The 3 Part Solution for Building Impressive Arms


Big arms. We all want them. Every day in the gym you’ll see fellas pounding out curls for the girls, trying to build up their arms.

The thing about arms is that for some guys they are easy to build, for other guys they are hard to build. Next time you are in the gym you can take a look around and you may notice a few things.

  1. Guys that have big arms will typically have a small chest and will typically have narrow clavicles
  2. Guys that have big chests will typically have small arms and will typically have wide clavicles
  3. Guys that have both big arms and big chests look phenomenal, but they are few and far between

Personally, I fall into the big chest, weak arms category. My biceps just don’t like to grow. Not to mention my arms are long as hell, like the wings of an Eagle. I don’t have any sort of biceps “peak” whatsoever and my wrists are so small that my 85lb girlfriend can almost wrap her thumb and middle finger around them.

I was not blessed in the arms department. Even with this lack of “arm genetics” I have built my arms to a decent size and routinely receive compliments about them.

I believe I have found the solution for building big arms even if your “arm genetics” are subpar. That solution is building thickness. Since my arms do not have any sort of nice shape or impressive peak, and never will, the only thing I can really do is make them as thick as I can.

The way you build arm thickness is…..


Hammer curls will build thickness in your brachialis and brachioradialis muscles, making your arms bigger and thicker, even if they don’t have a good “shape” to them.

Step 1 – Hammer Curls

They are called hammer curls because you hold the dumbbells like you would hold a hammer. Perform hammer curls one arm at a time, left arm, right arm, left arm, right arm repeat. Like you’re hitting a nail with a hammer, but slower. Be sure to squeeze your upper arms at the top of the movement for maximum pump effect.

I like to finish my arm workout with 2-4 burnout sets of hammer curls. The best rep range is 8-12 reps. You want to pick a weight that is challenging but one that will allow you to get all your reps in. It is perfectly acceptable to cheat on the last 3-4 reps of your set. I can now do this exercise with 75 lb dumbbells for 10-12 reps, but I will usually stick with 45 lb dumbbells for my sets. Pick whatever weight is challenging for you, doesn’t matter if it’s 25 lbs or 45 lbs or if you use pink dumbbells. This exercise is more about the pump, it’s not a strength exercise, and you should feel a tight pump at the end of your sets.

Step 2 – Take the Right Supplements

There is only so much size and thickness you will build naturally, and if you have been training hard n’ heavy for 3+ years you have likely reached your genetic limit. To put on size over your natural limit you will have to use not-so-natural methods.

There is an over the counter product called Anafuse that will put slabs of thickness on you, but it’s not a joke product like creatine or protein powder. It’s a real deal hormone manipulator and should not be trifled with. Before you use Anafuse you should have been lifting for 3+ years and be minimum 22 years old and you should be serious about getting bigger. Ff you don’t have a real interest in getting mucho bigger you can skip this step.

Step 3 – Shave the Hair

One tip to make your arms look bigger and badder:


I know it sounds homo but I don’t care. Hairy arms hide the veins and make your arms look dirty. I have hairy arms, I had hairy arms for damn 30 years, I shaved them finally and they started to look good. My arms never looked good until I shaved the hair and then they instantly looked good.

Rather than shaving all the time you can use a hair removal cream called Veet to remove the hair. You simply rub on the cream, wait 10 minutes, and then scrape off the hair with the scraping tool that comes in the box. I suggest you have your girly friend do this for you because it’s boring but she probably enjoys doing things like that. You can purchase Veet online or at any local drug store or supermarket.


An example workout routine

I will typically work biceps and triceps together, I don’t like hitting “bi’s” one day and “tri’s” another day. Arms is arms and I work them as a whole.

For biceps and triceps I will typically start out with one exercise I can go heavy on, pyramiding weight up with each set for one final heavy set. Then I will drop the weight down for my next 2-3 exercises and concentrate on the pump.


Barbell curls, 5 sets – 1 set by 20 reps, 1 set by 15 reps, 1 set by 12 reps, 1 set by 10 reps, 1 set by 8 reps (going UP in weight with each set)

Dumbbell curls – 3-4 sets by 12 reps

Hammer curls  – 3-4 sets by 12 reps


Close grip barbell bench press 1 set by 20 reps, 1 set by 15 reps, 1 set by 12 reps, 1 set by 10 reps, 1 set by 8 reps (going UP in weight with each set)

Skullcrushers 3-4 sets by 12 reps

Rope pulldowns 3-4 sets by 12 reps

…and that’s all she wrote, bub. Arm day is finished and now you can go enjoy your coconut smoothie with added egg whites. If you’ve got an arm workout that you are already happy with just toss in a few sets of hammers curls at the end and thicken those guns up.

With a little down and dirty American work ethic and proper supplementation you can transform those spaghetti arms into something you can be proud of.

Until next time,

-Victor Pride

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  1. says

    Preacher curles superset with one arm dumbell curls will ad

    serious mass to your upper forearms and size to your ball of biceps

    • Victor Pride says

      My friend you don’t have to do one routine all the time for your entire life, it’s ok to add in some flavor.

      • Jake says

        Hammer curls definitely thicken the arm. But I reckon what you do in the gym doesn’t mean jackshit if the diet isn’t downpacked.

        As Vic endorses, lift some weights eat some steak.

  2. Daywalker says

    Spot on Vic. Hammer curls are the best. And the shaving the arms step is incredibly true. I’ve been shaving my arms for years, mainly to make the color of my tattoos brighter, but at the same time it adds defintion and improves the image of vascularity.

    I’m glad to see another body building post. Not to say anything is wrong with making money. I just enjoy a good motivating workout related post.

  3. Mike says

    Hi Victor,

    I’m a hairy guy and have hairy arms too. How long, after you apply Veet, does the hair grow again ? And dios it grow thicker ?(common misconception ?).

    Thanks !

    • Victor Pride says

      You’ll notice it growing back within a few days, but it gets the hair out cleaner so it comes back slower than shaving. It will take a long time for the Lion’s mane of hair to grow back but you’ll have stubble certainly within a week. Unfortunately it’s something you have to do routinely, I probably shave or veet every 3 weeks, and I’m pretty lazy about it.

  4. Alex_Hyuj says

    I’m all about the forearms now. I’m sure they will never be quite like Bruce Lee’s but genetics or not that’s still my target.

    • Joey the Hustler says

      Dude Bruce Lee was skinny as hell. He had phenomenal definition but he wasn’t a large at all. Bolo Yeung is asian and he’s f’in huge. Don’t give up hope just yet.

      • Abgrund says

        If I may elaborate:

        1. WIDE GRIP is the most important. If you take a close grip, your delts and tris do all the work.

        2. TO THE NECK is important because it isolates the upper (clavicular) fibers of the pectoralis major. These are harder to develop, and more important for visual impression, than the lower (sternal) fibers. Busting the upper pecs out will help you avoid the “man-boob” look. Incline bench will do the same thing, but also shifts more of the work to the delts. If you want maximum upper-pec badassness, you can even take the bar to your eyes instead of your neck.

        3. TO THE BOTTOM is obvious, but a lot of guys overlook it because they don’t want to be jacked, they just want to claim a 300 lb bench. It’s some kind of magic number. There is not one person on Earth who can do a 300 lb bench in a good bodybuilding style; hardly any can do 300 lb competition style without a bench shirt. Most “300 lb’ers” either go halfway down, which is easy and mostly triceps work, or they “bounce” the bar using muscular energy storage. Either way, they are flatter chested than a Chinese anorexic. You should not only go ALL the way down every time, you should pause there a couple of seconds to let elastic energy dissipate.

        4. GO SLOWWWWWW. Especially on the way down. Most gains (muscle and sustainable strength) come from Negative Thinking. Slow speed means you can use lighter weight to get better gains, with less risk of injury. Positive Thinking (heavy weights and fast upward movement) are for power, or just for ego.

        5. DUMBBELLS have some big chest advantages: You can go to total muscular failure without a spotter; more importantly your pecs are working constantly not just to /lift/ the weight, but to keep your arms from splaying outward. Keep your forearms canted a bit outward (like a wide grip), don’t make this a triceps exercise. If your biceps are working, you’re doing it right.

        Some more esoteric suggestons:

        6. Use a bench that doesn’t support your shoulder blades. I cut gaps in mine so that it’s only 5″ across under my shoulders (and I have wide shoulders). When you bench this way, your pecs are under continuous load just to keep your shoulder from falling off in the floor.

        6. After lockout, push the dumbbells (or barbell) as high as possible. This may just be another inch or less, but this movement is 100% pectoralis, and you are working the muscle while it is mostly contracted and therefore at its weakest.

        • Liam says

          Awesome info .Will be giving this a try, any tips for the inner chest as that another struggling area?

          • Victor Pride says

            Squeeze the hell out of the area, do some cable crossovers and SQUEEZE the muscles as hard as you can and hold for a few seconds before you do another rep.

          • Joey the Hustler says

            I was doing cable crossovers until I came across this thing call the “3D Press”. Basically you stand sideways and do a full punch (slow and controlled) while pressing a cable. The dude who runs athlean x on youtube explains it much better. Been doing it for about two weeks along with the wide grip neck press and the results are BOSS!

        • says

          “. Positive Thinking (heavy weights and fast upward movement) are for power, or just for ego.”

          -on the contratry you want to lower the weight sloooowwwwlllyyyyyy. . . . then BOOM! explode on the way up! That is how you do it to facilitatate the most growth and strength gains possible.

      • Dani says

        Victor I did beginner spartan routine for a month and now I’m training typical spartan routine,Should I change bench press for wide grip bench press to the neck on the ith machine?or can I do both?Im only can train 5 days per week

      • Owen says

        Hi vic,I was training calisthenics since november 2013 until may.I began beginner spartan routine(4 days to week)and today I doing typical spartan routine,I want do wide grip press to the neck on the smith machine,Should I change this exercise or should I do both?for chest-titis Should I add weight each set or the same weight? Thanks spartan

  5. Dan says

    The subtle hint at having a slender girl is noted and commended, but your supp recommendations need a bit more meat around the bones. Spreading delusional misinformation can be as much of a sin to the manosphere heroes as it is for the feminists.

      • romik says


    • DJANGOchained says

      The tips victor shares are for normal people who want to look good.. not for people who want to make a living out of it..
      Supplement companies have been ripping off people for decades..
      (eating every 2-3 hours. eating 1gm of protein..shakes shakes shakes)
      Anyone can build a decent physique with normal food. You just have to eat right..

    • Joey the Hustler says

      Did you not read the blog ? Vic already mentioned his arms aren’t the biggest. I have 18″ natural arms and a have for years. Do big deadlifts and supplement them with the exercises above and you’ll be golden.

  6. niko says

    Great tips, been kinda short on the forearm exercise department due them getting lots of work from other movements. I also like pin-wheel curls, alot of people badmouth them but I can easily get it burn my forearms and biceps (it feels like it hits all the way up and down the bicep) with heavy dumbbells (70-80 lbs). Also I never had much of vascularity but that’s one bicep exercise that pops the veins out for me!

    • Joey the Hustler says

      I got a great exercise we used to do with boxing. You take a cheap dumbell handle and put a light plate on one end of it then pull the handle down until you have something that resembles a club. Lock your elbow to your side and use this to do lifts. Your forearms will pop like a mother!

  7. Man says

    Creatine works. Not like steroids, but when I started using it I gained 8 pounds of muscle and added about 50 pounds to my bench. I’m a wimp despite working out my entire life, but I’ll give details so you can see % gain. I went from max of probably 185 on bench and working out with 140 to doing 3 sets of 8 with 185 and probably being able to max 225.

  8. Mike says

    I grabbed myself a pack Body of a Spartan and saw these old rusty kinda PumpingIron looking dumbbells and barbells in the pictures. Then I went to my gym and witnessed all these hightech schmoe hyperupgraded transformers multimachine whatever…stuff…I will set my apartment up with 80s Hardrock Music, buy me a used Squat Rack, bench, barbells and dumbbells. I will leave my gym and join the local powerlifters till I have all this stuff in my room. .I said it now I did it. Period.

  9. says

    Great article. How much do u spend on steroids or hormones whatever u want to call it? U have great gains but with what u spend on food and steroids it sounds like its expensive to keep a body like that?

    • Victor Pride says

      What I spend on food is inconsequential, I will eat regardless, but it it still quite cheap. It would not be so cheap if I lived in the States, of course. A bottle of epistane is about $30, which is about $1 per day when you use 45mg daily. Testosterone costs me personally between $2.50-$5 per week, in the States TRT will cost about $120 every 10 weeks.

      • Dan says

        Hi Victor

        Don’t know if you have already thought about this but you should make an e book on steroid use TRT etc . You seem to know your shit .

        For a natural and someone who has no clue on steroids or TRT. i.e me ,it would be beneficial . Even if it doesn’t lead to using steroids/legal steroids a compact book on info,cycles, pros and cons etc would be invaluable .

        Keep up the good work

        • Joey the Hustler says

          Look man, I’ll give you the lowdown, I work in the supplement industry and I can tell you that just because every bodybuilder is using steroids doesn’t mean that they are running the show. These top dudes have $10,000 PER MONTH budget on the juice and the highly paid doctor to go with it. If you ever wondered why Jay Cutler or Ronnie Coleman never seem to get bitch tits or any major side effect it’s because they have a team of professionals looking out for them that have spent their lives studying the best way to do it. If you want to fuck around with that shit after reading a 20 page ebook be my guest but you had better understand what you’re getting into.

  10. says

    Good stuff.

    Last month I started on a 20 rep squat program. Because I’ve been doing the squats on the same day as my arms, my bi and triceps have swelled up like never before.

  11. says

    Hey Victor, thanks for reminding me about hammer curls. Have done them before but have been absent from my workouts of late, and given that your description of your arms (long, hard to build) describes my own, perhaps I’ll make some progress.

    But the shaving… naw… I’ll leave that for you youngsters.



  12. says

    It looks like u r following a bodybuilding routine. U r doing body part training with bodybuilding reps and sets….no more low reps and more frequency I guess… There goes the body of spartan routine. This sounds more like a flex magazine routine…

    • niko says

      Bodybuilding routine existed long before before those dumb mags. I haven’t seen ANYONE at my gym whos doing 2/3-split or full body workouts gain mentionable mass and size ! Doing body parts separately/day is very effective when you give your everthing, But yeah, fuck all that sterile fitness magazine crap !

  13. says

    Hey Victor what are your thoughts on sex and sexual stamina? Is it important to you or you don t care about it? Here in the west in the states males are obsessed with it to a point where they are popping viagra pills like if it was skittles. Oh and I heard viagra is a great pre workout drug. It gives u great pumps and helps u workout for a long time. Young football players are taking it to cope and finish their workouts…

    • Victor Pride says

      My thoughts on sex? It’s a lot of fun. On stamina, yeah, busting early isn’t fun. It happened to me in my late 20’s from low testosterone due to dieting naturally. I have never used viagra, but a lot of bb’ers do use it as a pwo supp for added vascularity. I have heard footballers use it as well, that has to make tackling awkward. Yeah, I have heard a TON of young guys claiming to use cialis or viagra every weekend, that’s just nuts to me. Too much porn I reckon.

  14. alexabda says

    To develope one’s forearms and hands, take a screwdriver and some 10 long screws. Screw them into and then out of a thick piece of wood as a single set of reps. Do this on a regular basis. You will have fucking hard hands and forearms.

  15. Co says

    I had to deal with thin arms too, but i have the best breast! But you can have great arms and breasts!
    The solution for me where Bizepcurls, you will develop that “ball” on the outer side of your arm, making it look more thick.

    25kg 14/14/14

    try it when you go to the gym today, you´ll get the best armpump ever!

    regards from Germany!

    • Joey the Hustler says

      Uh dude, I don’t think any guys around here are looking to build “great breasts”…

  16. Co says

    Off Topic:

    A book recommendation for you all:

    – How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnergie.
    – Seven habits of highly effective people by Stiphen R. Covey.

    Just great Books to laern a lot from.

    • David says

      I read Win Friends a while back when I had to switch schools and leave all my friends. Turns out the book sort of wires one’s habits into becoming selfish, manipulating, and thinking that people are objects that require steps to be sucked in. Which is not true! The ability to make friends is in everyone, you just gotta dig!

      • Chris says

        Do you take an aromatase inhhibitor or have you not noticed any need from supplementing your test? I haven’t really felt a need to supp test, but to each his own. When I was going through puberty my body must have been converting quite a bit cuz of the bitch tits effect I experienced. Talk about embarassing. If you are having this issue, try a product like 6-oxo and you will will get more bang for your buck from the test supp since it will block the aromatase in your body from coverting the “excess” free testosterone into estrogen.

        • Victor Pride says

          I don’t normally use an AI because I have never gotten gyno, but I have used an AI to harden up and remove the water and I hate the mental feeling of having such low estrogen. You wouldn’t think it but having too low (and too high) estrogen is terrible and an AI is not worth it to me. A lot of bodybuilders will only use an AI in the 4 weeks leading up to a contest because of the harsh effects, and usually they will also be using benzodiazepines to cope. But if you are prone to high estro or get gyno easily you will def need an AI. But AI’s did not do anything positive for me.

  17. Victor George says

    Great article and to the point – the way I like them.

    When I have no weights, I do pull ups with a lot of hold time at the top. If there is no pull up bar, I just throw a towel to the top edge of the door and do door pull ups (just make sure you pick a sturdy door that can support your body weight). I like to do a lot of hold time in the top because it helps with my grip power when I do BJJ.

    Fingertip Push Ups give my arms a nice pump I noticed. That one was unexpected.


  18. Liam says

    Dude what your thoughts on tren E? Better than epistane maybe? Gonna give 1 of them a go, just not sure which 1 to go for, cheers.

    • Victor Pride says

      haha! Better than epistane? Yeah, bud, but there’s a big difference between the world’s worst side effect drug and a mild drug like epistane. You’re comparing apples and poison. I would very seriously reconsider using tren e if you have no experience with these types of substances.

  19. says

    Slight variation on hammer curls that I use…I have noticed that when I bring the dumbbell from the starting position shown in the diagram, up to my shoulder so the plate hits the shoulder (flatly, thumb facing back toward the shoulder) handle is parallel to the floor, knuckles pointing to the ceiling (as if you were getting ready to throw a punch straight up from your shoulder- different finished position than the black & white diagram above) it really pumps the forearms as well as the bicep. Contract your muscles at the top. Try it at the end of a workout, 3 sets 10- 15 reps, moderately heavy weight for your own size and skills. I am also a fan of reverse-grip barbell curls (knuckles up), same type of pump through the whole arm.

    Use care though, side effects can including suffocating in hot young trim.

  20. says

    Thanks Victor. So what do u recommend for long sexual stamina and ending premature ejaculation besides getting rid of porn and following the steaks and eggs diet?

    • alexabda says

      Regular, desirably daily, sex. Be ready to ejaculate fast first. And enjoy pleasant frictions later. Can last up to 40 minutes per interaction this way.

    • alexabda says

      Up to 3 long interactions a day. No need to go to gym, a perfect workout. The beautiful half does not approve of frequency though. Unlike men, ladies can do with but one orgasm a week. Possibly, that’s why men have been historically polygamic. And yes, I am proud of this capacity.

  21. DJANGOchained says

    great article…have been shouting for one since a long time…thanx alot

    How about an article on how to stay injury free…especially shoulders and lower back

    and one on how to be a superman in bed…
    i remember once back in time…i made this shake …(pineapple, garlic, banana)…the results were so crazzy .ze misses made it for me everyday for a month..i had to break up with her cuz of that….

    • Victor Pride says

      Anecdotal observation concludes it makes them hot and bothered. Girls have told me it raises their temperature and makes them want sex.

  22. john doe says

    I have found the real secret for building big arms for myself is high high reps, lower the weights, and squeeze!! I freuqently take my sets of curls into the 20’s and 30’s rep ranges, squeezing each contraction harder and harder. I often only use a 40 or 50 lb ez curl bar, but its the time under tension that builds those guns!! My one set may take 3 minutes to complete, putting in more work than most people put into 5 sets. As a finisher I’ll often do a 10 sec neg/positive set, you do a set of 4-6 reps and take 10 sec down and 10 sec up, controlling the weight and maximum squeeze. My arms never really took off until I started training in this fashion. Its all about pump, flushing the blood and nutrients to the muscle, 95% of any professional bodybuilders will all tell you the same thing.

  23. says

    Victor what happens when u get off trt? I heard that it also makes your testicles shrink because it shuts them off from producing testosterone since your body is getting the synthetic stuff. I got my levels checked and it s at 586. I want to take it but I heard that it s bad for your liver and makes your prostate grow. I also want to know if u have to cycle it.

    • Adamzis says

      I know john already answered it but your levels aren’t that low at all. Focus on diet, exercise and nutrition as well as lifestyle changes (more sex, less stress, etc.) and you will be fine. TRT is for life mate, I almost went down that road and I’m happy I didn’t after careful research.

  24. john Doe says

    Chelo, once your on TRT your on for life. Trying to get off it would be a nightmare, you’d have little testosterone for the a long time if not the remainder of your life. As for testicle shrinkage, on TRT you are supposed to routinely use HCG in small doses weekly to combat that, but my insurance doesnt cover my HCG and its expensive out of pocket, so I just use a 5,000 iu run of it once every 12 wks or so to swell the nuts back up. Been juicing for 14 years now, nuts shrunk a little initially but then they got to a size they stayed at and never went smaller. Its something that would really only be noticable to myself, not like I’m hooking up with chicks who are telling me my nuts are smaller, LOL.

  25. David says

    Not a relevant question, but you never show your face when you post pictures of you, why did you this time?

    • Victor Pride says

      Stylistic reasons, it obviously looks better without the blur and the face is still a bit blurry anyway.

      • Adamzis says

        Lookin’ good (and incredibly jacked) Victor! Never thought any of us would get a chance to see the man behind B&D.

      • David says

        Yeah it looks better. It actually looks kind of stupid with the blur in some pics ahaha. Anyway I only asked because somewhere around your blog I recall having read about always protecting your identity, so I was not expecting you to show your face.. looking really good though!

      • says

        cool,. well i guess this David knows you in real life; or else how would he recognize that it was you on the photo:
        and yes you really do have very long arms

        • David says

          I’ve never met Victor and I didn’t read any comment, it’s just that from my experience reading Bold and Determined, and knowing that the writer doesn’t post or talk about shit he hasn’t done, it was easy to assume that the man in the picture was him. I mean, what else says “look, I know exactly how to get fucking jacked so you should believe me” better than his pic?

  26. says

    I follow a LeanGains IF protocol with my meals. Once I start Epistane, should I revert to a traditional diet to make sure I get enough calories?
    Also, did you run Epi every day, or pulse it (as some recommend)? What should my food intake look like? I wanna stay lean (I’m at ~11% now; visible 4-pack).

    • Victor Pride says

      Nah, I just blast it mon-sat with sun off. If your goal is to gain weight I would follow a traditional diet to get those cals in.

      • says

        I’ve read of guys using Epi to cut even further. How would a diet to accomplish that look? I’m not sure how guys cut when on a cycle. Seems like the whole point of a cycle is to squeeze in more nutrients…

        Any thoughts?

  27. says

    I can’t do hammer curls because they always cause pain in my left elbow/forearm not matter how I change up the sets and reps and weights. The same with reverse curls. And the same with Pullups, though for some reason i can do chin-ups without any elbow/forearm pain. Any suggestions? I do heavy deadlifts regularly, and funny enough they don’t hurt my elbow/forearm either.

  28. Viv1 says

    Victor, am big follower of your posts, Now a days am not getting rss feeds for new posts. is there any problem with it?
    Also I would like a post on Man boobs. How to have manly chest?. Exercises and any tested medicine for them?

  29. Dan says

    Why do I feel so much pain in my forearms when using bars to exercise biceps? (the pain feels like it is in my bones, in the Ulna).Is is a transient pain or I should stay only with dumbells? (apparently dumbells don’t cause me that intense pain).

  30. says

    Great arm routine, looks sparse yet there’s a lot packed in. Haven’t done hammer curls for a long time but will start doing them now because I just got inspired. Cheers for that.

  31. Rob says

    Just wondering do you use any cycle assist, or products like this while using ep-stane, and what does the on/off cycle look like for you Victor. I was thinking of running it at 30 for 6 weeks, and then taking 12 weeks off.

    • Victor Pride says

      Rob, personally I don’t use any cycle assist or PCT. In my “off cycle” I use TRT so I’m never really off.

  32. rob says

    Dude post today was epic! I did the arm workout and holy shit the arms are swole! I can’t wait to see what the pumps are like with ep-stane! Sorry my question was vague, but I’ll just ask it since this is my first venture into anabolic territory. How long did you cycle on and off ep-stane? I have been on trt myself for about 2 months now and hopefully things will keep getting better there so no need for a PCT, but did you take anything to keep liver, blood pressure, heart in check while on ep-stane, or just the ep-stane and trt and pinnapple juice like you suggested earlier to keep the liver healthy? Thanks for your time and great content!

    • Victor Pride says

      I didn’t use Epistane for very long as I just spent two months focusing on work only with minimal distraction and I cut my run short. For liver health, don’t abuse epi for months and months and your liver will heal fine. Down some pineapple and for extra precaution go to amazon and order a couple bottles of Liv52 and take that everyday.

  33. Ishaq says

    in what ways is Body of a Spartan similar, or different, to Matt Marshall’s ‘How to build a classic physique’?
    I’m curious as I have made great gains as a newbie over the last 12 months by following Body of a Spartan so should I look into the other program as well?

    • Victor Pride says

      It’s quite different. I would say after a year on BOAS it’s a good time to try something new.

  34. Reagan says


    I recently discovered your blog, and it has been a great help! Your workout advice is particularly great. I was a very skinny guy before I started working out (around 140lbs. and 6′ 2”). Now I weigh over 160, and progress is still coming. I feel the majority of my problems came from not eating enough food, so I’m excited to see what my results will be after I recently changed my diet in accordance with some of your suggestions. I’m far from where I want to be, but I feel being in great physical condition is an attainable goal after hearing from someone that had a very similar build to me. I just have one question though. I would just like some clarification on what you mean by saying that you are 100% natural. In this article you mention taking epistane, but in another article (I believe it was the “The Secret to Gaining Muscle”) you mention being a lifelong natural. I’m sorry if you have already answered this question elsewhere. I’m a big fan of yours though. Keep up the good work!


  35. wes says

    Hey Vic,

    What’s your routine for shaving your chest? Whenever I shave my chest it gets really prickly for a week and I get an acne breakout and it itches like crazy. Really could use some advice. Also, do you shave your armpits? Does it make any difference?

    • Victor Pride says

      #1) Shave dry. No cream and no water. It’s easier and you cut yourself less this way. #2) Shave with the grain. Mine grows in two directions so I shave part in downward strokes and part in upward strokes. Takes about 5 minutes total. In re: armpits, mine are hairy like a monkey and I shave them about once every 3 months with hair clippers. I have found when I shave them I don’t need deodorant. Does it make a difference? If you’re a bodybuilder, yes. If normal joe no, but mine are so unbelievable hairy I’ll always at least trim them.

  36. wes says

    Awseome, thanks for the advice. I have crazy hairy armpits too but I never cared but my good friend keeps telling me it looks gross and I should at least trim. Less deoderant is a plus.

  37. wes says

    Your website is amazing, it’s changing my life for the better and I feel 10 times better since I found your blog a month ago. So many of your articles are the kick in the ass I need and so many times I have finished an article and felt amazing that I just learned something that’s going to help me a lot. I bought both of your books, I started 30 days of discipline 2 weeks ago it’s really great. I just started my real estate course 2 weeks ago as well so it was perfect timing, I have so much more time to get the studying done. Body of a spartan is amazing too, I was doing stronglifts for about 6 months and it was shit so i’m back to 6 days a week at the gym and looking forward the gains.

      • PM says

        obviously… but I recall you saying that you have to pay your dues in the gym before you should touch hormones, I was wondering if even though I would be training for only one year, not 3+ and with those numbers I would be ”experienced” enough to touch hormones or it would still be too soon. that’s all

  38. Neurastenia says

    Hey Vic, I’ve been reading your blog a lot, I found really useful stuff. Congrats.
    I was wondering about the mass gain and volume. I am really skinny and just started the gym concentrating on building up muscle. My question is, what’s a great natural diet to gain mass? And the routine I’m doing consists on doing the exercises with heavy weights until I literally can’t do anymore. And one last thing, it’s the muscle recovery period. Do I have to rest the muscles before I work them again?


  39. Sami says

    Uncle Vic, great article.
    Question: Do you also shave your chest, abdomen and all of your legs (meaning thighs and lower legs)?

  40. Dean says

    Victor-Love the site. Just bought Ep-stane to add to my TRT. Can I run it at 2 pills a day for 8-10 weeks or is that too long? I have a strongman contest in 10 weeks. How do you cycle this stuff? Thanks in advance.

  41. J says

    So, just to complement, you should do a pct specially if you use a test base since having exogenous testosterone will definitely shut down your test production.

  42. says

    I agree with “arms is arms”. I’ve never been a fan of working them seperately. Great article! There’s nothing homo about shaving your arms if it’s going to make you look more attractive to the ladies, fellas. Actually being homo is home.