The Evolution of Pride


Today I have a very special post for you.

I am going to share with you the BOLD & DETERMINED MISSION.

I am going to share with you picture proof that what I am saying to you is true.

I am going to share a confession with you.

I would like to ask one question of you before you read this article: Do you aspire to be a better man?

I don’t mean would you like to become better, everyone would like to become better, I mean are you actively changing your life for the better? I AM. Everyday I work to achieve more.

My mission with BOLD & DETERMINED is to help as many of you guys as I can to develop PRIDE.

Pride is a dirty word when you have none of it. Having pride is what makes all the difference in the world from being a boy, a feminized dude, or a Man.

I hear guys making jokes all the time, feminized guys, pretending to be masculine. They will put on a comically deep voice and say “YEAH, I’M A REAL MAN! HAHAHA” and then all their little friends will laugh.

The thought of actually being a man is unreal for a lot of dudes or guys or bros. It is impossible for these types of fellas to say “I am a man”, without a trace of irony or jokiness, and mean it.

Friends, I will tell you right now, without a hint of irony or sarcasm, I am a man.

Let me tell you what it is to be a man:

  • Stand tall. 
  • Stand proud. 
  • Make eye contact. 
  • Say exactly what you mean and mean every word you say. 
  • Don’t defer to the weak.
  • Admire the strong and pity the weak. 
  • Don’t talk, talk, talk all the time. 
  • Speak with authority and conviction. 
  • Never speak about things you know nothing of. 
  • Don’t apologize for the mundane. 
  • Do not be ashamed of the superior and do not make excuses or apologies for the inferior. 
  • Be strong, be proud.

Now, friends, it’s easy enough to type these words and make you nod your head “yes” but I will go the extra step and show pictures of myself without a blur or black box covering the face. I want you to know that I am real, that I exist and that what I say is not bullshit or just talk, talk, talk.

DSC_0515(22) (1)

As you can see from the picture I go to the gym regularly to lift weights. I don’t eat fatso foods. I keep my hair clean. I keep myself looking good. I take pride in myself.

I know that when I walk into a room I am going to be noticed. I will be noticed because I do not walk meekly.

I am not saying this to be braggadocious.

I am telling you in no un-certain terms because there is no other way to put it. I want to prove to you that you can be a winner.

I am saying this to you because it did not used to be so. I was not always this way.

I have a confession to make:

I used to be skinny.

Take a look…


Fake mustache (for comedy, haha) and girls jeans.

You see, friends, I know all about being skinny. One day, I flexed my biceps in the mirror and my upper arm was the exact same size as my forearms. Even worse than being skinny, I had no pride. I had skinny guy syndrome: I was weak, I was a devout liberal atheist (the know-it-all kind), and I was broke as a joke.

Not only was I skinny, but I was a loser. A skinny loser.

When someone would say to me “I am proud of this or that”, I would jealously think down on them. They weren’t as smart as me, a smug, liberal goof.

I did not build anything. I didn’t work hard. I did not try to better myself and I looked down upon those who had pride in themselves. They were better than me, but I didn’t want to admit it so I made jokes.

When I met people with confidence, pride and drive I would make fun of them behind their back. I would get together with my loser friends and we would make fun of guys who were better than us. Plain and simple. “He goes to the gym, makes a lot of money, has clean hair he must have a little dick hahaha“.

I would brag about how much porn I watched and say “It’s no big deal. Everyone does it“. I would brag about never working out and eating anything I wanted. I would brag about not gaining any weight.

The worst part of all – I did not realize I was a loser.

I Had the Skinny-Guy Mindset.

It was not until I actually started lifting weights that I realized how wrong I had been about physical development. I thought there was no need for it – and I was dead wrong.

You see, being skinny does not make you a bad person. No. Having the skinny guy mindset makes you a bad person.

The skinny guy mindset is one of weakness pretending to be strong. Making excuses for weakness and the weak, trying to shit on everything that is strong and good.

The skinny guy mindset is one in which you actively try to bring everyone above you down to your level – even if you do not realize it.

But I found my savior: the Iron.

With weight training comes strength, with strength comes pride.

You see friends, it is not only about lifting weight and pumping up. It’s about developing pride. Pride of body, pride of mind, pride of soul.

I want to see you develop the Body of a Spartan and the Pride of a Lion.


I want you to know that you can change. I want you to know that you can become better. I want you to know that you can evolve.

All it takes is one very small change of mindset.

The body will follow what the mind says. When your mind believes it your body knows it’s for sure.

I’ve got money in the bank, muscle on my arms and pride in my heart all because I changed my mindset and anyone can do the same.

On your “journey” you will get people, lessers, who question you or mock your decision. Doesn’t matter.

It’s for you, it ain’t for them. They can rot and you can grow.

Remember one thing friends, there is no overnight solution. A life change is required. The transformation pictured below took me 7 years, but anyone with a bit of knowledge can do it faster than I did.

VPRIDE collage

See 30 Days of Discipline for mind and Body of a Spartan for body.

See the archives of Bold and Determined for a swift kick to the ass.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

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    • Leon says

      Hey Victor,
      You know, I stumbled onto your website searching for information on old school bodybuilding. As I checked out your other articles I quickly realized that you are the real deal. Everything you talk about on being a man is exactly what I believe in. It’s funny, I work for the dept of education and unfortunately the school system as well as society itself seems to cater to the metro sexual candy ass and empower women and look down upon those who build their bodies and create business. This is not only wrong it is totally dysfunctional. The system here in New York City is political correctness and affirmative action gone crazy. Where I work at 90% of the work force are women and the few men that work there are feminized metro sexual fruit cakes. I walk like a man, Talk like a man and full built like one too. Like you, I am a bodybuilder as well. The other day my supervisor spoke down to me for being too intimidating to the male students. These people want sissies for male students. I spoke back to her and told her not to talk to me like she talks to her castrated husband; I am a man not some defeated hippy liberal freak you are used to speaking to that work here.
      You are a breath of fresh air. Keep up the great work. I to plan on starting a blog, and take all of your advice you have to offer. I want to help men be men. You see, we need that more today than ever. We see our country being run by liberal hippy freaks who never accomplished anything without screwing someone over. You and I developed our character by training and taking control. They did not.

      Once again, Keep up the great work Bro.

    • Jamie says

      OMG you are a fucking genius, your inside world reflects your outside world. If you are confident or believe positively about yourself people can see it through your body. Thats when you change. think, differently, have different perspectives on life. I know exactly what you mean.

  1. Mark says


    This is my first comment but I have to tell you, this is the only website I will drop whatever I’m doing whenever I find a new post in my inbox.

    Cheers for everything!

  2. Adamzis says

    Love it. Self betterment is the goal for sure, I can say with pride and confidence that your blog gave me the push I needed to turn everything around for myself and make shit happen.

    B&D For Life.

  3. says

    Yeah, unsuccesful people always hate on succesful people. So fucking funny. Thumbs up for being one of the few legit, no-bullshit people on the internet who dares to put their face and reputation behind what they do. You are a big inspiration for me. Keep it up!

  4. says


    Great transformation. While reading, an Schwarzenegger quote popped up in my mind.

    “The body is very important, but the mind is more important than the body. It is the mind that really creates the body, it is the mind that makes you really work the 4 or 5 hours a day. It is the mind that visualizes of what the body are to look like as the finished product.”(Schwarzenegger)

    When you`re in control of your mind, everything else will follow.

    Regards from Germany!

    • Co says

      funny, yesterday pumping i was thinking about that Quote. And the deal is that if you see the prize you don´t care about the price.

      regards from germany too!

  5. code says

    Hey Vic

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and and I can’t believe how much I have learnt.

    Thanks to body of a spartan I actually know how to lift properly and have continuously made gains. Just reading your blog gets me fired up.

    Keep it up man, more men need to follow your lead and start kicking ass.

  6. Daywalker says

    Truth. Your writing has changed my state of mind over the last year. Despite being lean and having low body fat, I was becoming a feminized girly guy. Then, I found b&d. I deleted my Facebook and started lifting like Serge. I look back now and think about how weak I was mentally and physically. Now I have a free mind. I seek truth, avoid politics, and associate with like minded people only.

    Everyday is an opportunity to improve. Apply Vic’s advice to your life. I did, now I could never again live like a fat liberal douche.

    You have saved a life Vic, thanks.

  7. Steve says

    Been reading bold and determined for 6 months now and this is my first reply. I am that skinny loser you refer to. But not for much longer. I have bought all 3 of your ebooks, give up smoking, started training and I’m saving up to buy a laptop with cold hard cash so I can leave the slave trade once and for all. I’m 32 in September and by then I want to be making decent money online. By the time I’m 33 I will quit my job, have the body of a spartan and the pride of a lion. So glad I found this blog. Thank you Victor Pride.

  8. George MK says

    Great post! I was also a skinny guy at a liberal university, who thought he knew it all. I was taught valuable lessons as a reservist in the military, and now as a Firefighter-Paramedic, keep your mouth shut! Unless you have something of merit to add. Thank you Victor.

    • Victor Pride says

      George, I talk a lot about entrepreneurship and leaving the 9-5 but firefighters and paramedics are heroes in my book and that career is something to be proud of. I have decided from now on anytime I see a firefighter on the highway holding out a boot he is going to get a handful of money from me. I’m in Bangkok at the moment and I see beggars on the street all the time who have been burned up in a fire, it’s a terrible sight. I just read an article about a couple guys here, foreigners, who teach English during the day and at night they run a volunteer rescue service.They make nothing and they do it night after night. That’s what a hero is. Keep up the good work. Your friend, Victor.

  9. phil says

    sweet mary, reading your messages is like going three rounds with a gipsy bare-knuckle boxer – no fuss, no mess, just pure impact. i must have read a bazillion articles on the net about this and that and everything and nothing, but no blog has ever kicked me in the gonads like yours. your article on internet porn is still my benchmark for a message with instant effect, with no relapse to date and a sense of pride and self-worth that is through the roof, cheers vic!

  10. says

    Victor, thanks for the post. I love it when you trash porn. So many men think porn is a requirement of manhood when in reality it is the opposite. It zaps away those attributes that make us real men!

    “I would brag about how much porn I watched and say ‘It’s no big deal. Everyone does it’.” – Victor Pride

    Porn is a big deal, if you watch it! Porn makes a man weak and takes away his confidence and his drive for women.

    Thanks for opening eyes to this problem.

  11. says

    “You see, being skinny does not make you a bad person. No. Having the skinny guy mindset makes you a bad person.”

    – as well as being big is no guarantee of pride or being a real man. But combine the two and you are lethal!

    Nice post.

    What is the grey shirt you are wearing?

  12. Mike says

    Hi Victor,

    Hope you have many great testosterone filled years to come! Is your real name Victor Pride or does it serve as mission statement? Victor Pride is awesome I need to rename myself.

    All the best,


  13. Patrick says

    Thanks Victor for another great article. Our surroundings are so negative and so detrimental to being a man, that continued inspiration, the likes of yours, is never superfluous.

    Re porn: truer words never spoken. If a man wants to be strong in mind and body, he does NOT look at porn.

    I gained 30 lbs muscle over the past 3 years (most of it in the first year) and I can tell you that nothing changes your outlook like that.

  14. Steve says

    Hey Victor,

    Great post! Its definitely one of your most inspiring posts.

    Out of curiosity which one of those pics is at your natural peak? The picture in the yellow shirt or grey shirt?

  15. Scott says

    Yep. Adjust the attitude, jettison the porn habit, get yourself as strong as you can be, inside and out.

    “Your battle is *not* against society – it’s with yourself.”

    Stop making excuses and go win that battle.

  16. IP says

    I consider this to be better than the material gifts I have been given for my birthday today. Gotten a lot of negativity about my posture (of all things), wimpy young men joking how I looked and stood like Superman (they were all hunched over of course). Needless to say I couldn’t understand how it was an insult.

  17. Truth Man says


    I have the same story. I was skinny,getting college ass, making excuses. Then came the reality that I was 24 and not doing shit. I manned the fuck up , hit the gym , and and amazing thing happened. All the chicks who would not bang me before , started giving it up and they said things that women never said prior to my hitting the gym. How strong and manly I was with improved looks and sexual stamina. Bottom line, physical and mental superiority are respected.Once I was strong physically I stopped taking shortcuts everywhere else in my life, like my career. Things improve when you make them.

  18. Abgrund says

    “The body will follow what the mind says.”

    There is some truth to this, within limits of reason. But the mind also follows the body. Working out builds discipline, exercise builds energy and a positive attitude, strength and physical accomplishment build confidence and self respect. It’s a self-reinforcing cycle.

  19. John says

    Vic, Thanks for the article today. It was the shoot in the arm I needed to get my head back on straight. Off to the gym.

  20. says

    Awesome post, I started working out a few years back and have loved every minute of it.

    There’s a lot of things I regret doing, and lifting ain’t one of them.

  21. R.K. Hessel says

    Are you no longer an atheist?

    Isn’t Traditional Catholicism the Truth?

    Swell article, Victor.

  22. says

    Victor u should write articles on how to make money work for u. That s the secret that the elite don t want u to know. They don t teach it in school so u can work as a wage slave. It s like a secret society. Investing is another path to financial freedom. U make or borrow some money and make it multiply while u sleep.

  23. J says

    Great article. I read it, and immediately thought, “I want to be like that.”

    I may have to buy your other books now (already got spartan entreprenuer)

  24. JP says


    I noticed that MJ Demarco of the Fastlane Millionaire gave you a plug recently (for both bodybuilding and “fastlane” ideas):

    I’m don’t know if you’ve read his book or website, but he’s a legitimiate millionaire – not a sketchy, self-proclaimed Internet marketing guru. He created (a service to find/rent limousines nationwide)during the Internet boom when he was in his early 20s. He has some really good material and is very no-nonsense. One thing he emphasizes in business is to do what the market wants…not the “do what you love and the money will follow” stuff.

    • Victor Pride says

      Jp, I did not know that. That’s excellent news. I will stop by there tomorrow morning and read the mans archives.

      • Aziz says

        His business book The Millionaire Fastlane is definitely one of the top 3 business books out there in my opinion, and many other. REALLY good stuff!

        And I’ve just discovered your website, bought your entrepreneur book on June 10th, and order some modafinil. Ready to be mighty!

        Started working out, but I’ve had this deadlift induced back pain for some time… need to fix this shit.

        Thanks for everything and for a great website.

  25. Co says

    many guys, like me, starve these days for thoughts like this ones. Keep the great work up Vic, there are many guys out there who have not found you yet.

  26. Source says

    Appreciate the honesty, and yes suddenly way more respect. Been on and off this site for a good while now. Keep up the good work

  27. Andrew Jones says

    Victor, what exactly was your breaking point? What particular event(s) made you decide to finally get in the gym?

    • Victor Pride says

      There wasn’t a breaking point, I had it in my mind for a long time to get into shape. I had a girlfriend who was big into fitness and a bunch of friends who were into it, I went with her one day and just decided that’s what I was going to do from then on.

  28. Justin says

    There’s a certain look you used to have that I know all too well. I can never put my finger on just what it is… A subtle unhealthiness? Something about your posture?
    All the lower class people have it.
    Being a loser, and growing up with losers, I can say that you really do have something to be proud of. Change is very hard when you have the skinny guy mentality.

    Funny thing is, the lack of such mentality is my only advantage over my old ‘friends’ who harbor it. Their advantage is wasted discipline. I think S.G.M. is either from having no ambition, or kills it. But hey, at least they have the discipline to avoid getting kicked off welfare, avoid work and buy toys that’ll take all year to pay off.

    As for me, I’ll keep failing 30 days of discipline until I finally develop enough to complete it.

    It’s hard to imagine what life will be like without one of my greatest weaknesses. All I know is, there are trillions of dollars and millions of adventures available, hundreds of thousands of good people to meet, and a few somber moments where my old ‘friends’ will curse my newfound luck and claim how it’s changed me… When really, change preceeds success.

    • Victor Pride says

      10 lbs of fat on your stomach? A diet is in order. Try the steak and eggs diet, try three meals per day no snacking, then two meals per day no snacking, if that doesn’t work starve yourself until the fat is gone.

      • says

        Victor if I starve myself how can I have energy to workout? how can I maintain my
        lean muscle mass by starving? I m confused….and don t get me wrong I got all your books…

      • says

        I meant if you decided to work out for the rest of your life or just now that you are young. I know a lot of people who did this when they were young and then later on they get lazy and lose all their gains. That’s why I asked you if this is for life. Not a lot of old men are working out or keep working out.

        • Justin says

          I’m willing to bet most people you ask wouldn’t say it was a phase, but rather “life got in the way.”

          These people likely had a shift in priorities and or developed habits that took away from gym time.

          I like to use kods as an example of why people become sedentary. Next to no kid is born who avoids physical activity. They all want to run around, climb, fight, jump, whatever. Then they get hooked on media, and shift their priorities, only going out to play after the cartoons are over or game gets boring.
          After that, school keeps them sitting in one spot for hours, it’s taxing on energy. But they still run around a little.
          In higher grades, they are made to do homework. Now you have the school priority, homework priority, and media. By now they aren’t as fit as they would have been with a different lifestyle, and they start to get tired easy, which discourages them from doing too much.

          Some of these kids will join a sports team, or take martial arts or track. The rest will typically go on to do little more than walking so they can meet up in their teen years just to sit around and ‘chill’, being bored because they lost their enjoyment of being active.

          For adults it’s the same shit, different pile.

  29. 29HG says



    The best blog on the internet… The truth is like a lion.. you don’t have to defend it.. you put it out there it defends itself!

    I agree with everything in this blog from the bottom of my heart…

  30. John Doe says

    I have found bodybuilding to consist of two different types of people. Guys who are pussies about anything/everything OUTSIDE of the gym, and guys who make bodybuilding work for them in and out of the gym. I know plenty of guys afraid to get their hands dirty or mow their own lawn, but can bench press 500 lbs all day, and then I know other guys who are 165 lbs soaking wet, but will stand up to a bigger guy and tell him to fuck off in a heartbeat. You cant look up to every big guy and respect him, especially if he is nothing more than a sack of shit drawing unemployment checks or workers comp and continuing to bodybuild, while the real men go make money and still manage to eat healthy and train hard Actually, I have found there to be a lot of losers in bodybuilding too, who don’t realize they are losers. As long as they have muscles then nothing else matters. But I just cant call them real men anymore. That’s why I respect the older bodybuilders more, the golden era guys. Most of them worked hard in AND out of the gym. Nowadays dudes just want to sit around and get paid, or some even have faggot old men keeping them up, sort of like prostitutes. You cant tell me all these fuckers out in Cali are managing to live their lifestyles only from lifting weights. Nothing but musclebound dicksuckers!!! hahahahhahaha

    • Victor Pride says

      Yeah, quite a few bodybuilders are legitimate scumbags. If you make bodybuilding YOUR WHOLE LIFE you can expect to do a lot of gay for pay and a lot of drug dealing. Making money and bodybuilding should be separate. Doe is right on with this comment.

  31. stef says

    Firstly, I respect you – I think you’re a little too serious about certain things and should crack a joke once in a while, but I’m not a hater.

    With that being said there’s no need in my opinion to turn off your atheist fans from reading your blog by associating skinny-guy syndrome with atheism. Political liberalism is retarded so that’s an excellent change you’ve made…but there’s no problem with being an atheist. Just wanted to point that out. I mean you’re the kind of guy who seems like he doesn’t take bullshit, AKA the Bible.

    I just wanted to point out that while I appreciate your material, I think you could use this as constructive criticism as my way to give back (in addition to me buying Spartan Entrepreneur).

    PS – Joe Rogan is one example of a successful Atheist who has one of America’s brightest minds and continues to be Alpha in every way imaginable.

      • stef says

        I guess you don’t appreciate constructivism, that’s cool too..but I see you’re working on your humor at least.

        My intention wasn’t to offend. I just thought that maybe you could actually use what I suggested to appeal to more people and grow an even larger fan base.

        As a writer myself, I understand that sometimes we’re too prideful to take others suggestions. Maybe I just personally enjoy a more humorous writing style because IMO life’s too short to take yourself so seriously as to “never smile in pictures”.

        • Victor Pride says

          Stef, at Bold & Determined we deliver swift kicks to the ass and we don’t apologize for it after.

        • Mark says


          “My intention wasn’t to offend.”????

          “bullshit, AKA the Bible”???

          You sound like the perfect example of a guy with a skinny-guy mindset….who is also an atheist. Thanks for proving Victor’s 100% accurate with just two comments. I really hope that you lied about being a writer and if you are thanks for not posting a link to any of your crap.

  32. Gary Nelson says

    Last night I came upon this site searching for Serge Nubret’s training split. All morning I’ve been reading your concise, no BS articles on how to achieve success, confidence, and become a real man. There’s a lot of great insight here, but one subject I continue to come across in many articles is how you equate strong, “real” men with conservative political views; while weak, skinny men are liberal, atheist hippies. In your article “Be Somebody with a Body” you state, “I used to be a skinny twig and I used to self-identify is a liberal. When I started getting strong and started making more money I changed almost instantly and started to despise liberal nancy boys for what they are, Rats.” Really??? All liberals are nancy boys and rats? Well I ,myself, am a real man with nothing to hide. I have achieved a 100% natural, aesthetic physique of 220 lbs with 9% body fat as I’m training for my first competition at the NPC SC Excalibur event August 10 in Charleston, SC. Apparently you feel all liberals accept handouts too. Is a scholarship a handout? Because I received a full ride to play linebacker for Furman University from ’03-’08. I graduated on time with a Health Science degree and am currently studying to become a Physician Assistant. I am also a liberal and a Christian because I feel we are all in this world together and we were all put on this earth to help each other. Jesus helped the poor, not the rich. And helping someone less fortunate than yourself is the greatest quality of being a REAL man, no matter what your political views are. I live in SC, a predominately Red state, and every f****** day I see a bunch of weak minded and weak bodied conservative men of all ages crowding around the dumbbell rack doing nothing but curls and shrugs. And they honestly call that a workout. I see them WALKING on the treadmill for hours without breaking a sweat and have the nerve to call that cardio. Now because these guys are conservative, YOU would call them real men. While I, the liberal nancy boy (in your words), am alone squatting 405 for reps. I am alone deadlifting 455. I am alone hang cleaning 315. I am alone doing 100 yard sprints ’til my lungs hurt. I don’t say this to boast, but to prove a point. A REAL man is not defined by the size of his bank account. A REAL man is not defined by how he looks in the mirror or his political views. A REAL man is defined by his actions.

    • Victor Pride says

      “but one subject I continue to come across in many articles is how you equate strong, “real” men with conservative political views”

      Don’t come here to tell me lies. #1 I have never once said real men have conservative views. That’s your own blind bias that assumes because I disagree with and point out your liberal weakness I must therefore be a conservative. #2 You are lying about being natural.

      • Gary Nelson says

        You’re right. I was wrong in assuming you were conservative. But if you’re not liberal, then what are you?

        Secondly, I gave my full name, my athletic background which you can google yourself, and my max lifts. I didn’t comment to lie to you. I never have nor will I ever take a banned substance. It is cheating, first of all, and the damage prohormones and anabolic agents do to your liver and kidneys is not worth the superficial benefits of looking good in the mirror.

        I am 28 years old and have been training since I was 14. My freshman year of high school I weighed 135lbs and I graduated at 198. The max weight I achieved at Furman was 232 and 5 years later I weigh 220. Don’t you dare accuse me of lying about being natural. I have been training consistently for 14 years and because you can’t achieve my numbers naturally, doesn’t mean that I haven’t.

        The fact that you accuse me of lying, simply because I disagree with you, says a lot about your character. So who’s really the weak one here?

        • stef says

          He doesn’t like liberals because they *tend* to support wealth-redistribution (that’s my strong opinion of why). Which he’s absolutely correct about. Getting a scholarship is completely different as it’s essentially something that you’ve had to earn through hard work. I’ve busted my ass for two scholarships.

          However I agree that I think he should leave politics and religion out of his posts because no one here wants to read about that. Yet he’s great at writing about internationalism, money, athleticism, entrepreneurship, motivation, blogging, and success.

        • Victor Pride says

          “You’re right. I was wrong in assuming you were conservative. But if you’re not liberal, then what are you?”

          It’s called “The C Solution to an A/B Problem” and it will be posted soon.

          • Adamzis says

            Sounds like a good read, I’m going to assume that you don’t like being associated with groups and ideals other than your own correct Victor?

    • Gerson says


      I hate to break it to you buddy, but Leftist’s and their agenda have been causing our society, and men in particular, a lot of grief. While I can give you merit for having the beliefs you have, it is not an Alpha Wolf’s concern to help those who don’t have the drive to make something of themselves. The simplest explanation is the old proverb: give a man a fish, feed him for a day, or teach him to fish, and feed him for a lifetime. There are plenty of people I know that need help, whether it’s financial assistance or motivation to get off their ass and accomplish something. The problem is that these people are already content in their lifestyle; I literally have friends who have incredible talents that can start businesses, make money, and become producers themselves! These same friends are content to wallow in their own self-pity and sloth, and I no longer want anything to do with them or their lifestyle.
      Now, do you see yourself as a winner and an Alpha? Because almost all of the Leftist’s I know (and I know a lot, because I’ve played in punk/hardcore bands) have the view that men are misogynist pigs, who have had too much power, and who now need to be on par or below women, gays, minorities, etc. If you’re a white male, then you’re guilty of a variety of crimes against humanity, no matter what. This mindset does not sit well with me, nor should it sit well in the mind of any man who is a winner! Do you think that the most qualified candidate should receive a promotion at a workplace? Because Leftist’s strongly believe in Affirmative Action, which is politically correct BS gone haywire. Do you believe in wealth redistribution? Leftist’s love taxing the businessman to death, in order to “level the playing field” for the little guy, who is content to sit on his fat ass and reap the rewards of doing absolutely nothing. In fact, I’m surprised that you are a weightlifter (I lift myself), since the Left parades around shrimpy girly men like they’re the shining example of what a modern man should be! Does this sit well with you? You might just disgust a good Leftist girl, because she’s more interested in the Chris Hayes type (skinny weakling metrosexual).
      Now you don’t have to identify as a conservative, but it just so happens that many core beliefs of conservative politics, such as low taxation, less government intrusion, traditional gender roles and the support of families, fall into the mindset that many successful, wealthy men have. If I was more concerned about providing to my employees instead of providing for myself, would my business succeed? Absolutely not! And for the record, I used to be an extreme Leftist weenie, more concerned about silly, wasteful causes than about the destiny I make for myself. I urge you to think outside the box, talk with some real Leftist’s, and then see if you truly believe the things that you have posted.
      By the way Victor, I’ve posted as Rick in the past, but I have no more concerns about an alias. I’m Gerson from Phoenix, AZ, proud reader and supporter of Bold and Determined!

  33. Adamzis says

    Hey Victor you mentioned that you drink a lot of coffee, do you ever take breaks from it or are you wired 24/7?

    • Victor Pride says

      I did recently take a break from it for about 11 days. Gotta say I prefer coffee to no coffee. What I have actually been doing is drinking watered down coffee with hot chocolate. So basically half coffee/half hot chocolate and I’ll have 2-3 cups par day which equals about 1-1.5 cups of coffee per day.

  34. Felipe says

    Victor, i try everyday to improve my english skills, just for understand better your material.

    Actually, I have improved in many aspects of my life. Im building things, I don’t have anymore hands de princesa, im lifting weights and i will write a e book for fun and for money.

    Muchas gracias,
    Your man, Felipe.
    Bogotá, Colombia.

  35. says

    Victor so if I have some lean muscle mass along with some bodyfat and I want to get lean like u and I keep lifting weights it s ok to starve myself until the fat comes off? I won t turn into skin and bones?

    • Justin says

      Do you eat clean? If not you’ll be better off making changes to what you eat, rather than trying to starve your body. I believe Vic already said somewhere else to start with a steak and eggs diet, no snacks.

      I used to be nothing but skinny. Then came a bit when I could only afford to eat every few days. Which naturaly lead to eating a lot more pasta. The result? Starving, malnourished body turns that shit straight into fat. I also find pasta makes you a lot more hungry.

      Anecdotal? Maybe. (Until recently, 30 days of discipline is forcing me to be active) The difference between me and my fattest friends; they eat a lot more pasta, and quite a bit more pre-boxed trash in general. But about the same amount of food as I do per day. The difference is up to 200 pounds.

      In short: It was true in my case that long term starvation will absolutely trash your metabolism, and eating too much junk just makes you want to eat more.

      • Adamzis says

        I feel you man, when I used to eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast I would be fine for an hour and then I would be starving out of my mind. I find when I skip breakfast I feel a little hungry but then it goes away after a while. I guess the cereal fires up my digestive system and the intense hunger is my body’s way of saying “The fuck man, that’s all you ate?”.

  36. john doe says

    Gary, if your entering that competition natural, your wasting your money. The NPC is chemical warfare now, but good luck to you. I understand/relate to Vic’s mindframe when it comes to these issues of politics and religion. Since nothing about bodybuilding is a team sport, it goes to show how far you can go when all you have to rely on is yourself and busting your ass. Since being a liberal is a team sport, your either part of the team helping everyone else or your relying on the team to help you. But if your relying on the team to help you, your not giving anything back to the community other than becoming a social drain on our economy. As for religion, I believe 100% in Christ and turning to God as a way to live a better life. But God said he will help those who try their best to help themselves, and alot of these dirtbags constantly praying to God are not doing what they can to better their own situation. All I hear is “God has a plan for me, thats what God wanted” but there comes a point when you just need to get up off your ass and do what you can within your means, and quit using religion as a crutch. Bodybuilders know that nothing comes out of anything without the work that goes in. So I can see 100% Vic’s mindframe liberals. I am not against giving back to anyone, nor am I against helping a man when he is down. What I am against is taking a wild animal and feeding it, and taking the will to hunt away from that animal since the government now spoon feeds it. Back to the feeding bucket everyday that animal will return, it no longer hunts. Thats redistribution of wealth for you nowadays, thats liberalism. As a generalization or as a whole, once someone lives by relying on redistribution of wealth, they will become a liberal or remain a liberal forever. And what is even worse is they dont even know what they are voting for, all they know is a liberal leader will allow them to live a more layed back life and continue to be a social parasite to what once was the American dream. I dont think “what would Jesus do?” is a really accurate referance here. Do you really think redistributing wealth and privelages to that thug sagging his pants and breaking into your neighbors house is helping the world? I dont. And if the shoe was on the other foot, I guarantee those people dont give a rats ass about helping you when your down. But the rebuttle to this argument is “education, education, they cant get jobs because of education” When is it acceptable to say that as a social whole they have failed to become proper fathers, leaders, and role models , which is why their children have become bastards and law breakers? And why on God’s green earth people who work hard in life would want to cater to this crowd is beyond me. That same tree hugging liberal who votes for redistribution of wealth is going to get a gun stuck to his head one day from one of the parasites he helps feed. Its a real shame

    • The Grizzly says


      I work in government and your post is 100% accurate. I see it everyday, the parasitic masses take,take,take and then try and take more. They have become so ultra-dependent on the government to keep them up or keep them alive rather, like a big giant tit that they have to have or else they’ll just die. Some of this fucks are so bad off they would shrivel up and die if assitance was taken away, I’m not joking. Some of these mongrels even brag about taking from the “man”. It’s an insult to the working man and woman.

  37. 29HG says

    brother you mentioned you drink now coffe with added hot chocolate in it now. You seem to know nearly almost everything related to nutrition to me.. Can you sum up an article on this anti carb hoax and how important sugar/carb the basic source of fuel for all living organisms is for all of us? I’m really curious what you got on your mind regards carbohydrates. There also this guy Ray Peat are you familiar with his work? Dude is into sugar for thyroid speed up and then says to eat alot of nutrient rich foods butter egg yolk liver just like you. This in turn becomes a hormone booster diet strategy. Butter mix with Coconut oil. Sipped with coffe hot chocolate mix with sugar in it. That’s a massive energy boost. What do you think? once again thank you for this blog.

  38. says

    BTW vic, I can see that you are indeed an ectomorph. I can relate to that. But I can see that yours is actually quite challenging to deal with,. The long limbs are a challenge indeed I can presume; your body is of a fortunate frame; if you would like to become a basketball player.
    I’m impressed that you managed to pull off looking like a bodybuilder with a handicap like that.
    God speed Vic!

  39. Adamzis says

    Victor, you mentioned in a previous post that the final act of Bold & Determined will come in 2013. What did you mean by that?

      • says


        Check your email when you read this. Posting on here to prove legitimacy of said persons.

        Keep the posts coming, boss.


          • says

            Thanks….too bad magazines don t talk about instinctive eating…it would eliminate confusion and discard misinfo…u should write more about that

          • Victor Pride says

            A) They can’t sell you a diet program that says “eat when you’re hungry” B) THey want you dumb, fat and confused so you come back to buy more and more.

  40. john doe says

    right on Vic!! I have found instinctive eating/training to give me the best look, also for energy levels too

  41. Niko says

    Excellent article. As for any religious debates going on, put your beliefs 100% in your “self” and you should have ZERO faith left for anything else. In the eternal battle of bettering yourself, one should transcend such mundane things as politics.

  42. Benjo James says

    Victor I’ve noticed you’ve got an incredibly developed neck. Great work. I’d like to know, are there any particular exercises you’d recommend for building the neck? Cheers.

    • Victor Pride says

      Wrestlers bridges, squats and deadlifts. When I squat I take a deep breath at the top, squat and come back up to breath. When I come back up I notice my neck is bulging. Same for deads, those two will develop the neck without any direct neck work. And you can also do wrestlers bridges, I did those for about a year straight.

  43. says

    Thanks for opening up to us like this Vic. It takes a real man to not only accept and grow from his past weaknesses, but to share them with the world so that others can also grow from those errors.


  44. bob says

    Just read this article and it pumped me up.. Just the whole evolution of you.. I LOVE seeing liberals who have been brainwashed on hate and jealousy see the light and stomp on it and then burn it and never to see it again.. Working out does change the mind to a more positive, warrior mindset. Being physically weak has a tendency to make guys creepy, lazy, and get overs.. Then all they do is complain about some mythological rich white guy who “if we can just tax him enough” it will make the world a better place and I will find my slice of happiness.. Utter CRAP.. A thinking for losers.. Even so called socialists like Michael Moore are super rich as he sells his bag of tricks to losers while he sits on 50 million in worth… Thank you for your articles.. You are a wonderfully inspiring person that gives people hope in a world of deception.. GOD speed..

  45. Jax says

    Hello Victor. I heard on one of your podcasts just now that you cut your long hair. How old were you when you cut it off?