How to Stop Being a No-Getter and Start Being a Go-Getter

From the desk of Victor Pride
Location: Palawan, the Philippines

I recently read an article that said 70% of the American workers were “checked out” during their working day. 7 out of every 10 American workers actively hate their job and inactively spend their working day zoned out. Joe Average may think to himself “wow, how unfortunate that these people can’t enjoy their jobs”. Winner Wolf thinks “what a bunch of slack jawed idiots, wasting their time for money. Instead of zoning out these people could spend their time at ‘work’ working on a real passion project”.

But they won’t and they never will because these type of people are called “no-getters”. They are the opposite of “go-getters”.

No-getters hate their jobs and do nothing about it except play online games and gossip. Though inactive at their job, no-getters are actively envious, jealous and resentful of go-getters because go-getters go get what they want. No-getters stay in jobs they hate, go-getters don’t.

You’ll know a no-getter by the words they use and by their willingness to trade or give away their time for nonsense. Some of their favorite words include “luck, wish, lottery, silver spoon, never, can’t” etc and some of their favorite time sucking activities include 9-5 jobs and standing in line for the newest phone. They can’t fathom building anything of value and that’s why they are zonked out zombies wasting away in cubicles for a dream that never was and never will be (retiring rich). I’m going to tell you bluntly how you can stop being a no-getter and start being a go-getter.

Step #1 Stop trading your time for money

If you are paid salary or hourly you are paid for your time. If you are paid for your time you put a self-imposed limit on how much money you can make. You’ve only got 24 hours in a day, how many of those hours can you work? 16? Tops. If you’re a Chinaman working as a slave maybe you can push it to 18 hours per day, 7 days per week but that’s the limit of human endurance.

Working for time limits your earning capability, not to mention robs you of the most important asset you will ever have. Time is the most important thing you will ever have and if you trade your time for money you aren’t an entrepreneur, you’re a salary man. Even if you’re Joe Plumber and your truck says “Joe’s Plumbing” you may be working for yourself but you’re still trading your time for money. How many places can you be at one time? The answer is one place at any one time.

Time is the most important thing you own, give it to yourself, don’t give it to anyone else. Certainly don’t trade 5 of your days for 2 “free” days and don’t give 50 of your weeks in exchange for 2 “free” weeks. Those 2 weekend days and those 2 weeks holiday per year cost you your life, you just didn’t realize it at the time.

Be greedy with your time. Never trade it for pennies. You’ll never be rich trading your time for a paycheck but more importantly you will never, ever be free. You get maybe two weeks per year vacation time but the entrepreneur gets 52 weeks per year vacation time. It doesn’t matter where I am in the world I make money. It doesn’t matter if I’m sleeping or awake, if Santa is watching or not, I make money ’round the clock. It doesn’t matter if I’m in Thailand, Texas, Tanzania or Timbuktu, money comes in. Joe the Plumber is on call and makes money when he goes out to fix a little old ladies broken sink, Johnny office worker gets paid his 40 hour salary and that’s it, even if he works super-duper hard and comes in early and stays late.

The entrepreneur doesn’t trade his time for money. If you want to be an entrepreneur you have to stop giving away your most precious asset. Working more isn’t the answer, working better is.

When you stop giving away your time you have the ability to focus on making more money than any average Joe working an average job for an average wage for a chance of retiring as an average man with an average retirement income.

Step #2 Ignore the naysayers

Most people aren’t go-getters so how do you convince no-getters of your plans? How do you convince mom and dad and uncle Joe you are going to be an entrepreneur and not a walking zombie? It’s none of their business, that’s how. Your life only belongs to someone else when you are a) an employee or b) underage.

Your plans are for you and you alone. You can share parts of them on a need to know basis, but never give away your strategy. It’s nobodies damn business and if you require approval you don’t have the balls to be an entrepreneur. Approval is for dogs. If you want approval then be a good boy, get a good education, and get a good job with the rest of the good boys and spend your next 50 years wondering what could have been.

If you want to be an ass-kicker then start kicking some ass and do it every single day and stop worrying about approval. If I needed approval I’d still be making slave wages and getting drunk every weekend. I’d still be lamenting how big of a bite mommy government takes from my paycheck. I’d still be stuck.

Step #3 Ignore the hard times

As an entrepreneur you’ll have a new friend that maybe you didn’t have before and his name is anxiety. Waiting to make money can make you very anxious. Many times you don’t know when or if you’ll make money.

You’ve heard that “get rich quick” is a scam and is all fake but you probably have heard it from other office zombies. The reality is that as an entrepreneur you make big money in windfalls. You do not get rich slow and steady, you get rich by making one or several big deals that make you rich quick.

But what are you doing before that time? Working and worrying, probably.

If you take the plunge and decide your fate is yours to make you will likely face some lean times before you “get rich quick”. I’ve been so poor that when I made $700 it seemed like a fortune. I’ve been so poor that as a grown man I made $15,000.00 one year. That’s fifteen thousand pre-tax dollars.

How did I get through such a harsh existence? I didn’t even think about it. It didn’t even occur to me that they were hard times. They’ll ask you after you become successful how you made it through such hard times and you’ll reply “well, I didn’t even realize they were hard times. I was so focused on my project that I just did what I had to do and didn’t worry about all the times I ate tuna and oatmeal“.

Endure and ignore. That’s how you get through the hard times and get rich quick and it just doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about your strategy.

Step #4 Stop consuming and start producing

No-getters are consumers and that’s all they are. Work and consume, debt, work, consume, debt, work, consume, die.

Go-getters are producers, they produce what the no-getters consume.

The in-betweeners are the wannabe’s who follow get rich quick schemes.

You absolutely can get rich quick when you produce something valuable for a good many people. The reason get rich quick schemes don’t work is because they don’t provide any value to anyone, they are tools for the impatient to try to acquire wealth. The type of people that follow get rich quick schemes never stick to one thing and they never try to provide value, they jump ship at the first sign of hardship and move on to the next scheme. Rinse and repeat.

The in-betweeners are followers, they aren’t leaders and they aren’t producers. To make real money, make a real product that makes a real difference to someone.

And for heaven’s sake don’t spend all your money on nonsense like the newest phones and gadgets and hip clothes. You’ll never get rich saving your money, that’s a get rich slow scam, but you will need capital for your ventures and you will need a monetary padding in case of hard times. You can buy all that cool, hip stuff when you’re loaded.

Step #5 Stop begging and start learning

I want to be my own boss and make my own rules, please tell me what to do and how to do it“.

Yeah right.

There isn’t a blueprint for wealth and freedom but there are blueprints (plural). So you learn from everywhere, you take from this one and that one and you learn. Take what you need and discard the rest. No one piece of work is going to make everyone who reads it rich but you can learn from Book A and Book B and Book C.

It’s very important to read every industry specific book, article, blog post, and forum you can find. You’ll need to be an expert in your industry. It is also great motivation to read business books and auto-biographies of the successful and “out of the ordinary” business books like The Millionaire Fastlane.

The last job I had I was there for two months. It’s not a lie to say I spent each day of my two months on the clock reading about my new business venture. Unethical? I don’t care. Unlike the zonked out zombie no-getters who mentally check out, I checked in to a different sort of work each and every day, all day. Because I learned and studied so much I doubled my salary income less than 30 days after quitting my job and I was never again forced to trade my time for money.

Because of that decision to learn each and every day (I never stopped learning) I can now write to you from anywhere in the world. Right now I’m on an island in the Philippines. I could spend a week or a year here and it wouldn’t make any difference to my paycheck. I just spent my birthday here on an isolated and empty beach, just me and my special little lady. We had a BBQ right on the beach and rode the motorbike all along the empty beach for miles. I paid for it all from this very website. I started Bold and Determined to be able to enjoy location freedom. I started working on the web 4 years ago, I started making a real income 1.5 years ago. You do the math. Endure and ignore, provide value, stay disciplined, semper fi do or die, oorah. All those macho military sayings, the ones that no-getters like to mock, are true and they are some of the best pieces of advice of all time. Carpe Diem, lest you be 65 years old and realizing what a mistake you made by trading your precious time for a piece of shit post tax paycheck.

The real secret to success? Start 5 years ago, start yesterday, start today and don’t ever stop.

Seize the day.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

PS – Enjoy a few pictures of my recent trip.

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  1. Daywalker says


    There are some blunt truths in this post.

    I will see you on the winners side soon Vic. I’m just about done knocking down the wall I’ve built.

    An old man once told me “I’m the richest man in the world because I own my time.”

  2. says

    Great Monday article brother. It’s so true, people hate their jobs but aren’t willing to do anything about it.
    I even found that at one point I forced myself to enjoy my job, and it worked for a while. But eventually I opened my eyes and saw the job for what it was: a dead end.

    When I was working on my first business I was still working and using all my free time towards the business. Whenever I was asked to “chill” or “hang out” I would say I’m busy and would be met with this response.

    “You aren’t doing shit, your just going to go home and jerk off”

    I would say nothing, leave with a smile and work even harder. Now I’m free from that job and they’re still working for a sad $800 paycheck.

    Keep on kicking ass Victor.

  3. Justin says

    Just took a break from reading, and taking notes from “Letting go of the words”, a six year old piece of gold designing web content. It’s a book from the public library, I take it to work each day I go, along with a duotang and pen. Peopl:-) e ask if I’m doing homework, then get confused when I say no. No-getters can’t comprehend the value of self study.

    I reccomend it for anyone looking to produce any sort of product. It helps you think in terms of designing for people.

    So you checked out the millionaire fastlane? It’s a great slap in the face for Joe Plumber, who’s miss-managing his efforts.

    • Victor Pride says

      Yes, I checked it out. Was that you who told me about it? I’ve got 100 pages to go but I can confidently say it’s a top 5 must read book.

      • JP says

        Actually, I mentioned that MJ Demarco (the author) mentioned your blog over at his website forum. That was a couple of posts ago. I’m not sure if that’s the first time you heard about his book, though.

  4. says

    #5 is pure gold!

    reading stories from people who already walked the walk is a great way to get rid of limiting believes and limiting manners! Reading is a great start… spending time with successful people is priceless.

    “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”

  5. says

    GREAT article. Parents have no way of understanding this, especially if they are employees. For two years I was trying to explain what I do – they still do not get it. They say: Find good job according to your education. Climb corporate ladder by working hard. Have family and babies immediately. Buy expensive car to impress people. Watch news, believe all you see in them. People following this rules usually struggle all they lives barely getting by, never actually travel, never have adventure. Working to buy a car just to get to work and from the work. Building houses to never be there, having familly just to see them when tired and burned out with enough energy just for TV.

    • says

      I feel you man, my parents were so excited about me getting into university, even though I knew that university was a trap and a waste of time. Heck, they would have be happier with me getting a degree and being unemployed than not going to university and becoming an entrepreneur.

      Average parents have average values I’m afraid. You just have to live life for yourself and not for your parents.

    • Victor Pride says

      Yes, they will tell you this nonsense. I call it “don’t rock the boat” syndrome. Don’t prove to us that we were wrong about everything.

  6. says

    Hey man, If ever you go to a manila area, we can work out together one time – if you like.
    Gyms are cheap out here in RP.
    “Get rich slow” Scheme; Now that’s something new!
    I like that one

    • Victor Pride says

      Hi Magallanes, I was in Manila 4 or 5 days ago but I won’t be back that way except in transit. I think Manila may be the poorest place I’ve ever seen, certainly the most homeless people I’ve ever seen in one afternoon.

      • says

        yup– no question about that. certainly not something fun to see. Here it’s either you HAVE or you DON’t- Well more reason to strive to kick ass- The advantage is that things are cheap here (because there are more poor people) and earning dollars from the intenet is really a great advantage (geo arbitrage if you may). damn you can even live out of $10 a day here- that would be more than enough for a FAMILY of 3.
        BTW where do you workout there in palawan?

  7. The Grizzly says

    And to Victor’s point, it’s why I called in sick today to my bullshit, soul crushing 9-5 office slavery to come and be at the library at this very moment to work on MY businesses.

    Great article and timely!

  8. Ishaq says

    Great article. The Millionaire Fastlane is very legit and contains a lot of practical advice that I am putting into action while I am young.
    PS You look jacked in the picture where you stare out into the sea.

    • Victor Pride says

      Yes, great book and every young and driven man should read it. Hell, every old man too. It’s never too late to turn it all around.

  9. Anna Lee says

    Your blog is the best blogs I have ever encountered. Every time I read it, I got so much positive energy. Thank you so much !

  10. Man says

    Vic, I love your blog, but I disagree with you discouraging men from being plumbers and such. Good honest work with hands is needed. No offense, but we can’t have everyone “producing” self help blogs. Take that to its logical conclusion: if everyone in the world was an entrepreneur and his job was to write a blog like this one (and sell things like 30 days of discipline)…who would fix toilets, fix cars, build stuff, etc? I agree with the idea that too many average brained people go to state college and then work cube jobs as drones, but not all of them can write a good blog. is taken! What we need is a return to more men doing man’s work: construction, plumbing, carpentry. No, they won’t retire rich, but people who put in a good day’s work (yes, selling their time getting paid by the hour) are happy at the end of the day and sleep well. It’s the cube slaves who make up the 70% referenced in your post. But again, not all of them can start a blog and make money from that. What they should do, perhaps, is start a lawn mowing service.

    • Man says

      IN other words, not to be negative, but not everyone can do what you have done. No matter how much positive encouragement you write, most of them can’t do it.

    • Man says

      IN other words, not to be negative, but not everyone can do what you have done. No matter how much positive encouragement you write, most of them can’t do it.

      • Victor Pride says

        You’re absolutely right most can’t do it. I don’t pretend otherwise, but I don’t write for everyone. I write for the person who wants to. But hey fella, starting a plumbing service is 5,000 times better than working a faggy office job. No doubt about it.

        • Daywalker says

          I worked an office job. Now I own a handyman service.
          I’m 1000 times happier now.
          But let’s say I could own a handyman business and have a self sustaining Internet business. Now that’s working smart.
          Life is about constantly improving.
          Owning your own “Joe’s Plumbing” is a stepping stone. Not a resting place.
          There’s nothing wrong with it, but it by itself is not complete Freedom.
          No-getter becomes a kinda-getter and then transforms into a total go-getter.

    • JP says

      You are correct about electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc. There will always be a need for them, and it is more satisfying than being a cubicle zombie. Of course there are some non-handy types like myself who would starve if I tried to do that kind of work.

      As for everyone not being an entreprenuer, that’s true, but there are a lot more opportunities than you mention. The self-improvement and internet marketing areas are pretty saturated unless you have a unique niche like Victor. However, there are countless things you can do online. Just a few examples: helping others outsource, real estate, stock market, fitness, creating apps, selling real goods via ecommerce, etc. The hard part is narrowing down your focus and determining if there’s really a demand for your service/product.

  11. steve says

    So you make all your money from this website or do you have real estate asssets like “rich dad poor dad?”

    • Victor Pride says

      I have not done a real estate deal in about 3 years and I no longer hold any notes. I’m 100% virtual.

  12. den says

    Welcome to my little Island Victor, hope you enjoy your vacation here in my country your no. 1 Filipino reader here salamat!

  13. Chase says

    I’m an only child and entrepreneur. I have motivation coming out of my ass but Victor you flame that fire within. You are the big brother I’ve never had. Words of wisdom that most “men” wouldn’t dare to utter.

    Thank you.

  14. Channing Vigier says

    Great motivation to start my week off with. Recently I have been slipping with regards to my personal motivation, but after having re-read through some of your posts, I am fired up to conquer this week and the rest of my life. Thanks

  15. says

    Three years, without making an income. 1095 days of tested, yet unbreakable self belief.
    That’s what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Self doubt will kill you and the next venture you hop to and the next.
    Great post Vic,
    Fortune favors the bold.
    -Strength On Fire

  16. says

    As always Vic You know how to make a person take some action in his life. There was once in my life that i was a no-getter. I would make fun of those people who wanted to build something i was blinded at the time by all the media and people telling you to follow a certain path. A path that no longer works in this fast paced world. It was not until i began reading, learning and speaking to those who chose a different life that i realized i was duped! Over time my thought process began to change from a no-getter to a go-getter! I began selling stuff out of my car and once the money began to come in i got hook! Unfortunately got shut down by the police for not having a vendor license but fuck it! I go the bug and already moved to another spot! LOL Live and learn! Be the man! Don’t work for the man!

  17. mothersmurfer says

    I’m just now finishing reading DeMarco’s “Millionaire Fastlane.” Despite the stupid title, it really is one of the best business books I’ve read. Glad to see that you liked it. And I highly recommend it to everyone who visits this site.

  18. Scott says

    “To make real money, make a real product that makes a real difference to someone.”
    Golden Advice Vic!

  19. Dwayne says

    Once again Victor, an awesome post! Could I please find out what was your first business after you quit your job? I’m 18 years old at the moment and my main passions in life are weight training, acting and martial arts. I’ve decided to screw being “realistic,” throwing my life away as part of the 9-5 rat race and follow my dreams of being an actor.

    One of the challenges of pursuing this goal is having a source of income before getting roles which I can get paid for. I don’t want to spend most of my time working some job I don’t like, just to have money in these early stages. I’m learning to trade the Forex market at the moment to generate income as setting swing trades means I only have to spend a couple hours a week trading if it works out well, so I can focus most of my time on working on my craft. The thing I’m not sure of is how I will raise capital for trading when I start trading live.

  20. says

    Great article Victor!
    Currently I am working 9-5 and I see the No-Getters (my colleagues) all the time surfing on Facebook or gossip sites. Almost all of them stupid fucking consumers! The worst thing is the female colleague sitting in front of me, who talks and behaves like a man, drinks Red Bull every day and burps loudly without being ashamed. The other colleagues are mostly showing off how “smart” they are and they despise bodybuilders and successful people.

    Seing those losers every day is motivating me to become a successful Go-Getter and to get away from them as fast as I can. The last months I have been reading at work “Bold & Determined” and “The Millionaire Fastlane”, and have been conducting research on Google for my internet business, which will be launched soon.

    By the end of this year I will be able to quit my job and move to Southeast Asia. By then I will have enough savings to live there up to 4 years if I wanted to. This should be enough time to make the internet business very profitable.

    My advice for all the readers here who are still stuck in 9-5 jobs: Do not care what your work colleagues are doing and work on your own business whenever possible. You will not be very popular at work but eventually you will be financially free at the end if you succeed.


    • The Grizzly says


      I’m with you bud, I’m in the same boat. The 9-5 bullshit is old and killing me and being surrounded by these fucking idiots is misery. They boast about knowing how to do a menial fucking task with software, wtf? Really, is that real life? I can kill you with my fucking bare hands and you brag about resetting a damned server from your iphone? Talk about a mismatch in reality. Dumb fucks are driving me mad.

      • says

        Shit man, I’ve been thinking of the same thing. How we’re so disconnected with our primal nature and are way too happy being shameless consumers living fruity lives. We shun real life skills like survival and self-sufficiency while touting being able to stomach the cock of big brother as an achievement. I’ll be posting about this soon.

  21. J says

    I can see there are 41 comments on the homepage, but for some reason I cannot view them.

    Is it just me or is everyone having this problem?

  22. says

    Might I add that there is no better feeling in the world than to be obsessed with some form of work. Looking at the clock today I keep saying “Holy crap”, time just flies by when your obsessed.

  23. says

    You traded your time when you wrote Body of a Spartan.. I gained 14 pounds of muscle in just over three months following your book. Best 14 bucks I ever spent.

  24. says

    My favorite part is “well, I didn’t even realize they were hard times. I was so focused on my project that I just did what I had to do and didn’t worry…”

    I love these Monday morning “get off your butt” posts!

    Thanks Victor.

  25. 29hg says

    Arnold once met with a movie producer.. and the movie producer asked him Arnold I wanna be a great movie producer ONE DAY an unexceptional movie producer…

    Arnold smiled and laughed with rich airy laugh.. took another smoke of his cigar… let the smoke out of his mouth.. and said “Why not everyday?”. and walked away..

    The thing is..there are different realities.. There are people who do the math.. and people who do the math teacher.. Arnold did the math teacher..

    It appears as you my brother are a math teacher as well..

    I absolutely in love with your whole internet work your mind is beautiful… I wish you the best of everything you really deserve it.. the way my entire mind thinking process changed through discovering all of your WHOLE internet work has made a stone drop from my heart…

    I fucking love you who ever the fuck you are.. almost like the best friend i’ve never met..

  26. says

    Top, top post. I love this. Definitely sharing on my facebook to show my friends. How do you find gym’s overseas? Are the Asian gyms any good as opposed to what you would have been used to in the US?

    • Victor Pride says

      Just ask the hotel, ask google, ask a taxi driver. Easy peasy. Some gyms are great, some aren’t. No big deal, I’ll lift in a warehouse with no aircon or a fully modern gym. My bday is not July 15, but it’s close.

  27. Lastexit says

    Hey Vic I’ve been reading b and d since last year and really love your work. I was wondering if you could tell me some advice. Both my mother and father are slef employed, my mom a freight broker and my father a dentist I wanted to know where I could start or books I can read on starting to own my business such as owning an apartment and renting it out or owning store chains. Thanks for all the info you have given me over the years Vic. It’s also a little early asking this question since I’m only 15 but I’m going to be abler to work soon

    • Victor Pride says

      Hey bud, I’d go to and ask the people who are renting apt buildings for good book recommendations.

  28. rjn says

    Great article Victor

    I recently bought a pack of the Uni-Liver tablets you’ve recommended. If I’m eating 2 meals a day, how many tablets do you recommend I take with each meal/how many do you take with each meal?


  29. says

    Hey Victor,

    Great read man, to be honest I had to read some bits twice because it sounded like something I’d write. Thank you or writing this post.

    I only just started reading your blog after a good friend of mine pointed me your way (mr white)


  30. says

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom. But this article means nothing if whoever is reading this is not ready to convert the knowledge into wisdom for themselves by taking action.

    I wonder how do you cope with not speaking languages in the countries you visit. Love what you do man keep it up!

    • Victor Pride says

      Not speaking the local language is no problem. Everyone in the hospitality industry speaks english, and unless you’ve been to the area you just have no idea how many white people are actually here. English is universal.

  31. says

    Thank you Victor for the The Millionaire Fastlane recommendation. Anyone who rips apart conventional wisdom spoken by conventional people living conventional lives is a friend of mine! My best wishes to you sir and congrats on creating such a great blog with “in your face” content.

    • Victor Pride says

      Hi MJ, no need to thank me, your book is a must read. It was a book I needed to read at 18 and I can easily recommend it to all the readers of B&D. And TY for the compliments. Regards, -Victor

  32. Stef says

    I really enjoyed this piece of yours and want to give out a thanks. Entrepreneurship is the best lifestyle in the world for winners, and this article completely reinforces that. Keep pushing forward until B&D is the top lifestyle blog on the internet.

  33. says

    I used the link on the no bull shot guide to making money online and I haven’t received my “ass-kicking gift” of 30 days of discipline?

  34. anon says

    Victor how did you customize your subscriber bar/box to look similar to the theme and design of your website?

  35. Jonathan87 says

    Hey Victor, I hope you will offer you book ”Spartan Entrepreneurship” again – I’m one of the unfortunate ones who have found this great blog just recently. Keep up the good work, Dude!

  36. Fernando says

    I’m a 29 year old male who has pretty much felt exactly like everything you have explained in this post. I could never work a 9-5 job making barely OK money! I would sit there and say that this isn’t the way to make real money! Sitting there 40-50+ hours a week, and then get my check only to have Uncle Sam destroy almost half of my check truly bothered me! This post greater strengthened my resolve to keep moving forward.

  37. Keith De Rosas says

    Love this article Victor!!!! I’m a young entrepreneur in the process of building my own business in the financial industry. You took the words out my mouth,working at a job w/ no value just gets you dumber. See you at the top and keep the blogs coming my man. KINGS UNDERSTAND KINGS

  38. says

    I’m a carpet cleaner. Bills get paid and most of my time is spent with my kids I don’t work much. I provide the service my customers need. I’m not a millionare but I feel like one.

  39. Joel says

    If you’re a grown man and you don’t have a business as of right now, aren’t you kind of forced to trade your time for money to a certain extent? That being the case, do you think a good method would be to work part time to meet minimal expenses, while spending the rest of my time working on my venture?

  40. cameron says

    Amazing. This gives me the boost I need. Though my problem is still the old original one I have been having: I know nothing about business. I know everything can be learned, and I try very hard, but I still cant figure so many things out (mostly involving money). But yeah, I’ll keep trying man!

  41. Tcal says

    Victor I’m so sick of school and jobs and all this other bullshit that comes with it
    One of my goals to make money outside a job is to do something with personal training can’t you write a post about your tips on how to succed as one and the many errors you made? Or very least point me in the direction of great recources books/tapes etc??
    For I know there’s no excuses for not knowing how to start a business, marketing, sales etc. that you can learn on your own…

  42. Daniel says

    I believe the best movie that portrays how awful the “normal” job and 9-5 bullshit is the movie Wanted (not the killing part, but Wesley’s life before).

  43. says

    Constantly be working on making yourself into the “you” that you want to be. Don’t start tomorrow. You didn’t start 5 years ago, so start now. Time slips through our fingers so quickly, even more so if we’re mentally checked out wage slaves.

    Grab life by the cock and don’t let go.

  44. kevin says

    Mate – thank you so much for all your articles. Especially this one. Now 30 – I wish I found this at 18. The difference between you and the millions of other writers is the brutal honesty. Cheers for the inspiration.


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