How to Wake Up Early Everyday

Waking up early is probably the best thing you can ever do if you’re trying to become wealthy or free from the shackles of the corporate world.

To get started making some real money you’ve got to put in the time anywhere you can get it. For most that is early morning when you have no other distractions and have a fresh, clear mind. 4 hours of work per day is more than plenty to get started. Imagine waking up at 5am and having all of your work done by 9am. You have the entire rest of the day to enjoy as you wish.

The best way to wake up early is to have a reason to wake up early. I started waking up early because I wanted to. I had been wanting to do it for a long time. I would wake up early one day and then wake up later the next day and the day after until I was back to waking up at my normal time. So I made it my goal to catch the sunrise every single morning and before you know it I was up every single day watching the sun rise. If I had no goal I would have just stayed in bed.

But sunrise still wasn’t early enough for my liking so I found a gym partner who wasn’t a bullshitter and wanted to get in at 5:30 every morning. I started waking up at 5am because I met my gym partner at the gym every morning at 5:30. Even if I wanted to stay in bed there is no way I’m not going to meet someone at the gym at the time I said I would.

Since then, waking up early is just habit and routine. Heck, if I wake up at 7:30am I feel like I wasted a whole day.

The morning is when you have no disturbance, you are completely free to create and work as you wish. The whole world is sound asleep in their beds and you’re wide awake ready to kill it.

Eventually they’ll all say to you “Oh, I wish I could do what you do. I just don’t have the time.” And you won’t do anything but silently laugh at them.

Early Birds Vs. Night Owls

An Early Bird is one who wakes up early and thrives in the morning. A Night Owl is someone who is most productive in the evening or night.

I’m an early bird. I don’t do any work at night. None. I eat dinner and then climb into bed around 8 or 9 every single night.

But I wasn’t always an early bird. I was an extreme night owl for most of my life. Literally going to bed sometimes at 7 or 8am. I became an early bird simply by desiring it.

How to Become an Early Bird

Becoming an early bird is as easy as making the conscious decision to become an early bird. Say the following words to yourself “I’m an early bird. I like waking up early. That’s when I get the most work done.” It doesn’t matter if it’s true now. The more you say it the more it will become reality.

When I first started lifting weights I hated it. I dragged myself to the gym. At a certain point I just started lying to myself and saying “I love working out. I can’t wait to go work out” and that’s exactly what happened in a very short period of time.

How to Wake Up Early Everyday

  • Make the decision to become an early riser
  • Have a reason to wake up early (i.e. have something to work on or have a gym partner waiting for you at the gym every morning)
  • Be in bed at the same time each night

Make the decision and force yourself up at 5am the first day. That night you will likely be tired earlier than normal. That’s good. You will need to start going to bed earlier, and preferably at the same time, each night.

To be able to be up at 5am every day and be refreshed you must go to bed earlier than normal. Sleeping from midnight to 5am will not leave most people feeling refreshed. But sleeping from 9pm to 5am will leave most people refreshed and ready to start the day at 5am.

It’s a good idea to be in bed by 9pm every night. I’m in my bed under the covers by 9pm every night without fail. I’m often in bed by 8pm. The amount of sleep needed varies by person, but you should know how much sleep you need to function at your best.

What Are Your Priorities?

Is it your priority to go out every night to get blackout drunk?

Is your priority going out every night to pick up hot babes?

Is your priority to sit at home on the computer and chat on Facebook all night?

If it is your priority to make something of yourself then you will make it happen by waking up early.

You can read a hundred internet articles about how to wake up early but if it isn’t your priority, your real priority, you’re just wasting your time. If it isn’t your priority to wake up early and get to killing then you’re just bullshitting and pretending.

The 5 second version of “How to Wake Up Early Everyday”:

Have a purpose and a reason to wake up early everyday.

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  1. Russ says

    Waking up early is a damn good idea. I’m still doing the 30 days of disipline but the only way I’ve been able to force myself to wake up early is by changing when I work. A few months ago I was starting work at 6am and getting home by lunchtime, then I went out and worked on my business, it was like being given 4 extra hours a day even though I was still sleeping 8 hours a night. This week I’ve changed back to 6am starts, waking at 5.30am, make a quick coffee to drink in the car and starting work at 6. I’m still working on the disipline and I’m getting better but a quick hack, using a commitment works too.

    Also, self-esteem goes through the roof when driving to work on empty roads before all those lazy fucks get out of bed. Commute time and fuel use is also cut in half!

  2. Handlingtheredpill says

    I tried this for a few months and agree that is better and more natural than staying up in the dark. I didn’t work out but would either read or go hill walking with a lucid mind. However . as a university student it is seriously detrimental to social life. Students live for the night. The only reason to go to university, if you’re foolish enough not to do a STEM subject , is for the social life . I was all serious the first year and even chose not to go out at night simply because I liked my 6AM rises—- big opportunity costs . Chasing skirts in bars and clubs is a waste of time and money , but I enjoy a couple of drinks and being around friends a few nights a week . I will probably change this when I get older …. I guess finding like-minded early birds would be start. There’s few of them on campus though.

    How do you combine it with going out at night? Do you just re-arrange for daytime or get up later to compensate?

    • Victor Pride says

      re: “How do you combine it with going out at night?”

      I don’t go out frequently.

      re: “Chasing skirts in bars and clubs is a waste of time and money”

      Pull the patented Victor Pride ™ to save money – it’s a 2 parter: 1) Absolutely never buy women drinks and 2) Bring your own flask filled with whatever to the bar, then simply order a coke. They’ll typically give it to you for free because they’ll think you’re a designated driver. Mix your own drinks right there. $50 bar tab turns into $5 for a pint of beam.

  3. pete smith says

    Any tips for helping those who have difficulty falling asleep at night? Any foods you eat to promote sleep? Some say a steak and eggs type diet hinders sleep. Sugars, i think, can help with sleep, but can’t be healthy to eat nightly. Cheers brother.

    • Russ says

      Hey pete. I’d recommend a book called ‘lights out, sugar, sleep and survival’. But in brief, our bodies respond to light detected by our eyes and our skin. If you want to wake up in the morning, bathe yourself in light. If you want to sleep in the evening close off all light sources a few hours before bed. If you want to use your computer at night before bed, download a program called flux ( and set your position. This program lowers the intensity of light from your screen and switches to the red spectrum. Set it to change slow and you don’t even notice. It really helps me.

      You can also buy flood lights to wake you up in the morning (normal bulbs/reading lamps are not bright enough) but I just set my alarm 10 minutes earlier and open the curtains. Try feeling tired and groggy after being bathed in bright sunlight first thing in the morning, it’s really hard to do.

      Even the dim light from an alarm can affect your sleep and your health for that matter so turn everything off and turn the alarm away from you.

  4. pete smith says

    Thanks Ross. Some good advice which i will implement; have to check out that site, as i am a nighttime computer user.

    Any advice on the diet front?

    • Russ says

      As for diet, waking up feeling groggy is due to carbs. Either in alcohol or food. Try to stay low carb or only eat safer carbs like white rice and potatoe/vegetables. Avoiding junk food and any artificial food is a no brainer. I used to (many years ago) roll into work about 10.30am because I had spent 2 hours resetting my alarm as I was so groggy.

      Last night I had pork chop, scrambled egg, and a single medium potatoe with butter washed down with some whiskey. Woke up this morning and was completely wide awake, perfectly stable energy levels, fully awake and concious. I got up and put some washing on, did some other tasks, had a shower then made a coffee. But I didn’t need the coffee, it’s just a nice drink I have each morning due to habit.

      Contrast that with a sunday a few years ago, waking up at 10am and fading in and out of conciousness till around 2pm when I would need an extra strong coffee to perk me up.

      Regular exercises seems to help too, I get restless if I don’t do something physically taxing every now and then, although that could just be my imagination.

  5. says

    Great post Vic, I think the hardest thing for guys, especially young guys to do is go to bed earlier. Waking up early is going to help in the long term, but the short term options of late movies, drinking, chasing skirts is blinding, dare I say intoxicating to some. Ben Franklin coined the phrase “early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”. Priorities fellas, priorities.

  6. Victor Pride says

    The program called flux seems like a very good idea. I think I’ll download it. A bright computer screen in the night make you feel like a zombie. I like it pitch black at night, if some light is coming in I wrap a t-shirt or a small towel around my eyes to make it as dark as can be.

    In re: not being able to fall asleep at night I believe it has to do with two things: 1) How busy you were during the day. If you didn’t do anything to make yourself tired you won’t be tired at night and 2) Simple loneliness and general discontent. Who you are falling asleep next to has a much bigger impact than diet. Humans are social creatures and as independent as we want to pretend we are we all need someone to hold onto at night. Even if you kick her out right before sleep time and sleep alone.

    ^I may expand on this and write a post.

  7. Dan says

    Great article. I work a weird schedule – 7 days on, 7 off, 12+ hr days – and the week I work I’m up at 5am (my week off, I try not to sleep in past 6, hard sometimes with 2 young kids). I try to get my workout in before I have to be at work for 7, but it’s tough. I don’t feel “awake” and my workout seems to suffer because it feels hard to be facing the iron pile when I’m trying to shake the cobwebs. But I love the fact that I’m up and at ’em before most people. Any suggestions on feeling more alert right off the bat? Are there dietary concerns I should be considering? Everything’s a work in progress for me, but every day it’s getting better.

    • Victor Pride says


      It’s going to be harder for you because you have a weird schedule. Only thing I can say is stick to a routine on days you work and days you don’t.

  8. Fortis says

    Hey Victor,

    I have trouble waking up in the morning because of my job hours: I work 10:30am-8:30pm most nights, and I work 11:30am-9:30pm other nights. Unless I get home and go straight to bed, which isn’t possible, It’s really not possible for me to be up at 5am every morning. I usually go to the gym after work 3 times a week because the gym is right next door to my job, so I always end up there and I’m able to hold myself accountable.

    what time would you suggest that I start waking up if I want to go to the gym before work?



  9. Brent says

    So I have always been the guy who works at 8, has a 25 or 30 min drive to work, which puts me out the door at 730 at the latest, and I’ll sleep in till 7:15 because I feel stuck honestly. Can’t get out of another stupid slump. Have ambitions and goals, but just full of excuses and lack of motivation to be honest- cuz here at B&D crass honesty is the forte. But I woke up this morning, at 430, and felt ALIVE! took a cold shower, I used the straight razor set I got for Christmas, cooked some steak and eggs
    With lots of butter and eggs. And I’m not used to feeling this alert, I sat down to read a book for my training, and I’m too excited to focus. Of to the gym for the first time in years, gona sign up and order living like a spartan and 30 days of discipline this weekend. Thanks Vic for not pandering to our excuses.

  10. Mind show says

    In my case, what I learned (too late) is the hazard of SLEEPING IN too much.

    I’m not a good sleeper to begin with (my sleep apnea diagnosis explains some of that). If I don’t really have to be anywhere that morning, it usually feels SO good and relaxing just to still lie there for a while in the morning to soak it in.

    But then I pay for it by having low, unfocused drive and depressed energy for the rest of the day.

    OTOH, if I HAVE to get up and be somewhere that morning, I CURSE the alarm clock. It’ll usually jolt me out of a deep slumber or an interesting dream. I stumble around in the dark, groggy, pissed, rushed. But an hour later, after some sit ups, shower and shave, I’m on the road, drinking my coffee….and I’ll feeling a surge of nrg, happiness and driven purpose.

    It’s funny, I may still feel a little burnt around the edges, and when I look into the mirror, I’ll sometimes see a more wrinkled, tired face looking back. But I’m still mentally and emotionally better off, and getting stuff done, dammit!

    This whole issue probably has to do with circadian rhythms, HTP axis, and other stuff I don’t have the patience to explore for now. It’s just a trade off I need to stick with.


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