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Fight Club is a very famous movie and book. But it is not a movie or book I take inspiration from. You could call Bold and Determined the anti-Fight Club. There’s one line in the movie that goes something like this: “Self improvement is masturbation. Now self destruction…“, as if to say improvement is baloney and rotting is much better.

I look around, I look around and I see a generation of men rotting. Taking inspiration from this garbage like Fight Club. “Opting out” and accomplishing nothing.


And here is the big but. There is a future. You will have a future. And in that future you won’t want to rot, you will want to live well.

In that future you will wish you had the 3 best things in the world: health, wealth and relationship happiness. You will also want the time and freedom to enjoy it all.

I get a lot of comments along the lines of “But Victor! Money isn’t everything“. Bullshit it isn’t. If money weren’t everything there would be no 5pm traffic. There would be no mad 5pm rush of people escaping, if only for a few hours, the nightmare that is their life. There would be no office jobs, people would be too busy smiling with their loved ones to rot away in a cubicle for a few peanuts from the boss’s boss man.

Money is everything because money allows you to be as you wish to be. Being poor allows you nothing except the thought that you are morally superior to the wealthy.

I have seen a lot of weblogs written by these type of “opt out” characters. Obviously they have taken a lot of inspiration from Fight Club, a nihilistic book written by a homosexual. Comically, their version of opting out is always a) work a job and b) go try and pick up bar sluts on the weekend. Slow self destruction I call it. Fine for them, but Bold and Determined demands more from life.

There is a way to opt out and win, but it’s not the same as the Fight Club, anti-success, mediocrity posing as superiority style of opting out.

Opt out of the baloney life. The go to college, get a 9-5, party on the weekends until you are 30, then marry some ex-slut who won’t cook or clean, have a kid or two and be in debt up to your eyeballs and pray for the retirement fairy to come and save your life. No thanks.

Instead: Don’t work a job you hate for a limited income, don’t eat a baloney sandwich diet and get fat and sick, don’t date women who won’t cook or clean or remain trim. Yes, be selfish and, gasp, make a great life for yourself. Make a lot of money, be in great shape and have yourself a great gal or two, and have the freedom to enjoy it all. There are no rules, there are only laws. Follow the laws and break the rules.

Make yourself better. Hell, make yourself the best. What’s so doggone hard about that? Nothing. The one word I would use to describe my personal life is not “easy”, the word I would use is “better”. Better than 5 years ago, better than 2 years ago, better than last year, and better than yesterday. It isn’t “luck” that got me what I have. It was my mission, so I did my duty and got what I wanted and continue to do so.

Nate the Nihilist will try and “take you down a peg or two”, and that’s because he’s a loser. Losers can’t or won’t try to make themselves better but they will try to make other people worse. Willy the Winner will be too busy working to be infected with the nihilist’s sickness. And yes, you will have to work but you don’t have to rot while doing it. The decision is yours, enrich yourself or enrich others. Seems obvious to me which one to pick.

There is a future just around the corner. Hope yours gets better by the day, friend. All you’ve got to do is the opposite of the Fight Club mission statement: Embrace self-improvement, disavow self-destruction.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride


Photo copyright: 20th Century Fox

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  1. JP says

    The Fight Club was very good at diagnosing causes of problems for the modern man (feminism, 9-to-5 drudgery, the shallowness of pop culture/entertainment). However, its solutions were terrible. In the beginning, Brad Pitt’s “Tyler Durden” character was helpful in some ways. He had alpha male traits that Ed Norton’s character desperately needed. By the end, though, he was all about destroying himself and others–pure nihilism, as you pointed out.

    It takes some maturity and judgement to get value out of the film. Most young men lack both…big time.

  2. Daywalker says

    This post fires me up. I personally live by the “get better everyday” motto.

    5 and 1/2 years ago I was a fat, unemployed rotting 23 year old man.

    I stopped eating shit sandwiches. Now I own a business, live life with single digit body fat %, and have a great 10 year relationship with my wife that cleans (and I’m the only man she has ever been with). Not to mention now I’m 28 and look 23.

    Sure my life isn’t perfect, but it’s better. I was eating shit everyday of my life. My determination and self improvement changed all of that.

    Everybody looking to make a serious change, let Victors words motivate you to success. This man delivers blunt truth in a fairy tale society.

    Fight Club is kind of boring, I always fall asleep halfway through, just to wake up intime to find out it was all insanity and imaginary. Lame.

    • says

      Daywalker! Great comment. Yes, V.P.’s message is very blunt and motvational non-the-less it gets me right in the gut, working on my tomorrow, in the gym, and hiring the best house keeper in the southeast. (it’s all about working smarter not harder!)

    • ninety_nine says

      You said, “Sure, my life isn’t perfect, but it’s better.” Congratulations on recognizing how powerful positivity can be. Never allow yourself to forget that there is always room for improvement.

  3. Brian says

    Fight club is a good movie and a better book. I don’t mind that it was written by a homosexual, Victor. It’s actually quite good.

    I don’t mean to overly defend it though and I realize you were just using it for comparative inspiration for this post and that’s cool. There is one interesting quote from it that’s always stuck with me:

    “The things you own end up owning you.”

    That resonates with me because after a few years of being sucked into the lies of a “safe” college degree and corporate 9-5, to buy shit we don’t need in the first place, people find themselves living in F.E.A.R. to lose it all. We then realize, sometimes too late, that we’ve created our own prison.

    I’m in the process of getting rid of all my shit and moving overseas to start my life over. Fuck this place.

    • ninety_nine says

      “The things you own end up owning you.”

      This is very true and I am fortunate of discovering this myself at a young age. In my opinion, useful knowledge is the only thing worth owning.

  4. Steve says

    Fight Club is a shit movie, starring beta male Edward Norton and Alpha poser Brad Pitt. Filled with loser lines and themes, never understood the line what you own owns you. Bullshit. What I own benefits me, and if I don’t like it, I can get rid of it and get something better, whether that be a business, possession, girlfriend, etc. Ownership isn’t everything, it’s the only thing, as that is what gives you control and power. When you own nothing, the world owns you until you make the decision to do something about it and work for your freedom. What you control gives you power for ownership, to make the decisions that will lead to freedom, which must be earned by every man. I will strive to further own my own mind and actions, which will give me the ability to be more free and as Victor puts it, improve every day. Great post, keep up the good work.

    • Bayo says

      again, its all about your perspective, if one owns a a big house and 4 kids and another rents out a good place and is single and they both earn the same money, the single one is more free because he answers to nobody and nothing is holding him back. a man with too many possessions literally cannot decide he wants to move to Germany for a year then pack up and move to Malaysia the next; the only way this is possible is if he already leads a minimalist lifestyle or sells most of his things. what you own does end up owning you if you own too much. the only reason this may be different for you is because you aren’t weak

  5. Bayo says

    Hi Victor i agree with you on the line about self improvement being masturbation, i think that was the goal of the movie writers to add that little line that would create a new generation of fools who think they are somebody; these people add a little truth to the lie so that the weak minded accept it. funnily enough i understand the message. someone like you for example, your body didnt ‘improve’ it has totally changed. a lot of fatties and low lifes make a bit of improvement every now and then instead of changing. if you improved, you would be a manager or senior manager but instead you just stepped away and now you have freedom. again, what you say is true but from a different paradigm or perspective, you can use the message to your own benefit. thanks again for this great news! have a wonderful week

  6. Matt says

    There’s a line during the lye kiss scene was something like “Only when you lose everything are you free to do anything”

    The movie mocked the consumer culture including during the “self improvement is masturbation” where they were looking at an underwear ad.

    And all the guys who escaped the yuppie trap to become space monkeys just got into another trap.

    Which is a cautionary tale itself.

  7. Victor Pride says

    In Asia they always have really funny summaries of movies because they are very blunt. I can imagine Fight Club being sold as this: A movie about a crazy person who has to have a split personality to have sex with a woman. 4/5 stars.

    • Ishaq says

      This is literally what the description in the plane said as I flew to meet relatives in the Middle East earlier this year. And hell yeah, a combination of self improvement via planning, action and persistence is the only logical way forward, not self destruction or smashing things up.

  8. Brie says

    Im a young woman, just turned 20. Even though you dedicate this blog to men, I have to say I love it, I love reading you, I find so much inspiration and I find myself agreeing with you in so many levels, it’s like you were reading my mind. Keep doing what you do Victor, you are an amazing man, I hope I have the balls (or the ovaries) to go for the things I want as you have.

  9. uncletom says

    You hit the nail on the head with some of these “manosphere” bloggers’ lifestyles. They make money with their blogs and seasonal work while living in their parents’ basement for half the year. Then they blow their wads in other countries trying to pick up women. It’s not a sustainable lifestyle and they too will hit a wall just like the high-powered career women/hardcore feminists.

    or am I reading into this far too much?

    • jayseon says

      Reading into it too much. the web isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I’ve made as much as $1000 in just one day because of the web. i travel a lot too. been doing this for years with no plan to stop for a while. just make sure you know how to invest properly along the way.

  10. anonk says

    Hi Victor.I am currently saving up money for future endeavors.but i don’t know if paying $54 for a concert would be crossing the see I have never been to a concert and these guys are coming from another country ,currently doing their North American tour.

    Is going to this concert Spartan Living ?


  11. alex says

    I do not know what the reality is in the USA or elsewhere in English speaking nations, but in Kazakhstan, where I come from, homosexuals are not considered men, and are hardly accepted as humans. Yes, they are eligible for civil rights and human ones, but they are strictly disallowed to demostrate publicly their pederastic behaviours. They are rats and should stay away, in shadow. Fuck themselves in the dark, out of people’s sight, the majority is king. There is nothing bad when normal men prevent homos from showing off. Imagine a person next to you pissing on your feet. There is no (and cannot be any) descrimination or humiliation or embarassment if one asks him (it?) not to do so because it is a common practice that such things are done at special places, toilets. That’s where they belong to. Nothing personal. As told by Paul the apostle, they have gathered curses on their own by committing sin on one another. No good book should be expected from a person with narrow views seeking to get another person with views shared and admitted by the majority into its freaky ways. The truth is: pigs are pigs, and lions are lions. Let them contribute to the mother nature’s environmental instrument of population reduction.

    • David says

      This is one of the most funny stupid things I’ve read in my life. Posts like yours make my once “non-racist” look at countries such as yours, turn, little by little, into a biased look. Your country/muslim culture deserves what’s coming for you bro, and you will get it – I guarantee you that – and it will take less than 50 years.

      Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a homosexual, I don’t have ANY friends who are homosexuals, and I don’t have any special sympathy towards them.

      Now your culture also buries women from their neck down, leaving only their heads out, and then proceed to throw rocks on them until they die. You do that because the woman fucked a guy other than her husband. How about you be a real man (like the other guy) and give it to her good, so that she doesn’t seek anyone else? How bout you take it like a man if she cheated because you are just not good enough? How bout that for being a fucking man?

      NO!! The right thing is to kill them slowly with rocks to the head…That’s real man like….

      And that’s only one small shit, between a lot of other shit that come from your stupid culture.

      So yeah, fuck you, if I have to be friends with you or a fucking homosexual, i’d take the homosexual anyday. For me you are the pig here bro.


        • David says

          Thanks Vic. If only I cared one bit about your opinion :)

          And I mean that in the nicest way. You don’t need to get butthurt about it.

          If you read what he wrote though, you will see that it does not matter whether hes muslim or not. He comes from a country and a culture that breeds muslim behavior and mentality- and he clearly was a sheep enough accept and to go with it. If you do the smallest research on muslims you will know what I’m talking about and how big a garbage it is. And for the record, it’s countless the amount of people in his region that are ethnically Russian – basically every other guy.

          I currently live in Bulgaria, close enough to that region. I’ve been here for a while, and I’ve been there enough times, and my opinion is based on what I’ve seen. So yeah, I couldn’t care less if anyone thinks I’m wrong – I’m pretty well educated on the subject.

          Now, you go ahead and take my words as an offense to you. It may sound like I’m attacking you…I don’t really care how it sounds. But at the same time that I don’t care about your opinion (or anyone else’s for that matter), I’ll always read/listen to it. And If you can throw anything at all to change my mind, and/or “make me see” that the reality really is like he presented – I’ll be very thankful to you.

          But I guess you will not. Since, even though we don’t resonate in many aspects, you and I are on the same boat as whether you should or not stone women to death, or holding people slave to a religion for having death as punishment otherwise – and that’s in the name of some “man” in the sky that doesn’t even ever existed.

          You as a free man, just like me, should have empathy for the tied up wolves, who are/were tied up in situations much more complicated to escape than mine was. Or yours. Not everybody is gonna escape the society’s bullshit, but the ones who will should not have extra death prices on their back…. An example of that wolf is the woman who decides that her life is too short to eat her husbands shit dick. She eat’s a good one, and now will die stoned? – That’s a true story btw. It wasn’t my dick, but It was a good dick in the family.

          You put yourself on the good dick situation, and try to feel what he felt. Imagine if the woman was your sister. If you don’t see nothing wrong, I rest my case bro. It wasn’t your buddy Alex that threw the rock, but It was people with close to identical mentalities.

          Food for thought tho. You can now go ahead and ban me. The respect I have for you won’t change. It’s the wolf respect – you broke the chain – you have my respect. Now, for much of the rest, we might just have to agree on disagreeing. And I don’t mind if this post gets blocked, since neither you nor anyone else will ever read all of it :)


  12. Joey the Bartender says

    You know Vic, I like your blog. I like the way you think, it motivates me. But this constant bash on homosexuals is really pissing me off. My brother is gay and he’s successful as hell, runs a company with my youngest brother, makes a half mil a year, drives a Caddy CTS-V and has helped me out with more shit running my business than any of my friends have. What the hell does it matter if someone is gay? Fuck, I wish every dude was gay, that would mean more pussy for me. I wouldn’t even have to try. It’s obvious you missed the point of Fight Club, it’s not about nihilism, nihilists don’t give a shit about anything. Fight Club was about awakening, “Escaping the 9-5 jive”, about not trying to use material things to make you feel better about yourself. In fact, 90% of what you write your posts on has been mentioned in Fight Club. Even the “seize life and stop masturbating” was right at the beginning of the movie. Vic, I honestly love your blog and your message man, but you really missed the target with this post.

    • Brian says

      Agree, quit with the gay bashing already. What does orientation have to do with improving yourself, your freedom and living life to the fullest?

      • Victor Pride says

        You two have 24 hours to show me how this article was “gay bashing”. 9pm CST, Aug 31. <– That is when you will both be banned unless you can show me how this article was gay bashing or you retract your statements. Gays and women argue with emotion, but you two will show me proof and evidence of “gay bashing” or you will be gone. I will not tolerate PC terrorism from my readers.

        • Brian says

          Here we go. First of all I will say I just recently found this blog and do like it a lot, man. But if you want to “ban” me go ahead. I’ve never been banned from a blog before. That sounds kinda cool. I’m not gay nor do I have gay friends or family. But it wouldn’t bother me if I did and I sure as fuck don’t like seeing people picked on or looked down upon. That’s manly?

          But upon further review, I will retract my comment about gay bashing for this particular post. It does set a negative tone in the beginning, as many of your posts seem to do before you launch into your sermon, but then you make a point of identifying the author of Fight Club as homosexual. Perhaps you meant nothing other than pointing that out. Ok. But setting a certain tone creates a stage for interpretation that can sometimes be misconstrued. But it’s your blog, man. That’s your voice, so I get that even if I don’t agree with everything you say like some of your blind sheep here do.

          However just doing a search for “gay” in the search box came up with 8 hits with previous posts, many filled with snide and/or negative comments about gays. 10 Ways to Project Power, in particular. So your reputation preceded you before this post…

          Personally I’m wondering if maybe you came from the conservative mid-west or similar and you grew up in an ignant environment where gays, if there were any around at all, had to hide in secret to protect their jobs, if not their very lives.

          I’ve worked with a few gays in the past and they were all, to a MAN, smart, hard working, creative, and successful in one way or another. I wish I had more friends like that, regardless of their “orientation” and that’s a fuck you to JP as well.

          If you have any balls at all Victor, you’ll post this comment and not ban my ass because at least I can defend myself, but if you do, I don’t really give a shit.

          • Victor Pride says


            The PC police will not police Bold and Determined.

            “but then you make a point of identifying the author of Fight Club as homosexual.”

            The author is a homosexual. That’s a fact and that’s all it is. The PC police call facts gay bashing, or racist, or sexist and it won’t be tolerated here. End of story.

            BTW Brian, what is “ignant”? Are you midwest bashing?

          • says

            Brian, I hope that you are ban already but just in case

            When someone interprets as derogatory almost anything that is said about him (or about groups with whom he identifies) we conclude that he has inferiority feelings or low self-esteem. This tendency is pronounced among minority rights activists, whether or not they belong to the minority groups whose rights they defend. They are hypersensitive about the words used to designate minorities and about anything that is said concerning minorities

            Many leftists have an intense identification with the problems of groups that have an image of being weak (women), defeated (American Indians), repellent (homosexuals) or otherwise inferior. The leftists themselves feel that these groups are inferior. They would never admit to themselves that they have such feelings, but it is precisely because they do see these groups as inferior that they identify with their problems. (We do not mean to suggest that women, Indians, etc. ARE inferior; we are only making a point about leftist psychology.)

            Those two paragraps are from Unabomber’s Manifesto.

            I’m sure that everything Victor stands for on B&D is synonym of true manliness

          • JP says


            You go, girl! Get all hypersensitive and give me an F-you. I’m sure you wouldn’t do that to my face, but that’s what internet tough girlz are all about, right?

            You’ve been brainwashed by PC propaganda…it’s very obvious. Statements like “if you don’t agree with my PC view, you must be from the midwest/Deep South/Iran/etc.” are dead giveaways.

            I couldn’t care less than the gay lifestyle is accepted by Western culture. It’s a decaying culture that’s a shadow of what it used to be. The same thing has happened in almost every great civilization. When civilizations are growing and strong, homosexuality was frowned upon and gays stayed in their closets. When people got rich, lazy and arrogant, it became more mainstream, along with mindless entertainment and all sorts of other debauchery. Read some history — as in original sources, not some garbage in a “Gay, Lesbian and Transgender” class a Liberal State U.

      • JP says

        How about you quit the gay propaganda instead? I’m sick of the gay lobby, gay celebrities and now even gay athletes forcing their lifestyle/philosophy down my throat.

        I may enjoy some movies, books, music, etc. by gay people, but it’s worth knowing their so-called “orientation.” If something was written by a gay man in the 19th century, he probably had no agenda to push. A gay person today is a different story. They’re some of the most militant people outside of Islam.

          • Brian says

            I apologize for the F-you, JP. I was fired up. And when I get fired up I would say it to your face, Victor’s or anybody else’s. I got in a few fights back in the day, but getting too old for that shit now. That being said, I can still kick some ass.

            I don’t know what history books you were reading, but homosexuality was very accepted in ancient society, Roman in particular, which I think you may be referring to.

            It wasn’t until Christianity took over, that it became an “abomination in the eyes of God”. But me thinks it was because two men couldn’t pro-create, thus growing the Church and their sheep, expanding their coffers and power to control the masses.

            Also of note, did you know that homosexuality was not uncommon in the ancient military of Greece and in particular Sparta? Probably not, I’m assuming. But the theory in the day was that soldiers would fight more valiantly for their gay lover boy than they would for just some random schmuck. You should read some more history yourself. It’s actually quite interesting:


          • JP says


            You missed my point, just like you totally misunderstood why Michael used the Unabomber’s quote. Homosexuality flourished more and more as Greece and Rome became corrupt. Just like here–it’s flourishing as the work ethic goes to pot, families break down, debts go through the roof, etc. Again, read some original source material, not Wikipedia or the crap from the Gay-Lesbian lobby.

            Also, this is simply pathetic: “Much like Hitler did with the Jews. It just started as hate talk and ended up in gas chambers.” That’s pure Leftist crap, and you’ve been heavily influenced by it. Do some reading on logical fallacies. Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy were homosexuals, but I’m not going to argue that the lifestyle leads everyone to serial killing. The Unabomber leaned much more to the Left than the Right as well, despite his critique of Leftists.

            That’s all I’m going to say. This thread has been hijacked far enough.

          • Brian says

            That’s always the comeback, “You missed my point.” Well, I don’t know what you meant, only what you wrote. Articulate your point in the first place then, son.

            I have in fact grown up in a liberal part of the states and the world and make no apologies for it. Apparently you have not and I feel sorry for the likes of you.

          • Brian says

            Michael, just when I thought you were making a great reply to my comment above, turns out you were just quoting from someone who maimed and killed innocent people? Wow, you really are a sheep.

            That being said, I’ll actually defend the sick fuck because there’s an element of truth to it. A lot of people, in general and mostly western culture, are insecure or have inferiority complexes, to some degree.

            And isn’t that also to Victor’s benefit? The B&D readers wouldn’t be reading this blog as much if they didn’t, in some way, feel good enough.

            However, making derogatory remarks about people who are different, or disabled, or of different color, etc. leads to hate crimes and in extreme cases, genocide.

            Much like Hitler did with the Jews. It just started as hate talk and ended up in gas chambers.

    • BAUCE says

      I actually found the fact that the author is a homosexual to be fairly revealing about the work itself.

      Particularly, if you examine how homeboy RAGED when he cooked up the idea a journalist was going to out him and then proceeded to emotionally rail her via an audio recording on his website.

      Explains the whole “splitting” of his personalities in having sex with Marla… hell, the whole thing could be a read on struggling with his sexuality.

      This scenario is why this lefty shit fucks up Western thought. Victor presents an anecdote of relevance to a particular piece of work that is of significance to the present male zeitgeist and the whole thing gets derailed into emotional sandbagging because “HEY I KNOW SOMEONE LIKE THAT AND YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO DEFINE THEM BY THEIR DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS”

    • ninety_nine says

      If you don’t have anything nice to say…
      I’m just curious as to what one ever gains by being negative?

  13. says

    Hello, great post. Every time a new post with your words comes out i think makes most men happy, like me. because you always deliver value to deluded men in western society. I like it very much. I agree with the always better yourself. 6-7 years ago i started with 25 to better my self. No i did so many different things its amazing. And its amazing for me to read my file about my milestones i did in the last decade about my lifestyle. Its changed a lot and will change faster everyday in the future. Currently i working on making money as much as i can and you helped me also on that way to better myself about this topic with your money ebook. Thanks again. Also currently i workong on your 30 days of dicipline advice and had a br3eakthrough recently what was amazing experience. Also working on a wife that will cooking everytime for me, cleans the house and is thin. (Asian woman). See you.

  14. says

    Self improvement is just another word for mastering your life! The more you improve the more you master. A man who is a master of his life is a powerful man! And from what i see here in Victor’s blog we got a lot of men who are improving everyday including myself!

    My motto is “Keep Rising!” i live by that everyday and now i give it to you!

    Keep Rising Brothers!!

  15. Jean-Paul says

    Great piece Victor! Absolutely loved it!

    You are one of the best motivators out there so keep it up! I love how you don’t take shit from anyone or anything and learn the principles of life by yourself, questioning every little detail on the way.

    Money is indeed the key to happiness as it prevents many many worries, discussions, fights and thought which in turn improve relationships, free time and life in general.

    Spot on. Keep it that way!

  16. "Mike" says

    I just dragged my body through my training. You should do an article about the strive to get the feeling after you did the “workout” exactly like you planned. Following through. This feeling is nothing compared to watching tv or playing videogames.

    • Luke says

      I put my foot through the idiot box after I started going to the gym. It was an instant addiction. Replaced sitting on my ass watching the tube with daily, heavy-as-fuck workouts. Only time I sit on my ass now is to read good books on how to improve my lifting. I’ve also found that once you take that step and stop being a slob, its like the whole world opens up to you. Instead of sitting there watching a guy kicking ass in a movie, you realise, ‘I could go and become that fit. I could go and master this sport. I could go and do whatever the hell I like, because I’ve taken that first step.’

      • "Mike" says

        I agree with you. No more dominating by other males or hysterical females. We need to learn how to be huge, how to defend ourselves and employ this mindset in business.

  17. Arthur X says

    I’m sorry you did not like Fight Club, Victor. Like the Bible, some people will call it their ‘holy book’ while others think it’s boring. That’s ok! HERE’S THE DEAL THOUGH VICTOR! I think you actually APPROVE of that key sentence, more than you think. Let me explain.

    I don’t think that sentence is endorsing a cop-out. Or even nihilism. INSTEAD I BELIEVE IT’S ENDORSING THE FOLLOWING PHILOSOPHY:

    ****Kill your darlings****

    People fall in love with their lame jobs, lame girlfriends, lame life. Then they spend the rest of their lives “improv[ing]” on something that was lame to begin with. Like building friendships with work buddies who suck. Or going to couples counseling with your obese girlfriend… Lame… THIS IS THE “SELF-IMPROVEMENT” THE NARRATOR IS REFERRING TO…

    The solution is: KILL YOUR DARLINGS. Kill what you ‘love.’ Fuck your fat girlfriend. Don’t improve on your relationship with her. Destroy it!

    SO WHY SELF-DESTRUCTION? Only by killing things we *thought* were important to us can we make room for the GOOD STUFF (like creating a truly inspiring website blog that young men come to for guidance).

    To truly IMPROVE your life though, I think sometimes you need to destroy part of it first, to make room.

    Am I totally full of bologna? You can yes. I only have my interpretation, it could be wrong.

    • Daywalker says

      Destruction leaves something destroyed and beyond repair. Improvement breaks something down and builds it back up.

      Be my guest and destroy your self. But if you truly destroy yourself, you will never recover.

      Instead, fix your self.

  18. James says

    Damn Victor! You speak the truth! I’m 24 years old and am about to have my first pro boxing fight. Your blog gives me that extra bit of motivation to go harder in the gym and chase my dreams. Just want to say I appreciate what you do brother, keep doing what you do!

  19. Gerson in Tempe says

    Excellent post Victor! I think too many men took Fight Club way too seriously, as it’s a fictional piece written for entertainment only. The book itself is no more a guide to living a productive life than American Psycho was.

    Men, listen to what Victor is saying about living well, and about the importance of money aka the profit motive. Too many entrepreneurs and business folks in this day and age are preaching about the evils of “being wealthy”, about “minimalism in entrepreneurship”, and about using their business as a platform for social change, instead of a platform to make money and be successful. The bottom line is don’t be afraid of success, don’t be afraid of money, don’t be afraid to be muscular in a land of wimps, and don’t be afraid to be better than everyone else.

    Joey and Brian, it’s not gay bashing to tell it like it is. I have gay friends too, and their lives are filled with excessive drama, identity confusion, and free unrestrained sex. This lifestyle is unhealthy, counterproductive, and all around bad for you. In fact, I can’t honestly think of any gay couples I know that don’t have incredible amounts of drama relating to open relationships and whatever else goes on behind closed doors. Western society now demands you turn in your man card for feminine traits aka act like a chick, and as a result modern men are emasculated and weak. Stop worrying so much about calling out “gay bashing” and worry more about how you can kick ass without appeasing everyone else.

  20. THe Grizzly says

    “But it’s your blog, man. That’s your voice, so I get that even if I don’t agree with everything you say like some of your blind sheep here do.”

    Oh so here we have an enlightened person, he is all knowing because he isn’t ‘ignant’ like everyone else. The truth is you are very ignorant, you bought into the societal lie that people that don’t like homo’s are close minded and ignorant. That lie has been created by homo’s of power and influence (media moguls, entertainers etc..) and the brainless sheep like yourself believe it. Your tiny brain can’t understand this concept, I bet you support the feminisit movement too don’t you? Just because people don’t support men that get off buttfucking other men doesn’t make them less than you, no matter how you view it. You are the exact type of person they love, a beta male that thinks he’s really somebody and easilty swayed. You are misguided and uneducated and take offense just like a sissy beta male, you are completey MISINFORMED. You need to question your own belief system and why you believe what you do. But again, you are already enlightened right?

    Let me break it down a bit further for you professor. Gay men are anti-male by choice. They are feminine and act like women for a reason. They are gender confused and have betrayed their nature, their male-ness. Homo lifestyles are anti-family and once you destroy the family then society suffers (do your homework, study ancient civilizations that accepted homo lifestyles). The end result today are a bunch of morons like yourself saying “oh stop picking on the poor gays’, they have rights and are people too, yada yada yada” and then push your pathetic agenda on everyone else. Look at mainstream media, the family is under attack while the homo agenda is in full effect. Bottom line is homo’s destroy the fabric of civility (i.e. Rome), they destroy traditional family values and standards and their immoral lifestyle is an abomination in every sense of the word. You don’t have an issue with men fucking men up the orifice designed to pass shit then that’s your stupidity bud, not mine. I don’t support that disgusting lifestyle and no real man would either. Why support anti-males that relate more to women than their own nature? Gays are the filth of society, along with child molesters and other low life forms. Even animals know better………………….

    You talk about blind sheep but it’s you that’s ignorant of your own ignorance. You liberal loving types are all the same, pushing the same agenda, saying the same dumb ass stuff, all the while hiding behind a computer. Typical.

    In the words of DMX “I’m tired of these weak ass niggaz”.

    • observer says

      If you had a son who grew up to be homosexual (due to genetics and not personal choice), what would you do tough guy?

      • Joe says


        ‘In this, homosexuality
        proves to be no different from such
        unrelated behaviors as violence,
        being extroverted, or getting divorced. All may be influenced by
        genes, but not overwhelmingly
        determined by them.’

        i suggest you read the above article which will de-bunk your ‘facts’.

      • Bomber County Boy says

        Fuck I am bored of this gay bashing arguments. People believe what they believe. Who is to say what is right or wrong? I don’t believe this is the platform for judging the morality of gays. The bigoted arguments on both sides just bore the shit out of me. Who gives a fuck anyway?
        As long as me and mine are left in peace I don’t care, just don’t argue here where people are looking for a little advice and guidance.
        Let’s get back to the point gentlemen. Do we take up the challenge that has been put before us by Victor and ‘MAN THE FUCK UP!’ and take responsibility for our own actions, becoming the master of our own destiny or do we join the heard of sheeple believing the age old lies of; work hard at school, go to collage etc. etc.

        Don’t be distracted stay focused on the message!

    • ninety_nine says

      I agree wholeheartedly with what you said, especially about the breakdown of the family structure. Even an adopted child by two gay men has to realize that something is not right; a child needs maternal care just as much as paternal.
      The garden of Eden was started by Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.
      I am just telling it like it is; to each their own.

    • Brian says


      You really are nothing but a blind Space Monkey following Tyler Durden (aka Victor Pride) and a sad, poor excuse for a human being. I find it fitting and sub-textually humorous that this post was inspired by a book written by a homosexual and that my comments could generate such ignorant, blind hate. You really just reinforced what gay bashing is all about.

      Nice work.

  21. earl says

    “Money is everything because money allows you to be as you wish to be. Being poor allows you nothing except the thought that you are morally superior to the wealthy.”

    What you are describing is being poor and taking some form of pride about it. But I will disagree that money is everything.

    There was a reason Jesus said…where your treasure is that is where your heart will be…and how hard it is for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The more you rely on your own wealth…the less you rely on God and others. Poor people (USA excluded) are usually far more happy than the rich.

    Money really isn’t everything…money doesn’t buy wisdom, it doesn’t buy genuine love, it doesn’t buy faith, it doesn’t buy hope, and it doesn’t buy you a ticket to paradise. It’s something that motivates you to buy stuff in this world.

    • Bomber County Boy says

      An old friend of mine once said ‘Money won’t make you happy and it won’t make you miserable. But it will increase your happiness just as it will decrease your unhappiness.’

      I’ve been both rich and unhappy and broke and happy and every thing in between. Believe me when I say the best is Happy and rich, but unhappy and rich beats unhappy and broke every time.

      As you get older (and I’m 47 with 5 kids) you realise that money is very very real nessecity for a good quality of life. Accept that fact!

  22. Big E says

    Poor people (USA excluded) are usually far more happy than the rich.

    Sorry, dude, but that’s some bullshit right there. I’ve seen real poverty outside the US. I’ve experienced the jealous, violent stares from nearly everyone as I walked through dirty-ass marketplaces. I’ve talked to people who were dirt fuckin’ broke – not much happiness there. Known people who worked their ass off and got out of abject poverty to live a better life. Ain’t a damn one of them said, “Yeah, i was much happier when I was poor.”

    The rich aren’t as happy? Perhaps you mistake responsibilty for unhappiness. Yes, being rich or well-off requires more responsibilty than living in an open wooden shack with no electricity or running water. But claiming that rich people are inherently unhappy? Don’t believe it for a minute.

    “Money really isn’t everything…money doesn’t buy wisdom, it doesn’t buy genuine love, it doesn’t buy faith, it doesn’t buy hope, and it doesn’t buy you a ticket to paradise.”

    Really? Does poverty?

  23. says

    The only thing I opted out from is advising people who cannot even motivate themselves. I get people asking me advice – especially in lifting, only to find out that they would stop going to the gym after a few weeks. I get to feel like I wasted a good amount of time for these people

  24. Italian G says

    Ha ha ha!!!! Best line : nihilistic book written by a homosexual . ISNT THAT THE TRUTH!!!! Talk about .lost souls. You show me a homosexual that is a truly happy and good person and I will wash your car…..

  25. earl says

    ” But claiming that rich people are inherently unhappy?”

    They are living in comfort…that is different from happiness.

    • says

      I think I can agree with you, Earl, that money *alone* won’t foster inner happiness. But wasn’t the Buddha born to a rich royal family? He rejected all of that ultimately to find out that not even living deprived and in poverty was the means to enlightenment, although it was certainly a crucial part of his journey.

      I can see that blue-collar people who built their lives and their financial empire with their hands can be more happy than “rich” people who live in their McMansions bought on soul-sucking loans, guaranteeing that they will be slaving away for years, if not decades over mortgage and car payments. In that case, money does not buy happiness. These same people live the spiritually-impoverished that the people who live in ghettos do, seeking a false abode in the house of gold.

      Now, the blue-collar worker has the possibility to rise above. No HR team deciding that you weren’t right for the job because of your clothes, haircut or because you’re “intimidating”. Maybe Mr. Blue Collar will start a business, become the best in his craft and learn much along the way while becoming wealthy enough to do what he wants to do.

      Using the mind and body that God gave you to create your health and prosperity is a path toward being self-fulfilled, and ultimately happy. The money you get is not something you should be attached to, nor should it be the end, because it could easily be here today and gone tomorrow. But I’ll be damned if it isn’t a great means to getting what is needed in the here and now.

      • says

        “I can see that blue-collar people who built their lives and their financial empire with their hands can be more happy than “rich” people who live in their McMansions bought on soul-sucking loans, guaranteeing that they will be slaving away for years, if not decades over mortgage and car payments. In that case, money does not buy happiness.”

        If they can’t pay cash for those types of purchases they’re not really rich are they? They just show the illusion of having the millionaire lifestyle but they’re stuck in lifestyle servitude – working long hours to pay off the loans, debt slavery etc. etc.. Therefore, the illusion of money doesn’t buy happiness- get out there and make some damn money.

        The freedom of money, time and place buys happiness. Spending time doing the types of things that you want to do buy happiness. Building and creating your own life and saying F you to anyone who wants to get in your way buys happiness.

        So, making tons of money while you’re young and spending time traveling to cool places and doing cool things because you can experience life now and not in 40 years buys a shitload of happiness.

    • Victor Pride says

      Yes, I’ve read it. I also read his “laws of seduction” and his 50 Cent book, whatever it was called. I don’t care for his work, I find it too, what’s the best word, wordy and impractical.

  26. says

    I finally watched Fight Club some months ago. I had been avoiding it because I believed it was likely pretentious post modern horse shit. Its not. In fact its a good movie. Where it falls down is that it has no sequel. Learning his life is built on lies Norton gets angry and goes nuts. I’ve been there. Many men have been there. Getting angry and wanting to destroy the world after you wake up and realize what a gullible chump you’ve been is understandable. Yet you cannot remain angry at the world. Destruction is not an end in itself.
    In the sequel Norton should realize that destroying everything brings him only fleeting satisfaction, that his anger leaves him feeling hollow. Then he has two choices. Carry on as he is and lead a senseless, barren life or move on, overcome his anger and build his dreams.

  27. stef says

    Where did the influx of 17 year old commentators appear from? A wild bunch of fucking trolls have swarmed this blog. This is a very nice blog post but 90% of the comments on this particular post are garbage. Gerson in Tempe has contributed the only meaningful post and he laid his facts out intelligently with class.

    It’s a little rough to see a nice motivational post dampened by a group of clowns. However I still applaud you for the message.

  28. says

    “For instance, some people want to respond to that speech with Tyler Durden’s line from Fight Club: “You are not your job.”

    But, well, actually, you totally are. Granted, your “job” and your means of employment might not be the same thing, but in both cases you are nothing more than the sum total of your useful skills. For instance, being a good mother is a job that requires a skill. It’s something a person can do that is useful to other members of society. But make no mistake: Your “job” — the useful thing you do for other people — is all you are.

    There is a reason why surgeons get more respect than comedy writers. There is a reason mechanics get more respect than unemployed hipsters. There is a reason your job will become your label if your death makes the news (“NFL Linebacker Dies in Murder/Suicide”). Tyler said, “You are not your job,” but he also founded and ran a successful soap company and became the head of an international social and political movement. He was totally his job.”

    • Ace says

      As long as you derive your self worth from your petty jobs and items your happiness can be stolen from you. If you got disable and couldnt do your job then where would your worth come from? You’d be f**cked cause you derived your happiness and worth from your job and not from yourself.

      When you own nothing and realize you truly have nothing and can never truly have anything, your only option is to obtain happiness from yourself, as a state of being.

        • Will says

          I tought like you guys for a while, had a few setbacks,and really digged the message “You’re not your job, you’re not the content of your wallet!”, that book became my gospel for like a year. I really tought everybody were the same as I was, nobody was special, self-improvement is masturbation,those guys are ridiculous for trying so hard they will be unhappy anyway,etc.
          I did NOTHING for a whole year. No job, no school, no gym…except feeling like a great rebel,playing videogames,reading books and having great debates with other rebel looosers.
          If you start to think you got to love yourself for doing nothing, you will become nothing, you will have no use for yourself and for others. You will not experience anything great in your life, except the company of other loosers that hate themselves and the world. If I kept thinking like that I would be doing drugs and be really depressed right now, cause I was depressed living like that. How could anyone be happy living the life of a looser?

  29. Ace says

    Bold and Determined heavily follows the same philosophy as Fight Club, whether Victor acknowledges it or not; because Fight Club is a movie about masculinity.

    You have to remember Fight Club is anti-consumerist which is also in a way anti-society which makes it pro-masculinity since American Society is anti-masculinity.

    Let me enlighten. “Self-Improvement is Masturbation, now self destruction…” describes exactly what you went through to become who you are today Victor. You had to destroy the preconceived notions you had about yourself to create the new you.

    You had to destroy that version of you that was attached to the wrong things, believed the wrong things, and did the wrong things. If you build on what is already wrong, it is futile because the core of the structure is faulty. You have to destroy it and start from scratch.

    Fight Club was about destroying yourself. That was the whole point of the movie which is symbolized in the end with the destruction of the credit buildings which reset the credits of everyone to 0. This can be taken negatively if you are already properly built but if you are living the wrong life as a man, attached to the wrong things, believing the wrong things, you must destroy “yourself” and start over. Tyler Durden was trying to get the narrator to destroy himself so he can start over a new man.

    Whats the point of self-preserving crap?

    • JP says

      Another negative thing about Fight Club–remember what happened at the end? They blew up a bunch of financial institutions to erase records and let everyone “reset.” The Marxist idea is that Freddy Food Stamps could be just as successful as Mike Millionaire if they both started over. Of course this is a ridiculous idea. Look at lottery winners — many are low-income or middle class debt slaves What typically happens? After winning millions, they end up broke again after a few years.

      Also, someone said this: “but I still feel like a main point of the story was ‘how do you know what it feels like to be alive if you aren’t truly living?'”

      Maybe so, but that just turns it into Thelma and Louise for guys.

      As I said earlier, the movie does a good job diagnosing problems of modern society for men (feminism, dull 9-5 jobs that suck out your soul, etc.) but its solution is awful.

  30. john doe says

    So many chicks not worth a damn, right on. I just went to my attorney to start a legal separation agreement. I basically have someone who refuses to cook, half ass cleans my house, and is so depressed/miserable/sick feeling 24/7 it’s beyond ridiculous. She will complain about how bad she feels everyday, then go out on the porch and smoke cigarettes all day. Doesn’t exercise, doesn’t eat healthy, doesn’t want to. Being around her has become like walking into a black cloud, and I’m fucking done with that shit!!!

  31. says

    I always thought the “self improvement is masturbation” scene was a stab at what “mainstream” self improvement is considered to be.

    In high school I read the book and took a lot from it. more than I think id take today if I read it now.

    but I still feel like a main point of the story was “how do you know what it feels like to be alive if you aren’t truly living?”

    I think the mayhem and destruction Is more of a metaphor for the ways we go about finding success in our lives.

  32. says

    Hello Victor,

    I am inferior to those around me in regards to physical aspects(ie shorter, weaker, etc.)
    How can I become “alpha” despite the fact that I lack alpha physical characteristics such as height and steength? I am lifting, and becoming stronger and bigger, but what mental approach should I take to overcome this and be superior?

  33. Jim says


    I have a question concerning an older post. What do you be “being selfish”? How would I apply this in a practical situation to pick up girls( especially ones who are slightly than me)? I am 14 years old.

  34. Manuel says

    Hey, Victor. I just read a couple of articles and really like to the message you’re sending. I’m nineteen and just started working three days ago as a server. I am very much interested in the idea of starting something I can call my own. I don’t know what that may be yet, but I do know that I dislike, probably even fear, the idea of being caught in the dirty, oppressive cycle of corporate America.

    That said, I must also say that, for the past year, I’ve been extremely insecure in how I present myself to the people I knew/know from high-school. When I see them, I do try to speak with as much self confidence as I can muster in the moment, but when I see these people and talk to them, there is a definite sense of awkwardness that comes after I start opening my mouth. I’ve been doing some research on introversion, extroverion, social anxiety, shyness, neuroticism, along with low self monitoring and high self monitoring. (And will likely do more; it’s all I can seem to come back to as of late being in a fast paced and social work environment.) And still can’t quite pinpoint what it is that I lack or have socially. I sort of get the feeling that maybe I’m not down to earth or something because when most people start talking to me it joking with me, I can’t find much to say. I’ll chuckle or say a small, weird something. Like as if i’m trying to find something relevent or good to say.

    I wasn’t popular in high-school so i never got invited to parties. I wouldn’t really speak in classes. And i would avoid going places with my family because i was becoming increasingly depressed and even more anxious about coming out of the closet to them officially. (As we’ve never exactly been an emotionally close unit.) Anyway, it took me sixth months after graduating to come out and start letting myself be seen in public.

    It’s been about eight months since that day. So i was wondering if you yourself have ever (if you could imagine me) encountered someone like me, gay or straight? Or if, by chance, you yourself have ever been awkward in social situations? (and not in an aknowledged way, either) and what your thoughts might be on such matters and people who would like to achieve in the future?


    • Victor Pride says

      Yeah, start acting. When you’re around a group of people just ACT like you’re a Mr. Cool. It’s not real, it’s pretend. When you’re in a social setting when you need to be “on” think of it like an acting gig. Easy peasy, Japaneasy.

      • Manuel says


        The whole acting thing is essentially what I’ve been doing for the past year. I tried not to show how uncomfortable it was for me to be talking to people, so is smile and conversate. The thing is, though, as I barely have any social experience, it shows in the things i say. I feel like they can tell I’m feigning interest. As I don’t know the usual dynamics of a conversation. Nonetheless, ill try to try to apply your advice.


    • says


      Read 4 hour workweek, millionaire fastlane, $100 startup, think and grow rich to start. Start learning and never stop. Start creating, learn from failures, and keep going.

      Cant’ comment on coming out personally, but it doesn’t matter. People either accept you or they don’t. The ones that don’t accept you shouldn’t be in your life at all. Cut ties, find people that you can relate to. Find your niche. Everyone has one.

      You’re young. you have your entire life ahead of you. I was in a similar situation as far as anxiety and depression, and I eventually sought professional help. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak. Never realizing you have a problem makes you weak. From my very first therapy session I felt like a new man. That was several years ago now, haven’t looked back. I know people who take anti-depressants, never tried them personally. I think they’re a quick fix – if you’re depressed there’s something going on in your surroundings – your fear of your family as an example – that you can 100% change if you put your mind to it. If you’re not close to your family but they make you feel insecure get the hell away from them.

      Anyway, I’d say if you want to make something of yourself, go and do it. There’s exactly one person on this entire planet that has the power to hold you back, and that’s you. Go and get your life dude.

      • Manuel says


        Thank you for your extremely thoughtful and positive insight. It comforts me to know you also had a problem that might be like mine. I definitely think i will be seeking out therapeutic help. If you don’t mind me asking, what did your treatment entail?

        As far as my family, I never considered the fact that I might be afraid of them, too.. That makes sense.. I feel such a disconnect between us. Probably with everyone but my mom. She’s the one I usually want to start telling about my feelings. And even then, she’s the one I can never help treating like shit. I don’t even understand why I do it. Or how to stop. And my siblings aren’t mean to me or anything. Maybe I even started the unopenness with my uncomfortability, I have no idea. Might I get some more insight from you into this? I feel like there are unspoken rules that I should just know and be able to accept and endorse with ease. Like to play basketball with them and in pick up games even though I suck and all I can think about is how much I suck. Im not even sure whether or not I enjoy it or am just wanting to not suck or am just wanting to try to connect with them on some level or am just too stupid to acknowledge that I’m just pressuring myself into going with them so that I don’t appear anti social.

        Also, thank you for the book recommendations. If they are what id like to pursue, ill look into them.

        • Brian says


          Those are some good books that Mike recommended, but I do think you should also try to reach out to some professional help before you hurt someone.

          From reading you comments you have very low self esteem and that doesn’t mean you’re fucked up. Many people are the same but they hide it better the older they get. My advice is to take a good look at the things you’re really interested in and get REALLY fucking good at it. Put everything you have into it. Be the BEST you can be at something.

          If it’s sports, then specialize in 1-2, or hit the gym, or if its the arts or music, then do that. But you got start thinking more positive about life and yourself. It’s a gift. And despite some of the clowns out there that want to tear you down, sometimes you just have to do something good for someone else, even when it seems counter intuitive. It will increase your sense of self worth.

          You can start by being a better son to your mother. Start with that.

          • Manuel says


            Thank you so much for your advice. I cried earlier this night about how rude I sounded on the phone with my mom. She’d just wanted to know where I was.. Anyway, I cleaned myself up and as we were talking, I realized that I could offer to help her do something she’s been wanting to do but hasn’t wanted to do alone, which was have a yard sale. I feel really good knowing i can be her company. Your comment further solidified my trust in my decision. So thank you.

            And as far as the introspective advice, I also thank you. I will try my very best to apply it. I took art classes since I was in eighth grade. But I stopped after I graduated. I was really good at it, but I think I stopped because there are tons of really good artists.

  35. John Bull says

    Greetings Victor. I have been improving my lifestyle for the better and know what I want and the direction I need to make it happen.

    Lately I have been very obsessed with my goals and self’s on my mind from morning to night.So,much that I wake up in the middle of night planning visualizing about the next day ,next week,next year and beyond.and it takes me hours to fall back asleep.

    Even I just woke up today around 2:30 and now it’s almost 4am.what do I do ?

    • says

      Sleep when you need to? If you’re too fired up to sleep why try falling back asleep? I sometimes get up in the middle of the night and work away. It’s quiet, I’m up working, focused, why not?

      We only have 24 hours a day to work with. It’s not like we can create more time between 8am and 10pm to work on the things we want to work on. I read somewhere that super creative people forget to eat and sleep for days because they’re so focused on what they’re doing.

      I don’t know if I would change anything about your approach. I can sleep when I’m dead, until then I have work to do.

  36. Antoni says

    To Brian

    ‘However, making derogatory remarks about people who are different, or disabled, or of different color, etc. leads to hate crimes and in extreme cases, genocide.’

    I always found statements like these very disingenuous. For example, consider the reaction of society to people who are attracted to people below the arbitrary and inconsistent ‘age of consent’ (paedophiles, hebephiles, ephebophiles, whatever). They think they should be killed or maimed for their attractions yet adamently preach ‘acceptance’ and ‘tolerance’ and everyone else but them are ‘bigots’.

    It will be funny if they ever raise the ‘age of consent’ to 21 and watch them scramble and crucify any guy who’s attracted to a 20 year old girl (since let’s be honest, the ‘age of consent’ laws targets men not women).

    This site exposed a lot of this hysteria (in detail, I never really bought into it even when I was younger. It always seemed very exaggerated) to me. Here’s a good starting point:

    • Victor Pride says

      We must have seen different movies. The movie I saw was about a crazy, closeted gay who develops another personality so he can have sex with a woman. Later, his split personality becomes a domestic terrorist. It’s a movie about getting to the “bottom”, in more ways than one, if you catch my drift. Frankly I feel like a moron for even having to explain this dumb, nihilistic movie. In my subtle article I was making fun of those “game” clowns who love this movie so much. For all readers reading this right now, remember these words: “GAME” IS A RACE TO THE BOTTOM. If you actively study this nonsense you aren’t just wasting your time, you are actively hurting yourself on your way down to Chinatown.

      Don’t respond because I’m tired of hearing about this movie and for all the super fans telling me F Club is about improvement remember this quote: “I wanted to destroy something beautiful”.

      • Storm says

        I use game to manipulate people to my will and whim. wasting communication with the intention of getting girls to sleep with you is a waste of time. But using subtle game manipulation to sway social circumstances in your favor is an effective tool in today’s business world. A business man would never call sweet talking to his boss or competitor companies “Game” but it is.

        My point, fight club isn’t for you. You see what you want to perceive.

        Anyways. work towards goals, and my favorite quote from fight club “Kick it up a notch or shut it down for good”

        • Victor Pride says

          Alright kid, in 5 or 10 years when you realize what a mistake you made and how beyond silly you were with the whole game thing you can think about what uncle Victor told you on Sep 4, 2013.

          Game is delusion.

          You, and all gamer enthusiasts, are severely delusional. You are like members of a cult and “game” is your all seeing, all knowing god.

  37. says


    I have a question concerning an older post. What do you be “being selfish”? How would I apply this in a practical situation to pick up girls( especially ones who are slightly than me)? I am 14 years old.

  38. Carter says

    Hey Vic,
    I just wanted to say thank you for this site. I am 16 and have been doing 30 days of discipline and also body of a spartan. Usually I get up, brew some black coffee go to my local pond and fish while doing homework or if I have none I will bring a notebook and just think of ideas. I have been working on a business with one of my friends who share similar want for money as do I. We should be all set in around 3 weeks and start making over 200 a week within our first month if everything goes as planned. But it probably won’t. I just think it’s important I get these habits now and and don’t live life like a faggot or someone scared to take charge would. I am applying everything I read on this website and plan to make a blog too. Wish me luck and thanks again

    • Victor Pride says

      You said it yourself bud, TAKE CHARGE! You are the leader, that’s the mindset you need to be “selfish”. My way or the highway.

  39. says

    Hey Vic,

    I was wondering how you made your money? As well, I would like to know what business to go into.
    I want to be fucking filthy rich. And I am talking fucking billions.


    • Victor Pride says

      I did real estate and now internet stuff. To be filthy rich? Loose morals, great connections, something in tech & communications industry.

  40. says

    Hi Victor-

    Tyler Durden, from Fight Club is one of my heros, one of my role models. He represents the part of us that we all wish we could be. Attractive, confident, not listening to everything society tells us to do, not being intimidated by our peers. I agree his views on money are not worth listening to. He thinks its not important. He is satisfied living an an abandoned house. I wouldn’t take money advice from him, but I do take advice from him in looking my best, having self confidence, etc.

  41. Hercules says

    Today I watched Fight Club the first time in my life and this is one of the most overrated crap I have ever seen and everyone I know who liked the movie on facebook is a total fail in life, having no self confidence and is dump as fuck but think their very smart.
    These people wish that they had the will power to change their parasitic life but they know they will never accomplish anything, so they want to destroy the society and the financial system.

    Best regards,

  42. T says

    “Self improvement is masturbation, self destruction is the answer”.

    I always interpreted it as the self destruction was about pushing through resistance for growth, like a warrior.

    And the self improvement is like the guys who fantasise about being great (ie masturbating to porn) and are always thinking and talking about it but never actually take action, and die average

    To actually grow, self destruction IS the answer. The more you destroy the muscle fibres in the gym the stronger you’ll grow back. Arnie said he was great because he was prepared to die in the gym. Bruce Lee said something similar. Also applies to facing fears of approaching girls, not indulging in shitty foods, working your fucking ass off and creating a business etc, or doing anything that you’re afraid to do.
    A book called ‘The Flinch’ (free pdf online) supports this idea and is a life changing book on the subject.

    Just my interpretation anyway