How To Whiten Your Teeth For Less Than $10

When I was a kid I had perfectly white teeth. I also had allergies. My mom took me to an “Allergy Specialist” who put me on about 10 different medications. I guess to “see what worked”. None of them did work, unless the intended goal was to turn my teeth yellow and spotty and put me in the hospital for a week.

Over the years I have used almost every commercially available teeth whitener with zero success. I have also paid over $300 for professional laser whitening which did not work either.

It wasn’t until I stopped using fluoride toothpaste, in fact I stopped using toothpaste altogether, that my teeth whitened. In an effort to stop ingesting fluoride I stopped using toothpaste and I used a new miracle drug to brush my teeth. What is this new miracle drug?

Good old fashioned Baking Soda
Not only did my teeth get an excellent cleaning I also noticed after a few months that my teeth were a full shade whiter.

For a particularly effective method of teeth whitening you can brush with Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide 1-3 times per week. The combination of the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide form a chemical reaction that breaks down film growing on your teeth and uncovers hidden bacteria, making brushing far more effective.
To brush your teeth with baking soda all you need to do is get a cup or glass, pour in a bit of baking soda, add some water, stir with your toothbrush and brush your teeth with the mixture the same way was with toothpaste. On the days you use hydrogen peroxide just don’t add any water. Don’t swallow the solution.

Before you throw away tons of money on professional whitening and expensive over-the-counter products why not give baking soda and hydrogen peroxide a shot? It’s worth it even just to get off the poison that is fluoride.

The simplest methods are usually the best.

Baking Soda: $3.79
Hydrogen Peroxide: $4.99
Whiter & Healthier Teeth: Priceless

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    • Mind show says

      Forget about using any toothbrush for your tongue. Use a Miradent tongue cleaner instead (I tried a few others, Goldilocks style, but Miradent was not too hard, or too soft, but “just right”). A couple of “squeegee swipes” each AM and you’ve killed the single, biggest source of most bad breath (and any tongue coatings will soon disappear).

  1. Landowski says

    Hi Victor, i’m a reader from Brazil.
    How much time it took to full whiten yout teeths? And YOU use that mixture how much times a day/week?
    Thanks in advance and congratulations from your amazing blog.

    • Victor Pride says

      I always use toothpaste. When I went to China the baking soda was….different….and didn’t work so well so I switched back to toothpaste and haven’t gone back to baking soda yet.

  2. Everest says

    Goodday mr Pride,

    At first I want to tell you I really appreciate you blog and like your style. You’ve made me change my life dramatically.

    At second, my question: How do we prepare the hydrogenperoxide? Just cleanse your mouth with it. And should we do it after the brushing of the baking soda? Or what is the method? It is unclear to me/

    Have a nice day


    • says

      Just FYI to Everest: do NOT wash your mouth with hydrogen peroxide. It can kill other bacteria as well and lead to thrush.

      Like Victor use to, I often brush with baking soda. It works. Avoid all the other garbage. Hydrogen Peroxide provides a good 1-2 punch. Just be careful with overusing the peroxide.

  3. Jacob says

    Extremely helpful my friend. I too went through all sorts of allergy medication growing up. That’s what was causing my teeth to change color and the flouride I had no idea. I’m going to try this! Thank you man!

  4. Michelle P. says

    Sorry if I seem a little slow here. So, does one still use the toothpaste while also using the hydrogen peroxide baking soda treatment ? Or is it just one or the other ?

  5. says

    Hello Vic,

    Great post again people pissing away dollars on stuff they don’t need keeping it simple and keeping it real. I was born in Fiji and I saw some people using charcoal there, I tried that with some great results, I used to smoke took off the smoking stains from my teeth too.



  6. Pedro says

    Question: what do you do about breath? I started brushing with baking soda this morning, but I realized my breath still stank. I gargled some mouth wash, but I don’t know if that will defeat the purpose of the baking soda.


  7. Radu says

    Hi Vic,

    You mention you had allergies as a kid.. Did you manage to get rid of them? I started having them for over a year. Medication works, but I’ll rather not depend on it.


  8. Don Ironborn says

    What would be the risk of making online purchases with a checking account that you only keep a couple hundred bucks in? They couldn’t access any other accounts could they?