How to Live a Life of Choice


From the desk of Victor Pride
Location: Dallas, TX

After 18 months away I find myself back in the States for a brief visit. Family and friends, hi and bye, that type of deal.

Visiting is fine and dandy but I won’t have any regrets when I get on a transpacific plane and head back out into the wild.

I don’t have any “hard feelings” about America but I find my choice to live abroad to be one of the better choices I have ever made.

I get asked all the time why I don’t live in America.

I’ll tell you why, in the simplest manner I can….

I don’t live in America because I don’t want to.

I live a life of choice and I have chosen to live abroad.

When you have the choice, the ability to do anything, you start to ask yourself questions like “why?”.

“Why do I live here or why do I live there? Why am I working this job I hate?” Etc…

When you answer the “why” question you may realize you have no reason to do what you are doing.

You may realize you have the power to choose.

You may realize one simple fact of life: you can change the things you don’t like. You may realize that you aren’t stuck.

You can take an aspect of your life you don’t like or enjoy and make it an aspect that you do enjoy. Just by making a choice. Instead of letting things happen to you you can choose what you do.

You can live a life of choice, like I do.

Choice always existed but it took me nearly 30 years to realize “wait a second, I can choose my fate. I can live the life I want to live“.

I don’t have to live in America, I can live anywhere.

So I do. Simple as that.

Do you know how many times I’ve heard “I want to do such and such but I’m stuck in this city“?

I’ve heard it many times and I have the answer right here…


Get in a car or a bus or an airplane and go somewhere else. Complaining about something you can easily change is pathetic.

I just don’t have any options like you” is what they always seem to say. Like I was born on a yacht in international waters or something silly. I was born in Tucumcari, New Mexico. Population 5,000. I’m from nowhere just like everybody else.

If I have the power to choose so do you.

Maybe you don’t take advantage of the gift of choice, but it’s there. Unless you do something silly like get locked up in jail you’ll always have it.

If you aren’t living the life you want it’s not the fault of the city you live in, your mom and dad, your girlfriend, your employer, or your dog. It’s your fault. All you ever had to do was choose the life you wanted.

All you ever had to do was make the choice.

But hey, beggars can’t be choosers I guess. Can’t all live the dream. World needs office drones. Anarchy. Ditch diggers. A million other rationalizations and excuses for living the life of a lapdog. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

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  1. Miki says

    I’m back in my hometown, been here for the whole month. Now I had a great, first hand reminder on why the fuck I left, I can wave goodbye to my family and go live my life back where I want to ~ Island, at the moment.

    Islanders are crazy fuckers. I love them.

    Guess it should be fun.

          • Miki says

            What is it that you don’t like about it?

            I have been in Provence last couple of months before I came back for a visit to my hometown, then I decided to move to Iceland for a few months and see how much I like it.

            Could definitely use some first hand feedback.


    • says

      Hi Miki,
      I agree.
      Living where you want is SO much better than living where you don’t want to.
      Location, location, location is one of the secrets to living a good life, no doubt about it.
      If you happen to live somewhere that sucks, then move. If there is a will there is a way, that’s what I always say.

  2. says

    Its funny that you were talking about choosing to live the life you want. For me i have gotten burnt out and ready to leave NY to somewhere a little more quiet, where the cost of living is a lot better from where I’m at now. Its so restrictive up here even the Drug Dealers are having a hard time making a buck!
    I’m so tired and ready for new opportunities! Nothing makes a man notice new opportunities than moving to either another country or even to another state!
    You just basically made me realize that I DO HAVE A CHOICE! I don’t know why i was thinking that i did not. This damn conditioning is a bitch!

    Great Post Vic!

    • says

      LOL, “even the Drug Dealers are having a hard time making a buck!” That is so true Jose. You and I both, living in New York city is becoming a big drag. You have all of those candy ass liberal sissies running things and a Commie loving mayor, Di Commie-o, increasing the city taxes to give to the non producers. It is getting me sick. Yup, Wyoming here I come. LOL.

      • says

        Dude! You are not kidding! Its getting hard out here! NY has lost its gold thanks to all the Commie’s running the show here. This Yankee is heading South where its warmer and cheaper! Not South Florida as its like another NY!

        WYOMING! DAAAAAMMMMNNN its cold up there dude! lol

        Keep Hustling IAAM great Blog and yours to Vic!

        • Winning says


          You should seriously check out North East Florida. The “First Coast” has great beaches, a lower cost of living, and it’s only got a few “rednecks” and “retired liberals” but nothing too crazy.

  3. Aidan says

    Great post, currently in the marines and have seen first hand the benefits of being abroad. My latest travels brought me to Thailand, and have to say was bummed to leave. We really do have the capabilities to go wherever, to be whatever, to be the person you choose to be. Only person can stop us is ourselves, And it seems to most we do a pretty good job at just that! Gonna miss Thailand, have a few more years in the military till I can have some freedom of movement again.

  4. says

    I came back from Brazil three weeks ago. It took me about two hours to realize why I`d left Germany in the first place. But no hard feelings, it was my choice to come back. And it`s my choice to leave soon again.

    It took me a long time to accept, that I`m responsible for everything that’s fucked up in my life. It was so much easier to blame the people around. But once I`d realized that the problem was me, everything changed.

  5. Mr. A says

    You look inspirational man. It really makes a difference when You can back up Your words with proof (picture) of real-life results.

  6. says

    It is one thing when you find out about the power of choice. It is another to realize that it is not always about the “big” things – where you live, who (and if) you marry, your relationship with your family, etc.
    But the tiny things sometimes make up the big things. When you head out the door, do you grab two oreos, or an apple? Do you stop after the meeting to have a 90 second conversation with the new co-worker, or just keep walking? Do you sleep a full 8 hours, or a little less because that game on TV went into overtime?
    Victor here did not choose “I will have a very profitable site with e-books tomorrow” and BOOM it happened in one day. Small daily habits. But he’s gone over that stuff plenty in past posts.
    One thing I agree with in that last Mike Tyson post – the most interesting part of any story is the struggle right before the breakthrough. Again, the small daily habits that others would not do. So if you are in that process now, keep a journal. Take photos. Love the process…it won’t be the same afterward (and that is a good thing).

  7. says

    Hey Victor,

    I know you enjoy especially living in SE Asia, but would you/have you ever lived in somewhere in South America or a city nearing the Mediterranean Sea? It would be interesting to see your thoughts on those locations as they also sound mighty appealing to myself.

    • Victor Pride says

      Thought about it, never been. Was originally going to go to Medellin but decided against it when I watched a docu on youtube about Colombian women getting ass implants. I look at pics of the mediterranean area and it looks fantastic, I don’t have the desire to go now but in a few years.

      • ninja says

        Dont believe everything in those docu there are lots of natural women in Medellin and in Colombia, bad you missed the fun because you based your opinion of a documentary on youtube. Well, there are like 10 women for every man there, I miss the fun sometimes but I decided to live somewhere else for a couple of years.

  8. Michael says

    Another Masterpiece as always. When I first got on this site it was in search of workout research , and I was even more intrigued about how it was not just about working out. I devoure your writings , they hit my soul and spoke of a reality I can not only dream of , but make reality. Losers will never understand choice . I see them all day as I make my deliverers . Myself and a skilled worker I know spoke of this today as my company keeps fucking up his orders. He told me ” no one has any pride in what they do any more ” he is correct . As to my reply is ” there is an epidemic going around called people who don’t take any responsibility for themselves ” aka losers . Let some one else worry about it and it’s not my job ? ……. XThat’s how losers act! I mean shit I delivery construction equipment and some of these guys won’t sign for a box they ordered because they all say ” I don’t want to be responsible “. Thank you Victor for this website . I learned I didn’t have to move away from the city I love what I needed was to move into a different mindset . I made that choice and continue to every day. Breaking free from bullshit drama as well cuz that shit will infect too . When some one is complaining like most people I know I walk away fast! Also to add I’m starting my own business , I mean businesses this year . I can no long stand the stink of making other men rich . Unions don’t mean shit either , I work while some guy eats off every hour I make and they tell me I’m lucky to have this job , some bullshit .I’ve had many jobs too and there all the same . It’s my time to make myself rich and live the life I CHOOSE.

      • PM says

        It doesn’t really matter, but its a bit surprising to me since you talked about believing in a higher power and that life as a purpose. My idea is that if there is no afterlife we can do whatever bad things we want and get away with it and nothing really matters in the end. I like to think that justice will be made somehow after life. But that’s just me. Whatever, good job Victor.

          • C.B. says

            We mostly work for justice in this life because of choice.

            The concept of “justice” exists because evil exists, for if there was nothing evil in this world, we wouldn’t have any use of police, courts, ethics, or anything related to corrective action regarding people’s actions. Granted, social norms and customs define some good and bad behaviors, but some bad behaviors certainly transcend history, murder being an example of this.

            Without evil we wouldn’t know the good in our lives, however illusory good is (or appears to be). Without being able to discriminate between good and evil, our existence would be pretty bland. Choices give flavor to our lives, and without the ability to weigh good vs bad, positive vs negative, just what in the hell would we have to talk about? I don’t think dichotomies are all there are in the world, certainly, there’s a lot of gray. But there’s no gray without black and white.

            Therefore, justice is a fundamental, necessary part of being a human in this world. This blog post is a good example – it’s all choice and it’s up to you.

            Actions have consequences.


            P.S. I guess you were actually challenging the poster above, but I couldn’t help but respond. Just my two cents.

          • Abgrund says

            C.B., we may be out of scope for this blog, and the fact that the available layers of “reply” have been used up may be a subtle hint that Someone thinks it’s time for me to STFU, but regardless:

            “We mostly work for justice in this life because of choice.”

            Why would anyone make that choice, if justice after death is inevitable?

            ‘The concept of “justice” exists because evil exists, for if there was nothing evil in this world, we wouldn’t have any use of police, courts, ethics…”

            I cannot agree. The concept of “justice” exists because people value their own lives and property. Police and courts exist to sustain the interests of those who employ them. Ethics are, in practice, a matter of social order and have little to do with “evil”, unless “evil” is defined as anything that challenges the status quo.

            “Without evil we wouldn’t know the good in our lives…”

            Hard to reply to this without a definition of “good” and “evil”, but if good and evil are in any way objective, their /existence/ cannot be dependent on their recognition as such by observers.

            “…without the ability to weigh good vs bad, positive vs negative, just what in the hell would we have to talk about?”

            Do you intend to equate “good” and “evil” with merely “desired” and “undesired”? Even so, I can easily think of value-neutral topics of discussion, e.g. science and theoretical math.

            “…there’s no gray without black and white.”

            There’s no concept of “gray” as an intermediate state between “black and “white” without a prior concept of “black” and “white”. This does not prove the /existence/ of black and white (or of gray).

            “…justice is a fundamental, necessary part of being a human in this world.”

            Notwithstanding the weaknesses of your previous claims, none of them supports this contention.

            “Actions have consequences.”

            Demonstrating what?

          • says

            I thought a lot on that. My conclusion is as follows: even if there is no afterlife (and I choose to believe it is – as Victor rightly puts it that it is all about one’s choice), regardless of whether god exists or not (and I choose to believe he does), one feels better to know that he/she chooses high standards and lives up to those standards.
            Remember pagans, such as Greeks and Romans, they had tons of deities, but still they did not fuck publicly as Hindians, did not fuck their mothers as Persians, and did not eat their parents as Scythians, etc.
            If there were no standards of nobility, morality and masculinity, one should have articulated them.
            I regret about things like stealing things, abusing porn and insulting people. And I have never felt sorry for restraining from bad things, including smoking and drinking alcohols, and acting positively. It is a pleasure to recognize that you are not a swine.

          • says

            Also, as Victor calls for superiority and independence, no superiority and no independence will be complete without moral superiority. It is not only about business and money. It is also how that business is run and how that money is earned. This is not about rules imposed by others. It is about standards adopted by oneself.

          • says

            Finally, it is about pride. Pride is self-generated.
            Practical pride is the pride for one’s achievements.
            Empirical pride is the pride that drives and motivates one to achieve.
            Morality is an element of the empirical pride.
            As Victor wrote, pride is not a sin, sin is to be a bitch.

          • Miki says

            Pagans, Romans and Greeks had standards of nobility and morality?

            Pedophilia, orgies, no woman rights (not feminist rights, rights a living being deserves, including animals), homosexuality, drinking to oblivion.

            How does that resonate with nobility and morality?

            They regularly had sex with little boys, especially the higher class. The orgies took place with whores at least once a month, always followed by drinking themselves to oblivion while forgetting who’s the whore and who’s the friend in their little “party”, then starting to bang each other.

            They had high moral values as opposed to Persians because they believed in higher deities?

            They even invented their “deities” with stories like “Aphrodite is the wife of Hephaestus but she happens to be fucking with Aries on a regular basis, while Zeus is forcing Gods into arranged marriages to avoid them slaughtering each other fighting over a chick?”

            Their deities were only invented as excuse to justify
            their moral abnormalities. If our Higher Powers can cheat, fuck boys, make orgies… why can’t we do the same?

            Not saying there’s anything wrong with their way of life, I personally like it.

            But saying they were normal is so untrue.

          • says

            Most of that stuff came from Greeks.
            Romans were no better.
            But they had pretty high standards of morality. Not only formally. Many people in Rome lived a life of chastity.
            As to elites, well, Herod and his sons were equally mean.
            Tacitus described sexual abuses by Roman emperors. But, even knowing that, he for example described the way Jewish men treated their wives in the bedroom as something worse than that.
            What I wanted to say above is that standards are required in any society. Of course, they are normally not upheld. But that’s a different story.

          • OD says

            Ancient greek mythology is just a fairytale that has nothing to do with ancient greek religion.Don’t base your opinion on it.

            Modern christianity owes EVERYTHING to the diverse ancient greek schools and nothing to judaism.

            Look up Orphism, Pythagorism, Stoicism etc for more information.

    • Italian G says

      I assure every last one of you there is a God & I know his son. I wish you all knew the truth that I know. He will refuse no one that asks him into his heart. Think about it… You might just be surprised. There is life… Then there is life in Technicolor. I know where true power comes from.

    • David says

      About justice, there’s only ‘action – reaction’. This is a universal law and the only substancial law we’ll ever get. Everything else are feeble human conceptions of morality, which depend upon who holds the power at that given time.

      As for god and afterlife.. I feel ashamed for the fact that humanity is still pondering the existence of such things at this day and age. We are part of ‘macro-system’ where everything is connected. The Sun gives life to Earth, which gives life to plants, which gives life to us and all organisms. The whole (know) universe structures itself in a way that nothing is left to chance, everything has order. This does not prove god. It does however prove consciousness, but our own existence has proved the consciousness of the universe, long before the birth of gods. Following common sense, I can assume that the universe is eternal. Since I am the universe, no there isn’t afterlife, but life too is eternal. Too bad it’s not so in the romanticed way of some religions, so I guess I won’t

      • David says

        be fucking any virgins when I die :[ having said that, I can only think the purpose of the universe is to create and exist, and the purpose of existing is to grow, this is what nature itself strives for – to grow, to evolve, and hence this is the meaning of our lives. To grow and to become better men. Isn’t that the reason why we all look for guidance in this blog anyway?

  9. John says

    I know you’ve touched on this before, but this has great timing.

    I’ve always focused on putting the blame on other things, rather than taking the responsibility for my actions myself. I seriously need to get my act together. Nobody is going to do it for me.

    Just have to grab the courage to start doing instead of wishful thinking.

  10. David says

    Yo Vic, just wanted to say thanks for being such a kickass inspiration.

    Thanks to you and a few other notable bloggers, I’m turning in my notice at my shitty job this week. I have a very rough plan about what I’m gonna do, but I know I have to make the CHOICE and start living the life I’ve always dreamt about living.

    Honestly, I’m scared shitless…and I FUCKING LOVE IT! I know I’ve got a ton of work ahead of me, but I’d rather bust my ass working towards my own goals than slaving away at my job for one more day than is necessary.

    Thanks again for the inspiration man. Ya got one more lone wolf joining the pack.

  11. Matt says

    Yoo Victor,

    You’re from Tucumcari New Mexico? You’re fuckin shitting me man , I’m currently living in New Mexico I’ve been to Tucumcari several times. I grew up in the small town Las Vegas,NM fuckin hated it man. I hate living here, I mean it has it’s charms but I want to get out of here myself. The only reason why I would stay here is because my parents and family live here, but that’s not til I retire if anything. Do you ever feel isolated from your parents and family you grew up with? Do you ever think of coming back to New Mexico and eventually settling out here? I mean I don’t “hate” it with vein but I mean there are much better options out there. But I sometimes think at the end of the day, all that matters is my family outside of everything. I’m 25 years old now that I am young and I continue building my business online I am trying to move somewhere more “exciting” and with more things to do, but I often think will I forever be away from “home”? What are your thoughts?

    • Victor Pride says

      No, I can’t imagine coming back for good. Also, I’m not “from” Tucumcari, I was born there because Logan doesn’t have a hospital.

      • Matt says

        Yup I know where that’s .. So do you just not come back at all? What about your family you grew up with , did you just say fuck it and forget about them? Even if I moved I’d still come down and visit anyway. But fuck man .. crazy, glad to see you are out doing something big with your life I’m on my way as well.

  12. says

    “I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth, then I ask myself the same question.” ― Harun Yahya

    Many people would do well to open their eyes to this idea. When you finally realise that you truly do not have any ties and bounds, be it physical or emotional, you will then be liberated and become free as fuck. After this you will finally see a whole world waiting for you out there.

    Solid advice there Vic, I respect how you’ve completely detached yourself from your former life to live it up like very few can.

  13. says

    “You can take an aspect of your life you don’t like or enjoy and make it an aspect that you do enjoy.”

    Great quote vic.

    Hate working hard? You can learn to love it.
    Don’t enjoy your workouts? You can learn to cherish them.
    Tired of your girlfriend? Well…

    People think their circumstances and even their *mindset* is immutable, but nothing is more subject to change than how you think and feel about things. You can change that in an instant if you want to.

  14. C.B. says

    @ Abgrund

    “Hard to reply to this without a definition of ‘good’ and ‘evil’, but if good and evil are in any way objective, their /existence/ cannot be dependent on their recognition as such by observers.”

    “There’s no concept of ‘gray’ as an intermediate state between ‘black’ and ‘white’ without a prior concept of ‘black’ and ‘white’. This does not prove the /existence/ of black and white.”

    These are metaphysical counterpoints to ethical concerns. They are valid. However, I never stated “good” and “evil” to be objective. Definitions of “good” and “evil” are a mess, but for the sake of this discussion, we can define “good” and “evil” as moral judgments (actions) towards behavior that is either desirable or undesirable, virtuous or non-virtuous, for the time and place in which you exist.

    “Why would anyone make that choice, if justice after death is inevitable?”

    It’s my understanding that our actions in this life are what we’re judged for after death. However, as no one can prove there to be judgment after death [this is a matter of faith], we hold people accountable for their actions in this life. If justice after death is inevitable, what are the standards of judgment? The right and wrong behaviors we are to follow?

    “Even so, I can easily think of value-neutral topics of discussion, e.g. science and theoretical math.”

    Value-neutral topics? Remember, if that’s in any way an objective statement, it cannot be dependent upon your observations. Tell me an objective, value-neutral topic that in no way depends upon your observation. What does existence say about the proof of existence?

    “Actions have consequences.” “Demonstrating what?”

    Actions are what we are judged for [“…justice is a fundamental, necessary part of being a human in this world.”]. Not intention, thoughts, dreams, hopes, or anything else in the head. When you act, you have consequences, for good or ill.

    With regards to Victor Pride’s post, we all have choices to make. We all suffer or profit based upon those choices. Our choices = consequences. Perhaps there isn’t /objective/ behavior, but you’re still held accountable for the time and place and culture in which you exist and your actions in that existence [there are exceptions and people beat the game; let’s not split hairs].

    “Ethics are, in practice, a matter of social order and have little to do with ‘evil’, unless ‘evil’ is defined as anything that challenges the status quo.”

    Indeed, this is where my above definition of good and evil has a problem. Does one have a moral obligation to stand up to something undesirable even if standing up is an undesirable action in itself? There’s a personal component to this that needs to be addressed.

    Abgrund, we are out of scope for this blog. Therefore, if you respond to my comment, I probably won’t respond, because, as you know, these conversations can go on forever. I’ll certainly read and consider any response. Have a good one.


    • Abgrund says

      Yes, I know they can go on forever, and I have a feeling we’ve met before. I will only say that

      1. Your position appears to be one of moral relativism, which I do not find to be a meaningful theoretical construct. If “morality” is equated with the judgments of a person’s society, all we can do is simply observe those judgments while withholding our own. We have passed from the realm of ethics into that of sociology.

      2. Society does very much judge people on their (supposed) thoughts and intents, not just by their actions or the consequences of their actions. If a person accidentally kills someone by carelessly handling a firearm, we do not assign him the same guilt as the person who kills with malice aforethought. In theory (under common law), /mens rea/ is essential to a legal finding of guilt.

  15. The Grizzly says

    Miki says “Their deities were only invented as excuse to justify
    their moral abnormalities. If our Higher Powers can cheat, fuck boys, make orgies… why can’t we do the same?

    Not saying there’s anything wrong with their way of life, I personally like it.”

    Ok, so your post says a lot about your character and yes I’m about to bust your balls. You talk as if immorality is something you admire? You make mention of ‘fucking boys’ and ‘why can’t we do the same’ in the same sentence. If you think that molestation is ok then I’d love to show you what a complete loss of morality is like, I promise you that I’d show no ethical concern or humane treatment of you or your body. You like that way of life? I’d love to show you first hand what lawlessness would be like.

    Where I come from, you talk that shit about children and justifying molestation will get you castrated and put in the fucking ground.

      • PM says

        Well when miki said if our higher powers can cheat and fuck boys and have orgies, why can’t we? He was saying that was the way greeks were thinking, not him. But he also said that he likes that way of life. So yeah you are right. He sounds like some philty human being that makes me beleive in right and wrong and afterlife justice.

    • Miki says


      The eye of a stupid and shallow man tends to interpret everything in that way.

      Go back to herding you stupid, illiterate redneck. Reading is too much of a brain overload for you, apparently.

      The whole point of the post was to explain the way of thinking and life of ancient Greeks, the attitudes expressed are meant as a first person declaration of their own, not mine.

      When I say I like the Antic Greek’s style of life, it is meant to show my admiration for their love of Democracy, Freedom, and Prosperity, which was the main and biggest part of their life, but it didn’t need mentioning as I was referring to Alexander and he show he was familiar with history. And he understood it. Can’t say the same for you.

      When someone says, “Not saying there’s anything wrong with American way of life, I personally like it.”, to someone as stupid and shallow as you it may mean “I love the pedophiles and gays in America, parades and everything”, but to someone normal it means they love the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness idea.

      My whole post was meant as a reply to Alexander who said Greeks were moral as a showcase of how immoral and far from normal they were. Which is the exactly opposite of what your stupidity managed to interpret it for. But I guess your IQ is too low is to connect two different posts at once, too confusing for you.

      I won’t put you exactly where you belong simply because I respect Victor too much to write all those profanities on his Blog’s comment section. I was even thinking whether to dignify you an answer, but when a dog like you starts barking too loudly, you gotta put him back in his place, else he could misinterpret his behavior as acceptable.

      Lesson over. You took 4 minutes of my time chump. Worth more than your monthly salary.

      Don’t do it ever again.


    • Agburnd says

      oooooookkkkkaaayyyy its time, to admit,i m teh reel viktr proud i think u no my stile so well i guess you guessed teh secret of why i hirred him for, i mean he write’s all my post’s to in we have same stile your good at spoting us thogh how he write’s my post’s are all same stile. we are no fooling to you haha!!!

  16. says

    Very inspirational like always!

    This is what TRUE POWER is.

    People think you need money to get power but in fact you need power to get money.
    The power to take your own choice because that’s what YOU want and then take action on it!

    Right on man!

    Quick question for you Victor:
    I’m coming back from a trip to the Philippines and I loved it! I taught I could go to live there some day. The only thing that bothered me, some Filipinos told me back there many time, you got to stick with us or it could be dangerous for you …. because I was, well … very white … in that crowd. Personally I didn’t felt any danger, plus I was definitively the bigger and stronger guy around.

    What you taught about that?

    • Victor Pride says

      1) I never felt any real danger in the Phils, but I saw looks in the eyes of the men and I know it’s there. 2) They definitely AREN’T lying to you. 3) Depends on where you live. City is safe, outside of the city can be “unsafe”. 4) It’s a huge advantage being the bigger guy. When I’m walking around Thailand I’m thinking it would take at bare minimum 3 Thai men to even give me a little workout, maybe it would take 5 of them to take me down. Guns and weapons are a different story.

  17. says

    Vick amazing timing thanks!
    I’m about to relocate to Mexico or somewhere like that.

    I want a challenge, something risky. Thanks for the inspiration.

  18. Mikea says

    If I would stop being so damn timid and bitching at everything,
    A: I could actually lift my ass out of procrastination
    B: stop listening to assimilated people
    C: Get the rewards I deserve
    Great Supermanphysique Victor Great Superwinner Website.
    If I can only accomplish 10% you did I know it’s possible.

    • Justin says

      If you would stop procrastinating and listening to assimilated people you could,
      A: Stop bitching
      B: Stop being so timid
      C: Get the rewards you deserve

  19. KONRAD says

    Hi Victor, I just recently found your blog and I am blown away. In your first podcast you mentioned that if you want to make money online then dropshipping is the way to go. I’m not much of a writer and I don’t have much to say but I am committed to breaking free of the system and becoming a free man like you are. If you could elaborate on the subject of dropshipping and how to make money from it, I would be most grateful.

    Keep up the good work mate.

  20. d d says

    Top article. “The gift of choice” is spot-on. So many people are scared of choice, of pushing themselves.

    Your site is giving them the motivation, and myself even more motivation, to do so!

    Keep up the great work bud.

    Couple of questions for you Victor –
    I’ve read in the past (can’t find the sources) about eating protein before carbohydrates as a way of aiding digestion of protein. I eat relatively similar amounts of protein, carbs each meal, as filling up on protein then going onto carbs costs too much!
    But is there still benefit in eating protein before carbs, or this just bro science?

    Also I think you’re not a big fan of measuring exact quantities of things, but what sort of ballpark amount of carbs should I be aiming for if doing the maintenance diet in BOAS (I’m 6ft, around 185lbs at the moment)?


    • Victor Pride says

      Depends on where you go. Thailand is easy, I just bought a one way ticket and figured it out when I got there.

  21. says

    Hey Vic,
    You are truly an inspiration to me. You are the real Celtic Warrior and I consider you a friend even though we never met, but a real friend. Although I love the USA we are slowly losing our freedoms here. We have the sick freaks running the country and it seems like they are winning. You have managed to focus and move forward carving out your own destiny. Only real men can do that and I am on my way to doing that because of people like you who inspire us who read your blog and because now we know that we have incredible people like yourself achieving what you put your mind to do. God Bless you Vic. You made me a warrior as well.

  22. says

    A like this life of choice perspective. For many people it’s not just living a life of choice, they simply aren’t capable seeing a life beyond their shitty little town. They spend so much time in their home state or town, that they actually begin to believe that that is the size of their world.

    It’s sad and actually makes me sick to see people think that way. They won’t even acknowledge the idea of stepping outside their comfort zone.

    When they caught Saddam Hussein, he actually thought that Iraq was the most powerful country in the world. He was furious that he was being detained and believed it took an alliance of inferior nations to finally take him down.

    Just goes to show how some people need to realize more than the power of choice. They need to understand the power of opportunity and potential.

    • says

      “When they caught Saddam Hussein, he actually thought that Iraq was the most powerful country in the world.” !!!!???

      You sir are a moron!

  23. says

    Hey Victor!

    Quick & simple post but fucking hit the hammer on the head type shit.

    It’s definitely a basic concept but one society struggles with so damn much. Sometimes it’s easy to have those feelings of guilt when you start to live a life better than others, wondering why you can be better off financially, enjoying every hour of your day but when you spend every hour working for it – well fuck. You deserve it.

    And, like you said,

    “But hey, beggars can’t be choosers I guess. Can’t all live the dream. World needs office drones. Anarchy. Ditch diggers. A million other rationalizations and excuses for living the life of a lapdog. Whatever helps you sleep at night.”

    They made their choice!

  24. says

    Great Post Victor. People don’t realize how powerful having a choice becomes. Why are people so stupid? Why do people do something they hate? it’s because they’ve forgotten that they have a choice, it’s not like they’re living in Iran or Afghanistan where choice is limited.

  25. says

    The power of having choices is one of the most important powers we will ever have.

    I feel the same way when I hear someone complaining about a situation that can easily change. I always as “Why?” and “Why not?”.

    People tend to complain just to complain. If you don’t like something about ANYTHING, change it, simple as that!

      • says

        Most people who ask for advice are secretly mocking you, or they just want to pull you down for their amusement.

        It takes awhile to discern who is really looking for a leg up, and those who are just flailing aimlessly and trying to drag you into the abyss of negativity with them.

  26. Walt says

    People aren’t desperate enough to change their situation. They complain, but things are too easy that they needn’t do anything about it. People have always migrated to the West because they lived in terrible conditions, under constant threat and with little chance of making a decent life. These days though in America, you won’t starve, there is plenty of free shit to just take, there is clean water wherever, etc. People who are serious about making their lives better have already left. Those who say it is too hard are just hiding the fact that they are scared or content enough.

  27. ABRIV says

    Hey Victor,
    Crazy to hear that you’re from New Mexico! I’ve lived here in NM for too long now and am currently getting my shit together so I can move abroad. I enjoy this blog a ton, keep up the good work!

  28. says

    So true Vic!

    I get this all the time “easy for you, your dad was a successful businessman. you can just get up and go” hahaha, as if i should apologize for being spawned from a winner wolf! I borrowed 1000usd to move to Indonesia 7 years ago, and it’s also the best choice i ever made..but rather than do the same, chumps always wanna say they didn’t have the shot, the means, or the option. As if 1000usd is the fucing lottery! I just laugh amd let them live on loser lane, while i have another mango shake in the pool in Bali!

    Keep inspiring

  29. says

    As a lower-class minority in the USA with so much pressure just get out of the hood, to find oneself overseas, is refreshing. I’ve learned to transcend limitations.

    This was all calculated. My costs are cheap here AND I BLEND IN (to a degree).

    I also hated racism and bigotry in the USA, and as a man of option, I simply left and have found that inner-space freed. If YOU or anyone out here thinks their environment IS what is holding them back to REACH their full potential– I am testament that environment seeps into you psychological well-being; sometimes the next step of your development is to move overseas.

    • G-Funk says

      I agree mate. I grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Warzone. Anyone who says environment doesn’t play a role in shaping your worldview is full of crap. It still has an impact on me to this day, EG just two nights ago there was a HUGE thunder boom at 3am and i jumped right out of bed, grabbed my wife and headed for the door believing it was a bomb. i was still asleep during all of this, and she told me about it the next day laughing. That stuff is buried deep in the mind and that conditioning takes a literal lifetime to undo. Living overseas is helpful though – congratz to you for making the move.

  30. pbw says

    Vic , nice post again. Someday however one has to settle down somewhere for practical purposes. You have to create a base — and from there travel – but you always have to come back to that base or place. Basic things like to keep your belongings, clothes, musical instruments, books, business and tax files etc. You cannot keep living in hotels or apartments. Especially as you get older, you need routine, medical services, familiarity especially with friends, family. When do you think that may occur in your life plan — and where would you think to settle down?

      • pbw says

        Can you expand on that. Where is your home base and why did you choose that city. How long do you plan on staying there and why? I think these are important questions. Even with location independence, one is still dependent on location.

  31. Stephon says

    Hey Vic,

    Have you ever been to Ho Chi Minh City? I heard it’s fairly cheap to live there, I’m seriously considering moving abroad. I truly can’t wait until you put your new material out. Your blog is soo inspiring man. I want to do something different in a totally different environment. I’ve lived in many states and have always been intrigued by living in another country. At 37yrs, I know time is ticking.

  32. Rob says

    Don’t want to put a downer on things but it all starts turning to s*** anyway by the time you’re 50 even if you stay fit, so there’s nothing to lose by giving it a try. Victor makes many very good points, and a young guy can learn a lot of very useful info quickly from his writings (about a lot of things), instead of wasting years making mistakes. One thing I would add, if you try and go for the Internet Business option (which is by far the best option in terms of the freedom it can give, and the most achievable) try and devise one that is as automated as possible, that’s the holy grail.

  33. Matt says

    Hey Vic,

    Just curious as to what caused you to make a seemingly radical mental switch where somehow this skinny poser changed into a man such as yourself? This is by no means intended to insult, I’m just curious as to how you flipped the switch, so I, too, can flip it.

    • says

      Friend, I suggest you bookmark this site, read it, study it and most importantly, embrace it. Victor’s blog is essentially a private diary of his journey.

      Other places I highly recommend for you are:

      These will change your thinking radically. Once you truly embrace these ideas you will no doubt change. It’s all a natural process friend.

      I wish you luck on your personal journey of change.

      • Matt says

        This is the only blog I read and study. Danger and Play can’t compare. I suppose Vic never radically changed but rather developed a killer mindset over time. Its probably impossible for Vic, 23, to morph into Vic, 30, overnight. Unless it is a mindset switch and the rest follows through.

        • says

          Indeed, change is a gradual process, very often you cant short cut it. Just keep reading, consuming and taking time to reflect on your own life. Repeat over and over, the answers you need will come.

    • BEN says

      If you see people treat you drastically different, after you gain some muscle and dress nicer. You will change yourself.

  34. says

    Got five figures in the bank saved up, just quit my day job last Friday.

    Moving to Thailand as soon as minutia such as passports/visa’s are sorted. The next year is all about business.

    People look at me like I’m an alien when I tell them my plans don’t coincide with everybody else who is so eager to marry the first whining hottie that will touch their dick and accept that they worth no more than their hourly rate. Don’t care. as you say Victor, approval is for dogs.

    Good shit.

  35. John says

    I recently took a trip to Australia for 40 days with my Dad, we did a motorcycle camping tour from Melbourne to Cairns. It was awesome and I can’t wait to go back. The only bad part was all the people in my town telling me ‘oh, that’s on my bucket list’, and all I could think was ‘Fuck you and your bucket lists, you’ll never go because your mindset is it’ll happen someday’. Too many could of-would of-should of types in my hometown. After one week back there I, I had to get out. They don’t wish you luck or want to know about the trip, they just try to put you down and tell you the hometown bs you missed out on. Another phase I hate is ‘You’re lucky you can do all that’, which usually comes from guys I knew in high school who got married at 18 and got themselves stuck in dead end jobs. I save my money and do what I want, and people want to make up things about why I can do those things and they can’t to make themselves feel better.
    I usually just tell them I’m living the dream, then blast off into the sunset on my bike.
    An old Aussie I met in the bush told me ‘Life is too easy, mate!’ It definitely is, just need to get away from the drones and wash-outs.
    Great post, got me fired up.

  36. mindboggle says

    Hey Vic, I bought your ebook 30 days of discipline. I’m a week in and so far I’m liking it but I’m tired all the time, why is that? Is it dietry or just old lazy habits trying to continue its cycle?

  37. says

    On-line business offers by far the most lucrative options in regard to freedom. It pretty much provides you with the choice to work whenever you want and work from where ever you want in the world. As long as you have an internet connection!

  38. Xavi says

    Hey Uncle Vic, It’s your 17 year old son,Xavi from Holland.

    When ya puttin’ Spartan Entrepreneur on sale?
    Becoming quite impatient…..

  39. Alexei says

    Vic, that was a hell of an article…inspiring!

    True – we all make choices in our lives (at least when we turn 18, but I believe it should be 13/14).
    I was born in the Urals part of Russia, raised in England and Australia. I then spent 3 years in Bangkok,6 months in Phnom Penh, 3 years in Australia. I am now in Guangzhou, China.

    I must give my family a credit – they’ve never pressurized me to stay in Australia. However, each time I plan to venture abroad they keep nagging me about how much easier it is to stay in OZ or UK, have a stable job/salary, etc… I’m not an entrepreneur YET!! Teaching and roaming the globe suits me perfecto for the time being… But! I Want to start an online business that would bring me a decent income ($3-5 K/P Month) within the nxt 1-2 years.

    Location Independence – that’s what I’m after.

    Any advice would be appreciated, Vic.

  40. says

    Sup fellow wolves, wanted to chime in and ask some of you to check out a new blog I started, Inspired by Vic, I have taken up my own voice and added a dark side element that I think brings it character and injects my personality. Let me know what you think.

    – Riz

  41. says

    Great article. I have been making a bit of money with freelance writing which allows me to make money from pretty much anywhere in the world but it has been going quite slowly lately. I want to create some sort of online business, it’s pretty much the key to creating a location independent lifestyle. Anyways, it is a choice, I just have to stick to my decision.

  42. says

    I personally don’t blame you from packing up and leaving bro, especially once you get a taste of how Europe is like and what there is to offer overseas.
    In my opinion, the west is on the brink of collapse and complete meltdown.
    I have no interest in staying here either and have always felt like an outsider and alone. now it makes sense. The western influence has never really gelled with me and all for the better. If it were so promising, there wouldn’t be so many issues that we’re seeing today.
    It makes me feel better knowing there are other guys like me out there. Suddenly, I don’t feel so alone.

  43. Brandon says

    Hey Vic, heard your podcast with Chris from GoodLookingLoser, it was a real gem! You going to be doing any more of that any time soon?

  44. says

    The post-Soviet area celebrates the 8th of March, Ladies’ Day. Overall, it’s a nice tradition (and expensive one). Still, it’s a great opportunity to express our care for ladies and demonstrate our manhood. Roman emperors reportedly used to give presents to ladies in mid-March at the time when Jesus lived. So, this is also an old tradition, to some extent (much older than any feminism).
    Congratulations to female readers on the feast of spring and beuaty!

  45. HardcoreHookup says

    Question Victor: Can you see yourself marrying and having children with an asian women? You’re an old school kinda guy, and I bet you want to see yourself in your children. I’m a white man that dates lots of asian women, and I struggle with this question. Any thoughts?

      • Leo says

        I’m struggling with similar issue, thinking of getting married and having a baby with asian woman. But Victor, didn’t you say time and again that western women changed so much, that is very hard to find a gem, who is not a slut and that asian women are (still) feminine.

        Also, as an expat myself, it is nearly impossible to find a nice looking, western, non hog, non slutty, and preferably shy female in asia.

  46. says

    Why ever consider yourself stuck? I grew up in West Texas, and I was thrilled when I left at 18. Now when people ask me what Odessa was like, I tell them that if they only had a week left to live, they should spend it in Odessa, Texas.

    They usually seem stunned. “Really?” is what they’ll ask.

    Oh yeah! You see, a week in Odessa will FEEL like forever! :)

    I am enjoying your writing, and the sharing of your thoughts. At 46, I have a high degree of freedom now, but it’s always fun to read another perspective on the issue. Not just on how to achieve “freedom”, but what it means to begin with.

  47. tradedate says

    All this sounds great for single men. Believe me I don’t mean to sound negative. My question is, how can you reach this level of independence when you already have a wife and children, a mortgage, car payment, and all the other bills associated with modern family life?

    • says

      First, track where your money goes. Step one is awareness. Once you have awareness, you can change your actions. It’s no different than when you’re at the mall looking at the map to find a store. Step one is find the “you are here” label.

      Find out where you are on your spending, track it, then start changing things. If you’re like most, you’ll find that you probably spend a lot on eating out. Cook at home and eat there. it’s better for your relationships, your health, and your bank account.

      Eliminate things that distract you and cost money. You can kill two birds with one stone. Cable and satellite? Cancel them. Get an antenna if you want access to local channels. You’ve cut costs and freed up time to do something productive.

      The savings from these two things alone will provide money to start paying down other bills. You have more money, more time, better health with those two changes, and now you start eliminating debt. Every elimination creates a change that continues to free up more money.

      Inertia can be your friend, or it can be a bitch that slaps you into slavery. Get inertia going your way in reducing debt and living within your means, and eventually you have no debt. Get a bunch of debt, and the inertia works against you, and before you know it you’re a salve to payments and debt service.

      Get your wife involved and make it a game. Think of yourselves as a team of two, and the game is to kick ass in life. If she’s not on board with that vision, get her on board. You’re the team captain, manage your team. The kids are part of your team as well, though not as critical, and they will end up creating their own teams later, so focus on the two of you.

      Embrace the idea that things may feel worse for a bit. It’s like working out. You don’t do it because you enjoy the 20-45 minutes of discomfort. You embrace that discomfort so the other 23.5 hours a day are BETTER! Same thing with every aspect of life. Embrace that short suck so that it can ALL be better.

      Have fun

  48. B says


    My father is from Luna County, NM. There was 1 telephone in the entire town, at the Post Office (this is back in the ’50s). No indoor plumbing, no electricity. I believe NM has the worst public education system in the country, or it did back then. He was the first in the family to graduate college and get a professional career and he’s very proud of this. While I share his pride for those achievements, I also see the regret in his face: The regret of marrying at 20, having 2 kids (when he didn’t want any), working for the man for 40 years, volunteering to go to Vietnam, etc. It is what he was “supposed to do”. He’s expressed that he is proud of me, for not making the same mistakes (I do have a day job).

  49. menging says



    what do you think about having insurance?

    I’m in the process of eliminating all unnecessary expenses.

    Here in Norway there is a strong dogma that says you need insurance for EVERYTHING between heaven and earth.

    With the argument of “you might need it someday”, “you will regret it the day X happens”.

    What do you mean about this subject?

  50. Bob says

    Victor: How did it work with Asia in the beginning? Did you visit first or just simply dive in and go and that was that? Was it major culture shock in the beginning? Also since, you have either lived or visited in several Asian nations be it China or the SE Asian nations, what is your take on crime there just on your observations? Just from statistical reading, it seems violent crime is less than say, the central American or many Latin American nations.. And was just wondering. Where did you meet your girlfriend.? What country? Thanks.

    • Victor Pride says

      Jumped right in. Petty crime like petty fraud like overcharging for a taxi ride is high, violence non existent unless you play with the mafia. America has more crime by far. We live in Thailand, I met her in another country.

      • Bob says

        Very good. Thanks for the straight on reply. So true, I always tell people you want to see insane violence? Go to detroit, large parts of Chicago, Camden,. Baltimore, North Philly, Flint, and so many others.. The “safe” America from the 1950’s is long gone where all of those same places mentioned were fine. Amazing how utterly stupid so many are in either not knowing that fact or want to bury their heads in the sand speaking of PC stuff instead or obsessing over a police incident. SICK!

        • Victor Pride says

          I would NEVER let my girl walk around a major US city. I would NEVER let her use public transit anywhere in the US. Here she can use the skytrain anytime, she can walk around Bangkok all she wants (during the day, at night she doesn’t go out alone). I’d rather have her stuck in Cambodia alone (that happened once) than in any US city.

          • Bob says

            Yup. No doubt. America increasingly lives the great lie. While there are still some great areas there with some great folks, we have increasingly bombed out cities and burbs.And the country has become too cowardly and PC to discuss the fact in nearly all the black and brown areas it is a disaster despite tons of public money being spent. Where an obsession on a “police brutality” case becomes the thing to focus on while ignoring thug gangs, rapes, murders, robberies,etc. Throw in massive debt, an illegal alien invasion promoted by our own gov’t( interesting we can fight wars the world over but somehow can’t- more like won’t- stop an invasion at the border), high taxes, political correctness everywhere,, discrimination against whites in hiring and on and on..

            I was reading the other day an article called “The worst schools money can buy” or something like that. Basically showed outlandish money spent on public education in places like Newark, Jersey City, DC and some others.. And of course the schools still stink because the kids are the problem. I used to teach. The things I saw were amazing.Let the Asians run it. White Americans have become too feckless in too many cases .And most blacks live in a perpetual “victim” status despite the opposite often being true. Look at a place like Detroit? A very nice place in the 1950’s. IT was even Mitt Romney’s boyhood home. Now? Forget it. They even had to raze his home since the city was such a bombed out, criminal infested nightmare. Too many people are too cowardly to dive into real reasons why things are the way they are and thus, the price for that cowardice is and will continue to be paid..I laugh when I hear a certain foreign nation is “dangerous.” Just have to look at the good ole USA in many of its cities to see true danger. And the areas that are not people pay money up the wazoo for it.

  51. Bob says

    Unbelievable.. perfect example of bad choice. My porter in my building got fired. He was good but he got into it with some other workers. So he goes. Anyway, the super and his wife are old.. as in nearly 70. ALWAYS talk about retiring but never do. Since the porter got dumped, the super’s wife is literally the porter now till they get someone. She ALWAYS looks tired and stressed. So does her husband. All they say is “work, work, work.” or SO tired. They are from a foreign country( Argentina) but never go back. Talk about “retiring” there. When is the trigger pulled? Ever? Or do they just keep complaining and look tired as can be? Now THAT Is a life of (negative) choice! The direction of their lives even at this age can be changed with just a “switch” in their thinking. But no, some folks just LOVE to be beaten over the head right till death..Tons of people live a “complain culture” instead of an OWN IT culture! Some folks are simply conditioned like an abused animal who sees freedom but hates the thought of it… WOW… Sure ain’t going to be me!

  52. antoine says

    ok Victor… i want to acheive a life like your live overseas, make money, live a life of choice ….im on google and come across info on living a time and time independent lifestyle but now im just confused… have you heard of this?