The 21 Rules of the Rich (and how you can emulate them)

I recently ran across this article entitled 21 Ways Rich People Think Differently Than Average People based on a book called How Rich People Think. I was immediately struck by the similarities between the writing on Bold and Determined and the thoughts of the rich elite. The 21 rules of the rich are in bold and my thoughts are underneath.

1) Average people think MONEY is the root of all evil. Rich people believe POVERTY is the root of all evil.

Average fellas are SCARED of money. You read that correctly. FEAR of money. You’ll hear average fellas say things like “I would never try and make money from this. I would never do this just for money” etc. Like money is AIDS and they would never try and get it. Everyone needs money because money is freedom. This fear of money is a one-way ticket to average town. Everyone needs money, there is no damn reason to make excuses or justify it or be afraid of it. I want money. This is how I make my money. Deal with it. Don’t be ashamed of your need or want for money. Get out there and take it and leave the excuses for average Joe.

2) Average people think selfishness is a vice. Rich people think selfishness is a virtue.

Everyone is selfish, but there are two types of selfishness: overt selfishness and covert selfishness. You want to be OVERTLY selfish. Covert selfishness is for chicken shits. When you come right out and say “I want it my way and I’ll have it my way” you will get what you want. When you play the covertly selfish guy, also known as nice guy syndrome, you are only going to get shit on. Nice guys aren’t nice guys, they’re chicken shits. They want the same thing overtly selfish guys want, money and women, but they’re too scared to come right out and demand it so they play nice and hope they’ll be able to manipulate that outcome. But it won’t happen, it’ll never happen. You want it? Take it. You want to eat shit? Play the nice guy game.

3) Average people have a lottery mentality. Rich people have an action mentality.

I hear these losers all the time, “if I could just win the lottery. If I could just get a chance. If my big break would come in” and blah blah blah. I don’t expect anything to be given to me. If I want it you can be damn sure I’ll go and get it. Play your stupid lottery, sit on your stupid couch in front of your stupid TV, and make your stupid excuses. Someone else is out there kicking ass and taking what is rightfully his.

4) Average people think the road to riches is paved with formal education. Rich people believe in acquiring specific knowledge.

Universities are leftist indoctrination facilities. And they are full of deluded morons. You must educate yourself. Any damn thing you want to learn about you can learn about. You don’t need to spend time in women’s studies to learn it. Every damn thing is on the internet, for free. If you want to learn about it the only thing stopping you is you. I will say it again and again: Everything you learn in college is useless if you want to be an entrepreneur and it’s up to YOU to learn your craft.

5) Average people long for the good old days. Rich people dream of the future.

Some people call it planning for the future, I like to call it visualization. Visualize the future and how you will be. Actually see yourself as you wish to be. The things we think tend to become reality (assuming you aren’t a delusional narcissist).

Things used to be so great, but nowadays….” Forget that nonsense and mold your future the way you want it.

6) Average people see money through the eyes of emotion. Rich people think about money logically.

Money is like an extra emotion to poor people. They always have “money problems” and they’re always whining about it. For some damn reason they can’t ever have enough to pay rent and the car payment and the damn electric bill. I have been poor many times but I’ve never been so poor I couldn’t pay my bills and I’ve never been so poor I cried about it. Forget about money as emotion, it’s just a damn game making money. Think about it like you think about your next 15 chess moves. Don’t be like these idiots living paycheck to paycheck and never having enough. Here’s a simple solution: If you’re poor…..DOWNSIZE!

…and then get to work, plan ahead, and quit spending your money on nonsense.

7) Average people earn money doing things they don’t love. Rich people follow their passion.

I don’t like the word passion, that’s a word for women’s romance novels, the correct word is obsession. Rich people follow their obsessions to the edge of the earth and beyond. Average people can’t understand this because their obsession stops at their favorite sports team or TV show or smoking pot or some other nonsense. 4 Hour Work Week is a cool little motivational book but you can’t take the title literally. If you’re going to find success in your field you are going to spend every waking minute thinking about it, you will have to be obsessed. Forget relaxing, forget taking a break, just give in to the obsession. 

8) Average people set low expectations so they’re never disappointed. Rich people are up for the challenge.

Hey man, don’t worry about it. It’s no big deal. You expect too much. Let’s just watch the game!

I have no time for this type of person. How any man could live his life so pathetically free of any and all challenge is beyond me. You get the same types in the gym. Type A is afraid to exert any real energy and Type B will go all the way. Type B will have the physique to show for it.

9) Average people believe you have to DO something to get rich. Rich people believe you have to BE something to get rich.

What do I have to do to get rich?

Be the type of motherfucker that gets rich“.

Be a damn killer and go get it.

10) Average people believe you need money to make money. Rich people use other people’s money.

I’ll tell you boys, I made my first money using NONE of my own money. Not a penny. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you want it bad enough, as in you are obsessed with it, you will get it. Even if you only have $12 to your name, makes no difference. 

I can’t make money because I don’t have any money“. Sounds pretty stupid doesn’t it?

I have to make money because I don’t have any money” sounds much better.

11) Average people believe the markets are driven by logic and strategy. Rich people know they’re driven by emotion and greed.

I have no time for these people who constantly talk about logic and strategy. “I like logic. I deal with things logically.” Logic is only one part of the picture. If you look at everything logically you aren’t looking at the big picture and I’ll tell you why. Most people in the world do not think logically, they think emotionally. When you speak to them logically you are not getting through to them.

Most people in the world are dummies and they don’t think logically, they can’t think logically. But these “I’m so logical” types always assume that everyone else also thinks “logically”. If you think they think logically you are thinking like a dummy.  Not everyone thinks like you, in fact most people don’t even think. They just react. They’re idiots and shouldn’t be treated like they are masterful logicians, and they shouldn’t even be assumed to understand logic. Logical thinking is only half the puzzle.

12) Average people live beyond their means. Rich people live below theirs.

Again, these people can’t pay their phone bills at the end of the month. Live like a Spartan. Have money leftover. Hell, I live like a king and I barely spend any money. I’m able to live very well because of a little word called Geo-Arbitrage. Make money in dollars, spend in baht and I want for nothing. My monthly expenses are bare minimum. Few bucks in rent for my high rise condo with pool view, few bucks for water and electric, few bucks for internet, few bucks for gym membership, few bucks for my maid, and a few bucks to run my websites. Easy, spartan, simple and clean. If need be, all those expenses can be reduced even further. I spend less money to live on now than I used to spend on just my mortgage.

13) Average people teach their children how to survive. Rich people teach their kids to get rich.

I had average parents who taught me how to be average. They didn’t know anything about making money but they sure were adamant that college and a full time job and saving for retirement was the answer. I wasted years following that stupidity. For most of my life I’ve been a fool, and a lot of you probably have too. But it’s not too late to wake up and start kicking ass instead of licking ass.

14) Average people let money stress them out. Rich people find peace of mind in wealth.

Money is freedom, baby. I can’t say this enough. Money buys you freedom. If you have money you don’t have to take orders. When you have money you have the pleasure of saying my favorite word, “no”. I do anything I want any time I want. I don’t ask permission.

15) Average people would rather be entertained than educated. Rich people would rather be educated than entertained.

Television, magazines, celebrity websites, sports – the mark of the average. If you can’t learn or earn from it, burn it

16) Average people think rich people are snobs. Rich people just want to surround themselves with like-minded people.

Rich people are different. After you’ve made it why would you ever want to go and hang out with losers who are jealous of you? Average people cannot hide their envy and jealousy. I have seen this look in their eyes, up close and personal, it is the most pathetic look I have ever seen and the most hateful look I have ever seen. They made the poor decision to go and waste their life at a job and now you’re a demon because you are free and have money. You took the time to educate yourself, you took the time to make your own money, you took the chance, you did all the work and they look at you like you got lucky and they have the gall to get enviously angry at you. It has often been noted that you end up exactly like the people you hang out with, so say goodbye to the losers, be elitist and hang out with the winners.

17) Average people focus on saving. Rich people focus on earning.

How many people have told you of the wonderful benefits of saving for retirement and how you can finally live like a king when you’re 65? None of those people seemed to be living large, though. Weird, huh? Can it be that they have no clue what they’re yammering about? I choose to live like a king right now, I’m too selfish and impatient to wait. To afford my lifestyle I had to quit my damn job and focus on earning. And it was the best decision I ever made.

18) Average people play it safe with money. Rich people know when to take risks.

What I have found is that when I take big risks, the kind of risks that give me nausea, diarrhea and anxiety for days, they tend to payoff for me. For some damn reason I have been able to risk my money many times and have always made it back plus some extra. It has always been when I didn’t take a risk, when I chose to hang on to the money I had, that I burned through it and was left broke. You can never, ever make it without risking something. 

19)  People love to be comfortable. Rich people find comfort in uncertainty.

Average people don’t want to do any damn thing except eat snacks and watch TV. Wasting your days at a 9-5 and wasting your nights in front of the TV on a La-z-boy recliner with a bag of chips is comfortable for some, I guess, but it always made me miserable. Personally, I hate relaxing. It’s such a damn waste of time. 

20) Average people never make the connection between money and health. Rich people know money can save your life.

Well, at least I have my health“.

This saying always makes me laugh a little. What they are really saying is “my life is terrible….but at least I’m alive“. I’d rather be dead than be 65 years old and living on social security and medicare. I’d rather be dead than be old and living on a fixed income and relying on the government to give me my “pills”.

Not only does money give you peace of mind, which can save your damn life from high blood pressure and stress, but it also buys the best medical care and the best drugs.

21) Average people believe they must choose between a great family and being rich. Rich people know you can have it all.

Average people are excuse-makers. “I chose to have a family instead of going into business“. Bullshit, you chose mediocrity because you’re mediocre. Lie to yourself all you want, but I can see through those lies a mile away. If you were driven and not a liar you would let your family motivate you to give them a better life. A family isn’t a burden or an obstacle in making money, it’s an excuse to be lazy and coast at a job. Rich people demand more out of life, and they get it. Demand more, especially from yourself, and your quality of life will go up. Demand more from your personal relationships and you will get more. Demand more from your business partners and you will get more. If they don’t want to play ball then fuck ’em, find others who want to play. It’s a big world out there and there is plenty for your taking. Be a man and take it.

The end.

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    • russell blake says

      I am currently in the process of starting my own business and i have been working for the rich for years, i mean kensington and chelsea rich. and what i have noticed is that 90% of the rich are mad in the head. Some are children that have grown up and inherited there parents money and haven’t got a clue what to do with themselves and are socially inept and get taken for a ride by ppl ripping them off and overcharging or just taking there kindness and robbing them blind. then you have the over-workers who don’t see their kids or wife due to working long hours and the nanny looks after the kids whilst the mum goes and spends dads money cause shes fed up with sleeping with the random workmen i.e me the AV Guy. seen it first hand. And then you are left with the 10% that get the balance right. Own business but keeps to the 9-5 and sees his kids and goes on trips to Disneyland every year. doesn’t own a 5 million pound house but is nice. and that’s where i want to be. just above the average Joe. i might be broke come the end of the month but i see plenty of my daughter and she wants for nothing and we also sit and watch tv as well as learning. and i have been on so many wild adventures throughout my life by not having money and met some inspiring people. so even if you are an average like me don’t be ashamed, life experiences count for allot.

      • ladybrisa says

        Hey Victor,
        I would love for you to take a great ¨ RICK¨ and help me with your money to start a business. I PROMISE WILL give your money back, I am HONEST and my word is better than GOLD!

      • Prince Faye says

        Infact am so confused bout life,i have a big project that is going to inspire and help save lifes,but no money to finance. The rich keeps getting richer and the poor get poorer. Damn!!!!I i nid help.

        • Omkar says

          Hey victor,
          Greetings for the day!!!!!
          Victor i am also facing the same issue (hurdle) what my friend is facing need your expert advise asap.

          ONE OF,
          Your follower,

    • roza says

      I am not agree with that article in some . I know people with Diabet and High Blood pressure, and some even die. .Young men who start businesses, also get sick. Business is also big stress. Yes, it is easy to live with money and money is good stuff, but everything has their own PRICE

      • Lila says

        I agree with you Roza. There are plenty of rich people that end up getting a terminal illness and all the money in the world can’t stop it. I also met a couple of rich men that would be more happy to be with their family, but they have to work 80 hrs. a week. You do pay a price for being rich and being poor. Instead of writing an article this guy needs to pay someone to help him lose his ignorance.

        • Young K. says

          I believe your comment is full of ignorance by itself. There are plenty of wealthy individuals that end up being stressed, and get caught up in their job enough to where it’s a burden. But there are others that learn to make enough money to where they keep a steady flow of income, and some barely have to lift a finger. If you had read this article all the way through, you would have noticed that the wealthy works hard to have a huge pay-off. Instead of criticizing how he understands the game, how about you flee from your average 9-5 mindset?

        • Stephen says

          I strongly agree with this article I love reading new ways to be rich, Average Joes can’t match the bold and determined, it’s about what means most to you in life if you want a happy family no struggles financially, and as well using these methods save you from that salesman that might have just sold ya a piece of coal, well there are so many benefits to being rich or at least trying.. A man is a provider, a woman caring, we are mentioned to be different everybody wants equality but living in a world where the blind find equalization as a woman trying to be a man with out the responsibility. That was the biggest and truest part of this section.. Average Joes/Females stick to what you do best and us people that are looking for a real experience in life, will find it because we are more determined and motivated to do so.


  1. says

    Kudos for a great article Victor. I have a audio program with Steve Siebold where he shares something like 170+ things that the successful do (and the opposites.) Each “lesson” only last for 5-something minutes and it makes it convenient to listen to just 2 or 3 every day. It’s jam-packed with stuff like what you wrote about and recommended to check out if you haven’t. Keep up the good work!

  2. Michael says

    Your comparision of average people and rich people basicly looks like high-testosterone people and low-testosterone people to me. Characteristics you wrote about perfectly fit each group of low and high T.

  3. says

    GOD DAM! I needed that swift kick in the ass today! Mondays always set the mode for the rest of the week. So this today i’m switching to KILL mode! I love Mondays!!

    Great Article Vic!

  4. Nathan says

    This was somewhat enlightening, thank you. I come from a family of full time 9-5ers with mortgages and debt to educational institutions who attempt to pressure me into the same life of mundane mediocrity. Happiness derives from freedom, freedom derives from money, money derives from obsession.

  5. Brandon says

    Dear Victor, I’ve been reading your blog for about three months now, and you write some powerful shit. But there’s one topic I would love to see you write an article about, the importance of older, more experienced men speaking into your life and learning from their stories. I was fortunate enough to have a great father, two incredibly badass grandfathers, and multiple coaches who taught me how to be a man. I would love to hear what you have to say about the topic. Keep it up, this blog is awesome.

  6. John Doe says

    I agree with most points in your article, but there are a couple I see from a different angle. MANY, MANY, MANY wealthy people sacrifice health for wealth. They dont sleep like they should, they constantly worry, they are never satisfied. They eat out all the time because of limited time or taking out clients to dinners or lunches. Everything is a big fucking show to them and some of them have forgotten how to just be happy. Its also statistically proven that wealthy people spend less time with their kids. Many of their kids are even raised by other people altogether. Sure, your son can wear the finest clothes, go to the best schools, live in a huge house, but did you ever really know him? Not to say that this is in the category of everyone wealthy, but I’d say many. I have a friend who put it to me best one day, he told me “The guy making 100k-300k/yr is busting his ass and killing himself, he is working all the time and is never around. But the guy making more than that has other people making it for him and he has freedom. I really enjoyed the article though, and obviously there are always exceptions in any case, poor or rich. One of the biggest problems I see with relationships nowadays is having a man and woman with the same frame of mind. Women want it all now, they’d rather have payments up the ass each month on cars, cell phones, credit cards on clothes, and they will find some nerdy cocksucker to leech off. And all he cares about is keeping this selfish bitch around because he never thought in a million years that he’d actually get a piece of ass. So he slaves, day after day, LOL

    • Robby says

      I agree with what you are saying. I’m sorry, Victor, but the post above makes more sense this time around. This is not to say that what Victor says is wrong (he does make some valid points – and I do love his take on relationships with the opposite sex).

      Consequently, there is a balance between living rich and actually being rich. There are too many guys out there who cannot find that balance. This is a fact. I see too many fat asshole pharmaceutical reps than I care to. Nobody is super human and something always has to give – health, relationships, etc. Sure, great money…but their life sucks and mine doesn’t.

      For me, I much rather do what I love for less money and spend time with my family than slave away at a selfish greedy endeavor. So call me beta, I don’t care.

        • Someone Who Inherited His Wealth says

          You cannot reason with someone who is making emotional justifications for their actions, Robby. Just as some are drawn to religion, others are drawn to money. I never had to go through the steps that are outlined in this article and I will have more money than the author will ever accumulate. This allows me to see money in a different way than Mr. Pride. Mr. Pride is giving everything to make himself rich and when he sees someone question that which he sacrifices his life for, he understandably becomes defensive (much the way a religious zealot does when you question his religion). Mr. Pride will one day come to find that money means little and in time his name will be forgotten (if it is ever remembered in the first place) just as yours and mine will be. I will posit to you that to enjoy your life to the fullest you need only friends in this world. Not money. Not a family. Plenty of studies suggest that once you make 40,000 USD the marginal increase in happiness per dollar earned in minimal. Happiness can only come when something is shared. Sharing your time with another is the most precious thing you can do. If it is with someone in front of a small tv screen somewhere in a 3rd world country, or on a yacht somewhere in the Aegean, it makes no difference. I know this because I have done both.


          • says

            VERY well said Leo. I believe that spending time with friends or just making someone smile is time very well spent. I’ve never been wealthy, although I’ve given it a really good try, as a pro musician with a #1 hit on that no record company ever noticed, or with various inventions I created that I couldn’t raise capitol for, and even tried my hand with reputable “pyramid” type companies like Amway and MonaVie, and have come to the realization that I don’t think I’ll ever have the wealthy life I dreamed of. In fact, I am currently looking at homelessness due to losing my job of 5 years to cutbacks and recently had my face broken in a freak accident at my new job making less than half the salary I was in my field and now suffer from a bunch of neurological problems, but I still try not stress too much about it, because I know that stress only brings more problems. It is a choice, not to stress about something, but it does take a positive mind to do. Even after all this, I still spend as much time with friends and my family and LOVE putting smiles on peoples faces that are in financial need of some sort, donating my talents as a musician, supporting a myriad of different charities, from local homelessness to breast cancer. Money does buy you freedom and I wouldn’t mind having enough to live a comfortable “stress free” life with my wife, but I will NEVER “obsess” over it. That, to me, is a waste of human existence. The people, places and things I’ve experienced in my struggles being “mediocre”, I absolutely wouldn’t have had I’d been Rich, and I’d much rather spend more time doing what I truly love, sharing something with friends and people that I’ve never met before, WITHOUT “jealousy” and “envy” and hatred.
            If that’s mediocre, than so be it. I find true happiness and comfort knowing that many people appreciate me the way I am, instead of an arrogant, self centered, money driven, soulless douche bag.

      • Cindy B says

        Not all women are brand whores looking to go shop til they fucking drop. Contrary to your sexist bullshit theory, there are women out there, like me, who bust our asses all day trying to build a business. I have a man, yes it’s true, but I absolutely don’t NEED him. He has his own and I have mine. I take care of myself and do so quite well. I have assets with zero debt and I am working extremely hard to make myself a success. So, don’t generalize.

        • Alex Wong says

          Actually MOST women from developed countries like to shop till they drop. they are just GOOD in denying it. (When i mean most, it’s like over 60%) It’s like majority of the owmen like to marry up & women like to marry beautiful women. thta’s the fact of life for most.

    • johnny says

      That is sad that the rich kids get less parent time.

      Of course on the other end of the spectrum, people who grew up in shitty neighborhoods with underfunded schools who can’t get decent jobs, have to work 3 jobs just to put food on the table and those kids get 0 parent time, frequently get physical abuse, sexual abuse by family members and neighbors, abandonment by parents who can’t afford to pay for them and can’t handle being around because of their own emotional issues, malnutrition, constant risk of death from gunfire, risk of being hooked on drugs because they walk to school (the rich folks shouldn’t have to pay for buses in the poor neighborhoods, after all) through neighborhoods where drug dealers threaten them if they don’t take the offered drugs, where they have a choice of joining a gang or being beaten to death, likelihood of being arrested and in jail by the age of 15 and being continuously in jail (and therefore unable to get decent jobs) for the rest of their lives…

      I don’t know, I think the little rich kids got the better deal there. Their parents are assholes anyway.

    • J. says

      You and the commenter below. Obviously only read the headlines. He very clearly responded to both your arguments. And here’s a response if you still haven’t gotten the point or for those who are reading and agree with these coons.

      You are scared of money the only thing stopping you from making. Money and being successful is you. So go worry about all that and don’t do anything because. That was a great excuse. Now sip that coffee. Finish that show and get back to work because God knows you need to see your kids after they’re out of school and wanting to go to their friends house.

  7. Benjo James says

    ‘5) Average people long for the good old days. Rich people dream of the future.’

    Part of the reason I don’t hang out with my old friends. They want to remember ‘then’. I don’t really give a fuck about ‘then’ all I care about is what I’m doing NOW so I can reap the the benefits in the future.

  8. Mike says

    This is a great post I read it everyday . Read and Bold and Determined and I become such. This website is the only one that is worth reading. All your post are master pieces. I did the 30 days and it makes you change and now all my workouts are tailor made because of Body of Spartan as well as my mind . Become Elitist and if you can’t learn or earn then burn .

  9. Rob says

    If you are taking big risks and only getting some profit back, the risk isn’t worth it. Big risk should be big reward.

  10. says

    “4 Hour Work Week is a cool little motivational book but you can’t take the title literally”

    Someone who knew Tim Ferriss once said Tim Ferriss has never worked just four hours a week in his fucking life. He defines ‘work’ as the stuff he doesn’t want to do. If you factored in all the other stuff he does and defines as ‘fun’, you’re looking at a 100 hour workweek.

    A hustler doesn’t hustle four hours a week and then watch daytime TV with the rest; A hustler hustles because that’s who he is.

    • Cindy B says

      Absolutely. All day everyday. If I’m not hustling, I am thinking about my hustle. There is no such thing as a 4-hour work week for a real entrepreneur.

  11. david says

    “make money in dollars and spend it in baht”

    Victor i love your blog and have read everything you have written on it with wide eyes but i have to ask you, what is your obsession with South East Asia?

    You have this amazing insight into the way the world works but your advice you give men, i have to disagree with. Yes globalization is killing us, our women are being turned against us, our men are being turned into women, we are being forced into economic slavery and we are being replaced. Does the answer to these problems involve starting some type of eCommerce venture online then running off to Thailand for cheap beers and a bit of ass?

    You sell a book titled Body Of A Spartan. Do you think the Spartan men gave a damn what their biceps or traps looked like? When times got tough did they find a way to make money for themselves then run off somewhere to take advantage of an exchange rate?

    The last thing we need is for our best and brightest running off to poor countries and buying the illusion of freedom. That is not freedom that is retreat. Men should not be retreating they should be standing at the Hot Gates ready to die for their freedom.

    Becky the 22 year old HR manager, she annoys the crap out of me as well, and we could all run away. But even if we run she will follow us. It doesn’t matter where you go it will come for you. And even if you manage to live out your days with a bottle of Tiger Beer, it will come for your son and his son and all your advice on this blog won’t mean anything then.

    At some point if we are ever to have any semblance of sanity in this world we need to stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking about the future generations who will not be able to escape Becky and her generic interview techniques.

    Thailand is for vacations. Fight Back.

  12. Justin says

    Your shit gets me pumped up. Now if im not learning something, making money or working out I feel like im wasting my time. My playstation is collecting dust hah.

  13. Joy Devore says

    Dare I speak? How can I stay silent!

    What you and H. Q. Roosevelt and Steve Siebold are missing is a dose of reality when it comes to poverty. Very few people choose poverty. At the risk of everyone jumping down my throat, I’m going to give you a personal example. I am getting in more debt by the minute due to student loans. When I’m done with this MFA in Filmmaking, I’ll owe nearly 200K. Yes, it’s insane, I know. But do I have a choice?

    Let’s see, if I dropped out right now and tried to start earning money at what I love (hosting a talk show), I’d be homeless and starving in a month. I’d be forced to pay back the loans I borrowed for this semester immediately, but they are already spent on rent. Since I can’t pay, any job I’d get (if it were legitimate) would only grant a garnished check. Of course, you have to know people to get a gig like hosting a talk show, so in the mean time, I’d be working two minimum wage jobs just to survive. That would take most of my time and energies, which, by the way, is why people end up coming home and plopping down in front of the TV to escape their dreadful realities. At the moment I don’t own a TV, but I’d probably invest in one, if I were at a dead end job. I’ve worked those jobs before, and it’s like taking a bullet in the foot every hour of every day…literally, I ended up getting bone spurs from standing as a cashier, a bank teller and a cleaning lady.

    My mom has bone spurs too. Her feet are swollen, she has high blood pressure, and yes, she tries to put her feet up at the end of a long day – and watch a show while she’s grading papers. There’s no pay for that part of the job. She loves teaching, but not all the politics, and certainly not the job insecurity. Since she’s living in a “right-to-work” state, they can (and did) fire her for no reason — well, the actual reason was that she wouldn’t pass a student who didn’t do the work. At her new job, she’s still fighting an uphill battle to get the money for all the years she has under her belt. Mom’s a high school biology teacher who’s trying to get out of debt, but her medical bills keep calling.

    The debt has piled up since we (my mom, brother, sister and I) had to escape an abusive home with just the threadbare clothes on our backs. My family doesn’t like to rely on charity, but we were so desperate one Ohio winter (with the electric cut and an eviction notice on our door) that we asked the millionaire Mom worked for to help us turn on the heat and pay for rent. He must’ve had the mentality that you are espousing, because by the time he decided to throw few hundred our way, another month had passed. The car had no gas, so we were not just freezing at home, but walking in feet of snow, on the side of a highway, to get to work and school. Our clothes were drenched, but we had no quarters to dry them. The few hundred he gave didn’t even cover all the late fees. Now do you know why “average people” give rich people that look of disdain? I don’t hate anybody, but I certainly understand how someone could. When I get rich, I will never forget the poor. That is common decency under Judeo-Christian values.

    Unlike me, my brother is not attending college (as you recommend), though I think it would help him in the business he’s been trying to start for years. He’s computer smart and has been working for older, wealthy people in his area. They don’t know much about computers, but that generation is dying out, and so will his business, if it doesn’t expand. He’s making about $20K right now, and barely keeping his head above water with the child support he’s paying. I’m pretty sure he’s still sleeping on somebody’s couch and has to ask for rides to all his jobs. Imagine how professional that seems.

    Last, but not least, my little sister is in her second year of college. She’s brilliant! Always has been the smartest in the family, but her full-time job as a bartender makes it a struggle to keep her grades up, and it also doesn’t allow her to receive financial aid. Since bar-tending is all she knows as a career, she’s surrounded with people who like to drink and party all the time. Put the two together: studies and drinking – not a great combination for success, if you ask me. But what choice does she have? She’s doing her best. One day she wants to be an abuse counselor, because she knows what it’s like firsthand.

    Now, Mr. Pride and readers, I’d like you to think about the article again. Most people who live in poverty are hard workers who are looking for a hand up, not a hand out.

    1. Believe me, poor people KNOW money answers all things. And they wouldn’t complain about it either, if they were rich.
    2. Poor people know that generosity, not selfishness, is a virtue.
    3. Poor people work just as hard, or harder than rich people.
    4. Poor people know that without a formal education, there are overwhelming odds they will end up as poor or poorer than their parents.
    5. Poor people dream of the future, and it is often the wealthier people who tell them to stop dreaming and get back to work.
    6. Poor people don’t have money to think about. They are focused on surviving and catching the next ball in the juggling act.
    7. Needless to say, poor people don’t have money to chase their passions, and they are stuck in jobs they hate because they need to put food on the table (some rich people take that for granted).
    8. Poor people face greater challenges than rich people, because death stares them in the face and they overcome death time and again. While wealthy people certainly have challenges, they are of a different kind, which by nature are more docile than death.
    9. To DO or to BE, that is not the question. If a poor, single mother in Texas told her daughter she could be President of the United States one day, is it equal to Mrs. Barbara Bush telling her son the same?
    10. This one’s hilarious! As a poor person (who can quickly overcome my shyness to accept charity), I invite you to make a donation toward my next film at the bottom of this page: Thank you.
    11. Do poor people even care about the markets? I’ve never heard anyone around me talking about the markets. Do you know why? Nobody can afford shares.
    12. By definition poverty is not having enough to make ends meet. Of course rich people live below their means. I’d sure hope so! My goodness, who pays a million dollars a month in rent? But wait, what was it about NFL players and big time actors going bankrupt? I guess not all people who become wealthy understand how to properly manage their finances. Poor people don’t really have a choice. Hmmm…do I save that $25 or spend it on cereal and milk for the month? What you should be asking is how on earth people like Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson, M. C. Hammer and Donald Trump are filing bankruptcy!!!
    13. The fact that poor people have to teach their children how to survive, while rich people just teach theirs how to get rich, says something completely different than what you are trying to say. Are you blind?
    14. Poor people find peace of mind in wealth too, but since they don’t have it, they have to turn to God. Perhaps the poor are a step ahead after all.
    15. See Number 4. This contradicts it. Perhaps both poor and rich people like to be both entertained and educated. Have you heard of Neverland?
    16. Snobs are people who look down on other people. Reading this article, I’d say you, sir, are indeed a snob – whether or not you’re rich. There are snobbish poor people and rich people. Personally, I give everyone a fair chance and a clean slate. I’ve met some people who are beautiful and loving, and others who act like they’ve never had their diapers changed.
    17. Both the rich and poor focus on earning and saving. The only difference is the rich person has enough to carry his savings in his pocket every day, while the poor have to save a few dollars daily. I could use a savings right now to pay for brakes on my car. Do you ever wonder why a greater percentage of poor people have faith? Yes, it’s because they have to believe for things like their car brakes not going out, while coasting down a hill.
    18. Again, you are so out of the loop. Poor people take risks every day. Riding to work on a bus that stops in a bad part of town is a risk. Living in a bad part of town and having no health or life insurance is a risk. Driving a car with bad brakes, or outdated license plates, no insurance…is a risk. It’s a risk to eat moldy bread, drink spoiled milk, or go through the dumpsters as some of the poorest must. It’s a risk to sleep on the streets. It’s a risk for women to even walk on some streets. A homeless woman in Atlanta told me that she’d been homeless for one year and raped 3 times. Do you want to talk about risks? You don’t know what a risk is! Wanna talk about nausea, diarrhea and anxiety for days? Think about the pregnant mother, who’s husband just got laid off.
    19. Do you know what my friend in Virginia does when she wants to treat herself and her kids to some entertainment? They go walk the aisles of Wal-Mart at 2am. It’s called not being able to afford anything, Sir. It takes gas to get anywhere. Gas costs money. I am positive you have more relaxing experiences than this.
    20. Do you think poor people are stupid? Anyone who’s ever been asked to see an insurance card knows money can save your life. Duh. POOR PEOPLE DON’T HAVE MONEY.
    21. Demand, demand, demand…really? That’s the answer. To demand everything like a spoiled child? Do you have children? Actually, I should ask if you have a good relationship with your children and your wife. Do you?

      • says

        He didn’t respond to Joy’s post because it’s pointless. She’s making comparisons that are off topic and ridiculous. “Poor people take risks everyday”. she’s talking about riding the bus etc…I wasn’t going to say anything on here but that post just forced me to say something. The author is just saying why the “Average” not everyone. The “Average” person gets wealthy or stays poor. No need for a mile long article responding unless what he said rung true and made all of you who responded negatively feel bad about yourselves?

        Rich people take risks. You got that poor people don’t take risks when they stand in front of a gun? that’s utterly stupid. Rich people took financial risks to get more. Period! Poor people don’t take financial risks. They respond to articles putting down the person explaining the difference. Just read the article and take what benefits you. There’s no need for the author to respond because he has it. You don’t. You feel the need to respond like it’s going to make someone with money not have it anymore or make those that don’t have it get it all of a sudden. Take what you need and keep your complaints to yourself.

        Also if you want to talk about GOD. Let’s talk about GOD. The bible talks non stop about creating wealth and what happens if you don’t make your money grow. Check out the master and the servant in the bible. Don’t bring up things you don’t know about.

        • Sundeep says

          Guyver, you are damn right. There is no point in replying for author since he has been picked on the contradcitions in his own article at umpteen places.. May be he came into the world with a silver spoon in mouth. That doesn’t make anyone eligible to sermon others. You have to earn the credibility and rich people with dynasty hardly know value of a penny. They don’t even want to think dollars are made up of pennies.

          Joy had presented the thoughts which will give all head in highs a necessary eye-wash. Just because som are rich, they cannot act blind towards rest of the world. Because they are in minority. Average people, the term coined by author, are in majority. And he seems to have intentionally used the word average against rich because you will not get this synonym-antonym pair in any English dictionary. A better term to use would be commmon man.

          One more thing. Just by liking the article which is biased towards a virtual rich world does not add any penny to your bank. You need to earn it. You need to value each pne of it. Don’t give me examples of flithy reach people because they don’t even know the value of their LIFE. Find the cases of rag to riches and then know their experiences. Those are the people who know not all poor people are poor by choice. Those are the people who know that they are rich because someone is poor and thay pay it back to the society. The world is all about comparison. If all people have equal wealth, the words rich and poor won’t exist.

          Also I suggest you should really read bible and understand it. Because either you got it completely wrong or you have believed in someone’s twisted meaning which keep brainwashing you through TV shows.

    • W says

      Joy, that was a thoughtful post, but I am compelled to disagree with a few points.
      You are correct, no one chooses poverty, but some choose to stay in poverty.
      You DID have a choice as to what degree program to enter, and allowing yourself to go $200k deep is beyond comprehension. You cannot blame “the system” for that decision.
      Solution: make a kick ass film that helps pay off that debt or write a book detailing why film school is a scam. You say you need breaks on your car, but perhaps you should get familiar with the public transit in your city to save money.

      On selfishness. It’s not “i wont give anything to anyone” but selfish as in a keen interest in your own well being. Example; I needed dental work done. The estimated cost would have destroyed my savings. I searched long for a dentist that would agree to a payment plan so I could keep PAYING MYSELF by contributing to my regular savings and get the medical attention simultaneously. Damn right I was selfish.

      3. Plenty of poor work hard, yes. But for other people. Poor people must learn to work hard on themselves and continually learn new skills.
      4. A formal education is no guarantee of success. Application of knowledge regardless of where acquired increases the odds of success. The library is still free.
      5. Find a wealthy person. Ask them how they got there. You’ll find that one of the pleasures wealthy people have is explaining to others how they became wealthy.
      6. See point 2.
      7. See point 17
      8. Death will come to us all. Money doesn’t alter that fact.
      9. What you believe has a large impact on your life. I recently transferred jobs to LA. I was determined not to pay over a certain amount for rent and be within 1 bus ride work and one ride to school. My rent is $100 lower than my set budget, I’m only a 10 minute walk to work and 1 train ride from school. Which by the way has a station a block away from the job. When I make up my mind to make things happen, things happen for me.
      10. have you heard of kickstarter?
      11. There are ways for those on a tight budget to get involved with Financial Markets if they choose. Disney and Coca-cola allow you to buy one share at a time directly from them. You can also set up an account with an online broker and have a direct withdraw from your bank for $20 and possibly less. google search DRIPS.

      17. incorrect. I grew up poor. We were not taught anything about saving. I work at a grocery store right now. Plenty of the people I work with who complain about being “poor” and a lack of savings have high end smart phones, designer shoes/clothes, eat out at local restaurants daily, and buy booze almost nightly. Many poor people feel that money is there to bring them pleasure but they don’t consider that it could be better used for personal security and freedom. Therefore, they stay broke. And some of these people are single parents and they still make these choices.
      I grew up with 2 brothers and a single mom didn’t graduate high school. She worked 2-3 jobs at a time to get us out of the hood and into safer areas with better schools. Even then we were always in survival mode. We were not raised to think about saving or long term planning. We were always in survival mode and credit card debt became a problem for my mother. What this taught me however was this:

      If you are always broke, don’t expect handouts. They ain’t coming. You must change your habits and educate yourself. It wont be easy, but it can be done.

      The fact is, unless you are severely mentally or physically disabled, you can change your fortune if you want to bad enough.
      One could go to the library and educate himself on any subject. Cost: Desire.
      Here in California (and many other states) One could pick up cans and recycle for money. Cost: Refusal to starve.
      One could flip burgers, save money and live with roommates, buy a car, start a Taxi company. Cost: Imagination
      On hot days I’ve seen people here in LA buy a 24 bottle case of water for $5 and sell each bottle for a dollar.

      I would encourage you to do a bit more research. It sounds like you may be stressed but you ought to get that imagination working. Nothing is impossible.

      “When I was your age, we worked 30 hours a day.”


      I work 35-40 hours a week, attend junior college 25-30 hours/week and pay my tuition out of pocket. I refuse to be in debt. (As a bonus, you can write off your tuition come tax time. I use the return to pay for more school or savings)

      • listening in says

        I think you have the most balanced perspective from the comment sections I have been reading.

        Poor is not the same as broke. It is a mentality. My bank account can be low and yet not poor. I can act poor and stay poor, or I can see I am broke and do something about it.
        I love the tip on the DRIPS, already looked that up and will be looking into the low cost investments. I adore it when someone doesn’t just gripe, but they offer solutions or options. That is leadership… Thank you

        This article has great points; general points are that, general and average, if they don’t apply don’t cry, move on and take from it what you can.

        –the eavedropper

  14. zilver says

    Quite an eye-opener how almost everything in society is made for average people. The media, the topics people talk about, clothing, food, everything.

    Besides the red pill often heard about in the ‘manosphere’ which says that women do crave masculine, dominant alpha men, after reading this article I believe there is another pill to swallow: Society is designed to fabricate average people with average minds, and if you follow its rules you will end up just as average as everyone else.

  15. VG says

    Spot on article! Keep more coming!

    This is the kind of mental doping one needs every now and then, specially when one deals with one of life’s big blows to one’s ego.

    Thanks for helping me re-focus!

  16. says

    Thank you for this.

    I’m about to graduate high school and I’m determined to be an entrepreneur. My dream is to start an internet brand where I interview all the people who inspire me.

    I love the internet because I can find awesome articles like this! I love that people are taking action and making their living on the internet

    Like many are realizing, the internet and information age we live in allows us to do whatever we want. I know I’m young, but I 100% believe that we don’t need permission to follow our dreams anymore.

    Maybe years ago, you needs to get funding from other places before you started some project, but now with the internet you could have your passion or business out in the world in seconds.

    Like i said, personally I’m focusing on starting a funny YouTube channel where I also interview people making their living online. Big inspirations of mine are EpicMealtime, Smosh, and RayWilliamJohnson. These are some big channels paving the way for internet entertainers. That’s just my niche though. Internet and social media.

    It’s always completely awesome to find articles like these! It’s like the information is universal. Thanks for giving me some insight into the mind of an entrepreneur.

    Most of my friends who work at sandwich shops don’t understand that I run my own blog ( and tell me I need to get a real job….oh well haha. Maybe someday I’ll be their boss.

    Cheers! Thanks for the article!!

    • J. says

      You’re 1 in a 5 people to do that. You will not succeed. There is intelligence and blind intelligence. And I’m sorry but you’re blind. Learn more before you crash and burn and start from a lower point. Don’t make excuses. Idgaf what you gotta say about this. It’s a fact. Originally and Innovation are major factors. You can’t just talk the talk to walk the walk. You need to learn how to walk the walk practice a little and master it. There’s no 1 stop get rich now. You have to be a savage go getter never giving up.

  17. brad says

    I like #3, the way I see it is that if deserving was a law of nature then cash and food would fly into my hands, but its up to you to make shit happen. For some time I was stuck wanting to relive some past years that were exciting and so I thought about what made it so great and I came to this:1. I didn’t have expectations other than my plans 2. I wasn’t reminiscing on the good ol’ days 3. I didn’t want the future to be like the good ol’ days 4. I was doing new things and some scary shit 5. I was ready to take whatever hurt came my way 6. I lost myself in the present 7. I was surrounded by awesome and fun ass people 8. I did what I wanted to. I emulated these things and now living the good days again. If people where always stuck in the past they would’ve never had any good old days in the first place.

  18. John says

    So Victor tell us how you made money without money then? Everyone says you can make money without money but no one ever says how….can you share some tips with us please.

    • Victor Pride says

      Yeah bud, buy a house sub2 with $10 earnest money and then flip it to an “owner finance” low credit buyer who gives you a large down payment and a monthly payment over the original note and a payoff to you when (IF!) they refi, which they won’t, so you’ll foreclose on them and find another “owner finance” buyer who will give you a large down payment and monthly payments above and beyond your monthly note. Rinse and repeat and then move to Thailand and eat Coconut chicken and drink apple cider on a saturday night while talking to a guy named John on the internet. Easy peasy, Japaneasy.

  19. xtopher says

    my man carry cup because you did a nice job here.well articulated and designed for morale boosting but i dont think all these will work out without God and potential a young book writer,i got the popularity but the money isnt there.i think fate got alot role to play thinking suicide as a solace for me now .pls help me to achieve my goals.pls victor

  20. Haryy says

    Honestly, there seems to be a metaphysics involving money; if you give it away to someone, say a bum, for example, then that act will come back and bite you in the a$$, as well it should! If you feel a little sympathy towards some who feigns poverty in the hopes of getting something for a free ride at your expense, they will turn around and bite you in the a$$, as well they should! What you earn, you keep. Be very careful in deliberating whether or not you are going to help anyone in any manner because plenty of people see it all as a zero sum game, people who are very petty with money because they have only and always dealt with petty sums of it. If you give them an inch, they will try to take a mile; consequently, you shouldn’t budge an inch in dealing with them; they certainly wouldn’t if the shoe were on the other foot. This is why people don’t always interact well across social or economic classes, they are coming from a different place, literally.

  21. says

    I loved this entire list of emotional and mental differences between people who are successful at financial management and people who are not. Oftentimes, financial management is a mental exercise, not a mathematical one. (It’s math-based, as well, but that comes second — after basic mentality is achieved.) Just today I was conversing with someone who viewed themselves as pushed around by society rather than the master of their own destiny. Those attitudes make a big impact in your life, finances and even your health.

  22. says

    Nice words, Victor. I find your writing immensely motivational. I especially like your ‘ABOUT’ page. That being said, we know that there are people who are living very, very happily even though they aren’t that rich. It’s nice to be financially independent to the point that you are happy. If being filthy rich gives makes you happy, then why not? If you are genuinely happy with an average financial standing, great. I think in the end it all comes down to how happy you really are. Some people are happy living in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere, and many are living at 33480, Palm Beach, Fl. with constant depression and sadness. I would love to read what you think on how being rich relates to the concept of happiness.

  23. seb says

    your article disgusts me.
    you are advocating dropping all morals of any sort and exploiting people as a way of making money, without a second thought for obviously have no experience of being poor and talk like a snobish spoilt child. you are an unbelievably selfish person who is too far up their own ass and i truly hope you end up poor aso you can really understand what it’s like to live at the bottom.

      • GrizzleWizzle says

        And that’s how you also differentiate who’s an average joe….they just got something negative to say all the time! Poor guy… wonder if his life will ever change.

        Thanks for this article, I’m a first timer to this website, and I LOVED IT beyond belief. I think I have just found the missing link to my life… Seriously.


    • says

      Seb that’s stupid comment you obviously don’t read Victors articles. He is not about exploiting people to get money. He offers value through his blogs and ebooks. To make it a little more simpler let me show you an equation. Blogs+eBooks+Poscasts+Videos=Value. What does him offering value to people equal? That’s right money! So by him offering value he receives money in return.

  24. Brie says

    I can get why people would think that you are dick for saying what you are saying. But what you are saying is actually true and valid for anyone who is attracted to money, who wants to achive wealth. Not everybody think that way, so I see how they could be offended by your statements. But man, keep it up. It was an amazing motivational article to me.

  25. pratik says

    Victor….what an inspirational article u’ve shared…..thanks for showing us the reality of the life. I got to learn many things from your article…Hatss off!!!

  26. says

    Ha! Absolutely brilliant! Reminds me of this quote:

    “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”

    ― Henry David Thoreau,

    • Juci says

      Your comment was oxymoronic. You totally miss the point of what Henry David Thoreau was stating when he wrote that. Henry David Thoreau is the wrong person to quote for an article that glorifies rich people. If you actually read any of his books, especially Walden, you would know that Mr. Thoreau was anti-monetary system, anti-affluenzia and all that rich people represents. He believed in simple living and voluntary simplicity, things that rich people don’t practice. Rich people are the total opposite of Mr. Thoreau and other Transcendentalists. Maybe if you stayed in school longer you would know that.

  27. Ashley says

    I randomly found this post and I will be reading quite a few more. I’ve been trying to hard to bridge a communication with poor, often raving liberal, friends. I’m tired of being guilt-tripped because I was born into a comfortable lifestyle and I’ll be damned if I ever give it up to make others feel comfortable and equal. I’ve just had enough and today I got hungry. I know this site is aimed at men, which is fantastic because I’m sick of the effeminate suck asses out there. I was raised to be independent, not feminist, and this forum here is exactly what I needed. Thank you, so so much. Your tone is more than motivational, it’s raw truth. I have been wasting my time and opportunities in a dog eat dog world, and it’s damn time I become a fucking wolf. You, sir, are purely fucking majestical.

  28. Lexie says

    One more good way to become rich, stop paying for your friends when you go out and quit shopping for stuff and wasting hundreds of dollars on crap you don’t need…In case there are some morons out there like me. :D
    I hate when people complain about money, and talk crap about rich. Get a job and shut up! When I say job, I don’t mean McDonalds or whatever other fast food places are out there. I once worked for an attorney and that pays well. Its all about connections!!!
    P.s. I am jobless, University student so use my tips at your own discretion. Although, I do have a great life :D and live in luxury. You might say I’m lucky, well you are damn wrong. I just have an amazing mother and ways to get cash with and without her help. Not planning on being poor because my butt starts hurting after sitting on it for long periods of time.

  29. Caressa says

    Your article is raw and truthful. It is tough love and some people can’t handle it. Some of the flaws applied to me. But instead of getting upset, I’m gonna print out this article and read it often…and I’m going to do better.
    Thank you.

  30. Gerard says

    Well overall message is to have positive mindset and drive to succeed nothing so new, but “money can save your life” it might be true, but I rather not to damage my self(don’t smoke etc.) to the point of chemotherapy.

  31. Groton '74, Harvard '77 says

    First off, not everyone is selfish. Some people don’t care for sex or money. How would you know what someone wants? You are not them, nor do you know them. Don’t you think that it’s silly to think that you are an authority on the wants of someone you barely know?
    Secondly, college teaches a lot of important things. Of course, subjects like Woman’s Studies are useless, but not Economics, or even English. Just look at how college-educated people are usually better-off than those with just a high school diploma? Logistically, how is one going to get rich without a degree? If one has an Economics degree, he can get a finance job and make a six figure income on the first year. If he gets promoted enough, he can make an eight-figure income. That is much harder to do if one lacks a degree.
    Lastly, six and eleven blatantly contradict each other.

    • Phil says

      “Logistically, how is one going to get rich without a degree?” – you seem to have missed the entire point of the article. People get rich by being and doing entrepreneurial things, and not by getting a degree and a job. Also, you don’t seem to know the definition of logistics…so much for that fancy Harvard degree.
      “If one has an Economics degree, he can get a finance job and make a six figure income on the first year.” – Very, very unlikely
      “If he gets promoted enough, he can make an eight-figure income.” – Even less likely, “logistically” speaking, of course.

      • Pablo preocupado says

        “Wealth is our organised capability to cope effectively with the environment to sustain our healthy regeneration and decreasing both the physical and metaphysical restrictions of the forward days of our lives.” Buckminster Fuller (Operating manual for Spaceship Earth) —

        definition disagreements aside, I understand and heed a drive for financial security, but rallying around profiteering without regard to real production is disconcerting.

        Don’t cloud entrepreneurship with arbitrage.

  32. says

    This ish right here man… This ish right here is the dopest.. I feel like I just smoked a blunt and I don’t even smoke weed.. This is one of those high off life articles.. Great Job!

  33. says

    Thanks for the sharing. I like it so much. However, when I look at the writing, I notice a few things missing. I believe that you have more to say regarding the word SPECIFIC. Rich people have secrets that they acquire through SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE that they develop through obsession. Perhaps you want to add more on that.

  34. says

    Reading this blog makes me think I am really a man. I agree to most of your points, especially about money. Dude, I wanna be like you.

    Scratch that. I am going to be like you. A girl version. Killer.

  35. Clay F. says


    You banged out a LOT of major points in your article. GREAT JOB! I FUCKIN’ LOVE IT! And fuck those who disagree with what you said; they’ll probably stay broke anyway. In the mortal words of 50 Cent: Either get rich or die tryin’ lol….

  36. Kiljoy616 says

    Rich people know how to steal money and get away with it. Poor people have not figured it out yet. Its not magic just sociapathic thinking, get into that mindset and your set to make it big.

    • says

      You’re referring to the corporate elites..?
      There’s still a lot of people out there who are doing great financially because they played well with the the cards they got dealt, and didn’t create an unnecessary barrier to take action from where they were to where they wanted to be.

  37. ranjith says

    in this article y6ou mean only 20% difference only
    the difference of rich ,man habit and poor man habit is more than 100
    not in moneyy
    my words to you
    attitude and caractor and passion will make money just a billionsa and milions
    want to click an ideaa

  38. jane says

    But what kind of shape will you be in when you close your eyes on your death bed? Will you be ready to meet your maker? There’s the thing that counts in life. That’s what bring true happiness. All the money in the world can’t buy you eternal happiness. Think before you speak.

  39. Ashini Disar Movindi says

    Dear Sir/Madom,

    My name is Ashini Disar Movindi. I’m 30 years old. I’m really like to study but I have not money. Please tell me how I get help from you. Please help me to WIN the my life.

    Thank you very much.

    Your sincerely,
    Ashini Disar Movindi

  40. says

    I really hate it when people say money is the root of evil, they are so dumb. They use that as an excuse because they’ve never bothered to progress in life and they always use that as a reason to exonerate themselves. Money definitely buys freedom. Spartan rules! Thanks for Sharing Victor.

  41. richard says

    You’re correct about poverty being mostly an attitude problem. But I doubt any solution exists. 300 or so million years of evolution have hard-wired most peoples thinking about making/growing $$ & in only a few cases does logic come into the picture.

    Anyone who lives in an industrialized country, has normal intelligence & is willing to work hard at least 25 hours a week should be able to grow wealthy in 5 years or less if they just think straight.

    I did it. I’m not very smart. But unlike almost everyone else I don’t think like a hunter-gatherer starving on the African Veldt a few million years ago. I just saw money-making as a winnable game & played it with a modicum of competence.

    However very few people are capable of thinking clearly on this subject. That’s why I can outperform people who’s IQs are far higher than mine. They’re smarter than me but I see reality & they see illusions.

    • Victor Pride says

      MistahBig I have a business idea for you. You can invent a “poor man’s dictionary”. The meaning of words like wealth (which means an abundance of valuable possessions or money) can be changed to “an abundance of lifestyle”. This way all the poor people reading the dictionary will easily be able rationalize why they are poor.

      • MistahBigD says

        You know what? I might actually do that…not a bad idea. Anyway, this is along the lines of what I meant to say:
        “Wealth does not necessarily mean having millions and millions of pesos. Being wealthy simply means having the financial resources to support your chosen lifestyle. Wealth is nothing more than having money to fund your particular needs at any given time.”
        – Francisco Colayco

  42. says

    This is a game changing post. I’ve read so many personal finance books but no one has explained things with such clarity. Very refreshing, thanks for sharing and keep it coming.

  43. Shawn says

    I’ve had the great business, sold it and have money and to this day never meet a rich person who is content or happy because they have money. Once you have it, you stress over losing it and allow the money to corrupt everything including your happiness. Soon, drugs, paid sex, tax headaches, relatives in need, and boredom all get to you. You become a different person when you finally get true wealth.

    I’m in my 40’s, but when I meet wealthier older people, the first thing I learn from them is that they wish they had spent more time with the kids. They would trade the money for getting back that time.

    Just something to think about from someone who had the brass ring and traded it all in to spend more time with my kids.

    • Bob Smith says

      Hi Shawn,

      This is probably my favorite article on Bold and Determined. I absolutely agree with what you say, especially the part about a man sacrificing his time with his kids for wealth. No matter how much we might hate it or deny it, we must admit to ourselves that each pursuit has its price.
      It seems I have studied every pro and con about having wealth and I have come to one conclusion:
      Surely, it is better to be unhappy and rich than to be unhappy and poor?


  44. Joe says

    Great website, I am so pumped right now to stop making other people rich but I do have one dumb question. How do you make money off this blog?? I don’t see any links to products in your emails or ads. My guess is you have other websites that make you money but I wanted to make sure I was not missing something.


  45. Devin says

    I’m about to be un-fucking-stoppable. I’m coming to kill. I’m going to get what I fucking want and not worry for one damn second of my life. I’m a mad woman and I’m not gonna settle for shit. You will hear about me soon you fucks.

  46. says

    “Nice guys aren’t nice guys, they’re chicken shits. They want the same thing overtly selfish guys want, money and women, but they’re too scared to come right out and demand it so they play nice and hope they’ll be able to manipulate that outcome. But it won’t happen, it’ll never happen. You want it? Take it. You want to eat shit? Play the nice guy game.”

    I see this every weekend working behind a bar. Beta guys supplicate and buy drinks for the girls, pretending to care about stupid, uninteresting topics just so they can continue talking to them. Whereas I just stand behind the bar, make strong eye contact with a girl I’m interested in, and tell her to put her number in my phone after she blushes from away from my gaze.

    No bullshit, no manipulation, non apologetic. Simple.

    • Dave says

      I know that the majority of “nice guys” probably are “chicken shits” who just “play nice.” What’s crazy is, I find myself being one of the few genuine “nice guys” out there. I’m not saying this to pat myself on the back or anything, I’m just saying – it’s weird. It’s almost like, no one will believe I’m genuinely this nice, when I really am. In spite of this, I understand the need to get out there and earn the money. Money is the key to freedom.

  47. hitendra says

    Really impressed ..

    I reall want money too…
    Even tohugh i suffer myself financially.
    I see myself as a wealthy person nearby ahead..

    yes i can do it and i will..

  48. Mogimp says

    Most of these comments are hilarious “help me”, “I didn’t chose to be poor” “I’ve got debts”… FUCK YOU, FUCK THE POOR, Human beings chose misery because misery is easy, comfort is the slow poison that eats at you until its too late.. Got student loans and you’re stuck? First acknowledge that you’re at this point because of your own stupidity, who the fuck told you to go to uni when you don’t have the money to pay for it, wait, who the fuck is stopping your potential to earn money while you study? WE ALL KNOW YOU SPEND THE BARE MINIMUM AMOUNT OF TIME STUDYING AND GET STONED OR DRUNK WITH BROMONTANA ALL FUCKING DAY.
    “I have no finances” Fuck you, go make finances, seriously FUCK YOU. I worked for my fucking money and I’m keeping it, unless you’re determined enough to fucking track me down, come TO me and convince me that you’re worth my time and/or money you fucking trash. Be driven, stop waiting within your prison of four walls for life to happen. Fucking garbage. And to the people that this article REALLY spoke to, keep at it bros.

  49. says

    i’ve read this a few years back but with a more polite synopsis under each of those 21 rules to go… it just doesn’t get through just as this is done… it’s offensive but very on point which is how i want articles i read to be delivered… no fancy words around… no playing around the bush… just straight on pure talk shoving it on everyone’s throat and ending with a “you don’t like what i’m saying and you wanna sob? go great or go home.” Kudos to you!

  50. says

    I have found in the past year I have become radically more selective in then people I am ”friends” or associate with. It has made a huge impact. Cut out any negative passengers. Thank yourself later.

  51. Trust me, you don't want to know says

    Nice, article. You really had your ‘rules’ flowing smoothly.
    1.) This actually gave the definition of rich people as hardworking, logical, and reasonable humans who prefer to “learn” and “educate” themselves rather relying on flimsy college degrees.

    2.) This also presented rich people “make” money not only because they need to, it’s also because they want to. Thus, presenting that every human has the capability strive and get rich, but “rich people” did it well.

    3.) I must say, some people, rich or not, or really equipped with these rules. It is accurate, yes.

    But apparently, I would like to point out some few notes:

    Like this one:
    “2) Average people think selfishness is a vice. Rich people think selfishness is a virtue.:”

    Oh, you mean, being selfish is a good thing? Of course I agree with some parts on your Rule #1. It’s selfishness that causes most evil acts, not the money itself.
    But seriously? ‘Selfishness is a virtue’?

    And another one:
    “11) Average people believe the markets are driven by logic and strategy. Rich people know they’re driven by emotion and greed.”

    This is accurate, I must say. But tell me, if markets are wholly driven by emotion and greed, then why do we even need to study for statistics, economy, etc.

    “13) Average people teach their children how to survive. Rich people teach their kids to get rich.”
    Basically, this tells “average” people that teach your kids to get rich instead of teaching them how to survive.
    In my opinion those “average people” you called that taught their kids on how to “survive” wants their young to survive life, in a way with its roller coaster way of life. Not just how to gain money.

    These rules of yours are used by not only the rich, but some “average” people, too. I actually doubt if other rich people really use these.

    Thank you.

  52. says

    “Everyone is selfish, but there are two types of selfishness: overt selfishness and covert selfishness. You want to be OVERTLY selfish. Covert selfishness is for chicken shits. When you come right out and say “I want it my way and I’ll have it my way” you will get what you want. ”

    I really like the way you bring this! I noticed that I always respect more the guys who are honest and open about the fact that they are playing their own game for winning! A the opposite of the used car salesman of guys who try to create this illusion that he’s doing it because he loves you and it’s all for your benefit… Bull shit!!!

    I also see in all those point that rich people are more true to themselves and don’t suck up to all those bullshit rules dictated by religion or the media about what should be right or wrong …

  53. Jeremy says

    On # 21 I think that if you work 60+ hours a week to further your business, it will reduce your time with your family so it will affect it.

  54. says

    I’ve read this article multiple times and it is spot on. My favorite point was the one about being Overtly selfish and not covertly selfish. Believe me guys follow what Victor says and your life will change if you are dedicated.

  55. dimarond says

    Hey Victor nice post however I was wondering if you know if its possible not to pay the income tax if you own a business like yours on the website. Do the same thing rich people do, by knowing the loopholes in the system and avoiding paying all those money.

  56. Benedictus says

    I know this is an older article, but I am a multimillionaire and stopped by tout of curiosity. The author is spot-on. I didn’t know this kind of knowledge was being shared with the general populace.

    Guess how few will actually take it to heart. I’ve learned the poor really are different, too. It seems in their very breeding to hate and fear money (while secretly desiring it), and to hate, fear and envy us, the wealthy.

    The keenest way to tell whether a person will become rich is to mention a rich person, then listen to his remarks. If envy comes out of his month, he’ll never be one of us. But if he remains quiet, or softly smiles, or defends the rich one’s wealth, THAT MAN possesses the right mindset.

    Unfortunately for the whole world, it seems the poor have actually been bred like cattle to instead of understand and revere money to do three things:

    1) Envy
    2) Gossip, and
    3) Breed.

    Until this is curtailed, you now know why the world is so poor and so stupid.

  57. Joel says

    Totally agree about the “4 hour workweek” title being misleading. Granted, once Tim Ferriss setup his business, he eventually got down to 4hrs/wk, but from his story, it’s abundantly clear that he WORKED HIS FRIGGING ASS OFF to get where he did!!!

  58. says

    For those of you who haven’t read “The Richest Man in Babylon” you need to do so asap. It’s a perfect complement to Vic’s post. I listened to the audiobook on Youtube…about 4 hours, but worth it.

  59. J. says

    Victor. You are correct. You don’t need my verifification but it’s alright. I just wanted to say you are doing the work I always wanted to do. But with watching people’s reactions and seeing the blind refuse to accept the truth it’s too confusing. So I personaly am straying away from associating myself with these kind of people. Good luck opening people’s eyes. If it were up to me. I’d let them stay asleep. I didn’t need to be told I was living right. I knew when I was 6 I was going to be a savage, that burning inside.. you just feel it. Stay in real estate I saw you had a post involving that. It will make you a billionaire if you put your mind to it. I don’t give away secrets to the public. Fuck the competition. All the real ones need is a little point in a direction. And you got it.

  60. Pia says

    On point #20 “Money can give you PEACE of mind” not “PIECE of mind”. To be educated you have to write well….

  61. says

    That was inspiring. I’m 24 and female and that article made me feel so proud of being a crazy, obsessed, money hungry person. All of those things described me and it was written with such passion and honesty. It makes me so fucking happy I am different.
    Cheers to all of us who are mental…ly wealthy.

  62. says

    VICTOR PRIDE is selfish.
    he cares about is himself and his goals

    Just like Owen Cook, the MPUA, multi-millionaire who teaches pick up he is motherfucking selfish, he says that out loud in one of his videos :

    so does Dan Pena,the 50-billionaire, in his interview :

    I wrote an article about being selfish and success :

    all of these successful people advise us to be selfish thats how you become a go-getter, by being selfish by caring about yourself and your goals

  63. keezy says

    Thank u for this….u have absolutely no idea how this will help me..I appreciate the fact that you even are willing to share such priceless knowledge..

  64. says

    This is the best article I’ve read n years regarding money. I’m not joking. This is exactly what I needed to see and hear right now. Thank you.

  65. wealth says



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