The Only 3 Pieces of Advice You Will Ever Need to Succeed

Over the weekend a lovely young lady was staying with me. On Sunday evening the talk naturally turned to the topic of Monday. What do you think she said to me? She said “Ugh.. I hate Mondays“. To which I replied with the truth: “I love Mondays. My favorite day of the week“. To which she replied, many times over, “I hate Mondays“.

In another life I would have joined in with her Monday morning complaining. In another life I hated Mondays as much as anyone.

The problem with Monday, you see, is not that you have to go back to “work”. It’s that you have sold your soul to the Devil and now you must pay your due. For that pittance of a paycheck and “job security” and all that baloney you have given up your soul.

Most people do not think there is any other option except to go to work and make a living. My own family certainly never thought there was another way to make a livable income. I was taught the same thing all of you were likely taught: “Go to college. Get a good job. ‘Buy’ a house. Save for retirement. When you are retired then you can live a nice life“.

My thought was always “Retirement? 65? I have to wait that long to be free?….I hate Mondays“.

Of course, that was all before I opened my eyes to reality. College is a joke and a waste. Jobs are for suckers. All of it is a sham. The people who have given you this advice aren’t necessarily liars but they are delusional and weak.

So friends, readers of Bold & Determined, the greatest blog on planet earth, today I am going to give you the only 3 pieces of advice you will ever need to succeed in life.

Here they are, the only 3 pieces of advice you will ever need to achieve success:

1) Have a reason to need success

2) Pick one thing

3) Make a commitment

If you follow those 3 pieces of advice you cannot go wrong.

Let’s look at them closer.

#1 Have a reason to need success

You must have a need to succeed. Not a want, or a hope, or  wish. A fucking NEED. Personally, I never liked the feeling of selling my soul for a pittance while making other, smarter people richer. I never liked having bosses and superiors who were incompetent. I never liked authority. I never liked attending HR diversity training led by fat black lesbians or gay mexicans. I never liked having to explain why I was 6 minutes late. I never liked being stuck in traffic at 8:30 am and again at 5:30 pm. I never liked following stupid rules that made no sense. I never liked calling in sick with some fake excuse. I never liked being stuck in a space with people whom I would never consent to spend my time with outside of work.

Now, if you replace the phrase “never liked” with “psychotically hated” then you may get a sense of my need to break free.

Your reason can be anything. My reason just happened to be my disdain for most people. But make no mistake friend, you do need a reason and not just a want or a wish. There has to be something there that drives you, and if nothing drives you then you aren’t ever going to be an entrepreneur.

#2 Pick one thing

Multi-tasking, the act of concentrating on many things at a time but never FOCUSING on one thing, is a surefire way to mediocrity and failure. You must pick one thing, one area, and focus on that one thing with all the intensity and focus you can acquire.

It is always one thing that makes the first money for an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs don’t try 15 things and make any money, at least not when they start. They start with one thing and one thing only and they work it until they have a nice payday.

You can’t throw 15 things at a wall and hope one sticks, you throw one thing at the wall as many times as you need until it sticks.

Entrepreneurship requires focus, focus can only be achieved on one thing at a given time. It’s not even worth trying to multi-task until you are earning dough from your one thing. Pick one thing and one thing only and work it until it produces. After you have cashed in on your one thing is when you can branch out into other areas, but only after you are receiving a regular income from your one thing.

Obviously you will want to do some homework and research and pick the best one thing you can pick. After you have picked it, move on to advice #3.

#3 Make a commitment

You have probably heard your girlfriend talking about commitment, or more likely you have heard girls on the television talking about commitment. They are right, in a way. You do need to make a commitment. Not to some little tart, but to yourself and your life and your business. You must give yourself 150% to whatever it is that you are pursuing. In this case, you are pursuing a BUSINESS that provides you with enough income to never work at a soul-killer, soul-stealer J-O-B ever again.

You will only ever find success or talent through something you give yourself completely to. The fellas up on a stage shredding their guitars didn’t get there by practicing 3 days per week, one hour per session. They played their guitars from morning until night for YEARS. Those Hollywood actors didn’t step into one audition and get famous, they worked at it for years before they got their big break. “Overnight Successes” can take up to 15 years to achieve.

Rich people are notorious for having little to no contact with their children. That’s because you can’t make two commitments for your time, only one thing can take up most of your time if you are to achieve extreme success. Obviously most people aren’t going to become wealthy and this is an extreme example, but I hope you get the point.

Make that commitment, friend. Say to yourself “This is it. This is all there is or ever will be. This will work or I will die“.

Without a commitment there is nothing stopping you from quitting. Without a commitment there is nothing stopping you from saying “Ah, this isn’t working. I’ll just go get a job. Maybe I’ll try something else later“.

Any wild and crazy idea can work if and only if you are committed to making it work.

If I told you what my first business was you would probably get a confused look on your face and say “There’s no way you can do that“. But I could and I did. And anyone could do it. I have explained that very business, the business that got me out of debt and got me free, to many, many people. They have all said the same thing “That’s genius! I’m going to do that!“. Not a single one of them has done it. They have been given the keys to the club and they stayed on the fucking couch rather than getting up and going. To this very day I make residual income from that business, something I have not actively worked on in over two years and those same people I gave the keys to still whine and complain about their jobs.

Two years ago, a few days before I moved to China, my buddy asked me what I was going to do to make money. I told him blogging. He looked at me curiously and said “What? I just don’t see how you can make money blogging“.

Two years later I make a livable income from Bold & Determined. It didn’t happen overnight and it didn’t happen without commitment but it happened exactly as I envisioned and planned it happening.

Any wild and crazy idea can work as long as you have a plan and more importantly as long as you are COMMITTED to making it happen.

A little joke…..

Do you want to know what the little joke about entrepreneurship is?


Pretty funny, huh? It’s true.

It’s easy to do something you are passionate about and something that you are driven to do. It’s WAY harder to wake up on Monday morning knowing you have an entire week of Hell to get through. And that you will have do that for the rest of your life.

That’s not to say it’s all peaches and cream. As an entrepreneur there will be MANY times where you have no idea how you’re going to pay the rent next month. It can be extremely stressful and it can take a toll on you, especially if you are prone to anxiety.


The only people I know who are truly happy are people who have made their own rules and followed their own path. I have never in my life met a corporate cog who was happy with their station in life.

And guess what? I don’t give a shit. Fuck ’em all. Everyone I have given advice to in real life has not taken it and has not improved themselves. I only talk about this stuff online where hopefully one or two readers will actually do something. I do no advertising or SEO work to drawn-in readers. My feeling is that someone who wants to find this information will find it and those who don’t want to find it will stay away. Those who want the information are welcome with open arms, those who don’t will get a nice ass-kicking on the way out the door.


-Victor Pride

PS – If you’re stuck without motivation or drive then pick up 30 Days of Discipline and follow it. It can change your life, it changed mine.


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  1. says

    Fuck yeah. Bold & Determined is one, if not The, best blogs out there. Made me pick up weights. Made me go after my goals, bold and determined to conquer my fucking fears. have been following Body of a Spartan for 5 or 6 weeks now and am, as a newbie, stronger than ever. Looking forward to getting stronger! Over and out.

  2. mothersmurfer says

    V, What did you do to make money? Would you let us know?
    Thanks! Thanks for writing. You’re giving me the kicks in the ass I need, right now.

  3. says


    Long time reader, first time commenter. Posts like this keep me fired up.

    Since I started reading your blog I have kicked my life into overdrive. I have been an amateur writer for some time and am now very close to making a living from it without recourse to anybody else. My real passion is novel-writing but I found I never had the time or inclination to sit down and write, I was simply so drained and depressed by my job. I was, quite simply, a wannabe. I was miserable and playing up to a self-imposed stereotype, the frustrated artist. Then I realised it was time to stop bullshitting.

    Now, I get up at five every morning. I find my mind is extremely alert at this time so I pick up my laptop or pen and paper and start writing. I rarely write less than two and a half thousand words of top quality work before I get up. Then I go downstairs to my home gym – I had piles of iron, a squat rack and a bench – it was all gathering dust, until I bought Body of a Spartan. Now my workouts are intense, efficient and yielding ridiculous results. I never work out longer than 45 minutes. I then eat a vast breakfast of eggs, bacon and sausages. Sometimes I’ll have poached eggs with gammon, or scrambled eggs with salmon. Basically I cut out all the crap and I’ve never had better energy levels or a leaner physique. I never eat carbs until the evening and even then just potatoes or rice. Shit like pasta and pizza now disgusts me for the way it makes me feel – sluggish and tired, like I’ve got a fucking dumbbell in my stomach. As you have rightly pointed out on a number of occasions, there is no great secret to eating healthily and in a way that keeps you slim. Giving up alchohol is not an option for me (I’m British) but I don’t even need to on my new diet.

    My friends all despise their jobs to a man – even those earning big money in the City of London. Ultimately, even wanker bankers are answerable to someone. They still spend 16 hours a day staring at little graphs trying desperately to make it look like they know what they’re doing so they don’t get shouted at then fired. Their bodies look appalling, but their mental health is the real problem. Lonely, tired and abused. Not for me.

    I spend my days writing or dealing with my other interests that keep my income ticking over. I came into a modest inheritance not too long ago and instead of wasting it on a new television or other meaningless consumer trinket I invested it in property. I have created a steady income for myself and at no point in a day do I have to answer to a solitary fucking soul. If I want to do something, I do it. I have the time to pursue my hobbies and have never been more creatively inspired.

    Thank you for being an advocate of individuality.


  4. Maverick says

    Great post Vic,

    You should do a series of posts about your journey from quitting the 9 to 5 jive to where you are now!

    I’m currently working a job I hate. The only thing keeping me sane is the fact I know I won’t be here forever and that im planning my escape route.

    Instead of going out in the evenings/weekends and pissing my money away in bars and on chasing useless women, im saving 80% of what I earn by living at home. The only thing I spend my money on is eating clean, good foods. In my my spare time, I’m getting strong in the gym and exploring ways to make money online. Once I’ve saved up enough, I’ll move abroad to a country with a cheap cost of living (I’m thinking China/SE Asia) get a part-time job teaching english if needed and spend the rest of my time building an online business.

    Been following your blog for the last year and I think its great stuff.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Reason13 says

    Unlike Paul, I am by no means a long time reader, I am however a first time poster. I’m from Cape Town South Africa and although in recent times my country has been bombarded by westernised influence and media, men still find it hard to believe that there are still american men who own a pair of balls here.

    I’m currently studying full time and bar tending at a “classy” jazz night club during evenings. I’ve bartended in all manner of establishments, some shady, some downright unethical. The amount I’ve learned about human nature just by observing people in clubs is immense, let alone talking to them.

    I’ve worked a few clubs and hotels in the USA before returning to finish my studies, and I will say without an ounce of remorse that I was disgusted. American men follow women around like orphaned puppies. Women call the shots, women set the rules, women enforce those rules and there is no compromise or attempt at meeting common ground. Men play by female rules. Which is the opposite of what is in my country, at least on american levels.
    The few men that play by their own rules are the ones that always have their choice of poontang. Women, single or involved are drawn to them like magnetism, they lust after them like stray dogs to a bitch on heat or to your monday morning trash can.
    There are two points that further disgust me. One, most of these american males have no clue as to this reality, that they have subconsciously neutered themselves and handed what remains of their genitals to societal feminism. Two, the few men that play by their own rules, the ones that usually get laid, are mostly foreigners.

    I was running my mouth to a colleague of mine about a very one sided debate I had with my father about this very topic a few days ago. That manhood has been long extinct among american males. “The last real american man I know of was fictional (Wolverine from X-Men), and guess what, he’s a foreigner fictionally (Canadian) and a foreigner literally (Australian – Hugh Jackman)” said the old man. My colleague referred me to this very blog, which I reluctantly perused and am relieved to say that I am proud to know that there are American men who act like actual men, and I have even implemented some of the strong points dictated on this blog into my own life with excellent progress.

    I will be recommending this blog.

  6. says

    Just got to this blog for my first time. And this is my first post that I’ve read. Holy shit, do I like what I’m reading. Thank you so much.

    I love Mondays too. And every day of the week for that matter.

  7. Cradletotheglaive says

    Sickest blog on the face of the planet. Bar none. Stopped listening to the voices that have been telling me that I can’t and that I shouldn’t rock the boat. Fuck that. I’m a lion, a goddamn monster and I thank vic for showing me the way.

  8. eddieb says

    I took your advice about testorone replacement therapy. Went to the doctor, took a blood test, and told me that my test level is 462, too high to give me anything. What can I do from here?

  9. says

    First off, thanks for a helluva great post. It’s always so refreshing to hear stuff like this simply because of the fact that it’s so freakin´ rare. It’s so hard finding people who really thinks this way and actually act on it, so whenever there’s one or when you hear about one who did, it truly inspiring. Kep up the great work!

  10. Vick says

    This is one helluva post. It sure got me fired up. But do you think it would be better if you held on to your old job and worked on your free time on blogging would be a better option since it may take a long time to start making money from your blogs. And you gotta feed yourself during that time.

  11. Tom says

    Whereas what you say is true, I don’t think it’s that easy. I am self employed and have worked with a number of sucessful business people on a personal basis. Yes, they all tended to be focused and driven. Some quite selfiish and self centered. It’s easy to look back at someones success. Seeing your neighbour win the lottery may make you buy tickets somehow thinking you too will win. Somehow luck does figure into success I think. Was the guy that got rich from the Reubiks cube just sucessful because of his actions and attitude? Probably not. It had to do with the product and the times. Possibly with his connections and environment. Many business people succeed at one thing and fail at other attempts even though they apply the same strategy. I met a woman only yesterday who owns a business that’s let’s say “in tune with the times”. I have no doubt she is driven and works long hours. She is apparently inteligent and I would guess sensible. Yet her accountant informs her that for all her work and hefty investment, she makes some two cents an hour. So go figure!

  12. says

    Hey Victor,
    Just want to say I’ve been following your blog for about 3 weeks now. Also bought your Spartan Entrepreneur on June 7th when it went on sale and read the damn thing at least 20 times. I first thought WTF this is so short…but now I realize its short for a reason. I find myself referring back to it a lot because it is so simple to read. Thanks again for that.
    Well, since then, I got a new promotion at my soul stealing J-O-B that allows me more computer time to start my website, got my interview to be a pilot in the USAF (because this means more to me then money), and bought a domain to help young high school kids get off their asses and start investing time, energy, and money while they are still young. Hoping to get my site up and running in 60-days because I’m taking the facebook approach and laying my brain out first on a word processing (6months of content worth) and copy and pasting as I go (Any thoughts on this?).
    I also got some of that MF from a buddy of mine that flies and it makes someone I know feel like a KING of this God forsaken jungle called 9-5 or 1-9 or whatever schedule people “normally” follow. I go 9-9 at times because sometimes “work” holds up my real job and I just honestly don’t realize I’ve been working for 12hours.
    I follow because I truly believe you are who you are and do what you do vs. all the other fake people out there claiming they do this and that and other BS they try to get dumb people to buy. 28 now…hoping to follow the same timeline of 2years and break free by 30 and fly for the USAF without ever having to worry about money. I believe taking the need for money out of the equation before getting into the military will help me do what’s most important; defend our freedoms and our country. Now I know what your talking about because I am proof that Victor Pride exists somewhere out there and is BOLD AND DETERMINED. Thanks for just being REAL.

    Location: Baltimore, MD

    P.S. As for getting jacked? I’ve stayed at about 7% BF @ 165lbs since I dedicated myself 2 years ago, and your principles hold very true to what I pretty much did to lose 13% BF and 35lbs of fat in 6 months except I was in S.Korea when I was too broke in the day to buy snacks.

  13. B says

    About the advice “Pick one thing”, that sounds reasonable and by the way agrees with what I read from Felix Dennis’ book. However, in more than one occasion in this blog you also said that to make money with the internet, one should not have “a website, but websites”. So, when you talk about “one thing” is this to mean “a niche”? I have ideas for websites and from the technical side almost everything is already in place. Would you advise to work in only ONE website at this point? From what I saw, you yourself have several, but perhaps you just had B&D when you started? Thanks for any tips.

  14. G-Funk says


    I can fully relate to what you’re saying. I walked out of school at 16 when i felt my fucking chest was going to cave in listening to some moron in a raincoat with dandruff explain C++ computer programing to me. I was dreaming about palm trees, tropical beaches and hot females.

    It took me two-three attempts of leaving home and having to come back for not having a proper plan and running into financial difficulties, but eventually i made it and i now live in Indonesia with my beautiful fiance and have my own business.

    However i will say this – you dont seem to respect or acknowledge just how many people doing the “9-5 jive” it takes for you to be able to live the lifestyle you do. you flew to Bangkok, you have an apartment, you have internet, you have a computer, you eat food – all of which is produced by hardworking people who have jobs.

    I respect you’re right to live free, but a little more respect for the people who make your lifestyle possible would perhaps make you seem more down to earth. It’s easy to get up and go when you’re born in the USA and you’re $30 is worth a months wages t the average Indonesian taxi driver. You have some good advice, but you really don’t live in the real world my friend.

    I’m going to keep reading your articles because i think the general tone is good and you have some good advice. I know you’re name is Victor “Pride” but don’t forget the old saying – pride comes before the fall. Humble pie my friend.

    Best of luck

  15. says

    That’s so true. I especially resonate with #1, you really need a REASON to succeed, if you truly want to succeed.

    Just wanting to be successful is not enough, you have to want it so bad that you’ll do whatever it takes. That’s the kind of motivations you need to do anything great in life.

  16. CESAR says

    Victor, you are right about people finding this site if they truly want…when I first found this site I read only one post then I “lost” it for about 3 months, during that time I was quite bummed out because I had never come across pictures(proof) of another Skinny-fat guy who actually got BIG, and I think you’re the same height as me 6ft 2in and was near the same weight I’m 146lbs at the moment but I was 130lbs just two years ago.

    Well what I wanted to say was that having come across this site once and liking it a lot i became “determined” to find it again and bookmark it.

  17. Jim says

    “College is a joke and a waste.” If you believe this, as I do, please be involved politically to deregulate the education and employment groups that require degrees for jobs. We could live in a world where no degree was required for a single job. How would this work? Private certification groups (i.e. better schools) would pop up and people would only go to a doctor from X school. There would be a freedom to compete which would bring the colleges up to market speed and allow the garbage ones (>implying they’re not all garbage) to fall in the free market. Lysander Spooner was a lawyer-anarchist who argued that requiring a law degree was basically just a ploy to prevent the poor from practicing law. And another problem with requiring degrees for jobs is that no one can just pick up skills on their own and switch careers, if, say, they got a degree in an unrelated field. Colleges have an unnatural stranglehold over learning and produce an inefficient low-quality product that costs more than competition could provide. I was amazed at a conversation I had with a 18+ adult who is considering education options, how I tried to explain over and over that we could have better doctors if degrees weren’t required to become a doctor. Of course I support SOME regulation in all these areas, but the level of regulation and taxes that currently exist are unnecessary.

    Thanks for listening! I like your blog!

    • says

      Interesting concept about not needing formal education for jobs that typically require it (ie – doctors, lawyers, etc). I’ve never thought about what you’re proposing but it does make a great deal of sense. In today’s level of technology, anyone can study and learn anything they want with just the click of a button so it’s not hard to imagine something like a self-taught lawyer.

  18. Josh says

    Wow, great post. I’m so glad I found your blog, it’s helped me tremendously. I’ve always had an over achiever mindset and wanted to be the best at multiple things. My goals before seeing this blog were: be the top power lifter in my weight class on the planet, get rich investing, and be a top rock musician. I would constantly think about these goals and I had plans of action. The problem was , these are all big goals and each requires a different path.

    I’d be stressed just thinking about them, even though I would really like to achieve all, trying to do them all at once just creates a clustered mind for me. In addition, I grew up fat and lacked confidence horribly. Even though I managed to get in good shape(got to 6% bf using CKD, educated myself greatly), the bad self image stuck with me. I became a complete pansy with females, I mean it was bad. This had lasted up until the age of 24, which is when I’ve found this blog. I’ve since developed a single minded focus mentality on what I want. I prioritize my career first, then my body. I realize these are the most important things to me.

    I’ve now got countless numbers from females, been with three already, and have that alpha mindset because I know what I want and no one is going to stop me. I’ve had people try and talk me out of it already, or give there “2 cents” so to speak, but I won’t hear. It actually pisses me off pretty bad.

    Right now, I’m focusing on building my own business and using the money I’m going to make to invest in various things, a big one being gold and silver. My blog is going to deal with bodybuilding, since I know a lot about it, as well as fishing and other outdoor activities(I wanted to be a pro bass fisherman and became obsessed). Might try two domain names: and I’m currently working a crap job to take care of a couple things first, but I’ve already wrote about 10 blog posts in a notebook, so they’re ready to go. Plus, It looks like I’ll be going to china to teach while I work at my website/websites.

    My other focus is bodybuilding. The goal is to be a successful natural bodybuilder/power lifter, with power lifting being the more important:I guess it’d be called power building. I’ve had motivation to get a good body before and like I said, I got to 6% bf, but I still lacked in the financial area and I still couldn’t get any females. At the time I was going to college for my Biology degree, which I’m about three semesters from getting at the moment, but I stop attending because I realize that it’s not truly what I want and it doesn’t make me happy: all I want is a great body, lots of money, and freedom.

    I’m currently in great shape, finally doing ok with the females, and I have my money making focus in check. It’s all about continual improvement and I’ll continue to build on both sides. By the way, the diet I’m using now is Vince Girondas max definition diet, but instead of a carb meal every 4th-5th day, I have one every 6th nite. I’ve seen awesome results in 8 weeks and have gone from 195-179, but I’m stronger and feel more dense. I ‘ve tried all kinds of routines, but the right now, I’m just using a high volume routine: I guess I’d call it a hybrid of Vince’s and Surge Nubret’s. This workout is going real well for me and I’ve been losing fat quickly and progressing in weight lifted. I hit a muscle 2-3 time a week with lots of volume.

    For large muscle groups it’s about 30-40 sets, for small, 20-30 sets. Not all these sets are taken to failure, just the last one or two. I’ve been using prioritization and switch it up every week or two. For instance, 5×5 for 4-6 exercises. Next two weeks, 8×8, then 10×10, then 15×4, and so on. My first exercise is always a compound exercise with 3-4 heavy sets in the 2-5 rep range, one is to failure. After that is when I start using the above scheme. Rest between sets is typically 15-30 seconds. That’s it……I’ve lost fat, gained strength, and seemed to build some muscle while dieting.

    Usually, I wouldn’t try this approach as you hear how high volume doesn’t work for the natural or this over training stuff. Well, I’ve tried low volume, hitt type routines and I’ve never seen much from them, just some ok strength gain strength gains, especially on doggcrapp. This has worked well from me and I’ve had numerous complements from random females since doing this old school approach with the low carb, high fat diet(steak,eggs,cream,butter) and the high volume training. I’ve also been taking liver tabs, aminos, and several other vitamins listed in Vince’s supp protocol. I did add some additionals, such as Fadogia and Arnold Cuts fat burner.

    Anyways, thanks for the blog Victor. I’ve made progress with my body, attitude, career, and females, all since finding your blog. I tried to be good at too many things before, but as most have heard, “A jack of all trades is a master of none.” My outlook has changed for the better, I’m going to get the two things I want most. I have my two big focuses, there’s a plan for both, and the big ONE: I’ve followed it, so really there’s nothing that can stop me. Two solid GOALS, plus two solid PLANS= SUCCESS. Well, time to go, I got a power lifting comp to train for on the 18th.

    • TheGreyWolf says

      Josh, that is one helluva testimonial.

      You went there, and DID IT.

      I admire and applaud your success.


  19. carl says

    Sir Victor,

    Thank you again for this article I really need this right now it’s hard for me to adjust. I’m a college graduate never taught real world will be this tough and job is a soul killer waking 5am in the morning fighting traffic is bullshit .If I have enough money to start my own business I will quit this shit.But right now I need to be patience and persistent.Without a goal life is meaningless and dead.Thank you