So You Want to Be a Professional Blogger Part 2

From the desk of Victor Pride
Location: Nha Trang, Vietnam

Subj: Technical tools needed for an exciting pro blogging career

See also: So You Want to Be a Professional Blogger Part 1 and Part 3.

In the first installment of this series we looked at the mindset necessary to unlock the corporate shackles loosely placed around your hands and feet. Just like the Elephants who believe they aren’t strong enough to break through some rinkity third world shackles, most people believe there’s no way they can break free of the 9-5 jive and make money doing something out of the ordinary. Sour news friends: That’s absolutely true for most people. The majority won’t ever accomplish anything. BUT! since the readership of B&D is filled with risk takers there is a good chance a certain percentage of readers, the ones with an interest in blogging, will be able to accomplish something.

But why the heck would you want to become a pro blogger? The obvious reason anyone would want to become a pro blogger is the amount of freedom it gives you. Say goodbye to sitting in traffic at 8am, yelling at all the morons who can’t drive while sipping your McDonald’s orange juice and munching on a sausage biscuit with cheese, cursing God. I can’t even remember the last time I was stuck in traffic at 8am or 5pm. At 8am every morning I’m at my desk sipping coffee, at 5pm, well, no matter what I’m doing it isn’t sitting in traffic waiting to get home after a hard day of office gossiping.

Now, let’s look at the technical tools and rules you will need to start blogging.


There are websites like (not to be confused with and that will give you a free domain and free hosting. For example, if I did that my domain would be This is what amateurs use. If you want to be a pro you need your own domain name and your own, NON-FREE hosting. When you use free hosting services this is what you are saying to the world: “I do not believe in my vision enough to invest $7 in a domain name and $7 a month to host it. Therefore, you should not believe in me either“. Anyone who cannot afford a $7 per month hosting plan does not have anything valuable to offer, and that’s the truth. Those free hosting sites will limit the advertising you can place or in some cases they do not allow you to place any advertising at all, and they go ahead and place their own advertising and make money off of your stupidity for using their “free” service.

Free sites are LIMITED in what you can do and you are at the mercy of their terms of service. Just say no to free hosting and take control of your website. Limits are for people who want them. When you have your own domain and your own private hosting you control everything and your options are limited only by your imagination. A dot com domain can be purchased for $10 or less (free with BADNET service) and a standard hosting plan costs $4-$7 per month and you can host unlimited sites. To want to be in the online world but not have your own hosting is sheer stupidity. Stay in the bush leagues if you want to write about nonsense but if you’re a serious man you just need to get a hosting plan, put it on auto pay and forget about it.

  • Use BADNET to set up your domain and hosting and get some free goodies from Bold and Determined

NOTE: Bold and Determined now offers a free WordPress installation service and many other blogging goodies. See details and get your blog started today.

Make the right domain choice

Picking the right domain name is highly important. Your domain name is numero uno about your website. It has to be memorable if someone is going to remember to type it into their address bar and visit you again. A poor domain choice is the most easily fixed and the most widely made mistake new bloggers make. Your readers need to find you easily by typing your domain name into their address bar. If you pick the wrong domain they won’t find you. If you pick some silly name that is hard to spell or remember they will not find you. They’ll type the address in a few times, if they can’t find it they’ll Google it a few times. If they can’t find it that way they’ll never find you AND they’ll be mad at you for picking such a stupid domain name. Make it EASY for your readers to find you! Bold and determined dot com is an easy domain to remember, easy to read and easy to type. Even the dimwits who failed English class and Google “bold and determine” are still able to find the website.

The 5 rules of picking a proper domain name:

  1. It must be a dot com – a dot com is the default, everyone knows dot com and when you say website the first thing people will think is “.com”. No one defaults to dot org, dot net, or something cutesy like a dot me.
  2. It must be easy to read and easy to remember – if they can’t read it or remember it they won’t be able to come back.
  3. It must not be a free site like or – picking a free site says you do not value your own website enough to spend 7 dollars on a domain and 3 dollars per month on hosting.
  4. It must be easily spoken and it MUST make grammatical sense – for example no one would say, that would be a stupid domain name.
  5. It must not have any numbers (1,2,3, one, two, three) or dashes (-) – no one can remember that nonsense. No one can remember if the number is spelled or typed as a number, no one can remember where the damn dash is and no one is going to type that nonsense into their address bar. would be one of the worst domains in history. Make it EASY! Several weeks back a snake oil salesman came to leave me a spam comment to try and get some traffic to his site. I followed his link and what I saw shocked me. He had the worst domain name I have ever seen and for a month I have remembered how stupid it was. It was called He stupidly replaced an “E” with a 3 and now it looks like gibberish unless you concentrate. If one were going to try and return to his site they would be lost trying to type in that nonsense.

Use WordPress

WordPress is the greatest and best blogging platform in existence and it’s free.

WordPress is so easy to install you don’t need to do much of anything, just follow the instructions outlined in the links below.

Capture emails from day 1

Anyone who has ever worked in sales knows you need one very important thing to make money – leads. The blogging for profit model is similar to a sales job. If you don’t capture leads and if you don’t turn those leads into sales you don’t eat. In the online world email address’s are your leads and they are very important to your business. You need to capture the email’s of your readers right from the start so you can inform them of any news, products available, etc. You can also send them new posts via email so they don’t have to keep checking your site for updates or, even worse, forgetting about your site altogether. RSS is dead and email is the way you need to communicate with your readers. I use Mailchimp, which is free for up to 500 subscribers and will allow you time to build your email list and not spend any dough. They will database all of your subscribers and you can easily set up an automatic new post to email feature.

Make it look good

Got to look good. Looking good makes everything better and easier. Good looking people have an easier life than ugly people. Good looking blogs have better traffic than ugly blogs, even if the “insides” aren’t great. I’m white, tall, handsome and muscular and I can say without hesitation that on the inside I simply don’t care about most people. It doesn’t matter how great my “insides” are. Everyone can see me and they treat me well. Walking around Vietnam they treat me like I’m the second coming of Superman, like I’m on holiday away from the hustle and bustle of Krypton. If I were a fat, black midget with a heart of gold they would probably spit on me. Appearance makes all the difference in the world.

For my blogs I have been using the Genesis framework and I buy “child themes” from Studiopress and I have been extremely pleased with my purchases. They look phenomenal and there is no extra backend coding required. Currently I am using metro theme and it’s the first time I have never had to do any additional backend coding work on a theme I didn’t design, usually I spend hours tinkering with the code trying to get everything perfect.

Keep an eye on the numbers

You will want to know how many visitors are coming to your site and how they are getting to you. The easiest, simplest and free way to find out is to use Google Analytics. One look at analytics and I can see how many visitors have stopped by in any given day, week, month or year. I can see that I get over 5,000 unique visitors every day and on my busiest day I received over 36,000 unique visitors.

The cost of pro blogging

The cost of pro blogging, when you are just starting out, is minimal. It can be done for under $10 per month. Currently I pay over $300 per month but it took a couple of years before that cost was necessary. The real cost is time. If you are going to blog anyway, and spend all your time doing it, you may as well make some dough.

Cliff’s notes for the impatient

  1. Use BADNET to set up your domain and hosting plan.
  2. Install WordPress and the proper plugins (let BADNET install for you here)
  3. Install a good looking theme
  4. Open a free Mailchimp account to snag email’s
  5. Open a Google Analytics account
  6. Write the world’s greatest content.

Part 2 is over boys, part 3 available here.

-Victor Pride

Make money even while you’re playing on the beach, but not until after you put in the work.

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  1. Appletini says

    Don’t use Godaddy. It sucks, as anyone who’s done business with them knows. Use Namecheap.
    Hostgator is good, though.
    Point 7 is the important one.

    • Lucas says

      Definately agree on this one. Godaddy is pants, bad service, they bombard you with adverts and they aren’t even value for money. Namecheap is way ahead.

      Hostgator is a good recommendation, been with them for well over 5 years now.

        • Lucas says

          Yeah, in England pants means underwear not trousers, the expression just means that Godaddy is bad in general. So far as getting a domain, Godaddy does the job ok, I do still have some domains with them from when I still used them.

          But what I do find really annoying is all the up sells they try to get you to buy every time you spend any money there. And anytime I have ever asked for help all I got was automated template email replies that didn’t answer my specific question.

          The hosting there was not value for money either. At the time I bought hosting they’d charge you monthly for every extra domain you wanted to add to your account or even if you needed a new mysql database they’d charge you for that. Hostgator is far better value for money, you can have unlimited domains and mysql. The support has been excellent too.

          I use Namecheap for domains because their support is a lot better in the rare times I have needed it and they don’t bombard me with up sells all the time.

    • Victor Pride says

      I have heard that so many times about godaddy, I have purchased over 50 domains from them with no issues.

    • Arvind says

      I’ve heard of good things about iPage. A friend of mine has been using it for a while, and it’s price seems really good in the long run. My one rant with GoDaddy is that their pricing seems like it’s trying to lure unwashed newcomers with heavy discounts and then spiking rates past the first year. So much so that it’s more expensive compared to other hosting services like Bluehost, Arvixe, JustHost and iPage over a 3 year period.

      • Arvind says

        Edit – IPage’s renewal rates are currently a pricey $8.99\mo after 3 years, so Justhost and Bluehost probably ace the price war.

  2. says

    Great Post bro! a few months back i bought your eBook “Spartan Entrepreneur” and followed it and so far i have been able to use your strategies and let me tell you they really work well. My blog has gone up to number one in Google. I get about 400 hundred unique visitors a day so its not bad for being online a few months.

    The only thing i have not done is use Mail Chimp to capture emails. I think i’m going to have to take a look at that and see what i can do.

    I use Host Gator and its working well for me so far as well as GoDaddy. I suggest to everyone here who reads B and D to listen to this man and follow the strategies he is putting in this post. I recommend though that you start reading his part one of “Be A Blogging Professional!”

    You have to be willing to work hard to make money!

    Again Great Post Victor!

    • Victor Pride says


      For a while you actually had the top spot on goog for “bold and determined”! I used to use an ampersand instead of “and”, for style purposes, and I had to change to “and” so I wouldn’t be #2 anymore. Keep up the good work.

      • says

        I apologize for that. Although i did notice the ampersand and thought to myself i cannot use that because people would not be able to figure out the symbol and use the word “and”. Did not know that it was going to put me to number 1 in Google. I just set it up and forgot about it.

        Read that in your Spartan Entrepreneur book too! lol

        Keep up the good work Vic.


  3. Stef says

    Just wanted to say thanks for your work Vic and for saying what most people are afraid to hear. I honestly have no idea how I found your blog but I can’t leave this fucking place and finals are coming up soon at school.

    Your blog makes me realize why so many people drop out of school when making money is a much more immediate, motivating and attainable goal. Not to mention the amount of time that frees up.

    Anyway, thanks for contributing to my saving from the rat race of office drones. I’ll definitely be an entrepreneur/internet guy sometime soon. You’ve earned my future PPC’s from your site.

  4. Andre says

    Great article ! is my favorite, domain registration site very easy to use…

    I have also setup some websites using so easy even a caveman can do it ! Have not tried this one, but looks real slick (do not see ecommerce options to sell products though)

    Great tips from Victor for domain name choice I should not have to ask you how to spell it ! Which makes things trickier given choice of domains available… but worth it in the long run.


  5. Daywalker says

    After a long day working on a Florida roof, near the ocean, in the blazing sun, this post increased my already high motivation to write, start a blog, and make some cash. So instead of working my ass off in the sun, I can be relaxing on a beach in the sun.

    I’m more motivated than those fatties inline at the Mc Donalds drive thru, ordering there usual #2, super sized, with a Diet Coke.

    Like always, thank you Vic for writing yet again, a really awesome post to read while I take a deuce.

  6. Lucas says

    Victor, I’d like to know more about your life style in Asia. What made you move there? What is the cost of living? How did you go about moving there?

    I’ve read a lot of good things about the cost of living and may move there myself one day. Maybe it would be a good blog post when you’re not too busy?

    • Victor Pride says

      “waciss” is a word the weak-minded use when a) a reality is brought up about non-white people and b) that reality isn’t full of roses and candy.

      • J.P. says

        I guess you simply ignore the fact that non-white individuals prove time and again that the generalizations don’t apply to them. A person’s character will quickly prove your generalizations wrong or right, but, as a racist, you write them off before that even happens. You are only hurting yourself as you cut yourself off to valuable opportunities.

        • The Grizzly says

          “I guess you simply ignore the fact that non-white individuals prove time and again that the generalizations don’t apply to them”

          Oh like prisions being 80% black? most violent crimes committed are by blacks? largest percentage of people on welfare are black?

          Are those the ‘generalizations’ you are referring to?

      • Arvind says

        The only prob. with being a racist, is that sometimes that attitude, whether subconscious or not carries over when meeting good people of other races. You might lose a potential friend or a business associate, because many people are good at sensing other’s feelings. Plus like you said in your podcast recently, winners try to make others feel good. Why compromise on that aspect of your personality?

  7. says

    So are you writing Grinning and Winning too? Do you make enough from Bold and Determined alone to survive or is it from the total of all your websites? How many websites are you running?

    • Victor Pride says

      I wrote that site to write out technical articles that are too boring for B&D. I have a lot of sites, but B&D is my bread and butter. I can live off B&D alone.

      • Jeff says

        What are some of your other sites? Much interested. I could tell grinning and winning was yours before it said your name. The writing style is very authentic.

  8. MrGain says

    i dont think he is a racist j.p. Even though i have never heard him really complement a ‘black’ person, like he said he doesn’t care about most people (obviously he does in a way that’s why we receive these posts that encourage us men) anyway im a dark skin man and im not offended what he said was true if i was a foot shorter and fat with spots on my face i would be repulsive; same with any shade of skin. it was just for emphasis

    • J.P. says

      I’m black. Victor provides a lot of value, but his racist undertones in numerous articles are undeniable. It saddens me that one so enlightened can be so blinded by a Spartan approach to human relations.

      I am not naive to the burden many American blacks place on the rest of the nation. Being a valuable contributor to society, and knowing other outstanding African-Americans, its frustrating to know that simply being born with more melanin makes me second-class in some other’s eyes.

      His views are set. They are wide-sweeping and don’t apply to all non-whites. I like Victor. To know that he would never even give me the time of day in real life is…….unfortunate.

      • MrGain says

        Yea i can see where you are coming from. then again we dont know victor and if you think about it he hasnt really praised anyone. i remember a post where he is talking down about a fat white lady and a poorly dressed ‘white’ man. i dont believe in race myself so it doesnt affect me but i understand what you’re saying

      • Master Dogen says

        He’s just proud of being who he is, and not afraid to talk about the awesomeness of being white. Being white *is* awesome, and I wouldn’t want to be any other race, personally. If a black person says this, it’s “pride” and it’s considered brave and admirable. If a white person says it, it’s called “racism.” What a bunch of baloney. I refuse to play by those small-minded rules, and I am glad Victor doesn’t either. Life’s a lot better when you break out of that cage!

      • greedyMFer says

        i dont think he was saying he dislikes black people, i think he said that because people respond more favorably to light-skinned people than dark-skinned. it’s a problem with various societies, like japan, they see blacks as stereotypical criminals due to how black people are portrayed on TV. i watched a clip from a japanese program where an asian chick goes to new york and gets mugged by 3 black thugs who corner her in an alley, but then a 100-pound asian pretty boy with $20 worth of product in his hair shows up to scare the thugs away and save the bitch….yeah….TV is fuckin bullshit

        Anyways don’t get hung up on details while missing the point of what you’re reading…that’s common sense yo

        • Bob says

          Guess what? The ABSOLUTE FACT of going to a big city like New York and others and yes, the odds are EXTREME it will be a black or brown criminal doing the mugging.. So the Japanese show was correct. Read an article that said an astounding 98%!! of the shootings in NYC are done by blacks and hispanics..Interesting how that never makes the headlines but if a white guy says the “N word”, mysteriously that is cause for alarm. We live a lie and have for decades. Oh and if it is “racist” ( YAWN) to say that, how is it that Asians have as low and lower crime rates that whites? Is that racist too or the reality of life? One can’t hide under the tyranny of political correctness to cover for reality.And yes, there are many great black folks.. BUT to deny there is a massive underclass of thuggish white haters is just another LIE. Why do you think blacks poured out for Obama again despite doing hideous under him…( Hint) it ain’t because of his white half!

      • Angie says

        He may not say “I hate non-whites” or “I hate black people”, but when he uses segregation-era terminology such as “half-breed”, it sticks out like a sore thumb in the sea of awesomeness that is his blog. Also, when he suggests that people sneer at “half-breed” or non-white kids, in my mind I’m…. kinda laughing, thinking “WHERE DO YOU LIVE”.

        Anyhow, I read this blog for the unique pov and blogging advice; not to be Vic’s bff.

  9. Ian says

    Do you use a CDN? I’m trying to figure out ways to make my site load faster. What all costs do you have that come to $300 a month?

    • Victor Pride says

      ^^No. I have a dedicated server, $230 per month, other costs include e-junkie, hello bar, mailchimp, and another hostgator shared hosting plan.

  10. Scott says

    Hey Vic,

    What did you use for your previous website theme or did you create it? I don’t want to invest in a genesis theme right away.

    • Victor Pride says

      The last theme was a genesis theme, the one before that was called Bold Theme I THINK from organic themes. Both of those were highly edited by me, though, to make them look the way they looked. All the themes before that were designed by me.

      • Cruz says

        Dear Victor,

        Thank you for the great info. I have a few questions. Now, before I start my website do I need to sign up for a EIN number (tax ID number). To report future earnings to the IRS? What do I need to do in order to report earnings to unclecsam?

        • Victor Pride says

          No, you can simply report self employment income. If your site takes off you can open a company to process the earnings through.

  11. tyler says

    Victor u said 7 days, its been like 3 weeks.. Can you post the next part? Also, i would like to have that “spartan entrepreneur” ebook.

    • Victor Pride says

      Ah, you are right friend. I must apologize for this. I completely forgot I said within 7 days on this piece.

      • Albert says

        I must say after reading this I’d like a copy of the spartan entrepreneur as well. I have dreams of getting my barbering business off the ground and I think that this book will be of great value. The Body of a Spartan worked great.

  12. Dave says

    I must say I find it very frustrating how many domains are already registered.
    Trying to find an memorable .com domain is not easy!

  13. says

    If you would check out my blog and email me any ideas to make it “better” by your standards I would really appriciate it. I am using wordpress, bluehost, and jetpack. I am making a grand attempt to open up into the internet entrepreneur world just like you. Your writing has given me the basics on getting it done. It might just need some fine tuning or a complete over haul. Thanks Victor

  14. says

    Hi Victor,
    I came across your excellent blog this morning and it might be just what I need to make the jump to being a pro blogger. So, thank you!
    I’m thinking of self-hosting my blog (currently hosted by WordPress). We run a small business with a website that is already hosted by our web designer. Would it make sense to have my blog hosted on the same server, i.e. are there any advantages in being hosted by Hostgator that I need to know about?
    Kind regards,

  15. says

    Hi, just needed some help choosing the best domain name for my blog. Mine is going to be on stand up paddle boarding, one of the fastest growing water sports today.

    Most domains with stand up paddle, stand paddling, etc etc are already taken. The name everyone uses in the sport is SUP, so I’m thinking something with that in it. Maybe, or something to that effect.



    • Victor Pride says

      You’re building a brand so the SEO is not so important and you don’t need to pick something just because x amount of people google the word. is good, I’d go with that or something similar.

      • says

        Hey, thanks for the info. Just a bit of background I’ve been a web designer/developer for over 15 years, 8 years in the corporate world and now 7 years on my own as a freelancer. Your blog has motivated to FINALLY to build and monetize a site for myself instead of others. I know, what took me so long?

        I understand your part about building the brand, but isn’t there still value in someone who is looking to get into stand up paddling, and googles “how to learn to sup” or whatever and finds my blog?

        Thanks again!

        • Victor Pride says

 is a shitty name for a blog, it’s a good name for a POS adwords site that provides no real information. Here’s what you do, write an article called “How to learn to sup”, provide excellent content, keep it up and you will climb the ranks of google. is an infinitely better name.

          • says

            Hey, drats. Supnation is a premium name, they want over 2 grand for it.

            Here is my list of what are available:


            Thanks again, last questions I promise!! Of those I like the sound of
   the best.


          • Victor Pride says

            Supnation is pretty good, I’m not surprised they aren’t willing to part with it without a little coin. Of those you mentioned I’d go with

  16. says

    Hmm it looks like your blog ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up
    what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
    I as well am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to the whole thing.
    Do you have any recommendations for novice blog writers?
    I’d really appreciate it.

    • says

      May I chime in? As a new blog owner, the best piece of advice I can give you is to be patient. It took me 3 months to see my first dollar.

      READ, READ and READ some more to gain knowledge. You will make mistakes, you will learn through trial and error, but when you make your first buck, it just hits you “Wow, I can do this.”

      Focus on quality content. Engage your audience. Always walk the walk that you talk about.

      That’s about it!

  17. Matt says

    What’s this BS photo ID verification crap on Host Gator? Go Daddy tried to pull that trick on me and I’ve hated them ever since (they also stole my domain name in the process and wouldn’t give it back)

      • Matt says

        It’s OK – it’s because I am trying to pay for hosting from Thailand with a card registered in the West so they assume fraud (apparently Vietnam is big for that) – they require a scan of photo ID and a scan of the card used for payment. Seems like overkill and a massive security problem waiting to happen but they assure me it’s all deleted after verification.

        As for if the email being intercepted en route… who knows.

        Anyway, done.

        Happy New Year!

  18. Nico says


    I discovered your fantastic blog a while back, and have been playing “catch up” with all the articles. There is so much great stuff there.

    Anyway, I have a quick question about this particular post. You mentioned that you promote products via clickbank as an affiliate. However, when you sell your own products, do you do so through clickbank and recruit clickbank affiliates?

    Since you use e-junkie to deliver your books, I was wondering if you use e-junkie’s own affiliate system rather than clickbank’s.

    Thanks, and happy 2014!

  19. Jeremy Truvillion says

    Hey Victor

    You’ve inspired me a lot over the past week. SO much so that I’ve read damn near most of your articles, Quit my job and dropped my community collage classes. Just like had to do, “except I have more time haha” I’ve only got around 4-6 months to make it happen before things start to get really tight. Just turned 19 this past December and I’m looking for a new beginning. Check out my website tell me what you think. Another question, what are some strategies that you used to drive traffic to your website?

  20. Dan says

    I noticed that you have a website from 2012 that doesn’t seem to be doing anything but it is still up and running…

    Am I to take it that you keep this website running and pay for it each month as it makes enough to keep it going? Or did you just forget about it?

    • Victor Pride says

      It doesn’t cost me anything to keep it running and it still generates profit so no reason to take it down.

      • dan says

        What about Hosting costs?

        I’m going to start a website/ blog and write articles for the next few months. It will be about coaching men in the UK with debt problems to eliminate debt and regain control of their life. This is my background. Do you think I should use my own name as a domain name or go for a brand name? Also real name or pen name? Of course I’ll come let badnet do the honours. I absolutely love this site

        • Victor Pride says

          “Do you think I should use my own name as a domain name or go for a brand name? Also real name or pen name?”

          All up to you and your goals.