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Subj: The Taxi Driver, The Schlub, The Winner and the Ghost

In the taxi, the Vietnamese driver was complaining to me about how corrupt the Vietnamese government is.

We work so hard and we make so little! How can we live like this? Everything is expensive and we make so little, our money is worth nothing. A new Toyota Camry costs $80,000, how can we buy that? We work so hard and every month we make $250.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him I make more than $250 every single day. And I don’t even have a job.

In my heart I love Vietnam, but our Government is very corrupt, very bad“.

Well, in my heart I love America, or what America was once. America is the land of opportunity and anybody born there has been blessed.

Americans can do anything. There are no real rules or limits.

Could I be Vietnamese and travel the world and kick ass just from writing words? No. When I try to explain to Vietnamese people what I do for a living their eyes light up like they’ve just met a space alien. “Wow!” is usually what I hear.

If you’re American, or live in any non-communist country, you can do anything you put your mind to.

You just have to sacrifice for your goals!!!

Ok, that was just a little joke. See the whole “sacrifice” bit is a lie that the big dogs tell the little dogs. They’ll tell you this lie so you think highly of them. They don’t want to tell you it was actually easy.

I make a lot of money and I don’t work hard. I work a lot. I do the work. I barely sleep. But there’s nothing else I would rather do.

I would rather die today than be condemned to be a working schlub until I “retire“. I have made the decision, I will never go back. Now I know what it’s like to fly like an Eagle, to go back would be a fate worse than death.

And since I’ve made the decision to never go back my life has been easy.

Now I will tell you why it’s not hard.

This is the one secret to living a life of ease and I’m going to use big boy words so pretty please don’t get offended….


You’ve heard all the big dogs tell you about all the hard work and sacrifice they endured. Don’t make me laugh.

It’s not a sacrifice to rise above or become something great. There’s no sacrifice in making great music, there’s no sacrifice in writing a book, there’s no sacrifice in starting a million dollar company. These people are doing exactly what they want! They’re following their mission in life.

Do you know what real sacrifice is?

Driving a taxi cab for $250 per month.

Following the path laid out for you is the real sacrifice, not vice versa.

The American version of the taxi driver is the guy who works a job he hates to make post-tax money so he can live a life as a debt-slave, like a schlub. Like a nudnik.

The American schlub is worse than the Vietnamese taxi driver because the American schlub has options that don’t exist for a lot of people around the world. The schlub sacrifices to get less, not more.

“Here’s your money. By the way, we took a bunch of it and gave it to the government. They’re going to keep a lot of it and they’re going to give some of it to parasites who don’t want to work. Enjoy your scraps, schlub. See you tomorrow at 8:59 am, don’t be late”.

The calm before the storm (pretend sacrifice)

There’s a period of time where you struggle a little financially, but you don’t really notice it because you’re focused on the achievement. You’ll look back later, fondly, and laugh about how poor you truly were but it wasn’t a sacrifice any more than paying for your dinner was a sacrifice.

See the real sacrifice, the only sacrifice, is not trying in the first place. That’s what leads to the “what ifs” on the deathbed.

Sacrifice is what happens when you don’t succeed. Sacrifice is something that losers do.

I always have to chuckle a little when I hear office drones say they couldn’t “sacrifice what they have” and “take a chance”. As if being in debt up to your ears and being a good dog to a corporation isn’t a sacrifice.

Working for someone else is the only sacrifice you will ever make. If you never do that you will never sacrifice anything.

I don’t sacrifice, anything, nothing, never. My life is easy. I can do anything I want.

Q: Can you tell me how much I sacrificed to be able to do that?
A: Nothing. I didn’t sacrifice anything.

Will you struggle?

If you’re working towards a goal, building something, you may find money tight at times. Or you may not.

Even when I was making very little financially I never struggled while making Bold and Determined a winner.

Why? I lived like no one would and I had no debts or bills to pay. It’s easy to pay in cash or go without, it’s hard to make interest payments for luxuries each and every month.

Even if you do struggle it’s not a big deal. Struggle is not sacrifice! Struggling is just part of the process, it’s what happens before your avalanche of success comes in. So you have to drive an older car and your friends have fancy cars, so what.

At the end of the day they won’t have what you have…..

Live like no one will, so you can live like no one can

I have not sacrificed anything in the past 3 years. What I have done, instead, is live like no one will. Since I lived like no one would, now I can live like no one can. Three years ago anyone could have lived like me, today almost no one can live like me. Sacrifice? Yeah right. Blessing is a better word. Blessed am I, for I have seen the light.

For 3 years, THREE YEARS!, I didn’t buy one luxury. Sacrifice? Ha! Not according to the numbers on my bank account screen.

But I did sacrifice, a long time ago. I leased an expensive apartment, I “purchased” a truck on a loan, I got student loans, I got a job as a bank teller and I completely gave up on my art. It took me 5 years to undo that sacrifice. FIVE YEARS! I spent 5 years in debt consumer limbo. What did I have after 5 years? Nothing.

It took me 5 years to go in a circle and end up with less than what I started with.

That is the exact path that is laid out for everyone and it’s a path to failure and extreme unhappiness.

Think in terms of “I”, not “we”

If you want success, real success, you have to make your own way. No two ways about it. The path laid out for you is a path of sacrifice and struggle.

What’s the meaning of life? What gives your life purpose?


Not mediocrity and struggle. The purpose of life is SUCCESS, ACHIEVEMENT, CONQUERING.

You build success by conquering your demons and acting in the face of fear.

The coward and the hero both have the same feelings, the only difference is that the hero acts in spite of the fear and the coward runs away.

Remember these words: self-confidence, self-reliance, initiative, enterprise, optimism.

Forget “we”, forget group-think. Group-think is for the inferior.

The superior take the initiative, take responsibility, take action!

“But Victor, there’s no “I” in team!”

Do you know what that saying is? It’s propaganda for the dumb.

There is no “I” in entrepreneur either. But there’s an “I” in win and there’s an “I” in elite.

There’s a “we” in weak.

The “we”-thinker, the group-thinker, doesn’t have confidence in himself and he needs approval from the group.

“We” is for the weak and meek. You can’t build a meaningful life by being weak and meek. You build a meaningful life by being self-reliant, self-determined, self made.

Don’t play by the rules

The people who make the rules don’t follow the rules.

Why not?

Winners don’t follow the rules because we don’t have to. The rules are for the meek and the weak.

Rules aren’t laws and the rules don’t apply to everybody.

The rules are designed for you to put your life and purpose on a deferred payment plan.

Just do as we say now (and make us $$$) and you will be richly rewarded later.

If you’re simple minded enough to fall for such a scheme too bad for you.

Get fired up

I get some form of this email all the time “…After reading Bold and Determined I’m super fired up. The problem is I don’t know what I want to do“.

You don’t know what you enjoy, you don’t know what fires you up? What are you, an apparition? A drugged up zombie?

Or are you just trying to fool yourself?

Not everyone can be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is an elitist club and not everybody can join the club. If that fire isn’t there it isn’t there.

But that doesn’t mean your life is pointless and meaningless and it doesn’t mean you should be a meanderer, a wanderer. Everyone has a skill, everyone has a passion, everyone has a fire they mistakenly put out too early.

When I was 18 years old I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I just didn’t do it. I did what everyone said I should do, I sacrificed for the “good life” and spent 5 years paying off that bill.

Don’t make the same mistake I did, and don’t lie to yourself. If the fire is there, keep feeding it.

Everyone has something they excel at. So concentrate on being excellent. And don’t ever quit being excellent.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

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  1. says

    Maybe a better word than “Sacrifice” is “Substitution”. If you spend all your time writing and adding value, you have less time to watch cartoons. If you spend your weekends making new products and giving your best energy to your business, you won’t have time to gab with your friends.

  2. says

    “I would rather die today than be condemned to be a working schlub until I “retire“. I have made the decision, I will never go back. Now I know what it’s like to fly like an Eagle, to go back would be a fate worse than death.”

    Until I had lost my freedom, I couldn´t value it. But getting fucked all day long as soldier and banker showed me how invaluable freedom is. Being a 9-5 slave was a great teacher for me. It taught me that a life without freedom is not worth living.

    I experienced so much pain and bullshit, I can never go back. Whenever I have a bad day, I remember all the bullshit that I was forced to eat. My thoughts about quitting are always blown away within a second.

    I did get up early this morning, and used public transportation, to watch people commuting. It was well-invested time. It reminded me how good my life is. I`ll do everything to keep it that way. I would happily die for it.

  3. says


    I would deny never that true freedom from work and that the ability to live where you want and how you want makes the life of your 9-5 guy who drags his feet and sighs heavily through it all look like a pile of crap.

    I do not suffer from a lack of motivation, but from a lack of *clarity.* if you could magically wipe away my debts and drop $10,000 in my bank account today, do you know what I would do? I would not spend a cent of that money until I could think of something intelligent to do with it.

    The values advocated on this blog are adhered to by a larger percentage of the population than I believe most here would suspect or immediately recognize. I know or have met many people who are selling sex, drugs, or both—saving up as much as they can so they can purchase larger assets and resources and exit the game entirely. There are many actual and wanna be cocaine/heroine/you name it millionaires who would find in this blog an eloquent articulation of common sense values. More people than you know have made their money from drug/sex hustling, bought some houses/commercial properties which they currently live on, and retroactively made up some BS story about a rich uncle or aunt they had who doesn’t even exist to ward off potentially prying eyes.

    I would not go this route because I’ve seen both sides of it. Dozens and dozens of young men in their late teens and early twenties going to prison for more years than a rapist or violent attacker for selling a few grams of this or that, and when those men who had the taste of what it’s like to make $50,000 a month are released from prison and stand as cashiers at McDonalds, how do you think they feel? They need no speech on the drudgeries of work, they already know.

    For a 40-50% chance of being truly independent in 3-5 years I would give up everything, I would eat ramen noodles every day and drink my own urine regularly if I had to, I would put in so much effort that my 40-50% or whatever chance of success would turn into 100% through sheer force of will, I know this of myself, but I have no such vision into which to channel my energy.

    • russell says

      William their is no point reminding us what you would do. Its better telling us what you are doing and it sounds like very little. I tried the gangster route in my teens and its a false dream that ends you in prison. Educate yourself, read, learn to speak eloquently, study public speaking, become the man of your dreams by learning everything it takes to achieve the vision of yourself and take your mind off the timeline just go for it and it will come.

    • Abgrund says

      Dude if you were really willing to do that, there’s probably a great business opportunity, although it might have to be someone else’s urine. There’s a great scene in a cyberpunk novel (Neuromancer?) where some kid is doing “performance art” by shoving needles through his various body parts for a live audience. You could be the first to do it in real life. While drinking piss.

    • Justin says

      Doesn’t matter if you have as great a chance as 40-50%. What matters is learning the game, and playing it to win.
      There’s enough business stuff out there to keep you reading, and practicing it for the rest of your life. Try to get your hands on something from Dan Pena, the man’s a killer. See what I mean?

  4. says

    Nice post Champ.

    “If you’re American, or live in any non-communist country, you can do anything you put your mind to.”

    ^ That’s very true and one of the reasons I try stay away from the “America Dream is dead” junk that seems to be a rallying cry among libertarians that I generally align with. The “American Dream” of working for someone else to pay off debts for the college education, car, picket fence, stay at home wife, 2 kids and dog has never been the way to get wealthy, free or truly happy.

    The “New American Dream” of owning your own business (dedicated to doing whatever you are good at) and making passive income has never been more realistic and easy for our generation.

    • Adam says

      I agree. The American Dream is just as much alive today as it was when the self-made giants of industry made billions back in the day. But I don’t think the dream has changed, it has been, and will always be there for those who know how to exploit opportunity when they see it.

      With all that being said, middle-class Americans are the dumbest people on this planet. I don’t know whether to pity them or regard them with contempt.

      By the way, a great supplement to this article would be Admiral Cod’s post on conservatism.

      • Henderson says

        @Adam, How can you even remotely generalize middle class Americans as dumb???? If you’re a man of commonsense and intellect, then your last statement lacked it quite a bit. Number one middle class is 250,000 and under a year. Why is it that the people who are content with how much they make and how they live are considered dumb???? Not everyone wants to be rich. You may find happiness in being rich, but others find happiness via having family, and a comfortable living lifestyle. Not all people in the world want the super rich lifestyle. Try not to generalize so rationally as it makes you come off as you “Dumb!”

        • Adam says

          I do not care enough, nor do I have the time to pick apart the nuances of what you just said, but I will stand by my generalization of the middle-class. The middle-class is an ideology that I hold in very low regard. They are the ones complaining of the ills of America without ever realizing that they are the problem. They have more power than they know, but fail to use it.

        • Ed says


          There are those in the middle class perfectly content with not being rich. I agree. And I would not classify them as ‘dumb’ per se’ … just different than most people here on this blog.

          However, I firmly believe that the *majority* of the middle class live quiet lives of desperation, secretly envying others while complaining about how unfair things are at the same time. They go through their entire lives this way, and what a miserable, empty, and sad existence it really is. It’s no way to spend your one and only life. I know, because up until recently I was one of them. Now my entire mindset has changed.

    • says

      A stay at home wife is important. Behind every great man there is a good wife. I also think having kids is important… And i like dogs.

      • Abgrund says

        Bullshit. Behind every great man is a string of “Oh my God you won’t believe what this one chick did” stories.

  5. Brandon says

    Quality as always Big V.

    Vic, just as a side note, I think an article of yours that EVERYONE needs to re-read, and I hope you never get rid of it, is your “Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun (Are You Bored)?” article. Holy shit… setting deadlines for myself has increased my productivity tenfold.

  6. Adam says

    There is ‘we’ in success, delegation is the most looked over aspect of leadership. A lazy man that can delegate can get more done with his pinkie than the fist of a micromanager. I’m not talking about the communal ‘we’, but the pyramid ‘we’. Are you the capstone of your empire?

  7. BM says

    “… there’s an “I” in win and there’s an “I” in elite.

    There’s a “we” in weak.”

    To be hung on the wall.

  8. says

    Awesome, awesome post. Your post reminds me of this quote:

    “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
    – unknown

    It isn’t sacrifice if you enjoy what you do — if you go after your life’s mission. Sure, it’ll be hard. But at least you won’t live a life of regret.

    I’m with you 100% regarding rules. Rules are made to benefit the rule-makers, not you. That is why the government keep on changing the rules. When the rules don’t suit the politicians anymore, they change it.

    Following rules is for sheep. The winner wolf makes his own rules.

  9. says


    I can’t tell you how this article, and your personal experience resonates with my life experience! Like you I followed the jive. I was a good little boy in school, I did what everyone said was the “Thing” to do. I went to college and struggled through 3 years of it. When I say I struggled, I don’t mean with grades but rather with trying to understand why. Like you I saw that what everyone was doing, what I was doing wasn’t going to work. It hadn’t worked for my parents, for my older friends, and really anyone else I knew that did what we are all told to do. When I decided to quit college it forever strained my relationship with my father. He swore that it was the worst decision of my life and that I would forever regret it. Well, you know what? I have been a business owner for the past 5 years and to date we clear over 300k per year. That is 300 thousand in business that I “CREATED”, no one else. Currently I have stepped back as more of a silent partner and my only job is to sell what our company offers and to help every now and again with the work load. I bring home the bread and I get to be home 90% of the time with my loved ones because of my unwillingness to make a sacrifice when the time was ripe. I said NO to the status qua and I laid my own path. At 27 years of age I live better than most, and I most certainly have more free time than most.

    I love you’re doing here and for what you stand for. There are times when I disagree but the over all picture you are painting is something that every man in this world needs to see and admire for themselves. Keep it up and God Bless!

    • John Bull says

      True ,creating something of value such as a business is one of the greatest feelings a man can experience.It amplifies and gives meaning to life.

      On a side note does your father still feel that quitting school and starting a business is worse decision of your life?

      Also if the website of your business is the one in your hyperlink it wouldn’t hurt to hire a programmer that could spruce up the appearance of the site and add a more professional look to it. At least as a costumer I would feel more positively about conducting business if I saw appealing ladies in cleaning gear on the site.

      And getting a presence in social media is important as well.

      • says

        I think he still feels that is was a mistake or at least that is what he is telling himself. I asked him one time after I started to gain momentum with my company and while trying to maintain his pride he said, “You always find a way to prove people wrong!”. I don’t know what you would call it but I call it determination. I chose to drum to my own beat and I didn’t give a flying f*ck what anyone thought about it. Honestly I think the reason why people become so abrasive towards people like us is because they want what we have. They see that we have actually achieved something worth waking up for every day. They will never admit it but they are burning with envy. I try to tell them how I do it but most can’t grasp the idea of becoming your own guide. I rely on no one but myself. I don’t have a person of influence that I go to for advise. Rather, I have people who come to me.

        As for our website, I know it needs work and it is sorely outdated but honestly I don’t even care about it. I pound the streets the old school way. I walk right up to the person I want to talk to and I say what I have to say. Being bold in the flesh has proven so much more valuable to me and my business than any media site (Screw facebook!!!) or website could ever be. I’m not saying that it couldn’t help but how I do things works and it works well so why bother? Quite literally, if I want to add 500 monthly to my paycheck (that’s 2000 monthly for the company) it takes me an hour on the phone or an hour on the street. Getting out there and making a presence is what its all about in my industry. The happy coincidence is that most people won’t and It makes my job a hell of a lot easier!

        Thanks for the kind words!

        • says

          Hi Mr. T,

          Congratulations on your success! Clearing 300K in a year, that’s insane. It’s too bad your father isn’t happy for you. If I was your dad, I would be incredibly proud of you. I guess some people just can’t stand to see others succeed. It’s unfortunate because other people’s success should serve as encouragement for the common man, and not arouse feelings of bitterness and envy.

          You said:

          “The happy coincidence is that most people won’t and It makes my job a hell of a lot easier!”

          This makes a hell of a lot of sense. One of the key ingredients of success is to NOT DO WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE DOING. I don’t know much about Facebook, and I really don’t care it about, but I get the feeling that is saturated with useless information and too many distractions (perfect for the common person who will never get anywhere). I’m not saying it doesn’t have its place in advertising, but if everyone is advertising there, then your message is that harder to be noticed. It seems every webpage I go to has the “Like us on Facebook” or “Follow us on Twitter” or “Google Plus” or what have you and I find it incredibly annoying. Again, I don’t really know how Facebook works (it’s a waste of time to me) but that’s the impression I get without ever really being there.

          Another thing that really annoys me is going to a website trying to find information (as most people do) and having to dodge popups and scrolling through pages of advertisements just to get the information I need. I understand nothing is for free (even information) but some websites go overboard. The funny thing about it all is that a website loaded with ads is a deterrent to me and I will likely never come back. Victor keeps it real. He knows how nasty looking ads look and will pay to keep them away. I admire that. In my opinion, it keeps his “Queen” from being ravished, if you know what I mean.

          Anyways, sorry for the long comment but I would like to add another thing before I go. Like you said, you attract business the old fashion way and it is great because there is no COMPETITION. Email and computers are great, but there is no replacing human interaction for soliciting business (this method is almost becoming obsolete). In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future job interviews will be exclusively webcam to webcam, if it isn’t that way already.

          I hope you get the gist of what I just said, and again, congratulations on your success. Not everyone can carve their own path, but the ones who have the potential to do so must always silence the naysayers. As Victor has said before: Success is the best revenge.


    • ivano says

  10. says

    You are my personal God of war type hero who inspires with words and living the life which you say about…

    My friend i want to ask you one question….Whats your thought on Karl Marx theory and Adam Smith theory…I mean the changes of money pattern,Capitalism,Communism all these factors…i wanted to know what you think on these factors…

    Yours word are always inspiring to me…Please do reply on my comment…

    Peace out \m/

    • Abgrund says

      Two pieces of advice:

      1. Reduce your marijuana consumption. Or learn English, whichever is the problem.

      2. If you want to know about Karl Marx and Adam Smith, read Das Kapital and Wealth of Nations. You will be surprised.

      • says

        “Reduce your marijuana consumption. Or learn English”???!!! You talk like you created English and all crap about that…Get a life loser

        Hahahhaha…i wanted victor’s view on these stuff…not that i didn’t read on them…

        • Abgrund says

          I don’t give a shit whose views you wanted. You made a public post on a public website. If you want a private conversation with Victor, email him.

  11. anon says

    It’s funny you posted this today. Last night I gave up.

    Making $1000 dollars last month online isn’t enough to live off of.

    Now, it’s even worse. I probably won’t even come close to 1000 this month. Maybe it’s just some technical details with my new site… Amazon orders aren’t going through, but I know I’m driving these fuckers there.

    • Anon says

      Who am I kidding? I’m like the weight lifter that gets aggrevated at progress gices up and throws all his plates down the hill by his barn. The next morning he runs down there and carries them all up back

      I could tear down all my shit right now.I know I’ll be up again in a day or two building everything backup

    • says

      Why are you giving up for? Those behind your progress would look at 1k a month as a a great motivator. Not saying you should stop there but what you make is certainly inspirational to those who make way less.

    • says

      Your problem is that you’re promoting amazon.

      Victor describes “being a good dog” in this post, promoting some companies as an affiliate is the same thing. Amazon will only pay you if a customer buys within 24 hours! How’s that for being a good doggy!

      VP also released a earnings report recently, how much did he make from affiliate sales vs his own products (the 2 ebooks)? The majority of the earnings comes from his creations.

      Being an affiliate is a supplement, like having a part time job while you’re working on your own products or partnerships that pay you 30-50% ;)

      • Anon says

        That was a great comment.

        These past 2 months I’ve made about 1800 dollars in amazon money marketing these products on a site called reddit. You won’t believe some of the stuff people buy after clicking my links. It’s been easy money. Now, I can’t use affiliates on reddit, cause “it’s against tos”. Fuck em.

        I started linking to a store I created. It’s similar to

        To make the kind of money selling bullshit like thisiswhyimbroke does, is the goal. These motherfuckers probably make atleast 40k a month. Easy.
        I think my theme is fucked though, cause I’ve sent +1,500 targeted traffic in the last 2 days and NOTHING. The “clicks” don’t even show up on Amazon Affiliates central.

        I do have plans on amazon just being the supplement and making money doing something else, but I haven’t found that something else yet.

      • Anon says

        Where did you live? A cheap apartment? The street? Your parents?

        What did you eat? I’m willing to eat potatoes, butter, milk and the cheapest beef I can find everyday. I don’t fucking go out and party, nothing to celebrate. I don’t waste my money on alcohol or cigarettes. I’m talking about necessities.

        This 1k isn’t guaranteed, but you’re right, I was acting like a damn pussy by posting my problems on a website.

        • Abgrund says

          Anon: You’re a cunt. Beef, milk, butter? Those are luxury foods. If ramen noodles and oatmeal aren’t good enough for you, go eat at a soup kitchen. Apartment? Are you a fucking princess? Get a car with a bench seat. Not that you can’t live in apartment for less than $500 a month. Can’t stand cockroaches? Well they don’t like your whiny ass either.

          Other than your whining about your first-and-a-half standard of living, what strikes me about your posts is that you’re a chump trying to scam a living out of something-or-other. If you want to create a successful business and you’re not slick enough to get by with stealing, you have to add some value somewhere. WTF are you adding? If the answer is, “uh, I wanna get rich on line because Victor said it was easy,” then go eat cockroaches.

          • anon says

            I asked you questions, because I wanted to know the answers to them. Why did you get your panties in a bunch?

            How did you do it on less than 1k?

            How is trying to build online stores a scam?

            I define “rich” as being able to get by, decent apartment, REAL food, (ramen noodles?! LOL) and being able to whatever I want, whenever I want. So, fuck yeah I wanna get rich online. Shit isn’t “easy”, but I’ll make it as easy as I can.

          • Abgrund says

            Anon, I don’t spend much more than 1k / month on living expenses now. I eat whatever I please and half the space in my house is rarely used. Are you supporting children? If not, please explain how you can spend 1k / month on necessities.

            As for adding value, I’m not sure you have really grasped the concept. Merely having an online store doesn’t add any value – i.e., you are not giving people anything in exchange for their money. They are not going to buy things from you just so you can have a profit, they are going to buy them cheaper somewhere else if they can. Ex nihilo, nihil fit. You have to provide something in order to get something.

  12. anon1 says

    why are you giving up? dude $1000 a month sounds awesome! [i’m $0]

    is there any way to reduce your costs? i’m sure there’s gotta be

    • anon says

      Are you using amazon affiliates?

      Here’s how to make some chump change.

      Get on Make an account.

      Here’s where you’re gonna start taking swings. Message the moderator of /r/azonunder50. He’s too busy to use it anymore. Maybe he’ll let you take over. He has 231 subscribers. That is 231 potential customers.

      Post cool and unique items under $50. Post around 7 or 8 a day, shit, post 100 if you want. Make sure you leave the headlines a little funny. “Redditors” love that shit. Then, advertise the sub to the bigger subs. You’ll get alot of hate from liberal p.o.s. on reddit, and they will call you “spam”. Fuck em. You don’t care about that shit. Just get them to click on those links.

      You make the real money by them wondering around on amazon and buying shit.

      Shit I have got a commission for: Tires, PS4’s, COLLEGE BOOKS are a big one. Those bad boys are around 200-300 dollars each. You get a full percentage, unlike electronics.

      Dont spend too much time. You won’t make much money, and the money that comes in will come in in 60 days from now, so you wont see it anytime soon. It’s just for chump change. I would recommend spending no more than 30 min to an hour a day if you have a lot of free time.

  13. Henderson says

    Great post Vic! I do cringe at the fact that you’ve given up on our country, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion and views which I respect. I myself served 8 years in the U.S. Army and learned quite a bit in those 8 years. I will say that the down sizing of the Military was needed as there was so much riff raft that got in during the Bush presidency to the point that I myself couldn’t take it anymore and ETS.
    The thing is I will always love America due to the fact that we are the nation that make dreams come true. You can’t (as you stated in your post) really do that in other countries. That is why I stay truly patriotic even with the crazy ass mess it is in today. No one but Americans can get America back to it’s core values. Great post! It got me all pumped up to finish these projects.

  14. Takumi says

    Good morning, sir. Today is the 7th day of 30Days of Discipline. I just feel great. Power and energy boiling inside me.

    What was it that you wanted to do when you were 18 years old?

  15. says

    This is a most excellent article about the importance of never giving up.

    As the great Arnold Schwarzenegger once said:

    “Good things don’t happen by coincidence. Every dream carries with it certain risks, especially the risk of failure. But I am not stopped by risks. Suppose a great person takes the risk and fails. Then the person must try again. You cannot fail forever. If you try ten times, you have a better chance of making it on the eleventh try than if you didn’t try at all.”

    Or, in other words, the biggest risk is not taking a risk at all.

  16. Amar Nagra says

    Honestly, I don’t mind those weak, defeated men. Sure, they disgust me, but they make my mission even more worthwhile. I used to be one of them before I discovered Bold and Determined, and now I have a purpose in life, a reason to get up every morning excited for a new kick ass day. So let those weak men take those shitty jobs, and let them marry feminist bitches. One day, those men will be working that same shitty job, except they will be making me rich. They will be working there ass off, making me extra money, while I sit back, with a glass of scotch in hand, kicking ass.

  17. Michael says

    Victor this is one very Powerful post .

    There’s no “I” in entrepreneur . But there is one in “win” and ” eliete ”
    There’s a we in “weak”.

    That spoke heavy volumes to me personally becuase that’s my belief I’ve known since a young man .

    Now that’s real world perspective and reality .

    Excellent post .

  18. says

    “self-confidence, self-reliance, initiative, enterprise, optimism.”. Winning in a nutshell.
    This is a great post I really enjoyed to finish the day Vic. Ready to kick bums tomorrow.

  19. Alexander says

    Corruption is a real problem.
    In Kazakhstan, bribes have become as normal as taxes and fees. One just has to pay some official/public servant to have his goods customs cleared, certified, etc., to have his premises approved and reapproved on a regular basis by fire safety, sanitary safety and other safety watchdogs, and so forth.
    The government pretends to be fighting corruptive practices, but in fact it promotes them, it’s a 100% top-down.
    NO BUSINESS ACTIVE IN KAZAKHSTAN IS FREE OR CLEAN OF THAT. Bribes are inevitable here – in addition to death and taxes.
    Bribes are not only instrumental in securing opportunities and advantages, no, the government workers deliberately hinder everything to make one pay a bribe even for things that by no means can be considered as competitive benefits.
    Try not to invest in Kazakhstan not to be hooked up.

    • Abgrund says

      That’s the same as all third world countries. The cost of bribing third world officials is a tax-deductible expense in the U.S.

      I remember when I worked for a company that imported goods from Mexico, and they had to respond once to border customs because one of their shipments had been “damaged” and there was some legal encumbrance. The Mexican customs officials were flagrantly wearing goods from the “damaged” parcels. After appropriate gratuities had been received, the legal encumbrances evaporated and the packages were re-sealed.

      I saw a presentation from an oil company once, where they stated pretty plainly that bribery was a routine cost of doing business in Kazakhstan. But don’t think you’re unique in that respect. It’s everyfuckingwhere.

      • Alexander says

        I do not care about poor US and EU investors. They come with the idea in the first place. Bribing costs is an expense in their business plans, explicitly. And they have been feeding the appetites in world 3 countries to a larger extent.
        What I am saying is that sole traders and incorporated businesses in Kazakhstan are under pressure. To be successful, you need to be part of the government mafia. In late 90s, the criminal groups were basically legalised through consolidation with government structures. So, one needs a criminal band to cover (‘roof’) him no longer; just acquire right contacts and affiliates in the government and share the pie. The problem is this practice has become abusive and business makes little sense.
        The only way out is to avoid taxes by creating a series of businesses to ensure that none of them exceeds quarterly sales thresholds that trigger VAT registration, etc. Legally, this is fiscal evasion, so pie sharing comes to the scene again.

        • John Bull says

          Corruption is everywhere,it just exist in different forms and levels.For example in Africa if you are carrying goods from one countries border to another ,the police takes a box of your product for example soap they will bullshit a little and then you are on way.

          What ,are going to close your business because of that?

          In the US companies are forced to give the data of there customers to the government.In Mexico the cartel.Italy the mafia.Yet business country to do business’s there.

          Kazakhstan is not that different in terms of corruption with the rest of world.
          I rarely heard this country not being likened to North Korea and would not be visiting any time soon.

          If you don’t like the country leave.

          • Alexander says

            I don’t like the country, and I will certainly leave it. It is not only about corruption, many of its policies are freaky.
            I didn’t mean Kazakhstan is any special in terms of corruption. I just wanted to note that corruption is no good and gave an illustration. (It is still ok when implemented as part of the national strategy to expand and dominate globally, as is the case in the USA).
            Sorry if gave impression I was complaining about unfair unfairness or demotivating advanced dudes.

  20. Abgrund says

    “Could I be Vietnamese and travel the world and kick ass just from writing words? No.”

    Maybe, maybe not, maybe you underestimate the Vietnamese. Maybe they have to leave their country to succeed, the same way you and your ancestors left yours and theirs. There is still a little room in the world for badass.

    “But Victor, there’s no “I” in team!”

    Do you know what that saying is? It’s propaganda for the dumb.

    I got that shit from a supervisor once. I put in my notice the same day.

    “Rules aren’t laws and the rules don’t apply to everybody.”

    My favorite rhyme – “Rules are for fools”.

    “Everyone has a skill, everyone has a passion, everyone has a fire they mistakenly put out too early.”

    Here we must part ways. I know from experience that most people /don’t/ have useful skills, except in relation to employment (if that). They lack either the basic intelligence, or the motivation, to acquire skills, unless said “skills” consist of being really good at enjoying couch potato-ism. If they go to school, it’s to buy credentials, not to learn anything. If they learn skills, they learn them at a job, and the skills are useful only to employers. Many people do /not/ have real passions, or are not cut out to turn their passions into exchange value. Some people are better off putting out their little fires and taking orders; after all, the world cannot turn on an axis of 7 billion bosses.

    “So you have to drive an older car and your friends have fancy cars, so what.

    At the end of the day they won’t have what you have…..”

    At the end of the day, to paraphrase Keynes, we are all dead. If you have learned to do without superfluous luxuries in the short run, only in order to have more of them in the long run, I have to wonder what the real lesson was (if any).

    • Victor Pride says

      “Could I be Vietnamese and travel the world and kick ass just from writing words? No.”

      Maybe, maybe not, maybe you underestimate the Vietnamese. Maybe they have to leave their country to succeed, the same way you and your ancestors left yours and theirs. There is still a little room in the world for badass.”

      That was exactly my point.

      • Abgrund says

        You have an interesting soft sell on personal sacrifice, now that you have a mass audience – one of disparate constitution and dubious amenity to (or comprehension of) your originally expressed principles and aspirations. Will dilution be the solution to pollution?

        • says

          Hi Abgrund,

          I’m trying to decipher your comment and it appears to be profound. I think I understand what you are saying, but could you restate it in plain English, please?

          Also you said:

          “If you have learned to do without superfluous luxuries in the short run, only in order to have more of them in the long run, I have to wonder what the real lesson was (if any).”

          That right there says it all. I have been thinking about this for a long time, but I have not been unable to put it into words as eloquently (and succinctly) as you have. Thank you.

          I have been reading your posts, and although you are scathing at times, I must admit you have remarkable wit. But what really impresses me is your unparalleled grasp of common sense (something I wish I had more of).

          I have a question for you. Does common sense come naturally to you, or were you fortunate enough to be taught common sense by mentors?


          • Abgrund says

            Dear Bob: The inscrutability of my sequel comment followed upon deliberate intention. Specifically, that intent was to restrict the gamut of potential auditors largely to the principal participant, who possesses greater perspicacity than is consistently evident from his personal idiom of representation. In other words, a recondite mode of address may impart a semblance of privacy to public discourse.

            Common sense comes from experience, and common sense tells me never to trust a flatterer.

    • David says

      You make perfect sense (in regards to the second half of your first comment), but you’re being too realist in a site that often feeds on peoples’ delusions. Concerning your second comment, I’ve been reading B&D for a long time, and I think Vic always stays true to his essence, I think he always writes what he honestly believes in, regardless of said beliefs being in conformity to what will appease to readers or not. So he will probably keep writing what comes to his mind, not exactly what people want to read. (I’m not sure what you meant though, since english is not my native language).

      • Abgrund says

        I (mostly) make comments when I have something to say that I think at least one person might find useful or interesting. If you have read many of my comments you probably realize that I have some fundamental disagreements with Victor, even though I think he is, on balance, a positive influence. Not everyone should aspire to imitate his life but I certainly don’t recommend that anyone try to imitate mine. I don’t disagree with you about feeding on the delusional, but I haven’t anything useful to say to them anyway. It would appear that thousands of people read this site, and there are doubtless many who read the comments, even if they never post anything – and there are at least a few perceptive persons who do comment. So I write largely for the silent minority, knowing that most readers will ignore me or dismiss me as a “schlubb”. That’s quite alright.

        • David says

          I usually don’t particularily care for comments except Victor’s… I rember seeing your name around before, but this time what you wrote caught my attention. And yeah I agree, I thank Vic for a lot of advice and motivation, but I also disagree with his perspectives on some fundamental levels (even though I’m way younger and less experienced than him..) so I have the common sense not to try to blindly follow him, since what works for some people works differently for others.
          Anyway I like your comments (from the very few I’ve read), they actually make me think, as opposed to the typical flattering, long personal stories, etc.

          • Justin says

            It’s good to disagree with some perspectives. It means your reading the works of someone who’s different enough from you to be worth your time.

            I usually don’t bother to voice my disagreements, just work at understanding why the other person thinks that way, and decide if it’s right- or usable.

            For instance, I do believe in teams. Humans are pack animals, and shared strength is very potent.
            But at the same time, to hold yourself back to not outshine your teammates? That’s where line about it being bullshit becomes true for me.
            I guess if you’re a gym rat, a good analogy is a training partner. Good when they spur you on, and spot for you. Bullshit when they throw out excuses and drag you to mc donalds every day.

          • Abgrund says

            Thank you. I tend to skip over the adulation and the long expositions myself. Mostly I also try to avoid taking cheap shots at losers, but sometimes I give in to temptation.

          • Victor Pride says

            I always like Abgrund’s comments, he will often answer questions I don’t feel like answering and he’s an astute fellow so the answers are usually quite good.

          • David says


            I agree, as I stated before, what works for some people might be actually prejudicial to others. I think humans are “designed” to work in teams yes, but then again there are the introvert individuals such as myself who benefit the most by working alone (or with a few trusted people). Information is just information regardless of people agreeing with it or not. It’s all up to the individual to choose what to do with it. I despise the overly agressive and selfish mindset sometimes expressed in this site (and even more the apparent pleasure that some frustrated readers express in the comments on their wishful thoughts of some day being above other people and rule over them) But I gather all the information I can, convert it into something useful in my life, and use it according to my own principles. That’s what works for me.

    • Justin says

      “At the end of the day, to paraphrase Keynes, we are all dead. If you have learned to do without superfluous luxuries in the short run, only in order to have more of them in the long run, I have to wonder what the real lesson was (if any).”

      Not sure what Keynes was saying there. But without context of the full quote, I’ll just tell you how it actually applies to your question.
      At the end of the day, we’re all dead. If you save mindlessly until your ‘golden’ years, you’ve wasted your time, effort, money.
      On the other hand, if you spend all your time, effort, money frivolously along the way you’ve wasted it all.

      The solution is to actively direct your resources to get dramatic returns, and apply them towards a goal. If living like no one else will for 3 years means living like few others can, you’ve just done in 3 years what takes most people with a ‘good’ income 40.
      If you still have trouble deriving a lesson, just answer this question: What are the tangible and intangible resources that are dramatically heightened by spartan living?

      • Middle-Aged Male says

        He was being a smart ass. Keynes was saying that nothing we do matters because we are all going to die i’m the end

  21. zenhsm says

    I always read your article got fired up but fizzled out the next day.By reading this article somehow I realized the motivation should be internal rather than external.The heat should build up from inside.I remember a guy from a well known newspaper brand came to our school when i was little and only thing I remember that he asked,”Who wants to do hard work”.We all raised our hand and then he laughed and said, “Dont do hard work, Do smart work.A TAXI DRIVER ALSO DOES HARD WORK.” After all these years and coming across your blog, this proves so true. I am gonna start my mission today and I will succeed in near future.

  22. Ron R. says

    Hey Victor,
    great article and absolutely true. I have saved enough money and quit my job last December. Now I am living in Thailand and building my Online-Business. I would rather die than go back and be a “9-5 Schlub” again.

    Question: I have not a girlfriend here yet that will make me steaks, so what Thai-Food do you recommend for somebody who is lifting weights. Mostly they have rice and noodle dishes here.


    • Victor Pride says

      They sell BBQ fish and roast chicken on the street and they sell hardboiled eggs in 7-11. No cooking required.

  23. mike says

    My entire life I have never been a good worker ( for others) .”Too independent” , “Dont quite fit in” etc.. they all have said. Finally 7 years ago I got laid off ( yet again) and said Fuck it I am going to start my own business. With no money or clients I pulled it off. Grew my baby into a business that grossed nearly a million in sales by year 4. Then the now ex wife left me. I hit a wall – hard. Wound the business right down and took a corporate job. Kept my business idling , on the side for one year.. Floated along ,dated lots of beautiful women, met a great one who is now my wife. After marrying her, while still holding down my corporate job I began winding my business back up . Finally this past November – the axe fell. Despite achieving the highest results of anyone on my team , while running a business on the side – they shit canned me. During the final meeting both the dickhead boss and the fat HR woman – after their spiel- asked if I had anything to say. I looked right at them and said ” This company owes me nothing – except for a check for the work I have already done. For the last two years Ive been running a business on the side. Life can only get better from here ” Neither one of them knew what to say.
    I have since vowed, never, ever, ever will I trade my precious time, knowledge and skills for a bowl of pottidge. Figuratively speaking that is all one does when they work for someone else. Pressing on I will become the titan in my industry that I have always wanted to be. I absolutely love the freedom and independence that comes from being my own boss.

    • says

      Hi mike,

      No matter how “valuable” you might seem to a company, you are just a pawn, and if they have to trim some fat, they will sacrifice you first before they lose their job. When people get let go unexpectedly, they often cry “Why me? But I gave that job my heart and soul, and I was the best! How could they do this to me?”

      The sad reality is that most people live paycheck to paycheck (I never understood the stupidity in this, but whatever) and if they lose their job they are FUCKED. However, you seem like one of the few who prepare for disaster. You seem to know all too well that if a person fails to plan, they plan to fail. I have never personally taken a job for granted and assumed it was “secure.”

      Having money put aside not only is the smart thing to do if, and when, disaster strikes, but as an added bonus it gives you extra confidence in the workplace that one might otherwise not have if they were broke and in debt.

      You also realize the importance of multiple streams of income, unlike so many other people. I can’t stress the value of this common sense enough!

      Congratulations on your business. You have what it takes. If one has the desire, the determination, and perseverance, a single acorn can be cultivated into a sprawling oak tree forest.


      • mike says

        Thanks. That was a very articulate thoughtful comment. The ending was extremely appropriate considering that I am making my mark in the timber industry.
        Best of luck to you on your journey!

  24. says

    I like how your signature is, “Your man” I was about to comment, “you’re the man”

    Do you live in Thailand because it’s so much cheaper? How do you go along getting a visa?

    • Victor Pride says

      That’s one reason, yes. I have an education visa. I “learn Thai”, pay a small sum, visit immigration every 90 days, bing bang boom.

  25. says

    I’ve been waiting for one of these articles from you for a while now. You’ve nailed it. “Live like no one will, so you can live like no one else can”. Every fan of this page needs this saying tattooed on their chest!

  26. says

    This post resonates with me Victor and the comments lately are just as inspirational.

    I made the mistake of giving up on what u loved when I was young and got a job with a trade. It didn’t excite me or inspire me. I just believed what ‘everyone’ was saying. I believed that I had to find a safe job and security so I could follow the popular belief of a debt to to buy a house.

    When you work in a job that doesn’t excite you, by default you naturally by products or items that you don’t NEED but believe you ‘deserve’ because you’ve spent 40 hours a week selling your soul and giving up on your dream.

    If I had had once piece of advice for myself in my youth or for my children when they’re older I would say this:

    Never lose or forget what you love and do everything in your power to work at that passion and turn it into a business. Forget the naysayers, ignore your parents. You can make money from ANYTHING. Just stick with passion and figured a way to make money from it. Never sell out on your soul. You will regret it for the test of your life.

  27. says


    Great post — comment worthy:

    Nov. 23rd to DATE, still going strong with my life goal.

    Funny how things have changed over one email two years ago my friend.

    Maybe this will be someone’s “email”.

    Keep it up brother,

    Mr. Veins – Mike C.

  28. Italian G says

    ha ha ha! I like it… No I in entrepreneur. Can’t find out what fires you up? Um… Do any of you guys like pussy & tits? How about a beautiful face & thighs? That fires me up. I could give two shits about anything else. I want the best. Who gives a shit if you like doing what gets you paid. Sometimes when you don’t give a f@ck you become the most successful because your so calm. Just get the most money possible. He who works the least and makes the most wins. Simple. Can’t find out what your fired up about? GOOD GOD.

      • Italian G says

        So true! Of Course I care about the relationship. Nothing is more rewarding than a positive uplifting women. Believe it or not… I have met my future wife as of two weeks ago. She is so uplifting and positive. I have fought SO HARD. I am a free man…. I do own my own companies… Fellas…. THE REWARD WILL BE SWEET. IT IS WORTH IT… Victor Preaches the right way! I did it 4 years before him BUT hes 8 years younger than me…. Like I say… Listen to the man…

  29. Artur says

    im reading millionaire fastlane, its great and gets me fired up, what other books you recommend to get fired up?
    i already read the 4hww.

  30. Brandon says

    Hey Vic, you really should eventually publish your post you mentioned recently about “How To Find the Right Girl (and the wrong one)” or something along those lines. I know you somewhat touch on it in “How To Pick The Right Wife”, but this would be great for those of us not looking to get married.

  31. Safy says

    I’m an 17 year old A-student who is willing to drop out of high school and live far below his means.
    Victor could you send me the Blueprint ‘Spartan Entrepreneur’ in order for me to take that risk?
    I live in Holland.

    • Justin says

      It’ll cost you as much time and effort to quit highschool and get a job (I’m assuming you’ll be forced to) and pay rent, as it will to stay in school.
      That said, you can still get started, and you can really hit it hard during summer break, or whatever they do in Holland. Check into your local business scene, see if there are any local or government programs for young entrepreneurs.

      Somewhere in the comments, Vic mentions 4 books that had the biggest impact on him. I’ve read three of them, and will tell you why I think they’re worthwhile:
      The 4 hour workweek: Gets you thinking in terms of spending your time in the right place.
      The millionair fastlane: Need, Entry, Control, Scale and why most of what you learn about business and wealth is bullshit.
      Think and grow rich: There are many good insights, and probably as many ways to read them. My two biggest take-away/intrepretations are: “What you focus on, you become.” and “Start now, make adjustments as you go.”
      Ignore the spiritual overtones. It’s simple psychology, plus the fact that actions beget reactions. If you buy into it as a spiritual thing, you’ll wind up with the law of attraction.

      If you somehow acquire the secret, or the law of attraction, fucking burn it like the parasite it is.
      LoA: Wish really hard on getting 10k, and you’ll get 10k! Like attracts like! -This is delusional.
      Reality: Create a goal to earn 10k / month, and focus on achieving that goal. Focus begets -action-, and action gives -results-. Eventually, you’ll figure out which actions result in accomplishing your goal. -This is empowering.

      • Victor Pride says

        “If you somehow acquire the secret, or the law of attraction, fucking burn it like the parasite it is.
        LoA: Wish really hard on getting 10k, and you’ll get 10k! Like attracts like! -This is delusional.
        Reality: Create a goal to earn 10k / month, and focus on achieving that goal. Focus begets -action-, and action gives -results-. Eventually, you’ll figure out which actions result in accomplishing your goal. -This is empowering.”

        Let me chime in. I had a number in my head I wanted to make in 2013. At the end of the year, the number I had in my head is EXACTLY what I made. Obviously I didn’t wish upon a star and it just happened, but I thought about the number every single day and at the end of the year it’s the number on my balance sheet. You get what you attract.

        • Bob Smith says

          Victor, that is very interesting. Reminds me of a story about Jim Carrey:

          At 19, Carrey headed to Hollywood – but like many young actors trying to make it in Tinseltown, he found that success was elusive. In 1985, a broke and depressed Carrey drove his beat-up Toyota up the Hollywood hills. There, sitting overlooking Los Angeles, he daydreamed of success. To make himself feel better, Carrey wrote himself a check for $10 million for “acting services rendered,” post-dated it 10 years and kept it in his wallet.


        • Justin says

          You work towards it. My mother, aunts, and millions of suckers think, and believe, and hope. But they do not attract.
          They don’t attract because it’s not a goal for them. It doesn’t change their actions or beliefs. It’s just a number they think will come to them with no action on their part.

        • Italian G says

          THE SECRET is a HUGE Piece of Shit…. I’m surprised no one reads 48 Laws of Power…. Also The Art of War…. I dig 48 Laws of Power. Helped me defend myself against evil unscrupulous f@cks… It good to know how the week, weaselly, and how those without honor & loyalty think…. 48 Laws of Power is CRITICAL

  32. Brian says

    I love the motivational words and well articulated articles. I really do.

    But my problem is that I just feel like all of this is a smokescreen. Victor is like the Wizard of Oz. He’s great and powerful, all-wise, but when you delve deeper you see that it was all a farce. Just a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

    I’m not saying Victor is not successful. I’m not doubting that at all. I’m just doubting these kinds of comments:

    “I get some form of this email all the time … After reading Bold and Determined I’m super fired up. The problem is I don’t know what I want to do …

    You don’t know what you enjoy, you don’t know what fires you up? What are you, an apparition? A drugged up zombie?”

    The problem is, Victor, you don’t actually create anything. All you do is sell people on the IDEA of creating something. (Lots of people do this; you just happen to be better than most.) And this is why I take everything here with a grain of salt.

    You talk about creating things, being your own boss, and having financial independence. That sounds great. But the way you did all of those things was only by talking about creating things, being your own boss, and being financial independence. It’s not as if you started a carpet cleaning business from the ground up, or sell real estate, or anything. See the difference? At the end of the day these are just motivational words and that’s it.

    My hat’s off to you for doing the motivational thing better than most. But the challenge for most of us is to actually find something to create. And so my point here is that I think it would be wise to take your words with a grain of salt when you lecture people on this subject.

    • Victor Pride says

      Are you serious? I was in real estate, that’s how I made my money in the first place. I don’t create anything? Tell me, president Obama, who created Bold and Determined?

      Here’s the deal: B&D is for elitists, not losers. I can’t help everyone and don’t want to.

    • Bob Smith says

      “If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

      —President Obama, July 13, 2012

      That’s like telling a great artist they didn’t create a masterpiece, but it was the canvas and brushes and the paint that brought it to life. Sure, the artist needs these tools, but these tools alone will never create anything beautiful unless put to use by a talented artist.

      I wish people would wake up (they won’t) and see liberalism as the joke and disease it truly is.

      Capitalism, with its flaws, is far superior to socialism and has brought the common man’s standard of living up to a height that could never be attained by socialism.

    • BM says


      Part of what Victor does is motivation, but he has tons of practical advices, in different areas, that one should pay attention to. Women, cooking, stay out of debt tips, fitness, tons of practical life-style advices that I second. If what he writes is obvious to you, talk to your friends and family – most people don’t even know there are options. On the business side his practical tips are naturally concentrated on blogging, which is just natural as this is what he was successful at. He is not a pilot, so he cannot give you tips on flying an airplane. On the other hand if you take his practical tips and use it in your area of expertise (if you have any) than you can certainly profit. But you are waiting for a blog to tell you what to do with your life, that is just silly.

    • John says

      Hello Brian.

      Something you have to remember is that the majority of his money (as shown several articles back) comes from two of his books. Namely, 30 Days of Discipline, and Body of a Spartan. This site, in essence, serves the single purpose of handing out some free information so people end up buying his books. He created these, and as such, profits from them.

      Creating something like this is easier when you have a passion. You have to know something about it, and must be able to communicate it clearly. It’s practically play, at this point, putting the effort into it is easy. On the other hand, people like myself have absolutely zero idea of what it is that we are good at, what we enjoy or even what we want. On one hand, we may have the motivation, but on the other, we lack the experience, knowledge or creativity to turn it into a profit.

      In the end, we have to put in the work.

    • says

      “But the challenge for most of us is to actually find something to create. And so my point here is that I think it would be wise to take your words with a grain of salt when you lecture people on this subject.”

      There is always a challenge. One has to step up to the plate before they can swing. Victor has motivated me to create a website, make REAL money from my website and continue to make REAL money from my website.

      My website is 5 months old, and I CREATED another form of income for myself (my website is FAR from my bread and butter, but why the hell should I not create another form of income?)

      If I had never stumbled upon Victor’s website, I wouldn’t have ever considered to create a website. But guess what, I DID. And if it wasn’t for Mr. Wizard of OZ, it would have never happened.


    • says

      If you’re looking for something to create. Figure out something you’re better than 90% of the herd at and enjoy doing it. Then make a product or service out of it and sell it. For Victor that’s motivational writing and body builing. For me that’s financial trading and research. For you, Brian, I don’t know, but figure it out. Otherwise be content with a mediocre plebian lifestyle and stop complaining.

  33. John says

    I love the internet, bilingual in Spanish and English, love reading, fitness too however Im not in shape yet but been following your 1 to 2 meals a day like your ebook BOS says, researching, learning. As far as my talent I used to be good at drawing but stopped. Other than that I don’t know what else.

    • Victor Pride says

      Here’s an idea off the top of my head. A lot of children are visual learners. A lot of parents want their children to be bilingual. Why don’t you create a wacky method of learning spanish that involves a lot of drawings that will help the kids remember and associate words with your neat-o drawings?

  34. Alexei says

    “Not everyone can be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is an elitist club and not everybody can join the club. If that fire isn’t there it isn’t there.

    But that doesn’t mean your life is pointless and meaningless and it doesn’t mean you should be a meanderer, a wanderer. Everyone has a skill, everyone has a passion, everyone has a fire they mistakenly put out too early”

    Man, these lines are fucking superb!! A Passion in life is everything.

  35. says

    Vic, most people would really not know what to do.
    That is because decades as drones – they have been inculcated the values of an “employee” and changing values take time. For most people the sad fact is that they would not even want to change their values to the ones’ of an investor or a business owner.
    That’s the kind of damage slavery can bring.
    Even God waited for the next generation of Israelites before he began to command them to conquer the promised land.
    God wanted to wait for the generation who has no memory of being slaves.
    The heart of a slave is hard to change and that is a sad fact.
    One thing though people who reach websites like this are looking for answers, which obviously means that they are one of those “rare” slaves who can and “will” indeed change

  36. Matt Chancellor says

    Hey Vic,

    Who does your graphics? For example, in Thirty Days, who did the blocks and lists, etc etc.

    If anybody else has a graphics guy they’d recommend, please let me know.


  37. LUIS says

    Victor, what do you think about detoxifying? some people say to detox twice a year with herbs or by fasting? what’s your opinion? do you do this?

    • John says

      I’m not Victor, but “detoxing” is a scam buddy. The body is constantly getting rid of waste. Unless you have problems urinating, defecating or sweating, you don’t have anything to worry about. Even then, you really don’t have anything to worry about, even if you were a 500 lb man who eats nothing but fast food. The only time it’s helpful is if you overdose on something.

      The only good thing about detoxing is how effective it’s marketing is.

      • Victor Pride says

        Detoxing is a scam. If your body were toxic you’d need to visit the emergency room, not have some herbal tea.

  38. John says

    There’s a lot of guys asking questions about women and how to make smart decisions about them. There’s a book that a friend gave me for Christmas as a gift that changed my life titled: CAUTION: women beware, men be informed by Andy Santana found on amazon. It’s going to open your mind and answer all of those questions. It’s a must have on everyone’s library. Remember knowledge is power.

  39. Sam says

    Fuck yeah! Another great post to get me fired up!

    And this makes me wonder, were you influenced by Ayn Rand at any point in your life? Rothbard, Mises, Bastiat? A lot of similar ideas here, for sure. Unless you just naturally come by these rational, (justifiably) self-interested ideas.

    Because, honestly, the way I really see this site is as one of the best libertarian philosophy sites around, although you don’t seem to explicitly state it.

  40. Maunalani says

    >>”Well, in my heart I love America, or what America was once. America is the land of opportunity and anybody born there has been blessed. Americans can do anything. There are no real rules or limits.”<<

    It's ironic I came across this post by accident while eating my lunch on Saturday (at my business we are at the point where things are so crappy we have to work 7 days a week just to hope to keep the doors open).

    We are having a meeting on Thursday with our firm's health care provider as to whether we can negotiate any sort of break on our medical coverage. We have been totally f*****d by Obamacare. The likelihood is that after that meeting, where we will get told that our rates will go even higher and the amount of coverage for our employers even lower because of the "requirements of Obamacare," we will have to decide whether to shut down or start laying off most of our employees and tell them they are on their own and try to see if we can keep going without them.

    This is a company I have worked for for 32 years and have been a partner of for 26.

    So I don't agree with you. I would say America sucks big time, and it's not going to get any better, short of a revolution overthrowing the government that is destroying the country. But they can go ahead and do that. I am probably just going Galt, and I wish I could do it in a way where I suck the maximum of benefits out of the government while contributing back not a penny..

    • Abgrund says

      Americans are too cowardly to do anything about their government. The cunning ones, with intelligence but no vision, are looting the corpse. The ones with intelligence and vision are leaving the country. We’re the new Russia.

  41. Nishan says

    Victor You are the man!! fuck u man! you are awesome…. i feel better and better after reading your articles…. a true father figure… much respect… fucking faithful .nishan

  42. says

    Victor (and contributors),
    Pls dedicate one of your articles to cover vitamins (vitamins+minerals) that have proven effective and worth using. The current variety of pills is too broad.

    • John says

      Just think of the “Meat and potatoes” diet. It’s pretty much eggs, dairy, potatoes, fruit and meat (muscle meat and organ meats). Your nutrients should come from the foods you eat. Don’t worry about adding color or anything. If you want the nutrition from vegetables, but don’t want to eat the vegetables, grab some liver.

  43. Ben says

    Brian, a true asshole, above said, “The problem is, Victor, you don’t actually create anything. All you do is sell people on the IDEA of creating something. (Lots of people do this; you just happen to be better than most.) And this is why I take everything here with a grain of salt.”

    “You talk about creating things, being your own boss, and having financial independence. That sounds great. But the way you did all of those things was only by talking about creating things, being your own boss, and being financial independence. It’s not as if you started a carpet cleaning business from the ground up, or sell real estate, or anything. ”

    Spoken by a true loser. He obviously has no idea what it means to create something. Victor Pride CREATED this website. He CREATED two books that people find valuable. He CREATED a vision of a life he wanted. Idiots like Brian would not have a place to write their dumbass comments if people like Victor did not create this environment.

    I’m in my forties. Victor, apparently smarter than I am, only lost five years of his life before he saw the chains everyone wanted to wrap around him for the rest of his life. I, instead, wasted TWENTY fucking years being a debt slave and working for people for peanuts. I credit two people for turning my life around. One is an old guy 30 years my senior who slapped me upside the head and made me see how i was ruining my life. The other person was Victor, whom I just found about 3 months ago.

    When the big crash hit in 2008, my work dried up and it instantly became clear how fragile was the ice on which I was walking. In just a few months I could not pay my bills. To my shame, my wife, for the first time in twenty years of marriage, had to go to work so we could just make ends meet. Talk about a wake-up call.

    I kid you not, two years ago I was in debt approximately $150,000 and was facing twenty more years of making payments as a debt slave. But after my experience in 2008 and after being slapped silly by a 70 year-old man who is much wiser than I, I started turning my life around. Now, after just two years, I’ve whittled my debt down to just $30K. That’s right, in two years I have wiped out $120,000 in debt because of adopting an attitude like Victor’s. Based on near-future prospects, I will be debt free in just a few months from now.

    Then there will be no stopping me.

    I hope Brian goes back to whatever girlie-man life he enjoys where people like Victor and I are not creators. Brian has obviously never created anything, or he would see how absurd his comments are.

    My hat is off to Victor who refused to sacrifice, but instead took complete control of his life and has created the life he wants. Few people can say that today. I can now say I’m well on my way to being part of that elite.


    • The Grizzly says

      ^ This

      Ben, I can relate completely and I congratulate you on turning your life around and instead of staying the path of a wage slave you have owned your life (debt and all) and did a 180. That is what a man does.


    • says

      As long as you’re not using as it as an excuse to get out of college then no.
      I dropped out 2 years into my course and it’s been the best decision I’ve made for my happiness and finances.
      Make sure you have a plan before leaving college, then live your life of choice.


  44. AV says

    As a useless girly-man who will never be anything I wonder what I should do. Should I try to serve better people like Victor as well as I can so that they can have even more awesome lives? Or should I just take myself out so that I’m less likely to be in the way or annoy anyone?
    I think the answer is that the people who matter, like Victor, don’t care. I don’t matter. At all.

    I’ll just go away now.

  45. Jacob says

    You’re damn right about sacrificing your life for a 9-5 job. Sacrificing your life for something mediocre when you can have something beyond excellent. This is one of the most powerful and insightful posts I have ever read in my life. Keep cranking it out man! By the way, I noticed the word “excel” is in “excellent”. Thats no coincidence.

  46. Zuzanna says

    Hello Mr Pride,
    This is my first comment on your website but i`m with one year now. And honestly: your style of writing always motivate me – because you do it sharp and to the point! I was working few times in my life in a 9-5 jive but always been back to freelance. There is nothing worser then realize you are stuck in the trap of monthly payslip. You have to sacrifice your soul and freedom – the most valuable things in your life – for what?! For peanuts? For running like a dog after your boss moaning about holiday? To pretend somebody else being corporate puppet? To pretend you are happy having a fab (mortgage) house with fab (loan) car – just because you need to fit to the propaganda scheme?! No way! I rather sacrifice my meals. So never ever give up! Do it harder to achieve your dream. Why? Because it will give you the power and happiness of being successful.
    When you are young you don`t think what you really want from life. Most of us just copy the system because our sick society have a huge influence on us. This is my story too. When I was 17 i went to uni. Then I met my husband. Get married. Had mortgage for a house. Had baby. Had a car. Had another mortgage. So the “lish” was going to be shorter and shorter. One day I decided – doesn`t want to live the looser life. Doesn`t want to have mortgages. More and more debts of another amazing clothes of my hubby. I quit! I left everything to my ex and moved as “tabula rasa” (white page) to uk. Worked really hard to save and invest the little money I had. Sometimes didn`t eat properly but I didn`t mind cause I believed “I Can!”. After 3 years I`m finally building slowly my own business. I don`t have any mortgages, or any debts. I don`t possess much but only the things I really need. My rented house look nice and give me comfort for living, working and educating my child. I can take holidays whenever I want. I do enjoy myself during the weekends dining out or doing outdoor trips. From this year the plan is to achieve slowly – financial freedom.

    There are some people in my origin country – who still don`t believe I achieved who I am now. When I speak loud my story the standard answer is: “well yeah! I would really love to live your life but I can`t quit my job, I can`t cook dinners everyday to save money, I can`t this I can`t that blah blah blah”… So what do you expect!?!

    Thank you Mr Pride

  47. bob says

    Yep.. A friend of mine and her husband have been flipping out because he has been out of work for a bit with the high mortgage, high taxes, kids in schools they can’t afford to go to and other expenses. Round and round it goes. He just got a job the other day so the staring down the barrel of a gun is over for NOW but the nervousness never goes away because once again, all he is did was “improve” his status to “one step away from disaster” again as he works his butt off to stay in debt.. what a TOTAL disaster.. The American Dream has become the American Scam… Treat debt like the pure poison it is..

  48. Cesar says

    Cool pic, i just noticed the wolf and I’ve read this post like ten times..

    Hey Victor I’ve seen a B&D t-shirt on google images, is that a creation of yours?

    If so, direct me to the Fatfree Cart haha so I can buy one.

  49. s mir says

    Beautiful words,,, great article> keep it up Victor!!

    “Struggling is just part of the process, it’s what happens before your avalanche of success comes in.”

  50. Michael says

    Awesome, the right words have the power to help you keep going, I like to read this when I’m about to trow the towel. Some times I put a lot of pressure on myself. I Always remember my friend F telling me ‘you wasn’t born to be a 2nd class citizen

    Keep up the good work champ!