The Minimalist’s Guide to Getting Rich

From the desk of Victor Pride Subj: Minimize debt to maximize income 101 --------------------------- "Bills bills bills! I can't get rich because I have bills to pay!". Well then get rid of the damn bills and stop buying things. If you want to get rich you have to stop being a consumer or goods and services and start being a provider of goods and services. … [Read more...]

Modafinil is Magic in a Bottle

Here's the thing boys, no one wants to tell you the dirty secrets about what it takes to get to the top. No one wants their competition to have the same advantages. According to the people who don't come in 1st place it's wrong to have an edge over the competition. Hey, I wouldn't want my competition having an edge over me either. But then guys at the … [Read more...]

The 80 Hour Work Week: How to Do the Work to Receive all the Perks


From the desk of Victor Pride Subj: My favorite subject, TCB (takin' care of business) ------------------------ The Website for Winners (tm) receives a lot of questions about how to make money online. What's the best method, how can you do it, where do you start, how much money can you make etc. These are all valid questions for a "just-starter-outer", but I … [Read more...]

How Winning is Done


Morning, friends. And a beautiful morning she is. OK, to be honest it's night time for me. I'm on the other side of the world at the moment. Bangkok, to be precise. But I did have a nice morning and I hope you do the same. On Bold and Determined I have said over and over again that losers will always try and take you down a peg or two. Self improvement is … [Read more...]

The #1 Piece of Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs


From the desk of Victor Pride Location: Saigon -------------------------- I recently received this email from an excited and aspiring young reader: Uncle Vic! When I signed up for your emails my entire life changed. More specifically, when I read some of the books you recommended (rich dad/poor dad and think and grow rich), I developed a new outlook on life. … [Read more...]

How You Can Turn Laziness Into Accomplishment

From the desk of Victor Pride Subj: How to use "laziness" as fuel ------------------ I've just returned from Chiang Rai, Thailand. Chiang Rai is in the very north of Thailand, bordering on Laos and Burma. The area is known as the "Golden Triangle" and is famous for "previously" being a heavy opium producing area. I spent a lovely few days riding a motorbike … [Read more...]

How to Go From ‘Skinny Fat’ to Superman


Hello friends. Let's talk about 6-pack abs and weight training, shall we? Recently I showed an old picture of myself to a lady friend and her exact words were "wow, you were small AND fat". Which was true, I was skinny and fat. We chuckled a bit but the reality was that my body was completely normal, it's only now that I'm fit that my body is … [Read more...]

Self Preservation for Smart People

From the desk of Victor Pride Writing location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia --------------------------- Fight Club is a very famous movie and book. But it is not a movie or book I take inspiration from. You could call Bold and Determined the anti-Fight Club. There's one line in the movie that goes something like this: "Self improvement is masturbation. Now self … [Read more...]

Live or Die: Ray Mancini vs. Duk Koo Kim

Live or die, baby. Ain't no in-between. We've all got to eat a little shit every now and again, that's life, but we have a choice of how much shit we have to eat. Regular Joe eats a shit sandwich for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Winner Wolf makes a vow to never eat shit again. You go to work for someone else, you enrich someone else, you give your time to … [Read more...]

How to Make Side Money with a Blue Collar Business

There are a lot of folks who read Bold and Determined and who are gainfully employed and plan to stay that way. Not everyone is cut out for the cut-throat world of entrepreneurship where sometimes you don't know if you'll be eating fresh Lobster or canned Tuna for dinner. Fine, no problem. But there is no reason why the gainfully employed should not make … [Read more...]