Why Your Testosterone Levels are Lower Than You Think (and what to do about it)

Note: Article updated February 4, 2015 with a solution for checking your testosterone levels. You can use Private MD Labs to get your blood test without a Dr. approval.

Gentlemen, I am going to let you in on the secret of living a long life full of happiness, health, vitality and drive. But first, I want you to do me a favor. Think of all the old fellas that you know. Think of all the old fellas you see in the gym. The old fellas in the gym belong to two categories. In one category, you have the walking train-wrecks. They have big fat beer bellies or they look like they’re about to break a hip as they sit on the thigh abductor machine. The other type of old fella, type 2, is the enviable type. This is the type that has low body fat, above average muscle mass and a good and healthy outlook. This is the type of old fella you look at and think “wow, that old fella is in great shape. I hope I look like that when I’m older“.

Guess what, friends….

Those old fellas who are in tremendous shape didn’t get there by “dedication” or by eating chicken and rice or by having “good genetics”. They got there by taking their destiny into their own hands. Rather than wither away like the rest of the old farts, the “young in spirit and body” old fellas got there by manipulating their hormone balance.

You see, there is one very important hormone for men. This hormone is called testosterone.

Certainly you have all heard of testosterone and you have most certainly heard about what a killer drug it is and how your dick will fall off if you take it.

So rather than take it, most of us just suffer. And believe me friends, suffer is the most appropriate word. Testosterone levels are falling worldwide at astronomical rates. That isn’t my opinion, even though it is easily observed with my own two eyeballs, that is a scientific fact.

Fret not friends, because there is an answer to the epidemic of low testosterone.

You simply do not have to grow old pitifully. You can take a bite of an apple fallen from the tree of life and stay young in body and mind until your last days.

The cure, friends, for this withering killer, is called synthetic testosterone and is available to you 100% legally by your kindly, local Doctor. It’s called Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

It can also be called the fountain of youth, the tree of life.

How can you tell if you have low testosterone? Well, if you are alive today it is a certainty that you have lower testosterone levels than an older man.

Recently, I convinced a good friend of mine to go get his testosterone levels checked. He simply did not believe me that he may have low testosterone levels. He thought his doctor would laugh him out of the office. He claimed “The Doctor’s gonna look at me and laugh. I’m 34 years old but I look 24, I’m in good shape, I’m not fat“.

My response was “If you are alive today you have low levels“.

Eventually he went to go get checked, along with his father, and guess what? His levels were incredibly low. His levels were so low that his father, who is 20+ years older than him, had HIGHER levels than he AND his father had low levels also.

How do you know if you might have low testosterone?

  • If you are alive today you almost certainly have low levels.
  • If you experience muscle loss or inability to gain muscle.
  • If you experience fat gain.
  • If you are fatigued or have sleep problems.
  • If you have gynecomastia (aka bitch tits).
  • If you experience hot flashes.
  • If you have night sweats.
  • If you have low sex drive and weak erections.
  • If you are irritable.
  • If you are depressed.
  • If you experience hair loss.
  • If you have memory problems.
  • If you have memory problems (ha).

I’ll bet good money that a lot of those symptoms are very familiar to everyone reading this. The above symptoms, friends, are what it means to stay natural. When you say you want to stay natural, you are saying you want to do nothing about these symptoms even though they can be fixed.

How do you fix low levels of testosterone?

Easy. It’s called Testosterone Replacement Therapy or TRT.

You go to your local Doctor and you say “Doc, I have low T. Fix me up“. Your kindly Doctor will prescribe the necessary ingredients to get you fixed up and feeling like a teenager again. He will monitor and check your hormone levels and blood levels as a precaution. You will be in the hands of a professional.

Your Doc will prescribe you one of two options:

  1. Injectable testosterone to be injected into the glutes or the shoulders once every week to every two weeks.
  2. A testosterone cream that you rub into your skin everyday.

How will you feel if you supplement with testosterone?

In a word: great. In two words: fucking great.

You can expect better recovery from intense exercise and less soreness. You can expect enhanced muscle growth. You can expect erections like when you were a teenager. You can expect to feel like a fucking man. As simple as that.

Now, I know we have all been told about the horrors of using testosterone. I have some good news for you friends, and that good news is this: Those slobs telling you how bad using synthetic testosterone is are one of two things:

  1. Liars.
  2. Fat/Skinny/Skinny-Fat pieces of shit themselves and have no idea about the reality.
Of course, they do make their anti-testosterone propaganda highly believable and scary so let’s look at some of the reasons you may wish to stay “natural”.

Let’s look at some of the reasons you may wish to not use Testosterone Replacement Therapy:

Excuse #1: “I want to stay natural“.

Before I expose the fallacy of staying natural, ask yourself this important question: Why? Why would you possibly want to stay natural, knowing that modern science can give you a drink from the fountain of youth? Knowing that, instead of withering and decaying, you can age tremendously and gracefully. Knowing that you can have the testosterone levels of a man instead of a little boy.

Have you answered this question and decided that you still wish to stay natural?

Ok. Now I will tell you the fallacy of your argument.


You have not been natural for one minute of your entire life.

If you were natural you would have grown up in the forest, eating the animals that you killed and the grubbage that you could find.

Instead, your mother drank soda pops while pregnant with you, fed you soy baby formula and you grew up in comfort eating genetically modified and hormonized foods.

Go to your kitchen right now and look at the ingredients in your food. Where do you suppose you can find all those ingredient together naturally?

Your milk and beef is modified with hormones which cause women to act like men and men to act like women, your fruits and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, your water is laced with estrogen enhancing chemicals and almost all food and drink is stored in plastic which seeps estrogen enhancing chemicals.

You see, you’re pretty far from natural. Unless you have never eaten a cheeseburger, never had a bottle of water, never eaten a salad, never heated up food in a plastic container, never drank a soda pop, and never eaten soy (which is an ingredient in all boxed food) you are not natural. You have been eating hormones every single day of your life.  All the food you have been eating for you entire life has ESTROGENIC EFFECTS.

There is no such thing as natural. There is only advanced deterioration. When you are saying “I want to stay natural” what you are really saying is “I want to rot“.

Excuse #2 “I don’t want to be dependent on TRT for the rest of my life“.

There is a common fear of being dependent on hormones “to function” for the rest of your life.

Would you like to know why that is a silly fear?

Ok, I will tell you.

It is a silly fear because every single man alive needs TRT. The one’s who do not take it simply suffer in silence. The ones who do take it know the tremendous positive effects it has and when it is gone miss the shit out of it.

Every man needs it, the older you get the more you need it. You don’t want to be dependent on it but that doesn’t mean shit, you are dependent on it and will be forever no matter how you feel about it.

Testosterone levels are falling worldwide, by 1% per year each year.

“A man born in 1970 had about 20 percent less testosterone at age 35 than a man of his father’s generation at the same age.”

That’s for a man born in 1970. A man born in 1980 will be worse, a man born in 1990 is half-girl already and a boy born in 2000 is probably going to be wearing pigtails and dresses when (s)he grows up.

Just because you aren’t taking TRT right now doesn’t mean you don’t need it, or that you shouldn’t be taking it – you are just suffering the consequence of low testosterone. You need it now and you need it forever. It’s already happened and you are already dependent on it for what should be normal testosterone levels. That, friends, is the reality of the world we live in.

Excuse #3 “I have naturally high T“.

Sure, some men do. Until they reach a certain age. But most of the men reading this do not have naturally high levels and that’s because most men in general do not have high levels and that’s because worldwide testosterone levels are falling at an astronomical rate. It’s pure delusion to think living in a completely unnatural environment and ingesting estrogen enhancing chemicals daily will let you keep high levels.

A conservative age where men need to to take matters in their own hands is 30. My own personal opinion is that levels plummet between the ages of 25-27. In fact, there are most certainly teenagers alive today that need Testosterone replacement therapy. This is the world we live in. Men are becoming feminized at astronomical rates and women are becoming masculinized. You think somehow this worldwide trend has spared you? It hasn’t.

Excuse #4 “I want to up my testosterone naturally“.

Good luck. How do you suppose you can up it naturally in an unnatural environment? Start eating non-genetically modified food and non-hormonized meat and non-pesticided veggies? Ok, that’s a good start but are you going to do this forever? Where do you find these foods you can be 100% sure aren’t estrogenic? How can you be sure that truly natural food will be available in the future? Family farms that produce natural food are going the way of the Dodo bird. Corporate mega farms are almost certainly going to be the only option in the future, and those mega-farms don’t give two cents about giving you “natural” food.

And how exactly do you plan to reverse a lifetime of abuse?

The simple answer is that you can’t. Obviously, natural methods do have their benefits and should be practiced, but they work only on a small scale compared to what TRT can do for you.

Excuse #5 “I eat paleo, my testosterone levels are definitely high“.

For those of you who do not know what paleo is, it’s a delusional diet where you eat foods supposedly only found in the paleolithic era. The followers of the paleo diet think it’s the holy grail and the cure for all ails.

The paleo diet doesn’t work for two reasons:

1) The same as listed above, you can’t naturally recover from a lifetime of unnatural abuse. If you have eaten unnatural foods through your most important developmental stages (teenage years) you are messed up for life. You cannot recover because you do not have the proper hormone balance anymore, maybe you never did in the first place, and what levels you do have drop dramatically after the age of 25 or so.

2) Last time I looked at the calendar it didn’t say 10,000 BC. Today is today, you don’t live in the past unless you’re mentally unstable. You’ve got to make the best of what you can do today, and today we do not have any of the same food as in the paleolithic era. But we do have modern scientific miracles like synthetic testosterone.

Excuse #6 “Testosterone gives you roid rage and shrinks your dick and kills your sex drive and makes you less of a man“.

If testosterone is so evil to you it is probably best to do nothing about the problem.

For all of the non Chicken-shits who aren’t deathly afraid of testosterone I will tell you what it really does.

First of all, a Doctor prescribed dose is going to be pretty low. It’s going to be very low compared to a bodybuilding dose. It’s simply going to bring your levels to where they should be in the first place. It’s going to make you feel better, it’s going to make you healthier, it’s going to make you vibrant, it’s going to make you recover better and faster and, gasp, it’s going to make you more of a man.

But doesn’t test shrink your dick and kill your sex drive?

One would really have to be an idiot to think this. Think of a naturally high testosterone male. What comes to mind? Heavy muscle mass, no-bullshit attitude, and a sex maniac. Guess what, that’s what synthetic testosterone does to you – it increases your sex drive, it increases your muscle mass, and you have no tolerance for bullshit. Some call it roid rage, but it is simply not putting up with nonsense.

But wait a second, I heard it shrinks your dick and makes you impotent.

No. Testosterone can and will shrink your testicles if you abuse it but here is something you won’t hear on the nightly news: Testosterone can make your dick bigger. Literally and figuratively. You see, testosterone engorges the muscles with blood, when you get an erection your muscle fills with more blood and, tada, becomes bigger.

Excuse #7 “Testosterone is a killer and will give you cancer and a heart attack“.

Wrong again. Testosterone is healthy for you, does not increase risk of prostate cancer and is not bad for your heart.

Testosterone is the key to male vitality. To be scared of testosterone is to be scared of the boogey-man. If you’re scared of testosterone you are literally scared of nothing. It is entirely possible that if you are scared of testosterone you are scared of success.

Excuse #8 “I Don’t Want to Use Drugs“.

I guess if you get a headache you don’t use an aspirin, you just suffer through it huh?

Most people don’t want to use drugs, but you’ve got to make the best of a bad situation.

Personally, I would prefer to have naturally high levels for the rest of my life and never have to worry about any of it. Unfortunately, I don’t live in fantasy world where that’s an option. I live in the real world and I take real steps to deal with real problems.

What is the next step?

Go to the Doctor. Go to 5 Doctors if you have to. Fix the problem. You do not have to rot with age. You do not have to grow fatter by the year. You do not have to grow weaker by the year. You do not have to be shackled by the testosterone reducing environment. That is a choice you make. You can take your destiny into your very own hands.

Growing old naturally is the worst choice you could make. At 25 years old, or 27 years old, or 30 years old, or 35 years old it is time to get tested, checked and fixed. 35+ years old gentlemen should not walk to the Doctor, they should run. If you have low hormone levels, and most readers certainly do, the only side effects of TRT are positive.

The Doctor will check your levels and prescribe what is needed to you. The testosterone given to TRT patients is either a gel that you rub into your skin or an intramuscular injection. And if you are going without it, friend, you are suffering. Get to the Doctor and at the very least get checked. You will probably be surprised at how low your levels are.

Easy, peasy Japaneasy and everybody’s happy.

How to get blood work

You can get blood work done without Dr. approval using a company called Private MD labs. You simply order the test you want, in this case order a test that checks testosterone levels, pay for it online and they will send you to a lab near you draw blood and check results.

Go here to order your blood test from Private MD Labs.

  • B&D recommends you get the ‘Hormone Panel for Males’ test from Private MD labs.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

PS – Fellas, I got nothing to gain from this post. A post like this won’t make me any friends with those brainwashed anti-testosterone freaks infesting the internet. Fuck them. Let those fucking zombies rot, BOLD & DETERMINED is for winners who wish to be strong, bold, and be the best. If you want to be the top dog in your world, you’ve got to have the hormone balance to back it up. It’s about taking your destiny into your own hands, friend.

PPS – I’m not a Doctor. If you have specific questions ask your Doctor, that’s what he’s paid for.

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    • Victor Pride says

      If you are destined to lose your hair it’s probably going to come out. Juice will quicken the process, yes.

        • STEVEN says


    • David C says

      You got that right–look at how many bodybuilders are bald–it never used to be like that in the past. It has to be the drugs and ‘supplements’.

  1. Some Young Dude says

    Do you really think HRT might be necessary for younger guys? I’m 17 years old and I don’t know really how my testosterone is working. People tend to say all things about how when you’re young you have this super sex drive, super metabolism, recovery and etc, but I don’t think I do really. I rarely ever get morning woods for one, and I also don’t get erections just from staring at hot women. I also have some decent amount of bodyfat that I’m cutting down (at ~12% down from ~18%).
    Also, if going to a doctor is not an option, how else could I possibly get testosterone and learn how to dose it properly? And how much does that (either HRT or testosterone through other means) cost on average?

    • Victor Pride says

      “Do you really think HRT might be necessary for younger guys?”

      Absolutely. 100%. You have described yourself perfectly as having low t. My official recommendation is to go see a doctor. I don’t know the law in your country, you can check that for yourself.

    • alex says

      If you are wondering about your testosterone, go to your doctor and ask him if he can test if it is at a normal level. The normal level can be a wide range from a high to low within the normal amount. When I was your age, I asked a doctor and found out that mine was normal, but on the low side. He may think that it is not advisable your supplement . That you will have to discuss with him. But as it is a serious matter, you really need the advice of a medical doctor.

    • Lance Chambers says

      As Victor says – “Absolutely!”

      There are many reasons that a guy could be suffering from low-t – there are genetic possibilities (Klinfelter Syndrome and others), injury, endrocrine problems, disease and medical conditions galore that can have an impact, various medications, contaminants and also chemical exposure can interrupt testosterone production, etc., etc.

      I’m a 63 yo doctor and I take a supplement everyday – Plus Natural Testosterone Cream. I like it and it’s very cost effective when compared to other treatments.

    • kevin says

      you could also have high levels of estrogen,should be around 10 for estrodiol levels. many foods and products have estrogen hormones in them ,or growth hormones which we convert to estrogen,i would ask your doctor to do a full hormone level work up, both T and estrodiol.

      • tom says

        I gotta disagree. Yes, you can alter the effects of a bad diet and lifestyle. The liver, for one, can rebuild itself it a matter of time if fed properly. If the body couldn’t repair damage, how then do people fucking reverse diseases? That’s a rhetorical question. People do reverse diseases. If you currently eat shitty. Go get some blood work done. Then, alter your diet in favor of both foods and exercises known to boost T. After a 3 months, get some more blood work done. Your T levels will have shot up. Just acting like a man, and therefore being a man, will boost one’s T. If you must, then resort to prescribed T.

        • Scott says

          Heard of testicular cancer. Heard of pituirity problems. Heard of man made poisons. Pull your head out of your arse and see that the real world. Never learnt from a mistake.

          • pm says

            Never heard of pathetic weakness, shyness, always being tired, looking like crap, always depressive? I’d’rather die than being forced to live my life with low testosterone.

  2. Sal says

    Love this post. It’s a great reality check for us males today. I’m 21 and feel this is affecting me too. I have always had problems with facial and body hair growth (I’d always have missing patches everywhere) and my libido and just overall mojo/happiness has taken a collosal nosedive ever since a major depressive episode (over a year ago). I started therpay and shit but that did zero. I talked to so many people about my problems and all that ‘ish nd it didn’t do much for me. I suspected low T and checked at a doc and they found my T-evels to be 435 which isn’t bad in general but for a healthy 20 year old who had 580 at 19(I had a blood test the year before) tht’s pretty bad. I feel better now/these days since I have been weight training, taking zinc/fish oil, and just getting enough (yet interrupted) sleep, eating high T-producing foods, and stopping the porn, but I still feel like Im missing out on something and that if I didn’t have such a crazy depressive episode I would be feeling like an Ox with this healthier lifestyle. I’m sure TRT is soon in my future. Anyway excellent post.

    • Victor Pride says

      435????!!!! Get on testosterone right now. “Normal” males are at 600. Your doctor is a quack, find a new one. You have extremely low levels. 580 is LOW too. You need to pick up the phone and make an appointment right now.

  3. J Rogers says

    A Doc can say a “normal” reading of test is between x and y, but for who? How can there just be an accepted level when individuals come in all shapes and sizes (height/bodyweight) and have different metabolisms (assimilate and react to the medications differently, digestively, receptors at the cellular level etc. ). Of course it does work, but what are the long-term effects of UNNATURALLY causing testosterone to fluctuate on a regular basis with synthetic chems? Not only that – but if the body becomes acccustomed to regular ingestion, if for some reason the medication is discontinued, wouldn’t your body now have f’d up hormonal cycles and you might even find it hard to reach the levels you once had without them ? I dont understand that if you lift heavy weights, eat great (no deficiencies),work, relax, maintain healthy relationships etc. and still don’t have “normal” levels you must be under-developed or something, correct? Technically your article is stating modern men are sexually underdeveloped, of course test is going to be lower in todays modern world with the amount of sedentary lifestyles and what-not. Not only that, but just the sheer pace of change and life and the stress of adaption. If people want to increase their test maybe they should take up meditation. It might even help them come to a level of self-acceptance of the natural aging process…whatever thats meant to be.

    • Victor Pride says


      I would honestly prefer that every single man alive, save for me, did what you suggest rather than take real action.



      • J Rogers says

        Yo, I wasn’t having a go at all, but just playing a bit of devils advocate. I am not for or against this at all, just trying to be objective, everyone will make an educated decision based on where their at with information like this available. Oh btw, Thank-you for your website (ideas, advice, pure fitness know-how and motivation) – its a breath of fresh air and straight to the point.

        • Jeremy says

          You said nothing except you don’t know shit and suggested meditation.

          Low Test is a problem and I believe it’s even socially engineered by the Elites to control men easier by turning them into females.

  4. Johnny A says

    How about just taking “Body of a Spartan” for a spin? By far the best program out there. Let’s see what happens after 6 months on this baby.

  5. Russ says

    Hey Vic, thought we lost you, then you come out with a killer post like this.

    I’ve been trying megadosing zinc for the last 3 weeks and noticed a slight improvement sexually, but nothing to write about. I will go see a doctor, but I’m not sure if he’ll help as we have national healthcare here.

  6. Vladimir says

    Victor I gotta hand it to you man. My lifestyle changed quite dramatically when I found your website. Ever since I have discovered your blog I have Literally: Read EVERY one of your posts, started my own business, escaped from the shackles of boredom, depression, laziness and stupidity.

    I was a very fit before, but holy fucking shit man your posts and advice skyrocketed my attitude towards working out. I am reaching the kind of results I though could exist only on magazine covers. I am noticing stares from women that I always considered to be out of my reach.

    I am productive, motivated and ready to kick ass and take names!
    I am really happy you went out and posted, I though you quit your blog or something since I subscribed to your blog in late July. Post as much as you can man, you give eye opening advice for men everywhere.

  7. john doe says

    I’ve been using the shit since I was 19, and I’m 32 right now. I’m on test for life and I have no regrets, I love the way I feel. I take a Dr. prescribed 200mg/wk and a couple times/yr throw in some other goodies like primobolan, anavar or deca and I’m rocking!! I get my bloodwork done every 12 wks, and here is what your biggest concerns are…..Cholesterol, the cholesterol might get a little out of whack, but its never been anything crazy for me. But you can combat this with 3000mg/day fish oil and a good diet. Also, I take 500mg/day no flush Niacin every single day to keep my blood from getting too thick. Thats the shit that leads to strokes right there, so stay on that fucking niacin for life!! I’ll occasionally hit a strong 4-6 wk run of milk thistle to help bring liver values back down, they do get out of whack even from injectable test, especially when you go beyond the 200mg/wk range. I used to take it higher, say 1000mg/wk but I dont do that shit anymore. I’ve managed very well on just 200mg/wk. PRIMOBOLAN DEPOT, you throw this shit in a couple times/yr and you’ll be yoked as fuck, I love it!!! And its the safest and most mild thing you can do and just gets me harder than a damn rock. I’m supposed to take 250 iu HCG 2x/wk but its such a damn ripoff at the pharmacy I get it someplace else. And it only comes in 5,000iu vials, so I’ll burn through 5,000 iu in a 4 wk run usually once every 12 wks. Arimadex is good to use throughout your replacement as well. But much of the arimadex bodybuilders use is too extreme, you want a little estrogen, its all about balance. 2.5 mg/day should suffice when using as TRT. Its a downright pain in the ass to get on TRT, and the frequent Dr. visits get old. But the quality of life is much better. Advice for anyone considering this I could give #1- dont go to a family practitioner, they dont know shit. Try and find a specialist. #2- dont let them give you that stupid fucking patch!! You want injectable test, period!! #3- learn to inject urself and explain to the Dr. you know how to use needles and you dont need to come in every 2 wks for a shot. #4- try to get it where you can inject once every week, every 2 wks is too long IMO and causes too many hormone fluctuations as levels drop towards end of 2nd wk. #5- live a healthy lifestyle, smoking and drinking needs to be kicked to the curb. This is a lifestyle and a commitment, one that will reward you greatly if you do it properly.

    • Victor Pride says

      I can’t speak for the other rx, but the bits about legal testosterone and liver health is A+. Everyone should read this.

    • sonu says

      Brother how are you doing now and I think i am also. Candidate for trt for how long can i continue on TRT and I am 26 year old and suffering from low libido, no morning wood low memory depression and thinking of suicide. I have taken a multivitamin tablet rivatal which also contain panax gingseng and after 8 days intake I got my testosterone level checked they come out to be 554 ng/dl and then I stopped taking it and again got tested after 12 days and my level were total was 580 ng/dl I want to know that are these my natural levels or due to this multivitamin supplement which contains gingseng also as you have noticed that after leaving this multivitamin my testosterone level has increased otherwise they should have decreased and my free testosterone was 30 pg/ml. Brother guide me I am in serious trouble and it is hard to live.

      • says

        it was natural for you level natural testosterone up and down ‘naturally’.
        but your natural up and down is very impressively low for man.
        there is no such food and environment can fix that.
        food and environment in today’s world are estrogen nation.lol
        the real fix is TRT. go see your doctor

  8. Chris says

    How about those of us that compete in drug tested powerlifting. HRT is against the rules and in my opinion unhealthy, unnecessary, and certainly doesn’t represent the clean cut, straight living man’s man that I originally thought you were pushing. That guy was very impressive and to be admired by most. This new and improved guy that pushes all these drugs for mental and physical superiority is much less impressive.

    • Victor Pride says


      If I lose readers at the expense of honesty, so be it.



      PS – Your powerlifting competitors are not so honest as you. Good luck.

      • Chris says

        I agree with you on the other powerlifters. Many of them are not clean at all but I really like the competition. I have a few close friends and myself that are trully drug free so its still fun. I can appreciate your honesty but I still think the completely clean push is cooler. I will continue following along though. Party on.

  9. Stryker says


    Went in about three weeks ago and asked my doc about TRT. He blood tested me ( my test level was 250) and put me on the gel. Best decision Iv’e made in awhile. I am 49 years old and 6’3″ 295lbs. I still have an athletic build (people ask me all the time if I played football) but had picked up a bunch of weight and always felt exhausted, depressed, and generally shitty. Sex drive was falling off and the intensity of orgasms was waning.

    Damn, I feel 20 years younger. I can feel and see the difference a day or two after every workout. I am motivated, take a lot less bullshit, and my sex drive is back. Orgasms are like when i was a teenager.. (My wife likes the new/old me better too.) Can’t recommend this highly enough.

  10. IronMan says

    Very true stuff about the declining testosterone levels. I’d also put it down to a lot of feminine lifestyle choices today’s modern “guy” is making – few real men alive today.

    I wonder though, how this applies to someone exhibiting absolutely no low-testosterone indicators; in fact, just the opposite. I have never been to a doctor to get my levels tested, but I’m pretty damn sure of them being above average (the real average) at the very least. My brother is the same way and he’s closing on 35. Lucky ones, I guess.

  11. Marcelo says

    Not concerning about test levels (i dont know about my levels, only feel them), but about paelo diet and lifestyle. I was a advocate of 6 melas a day and bodybuiding common routine, and for sum up i ended skinny AND fat. Then i researched (i took some advices of Victor too) and changed my lifestyle to a paleo esque. I changed from six to 2 meals a day, my breakfast being only juice of kale + pineapple, lunch 300g ground beef + 6 raw whole eggs + 2 tablespoos of olive oil in veggies (kale/brocoli). On dinner, repeat lunch (sometimes trading meat for fish). On pre workout, 10 dried prunes, and, sometimes, if i fell that i needed, 2 huge sweet potatos post workout. With that, in only fucking 30 days my bodyfat decreased to the point i saw my first 4 packs on my abs, my sex drive skyrocketed, my sleep was improved on only 6 hours a day (10 hours used to not refesh me), no more tired, hot flashes, dificulty sleep, etc. Started at 34 cm bicep and day 30 i had 35 cm biceps (my worst muscle to gain mass), lost a ton of bodyfat AND gained muscle. At the end of 30 days, i was craving SUN, i simply could not stay on laptop reading internet fitness sites. My test levels are now big? I dont know. Cutting flour, sugar, oatmeal, chocolate powder, soda, plastic containers, etc, have balanced my hormones again? DEFINITIVELY!

  12. KJ Barnes says


    Let’s say I’m a skinny fat ectomorph and am considering doing this. I’m working out, running, and am eating dozens of raw eggs a day (and otherwise eating organic food exclusively). Point being, I’m on the right track, have made dramatic improvements in my diet and exercise regimen -but I’m still skinny-fat, and have always suspected my testosterone levels were low (I was born in the late 80s and practically subsisted off junk food for half of my youth).

    What I want to know is, is there a certain point I need to be at physically before starting TRT? Will its introduction affect my body fat levels at all (one way or the other)? If I’m on the right track already, can I go ahead and begin the process? Or should I lose the fat first before I proceed to do this (expecting large muscle mass gains)?

    From what I’ve read, the only concern I’d have would be the thought of what happens when I stopped. If stopping meant going from being at a peak to average, that’s one thing. But if stopping TRT means going from peak to sub-par, or below average, that would be a legitimate concern to have before starting it, I’d think. Because you never know what could happen -if it’s not natural, whose to say it won’t be available ten to twenty years from now, with the Western world going to shit and all. I need to read more on the subject, perhaps.

    Any input would be great.

    • Victor Pride says


      There is no better time than right now. You’re eating right and you’re lifting, time to go get checked.

      re: your concern about stopping. Why would you ever stop? If you have low t and you can fix it, why would you ever go back to low t?

      Test will increase your muscle mass, the more muscle you have the less fat you have.

      “whose to say it won’t be available ten to twenty years from now”

      You would prefer to suffer just in case there is a complete and total economic collapse in 10-20 years?


  13. John Doe says

    Well personally I enjoy the new and improved Victor who speaks of these pills and test. Hey Vic, you need to try some oxytocin bro. It will make you blow a chicks head off, orgasms last twice as long, it burns fat, and I swear it makes you more appealing to girls. You can mantain better eye contact and focus when ur speaking to really hot chicks, the stuff levels you out and relaxes you. oxytocin is a hormone produced during sex, go research this stuff, I love it!!

    • Vladimir says

      Wow, dude I would stay away from that oxytocin shit. I personally know people who got fucked up addicted that that.

    • tom says

      Here is what I found from a quick search on google, wikipedia to be exact:

      “Synthetic oxytocin is sold as proprietary medication under the trade names Pitocin and Syntocinon, and as generic oxytocin. Oxytocin is destroyed in the gastrointestinal tract, so must be administered by injection or as nasal spray. It has a half-life of typically about three minutes in the blood, and given intravenously does not enter the brain in significant quantities – it is excluded from the brain by the blood–brain barrier. Evidence in rhesus macaques indicates oxytocin by nasal spray does enter the brain.[61] Oxytocin nasal sprays have been used to stimulate breastfeeding, but the efficacy of this approach is doubtful.[62]
      Injected oxytocin analogues are used for labor induction and to support labor in case of difficult parturition. It has largely replaced ergometrine as the principal agent to increase uterine tone in acute postpartum hemorrhage. Oxytocin is also used in veterinary medicine to facilitate birth and to stimulate milk release. The tocolytic agent atosiban (Tractocile) acts as an antagonist of oxytocin receptors; this drug is registered in many countries to suppress premature labor between 24 and 33 weeks of gestation. It has fewer side effects than drugs previously used for this purpose (ritodrine, salbutamol, and terbutaline).
      The trust-inducing property of oxytocin might help those who suffer from social anxieties and mood disorders,[45] but with the potential for abuse with confidence tricks[63][64] and military applications.[65]”

  14. Boss says

    Victor, I am extremely disappointed. After reading your post, I was sure I had low T. Went to get my levels checked. Just got the results 725… Fuck, I better get that Super DMZ. I had all the symptoms especially weak ass hard ons. Any suggestions?

    • mindframe says

      zinc, l arginine, ginseng, ginger, green tea. L arginine does the trick every time though. And if you take zinc everyday should help.

      • says

        @mindframe thanks for your suggestions. I’d add to your list L-Lysine by Jarrow Formulas which are cheapest at amazon, and I’m not advertising with a link… it’s just that all of those you’ve mentioned seem most effective from Jarrow, most are available at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Earthfare, Fresh Market and other stores that have other options besides those that exist to feed the U S carcinogenic foods that otherwise cause diabetes, heart disease and so on. Jarrow Formulas head of marketing didn’t take my call seriously, seemed clueless about how good their stuff is, regardless, their stuff is the best. The Alpha Lipoic Acid + CLA from Jarrow Formulas have been like magic pills for keeping body fat low. And Victor Pride is correct about TRT – think about it, most every woman has been taking some form of estrogen… as Vic asked – Why is it that it’s evil for men to take the male equivalent in the form of the male hormone? This is one of his most important posts!

  15. Sal says

    Interesting. But Vic – wouldnyou recommend HGH over injectable T? HGH has no side effects (when taken at the right dosage) and naturally increases T as a result.

  16. john doe says

    Tom, I dont mess with the pills or nasal spray,. I take the inject type. As for helping with social anxiety disorder, I believe it. I never considered myself to have any sort of social disorder, but I can tell you that taking this stuff definitely helps socially. I’m like a whole new person with people. Girls have flocked to me like flies on shit since using this stuff. For example, you know how when you look at a pretty girl and you both catch eyes its a little uncomfortable at first and one of you looks away? Well on this stuff, you lock eyes and dont look away, it feels as natural as anything. This is fucking crazy, but when I talk to smoking hot girls in the gym, they actually move towards me. The convo starts about 3-4′ apart and within seconds the girl is in my face and grabbing on me and flirting with me. I had a girl today tell me “I had another trainer ask me if that jacked guy with the tattoos on his arm was my boyfriend” I replied “I could be” The other girl noticed how close this girl was to me and talking with me. And the kicker…..the chick who was all over me has a boyfriend!! Oxytocin is the fucking bomb, I’ll continue to use it as long as its available to me!!!

    • Victor Pride says

      No. Why would you strive to reduce yourself to average? Unless you mean your levels are unnaturally high, that’s a different story.

      • Shane McCain says


        Would pro-hormones be considered just as effective if not more? Is the liver toxicity higher in pro-hormones? My endo is telling me that 436 isn’t low in general and not that bad for a 20 year old (this was aafter seeing another doctor – my conclusion is he said that because he saw that I had the work done in the late afternoon although i told him i woke up shortly before that without eating ) and he ordered another test be done. I think I should see another endo. or maybe just wake up and eat several hours before the test and what my results turn out to be :P

        • Victor Pride says


          Your doctor is a fucking quack, find a new one, a younger one. For a 20 year old 436 is tiny. The average man is at 600. And the average man is LOW. Pro Hormones will do nothing for your t levels, but they will put lbs of muscle on you.

  17. john doe says

    Jim, no you should not take anything to elevate estrogen levels if your levels are naturally high. Your already in the right ratio of test:estrogen to do what you need to do. Its only when synthetic means are introduced that u need to combat it, and even at that I believe you should be on testosterone replacement for a solid year or so before you need to worry about estrogen balance

    • David says

      Hello Victor,

      Nice article. You make a lot of valid points. This moved me to get my test. levels tested. Here are the results.

      Testosterone, Serum: 676 ng/dL reference interval: 348-1197
      Free Test. (Direct): 14.5 pg/mL ” : 9.3-26.5

      Am I in the normal range? Was wondering if I should start a cycle….

    • Bill says

      Hey, hope you won’t consider me to be contradicting your note with this comment:

      Do you have an opinion on products that don’t require prescription, but claim to raise T levels, for instance from Primordial Performance? I used to use some of their products, but I stopped because I wasn’t working out consistently enough. I would feel more comfortable returning to this before trying to get a Dr to give me a Rx. Also, I struggle with hair loss, which is a concern…

  18. B says

    Hey Victor, this is an interesting post. If you start taking artificial T and get your numbers up above 600 is there anyway you could go off that artificial T and maintain those numbers through lifestyle and diet?
    Secondly, if 600 is average what is the extreme upper limit?

    • Victor Pride says


      If you didn’t have high t in the first place, assuming you ate right and lifted, how can you possibly expect to maintain high t without help….

      Higher range is at about 1200.

  19. B says

    @ Vic: Should the test be a blood test?

    @ Any Aussies here: Can I get this test done, and artificial T prescribed, from a naturopath?

      • David says


        I got the test directly done from a lab without consulting a doctor. I looked around the net at the avg for male is around 600. but ppl are saying it’s a normal level.

          • Victor Pride says

            Ask your Doctor. Personally, I do not believe so. I have seen many bodybuilders with kids and bodybuilders megadose, they don’t take trt doses. But ask your doctor, assuming you have a knowledgable and qualified one.

  20. Gruesome says

    Well intentioned Vic, but you may want to refer to your earlier post on increasing T naturally. Also type “Four Dangers Destroying Men” on YouTube and view the clip. It gives a better way than TRT.

  21. Anon says

    I am 26 and got my test levels checked- came out at 752, I am guessing this is fine and I don’t need to add any test, right?

  22. will says

    I’m 20 and had my blood tested few months ago, was 434, I have been on a self prescribed trt with a couple of cycles thrown in. I plan on staying on, do you think it will still be possible for me to have children in say 8 years? And do trt patients ever need to take anything extra for libido after they have been on for years. Cheers

      • richard says

        Hi, i am 33 and i have been tested for low T. My levels may/2012-205 august/2012-330. I also had very low b-12 levels. The first dr. Was about the 70 yrs old and agreed that i needed therapy but he asked me if i drink alcohol and i said yes, so he denied the therapy. Then in august i went to a 33 yr old dr. And tested at 330. He sent me to a endo. Which said i was normal. The dr. didn’t agree with the endo. He said my level should be around 600 but he decided to put me on b-12 supplements for 6 weeks and if that didn’t help my symptoms, extreme fatigue, e.d.,depression, no zest for life or hobbies, not able to concentrate or handle bussiness/work, that he would put me on TRT. Well its been six weeks and i haven’t got any better. What do you think of all this? How long does it usually take the average male to start feeling better physically and mentally? What is your opinion on drinking alcohol and taking TRT?
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        • Victor Pride says


          This is my non-professional OPINION on test: Injectable T is not liver toxic and therefore moderate alcohol use is of no concern. If testosterone were liver toxic then it would slowly kill you anyway so you may as well have an ice cold pina colada every once in a while and enjoy yourself.

          How long does it take to start feeling better? I don’t know. Your symptoms could be caused by low T, in which case you should feel better within the month on TRT. Get off that B-12 baloney and fix the issue with trt (though you may even want to stay on B-12, if you feel it’s doing something).

          Something I have come to realize is that deep, deep REM sleep is possibly the most important factor in fixing the issues you described. Make sure you do not have any sleep disorders, like sleep apnea. Good luck.

      • Ben says

        This is very very bad advice to give to a 20 year old.
        25^ is when males can experiment with there levels safely, anything below is risking complete endocrine shutdown and possible infertility. Some people cannot have children on TRT

        • pm says

          Anybody, at any age, risk total endocrine shut down with AAS, even 25+ years olds. And if your hypogonodalism isnt level 1 then you should be able to have kids. Level 1 is when the problem is in your nuts. Level 2 is when the problem is in your glands.

  23. lilian says

    The author is probably correct. Numerous studies have been done on the effect of estrogen-mimicking chemicals called “endocrine disruptors”, which are ubiquitous in modern life. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is causing a low-T epidemic.


    I happened upon this site, and generally disagree with most of what I read here, but I’m mature enough to give credit where credit is due.

  24. andres reng says

    Hi, I live in Colombia where I can find steroids legally and at any drugstore, should I use testobiron to increase my well being and how many times per week, on the other side, getting have an hormone therapy might be difficult, so I prefer to do it myself.

    • Victor Pride says


      I prefer to medicate myself as well. I hate doctors and the Godlike status they have. They’re simple drug dealers and guessers. I assume you mean testoviron, that would be fine. If you are going to try it you need to make damn sure it is PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE LEGIT and not made in some juiceheads kitchen. 1cc per week, once per week is a TRT dose. Good luck.

      • Andres Reng says

        Thanks for the reply, yes the exact name is Testoviron Depot by Bayer, i can find legal and originally as it only costs 10 dollars including the application with a certified nurse. it is open in front of me with the box sealed and with colombian goverment guarantee which I think it is hard to forget, and the price is so cheap that rip offs cant make a margin of profit, I have been thinking about combining this with decadurabolin, what do you think? as it is cheap, original and legal to use them here.

          • andres reng says

            Should I use testoviron every week for all my life or should I use it for some months and take a break, it is really important to have my testo high or normal as this is a violent country and danger is on every corner, that is why I train and try to keeep in shape and strong. and what do you think of putting deca with testo?

          • Victor Pride says

            Andres, what you should do is find someone in Brazil who can have a conversation with about this. Walk into any gym and you will find many fellas on test and deca. I don’t know you, your situation, your t levels, your training history, or your age so I cannot give you a recommendation. If all you want is high test levels you don’t need deca. If you want to get bigger and stronger then test and deca works very well. Good luck.

          • andres reng says

            Thanks but why I do have to travel to brazil to talk to people in a gym, I live in Colombia which is a different country. If i go to Brazil I would talk to girls on the beach, better.

            thanks for the advice. anyway.

      • Andres Reng says

        Hello victor, thanks to your advice and this website, I dont have to ask anyone in my country, I am already the one who lifts the most in the gym I go to, due to, buying 30 days of spartan and spartan routine.

  25. Alex says

    Hey Victor, I’m a 17 year old male and a TON of the symptoms listed above. I workout like the devil, I eat healthy, I do intermediate fasting, and I have a good mesomorphic body type. My problem is I lack the sex drive everyone talks about having at my age, I lack the amazing muscle tone some of my other schoolmates have despite my GOOD body type, I’m depressed and irritable, and all in all I’m not doing so hot. After reading this I think I should get tested for low test and perhaps even find a way to get a prescription for a medical dosage. I want the body, the sex drive, and the better overall outlook I DESERVE. I’m just wondering if it’s possible for someone of my age to get tested and get prescribed testosterone injections.

    I really hope you answer this. I need your help, brother.

    • That Young Dude says

      I’m in the same boat. It didn’t work out for me, test levels came out supposedly normal and I couldn’t do anything about it. (I’m 17 too)

    • Victor Pride says

      Yes, it’s possible. You may be low T or you may just watching too much porn. Get tested and stop watching porn. I know a guy who had such low hormone levels he was put on T at 11 years old. Good luck.

  26. Mindframe says

    Want to do this but will be quitting my job in a month to go freelance and personal train on the side. How could I go about staying on trt without health insurance?

    • Victor Pride says

      Should run you about $40 per month. A 10ml bottle of Testosterone cypionate in an American pharmacy runs about $110-$120 and if you run it at a TRT dosage (200mg per week) it should last you 2.5 months.

      • Mindframe says

        Very doable. Thanks. I did want to run testim though because of the smell it gives off that women supposedly love. If you know any numbers on testim that would be cool.

        How will I be able to buy this at a pharmacy after I lose my insurance?

        • Victor Pride says

          I don’t know anything about testim except that a) you have to rub it in every day and b) some people like the smell and some people hate it. If you have a prescription for it you can buy without insurance like everything else at the pharmacy.

          • Mindframe says

            Got it thanks bro. pentadecalactone is what is in testim that drives when crazy. It is a pheromone from the apocrine gland or armpit.

            I was first put on to testim by a bodybuilding Dr. Serrano Who also introduced me to liver tabs. This was before ever reading your site.

            Never have had my test levels checked but I have been lifting for several years and stuck at my prs. Time for a game changer.

      • Jack says

        Just to make sure Victor, you recommend 200 mg per week/a shot a week?

        i have an appt with the doctor on monday so i can get this sorted out


          • Jack says

            Was basing it off this:
            Should run you about $40 per month. A 10ml bottle of Testosterone cypionate in an American pharmacy runs about $110-$120 and if you run it at a TRT dosage (200mg per week) it should last you 2.5 months.

            What dosage do you take Victor?

  27. Brad says

    Hey Vic, love the article, I’m a 49 year old bodybuilder who have ‘ dabbled ‘ a bit in trt, but always abandoned it as I was always led to believe that natural was the only option. But now having to deal with a bit of E.D. issues , I’m thinking your right. I have a beautiful younger new girl friend and am hoping this will help solve this problem. I eat cleanly , rarely drink and train intensly, take supplememts such as zinc , magnesium etc.
    I have testosterone cream that has been sitting in my drawer the last couple of years, so as your suggestion being over 35 I RAN to it and started applying immediatly, hoping this is the first day of the rest of my life!

    • Victor Pride says

      Brad, I think TRT is a necessity for a man your age. A godsend, actually. Make sure that creams hasn’t expired by now. And then wear out that little girlfriend of yours.

  28. 6string says

    I have been dealing with low test for a long time but I live in B.C. and when I get my labs done my total testosterone shows in the “normal” range and the lab will not do the rest of the test even though the doctor needs and requested the full array of tests. I have gone on TRT and it made things worse so I did a lot of reading. If my total testosterone is normal but I still have symptoms then maybe I have a problem with SHBG or to much estrogen but I will never know because the farken labs in B.C. will not test my free testosterone or anything further than total levels. Correct me if I’m wrong but if I am dealing with an SHBG thing then no matter how much testosterone I have it will do me no good because it will just be bound up by the SHBG. Then what? Been on this road for 10 years and running out of options.
    Any suggestions? B

    • Victor Pride says

      Can you find a lab that WILL test your free levels? It sounds you’re completely in the dark without that. You may want to look into using proviron, ask your useless doctors about that.

      “Proviron is an oral DHT steroid compound similar to Masteron. Although it is not an ideal compound for building muscle (actually it is not good at all for this purpose), Proviron is helpful in stacks because of its unique ability to keep the body from turning testosterone into estrogen, thus giving the testosterone a better anabolic effect. This aids the bodybuilder in many ways. First, it helps reduce estrogenic side effects of other steroids water-retention, lowered sex drive, gynocomastia, etc. Also, Proviron can help boost the potency of testosterone in the body by freeing testosterone from its binding to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG).”

      • 6string says

        Unless I can I can find a lab that will take cash under the table or head down to the U.S. I am pretty much stuck but I will ask my useless doctor about Proviron.

        Thanks for the advice

    • Michael says

      RE: lowering SHBG

      Standard nettle root extract is supposed to lower SHBG but some people on BB forums tried it and it didn’t do much. On the other hand Divanil which is an highly concentrated extract of nettle root has more results. You can try that. Divanil alone without any other ingredients is available at online stores.

      • Michael says

        I’ve been reading about Divanil and I have to mention this: there have been issues with the purity of the extract. Some companies used to say it was 95% but they now have changed the wording, they say it’s a Wide Spectrum Stinging Nettle Root Extract Including 3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran, which is the lignan that binds to SHBG instead of testosterone, because some testing was done and it was far from 95%.

        The funny thing though is that plenty of people have felt the effects even if it wasn’t 95%. Now, some companies claim to have upped the purity to 97 or 98%, which probably means they did the testing first to avoid further embarassment.

  29. says

    So basically there is a chance that after stopping therapy(if at all) that your old test level before you started treatment and reverted back to would decrease? If there was no risk in simply stopping this treatment and reverting back to old levels it would be a much easier decision. If you can permanently screw up your test levels(unless you stay on treatment for your entire life) by giving up therapy then I’m not sure it’s a worthwhile investment. That being said I will certainly go to my doctor soon and see where my levels are at(im 27). I’m active with sports and exercise and I eat well so hopefully it’s not as bad as your article claims Victor.

    Good read btw.

    • Victor Pride says

      TRT is for people who already had low levels to begin with. In the article I claimed that every man will need it EVENTUALLY. The older you get the more you will likely need it, but of course there are many, many young men who need it too. If you aren’t one of them then there is no need to fret. Solution: Wait until you’re sure you need it.

    • Victor Pride says

      Guy, the older you get the worse your levels get. Every man over 30 needs TRT, period. Unless you’ve lived your life free from plastic, your levels will plummet every year.

      It can permanently screw up your test levels / your test levels are permanently screwed up anyway. Catch my drift?

  30. Tomjones says

    Just got my results back. Test is at 435. Doc said it was good and wouldn’t put me on the clear. I’m getting a second opinion.

    But my vitamin d levels are at 37. Which is low. Going to supplement with 5000 iu a day of liquid d3 and get another test in a month to see where I’m at. Supposedly that raises test because d3 is a hormone.
    Also going to take 50-100mg of zinc a day.

  31. AverageTestosterone says

    Hey Victor, got a “basic” test and consultation done at a TRT clinic. This post was the inspiration I needed as I’ve spent the last 7 years trying to figure out how to feel like I did at 21 –I’m 28 now. I tested at around 650, but they wouldn’t do a “full panel” to check my free testosterone unless I paid $400 or did their protocol. Long story short, they wanted to start out with HCG and Anastrazole before giving me Cyp. And I walked in there with minimal symptoms and only told them I wanted to get a “baseline” going into my late 20’s … not sure if I’m going to do it. Anyway the point of this post is to let you guys know that if your doctor is a prude, go in for a consultation with a specialist.

  32. Wrencher says


    Which type of test would you recommend best?

    Test Cypionate or Test Undeconoate? I hear the Test Undec. is supposed to last longer and takes less frequent usage, but also absorbs more slowly. In the end, which is stronger and gives you better gains as well as less less negative impact on the body?


  33. james says

    im conviced your right bad memory ,depressed no energy im 40…….so im starting to take 250 ml injectable sostenon $24 per injection
    i read that its good to take proviron 25mg orally daily to stop getting man tits, its exspensive do you think i need it ….?
    also to cut costs is it possible to just buy the sostenon in larger quantity and then just use 250ml needles.

    im injecting in to my butt is this the best place

    great site

  34. blake says

    I have low t for years now, was around 340 now sitting around 240-250 for the past year…im 23 lol. All problems including weight gain, depression, ect. Never felt like this until i started getting low levels a couple years ago. Wanted to do HCG but docs would rather put me on androderm patch… worried about nutsize, tits, and going bald. Would HCG raise my levels to high normal? (not sure if it would go back down once off of HCG) or should i go right to replacement therapy? Thanks

  35. T'ed Off says

    Could Victor or anyone else give me their thoughts on my story and if they think I should have any issues getting TRT. Through my teens / early 20’s I fluctuated from being in average shape to great shape. I competed in both combative and strength sports and weight trained regularly. Though I don’t take part in those sports anymore, I do still lift weights, and “try” to eat sensibly. I supplement with Zinc, Vitamin D, Maca, L-arginine and Whey Protein. However with all that said, my life (emotional/work/physical) has basically gone to shit.

    My Symptoms:

    I am a 35 YO male, my sex drive is VERY low (almost non existent now) even though I think about sex a lot, I have very little desire to pursue it anymore. I have weak erections and no longer experience nocturnal / early morning erections. I fail to achieve an erection unless there is a really intense sensory & physical stimuli. Visual stimuli alone does not seem to do it any more, nor do sexual thoughts.

    I have experienced muscle loss & despite working out seem to be unable to gain back much muscle. I have a definite loss in strength and overall energy. I have experienced fat gain feel, feel extremely fatigued and have sleep problems, I have mild gynecomastia and have had both hot flashes & night sweats (to the point where the bed-sheets are drenched). My testicles feel smaller and softer than they used to. I also have an increased need to urinate (it was so bad I got checked for diabetes, I have a family history of it, but the Doc said I was fine) .

    I feel irritable, I have memory problems and have been depressed to the point of suicidal ideas and plans. (Including sitting on the train tracks, waiting for a train but chickening out in the final seconds) and all of these have driven me to spend time in a psych ward, and then spend many months visiting a therapist weekly (discussing past abuse issues as a child and the multiple relationship issues I have had).

    Additional information:

    I am a former steroid user (Deca-Durabolin a weekly injectable & Anabolin 50 daily oral pill mix of nortestosterone & decanoate) I used them for about 2.5 years but have have not used any steroids in about 5 years. When I was using them, I never felt healthier or better in my life. It had a positive effect on me and those around me. I was able to work one full time and a part time job, run my own repair business on the side, I went to the gym and lifted weights 3/4 times a week and jogged in the morning. I went back to competing in sports and still had time for a social life and family/relationship.

    Having kids was never an option for me because my wife could not have children, however I split from my wife (due to all my mental issues) and started seeing someone else who I was with for the past 2 years, she desperately wanted a child with me. Despite neither of us using protection, she never became pregnant. I have never had my sperm count checked, but it just seemed like maybe the problem was with my boys.

    I have Varicocele in my left testicle (which causes anything from a slight tingling to a painful ache) which my urologist told me was harmless. However I have since researched and found studies that show it results in backflow of blood into the pampiniform plexus and causes increased pressures, ultimately leading to permanent damage to the testicular tissue due to disruption of normal supply of oxygenated blood via the testicular artery) this is listed as the main cause of male infertility. In 2011 study by New York Presbyterian Hospital / Weill Cornell Medical Center, researchers measured the preoperative testosterone levels of 325 men with varicoceles and in 510 men without varicoceles. They found that men at every age with varicoceles had significantly lower testosterone levels (416 vs. 469 ng/dL) than the comparison group.

    My medical history shows that over the past few years I have been prescribed with Viagra to combat ED, as well as anti depression and anti-anxiety medication. I believe that this prescription history, the confirmed varicocele, the psychiatric hospitalization and therapy are proof that if this is Low-T then it has been an ongoing issue for me since age 29/30 and I am 35 now.

    I have wanted to get back on steroids for years because of how it made me feel. Unfortunately I now live somewhere with much stricter laws. I have made an appointment with my doctor for next week and am going to ask about TRT.

    If anyone wants to comment or offer advice I would love to hear it.

    • adam says

      Same symptoms with me bro. I thought that it might be happening to me only.
      Right from not getting proper erection to the part where i am going to gym daily and am not gaining any muscle. Please help as i am in lot of depression too

    • Scott says

      Look into doing an extended fast anywhere from 7-20 days or more. Should detox and revitalize you and you’ll come out way healthier. You’ll lose a ton of bodyfat, improve the function of your body, and i have heard of getting a stronger sex drive back. etc.

    • T'ed Off says

      Hi all,
      Just an update, it was a bit of a fight as he wanted to go with Androgel, but my Doc approved the TRT, with Test Cypi, been a few days, starting to feel better, not sure how much is legit vs. placebo yet. I will keep you updated.

  36. dirk says

    does elevated testosterone improve brain functioning, memory and concentration i mean?
    i’m diabetic, probably have low testosterone, and definitely “fog in my head” a lot of the time

  37. Lord Nathaniel says

    T,ed off
    I’m 35 yrs old too. Just had varicocele surgery. Still recovering. I’ll let you know if it raises my T levels.

  38. Michael says

    Most men these days lack testosterone that’s true but TRT is for life, once you’re on it your balls shrink and you’re very likely to become infertile. It’s not something I would rush into. Apparently the best type is injections but they don’t let you inject yourself, you have to go to a Dr’s office every week to get your shot. And if your Dr doesn’t prescribe an AI with your T you might end up barely okay or worse than before. Besides, if your T is low but not as low as the Dr chart says it should be to get a prescription, what do you do?

    I’d try estrogen lowering drugs and supplements first, i.e. over the counter or prescription aromatase inhibitors. A lot of people with low T have high levels of estrogen. Which one came first I don’t know but getting rid of the excess estrogen will raise T levels.

    Some commercial testosterone raising formulas get good reviews, I’d try those.

    Some bodybuilders use peptides like Triptorelin (a single dose) to restart their HPTA after a cycle. It could work for someone with low T. Doing some kind of Post Cycle Therapy like juicers do but to raise low T, that could work too.

    And hypothyroidism can lower testosterone too. Chronic stress, high cortisol, these things mess up your adrenals and your thyroid, which results in lower testosterone. Vitamin D deficiency can also be in part responsible to low T and low grade depression.

    I got nothing against chemical restoration but someone with low T should look at other options than TRT first. Not everyone gets good results with TRT, there are people on BB forums who have had negative experiences with either the gel or the shots.

    • T'ed Off says

      Well my Doc approved the TRT with Test Cypi shots, I will be giving them to myself. I will keep you guys updated on my progress.

  39. The First Joe says

    Strongly disagree.
    Especially with your advice to young men to take TRT.

    How to boost your T, using the production from you’re own balls:
    1) lift heavy weights & do callisthenics – SQUAT, press, upright rowing. Pull-ups and push-ups.
    2) get 8 hours sleep every night minimum
    3) eat organic whenever possible. Real food. The less ingredients on the packet, the better.
    4) eat wild meat: fish, venison, boar meat. You want about 1g protein per day per lb of body mass. Also, make sure and get a little good natural fat every day (vital in T production) some butter and/or olive oil and/or eggs and/or cheese.
    5) supplement with whey protein after weight training
    6) got a pool nearby? swim as fast as you can for about 1km, once or twice a week
    7) KEEP YOUR BALLS COOL! so: boxers, not briefs, don’t sit a laptop directly over your balls, do not keep your phone in your trouser pocket (microwave rads heat ’em up)
    8) Eat plenty of brocoli and onions (they contain anti-estrogenic stuff)
    9) If over 30, supplement with Magnesium, Zinc + copper, Nettle Root Extract, He Shou Wu (treated with black bean), and also cycle Tribulus Terrestris.
    Also an option: Tongkat Ali / Longjack (although I’ve not used that last myself, I hear it’s hella potent).

    Only if you do all that, and find you’re still low T, would I consider going for synthetic TRT. And then only for 40+ years old. I say this because you’re T production is part of a wider hormonal mechanism and when you add in artificial T there’s a negative feedback that reduces other hormone production. Better to build a strong independent healthy body that has a balanced hormonal system, IMO.

    • anima basnar says

      if you take tongkat ali your body will continue produce testosterone even you on TRT.

      because tongkat ali literally block negative feedback system.

      meaning your hypothalamus will not hear the signal that you have so much damn Testosterone in your system.

      in MALAYSIA not all people using the tongkat ali. if many people use it and lift damn very heavy weight. i am very sure there is no such tiny malay in this world.

      • PM says

        no its not true, trt will shut you down one day or another. tongkat ali is not a miracle, if what you said was right everybody would take tongkat ali while cycling steroids and they would never be shut down and would not need pct. its bullshit.

        • says

          FOR PM FELLA :

          I’m certain it just work for me, on TRT and Tongkat Ali too.
          I’m ignorance because i don’t think this will not work for other people.
          I admitted but I’m not asking for forgiveness.
          Meaning I’m agreed with you.

          To answer the joe CRAP:

          1) lift heavy weights & do callisthenics – SQUAT, press, upright rowing. Pull-ups and push-ups.
          answer : I do lift heavy weight out of breath, Squat,press and all that crap. My T just burn out to repair my muscle. No sex drive at all. Nothing increase my T other than TRT. Like it or not testosterone will grow lower when you aging older. lol.

          2) get 8 hours sleep every night minimum
          answer : I’m not athlete to get so much sleep at night. I have another matter to do.
          The hell I need to sleep that much? lol

          3) eat organic whenever possible. Real food. The less ingredients on the packet, the better.
          answer : I do this and to much money waste on it. I have low T to begin with. If it only can double my T is still now enough !! My Low T is 150ng/dcl !! If I double or triple my T. It still low T. The high maximum for me to increase naturally is only 450ng/dcl. What the fuck is that? lol do you understand this crap

          until next time I will continue

  40. says

    I heard a man’s testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day, the level being highest in the morning. Does anyone know any kind of estimate as to how much? I’ve seen roughly 20-30% (from the highest peak in the morning, to the evening, about 4-5pm).

  41. Michael says

    In the first hour there’s a good interview on TRT:


    I remember a couple of weeks ago a listener asked the host to do a show on what to do before considering TRT but he did this show instead.

    Remember guys: if your estrogen is too high your testosterone will be low. Don’t just ask for T numbers, ask for a blood test that covers everything, Total Testosterone, Free Testosterone, Estrogen, Estradiol, DHEA, etc.

  42. tony says

    Hi i am 45 year old male and just brought my Testosterone Replacements, i wonder if someone can advice me please, i am about 15kg over weight, should i loose body fat first before i take the replacements, or should i take the tablets and work out, will i loose the body fat at the same time as gaining the musscle, after all the comments on here i cant wait to get on with it, please can some one help me with some instructions for a work out day.

    Thanks in advance

    Tony in Dubai

  43. sam says

    I have low T and have been on TRT using T gel for 3 months now.
    We started with the lowest dose of gel and then moved up to the highest allowed dose.
    I did not feel ANY better! But it definitely wasn’t absorption cause the damn gel shrunk
    my testicles a lot. I simply do not understand this. WHY do I not feel anything after 3 months?!
    It cannot take that long to do something in the body. I am very discouraged cause I had high hopes in TRT.

  44. Johnny J says

    hey vic,
    you mind sharing your current trt protcol?
    i do 50mg test e e3d +250 iu hcg 2x ew, no AI

    thanks for standing up for us all!

  45. Jacked_Mack says

    Quit using gel, get the injections. Gels are garbage. Get a syringe and inject that shit directly into your bloodstream and you will feel it within days if not hours.

    • PM says

      in your bloodstream? hell no lol. You inject it your muscle (glute, quad, delts) than massage it. shoot it in the veins if you wanna near damn die.

  46. High T guy says

    Well, Victor, you must be a dood who has naturally UBER LOW LEVELS who doesn’t want to work your *** off to get them up naturally. Cuz a person CAN recover from abusive treatment to their bodies via estrogenic food completely if under 40, and enough to get along well (although not totally) if younger than 60. A doctor said this. (I am not a doctor, one just told me.) And your bodies own T is much more effective and healthy for you. So, I strongly disagree with you. MOST men will NOT need HRT. They can get it up naturally. And for anyone else who’s reading the comments for additional info, here’s how to jack up your levels naturally:

    1. Get 8 to 9 hours of sleep EVERY night.

    2. Work out 2 to four times a week, and never two days in a row for one muscle group.

    3. Eat a healthy (around 20% of your calories) amount of fat, from sources like peanut butter.

    4. Sprint once a week.

    • T'ed Off says

      High T Guy’s advice won’t apply to everyone, my T was low due to an injury to my testicle and an injury to my pituitary gland that caused my body to be unable to produce T. So if you are like me, no amount of sleeping or eating peanut butter will make a damn of difference. If your worried about infertility, get some HCG to go along with your TRT, your body will keep producing a small amount of natural T, you won’t be infertile and you won’t have shrunken balls. TRT was a life saver for me. There have been no ill effects, just positive.

  47. says

    One point to consider- the natural range for T levels is quite broad. For example, at 40 the range is 6.0-27.0 NMOL/L. A man that produces 10.0 and whose body utilizes it well may be better off than a guy with higher levels with poor utilization. Best is to consult with a hormone doc who understands the system well. Naturopathic docs can be of some assistance too. Think twice before you buy some test on the black market and jam it in. The body’s hormonal feedback loop can really turn around and bite you in the ass.

  48. Tarek says

    hi there ,

    i am obese from 34 years till now , i just read this article and it really touched me . i tried every thing from diets to walking to exercise nothing . i mean nothing is helpful with me at all – after the age of 30 i started to notice that i really can not fight fat any more my movement are getting really slow – my weight now is getting to be 180 KG – and i have big breasts and body -society here are mocking me every day – i even thought to eat worms for a cure –

    any how , i thought this testosterone could be the problem – at the begining i did not go to any doctor becouse i do not trust them over here . so i bought testosterone undeconate and i took 2 tables “80 mg” in one day – and then i got scared i thought it might hurts me so i stop it and went to make a blood test witch is very costly the results will come today – i am not really sure about the result but i am damn sure that i have really low levels of that becouse all the indications that was written over here is on me . please help me with a dosage or a name of the right hormone i should take – i will try to post my result as soon as i get it – should i continue with the testosterone undercanoate it is in tables form every one for 40 mg ???

    please advice

  49. Pete says


    I am trying to boost my low testosterone level with maca, but which maca is the best for treating/improving a low testosterone-level, yellow, red, black or another color?

    how long does it take to see an improvement?

    (for 10 days right now I have been taking Maca Powder of 3 colors mixed (yellow, red, purple), 1 teaspoon (5g) per day in the morning…)

    best, Pete

  50. T'ed Off says

    I tried Maca, made no difference to me. I think you would have to be on it for 6 months plus to notice anything. I have not had my levels checked since starting TRT. I have been taking weekly injections and have been on the steak and egg diet. I feel a huge improvement. Not 100% yet but sticking with it.

  51. Steve says

    If you are wavering on the low-T thing philosophically…. 5 years ago I went through a battle with cancer. (I was 50 years old) It was tricky for awhile but, well I’m writing this so it must have worked out favorably, least for the time being. For several months after I slept on my couch with no energy/strength to get up a flight of stairs to my bedroom. I had gone from a ripped 188 to 135 and the so doc’s said no surprise my energy was low and be happy your breathing. Then I went to one of the newer of the many chemo doctors I was going to and said (besides the being weak and tired crap) that I was getting the sweats at night – I was changing 3-5 tshirts a night waking up soaked. Told him it felt like I was going through man-opause. He ran my blood and sure enough – at 49 the normal levels were 300 to 900 or so… Mine was 12 (that’s twelve). I had to be taken into the office that night to start getting shots. Turns out chemo can kill T levels.

    First takeaway…. you have to ask your docs to test your T. They for some reason don’t seem to order it when they are doing a normal blood pull. The next time you have blood work, for anything, just tell the doc to test your T level. I think they take an extra vile of blood, but I’m not even sure of that. Just to know. Do it every time so you get a feel for your T history.

    Second takeaway…. If you are having night sweats, tell your doc. It seems to help them face the T issue. Just a tactic.

    After about a week of daily shots and patches I woke up one morning and it was as if the power had been turned back on. I cannot explain adequately that I felt like I had a whole new body. My sorry ass made love to my girlfriend 4 times that day (I promise you no lie). Given my condition I’m not saying it was pretty, but it was done. (Guess I got by the steps to the bedroom along the way too). More importantly, everything – not just sex – was so, so, much better. Mentally and physically. At the time I was still doing blood work weekly…. My level got to 750 – 850. Simply unbelieveable.

    Third takeaway: You don’t have to be communicating to your doc you want to be above the “high normal” for your age. If you are low and get to the high within the range, you will absolutely feel it. It might not be everything you want, but it will tell you if low T is the problem.

    Then I made a mistake. I got better. No more 3rd chemo doctor. No more shots or patches. For the last four years I have been essentially a wuss. I haven’t worked out, tired all the time. I’m also a shadow of my mean ass professional self. It’s embarrassing. I ask every doc I see to test my T level. It is always in the 250 to 400 range. The problem I’ve had is that the number is above the low normal and I can’t get any of them to move on it. (Called treating the numbers and not the patient). I am now 55 and last tested at 325. The report said my range was 197 – 790. I even went back to that old chemo doc. The office wondered why I was back if I didn’t have cancer. But still no dice.

    So the question is, when you are inside of the range, how do you get a doctor to act?

    • Victor Pride says


      Find a new doctor, a liberal doctor who likes money. Or go to one of those TRT clinics. I find it impossible to believe that at your age and t levels you cannot find a doc to give you what you need. If you need it, and it sounds like you know you need it, go and get it. The rest of the story is very inspiring.

  52. Ashish says

    I am from Lucknow (UP, INDIA ) >please tell me the cost of Testosterone Replacement Therapy and from where i get ??
    I mean is there any dr here in lko provides this therapy

  53. Simon Taylor says

    Dear Victor,

    After closely following your blog since your first post I have been intrigued most by this article. I am from the UK, 23 years old and went from 160lbs – 230lbs in 5 years of heavy lifting and dieting. I am intrigued at my testosterone levels, so naturally I went to the doctors and asked to have them done. He refused and immediately questioned if I was on steroids. I also went to a ‘health shop’ which offers free testosterone tests but got refused from there because I need to be taking steroids to be eligible for the blood test. I am outraged. Why is it so damn difficult to get my levels checked?! I shouldn’t have to lie about symptoms. Maybe they don’t want you to easily find your testosterone levels out, because like you say- most people would be embarrassed! Any advice?

    • Victor Pride says

      They offer free blood tests only if you are on steroids? Tell them you are on steroids and get a free blood test. I’m flabbergasted that your doctor refused to test your levels and I’m flabbergasted at the stupidity of the UK.

      • says

        You wouldn’t believe the half of it. Having experienced many of the symptoms above, I was tested, and my T came back at 310. I’ve been put on gels, and my moods are all over the place.

        I’ve told my urologist I want to go on weekly test cyp with HCG and AI, he doesn’t want to know. A private clinic I spoke to doesn’t want to know, in addition to wanting £600 just for a consultation and initial bloodwork. HCG isn’t even prescribed in this country – I’m 31 years old and want kids one day, there’s no way I’m going to not take it.

        I’ve done a lot of research and am perfectly prepared to self-medicate, but I need somewher to get my bloodwork done at regular intervals – even that is proving very difficult. The UK is perhistoric compared to the US in this area.

  54. Pete says

    I wrote about Maca in an earlier comment, but as it seems, Maca will take a long time to boost my T level to normal again, if at all: on a scale of 3-10 my Testosterone is below 2…

    So I am thinking about the next step: TRT – however there seem to be many possible side effects, especially in my case I have to be very careful, because of extremely high Liver values (gamma GT is 970), making me hesitate to try TRT at all – and then my urologist will not give me a prescription, as he also is afraid of the effects for the liver…

    But what else can I do to feel better? – I am pretty nervous all day long, and I refer it to the low T level. I also heard, that men with low T levels get health problems anyway and do not live very long…

    My endokrinologist supports the view, that there is a connection between the Low T and my Liver problem….

    So, should I try TRT ???

    • Victor Pride says

      This isn’t even a question to me. You can live in fear, nervousness and anxiety or you can fix your problem. You heard that men with low t get health problems and don’t live long anyway, so how is this even a question?

  55. Daniel Kent says

    I am 42 and have most of the symptoms described with Low T. I have read a ton and wanted to get an opinion on BIO testosterone vs. synthetic testosterone. my levels are 246 ttl / 7.9 free. I am going to do something for sure and just want to make sure I am very well informed prior to shooting up.

  56. Martin says

    First of all,I would like to thank you for your post.Although personally I did know about the hormones in milk and plastic bottles,I think its important to spread the word.Kudos for that.But I have to disagree with the whole idea.TRT is not needed.The only thing you need to become a manlier man is to STRONGLY and TOTALLY believe you ARE a MAN.The mind is a powerful tool.Let me explain:The mind,both your conscious and subconscious,have the control of your whole body.What happens when you get decapacitated?You die.What happens when you get shot in the brain?You die.So basically,I believe that you have to think,believe and feel like a man to become a man,because that way you convince your subconscious that you are a man absolutely flowing with testosterone and the mind will adapt to it by making so that you keep the T levels high.Your testicular activity will increase(the secretion of testosterone),your appetite will change(you will be attracted more to meat and peanuts and other natural food that helps with testosterone production),you will start to get morning erections to start the day with a good mood,and much more.And the process will be effortless-trust me,you wont be pushing yourself to do anything differently,you’ll WANT to do it.You’ll naturally lose an appetite to sugary shit like soda and candy,you’ll stop watching Oprah and start watching sports and the gym down the street will be a second home to you.So think like a man,feel like a man,BE a man.

    • testosterone tom says

      There is truth to this. I was tiny and looked and sounded like a little girl up until i started to lift some weights( around 12 yrs old ).On top of that i always challenged people to arm wrestle, wrestle or Box. Each time i would win i would feel like it was raising my testosterone. Every time id get with a girl or get a new girlfreind id feel another rise. I cant prove this was actually raising my test but i showed all the symptoms of high test from 13-20 yrs old. I looked like a full grown man at 16. In summary i beleive a few things raise your test

      – winning
      – competition
      – being aggressive
      – going after and scoring good looking women
      – eating like a beast
      – sleeping
      – talking lots of shit

      But what do i know?


  57. says

    What other natural way you or food to can get high cholesterol do you really have to go to a doctor if you have some changes? Pls lemme know.

  58. Sammy says

    Hey Victor I was talking to my doctor about using testaedge cream he said taking testosterone will shrink your dick and your balls.

    • T'ed Off says

      You doctor sounds like he might be a homeless man who found a white coat in the trash and is now masquerading as a Doctor. I have been on TRT for almost 6 months, I have larger, stronger, longer lasting erections. I believe my cock has actually got bigger if anything. Your balls will only shrink if you don’t take HCG, but since your doctor does not know that he is clearly unqualified. Get a new doctor or at least report yours for malpractice.

      • Bill says

        T’ed Off…GREAT post! Am starting TRT ass soon as it arrives in the mail. My Doctor told me the same. Harder, longer lasting erections and because it will improve blood flow, your penis size may increase or at least appear bigger.

  59. Co says

    Hello Vic!

    first, thank you for your great Blog, i love it it is really live changing!
    I have a question, I am 23 years old. I´m very athletic, and i am jacked.
    Now i do have one problem, i´m often just very tired and without any reason i´´m like sad.
    I know, it´s laughable, but what can i say, i´m just depressed. Not often but sometimes.

    I´ve gotten now some Testosterone Enanthate, and i could start taking it right now. My question to you is: what dosage would you recommend me? I´m thinking of 300mg/Week, what do you think? Isn´t it a little too much?

    Thank you for your advice and happy easter from germany


  60. Xavier says

    I got tested a few days ago and it turns out i have the test of an 80 year old type 2 diabetic. My e2 is high as well…. Sad thing is I’m only 20… I have trouble getting it up and my doc wants to put me on TRT, not sure if Im ready for it though.

  61. Crazy says

    Hey Victor

    Are you on TRT? If so, would you consider it to be something life-changing and a big boost to your life, or just a nice thing that just gives you some more energy and uplifts the mood a bit? Thanks man! I really dont mean to pry or anything like that, I just want some input from you considering you know a lot about this and I respect your opinions a lot.

  62. Raymond says

    Victor I just want to share my theory with you about why I think test levels are falling … A man in nature is supposed to be a damn killer a fucking animal catching animals and slaughtering them and eating them raw… Fighting with other males Going blow for blow head to head to the death… As soon as the agriculture and farming began that’s when test levels began to sink… The pussification of the average man.. But now even if you let the man of today world go back to nature there is no guarantee test will get back because all of this chemical warfare that we’ve been exposed too… I have recently found a video on the Internet that showed how some Muslim took a woman by her head hair while she was screaming he took her head of cut by cut to the throat with a kitchen knife.. Then he took her head completely off and started laughing.. I don’t know if there’s heaven or hell after life.. I really starting to believe its just gona be complete void like a sleep without a dream… This video fucked me up for good it’s straight brutal to the back of anyone’s head it’s a point of no return really and your blog just reinforces the animalism theory.. Now as if I can see the world and reality for the first time in my life as soon as I started injecting testosterone I started getting libido.. I never experienced libido :( now I see the world through different eyes its wild world… Very wild sex is wild too but now with testosterone I’m part of the wild..

  63. vadim says

    Is there any estrogen in vagina? I like to go down on my girl but am concerned if I am getting some estrogen along with the pleasure?

  64. Shawn J says

    I’m 31 yrs old, and was just diagnosed with low testosterone.
    I have a Testosterone of 362. The Free Testosterone test says I’m 7.86

    I don’t know much about this as I’m just researching the whole thing now. I’d love to feel better, less tired, more energy. I don’t know what level I should be at for my age, but my doctor said he’d like to see me at 800-1100.

    That sounds high to me. Is that a correct dosage? He also wants to do bio-identical hormone pill implanted under the skin that would cost 600 dollars every 6 months. I don’t know I’ve got that kind of cash as it won’t be covered by the insurance.

    I’m looking to see if the doctor will prescribe shots or cremes instead? but not sure if they’re cheaper.

    • Victor Pride says

      Shawn, I would personally only consider shots. They are certainly cheaper than $100 per month and I know they are effective.

  65. BC says


    Here’s the deal. I’m a 37 yr. old white male in the building trades. Played organized sports all through grammar school, high school, and one year of college football. Been training consistently for the past 6 years, primarily focusing on boxing/Thai boxing. Got me into great shape. Recently, been feeling a little “off” and decided to make a visit to the RX to get my test levels checked. Could not f*ckin believe that they came back low, not once.. but twice. Roughly I was at the level of a 85 year old man. The doc didn’t understand it either: the cover doesn’t really match the book on this one. I’m 5’11. about 165. Recently took a physical for a municipal police dept. and finished number 1 out of all age groups. 1.5 mi run.9:26. 22 chin-ups.etc. Not braggin. Just tryin to give a point of reference. Anywho, I was extremely disappointed with the results from the doc. He perscribed me some Androgel. Started it a week ago. Can already feel somewhat of a difference. What are your thoughts on dosages?? Also, do you recommend any supplements to counter any of the side effects of the synthetic testosterone?? Any recommendations would be appreciated.

    • Victor Pride says

      BC, I’ve never used the gel and I never will so I can’t give you advice about dosages. What side effects are you encountering?

      • Markos says

        What’s the opposition to the gel,
        Victor? I got my t checked: 450. Time to finally get in this train fianllyz Urologist refused to fill a script. Is buying online a

        • Victor Pride says

          Prefer the IM, think it works better. Yes, buying online is a crap shoot and unless you have real deal legit sources you will be buying counterfeit.

  66. says

    Notwithstanding all that you wrote re “natural” vs “unnatural” testosterone supplementation, I’m like a dog on a bone with my own testosterone building experiment.

    Several months ago I decided that I must be have low T, so I got a blood test and I was on the low end for my age. Talked to a Life Extension Foundation doctor and began taking:

    Nettle Root Extract
    More protein + Tribulus terrestris after workouts
    BCAA just before and during workouts

    (You can read the story here: http://www.garmaonhealth.com/supplements/young-strong-measure-boost-testosterone and coincidentally used the same Mayo pic as did Victor)

    I’ll retest via another blood test soon, and if still low I have one more protocol to try before turning to bioidentical testosterone supplementation.



  67. marcelo says

    Here’s an interesting tale :
    American boy grows up eating junk food and lots of GMO/pesticide filled food. Boy starts growing into typical masculine man, playing rugby and football, lifting weights, high sex drive, but then something in early 20’s happens. Most muscle mass disappears, sex drive goes in and out, young man loses interest in the women he was interested in and becomes effeminate. Young man’s hot girlfriend (who would eventually leave him for a real man) takes him to the Balkans, where he works on a farm with tough but humble Balkan dudes. Young man starts eating the natural food of Serbia, being around the eat-nails-for-breakfast-Slavic farmers and a transformation happens. Years later, the young man is in his late 20’s, his voice has deepened, his muscle mass is almost effortless to maintain and he has a sex drive that was unimaginable 5 years ago. Oh and he lived most of those last few years in Serbia, Macedonia and Turkey, where most of the food in the countryside is still natural and there’s much more of an incentive to be a man, in the old sense of the word.

    It’s likely a combination of chemical and cultural. There’s something in our food and water supply that’s taking down our t levels. This is worldwide, but I noticed it less so oddly living in slightly less developed southeastern-Mediterranean European countries.

    • Adamzis says

      I agree with many of your points, many of those chemicals used on food are xenoestrogens and can castrate a man from the inside out.
      The only thing for a young man to do is exercise, eat organic, focus on natural T and do everything in his power to avoid acting like the effeminate weaklings that 99% of males are.
      And I can’t recommend TRT for any man under 35, TRT is for life, young men should focus on natural test and then think about it later.

  68. Dimitri says

    There’s this guy called Tim Ferriss. He wrote about tripling your testosterone level “naturally”.

    This is his protocol: http://www.4hourlife.com/2011/03/11/testosterone-four-hour-body-sex-machine-cheat-sheet/

    However, a guy who decided to follow his protocol only got 13% increase. That’s hardly anywhere near Tim’s result. So it’s either Tim is lying or Tim is indeed lying ;)


    • Victor Pride says

      Tim Ferris is a phenomenal marketer and motivator. How else could a bald, skinny man tell you how to increase testosterone and have millions of people crazy about it.

  69. SlashDev says

    Hey Vic. I’ve been reading your blog for the past few days,having lots of fun while doing it. You’re a powerhouse of wits my dear gentleman. :))

    I guess I’ve finally found a suitable role model and it’s cool to think about it.

    Anyhow, quick question for you. I’m a 31 yo male, some 6’2″ feet tall hanging at around 180 pounds (after a few beers). Skinny fat. Never spent more than 20 minutes in a gym in my entire life. 100% ectomorph: long thin bones and no muscles. What would you do in my place: TRT and start lifting OR Super Dmz 2.0 and start lifting?

    Curious about your input. :)

    • Victor Pride says

      Start lifting. Don’t touch any hormones whatsoever. Get in the gym routinely, after a while spent in the gym that’s when you go to hormones IF you need them and IF you will continue lifting.

      • Co says

        started my TRT today, 125mg every 7 days! Without this Blog i would never have found all this great information, which is changing my life, thank you Vic!

  70. Ro says

    Hey Victor, I’m really curious about what you think about this guy’s method and experience naturally raising his T http://www.lessdoing.com/2012/04/12/guest-post-boosting-testosterone-beating-disease-and-reaching-your-potential-by-ben-ahrens/
    Do you think it’s sustainable?
    I’m open to it all. Incidentally, I’m getting my T levels tested for the first time tomorrow morning. I’m 30 years old and, thinking back, I don’t think I’ve experienced the benefits of high T since I was in college. Back then I was an all american wrestler and had a high sex drive. Since entering the “real world” about 8 years ago, I’ve been relatively bored and uninspired. Restoring my T to high levels is part of my holistic plan to take control of my life and achieve my goals.

    • Victor Pride says


      My ears are closed to all natural methods for raising test levels. Why go through so much uncertainty, so much trial and error when the problem can be fixed in 10 seconds? Why go through 500 natural methods to cure a headache when the problem can be fixed with an aspirin?

  71. marcelo says

    Anyone have the right advice at conservatively starting t-therapy on your own? I have all the symptoms off and on. I live in a country where I can buy it over the counter but have to be careful as hell with this as its serious and has life-long commitment. However, I believe the quality of my life will improve dramatically if I go forward. Any thoughts advice welcome.

    • T'ed Off says

      First off, get a physical, get every single thing checked out. Test can sometimes mask the symptoms of other serious health issues. So best to be sure you have nothing else majorly wrong before you start.

      If that checks out, I’d say get a blood test, in fact get two. Do both in the AM before 10, you need a reference point to know what your natty levels are. Get tested for Free T, Total T, Estradol and Liver Function. Injectable test is not huge issue for your liver, (unlike oral steroids) but huge quantities can cause alterations in liver function, so knowing how your liver is working is never a bad thing.

      Ask the lab for their reference ranges for those tests (they may even be listed on the printout). If you are below the range, or “in range” but at the lower end then I would advise taking T shots, at around 50ML every 3.5 days (the normal protocol is 200ML every 2 weeks, but by spacing the 200 out at 50 every 3.5 days this will be less of a rollercoster with your levels.) Cut alcohol or any other drug use out of your life.

      Do some reading on HCG and aromatase inhibitors too. You might find your Estradol is high to start with, and if not it may get elevated when you start taking the TRT, the aromatase inhibitor will counter this. The HCG will keep you producing natural T as well, so you won’t experience the testicular atrophy or fertility issues.

      Join the Steroidology forums for more information when it comes to the dosing on Test, HCG and AI, all of the doses will fluctuate according to how your body responds to the initial TRT. After a few months when you have a good lock on all your levels and where you want to keep them at you will be good to go.

  72. Mike says

    I’m from Germany and here is no such thing as testosterone therapy. I think I need to travel. Explains why the over 30 yrs old people here are depressed. No they won’t search a way out of depression, they just like being depressed. I hate it here.

  73. Co says

    Hello Vic!

    i´m now 20 days into my own prescribed TRT, and i fell great! I´m injecting 125mg TE every 4 days.
    I just wanted to recommend it to everybody, it´s just a great feeling. You´re ready, energetic and in the best mood to get things done.
    regards from germany!

  74. Leon Cruz says

    Wow, Loads of great information with this post. I love it all. Great and applicable stuff. Keep it coming.

  75. code says

    “there are most certainly teenagers alive today that need Testosterone replacement therapy” fuckin dead on.

    As a 21yr old I’ve noticed the Majority of kids today, especially the boys, just look weak and pathetic, with little to no confidence and no idea what its like to be a man.

    Thank christ me and my brother (also a teen) were raised to be strong and not become pussified like todays average bloke.

    Thanks Vic great post

  76. manny says

    Hi Victor
    i am 18 years old and am considering a test-e cycle
    i want to know what kind of diet i would need. could i follow the steak and eggs diet 3 meals a day and still see a noticeable amount of muscle gain?

  77. DJ says

    Hi Victor: What do you consider to be the ideal Estradiol level in men. Mine was very high on Anastrozole.


  78. Abhi says

    Victor I have been lifting for 4 years with but have never crossed novice level

    I read your podt and got my test level checked .

    Its 300 whereas normal levels are 600 to 900.

    I am thinking of taking trt.

  79. freakyweakygeezer says

    Hmmmm, whether all agree to posts like this or not, it is always good to stimulate conversation, otherwise we will get nowhere in progress and put everything down to a god’s will.

    Before I posted on here, whilst reading my 10 tabs on the subject of trt/steroids/ai’s/ages vs acceptable T levels etc I searched for “what are total testoerone levels of healthy soldiers”

    I figured that sometimes you have to get samples from not just “normal healthy” but super healthy/strong/fit/manly (or expected to be) otherwise we will rely on the sick people visiting ranges of testosterone at clinics. For instance, how many athletes go to their local doctors to say “oohhh, I feel fucking great but I’ll have a T, free t, shbg, e2 test please” They don’t, so the data for their expectedly high levels just isn’t mixed into the averages.

    In 2008,age 35 I was borderline hypogonadic according to the NHS guidelines. However I was not offered testosterone, due to a few other factors. My results on 2 blood draws, at 9am, 7 days apart were equal to 220/283.

    Funnily enough I have almost all symptoms of hypogonadism. What the hell am I doing not going back to my doctor (nhs in the uk) probably because I am depressed generally. I suspect other issues overlaid.

    Anyway, my point is this whilst googling as aforementioned.
    Age-related testosterone decline in a Brazilian cohort of healthy military men.http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22099270 Brazil urology 2011

    1,623 subjects were included in the analysis; mean age was 57 years (24 to 87), and mean testosterone level was 575.5 ng/dL (25.0 to 1308.0 ng/dL). The evaluation of age-related changes in total testosterone levels revealed a progressive reduction in serum levels of this hormone with increasing age. Testosterone levels below 300 ng/dL were reported in 321 participants, a prevalence of nearly 20% in the study population.
    Shame that they don’t detail the median figures or what % were represented by say 1200ng+
    or 600 + or 900 +

    Keep Testosterone In Balance
    Why More Isn’t Always Better

    According to a study in the April 1999 Journal of Behavioral Medicine, higher-than-average testosterone levels offer certain benefits but also carry some serious risks. Researchers at Pennsylvania State University in University Park, Penn., reviewed the records of 4,393 men between the ages of 32 and 44 who had served in the military between 1965 and 1971. Their blood had been drawn to determine testosterone levels — which ranged from 53 to 1,500 nanograms per deciliter, with an average of 679. (The normal range in males is 270 to 1,070 nanograms.)
    (Ooh – 1500 ng/dl)
    Men whose testosterone levels were slightly above average were 45% less likely to have high blood pressure, 72% less likely to have experienced a heart attack and 75% less likely to be obese than men whose levels were slightly below average. These men were also 45% less likely to rate their own health as fair or poor.

    But the results weren’t all rosy. These men were also 24% more likely to report one or more injuries, 32% more likely to consume five or more drinks in a day, 35% more likely to have had a sexually transmitted infection, and 151% more likely to smoke.

    The news got worse at very high testosterone levels (1000 nanograms), where men were even more likely to engage in risky behavior — and less likely to reap the positive health benefits of testosterone.
    These studies make me laugh. Instead of checking the normal mentality of the soldier, they just say testosterone is the influence.
    So, my 280ng/dl from 4 years ago and prob the same now or less or slightly more is really crap.
    I also feel I’ve been like it since 1999, funnily enough when I started going to a gym :| cause or effect lol?

    More Men Taking Testosterone, But Risks Unclear

    All I want to know is the best level of T for my body,
    Keep up the good debate people :)

  80. krish says

    Hi Victor,

    I recently tested my T-levels and here are the results..

    Testosterone of 399 (280-800). The Free Testosterone test is at 108.51(4.5-42).I went to 3 doctors who told it is normal and that I do not need any T-shot..

    I don’t know how to proceed further?? Is there a specific doctor,I should be visiting or can I self medicate?

    I live in India by the way…

    • Victor Pride says

      Krish, that’s not exactly high but it MAY be normal for an Indian. I don’t truly know. The specific type of doctor you want to see is called an endocrinologist. If you feel the need to self-medicate, as in you are feeling the symptoms of low testosterone, it is available in your country over the counter.

      • krish says


        I think I have symptoms of low T which lead me to your article and other similar articles.

        I also visited an endocrinologist,who told me the same things…Doctors are very reluctant to advise the TRT here..

        I will enquire(not sure),if the gel or the shots are available over the counter …Also will research some more doctors around here,who are more favourable to the shots..

        Will update you soon …

        • krish says

          Hi Victor,

          So I went to the local pharmacist and order myself a 5gm of T-gel.

          Since I am self medicating,can you provide suggestions on how to go about and what to look for..Also do I need to take care of loading cycles..

          Any info would be helpful..


          • John says

            Hey dude,

            If was you i would buy a book and learn more important information about TRT. Not that easy to self medicate. You have to also do some blood tests before during and after the treatment to know where you T levels are, estrogen, hematocrit and quite a few other important stuff.

            TRT if usually for life. When you start self medicating you will shut down your own production and will need a post cycle therapy if you you are planning on stoping it. Also if you want to have kids you might want to add hcg because TRT makes some men infirtile.

            I recommend a book called testosterone a mans guide second edition. You can get through amazon kindle edition. Please read the book to realise what you are getting into.


  81. says

    hey ive been dealing with bad anxiety and panic attack and im feeling much better since i start juicin spinach,kale,ginger,and fruit i also use testaedge cream it does help alot. i think the juicing think really help let me hear your opinion on that help pls. thks.

  82. throwawayaccount says

    So, I’m a 17 year old male and the bloodwork I got came back. My test is 275ng/dl. Granted, I was on amoxicillin and hadn’t slept in a while, but at fucking best that puts me at 400-450. Endo said it was “normal”, and my parents are against TRT because of some bullshit. How do I get on TRT?

    • Victor Pride says

      A few things: Wait until you’re 18 and free, retake the test with no meds in blood, find a doctor who will work with you. If you are fat lose weight first and foremost before taking anything. Fat is highly estrogenic, lose the fat, up the T.

      • throwawayaccount says

        I’m not fat and I lift 3-4 days a week (squats, deadlifts, overhead press)

        going to get it retested later, and my parents might cooperate with me- but they have their reservations

        • Niko says

          I read that the doctors will probe your prostate before they will decide whether to start TRT. At least in my country.

  83. Mark Major says

    Man I took propecia (finasterid) it fucked me up good. My testosterone levels dropped like hell and estrogen is high. Trt does not work because estrogen goes over range even on a tiny dose. I goto sort this shit out. Living with low T sux balls no energy, no libido, no zest for life, no vigor :(

  84. Mitch R, Australia says

    Hi Victor, Thank-you for your wealth of information, very motivational, thought-provoking and eye opening. Just a question in relation to your experience with TRT. What were your personal motivations for beginning TRT? At your age (approx. 30 from what I gather on this sight, which you dont look by the way…in a good way) shouldn’t levels be peaking and exceptionally high, especially in someone who purposely adopts an anabolic diet and does weightlifting. Did you start because after taking action you were still on the lower end i.e <500 (or whatever is considered "low") or just for an edge in life and in bodybuilding/entrepreneur endeavors. etc. I am just personally curious/intrigued.

    Thank-you for your time.

  85. KJ Barnes says


    With injectable testosterone, is there lethargy like there is with oral steroids such as H-Drol? That’s got to be the worst side effect of oral steroids, and I wasn’t sure if you get that with TRT.


  86. says

    wow.. I have to say this is the best article on T i have ever seen . I have been on the T for 11 months and im only 37 years old.. I love it, I feel much better and i dont fall asleep before dinner lol..

    I will be taking this drug my whole life.. thanks again i will share this on facebook! thank you thank you thank you.. i

  87. Will says

    So for now we have to rely on the crutches of HRT therapy. It doesn’t really address the root of the problem. Only remedies the symptoms.

  88. Ricky says

    hey victor
    i find this scary as hell, not cause i can relate to most of the low T symptoms but because i am just turning 19! Yes i do live in a family where the newer generation is killing off manly traditions and look down upon manly traits (we are originally from the east and now living in the west) . they now encourage bitchiness. im the only one who still keeps to the older traditions (brutal fighting styles, heavy meat eating, learning to shoot, drive and swim at a very early age).
    but it feels like the tsunami of feminism is pushing me from my foundations. my father (only one real MAN in my life) has Alzheimer’s and is no longer able to support the traditions.
    my physique is that of a starving kid in Africa, im being punished for manning up to the bitchiness they throw at my face.

    i ask you as an older bro, help me man up and help me develop the foundations so the wave of bitchiness will bounce of as if it hit a mountain.

    greetings from London, UK

  89. bthomas says


    I just got tested yesterday and my reading came back at 411 with a reference range of 348-1197. I have been lifting and exercising 4-6 days a week for the last 6 years. I am 33 years old and people would say I have a muscular physique. Most people can definitely tell that I lift weights regularly. Of course, the test rates me as normal, but I stil feel like this low. Does this seem low to you in my case? White American Male 33 yrs old. No previous health problems

    • John says

      Total T matters but Free T is more important. You might have what seems low total t of 411 but your actual free t which is what counts more and what the body can actually use might be high because you might have a low SHGB.

      If you have no symptoms of low t like depression, mood swings, ED, libido issues , weak muscles etc then you probably dont need to be on Testosterone yet.

      And also you might be deficient in a mineral like magnesium or zinc and by supplementation and some life style changes like a high fat diet and trying to eliminate xeno estrogens you can probably boost your total T by maybe 200-300 points if your lucky.

  90. John says

    Hey Victor,

    Nice stuff here dude. Agree with everything!

    I am also on TRT dude and im 26.

    I have a question for you. You specified in another thread that you use 200-250mg a week. Im guessing enanthate or cyprionate. I only use 120mg a week and my total T is around 1100 and my free t top of the range. So are you cruising on like 2000 ng/dl totalT with no side effects at all?? CBC, Hematocrit everything good? I also find it really weird that you dont use an AI for a dose that high! I need an AI for 100mg a week but i guess everyone is different.

    Not questioning you at all just would like some info on your protocol cause im self treating and would like your input. I visited 7 different endos, urologists, neurologists and no one would treat me cause i was borderline total t 300. So i m doing my research read 2 books no on my third to be sure that im doing everything correct. And i have access to 100% real gear. I do several blood tests every month to make sure everything is dialing in.


    • Victor Pride says

      John, when you find what works for you you don’t need several blood tests every month, that’s EXTREME overkill. Sounds cliche but I know my body and I don’t need a blood test every month and a quack to tell me “he’d like to see me again in a few weeks for further testing”. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. In re: AI’s, I don’t like them. I don’t want to take MORE medicine, I want to take the least amount possible to feel the best.

      • John says

        Thanks for the reply Victor!

        Yea i agree with you. The only reason i do several blood tests at the moment is because i havent found the sweet spot yet for me. I am self treating, i started 2.5months ago. The first two weeks everything was going perfect! Feeling good, morning wood everything. Then everything changed to the worse! So i checked estradiol levels and it went up to 52pg/ml and i felt like crap. That was only with 100mg a week divided in 2 weekly doses.

        The only reason at the moment i do weekly blood tests is because im trying to find a good dose with arimidex. After everything is dialed in i ll only do yearly blood tests to check hematocrit and stuff like that.

        Thanks for the info, hopefully i ll get my dosages dialed in like you and feel good.

        Btw do you also use HCG for your balls and fertility? Do you think its a must?

        Thanks dude

    • Victor Pride says

      TRT is for people with low testosterone levels. You don’t have to do it for life, you could just go back and live with low t.

  91. Michael says

    I’m 48 years old and was just told by my doctor that my testosterone level is at 194 and it’s very low. She recommended i see urologist. What is the best way for me to resolve this problem in the healthiest way possible? Thanks

  92. M says

    Hey Victor thanks for your great articles.

    I’m 19 and think I have low test but I’ve heard that doctors won’t prescribe testosterone unless your values are below 230. I have mild ED and a lot of other low test problems but I still gain muscle and strength easily, I think my test would be too high to get prescribed TRT. Do you know where to find a doctor in the US (cali) who will prescribe more readily?

    Also how does being on TRT effect sperm count. I’d like to have kids at some point in the future so how would a man on TRT go about doing that?


  93. Mike says

    Hi Victor,

    Great article. TRT is something I began looking into a few years ago. I’m 37. I always thought my T levels were probably fine until know. I’m starting to get some symptoms, but it makes me wonder if I was wrong about my T levels over the last few years. I train jiu jitusu and over the last three years I have suffered injury after injury (always tendons and ligaments). Right now, I’m out because of my shoulder. Could low T have something to do with the constant injuries?


  94. david says

    I loved this article, i would like to ask i want to see my doctor and see if my test levels are low so i can increase them but i have quite a good body and eat healthy but i have puberty gyno (man boobs) i was wondering if i took testosterone replace therapy would it increase the size as ive heard that could be some of the effects.


  95. ShawnBanks says

    Whats up Vic? I have slight gynecomastia (not big, but kind of noticable). I’m quite skinny and been skinny all my life and I developed it around the age of 10 (my nipple started swelling) and im 22 now. Do you know how this is caused and how i can get rid of you? will trt help?

    • Victor Pride says

      It is caused by ingestion of hormones and chemicals. Frankenfoods. I don’t know how to get rid of it except to say surgery. Maybe someone else can chime in with a natural remedy.

  96. Matthew J Trujillo says


    I’m a little confused, say you get on Test boost to increase test levels. But than say you want to start juicing up and get big. Are you able to do both at the same time? What are the differences? Also what are the cons, I know you more in favor of doing this, and I am curious what mine are, but I am also curious about the side effects , it seems to me the benefits far outweigh the side effects.


    • Victor Pride says

      “I’m a little confused, say you get on Test boost to increase test levels. But than say you want to start juicing up and get big.”

      I’m confused too. Where did I say that?

  97. says

    Have you ever tried a natural test booster? I heard testo fuel and anabolic freak are good ones. I know personally taking vitamin d3 helps my T level rise, along with putting me in a much better mood and I haven’t gotten sick since taking it. I get the liquid drops at 5,000 IU/ serving.

  98. rolando says

    Hey Vic, awesome post. I tested at 595. I’m an active 30yo male. Do you still recommend I get on TRT? What level should I aim for? Also, what aromatase inhibitor do you use? Thanks

      • Eric says

        Component Standard Range Your Value Flag
        Testosterone 262-1593 ng/dL 325

        Victor i got my blood test done.. I am 24 years old currently work out 2 days on 1 day off… i have made gains but they arent as good as i would hope for after 2 years of working out. I started 165 5’9 i am now 185 5’9… From reading your post this seems to be really low T .. I figured it was low i am super lazy.. feel depressed all the time… no motivation… the only thing that drives me to the gym is hope.. what do i say to my doc to make sure i get this fixed? i dont want to go in there and she says everything is fine..

  99. MARMOON says

    Hello Vector

    While I’m pretty glad to know about this very valuable blog …with a wealth of useful information and ideas… I cannot agree with you about taking synthetic testosterone. NO NEED FOR IT.. BELIEVE ME. Do not be enthusiastic too much about this fallacy… A man is man and he can with a STRONG WELL keep to be a REAL MAN and at any age… without the hell of artificial tstrn boosters. A FAKE at the end of the day and he has to pay the price later on… ! Pls be bold but also MINDFUL… MAN

  100. puzzled says

    Dear Victor,
    My testosterone level (initially 500) doubled in the first few months of TRT, but then plummeted, because (a) my doctor told me to cut back, and probably (b) my natural production also shut down in response to the therapy. So now it’s lower (400) than than when I started. As I’m past sixty years old, I have no desire to fuss over the acne that results when I increase the dosage again to compensate. I’m wondering if I should just stop the therapy entirely so at least my body will eventually resume its natural level of production without the extra bother. I don’t mind feeling like a teenager, provided I don’t have to look like one. Or do you suggest I man up and go back to using Clearasil for the first time since the Nixon Administration?

    • Victor Pride says

      I’m not a Dr so I can’t give you medical advice, but if I were you I’d simply compare how I felt at higher levels vs lower levels and figure out if it was worth it. If the only issue is acne that can be taken care of. It will normally go away after a few months when your blood levels stabilize. A little trick to get rid of the acne, wash the area with dish soap. It dries out the acne. I get acne on the crevices of my nose and on my back, I wash those areas twice daily with plain old dish soap to dry them out. It works very well.

  101. huzaifa says

    What would you say to someone who ate naturally with with minimal to no estrogen-inducing foods and lots of discipline? I feel like this website is more about the attitude rather than the intellectual content lol (and I do appreciate the ass-kicking motivation from these articles), but I feel like it’s contradictory when you tell yourself “DISCIPLINE,MASCULINITY,AGGRESSION” and then you take synthetic manhood. What the fuck, man? I don’t have anything against artificial testosterone or I might even take some when I get the money, I’m just saying it feels contradictory to the ideology of this site.

    I agree with whoever said to eat natural…If you complain about having synthetic estrogen-inducing bullshit in your fake-ass commercial food, don’t emasculate yourself, man, get your own real grub.

    Don’t screw yourself over with dumb mistakes and then use a “magic fix”. That is totally against the whole point of having discipline…Self-reliance is for those who realize that the magic fix isn’t always there.

  102. Conor says

    Victor. I began TRT last week, all I have to say is thank you. For anyone on the fence about it, do it. I implore you.

  103. says

    Hello Victor,

    A colleague of mine, Sam Botta, directed me to you. He let me know about your advocacy towards testosterone replacement therapy. I work at a medical clinic here in Hollywood area where we specialize in regenerative medicine. We use different modalities such as HRT, stem cell therapies, laser technologies, gene mapping and other tools to regenerate a patients body.

    Sam let me know I should contact you and see if there is way my clinic could support your campaign. We use testosterone everyday with our patients and follow strict medical supervision to ensure our patients have the highest quality of care.

    Please let me know if there is anything we can do to support each other. It is a shame that more men are not given the option of TRT. I am always willing to lend my voice and help inseminate TRT amongst the public.


    Devin Stone

  104. Ben says

    Hey victor awesome website. Just a quick question Im 26 I have had 2 morning tests first one was 276 second was 270 I’m in the uk s these are classed as in range which Is unbelievable I’ve seen a endocrinologist who says my levels are fine. I feel like shit everyday cant function properly here are my symptoms extreme fatigue poor sleep low mood depression anxiety poor sex drive weight gain. What do up suggest should I self medicate with 125mg per week with pharma grade test e. all my doctors say is your depressed here’s one ssris I’ve tried 4 different types now with no succes. Thanx man ben

  105. Eric says

    Component Standard Range Your Value Flag
    Testosterone 262-1593 ng/dL 325

    Victor i got my blood test done.. I am 24 years old currently work out 2 days on 1 day off… i have made gains but they arent as good as i would hope for after 2 years of working out. I started 165 5’9 i am now 185 5’9… From reading your post this seems to be really low T .. I figured it was low i am super lazy.. feel depressed all the time… no motivation… the only thing that drives me to the gym is hope.. what do i say to my doc to make sure i get this fixed? i dont want to go in there and she says everything is fine..

  106. Biker says

    Hi Victor, I really don’t have those symptomes off weakness, but I have huge difficulties to gain mass. I progress quick on lifting weight, for example, in bench press I went from 8×60 to 10x90kg in about a month and half), I practice swimming too and horse riding (jumping).

    But I’m 34, born in 1979, so I will check my level because what you said are facts.

    I’m just wondering if my body will “forget” the ability to produce Testosterone with the injection of the synthetic one. I don’t want to depend on injection for ever. I will ask the doctor for sure, but I’d like to have your opinion on that.. have you ever stopped the injections (for a reason A or B..) what happened ?

    Thanks for your excellent articles, I keep reading them !

  107. Mike says

    Eric above just described me to a T. Only difference is that I’m 21. The only thing I have going for me in my life is going to the gym. When I’m not at the gym, I feel depressed as f*ck. I kind of get frustrated at my rest days because I spend most of the time self-loathing and in some sort depressed state. I also sleep around a lot. Pure laziness combined with depression = literally stuck in life. I will get 8 hours of sleep, wake up, eat breakfast, then go back to sleep for another 1-2 hours. I’ve been lifting for nearly 2 years now and, while I have made some progress, I felt that I could have looked waaay better then I do. I see peoples’ progress posts on forums of just one year of lifting and I am amazed, because my progress is no where near theirs. Another thing I notice is I tend to gain fat around the midsection relatively easy, which as you mentioned, a sign of low T is fat gain.

    On top of that, I am very emotional and sensitive. I understand that men have emotions as well, but it seems that I am over-emotional. I tear up after hearing or watching some stupid pussy shit and at the same time I think to myself, is it normal for a male to feel this way? I really don’t think so.

    It looks like I’m going to have to pay the doc a visit…
    Excellent article by the way, thanks for informing me. Now I am genuinely interested of my T levels.

  108. Sigma says

    I took your advice. After reading this and the TRT post at Danger and Play, I took action. It took a month, I saw a doc. Levels came back in the 200s. I’m early 30’s. I took about a month to do research and make it happen. I began TRT 06Jan2014. 1st shot subQ -200mg. to get serum up quick, now I’m running 60mg. every 3rd day. In a few weeks I’ll get estro/T checked and dial it in. Damn I feel great. Training is a way of life for me but for a few years I’ve been fighting uphill. Now I know why! You changed my life brother. Thank you. 2014 will be phenominal And every year after!

  109. says

    haha, i can vouch for this!

    i’ve always been a high T guy, ever since i was in high school if i dont work out every 2-3 days i feel like i wanna kill someone. i actually gasp as the sheer aggression leaves my body during a workout. nonetheless, i decided to give DBol a few cycles 2 years back and i simply exploded.

    I didnt get too mich bigger (a few pounds) but my strength sky rocketed (80kg to 120kg bench in one month) – i literally could bang my girl at the time 8 times in a row (i freely admit i cant do this naturally), and i was a general beast – i didn’t continue but as an experiment i can tell you testosterone makes a huge difference, but be ready to handle the increased aggression in a positive way, i also flipped out and took the door off of a taxi in Jakarta traffic because i mixed jack daniels into the equation.

  110. says

    Well, I guess that’s one way to tell it like it is..haha love it! I am noticing decreased testosterone too as I start getting older. Guess I never thought of it like you put it, but maybe shouldn’t rule out TRT in the future if it becomes a bigger issue.

  111. Los says

    I am 23 year old male, pretty fit, low bodyfat and strong, but
    I remember reading this post and I have suffered with insomnia the past few months and have felt weird (lack of sex drive etc). I finally got extensive bloodwork done and found out something is up with my kidneys and it turns out my test level is 137….which is extremely low…the doctor referred me to a Urologist to go get checked out this week. Any advice? I don’t know much about this stuff…like jump on a steak and eggs diet immediately? Go get that TRT? I am worried, what advice can you recommend

      • los says

        I know you can’t but I’m afraid doctors sometimes can be quacks and recommend alot of things that are not smart or say some things that actually are healthy are unhealthy (like some stuff on this blog). Anyway just would like to know What you would try and do asap if you were in my position?… Not ‘medical’ advice

      • Los says

        Hey man. My condition. First off I had to see like 6 different endocrinologists before I found one that was decent. You would he surprised how many are idiots. I kept getting things like you can’t have low T you have too much muscle mass, avoid fat etc. I was very lean, and so first I decided to gain weight and ate a lot more. That helped me feel better but not 100. Then made sure I ate alot more of healthy fat (animal, coconut oil, avocado, dairy, some omega 3). I pretty much just follow a keto diet and my levels improved doubled actually (not steak and eggs as I tried that and it’s too much protein and didn’t do much for improvement, a Real keto diet, high fat low carb and moderate protein).after my t levels raised I also finally found a decent endocrinologist and they prescribed me Hcg for 2 months because they still werent very high and my issue was having low lh and low fsh. Usually when u have low T levels they become abnormally high, mine were abnormally low. They got higher with the weight gain and high fat intake but still on the low end. I have two more weeks left and then going to retest. I have stayed on keto, I believe the high amount of fat and low amount of sugar and moderate protein helped alot. The weight gain of course when you are low bodyfat for too long there is definitely a decrease in certain hormones.

  112. Savas says

    After reading this article, I went to Bumrungrad hospital in Bangkok and had my blood checked. My testosterone level is 3.22 ng/ml with reference range 1.75 – 7.81. I’m 38 and I think my testosterone level is low, but the doctor said it’s normal. So I have to find another doctor.

    Victor, I know that you live in Bangkok too. Do you recommend a doctor here?

    Thank you.

    • Victor Pride says

      I’m not following. You have your bloods, testosterone is available over the counter, why do you want to go to another doctor?

      • Savas says

        You wrote “Go to the Doctor. Go to 5 Doctors if you have to. Fix the problem.”.

        I want to fix the problem. That’s why I’m asking. Where is it available over the counter? Drug stores, pharmacies, or just the counters on Nana Plaza or alike?

          • Savas says

            At the drug stores and pharmacies, I could not find injectable testosterone cypionate. At a body building supplement store I found many different injectable types and I went with testosterone cypionate. A package with 10 amps, each containing 200 mg testosterone. I had one amp injected already. Wating to see the results.

  113. BT says

    I am 39 and turning 40 in 5 months.
    Strongly considering TRT.

    Have had a few Testosterone test over the past few months and my levels come back between 500-550 on average. The other hormonal indicators are within average range (Cortisol, Estrogen, Thyroid, etc).

    For those of you that have gone on TRT – was there an appreciable difference physically, mentally, and energy wise in getting your testosterone from the 500s to a higher range.

    LOVE Your content!
    Thank you for the solid information.

  114. sullenday says

    So I looked into this. I’m 35 years old, very fit and healthy for my age. I went to an anylabs and my results were: 374 total and 6.8 free. I know according to you the total test number is low, but that free test score is crazy low, right? I’m exploring my options. What about online test providers that work with getting you a prescription so long as your tests show your low?

    • Victor Pride says

      There are no LEGIT online providers I am aware of who will work with you on this. You can go to Dr. so and so and get your scrip legit or you can buy black market. Only two options I’m aware of.

  115. Kyle says


    I’m 26 and after reading your posts I decided to get my bloodwork done at a local lab. I’ve noticed over the last couple years a dramatic change in my overall energy and drive. I was certain I had lower than average T levels, but they came back at 750. Granted the gym is as much a part of my routine as brushing my teeth, I get high levels of quality fat, and I don’t look at porn or do emasculating shit. I assume “normal” is relative to each person, but is that level at my age going to make it difficult to get on TRT? I’m not happy with average or just above average!



    P.S. I respect what you’ve done here and I bought 30 Days of Discipline and I’m looking forward to that first cold shower tomorrow morning.

    • Victor Pride says

      Kyle, 750 is perfectly acceptable for natural levels. Maybe there is another issue that is causing malaise?

      • Kyle says

        Thanks for the reply. I agree, I think that level is pretty good actually after seeing how many guys are in the 300 range. However, I’m ready to take my weight training to the next level and I’d like to be able to push myself more outside the gym as well. I’m just curious how difficult it would be to get on TRT, say from an anti-aging clinic, when I don’t technically have low testosterone. I’m asking because I would prefer to go the legal route and have a prescription than buy gear online. I’ve seen you mention that your protocol keeps you well above the ‘natural range’ and I’m wondering if there’s a strategy to get a doctor to sign off on that. (Not seeking legal or medical advice, just an opinion)

        • Victor Pride says

          I see. You can check around your area and find the most liberal (shady) place you can come across. Shouldn’t be impossible. If all else fails you may try crashing your t levels by going on a nasty starvation diet, drinking lots of beer, not sleeping, all that stuff so when you get tested your levels are low. I’m not suggesting it, but it’s what a lot of guys do.

          • Kyle says

            Yeah that crossed my mind, I didn’t know if that was common or not. I found an anti-aging clinic in my area and the website is clearly targeting younger guys so that might be my best bet. Thanks for your input.

  116. Paula says


    I found your site while looking for information on low testosterone levels. My boyfriend of 13 years has had blood work done and his levels are very low. Yes, this post is from a girl.

    I would like to thank you for the straight forward (and rather amusing) information. It was very useful and actually fun to read!!

    For all those men out there that have low testosterone – IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD! Women do understand what you are going through (once you tell us).

    Thank you Victor.

    • 62cesar says

      It’s 5:40am just woke outta a trance and I saw how I’ve been living my whole life all emasculated n what not, honestly this is a Life or Death dilemma (living with low t) my body shakes as I write this thats clearly a symptom
      a man should not have fear for merely expressing himself even on the internet.

      I spent many hours last night reading this post over and over because I truly could not grasp what I was reading this is the only way I was going to force feed it to myself whether I want to face reality or continue rotting.

      I only have one goal right now and that’s to become a man, to get what I’ve longly desired but could not visualize it’s truly LIVE or DIE

  117. says

    Interesting post. I agree that those in need of TRT should not be afraid to start. The media has unfairly demonized testosterone. It is not the devil it’s made out to be. I’m certain that if you are deficient it can offer mood enhancing effects as well as an improved physique.

    However…testosterone is not a cure all. It’s not going to magically turn you into someone you’re not. If you’re not who you want to be, you should accept it and stop worrying, OR make the conscious decision to change your life. Over the years your lifestyle choices will have settled your testosterone at a certain level. This means that your current testosterone level is NOT set in stone. You can increase your testosterone levels by improving your health. Much like a person who eats too many doughnuts all their life shouldn’t give up hope and accept that they’re just a “fat person”. They’re fat because they eat too many doughnuts!

    Low testosterone is a symptom and symptoms can be fixed by addressing the problem. In this case modern males have lower testosterone levels because of lifestyle factors such as: poor diet, lack of exercise, and chronic stress. These things can ALL BE CHANGED, which will increase your natural testosterone level. TRT is the lazy man’s cop out. Instead of making positive changes to your life, you’re looking for the easy way. Statistically, men have lower testosterone levels today than previous generations, but you should not strive to be a statistic. You are an individual. Strive to become the outlier, break away from the pack. Sure, you might be concerned because you have been eating poorly or haven’t exercised in a long time, but don’t fret. The best way to combat a lifetime of abuse is to change your habits today!

  118. Sean says

    Just want to say thanks, Vic. If I hadn’t discovered B&D, I wouldn’t even have known that low-T was a thing.

    I recently got tested, and discovered that my test level is absolutely in the trash. ~300ng/dl at 35 years old. The doc immediately prescribed 160mg of test cyp 1 x per week to start and while the self-injection is going to take some time to get used to (just did the first one last night), I’m optimistic about the treatment.

    After being told by specialist after specialist that I’m perfectly fine and maybe a bit crazy, I have a probable cause for all of the issues I’ve been having since my late twenties. Now I just feel like an idiot for spending the better part of a decade feeling like a bag of hammered crap.

    Many, MANY thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


  119. Slimz says


    I suspect I might have below average T levels and I will do the checkup in the close future. My first aim would be to keep my T level just above average (~750). When you say “Testosterone can and will shrink your testicles if you abuse it”, does this mean the testicles will not change at all if I take it as prescribed with no abuse? I definitely don’t want my balls to shrink and getting them back online using more drugs doesn’t sound too attractive to me at the moment.

    Thank you.

    • Atilos says

      What do I ask for OTC if I’m in SE Asia or LA?

      Apparently even revving a car’s engine can cause a young man’s t levels to spike. I bet risk taking in general shoots up our t levels too, as long as we’re in our 20’s. I’m on the verge of leaving that club and ready to take the leap into TRT. Not in the USA. Thank god.

      I remember when I was traveling more and living by the seat of my pants that I wanted to fuck more and always seemed to have some pussy land in my life, almost by a chemical reaction. Things got less enjoyable upon a year back in the USA, regardless of natural T level fluctuation.

  120. DancesWithBears says

    My _free_ testosterone is 18 “pg/ml”. Is that high or low? Or is this not representative, and I should just test my total testosterone level? (I didn’t realize there were different T tests when I went to the lab)

  121. DancesWithBears says

    Hey Vic, where does cycling fit into what you’re saying? With injections, unlike with gel, my understanding is you MUST cycle (maybe because the only people who talk about T injections are bodybuilders, and they all cycle).

    (1) Can you do injections without cycling, maybe with estrogen blockers?
    (2) Does being off-cycle for 1-2 months mean low T, bad mood, etc?

    (please ignore earlier comment, my total T is 780, so no TRT for now)

    • Victor Pride says

      “my understanding is you MUST cycle”

      Your understanding is wrong.

      “bodybuilders, and they all cycle”

      Wrong again. No bodybuilders cycle.

  122. Rolf Lorenz says

    Finding this article was like a gift from the heavens this evening. For two months i have been in bed or on the couch, with chronic fatigue, cannot stay awake, no energy, I work as a self emplyed artist and have had no creative will to do amything at all for the past two months.6 Months prior to this, I noticed I was getting morr and more tired, aching after gym, no stamina for my bike rides and cannot lift a damn thing at the gym. Erections were getting toally crap unless i took cialis, and no morning wood at all in the last 4 months ! I have always been a gym addict, love exercise in all foms so never had a beer belly EVER and always dilligent about eating well Although did love my alcohol after my divorce about 7 years go but since stoppped and also stopped cigs about 6 months ago. SO ! last week after two blood test, everything normal in my body EXCEPT Testosterone lever, 6.3!! Did another test the next day, 6.4…doc said time for testosterone therapy, i paniced for all the reasons in the above article and have spent the week looking for natural alternatives…thought i would look one more time if i could find something else about taking testosterone ( Testogel) as I was WORRIED SICK THAT OTHER GUYS ON THE NET WERE SAYING IT CAUSES YOUR BALLS TO SHRINK TO PEANUTS SIZE AND EVENTUALLY WILL MAKE YOUR BODY CREATIE MORE ESTROGEN WHICH MEANS MORE MEDICATION FOR THAT etc… but after reading this article…Fuck it…i’m going for it, anything has to be better then what i’m feeling now and no matter how hard i train, my body is getting fatter !!!! thats a first ! So i have to say i felt releived for reading this article. Thanks Victor, i think this is the way forward. Cheers from the UK

  123. says

    Vic-ster,,,I’ve run between 1100-1500 ng/dL monthly only recently and 2 different Doc’s are bitchin’..1ml of 200ml per week. They want me at 650-850?? what? All liver test, kidney functions, cholesterol have come back better than ever(EVER). Cholesterol has always been high, extremely. Now low all around low and I function better than ever for 42(6′ 196 lb’s). WTF?? Working on eating better instead of eating everything in reach. I do need to clean up my food choices. Can’t find any literature about operating above 1100+.. Vitamin D plummeted. Without holding you to JACK CRAP, anything, take the massive vit d supplement or pull back??? Remember everything is working like never ever before. What should i test for or really keep my eye on.
    Thanks again.

  124. BK says


    I recently found your blog via GLL, which I found via ROK. Yours is my favorite! Been really digging into it the last few days and very motivational. I sincerely thank you for producing something that is so enjoyable and inspiring at the same time.

    I got my blood checked a few months ago…I am 33 and my testosterone is 865, which after reading the other comments seems at least minimally acceptable (but fuck minimally acceptable). I have been seriously abusing weed and internet porn and have recently quit…I am hoping that will boost my natural levels and plan to recheck my blood in 3 months. I have also been on propecia (finasteride 1mg per day) since age 20. Screwing around with my hormones at such a young age for a full head of hair was probably a stupid thing to do, but I am a vain motherfucker and what is done is done.

    When you have a moment, I would greatly appreciate it if you could please reply to the following:

    1) At 33, what ideal testosterone level would you aim for?

    2) Please share your thoughts on propecia if you have any.

    Thank you again for such top-notch content! It really is a treat to read your blog.

    Best Regards,

    • PM says

      1) as high as possible

      2)dont take it, it lowers dht, which is bad. lose your hair with dignity. if muscular you’ll look manly. see bruce willis and jason statham.

  125. TJ says

    Sick article. Cut right through all the BS. I read this after I had gotten my bloodwork done, and was looking for validation. I’m a 26yr male. I got bloodwork done a month ago and turns out my total Test level is 450, my DHT is 220 pg/ml (normal is 250-750~~ or something). My doctor put me on Testim 1% 50mg and it feels like a lot of my life is normalizing out, mentally thus far. Less anxiety and depression and more energy. My dad is almost 70yrs old and his total test is 750…I legit feel like a girl…and i am 6’4 220. I just wanted to hear any testimonies from people if they have lost fat or gained mass? I haven’t noticed a change, except an increased number on the scale (but no notice of fat gain). Also, im not sure if the gel is a preferred option to the injection. Any help would be appreciated….I tend to be disparaged/neglected/ignored on other sites based on the stigma testosterone has and my somewhat younger age. (Not sure if the replies would go here or my email, but if you could cc my email at [email protected] that would be awesome). Thanks for the article

  126. Kurono says

    I’m 31 and I have a total testosterone of 650-675 but I always have felt like a half man, my facial hair is totally crap and grows very slow, I don’t have any chest hair nor underarm hair, never had it. I’m losing leg and arm hair. The only area that seems intact is my pubis, I also have diffuse thinning on my head since I was 12. I have no muscles, I’m the epitome of skinny fat.

    I’m tired of always being tired, no matter how many hours I sleep on night I always wake up feeling exhausted, I always feel like taking a nap, however if I can take it is the only time I feel 100% awake, but usually can’t cause I have problems falling asleep. I also suspect I have low thyroid (TSH of 3) but tried thyroid meds and didn’t feel anything or felt worse.

    I also have no willpower to do anything, whatever is chasing girls or looking for a job. At this point I don’t know if my problem is low thyroid, low testosterone or low cortisol, or a mixture of all. Do you think that level of testosterone could be causing all my symptoms?

      • Kurono says

        I got many blood panels, that’s the problem, everything is in normal range, but I still feel like shit. The only hormones that I see a bit bad are morning cortisol, that was 13.76 µg/dl (3-23) and DHEA-S that was 3.0 µmol/L (1.9-12.2). So cortisol was in the middle of range when it should be at top and DHEA was low normal. Doctors doesn’t help because they are in range, anyways I don’t think those results are that bad but I don’t know what else to blame.

        I tried supplementing DHEA but it made me feel worse, less energy and more brain fog. So the next thing I’m gonna try are glucocorticoids and see how I feel on them, if my experiment fails I’ll have to try testosterone.

        • Matias Page says

          Have you tried getting rid of processed food 80-90%? Only eating vegetables or rice or tubers as sources of carbs? Avoiding vegetable oils like the plague? Eating more butter and fatty meats? Eating organ meats (sweetbreads, bone marrow, bone broths, liver, kidneys, etc) once or twice a week?

          I implemented these changes and my thyroid is getting better. This after months of felling cold all the time and needing to take antibiotics 2-4 times per year. This year, 2014, I still haven’t been sick, not once.

          My testosterone is higher, too. And my mental focus has improved dramatically. I’m also experimenting with the wonderful drug Modafinil, but I have a lot of focus without it nowadays.

          I still want to do TRT as soon as I have economic stability. But these have improved my life a lot. I have skinny fat genetics, combined with years of eating like shit. And I’m 36 years old, so you can probably expect to improve how you feel too.

  127. Matias Page says

    I just wanted to post this bullshit nugget I found today, from medicine.net:

    “Testosterone levels above or below the normal range are considered by many to be out of balance. Moreover, some researchers suggest that the healthiest men have testosterone levels between 400 – 600 ng/dL.

    Men who have testosterone levels that are higher than average may experience both benefits and drawbacks. The benefits, which are modest, include normalizing blood pressure and lowering the likelihood of obesity and heart attacks. However, there is a tendency for such men to consume more alcoholic beverages, and they are more likely to smoke, and more likely to get injured. According to some researchers, the higher the testosterone level, the more likely men are to participate in risk-taking behavior (sexual, injury risk, and even criminal activity). The problems associated with high testosterone levels are infrequent and rare in middle-aged and elderly men who are not receiving testosterone treatments. “

  128. finding the answers says

    Hi Vic
    I have looked at many of the post. I did not see to much on alcohol and injections ….I usually have drinks every night not overly crazy drinking .I have been having injections for some time now and dr is trying to find the right dose ….seems to be low still would my alcohol consumption make the injections not work…?

  129. Nick says

    No more bullshit for me. I’m getting my levels checked tomorrow. I have brainwashed myself into thinking that I do not have low t because I have piled on loads of muscle mass this year naturally – this was all due to muscle memory in reality.

    I cannot stay awake for more than 5 hours without needing to have a nap and my sex drive is practically zero. I have no desire to go out and have sex. This is from a guy who fucked 30 girls in a year when he was 21-22. From 22-23 I have fucked 2. 23-24 I have fucked 0 – I have completely lost the desire to have sex and the numbers prove it.

    Why the fuck I needed this article to confirm this is beyond me. If the doctors do not prescribe it to me I will self administer. This cannot continue.

  130. Xavi says

    Yo vic at what level should 250mg/week test e put me and when will i notice results? Btw in your genetic freak article you said you used superdrol and test. Which test dose did you use? How many mg/week?

  131. says

    HI Victor, I was wondering if you could straight up answer some questions for me.

    1) Your post says that men of this era 1980+ or whatever are deficient due to phytoestrogens etc etc in the environment, then why are there still men being born with high T? Wouldn’t that be an exaggeration to say all men need it?

    2) What were your personal motivations for getting on TRT? You look to be around 28-33ish, can’t guess, haha, why on Earth would someone that young need TRT? Do you use it for nootropic/entrepreneurial purposes, extra energy etc?

    3) I read a story the other day..this is going somewhere haha, I guy by the name of Christopher hitchens(don’t know if name is right) (a neuroscience graduate) , had a pituitary tumour, and was told by his doc to take TRT for life due to this tumour (impacting release of leutinizing hormone I guess) + antidepressants or some crap, he refuses His levels were <100. After a year and a half of dietary changes, some hard calisthenic type exercises, "lifestyle tweeks" he was able to get his levels 1000+ at the age of 24. So my question is, if a guy with a pituitary tumor can get to 1000+ (yes he had paperwork, and youll have to check his backstory ect to know he is telling the truth, he actually wrote a book with all the science behind it, which I read (I obtained it illegally off a torrent site, and am not pushing the sale of this book testosterone i/o (you might of read it for all I know haha )). Why should anyone under 45 even think of it, is it the easy way out? It would take years of bad habits and neglect to get to a shitty level, so why wouldn't it take 6 months + to fix? Is everyone just looking for a pill for every ill/ easy way out?

    4) Once on TRT are you rendered infertile as i've read that it can impact sperm counts?

    I've been pondering these for a while, and as a long-time fan, even if you answered with just a few words for each, I would be grateful, thanks, Jon.

    • PM says

      3) Thats not christopher hitchens its christopher walker. Christopher Hitchens is a dead atheist scientist. And who the fuck knows if that guy really had less than 100 test levels? who knows if he even has a tumor and if he has really over 1000 of test now? he got to show proof of it. and some people do not like to bother with all the things you have to do to raise your testosterone, living your life like a paranoid afraid of plastic and other shit because you are afraid for your test levels… you can fix your problem quick, aaaaaaand… you can throw some steroids in your trt regimen and have fun with that. ig you want to have high test naturally you have to say no to steroids for ever.

      • says

        Hence writing not sure if the name is correct in brackets as I was doing it on the fly in my lunch hour. What I was trying to reiterate is that if plastic caused low T, there still wouldn’t be men with naturally high T, period. You can fix the problem quick hey? What are we passing down to younger generations attitudinally and genetically? Have you heard of epigenetics? If everyone just starts hopping on TRT because they’re either too lazy to review their lifestyle and want to live in the fast lane (then having kids), it will impact future generations, and we’ll have some strange testosterone dependent offspring. But you wouldn’t give a shit about that would you? Just as long as you look and feel good, who gives a f**k right? The guy is a neuroscience graduate from Yale, He would only ruin his career professionally by telling lies. I think he’s smart enough not to take that route. Peace.

        • PM says

          man with naturally high t? high is relative… high of today is the average or low of the past. the reference range for test is based on the average of population and the average man is not in shape so. if you have ”high” T today doesnt mean it would be high t 20 years ago. understand? and its not like everybody is jumping on trt anyways, mainstream knowledge is that testoterone is bad. In the meantime, TRT saves lives so why would people not jump on it if they need it huh?
          I find what you’re saying about impacting future generation kinda ridiculous, I mean what? you would prefer that men have low T without TRT and past that to next generations? why would there be ”testosterone dependent offspring”? once you are fully developed if you have low t then you get on trt thats it.

          • says

            I am not against TRT. For instance if you’ve been in a car accident and crushed both your testicles or had head trauma which damaged your pituitary gland, then yes I get it. I wouldn’t even care if a guy says “yeah I tried to get my levels high, but I was just born average”. It’s this unwillingness that people who take TRT or steroids have to admitting they are on them (Not people here). I understand that if someone tries and they still have low levels then by absolute all means (I’d be the first) get on it, that is legitimate hypogonadism, which is a real disorder. But it makes me sick when you see these late teen, early 20 aged people who barely work, don’t have a sleep schedule, shit diet, shit social life and friends, who happen to have low T…what is causing the low T? hypogonadism, which is relatively rare – or this person’s life choices and environment? I just hate the pill for every ill culture we live in. Then you get to the issue of why men abuse anabolic substances. Generally it is due to low self-esteem. Your disillusioned by this high back then, high now scenario. Are you forgetting that we’ve progressed through the agricultural era, past the industrial era, and no into the information age? Of course they are going to be lower, our lifestyle is the opposite.

  132. Alejandro says

    Seriosu question?

    Which websites can I safety buy injectable testosterone.

    I am not going to go to a doctor to find out if I have low testosterone, if am an can’t get morning wood, I def have low testosterone

    Also in my country(Australia), two doctor they do not prescribe testosterone if your t-levels are low because they have a strict ban on hormones.

    so I need to get the injectable stuff

  133. says

    Ok – from reading the above posts, i’m confused. Could someone make this clear. Should one go on TRT even if they don’t have the medical condition hypogonadism? And why would you go on TRT if your T levels are fine? Why do ALL men need trt, that sounds crazy. Buildings are still being built, roads are being built, boxers and all sportsmen – ones who are stringently drug tested- are still all as good as they have ever been. 20% lower today? who cares thats the difference between 200 and 250 or 700 and 840…easily accountable through lifestyle factors. Not only that but who knows what samples were used etc. sounds like broscience to me. As the above poster said makes complete sense that this is just lifestyle related, like hundreds of other diseases of this day and age. So Victor, were you diagnosed with hypogonadism?

    • alejandro says

      You think those athletes “stringently tested” don’t have a doping guru that knows when to get them off cycle or use masking agents? PLEASE educate yourself… you can build a road with 250 testosterone… the thing is, you can’t have a happy life when the quality is shit, and estrogenic effects are all around you, so is low T… 1% less every generation MAY (or may not) be a bit exagerated, but the problem is real and is around you… also, 95% of athletes is taking p.e.d’s but you don’t know it… trust me, been around many pro’s in my short life ;)
      and yeah, OF COURSE it’s fucking lifestyle related, that doesn’t mean you can cure your hormones naturally and get them to where they should be… well, not in our society anyway…

  134. son says

    Hey victor I want to know for how much time you have been on TRT, and also are there natural products which can boost testosterone.I have been suffering from these symptoms since puberty depression, no morning wood no interest in activities. Also I get tested my testosterone levels they come out to be 580 ng/dl after taking a multivitamin tablet rivatal which also contains gingseng for 8 days and got my one test on 9 the day which come out to be 554 ng/dl and another after 12 days of not using revital which was 580 ng/dl total and 30 pg/ml free. I want to know that are these my natural level or due to multivitamin supplement containing gingseng. plz reply it’s hard to live like this I will commit suicide

  135. coolguy says

    Yo Vic,
    I got my T-levels checked today.
    Mostly because i read your post and felt that a lot of the time i feel imasculated and also i have very low sex drive.
    My Levels are 633 ng/dl which is normal according to my doctor.
    I have another doctor who would give me additional T though, if i wanted to.

    What would you suggest? Do i need aditional T? Should i take it?

    I am 21 btw

  136. needhelp says

    Hello i am 19 years old
    My problem is that my penis is really small. Sized 0.75inch soft and 4 inches hard i dont understand why my penis is really small. I have a fair amount of pubic hair and some chest hair. I am really embarrased to wear the swimming trunks as then people could see my small penis shape. I didn’t anything about this testosterone, if i get this done do i have to rely on that for the rest of my life. I really need help
    Plz could someone help

  137. Sean says

    You’re kinda bashing on paleo, but then in other articles you said you were feeling invincible while on it. What’s the verdict?

  138. Michael says

    Hi Victor,

    I just looked back at lab results from when I was 32, about 4 to 5 years ago. Looks like my total testosterone was above average at 823 ng/dl, however it shows my free and bioavailable t levels were below average, closer to the lower end for my age range at that time. Judging by one of the more referenced charts I found, my free testosterone correlated with about average for someone in their 50-60s. Any thoughts on total vs free vs bioavailable levels?

  139. mohamed says

    i have 10 points of 13 u explain above about testosterone shortage, but the main thing made me search in this topic that i have small penis which is 3 or 4 cm when flaccid and 9 or 10 cm when erect i’m 30 years old if i started to take testosterone can make penis extend not depending on taking more blood to it which make it longer but depending on it’s size??

  140. Operario says

    I had been working out for about 2 years (in a sloppy manner, I admit) before I bought Body of a Spartan in 2013 and followed it to a T for a good 8-10 months. Wasn’t getting bigger (Steak & Eggs) but was leaner, faster and stronger than I’d ever been. My numbers were amazing for me – I never once in my life thought I’d be able to Deadlift 160kg. I know that’s comparatively low, but for me, it was Heaven.

    Unfortunately I was involved in a car accident in September 2014 and due to my injuries I couldn’t do any strenuous exercise for about 4 months – I only restarted, very slowly, around New Year’s. In the time since the accident a lot of stuff happened in my family which made me very emotionally unbalanced, and sitting on your my ass for 120 days only made it worse. The result was: 4 motnhs of no exercising, feeling anxious all the time, eating like a pig, circa 15kg gained (that’s about 33 pounds). I’ll have to restart from zero. That is, however, not a problem, since I very much enjoy the challenge.

    I wrote all of this as a bit of a backstory, but the real issue comes now: I was feeling all the symptoms of low T and, having known B&D for a couple years, I knew it was a very real possibility. Went and got myself checked: 287 ng/dL.That’s terrible in itself, but made 100x worse by the fact that I’m only 26. 287 ng/dL at 26 is disgraceful; there are probably 13-year-olds with higher T than me. But all the doctors I went to (mostly old, experienced male doctors) said my levels were ok, “within normal range for my age”. I tried to reason with them, but they wouldn’t hear me. “My levels are so low that even if I managed to somehow DOUBLE them, they’d still be low”, I said. “Don’t worry, you’re fine” was always the answer.

    The thing is, I’m a little disoriented by all this. Since I started exercising again I managed to lose some of my lard (7kg – 15 pounds), but things are still pretty bad. I’d like some guidance about this matter of Testosterone Replacement Therapy. I likely won’t be able to obtain it legally since apparently all Endocrinologists in the city I live in are mentally handicapped. Every source I see in the Internet only tells me about “cycles”, something I’m not at all familiar with. So, I just do a “cycle” of Testosterone? Should I use it continually? What dosages are the correct for someone who’s not exactly using it for bodybuilding purposes, only to bring his T levels to high range (900-1200)? Also, should I focus on getting back in shape before undergoing TRT, or would TRT actually help me getting back in shape? Any and all advice would be appreciated, specially from our dearest Mr. Pride. Reliable information sources are also much appreciated.

    Thanks. I really want to turn this into a success story.

    • Cory says

      I went the endocrinologist route to with similar results. Find an anti-aging, or “restorative health” practitioner. You can also search a compounding pharmacy that makes bio identical hormones and have them recommend any docs they work with. Bio Identical test my not be as convenient to take but they work. And if yours are really that far in the gutter I’d use them if its your only option.

  141. Rob says

    Hey Victor, thanks for the info on TRT. My question is, once I’ve had my test levels checked and they’re low, how will I or the DR know what to put me on? I see that there are various testosterone products.


  142. Buffguy says

    Hey vic! First of all,i wanna say a big thanks to your effort in making this blog! It is a big life saver AND life changer in mindset . Keep up the good work!

    I recently got my t-levels checked up, they came 456ng/dl. Thing is,i am 21 years old! And judging by those numbers,i have the t-levels of a 50 year old man!

    I for one have noticed the effects of low t, not a lot of morning woods,no spontaneous erections like when i was a teen and worst of all,reduced libido. I also have a hard time sleeping with my gf,and can manage to “do the deed” only once every like 2 days or so. I have also noticed reduced motivation and a feeling of “weakness” especially when i wake up.

    I hope the doctor i will visit will prescibe me this fountain of youth called testosterone! I tried reversing this up by changing my diet (which was never bad in the first place as i compete in powerlifting) and avoiding estrogenic water and plastics. I also tried eating a lot of “t boosting” foods like nuts and steaks,well,nothing really works,i havent noticed any change whatsoever.

    • alejandro says

      Bro go for it… 20 yo here, not done any tests yet, but i got the same symptoms as you and i daresay even worse… also, an aspiring athlete… i NEED to get rid of that fucking tiredness-lowT problem asap… whish you luck man

  143. Fadi Keller says

    I just did a testosterone blood test and I got 17.1 (8-19).
    My previous testosterone was in Nov 2014 and it was 18.5 (8-19).
    How come it went done almost 2 degree within 5 moths.
    I am eating healthy and exercising.

    What should I do?

  144. David C says

    No legal or illegal steroid is worth the probability of ruining your health in the long run. You won’t look like the users but you can get a great looking physique that will cause heads to turn without them.

  145. alejandro says

    Amen Victor… i am fucking 20 and i am so fucking low i can’t grow muscle (although i kill myself at the gym, eat healthy and sleep 11 fucking hours…) still feel tired, mediocre results (for what i put in) and injuries everywhere… i feel irritable, random erections in the morning, more often not than yes and libido spikes… once yeah, twice no… Erection quality skips from decent (or even good) to unimpressive half-erect and i feel tired all the time, no matter how much i sleep or what i eat… On top of that i want to be a proffessional athlete and get injured all the time…
    I say this again… i am fucking 20!!! i won’t accept living the rest of my life on these sub-par conditions!
    I say no more of this… Time to become an enhanced human being and stop being a mediocre estrogen-driven sack of mediocrity :P
    Time for some blood work, and i won’t be accepting a “well your T seems normal enough to me” if it’s lower than 550-600… it used to be 800+ for men 50 years ago!!! ffs!

  146. King says

    This guy is real honest. He buys African stuff and gladly displays them for all to see. Some rare fucking MAN!

  147. Juan says

    You are 100 percent correct. I am 53 and started TRT it is the right thing to do. It is practical and it works. i star doing squat from 18 after TRT to 155, 30 day after TRT is realy great i feel fucking great my sking is soft and claen my livido is higher feel younger strong because i am after TRT .

  148. Justiin says

    When I was a teenager, I was on heavy medication and had severe acne. My mother thought I was sick and constantly took me to the doctor for blood tests, counselors, and psychiatrists. During my 20s I began to feel I may have been sterile. I’m in my mid 30s now and I am empty and tired and sad all the time and just waiting to drop dead. So according to this article, if what I put into my body during my teenage years determined my overall future health, not only I have no testosterone left, I should be crippled and nearing death.

  149. says

    Going to the doctor will almost certainly present you with the TRT option. Testosterone replacement therapy comes with a growing list of side effects, and people are quickly wising upto this. Not a day passes by when a testosterone drug company is not in the news.

    I know too well some of the signs of low testosterone that you’ve mentioned.

    I had a major low testosterone problem for 8 years, purely because I was deadset against TRT. I turned to more natural remedies that seem to be doing the trick.

  150. Travis Peters says

    That’s for a man born in 1970. A man born in 1980 will be worse, a man born in 1990 is half-girl already and a boy born in 2000 is probably going to be wearing pigtails and dresses when (s)he grows up.

    This is really not far from the truth with all the silly half long hair and skinny jeans population we have right now. The majority of little boys wouldn’t at 2 rounds with a revolving door unfortunately

  151. G says

    Was unfortunate enough to lose a testicle to torsion at 15 (or 16, can’t remember, im 21 now) and have been very gradually losing my sex drive and morning/nocturnal erection since then. Started with a huge sex drive from the age of 12 or so, and nighttime/morning erections that were like steel and wouldn’t go down for 5 minutes making it difficult to pee, now have almost no sex drive and very rarely have nocturnal/morning erections.

    Also literally cannot gain any muscle despite deadly consistent working out (though I am not “weak” for a man- 200kg dead, 120kg bench, bodyweight+40kg for 5 full RoM chinups, 12 handstand pushups at 80kg BW etc…though I just cannot increase those numbers anymore for a long time (around a year stuck) ). Body fat higher than I’d like it also (mid teens).

    Showing so many signs of low-T I finally bit the bullet and got testosterone tested despite being at the age I should be at my sexual/hormonal peak. Couldn’t believe the test results, 1152 ng/dl !!! WTF is going on in my body?

    • PM says

      What about your other numbers, like free testosterone, shbg, estradiol?

      First, I know that Low sex drive and lost of morning woods can be caused by fucked up androgen and dopamine receptors in the brain. (Porn? drugs? other addictions?)

      Second, you could have high total testosterone but super low free testosterone and high SHBG. That could explain symptoms like lack of muscle mass and other shit. What are your macros?

      Third, you could have low DHT levels. DHT is very important for virility. Low ratio of conversion to DHT can absolutely explain symptoms like lack of morning erections and libido. Do you have body and facial hair? Again, what are your macros?

      • G says

        SHBG was also high giving free test numbers lower than expected but estimating them off my SHBG and total testosterone (assuming albumin levels remain roughly constant from individual to individual) gives me 20.4 ng/dl free testosterone and 479 ng/dl bioavailable, which, although ranges from site to site seem to be far more inconsistent for these, seems to be at the higher end of things. Don’t know about estradiol and DHT unfortunately. DHEA-S was high-normal for whatever its worth (10.6 on a scale of 0.44-13.4).

        No other drug usage at all, don’t drink a huge amount (just some red wine casually), no addictions, watch porn from time to time but not so much these days because of drastically lowered sex drive, used to watch it more when I had a higher drive.

        In terms of facial hair, I have it everywhere it should be, but its still a bit patchy/thin on my cheeks, although that seems to be very slowly filling in. Sideburn/chinstrap/mustache areas are all decently thick though. High amount of pubic hair since early on in puberty, moderately hairy upper legs, normal amount of armpit hair, absolutely zero hair on back and chest- though don’t know how much of this is genetic patterning as none of my close male-relatives have any torso hair either.

        I don’t strictly count any macros I’m afraid. I just aim to eat at least 100g protein a day, get a good amount of healthy fats in (olive oil, coconut oil, butter, brazil nuts, almonds etc, eggs, animal fats from things like steak/meats), decent amount of cholesterol, supplement all the major vitamins/minerals with a multi then take extra boron, zinc, magnesium, k2, vitamins c and D and B vitamins etc etc. and try to keep carbs to potatoes, sweet potatoes, veggies some fruits etc but do eat some sugary things as well.

        Yes you are right about DHT, but what I don’t understand is that if this is the issue, why would my body gradually reduce conversion of T to DHT? Thought we were just born with a fairly set amount of the 5-AR enzyme to perform the conversion? Also, its not like I’ve been like this all my life, I started off with a RAGING sex drive from around 12 or 13, where I would feel a strong need to masturbate 4-5x + a day, would wake up every morning with a rock hard erection that wouldn’t go down and would be horny as hell. I probably spent half my life in those years with a spontaneous erection to the extent that every P.E. lesson was a battle to avoid getting one despite having absolutely zero sexual attraction to boys (thank god P.E. was not mixed genders!!! :D). I literally could not stop thinking about girls and sex and had an almost involuntary very strong sexual attraction to them. I used to feel a sort of heaviness/tension/stirring in my balls many times a day that almost demanded I ejaculate, which I just don’t get at all anymore, like I’m disconnected from them (well it- my one remaining one).

        On the point of having just one…if this was the root cause why would it not have been apparent much sooner- testosterone has a half life of mere hours so if just one testicle could not produce enough hormones for me I should have felt drastic effects in days…certainly the quality of the leydig cells in my one remaining one should not have deteriorated much in 5 years of my youth as to give me all these problems now…even a little over a year ago I still had a ‘functional’ sex drive (though way lower than what I began with) and had morning erections most/all days (certainly didn’t notice them being a problem back then).

        Also I would describe this as the only health problem in my life…I have nothing else wrong with me as far as I can tell- no difficulty sleeping, no issues with food/eating, nothing odd about my bowel movements/urination frequency, not fatigued/tired (but don’t feel the vitality I used to every morning anymore, just sort of ‘meh’), not depressed in any way, relatively happy except this one major problem in my life. Note I can still achieve a very hard erection just fine, so nothing seems wrong with the plumbing so to speak- just have little desire to use it.

        Sorry for the length of my reply!

        • PM says

          If I were you I would drop the porn as much as possible, but have more sex/masturbation because doing it more raise your desire to do it more.

          You could still check your estrogen levels, you can have high T and still have high estrogen, But if you say you have no problem with erections and it’s just the desire then it may or may not be the problem. I was like you and had raging T when I was a teenagers but after an accident I took meds that Raise Estrogen and prolactin and my desire really dropped off for a couple of years. so talk to your doctors or eat a shit load of broccoli and take zinc and magnesium.

          You could try to eat more carbs. I don’t know how much Carbs you eat but the carb:protein ratio influence DHT, shbg, free testosterone and cortisol. Carbs higher than protein is better, a 2:1 ratio is optimal, with good amount of fat too. To eat more carbs you can eat grains like rice and oats and even breads, gluten won’t kill you. You should eat fat with the carbs to lower the glycemic release of the carbs to keep insulin to healthy levels. And no, mixing fat with carbs won’t make you fat, If you still eat maintenance calories over the course of a week you won’t get fat.

          So if your desire for sex is the only problem then it might not be that bad if you other numbers are good (even with one nut which is impressive). Sometimes you have less desire and it’s normal, when you get all caught up in life your focus can switch. When I started to get serious about my life and had more concerns I notice my desire lowered. But it all comes back in time.

          If you lack muscular size then you know it might just be that you need to eat more. Hypertrophy = Eating a ton (more carbs especially, a lot of carbs raise libido, mass and strength in my own experience). You can get a lot stronger without increasing mass. For a period of time I was getting stronger in the gym but not getting bigger, but when I decided to say fuck it with the fear of losing abs and started eating a lot more I gained size, doing the same exercises. And you probably already know that but for maximal size gains you have to get stronger in the 12-15 rep range. look at this article from Paul Carter it’s really good : https://www.t-nation.com/training/guaranteed-muscle-mass

        • PM says

          Hey, just thought about it, I was talking about high estrogen but it can also be LOW estrogen. It seems odd but men still need good levels of estrogen to be healthy. Lack of muscular size and low libido can definitely be caused by low estrogen. if you have some of these symptoms you might have low estrogen:

          Low estrogen sides
          Dry skin, dry lips, dehydration, loss of libido, good morning wood no wood when its time for sex, loss of wood while having sex, loss of sensitivity, dry gland (penis), white gland, loss of girth, irritability, mood swings, crying for no reason, dht rage (aggression you take out on others), dull orgasm, hesitation just before urinating, night sweats, loss of appetite, constant fatigue, lethargy, constipation (due to dehydration), diuretic effect (pissing more water than you are consuming), itchy scalp, obsessive thoughts

          High estrogen sides
          Acne, loss of libido, water retention (Bloat), pissing less than the water you consume, moon face, very small testicles, scrotum hanging too high, soft testicles, extreme oiliness all over, aggression (roid rage), depression, bitchiness, lethargy, insomnia, soft erections, extreme cravings for sugar/chocolate, high bp, bp spikes, enlarged prostate, pressure in lower abdomen when urinating, thin stream, constipation (from water retention)

          so anyway check your Estradiol/E2 (estrogen) and DHT levels. Your carbs too.

          • G says

            Thanks for your replies. “So if your desire for sex is the only problem”…well the other problem is total loss of morning and night time erections…I used to get raging boners (entirely non sexual) that wouldn’t go down for minutes when younger, and if I ever nodded asleep say in a vehicle whilst going somewhere, I would usually awake to find a rock hard erection also. The worsening in the quality of my automatic erections seems to have correlated pretty well with the dip in my sex drive so I feel there must be a physiological basis for both. Other than these two concerns though I feel pretty healthy, I just don’t feel like I have any male hormones in me anymore (obviously this is not the case, with my testosterone result, but it sure as hell feels like it).

            I used to have acne and oily skin but my acne has almost totally cleared up over the last year and my skin is a bit less oily. Sometimes I feel (very mildly) lethargic, but I think that’s more psychological from getting fed up that I never feel any sex drive anymore or juiced with hormones in the morning when I wake up as I used to all the time, so I can’t be bothered to get up as I don’t feel vitalized as I used to. Other than that, I don’t really associate with any of the symptoms in either list really…

  152. Teddy says

    Hey Victor. Great post.

    39yo, in great shape and my t level ranges from 480 / 8.5 to 580 / 7.7. Should I go on trt? What do you think?

    I have some ed and motivation issues. I also broke out badly one time I did a steroid cycle (but my ed and motivation issues went away)


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