The ‘Make it and Take it’ Principle of Life

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Alternate Title: How to Find Your Place in Life


Someone recently asked me what I think about the Law of Attraction. Is it the real deal or is it new age hocus pocus?

The Law of Attraction is the theory that you can create what you want. It is the theory that by truly believing in the object of your desire and focusing onto it will lead to that object or goal being realized on the material plane and that negative thinking will manifest negative results. This can also be called visualization.

The Law of Attraction was made famous by Napoleon Hill in his masterpiece, and my favorite book, Think and Grow Rich. I was completely and utterly lost before I read that book. The book changed my life forever, precisely because I started “practicing” visualization and the law of attraction. But I like to call it something a little different….

But first, let’s talk about how to find your place in life.

You see, people will often ask how to find their place in life. They’ll say “I’m lost! How do I find myself?“.

And the answer is simple.

You don’t find your place in life.

You make your place in life. You make it and take it. You visualize it, attract it, make it and take it.

That’s mine and I’ll have that now“.

Make it and take it, baby. Make concrete plans now, and execute them at the appropriate time. Unbreakable confidence. And if you don’t have it, get it. Act as if. Nothing worthwhile is going to be given to you. If it’s worthwhile then someone else is holding on to it tightly, to make it yours you must take it.

If you rely on finding your place in life you’ll find yourself interviewing with 22 year old female studies major Becky in Human Resources for your exciting career as an IT professional, you won’t find yourself in a position as a professional writer, blogger and killer like ol’ Big Bear. I didn’t find this job, I took it. I started planning three years ago. I visualized it and “law of attracted” it three years ago. For two years I didn’t make a dime. One year ago I started making money and replaced my previous income. Now I live fully on my internet income. I visualized it for years, I knew it would happen, there wasn’t a question in my mind, it was just a waiting game.

When I first escaped my 9-5 jive I had been planning and visualizing my new position for a number of years as well. All I was doing was waiting for that one opportunity, like a Lion waits for a little Gazelle. When I had the Gazelle in my sights I took a bite out of it’s neck and didn’t let go.

That’s the difference between the Lion and the Gazelle. The Lion will wait for the perfect striking time, the Gazelle wants it now, now, now and won’t plan ahead. When I left my 9-5 jive (about 10 seconds before the boss man could fire me) I was fully prepared to be broke as a joke for as long as it took. It turns out, it only took about 2 weeks, but I was prepared to eat beans out of a damn can for as long as it took.

Listen, friends. I am not a patient man. I am as impatient as they come, but I will wait for what I want. I won’t settle for less. A lot of you guys settle, and take less than what you want. If that’s what you take and accept then that is what you deserve. There are no two ways about it, what you have is what you have attracted. If you want more then you plan for it, visualize and then go grab it.

Saying “I deserve better!” is for losers. Saying “I demand better and I will have better” is for winners. Change the mindset, change the thought process, change your life.

Make it and take it.


#1 Learn the word “NO“. Say it often. No is a power word. You know who doesn’t say no? People pleasers. You know who says no all the time? Real dealers and ass kickers. “No” comes from a position of power.

#2 Stop caring what other people think. Their opinion is useless to you, their advice is useless and their thought process is non-existent. If they didn’t see it on television then it isn’t real to them. That goes for your mommy and daddy and your best friend from childhood. Unless someone’s life is enviable to you their advice is utterly pointless and useless garbage. Unless they are doing something you want to do, don’t ask for or accept advice. For example: I take bodybuilding advice from bodybuilders, I take business advice from successful entrepreneurs, and I take advice about how to properly make smoothies from my maid. I don’t take any advice from fellas who wasted their lives working for some company and raising a family. I know 8 million people like that, and their advice is always the same garbage. “Get a good job, get married and save for retirement so you can live as well as me!“.

Make it and take it, friends. If you want it get your feet on the pavement and get out there and get it. It’s not going to be out in the open waiting for you to find it. Whatever IT is that you want, it likes to play hide and seek with you. You’ll have to get out there and kick those rocks over looking for it, but it’s there. The rest of the lazy bums will only look in plain sight, if you take just one extra step you will have a leg up on almost everybody on planet earth. And then they’ll call you lucky. And they’ll be right. There isn’t a soul on planet earth who has good luck and a bad attitude. Good luck men have positive mental attitudes, they will extend their arm to Lady Luck and she’ll take it with a little smile and a blush, like the good girl she is.

-Victor Pride

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  1. Scott Har says

    This post is right on the money (and I mean *money*).

    People reading this should notice these words: “For two years, I didn’t make a dime.” Do you have the drive, the determination, and the diligence to stick to a plan for two years, while conformists all around you are urging you to give up? To “get a normal job”? To send out resumes? Victor apparently did, and is now reaping the rewards.

    I started my own company 8 months ago, walking away from a comfortable, soul-killing “velvet coffin” (i.e. a prestigious, well paying job that most “average” people thought was an indication that I’d “made it”).

    No. I demanded more. I wanted *my* company. I wanted control. I didn’t want to answer to a boss. I prepared for a long time, made the leap with no guarantees, but was confident that I’d succeed because I was obsessed with building my business.

    Important note: I did this with a wife and two kids. Don’t use that as an excuse. If you married the right woman, she’ll support you in this – and she’ll love and respect you even more for making it happen. And if you didn’t marry the right woman, why are you still married?

    When former co-workers and colleagues now say, “I wish *I* could start my own company…” I just stare at them. I know and they know that they’re not going to make the leap. They’re afraid. They’re comfortable. They’re worried what Mom will say to Uncle Steve next Thanksgiving.

    You have to be okay with this. Only a small percentage of us are prepared to make the commitment and sacrifice to succeed along the lines that Victor is talking about. I’m guessing it’s about 2%. Maybe 3%. So you have to ask yourself where you want to be as a man. Among the two or three out of a hundred who are going to do something about their bold vision? Or among the 97 or 98 who will read this and think, “Yep. I’m totally gonna do that. Right after this “Jersey Shore” marathon is over…”

  2. daywalker says

    Its like you live in my head, and write the perfect blogs, exactly when I need to read them.

    Not sure how you do it Vic, but keep up the God Like powers.

  3. says

    This is a refreshing take on the law of attraction. Everyone was swept away by The Secret DVD and book a few years ago. However, most of the scheeple just sat at home and imagined their lives changing without taking action. Thanks for the reminder to make it and take it Victor.

  4. says

    Yes, the Law of Attraction really works, but reflects our dominant and most practiced thoughts. We can’t spend 5 minutes on a new thought and 23 hours and 55 minutes thinking the old thoughts and have anything change.

    That being said, we can simultaneously be positive and believing while also maintaining a healthy degree of scepticism. The Law of Attraction is not about ignoring common sense.

    We must also understand that the Universe works at its own speed. Although instant manifestation may sometimes happen, our desire will manifest in the universe’s timeframe rather than ours! It could even be that the universe knows that we are not yet ready to receive our desire.

    • chris says

      I admit I stopped to read your comment cause your cute. It was almost like an uncanny coincidence, to have read your comment at this exact moment. I was almost panicking if I should take a longer road to my goals or quit a job I don’t have yet at the interview just to tap into what I must believe to be successful. Does the longer road indicate wisdom, or is it a cop-out, and will I get stuck? What I’m saying is I don’t know if the universe/karma/cause and effect or whatever is asking me to start now, or slow down, and success will come regardless because I demand it. “It could even be that the universe knows that we are not yet ready to receive or desire.”-Shanna.
      Everything else you wrote was one of the smartest comments I have read. More informative then some entire books.

  5. Andre says

    Great article ! Think & Grow Rich is a classic EVERYONE should read it !

    For me LUCK = hardwork + preparation + opportunity

    Just found your site yesterday, we need more real and brutally honest guys like you shaking people by their collars to wake the f-ck up !

    Peace from your new Canadian reader.

  6. goopra says

    Love u big bro for writing this
    Iam a 21 yr old guy and iam gonna become a legend…iam work everyday morning before sleep doing exercises eating right…cz I WANNA get TALLER..and iam going to…next up gonna start a site…
    Tha k u so much DIL se ( from the heart in punjabi) that u finally wrote how u did it..
    What r ur thoughts on visualizing it..specially on waking up n sleeping cz thats when the subconscious is most powerful. .. I hard did u visualize n evrything

  7. Princeps says

    I’m the one who asked about your thoughts on the Law of Attraction, and I am very pleased with your answer. Just what I needed today. Keep it up with the kick-ass articles.

  8. jose says

    As always your articles motivate me to continue and push myself through the boundaries that were thrown in the way by others and even by me. Continue the good work bro!

  9. aerkzees says

    Vic, I’m a recent reader, and just wanted to tell you how awesome your blog is. I think you may not always go about finding the answers the right way, but when you find them they damn sure are the right answers. Luckily I can think for myself and take a little bit of salt with some of your advice, but you truly do have the methods for success, bro!

    My political and moral views may not coincide with yours (Independent, atheist), but ass-kicking is a motherfucking universal language.

    • Abgrund says

      Technically, he’s more of a Social Darwinist than a Fascist. My diagnosis is Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He does have some good advice though, and this country needs more men and fewer chumps.

  10. says

    I fucking love this blog! 10 years in the making and taking my position, I have owned and run my own very succesful business after working as a fucking drone for way tooooooooo long. The Law of attraction is very real! What sceptics forget is you can’t just wish, you have to work until your hands are bloody, missing skin tape that shit up and keep working! 3 days no sleep, 1 meal a day, drive 100’s of miles and back on coffee only, whatever it takes. WHATEVER it takes. Too many people give up and the idea I will do what I can now to do what i want later is the most TOXIC thought process on the planet, later never comes.

    It is a scientific fact that energy attracts like energy, if you focus acutely and accuratley with all your might and passion on something you are getting, not something you want, or something you wish for, I AM GETTING THAT SHIT RIGHT THERE NO MATTER THE ODDS NO MATTER HOW LONG< NO MATTER HOW MUCH SWEAT AND BLOOD IT TAKES, no matter how hard I have to work…. you will get it. The universe can't NOT give it to you. Anytime in my life I have done this and believed without a question of a doubt that what it is I am seeking, I already have it's just a matter of time until it's in my hands…. It comes into my hands eventually. People forget the inner workings of life is really super simple we just over complicate it because I think most people are really afraid to be who they really are inside because of judgements and society. Awesome blog Victor Thank you!

  11. Jamie says

    Off topic question for you Victor…
    Should a man take steroids or refrain from them when making babies with his wife?
    I want to increase T levels but I am also concerned about possible increased risk of birth defects and such…

    • Victor Pride says

      Dunno about birth defects, never studied the babies of juiceheads but IMO it’s best to err on the side of caution when it comes to your blood and don’t blast any gear until ol’ girl is knocked up.

      • Jamie says

        I have read that it lowers sperm count, lowers sperm quality, and can lead to birth defects. I am unsure whether this effect is temporary or whether it has long term effects on sperm count/quality. As I plan on using no form of birth control at all ever and letting nature take its course. I desire to have a very large family and we are both still in our twenties. I am wondering whether I should only cycle at times of my wife’s pregnancy, or to refrain from using steroids altogether. But there are so many chemicals and estrogens in the modern environment that contribute to the effeminacy of males that I am considering whether it may be worthwhile to add some testosterone to counteract those things. Torn over this decision.

        • Victor Pride says

          Alright, this is just my opinion: The little rugrats will not have any birth defects from the father using test, test will not counteract anything, and you will probably have daughters if you are using test and your bird gets pregnant IF you are even able to knock her up while using test. A TRT dose of test is notorious for working as a contraceptive and bodybuilders notoriously have daughters. Another thing, unless your levels are low you do not need test in your twenties. Get checked first, you may have good levels already.

          • Jamie says

            Thanks for your advice Victor. My firstborn is a daughter and I love her to pieces but I need a few sons.

          • Jamie says

            Also, a quick point. I wanted to post a comment on the ‘choosing a wife’ post but couldn’t seem to find the link to allow me to comment.

            You are 100% correct that the purpose of marriage is children. I would chance to say, in fact, that the purpose of life itself is blood, posterity, and creating a genetic legacy.

            And choosing a wife of one’s own race is of the utmost importance. There is nothing like the feeling of gazing into the eyes of a miniature version of yourself, something that those white men that married asian brides will never get to experience, as a half-breed child will always resemble the nonwhite parent. They have thrown their blood and the history of their people down the trash. When I am out and about and see them, the ‘father’ doesn’t even look like a part of the family, but just like a third wheel tag-a-long. If white men continue to breed half-castes in search of the ‘submissive’ bride, they will breed the white race into extinction.

            There are still some gems in the west but I do not believe that a woman should be cast aside for going to college or having a job or such things. It is expected of them in society, and they will change their tune quickly. My bride was attending a local university and quit that life path to be a homemaker, and will never work a day in her life, but certainly would have ended up with a different life had she coupled with a different mate. A man cannot necessarily find the perfect submissive woman ready-made for him but must often play a role in ‘creating’ her. My criteria when I searched for a wife were 90% physical and only about 10% personality-based. The most important thing for me was to find a bride I was attracted to, had a history of good health in the family, and wasn’t a slut. The rest of the personality falls into place after the man fulfills his masculine polarity role. Because at that point she will quite naturally find happiness in her own feminine polarity role.

  12. Billy The King says

    Any Chance you could make your internet money making E-Book available again for your loyal readers, even for only a short time.(The book had already been taken down by the time I found your site.) I’d like to try my hand at it and at 22 with no student loans and a miniscule amount of saving I’m in the position and mindset to do it.
    Regardless, I appreciate the site, good to see you posting again regularly. Thanks!

  13. João Medeiros says

    Victor, I love your blog, it really helped to wake me up to reality, a reality where everyone is mediocre, and I can’t be.
    Thanks to you, I signed up in a gym, where I NEED to work hard and will, and I have also started my path to excellence, because I have no right to say others are mediocre if I am too, hypocrisis sucks.
    But anyway, I want help from you. I am 14 years old, and I want to accomplish ALL I can, and I am aware I require a life objective. But maybe because my mind is not yet “adult” (but my revelation makes me feel adult) I still have no defined one. Can you suggest one, knowing that I am willing to bust my ass for anything? (don’t interpret my openness to advice as weakness, I am still 14 years old) :]

  14. Mike says

    Nah, Vic. Don’t change it. The previous design was better, this theme doesn’t fit the Blog well enough. I’m a freelance web designer, I know what I’m talking about. Free advice.

  15. David says

    I actually like the new design, but man that “red” looks like pink, are you gay now or something? :\ eheh. Just write something damn it, it’s been a month since your last post, I come here almost everyday cheking for updates!!

  16. says

    Dang another site overhaul. Reminds me of the old school one you had back in September. I enjoy the larger font as well, truth be told I always had your site zoomed in because the font was puny, but nice change. Keep up the ass-kicking man!

  17. says

    ” Unless someone’s life is enviable to you their advice is utterly pointless and useless garbage.” This made me laugh out loud for real.. because its so true. I like your “real talk” – its honest and refreshing.

  18. B says


    I respect you for calling the “Law of Attraction” by a different name. It is important to understand where and how these ideas originated. LoA is just rebranded New Thought, which has as its origins in animal magnetism / mesmerism. Ever hear someone say they were “mesmerized?” The word comes from a German physician who lived in the 18th and early 19th centuries, named Franz Anton Mesmer.

    Mesmer attempted to treat mentally ill patients with a combination of hypnosis, music therapy and magnetic therapy (to ‘attract’ health to the patient). He later discontinued the use of magnets, believing the same results could be achieved with thought alone. LoA was born. Mesmer, not unlike the infamous televangelists of the 20th century, failed to heal with his treatments and was disregarded by most in the scientific community.

    What Mesmer actually stumbled upon is the placebo effect.

    So, we aren’t actually attracting anything; we simply make things happen—as you point out. We do this through, usually, a laborious process of trial and error; of building and re-building. Once we decide on an outcome we would like to see, we visualize the outcome, then take the necessary steps to create that outcome. In my own experience, attracting has never occurred; I have to go out and make it happen. Now, you will usually find, through your own sheer determination, the people/education/whatever you need, to make the goal a reality. Then, you will, yourself, go out and acquire these resources. If you want to call that attraction, fine, but I’d argue otherwise.