Modafinil is Magic in a Bottle

Here’s the thing boys, no one wants to tell you the dirty secrets about what it takes to get to the top. No one wants their competition to have the same advantages.

According to the people who don’t come in 1st place it’s wrong to have an edge over the competition. Hey, I wouldn’t want my competition having an edge over me either.

But then guys at the top, the guys who do have an edge, will conveniently forget about the edge and tell you it’s all about hard work and diligence.

Here’s the dirty little secret about getting to the top in any industry: it ain’t all hard work and diligence. It’s hard work + diligence + having the edge.

To get to the top you have to have an edge and you have to do what it takes to get there.

In my industry the big open secret is “smart drugs”. Drugs you take to help you focus and be more productive. The two big dogs are adderall and modafinil.

Adderall vs. Modafinil

It has been a big topic in the news recently that a large percentage of university students now use the popular study drug adderall to complete their hefty homework assignments and keep an A+ average. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never used adderall, I haven’t been to school in a long time and I rarely did homework when I went.

However, I have seen people on adderall and what I have seen I don’t like. They look like lunatics. I used to have a BBB (big breasted blonde) girlfriend who was prescribed aderrall for the pretend disorder ADHD. She’d never take the adderall because it made her feel cracked out.

I don’t know about you, friend, but I don’t want to be cracked out like a lunatic so I don’t and won’t use narcotics or study drugs like aderrall. I’m not morally opposed to them, I just don’t want any nasty side effects.

But what I do want is increased focus, awareness and perception of what I want and how I can get there.

That’s why I like the king of the focus drugs, the mighty modafinil.

While I can’t speak for adderall, my #1 compliment to modafinil is that it’s even. It’s steady. It’s like a cup of coffee that lasts the entire day. On modafinil you don’t get cracked out and wide eyed, you get focused.

Adderall is in a class of drugs called amphetamines. Amphetamines speed you up. So maybe you do things a little faster, for a little longer, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you do them better. Amphetamines can be and are highly addictive.

Modafinil, in the other hand, is not an amphetamine and doesn’t speed you up. Modafinil is a nootropic and it clears your mind, focuses you, helps significantly with “brain fog” and in my experience isn’t addictive in the slightest. Until recently I hadn’t used modafinil for about 8 months. While I was “off” I didn’t really even think about it.

Where to buy Modafinil

It wasn’t until Chris over at Good Looking Loser (<–hardcore self improvement rated X so make sure you aren’t at work) gave me a nice little tip about where to buy modafinil that it resparked my interest in it. I’m always on the lookout for places that sell it because they seem to get shut down more frequently than other websites and I want to keep record of what is current. Chris shot me an email and told me about a place that sells modafinil so I placed a small order for 30 tabs to test it out.

My package came in the mail in about a week, I forgot about it for another couple of weeks, I then went on it full time and realized “wow! I forgot how great this stuff is” and I very quickly placed another order for 90 tabs. You never know when these places will be shut down, because this law or that law will change, so I act fast and stock up.

How much Modafinil to take

One terrific thing about modafinil is that very little is required to get significant benefits in focus that last all day. Those 120 tabs I ordered could easily last me a half year or more.

Modafinil comes in 100mg tables or 200mg tablets and I always buy the big boy 200mg tablets. Usually I will cut a big boy tablet in half with a bowie knife and use a half tab for the entire day. I take it first thing in the morning, around 7am, with a cup of coffee and the nice focus lasts the entire day. Sometimes the 200mg big boy dose is too much for me and I just need half that. I wouldn’t recommend anyone take more than 200mg per day and if you’re new you only need 100mg per day, maybe less if you’re lightweight.

About a year ago I hired a guy to do a project for me. He really went above and beyond so as an end of assignment gift I ordered some modafinil and had it shipped to his house. The guy opened up the package and took 3 (three!) tablets at one time. I talked to him after a few days and he told me that he hadn’t slept a wink for two days and that he’d been cracked out for those few days. “That’s what you get for being a dummy” I told him.

In my experience modafinil has been perfectly safe but if you abuse it like a dummy you might be awake for a few days. I’ve never had problems with it and I’ve never used more than 200mg (one tab) in any 24 hour period.

I actually like to cycle modafinil, the same way I would take any supplement. I like to take it for about a month at a time, when I have a ton of work to accomplish, and then go off.

If you don’t have something that needs extra focus or if you don’t need something to keep you awake and alert during the day then you don’t particularly need modafinil.

But if you’re a killer tryin’ to do some killin’ you may just found a new friend in modafinil.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

PS – You can buy modafinil here.

PPS – I told you above about how people at the top have an edge but don’t tell anyone about it. I can’t tell you how many entrepreneurs I’ve actually met that have told me they wish I didn’t spill the secrets about modafinil to my readers. Too bad for them.


MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Superdrive Publishing Ltd., publisher of Bold and Determined, makes no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy, reliability, completeness, currentness, or timeliness of any information provided.  This article is provided for information, entertainment and convenience only – it do not constitute endorsements of any situations or medical tactics or advice. All information contained herein should not be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed physician. The information provided here is for educational and informational purposes only. In no way should it be considered as offering medical advice. Please check with a doctor and/or licensed medical physician. NO LIABILITY WILL BE ASSUMED FOR THE USE OF THIS ARTICLE AND/OR ADDITIONAL POSTINGS HEREIN.

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  1. says

    Thanks for the truth, Victor.

    There isn’t other sites like this. Bold and Determined is one of a kind that’s why I keep coming back.

    • David says

      I think Nuvigal is better than Modifinal.Nuvigal bring awareness,concentration,makes you very good at starting something and finishing reflexes match my mind it makes you have a sharp edge.

    • Victor Pride says

      For me college was a complete and total joke and a waste of time. If I found myself 18 years old again I would def. 100% not go to college.

      • The Grizzly says

        ^ I agree 100% Vic, I’d love a second chance and not go into $60K in student loan debt, waste 6 years on 2 degrees and spend those countless nights with my head in a book so I could pass those exams that meant nothing in the real world. I would take that $60K and all that time and energy and build companies.

  2. says

    Also worth mentioning: Modafinil is a good pre-workout/PED for athletes. Total focus, more endurance, and in my experience at least, better coordination and awareness on the ice.

      • Patrick Harrington says

        Hi Victor,
        First things first, I absolutely love your site! I found this site somewhere along line while looking for an alternative to the Art of Manliness. AOM has some great tips for DIY projects such as building a Prowler Sled but most of the content is new age, neutered, pansy BS! Bold and Determined was like a breath of fresh air for a guy like me, a kick in the ass (or face) to get up, get out, and make it happen!

        I have been using Nuero Force Adranifil that I purchased off of Amazon. I am impressed with this drug, I feel like an endurance concentration athlete and it is cheaper than Modanifil. I can get through my boring human zoo like position and still go home and work on my passion until late in the night. I have read that Adrafinil works kind of like pro-hormones (where 17a in that the body metabolizes Adrafinil into something like Modanifil. I have never used Modanifil so I can’t personally speak to the relationship between the two. Have you ever tried Adrafinil? Should I just suck it up and start modanifil? Any insight you can provide would be much appreciated, thank you.

    • anon says

      Yeah dude, that’s why Olympic sprinters and NFL players try to get away with using it as part of their regimen, and it’s on the banned substance list for Olympics and NFL.

    • says

      I have the “pretend disorder” ADD (no “H”) and I have never taken medicine for it. 20 years ago, right after high school, I took a friends medicine (ritalin maybe? I don’t remember) and it focussed me like a laser. Pretty neat.

      That said, I don’t fully agree with the diagnosis of these things as disorders that need to be treated with drugs, my experience is that I can concentrate just fine on something that interests me. I think these are discipline related disorders and drugs are just a shortcut or a crutch. I’ve also noticed that if I exercise regularly and stay away from from caffeine and sugar I focus much better even on boring things.

      On a related note, ephedrine like what used to be marketed as OTC bronchial dialators for asthma, MiniThins for example, have a similar focussing effect on me. It puts me in a very “zen like state”!

  3. says

    Hey Vic,

    I ordered Moda some time ago, and tried it (200 mg), but couldn’t feel anything. Is it normal? Is it supposed to be subtle or something?

    And I didn’t take it with coffee, as some people advised against it. But I see you mention you do. What do you think?

    • Victor Pride says

      I can’t say what’s “normal”, I can only say my experience. It’s subtle in the sense that it’s not like an energy drink where you heart starts pounding after drinking and your hands start shaking. Modafinil doesn’t do that, for me it’s just plan steady focus and intense concentration.

    • Justin says

      It’s pretty subtle. It’s literally just wakefulness in a pill. Like being at that perfect part of the day when your mind is fully awake and ready. It didn’t ‘give’ me concentration… But it extended my ability to concentrate, since I wouldn’t get mentally tired foggy from working too long.

      • says

        Ok ok… it might be that.

        Some articles really make it seem like much more though. People talk of intense focus, etc. Which I have not felt at all.

        • khan says

          I think its important to also consider the quality of the Modafinil you took, it could have been fake, just saying..

    • Jake says

      Sometimes you don’t even notice the effects from Modafinil until you sit down and read something technical or scientific. I started doing some spring cleaning and organiing my stuff etc. before I even realized that I was “up” and motivated to get stuff done.

      Then I sat down and happened to see a biography of Albert Einstein that is kind of demanding on the mathematical side. I was just amazed at how fascinating the material was. I was able to stay with the demanding math formulas and push through.

      Usually I get mentally tired and put the book down but on “M” I found I wanted to know more and more.

      I’m using Modaifinil because I tend to procrastinate. I have some cool web projects that I want to get down but something always distracts me.

      I can see perfectly why guys like Chris from Good Looking Loser and the author of Bold and Determined like Modafinil so much because they are bloggers and need to keep producing and writing.

    • anon says

      Right. The people looking to “feel something” have the wrong idea. It’s not to get you “high” like you’re doing coke or heroin. Dude, it’s a subtle wakefulness and that is why you can get a legit prescription for it for narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and shift disorder, and even for ADD (but then insurance does not want to pay). I’m not a fan of our government, but to the extent we can trust it a little bit, these drugs are approved as legit medicines BECAUSE it’s not heroin or cocaine. It is supposed to be a subtle thing that helps people get work done, not a huge “euphoria” thing.

      If you are looking to “feel something” then you have the wrong attitude about it, and same re: adderall and ritalin too. These are legit drugs that used appropriately (small doses), help you focus. You are not supposed to feel “high” like you just injected heroin or took ecstasy.

  4. Adamzis says

    The number one sign that Vic. is back on the wonder drug: The posts have become much more frequent.

    I’m assuming modafinil is like a steady cup of coffee that lasts all day long, without the jitteriness and crash of course.

    • Victor Pride says

      That and I’m also doing 30 days of discipline. You will notice way more postings this month. Your description of modafinil is correct, but I would say more like 5 cups of coffee with no jitter or crash. One cup of coffee just doesn’t do anything at all for me.

  5. Marc says

    Hey Victor,
    I´m curious, even if you´re on Modafinil, sleep deprivation isn´t a bad thing when it comes to bodybuilding? Do your body recovers normally using it and sleeping only 4 hours?

    • Victor Pride says

      Yeah, sleep deprivation is a very, very bad thing. I sleep fine on modafinil but I take it early morning. Never, ever take it past noon at the latest if you want to sleep at night. I believe it has a 12 hour half life so if you take it at 7am, you’ll be fine to sleep at night.

  6. Jack Steel says

    I came across Victor’s blog while researching Modafinil 9 months ago, and I can honestly say that 30 Days of Discipline combined with Modafinil has permanently changed my life for the better. But if you want the edge, look into Armodafinil. Same medication, slightly improved and fine-tuned. But neither Modafinil or Armodafinil can be compared to coffee. If coffee is for closers, Modafinil is for kicking in the door.

    My life has become 30 Days of Discipline. Whether or not I could have done it without Modafinil and Armodafinil I don’t know, but I do know that I can never go back to the person I was before discovering this blog. Life can only go forwards. I will only accept progress.

    Thanks to Mr. Pride for a great blog! First website I have subscribed to since getting my first Internet connection in 1999.

  7. Henry says

    Hey Vic or anyone that reads this,

    I really want to give Modafinil a try, but the fact that it’s illegal to buy from an outside (U.S.) pharmacy and without a prescription, makes me wary about buying it. What do you guys think, does the FDA/DEA actually enforce this law, or are there things that I can do to “fly under their radar”?


  8. HerculeanMike says


    Could someone possibly take one pill modafinil everyday till he dies, 40 years and plus without side effects? Why stop when you can function better on it without health problems?

    Thanks for the post.

  9. asdfoij says

    The reason why one cup of coffee or energy drink gives you jitters is because it’s way too much caffeine for you. A typical cup of coffee is 250mg. A typical espresso shot is 70mg. One mini can of 8.4oz of sugar free red bull is also around 70mg, and adds B-vitamins and taurine. You can also genetically be slow or fast ‘digester’ of caffeine, determining how long it lasts in your body. The difference is significant. You can get a 24andme genetic test to see if your are positive for the gene, or just track your experience with other people’s description of how long it lasts in them.

    Use caffeine tracker apps to see what is the right level for you:

    With the adderall I would try reducing the dosage to a quarter if you feel cracked out. Your probably taking too much. Don’t take the stuff often although, not a good idea!

  10. Captain Castle says

    You legend Victor! if you’re chasing something slightly stronger check out Armodafinil. Pretty much a modafinil concentrate.

    • Victor Pride says

      Actually, I don’t need anything stronger but I will check out armadillofinil and see how it compares.

  11. Bay says

    I usually don’t post comments but you hit home with the BBB, cuz that’s exactly where I get my Addy’s from, it’s the only reason I’m still with her. Growing up I actually had ADD, and while other kids were prescribed Adderall & Ritalin, my mom would just whoop my ass and that would cure it right up. Until one day, an asian friend of mine who’s an architect passed it on to me and told me it was how he got ahead (I thought he was a robot). It felt like the limitless pill when I took it. But the truth is, Adderall is not for everyone, it’s often abused by women and weak minded individuals, and it does have some nasty sides that you don’t realize initially. I tried Modafinil and it really didn’t compare to the Addys but I think I will try them again. I just remember getting them in the mail and saying “These Indian mothafuckas sold me Asprin!!” (In my Samuel L voice) All I can picture was Gandhi laughin all the way to the bank with my money. Anyway, this post isn’t about shit, keep up the good work Vic. I think I will try the 30 days of Discipline again and kick some ass. The cold showers made it 21 days of discipline for me, that shit was too brutal, You had to be on Modafinil when you added that bullshit. All in all, it’s awesome, the site looks good, keep’em comin Vic

  12. SARR says

    Hi Victor!
    I am senegalese and i am studying engineering in France.
    Reading you blog motivates me a lot.My english is not to good but hell what i would like to
    talk one day with you.
    Do you have beside your approved ressources website you recommend,books or even movies?
    One bro from SENEGAL!

    • Victor Pride says

      Hello SARR,

      Throughout the articles there are a lot of things you will find recommended. My favorite movies are Rocky and the Godfather, if you haven’t seen them I highly recommend those two.

      • says


        Immerse yourself with stuff that is manly.

        Focus on your body, your mind (positive thinking) and your surroundings (family, friends and finances). Everything else is on the back burner. Nothing else really matters. Everything that you seek will come to you once you begin to fully focus on improving yourself.

        Buy 30-days of Discipline. It will really get you back on track if you’re off track. The program isn’t for bullshitters and whinners. It is for go-getters and winners. Be a winner and win.

  13. CO says

    I’m not sure how many of you have been able to successfully browse to the website without coming across this warning which is a legitimate website filter:

    @VictorPride – when you purchased what method of payment have you used. I’m also suprised they do not accept Paypal.

    • Victor Pride says

      I never got anything warning like that. I paid with Visa, no pharmacies allow paypal. A lot of pharmacies only allow wire transfer finding one that takes credit card was a gem.

      • tariq says

        hi ,
        does anybody know that if its possible to be shipped to UAE bu skypax or any other shipping company , its not available here in unted arab emirates and its considered as controlled medicine , I want it badly im working night shift and my sleeping is fucked up , my english is not good but I hope you guys help me with this .

  14. howtarch says

    is there any research into how diabetics benefit from modafinil?
    I take insulin shots and I get “brain fog” sometimes, which is difficult to avoid when desk-working

    • Justin says

      Your brain fog is the unfortunate result of your fucked up encodrin system. Hopefully it’s just the hypoglycemia from insulin shots and not all the other nastiness (mitochondria problems, inflammation, damage) that cause brain fog.
      People who get brain fog often have weaker blood brain barriers, so you might want to stay the fuck away from MSG and aspartame. They’re pure evil when they pass the barrier, especially if you’re hypoglycemic at the time.

      First, something that might actually help, that you can get right now: Coconut oil. Absolutely try it. Apparently it increases alzheimers patients cognitive function, by providing ketones to the brain. Since your fog is caused by suddenly using up your sugar, this has a very good chance of helping.

      Consider long-term protection. Your brain goes through a lot of stress, more than normal people.
      Coenxyme Q10 dramatically decreases the progression of alzymers (Just stick to smaller doses, people complain of negative cognitive effects when they megadose.) Since it plays a big role on the ATP system, it might help a little.

      There’s a ‘tea’ called rooibos. I have no idea how it works, but it has shown tremendous protection on rat brains. Old rats that grew up drinking it had brains that looked like they were in the prime of their youth. Does it work on humans though? No idea; couldn’t find any human studies at the time.
      Since there’s no caffeine in it, you would drink this for the long term benefit alone.

      Although I have and use these things, I can’t tell you how they affect brain fog at the moment. I tend to only get it when I’m sick, or watching swiffer pads go by on a conveyor belt with dreams of crawling into the machine.

      So, about modafinil and diabetic brain fog… I wouldn’t expect it to. It might even make it worse. Your fog is caused by a literal lack of cellular energy. Modafinil works by tweaking your neuro chemistry. It might be like adding nos to an empty fuel tank.

      Good luck man, I hope you find something that works. If you do try modafinil, let us know if it’s useful for that.

  15. Mark says

    I bought some Modafinil to help me study for the business I’m starting. It is the Modvigil brand and they are the 200mg. While I do notice a slight increase in focus, in truth the stuff makes me sleepy as hell. I guess everyone is different. I also get sleepy when I take the ECA stack as well. Caffeine helps me stay alert just fine. With the Modafinil, I also noticed that it makes no difference whether I take 200mg or 400mg – only a slight increase in focus. My search is still on for the magical NZT-48… Maybe I will try the Racetams for a nootropic effect…

    • Victor Pride says

      Mark, I believe it’s CNS fatigue where your body doesn’t react to these types of substances. You may want to look into that.

      • Mark says

        Could that be from my 3 day a week full body routine? I lift heavy (for me) but it has been working really well. Several times a week I get complimented about my physique from total strangers (and some are cute hotties). But I’ve wondered if it is a bit too much lifting at my age (49).

  16. says

    Hey Vic, I live in the great land Australia and it’s tough getting an online pharmacy that takes australian mastercards or credit cards. Have you come across any place I would be able to buy from?

    • Luke says

      Hey B
      Fellow Aussie here.
      I’ve been buying mod from the site victor posted for about a year now, it’s good stuff. Shipped to my rural home in less than a fortnight.
      Other credit card permitting ‘pharmacies’ I’ve used have been ‘smart drugs for thought’ (they have their own brands of armodafinil and lots of racetams) and a site called Not sure how great the quality of SDFT drugs are – their version of noopept sucked. But the arma was ok, and much cheaper than anything else.
      Just a few options for you there. No one likes to pay with risky money transfers or worse a cheque or cash ( good god!)

      • Scott says

        Fortnight? Do you really still use that term in Australia? What is a Fortnight? 4 days? I could Google it, but was wondering if it’s used in Australia. That is a 12th or 13th century used term. So, do you guys use that in Aussie? I like using older words. For example, I like saying, he is working in “my stead”; you have a significant “charge” with your job; “Godspeed”, still seeming only used in the military world, or specifically in relation to space missions, not in daily talk. There are a few others, but do you guys in Aussie use all those terms? Just interested? I already love the Australian accent. Have always been attracted to girls that have Aussie accents. If they are a little below my standards when it comes to looks, they get bonus points for their accents. Refined English women do too for me :-).

  17. Johnny says

    Hey Victor, great post! I got a question though: So if I take Modafinil, how much should I used? Or is it for working out? Because I’d planned to go to the Navy but first I got to get in shape

  18. says

    Ok I feel like I should chime in here because someone will read this and benefit from it. Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I TL;DR most of the comments section. My experience with modafonil is mixed, and I consider myself to be very aware of my body state of mind, because of my meditation practice and time with the floatation tank, so here are my 2c.

    Checkout other life factors first: how is your diet and exercise routine going? are you off the sugar and other bullshit that slows you down? how are you sleeping? etc. These factors are more important first, then look for these boosts.

    first off, this stuff isnt a “magic pill” that is going to start your small business for you or get all your work done. It requires your own motivation and that you can control your active task for the time. If you take too much, you will get jittery and get nothing done. If you are on a serious BIG deadline, and you have no choice but to do the work – it’s a great help. Think of those “if I don’t have these assignments handed-in in 72 hours my life is fucked” type scenarios, because modafonil gives you alot of “wakefulness” on a 15 hour half-life, so you can study all night and dont fatigue.

    It’s true that alot of CEO’s and shit take it, and they take it like every-day. Now, I think this is a mistake, we think it is safe, but we dont know. Often-times we dont know if something has a negative effect we didn’t notice till 30, 40 years of use, and those studies havn’t been done yet. Modafonil causes me to have strange thought patterns and puts my “thinking mind” into a bit of a spin, this comes with the fabled “tunnel vision” and alertness. I want my mind chilled out, still and peaceful, modafinal every-day would ruin my meditation practice in this way – be careful.

    If you want to try a nootropic, checkout the racetams, piracetam is the oldest and least potent, anaracetam is stronger, combine also with a source of choline with it for the synergy. These are older and safer, and come backed by much better research. I take alphabrain with anaracetam 6/7 days a week. Instead of 15+ hours of effects, these last about 4-5 hours, so are more suited to shorter 3-4 hour study sessions (like a normal person). Personally, I feel much more creative if I only do 3-5 hours of “focussed” work each day on a project, after this block, it becomes a grind and the standard of my work falls.

    the reported effects on workouts are true, I often do a long night ride on push-bike on modafonil days, like 11pm-1am through my city.

    The loss of appetite is true also, so I like to fast on those days with green tea.

    As with anything where your brain’s function is affected, take it easy and cycle off. (take 2 weeks off every 2 months etc)

  19. says

    Man I really need to get me some of this. would benefit a hell of a lot from some more focus. It takes a bit more work and I reckon modafinil would help me get there. Any feedback from visitors would be nice too guys. Thanks!

  20. Justin says

    Here’s some facts about modafinil:
    If you take it with coffee, you might not ever realize you took it at all. It’s pretty subtle for most people.
    Subtle doesn’t mean useless. While coffee keeps you awake, you lose performance. Modafinil on the other hand keeps you at that peak of wakefulness, where you’re (un)naturally ready and able to kick the most ass.
    Even though it’s subtle, you’ll probably notice some small things about it, but you won’t find the cracked out manic wired feeling you’re looking for. If you do, you probably got speed in disguise.
    Modafinil is not an amphetamine, although it is a CNS stimulant.
    Less is more. I don’t say this just because it’s fucking retarded to keep chomping down larger and larger doses of shit (and it’s not even addictive!) but it literally works better for many people at smaller doses.
    It’s possible to sleep while on modafinil. You may also not be able to.
    It’s possible to feel physically tired on modafinil.
    The drug has a long half life of 12-15 hours. (Maybe some bodies can hold onto it longer. Who knows.)
    For some people, myself included, the drug stops working after a few days. It might be partly due to the half life. High enough doses have been reported to kill the effects, or even make people tired.
    It will work again after it stops, if you give it time.

    That said, you may get side effects. That’s the reality of all drugs. Alcohol makes my friend weep like a bitch; some people jump, shudder and cower like mice under cats paws with caffeine; antidepressents result in suicidal thoughts; modafinil makes me clench my teeth.

    If there are long term side effects, they would most likely be a gradual brain or other organ degredation.

    Since the liver might be at risk (and IS at risk from most drugs), eat more pineapples. Short and sweet!

    Since the brain may be affected, drink rooibos. … Holy shit, it has anti HIV properties? Huh. I thought it was just anti-inflammatory and prevented brain rot in rats.

  21. Joey the Hustler says

    Another great post. Adderall is a dicy situation. I’ve taken it for a long time (usually during hackathons and long entrepreneurial days.) but I’ll be the first to admit that if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can really fuck your life up. Being an amphetamine, when you’re on adderall you feel no hunger and no fatigue. I’ve had a couple employees who take it too and when they forget to eat or sleep they get that “cracked” out look you mentioned. I’ve personally been able to avoid any problems since I keep a solid eating schedule and obsessively track my caloric intake. I’ve tried modafinil too and it’s pretty good, especially if the idea of testing positive for methamphetamine in a drug test (which you will if you take adderall) doesn’t appeal to you. I would say that just like anabolic steroids, there is a right way to use adderall and a wrong way to use adderall. Keep up the great work Vic.

  22. phil says

    cheers vic – as you rightly said, modafinil is there to give you an edge and if anyone is looking for an amphetamine-like energy rush, then they are sadly mistaken – for that they need to get their eating and training into gear and then you’ll find that modafinil lifts you up a gear, but the basics need to be in place first.
    at 6ft and 12st i’m a fairly light (but very lean) fella and find that even a 100mg tab is a bit too much for my body weight and low bodyfat. i get by very well with chopping it in half for a 50mg daily dose and chasing it with a fresh-ground super-dark-roast coffee from my old stovetop, which i find ramps up the stimulant properties of modafinil quite nicely indeed.
    as you rightly said, important to cycle this stuff as tolerance/resistance can build up quickly and i save it for when i really need it. three days’ consecutive use is my upper limit and will always use the same length of time for down-time afterwards.
    if you find this stuff gives you headaches or even a migraine, then definitely cut the dosage and use it every other day to even things out. with modafinil, less is oftentimes more, so don’t hesitate to experiment and play around with dosage and timing cycles.
    cheers vic, always good to read your posts, telling us like it is!

  23. Josh says

    Hey Vic,
    It’s really hard for me to understand why most of the people all over the world face issues regarding the acquiring of modafinil. But then again, I live in India. I see that you are a traveller and on the lookout for places that sell these, then India is the best place to be. All I have to do , is just walk to my local chemist (there are like 6 of them) less than a mile from my place. Just that , the news for abuse is spreading slowly, so these chemists try to keep an eye out for misuse. And finally, the cost for 200mg Modalert from Sun pharma here is just 2$ for 10 Tabs ! . All these factors really make me ponder my decision of moving to the states for higher education. I’m not addicted to it, but sadly, I’m not my best without it also. Cheers.

    • Victor Pride says

      Why would I ever take something called Deer antler spray? I could save a few bucks on snake oil and just wave a fishbone in front of my face and say a voodoo prayer and get the same results.

  24. Frank says

    Hello! Have you ever had a problem getting this stuff delivered to your house? I’d really like to get my hands on this stuff, but I’m nervous about getting it delivered to my house or a PO box in my name. Do you have any suggestions or should just I suck it up?

  25. says

    Seems like modafinil thumps coffee in the sense that it is not addictive. I am extremely addicted to joe and I tend to get very drowsy all day without it.

  26. says

    I suppose the important question is, what are its effects (if any) on libido and sexual functioning?

    Hey Victor, have I told you how inspiring this website is? There’s a lot of crap out there in the Manosphere, but this seems the real deal.

    • Victor Pride says

      There are no performance issues or libido issues, but you may experience what I experience which is enhanced annoyance and you may get annoyed at her incessant clucking.

      TY for the compliment, but Bold and Determined isn’t a part of the manosphere and never will be.

      PS – I have always enjoyed your writing, when you write and don’t post surfing pictures, you have a real flair.

  27. jefferson says

    Hey Vic,

    I’m an 18 year old Nigerian man just hooked to B&D. I’m actually in the middle of a social media haitus but i decided to log on to twitter to check what was popping in that sphere. In the middle of it all, i browsed through the favourites of this follower of mine and i found this site. Oh my goodness. You are the absolute best. I especially appreciate your strenght of mind. Its is phenominal i tell you, and i hope to be like you when i’m full-grown. Ok. Enough of the adulation. Here lies my problem, Mr. Pride. I need to study for a international certification in Finance, maybe start reading for another one in PR, get another cert. that will make me a nigerian equivalent of CPA. All these require brain power like you won’t believe. AND I’M NOT SURE OF GETTING THIS MODAFINIL FROM THE HYPERLINK YOU PUT UP. I shall really appreciate it if you can reassure me of their trustworthiness in deliveries to the dark continent.

  28. Terry Q says

    Interesting I read your other article on Modafinil, I currently live overseas in central America I’m gonna ask around, it’s way easier to purchase pharmaceuticals. I use to use caffeine pills when performing important tasks, lately just coffee though. This sounds interesting. Thanks for the advise as usual Vic.

  29. says

    Interesting article. Cheers.
    The jury is still out on the overall efficacy of most nootropics.
    Good idea thought o experiment for yourself after doing your own research around the web, considering the source that you’re getting it from and how reliable it is, taking into account Vitor and other commenter’s opinions and monitoring your body really closely as you try it.

  30. Michael says

    This one is right on the money

    It’s nice to read this post since I’m lazy to focus and take action. So if this is what it takes to be really productive so be it. When Modafinil is compared to Steroids it makes you wonder. If this is at least 10% or even 1% of NZT-48 the pill from Limitless it will be crazy! awesome!

  31. Graeme says

    Anyone in the Uk managed o purchase some of this, They would not accept my cards, any other sites to buy through.
    I found a site offering at a really good price but it seems too good to be true and I have seen several reports of credit card fraud after purchasing through that site

  32. Nes BTB says

    Has anyone been successful in purchasing Modafinil from the link that Vic put up?? I tried to purchase some through that website but it was blocked supposedly by my bank. Has anyone else gotten the same result??

  33. obinna says

    i love this site…am afraid i cant worship any man,if not, the only man i can worship is victor,not even my dad…..good work vic…

    • Victor Pride says

      Be more specific. You want to buy a rent to own apartment or sell one? I’ve never even heard of a rent to own APARTMENT.

  34. says

    So glad I stumbled upon this site. I bought Modafinil due to Victors testimonial. I now take half a tab each time I know I need to make sales calls and push myself. Normally, I’m the biggest procrastinator, without even hesitating on modafinil I do what needs to be done. I had a great business in my hands for 3 months before I did anything with it. Modafinil gives me focus, alertness and that extra motivation. I’m half way through my packet… going to be buying some more! Thanks Victor

  35. AD says

    Hey Victor hows life in the east treating you?

    I have a question about the modafinil you received from SDS, was it Modvigil by HAB pharmecuticals or some other generic?

    I ask because I got the Mod and I can’t say I experiencing much from the drug, I’ve read about others complaining about this particular generic and am keen to hear your thoughts?

  36. C E W says

    (Sorry to take this discussion away from using Modafinil for weight loss, but…)
    Thanks for the info. Until last week, I have dealt with untreated ADHD for 47 years; however, as a resuIt of the last three years being totally unmanageable, I have recently sought treatment. I looked into Modafinil and thought it would be a great fit, but, for whatever reason, the “provider” (I was seen by a nurse…not even a doctor!) insisted on Vyvanse. I feel so jittery and my blood pressure shot up: I feel like someone has their hands around my throat.
    The point of my comment is that I’m glad you posted your experience with Modafinil and to offer my experience with Vyvanse (in case people learn of its weight loss side effect and want to give it a go–which I wouldn’t advise based on how badly I feel).

  37. says


    This is a great tip on increasing your edge as I’m a believer of “pulling” in success as opposed to rushing towards it. I’m able to get this in Asia for a cheap price.

  38. says

    Hi Victor I love your site BTW. I had a question regarding Modalert which I have been taking for the last week here and there experimenting. So the first day I took it I felt some clarity less Brain Fog but I’ve taken one this morning with coffee and I really didn’t get much of anything and I took the 200mg pill the whole thing at once. What would you recommend I don’t want to take more than 200mg should I try another brand?



  39. John Doe says

    Vic, do you know how the prices on this site compare to pharmacy prices? Is this something I could get from a pharmacy for a fraction of the cost with a Dr. script?

  40. Alexander says

    Vic, it is not about the article. It s about you and what you are doing. You have been doing a great job actually. In this world of fake values, you demonstrate that there are true values. And that being a man is not just about having balls. It’s about really having them. In this world of feminism, pederasty, pretended tolerance and respect for fake values, you show that there are values that make a man the man, and that it is values that make it happen. As in accounting (professional : )), information is useful only if it is up to certain requirements such relevance and timeliness, etc., a man is man as long as he is up to certain standards reasonably expected of a man to be complied with and even exceeded.
    Two years ago, after years of working at a glass office, for a good pay, I realised that I turned into a fat, lazy piece of meat, I gave up my family, got addicted to internet porn and used to buy vaginas to please myself. Realising the danger of this, I started to browse for some advice online. And I found this spot.
    My first attempt to get out of the shit I had stuck in was to get engaged by distributing your products translated in Russian. It failed. Technically. Because in every other single aspect of my life I have revived. Step by step, but my mentality is changing. My faith in values is now alive, after years with a Western company promoting slavery as a way ahead.
    I did try your 30 days of discipline and now I know it is all about discipline. I did not try your body of a spartan guide, but since then I have lost 10 kgs through 15-minute morning exercises and cool showers and feel perfectly well and fit at 95 kgs presently.
    But it is not my body and mind that I want to say thank you, man (thank you, man, for those, too). It is my family, my way of life. I have taken the lead, the responsibility, all in my hands. I showed I wanted more and better, and I did a lot to get it more and better, and now I have started to reap more and better. You and your inspiration virtually saved my family from divorce and me personally from months of depression and shame. THANK YOU.
    I will not regret any word in this post, because I MEAN every word.
    Keep motivating, your example is pretty good.

    • says

      I think what Victor has done (along with making himself a good chuck of change) is taped into the art of lost masculinity. Men in general have been castrated by the media. When you see commercials with husbands and wives, the husbands are always portrayed as bumbling idiots, while the wives are portrayed as smart, strong and the head of the household. This may be OK for some of you, but not for most of us MEN. Mr. Pride created this blog (IMO) to help men find their figurative balls, all the while it has helped him become independent of working from a soul-stealing job. What man would not want to pave his own way? What man would not want to improve himself on a daily basis? What man would not want to wake up, kick ass and go to sleep each night knowning that he accomplished something worthwhile. Mr. Pride has laid out a blueprint for us men to create our own destiny, do break through the shackels of “pussification”, I thought I was “bold and determined”, until I came across this blog. Vic, you’re the man!

    • says

      Just so you know, I think you accidentally used feminism as a negative example of world progress and almost seemed to be comparing it to pederasty. You probably didn’t mean it like that since you seem like a smart enough fella. Just so you know and can correct your mistake.

      Strongly considering ordering modafinil. Vyvanse is great but sometimes too introverting, Adderall’s good at first but unstable, and Ritalin is kinda like coke but more conducive to work.


  41. Josh says

    Hello Vic,

    I might just go to the states, by the end of november as part of my job rotation. (I’m in India). The thing is , I’ll be staying there and would be meeting a lot of clients, and this would be my first trip , so I need to have my A game. Yeah , and for that I would be requiring to carry a lot of tabs, around 120 (100mg or 200mg both.) I’m sure that I will not be bugged by the Indian Airport authorities here for carrying them. (I’ve put in a whole lot of other meds too.)

    The thing is , as this is my first business trip to states , do you have any idea as to what issues I might face there regarding the possession of these tablets.


  42. Mike says

    A few things here —

    Do you take it everyday?
    Do you feel it is addicting?
    What is it like when you stop taking it? Do you feel any different?
    Does your blood pressure rise when using it ? (Let’s assume you have high blood pressure)
    How soon does it start to work?
    Have you noticed any side effects ?
    Any cons you would like to mention about it?

    • Victor Pride says

      Provigil isn’t a “fat-burner”, though it does decrease hunger and I probably wouldn’t mix the two. It is good focus for weight training, absolutely.

    • BlakeCato says

      I ordered the 100mg tabs from the website that Victor Pride recommends and I have experienced zero effects. I live in the US and there were no problems with the shipping. I upped the dose to 200mg and then to 300mg and absolutely nothing. I’m guessing I just paid for really expensive sugar tablets.

      Does anyone know of a someone that ships to the US and actually sell the real product?

  43. wes says

    Hey Vic,

    Great article, I’ve been reading a lot of good looking losers blogs lately and specifically about Kratom and Phenibut. I think I want to try both of those before I try Modafinil. How do you feel about kratom and phenibut?

  44. wes says

    Hey Vic, great article I can’t believe there is a drug like this! I’ve been reading a lot of good looking losers’ posts and specifically all about Kratom and Phunibut. I think I want to try those before I try Modafinil. How do you feel about Kratom and Phennibut?

  45. Frank says

    Just got the modalert 100 and holding it right now. But still confused whether to take or not.
    I asked a doctor and he said no.
    Instead he advised to eat curd, fish and lemon to increase concentration.

    Few days ago I went to a pharma shop and the boys there are very negative about it. Someone said it’s steroid. Another freak said his brother died using steroid. They didn’t give it without prescription.
    But today I got it from another pharma shop and am really excited.

    All I need little concentration. :)

    I am thinking to start with a half of 100mg or 100mg will be ok ?

  46. ShawnBanks says

    Are you affiliated with this superdrugsaver site? I just bought the provigil and in the confirmation email I see a link to THIS site…whats that about?

  47. says

    Hey Vic,
    There is a post that says that the product does not work for him. He thinks that probably they sold him sugar pills. Could that be possible. The site you gave sell the real thing right? Whether original or generic?

    Thanks Vic.

    • Victor Pride says

      The site sold me the real thing. 100% absolute, guaranteed. Twice. I do not believe for a second they sold that fella sugar pills. The packs that these guys sell for $100 go for like $4 in Indian pharmacies. Sugar pills? Baloney.

      • Dabs says

        I ordered, and got it. Needed to have my doctor write me a prescription before customs would release it.

        So far … I’m just not as sleepy anymore. But I’ve only been taking half a pill (200 mg/2 = 100 mg)

        Then I also found someone who lives in India to go buy it for me and ship it to me, so I can save money and get a year’s supply for the same price. I’m just waiting for the shipping company to finally send it over.

  48. Farhad Gul says

    Golden post, Victor. I also saw this over at GLL and I’m sold. What’s the deal with “customs seizing meds”? I’ve never bought meds overseas, is it that customs has a chance of intercepting and keeping prescription-less drugs and some people in the US get away with buying meds from other countries?

    Thanks, from NYC

  49. Gman says

    Hey Victor have you ever suffered any side effects from taking this, I get a slight tremor in my had the day after I have taken it,I done 200mg,100mg 50 and 25mg and still get a tremor

    • Victor Pride says

      It’s possible, I did notice my hand shaking a little this afternoon. But I did have 6 cups of coffee as well, so could obviously be the culprit.

  50. Nes says

    Ive been on Modafinil for a little over a month, i notice a little more focus with it during the day but it does seem to wear off within 3-4 hours. Its good but I’m looking for something a little stronger.Im not a coffee drinker but i may have to start because I’ve been ridiculously sleepy over the past 6 months. Honestly i rather go the adderall route if thats possible, though that just might be for me. Would Victor or anyone else reading this happen to know of a site that sells adderall online?? By the way Victor i bought 30 Days of Discipline and I’m determined to get my shit together, short and sweet and to the point.

  51. says

    Modafinil has some awesome benefits; however, some people experience light sensativity when they take it. So much so, they are forced to wear sunglasses indoors. It also requires a prescription in the US, which limits the pool of people who can access it legally. Have you ever tried any modafinil alternatives? Such as a caffeine+theanine combo or country mallow and gotu kola? I wrote a pretty extensive post about it here:

  52. Kim says

    I have narcolepsy and have been taking Provigil daily for five years.

    While I did not read every comment, I didn’t see any mention of drug interactions. I would caution you to go to a reputable site to check for interactions before taking Provigil.

    Mixing some medicines (and alchol) with Provigil can cause them to super absorb to the point of organ damage or death.

    Other medicine like Acetaminophen interferes with the absorbsion of Provigil making it ineffective.

    Do not take Provigil with antidepressants.

    There are over 200 drugs that interact with Provigil so please make sure you are informed before taking this medication.

  53. Sergio says

    Does anyone by any chance know of an alternate website to order this from?

    I filled out the form on the website you recommended but after submitting it gives out a blank page with the message “Could not open socket”.

    I feel like I just gave away my personal information to strangers for nothing.-

    Has anyone been able to order anything from Superdrugsaver?

    • Sandy says

      Sergio, this is sandy I am ordering from superdrugsaver since years and they are really great at service and delivery of your order. I guess you might have caught them during some maintenance stuff or something.

      I had a same experience which Victor have mentioned in this blog, so raise a ticket in there support system and they will call you to help out.

      Hope this will help you.

  54. Panonymos says

    After reading a ton of stuff, including on this website, I ordered Modafinil to try. As an entrepreneur, I thought I can use a little help.
    With all due respect, it does have side-effects, or more precisely, the improved performance is caused by altered mechanisms in the body, like with all drugs.
    I took 100 mg this morning to try. It did make me alert, focused, etc. Not necessarily faster or more productive, but yes to focused, concentrated and committed.
    However, it feels like I am on a low dose of cocaine all the time without the euphoria and without the speedy feeling. I measured my heart rate and blood pressure. Heart rate is normal. BP is high.
    My normal BP is 120-130 systolic and 60 diastolic. Now I have 145-155 systolic and 75 diastolic. So, Modafinil has a significant vasoconstricting effect. It’s fine for a day but I can assure you that this is very bad in the long term. Also I have increased anxiety.
    All in all, modafinil has some positive performance effects, but don’t bull shit people, it is powerful and does have potentially dangerous side-effects. If you are perfectly healthy there is little risk. If you have some cardiovascular problem that you don’t know about or if you already have high blood pressure, it is dangerous.
    I guess I will keep it only for very special occasions and take low doses.

    • Ctyad says

      I’m looking for a website to order modafinil. Apparently the super drug saver site linked above is not taking new orders at this time. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  55. says

    Hey Vic,

    Have you had any experience with getting hold of modafinil in Thailand?

    It’s easy enough to get in Australia, but I’ve read that Thai customs are really strict on shit like that. The only option I can see is Silk Road.

    • Victor Pride says

      I don’t see how silk road would be any different when it comes to customs. They still use the postal service. And no, never had any problems ordering modafinil in Thailand.

  56. Jason John says

    Watch out for

    They ripped me off and gave me a load of BS including the FDA was on the ground stopping shipments in India. Even though the website is based in Panama.

    Another time that it is routine for the tracking numbers to not show up due to a lag in the system.

    My refund was issued but my bank made a mistake.

    Then when I was tripled billed it was because cloudfare who hosts the website was hacked and my information stolen…

    I was waiting for them to tell me their dog ate my modafinil.

  57. PM says

    Hi Vic, is Modafinil also good for learning thing and memory (study) or just about focus and getting shit done (exam)? I’m looking to get an edge over my classmates if I go back to school.

  58. Panonymos says

    Has anybody tried a small dose (25 mg) of viagra / sildenafil while on Modafinil? And survived?
    On the internet there is a list of about 200 substances that are contraindicated with Modafinil. Sildenafil and tadalafil are not on the list. Any experiences?

      • Panonymos says

        Combining a vasoconstrictor with a vasodilator can have unpredictable effects. Like cocaine and viagra can be very dangerous. I ‘ll try it and let you guys know.

  59. Matias Page says

    After reading all your posts on Modafinil, I looked around and found out that pharmacies in Argentina sell it without prescription. 200mg x 10 is 109 pesos = 10.9 us dollars (approximately). So I bought two boxes. The writing on the box clearly says that this should be sold with a prescription only. But no one cares, I guess.

    Now that I took the time, I want to tell you, man. Your website is a fountain of gasoline for my fire. Sometimes when I feel like doing nothing, instead of reading the newspaper or similar junk food for the mind, I just read one of your posts. It doesn’t matter if I read it twice already. Thanks for your writing. I really appreciate it.

  60. someone says

    What brand is being sold at the link provided? It says a generic, but I only trust the Modalert I have purchased in Mumbai. The tablets are almost impossible to break in half. They certainly do not last as long as the stories I read here state. Sure, I would rather have Provigil, but don’t believe I will ever find it. Maybe it’s just me, but I remember when it was easier to find online reviews of pharmacies. Somewhat frustrating to see so many pro scams out there.

  61. says

    I cannot thank you enough for spilling the truth on Modafinil and introducing me to it.

    It really is an amazing little drug, lazer like focus and motivation.


  62. Mark says

    Hello everyone.

    So I had gotten modafinil 2 weeks ago and it really does work.

    For me personally it helps me stay awake all the way till nighttime and also not get hungry.

    I had read that people begin to start losing hair in patches or going bald.

    I had been very skeptical and had lost a little bit of hair near my forehead, but not enough that you can notice.

    I have discontinued its use for 3 days.

    I was taking the supplement 4-5 days a week. Usually 2 days in a row.

    Does anyone know how to prevent the hair loss from occurring?

    Or the reason why?


    • Victor Pride says

      “I had been very skeptical and had lost a little bit of hair near my forehead, but not enough that you can notice.”

      Sounds like it’s in your mind and you stopped using it because you “read” it has these effects. It doesn’t.

    • John B. says

      While I can’t say for sure if this is an actual side effect, and I don’t care to look into it.

      However, one thing you have to keep in mind when reading through side effects is that any and all circumstances you have while on the medication has to be sent in during the approval process. So, there is a chance that it does NOT cause hair loss, but the diet of the individuals during this process encouraged hair loss, and it had to be listed as a side effect.

      This is why you’ll see medication that is supposed to remedy headaches, have headaches listed as a side effect, because for those individuals, it did not work.

      Just keep that in mind.

  63. LookingForEdge says

    Has anyone ordered from the modup website? I am looking for reviews as to how effective the modafinil was there and how shipping worked.

  64. Bill says

    I am a 59 year old. I have had PTSD and clinical depression for 21 years. A warrior personality I beat the shit out of depression using a five tiered system. It worked but it took a huge amount of effort every day. When I would travel MY GOD would jet lag kill me. That is when I started to use small 50mg doses of prescription Modafinil. Being a vegan, a healthy person and extremely cautious what I put into my body I still did not have enough energy and blamed it on age, depression PTSD whatever… NONE of the very few antidepressants I allowed into my body worked. Actually they sucked out loud.

    One day last year I watched David Asprey (check spelling) of Bullet Proof Coffee fame (not a fan) on Joe Rogan and on London Real tout the blessings of Modafinil. So I starte research. I read deep into what it is that Modafinil does. Spoke with a chemist and a neurosurgeon who was nice enough to charge me for a appointment to speak with him. They all agreed that modafinil worked differently than other stimulants. But it was unlikely to be healthy for a 59 year old. Then I asked would three beers a day be more dangerous than 50mg Modafinil and they all laughed. Yes, they all said. Three beers would be more dangerous than a 1/4 dose of nootropics. I use it on days when I really need to focus. I’m an IT specialist and at my age computers get terribly boring. Especially difficult registry problems in Windows server or the bane of all IT workers existence Outlook errors and cluster *ucks. So I began using modafinil. It did not work as well as adderall or ritalin and I did not get the instant recall I hoped for but I learned some Jedi mind tricks to help me when I am on modafinil.

    As close as I am to being a senior citizen. I thought aging was getting to me. I would cycle one day on and two days off modafinil 50 – 100mg eat well, small high nutrition raw meals. I was highly motivated, focused and energetic. But not so much physically. However once on my bicycle or jogging the focus kicked in. And while modafinil makes me want to sit on my computer in my home and just work or write I find that at the gym ONCE I GET MY ASS THERE I do well. Very well and any social anxiety (shyness / snobbery) I have is all but gone. It does not make you a better person, more bold or stronger, nor does it slam you into super-human productivity but it does give older people like me an edge against boredom with jobs we’ve been doing for decades and an edge socially and against depression. Used wisely I think it will be a very good friend on into the future. I take it with macca, matcha tea and juiced greens in the a.m. NO coffee. The day takes off smoothly and I get lots done. I even meditate and do yoga while buzzing on modafinil. It does not seem to block consciousness like speed. Lastly I do get anxious by the end of the day when I take 100mg or 200mg. I have an incredibly clean body after two years of Gerson Therapy (google it). So I need less drugs than most people.

    Good luck with your particular use for modafinil. It’s an excellent asset when used properly.

  65. Dave says

    I ordered from modafinil edge about two weeks ago. From what I understand its takes about 3-4 weeks to get to you with limited tracking on the shipment. This is not unexpected since the order is coming from india and it is not shipped with an expedited option.

    I will post back here when I receive the package as I know that when I was ordering I was looking to for other people’s recent experiences with this company.

    • Dave says

      I haven’t got my bottle yet but my usps tracking just updated today showing it hit NY, and I am in CA, so I should have it my the end of the week.

      Anyone who is unsure, Modafinil Edge is a reliable company.

      • chris says

        hey dave, did you like the product?

        i ordered some myself the other day from the edge site, looking for some input.

        thanks man