 80 grand per year can give you a real nice life.

Step 1) Change your mindset and change your priorities

Poor Poor – Middle Class Poor – Rich

When I was in high school I went to a younger kids house. A friend of a friend type situation. The kid’s house was in the ghetto and the house was disgusting. It was dirty, filthy actually, it was in disrepair and it was basically a shack. It was leftover temporary military housing from WW2 that was supposed to have been torn down after the war.

The kid’s father, or stepfather, was missing teeth and the mother wasn’t fairing much better. They were the epitome of white trash. It was the first time I had ever seen such a disgusting manner in which people actually lived.

Oh, do you know what was in their living room?

In their living room was the biggest TV I had ever seen in my life. The TV was absolutely gigantic. Monstrous. They probably didn’t have a roll of toilet paper in the house but they had the biggest TV ever made. Probably purchased “rent to own”.

These type of people are the poor poor. These are the type of people who prioritize things they want, like big TV’s, over everything else. Pay bills or pay debts vs buying a new TV? New TV always wins with these type of people. These are the type of people who play the lottery (poor people don’t pay taxes, guess what lotteries are? Taxes on the poor.) and if they win a million dollars they’d be filing for bankruptcy in a year or two.

The poor poor have a “woe is me, boo hoo, give me” entitled attitude. Forget about them, they’re useless and will never learn. The poor prioritize buying things they want (like the newest phone or television) over investing, saving or paying outstanding bills. The poor will buy any way they can, and since they are poor (ergo they have no money) they buy on credit, digging themselves deeper into debt.

But then you’ve got the “middle class poor”. The middle class poor are the worker bees and office drones who put everything on credit to live a life of debt luxury. The middle class poor have a “put it on the credit card, we’ll pay for it later” mindset. But later always comes sooner than it should.

The middle class poor’s priorities are to appear wealthier than they really are. Keeping up with the Joneses they call it. Sour news, friends, but the Joneses are up to their eyeballs in debt too. It’s better to keep away from the Joneses and their poisonous mindset than to keep up with them. Keeping up with the Joneses is a race to the bottom.

The poor poor are just plain stupid, but the middle class poor are ignorant about money and debt. Big difference. The middle class poor have been incorrectly taught about money. They have been taught that loans and mortgages and credit cards and debts are good. Good for the bankers, sure, but not so good for Average Allen who is still paying for his wedding and Hawaii honeymoon 8 years later.

The rich have a different mindset. When the rich want something they don’t hold their hands out and say “give me”, they don’t pull out the credit card to buy now and pay later, they don’t rent to own. Instead, they do one of two things: 1) Pay in cash. Done deal. 2) If the item is out of their price range the rich will increase their income to cover the cost or they will buy a business to cover the cost of the new item they want. See that? Buy assets instead of toys, then use the assets to buy toys.

The rich know the secret to purchasing items they want: 1) They buy in cash or 2) They buy or create a business that will pay for the item they want.

If you want something that is out of your price range you need to put on your thinking cap on and figure out a way to get what you want. Cash only. Get on the problem like a Duck on a Junebug, work like hell, and make the money to buy that toy you want.

Step 2) Get rid of things that are too expensive

It’s tough to get rich if you have bills out the wazoo. The conventional advice is to give up small, piddly items like $1.95 morning coffee’s and save up. Nevermind the 3 grand per month mortgage, just deny yourself a coffee and in 135 years you’ll be debt free!

That’s dumb advice from dumb people, a morning coffee doesn’t mean anything. What matters is the gigantic monthly payments for your housing and your automobile. Those are the two biggest expenses for the average person. Cut those bills down and you can buy all the coffee and donuts you want.

To get rich it is essential to live far below your means. That means giving up the high mortgage/high rent home and the high auto loan payment. Buy a cash car and downgrade into an extremely affordable home. Get rid of luxuries and keep necessities.

Personally, I have only five monthly bills: rent, internet, water, electricity and gym and those bills add up to less than $700 per month. I used to have bills just like everyone else, $1,600 mortgage, auto loan, auto insurance, gasoline, $100 cell phone bill, home security system, lawn care, you name it I had to pay it. I got rid of all of it and it could not have been a better choice. Now I do not have any expensive bills. In fact, my monthly bills to run Bold and Determined are more than my own personal bills.

I can’t repeat this enough, you will never become wealthy if you are in debt or if you have expensive bills every month. Get rid of the bills and get free. If you have high bills and/or heavy debt you are not free to do as you please. You must pay those bills and you must work to pay those bills.

Do you know what people who aren’t free are called? They are called slaves. Going into debt and taking on heavy bills (it’s called living paycheck to paycheck) is self-induced slavery.

How many times have you heard of Doctors or Lawyers or other high-earners who make 100k per year but don’t have a thousand dollars in the bank? I hear about that all the time. Their money goes out as fast as it comes in on bills and debt. A guy who makes 30k per year but is smart with it could be richer than a high-earner making 100k per year but spending it all before it even comes in.

If you insist on using credit cards they must be paid off in full each and every month. To help out with your credit score you can put a tank of gasoline or some grocery shopping on your credit card and pay it all off before the interest kicks in. That’s what I do every month, put a little of this or that on a credit card and pay it off before the end of the month. Last time I checked my credit my total debt was $8. Eight dollars. Of course I paid that $8 off before the end of the month and got my debt back down to zero.

Step 3) Stop buying things you want

To get rich you absolutely must stop buying things. When you buy things you are throwing money away. Just burning it.

Consumerism is a killer and everyone around you is dying from this disease. Not only is the giant television unnecessary, it is actively digging you deeper into a hole. It makes you feel nice and rich but its an illusion, especially since most people put big ticket items on their credit card.

This feeling of being rich (by buying items on credit) kills your drive to better yourself. If you already have the item you want, why work hard?

Just keep making those minimum monthly payments and make those bankers richer, right? That’s what idiots do. If you’re smart you stop spending all of your money on pretend riches (new phones, TV’s, cars etc..) and start using the money you have to make more of it and buy yourself some freedom.

I could literally go out and buy anything I want, but I don’t ever buy things. In the last year I bought a cell phone, an iPad and a guitar. That’s an entire year of things I’ve purchased and the total cost of those items was less than $500. Of course I buy necessities (food, medicine, etc.), and I travel all the time, but I never buy things.

When you don’t rush out to buy things you have money accumulating. Some people call this “saving”. You can now easily save money because you aren’t throwing it away on things that don’t matter. When you have money saved up you start to become freer and freer. If you’ve got 20 grand in the bank and your boss fires you you can just laugh in his face. If you’ve got $20 in the bank and your boss fires you what happens? Ouch.

So what do you do with all this extra money you have now that you aren’t buying the latest gadgets and doo-dads and you don’t have heavy monthly bills?

You buy assets. Buy things that will make you more money. You start a business. You invest. The poor buy things, the rich buy assets. With the assets the rich have, they can then go off and buy anything they want with cash in hand. Done deal, baby.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

PS – The quote above, “If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else“, is from a guy named Dave Ramsey. Dave Ramsey has a book called The Total Money Makeover. If you are a debt slave you should read the book immediately.

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    • Florian says

      Great post, albeit I’d say that saving on the daily $1.95 coffee is not a bad idea. If you really DO that for several days and weeks, chances are that you start implementing a “saving” habit and then have an easier time moving on to saving bigger.

  1. says

    “But Victor, money doesn’t buy happiness!” Irrelevant. Money buys freedom

    Best response I’ve seen to the nauseating “money doesn’t buy happiness” crowd. Great post

    • says

      My favorite quote from this article is: ” If you have a job you are working to make someone else rich(er). That’s a fact.”

      Some people think they can’t make it on their own but the truth is they are already making it for themselves plus all the HR people and the owners of the company. The worker bee controls the wealth, he just doesn’t know it yet. All it takes is an idea and the balls to do it.

      Thanks for the great post, Victor!

  2. Uncle Hank says

    I love the reference to Dave Ramsey at the beginning-at least that’s who I have always heard use the expression.

    I couldn’t agree more with these economic principles. It’s the way I was raised, and its the way that I live.

    If you cant pay cash for it-don’t buy it. Its that simple. Credit is for suckers. Anybody that tells you different is either somebody that works for a bank or somehow or another makes their living based on your “credit.” So don’t buy into it.

    • BC says

      Rich people understand credit and receive interest (or return on investment).

      Poor people don’t understand credit and pay interest.

  3. jefferson says

    Another exceptional post, Mr. Pride. Now i realise that just before i stumbled on your website, i was heading up this road of ruin and self-sabotage. But because of the art forms you churn out, i am saving up for a venture in importing pharmaceutcal products and i’m presently learning the intricate parts of apparel for men. Thank you sir.

  4. John Bull says

    When I first in the first few months I visited this site I thought Victor was a pretty good guy except that he came across as racist sometimes.But them I looked beyond the curtains and saw that this guy was a friend he was telling it like it was.
    Crass he might be.I have learned so much from this site and without him I would still probably be lost.I thank him for that.
    One of the many lessons I learned was the following:

    I believe that everyman should always be building. To me their is no such thing as “retiring” or just spending my days running a few websites that bring me $1000 a month so I could live in a studio apartment in Bangkok.No! that is a one way express ticket to laziness,sloth, and destruction.

    The average retirement age in for America is 61.You know how old the likes of Ortega,Ellison,Branson, Helú, and Buffet are?
    77,69,63,73,and 83 respectively.

    Shit, Irving Kahn was born in 1905 and has been on Wall Street since 1928 you do the math.

    These guys are building constantly creating empires,do you seriously think they are going to “retire”.
    Fuck no!These men are going to continue building to the day they die.

    Seriously men. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be working for some else for 40 years waiting for retirement so I can finally be a “millionaire”if that was true tell me how many 60-70 old millionaires do you know personally?Shit just walk into your local retirement home and take a look at the people who fell for that scam and ask them what happened.

    I don’t want after I die I would immediately be forgotten,like dust gone .Just remembered by friends and family for a few generations and for my employers to send me and my family a email saying how good of an employees(castrated cog) I was and the next day hire someone from Craigslist.Is that what you want?Look at the men who are remembered and look at what they accomplished.Look at Ford,Newton,Edison,Jobs.Just imagine living without their creation(s).

    My friends what are you building?How are you planning for the next day,the next week,the next month,the next year,the next decade?Worrying about the bitch that hasn’t called you back?Are you Asian or Indian and you let your parents and family think for you ?Are you majoring in languages,Hyphenated-American studies or some other liberal shit?Are you wasting time on TV?If you spent that much time building people would be watching you on TV!

    I don’t know about you but I’m not content marrying an overweight 30-year old,taking care of someone else s children,reading a Broke.As.A.Jokester giving me advice on “how to get rich” on Yahoo Fiance.

    They say if you if you are not not building your own dreams you are going to be building someone elses. Friends its up to you.Become a Gladiator or remain a Spectator,Stop consuming and start producing ,talk shit or do shit.

    The choice is yours…

    • says

      John Bull,

      You hit the nail on the head, brother. I am completely new to internet marketing and blogging, however, outside the web, I have been blessed with the ability to bring in multiple streams of income. Multiple streams of income truly is the best way to be free.

      It takes smarts, balls and you cannot stop building. Thinking outside of the box is key. Finding something someone isn’t doing, or isn’t doing right is key. Capitalize on stupidity. Take advantage of those who do not use their brains. It’s the way the world works.

      I feel no remorse for a sucker, because thousands of suckers are born everyday.

      Excellent comment, and I promise you, whatever you are doing in life, you’re doing right.

      Stay well.

    • David says

      Damn, man. That is the best comment I have ever read. I am 25 and I have only realized that “retiring” is bullshit 2 years ago, and still struggle with it. Everyone around me are working for that, and there is nothing that I can say to convince them about how ridiculous it is, even my family. I can’t believe how difficult it is for people to understand this

    • jj says

      You better be thinking past the next day or year. Are you planning for eternity? Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved!

  5. says

    Great post.

    Living below your means is the way to go. Some call it cheap, others call it frugal.


    I call it smart.

    While my friends have $400 car payments and $1500 a month rent, I live simple and guess what? I have a ton of money saved up each month. Why? Because I don’t fall for the bullshit out there. I treat myself to toys and nice meals when I want, but for the most part, I live well below my means. The result? I don’t owe anyone a damn dime. I have money and freedom. If you have money and freedom guess what you can do?


  6. says

    You are So Right Vic!!! You motivate me to Break through Walls like the HULK!! Keep up the great work Vic. I also make sure many young men that I teach read your blog as well. Real Men role models are few and far between.

    God Bless.

  7. says

    Hey Victor,

    Great post. Like you always say if it doesn’t benefit you then burn it.

    I’ll definitely make sure to check out The Total Money Makeover.

    Question, I currently live with my parents and after reading your articles and How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis I realize this isn’t the best environment for me. With that said, I am trying to figure out the best location to “minimize to maximize”. I’m focused on finding a tax friendly and low cost of living country. From your experience, what are the best locations for this? And based on your time overseas, how much of a yearly investment does this require?

    Once again, thanks for the great content.

    • Victor Pride says

      If you’re American you pay taxes wherever you live UNLESS you are gone 330+ days per year. Everywhere that isn’t 1st world is cheap so go where you like. How much of a yearly investment for what? I instantly save 50%+ when I leave the US.

      • says

        Save 50%, wow! Smart thinking.

        How much money will I need for the necessities (housing, water, internet, electric, and the gym) living in non 1st world country?.

        Is the $700 a month you mentioned in the article a good estimate or do you think I could live in non 1st world country with less than that?

        I just want a solid number so I can have a goal to strive for.

        • Victor Pride says

          I don’t live on $700 per month, not even close. That’s what my monthly bills add up to. Can you live on less than that? Yeah, but you’ll be starving. $1,000 bare minimum monthly income before you leave the US for good and have a few thousand bare minimum saved up before you move.

          • says

            Thanks for the recommendation on The Total Money Makeover. It has cleared up a lot for me. I’ll follow thorough with it’s suggestions so I can move overseas.

            Now your suggestions about living aboard make more sense.

          • Gabe says

            Great article Vic.

            Just wanted to chime in:
            I live on $500 per month in Thailand at the moment.

            Food: $300/mo
            Bungalow: $100/mo
            Entertainment: $100/mo

            (Bungalow/hostel includes utilities.)

            How bad do you want it?

  8. HannibalBarka13 says

    In the list of your monthly expenses, there is no cell phone bill? And then you said in the things you bought you bought a cell phone?

    Was that an error or have you found some way to ditch the cell phone? I would love to get rid of this recurring monthly expense, but don’t see how I could survive without a phone. And I see it as an asset, not a possession or toy.

  9. Dave says


    I needed to hear this again from you, the way you cut shit to the point is like a bucket of ice water in your face. Money maker’s mindset activated.

    Thanks again brotha

  10. JT says

    Hello Victor,

    I am just curious if you’ve ever posted anywhere a vague documentation of your sources of income?

    Obviously, your ebooks. If you are in fact making $3500/month just from the sale of ebooks: kudos to you. That is excellent.

    I am on a path of my own that will defer far greatly from those of many – as will any truly determined path. Opening my mind to all possibilities along the way is extremely helpful.

    Many thanks. Words of conviction to reaffirm journeys or beginnings, are always welcome.

    • Victor Pride says

      Ebooks and affiliate marketing. To make 3.5 grand per month from ebooks I need to sell 10 ebooks per day. Bold and Determined gets 10k visitors per day. To make 3.5k from ebooks I need a conversion rate of .001. Not such a feat of impossibility, ay?

  11. Danny says

    Good Post. What are your thoughts on mortgages on rental property? In my area I can buy a 3 or 4 unit apartment house. The rents will 2-3 times what the mortgage is. I can pay my mortgage, put a little aside for repairs, and save the rest for a down payment on another. I can do 90% of the repairs myself, and I know how to handle tenants

    • Austin says

      Check out Mr. Money Mustache dott comm for info on rental investments. He’s got awesome info there. Stuff along the lines of Mr. PRIDE here, but not as motivational. Awesome site.

    • Victor Pride says

      Danny, I make a distinction between business use and personal use. Renting apt buildings is probably one of the top 5 money makers of all time. Much better than renting houses because when one tenant doesn’t pay you still have 3 others taking care of the mortgage. Just be sure to get a good deal on the properties, buy some that need work, buy at a discount, do the work yourself and the collect your dough.

  12. earl says

    Besides for guys…why are we spending all the money or what is the motivation?


    And they are giving that shit away for free…so why buy a bunch of garbage to impress that?

    • says

      My thoughts exactly.

      The only real cost to getting pussy is sweat.

      Hit the gym, get your body in great shape and you could slay women in cardboard boxes if you had to.

  13. says

    Boy you got the right idea here, save for one or two things. I’ve often been pretty interested in ways of living because of how I live compared to how my siblings or parents live and such. I know a woman who lives off welfare fortnight by fortnight and literally runs dry after a few days from buying stupid shit and because of that she will never get out of the shit shes in. That, combined with this post makes me not want to spend like an idiot and earn like a middle class poor worker bee. Excellent post again Vic.

    Perhaps I should do a miniseries on teenager-targeted financial planning over at ( because it seems like no kid can handle their money these days.

    • Victor Pride says

      “Perhaps I should do a miniseries on teenager-targeted financial planning over at ( because it seems like no kid can handle their money these days.”


  14. Abgrund says

    There are two pieces of advice I would add:

    1. Never give a woman any control in your life, and above all don’t marry. 99% of “keeping up with the Joneses” is motivated by women. No matter how much you make, a wife will spend all of it and more.

    2. Do everything you can for yourself. You can save a huge amount of money by being your own mechanic, doctor, plumber, etc. The Internet is flooded with free instructions on how to do anything and there is no excuse for paying some asshole $200 to unclog your crapper when you can buy a closet auger for $20.

  15. says

    As I get older I no longer spend much on “things” to impress others. I’m discovering that it’s about socioeconomic status, not possessions. If I had the status to afford expensive cars, clothes, etc, I wouldn’t have to buy them to prove my status to others. If I didn’t have the status, buying those things would not bring me status and would only make it seem like I’m trying too hard.

  16. Alexei says

    Hi Victor,

    Another inspiring post, thanks! I was going to ask you this for some time – what’s your personal opinion on starting an online ecommerce store (dropshipping), whereby you don’t purchase the products yourself, rather – the producer and the wholesaler sell the product via your website, which is basically an online store, attracting the customers! Particularly, if such a website has already been built and is up for sale by a (seemingly) legit and experienced Australian website building company. I’m an Australian citizen.
    Its these guys infact, here’s the link.

    My goal is to be location-independent, while making even as little as $2-4 K p/month. I’m considering investing in a venture like that and see where it takes me…

    What do you say?….



      • David says

        I can’t wait for that part. I am just working for a company now and have no idea where to turn to to get some real information on how to start a business online.

    • Alexander says

      Alexei, are you from Russia? Plan to move to Australia too. Would be great to consult. See post 83 in this thread below for my mailbox, if not reluctant to discuss.

  17. Luke says

    Absolutely brilliant advice. Being young, dumb and working to make others rich, I was firmly in the camp of the ignorant consumers. I’ll freely admit I’ve been stupid with my money my whole life – it’s well and truly time to stop being a sheep and start wisely utilising what resources I have available. Luckily, I’m 20 – young enough to change now to avoid mortgages and debts that will keep me trapped my whole life.
    My only lament is that for my 5 years of earning (started working part time at 15), I foolishly spent my money at a time in my life when I could have saved everything I earned. If I had done this, then even though I was working to make some old guy richer, I could have at least been setting myself up to have a good business up and running by now, or at least a hefty sum in the bank.
    If by some chance anyone younger than me reads this, save every cent you earn. You don’t need to follow your peers and buy ‘stuff’ just because it’s what others do. When you’re past your teens you’ll be laughing in the face of every one of those jokers who called you ‘tight-arse’ or whatever. As for me, I’ll be waiting a few more years for that opportunity but you can be DAMN sure it will happen very soon.

    • says

      Hey Luke a big piece of advice i can give is once you’re old enough to drink avoid going out and racking up big bar tabs. i don’t know if you’re from USA or not, but that will definitely help you save a good amount of cash while you’re friends stay broke.
      It truly is “Pissing your money away”

      And by the way check out my website

  18. says

    The fact that when go to work and punch the clock I’m making my boss richer really hit me a few weeks ago. Since then I haven’t been able to look at work the same. I’m checked out.

    However when i go to school and do work, when i go to the gym and lift, and when i work on my website that’s one day closer to freedom from the time clock. Its one day closer to moving out of my parents house. Once you have the mindset and the momentum it’s only a matter of time before you succeed. You just have to keep punching your own clock everyday.

  19. says

    As a child I was lucky enough to be brought up in a family with a wealthy, entrepreneurial father who taught me alot. As a teenager my father handed me Robert T. Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad, Poor Dad for teens. The book began to open my eyes toward the world of financial self-education. The book explained to me the 90-10 rule.The 90-10 rule refers to the idea that 90% of people make 10% of all the money in circulation and that 10% of people make 90% of all the money in circulation. That 10% are the individuals that Vic refers to as the RICH.

    The difference between the rich and the “poor poor” is… FINANCIAL EDUCATION, this is what Vic preaches! Educate your self and subscribe to this blog and join the top 10%.

  20. says

    You haven’t published much work regarding physical strength/fitness as of late, Victor. I really enjoyed those.
    Just dropping a quick link in case the people here want similar no-bs strength (not really a bodybuilding site, sorry lol) advice.

    Keep up the great work Victor, waiting for part 2…

  21. says

    Nice article,

    You seem to know a lot about investing so I’m just wondering what you think are some good beginner investments to make?

    I’ve managed to save up $20,000 but I don’t like having money just sitting in the bank doing nothing especially since interest rates are so bad these days.

    It seems real estate or buying businesses is popular I wouldn’t of thought $20,000 is enough capital to get involved in these sort ventures.

    Any advice?


    • Victor Pride says

      20k is more than enough to get started in RE or buying businesses. For example you can buy a foreclosure on credit or use a “hard money lender”, use your 20k to fix it up and sell it at a profit and turn that 20k into 40k. You could buy an apartment complex and rent out the units (buy at a huge discount of course). You could buy an internet store that is already up and running and making money. First thing you need to do is research. Hours and hours of research. Don’t rush into anything blindly, be prepared, be knowledgable, and when you pull the trigger on a deal make sure you have an exit strategy. Go sign up at and read for a few weeks.

  22. CB says


    Thanks for this post. I’ve taken a second job to get myself out of debt (actually, per Dave Ramsey’s book), and the second job is right beside one of those rent-to-own/rental places (appliances, TVs, computers, etc). On my breaks, if you can call them that, I sit outside and watch people go in and out the rent-to-own. Like moths to a flame, they can’t resist. And it burns them every time.

    The mindset must absolutely change. And a man should also research and read voraciously about debt and true wealth. Being naïve gets you into debt, being educated (no, not college, but through folks like Ramsey, Thomas Stanley, and others) gets you out. As the tried and true saying goes, a fool and his money are soon parted. Thanks – looking forward to others.


  23. Joey the Hustler says

    Great post Vic. Mark Cuban once said “If money doesn’t buy happiness, you’re not spending it right.”

  24. says

    “Step 3) Stop buying things you want” this, prevented me from getting instantly broke, I always bought things that are not even necessary, I only want them for awhile then it’s “bye bye” back to the garage where put my unnecessary stuffs, By realizing fuck where the heck did my money go?! Now I only buy things that I need, to be able to put food on the table which is more than enough. Beast article Victor.

  25. says

    Agree with buying things to make more money. I just started a new venture with a purchase of a supply of supplements. Most ive spent all year but my money should double with each order. Buying my way to freedom!!

  26. Fullvermonty says

    For those not sure of how/where to start to make it on your own, heed my advice: Get as close as you can to an established entrepreneurial operation and learn learn learn.

    I worked for the largest publisher in the world. Small cog. Then the largest affiliate marketer in the world. Medium cog. Now I work for a very small consulting firm. Large cog.

    I’m still a cog, but while in my past lives I had all of the desire in the world to start something of my own, I had no practical experience, exposure, or road map.

    Now I work on a two-person team, consulting the largest investment companies in the world (intentionally cryptic to protect the interests of my firm and my own name; my apologies). My teammate and I basically run our operation out of Excel, a program that is easy to learn and ridiculously accessible (comes prepackaged on every computer sold in the US).

    The two of us are in charge of product creation, marketing, sales, consulting, billing, client service, and operations. I literally could not get closer to owning my own business without actually owning my own business.

    And let me tell you, it is an eye-opening experience. Now that I have exposure to the day-to-day gents, it ain’t that difficult. But I would never have known that had I stayed a small cog in a big machine.

    I’m still making someone else rich, but every day I’m logging lessons that will help me make myself rich in due time.

    So make some small changes in your life, realign a bit, and get yourself a step closer to building your own dreams instead of building someone elses.

    Full disclosure: I don’t have a blog and am not attempting to steal readers. This site is the only site I check every day besides WSJ, the Times, and Seeking Alpha. Victor gets it. Keep exposing yourself to his gospel and soon you’ll get it, too.

  27. Arnold R says

    I went a different route in that I spent years building up a professional skill and then bought into an existing business.

    I can’t agree with Victor more in getting rid of bills. I avoided the new car, and I only use my cell phone for business. Avoiding expenses allows me to avoid going deeper into non-business debt during the lean times.

  28. Tcal says

    Vic what happened to the “it’s time to do something” series of amazing motivational pictures? can you send me a link with the various pictures you used? to my email if needet?

  29. says

    Hello Victor, Wonderful post! I can relate to it %100.
    I was lucky and had smart parents who taught me to not to be stupid with money. Anyways I’ve been in a bind lately, I just started a local business and it’s still getting off the ground, not making enough money to pay the bills yet. I got married about 2 months ago and really need to make a side income. My problem is that I don’t feel that I have anything extremely valuable or entertaining for people to read (such as a blog), and I have no clue what kind of website(s) I should make to make a little extra dough. I wish I would have known about your blog a little sooner, because I would have bought your book “The Spartan Entrepreneur’s Guide to Making $100 Per Day Online”. Any suggestions?

  30. says

    This rocks! Got tired of waitin for another article though!
    I can see that Vics all fired up on on money!
    @$1000 living abroad
    Yes less than 1000 is enough – more than enough to live abroad,. most people in third world countries can live decently at $400 a month (converted) so yes 1k passive $$s a month spent in non-1st world countries is more than enough.

    Another thing:
    If you are hardcore “B”-Quadrant minded guy, they dont need money to invest – they would borrow then invest. Risk takers these people are. They would serach for willing “Investor-minded” people and share the risk or completely give the shares to investors – that is what big companies do.

  31. Pierre says

    Is there anyone here who is from canada and is on TRT? Cause I might want to start trt, but I dont know how it works here in canada. thanks.

  32. Alex says

    This is great stuff. I’m currently a 20 year old who attends a community college, and so far it’s been one of the best decisions of my life. I am missing out on the partying and whatnot, but all of my friends are going to schools that will land them in $50-$60+ grand in debt, and so far I’ve paid EVERYTHING off with cash. Right now I’m in my third semester and have ZERO debt. It’s fantastic. Our current school system is a total joke. That pound it into your brain about how important it is to go to a well established university so that you can get a good job. Yeah, sure…all you’re doing is making the richer guys even MORE money. I’m tired of trying to get shitty jobs at grocery stores, retail, etc. The jobs suck, and the pay is a joke..especially after taxes. My problem is I don’t have much in the bank, because I was a moron in the past and spent my money. I do have a few grand right now, but I feel like I’d be better if I saved it for now. I’m also starting up a gym membership so I can get into shape (not fat, just normal), and attract women. I want to be a fucking alpha male, have money, and just live the fuckin’ American dream. I’ll be damned if I end up with a regular 9-5. I see those people, and they hate it. They go to work at 8-9 AM, come home to their spouse and sit on their ass in front of the TV for the rest of the night. I don’t want that. I want an exciting life.

    • says

      “I want to be a fucking alpha male, have money, and just live the fuckin’ American dream. ”


      Remember this, if you want to become something such as an alpha male with lots of money and live the “American dream”, there is no better time to start than now.

      The initial jump can be scary, but what’s the worst that can happen?


      Shit, failure just means you didn’t do something right the FIRST time, my suggestion to you is, if you want to truly begin a transformation, stop typing and start doing. Do something today that scares the shit out of you. Do something today that you’ve put off for weeks. DO IT. Once you start leaving your comfort zone something amazing happens, you know what that is? You start to transform. At first the changes will be subtle, but eventually, when you stop caring and start kicking ass, you’re going to look in the mirror one day and see a totally different person; a man; the man; a fucking man who did what he had to do to obtain what he wanted.

      The path is in front of you, you’ve just got to take the first step. Take it.

      • Alex says

        Fuck yes man, this got me so pumped! I’ll admit it, I’m a fucking bitch right now. I look like a damn stick with a shirt off, and I am no man. That is going to change. Taking your advice to heart, because it’s the damn truth. Thanks, brother.

        • says

          I hope you do take it to heart. I also hope that you run with it. Nothing is ever going to happen until you stop talking about it and BE about it.

          Every person who has succeeded in life has typically had one thing; a plan. Plan your shit out, man. Write down your goals and take action to get closer to those set goals EVERY SINGLE DAY.

          Don’t be one of those jokers who says “Fuck yes, man, this got me so pumped!” then does absolutely jack shit. Be one of those winners who gets pumped, takes that plunge, lays it on the line, works smart and reaps the rewards of being someone who kicks ass.

          All the best to you. Just make sure you take action.

    • says

      You’re on the right track going to Community College and paying with cash. You’re 20, I’m 24 doing the same thing. I went to a state “college” for 2 years after I graduated High School specifically looking for parties and drugs and all that…It wasn’t worth it. I wasted a shitload of time, knocked a girl up, accumulated debt, and didn’t learn shit.
      The more experience I acquire the more I believe that you must decide to learn. I mean that you must make an active choice and apply yourself to school; it won’t just happen that you’ll succeed at X College simply because you’re there.
      I’m actually making more money now, partying more now, getting STRAIGHT A’s now, and doing whatever I want more now than I ever was before. This is because now I made the decision that this is what i want to do: Get that degree, apply myself, meet girls, etc. whatever.
      Basic concept is: Apply yourself and take action.
      I knew this all along, however as a Man I believe it takes some maturity and experience to fully apply and implement.
      Good luck to you brother study hard.

  33. Sam says

    Hey Vic I jut started an academy for youth soccer players and I’m making more than at my job. True safety is relying on myself.

    • JH says

      Drink a gallon of water a day while getting plenty of proteins, maintaining a good workout routine, and lose the weight slowly. It’s a process, not an event. Hope this helps.

  34. luis says

    fyi…I already bought your bos ebook and incorporated it however that’s the only thing holding me back to having a chest like yours…

  35. Edgar P says


    Great post! I really enjoy reading your articles, a buddy from work forwarded me one of your previous articles “How to pick the right wife”… Ever since I was hooked! I am following your guidance and doing my own research on creating an LLC. My goal is to provide a service and fix and hire the worker bees. You truly inspired me, glad I came across your site and now I feel more Bold and Determined than ever!

    Your pal,


  36. says

    Thanks to some of your posts I’m now thinking of renting out the property I live in so I can move somewhere cheaper. Going abroad is out of the question for me but eventually I plan to go to Bangladesh where my parents came from originally. The cost of living there is so cheap and the climate is great as long as don’t live in the middle of a flood prone area. Thanks for posting, inspirational.

  37. Alexander says

    What assets one could explore before he creates a business? Deposit accounts earning 9.4% p.a. while inflation (CPI) eats up 6 to 8% of one’s earnings are a waste of time and abuse of funds (never kept money for interests, just for safety). Buying stock is too risky as our stock market is either unaccessible (go public in UK or China) or inattractive (speculative fund managers that let people down and then move overseas or in prison). Even common stock shares in government-owned companies offered to regular people under a so called people’s IPO at comparably affordable prices will pay off some 10-12 years after, given their dividend history, if at all. What else one can look at?

    • dan P says

      Alex, you clearly do not understand investing. If done correctly the stock market is not as scary as you may think.

  38. Alexander says

  39. says

    This is spot on again. Learn to shun the ego associated from collecting “material” to be free. Freedom is the an inherent need of man, to break away from constraints and experience release brings the ultimate satisfaction.

  40. Co says

    Hello Vic!

    Hope you´re doing well!

    I have a question to you:

    Should a man pay if he goes out with a girl in your opinion? If yes, always? Just the first Dates? How do you do it?

    Thanks and regards from Germany

    • Victor Pride says

      Here’s what I’ve always done: with a western girl don’t even bother going on dates, but if you do split the bill 50/50. If a non western girl I pay 100%.

      • says

        When are you planning on posting your next article, more content needed. I’ve probably read all your posts twice now and need some fresh content…my B&B Fix! Come on Victor, get your ARSE in gear!

  41. says

    Great advice Victor.

    Personally, I put all of my expenses on my money back credit card. I of course pay it off at the end of the month so I don’t pay any interest. At the end of the year I get a nice cheque in the mail from the credit card company for using their credit card!

  42. Dave says

    Yup–keep your great posts coming Victor.

    I find there are two classes of people: those that consume more than they produce; and those that produce more than they consume. The wolf is the latter.

  43. Josh says

    I think coming across you website was the lost amazing thing that has happened to me. Thanm you , is all I can say.

  44. says

    As always Vic, great advice.

    Personally I realized all of this myself at around 16. I grew up with a self made millionaire father who started his own business at 16 and taught me all about moneymaking from a young age. While he didn’t manage to teach me anything at all about women, fitness or life in general, I still thank him eternally for showing me an example of self respect and manhood.

    I’d like to add a little something if I can. I’ve learned to think of things in terms of lost income, rather than ultimate price. Since I am pretty familiar with the financial markets and stocks etc, I can easily return 10% a year on my savings, if not more. So when I see a 40,000usd car I would like to buy, I see that it doesn’t cost 40,000, it costs 40,000 plus 4k a year for the rest of my life (which I would have made if I put that 40k into a decent stock returning 10%). I think that in order to start seeing the absolute cost of things, and how much money you’re really pissing away, its essential to develop this mindset of “how much does this cost me in lost income?”

    Keep writing these articles. I don’t agree with everything you say, but 99% I do!


  45. Segun Gideon says

    Is it good to play lottery and other bets(188bet e.t.c) all in the name of getting rich? Pls Mr vic, I need the answer.

  46. Dave says

    Great post Vic!

    i’ve been putting off getting a new tv for god knows how many years.. and little big tickets items here and there..glad to know i’m not crazy. lol

    looking forward to read up your blog.

    Happy 2014 and may Health & Happiness follow you always!

  47. will says

    I can tell you this minimalist lifestyle works. My wife and I have lived it for 4 years now. You just have to be willing to give up the B.S.- STOP IT! We lived that way for 34 years! Mortgage- new cars- new this, new that. We got off the tread mill. We live at the beach in an apartment, instead of living in the valley suffering in 100 heat and paying 500/month for the pleasure. It’s bullshit people.. Our small place gives us more joy and peace -freedom. We put money in our savings instead of Ford motor company; we get up on the weekends to no yard – no fix this paint that, no “honey do list” We have breakfast at the beach and ride bikes or surf (I’m not very good)..
    In other words LIVE LIFE!
    On Monday’s I go back rested, and if my company is sold or closes? Oh well I have a year of income in the bank and can we live with a-lot lower income. I may have to adjust a little. But we’ve done that once and can do it again.

  48. Zack says

    Great advice; after seeing my family descend into debt from credit-based expenditures and gambling, I concur with many of your sentiments.

    Unfortunately, I was suckered into “Keeping up with the Joneses” by attending a comparably good (read: costly) university. Now I’m in graduate school (which is free, and pays me a monthly stipend, thankfully) in the hope of getting a PhD with USEFUL skills (programming and applied math) in the hopes of earning enough to pay off the ridiculous amount of debt I’ve accrued as an undergraduate.

    My question: how do I get out of this mess (debt)?

    A better question might be: how to go about this? I could pay small amounts from my stipend as I go along, or I could instead allocate that to a (currently nonexistent) side-business in the hopes that the latter will grow faster than the debt.

    Or I could leave graduate school with a MS (1 more year instead of 3) and hope that I land a good-enough job to better pay off the debt and kick-start my business. Thing is: I want this business to be based on something that is unique and has only few qualified to do it (with those qualifying often not interested in money)

    I know the naive/obvious/maybe-correct answer is to first start the business, then assess its short-term potential before I make the choice on how to spend my meager amount of money, but in any case I’m sure you have more general wisdom/insight on this matter than I do.

  49. Bob says

    Love reading this one over and over again. The old attitude of “hey, you are going to die so get what you want” is a TOTAL fraud. You can be stuck in misery for years with bills up the wazoo begging to die at that point. Also just buying crap is an excuse for people who don’t want to TRULY work on themselves. Been there, done that. Truly enjoying life is very simple when all the dust and smoke is cleared from the eyes. As you say, stay out of debt at all costs. Work on your body to get stronger. I feel so much better mentally and physically since I have become robot like in my showing up at the gym now. I only do 3 days per week- sometimes 4 but I go very hard when there. And that along with the steak and eggs or chicken and eggs/beef and eggs has really improved my body.
    When you are getting compliments from guys you used to think “Man, this guy can kick my ass” then you know you are doing something right.Or of course more stares and smiles from women, well you know you are doing it right.

    I really enjoy you Victor, because you just speak normal. How many times have I watched very intelligent talking heads on TV mess me up on financial advice? Tons. By the time you hear the 5 different people, you get bored and forget.

    Multiple streams of income along with not spending a ton equal win win.Gee, how come I was sleeping during economics class back in college? Maybe because the professor was too busy sounding smart or talking theories instead of talking in my face like a football coach to his team.

    Especially in this era many people HATE long stuff. I would rather eat cat litter than read one of those stupid biographies of some president or actor that does ZERO for my life.. Give me shorter with knockout punch after knockout punch. In boxing, who do people most want to see, the guy who can box and goes 12 rounds or the KO artist who keeps most fights short? The KO artist nearly every time. Short packed with homerun swings and digging deep into my soul on finance, working out, diet, enjoyment, Spiritual matters and so many other things is the way to go. And this is why you have a great website..I have ZERO doubt as I keep following your advice that I will be rich or at least all good in my mind.. NONE.

  50. Anderson says

    I’ve experienced the toughness of life since my high school years . I’m now 18 . I experienced what it is liked to be bullied due to my physique and my parent’s middle class finances . Since then , I developed my physique into a killer and the art of entrepreneurship . To me this article is very true . Me , myself as I live in Indonesia . Kids here were spoiled by their parents . I saved all of my allowances to start a small culinary business as I have the skill and experience in cooking . I rented a small space to set up a stall in my school canteen . There were a lot of challenges as I am studying and managing my small business . But that wasn’t an excuse for me to not develop as a successful person . My parents at first didn’t like my idea as they believe that the way to financial success is through formal education and the determination to work hard . But I took this path anyway because I know people that didn’t go through formal education make more money than the majority which have formal degrees in their profile . And now , my I can enjoy my efforts I spend in my business . My monthly turnover could go as high as Rp. 13,000,000 ( $1300 ) which is 3 times more than the average salary that people made after they graduate university . I am grateful I have chosen this path . Still , I am now in my process of completing my degree in uni because my parents demand me to do it . Every morning , I would go to the school canteen to manage my business and I go to uni at night

  51. Joachim says

    Hello Victor. Long time reader here.

    All of my friends are urging me to get into debt and buy a house because “it will pay off in the long run”.

    They say “when you have paid your loan, you will own an asset”.

    Is there any logic in this? Should I get a loan and buy a house?