How to Stop Being Broke as a Joke

There’s a nasty little disease going around called being Broke as a Joke. It affects millions of men every year. One unfortunate side effect of this disease is that it causes men to whine like little babies instead of taking action. This article will correct this, however, it will be quite harsh. Broke as a jokesters need a real kick in the ass, they don’t need any coddling.

If you want to stop being broke as a joke you’ve got to do the following:

You should be spending all your free time either A) Learning or B) Making shit happen. The third option, C, is being broke as a joke.


To learn your industry you should read every book you can get your hands on, every blog you can find, every forum on the subject, every success story you can find, and talk with as many experts as you can.

You should be reading and learning about your industry night and day. First thing in the morning and last thing before bed. If you have a regular job you should be learning about your industry when your boss isn’t looking.

Making Shit Happen:

To make shit happen all you’ve got to do is start and not give up. You don’t need to learn your industry for longer than two months before you dive in head first. Some broke as a jokesters will say things like “I’ve been learning for two years so it’s time I get the ball rolling” or “I’ve been learning for two years and I just can’t seem to make anything happen“. If you want to get in shape you can’t read a bunch of goddamn books on physical fitness and expect to get into shape, you gotta get your flabby butt in the gym and work. Same with business. You gotta learn all you can, cram it into a month or two, and then get that motherfucking ball rolling.

Take the first step, and then take more steps every single solitary day.

Spending Money to Make Money:

If you have ever said this statement “I’m not going to spend any money to learn this. It should be free. I refuse to spend any money to learn my industry” then you should slap yourself in the face because that’s the mentality of a loser. If you aren’t willing to spend a dime in your industry you will never, ever make a dime in your industry. Forget the loser mentality of never spending any money and hoping to somehow make money. You will have to spend money so just accept it. At first you may want to just buy books and other information but as time goes on you will need to spend more and more money.

Chronic Broke as a Jokesters will always say the same two things – “I have not made much money” and “I don’t have any money to purchase any information or services which will help me“.

On the opposite end of this spectrum are the people who will spend countless thousands of dollars in their desired industry and never take action. These people are the information junkies, the seminar junkies who will wait in anticipation for a new product they can buy instead of taking any action. They’ll do this for years and years, just buy products and wonder when it’s going to be “their time” to get started. There are people who wish to be in the Real Estate industry who go to 18 paid seminars over a 3 year period and haven’t ever bought a house.


Cut down on your expenses so you can spend on what is important. What is important? Buying information or services which will help your business.

Get off of Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media sites, get off the porn sites, cut out the TV watching. You’re just wasting your time when you could be doing something much more valuable. Your time should be spent either eating, shitting, lifting, learning or doing.

Stop waking up so damn late. Some of you broke as a jokesters wake up at 11am and then wonder to yourself when you’re “going to catch a break”. You aren’t gonna catch shit, you gotta make it happen.

START no longer than two months after making the decision about your industry. Spend one to two months learning only and then make the first step. You are going to learn infinitely more by doing than you will by reading. You will need the knowledge base that reading gives you but you must get your boots on the ground and actually do. You can read all the books you want about how to milk a Cow but unless you’ve ever had your hands on a Cows teat you don’t know shit about milking cows.

Download 30 Days of Discipline and develop some winning habits.

If you’re broke as a joke don’t leave a comment. Get to work. Come back when you have made a few bucks and then you can comment.

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  1. pete smith says

    I know some wealthy, hardworking people, including well-known athletes, that wake-up around 11am, and oftentimes much later. But, these people stay up most of the night working. So, waking up early is not a simple correlation with success. Some people prefer mornings, other nights.

  2. eric says

    I like to use Starcraft as an example: You can be a great analyst with a strong grasp on how the game works, knowledge of each units strengths and weaknesses, but that will never make you a star player. You have to develop that mechanical skill that comes from doing things repeatedly. Different, even unrelated concepts will start connecting to each other in entirely new ways as sensory information is connected to knowledge. You make a plan and then focus entirely on the process. If you’re risking everything on one shot and you don’t have years of foundation, you won’t be able to focus on the process. If your ego is wrapped up in being a winner while executing you’re just leaking attention that should go on the target. Or if you’re on the other side of the Dunning-Kruger effect, you’re worrying about all of the What Ifs when you should be listening to whats going on around you.

    Slowly it will take less and less willpower to make yourself do things inside of that skillset. And you will use your routine to stretch your skills outside of your comfort zone, if you just lull through it without focusing yourself your skills will plateau. The stress, joy and elation that comes from real situations will combine with the knowledge and grind itself into your bones. What most people merely think you will come to feel in your fingertips (Fingerspitzengefühl). That is when you can start innovating (combine your depth in one arena with breadth in other arenas).

    You can’t simply try to cram for a month and expect to beat 95% of your competition, it comes from a solid routine. At the same time, even in the most competitive arenas, most people find a certain plateau and stay there, unable or unwilling to understand the difference between the kind of hard work that will take them to the next level, or merely go through the motions, no matter how difficult or time consuming those motions are.

  3. Kamen says

    I laughed all the way through because I’ve been spending almost a year on Google asking it why I’m broke/loser/stuck in a crappy job/etc and this was the giant slap in my face I needed. Thanks!

  4. daniel- says

    ALRIGHT im an 18 year old loser trying to move up in my raNKS I LIKE this even tho i kinda already insidely knew everything. speaking my mind. you told me to only comment when i got money. lol. ima man ;D i wish there was a website to clear all cumfusion, everyone needs to know the real truth on how to make csh. i belive everyone should combine and make equal doller amounts to grow the economy and help out the homeless aswell as reduce crime. world today. oh goodness :/

  5. says

    Got paid today. At my job where I am currently spending most of my “working hours” reading your blogs and learning how to get mine off the ground. Thank you for setting me free.

  6. Joey the Hustler says

    I went from being a bartender fucking around for $500 a week to an entrepreneur making $10k to 20k a month by reading Bold and Determined. Listen to Victor and shut the fuck up until you make it happen.

    Oh and follow 30 DOD. It’s been two years since I bought that book and I still follow it everyday.