So You Want to Be a Professional Badass

From the desk of Victor Pride
Subj: Winning the game of life

I’ve stopped calling myself a professional blogger. I don’t write that often, I don’t write about the news, I don’t do reviews and I don’t even consider myself a writer.

Here is everything I do to make money: I live life like a man and then I put what I do into words. You boys read it, become inspired and hopefully go out into the world and kick it’s fucking ass just like I do.

I don’t write for the guy who is going nowhere and happy with that, I write for the guy who is halfway there, or 25% there and wants 100%. If you don’t want it (success) then I don’t want you here and I don’t want your money.

Bold and Determined is for winners and future winners only. Bold and Determined is an elitist website and I’m very proud of that. You’ll never find advertisements for garbage here, you’ll never find links to products that are garbage and you will never see some nonsense, filler articles. If I don’t have anything good to say then I won’t say anything.

Fortunately for me I’ve built my business in such a way that I don’t need to constantly write new articles. If I want to take time off and, say, go visit Bali I’ll just go and do it and not have to worry about how to fund it.


Pictured: Victor Pride praying to the Balinese Gods of war

What I do works because I’m the real deal and my life is awesome.

Can you do the same?

Of course. If you put in the effort.

Here’s a recent email I got from an aspiring badass….

Hey Victor. Me again. After reading almost all your blog posts and ebooks I find I want to be just like you as far as an alpha male and successful entrepreneur. And I’m taking steps to do so but as far as business goes I’m having trouble. I started a blog and the premise is similar to yours. I want to inspire the masses. I’m no expert like you nor am I where I want to be in life but I want to make a blog like yours. That’s the problem. I can’t out do your blog, nor would I want to – it’s amazing. But you can’t tell me starting a niche bullshit blog like food trucking could be the least bit fulfilling. I want a blog similar in goal to yours but I don’t want to be a rip off or copycat. Any tips?

Yeah, pal. I got some tips for you. Grab a coffee and get to reading.

Live like a man

You can’t be a badass if you aren’t a man. So that’s your first step, live life like a man.

A lot of people will take offense to that, but that’s because a lot of people are pussies.

Men don’t “take offense”. Men take action and there’s a big difference.

I was just talking to an American here in Bangkok who accidentally bumped into a Russian at a market. One thing lead to another, the American yelled “fuck Russia!”, so the Russian spit in his face, punched him in the mouth and kicked his ass. Whoops.

When you mouth off to a man you get whooped. When men “take offense” you get whooped.

When women and dickless men take offense they run and tattle-tale to their employer, the police, the internet, the government, anyone with power.

See, the easily offended always lack a few things: strength, character, pride and most of all they completely lack self-sufficiency.

Men personally take care of their problems. Females and cowards cannot do that, but men can.

Anonymous internet wimps often accuse me of being a sexist or a misogynist.

As if words hurt me. As if I would apologize for offending a coward. As if I would try and prove I’m every bit as feminine as they are.

Ain’t gonna happen, boys. Words only hurt cowards, remember that. If you’re offended at words your testosterone to estrogen balance is messed up and you’re either a girl or acting like a girl.

As for being labeled a sexist, well, when it’s acceptable to hit a woman or when prisons become co-ed that’s when I’ll start to believe in the mental illness known as “equality”.

Until then I am going to believe what my eyes tell me: Men and women are fundamentally different.

Men are physically stronger and women are natural care takers. Men provide the resources and women nurture. Subvert this and you have nations of lost and crazy souls.

No matter what the confused little boys and girls pretend, women aren’t men and never will be.

All the grown-up little boys who continually emasculate themselves and all the grown-up little girls who behave like sailors can’t change biology.

Today’s modern American woman acts like a cunt because men allow her to, and those men allow her to because they are complete and utter wimps.

Let me give you an example….

I know an American couple, middle aged and married for a few years. The husband works like a dog to pay the bills and the wife doesn’t work.

One day the man came home from a hard day’s work ready for dinner. The wife had been not-so-busy watching television all day.

The wife said to him “I didn’t feel like cooking today so we’re just going to have leftovers“.

The husband replied, head hanging low, “OK, honey. Sounds great“.

At the end of dinner the man took his plate to the sink, rinsed it and put it in the dishwasher while the woman sat at the table doing nothing.

It was absolutely pathetic and my reaction was utter disbelief.

This is what “equality” has done to men, turned them into giant sissies.

When males act like broken dogs it disgusts me, just like it secretly disgusts their nagging wives.

Look fellas, living like a woman just isn’t an option so forget about it. Millions of “men” have chosen this option at their peril, learn from their pathetic mistake and live like a man without remorse.

The internet queens can call me sexist all they like, frankly it’s a compliment coming from them.

I don’t take offense to being called a sexist any more than I take offense to being called a tall, handsome badass with green eyes and a 100-watt smile.

Guilty as charged on all counts!

But you know what the funny thing is?

No one ever has a bad word to say to me in real life. Only online.

I wonder why?


The last time Victor Pride was spotted in the wild.

It sure was me.

I’m still waiting for someone, anyone, to call me out in real life and tell me how much of a meanie I am.

Money and Balls

Westerners always say to me “money isn’t everything, man“.

To which I reply “I know, dork. You need money and balls to be a man“.

When you have both you are 100% complete, if you have one or the other you are 50%, if you have neither you are nothing.

If you have money but you don’t have balls you’re an ATM, a eunuch, a schlub, like the married man I told you about above.

You need both money and balls to be a complete man.

I’m able to live the life I live, without a leash, simply because of money and balls. I have money, I have balls, I use them to get what I want.

What’s more important, money or balls?

Balls are more important. If you’ve got balls you can make money, but money can’t buy you balls if you’re a wimp.

Only balls will buy you love, for everything else there is money.


As far as I’m concerned if you are broke and you aren’t actively doing anything to fix your situation you aren’t a man.

Men have money or men work, build and achieve until they have money. There isn’t an in-between. You’re an achiever, a man, or you aren’t.

Victor, do you have an example?

I’m so glad you asked. Yes, I do have an example.

I was recently in Bali, Indonesia. I was at a restaurant with my little girl, my little helper bee, my little chef, my little maid, my little angel.

We were at a BBQ restaurant. I was waiting on my whole roasted chicken, she was waiting on her grilled prawns.

At another table was a white, western man, an Asian woman and a toddler (race unknown).

Eventually, the woman got up to pay the bill, the man carried the baby to the car, the man put the baby in the car seat, the man got in the passenger seat, the woman got in the drivers seat and they drove away.

My little girl looked at me in a weird way and said “I’ve never seen that before. Maybe he’s the woman and she’s the man” and we both had a big laugh.

We ate our food. I paid. I got on the motorcycle, turned it on, revved it up, she got on behind me and we went back to the poolside villa.

While she was massaging my feet that night I was I wondering how a male could emasculate himself so much without even realizing it.

I wondered: How could you be an adult in years but a child in mindset. How could you be a man but allow yourself to be kept by a woman. How could you be a Mr. Mom and not feel pathetically embarrassed at your situation?

In my household I pay the bills. All of them. Fresh food is prepared for me daily. I haven’t cooked or cleaned a dish in years and I never will out of principle.

That’s because I have two things…

Money and balls.

If you’ve got balls you’re half-way there, but read this 2 part statement carefully:

If you are broke and not doing anything to fix your financial situation you aren’t a man.

So sorry to bear the bad news, friend, but if you don’t have money and if you aren’t working to fix that then you are a loser, an adult-child.

Being broke is OK, but never trying to fix the situation is not OK. Men fix their problems.

I know the language is harsh, but language only hurts you if you don’t have any balls.

So how do you fix that money situation?

Start a business, one business, and focus 100% on that business

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times…

Focus on one thing only. Use your energy on one thing only.

Multi-tasking will get you a whole lot of nothing. No one ever got wealthy from multi-tasking, you get wealthy from building a business, not by starting 10 of them.

Being scatter-brained will not bring the money into the bank, FOCUS will bring the money into the bank.

Internet businesses are the easiest and best businesses to start.

The overhead is tiny, the profit margins can be huge and the sky is the limit.

Not everyone can make money from a blog, just the baddest of the bad, but anyone with a triple digit IQ can open an online store and sell things.

Look around you right now. Everything you own was sold to you. Everything you can see right now is for sale so there are no lack of opportunities, only lack of will.

Just a few weeks ago I bought a bunch of new supplements from Ebay to try out.

The owner of the Ebay store sent me this message out of the blue…


See boys, there’s a fella getting after it and making money. That guy made over $200 from me personally and now he’s probably going to have a jump in sales (FYI – zinc increases testosterone and semen volume. I take 150mg daily).

He’s making money, why can’t you do what he is doing?

What’s so hard about taking the initiative and ordering some supplements from China, ordering some packaging, designing some labels, opening a store and making some money?

Or selling one of millions of other products…

The only acceptable answer here is “Yeah, you’re right Vic. It’s time to cut out the bullshit and get after it“.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

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    • says

      Right on Seb!

      Vic, it’s always a great pleasure to read your post, it’s like a breath of fresh air!
      Real men a so rare, it seems we are an endangered species …

      You wrote: “Today’s modern American woman acts like a cunt because men allow her to, and those men allow her to because they are complete and utter wimps.”

      I’m totally with you on that one and that why I differ with many manosphere dialogues …my opinion: a bunch of whiner complaining about the bad attitude of women …

      Yes ours women are out of control, but WHO IS THE FUCKING LEADER? You or her ????

      Take the situation into your hand, stop behaving like a wimp, put you foot down and she will follow … or go away … both case problem solve!

      The reason why western women are crazy is because western men are fucking politically correct no spine beta follower!

      Waiting for your next post …

      • says

        Hey Vic and Chuck,
        You are both so right about women wanting to wear the pants. Just the other day I was talking with this kid about his girl friend he plans to marry. The girl does not cook, clean, and will not do any womanly duties. I told him that he should get rid of her and get one who will do all of that. Who needs an expensive pet that nags and wants to have the balls? He said to me, that’s cold man. I replied yes and you are a sissy with the testosterone levels of a thirteen year old girl.

        • Sam says

          You guys are totally right about men being emasculated, and I can totally relate to this post. As a man trying to break out of my sissy past, I am finding the transition to manhood rewarding. I am now a cross country athlete and have now taken on weight training because I want to be a better man now. I want to lead by example and be a real man not a sissy. I will not settle for mediocrity in this highly feminized culture and neither should you.

  1. says

    Do it 100%, or don’t do it at all.

    I learnt my lesson 1,5 years ago. I was jumping from project to project without getting any shit done.

    I incorporated a business within a healthcare niche. Two months later I had already forgotten about it. I started a blog. Three months later I had already forgotten about it.

    A friend told me to “Check out B&D”! Things have changed…

    I moved to a new country to get rid of all distractions. I have one business, I focus 100% on it. 12 hours a day, seven days a week. I pick one or two large tasks for the day, then I give it my all.

    At the end of the day I hit the gym, I walk around, I socialize a bit. That’s it.

    I get shit done.

  2. says

    This is the most effective post ever written. It is the invention of the wheel. It is the invention of the antibiotic. It is the jet engine. And… it’s timely. Thank you Victor Pride

  3. says

    I won’t begin to say how much this post changed my life or anything like that, but what I will say is that this is motivating as hell if you are already on the path to becoming a man.
    Thanks for the post Uncle Vic

  4. says

    Great post, glad to have you back. Even though not every blog will be successful, mine 100% will be :). This article was a great reminder to out 100% of focus on it, which I haven’t been doing at all.

  5. Pajo says

    Just back from breaking a deadlift PB to at the gym and this is the first thing I read.

    This website is nothing short of being God’s work.

    Victor, I want you to know how much you are changing men’s lives everyday. I started with 30 days of discipline exactly 12 months and haven’t looked back.

    Keep it up man.

    • Victor Pride says

      Nope. Supplements don’t work to build muscle but they have other benefits. I test all of them before I trash them. Liver tabs are great, only bodybuilding supp I recommend.

      • Winning says

        It seems like one day, liver tablets just stopped becoming a staple to every body builders supplement routine. The golden era body builders would consume handfuls a day. I personally take them. Do they work? who the hell knows, but if Vince Gironda and Jack Lullane swore by them, you would be crazy to not take them, right?

        • Justin says

          Liver is crammed full of vitamins and minerals, outpacing most veggies and muscle meat by far.
          I’m surprised it doesn’t catch on as a general supplement, with how many people are worried about ‘natural’ and bioavailability. Then again, I guess they would cry about it’s high content of the all important cholesterol.

      • Kheuch Kebe says

        Vic the MAN

        Vic the MAN

        The first time i read you was when i searched ‘how to pick your right wife’ and since then im the hidden reader of all your posts. I like the post of being selfish as the only rule. I was teacher before and now security agent (Damn shift yes) but it pays better than teaching since few month im thinking about diplomacy be cause i want to be part of decision makers.

      • RJ says

        Regarding zinc supplementation:

        150mg would be above the recommended dose, according to my label there can be negative health effects when exceeding 50mg daily

        Should this be ignored? Are there any negative effects of taking zinc or should I just start taking 150mg too?

        I’m not old enough to use steroids and I need all the natural boost I can get

  6. cezrok the barbarian says

    Hey victor great article am in Bangkok and travelling around around pattaya for 14 days whats a good gym to train around here ….by the way have been reading your blog for over a year …awesome stuff

    inspired me in more ways than one have been training at the gym for over a year 5-6 days a week

    cheers mark

  7. says

    Holy Moly! Vic, you out do yourself with every post man! I’m all fired up again!

    While driving today afternoon, I was thinking about how long it had been since you last posted. And BOOM! Here’s your post waiting in my inbox.

    I’m working super hard on my blog man! It’s so so tough but I made a sale of my own product a month back and it superseded any other feeling out there. But I’m still nowhere near where I want to be.

    I’m gonna be looking at this online store thing too, but as you said, the focus has to be on one thing. Regarding that I wanted to ask you if that means focusing on one type of business, or simply one entity? As in is it Ok if I have more than one websites?

    Money and balls it’s gonna be! Cheers man! Best fucking website by a mile! I’m glad you aren’t like those shady internet marketers that you see on Warrior Forum!

  8. says

    For all of you inspired to start a blog from this website – the key is to have your own voice, and your own ideas.

    I don’t know how may guys think they can just copy the same damn articles, running out of ideas a few months later. Why? Because they weren’t yours to begin with.

  9. pm says

    Victor, I like you so much man, you gave me more knowledge and wisdom than my own father ever has, it’s sad for me as I grow older and realise that, cause he’s’my father after all, but I’m on the right path now, that’s all that matters. Thanks.

  10. says

    Great articles and very good points of views. Stop being a pussy and if you do not like your situation change it. Do not go to sleep until you have a plan.

    Also if you are a pussy and you are with an alpha female then you are fucked. You need to grow a pair and be an alpha as well.

    Great website and cant wait for the next article.

  11. says

    Nice! I was in Bali last month, decent place.

    I’v been being a pussy lately but this article woke me up. Time to take control and grow some balls.

    Can’t wait for the next post!

  12. says

    Vic Pride lit a fire under my ass about a year ago. I’ve messaged Vic a few times and have always got a response. You fellas need to realize in order to play hard you gotta work hard. This site is a catalyst for all that is man. Vic thanks for writing again, always a pleasure to read. Hope you’re enjoying yourself where your are.

  13. Jake says

    Victor, I’m glad you’re back. To be honest though, I haven’t noticed your absence. I’ve been too busy working on developing a business.

    I’ve already emailed Victor thanking him, but I feel like like sharing a bit of my story with everyone. I hope it will motivate you as other people’s stories have motivated me.

    I couldn’t stay in college anymore. College is a place for girly liberal hipster man and “liberated” feminist girls who try to be better than men. Literally every girl I’ve slept with has tried to tell me that they are better than me, smarter than me, etc. I laughed and nodded my head. It’s sad seeing these girls being taught the things that they are. I can see it in their eyes that they want to be a women rather than a man, but they stop themselves. I know one thing. I won’t put up with it.

    In class, they preached the same bullshit as high school – blaming white men for all the problems in the world, etc, etc. You know the drill. I remember vividly heading into a Food and Nutrition class for the first time. I actually cared about going to class for once since I am passionate about health and building my body. What I saw disgusted me. A dyke with short hair was teaching the class and telling us how meat and eggs will kill us and we should all be vegetarians. She even recommended replacing beef with a soyburger instead. Here I was in class at supposed top 1 percent university and this dipshits were all listening intently writing it down. It made me sick. I never went back to that class again except to attend tests. Now I’ve dropped out.

    I was a different person a year ago. I was a boy and now I am a man. I was searching for something because I knew that something was wrong and I found Bold and Determined – the greatest blog of all time and one of the two that I read (GLL also). I changed my entire mindset. People don’t even understand this new me. They don’t understand I don’t want to sit back and make fun of the masculine men, smoke weed all day, and play videogames. Instead I am building. I am building a business and I am building my body.

    Half the people I meet don’t like me. I’m not politically correct anymore. I don’t accept that our society is turning gay. I don’t respect poor people that expect others to give them hand-outs. I hate people who make excuses. I find fat people repulsive. I can’t stand those who dress like slobs (nearly everyone it seems). I stand tall, walk, and dress like I’m someone. People may not like me but they respect me. I’ve never had respect before. I used to be walked over, and I accepted it.

    I used to be depressed, socially awkward, and weak. Now I wake up with fire in my heart. Writing is one of my talents, so I started writing for others. I work hard to provide a great service. The feedback has been very positive. Now I have so much demand for my services, I’m starting a business and will employ others. I’m expanding. The sky’s the limit on the Internet. You are limited with a job you get with a degree and you aren’t free. I will be a millionaire or work myself to death. For the last 6 days I’ve gotten 2 hours of sleep. I’m up at night late working. 16 hours a day during the Summer “break.”

    I will not stop. I will keep building, keep improving. I am a man. Victor told me it was okay to be man. He revealed the lies that society had taught me. I lifted myself up and changed my life. This is just the beginning.

    I could write much more. I could say how people used to make fun of me for how terrible I dressed behind my back. The other day a girl I knew said “I looked like a model.” I could tell you how I was a virgin that could barley talk to girls and now have had sex with multiple gorgeous girls (including a virgin) that I have approached with confidence. I could tell you how I was addicted to porn and watched it for hours everyday and now barley even use the Internet (aside from working). You get the picture.

    Friends, anyone can conquer. Anyone with discipline and the right mindset can rise above “average” people.

    This post is brilliant. I think it might be my new favorite one. Worth the wait.

    • Abgrund says

      “College is a place for girly liberal hipster man and “liberated” feminist girls who try to be better than men.”

      That’s not always the case, but American education is becoming increasingly debased. A generation ago, students from Asia came to the U.S. for college. Now they only come for grad school; half the grad students and even half the professors are Asians. Americans won’t put in the hard work to master a technical field. In another generation, Americans will be going to India for grad school.

      P.S. Indian women get at least as much “gender equality” bullshit as American or European women, but they still put in the work, don’t expect something for nothing, and don’t plan on fucking dozens of men until they find their meal ticket. Let’s hope India doesn’t make any more “progress” with “Feminism”.

      • Arvind says

        Word man. Having lived in the US and India (my home country), I can categorically assert that Indian (and non-western aka Asian, S. American) women are just so much more pleasant to be around than with American “women”. They make you feel like a real man. I don’t think it has anything to do with my race or culture, because American men seem to be reporting the same thing. I don’t blame American women personally, because their culture subverts their behavior, and even the feminine ones over there usually grow up raised indoctrinated with feminist BS and then change themselves, but you can tell the difference between the truly feminine woman and the wannabe one any time.

    • says

      Great response Jake and spot on about college. We are living in a time here in the U.S.A. where men who are metrosexual candy asses wearing skinny jeans and who are vegan is acceptable, where real men who build their bodies, character, and businesses are looked down upon. That is because weaklings are easy to control. We are men and, like Godzilla, crash through barriors and whimps to accomplish our goals. Keep up the good work.

    • Jacob says

      I noticed a stark contrast between my undergrad and my MBA studies. My undergrad was just as you put it. My MBA studies were completely different because it was taught by people who “got it.” They understood how the real world worked and my favorite instructor (the dean of the MBA program no less) was not afraid to say it the way it was. The first day of class he introduced himself by saying, “I’m a Republican and if you’re a Democrat, you’re going to be offended in my class. Get over it.” Instant respect in my book. No shit, no pandering.

      • says

        I believe you Jacob. An MBA is aprofessional business degree. You will find many real world professors there. Its when you go study for a masters in education; that is where you meet all of those liberal mental cases who just dont get it.

  14. Michael says

    Well worth the wait . Victor your writing is of the highest quality online and world wide I must say but you already know that. It’s amazing how more people who run they mouths don’t get beat like that American you spoke off in this article. So many people walk around thinking it can’t happen till you meet the wrong one. Very sad.

    Its all a shift in my mind followed by an action . That’s the Bold and Determined diet. And now because of your website I can do what I finally said I would do to my third grade teacher who’s question was Mike what do you want to do when you get older? My reply was start my own business .

    Thanks always for the motivation no wait I meant kick in the ass I needed .

    Michael Lawrence

  15. Winning says

    “If you are broke and not doing anything to fix your financial situation you aren’t a man.”

    This is a perfect line. I’m not broke, but I could use more cash. But, my wife doesn’t work. She stays home and watches the kids. When I put a dish in the sink, she takes care of it.

    I’ve got balls. And this article clearly explains why, even though I’m not “made of money”, I have balls and I’m trying to fix my financial situation. So that’s why I feel so damn manly all the time.

    I don’t blog, I live. Victor you inspire me to never write a blog, because you say everything I would say, but in a much better fashion.


  16. CrazyCanuck says

    Our kids need more role models like Victor… not like feminine Obama…

    To gain that confidence and physical fitness I also recommend taking up Boxing, MMA or Krav Maga… nothing gives you confidence know you can give an ass wupping to 99% of the male population. Even if you never use use it your confidence will carry through your everyday life.


    • says

      Another good comment from CrazyCanuck. Absolutely true. Obama is held as a role model for men to follow here in the USA. That is if you want to be a skinny candy ass cry baby who passes the buck and never takes responsibility for his actions. Sissies like obama use their skin color, play the victim card and the envy card. I am totally sick of it. And Yes, many men should proctice a form of martial arts like MMA. Absolutly.

    • Jacob says

      Another good alternative to MMA if you want a crash course in self-defense is finding a good Rapid Assault Training Instructor (RAT). Covers knife/stick fighting, standing/ground grappling, and hand-to-hand combat. If you’re in TN (or willing to make the drive), I can refer a great instructor that I learned from. It’s a weekend workshop not a regular class.

  17. Ice Man says

    You say you’re not a writer, but I honestly have never heard better prose on the internet. Commanding prose that is genuine at the same time is a rare thing. I expect a lengthy book someday from you.

  18. Destry Powers says

    Every now and then I need a swift kick in the ass for motivation. Bold and Determined is that swift kick. Another great article Mr. Pride.

  19. Scooter says

    This post kinda reminds me of the movie scarface .
    “What you lookin’ at? You all a bunch of fuckin’ assholes. You know why? You don’t have the guts to be what you wanna be?” Thank you victor!

    • Luke says

      Fucking pathetic. That video made me physically ill. Happens more often every day. Thank God I was raised by a father who wears the damn pants and provided for us all by killing it every day with his personal business, and a mother who made it her life work to cook, clean and raise the kids. Those kind of families are becoming rare but they sure do churn out the most stable, intelligent and level-headed human beings

    • Switch says

      I think that’s a good experiment. Men should be able to stop violence against them. Imagine if the man in the video actually stood up for himself and hit the girl back. Swarms of people would have jumped on him to stop him. It’s about equality. I don’t understand what’s wrong, or how this made people physically ill…

    • MistahBigD says

      This video just shows how in our society today, its wrong when a man abuses a woman, but when a woman abuses a man, its a laughing matter and subject of ridicule. When I was a kid my father sometimes beat my mother, I don’t believe that men should hit women. But there are some women who take advantage of that mentality, they think they can treat you like the woman in the video and if you touch them you’ll go to jail. Unfortunately for them, not all men have that mentality, and they’re in for a rude awakening.

  20. says

    I think it was definitely worth the wait. I have most of those things covered i got the ball and motivation i am still young just turned 19 and ACTUALLY TRYING TO CHANGE MY CURRENT FINANCIAL STATE.

    Since i was 17 i made some wack software with my friends in college and actually manage to sell to some good companies. Got rid of that and got a Job for 7 months (bullshit call center)

    But i definitely needed to READ THE LAST PART.

    Now i am back to CREATE SOMETHING and trying to develop 1 blog 1 website and planning a company with a partner while going to college.

    I am finally getting to realize i’m not getting shit done at the pace i want to. I NEED TO FOCUS.


  21. Avinash says

    Hell yeah. Awesome read. Sometimes I wonder how you get to be so consistently bad-ass day-in day-out. Never a bad post. Surely, you may not be real, then I see a picture in a place where I have been. Awesome and inspiring.

  22. ThisIsMe says


    This post reminds me of a slogan my brother and I always say. We own a very successful online business among 5 other companies. When vendors and weak bitches want to try and fuck with us, we straight up call them out on it. 10/10 times they have no idea who they are fucking with and revert back to their pussy ways towards someone who won’t step up to them. I will literally fight someone if they try to fuck with our business. When they want to take market share or money away from us they are taking our livelihood and that will never happen I promise you. Trying to take that away is like trying to take my children away from me, it’s not gonna happen bro. That’s why at least once a week my bro and I always say:

    “Choke Slam Your Way To Success”.

    Without this mindset we would have fallen behind a long time ago. By operating our businesses this way, vendors know they aren’t going to ever fuck us and competitors keep a good distance away from directly competing with us. I couldn’t imagine going about life any other way.

  23. says

    the wolf strikes again. Great post, totally worth the wait. Your words hit the vein Vic.
    As Dan Pena says:
    “Just fucking do it”

    “You can’t be a badass if you aren’t a man. So that’s your first step, live life like a man.
    A lot of people will take offense to that, but that’s because a lot of people are pussies.
    Men don’t “take offense”. Men take action and there’s a big difference.”

    Hell yah. Inspiring stuff.

  24. SpeakstheTruth says

    This Site is the best in the Universe. I just applied 30 Days of Discipline and I see immediate (!!) results.

  25. says

    Nice post Victor. What’s your opinion about guys who just focus on notch counts, being a player and sleeping with tons of women? I notice that you are young and stick with only one female but you have a lot of guys who are always into game and sleeping with a lot of women especially in the states. Sex and women occupy these young men s minds all the time. Any suggestions?

    • Abgrund says

      Different people have different goals in life. Personally I don’t see anything inherently objectionable in a life spent for the sake of promiscuity, or contemplation, or public service, for instance, as opposed to a life spent in the pursuit of financial independence and/or bodybuilding. Victor might, but he doesn’t seem to have anything to say to people who don’t share his goals – which is entirely expectable, given that his goals are what he is marketing.

    • Victor Pride says

      “What’s your opinion about guys who just focus on notch counts, being a player and sleeping with tons of women?”

      Going nowhere. I did the same thing through a majority of my twenties, went nowhere financially and it doesn’t bring you happiness, inner peace or any of that shit. But I understand the need and the drive, as a young man, to sleep with every girl you can. I had the same obsession.

    • APB says

      What’s your opinion about guys who just focus on notch counts, being a player and sleeping with tons of women?

      Worthless. IF they are sleeping with tons of wonderful women–they aren’t nor are they wonderful–then they are faking it and bragging about it like losers all day, every day on the Internet. Humans have a higher level of thinking than the rest of the animal kingdom, supposedly. Hence, as their lives are not simplified to trying to avoid predators to get to their next meal and not limited to a few weeks a year to procreate, they are not relegated to promiscuity by nature.

      Find us a guy who is non-stop “always into game” who has accomplished anything of note. Period. You won’t. If living off your dad and having to plow Eastern European hookers is your thing, then there is at least one well-known “game” type that does that in his mid-30s. That’s fucking lame, you know, living a lie.

      Could I have done that? Sure. But, I was running a restaurant at age 22. Not getting in between chicks who were lousy enough to get dumped by an ex-boyfriend for none other than their own best friends so I could be gossip material. Not bedding chicks who had these weird purpleish looking lips…pot smokers…who now have three kids from three different babydaddies. Each and every one of those chicks that I remember from back in the day (like the chubby ex-ballerina from Ukraine) has their shit life out there on Facebook. I am glad not to be the soulless guy posing with them, too. Vain? Maybe, but I am all about life preservation and taking the year off to get my masters means I did something right.

      Anyway, a guy who kicks ass should make other’s lives better. Heck, sloppy seconds won’t make your life better.

  26. Bob says

    Hello Vic, i’ve started an online Bizz last year and made 0$. 6 month later i earn 250$ completly passive over the internet with some methods and i learn more and more about it and get better. Thanks to your advice. It started make me thinking and i build my online money muscle stronger and stronger. Thanks for talking about money with that honesty. It’s all true what you said inj this post!

  27. Alexander says

    Victor, consider writing an article about what types of supplements you take, how much, why etc. Thanks.

  28. Wes says

    Nice pic Vic. Just grabbed my balls to make sure they are still there, now I’m ready to take on the world. Very motivating post.

  29. says

    Excellent post Victor!

    Last week I only went once to the gym. I will make sure this week I will go 5 times!! I follow the Body of a Spartan workout and use your posts for motivation.

    Hauwling in real life does work. Hahah, I do it all the time.

  30. PETER says

    In addition to what Victor said, there’s money to be made everywhere, not just online. Just figure out a legal way to get people’s money. I have a plan, but still working on it though. doesn’t involve the internet…

    • JP says

      ” Just figure out a legal way to get people’s money.”

      You’ll do a lot better if you find a service/product people really want, market it well (i.e., focus on benefits) and focus on providing value. If you just want to legally “get people’s money,” you won’t find anything that works long-term…you’ll be one of those shysters who is always coming up with something new. And you may have to constantly change your website/company name since people will be leery of you.

  31. says

    To be honest, I am shocked that the person who believed to see you didn’t go up to you to ask right then and there. Does he have approach anxiety that he can’t talk to men either? If I believed to see you or anyone else that has positively impacted my life on the street, I would surely walk up to give you a firm handshake and enjoy the opportunity to meet you.

    One day, when I visit SE Asia, I will meet you Victor, and I’ll buy you a big fat steak.

    • Victor Pride says

      “To be honest, I am shocked that the person who believed to see you didn’t go up to you to ask right then and there. Does he have approach anxiety that he can’t talk to men either?”

      No, no, he was driving down the street and I was standing on the side of the street. Not so easy to stop and say hi.

  32. says

    Finally you are back with an amazing article as usual!
    This article will be useful for all the guys reading blogs without never taking actions!
    One last thing, Are you ok in Bangkok with all the things happening at the moment?
    All the best.

    • Victor Pride says

      Yeah, I was in Indonesia when I heard about martial law being declared. I landed in BKK right after that, at about 8:30pm to a HUGE line for the taxis (unaware there is a 10pm curfew) so I went out back and found a nice group of taxi drivers having a break and bribed one of them 500 baht to take me home. No problems here, business as usual, but today is Tuesday I’m leaving again on Friday and won’t return for two weeks. I expect the curfew to be lifted by then. Martial law, who knows..could take longer.

  33. Eddie says

    Hi Vic

    I’m going to Bali in a few months with my girlfriend and would love to hear your opinion on things to do. Do you have any recommendations for places or things to do in Bali with your girl?

    Thanks for todays motivation, you really are an incredible voice to thousands of aspiring men.



    • Victor Pride says

      No recommendations, you’ll figure it out when you get there. Plenty of Balinese will give you ideas AND! they’ll be able to make it happen for just a little rupiah.

  34. David says

    This is like the one escape from all of society’s delusional fake values. At this point I can always trust that I’ll find here truthful, motivational information. Even if this info is sometimes telling me that I’m a pussy, I take it with pride and use it as a drive to start doing shit and take steps on becoming a free man.

    Congratulations Vic, watching how this blog has grown in the last couple years, is like watching the young spartan warrior become a king.

  35. Jason says

    Excellent post Victor. The main message that I got from this post in one sentence: Be a fucking man, real man are do’ers, no bullshit excuses! A mandra I will now live by everyday. Thanks again for your no nonsense inspiring words. You’re the man.

  36. says

    Hey, I’ve been following your blog for about a year now and I can say its the best one ive ever read. The info on this blog is so great, and it is really inspiring to me. Im a junior in high school now, which is great because not only do I have my own online business, but I have a head start on the other readers of this blog in terms of starting a business and being a man. I work out daily at my gym, but do you recommend I take any supplements, considering I’m 16 years old and I’m still growing?
    Alex Ramirez

    • Victor Pride says

      Universal uni-liver are great for weightlifting. I wouldn’t worry about any other supps at 16 unless you’re aware of some nutritional deficiencies that can be fixed by vitamins etc.

  37. says

    “A lot of people will take offense to that, but that’s because a lot of people are pussies.”

    Vic, you ass. I’m writing an article on exactly this and you beat me to it.

  38. bear says

    I was just doing some business today with a guy who noted how when he had last talked to me at an industry trade fair that he was in awe the love he could see emanating from my wife towards me as I stood there talking with him. He said he has never seen anything like it in his life. I laughed and said “she also cooks all my meals and brings me coffee every morning” . His jaw dropped. If you strive daily to be a real man, your lady will always respect you and want to be your helper because she knows that you are a notch above the rest.

  39. Jay says

    Victor what assets do you invest in that bring you passive income? do you invest at all or keep your money in the banks despite the low interest rates that they pay and the dollar’s value decreasing?

    • Victor Pride says

      I won’t get into all that but I will say that I have one domain I bought a few years ago for $500. Just a name, not a website. Just a few days ago I turned down an offer to sell it for $4500. I have one domain I bought for $2 (yes, two dollars) that I just turned down an offer to sale for $200.

      I keep my money mostly in Hong Kong, Thailand and the USA.

  40. ecosiuman says

    5 star as usual, I have recommended you to a fast growing community who are struggling to become alpha males. I am sure your advices are very inspiring and motivating…

  41. PrestonGarno says

    Vic, Vic…..
    EVERY time I get an email from you with a new post you NEVER fail to impress.

    You have once again hit the nail on the head. BOOM

    My day is made. So much truth in this post. Vic you are a legend.

    I have told all of my friends about this website and they all loved it.


  42. Martin says

    “(FYI – zinc increases testosterone and seminal volume. I take 150mg daily)”

    I think you are taking a bit too much zinc Vic, zinc toxicity is no joke and it will fuck you up real good. Hope your supplementing with copper.

    I experienced zinc toxicity first hand and still deal with some of the symptoms. I got double vision that lasts for hours sometimes (cross your eyes and youll experience this first hand) and muscular tremors (imagine your body vibrating 24/7).

    I got lucky because my doctor noticed it right away and I discontinued my zinc use thus the symptoms have slowly disappeared.

    Lower the dosage and supplement with copper is all i have to say.


    • Paulie Boy says

      Like Victor I have been supplementing with zinc for the last two years though at a lower dosage, 100 mgs. I recently read about zinc toxicity. How long did it take for the symptoms to manifest themselves?

  43. says

    Great article Victor. Came at a good time for me.

    If you’re still in Bali find a spot called Amed on the east coast. Find Tobi and go snorkeling with him, you won’t find a more perfect spot and you can get a bunglow on the water there for 30 bucks a night – i mean a proper bungalow not a delapedated piece of shit.

    Keep these articles coming, always good to regain focus!


    • Victor Pride says

      G, I’m back in Bangkok. I just checked out the Amed pics, looks great, looks more like the type of places I enjoy. I stayed in Kuta this time, too popular, wasn’t my cup of tea.

      • says

        Kuta is full of drunken Aussies and retards. Bali is an enigma man, so many hidden places but you gotta look for them. Also next time if you get a chance check out The Gili Islnds if you like quiet and peace. No roads, no motorvehicles, no cops.

  44. Raymond says

    Im maybe a little biy but im going to be the best i been because i learn the best and i will be the at it will hard work and decation i learn from bold and deterimed thank Victor Pride

  45. YES says

    Vic, you won’t believe how happy I am reading your blog in this feminist run world.
    It makes me smile with joy every time you write something.
    Cheers, your badassness has infected me.

  46. Buffguy says

    I discovered your website some time ago,reading your posts always makes me think : “WHY CANT I FIND A FRIEND LIKE VIC???” cause dude,you sound like the most awesome guy to have as friend and kick ass. I also dont like narrow minded,loser minded people,who cry for every misfortune they now pass through. I dont like losers who cant lift their ass to the gym because they dont have the time,meanwhile they pass all their day on Facebook,pc gaming etc.

  47. Anonk says

    Victor how do you get your TRT do you order it online,self inject or what.

    Also what do use think of Human Growth Hormone?

    • Victor Pride says

      About 14 months ago I stayed up ’til 4am to grab “” in a domain auction. When the price went above 20k I bowed out and went to bed, a little bummed out.

  48. says

    I’ve been guilty of half-assing many things before. Multitasking isn’t even a real thing, so I don’t even know why I attempt it. “Follow your passion and figure out how to get paid for it” is probably the best advice I’ve ever heard.

      • bob says

        victor are u saying ladies are incapable of being awesome or u think some men have stopped being awesome so ladies have stopped respecting them.

          • JP says

            The real question is why does a woman want to be a Bad-A so much? What kind of culture has produced this mindset? That’s like a man wanting to be a soft, gentle helper who always has a meal prepared or folded laundry for his wife.

            I have no problem with her being a motivated entrepreneur who markets her services aggressively, but women taking on the persona of Rambo, Clint Eastwood or whwhoever is ridiculous.

  49. tony says

    How to be a professional badass (the B&D way):
    -dress to the best of your ability
    -take cold showers
    -make shaving a ritual
    -lift weights every day
    -train mma
    -never treat women like men
    -never treat men like women
    -ban the words “can’t” “should” “could” “failure” and “dream” out of our vocabulary
    -“no” is your new favorite word
    -never take shit from anyone, always take care of trouble immediatly
    -spend your time on productive things only . Anything outside of learning, doing, eating, crapping and sleeping is a waste of time
    -cut negative nancys out of your life
    -surround yourself with friends you can have purposeful activities with
    -always plan ahead
    -don’t say more than you have to say
    -follow your to do lists religiously
    -never multitask
    -never compromise your goals and give in for the worse
    -cut clutter out of your life. Live like a spartan
    -be disciplined
    -own an amazing physique
    -take care of money and your future first
    -pursue your passion with all your might
    -be selfish
    -stay the hell out of offices if you can. They are the breeding grounds of effeminacy
    -if interested in relationships look for traditionally raised women only. “Strong”, westernised females are nothing but a bag of financial trouble
    -never be ashamed of your need for money
    -don’t waste your time on political correctness. It’s a sign of weakness and submission

    incorporating any or all of these things into your daily routine is of utmost necessity.

    All of these points can be found on Victor’s excellent blog or his ebooks
    I recommend anybody interested in making major improvements in their lives to read anything Mr. Pride has put out there so far “cover to cover” so to speak.

  50. says

    Hey Victor,

    Why i cant use your cupon code in the brazilian hostgator?
    I would like a domain and the facilities that they offer here too.

    Waiting your response.

  51. Hermann Wolf says

    Victor Pride,

    1) Statement: Absolute outstanding article!

    2) Question: In an older article you recommended the Uniliver liver tabs and now here in the comments you recommend liver tabs again. I’d really like to try those, but on the other hand i am worried because i read they content soy. As commonly known soy is estrogenic poison. Any further suggestions? Is the soy intake from these uniliver tabs insignificant or in a way outweighted by their benefits?

    Archive prospector Wolf

    • Victor Pride says

      Everything has soy, everything has garbage, so you take enough of the good to outweigh the bad.

    • Abgrund says

      Dude you are not going to get enough soy from pills to grow ovaries. Overconsumption of soy is mainly a problem for dipshits that eat it as a substitute for real food, i.e. meat.

  52. Roberto says

    Hey Victor, I’m very curious about your spanish site.

    I am from Latin America and some of the articles that I read there “sounded” kind of weird, I guess they were translated by/for Spaniards. Is Spain your intended “market”?

    Surely everything related to getting in shape will work universally and probably the motivational stuff will work too but I wonder about the anti-feminist focus. I have worked with Spaniards and I can say that their women seem kind of brutal, e.g. bossy, loud, with a short fuse especially when it comes to feminism, religion, etc., but men seem to be fine with that (disclaimer: I’m judging a whole country only by the 25 people I’ve known). And in Latin America I think that we don’t have that kind of problems with feminism yet (although it’s getting stronger thanks to T.V. and the Internet), so that subject most likely won’t resonate with the majority of us yet.

    Also, do you plan to sell your ebooks there? I’d be kind of worried, since at least in Latin America, sadly, we don’t usually pay for stuff like that: we steal it. Also there is the problem of the different currencies in every country, even PayPal doesn’t work everywhere. In Spain it’s kind of the same problem but at least they have Amazon now, so you can make some money with their affiliate program.

    I’ve been reading to your blog for a while and I’ve found it very useful and interesting. I’d really like to hear your thoughts on this.

    • Victor Pride says

      “I am from Latin America and some of the articles that I read there “sounded” kind of weird, I guess they were translated by/for Spaniards. Is Spain your intended “market”?”

      It’s translated by a Colombian and the intended market is spanish speaking South America. I’m aware you guys don’t buy anything online, so we’re working on other possibilities.

  53. Marquise says

    Hey what’s going on man! I enjoyed reading this post by you man. I have a question about businesses. Do you think that (MLM) or Network Marketing is a good way to make some money? Because I’ve been working out using Beach Body programs like P90X3, Insanity, & other programs that they offer. Recently I’ve been getting hounded by beach body coaches to join their team because of the pics of my results I’ve been posting online. Come to find out, they want to sign me up under them as a coach so that I can buy products from them & sell products to other people. The shit seems funny to me. I just wanted to know what you thought about these types of busniesses?

    • Victor Pride says

      Nah, that shit’s not a business. It’s a constant take the money and run to the next scheme. BUILD A BUSINESS THAT PRODUCES! That’s how you do it.

  54. JP says

    Another thing to avoid: modern-day psychology with all of its excuses, self-esteem talk, medications, etc. This is an interesting article on the recent beta boy murderer, Elliot Rodger, and his many years of “therapy.”

    As the subtitle of the article says: “One of the terrifying achievements of the modern cult of therapy has been to churn out a generation of people completely focused on the self and in constant need of validation from others.”

    • Victor Pride says

      That kid is the ultimate result of a radical leftist America.

      From RamZPaul…

      “Is Elliot Rodger the new face of the millennial American male? Mixed race, effeminate, borderline gay, atheist, liberal divorced parents, narcissistic, cosmopolitan, prone to crying jags in the bathroom? His personality reminded me somewhat of Obama.”

      • says

        Absolutly Vic, Absolutly true want you assesd there about that punk kid. The New York City School system is filled with metro males like that. These panty waists think acting like dysfunctional candy asses is the way to go and here in New York, they applaud that behavior. Not too many real men here in the peoples republic of New York.

      • Seamus says

        The Elliott Rodgers killings are the canary in the coal mine.
        Many Western Men have a crisis of SELF WORTH.
        Seamus from Ireland

  55. Italian G says

    LOL! Victor. I am astounded no one is even talking about the F@CKING brilliance of what you just pulled off. You are a MASTER of setting personal high value and I dig that shit about you. They don’t even see it. Maybe a few do.

    Um…. Hello everyone. This man just did not post SH@T for over a month. Look at what has been done. Are you consciously aware of what you just did Vic? I believe you are. I have new respect for your intelligence.

    See.. I’m not sh@tting on Vic. I actually admire it. Everything he talks about in this blog is true. Vic knows who I am (a little)… I’m no phony. I am a CEO & own two companies and my future fiance is beyond beautiful & 7 years younger. I am older than Vic…. BUT AGE DOES NOT MEAN WISDOM. However, I would like to think I’m not stupid. Vic has it right. Thats why so many of you, including myself are drawn to it.

    Anyways, what you just pulled… I won’t go into was f@cking brilliant. Hmmmm. very cool. I do see what you just did though Viv. So that should tell you something about me. The man is smart kiddos. Wow… I’m not going to say what it is…. HOWEVER, its to be respected.

    • Abgrund says

      Good observation, but I’m reserving judgment on the “brilliance” until I see the follow-up.

    • Abgrund says

      Also, “new respect” ? As I’ve previously opined, our gracious host is an implement possessed of a more finely honed acumen than would always be apparent from a purely substantive investigation of his material. In marketing, every distraction is an impediment, thus Mr. Pride’s self presentation does not openly encompass the full gamut of his traits. Nor does it willingly disclose those not fully in agreement with that image which is the object held up for emulation. In short, I advise closer scrutiny.

  56. Italian G says

    Victor. Can I ask you a question bud? What % of your viewers are American? I’m sure your stats show what country… Could you tell us the top 5? I’m very curious…. I still can’t get over what you just did… LOL! Your a stud. See…. that’s why Victor Pride is writing this mother f@cker…

      • Italian G says

        Wow…. Thanks for sharing. I wonder if Indians in the UK told their boys about it back home. India just pops out of nowhere. Thank god American men are reading this.

        LOL… Its funny how we both agree what a bunch of pansies American men have become… However, we both know Vic as American men under attack we will decimate any other group of men in the world. Its true many guys in The American coast cities and maybe Austin have become weird, but come visit the interior where I grew up. I was in over 32 one on one fist fights by the age of 18. When I grew up the murder rate in the US was at an all time high… coinciding with gangster rap music… you make the call.

        Us American guys love to f@ck with one another…. BUT even the biggest sissy starting shit over seas would still get my back up. If their is one fact about the American man, is that if you attack us we will put aside ALL our differences to crush anyone. Shit… Saddam has nothing to do with 911 and we f@cked his world up. I personally don’t care. Yes its about oil. He was also an evil torturing bastard. What’s hilarious is the rest of the world thinks they saw how we really fight and get down… HA HA HA! We have technology that you could not begin to fathom. You think I’m kidding? When you live here its different. We all know… We did warfare with camera’s on us. You couldn’t even imagine our death machine if we were under attack. No matter what… If we were under attack we will all always put our differences aside and while we make fun of our brethren being “sissified” These fellas from other countries don’t fit the bill. I do love the Brits & Australians though. We are all really one anyways. America, Australia, Canada, UK…. We all have love for one another. America got its initial toughness from someone. It wasn’t the french. Its the Brits. Look at the Brits under Churchill they are formidable men once they put down their tea and their HP sauce (love that shit). .

        So…. while I agree with Victor 100% about the effeminate American brethren…. They are still OUR BROTHERS make no mistake world. We all grew up on Rocky, Red Dawn, and Rambo. There is still hope for us yet. Random rant… whatever piss off.

        • Jacob says

          Agreed Italian, but todays boys are growing up on cell phones, Frozen, and Minecraft. I watched a group of a dozen teens walk into a Hibachi Grill my wife and I were eating at. They all sat down, pulled out their cell phones, and clicked away on them without so much as glancing at each other for 20+ minutes. The only thing I could think is, “What the hell is wrong with you guys?!” It’s the new culture sweeping the nation and it’s nauseating…and I live in TN, not on a coastal city like you put it.

          • Italian G says

            I know! That cell phone crap kills me. The one that makes me want to get violent is men carrying sh@t in WHOLE FOODS bags. Seriously? Just carry a purse wuss. Thanks I.A.A.M.!

        • Winning says

          Survival of the fittest. When shit goes down the sissy boys will be there first die.

          Us B&D reading American bad asses will survive in the woods like Tarzan, eating Wild Boars, using their tusks as daggers and their guts as guitar strings.

          Screw the new hipster, metro trend. A man is supposed be covered in sweat, with dirt under his finger nails and calluses on his palms. Jeans and a white v-neck with a bad ass attitude is what the American man needs to get back being.

          • Jacob says

            Truer words were never spoken. I see more and more teen boys nowadays wearing clothing more befitting a girl and who look like they’ve never handled any tools beyond a pair of fingernail clippers.

          • B says

            I see what you are saying and I agree with the idea behind the visual. Today, however, a 20 or 30 something man donning a respectable pair of slacks, shirt, sport coat and a pair of Allen-Edmonds is so far apart from the ‘normal male’ that it baffles the mind. This man is not metro by any means; he doesn’t use 15 types of hair and skincare products. Just a man who looks respectable and is engaged with life.

            t see these tools with flip-flops, shorts, etc. at the gym, constantly. Every other word is “brah”. Tattoos everywhere. Walk like an ape. No class, no respectability. Then, there is the cuckold house-husband, there with the wife and kids, walking behind the wife, wearing some combination of t-shirt and weird yoga pants, using words like: “please”, “may I”, “honey”, etc.

            They’ll die first.

      • JP says

        Not yet, anyway. However, if the military keeps going this PC route, who knows. I talked to a man recently whose son is a captain in the Army and is deployed somewhere in the Middle East. He said they’re constantly being force-fed PC/diversity crap. What’s worse, his son commands an openly gay soldier who dresses like a woman off-duty and prances around. I’m guessing this “guy” doesn’t leave the base, as Middle Easterners wouldn’t take kindly to that sort of thing.

        The military was quite PC when I was in about 10 years ago. It’s hard to believe it’s gotten that much worse.

        • PM says

          that diversity thing is a joke. White people have different skin tones, we have brown, blonde, black, red hair… blue, gray, brown, green eyes. there is a lot of diversity in our physiology. the other races? mmmh pretty much black air, dark skin and brown eyes. but hey, we need more diversity….

          • C. Pittman says

            “the other races? mmmh pretty much black (h)air, dark skin and brown eyes. but hey, we need more diversity….”

            No, Sir… What you need is a swift, deliberate kick in the ass…. Followed by a tampon for your vagina! “PM”? What are you “Pre-Menstrual”?

            I guess you skipped Victor’s story about the Russian, heh? If so, go back and read it…. Funny story. But what I find even more hilarious is how guys like you come to places like this and say things that you’d never have the balls to say in a million years to another Man’s face…. You know ” the other races”… The ones with “black hair, dark skin and brown eyes”…. Built like Spartans, chiseled like granite, and kissed by the Sun. Yeah…. I know.

            Diversity? Diversity, PM? School is now in session… Take notes. PM, black is the only color in the color spectrum from which any and all others “colors” can be derived. How’s that for “diversity”? Yep. I said it. Class is over. You are now dismissed. Oh yeah… Forgot your homework. Don’t believe what I just said… Google it! You might learn something.

            Plain and simple buddy… This is not the blog for your racism, ignorance, or intolerance. We are here to learn, grow, and become real Men, despite our differences in race, color, and creed.

            At Bold and Determined, all are welcome here and encouraged to take PRIDE in the Men they are, the Men they are yet becoming, and most importantly, to celebrate and honor those who have come and sacrificed before them.

          • pm says

            C’ pittman, you’re the one who sounds butthurt. Im not being racist, its just a fact. White people have more diversity, hair colors, skin, eyes, on and on, im only talking about physical traits. If you take the other races, its dark hair, dark skin and dark eyes. Im not being racist, so calm the fuck down, you sounds offended like a bitch.

          • JP says

            C Pittman,

            PM was piggybacking on something I said. I was talking about all the diversity brainwashing that goes on in the military, school, government, corporate world, etc.

            I didn’t say anything about race, but PM is right– there’s plenty of diversity among those of European descent. However, that’s not what we’re taught. Every non-white race is praised to the high heavens, along with women, gays, the disabled, etc. I’ve even been somewhere that celebrated Pacific Islanders and Eskimos, even though we didn’t have a single person from either heritage. .

            PM isn’t promoting racism, nor am I. However, this focus on non- whites being wonderful, and giving everyone except Europeans their own special month is ridiculous. Yes, I said it. Stop being so sensitive; it’s certainly not a manly trait.

          • C. Pittman says

            “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience”. ~ Mark Twain

          • JP says

            Easier to copy/paste a quote then put together a solid argument. I concur with Twain, BTW.

  57. says

    “When women and dickless men take offense they run and tattle-tale to their employer, the police, the internet, the government, anyone with power.

    See, the easily offended always lack a few things: strength, character, pride and most of all they completely lack self-sufficiency.”

    Fucking right man! This describes western society in a nutshell, petitioning the government for more regulation and more thought control. Petitioning the HR manager at their job to anonymously scold an employee as opposed to confronting the person directly. The pillars of masculinity, independence, self sufficiency, confrontation (when necessary) are under direct attack from our elites through cultural marxism, both overtly and covertly. They know that when they control the alpha male they control society, paving the way for total collectivism using interest, debt, inflation, force, consumerism and cultural marxism.

  58. Jacob says

    Always love it when a new post comes out. Doesn’t matter what it’s about, I always get pumped. I was so pumped when I read this yesterday that I went home, ate a shit-ton of wings, chopped wood, did pullups, lifted weights and took a cold shower. Felt so good and energized I could barely go to bed. Going to do the same thing today except instead of weightlifting, I’m teaching people how to kick ass in my MA class. I understand quality over quantity, Vic, but DAMN! One a week would be superb!

    • Lewis says

      You should always be able to motivate yourself, and not rely solely on this blog. Otherwise you’ll get nowhere.

      I have to admit though, that this blog is indeed a motivation booster.

      • Jacob says

        Don’t get me wrong. I don’t solely rely on this blog to motivate me. It’s just like you said, it’s a good booster.

  59. says

    The biggest obstacle standing between me being a true man and being a bitch is my 9-5 job. Until I’m financially free from that shit I’ll never feel like a true man. I can’t even go after women and have sex because I feel a sense of disgust at the thought of enjoying such pleasures while having to go back to my job the next day. Shit i can barely enjoy myself at all knowing there’s job waiting for me, the concept of a “2 week vacation” is alien to me. How the fuck anyone ca be OKAY with working year round just to “earn” less then a month’s worth of vacation is beyond me, that shits a fucking a handout, like throwing a dog a bone. How can i feel like a man when my boss could strike fear into my heart by simply telling me that if i’m late one more time im fired. Just the fuckin principle of it makes me sick… I feel completely powerless when i gotta set my alarm an hour earlier and know that im completely at the mercy of others… makes me feel like a little bitch, i dont understand why other workers dont feel that way… and my job is actually pretty laid back compared to a fast food restaurant or walmart or some other bullshit…

    I was gonna get into blogging, ebooks, stuff like that but i have decided to focus 100% on app game development. I have a computer engineering degree and I’ve been learning the Unity3d game engine on my own time for a few years now. Working on a game got me an A on my senior design project in college, and I have learned a ton since then. I’ve been working on a simple app for months now, I installed software on my work computer to work on my game there as well, in fact I’m writing this at work right now.

    I’m completely aware that this being 2014, the app market is super saturated with apps but that’s ok. I’m not expecting miracles, this app may or may not make much money, but I’m not gonna stop, I will just keep going and going until either i finally make it, or WW3 starts, or I’m dead. I think I understand now what bold and determined and other successful individuals mean when they say you have to go all the way, no turning back. For awhile I was scared that i may be making the wrong choice, as in WHAT IF I never do make it financially, and i ended up having squandered my 20’s and possibly 30’s when i could have been having some fun like EVERYONE around me. After all, i do have a basic 32k job, I play sports, i could party and have a good time on weekends. But I no longer have that fear, i have crossed over completely, at this point I will try and try and try until i either make it or I’m dead, and if that happens i will have NO REGRETS because I truly gave it my all, and that’s huge to truly accept that.

    I even got a little blog going where I keep a monthly journal and a daily/semi daily log to keep tabs on myself, so i remain productive. I even wrote a few articles about my mindset, bold and determined style :)

    • Jacob says

      Best of luck to you, Boris. I know all too well about the 9-5 jive sucking the life outta you. I’ve been tossing around the idea of starting a blog and working on an eBook. Now’s as good a time as any to get started.

      Reflecting a bit, I see that I slowly got sucked into the bed of excuses for putting it off. Got work…got side job 3 nights a week….got wife and 3 kids….got chores around the house….when I get home tonight from teaching my class, I am going to start up a wordpress blog and get to typing.

    • says

      Boris, you do NOT get free from the 9-5 jive by working in the 9-5 jive until you are free.

      Walk away. Find an altenative. I did that when I was 17 and I’m more than fine. You can too.

      • says

        I help support my mother and brother financially. If i walk away i become homeless in a month. I’m lucky enough to have free access to internet and my game development software on the job, so when I get time at work I work on the app. No other job would allow me to do that, and since I virtually don’t go out at all, I have all the money I need to buy stuff for my app development, domains, hosting, and eventually business registration and all that.

        Now don’t get me wrong, I wish I could get laid off because I’ve been working here for 8-9 months and I could get unemployment payments to live off of and work on my apps full time more easily.

  60. SY says

    What actions towards business or making money can I take as a 17 year old? I have a business plan, but I want to walk the walk before I preach the talk. I can’t launch my business until I walk the walk. I workout at the gym and get results I like. Here’s the obstruction, when I’m not working out, meaning the rest of the day until I workout again the next day(s), I get uninspired. I have a lot of free time and nothing to do with that free time.

  61. says

    I debated this yesterday with a female.

    She took issue to the fact that she thought you meant only men could be badass types in control of their destiny via business building and balls.

    This girl has built her own solid internet business in her own right in the last year (by herself) and is 100% supporting herself from her private course and copywriting consulting she does with established businesses.

    I came to the conclusion the issue is much less about MEN vs WOMEN, and more about badass mindset vs whiner mindset.

    That being said, are there more men that pull this off than women? HELL YES.

    It comes down to testosterone levels (in the man OR woman) – as testosterone contributes to drive, logic, will to succeed and problem solving. I’d bet if you tested females that have reached the heights of business, politics and other arenas have high T levels.

    I always think of the quote from “As Good as it Gets” with Jack Nicholson, when asked how he writes women characters so well in his novels.

    Response: “First, I think of a man. Then, I take away reason and accountability.”

    Some people call me sexist or misogynist for quoting it, but I’ve stopped caring. I’ve seen it proven correct time and time again by women that I’ve known. Stereotypes exist for a reason.

    I have no patience for people (men or women) who are indecisive and not taking 100% ownership for their life and the direction it is going.

    I shared this article with quite a few in my circle yesterday, and it seems to have struck a nerve. A good nerve.

    Thanks for writing it.

  62. Alexander says

    Also, Victor, great job on the new FAQ, it’s written in true BnD style. Consider putting it somewhere center-stage so people can see it. Cheers.

  63. says

    sick post.
    I took to my problems 7 years ago. took one biz from scratch to 6 figures. started a nother online biz took it to mid 5 figs. My question is I believe I can make number 2 a 6 fig biz, but there is so much op out there right now to replciate it for a different sector of biz. Biz 2 is almost (not fully) automated. Should i strike while the iron is hot or automate fully number 2 and sit on the idea of number 3 until biz 2 is bug free? What would you do? These bizs are selling stuff online (semi custom stuff).



  64. Blitzkrieg says

    Hey Vic,

    do you know Gordon Ramsay? Is he a bitch in your opinion? I mean, because he likes to cook, has a lot of kids and may have occasianally even taken care of them at one time or another.

    In my opinion a real man is a man who has the power to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. You on the other hand obviously avoid this by trying to minimize your commitments. Life for a real man is having a familiy and raising kids to the best of his abilities. Loosing out on this experience is like cutting off your testicles. After all, thats the reason they are there for.

    You call yourself a man though you have little to show for yourself other than fucking some bitches somewhere in the world where bitches come cheap and having to use steroids in order to achieve the “buff” look you obvioulsy wouldnt’t achieve without this crutch. Of course, the picture you paint is atrractive to a lot of youngsters in ther late teens and early twenties. I know very well from my own experience because fucking bitches, “doing whatever the fuck I want”, and looking buff where also very high on the priority list at that time of my life.

    And then suddenly I grew up, became a man. I have been exactly where you are now and I experienced this kind of life as empty and devoid of any meaningness.

    Of course it is hard to find a suitable wife and make a relationship work. It gets even harder when you have kids and these kids grow and with them grow the demands they have. And I don’t mean financial demands but their need for guidance and time and affection. Thats why so many parents suck in a way or another. Because being a husband and being a parent both are difficult endeavors but ultimately, in my experience, worth it.

    Promiscuous relationships, training and travelling the world may be nice things to experience for a boy on his way into adulthood. If he does it on his own dime by building a successful business, internet or otherwise, the better for him.

    But for a man this is just the starting point for his journey from being a boy to being a man. It’s the easy part. Being stuck in this way of life is essentially being stuck in staying a boy and in the end ultimately ridiculous. Victor, look at your site statistics. How old are all these guys praising you in the comment section?

    I bet not a lot of praise from real men with families who have to make ends meet and deal with real life, eh? :-)

    • Victor Pride says

      “I bet not a lot of praise from real men with families who have to make ends meet and deal with real life, eh? :-)”

      You must be learning disabled to ignore all the comments from the men with families, men in their fifties, fathers and grandfathers, veterans, men of character and life who come to B&D and read the site to their sons and grandsons.

      • Jacob says

        I gotta back Vic up on this one….married with 3 kids. If any were sons I’d be teaching them a lot of the principles Vic speaks of.

        • pm says

          Gordon ramsey cooks but that doeasnt mean anything, he’s’one badass. There’s’not a single gay bone in this man.

      • JP says

        I’m with Victor. Yes, some of the focus here won’t apply to married men with kids (or others for that matter), but there are still many things to learn. Take this line (perhaps the most important point) from this post: “If you are broke and not doing anything to fix your financial situation you aren’t a man.”

        I know several men who are unemployed right now. All are applying for jobs, but I haven’t heard any of them talk about starting a business–not even a small online business to run on the side. (Well, one man does painting and odds jobs, but that’s certainly not a scalable business with real potential.)

        One is a 50-year old engineer, who is banking on his experince and two master desgrees. But do employers really want someone that age who has been specialized/pigeonholed for years in a very specific industry? The other two are in worse shape, They have graduate degrees in education, and are trying to get administrative jobs at local colleges. I hate to tell them, but those cushy jobs don’t go to white males in their 40s and 50s.

        This post is even more important for them than it is for a 24-year old alpha male wannabe who wants to look buff, be attractive to chicks and leave the corporate world he just entered.

      • Brandon says

        Fucking some bitches? Got his body by taking steroids? Do you even read the site Blitzkrieg? Vic, you should’ve been harsher in your response to this moron.

        • Victor Pride says

          No point, how do you kick dirt in the face of someone whose face is already dirty? Losers gonna lose, he can “go make ends meet and deal with real life”.

      • TheGreyWolf says

        Pride, Blitzkrieg called your woman a bitch, he called you a boy, and went on to denigrate the 1000’s of hours you have put in the gym to look the way you do.
        Your response was far more metered than mine would have been. That’s a hallmark of a true alpha.
        Thank you for leading by example.

    • says

      I’m married. I cook for my wife from time to time because I’m a good cook (I also know 18 stone bodybuilders who could eat most men in one sitting who do the same, it in no way makes me feel effeminate). I live in Indonesia and it isn’t “running away” – it’s hard as f*ck to leave family, friends and loved ones to build a new life. Don’t hate on people like Victor who have done what you wish you could do. Sometimes moving abroad is simply a smart choice for someone who realizes it’s a quicker path to riches and higher spending power for investment, or a necessity.

      Everybody has their own path to walk. A little less ridicule and judgement of eachother and a little more respect as men would go a long way.

    • TheGreyWolf says

      I am in my 50’s, remarried, 7 children including 3 sons and 3 stepsons. Weekly I am texting them links to Pride’s archives. 2 sons have subscribed.
      Pride is in his early 30’s, established, and if he ever does start a family is more prepared and ready to be a husband, father, and provider than 90% of those that have or will.
      I have made a lot of mistakes, married poorly the first time, won the lottery with the second wife; I simply got lucky. I have been a beta male, same job for 24 years, always self-conscious, afraid of criticism. Being married, having a job, having kids, going into debt, didn’t make me a man. It reaffirmed I am a male.
      I will be a man when I can provide for my family. I will be a man when my beautiful, sexy, Zumba instructor wife can stay home full time and be the beta female she wants to be and I can be the alpha male she pushes me to be.
      I help with dishes only on the days we both work. When I work 6 days a week she mows the lawns to help me stay at work. She does all the house cleaning. It’s a marriage that works. Our goal, Memorial Day, 2019, she goes off A payroll and goes on THE payroll, mine. She will never have to work outside the home again.
      That’s why I like Pride’s site. It shows me the possibilities, gives me a better message to give my boys. I waited until I was 34 to marry the first time. Have kids. Make ends meet. Without the foundational principles found in blogs like this, I became a statistic.
      My point? Too many boys get married before they are ready. Divorce stats prove that. Getting married, having children, and going into debt doesn’t make you a man. Creating resources for a future family, establishing yourself, being a provider and leader for your future wife and kids; that’s being a man.

      • bear says

        Aside from the kids (we have none ) and the age difference ( I’m a bit younger) your journey and circumstances are very similar to my own. Like yourself, my desire is to enable my beautiful yoga loving wife to stay home full time. She’s a total feminine female who loves being domestic. By God’s grace and take no prisoners hard work I am going to make it happen. She’s my second wife and like yourself it was pretty much luck that brought her to me. I wasn’t until recently that I’ve really begun to understand what it means to be a real man in business,love and in the home.

  65. Martin Taylor says

    Hi Victor,

    Big fan of your work, always enjoy reading your posts.
    Just have 1 question for you though.
    I most certainly agree with your explanation above, about the women doing the households and other female tasks, however:
    What if both the men and women work full-time, surely you can´t agree a men still can do nothing at home, while the women does everything?.
    Is the men not making enough money, should things change, what is your view on this?

    Thanks, Hope to get your answer.

  66. says

    So much win in this article. I like how it’s a kick in the ass to get going. And yeah, I still got a long way to go, but articles like these are very inspiring. When we get rich and famous, I’m putting Vic in our special thanks section.

    One of my favorite articles so far, along with your article on raising your T-levels naturally. I sent a friend your 3 links on how to make money blogging. He’s in incredible shape – knew Carl Lewis on a personal basis and used to run with him often. I hope he’ll read them and take them seriously, because I think he’d have a lot to offer if he wrote a blog on working out. He was the one guy when I was a Defensive Back that I couldn’t catch.

    Just wanted to say thanks, and I’ll do the 30 days before the year’s out. I started lifting weights again because of this blog, and not sure why, but ever since I started lifting weights, I’ve been craving RED MEAT like crazy. For instance, last night wolfed down a 14-ounce rib-eye.

  67. Dan says

    Very good post.

    The most important part of being a man is mind set (having balls) and then as you rightly say it is to earn money.

    Men have to find a niche and go for it. Being skint is not the problem , doing nothing about it is.

    I find it interesting knowing that you are not a religious or spiritual man but the direction you are pushing boys into is in fact in line with some solid psycho spiritual teachings.

    Such as not being a wimp or depressed and also being a dominant male in a relationship. All these things are about accessing the peak of masculine energy. As is being fully present in your work and the effort you put into it .

    Spirituality has got such a bad reputation lately as its full of men accessing powerful female energies and neglecting masculine energies. In fact this is the current predicament in western societies, not just the spiritual community. Women are accessing to much male behavior and men are accessing to much female behavior. This is mostly due to feminism and indoctrination .

    Allowing women to vote and allowing women to work is fantastic but telling women that men are shit bags while at the same time telling them to become men is a recipe for the disaster you now see in western societies. Woman who want to secretly be dominated have made themselves unable to be dominated in our current culture.

    Its why the nice guy phenomenon exists, poor boys basing their whole lives on finding the “one”. I used to be one of these creatures until embarking on deep psycho spiritual work. The nice guy thinks that a woman wants a kind sensitive man and someone who will always love them. this is total shit and garbage and is total brainwashing and lack of male help from older peers and fathers.

    The bad boy is just a semi sane reaction to this. They realize so many of the women are so far gone that they may as well just manifest alpha qualities to get casual sex of them. Getting into an actual relationship with them is impossible. The woman need that strong alpha male to be actually attracted and turned on by you but at the same time that strong alpha male is stomping all over their feminist “equality”. You have to get with a feminine woman like Vic has done !. Getting with a masculine woman will mean you become like the man who displays female qualities as described in this article. If you want to do that then fine.

    Bold and determined is good solid psychological lessons to give boys a kick up the arse. If people think it is offensive and sexist then leave them to it ,but to be honest this hard message is what boys need these days, what their Mummy’s told them was a lie, and this is what their fathers never told them.

  68. Walt says

    In defence of married dudes, most females do most of the paying. I take my monthly cash and family savings, the rest the wife gets to pay bills, pay rent, buy diapers, groceries, daycare bills, etc. I don’t do all that. So she will probably be paying after lunch. I usually drive to the restaurant and she drives home because I love my two lunchtime martinis and she doesn’t drink. Works pretty well.

    This article really does kick a lot of ass. The kind of kick which hits the perineum right between the ball sack and asshole.

    That said, having a wife and kids makes you look at the world in a completely different way and the world looks differently at you. I mean, when was the last time you saw a dude with his kid and thought, “damn, that dude is too cool….” Right, never.

    • Jacob says

      The world might not look at a man pushing a stroller with twins as cool, but you can still look like a man no one would want to fuck with, and that’s good enough for me.

    • TheGreyWolf says

      “I usually drive to the restaurant and she drives home because I love my two lunchtime martinis and she doesn’t drink. Works pretty well.”

      I understand she doesn’t drink.

      I drive to the restaurant, I drive home.

      I enjoy my wife in bed after two martinis, anytime.

  69. Sal Mir says

    Hello Victor,

    I want you to talk about patience and perseverance in starting a business. I started a business two years ago, its exhausting, depleted my resources and energy.
    Nowadays, people talk about startups as a cool thing, but as you once said, its an elitist club, not everybody’s cut to be a leader.
    Please write something on the hard times before success and how patience WILL pay off if one believes in their project.

    I think the greatest thing I read on this blog was this:
    “Even if you do struggle it’s not a big deal. Struggle is not sacrifice! Struggling is just part of the process, it’s what happens before your avalanche of success comes in.”

    Keep up the good work, we need more doers in this world.

    • Michael says

      Hi, perseverance is the key to success. It’s important to look where things are heading to know if we are in the right path

      Startups are great. I have done research, Most startups fail. Seems like they spend millions of dollars on new startup without researching the market

      My failproof method consist on looking into the future. statistics and psychoanalysis can help. I’ll suggest that you patent your invention and let a big corp do the development.

      As my my mentor told me that it won’t be easy for me (he wants me to go to college for 5 Years, Hell no!), I just remembered that same blog you quoted “Don’t fucking sacrifice!” two different struggles college and entrepreneurship

  70. MeanGreen says

    Hey Victor,

    Great article. I was wondering though.. I have been making very good money recently in a sales position, similar to the insurance work you mentioned you did before. Waiting to get paid my commissions is stressful but seems to be worth it. I don’t particularly love the work but I have never made more money in my life. Thing is, my heart is in music. I had brief success in the business a few years ago with my former band. We had CD’s in stores nationwide and did national tours for months at a time. So my question is, if you were me would you continue to make money doing something that makes good money that you don’t really care for, or set a time limit to end it and collect the money and pursue music full time? I have the balls, and the money is coming so what do you think?

  71. Shreyas says

    Google is purportedly too male, according to SVP of HR. What’s arguably even more comical is the fact that viewers worldwide have stormed the web to congratulate this “step in the right direction” which “deserves to be lauded”. Repugnant.

    It’s nauseating how not just Americans, but individuals the world over have slowly come to embrace bullshit ideals about not only reversed gender roles but also the value of CAPABILITY. Has it not occurred to the vast majority of people that males are simply more driven to obtain these roles at leading companies? They’re obviously a better professional fit as well, but now, with droves of leading management “academics” professing that females bring valuable contributions to the workforce that males cannot bring in, this ethos of unfair male advantage continues to be propagated.

    When I first started reading your articles about HR deference to the weak, I thought that perhaps you didn’t fully understand the scope of professions like finance in which a high-powered male environment has, for decades, gotten deals done, business accomplished, and problems solved. I now realize that what you said is more than true even here-ANY profession that involves working in an office environment WILL undoubtedly be insufferable if you are a self-respecting man.

    I’m 21 and I’m set on an entrepreneurial path (either independent consulting or online revenue stream through service/product offering) but I’ll have to work at some big-name firm first to 1) learn the core areas of business/consulting and 2) get some credentials before I embark on a solo gig.

    Lastly, Abgrund-Your prior assertions regarding our gracious host and his very sensible and shrewd predilection for conveying bold motifs (while eschewing certain nuances) in order to avoid dilution of his primary and profit-driving representations are absolutely correct.

  72. says

    Victor took the time to drop by and visit me here in Indonesia, and I can confirm he is the real deal.

    I got two major impressions from Vic, and they both were about his vibe, and were both non-verbal life lessons. The most important is that he is content.

    I’ll leave some space here to let that sink in.

    The second was a life lesson he showed while greeting my dog. Vic has some experience with dogs, but that is not enough of a reason for his natural command. My dog obeyed Vic and it was a lesson to see his authority in action.

    Vic and I share an extraordinary simpatico in attitudes towards relating with the women in our lives. His girl dotes affectionately, constantly, and they have a vibe that could be called surprisingly good if they did not make it appear so natural. Bubbly and humorous and sexually charged, with Vic being the dominant leader at all times. We came at our shared attitudes in parallel by paying attention to life – neither learned them from the other.

    The highlight of the visit for me was going out to the gym with Cody and Vic. All three of us put on the puffy boxing gloves and took turns having at it. Above the belt and below the chin. What a blast.

    Indonesia is close – come again.

    • Jason Veloso says

      Do you live around Jakarta? If so, can you recommend me a good gym there? Because I’ll be going in Jakarta this July.

      • Victor Pride says

        X doesn’t live in Jakarta but I’ll give you one tip: find a gym as close to your hotel as possible. I picked a hotel that had a gym. The traffic in Jakarta is nasty. My hotel was 2.2 kilometers from the airport. It took 35 minutes to go 2.2 kilometers. For the Americans, 2.2 km is 1.36 miles.

  73. Jason Veloso says

    As expected, another golden post from you man. Its worth the wait! Though I live here in a 3rd world country Philippines, majority of people still follow traditional values and men are still respected here but that is a changing trend. I know our liberal media and the government will stop at nothing to demonize men and traditional values. Right now I’m a struggling freelance photographer and having a taste of how business is done in the real world. I know its better than working as an underpaid peace of shit graphic artist with an annoying boss to bullshit me for 8 hours a day. Thanks!

  74. Abhi says

    Guys listen to Victor.

    starting a bussiness is very easy.

    buy something in Bulk——repack it——–sell it——profit.

    I started my bussiness in Dec 13 now after 4 month’s effort I make 3-4x money than my shitty job.

  75. Darrell says

    In this feminized, increasingly socialist (funny how those two seem to correlate) society that I was born into, it is truly uplifting to read your posts. It’s maddening being a man who actually understands this shit, when you are surround by those who don’t.

    • Jacob says

      I’ve never put the 2 together, but it makes sense. When you think of the old American men that built this country, what comes to everyone’s minds? The nitty-gritty, hard-working, no bullshit men of old. Very astute observation, Darrell.

  76. says

    Vic what are your thoughts on using alcohol? Are you a non-drinker or possibly just a casual user? I get the feeling that you lean towards very light drinking because you’ve never mentioned it in any of your posts.

    Personally, I have mixed feelings about drinking. There’s nothing more fun than going out and having some drinks after a successful day of winning in business, sport or just life.

    However having more than two drinks makes me sleep-in tremendously — wasting one or two precious hours the next morning.

    • Victor Pride says

      “I get the feeling that you lean towards very light drinking because you’ve never mentioned it in any of your posts.”

      That’s 100% correct. I’m not a teetotaler but I rarely drink and almost never get drunk. A little alcohol just makes me sleepy and getting drunk has no benefits for me.

      • says

        I’ve found that alcohol has more negative effects on my life than positive, especially when I am trying to be productive. I will drink on special occasions, however.

        Special occasions are just that, special.

  77. Alexander says

    Shaved hands as advised, like it. But skin itches like hell. Not irritation. How do you cope with this?

  78. BEN says


    Who knew Arnold Schwarzenegger also had a brain buried under all that muscle, or the ability to be sarcastic in so many ways?

    Egotistically sarcastic: “Money doesn’t make you happy. I have 50 million dollars now but I was just as happy when I only had 48 million.”

    Hypocritically sarcastic: “I have a private plane. But I fly commercial when I attend environmental conferences.”

    Unintentionally sarcastic: “Maria [Shriver] is the best reason to come home.”

    Homophobically sarcastic: “I think gay marriage should be between a man and a woman.”

    And finally, AWESOMELY, AH-NOLDLY sarcastic: “Of all the numerous awards I have received in my lifetime, this is without a doubt the most … recent.”

    Speak like a MAN!!!

    • Jon Weathers says

      Right on big Viccy P,great article! P.s why do you buy zinc p. (for T etc.) if you are on TRT, am I missing something?? Take it easy man.

  79. says

    Hi Vic,
    I have been reading bold and determined articles for awhile but haven’t posted anything so here goes. I am a 43 year old man, was married to a useless woman for 16 years, one day I woke up and like a revelation from heaven, saw the “big picture”. I always thought I was just unlucky and that I made a bad choice but since my divorce, I have started my own business after working for others for years, got in great shape, and pretty have been doing what I want when I want. Your website (and yes I bought your 30 days of discipline program) have really been entertaining and helpful. I read articles when I need a little kick in the seat of the pants. I am in the Southeastern US and let me say that it is really tough to find like minded men to hang out with and bounce things off of. And the women here, sheez, what can I say? The useless piece of crap I was married to is only one of many. I finally found myself a girlfriend that likes distance and doesn’t give me a hard time which is really the best I can probably do around here. I’ve lived both ways and being a MAN is much better. But that’s my story, I am probably a good bit older than you and many of your readers but I have always been a “late bloomer” and I really appreciate your perspective and philosophy. I have even referred my younger male clients (you see I am a financial and tax advisor) to your website. Thanks Vic!!!

  80. Anonk says

    Victor what is your view on expat women?Both the ones who start businesses and the one who travel for fun?

  81. says

    Thank you for another great post Victor, you have inspired me in many ways. I wish I had found your blog a few years earlier but that’s fine because I’m kickin ass now and living my life the way I want to live it.
    I never had a father-figure growing up and I’ve lived my life day in and day out correcting myself and consciously trying to become the best man I can be.
    Now I train in mixed martial arts and I powerlift, and you have inspired me to start building my business. Soon I will marry my own little angel who believes and follows all my beliefs and I will start changing the world.
    Thanks again and like many others, I look forward to reading more from you.

  82. Mr. A says

    Hey Vic,

    I got a question for you. However, other experienced in bodybuilding, powerlifting etc. people are also very welcome to answer.

    Right now, in the last two months I greatly increased my strength on basic upper body lifts (I don’t train my legs due to feet injury). I’m doing low rep work (mainly triples) in many sets and I train each lift around 3 times/week. After 60 days my bench increased 40 pounds! I like that. Thing is, I’m not getting any bigger. It’s due to busy lifestyle and inability to eat enough. I did deload week and fully refreshed I’m planning to carry on for another 60 days with my present approach and I believe I can realistically add another 40 pounds to my bench and other big number to rest of my lifts.

    Now, after those two months, when my strength increases as I expect I will want to increase my muscle mass. My question is. When I will start doing higher reps (6-10/set) with load which used to be my 1RM (or even much more than) in the past and I will increase my caloric intake (and add more proteins obviously) can I expect rapid increase in muscle mass? I’m not using any supplements, no steroids and have relatively good genetics (though nothing outstanding). Is it possible, when switching from strength building routine to bodybuilding type to quickly catch up with bodyweight? After all, it should shock muscle when instead of 8 reps with 60kg, it has to handle 80kg or even more. What are your insights?

    • says

      Mr. A,
      It’s great that you’re strength is going up, and I understand the frustration of not being able to train lower body, broke my ankle 4 months ago, but now I’m training and getting stronger/bigger.
      I wanted to let you know that first of all, you’re probably getting bigger you just don’t realize it right now. If your weight isn’t changing that could be due to losing body fat +gaining muscle.
      Second of all, if you’re really having trouble gaining mass, I suggest the GSLP program by johnny pain. It’s amazing and it will increase your strength and mass.
      And last, remember to eat, eat, eat. Make getting huge your obsession and before you know it, people will start telling you how much bigger you’ve gotten.
      Hope that helped.

      • Mr. A says


        I’m mostly curious if such switch from strength phase into bodybuilding phase can contribute to RAPID increase in muscle mass. Instead of for example progressing steadily on high number of reps with small jumps in load.

  83. Eric T says

    Thank you so much Victor. A year ago I had no idea what I was going to do in life. I had quit my job at walmart and I thought the most important thing in life was drinking and socializing. I was seriously depressed with thoughts of suicide. After reading through most of your blogs I realized what I needed to do. I threw myself into selling online and went on trt. It has been 10 months and I am a completely different person. I have become addicted to my business and feel fantastic making my own way in life with zero depression. I now have many great plans for my life. I owe you a debt that can never be repayed.

  84. zagamaphatoadis says

    It seems that what it means to be a man is taking responsibility for yourself and not playing the victim. This guy got the short straw from life, and yet refuses to play the victim.

    If this guy can do what he does and still be independent in life, what’s your fucking excuse for playing the victim?

  85. says

    Another great post Victor! Money and balls are definitely needed to be an accomplished man. Men who dismiss money are being pussies because they’re too scared to go after what rightfully belongs to them. Keep the great posts coming.

  86. says

    Vic you’ve really been a help to me this past year. Standing up and telling the sheep they’re wrong when constantly bombarded by their senseless antics day in and day out is no easy task. This blog gave me the inner strength to realize I’m not alone in my thinking. I started my ecommerce business at and haven’t looked back. OWWWW OWWWWWWWWWW!!

    • Jacob says

      Can’t help but laugh at the irony that you’re tired of the senseless antics of other people and you run a business of delivering booby trapped boxes filled with piss. There’s gotta be a catchphrase to use in your marketing in there somewhere.

      • says

        I meant middle class trap trading time for money kind of senseless antics…. Getting piss on people is funny. I get to laugh and make money bud!

        • Jacob says

          Not knocking your business at all. If you’re making money and getting chuckles out of it, more power to you. I just found humor out of what you were saying and what you were selling. Just don’t send any of those packages my way. Haha

  87. Joseph says

    Hey Vic .
    You often say blogging can be one of the most profitable and cheap ways to start making money. I definitely agree with the former.
    About the later though : You say that the hosting and the domain name cost around 7-15 $ each month, thus the startup is cheap. However , if one wants to legally make profit, aren’t other stuff added to this, like expenses needed for the legal creation of the business and costs for insurance ? Or do blog businesses work differently ?

    • Victor Pride says

      Blog insurance? That’s the first time I’ve ever heard anyone suggest that. You don’t need to create a business until you’re making money, so no money wasted there. You need barely anything to make money online. To grow it and make more you need to spend more.

      • Joseph says

        So what you say is IF I start making money ( even tiny small profits from affiliate links like amazon ? ) THEN I create my business or incorporate etc. Makes sense now that I think of it.

      • jmd says

        This exists and can be a good idea. I don’t know of any policies specifically written for blogs, but business insurance and personal umbrella policies can include protection for defamation and intellectual property infringement (e.g., copyright and trademark). If you’re just starting out, you may want to use your money elsewhere. But if you’re successful, people may get the idea they can sue just to squeeze a few thousand dollars out of you. Insurance can be very helpful for that.

        Even if you’re confident you’ve never done anything that would lead to you being held liable, being sued is very expensive. If someone with a terrible claim names you in a lawsuit, poof, you’re out thousands – potentially tens of thousands – of dollars, just like that. With an insurance policy that covers your blogging, you can rest a little easier. You will have a big company to provide you attorneys and absorb most of the cost, and your out-of-pocket loss is limited to your deductible.

        I don’t sell insurance and don’t benefit from telling anyone this. I have, however, seen people I know fork over large sums of money to defend themselves for what they’ve written on their blog. Even when they’re right, it’s a pyrrhic victory to drain one’s bank account for vindication.

        • Victor Pride says

          You’re very correct about the possibility of being sued, but I’m unaware of any umbrella policy that covers blogging. In another life I was a licensed insurance man but I’ve forgotten most of the business.

          My suggestion is to use an offshore company or series of companies, make it too hard for the scumbags to sue you.

  88. says


  89. Howard Lynch says

    Hey Victor and fellow readers,

    I was wondering when the Spartan Entrepreneur ebook will be available again, as I have been waiting for it for some time. If I recall correctly it seems to come out in june every year for a short period of time and I would hate to miss it.


  90. John says

    Yo Vic 2 questions. 1. Im a Pakistani male and my parents want me to marry my niece. Shes a good clean girl. Thing is im 17 and live in Holland and want to go out and screen pussy(like goodlookingloser). This girl is young and cannot divorce me cuz she is my niece. 2. So if a guy in real life would say something mean to you. Would you beat the shit out of him? What would you do in both these situations?

    • Victor Pride says

      1) I don’t know what screening pussy is so ask GLL. 2) The fight starts when he squares up, not when he says really mean things and hurts your feelings.

  91. Sal Mir says

    Hello Vic,

    I just read your Evolution of Pride page. I think it was one of the best I’ve read so far, not because of the writing but the depth of it. Many believe that pride is associated with self centric, egoistic people. To some extent that is true, but it is also associated with success.

    A while ago I watched a documentary about Rome , professors who analyzed why Romans where so superior to everybody else came to a simple conclusion which is that Romans had a “Collective Cultural Ego,” in other words, by just being Roman, you had pride, and success followed wherever you went. People feared them, copied them, spoke of them. They definitely weren’t smarter than other people of their time, but this Collective Ego made them seem invincible to everyone else.

    I guess they figured Bold & Determined’s mission statement thousands of years ago!!!

    Best of luck Vic.

  92. John says

    Yo Victor with screening i meant the player lifestyle. YOU know fucking lots of women. So thats what im struggling with. On one side i could have the player lifestyle like GLL preaches. On the other side my parents could get an good clean girl from Pakistan (my niece) like bold and deterrmined preaches. What would you do?

  93. MJP1 says

    Great article and a lot of comments which is deserving.

    You are 100% correct Victor. I left the UK a long time ago to live in part of Africa and run my own company etc as I always have worked for myself since leaving education.

    Please keep the words coming. A+

  94. says

    Hey Victor,

    You’ve made it. And, I’m very proud, and inspired to see someone who writes honestly about what he does; and shares it with others for the sake of helping others. You have a honest, powerful and very creative business that produces work that matters.

    Thank you for the inspiration,
    Dragos Bernat

  95. Belka says

    hi,Vic. I am a girl and im from Russia. OMG!!! not all women like cooking and cooking its bad at all, becouse food must be natural as is. i mean vegan food. this food do not need to be cooked! What about women why need to be relised in some work? if she feel she really need it! Why she must seeting at home and do anly homework?! only becouse she has not a man?! but soul has not a sex. and has a both sex at once time. Mind more globally!!! What u will do if will be a woman next life?!

  96. Jacky says

    This website should be named “bold determined and alpha as fuck”. Reading all of it was the best fucking decision i have made.

  97. says


    Thanks for the motivation to start my own training website. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s getting there. I wouldn’t have been able to do it w/o the step-by-step instructions that you laid out there to start your own website. Very informative and helpful.

    Like Bruce Lee said, “action is the key to everything.” Words will only get you so far. Nobody ever remembers how you “felt” or what you said. They just remember what you did….so you better be cool w your actions. When you step up and act like a man, things seem to fall into place. I remember reading somewhere, I believe it was a martial arts book written by a Japaneese Samuri hundreds of years ago, and basically it says you’re dead already and living in reverse. Point is, you better be cool w what you do on a daily basis, bc that’s what u live with. Keep putting out the quality material.

  98. Hutch says

    Victor, in that picture of you praying to the Balinese gods — what brand jeans are you wearing and what fit are they? I used to have a pair that fit like that years ago but they don’t make them any more. Help a brother enhance his wardrobe! I know awesome jeans when I see ’em.


  99. Jonathan says

    Hi Victor,
    How can you not be a pussy? Like, how do you retire yourself?
    Also, what do you do when people make fun of you, and out you down? I’m not good with comebacks, and frankly, it seems like it’s just a bunch rallying back and forth? The reason I’m asking this is because I am made fun of.
    Thank you for your advice.

    • Victor Pride says

      The next time somebody makes fun of you slap them in the mouth as hard as you can. Tell me if they make fun of you twice.

        • Victor Pride says

          You have a father around? If you do have him take you to a boxing gym or a MMA gym and I want you to practice a left jab and a right hook 1,000 times. If a fight happens a fight happens. It’s worse to be a pussy than to get beat up, but it’s even better to beat up the kids who make fun of you.

  100. says


    Life begins and ends with balls, literally and figuratively. Think about it. Never be afraid to nut up and be a man. Kick ass, take names, and feel the rush of killer energy that runs in the blood of the animal machine.

    • says

      Hev Victor I remember having seen a a ”download as a PDF” thing on some articles, was it universal or is it just for some specific articles I can’t find it anymore… If you did remove it please bring it back!

  101. says

    Hey Vic, I’m looking to start my own online store as you said. My problem is, I know how to market a blog, but how to I bring visitors to a store?