How Winning is Done

Morning, friends.

And a beautiful morning she is. OK, to be honest it’s night time for me. I’m on the other side of the world at the moment. Bangkok, to be precise. But I did have a nice morning and I hope you do the same.

On Bold and Determined I have said over and over again that losers will always try and take you down a peg or two. Self improvement is some sort of allergy to losers. They want to take their misery out on winners and I’ll show you a perfect example.

Normally I ignore hate mail but I wanted to share this 100% real hate mail I received just the other day:

You might be big, you might be strong, but it took you a long time to get there and you make a living only because you live where it costs nothing to live, i.e., Vietnam and Cambodia.

Hatemail Harry has accused me of working hard in the gym, living cheap and being smart with money.

Guilty as charged.

Yes, it’s true. I worked out for many years to get big and strong. Yes, it’s true that I live cheap. And with good reason. But first…

Let me show you a picture that illustrates why I am big and strong:


Notice two things.

  1. I’m in a gym.
  2. I’m covered in sweat.

That’s a picture of me on vacation at a beach resort town. That liquid on me isn’t Mountain Dew, it’s sweat. Sweat equity, to be precise. You can’t buy your body with money, it costs sweat. You can buy all the surgery and you can buy all the steroids but you can’t buy the sweat, and the sweat is what gets you there.

Your business costs you sweat equity too. You can’t buy money, you can only earn it. You earn your money by building it up and working on it day in and day out, no matter how much you don’t feel like it. You earn your money and you earn your body by the same exact method – consistency.

Winners don’t start & stop, start & stop, start & stop repeatedly, but losers are always “getting ready to start” or “taking a small break”, or sending snide remarks to their betters.

Five months ago I wrote a blog post entitled How to Improve Your Mood by Making More Money. In that post I said:

Right now I make 3.5 grand per month doing nothing … Now I expect to make 8+ grand per month doing a lot more work.

That was 5 months ago when I made that public statement and stated my intention. My income for the past 5 months has been exactly what I said it was going to be.

That’s what sets the go-getters apart from the no-getters. Sweat equity, determination and dedication to goals. Putting in the work to reap the rewards. Something losers can’t comprehend. First you do work, then you get paid. If it takes years then it takes years.

Losers want to do nothing and have the spoils of war given to them. Warriors do the work and then take the spoils of war as their right.


7 years from A-Z. Strength, Confidence, Pride, Accomplishment.

How Winning is Done

Put in the time and put in the effort. Like Rocky says, take the hits and keep moving forward. I’ve been in the gym for 7 years and Bold and Determined has been online for 3 years. When I started weight training I had no physique, no base, and no real strength to start from. When I started online I had no connections and no knowledge whatsoever about building an online business. But I had heart, consistency and desire. I spent an entire year living on $800 per month so I could learn.

In the time it took the Hatemail Harry to send me a hate mail accusing me of being big and strong and smart with money he could have went to and fired off an order for How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis and Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He could have spent his time learning how winners got their winning done. He could have spent his abundant free time learning a new trade that would make him better as a man.

Design Your Lifestyle

I’ve personally got all the free time in the world, if I want it. I truly could work 4 hours per week if I felt like it. I don’t have to punch a time clock and I don’t have to be in the office by 9:00am. That was no accident, that was by design and intent. Rather than spend my time working in some office, paying taxes so welfare recipients can get new smart phones, I have found a better solution. It’s a 4 part solution:

  1. Make money on your own terms.
  2. Live abroad.
  3. Leverage a 1st world income to get maximum benefit in a developing country.
  4. Take advantage of the foreign earned income exclusion so you don’t owe income tax.

When you spend 330+ days abroad each year you can take advantage of a little known tax program that lets you keep your foreign earned income up to about 98k. Hatemail Harry might be happy to know that not only am I big and strong, but I also get to keep my dollars earned. Rather than throwing money away on inefficient, childish tax programs I keep it instead.

If you aren’t familiar with the US tax system the taxes owed on a 98k salary are about thirty thousand dollars. Poof. Just gone to some governmental nitwit programs. Using the outline above you could put that money in the bank rather than flush it down the toilet.

Or you could send hatemail to winners. Don’t bother me none either way. Hatemail just gives me fuel for the fire and I’ll take all the hits and keep moving forward.

Keep on winning and grinning, boys. Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

PS – I’m so fired up I’m going to be following my own ass-kickers program 30 Days of Discipline, again, for the entire month of October. Expect some ass-kicking coming your way this month. Guaranteed. When it comes to starting, ain’t no day like today and ain’t no time like the present.

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  1. says

    Great post as always!

    “Keep moving forward” is what its all about. I’ve been using 30 days of discipline for about 3 weeks now and finally learned how to put that in practice.

    Great stuff man! Keep it coming!

  2. Alex says

    You’re a kind of man I have a huge respect for, Victor.

    I’d say good luck months ago but we both know it’s not about luck. It’s about discipline and effort…

    PS: That’s the only blog I read, thanks for it.

    • Victor Pride says

      Nah. I know enough Chinese to order food, take a taxi, count etc. but everywhere else people speak english.

  3. says

    Hi VIc. I enjoy your emails: but, you seem to put no value on family values. Having a fabulous loyal wife and great kids.

    I had two kids my the age of 19. I have worked since I was 11.
    I am now 74 and live in Finland.

    I never had time for hobbies or self indulgence. I am now a retired it consultant.

    Whatever motivates one to work hard is ok by me.

    One thing that money can not buy are the wonderful family memories.

    I, like you have worked for myself since the age of 21.

    Now I am getting old and overweight wit several health problems.

    I have worked and lived in several countries and I think I have found my Mecca here in Finland.

    Take care and keep on writing. best wishes robert

    • Victor Pride says

      Hi Robert,

      “you seem to put no value on family values.” The unfortunate reality is that I am an American. There are no family values any longer. Having an American wife and family, the type of which you have, has been denied of us. I know it may be hard to understand but American women are simply not like they were even 20 years ago when I was a child. They are completely insane and morally bankrupt and they are given full power by the American government. Marriage is a suicide mission for American men.

      It is my belief that men want families and will always work harder when someone they love is waiting at home for them. But Americans, and most westerners, don’t have the option you had 50 years ago. It just doesn’t exist. I’ve seen it close up, I’ve lived it. I’ve seen the lives destroyed by it.

      So what’s an American man to do? Marry from abroad? No. Not without very, very, very careful analysis of the female over a period of years. Take her to America and she’ll stop being a good wife. It’s a conundrum.

      Personally, I have a real sweatheart of a girlfriend and we live as husband and wife would have lived in the not so distant past. But I won’t be getting married.



      • BM says

        It makes complete sense what you say. However, the one thing I never quite understood in your position is the one relative to children. I tend to agree with about 99% with what you say in this blog. Being a real man indeed involves acting like one, which includes all aspects of life as food, exercise, attitude towards women, making money. clothing, etc. All perfectly clear and agreeable. But I cannot see how a man can plan not to have his OWN children, his blood and his name passed along. If that aspect of life hasn’t been fulfilled, this was man has failed in a crucial aspect of what means to be a man. Look at “aging uncles” with no children and see how pitiful they are. Even Hugh Hefner has four children of his own. Of course, one should start thinking about this after 35 years old or so, but still at some point between 35-45 I would say is time to have children, a boy if possible. Your article about “how to pick the right wife”, by the way, is the perfect guide to succeed in this important aspect of life.

          • BM says

            It seems that you defend not having children/family as something acceptable (in my mind for example, this is unacceptable), because of all the problems and challenges that indeed exist when trying to find a good woman. Have I misinterpreted how you see this?

          • Victor Pride says

            Ah, ok. I believe in self determination. If you want children, have them. If you don’t, don’t. Frankly I couldn’t care less if other men want children or not. If it’s what you want just make the right decision choosing the female, I’d sure feel like a dipshit if I ever paid one penny of state mandated and regulated child support, or if the kid had a mommy’s house and a daddy’s house. Like everything, if you’re gonna do it then you better be in it to win it.

  4. Bud says

    Great post, Victor! It gave me a fire ass-kick to start business online and put more killograms on the barrel of a bench press. Victor, would it be able to purchase your book ” The Spartan Entrepreneur’s Guide ” ever again?

  5. says


    I’ve told you in the emails we’ve exchanged just how much of an influence you have been for me the past few months. I can honestly tell all you fellas reading his stuff, that this guy is legit. I haven’t followed any of Vic’s stuff to the T, but I have taken my favorite parts your posts (and books) and put a personal twist on all of them.

    I started seriously training again since June of this year. In a span of a few months, I went from a flabby, skinny-fat, 5’9 weakling, to a near-lean killer (I let myself slip big time for the past few year, I was a lean, athletic fella, but I let trivial life problems make me less of a man). I’ve got a long ways to go still (I aim high) but the progress I’ve made has been nothing short of amazing. When you finally stop bullshitting around, plan and take action, it’s insane what the human MIND can to do the BODY. I will tell you boys right here right now that if you don’t get off your ass and work, all the beliving, all the thinking all the wishes are not going to amount to jack shit. Nothing is going to materialize until you take ACTION. There is absolutely nothing to be scared of. Worst case scenario? You fail. Big fucking deal. Use that failure to fuel your fire and try again. All failures are, are plans that wern’t executed correctly. Figure out what went wrong instead of quitting and get back on the horse and ride that son of a bitch.

    Continue to kick ass.

  6. Mike says

    It pisses me off I don’t want to have all the mob peasants around me.. I don’t want to live with depressed high income office drones either. I found exactly what I want, I want to live on the outskirts of my city, never went there till today. Old buildings, cool architecture, the best place to live far away from the influence of public schools, depressing clones and cardionazis. Haters deserve in my book a big stomp in the face but its not worth the energy. Passive Income all the way.

    • Cleve says

      How appropriate your phrase is…. Depressed High Income Office Drones (DHIOD… no not nice)… haha. That’s sobering!

  7. says

    The hate-mailer was even an amateur at hatemail! I don’t understand hating someone, instead of trying to BETTER YOURSELF. No wonder they hate their lives!

    You gotta do things you don’t want to do sometimes to be successful. SACRIFICE.

    I used to get ~$1000 off my biweekly checks when I was slaving as a wind turbine tech. Watching obese push around carts packed to the brim with $300+ dollars worth of name brand garbage ALWAYS made me feel resentment, as I knew from looking at that person, they’re getting obese on my money.

    Anyway, I got ass-kicking to do today!

    Great post Vic!

    When can we expect a “How to live in south east asia”?

    • Victor Pride says

      When can we expect a “How to live in south east asia”?

      Hmmm..I’d say in the not so distant future I’ll talk about it.

  8. says

    In that pic of the gym, is that chin up bar 10 feet of the ground or are those guys standing below it 5 feet tall or is it a trick of perspective? Also, check out the farmer’s tan on that guy on the left.

    • Victor Pride says

      Those guys are about 5’5″ tall, they have to stand on chairs to reach the bar. But looking at the pic, the bar does seem unnaturally high.

      • Justin says

        Maybe the equipment designer thought, “Set the bar high. The people who want it will get it, the people who are just kicking sand won’t get in their way.”

    • asdfoij says

      He doesn’t. You pay the taxes. Everyone else in the world pays zero income tax to their citizenship country if they don’t live there anymore.

      Usually there are tax credits if you’ve paid income taxes to another country that you have been living in. So if you live in a typical higher taxed developed country that the US has tax treaties with, you would pay nothing to the USA.

      Your income tax returns are very complicated if you do it properly and still subject to possible ruinous fines if the IRS thinks you screwed up somewhere. Usually accountant fees are around $5000. You also have to report all foreign bank if the total value of them ever exceeds $10’000 for the tax year. This is called FACTA.

    • Victor Pride says

      You open a series of offshore corporations and use it for biz use, not personal income. Keep it legal #1.

    • Justin says

      Look up “global wealth protection” on google. It’s their business to delve deep into this stuff. You’ll find a lot of political shit on the site, but they keep their fingers on the pulse.
      GWP may or may not still have a presence on the millionaire fastlane forums. (Mj Demarco’s forums.)

  9. The Hater says

    You left out the part where I called you out on your blatant plagiarism of several people, including Martin Berkhan of LeanGains.

  10. says

    Real winners make their own path rather than following one made by someone else. Haters will always target winners because deep inside they wish they was doing what you are doing right now. Let them hate that only should make you more stronger and even more ambitious! I could never understand why people hate when it only fuels the fires of success!

    As always Vic You the man!!!


  11. says

    Hey Vic,
    I have to ask… What did you do to increase your income as you predicted? Was it all the product of B&D work? Was it simply going from not posting to posting every week? I’m curious.
    Throw us a bone man!
    Keep killing it bro.

    • Victor Pride says

      I have to credit mindset and prioritization over tactics. In a nutshell…

      #1) B&D is gaining in popularity and becoming a very large site, it only needed a push from me to help it along.
      #2) I think about the numbers I want to achieve every single day, the numbers are burned into my brain.
      #3) Picking the right female to be your gal. This makes a huge difference when you have a cheerleader in your corner. When you have something to work for, you work harder, which I mentioned to commenter Robert just a second ago.
      #4) Make the posts I write better and give them more frequency.

  12. George says

    Again, a flawless post Uncle Vic! You have been the single soul that has helped me grow from a little boy into a confident, focussed young man at 18 years old. I had always felt that I would never amount to anything and that I wouldn’t be able to drive forward my own life. After countless readings of your many posts you have certainly enlightened my life and set an example of qualities men should possess and ones I have developed in myself. You are the man Vic and I trust myself to be in a similar position of freedom as you are a few years after I finish my education. Thank you for being the hero who taught me things I never learnt from my own father.

  13. Rob says

    Thanks for your posts bro you have inspired me over the last 6 or so months. My physical transformation has been unreal and I have completely changed my mentality about life and being a man. How to win friends and influence people which I found off your approved resources page has been revolutionary as well.

    Look forward to more posts.

  14. says

    Another great post Vic, that’s how you show them. Only the real people, the winners, have a right to say things like that to other people. He’s right though you are fucking big and strong, clearly through years of hard work. I’m currently undertaking a muscle building program too, and threw in a few things from Body Of A Spartan. The site’s staying awesome as always, I hope one day my site is this good or even better (not getting too cocky yet). It’s called “” for anyone who wants to come take a look and give me some feedback on what they think about it, way I could improve etc.

    Thanks guys, and thank you Vic

  15. says

    Yo dude, I have read a lot about blogging being dead now and there not being any more room in the market for people starting out? Is this true in your opinion? Also seriously considering 30 days of discipline. Peace.

  16. Italian G says

    Hate mail Harry forgot to mention how easy you can get the ladies when you look like that. The guys an idiot. Hate mail Harry, also probably has to bend over for his boss everyday. Good for you Vic…. And the all important question… Are you happy? I bet the answer is yes. I’m not in very good shape right now…. I’m ok… Doesn’t really matter my female is 12 years younger than me…. 32 E tits, weighs 120 and looks like a living barbie doll & is VERY intelligent and sweet… I started working out again last Thursday. HOWEVER, I also know, because I have looked how you currently do… that you also feel great mentally because your body feels so good all the time. LOL…. That dudes a schmuck.

  17. Abhi says

    Victor i want to purchase both your books but i am from India and paypal is not allowed here.

    its frustrating cause i have money but cant purchase.

    I want to know if it is possible to make the buy-sell transaction in any other way. like bank etc

    pls reply

    • Victor Pride says

      Paypal is not allowed in india? I’ve paid a bunch of Indian freelancers through paypal before. That doesn’t add up. The only way to purchase is with a paypal account or a credit card, if you have a credit card you don’t need a paypal account.

  18. Justin says

    Haters are a result of our delusional culture. We spend so much time convincing each other that we just aren’t lucky, and we can’t change our fate because the rich and successful are evil.
    That’s why, when they see someone better off, they say “Fuck this guy!”, while winners say “Fuck. This guy’s great!”

    Maybe they just can’t come to terms with their own weakness? Personally, I’m apathetic, easily bored and under-motivated.
    It’s why this makes me cringe. Gotta stare my own weakness in the face.
    Luckily, it’s only 99% true. The last 1% is the reason why almost anyone can work a horrific job for most of their lives. They want the result more than the activity.
    If you can’t muscle through something, your reasons for doing it aren’t strong enough, or you don’t have enough reasons. Strengthen them, or move on.

    Back when the internet was made out of yahoo and viruses, I typed like a retard. In school I didn’t have the motivation to learn how to spell. Outside of school, I didn’t give a shit about bothering to capitalize every noun.
    This only changed because I spent my time IMing people that gave a shit. They would bother to capitalize every noun, used correct spelling, even went so far as to apologize if they made a mistake.
    I didn’t want to feel stupid. So I raised my own standards to match theirs. Punctuation was the easy part, it just took more effort. Spelling only came about as direct practice. It became much easier once programs started to underline misspelled words with a red squiggly.

    The red squiggly is an important lesson itself. It was a change in my environment that directly helped me work towards my goal. Remove things that get in your way. Add things that promote what you want to do.

    As a final note on the subject, more often than not the things we aren’t motivated to do, we don’t hate doing. We just hum and haww and don’t start because we don’t really feel like it. You don’t have to feel like doing something. If you don’t hate the activity, just starting is enough to make you get through the work.
    This little article started with me mashing the keyboard. Then writing down a couple lines about haters. After a couple rewrites and aggressive fluff cutting, I finished this.
    It took about two and a half hours, which I barely noticed.

  19. Alex says

    Victor, I be looking for your opinion on Robert Ringer’s materials I’ve mentioned once already. He is a libertarian, who has many wise thoughts to share. I advice you check this link – – to get a better idea of what to expect. I was reminded about him while looking at Harry Browne’s book you’ve recommended. It’s probably nothing new for you, as I’m finding many similarities between your life approaches. Though, give it a look and if it’s worth in your opinion, recommend it to your readers as it might be useful for them like it was for me.

    According to body shaving… man, every two weeks sounds like a real burden. But, I guess freeman, have enough free time to do that.

    Keep up great work!

  20. Lathan says


    I’ve spent the last 3 days reading your blog and have taken so much from it and wanted to say thank you. Also, I purchased 30 days of discipline last night and I’m not disappointed. I am ready to take action with this internet business thing, but I am torn between going the blog route or the niche site route. Any thoughts on that?

      • Lathan says

        I am looking to replace my 9 to 5. I want to turn it in to a full time income and be able to travel and live in South America for awhile. I don’t really have any particular skills. My whole life I have gotten good at things but never stuck with them and mastered them. So at this point I am just trying to make a list of things that interest me and what not so I can start from there. Although, I have always loved money, loved the idea of owning my own business. The whole entrepreneurship thing is what I feel I am meant to do. With a blog, I feel like I don’t really have enough experience in a particular area to be able to consistently put out content, and with a niche site I feel like if I make a list of interests of mine and narrow it down, I can go out and do research and provide good info for my viewers.. where as with a blog I will feel like I am cheating them in a way. Eh, sounds so petty but this is super difficult for me. I just want to fucking start something.

  21. earl says

    “Notice two things.

    I’m in a gym.
    I’m covered in sweat.”

    Doesn’t get much easier to explain in that.

    If you aren’t sweating…you’re not living.

    • Victor Pride says

      Never sold anything like that here, I’m not in the supplement business. As it happens I am on it right now after one year, and it’s very good. BTW – Watch the wording.

      • says

        Chill dude, sorry for the choice of words. I just missed the affiliate product you had before – the superdroll of something. It used to be legal but it recently got banned by FDA whores? the DMZ, bro?

  22. Tony says

    Hi Vic,
    Did you change your name, and if so, what was the point in your life when you decided to do so?

    I have a rather uncomfortable last name. I was bullied because of it when I was kid, and now in worklife I can see disrespect in people’s life when it’s read or spoken out loud. My cousin changed his (same) name long time ago to something really different. Name does matter.

    If I was cut from my normal social ties, the change wouldn’t be awkward.

  23. Alex says

    Hey Victor,

    Fuck, what can I say? I found your blog two days ago and since then I’ve been reading none stop. Holy shit you speak the fucking truth, it’s that simple. Right now I’m a 20 year old, and I look exactly like you do in the pic of you in a green shirt. I’m a fucking little bitchboy, and I’m sick of it. Know what I’m doing about it? Buy a fucking gym membership, and start ASAP. I also plan on getting BOS, and TDOD so I can begin the process of becoming a fucking beast. I read your article about writing an e-book as an extra source of income while I’m in, and I’m trying to think of good, useful ideas. Shit man, this stuff is getting me so damn pumped and I thank you for starting this blog. The process of becoming a winner starts RIGHT NOW.


  24. Sam says

    Hey Vic I just made shit happen. I earned a half ride scholarship to play college soccer which I have wanted to do since I was 10. Thanks to BOS and sweat equity.

  25. says

    Great blog!

    That’s so true. In life, if you want to to be happy. You have to OWN it. That means controlling every aspect if possible. It’s your life, its your destiny. If your not happy, do something about it. If your broke financial, do something about it.

    No more whining. No complaining. That’s what it takes to be a winner.

  26. Bob says

    Man, this is just another great eye and soul opening read. They say people react to truth on a three level path if they are SMART.., First, they resist it- even violently, Then they ponder it.. And then accept it as Total truth… One has to live a bitter and sad life not to accept it.. Who ‘wants” to spend a ton of money on things? For what? Who does not want to hold money more so they can live a better life? Personally I tithe or give offerings at Church.. To me, that is for a better spiritual existence and I can help folks out and I am submitting to GOD by doing that. But I do NOT want gov’t taking it from me at absurd usury costs. People should NEVER pay more than 15% total in taxes- that includes sales taxes as well. There are reasons certain states in America are booming while others are caving due to leftist taxation and stealing.
    You are a freaking genius and ballsy to go to another country. The haters are JEALOUS because they are either stuck or don’t have the guts to pull off a big time move which will often be by themselves in the beginning. Again, WHY is it smart to pay more for rent, more for utilities, more for a home and so many other things if one does not have to?? Fine.. If one is super rich all bets are off. They buy super big stuff. But as stated here many times, the rich are not rich just by tossing money down a sewer. They know EXACTLY what they can afford and what is a throw away.. If one is worth 100 million dollars, ya, they can buy a 10 million dollar pad.. Sure.
    Jealousy is a sad thing built on a foundation of despair.. It is like “fat girl syndrome.” Sometimes you see a group of fat girls who get mad at good looking, in shape women. Sometimes it could be a former overweight friend. I once saw a group of sad and overweight girls throwing cookies at a friend of theirs because she lost a ton of weight… Looking good, too.
    The greatest thing like having an alcohol or drug problem is to ADMIT there is a problem. Many people have a problem with zombie land jobs and paying expenses up the wazoo all for what? When sites like this actually discuss that FACT, embrace it with all your heart. Never deny it or run from it. That way you are just encouraging your sickness and sadness to fester more and more.
    I just had a huge shell steak with scrambled eggs with a bit of beans on the side.. I only learned that from THIS site. Otherwise I would have been eating bologna or some carb laden meal.. Now, I eat steak and eggs about five times per week. And the other days keep it high protein as well except that one day a week where it more of a carb day. As you say, the goal is to be FILLED so one does not have to be a cavone eating everything in sight and picking on fat filed snacks. I work out with weights 3-4 days a week.
    Haters can hate. But haters NEVER go anywhere in life. I was one when I was younger as well at times getting “mad” at others for their success. They owe me NOTHING. ZIP. The sooner you accept that and the sooner you get on the ” I can learn big time from this person” Boat, the BETTER you will be. Astronomically so. And your inner Spirit will feel so much better as well. Great Article here, Victor. A plus.. Thank you!

    • says

      Excellent comment! I totally agree with tithing vs goverment-approved stealing. Also, I am under the same mindset as you regarding those who are better off although I will admit I can be jealous…in a positive way. I don’t envy and spit at those who do well, but rather wonder what they did to get to where they are and commend them for their efforts as long as it was ethical/legal. It’s jealousy I suppose, but on the side of admiration rather than coveting.

      The mindset of envy vs admiration is the ultimate determiner of success. Those who are blindly envious will never better themselves because they see success as a sin instead of a virtue. Plus, they will always be miserable because there will always be people for them to envy and despise.

      • Bob says

        We live in a culture of “hating the rich”- that is unless that person becomes rich. Suddenly they don’t hate the rich and often become the biggest tax hiders around;. Just check out some of those liberals in hollywood or investors or politicians who talk bad about the rich but “mysteriously” they are rich! I do think most people are ok with helping out “truly” needy people. Sick people, elderly, a family who loses their job,etc. We understand that. It can happen. But now we also have the biggest get over culture as well where people take from disability or welfare and use three different names to collect. A nation who promotes an illegal alien invasion and gets them riding off the system. America is now pushing on an 18 TRILLION dollar deficit. That is ugly and I don’t see how we recover from that outside of revolutionary type reactions.
        When you realize person so and so does not OWE me a thing but in fact one is extremely LUCKY to get a welfare check when temporarily down. That person receiving that check should be very gracious as he/she looks to climb out of that trap. And it is a trap.. A nightmare. Only TRUE freedom is what we should seek from the gov’t. That is a better high than any drink or drug could provide.. and zero negative side effects!
        Turn jealousy into respect and admiration! Study why person so and so is so good at something. How they got there? That is what matters. Not some bitter gossip among bitter friends about the person they are jealous of. Life runs out. Spend it with the do-ers of society on any level be it in person or reading about the things they say. Like many people, I get pumped reading this website. I feel like it is a mental gym workout. I leave here feeling darn good and that good things will happen to me. And it is said in simple and good style. I love it. Victor “gets” it. He has been there and done it. He was not some rich kid from the start who did not experience it. He understands the crap jobs, the staring at the clock. the weekends that are way too short and on and on. Always learn from people who inspire.. Screw putting them down!

  27. David C says

    You nailed it on how American women have changed over the decades–we can thank the schools, colleges, women’s movement and the media for that. Also, the divorce rate is over 50% and going up as each year passes.

  28. shobhit choudhary says

    Hey Victor only recently did I learned about your blog. A very good friend of mine who is into social media marketing and expansion recommended your blog to me after seeing all the muscle mass I developed and seeing my zeal and enthusiasm in building a noteworthy physique. To mention I’m 6’2 and I thought few pounds of extra muscles won’t hurt !
    I have been religiously following your blog for about a month now and also recommended to few other friends. You write great stuff. I’d say you’re a realist man. Cheers !!

    My body comes under skinny fat type and I started working out like 5 months ago and I developed like 12 pounds of lean muscle mass in this time frame (I’m an eggetarian, I took whey protein, BCAA though)
    I have 2 questions for you, I believe I can greatly reap benefits from your experience. It’d be great if you can answer them.
    1. Should I take break from whey protein for a while or I can take it year round ? What’s the cycle ?
    2. Your thoughts on steroids ? I read your article about superdrol. For a physique like yours I’m curious whether you took any ?
    Thanks, keep up the good work.