How to Stop Living Your Life in Transit

From the desk of Victor Pride
Subj: How to quit your job as a waiter

What is that baloney they always say?

Life is about the journey“.

“Journey” means to travel from one place to another.

In other words, journeying is a bunch of waiting.

It’s all about the waiting” doesn’t have the same cool factor as saying “it’s all about the journey” but it means the same thing. It’s an excuse to not achieve, an excuse to never actually get anywhere. When you have not succeeded and someone asks you why you can say “hey man, it’s all about the journey” and people will fall for it. Most of them will probably nod their heads in agreement. No one is going to pat you on the back if you tell them the truth, “I’m just waiting around“.

I do a lot of traveling. I don’t travel because I like the journey, the journey is the worst part. It’s a bunch of waiting. I don’t go to new countries because I like to wait around in airports, I do it because I like to ARRIVE and be there in the moment. When it’s time to go home it’s not “about the journey”, it’s about getting home as fast as possible. When I come home friends and family don’t ask me about the hours I spent waiting on planes, trains and automobiles, they ask me how the destination was.

The same goes for life and business. It’s not about the journey, it’s about the outcome. The achievement. It’s not about how much time you can waste waiting around. It’s about how much ass you can kick in the least amount of time possible.

Here at Bold and Determined, the website for winners ™ there are two things we don’t do:

  1. We don’t BS with words. We don’t say “journey” instead of “waiting”. A lot of words mean the same thing, but one word is a powerful word and one isn’t. For example dedicated and obsessed have the same meaning but one word is soft and one word is strong. “Waiting” is a powerful word because it describes waiting without glorifying, “journey” means the same thing as waiting but can be taken positively and is easy to use as an excuse.
  2. We don’t accept this baloney word “journey” as a valid excuse for non-achievement.

If you’re “all about the journey” then what you really are is a waiter. You wait, wait, wait for the perfect time but the perfect time never seems to come at the perfect time. Does it.

I hate my job so much, I can’t wait for the right time to quit….

“I can’t wait to lose 40 lbs. Just as soon as I start going to the gym……”

“Just as soon as I move to _______ city I will blah blah…”

“Just as soon as I get my business off the ground……”

“Everything will be better just as soon as ______. All I have to do now is wait for ______”

“Just as soon as I save up enough money I can afford _________”

I used to wait and wait and wait and complain about my job and then wait some more until I could start my own business. I did that for a decade. One day, I just stopped waiting and I started making and taking. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon and I’m not a genius. I don’t have a trust fund, I don’t have an inheritance coming my way and I wasn’t invited to smart camp when I was in school. The only reason I’m now free and clear is because I made the decision to start doing A (kicking ass) and stop doing B (waiting around and taking orders). Nothing will ever come and get you while you’re waiting around. You’ve got to go and get it, whatever it is.

If you’re too skinny you don’t wait round to gain some muscle, you take yourself to the gym and then you take yourself to the local all-you-can-eat buffet palace. If you want to make some money and leave your soul-less job you start taking action and you stop waiting around. Just because something takes time to achieve doesn’t mean you need to wait around or use the journey excuse. While everyone else is waiting around pretending to enjoy their journey to nowhere you can be kicking ass and getting to your destination faster.

All success is is a decision in your head. Success is a yes/no decision. The decision that YES! I will do this or the decision that no, this isn’t the right time. If your decision is no, well, hey man, I understand. Life is about the journey. Like Leonard Cohen once said…..

Baby, I’ve been waiting, 
I’ve been waiting night and day. 
I didn’t see the time, 
I waited half my life away.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

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  1. says

    I have to agree. I never got the it’s about the “Journey” nonsense. It seems like some kind of liberal nonsense to me. I suppose it’s because someone watched the Hobbit and that this concept applied to their own lives.


    You’re spot on about the destination or the goal. If there was any introspective about the process of getting from point A to point B, it wouldn’t be about the journey, in as much as it would be how you overcame obstacles and are now better for it. But even then, thats more about the end result. Not your struggle.

    I do a lot of climbing, and I don’t sit at the top of climb thinking about every freaking crack I stuck my hand in after completing a 5-11a climb in the Winds or remembering every spot where I thought I might fall. That’d be stupid. My mind is on what I’ve just accomplished and the feeling it produces.

    Backwards thinking, polluting our world.

    I almost feel this “It’s about the Journey” is as much a half truth as “Knowledge is Power” which we all know is a half truth, because knowledge is worthless without application and use.

    • AussieJules says

      yea… I’m a climber and mountaineer, and I dont totally agree… wether it’s hitchiking in the USA west or doing a long route in the Alps, I enjoy the journey. Fixation on the summit , as Mark Twight would say, can be about showing off to others . Non- mountaineers dont understand that doing a hard route and abseiling from the non-summit is acceptable.

      but agree with Viktor that treading water in suburbia or similar is something no-one really enjoys .

  2. The Grizzly says

    I took the whole “journey” route and learned the hard way.

    Journey through high school
    Journey through college
    Journey thorugh a bad marriage and divorce
    Journey through bullshit job after bullshit job

    It ain’t no fucking journey, it’s a merry-go-round and I finally jumped off.

  3. Daywalker says

    Kick ass post. Being on a “journey” is only rewarding when you reach the destination. The “journey” it’s self is terrible, yet most people never reach the end, they just wait around on the journey and complain about how long or hard it is.

    The only good “journeys” is the rock band “Journey” and the epic “The Odyssey”.

    • Victor Pride says

      That reminds me of last month. I was in the Philippines, I was bullshitting with the owner of the hotel, a rich German fella. We were talking about music, Dire Straights mostly, but he started to tell me about how great the Flips are at singing and how he won’t sing karaoke with them because they are too good. I said, so you must be a fan of Journey? Now they have a Filipino lead singer to replace Steve Perry. He didn’t even know who Journey were so I told him the story. This Filipino, Arnel Pineda, went from living on the street eating garbage (I’ve seen it there, it’s unbelievable. They eat garbage and drink garbage water), and being an alcoholic drug addict to being the lead of Journey. He took a chance, took action and now he sings for Journey. If a homeless Flip can do what he did there is no reason on earth any westerner can’t accomplish their goals.

      • Daywalker says

        That’s funny. I go to an all Filipino barber barbershop. I don’t know if you’ve heard any sing before, but I know some Filipinos that can sing their asses off. And Dire Straits is kick ass. But if you haven’t, you should stop into a Filipino karaoke bar. it’s pretty incredible.

  4. says

    Great post! I agree that it really should be mainly about the outcome in life. But when it comes to traveling, I’ve found that the journey itself can have it’s own rewards – especially if you join the mile high club.

  5. says

    I agree with you, mostly. People use “it’s all about the journey” as an excuse, which is not what was intended by the saying.

    I think point of the saying is that we should enjoy the journey, but not at the cost of accomplishment. If a certain goal will require years of torturous work, making it impossible to enjoy the journey, it’s probably a shitty goal. Choose one you’ll enjoy achieving and not only will you be more likely to achieve it, but you’ll enjoy the whole process.

    Even though you can’t wait to get to your destination, that’s no reason you shouldn’t look out the plane window, appreciate the scenery, enjoy a nice nap on the plane, and have a nice conversation with the stewardess with the righteous ass

    Enjoy the journey, but not at the cost of your goals.

  6. Mike Kaminski says

    Great post as always Victor. You should think about doing podcasts or some sort of morning kick-ass message to serve as an adrenaline boost for your followers. Your writings are inspiring and it would be great to hear your passion delivered in an audio format. I picture something like a drill sergeant yelling at his men to go out there and get some; Oorah!

    • Victor Pride says

      You’re the 3rd of 4th guy to mention this to me so clearly an audience for this thing is there. Where do you listen to these things? At home? On the mp3 at the gym? I’ve never listened to a single one before. Tell me about these things and why they are popular. I highly prefer to read information, I don’t even like to talk to people on the phone. Tell me the appeal and I’ll have to take a look at the idea.

      • Bayo says

        I suppose when you havent reached your destination and you have to walk everywhere you can listen to it on an mp3 or on a computer. we cant read your blog whilst driving so if you did do a podcast, that would be beneficial to drivers that want some ‘motivation’

      • Mikey says

        I prefer text too, but I can imagine waking up and popping a modafinil and listening to you telling me to stop being a bitch and to kick some ass instead.

        I think that would work well. Some tips for production:

        I make a lot of videos/tutorials for my customers. The first ones 2 years were fucking terrible but you get good at it quickly. Just make sure you have a script and are in a good mood before you start reading it out. Record during the day, not at night.

        This keeps it on topic and helps you eliminate “erm”s and “ahh”s without doing painstaking editing afterwards.

        Also, you can upload your mp3s to and they have an automatic mastering process. It’s not perfect but it will make your podcasts sound much better, quickly and for free.

      • Mike Kaminski says

        I think Mikey has some good tips but for me personally, I was thinking something simple that would simulate what it would be like if you and I were in a car going somewhere and I was whining to you about something. You’d look over and be like, “Dude, don’t be such a pussy, just go out and do it, stop making excuses.”

        So while I appreciate the lack of ums and errs, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Something simple like recording your thoughts on your phone recorder and then dragging/dropping them somewhere to be downloaded. It could be just a page on your blog where they were dropped. Actually, I don’t even think it has to be something ongoing. It could be a single message, something that sort of incorporates a little of everything you’d say to motivate someone if you were in person. For example, I’ve watched this video hundreds of times for motivation…

        While you have to forgive some of the pronunciation it gets the point across.

      • says

        I highly recommend you start a podcast as well. Tons of people download podcasts on itunes for their long commutes to work. Just take a quick look at all of the different podcasts in the “self help” category. A lot them have a similar message, but certainly not your unique perspective.

        One of my favourite podcasts right now is “The School of Greatness” by Lewis Howes.

    • Daniela says

      I would totally agree with all of you guys. Victor has been a big inspiration to me as well and I read his blog every morning to have a boost on my day, and actually I think about it the rest of the day.

      I was thinking the same thing too, but… Victor has taught us and motivated us and keeps doing it with every post, and I think one thing Vic has ever taught (at least to me) it’s that you must have the guts from/on/by/for your own to do what you want to do and depend on no one else but you. So it would be silly to ask Victor to be our personal coach.

      Anyways Vic, apparently there is a potential job. Besides of what I just said, a motivational podcast would be a great tool for many people and be sure that if you ever decide to do so you are gonna receive a lot of opinions, tips, feedback and advice to help you develop that project easily.

  7. anonk says

    you say a skinny guy has to lift big and eat big. But as for buffets don’t they serve unorganic food that could harm health in the long term?

    • Victor Pride says

      Everyone dies, bud. No one gets healthier in the long term. If your goal is to put on weight you’ve got to eat.

    • Brandon says

      Don’t get overly caught up in the source of your food, organic vs inorganic, local vs non-local, all that BS. Unless you’re growing your own produce/killing your own animals, you’ll never know 100% that what you’re getting is ‘pure’ and not tampered with anyway.

      I think Vic will agree though when I say it’s also not good to shove anything and everything down your throat, even if you are trying to gain weight. Stick to the basics Vic recommends on this site… Eat a lot of fat and protein in the form of meat; beef, chicken, turkey, fish, lamb, eggs, butter, coconut oil, etc. Get your carbs in the form of rice, potatos, yams, fruits and vegetables. Eat & lift until the number on that scale starts increasing, and your shirts no longer fit due to increased muscle growth, and you’re good.

      • says

        Yeah, I agree 100%. Organic vs. inorganic doesn’t matter if you’re looking to put on weight. The only thing that matters is eating until you start putting on weight. And that may include meals where you’re not hungry at all and basically forcing the food down. Organic foods help more for losing weight and getting lean.

        • anonk says

          damn this is very re counterintuitive. I thought hormones and antibiotic they gave the animals weren’t good for our health??anyways I tried an experiment where I limited my I at mostly organic meat and some inorganic no little to no carbs .what happened was all the pimples on my face cleared, my muscles had more definition and I felt really energetic. The downside was I didn’t gain any weight.

          hmm as for this inorganic organic debate I am just going to eat as much meat and fat both inorganic and organic and when I reach an ideal weight cut back on the carbs and eat more meat to maintain my weight.

      • Victor Pride says

        ^Yes, this is correct.

        There is, in fact, NO SUCH THING as inorganic meat. That’s a cool way to make a couple extra bucks on the gullible. How can you possibly have inorganic meat from once living tissue? You cannot. The change is the vitamin and nutrient ratio, not organic vs inorganic.

        • Powers says

          or·gan·ic (ôr-gnk)
          adj.b. Raised or conducted without the use of drugs, hormones, or synthetic chemicals: organic chicken; organic cattle farming.

          Organic Meat is Meat raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics

          Anti biotics in meat is bad for the animals and the humans that eat them, but very good for the future strains of super bacteria. Hence inOrganic is bullshit to keep around.. Look below…

          The hormones in inorganic meat are also “bad” for they have a suspecting link to increases in the consumers hormones.. which may or “may not” have a link to cancers in humans

          Besides that, the nutrition is very different in organic meat than inorganic.. thats besides the point

          Then comes the question whether raising inorganic animals is ethical or not.. but that very much depends on personal empathy towards livestock.

          so.. the change isnt just vitamin and nutrient ratio (which you got right..cheers to that) it is future bacteria strains resistant to to our antibiotics.. the hormones having an effect in our cancer development.. bringing an overall negativity to farming by treating our animal like dirt, again that is very much a ethical subject

          and there can be many more arguments made ranging from spiritual to aesthetics..those subjects are to subjective to get into here, so i will say thanks for allowing people to speak their minds and im out

    • Abgrund says

      If you can afford to eat nothing but “organic” food from Western outlets, why even bother working out? Just fly your private jet to some third world hole where you can have someone else’s muscles transplanted into your body. Don’t forget to tip the surgeon though or you may wake up with your nads in someone else’s sack.

    • says

      I’m gonna have to do an article on all of this organic vs inorganic food, a lot of myths out there.

      In a nutshell, don’t worry about it. Concentrate on eating for your goals and getting the right nutrients in. Combine that with proper exercise and you’ll be healthier than the vast majority of the people out there.

  8. says

    Hello Vic, i started kicking ass one month ago as i bought your ebook about making money. So i immediately started to put as many comments as i can on websites to sell some products i likeed. And for my very surprise it worked for me. I made 80$ in one day out of it and i never earned money like this in the past. What a great feeling it was as i seeing the fruits of kicking ass! Now i want say thank you and i will continue my work with a whole homepage. Product reviews are on the way and i will kick-ass more to achieve my soon as possible. No waiting. Thanks to inspire my life so much in the past!

    • says

      So you’re saying you didn’t have a review website when you posted comments on websites?

      Then did you use Tiny URL or a similar service then to mask the affiliate links?

  9. says

    I will never look at that saying “Life is a journey.” the same ever again. The play of words can change what a person sees or feels at the time. The media and politicians use it all the time and they call it “Spin” they even made up a whole law culture around “Spin”.

    I do remember hearing it a lot from people mostly when they failed in doing something. I never caught that until now and i realize that term is used only to sooth the pain or failure so that the person does not feel bad for themselves.

  10. JP says

    I think it’s just a bad analogy. When someone says “the journey is as fun as the destination,” people will think of a really good road trip in college or with their family. However, the “journey” of life has nothing to do with a vacation to the beach or ski slopes.

    Parts of life’s “journey” can be fun, but if you lose sight of the destination you lose everything.

  11. Ashleigh says

    Hello Victor. You will probably think it’s VERY strange that someone like me is on your website, but I need some advice.
    I’m on the road (ha! journeys) to recovering from anorexia. I have virtually 0 fat on me right now. I’m looking at regaining the weight.. In muscle.
    What would you recommend? I’m obviously extreme weak right now from months of starvation dieting and calorie restriction. I do eat clean when I end up finally eating, junk food isn’t a problem for me. Nor is binge eating, I conquered that months ago. Diet wise I have immense amounts of willpower (well, to resist food. Eating it is still very hard for me). I am a teenage girl so I don’t particularly want to get ‘jacked’ but I wouldn’t mind being lean and toned.
    I’m preparing myself for different responses to this, but thanks for your time if you read it all. I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Victor Pride says

      Next up on B&D: How to Fix Teenage Anorexia. Just kidding. Advice? Yeah, you’re sick in the head. You will only get help when you actually want to get better. Since you’re “looking at” gaining weight you aren’t ready and you’re, I dunno, looking for attention. Hit bottom, then there’s no place to go but up. That’s the reality of how sick people get better. Or, you know, start eating cheeseburgers and chips as you call them.

    • JP says

      I’m no expert, but if it’s difficult to eat large meals (because you’ve “trained” yourself not to overeat…in an extreme way), you should probably go the small meals route. Make yourself eat some protein, vegetables and fruit about 5 or 6 times a day. Add some high calorie stuff (like nuts) as well.

      You need to push past the mental side of anorexia. I don’t think Victor, myself or anyone else here can help if you’re looking for the typical counseling/therapy fluff.

    • Abgrund says

      If you’ve been starving yourself to death, it’s because you wanted to die. I’m not going to contradict you about that because I don’t know you and it’s up to you either way. But I do have a nice 12 step program for you:

      Step 1: Make up your mind whether you want to live or die.
      Steps 2-12: Live or die.

      In your position, gaining muscle is easy enough. All you have to do is quit killing yourself.

  12. john doe says

    This is exactly the type of post I’ve been waiting for. I’ve been waiting around forever to try and nail this chick, no more waiting. Next time I see her I’m just gonna take it!!

    • Mike says

      Fuck yea and if she rejects you there are ten twenty other chicks out there you just go and appraoch every hot girl you see. Problem solved.

  13. Abgrund says

    I have to disagree here. Life consists 99.44% of journeys, in one form or another. You can’t spend it all having orgasms, and if you hate the striving part you hate life. A journey is always moving toward /something/, and if you can’t stand the trip maybe you need a different destination or a different route but you’ll still be going somewhere.

    Personally I can’t tolerate standing still for very long. When one goal is reached, it’s already time for another one – no matter how arduous the “journey” was, passively “enjoying” the results is soon unbearable.

    • Victor Pride says

      You have agreed with me in a round-about way. Strivers aren’t waiting around for anything, excuse makers are only waiting around. Strivers actually do things.

      “Personally I can’t tolerate standing still for very long.”

      Yeah, me either. I hate waiting around doing nothing.

      • Abgrund says

        To me, a journey is not “waiting”. It’s hardship, danger, challenge, exertion, and new experiences. Forced idleness is just one of many hardships, and a challenge – to make some use of the time, even if it’s “only” thinking.

    • says

      I am glad you said it, because if someone didn’t I was going to. I see destinations as nothing but a blip in a journey. Destinations are fun, but I am already thinking of the next one before arriving at the one I am currently working towards.

  14. Vladimir says

    Hey Victor,

    This post really hit me hard. I swear its like this is EXACTLY what I needed to be told today. I am a student who spends his summer working jobs in construction and landscaping. The pay is pretty good, but I am really starting to get sick of working my ass of all day in the sun when I know fucking well that I have both the intelligence and the extra free time to start a business. I have a really cool venture in mind (something I’m really good at) and its just about me not bullshitting around and making the DECISION to get started.


  15. Samir says

    Another great article, but it’s just so damn weird.
    The same thoughts I keep having, Victor makes articles about them.

  16. says

    In Los Angeles traffic, listening to music, talk, podcasts, etc – It’s weak. It’s loaded with programming for the protectors of the mundane. Solution: I LISTEN to BOLD AND DETERMINED. Huh? There’s an app for that. With MacBook Pro, set a hot key to have the SAME voice actor read Bold and Determined that does the voice you hear that prompts you to press ‘8’ to speak with a rep when you call Bank of America (voice of Tom).

    Most ‘smart’ phones will accept an app known as Voice Reader. I’m not an affiliate of it, but I should be since people continue to tell me they’re without excuse. In other words, there’s no reason to waste time in a seated posture while learning. There’s a voice actor in the software – Jacob – a human voice, that at the correct speed and pitch combination, sounds like a kick-ass winner.

    So, instead of sitting to read all of these posts I’m en route between studios, going to the market, working out and even swimming underwater listening to a POWERFUL voice that sounds like the voice of vision, ambition, drive and heart. I’m getting more education than all University degrees combined from the school of BOLD AND DETERMINED and VICTOR PRIDE. How? I’m HEARING a voice that’s masculine. Because I’m LISTENING while en route, etc, I tend to absorb the material repeatedly by listening more than once.

    Do I consider this a threat to my voice work or to the ‘industry’ in general? Absolutely not. Every week Victor Pride creates new content, and voice actors aren’t keeping up with books put out through the corporate publishing channels. Plenty of work exists, and Vic’s writing keeps showing me new ways to enjoy doing what matters.

    Victor Pride’s “Spartan Entrepreneur” and “Body of a Spartan” still have to be absorbed by sight since he’s given exact instructions via pictures, screen shots, examples and charts. If you’ve not those books, you should… now.

  17. Xavier says

    Hey Vic!

    I know that you often point out the most useless motivational qoutes in the most recent articles (Which is good). But lf you were to make a list of qoutes which you would consider “The worst to follow and live by” what would those be?

  18. TVF says

    Great article, Vic…spot on. It reminded me of one other piece of bullshit advice the boomer generation gave us (in addition to the aforementioned “Knowledge is power”): Strength through diversity.

    I call bullshit: I am all about Strength through UNITY. Any body who has tried to run a company, or even coach a friggin’ Pop Warner football team knows this is horse shit advice sold to us by a bunch of feel-good wussies. As a former naval officer I can tell you this is exactly why our military is so screwed up and produces idiots like Major Hasan, PFC Manning, etc. I want everybody on my team working as ONE—-a well oiled machine that simply kicks ass. Catering to “diversity” for diversity’s sake is for brain-dead sheeple, not take-charge men.

  19. says

    What would be better than hearing your articles by a voice reader app?

    #1 You speaking the content of the articles. This makes you the no-nonsense coach for winners that know there’s truth beyond all of the mundane nonsense available through any other podcast or audio file through soundcloud, youtube etc.

    #2 You being #1 on video – walking us through the weight room, the supplements, the cool places you live around the world and how you live that kick-ass life. This guy blogs and speaks about how to do what he writes about. Here he takes it much further in a 17-minute video – it’s clear, it’s concise, it’s a demonstration of how he actually does what he advises men to do (through his writing and speaking). I watched while being driven from the gym to studio

    Since you ‘look’ the ‘part’ of everything you motivate us with, this kind of video would be something that I would buy on a monthly fee basis. People in our audience have asked specifically for that kind of thing.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that ‘Body of a Spartan’ would bring you millions of men spending large money every month to have monthly video updates. Seriously, I literally have a MacBook Pro with me at the gym these days with ‘Body of a Spartan’ on screen so I can have correct form etc while doing those workouts.

    #3 I have a long list of products you could create from the content here. Glad to share if you’ve got an interest in them.

    I can only speak for myself and what people in our audience have said… but I believe the person reading this would spend a pile of money each month to have audio and video content (doesn’t need to be perfect or polished) starring Victor Pride delivered digitally each month. Editing is time consuming… that’s why we outsource… a concept you’re teaching men about.

  20. Austin says

    I listen to podcasts all the time. Mostly during driving or flying. I’d listen to yours if you had any. Obviously I read your stuff too, so either way works.

  21. RojusEurope says

    Yeah Victor is right. People need to perform a move in order to change their lifes. There is no progress without struggle.

  22. Justin says

    Aug 7… That was a long shift filled with disappointed thoughts. I let myself rot in that place for about a year, with little to show for it.
    After the shift was over, I went to my supervisor.
    “Justin! Do you want a shift on friday?”
    No. I quit.
    “What? You’re just giving up?”
    I just laughed and said it’s not my goal to be there for life.

    I live cheap, but don’t have much money. So I got a loan from someone I know by offering them a several hundred percent return. Now I’m covered for almost a year.

  23. Mike says

    Italian G,

    you told in one of your posts, sadly I can’t find it anymore, about supplements you take.
    You mentioned some of them, can you share me some because the less I sleep the better I feel. It sounds ridiculous but my mind is filled with negativity and easily distracted. I get relaxed with less sleep and you said you sleep only 4 hours a day. If I got anything wrong correct me of course. I want to shut my doubts down and feel natural like I feel right now didn’t slept for 24 hours, was in the gym feel blasted, tired of course but relaxed. Hell I don’t take shit I’m confident. I want to feel like this forever man.

  24. says

    I always interpreted the phrase “it’s about the journey” a bit different. I saw “the journey” as the road to perfection. That being said, the interpretation would be true as long as it is realized perfection can never be achieved in it’s absolute sense, but that we may always move closer to it. Life isn’t about being perfect, but about become as close to it as you can. Improving every aspect of yourself.

    Becoming stronger, knowing you can always become just a little stronger.

    Becoming smarter, knowing there is always something new you can learn.

    Becoming richer, knowing there is always more money you can make.

    Becoming wiser, knowing there is always a new experience to learn from.

    But all of this is dependent upon the destination. To those who want to save up and retire, their journey is a 9-5 job until they’re 65. Since my destination is to own a gym, have multiple sources of money working for me, deadlift at least 700lbs, and never have a “safe” job, my journey will also be different. More active. More painful. But it will make the destination so rewarding.

    Instead of seeing the journey as waiting at an airport, I see it as a man grabbing his bag and spear (a tribal man) and preparing for a long journey across unknown lands, to encounter unknown creatures, and fight unknown enemies.

  25. Krekel says

    Victor I’d be interested to see some posts about woodworking! You could also write a post about predators and how they always chase their prey, getting what THEY want, no matter what.

  26. Krekel says

    Also, have you ever read the blog Art of Manliness? I’m an avid reader of their articles as well… They are really good too!

  27. Italian G says


  28. Esposito says

    Hi Victor, great motivational post, however I think that saying that the word journey is the same as the word waiting is wrong. It’s like saying why should anyone get in the trouble of finding a beautiful girl and charming her and getting her to take her clothes off and having sex with her when the final goal is to ejaculate. Why not give up the whole “waiting” and just beat one off and be happy about it.

  29. Jron says

    I’m driving to work and all I see is ordinary people going to ordinary jobs in their ordinary cars wearing their ordinary clothes. At this point I realized I’m in this same group of traffic. All we need in order to break this endless cycle is a little extra in our ordinary. What decisions are you making today that will actually change your tomorrow? I know personally I am very close to success and yet I catch myself flalling back into the ordinary way of thinking. Not today, today I will continue to do what I can, in order to live like the ordinary people can’t. Extraordinary.

  30. says

    True true.
    “It’s about the journey” can be a nice soothing balm for those doing nothing, to distract from feeling shit about it.

    However, the opposite extreme is the destination, destination, destination mentality that is so focussed on the end, the result that when the journey to GET TO THE RESULT begins people soon get disillusioned and wander off in another, more immediately gratifying direction.

    In my research that is one of the biggest causes for lack of completion of tasks.

  31. Christina says

    I have to disagree. I personally love the journey! It is on the journey I am awake and aware, – excited of the opportunities that lies ahead of me. The goal in that perspective is a dream, a vision, something to move towards. But where you say it is the goal that matters, I think it is the journey towards it that enriches us, it is the action of moving it self that makes us feel alive.

    When you are waiting, you are not on a journey, or you fail to realize that you are. You are stuck, stuck in a place, or stuck in a mental state where you can’t see that your life is actually moving, – you are not aware of the journey, or you are stuck in a destination.

    People rush through life to get to their goals, just to realize that they have emptied their lifes, – let people down and missed out on spontaneous great moments with other people, just because they were to focused on a specific destination, – a destination that often turns out to be an utopian dream.

    If you are unhappy and don’t like where you are, I dont think it is because you are on a journey, it is because you are stuck. The first step out of that is to move forward, no matter where you go, just move, – enter the journey again.

    Also to add to your metaphor, the final destination for all of us in life must be death. – in that perspective life is a journey in its nature.

    How you get to your destination, is the interesting part. To use a real life metaphor again, that is also why my next jouney is going through Europe, by car, not on the highway, but on the small roads, and with a lot of stops on the way. I want to enjoy the journey, I want to have time to experience how the landscapes, the people and the language changes on the way. The journey is my goal.

    That is my perspective on the matter.

    Thanks for a great post though, it provoked me to stop and think, – although I slightly disagree, you helped me realize I have to start being aware of the journey I am on again. :)

  32. Tcal says

    Great post I’m very guilty of this myself
    I read this in Og Mandino’s book “University of success”

    “We must resist our tendency to belive that the world will come to us, that things will happen to us. We must go to it. We must happen to things.
    There is nothing as sad as the man who spends his entire life waiting for his ship to come in, when he never sent one out.
    Don’t spend your life waiting for that “big break.” Don’t rely upon luck. Make your own.”