How to Naturally Increase Testosterone

fightIt is an easily observable fact that today’s Men have less testosterone than their fathers and even less testosterone than their Grandfathers. We live in a highly emasculated society. For proof just walk out your door and go to the local grocery store and take a look at the Men. I was at a grocery store the other day and I heard a “man” literally beg his wife to get 2% milk instead of skim milk. He literally begged inside of the store, like a little girl.

Testosterone is what keeps you from being a giant sissy.

Signs of low Testosterone:

  • Excess bodyfat
  • Low libido
  • Gynecomastia
  • Lack of motivation
  • Depression
  • Low self esteem
  • Irritability
  • Moodiness
  • Memory loss
  • Loss of morning erections
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Fatigue
  • Decreased energy
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Testicle shrinkage
  • Low sperm count

There are several reasons why Men have such low testosterone, and we will go over those, but the most important one is diet. You need to eat fat to produce testosterone. Aim for 30% of your total calories from fat. The standard American Low-fat diet is producing heaps of effeminate males. Every guy I know that is super low in T (you can tell because they are frail, timid, sexless, weak) has a poor diet. They eat low fat, low protein, high carbohydrate diets. They eat things like Macaroni and cheese as a meal. That’s what little boys eat (they shouldn’t). Eat like a man for high Testosterone. Some excellent testosterone building meals include..

Steak and eggs – the strong mans favorite meal. High saturated fat in the eggs and zinc in the red meat help produce testosterone.

Liver and onions – Onions contains allicin which helps produce testosterone. Liver contains all kinds of good shit. Warriors of old would often eat the raw liver right out of a fresh kill because it gave them strength. If you don’t like eating liver take some Liver Tabs, one of the only supplements that I spend money on. I love liver tabs, they make me feel strong as an ox in the gym. Jack Lalanne would take up to a hundred a day when he was preparing for his incredible feats of strength and stamina such as towing 70 boats with 70 people on his 70th birthday while handcuffed.

Garlic – Garlic also contains allicin.

Peanuts, Salmon, Coconut oil, olive oil are all rich in good fats.

Cook everything in butter, not margarine.

Eat as naturally as possible. Organic for your fruits and veggies and grass-fed for your red meat if you can afford it.

If you are a vegetarian try to stop being a sissy and eat meat, the diet that Man was designed to eat. How many manly vegetarians have you met? If you’re like me the answer is zero. That’s because they eat low fat, high soy content meals. For God’s sake never eat soy! Soy is estrogen enhancing poison. Don’t believe the government hype that soy is great, soy is cheap and easy to produce and is a government subsidized crop (the other 2, corn and wheat, also should be avoided).

Some other tips to help increase Testosterone naturally

Get a good night’s sleep in a cool, dark room. Sleep at night or else you will mess up your circadian rhythm which leads to decreased T.

Lift weights. Heavy compound exercises produces testosterone naturally. Between 4-8 reps per set is a good goal.

Don’t smoke. Inhibits sexual appetite, probably because you’re constantly sucking on a thin, white phallus.

Don’t drink (or limit alcohol consumption) – Alcohol has been proven to lower testosterone.

Have sex. Frequent sex, especially first thing in the morning, increase T levels. I experimented with celibacy for 8 long months and I could just about feel the testosterone leaving my body.

Live stress free. Easier said than done but stress and worry is a huge testosterone killer. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t change it there is no point in worrying about it.

If you’re fat, lose weight. Increased weight leads to higher estrogen levels.

Don’t keep your cell phone in your pocket next to your boys. According to Tim Ferris’ The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman cell phone radiation leads to decreased sperm count and T levels.

Listen to music that pumps you up – Songs that pump you up, pump you up full of testosterone.

Eat your vegetables – Vegetables have been repeatedly demonstrated to raise testosterone and decrease estrogen.

Other Reasons Men Have Low Testosterone

We live in a highly feminized culture where so called femininity is rewarded and masculinity is punished. A generation of Men raised by women doesn’t know how to be masculine. The irony is that women are becoming much more masculine and men are becoming more feminine. Don’t believe your masculinity is wrong and don’t believe the feminist misandrous propaganda. You are a Man and it’s ok to act like one. Never let Women boss you around, and they will if you let them, it has a feminizing effect on you. Studies show that married men lose Testosterone as well, probably from all the nagging and order-giving. If you must get married, find a feminine (not feminist) woman, she will be the yin to your yang.

Turn off the Television. TV is nothing more than a brainwashing machine and it’s telling you that women are always right and Men are always wrong and always to blame. Ignore the media.


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  1. mmc11 says

    Much truth here.

    I would add
    – check out Maca
    – American Ginseng
    – He shou wu – renouned in the Orient, along with other herbs

    It is the high intensity exercises of the major muscle groups – from the knees to the rib cage, such as the squat and dead lift that more stimulate the testosterone.

    And sugar and fructose, and corn syrup, reduces testosterone.

  2. Amir Timur says

    I have been on a natural high fat diet, for a few months now. After reading your posts, I went and got myself checked for T. I must add that I took clomid (clomiphene citrate) for 5 days before the test at 25 mg/day.
    Age: 31
    Testosterone: 1322
    Normal range: 174-843 (according to the report).
    How much of this is attributable to clomid?
    Im worried about HIGH T now!

        • Victor Pride says

          I didn’t ask where you got them, I asked you WHY you took them. Clomid is a very harsh drug and it’s for WOMEN! Test yourself again when you haven’t been taking female infertility drugs to find out where your true natural levels are.

          • Amir Timur says

            My spermcount has stagnated at 40 mill/ml 160 mill total 50% motility. It was down to 0 after a bout of hepatitis last year and had been improving continuously until I hit this ceiling. I took them because I read in body building forums that it blocks estrogen uptake(used to increase T in people coming off steroids) and wanted to experiment with the effects. I checked up-6 months of clomid @ 25g per day doubles testosterone at best. So 5 days probably would not do more than 25%. I’m guessing I will probably have around 1100 test when I recheck next month.

          • Amir Timur says

            To clarify, I was testing the hypothesis that the sub-optimal sperm count was due to low T, and whether changing T levels would change anything. The count is still the same but T levels are through the roof and I’m guessing it cannot possibly be due to the 125 mg of Clomid(Takes atleast 2000 mg to have significant effects.) Do you know anything about sperm counts? Is there a situation where HIGH T might be limiting spermatogenesis?

          • Victor Pride says

            I don’t know, friend. When bodybuilders try to get their wives pregnant they will take HCG to increase sperm count and bring up their low natural test levels. That may be something to ask your doctor about, HCG – human chorionic gonadotropin.

  3. goopra says


    About the soy..since it has protein we can eat raw soy meat taste mimicking peices right? ? Shiudlnt completely shut it off..:

    Also where else should i put my cell phone
    Butt pocketb??

  4. Enrique Jackson says

    Good thread Vic….as you said eat like a man and eat the right TEST building foods etc…and dead lift and squat HEAVY

  5. Sammy says

    How to naturally increase your t level and can you use testosterone cream would it help and which on I’d better to if you have use one?

  6. Clover says

    Hmm, I do most of these things, but I’m a woman. Apart from weight lifting, I think they’re an important part of being a useful human, whatever gender you are. Then again in girls, eating sensibly and having plenty of sex probably increases female sex hormones. After all, evolution would have had to go very wrong for sex to make women more masculine.

  7. Simky says

    I want to know how I can increase my testosterone (I’m a woman). I’m way too girly and I love the feeling I get when I feel a little masculine. It really sucks being a chick. I like how cocky I feel and any testosterone not used, turns into estrogen so my boobs get bigger…it’s a win win.

    Any suggestions on a safe way for me to increase it…I do all the above suggestions already.

  8. Amir_timur says

    An update. A few more months on a beef and beef organ (heart/liver/brain) diet and I am upto 86 million /mp sperm with 70% motility. 4-5 ml volume! Yeehaa.

    Im going to get it rechecked in case its a testing error, but keeping my fingers crossed. Feel good!

  9. mach says

    “Cook everything in butter, not margarine”

    Thanks for pointing this out, I was about to go with margarine, lol

  10. says

    “Don’t smoke. Inhibits sexual appetite, probably because you’re constantly sucking on a thin, white phallus.”

    laughed out loud at work

  11. Tom says

    This article is dead on. Ive noticed serious benefits from eating meat,eggs, rice, butter, fruits and veggies( especially spinach )the past few months. Ive pretty much completely eliminated sugar, processed food, and fast food.

    I quit watching porn

    I started taking indonesian tongat ali

    I workout 5 days a week

  12. amir timur says

    118 million now. Also testosterone through the roof. Following mostly RAy PEAT advice, hes brilliant on dietary regulation of hormones.

    HIgh sat fat
    high fruits (fructore)
    High proteins (more of gelatine and broths)
    HIgh milk
    high eggs liver etc
    LOW on starches.
    AVOID fibre like the plague.

  13. Arvind says

    Has anyone out here tried a sole egg + vegetarian diet and maintained good T levels? I won’t eat meat for ethical reasons (yeah, go on, fry me for that) and would like to keep it that way as long as I can. I’m ok with eating 4-8 eggs + yolks a day. Until then I’ll just see how that goes for a while, get a checkup after say 3-4 months and maybe think about including fish or chicken in my diet.

  14. T says

    Hey Victor. I am an 18 year old male and have recently found your website; its invigorating and I agree with what you are preaching. I recently had my T levels checked and they came back at 293 ng/dL. I had them checked primarily due to fatigue, and as far as I’m concerned, I’ve found the culprit. Unfortunately, my imbicillic endocrinologist told me that my levels are “just fine”. So, I just went to a new doctor (a urologist I found) and he has blood drawn to check it again. I will find out within the week what my T levels are from this test, although I suspect they will still be low. If they are, and I am still experiencing the symptoms (primarily I am always tired, have lost a lot of motivation, and can’t gain muscle), what would you recommend I do?

    • says


      Lower T levels at your age could be a multitude of things that you could change without needing a doctor. You’re going to be hard pressed to find anyone that’s going to prescribe any sort of hormonal supplementation at your age.

      Are you eating enough protein and fats? Consume large quantities of steak (grass-fed is best) and eggs cooked in butter (Kerrygold butter is some of the best commercially sold butter in the states). Certain vegetables, like broccoli, have shown to also lower excess estrogen in the body as well.

      Are you lifting heavy weights and doing the big lifts? (squats, deadlifts, bench press)

      Are you getting 8-9 hours of sleep and avoiding excess stress?

      • T says

        I was tested at a time when my lifestyle was at its healthiest; I was lifting 5 days a week, eating a lot of protein (grass fed filet mignonette a lot) and fats, and getting pretty good sleep( maybe 6-8 hours). It concerns me because my levels were so low at a time when I was living a healthy lifestyle. The only potential causes I could see are stress(I tend to have a lot of it on my life) and maybe a slight lack if sleep, but could these really lower my levels so much( from an average of around 700-800 for my age)?

        • says

          Not too sure. Stress is a huge Testosterone killer and getting shitty sleep will compound the problem. I can’t tell you how much it will lower your T levels, however. I would say try to get a little more sleep and see what can be done about lowering your stress. I’m blessed with a type B personality so it takes a lot for me to get stressed and I usually calm down quickly when I do.

          Try being proactive about managing stress. I go out for a walk at lunch everyday to just get out of the office and unwind. Helps immensely.

          Hope this helps.

  15. shreya says

    Hi All

    If i have low testosterone, will i be a SISSY?

    I am attracted OLD MEN…(not with boys) Also i watch a lot of Shemale/ Tranny /Ladyboy Porn movies and pretend my self as them…

    I am also attracted to women.

    Whats my problem? Its because of low Testosterone? or any other reason?

  16. Seb says

    Testosterone enhancing music

    Black Label Society – Fire It Up
    Five Finger Death Punch – Back For More
    Hatebreed – Perseverence

    Have fun boys ;-)