Merry Christmas from Ol’ St. Vic


Ho ho ho!

Merry Christmas, boys!

I talk a lot about the importance of having a mission in life. Without a mission you’re just a soul-less wanderer.

Your mission is what gives you pep in your step. Without a mission you’re one of those feet shufflers, dragging their feet to the next destination.

The end of the year is the best time to develop your mission and let it crystallize in your mind.

My mission, crystal clear, is to lead the way out of politically correct castration loserdom and into Winner Wolf territory.

I’m just damn tired of men acting like broke losers, cowards, wimps and wussies. And I know I’m not the only one.

Men with souls, honor, courage, drive and spirit are always welcome at Bold and Determined.

The others, those feet dragging zombies, are welcome to a bare-knuckle beating from the sheriff of Christmas, but that’s all they’re welcome to.

Friends, after you’ve spent a nice Christmas day with your loved ones, come here and leave a comment and tell me two things:

  1. Share your mission, how you will accomplish it and / or what you need to accomplish it (be careful not to share too much).
  2. Tell me what you want to see from Bold and Determined in 2014. If you don’t feel like leaving a comment you can send me an email. I’m listening to everything.

Your man,

-Ol’ St. Vic, the bare-knuckle sheriff of Christmas

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  1. says

    1. I will create my empire at I will create kick ass content to help others fight against conventional advice, establishment and political correctness. I will cut through the bullshit and share with others how to become a Lion among Sheeple. I will connect with other ambitious and driven individuals and show them that to embrace non conformity and lock on one’s goals and mission like a guided missile is the only way to go.

    2. I want to see content that gets me fired up but also leaves actionable steps to implement right away or in the nearest future. I want to see some more kicking dirt into feminist’s faces and I want to see the truth about emasculated society laid out even more.

    • Abgrund says

      1. I like the “guided missile” analogy. I have said before that a man must pursue his goal like a bullet from a gun, but bullets are stupid and targets move. A guided missile doesn’t miss.

      2. I agree. Inspirational is okay, but concrete is more valuable. I need information about e.g. how to protect my privacy more than I need exhortation. Also I think Feminism is the greatest ideological evil of modern history, not excluding racism, Nazism, and rap.

      I’d like to see a broader spectrum of manly advice here; wealth is not the only form of self improvement. There’s nothing wrong with money, but to me money is like pussy: it’s only important when you don’t have any. Freedom doesn’t come from money itself, it comes from not having needs you can’t meet on your own.

  2. says

    1. I’m going to teach people how to efficiently grasp new material through study techniques I’ve picked up.

    2. I’d like to see meditation & other mind building techniques explored.

  3. says

    1. Next year I will be further in my goal towards achieving the physique of my dreams through dedicated nutrition and consistent training. No excuses.

    2. I’d like to see another book from you. Something about success, motivation and building a strong work ethic.

  4. Matt says

    Happy Christmas Victor, I was hoping you’d leave us a message!

    1. 2014 will be the year I become a millionaire. I’ve been studying trading for almost 5 years now and in April 2013, left the West and my dead-end job to travel to Thailand so I could pursue my trading goal full-time. I am in with a great group now and if I do the work, I have calculated it would be possible to turn my modest account into a million by “sticking to my rules.” I’m starting to really “get it”. Just gotta hang in there now.

    I shall let you know when I succeed.

    2. For B&D, well, like others I’m sure, more posts would be great. Having said that, it might weaken the message so maybe not a good idea. I’d like to see more posts on how to deal with those negative issues that can arise: loss of vision, laziness, plateaus, self-doubt.. all that bad shit. Would be cool to hear how you overcome that crap, I’m sure everyone must suffer from time to time.

    And maybe some video stuff – no idea what but perhaps a message of hope now and again, like the Queen’s speech every Christmas day in Britain!

    Happy Christmas Vic and all The Wolves – may 2014 bring great fortune to everyone here.

    • Victor Pride says

      “I’d like to see more posts on how to deal with those negative issues that can arise: loss of vision, laziness, plateaus, self-doubt.. all that bad shit.”

      Good idea. Merry Christmas.

  5. Corvus says

    2013 has been a life changing year for me thanks to this website.

    1. I will write a book about the history of masculinity and the meaning of manhood. I will do so by adding discipline to my life and cutting out all the garbage from my life that are mere distractions. This will also require me to walk the walk before I do the talk. I must practice what I preach.

    2. I understand that you are a private man, but I would love to read more of your private life stories. Especially stories of your greatest life struggles and the things that pushed you to become the man that you are today. I myself am motivated by shameful past mistakes and rejections. I now use those feelings of pain and shame to fuel myself to become better and stronger. I would love to know what fuels you from the core.

    • David says

      I agree with this number 2, I’d like to know some critical points in Vic’s life that transformed him from a skinny liberal bastard to a strong iron will wolf. I bet a lot of the guys here could identify a lot with that and learn by realizing how similar things in their own lives lead to their own transformation.

  6. Felipão says

    1) my mission is to become a physical therapist / sports nutritionist and teach boys how to become men and conduct themselves as such. I will accomplish this by first becoming strong myself, and then sharing my experiences as an online personality. I will endorse an intermittent paleo fasting lifestyle and discourage the need for GNC’s supplements.

    2) I would love to see more exercise regimens, more direct responses to people’s bullshit, deff more recipes for cooking meat, and various other diets and fasting routines you have to share

  7. Pichelberger says

    Already quit the job I hated….

    2014? I stop apologizing and get to work on my new career as a woodworker. I already have the clients, now I just need a top product! Time to get to work and shut up.

    Time to stand tall.

  8. says

    1. My mission for 2014 is to stay strong. My mission for 2014 is to follow through. My mission is to make 2014 even better than 2013. I will invest the complete year into my top three priorities

    1. Entrepreneurship
    2. Weightlifting
    3. Traveling

    2. Some videos about your mission, about the “why” of B&D, could be a great motivation

  9. Alex says

    1. Build myself, experiment much, much more in spite of my fears, earn more and then being my own boss. I’m doing this by working smarter and cutting the bullshit in my life that has brought me down.

    2. BD is fine, please don’t post more just for the sake of it. Take your time and deliver quality content.

    Merry whatever-everyone-celebrates.

  10. Alex DC says

    1. Over the next year I’m going to learn the skills I need to make me a very effective and competitive freelancer in my online field of work. I have identified what services I will offer and what I therefore need to learn and I’m going to pay in time and sweat to make that happen. I have seen the vision of location independence and I want a piece. I want a solid income stream from my work so I can escape the 9-5 and travel the world as I please. This is freedom, and goddamit I don’t want to spend a day longer than I have to on the London Underground surrounded by miserable drones who stink of defeat.

    I’m also going to make my own website and take your advice on Spartan living and downsize, cut costs, eliminate debt and save.

    2. I’d like to hear your views on the concept of “honor” and what it means to you. We all need codes to live by, and a sense of honor has to fit into it somewhere. It would also be great to see more articles on people that inspire you. People that have done great things and made their mark on the world.

    Merry Xmas uncle Vic and all those at B&D. May your courage be unshaken and your ventures be fruitful!

  11. Kevin says

    1) In 2014 I’m going to start my own website.
    Ever since I discovered this blog, I have been motivated more than I could ever imagine. I actually read up on copywriting, affiliate marketing and even SEO (which I know you’re not a big fan of).
    I’m at the tip of my toes to begin this lifetime project. And when it’s a succes (not if, but WHEN), I’m going to write an article dedicated to this blog as a token of my appreciation.

    2) I love the fact that you provide quality over quantity. It makes me want to come back and check this blog. Whenever a new article is about to arrive, I get psyched. Why is that? Because I just know that the article is going to be fking awesome. You shouldn’t change a thing. Keep it the way it is, because it’s brilliant.

  12. Co says

    1.) I will continue building my import company, and make the same good work i made the last months. I will get more customers than i have already. And i will top 2013 in 2014 which will be difficult but possible. I may open a second business.

    2.)I would love to see a BaD-Meeting, good possibility to make contact to other hungry young men, which would lead to a common profit. I´m sure it would be great.

    • Co says

      ohh Vic, and it would be really great if you would allow us to get the “Spartan Entrepeneur” at least for one day again.

      Have a great christmas!

    • Victor Pride says

      That has been on my mind a lot lately, but may have to wait until 2015. My 30 days US allotment is already full for 2014.

  13. Diana says

    ”Merry Christmas, boys!” Merry Christmas to you, too. As much as I can relate to your contempt of losers, cowards, wimps and wussies; I just thought you should know I’m a regular reader and I’m a woman, and there might be more out there. Now that you’re asking what we’d like to see on your blog, yeah, It’d be cool if you spoke about women with more respect, and dropped the whole ‘women are maids’ thing; but really, I appreciate your honesty nevertheless. So do whatever you like as long as you keep the good material coming.
    P.S. More pictures from exotic places are always welcome.

    • White Wolf says

      ‘As much as I can relate to your contempt of losers, cowards, wimps and wussies’

      ‘It’d be cool if you spoke about women with more respect’

      This is the problem with the monstrosity that is Modern Woman. They’re happy to judge others whilst expecting something for nothing.

      • Ronal says

        I just don´t get it what´s up with these feminazis. Why do they have to come here and troll? I checked women´s blogs and forums and I haven´t read any real men trolling or complaining when women talk shit about us and share their little techniques to try to take control of our asses. The truth is that real men don´t write or read their forums, I´ve seen that only faggots do.

  14. John says

    1. My mission for 2014 is to turn my life around. To stop being a winner and getting things done, without the excuses. I’m going to start by getting into shape, and become stronger. I’m going to find a way to make money. To do it, I’ll need to forge the discipline to act, and not waste all of my time getting lost in the details.

    2. Going to go with part of what Alex DC said. It’d be nice to see what your take on a more personal code could be like. Rules and regulations that your companions must abide by before being kicked out of your group? Things you won’t tolerate from other people in their habits or behavior?

  15. Gainzie says

    1. My all-time goals are to be aesthetic as fuck, be alpha and become a wing-suit base hopper.
    2. I would love to see some things on meditation, and a beginners workout program from the man himself.

    Take care, and merry christmas :)

  16. Jossie says

    Share your mission, how you will accomplish it and / or what you need to accomplish it (be careful not to share too much).

    Be the best soccer player I can be. I will juggle the ball every day. I will be on Rip’s starting strength. I have been doing this for three weeks. I have registered for my first 5k last night and I am 9 weeks out. I will dribble the ball every day. I will train my passing every day. I am Jack’s dirty resilience.

    Believe it or not, you have made me cancel my student loans, made me get off my ass, and do something with my life instead of pondering why the world is in such a bad state. I am done with my shitty victim mentality. All since discovering the site yesterday. I’ve never had that happen to me, have my life turned 180 degrees….from a website.

    I just want to see in 2014 the great artices. As Nate Dogg said…keep it comin’

  17. Tyler says

    1) I want to continue developing my new website and start to make some money from it so that one day I can live off of it instead of selling my soul to some asshole boss. I want to get into the best shape of my life, and set my priorities straight instead of making life all about sex and partying.

    2) I’d like to see some more ideas regarding making money online, I could really use practical information of that sort right now in my life to help me accomplish my own goals.

  18. Miki says

    I’ve achieved enough financial freedom to not have to worry about, as Bob Proctor said “When the money starts rolling in, it’ll come in such large quantities without any effort that you’re gonna wander where it’s been this whole time”.

    Now, I wanna do two things: show the people all around that what they think is possible, is not really what’s possible in the reality, only in their subjective paradigms while in objective reality anything is impossible.

    That’s one thing, then – I wanna travel. A lot. I wanna see it all.

    And lastly, I wanna fuck. Like a savage beast. It’ll be the most brutal form of over indulgence in sexual activities. I earned it. I’m young. I’m charming. I’m a rich sexy beast. I LOVE women. Women LOVE ME. Let’s put it to good use.

    That’s ’bout it.

  19. says

    “Share your mission, how you will accomplish it and / or what you need to accomplish it (be careful not to share too much).”

    Vic, I’m surprised – letting others talk all this talk about the future or how they’ll do this and that.

    Fuck that.

    Here’s what I AM doing: working morning through night on my website.

    I forgot to eat yesterday.
    I forgot that I started working at 1PM and wondered why and how it was 2AM last night.
    I forgot about everything else in life.


    I’m obsessed.
    I do nothing buy hit the gym, eat grub and write.
    I write write write write and write some more and when I’m tired I write some more.

    I couldn’t stop if I wanted to.

    My desire for success – MY success – is so overwhelming that not even the fear of failure – OR the fear of success – could pull me away from what I’m doing.


    + Create a “Guest Post” page with a featured post once a week.

    + Get rid of #1 (sharing what you are GOING to do) and replace it with, “After you’ve started/worked on your mission, come back and share how your goal is coming along.”

    Regardless of all the above that is post-related;

    Nice to see you having fun in the pic above.

    Stay real and hit the gym today,

    Mr. Veins – Mike C.

    • Sean says

      ^^^ !!!

      This comment made my day. F- what you say you’re gonna do. Ultimately, what matters is what you do and not what you say. Stop the talking and get to walking.

      Today, I put in 9 hours coding my 1st little application-project. I’m going to apply to and get into a coding bootcamp within the next couple months. I’ve gone from not knowing a line of code to being on the verge of finishing my own small project from scratch in less than 6 months. This is being accomplished by putting in the work. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

      PS: I’ve had a cold for the past few days, so that’s stopped me from getting into the gym. I’ve got the itch though, it’s been almost a week!

      Anywho, to Vic and Mike C. and all the others up in this bitch who’re on the path towards greatness, GET BACK TO WORK BITCHES.

      Oh, 1 more thing – I’d like to see some guest-posts as well, I’m sure there’s a bunch of people eager to contribute and you could easily screen the posts, so you’d get some quality content w/o expending much effort.


  20. Jonny says

    #1. I will continue working on my physique. Goal: The Greek God body. Another goal is to obtain a PhD in psychology. Goal: Help others shatter their weak mindset and find that inner Wolf we all have.

    #2. Videos would be nice but you know, less is more Vic. I check your site everyday to see if you posted anything new. I value your insight more because of “Quality over quantity.” If no videos, please include some personal stories.

    Also, i bought body of a Spartan and 30 days of discipline more than 2 months ago. Great investment. I actually came to enjoy the shower rule. Lol.

    Thank you for Bold and Determined.
    Happy holidays my man.

  21. Vincent says

    1. Next year, I will get my physique into peak condition. I’m sick of having an average physique after all those years of hard work, because I’m not “supposed” to train that more then once a week or my average nutrition. I will continue to run a cyclic keto diet as of I do now although I will run seriously low on cash.

    2. I like your blog as it is. Excited to see new content that gets me fire dup and motivated.

    merry christmas

  22. Arnold R says

    1. I will expand my business from it’s existing 1,220 clients, and increase per-client revenues. I will also add more profitable clients. I only get 8,760 hours a year after all.

    1a. I’d like to add an online business and blog, but that might not be in 2014.

    2. I’d like to see stories of how Victor overcame some of the challenges over the years.

  23. Gino says

    Before reading Bold and Determined, I was absolutely fooled by the Feminism Ideology and modern day “masculinity”.


    I would love to see more posts about all the other garbage ideas in the world today that are fooling us.

  24. miguel says

    1 finish my EEngineering BS, and develop my audio software product.

    2 a forum to talk to other wolfs, more pics of your journey.

  25. Arash says

    #1) I will develop the mindset I need to succeed. I will do this by never missing a day at the gym, keeping my health top-notch, and being clean cut and sharp every single day! I will cut the bullshit that my peers partake in and become superhuman!!

    #2) Victor your work has inspired me in more ways than I can describe. The post you did on Professional Blogging actually gave me an idea for a blog that I know can be incredibly successful because many men want and need what I will be writing about. First, I must focus on and develop my business until it becomes profitable and then I can dedicate myself to the blog.

    Merry Christmas Brother!

    – Arash

  26. Joey the Hustler says

    1) I will turn my company profitable. I will make 100,000 this year. I have the skills, knowledge and bloodthirsty determination to do exactly that and I will work on it everyday. I will fight in a muay thai fight again by the end of 2014. I am stronger and more powerful than I’ve ever been before and grow stronger each and every day.

    2) Where do I begin? First off I used your “New Year’s Manifesto” post and set my years goals which I was able to accomplish about 80% of them. (Several of the original goals I deemed unnecessary). I then used your “Productivity Hacks” to change the way I focused on tasks and tripled my work output. These days I don’t work according to “time”, I work according to Pomodoro timers. I bought “30 Days of Discipline” and now, with a few upgrades, live my life, 30 days at a time. (Cold showers are a BITCH in the winter when you’re apartment is 45 degrees F but fuck it, ain’t breaking my streak.) I listened to the “Millionaire Fastlane” as I created the idea for my company and built the websites. I “ate some steaks and lifted some weights” and dropped 25lbs of fat. I bought Body of a Spartan and it has become my bible.

    All in all Vic, I’d say you’re doing pretty damn good without any suggestions from me. So keep up the good work and I’ll see you at the top.

  27. Sachin Kumar says

    i will build my business this year.
    ill make my waist 32 frm 38 current size. weight wud b 73 frm 82 current.

    will invite victor pride to india if he takes a resolution to become veg by the time

    sugg fr b & d
    u shud visit india
    u r frm usa but ur views are totally traditional indian mr vic

  28. Abhi says

    Make sale of minimum of 300units of my product by next December.
    dedicate atleast 25 mins per day to meditate.

    An article about how to juggle/balance health..wealth…realtions would be welcome.

    I have observed many times its difficult to do this as when i focus on one thing others take a back seat

  29. Bo says

    I was about to ask for the essentials of eating and training when I realized the hallmark of your writing style is very head-on. So that calls for new topics rather then refining already refined ones. Meditation resulting in poise and mental strength + what can we learn from Bruce Lee stuff? Basic self defense in case someone jumps me. How to top physical, mental and economical strength with beeing a good (non-pussy) person?

  30. Carl says

    1.Since I’m gonna graduate from college on 2014, I will focus on improving my IT skills(my passion) and start building my empire.I’ll continue improving myself to become the man people I would like to be

    2.I would love to hear more about your stories, and if you can make videos then that would me more awesome.Thanks to you bro I was a wimp before and became a better man.

  31. Tony says

    1. There are 4 goals to accomplish in 2014
    a.) Finishing the 2000 something Youjo Kanji and getting fluent in japanese.
    b.) Making 10k a month through FX trading and marketing
    c.) Winning the state powerlifting championschips at the 83kg class
    d.) Spending a few weeks on my own in Japan for more inspiration

    2.) Vic we need a Bold and Determined Podcast.
    Would love to hear you simply talk about your ideas on life, business and lifting for 2 hours or so every other week.

    For anything else, keep up the good work.
    Time to get some ass kicking done.

  32. Michael says

    #1) My only resolution would be to make 30 days of discipline a permanent part of my life, in the month I completed it, the productivity I managed by using my early morning hours was incredible, my physique and brain both benefited greatly so why do it once only when I can reap those rewards forever? I highly recommend anyone who reads this buy and complete the 30 days challenge.

    Aside from that I want to continue my two current campaigns. First is to learn Spanish which is coming along well, second is to finish the courses on Code Academy for javascript, php and APIs so that I can be at a level where I can put together a mvp for my web app idea, even if it is crude and dysfunctional prototype it will be a huge step for me. If I can continue on my current track and make sufficient progress by the end of January I have the desire and means for a pretty nice reward for myself, but that can be for another day because as you said, don’t share too much…

    #2) From Bold and Determined I would second the common request for personal stories, but also I feel that interviews with verified winners would be good, with winner wolves, men that live the B&D lifestyle and reap the success from it, whether that be in business, sports, positions of leadership or any other aspect of their life, let’s hear what they do and how it has brought them success.

    Merry Christmas Victor and happy new year.

  33. says

    Hey Vic, great site, thanks for a great 2013, here’s to a great 2014.

    1 – Mission: Further my study of martial arts and physical culture. Specific goals include obtaining my kajukenbo black belt, entering Systema instructor training by the end of the year, and returning to the competitive powerlifting platform.

    2 – Suggestions: Podcast would be cool, but otherwise, keep doing what you’re doing, it ain’t broke.

  34. Victor says

    Holy fuck.

    Had chills down my spine when you wrote those two words. Soul and honor.

    Fuck yes truly a better world when the men possess these traits. And the women are a REFLECTION OF THAT.

    After reading Art of Manliness I actually had just selected the 5 STAPLES of manliness to guide me through this limited time I have on Earth. and hopefully these will be RIGID because bloody hell I’m sick fo being an effeminate fluid type without principles to STAND ON.
    – Honor (Integrity, compassion for others, never breaking promises, calling out sociopaths/liars/slimy/scummy/weak/cowardly/lame people or flat out disassociating with them, having R.E.S.O.L.V.E)
    – Truth (to accept that which is real, to self-educate, to acquire wisdom no matter how uncomfortable it is to the ego, to have intellectual humility)
    – Freedom (to understand that I live in a time period where ALTHOUGH morals may have degraded and government is scum.. there are OPPORTUNITES to engage in lifestyles on our own accords that the majority of the human populace has never seen before.
    Freedom from bullshit, Freedom from female control, Freedom from my own ego/insecurities, Freedom from evil, freedom from disease, freedom from 9-5, freedom from comfort, freedom from fixed location
    – Power (Physically, socially, spiritually, mentally) BUT TO BE USED FOR GOOD ONLY. None of that fukkin megalomaniac or evil villain bullsh!t
    – Je Nais Sais De Quo (Lust for Life/Essence)

    My personal mission is to elevate my charisma to new levels, slab on 20 pounds of muscle using YOUR routine freshly purchased, finish up my degree, develop my writing skills, and do well on my first sales job, enlivening the atmosphere and fostering strong relationships. But the problem was I’ve been dilly-dallying and goign 30% focus on like 3-4 thigns at a time and YUP you guessed it SUB-MEDIOCRE results.

    That WILL CHANGE. It was not a matter of willpower for me. It was a matter of focus, and strategic HARD CONSISTENT 100% FOCUSED ACTION on behalf of that goal.

    I was foolish. I had accepted the notion that multitasking was a commendable trait. The females have brainwashed my poor gullible soul and had me doing massive things at a time.



  35. says

    1. My mission is to make my website ( even more profitable for 2014. I have made amazing strides thus far, I look forward to riding the wave of momentum into the next year. It’s been a great learning experience so far. Vic, you have provided great information in getting me started, now, it is simply up to ME to BUILD.
    2. I would like to see a Bold and Determined forum. I think it would be a much welcomed community of ass-kickers. Bold and Determined, in my opinion, has become more than a website, it’s become a community, it’s become a haven of information that us men NEED. Victor, as I have told you time and time again, without even knowing you, you helped change this guy for the better, and as corny as this may sound to some of you, I am VERY grateful.

    Happy 2014, men! Let’s make this upcoming year the best yet!

    • Joey the Hustler says

      Holy shit man, is there a post on your blog you HAVEN’T rewritten from Bold and Determined? It’s one thing to be inspired by someone, it’s a completely different thing to just rewrite the same material. Geez.

    • Victor Pride says

      IF! I allow a forum it will be paid only, $30 per month. No bullshitters allowed, but it will be the best forum on earth.

  36. says

    Merry Christmas!!

    1) I’m going to work on my blog and I am about to launch a new supplement website. Think there is still some money to be made through this. I’m going to take lifting weights seriously as I’m keen to make some serious strength gains. So I’m going to learn all I can about powerlifting.

    2) I’d like to see more of your ideas against feminism and bring masculine. I feel my test running through my veins when I read that stuff, makes me primed for lifting weights.
    Although I’d like to read more posts, I think you’ve got the combination of quality and quantity just right, so i’d keep it like it is.

  37. Steve B says

    Merry Christmas, Ol’ St. Vic!

    I’d be interested to see how you approach writing a post.

    Is it a structured approach or more free writing?

  38. alphawolf says


    1-I am starting Body Of a Spartan this year and it would be a great journey, I will be somebody with a body. I will start my own blog and I’m gonna make a lot of money. I will travel to diferent places and in a year I will post my results here.

    2-Man, you must write and article about how to raise a daughter, because I take a look to the girls of my generation (25 yo) and in a few years this world will be seriously fucked up, girls are fucking lazy now and don’t even know how to cook.

    P.S. I will fly to USA this year (I can’t wait!!!), as an American what do you recomend me?? any special place? any special city??


    • Joey the Hustler says

      I can answer you. Read the “Hagakure” it’s a book by samuarai for samurai and it has a whole chapter on why women should not be raising children and why men are better at it.

      If this is your first time to the U.S. on the east coast, I’d definitely hit up NYC, (just because it’s the main thing that everyone knows about). If you’re going to be on the west coast, then shoot for California, Los Angeles, either of those will give you the extremes of what americans are like. Colorado Rockies are really cool too. Whatever you do, I would shoot for things that are vastly different than your home country.

    • Victor Pride says

      USA has everything you can imagine. We have every climate in the world except jungle. It just depends on what you like and what you want to do. How to raise a girl? I hope I never have a girl, I don’t want that heartbreak.

  39. Bakr says

    My Mission for 2014 is:

    To give up porn and masturbation
    to get a distinction for my Masters degree
    to delve into one business at least
    to start running in the mornings
    and to write a book on dating for my ethnic groups perspective
    to be more proactive:

    I would really like to see more advice/ (perhaps books) on motivation/will power against laziness and starting a business ( perhaps more advice on bricks and mortar type businesses for those of us wanting to start a business in the old style rather than an internet based business.

    I have been reading your site for 2 months Vic, its a shame the Spartan Entrepreneur is no longer available, but from London, thanks for providing kick ass advice and motivations that is always on the spot and hits the nail on the head. .

    Your site is my main call when I first hit the internet everyday. Cheers Vic

  40. says

    1) my short-term mission is to release my book next Monday, in time for the new year. I’m still formatting it and adding the final touches before hitting the “submit” button. For any B&D readers who would like to review it and possibly earn a 70% affiliate commission on sales made through your blog, get in touch.

    my personal long-term mission is to create my financial independence. I’m hustling to try and make at least $100 per day or $3000 per month. One man can live like a king on that. I’ve seen what you’ve done, Victor, and know that it’s possible, so I want to get that sort of freedom and create something useful for others along the way.

    in the meanwhile I’ll still be looking at supplements, herbs and more good stuff like that. It’s always been an interest I love to pursue. I might start another website soon. there’s a whole other year of possibilities ahead of us.

    2) I want to see what kind of E-book you’ve got coming in the future. The financial tips are great as always, and I still trawl through the archives now and then to refresh my mind.

    Thanks again Vic.

  41. Luis Rod says

    Merry Christmas Vic.

    Thank you, I will not be a pussy anymore. I’m still changing to be a real man.

    I’d like to see
    ‘ The Gentleman’s Guide to Modern American Dating’ part II.

    Thanks a lot

    • Victor Pride says

      Part 2: The gentleman marries a 32 year old teenager, get’s divorced 4 years later and pays alimony and child support, wonders to himself how he could have been a better man and done more to make her happy. The wolf moved to Asia 3 years ago and forgot all about American girls.

  42. fartcatcher says

    For me, i will use this year to:
    start 3 sites (as per your post on starting an online business) which i have planned content for, and make side money/share my views/promote other people’s content and products
    get a well-paying job and make a better living
    meet my strength and fitness goals
    go on lotsa dates, have lots of sex
    read loads of great books, some for the first time, some for the umpteenth
    try some of this modafinil i keep hearing about

    for B&D? not sure tbh, stuff on copywriting, more on dating maybe? more on productivity?
    more books, most definitely,
    more on nootropics, probably
    have you ever considered running a “30 days of discipline” bootcamp for corporate or public audiences? just a thought…,

  43. Adam says

    I will be continuing the mission I began in January 2013. However, In 2014 I am going to refine my affiliations. I have no time for negative influences.

    With that in mind I would like to see more about life as a lone wolf. I want to learn how to enjoy it.

    • Victor Pride says

      Adam, good idea. I’m a lone wolf but I’m not alone. There’s a big difference, and I don’t recommend anyone live their life without intimacy.

  44. Tcal says

    My suggestion would be that you talk about these topics

    – Personal training / coaching business etc – your experience, advice, your failures / mistakes
    – More about developing real friendships
    – Big Govornment and how it is fucking up peoples lives
    – School
    – Govornment surveliance (I know you have mentioned this a little bit, but it would be interessting going deeper and wider into this topic)

    thats about it :)

    Merry Christmas :)

  45. says

    this, that, that this. Meh…

    My big mission is a very small one. Im NOT gonna procrastinate myself into an oblivion of misery and pressure that affects my creativity and attention to detail. I will only spend 5-10 minutes of my day on Facebook, and spend most of my time actually interacting with at least 50 new REAL people on the streets, gym, mall, grocery shopping, and practice my small talk.

    There you go Victor… I want you to be my wingman. Fly over to Toronto and I will give you a free photoshoot ma man!

    • Victor Pride says

      Big Al, I’ve got a nikon D90 with a 18-105mm lens. I’m highly unsatisfied with the picture quality. What are the 2 best lenses to use with my D90 to take superb quality pics?

      • says

        ah no need to buy any big expensive stuff. toss the 18-105, and just buy the 50mm 1.8 (100 bux or so). play with it, and you’d love it. If you need any help ever, reach out any time.

        Though superb quality depends on many other factors than the gear you got… training for one! Am gonna be at one of worlds biggest wedding photography expos in Vegas in March… join up. its spring break for photographers! look up WPPI… you might just open up a whole new world to explore!

  46. says

    2013 was a tough year for me which resulted in nearly losing my business and most of my savings while fighting depression. I have been an entrepreneur for three years, but I have yet to break through to make significant money from my ventures. My resolution is simple and it is to rebuild my life to have a stronger business that does more than break even and turn around my life by increasing my level of discipline. Your book will surely help as I will do what it takes to maintain my freedom and grab what I want in life.

    For B&D I like the idea of adding a forum and maybe more on social skills, like knowing who trust, how to gain the upper hand in a negotiation, etc.

    • says

      the only thing you can and should trust is your gut. Get good sleep every night, 6-8 hours, hit the gym early morning (its tuff at first), but trust me it just gets your focus right up there where you need it to be. And just focus your minds energy on improving your craft and client relations. Dont look around for answers. Listen to your gut for what it says the value is of a client to you.

  47. Jake says

    1. Generate at least 1000 dollars a month from passive affiliate programs. I have been working on it the past few months and am halfway there. Get to 155 pounds. I started at 128 a few months ago and am about 140 right now. Start up a new blog and start selling a book I’ve wrote.

    2. Podcast/video would be awesome. More articles about making money through internet entrepreneurship.

  48. Sigma says

    Brothers, my goal for 2014 is to my redefine my Fastlane. Locational/financial independence.
    How: 1st, I’m reading the book. Ha :P
    2nd, I’m setting the intention, asking a few who’ve done it questions and reading blogs like Victor’s.

    Victor, don’t change a thing. I love your work. But if you can help, I’ll tell you that a major thing that’s kept me up at night the last 2 years is the decline of the Dollar. Here is an article I found with a little perspective on the Baht and the Brazillian Real vs. the Dollar in a few short years:
    I also belive that U.S. domestic energy production will drive the cost of everything down and hold off a Dollar collapse for 5 years, 10 MAX. This is an area ripe for conspiracy theories(to which I say, so? And, no shit), alarmism(Alex Jones), and assholes selling newsletters to solve our financial problems(Porter Stansbury). It’s coming and I’m about as concerned about trying to live abroad on U.S. Dollars in a few years as I would be on Argentine Pesos. Hell, at least in the U.S. I can carry a gun. I don’t know, it’s a bit like watchin a slow motion train wreck and trying to predict the future all in one. Anyway, I’m looking at Bullion Vault and the Renminbi(I hate communism too) as possible havens. The Euro’s too tied to the Dollar. HELP!

    Oh btw I liked 30 Days of Discipline. Words and principles worth living by. And for all the value I’ve gotten from your site I just wanted to give back. Well worth it!


      • Sigma says

        Solid, thank you. It affects the world and men need to mastermind-group a solution for it and not just wait for the proposed solution from the elites that’ve caused it, after we’ve suffered. It’s the Hegelian dialectic, problem-reaction-solution. I’ve opened this converstion with many folks, minus the conspiracy part, and it’s perplexing to see the lack of awareness. Hell, I keep hearing there’s probably a lot of money to be made off of all this and I’m all for it! Let’s have that conversation.

        • says

          if you are a white, and Im blunt Im about it (I’m a brown dude)… go to, book a flight in their new Airbus A380 for 12 bills or so and fly down to Dubai for a week or so. Do it… just absolutely do it.

          • Sigma says

            big AL Rashdi, you know Dubai is a place I’ve always admired but know little about. I just caught a show Piers Morgan did on it (youtube). What vision. I love it. I’d decided to get over to Chiang Mai soon after reading Victor’s work here and start an internet business. 2014 I’ll just be planning my vision, as I have a short obligation left on a military commitment I signed on for in the States, my 3rd (lapse of sanity maybe but it’s a brotherhood and I laugh my ass off every time I’m around them). I’ve been feeling guilty for not responding to you though. I like your style and your photograpy! Peace.

  49. bad wolf says

    2) I would like to see 3 things: First, a forum where fellow wolves could share stories/ideas and have discussions. Second, a post from your perspective about joining the military/being in the military. And third, a post that puts together a list of some of the baddest wolves (past or present) you think we should be emulating. Thanks and Merry Christmas. Forget about that politically correct ‘happy holidays’ bullshit.

  50. Carter says

    1.I’m going to write 3 e books and start a blog. I also want to get shredded and huge and stay like this year round.

    2.I really would like spartan entrepreneur to come back

  51. says

    1. Get bench from 295 to 315 this year. Create a ton of value with, I’ve wasted so much money on shit I figure I can save people some $$ from my experience.

    2. Bring back the Spartan Entrepreneur for a day, do it!!!!!!!!! :)

    Great part 2 of the gentemans guide to dating, to some it may seem like satire, but it sure as shit ain’t.

  52. Paul says

    1) As a high school senior, my friends are constantly worrying about getting into college and what they’re going to do with their life. They take a look at my bad grades and always ask me what I’m going to do with my life.I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with my life yet, but I do know that I want to avoid following everyone else down the road to averagetown. My parents and friends are certainly persistent on the need to get into college and obtain a degree in order to be successful in life. My ultimate goal is to prove them wrong, whatever it takes.

    I’ve been thinking about enlisting into the Marine Corps as my stepping stone into the world, and using my time there to start making my own business.

    I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do to make it work yet, but one thing is for sure. 2014 is going to be my year to finally gain my independence and freedom from my parents that I’ve so long desired. It will be the start of something great and the start of proving to my Dad and everyone else who doubts me that a college degree is not necessary to make a good living in life, as well as proving that there are better, more effective ways to make money than slaving the rest of my life away at some 9-5 making someone else rich while getting a heavily-taxed, measly little pay check. In 10 years, when all my friends are $20k-$30k in debt from their time in college and barely making enough money with barely enough time to enjoy the good things in life, and I’m off traveling the world or whatever, they’ll see that they were wrong

    • Adam says

      I don’t usually leave much for comments on here but I was in a similar situation and have some experience, so hopefully I can help you out. My advice is to enlist. Get into a combat MOS, 0311 if you can. Some people will tell you that you are signing your life away, but I honestly think going into the military is the best move a man can make at 18 years old. I’m also a firm believer that the being in the infantry is the most honorable masculine occupation left in America. It’s a great starting point for a young man because it will teach you how to get shit done, and make you immune to a lot of bullshit. Be careful though as a young grunt. That means don’t get married, and don’t spend money foolishly. If you follow those two rules you will come out ahead with enough life experience to know what you want, what you don’t want. Start your business from there.

  53. Lazer says

    1.) Financial and location independence. Already taking the first step next month and moving to bigger opportunities halfway across the world. Lean and disciplined times are ahead.

    2.) From bold and determined Id like to see a podcast.

    Merry Belated Christmas.

  54. says

    By the end of 2014 I’ll be making $5K+/month via my internet businesses and will have total location independence and financial freedom.

    From you, Saint Vic, I’d like to see two articles:
    1. “A Day in the Life of Victor Pride” and go through a normal day. What you do, how you approach your work, how much time you spend on it, etc.
    2. A post about specifically what goes through your mind when you work. Do you have a very specific game plan for the next day, with a time, duration, etc? Or just sit down and blast through until you’re done with a post or whatever you’re working on? What kinds of things help you with your mindset to be productive during that work session?

    P.S. When I saw the image at the top of the post I had a vision of Saint Vic with a Santa’s bag loaded to the brim with Modafinil, throwing out handfuls to everyone around.

    • Victor Pride says

      Day in the life, interesting. Some months ago I did a “week in the life” article but never published. Today, for fun, I will publish here in the comments. Please enjoy.

      Thursday morning I woke at 5 am to catch a 7 am flight from Bangkok to Saigon. I had to deal with some visa issues and I had to go to Vietnam to TCB (take care of business). I arrived in Saigon on time but had to wait approximately one hour for the customs officials to process my visa on arrival.

      1.5 hours into my trip I was walking with my companion to find a suitable restaurant for lunch. Along the walk I witnessed a robbery in broad daylight.

      A one armed man was selling lottery tickets on the street. A bandit drove up on a motorbike, pretended he was going to purchase one ticket, and when opportunity struck he snatched all the tickets from the man’s one hand and sped off on his motorbike.

      The one armed man gave chase and yelled in vain but the bandit got away with his lotto tickets.

      It was explained to me by a Vietnamese speaking witness that the bandit stole about $25 in profit. The one armed man could have eaten for two weeks on that $25. If the man had children those children were going to go to bed hungry for a few nights.

      My Vietnamese eye-witness also told me she saw the man crying after the robbery took place. The one armed man was a grizzled veteran of the street trade, he did not appear to be a man who cried over nothing.

      At that point, one and a half hours into my Saigon visit, I had already spent over one thousand and one hundred dollars TCB (takin’ care of business). The grizzled one armed street man had lost his dignity and livelihood over twenty five dollars and I spent roughly that amount on Singaporean food for lunch and then returned to my hotel room to find the toilet had a bidet.

      One or two days later I went to a “paleo” power breakfast hosted by an entrepreneur living in Saigon. Roughly 10 young, white entrepreneur’s showed up to the large, 5 bedroom apartment to eat eggs and talk shop. The group is known as the Dynamite Circle.

      That evening I met up with some of the fellows for drinks (I had a coconut smoothie) and we bullshitted for a few hours. I did not count but perhaps a dozen young, white foreigners were there to talk shop, drink beer and eat hamburgers.

      I don’t particularly like Saigon but it’s undeniable that quite a few young internet entrepreneur types love the place and there are many of them living there, working there and playing there. That same evening there was a big game of “tag” played amongst 100 young expats. 10 of them wore red headbands, 90 of them wore green headbands and they ran around Saigon yelling, I presume, “tag, you’re it” for 3.5 hours.

      The next day I took a local family for lunch. Leaving the restaurant, a waiter spotted me, a big smile appeared on his face, he gave me the international “thumbs up” signal and he said to me “wow, you are very handsome and manly!” and I could do nothing but laugh. Of all the placed I have ever been, Saigoners are the most appreciative of a well toned physique.

      After 5 days in Saigon it was time to go home. Tallying up my total expenses, I’d had to withdraw $100 usd on 4 (four) seperate occasions, came to $1600 usd for the 5 day affair.

      This was my 2nd trip to Saigon, the first trip I stayed for 30 days and spent nearly 3 grand. During that trip I did get into the best shape of my life but I’d had a very hard time sleeping and, upon my arrival home, found myself with darkened eyes and a decidedly neanderthal appearance.

      You’ll be happy to know that the dark circles are gone and my sleep schedule is back on track. I used a product called 5-HTP to help my erratic sleep pattern.

      I arrived home, to Bangkok, at midnight Monday evening/Tuesday morning and was able to get into bed at about 1:30 am. The next morning I sent a message to my workout partner to say I will not be in at our usual 11 am Tuesday leg day because I awoke at 10 am and was not yet prepared and rested well enough to squat 315 lbs for reps.

      Instead, I spent nearly the entire day re-arranging the furniture in my rented condo to maximize productivity, using feng shui principles to maximize balance and command. I was so happy with the re-arrangement I have decided I could stay here another year if I wanted to. I pay only $500 usd per month in rent for a centrally located, pool view (pictured above) unit that has a desk now in the ‘command position’ and full length mirrors in the bedroom.

      That evening I went to the gym for a light leg day and saw an old friend. My old friend was in the gym, day in and day out, for nearly a year when he had a big, heavy cast on his leg and could only walk with the help of a cane. I did only a light, pump style workout as I was quite drained from my Saigon trip.

      I spent the next day, which is today, catching up on a lot of bits and pieces required to run a profitable internet operation. Tallying up the income from the month of September for Bold and Determined comes to roughly $9,285.32, though the final profit figure could be lower at end of month. At Chez Bold and Determined all final profit numbers are conducted on the 3rd or 4th day of each month after all the figures have been accounted for.

      Which brings us to right now, it is Wednesday 8 pm and I am finishing this piece while eating coconut chicken and rice for dinner. In a few moments I will hit the ‘Publish’ button. I will then take 200 mg of 5-HTP, then I will retire to the bedroom where my little angel heart is now sitting on the floor with a white blanket covering her body, resembling a ghost, as she breathes in an old world health mixture to help her travel weakened immune system repair from 5 days of traveling with the world’s most handsome badass.

        • Victor Pride says

          Young expats? Half n half. Chiang Mai looks like some resort town in Colorado that shipped in a bunch of Thai help to take care of all the whites, but right now Saigon is the cool, hip place for the location independent crowd. Quality Women? Depends on what you mean by quality. Looks? Chiang Mai. Heart and soul? Vietnam outside Saigon in the outer districts. Traveling? Chiang Mai.

      • says

        Very interesting read!

        How’s the Feng Shui working out for you?

        I read a book about it last summer. To me it seemed mostly like common sense from a decoration/design standpoint but written from by a goofy older woman who used words such as “energy”, “vibrations”, “yin vs yang power”, “the soul of the house”, and so on. The most applicable tip I got out of that book was to avoid electromagnetic radiation.

        • Victor Pride says

          A couple pieces of practical advice: never have your desk facing a wall, always have your back to a wall, never have your back to an open door. The way I have my place laid out now is almost perfect (the bedroom needs work) but it took me 16 months to get it perfect. If I could throw some furniture in the trash I could get it perfect in an afternoon, but it’s all rented. None is mine. Anyway, the arrangement of the furniture makes a huge difference to your happiness level, huge.

          • Matt says

            But Victor, having the desk facing the wall means all the cables from computers etc and tucked neatly down the back of the desk. It also means I can use the wall as a pin-board of sorts.

            How do you get around the cable problem?

            Also, it utilizes physical space better,i.e. leaves more open area for wandering about the middle of the room.

            I’d like to hear more.

            In fact, write the next article about how to Feng Shui your accommodation for a fresh start to 2014!

          • Victor Pride says

            I don’t use a home office for wandering about, I use it for working and I don’t like staring at the wall. Having your desk in the central area with your back to the wall and your front to a door or window is the power position, having your face to the wall is the powerless position. Cable problem? Downgrade or buy a surge protector. Turn your desk to the wall like a T-Bone and have your cables to the side of your desk, in between the desk and the wall.

          • says

            Hey Vic,

            For some reason, all those things you mention makes sense to me on an intuitive level. Probably because I’m Asian and that sort of thing runs deep into the way I was raised.

            – The back to open door is the biggest folly to make. It leaves yourself into a powerless mental state. Anxiety-prone. Think of an interrogation room. They always have your back to a door which opens and closes on their whim. It makes you feel out of control.
            – Table against a wall. This one is hard to accomplish if your room is small. I would just ditch the table and make your room a place of sleep. You can always work in the living room or elsewhere.
            – Furniture. More is not always better. Always remember this principle: That which you bring in physically, you exclude spatially.” Happiness comes from balance and harmony of space. Space is huge. How you arrange your furniture determines the neurological pathways of how you perceive space in your home. For example, a ross filled with endless aisles of clothes or Hermes/Prada where you can walk freely from one end of a wall to another.
            – Space is wealth. Think about it.

            Vic, can you suggest a book regarding the feng shui principles?

          • Victor Pride says

            No, I didn’t read any books about it I just scoured google. The best thing I got out of it is the words “power position”. The way you described having your back to the door is perfect, absolutely perfect. Sounds you have the principles down and don’t need a book.

          • Bob Smith says

            Wow. I never really thought about this. I mean I try to arrange my furniture to maximize space and natural light but at the same time I want it to look good and functional. I guess you have to work with what you got because everyone’s situation is different.
            I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely have to have my desk facing a window and I would never have my desk facing a wall. As far as the power position goes, I can see where you are coming from, but I’m no CEO of some big corporation and I don’t work for anybody else so I don’t really care about having my back to the door, but now you got me to wondering.
            Anyways, this is very interesting stuff. The more I think about this the more intrigued I am and it makes me want to go read up on it and perhaps rearrange some things.

  55. Jacob says

    Alright you asked for it so here it is:

    1) In 2014 I’m am going to build a body that makes ladies swoon and makes any guy who’s thinking about messing with me think twice. I am also going to create a website dedicated to the pursuit of perfection in martial arts.

    2) Keep doing what you’re doing. To parrot a lot of other posters; I like the motivational kick in the ass along with concrete steps on how to do it.

    Merry Christmas and here’s to an ass kicking 2014!

  56. Sam says

    1. Improve my programming skills and publish my first app. Get stronger. Get my deadlift to 405×5, squat to 315×5, and bench to 250×5, at LEAST. Lift and EAT. Gain more muscle, then cut down and get ripped. Finally tackle and destroy all the old fears holding me back once and for all.

    2. Podcast.

  57. Wes says

    Hey Vic,

    Here it is, the most excited I’ve been for a new year in my life. All because of your site and your motivating words to give me the kick in the ass I needed.

    1. My goal for the next 6 months are:

    – Get my Real Estate License. I just passed the 1st of 4 courses with 84%. I will dedicate 2 hours minimum every day to studying the courses and plan to have my license in 6 months by completing each course in 2 months.

    – I have joined 3 bodybuilding contests starting Jan.1st that are all online. 2 of them cost 30$ to buy in the 3rd is free.The big one is at for 50 thousand. My bodyspace name is malec87 to watch my progress. 2 of the contests are best body transformation in 3 months and the 3rd one is best body transformation over 6 months. I plan to win all 3.

    – I have started goodlookinglosers Approach Anxiety Program and my goal is to complete the program in the next 6 months.

    – I am going to start a blog with your recommended vendor and start blogging my experience as I transform my body better than most people have ever seen without using steroids and minimal supplementation.

    Vic, I can’t thank you enough. I can’t wait to show the world what I’m made of. It’s my time.

  58. Jay says

    1. No joke gentlemen. I want to get sober this year. I need to start there.

    2. Been reading B&D for a couple months now and it is very inspiring. Bought the books and they are terrific. I need help with self-defeating behavior.

  59. Jacob Scott says

    Hi Vic.

    Im thinking about starting a blog, I’ve bought a domain but I’ve not done anything with it yet.
    I’ve bought both your ebooks and I’m going to start them both at the begging of the new year. Do you think blogging about my progression with both of the programs would be a good starting point?

    Hope you had a good christmas!

  60. says

    Merry Christmass Vic!
    Glad to see you lookin’ good, you look like the Space jockey engineers from Prometheus in Santa outfit.

    To turn About Lifting into an authority site and make a living from my two sites:
    About lifting and my Spanis site (which I will work on later)

    When I am able to make a nice regular buck (I estimate that to be around may next year – my goal) I will leave this corporate life and then I will pursue a medical course.

    For B & D I want to see some vids, some kick ass “Eliot-hulse or Hodge twins-esque” channels would fit your Style just about right.

  61. Alexander says

    Merry Christmass, Vic!
    You know my mission in the long-run and my goals to be implemented in the short and mid-term, so it is just about my wishes to you for the upcoming year.
    You have focused on strength, moral and physical, so far. It would be great, as many of your readers, I suppose, have already had got married by the time they found you, if you devote some effort to provide some quality guidance in family and household affairs. Men become leaders of themselves through discipline and physical improvement, leaders of their businesses through commitment and aspiration, and they must be leaders of their families through growing into mature husbands and fathers. For the most part, ladies become feministic only if and when they see a pussy man. One can understand he is turning or has turned into a pussy once he hears his woman cry, weep and finally shout at him – this is a sign she needs your support and you are a stronghold no longer. The woman here means a Woman, not a slut you, Vic, have told us about so many times here. If a lady smokes, drinks, parties and fucks, she is no use as a wife, mother and keeper of home fireplace. Let such a woman to pussy men, who have no dignity and self-respect to escape them.
    To sum up, instruct men to be men, badasses and lions not only in the street, in the office, in the gym, but at his home as well.

  62. says

    Hello, Happy and peaceful new Year to all

    Victor when I go to Your page There is mallware and fraud warning !!!!!!!! Iam using opera and this is the only site where it pops out. Just to let You know.

    1. Continue to add one set, every training on every exercise (or 5 kg of weight). My fitness goal is to be a beast – even more than I am now. I will be able to do one arm pull up despite weighting plus 100 of ripped kilograms.(summer seems realistic).

    2. Continue to f…. girls asses.

    3. Continue my online projects by writing 2 articles daily.

    4. Continue my trading, become one of top ten signal providers by april. ( Real money there :)

    5. Dont drink alcohol at least 100 days non stop.

    2013 was great year for me and I am very thankful for it.

    • Victor Pride says

      Marian, yes it’s happening on opera but not on chrome or safari. There is no problem and we are just waiting on a new yandex scan to take off that warning.

      • says

        I trust your website as a bro :) no issue there, just to make sure that some stupid mallware warning will not diminish your business. One more thing: I wish you would have some adsense banner so I could click on it every time I read something :)) That would make some solid income alone :D Wish you all the best !

  63. says

    Inspiring as always and your post is spot on. As usual. My goals: follow the path of great leaders. What I’d like to see more of? Practical examples from real life. If this made any sense.

  64. Jane the Grad Student says

    My goals for 2014:

    1) Lose at least 10 more pounds and get off all medication. (I’m normal BMI now and close enough to goal weight that it’s going to take some work to shed the last few.) I’ve already kicked the junk food habit and increased my gym time (and effort).

    2) Publish at least 2 scientific papers in my field and finish my PhD (infectious disease research).

    3) Have lined up an ass-kickin’ research fellowship for after I graduate. Already started looking and prospects should be good once I get that first paper out.

    As for what I’d like to see on your blog– or any Manosphere blog, for that matter: when approached by a man, what should a young woman do to signal that she’s interested in potential marriage and not a carousel ride? Obviously, don’t look/act/talk certain ways, don’t hang out in meat markets… but how does she politely say “only so far and no farther” without being perceived as a bitch? I have, like, 9 nieces who are going to need to know this (one’s headed off to college this fall…).

    Thanks for asking– and for all your awesome posts; you’re one of my two favorite blogs.

    • Abgrund says

      What makes you think your nieces want what you think they should want? If they want to party and fuck random dudes they’ll do it, if not they won’t, no one is forcing them either way (except for rape, but I don’t think that’s what you meant).

      Not being a slut doesn’t require looking/acting/talking any particular way, other than not fucking strangers. Nothing wrong with being a slut, though, if that’s what a woman wants. I like a girl who can remember where her own apartment is.

      • Victor Pride says

        ha! How to signal that you aren’t a slut? Keep your legs shut. How to signal you’re interested in marriage? Learn to cook, invest in cleaning supplies and learn to clean, delete your facebook.

      • Alexander says

        This is the responsibility of girls’ parents, FATHERS in particular. It is not only a biblical prescription. Read ancient Greek authors. Pagan parents were supposed to take care of their daughters to an extent to no degree lesser than Jewish parents of theirs. Bible is not intended to set rules and rituals, it is designed to educate dignity. It is all about dignity and values. (You might be atheists, but the bible has been the major source of morals and manners over the past two thousand years). Girls are sluts only if their FATHERS and HUSBANDS allow them to be sluts. Fathers and husbands that allow their daughters and wives to be sluts have no manhood in them, they are just sluts themselves and thus emanate their sluthood all around, infecting both males and females.

        One can be as successful as Alexander the Great or Caesar, but the first had his only son killed by his own generals and the other was killed by the hand of his own son. Both left tremendous cultural and other inheritage, enjoyed glory and bathed in gold during their lifetimes, but both died like dogs.

  65. says


    My mission is independence. It is the fight club of the new generation. I also made several moves like you (including moving abroad).

    I would like to ask your take on getting massages. We both are in locales where massages are quite inexpensive. I’m not talking about rub and tug, but actual professional massages. Swedish, deep tissue, etc — if you can go over some of the benefits and also why there are muscle knots.

    Thanks and happy holidays.

    • Victor Pride says

      Sig, I never go for pro massages. Where I live they always want to jerk you off instead of massaging. I just have my gf massage me every night. This would be a good question for my buddy Steve, , he buys these spa packages on groupon all the time go for massages. I’d leave a comment asking him, he’ll get back to you. And maybe even make a video about it.

    • Abgrund says

      A professional massage is great if you have some specific issue like a pinched nerve, recurring muscle spasm, rib lock, or whatever. I got rid of a serious neuralgia with two treatments from a pro. My doctor told me the only resort was to mutilate the nerve to reduce its function. Fuck doctors.

      If you don’t have such a problem I think massage is a bit of an expensive luxury, but if you’ve got the money it’s a better way to relax than alcohol.

  66. Ogier says


    Visit Eastern Europe and write about Your experiences! In most places, You can find girls who look like professional models and will admire You like no other. Don’t believe? Go Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Russia etc. So many girls have great bodies, cute faces (w/o make-up even!) and are a great company. I’d love to see Your “Guide to dating women of Eastern Europe”. If 2014 is planned for You already… well, it’s my goal as soon as I will deal with other things which planned for now.

    I hope upcoming year I’ll be able to participate more in B&D community. In 2013, I was just too busy accomplishing my goals and only had time for reading. BTW, achieved 4 out of 5 (80%!) big ones this year. You know what? I set much higher ones for this year and I know I will get them done!

    Victor, any advices how to approach training when impossible to get enough (or ANY!) sleep? Out of 7 nights, 3 I rarely sleep more than 3-4 hours, rest usually 7h on average. I’m busy chasing my dreams but It’s not an excuse to look best.

    • Victor Pride says

      “You can find girls who look like professional models and will admire You like no other.”

      Why would you need a guide for that? You just laid it all out. Nothing more to say.

      “Victor, any advices how to approach training when impossible to get enough (or ANY!) sleep? Out of 7 nights, 3 I rarely sleep more than 3-4 hours, rest usually 7h on average. I’m busy chasing my dreams but It’s not an excuse to look best.”

      30 minutes a day, make it a part of your daily routine as normal as eating lunch or dinner. Don’t think about it, just do it.

      • Ogier says

        Actually, You are right. No need for any special approach. Powerful men get women regardless of place or culture.

        That gave me other idea. When enough time, I’ll make a trip throuought Eastern Europe and document my experiences with local women.

        Thanks man and all the best!

  67. Alexei says

    Merry Xmas, Victor!

    1. I want to educate people, while travelling the World. In the near future, I am also aiming to start teaching online, and will look into making it a source of income for a couple years, to give me location freedom. An online school would be an interesting option.

    2. More articles about relationships with other people, online business ideas, and travel advices/accounts.

    Keep up the ass-kicking content!

  68. Riff says

    Hey Victor, just spent a shitload of hours reading your awesome blogs. I stumbled upon somehow and am glad. You opened my eyes to a lot of stuff. I’ve pissed off the protein shakes and creatine, got myself a heap of steak n eggs. Shaved my head, get up early hit the gym. Am satisfied with my build 6”3 and 94kgs knowing now I will never get capped shoulders and python like traps without eating clen and tren hard thanks to you. Your blog inspires me to be a Do’er! Have a great new year man cheers

  69. David says

    I miss it when I could read through all the comments cause there were just about 20 or 30 of them ahaha, this site is going mainstream!

  70. Ed says

    I will Destroy the skinny-fat, porn-tv-videogame addicted pansy-ass-whiny-bitchboy that I have become through rampant self negligence. I will accomplish this by applying the teachings of Uncle Vic’s 30 Days f Discipline and Body Of A Spartan.

    The number one thing I want more from B&D is keep the shit coming. More truth, Less BS, like it’s always been. I’d buy a dumb tshirt, or more books on kicking ass and taking names.

    I will Detroy me to Build myself. Perfection my goal, Legend my guide.

  71. Ronal says

    Hey Mr. Pride, I´ve been reading B&D for like a month now and I gotta tell you man, I´ve learnt a hell of a lot of things.

    – Now I understand why lifting weights is the best a man can do for his body and mind and I´m hitting the gym almost every day, applying the Body of a Spartan principles. I´m not into that “let your muscles rest and just train them once a week” bullshit anymore. I feel energized and mean.

    – I left behind my stupid high carbo diet and started eating beef, pork, omelettes and fat. Man it really makes a difference. I grew more muscle and now these muscles are way stronger than ever.

    – Nobody ever explained better why I was feeling so lazy or sad. Men were created as hunter-gatherers to survive, not office zombies or playstation nerds. You gotta be always hustling.

    – Men are becoming effeminate wussies and so women think they need to take the reigns of corporations, family and society. This is completely unnatural, that´s why society is fucked up, and even in latin-american countries like my own you can see this trend. Masculine things are not evil.

    – You have to create the lifestyle that you want for yourself, not just follow the herd. If something doesn´t resonate inside you, it´s up to you as a man to change that.

    – Your views on women and relationships have given me great ideas and new philosophy. The time I spend now with my wife and daughter is of greater quality. She now likes to do more stuff for me, I´m hearing more “I love you”s than when we were going out before getting married, she wants more sex, etc. Women want to be led by strong men. They were indoctrinated by the media and peers that they are independent and strong and that they don´t need us, so they just don´t know it and are too proud of themselves to let you know, but deep inside their biological mechanisms and their heart crave for a real man.

    – There is not such thing as “natural” in the modern world. Not even the water that we drink is natural anymore (and if we all still lived naturally, we would be neanderthals these days), so leveraging in the great discoveries of science is excellent when you do it responsibly and want to exponentially grow all the potential that you are capable of as a citizen of civilization. Trying to be natural (i.e. not using brain supplements, testosterone replacement therapy, or even anabolics when you have reached your genetic limit) is just trying to blame other for your fear of the unknown or lack of financial means to buy/use all that it is available to us in this new age of abundance.

    There are more things but I remember these as the most important.

    My year 2014 resolutions:

    a) I will get to 90 kg with 12% bf by december 2014
    b) I will create a business in my spare hours and work hard at it so that it gives me USD 1000/mo in Q4 2014. I will grow this income so that I can ditch my job in 2016

    What I want to read in B&D:
    More ass-kicking posts regarding bodybuilding, business, lifestyle, motivation and male-female relationship. A new product too!

    Thanks for everything Mr. Pride and to all this community.

    As a fan of ancient history, I want to share with you this great quote:

    “No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” Socrates


  72. Thor says

    1. I will become a fucking CHAMPION. Traveling this country and spreading the entrepreneurial spirit to all the kids who got tricked into investing thousands into college by giving them real business education. By the end of this year if I’m not making a quarter million annually off my business, I have failed. Two of my roommates already make 6 figures and they’re under the age of 25, I got to be the third. Getting ripped and getting rich. This is not a wish, it is a prophecy.

    2. I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now bud, and this is my first comment. Let me tell you, keep up the good work. You’re the refreshing take-no-bullshit, say-whatever-you-want, straight-to-the-point-mother-fucker, mother fucker. I have huge respect for you and what you’re doing. Bought your e-books a while back and that produced a hunger in me that led to getting Arnold’s encyclopedia and my life has never been the same. Keep up the good work and keep producing top notch content for the guys who want keep the integrity of what manhood should be in the 21st century. Grind on, brother.

  73. says

    Vic, awesome title … bare-knuckle sheriff of Christmas. How do you come up with stuff like this?

    Anyways, like a lot of the gentlemen wolves here, I would like to read about more your personal journeys. How did you become who you are?

    My mission for the coming year is to be an even better writer. Hopefully one that writes consistently.

  74. Attila says

    Hi everyone,

    Well, my first priority is to finish High School, until then I’ll build my body and work at my grandfather to earn money. So far so good. I also have checked out an article of yours Victor, and saw Mark’s comment on “The Old School ‘Steak and Eggs’ Diet for Fat Loss, Balanced Energy, and Increased Testosterone”. I did the program he recommended (Big Beyond Belief) and shoot up 15 kg! Now I’m 80 kg with 176 cm, and I’ll repeat the program where I got most of my muscle gains.

    You’re doing fine with the website Victor, but new content are always welcome.

  75. says

    1. Build my self-improvement blog so that I can acquire sufficient passive (deferred) income to live a minimalist (Spartan) lifestyle. It will be accomplished through creating quality content, becoming a producer, and by becoming an authority in my field.
    2. I would like to see some insight into the history of Bold & Determined. Specifically, I am referring to events and/or posts throughout its three years that caused profit and audience to grow significantly.
    Long live B&D, it has improved the lives of many!

  76. Matt says

    Something else I’d be interested in reading about VIc, are the previous sites you made before you got it right with B&D.

    For those of us making blogs, learning some insights from your mistakes would be an eye-opener.

    If you don’t mind sharing that is….

  77. Farooq Naseer says

    Hey St. Vic!

    I read your articles nearly every working day. At the age of 31 I have wasted a lot of years wondering aimlessly. I could have done with a bare-knuckle beating from the sheriff of Christmas 10 years ago but male role models were lacking in my life. The mission for me has started and no lie Bold & Determined is the sole reason for this.

    1. I’ve left my real name on this comment and my mission conflicts with other people I know so I will not disclose. The mission will result in an ‘evolution of pride’. A wise man said ‘It’s not enough to think yourself superior, you have to actually become superior’
    2. Have a random article generator. I have read nearly all your articles about 10 times and will keep reading them but something that randomises them would help me choose. You have suggested articles which are good but I find myself going in circles.

    Big up to cousin Vic, have a happy new year

  78. Edgar P says


    A buddy of mine sent me a link to your site. I’m glad he did! I spent hours reading your articles and implemented your advice into my life. I became a DO’er, a Wolf and BAD ASS! I have a 9-5 office job but I am working on building my empire on the side and learning a lot from you. First day from reading your blog I started working out and now it’s part of my daily routine, I don’t even think it about it I just go to the gym everyday! This year I began drafting my eBook! Got my business plan lined up to kick off my website and LLC. I got to say, this feels awesome!! 2013 was great,….my daughter was born, got a new place, cut out the bullshitters, purchased 30 days Of Discipline (my bible!), made cold showers and hitting the gym part of my daily routine!!!!!

    2014 – Mission:
    Kick off my empire – then hire the worker bee’s. Drive my company to success!
    Add more reps to my workout and implement Feng Shui
    Life like a Spartan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep doing a kick ass job! You rock man, i’d say just keep doing what you are doing!!!
    I’ll see you at the top brother.. where the champs are.

    Edgar P

  79. stephan says

    Mission-practice currency trading until I can consistently make money. Specifically, I need to master harmonic trading.

    2. What I want to see next year-
    Hey Victor, could you elaborate on how you manage relationships? You talk about how your girlfriend treats you really well and gives you proper respect. But what about American girls? They have been indoctrinated by feminists and can be quite sassy and demanding. Is there any way to handle them?

    • Victor Pride says

      2)Yes, there is a way but I won’t publish it. Majority readers will simply not be able to handle or comprehend.

      • Michael says

        Vic, I understand that you will not publish the answer to this for the reason you delineated. However, I am very interested to know what your take on this is. Can you give us a brief overview of how you would handle the question raised by the above poster? I am sure many of us would find it helpful.

        I would also like to note that the percentage of users who are intelligent, motivated, and articulate (or trying to improve in this regard) on B&D far exceeds that of most websites (as you most likely know) so incisive content is most welcome.

  80. Mateo says

    My mission for 2014 is very simply to kick f’n ass every single day and every single minute I walk God’s green earth. No bs, no back peddling, no concessions, no compromises – nada. Fully non-negotiable. In every B&D et. al. methods that I firmly believe are relevant and applicable in – Relationships, Profession, Finances, Physical Health, Emotional Health, Charity, Hobbies, Status, Entertainment etc. That’s generic as all hell, but it is the overriding theme that covers the details I have already been outlining and engaged in during 2013. A ramp up of my efforts of the aforementioned.

    It is obvious you have a welcomed and valued opinion – so maybe some more product, book, process, tech, etc. testing by Vic and some genuine feedback/insight. i.e. Modafinil.

    Merry Christmas and hope you have another Vic-torious New Year.

  81. redx says

    Much appreciate your blog, fires me up, has helped me along my path since I started reading Nov 2012. More like a catalyst when I start to stagnate.

  82. Sal Mir says

    Hello Vic,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while. I could speak for many here when I say I need a “wolf boost” every once in a while. Society doesn’t seem to produce the role models, leaders, or parents it once did. Our grandparents dealt with famine, plagues, wars etc… but they dealt with it because they had strong people around them.

    1) My mission in life is to become a better person year after year. I want to work on the three aspects that make me who I am: mind, body, and soul.
    I will improve the mind through more reading of useful books as well as talking to elder people to gain their wisdom, I like to call them the “shortcuts in life,” they teach you what they learnt in years in a few minutes.
    I will improve the body through fixing my twice a week gym visit with the intention of simply staying healthy.
    I will improve the soul through more digging into religion and making sense of life.

    2) At b&b, you’ve done a great job with the mind and body. In 2014, I wish to see you shift more towards the soul. I once watched a Thai kickboxing match, it was bloody and violent. Ironically, it began with a long prayer session, with priests and incense! I believe there is a great relation between success and spiritual growth. Being in Thailand may actually help you into reaching the logic of oriental religions: Confucianism, Buddhism, Islam etc…

    Best wishes,


  83. Constantin says

    Hello Vic!

    what do you recommend for a slight Testosterone 250 e7d induced shoulder and back acne?

    Thanks for your help

  84. Mach says

    1. My Mission is to buy some of ur e-books in order to gain knowledge and learn so I can apply it to my daily routine.

    In 2014 (in less then 3 months) I shall have my own company running and make it into a money machine. I’ll also hit the gym hard 4-6 times a week. (starting from today)

    My goal is actually to become the Man of Bold And Determined by the end of 2014.

    2. I’d like to see/have my own success story printed on this site by the end of 2014.

  85. Julio says

    Just wanted to give some ideas of what I and maybe others would love to see you post about or more about. Happy New Year!
    -Cooking instructions
    -Grocery Shopping Lists or walkthroughs
    -Being/getting/maintaining really low single digit bodyfat (8packs!)
    -Recovery (like from working out etc)
    -more supplement reviews (i realize that many are BS but just in case there is anything worthwhile)
    -Guidelines for when one MUST eat out…like good options or good restaurants, chipotle? subway? etc. Fast food as well as a general restaurant guide
    -good martial arts vs bogus martial arts
    -Martial arts good for kicking ass and pussy martial arts (JKD, Muay Thai, SIlat, Jiujitsu,Boxing, Kickboxing, etc vs artsy Tae Kwon Do, Tai chi, Commercialized Karate, etc..
    -The real deal and nonbullshit on chiropractors, massage, stretching, M.A.T., acupuncture etc.
    -How to maintain youth, staying healthy and looking young, vitamins skincare etc.

    -how to counter feminists and those who think like them or pretend to
    -how to deal with coworkers…or bosses or people that take advantage of you and how you can defend yourself from them or fuck them over (ideally be your own boss but if you dont quite have the funds yet, not all of us have made it quite yet)
    -more ‘hacks’ to anything
    -Guide to your apartment/home. What one should and shouldnt have around it should be set up if you are a bachelor,
    – Guidelines to a night out…drinks etc.
    -Gentlemen Grooming
    -How to celebrate and prepare for your bday or any special day or for a friends
    -If you are ___(age) and still have not done this do this immediately lists
    -Guidelines or walk throughs to different citites or countries
    -:Hidden Treasures or great spots or locations you have come across
    -How to plan a good trip
    -Where not to go

    -Real Estate
    -I am a dummy to online business

    I realize this is a lot but just some ideas that I feel are of interest to anyone and hopefully you would know and would want to write about!

      • sameer says

        people must be waiting for your new year post vic, whole world takes resolutions this time. and your blog is all about taking resolutions and working on them

      • Alex DC says

        How to counter feminists? That’s easy….Ignore them and do things your way. Don’t be like them and get all aggravated. They just become invisible to you after awhile.

        It’s not about trying to change the world, that’s a hopeless task, it’s about gaining knowledge, taking action and getting what you want. Getting what you want means ignoring people’s worthless opinions, not trying to change them.

        • Abgrund says

          This is advice of the highest caliber, not just for dealing with feminists but for every other kind of loser. Action makes its own path; it doesn’t need permission, it needs you.

          As for changing the world: Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must become the change you wish to see in the world,” or something like that. If you change, will the world notice? No. But someone will, and their example will lead two others. If not, you are still the better man. Become change.

  86. says

    I just finished University, am now looking for a job until my business is snowballing. How do I do this, without lying to the HR-ladies and HR-wussies?

    Victor You opened my eyes, but I can never say it during interview.
    Do I need to lie? Is that honorable?

    • Abgrund says

      Hey Asshole.

      Not all jobs and not all employers are equal.

      Remember: They’re screening you, for the benefit of their employer or for their own benefit, but you’re screening them too. Are you so desperate you have to take any offer from any douchebag willing to put up with you for six months?

      Not every employer cares about the same things and a lot of us are just as fed up with PC and Feminazi bullshit as you are. Moreso, because you haven’t had it shoved up your ass yet. I know women in HR who aren’t impressed with that nonsense. I know guys who hired a woman just to see if she’d put out for some male employee they had. I got hired for a job once because I gave a gratuitous (and sincere) anti-union rant during the interview without knowing if it was a union job. Today I interviewed several people and hired a fat redneck bastard with confidence because he had the skills we need, over the hot chicks who didn’t.

      Every employer is different. Some use bimbos for job interviews, some use assholes like me who will figure you out which way you lean before you can weigh your own testicles. Don’t be a cunt and take whatever you get first or whoever pays $0.10 more. Job interviews are for you to screen employers, just as much as the reverse.

      I have told prospective employers as much, with fewer cuss words. It saved several of them (and more importantly, me) time wasted on interviews or short term employment. They are still sucking dick at job fairs and I have the job I CHOSE and LOVE. So value yourself and your time and be chooser, not a whore.

  87. George says

    1. Shatter my exam in the Summer so I can study what I want to at University. Purchase a power rack and skyrocket my current strength and begin planning/writing material for a blog I want to create.

    2. Vic, it would be fantastic to see your views on time management and how to do as much of the things you love doing, along with the necessities. Merry Christmas chaps!

  88. Al says

    My mission is to develop vocally as artist, break into the industry, and use the body of a spartan to get to the fitness I’ve wanted and as a man I should have. I’ve BS’d enough and I’ve had the guide for a while.

    As far as what I’d like to see from Bold and Determined in 2014 goes, I’m not really sure. I don’t really see anything that needs to change or happpen other than the upcoming book that Vic spoke on. I would just like to see site live on and grow in exposure. These P.C. man babies need about 500cc of ass kicking wake up call, STAT!!!

  89. Shane says

    1. Without revealing too much, I’ll tell you my mission is to be the greatest quarter-mile runner of all time.
    2. From this website I’d love to see posts like the one you have on projection of power. Anything that provides real advice concerning everyday life that wont turn me into a bitch is something I’m willing to read. Also, posts like “The #1 way to get what you want” are a great addition to the site and I’d love to see more work like that in the future. Perhaps even, if you feel like it’s worth it. A post or two that gives everyone more insight into who you are and the experiences you’ve had.

  90. daniel says

    1. Reduce my expenses as much as I can
    2. Remove clutter
    3. Improve my aesthetics
    4. Increase Fan base of my band and be a better musician

    From this website I would like to see a series of video.

  91. Dan says

    1. business management consultancy based on international quality environmental and health and safety standards implementation, charging a day rate of what would have originally taken me a week to make (This is my ‘career’ ,something I do in order to get a bunch of money in while reducing time spent in offices). Some financial investment in relevant training to bring me up a level (unfortunately still need bits of paper to get the higher paid day rates) . Long term plan is to Continue and develop my blog and e books which is WIP on a good few subjects. delve into drop shipping and set up a product line (very early stages). Throw myself into martial arts and exercise at a much higher level then previous. Hopefully if these take off ill be able to reduce my actual office work time as the E-business and sales takes over. …. To achieve this a shit load of hard work and mental and physical discipline, self sacrifice, the loss of a social life, possible loss of friends and people thinking I’ve lost my mind.

    2. Bold and determined has already given a lot . You should sell some stuff . t-shirts, hats ,supplements whatever I guess . Spread your message make a bit of money . With the name bold and determined there really is nothing stopping you from creating a real brand there. I could see it on t-shirts , weight lifting clothing , supplements .MMA gear.

    My blogs will direct people to bold and determined if they are looking for information on business success’s, motivation, bodybuilding , meat based diet and nutrition. I think anyone who is following in your footsteps to a certain extent should have some moral obligation to give you a heads up and direct possible new followers/customers.

  92. russell says

    I already achieved my life dreams and semi retired at age 37. After that things went a bit downhill watching porn and wasting my life dreaming of a beautiful woman that never came – as if she was going to come to a porn tosser. Compounding the issue I had a buldge in my disc and couldn’t exercise and gained weight. Then I purchased 30 days of discipline and broke my old time record of 86 consecutive pushups and did 87 after two weeks into the program . I’ve stopped jerking off and watching porn. I wake up 5am – mediate one hour, do yoga and then your program and I feel like a fucking champion again its changed my life. Next week I will buy the Spartan Program. This site has given me everything that I need. I am wondering is it all going to crash but right now I’m unstoppable and back to my former glory and better. Thank you. Only thing I need to learn now is how to deal with these fbitches in the modern era. The blood sucking sluts with lots of looks but no honour and class. They are fucking everwhere and think we are a bunch of dumb fucks – but Im still learning and will master that too (I hope). Happy New Year Cuz and thanks a million for reclaiming my life back. If ever in Oz – you have a place to stay and train. I live in the forest on a river so remember it if you are down here.

  93. russell says

    fuck ye – get some t shirts and shit. I’ll buy it for sure if the design is good enough and I’m sure it will be.

  94. russell says

    Mike I was the biggest juvenile trouble maker in my high school. Didn’t rock up to my exams cos I thought school was for nerds. Instead I was racketeering and selling stolen goods like a porn shop which made me feel stand out at the time until it all came crashing and when I failed year 12 and needed enter the real world. I lost my friends who moved onto university and started working for my dad as a painter painting rich peoples houses like a dog – scratching their walls and being yelled at by my dad. The feeling of failure was epic. I’m of the view that man must fail first to know what it feels like to be a loser before he can succeed. I read my first book probably at at 19 when I went back and repeated year 12. I got into uni with no confidence and no self esteem and was so frightened that the teacher would work out I’m a dummy. I kept troggling trying to work out the books and passed. Just Arts degrees but it helped me gain confidence. I went to public speaking training at toast masters in between. I failed so many times but my will was greater and I never let them drag me down too far and knew I deserved more. I finally got a job as a youth worker and made the local paper which was a dream for me until I got fired a year later and went crashing down again which again was another god send. After that I was full of wars and struggles – I knew how to cop a punch (intellectually) and I was no longer intimidated by “smart people” and met an Indian chap whos dad had contact in India and they were looking to purchase coal from Australia. They couldn’t get it so I said “can I try”. After two years of cold calls from my parents home without a fax or business phone I got a lead which led to a big business deal. I became an agent selling one million tonnes of coal into India which lasted six years. People began kissing my arse now and driving me around in benzes around India. My partners fucked me over after six years after a huge war where a 14 month legal wrangle ensued where I showed them the animal of all the failures and learnings combined – they ended up giving me a settlement to sell my share of the company. I was making more at one stage then my bosses at the coal company and they hated me for it but I’m now chilling in front of the river in a forest working out and preparing for the next phase. Failure is the key to success. Everything in think and grow rich is true. You must dream big and not be intimidated by the smarts. You can hustle your way to the top with balls, will and honesty which I found it rarer than hens teeth out there. Nothing like not needing to be out there troggling like a dog.

  95. thisisnotgoingwell says

    So, you are starting a website, you are doing well but you hit a creative block or a shit like that, instead of the ideas and the confidence you use to have all you have now is reasons in your head why you will fail and not a single good idea comes along, what do you do?
    No confidence for the project when 2 weeks ago i was on fire, no motivation for going to the gym and no job.
    My girlfriend break up with me in the process, so that could be one of the reasons, shit, even modafinil isn’t working and just giving me headaches.

  96. Italian G says

    My new years goal is to strike where my enemies are weakest. I will create deception to make them think I am striking in a certain territory in their back yard.. Meanwhile, I will be focusing the majority of my forces in the most lucrative territory. I will have my competitors believe they are attacking each other to draw their attention to defending their honor and waste thought, time and resources to defend their alleged integrity. I’m going to Sun Tzu the living shit out of my competitors this year and rise victorious. The province of “Wu” is ready to assault in 2014. The Art of War…. I’m studying it again and now actually applying the principles. .

  97. Bruce says

    Hey Victor,
    This year will be a good one I can feel it. I’m 17 and in 4 days the final sign up for the 2014-15 year of universities will close. I am in highschool and while everyone else is freaking out I am here thinking what to spend the next year of my life doing once highschool is done. Can you help me out and give me some tips? Its a little scary. I feel like taking university would be a safe option but i’d rather face uncertainty than mediocrity in the long term. My friends all come to me for workout and women advice and yet here I am wondering who I can ask when I have questions. I consider myself to be a real alpha male with morals and I haven’t fucked a slut in my life and I don’t plan on it. I hate the women in my school and feel if I disasocsciate myself from it I can escape it for good. My goal this year is to figure out what to do for the rest of my life and I was hoping you or anyone else can give me guidance.

  98. nek says

    Late to the party on this one, but I read a comment of yours on a “return of kings” article about women using love to extract from men. You mentioned that the author of the article “gets it” (which you later retracted). I think explaining what “getting it” is in the way only you can would be of great benefit, as it would provide information that would be actionable for most men. I agree with the commentator above about there not really being feminism, just weak men. Well a big part of this weakness is derived from not understanding women (I believe). I think a post from you and your to-the-point style would greatly benefit a many a man (especially young guys). I’ve linked to the comment below for reference. And thanks for all you do, it’s a great help in this crazy world.

  99. TheGreyWolf says

    The only butt I will kick in 2014 is mine. I feel like Neo from the Matrix and I’ve been taking the blue pill from Morpheus for the last 30 years. About a month ago I found this website. Since then I have been waking up to the reality of my life. It’s not a great place to start. I’m 52 years old, 52″ waist, 252lbs, and a type 2 diabetic. Second marriage, seven kids, child support, wage slave at the current job for 23 years. $23hr. Put seven sucklings on a $23hr sow and quite frankly, I’m a little sore and tired.

    That list makes my goals pretty clear. I don’t need to talk about it, dream about it, or write about it; I just need to fucking do it.

    Today I took the red pill.

    Remember me St Vic.

    I’ll check back in six months…

      • TheGreyWolf says

        Hi Vic.

        It’s been six months.

        I could not be more disappointed in myself. I have made no progress. If anything, I have slid backwards.

        So on to the next step, and the steps must come far more quickly now that I have wasted six more months of my life.

        Upon sending this email I will find my paypal account and download 30 DoD.

        I will check back in 33 days.

          • TheGreyWolf says

            I’m still at it.

            I have had 6 perfect days, and I have mastered 8 points.

            I have bad habits older than some of your readership.

            I won’t quit, I won’t give up, and I’m already enjoying some results.

            I will post a review when I complete 30DoD.

            In my mind that is when I have had 30 perfect days.

            Until then….

  100. Justin says

    1: Within the next two years, I want people to say “You’ve changed, I don’t even know you anymore.”
    I’m taking full inventory: good and bad habits, making a bucket list, goals for finance, lifestyle, and skills. Most of the 30 DoD habits will be necessary with this kind of initiative.

    2: Little mindset things that stick with you and work together to build a better inner game. For example, any time someone says “Ugh, it’s monday…” I tell them “Fresh chance to kick ass.”

  101. Farooq Naseer says

    Hi Vic

    I want to see hate mail in 2014!

    Just for entertainment purposes do an article on the hate mail you have received. Reading some of their gibberish and your replies would be a great article to relax to and have a laugh.

    Also, apart from hate mail, what are the other side-effects of your success? Like people trying to copy your content, online stalking you etc

    • Victor Pride says

      My hatemail is all the same. Dickless liberals accuse me of racism, sexism, homophobia or whatever is popular. I read the first sentence then click “spam” and go on about my day. People steal my content all day and night. What can you do. You can pay power chords all day and night but there’s only one Metallica.