The Gentleman’s Guide to Modern American Dating

A Gentleman will arrive at a ladies dwelling early Friday evening and present her with a selection of beautiful, expensive and exotic flowers. He will compliment her beauty as he escorts her to his moderately priced but environmentally friendly automobile and opens the door for her. They will arrive at the expensive French restaurant where he will pull out the chair for his exquisite date. He will tenderly ask her what she likes to eat, when the waiter arrives he will order (in French) exactly what she likes and nothing she doesn’t. The date will go very well, they have so many things in common. He thinks she could be the one he has been waiting for his whole life. He starts to imagine their life together. It’s just going so well and she’s so perfect he doesn’t want to rush things. Which is good because she said she doesn’t want to rush things either.

He drops her off early (she has to wake up early) and he kisses her on the cheek and tells her what a great time he had. He eagerly makes plans for their next date and she accepts. He drives home. He hops online and updates his social internet account with a new status about the evening and what a great time he had. He then goes to bed, still thinking about the future with this girl, masturbates and falls asleep with a smile.

When the girl is dropped off, she goes inside to her apartment and logs on to social internet account. She then opens her apple cellular telephone and sends a message to an alpha wolf she has been casually seeing for the past few weeks, asking what he is doing. He does not respond. After one hour she decides to go to bed. She is awoken two hours later when she receives a new message from the alpha wolf which simply says “come over dont wear anything but a coat”. She responds that she is sleeping and can she see him tomorrow. He does not respond. 10 minutes later she text messages him and says she is on her way. She arrives at his apartment, he pulls off her coat, tells her to get on her knees and she eagerly complies, saying I wilst do that for thee. The next morning at work she is very tired but has no regrets.

The next Wednesday cannot come soon enough for the gentlemen, for that is when he will go on date #2 with his potential new girlfriend. He arrives 4 minutes early to their arranged time, she is still getting ready but that is ok, he is an understanding person. When she is finally ready 27 minutes later he presents her with a gift, just a small necklace that made him think of her. Again, he escorts her to his automobile and drives her to the ice-skating rink inside the mall. They have a fantastic time ice-skating and then they go to the food court for pizza, she tries to pay for half but he declines for a gentleman always pays for a lady. And he knows how to treat a lady. They eat for a while. She casually mentions how early she has to be at work the next day. Concerned about the time, he asks her if she needs to go home. She says yes.  Without hesitation he drives her home. When they arrive at her apartment he works up the courage to ask if he can come in for some hot chocolate. She replies that she really wants to take it slow this time, and besides, she has work the next day. He understands and kisses her on the cheek.

That Friday, the gentlemen calls her and asks if she would like to attend a movie that evening. She replies that she has already made plans with her best girlfriends. He asks her what she is doing tomorrow, she says she has plans but that maybe she can break them. She will let him know tomorrow. He says ok and tells her to have a great night. She says you too. She goes to the local discotheque with her best girlfriends and they dance. Many guys try to dance with her and she brushes them off, other guys she dances with. One guy in particular she thought was attractive at first but turned out to be really rude. She asked him to buy her a drink, he said sure, went to the bar and returned with two drinks: a whiskey and coke for himself and a glass of tap-water for her. He even laughed at her. She bids him adieu.

During the evening the gentleman text messages her and asks if she is having a good time. She ignores the messages. Instead, she has been unable to stop watching her new gentleman caller, the one who returned with a water for her. He has been talking and smiling with a lot of other girls and guys. He hasn’t paid very much attention to her except for the occasional glances in which she breaks eye-contact before he does. Nearer the end of the evening, when the discotheque is about to close, he casually strolls up to her and says lets go. Surprised, she says where. He says my home. She acts flabbergasted and waits for him to explain. He says nothing. After 15 seconds she says ok, I’d like to. They arrive at his apartment home and have sex without a condom.

Her gentlemen caller cannot sleep for he is worried about her as she has not returned any of his three text messages. He calls her the next morning to make sure she is ok, she mentioned how her phone died the night before and that she didn’t receive any of his messages. He asks her to accompany him for the evening and she says she can’t but if something changes she will let him know. He says ok, have fun.

That evening the lady returns to the discotheque scene with her best girlfriends, where she runs into the alpha wolf from the previous Friday evening. He is with another young lady and ignores her. She chatters with her best girlfriends about what ungentlemanly like behavior the alpha wolf displays. When she returns home for the evening she logs into her social internet account and leaves a comment lamenting the fact that there are no good men left and what a shame it is. The gentleman, fearing she is speaking of him, instantly responds and says that he is there for her if she would like to talk. She says thank you, you are so sweet and then she goes to sleep. The gentlemen understands that this is merely a test for her love and affection and devises a very romantic plan to win her heart forever.

The next afternoon the gentleman, understanding how emotionally vulnerable she is, asks if she’d like to go shopping to make her feel better. She says yes, that is so sweet. They go to the mall and he patiently waits while she tries on her stylish new clothes and when it is time to pay he hands the cashier his visa credit card. Surely the lady will see that he can provide for her and will do anything to win her heart. He drives her back to her apartment home and this time she invites him in. They sit on the sofa and she again tries on some of her new clothes. He comments how pretty she looks, to which she responds with a smile. She sits down on the sofa and she kisses him. He kisses back, eagerly. After a minute she pushes him away and says she doesn’t want to go to fast or get too involved, don’t you see her heart has been broken before. He says yes, I understand. I would never want to rush you. Whenever you are ready let me know and I will be here for you.

The gentleman leaves her apartment, understanding she she needs some space and some time to sort out her feelings. The lady, using the camera on her apple cellular telephone, takes a picture of herself in the bathroom mirror with her breasts exposed and messages the picture to the alpha wolf who ignored her the previous evening. She captions the photograph with the words this is what you could have had. The alpha wolf does not respond. The lady again logs into her social internet account and reports to her friend network that guys are such pigs and only want one thing and there are no good guys left and that at least she is following her heart.

To be continued.

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    • Kumbi says

      Like what some guy said this is legendary & epic

      But Victor must be arrested for non delivery and leaving people wanting more!! its been long first read art 1 in feb now come back nov still no part two!!!! lol

      • Kumbi says

        on second thought here is part two

        The Gentleman decided to go see the “Lady” since she has been ignoring him and he thought a surprise would be nice upon arrival through the window he saw the alpha wolf demanding that she suck harder like she did last week(the Gent had a date with her last week and she was telling him she does not want to move to fast).

        He was so shocked with what he saw he all he could do is walk away drive home thinking to himself what the f*ck went wrong all I did is treat her like a lady.

        when he reached home had no appetite or strength to masturbate so he went online while he was there he discovered Vicks blog AND he read and he read took a good look at himself and realise he had to change and changed himself from a kitten into an ultra ALPHA Wolf and he was banging clicks left right and centre.

        while he was also at this chicks house demanding she swallows he looked through the window and saw another sob looking haplessly holding a gift bag

        the end

      • John doe says

        Well I must share my story with you Vic. I have this girl I’ve been nailing for about a year now, really hot Asian girl. We usually meet about once/wk and I’m never a gentleman. Its usually really rough and me giving this girl orders. I only message her when its about me coming over to nail her, and letting her know what time I’ll be over. I never ask, I always tell her the time. When I get there I walk right into her house without knocking, and usually she is ready to go w/ candles lit and some slut outfit. She even asks me if I have any requests from her before coming over. so she is talking to this guy who is like 4 hrs away, they’ve been talking for like 3 or 4 months now. She finally drove there to meet him and spend the weekend. She told me “believe it or not they never had sex” She even offered, and the guy said “I have too much respect for you to do what every other guy would” She did say that they got to like 2nd base, and when she went to grab it the guy asked her “Is it good enough for you?” hahahhahaha I’m thinking what a sap this guy is. This poor guy is trying to build some meaningful relationship, is so not confident he needs to ask “is it ok enough for you?” meanwhile, some jerk like myself is walking into her house like he owns the damn place, popping the chick across the mouth and pulling her hair out of her head, LOL. And she is screaming things out like “OMG, your a frikken beast” and “damn u have a big ****!!!” Then after I finish I ask her to massage me, and she agrees, she says she even gets off on it. Meanwhile this poor bastard 4 hrs away is trying to build something special, how sad

  1. muscle bellies says

    This article is 100% truth, in Asia as well. Someone should have told or demonstrated this to me when i was 14. I’ve been the gentleman (not even getting to the first kiss or second date), and ten years later, the wolf.

    • Jared says

      haha so true I have been a gentlemn before and this happened but when I acted like a man things turned out differently now I will surely stay on the alpha path doing workouts and such it’s the natural way balance ying yang…

      Keep up the great work man!

  2. KG says

    Damn! I was laughing as well as wanting to cry at the same time while reading this.. Sarcastic in-your-face-but-true account!

  3. JW says

    I think you pretty much put the cart before the horse. Of course if you are rich, carismatic, powerfull, physically attractive and or famous, you can act like an asshole and have lots of women falling for you anyway. But if you have all that, you will get laid with a softer behaviour as well. Conversly, if you are mr nobody, just being rude to women will not get you a long way, all it will accomplish is you will not have many friends either.
    Many men who are succesfull and attractive will be rude because they enjoy it and they can get away with it. And many men who are not will try to compensate by being nice, perhaps in vain most of the time. But it is not my experience that being rude in itself helps very much. To the extent it does, its maybe because the girl thinks if the man behaves like that he must be someone special. Once she finds out you work at seven eleven and you have no particular talents, she wont stay with you just because you treat her like shit.

    • Mike says

      Bottom line, I feel women want what they cant have! I have some choice words, I would like to say to women like this that cheat but… I’d almost be speaking to all women I think. Anyways good sad true story. I can’t wait for part 2!

  4. Steven says

    JW, it isn’t being rude, its being CONFIDENT. Knowing what you want and being assertive! If you are a pussy then it would (seem) like you’re being rude. Nice guys are always so worried about OFFENDING someone, you are just being PC dude. Just SLAM them. This is what they want…they want someone to USE them. (seriously)

  5. QuantumManiac says

    This reminds me of my life before I met my wife. There was a woman that I attempted to court who was very much like the woman in this narrative. I’m considering whether I should send this to her with a message that says “Sound familiar?” I would very much like to point out that, while she’s still hopping from one asshole guy to the next, never knowing why they invariably cheat on her and make her miserable, I’m happily married to a woman who is far better than she’ll ever be. The only question is this: Which is crueler? Showing her that she’s a horrible human being and making her live with that unbearable truth? Or letting her writhe in misery for the rest of her life without ever knowing why?

    • Vendetta says

      No. The only question is, is your wife secretly fucking an alpha behind your back? You still sound hurt by this ex whoever of yours and that is weak. Forget her. If you are still hurt by her and wanting to get some revenge on her, that indicates that you may well be displaying similar betatudes to your current wife. In turn, this may make her seek out an alpha. Be careful my friend…

  6. Phil D says

    I just read this, 2 years too late. Thanks for the LOLs, Victor. It’s funnier because it’s true! I’ve been on both sides of it (gentleman and alpha wolf). The desciption of the gentleman in particular made me both shake my head and laugh, but also made me feel sad. It reminds of the times I was that guy and reminds me of the time, money and self-respect I will never be able to get back.

  7. TR says

    I tried that nice guy shit and looking back I feel like a fool. That shit is weak, it’s for those wimps that bow down to skank ass bitches (like my ex wife). I will never, fucking ever,do that dumb shit again. Get the door yourself bitch, pay for MY fucking dinner you cunt, I’ll pick the movie and oh go fuck yourself……you walking vagina.


  8. B says

    I was definitely that poor schnook in my past life. Minus the shopping spree.
    Genius post. But 2 YEARS later and STILL no part deux? c’mon Vic!!

  9. R says

    I was the woman in this post. I once met a guy online he treated me like total shit then dumped me. He was 1 1/2 hrs late for our date, arrived with alcohol on his breath and later convinced me to have sex without a condom. Then when I texted him two days later he told me that he had gotten back together with his ex and couldn’t see me again. I actually cried because it was the best sex in my life and I wanted more. Meanwhile other guys that treat me like a queen I could care less about. I tell myself if he ever calls/texts/emails me I’ll ignore him but I’m really not sure what I’d do. Pretty fucking sad on my part. Glad to see I’m not the only woman that falls for creeps though.

    • R says

      So the guy called and texted two days after I posted the above saying it didn’t work out with the ex and he wants me back. Told him I would let him know. Wonder if this works the other way around and I can be a she-wolf? If I treat him like crap if he will run after me?
      Anyway, I already found someone much nicer that treats me very well. Maybe I’ll just be smart and stay with the nice guy.

  10. Kal-Ell says

    Mike, not to break balls but calling her a cheater is a lil’ much. The woman in the story was a single lady dating. @ no point in the story was there mention of her being the girlfriend of the alpha wolf or the girlfriend of the gentlemen. If she was the girlfriend (or gawd forbid even worse the wife) of the alpha wolf or of the gentleman there are some much more harsh names she would deserve & even need to be called. It’s a safe bet that @ 1 point or another every guy has been both alpha wolf & gentleman. Hopefully every guy has learned a thing or 7 while being either of the men in this type of scenario.

  11. B says

    I have been reading your blog for quite some time now, following the tips of money making, discipline, eating and bodybuilding. But in this article…. you really made art, it took me more than it should to see it.

    In all countries I lived, I´ve tried to pass the message you pass in this post (not so brilliantly as you do, but anyway), but, who listens? People say I´m a “caveman”, but that always reached my ears as a compliment. The only thing I regret immensely is not having found your blog earlier. Keep up the good work.

  12. Kevin says

    man this hits me right in the feels. ive been the alpha wolf before, was for a long time. guess i have a soul because meaningless sex with random women got old (and risky after an std scare). tried playing the gentleman like vic describes in his story, and it always went exactly like this. its gotten to the point where im not just disgusted with myself for the way i used to behave, but society as a whole for even allowing accepted norms to get to this point. its the reason ive been using the joke “misanthropic a sexual orientation yet? or are we still using asexual as a blanket term” for the past month when asked about my gender preference….

  13. Sebastian says

    I met this cougar two weeks ago and the first night we banged it out. The next weekend, she stayed overnight. We are just having a lot of fun together although she claims she is separated.

  14. john fox says

    Let me tell you how it ends. 5 years later, the gentleman is married to a decent wife who is somewhat interesting but not that great. He has kids and has good relationships with them. The girl is married to a philandering SOB who is never home. The alpha male is divored, has a kid but never sees him and doesn’t really care.

  15. P.F. says

    I once did everything I could to please an ex-fiancee I had, and she just kept getting more and more distant. I decided then, I would never do ANYTHING for the next one. You guessed it, my ex treated me like shit for treating her very nicely. So, the next girl I met, I would chat with her barely 5 minutes then say i´m busy, next time 5 minutes then i´m busy. Guess what? That woman is now my wife… That made her absolutely obsessed with me. Women are fucking crazy.
    Anyway, one thing to keep in mind is, to not let the inner WUSS come back after some time, or you won´t get the PUSS.

  16. ninja says

    There isn’t going to be a part two, it doesn’t fucking matter. The alpha male will have nothing to do with that whore after fucking her for awhile. The nice guy might marry the slut, have 3 kids, after almost 8 years of marriage, she decides to get a boob job, find her self, has an affair, divorces you, stays with the dude, takes your kids, money, house, you’ll get a small apt that you park your post divorce motor cycle in the living room in and read about all the mistakes you made when choosing a wife on this web site. You think she is your soul mate? That she is some type of angel that you provide for and protect? She would never give her self to another dude while you are married? Right, I mean, we have 3 small kids, she wouldn’t cheat on her family would she? Yes, she would. She is not your soul mate. You weren’t meant to be. If that were true, you’d still be together and she wouldn’t be fucking another dude saying she loves him. You have no idea how spot on this web site is about women.

  17. russell says

    there is no part two. the moral of the story has been presented and very well at that
    its very true. I fluctuate between nice guy and wolf. when I play nice guy I get squat diddlies. when I play wolf they love it. hardest part is playing wolf when you really like them – that’s when soft cockey comes into play and I tend to fuck it all up

  18. Savage says

    Nice guys finish last. Its an old sayin but its the truth just like this article. Iv been the nice guy tomany times. Im never goin back to that part of hell.

  19. Josh says

    Love this post. So fuckin true. When you posting part 2 Vic? Been waiting anxiously for it for awhile.

  20. Andrei says

    =)))))))). This right here is a masterpiece.I always come back to it when I want to have a good laugh.Impressive writing skills there Vic.Very impressive.You make it look easy.We want part 2!Keep kicking ass brother.You are an inspiration to young men all around the world.I salute you!

  21. Richard says

    while there are gentlemen left, it is not their fault they get messed around when trying to date, for they art not dating ladies, but whores…

    whores seek temporary validation and cheap thrills, they give up sex and soil themselves on the basis of falsehoods.

    a gentleman tries to invest in a whore, thinking she is a lady, but of course his investments are squandered, much as if he would feed the finest steak to a herd of pigs.

  22. PM says

    So what would be the single trait that you must have to be that kind of badass? Like ”I do what I want, when I want and if you dont like it I dont give a shit”

  23. MJP1 says

    Funny. true but also very sad.

    It’s such a shame that western women now have to treated a certain way bordering on harsh to learn some decent respect.

    A much better idea is do not bother with them at all.

  24. P.S. says

    Haha I should start reading blogs more often. Nothing fancy as this but once we were with this girl all drunk and shit anyway we asked her if she was virgin it was a rhetorical question of course and she replied “what’s virgin?” This is reality, we live in a world where word bitch has lost it’s meaning for some. It seems like this “gentleman” is one of those people.

  25. Bob says

    Victor: I mentioned a couple of times here I am transitioning “down” shall we say( in reality transitioning up) in terms of reducing my 40 hour work week down to 28 hours and now down to 25 hours as I make money off the net to take the place of the “job.” I don’t want to date a woman serious now at all. I want to “date” sometimes but not too serious.. Anyway, last night I went on a date with a woman I was instantly attracted to.. Saw her in walgreens and said “Just go for it.” Because once she walks out the door you probably won’t see her again.. Anyway, I hit on her.. She goes for it.. We make a plan to go out to a restaurant/ bar and did last night. We of course get into the “what to you do” routine and I told her.. Told her I am looking to get off the 9-5 wheel. A bit of confusion on her part and perhaps disappointment.. Whatever. I don’t care. The night went overall well and she said she wanted to meet again.. I kiss her deeply on the mouth and face. As I drop her off at her place. She leaves.. Tells me to let her know when I get in.. I did.. A quick call. I was tired.. She does not pick up..So be it.. I am not calling her to see if she wants to go out again. I would go out with her again but I want it known she is not priority now. Sure to go out again? Yes. But it really hit me how controlled men can be when they are “attracted” to a woman. She is pretty with a very nice body. I can’t down that road. I am going the route of the net making more money and getting totally free or die. That simple. The thought of going back into zombie-ville again full time just as I coming off of it all for a girl is making me rather sick as i think about it.

    I am really understanding this ” put it all on hold” until MY priorities are right. When you mentioned about the girl you were dating as you were transitioning full time to the net and she once questioned if you were going to make it, what was your relationship at that point? Were you seeing her less then or getting ready to? I also am getting the whole “Western woman” theory although I still dig on some no doubt. It is more the questioning by them as I break out from the zombie norm that gets me irritated at times..I guess I want my cake and eat it, too.. Want to date but not too serious while pursing my True freedom. But I have zero doubt most American women will not like it.. That is until I am making enough bucks from the net and other sources free from a “job” to run the ship fully. Suddenly the old attitude changes. I am sensing “lone wolf” here though big time. And the truth is I prefer it to getting back in the 9-5 Quick sand..
    I think I will just keep to the freedom and hit the gym consistently but sometimes wonder should I date at all until I KNOW I am fully right here in my own mind and the transition is more complete? I am making money off the net consistently now but not enough and doing 25 hours at the job…Thanks man.. I am in that middle zone…

    • Victor Pride says

      “When you mentioned about the girl you were dating as you were transitioning full time to the net and she once questioned if you were going to make it, what was your relationship at that point?”

      That was with real estate, not the net. We were together for a long time before and after that. She questioned me, I barked, she never questioned me again. I was single when I went into internet and I did most of the building single(ish). I make like, oh, 50x the average salary here. I don’t get questioned.

      • Bob says

        lol.. I hear ya..My heart tells me not to establish anything too serious with anyone until the internet biz is where i want it to be and even then be leery…I live in NYC. The women come chomping at the bit looking for a guy with money. The cost to live here even in so so areas has gotten very expensive. But as you say, it’s a big old world out there. Go somewhere where less expenses are being paid out..No doubt..

  26. Andrew says

    I was friendzoned 2 years ago and got out with being an assshole. I met this slut that had an abusive boyfriend at that time, that she couldn’t stop talking about, the gentleman that I was offered her a shoulder to cry on and told her how the sun shines after the rain passes to stop her complaining. Pathetic really. After the seccond time she returned to him I got disgusted by her. I rarely saw her after that, but when I did I made fun of her, acted like i dozed off when she complained about her ex ’till I stopped returning calls, being late for coffee and every time I told her that I didn’t want her stank pussy she felt challanged and wanted to have sex with me even more….Long story short I was frienzoned, got out for being an asshole.

  27. Leo says

    Damit, I slipped on this again just recently, after a looong time, although I had had enough lessons.

    Got a super hot chick 9.5 on a date, took her to a nice restaurant, paid (although she wanted), took her to a nice bar afterwards, well, she got bored after 3hrs, had to “visit her friends” since it was sat night. (“friends”, right).

    I said sure, we said bye and I laughed at myself, how could I forgot my lessons. Chick is really hot, no gf material, but really hot. Well, shit happens, lesson refreshed and I for sure wont contact or ask her out again.

    Practice makes perfect.

  28. Amar says

    The wolf knows this bitch ain’t mate material, and so he treats her that way. A wolf knows who is mate martial, and that girl wont be grinding up on guys in bars or being a whore. Shy tender girls make good mates, slutty girls make good pass time, an alpha knows this, a pup does not.

  29. Steve says

    Holy Shit Victor!!!! That is EXACTLY what is happening all over the country right now!!!! Guys are getting completely shit on by women of this caliber!!!. I used to be the door mat, but as I got older (I’m in my 40s now) I saw that your depiction here is absolutely true. The way you handle yourself, as a man, is the foundation that every relationship you will have for the rest of your life will be built on. .

  30. says

    Great story! Kind of reminds me of myself a few years ago. Very depressing feeling to know the girl you are in love with fucks behind your back preteding to be a good girl!