How to Meet Shy Girls

shygirlYou want a girlfriend but you don’t want an argumentative she-man. You want a girlfriend who is nice, sweet, modest and chipper. You don’t want “just one of the guys”. You want a girlfriend who looks up to you and builds up your confidence and makes you smile. You want a girlfriend who acts like a girl and makes you feel strong and powerful.

Is there a way to find such a creature?

Here at Bold & Determined I have previously spoken of “good girls” in a positive light. I’ll let you in on a little secret, a good girl is often really just a shy girl. A shy girl doesn’t usually act on her slutty emotions or on the whims of her slutty friends. Today we will share with you how you can acquire a shy girl of your very own.

Why you would want a shy girl

Extroverted girls are just too forward. There’s nothing for you to do as a man. They’ll just come running to you. You’ll ignore them for days or weeks in a row and they’ll still be calling and trying to see you. It’s too easy to seduce outgoing girls. You’ll meet them and then be in bed with them 45 minutes later. You don’t have to work for anything. When you don’t work for anything you don’t care about it, it means nothing. There’s no hunting involved so you just don’t care. A shy girl, on the other hand, takes some work to get. You will have to be the hunter rather than the hunted, as nature intended you to be.

There are many other reasons to pick a shy girl over an extroverted girl as your girlfriend. These reasons include:

  • shy girls will often have far fewer sexual partners than outgoing girls
  • shy girls are typically modest and ladylike
  • shy girls are not overly opinionated, rude, loud-mouthed or foul-mouthed
  • shy girls are easier to get along with because they are more eager to please
  • shy girls will bring out the protective instinct in you
  • shy girls will let you hunt them. You are the hunter and they are the prey. a shy girl will not typically make the first move, or any moves, it is up to you.
  • shy girls tend to be more loyal, down to earth and pleasant
  • shy girls are girlish, rather than “mature, independent and experienced”
  • shy girls do not want to compete with you to see who can be more masculine
  • shy girls do not typically have high career ambitions and are happier being around family
  • shy girls are not typically party animals

Shy girls make things easier. If you are to have a girlfriend you should have one who helps you out and brightens your day, not one who is argumentative, bitchy, whorish or “feminized”. If you have a girlfriend but you spend all your time fighting with the bitch about what to eat for dinner then it’s time to cut her loose. Show her the door and find yourself a shy girl. If you’re Bold & Determined you have ass to kick all day, when you get home you don’t want to have to play that bullshit with your woman too. When you’re home with your woman you should be relaxed, calm and comfortable.

Shy girls do not tend to have sky high over-confidence and are more down to earth and downright easier to be around. I’m sure you have been spoon-fed all this baloney about girls needing more confidence, well they don’t. They have far too much artificial confidence and that’s one reason they cannot keep a boyfriend and one reason why they are mentally unbalanced and rely on pharmaceutical anti-depressants. A shy girl isn’t necessarily immune to all this, but there’s a good chance she is.

This is not a cool, hip, alpha-dog or “player” thing to say which is why I’m going to say it: I like to protect my woman. It makes me feel good when a girl relies on me for protection and security. When a girl is scared and grabs your upper arm for protection it will make you feel powerful. I do not have any proprietary instinct or care for a loud-mouth woman or an overtly slutty woman. I just don’t care what happens to those types of women.

Shy girls do not typically have the black girl attitude of “I don’t need no man. I’m as strong as a man. I’m just as good as a man. I’m just one of the guys.” or any of that bullshit. Shy girls tend to not compete to see who can be more of a man. They are usually content to be the girl and let you be the man. They may challenge you here or there but it is not a constant dominance game. I feel no protective instinct to a loud-mouth woman who tries to be a man and I care zero percent when it comes back to haunt them (exhibit A), but when I hear of a shy, modest girl who is harassed it makes my blood boil. Part of being a man is being protector of your property, that includes your woman.

How to spot a shy girl

Shy girls tend to….

  • dress modestly
  • avoid eye contact
  • speak quietly, mousy
  • walk with feet pointed inward
  • giggle when uncomfortable

A shy girl is a bit mousy and quiet. She won’t be on the elevator yelling into her phone, she won’t be at the club dancing like a whore, she won’t usually leave her home dressed like a dirty bum, she will not make much eye-contact with strangers, her feet will point inward when she walks, her head will be held lower. She will giggle at small, normal things.

Shy girls are not typically party animals. So you won’t often find them at the discoteche, the honky-tonk, the hipster bar or the country juke-joint. If they are at the bar they are probably holding her friends coats and purses while her friend is blowing 5 guys in the alley.

A shy girl is not going to walk by you on the street and say hi and start a conversation with you. She may make eye contact with you and if she likes you then you will see, in a split second, her eyes brighten. This is an “eye smile“, it’s a look of hope and expectation that you will speak to her. When you get an eye smile that means a girl is interested in you.  If you catch an eye smile you should stop the girl and make any excuse to talk with her, (if you like her, of course). The simplest thing to do is ask directions. “Hey, do you know where blah blah is? Is there a food court here? My copy of the Holy Bible is worn through from so many readings, do you know where the bookstore is? My t-shirt has split at the biceps and I need to buy a larger one, do you know a good clothing store?

Where to find a shy girl

Shy girls are everywhere that men and women interact. A shy girl isn’t a shut-in, she will have to go to the grocery store just like everyone else.

When you come across a shy girl that catches your fancy you will need to make the first move, the second move, and every move after that. Forget the silly nonsense of “Oh, if she liked me then she would make a move, or she would call“. That baloney is for girls, if you like a shy girl you make the moves. Period. As things progress she will open up more and suggest days to meet or activities to do, but that may take some time.

Religious girls are often shy and modest, but only the truly religious. Just because a girl says she’s “christian” doesn’t mean anything. Most Christian churches are emasculated “girl power” factories. Unless her church is one that is made fun of by all-knowing atheists, i.e. Mormon church, then it is highly likely she has no moral or religious values. If she is an active member of a cool-to-hate church like the Mormon church then she is probably not faking her religious devotion. If she is religious in the face of mockery then she is not one who gives in to temptation.

Remember: Religion is not the end-all, be-all of finding a shy girl. A shy girl may very well be an atheist, buddhist or a “christian”.

Shy girls are often Plain Jane girls

For purposes of this article we will describe beautiful as an 8, 9 or 10. A shy girl that will make a nice girlfriend will fall in the 6 to 7 range. These girls make perfect girlfriends, so don’t shun a 6 or 7 right away. All she needs is something that you love, something that drives you crazy. If her body is good and her face is good and it turns you on then it matters not if she isn’t an 8 or above. By the way, I will let you on a little secret I know: Makeup makes ALL the difference in the world and shy girls tend to not overdo their makeup. If you have found a girl who wears little to no makeup and still makes you hard then you have found yourself a treasure.

Shy girls will often be described as pretty, rather than beautiful or hot. You may luck out and find an ugly duckling, a girl that previously had acne, wore goofy glasses and braces, was fat, or was sickly as a child. These girls can sometimes grow up to be quite beautiful but have the mentality of the ugly girl. You have probably heard that fat girls make good girlfriends for the same reasons. The people that have this saying neglect a few things: fat girls are disgusting to look at and have bad personalities and are grossly over-opinionated. A shy girl will often be skinny or lean and they aren’t prone to over-eating.

All sounds goood, but where can I find one!!!!!???

Shy girls are everywhere. At the sandwich shop, at the bookstore, at the gym, at your workplace, on social media websites and on dating websites. A few months ago I was stuck overnight at LAX international airport. I happened to be stuck with a shy girl, a recent immigrant from Vietnam. She had been in the States for 6 months. She was a pleasant girl, petite, nice and chipper. She wasn’t beautiful but she was quite pretty and had a petite, lean body. I asked her what she did and she replied “nothing. I’m waiting for my work visa. Now I just stay in my apartment all day.” In Asia she’s just a regular girl, but in America she would have been a catch. If any guys had spoken to this girl they would have put her under lock and key pretty fast. This girl was free and certainly would have done all the cooking and cleaning necessary, as well as been a pleasant, easy-going girlfriend who would brighten some guys day.

But what do I say??!!

First thing you do is make yourself look good. Get in the gym, get some fitted, stylish clothing representative of your personality, get a nice haircut, shave your face or trim your beard, be clean, be handsome. You need to be someone she can look up to. You can say something silly. If she gives a mousy giggle you know you can proceed. If she gives you a whatever look or replies with sarcasm you can leave her be. A shy girls natural response is to giggle when she is uncomfortable. The presence of a handsome, well dressed and well muscled man is enough to make her uncomfortable. Saying something silly will do two things: It will break the ice and allow her to talk to you and it will let you determine if she is a shy, modest girl or if she is a sarcastic type who dresses ironically.

You can be a cool dork with a shy girl. Say dorky, funny things but be cool when you do it. It helps if you are a physical superman. If she says “I’m hungry” you can say something dorky like “Hi Hungry, I’m Victor. Nice to meet you“.

It’s OK to go slow BUT you must test her

A shy girl may very well want to go slow. She will need to be comfortable around you. She’ll say “I’m not ready“, “You’re too fast“, or “Can we take it slower?” and you’ll say “Absolutely. I understand“. There are two types of women who say things like this. Genuinely shy girls and used-up ex whores who are trying to trap a man. A genuine shy girl is, ahem, shy and doesn’t want to get naked and grunt like an animal for fear of being embarrassed. A used-up ex-whore is playing a game with you.

Your job is to TEST the shy girl and make sure she is true to her word. If she says “I want to wait” but then lets you ram her 12 minutes later you know she isn’t a “good girl” and you can start your search again. If she rebuffs all your charming advances you know you probably have a good girl on your hands. To test her you must touch her. Always touch, touch, touch. When she says “I want to go slow” you will say “Yes, I understand” but you will always be trying to get in. The more she resists the better she is. If she can resist a suave gentleman such as yourself that is near proof she is resisting every Joe Cool and Suave Johnny that comes long.

If she says “I want to take it slow” and you say “Yes, me too” and then actually do take it slow you are wasting your time. You need to be the aggressor. You do not want to be the testicle impaired shoulder to cry on. You want to be the hunter, not the bystander. Every chance you get, every time you are alone you need to make her as turned on as humanly possible. You want her to get wet and flustered. Every time she is able to resist and say “no” when she is hot & bothered is another point in her good girl favor.

You see, waiting is OK BUT ONLY when you have tested, tested and tested and she has passed all the tests. If you don’t make a move and just wait around like an idiot you are being played for the fool that you are.

How to date a shy girl

Your first goal is to try and get her to meet you at your high rise condominium for dinner and a movie and so she can see your above-average pool view. If she says “no” that’s a good sign, that means she probably isn’t going around to every guys home for “dinner and a movie”.

Your next option is to meet in a public place like a coffee shop, where you can sit and have a chat. This is the normal getting to know you thing, and it serves the purpose of getting her comfortable with you.

Meet up with her, have a nice time and then let her go. Don’t make plans right away. 2-4 days later re-initiate contact and make plans again. Don’t gush all over her, don’t say baloney like “Wow! I never meet girls like you!“, don’t be over-eager. Keep it light. Silly, dorky humor is perfect for getting her comfortable with you. You do not want to be aggressive with a shy girl until you are in bed. If you have muscular size she will probably be intimidated or scared of you at first, this is why you say silly, dorky things. This will turn down the apprehension and turn up the comfort levels. You want to get her smiling and laughing, but never be the clown. You don’t need to be extremely witty to make a shy girl laugh, she will laugh at any silly thing you say (if she likes you).

Drawbacks to dating shy girls

Obviously not everything will be rosy just because a girl is shy. You may find her shyness completely annoying. You may find out that you are not so patient. You may find yourself yelling “WHAT?!” every time she speaks because she speaks so quietly you cannot hear her. You may become completely annoyed that you aren’t able to sleep with her right away. If you are shy yourself then your conversations with a shy girl may be pretty boring.

No girl is going to be perfect, but if a shy girl sounds appealing to you then go get one. She may very well be annoying and she may very well turn into the best girlfriend you have ever had.

Tips to remember

It is better to have a shy girl as a girlfriend rather than as a sex toy. You can use extroverted girls as sex toys. It takes about 45 minutes to seduce an extroverted girl and an extroverted American girl will do anything on the first date, what’s left after that? To seduce a shy girl it takes longer because she will never make a move and the sex will tend to get better as she becomes more comfortable and in turn more submissive to you. Shy girls are not forward and they need to be hunted.

Don’t confuse shyness with mental instability or depression. There is a difference between a shy girl with a healthy amount of modesty and a sick girl with extremely low self-esteem. If she’s dressed in all black, is unkempt and dirty, constantly talks about things she hates or is an avid user of alcohol or narcotics kick her to the curb. If you feel like you need to save her you should rescue a dog instead, it will work out better for you. Find a shy girl and leave the broken girls alone.

You don’t need to act like a nice guy dweeb to get a shy girl. You don’t need to keep your hands to yourself and “respect her boundaries”. You need to be the aggressor, like a gentleman caveman. Shy girls aren’t touchy feely. You need to touch her so she can get used to your touch. When you walk through a door or up a set of stairs put your hand on the small of her back. When you walk through the shopping mall put your hand on the nape of her neck. When you walk through a crowded area hold her hand or wrist. When you ride in an automobile put your hand on her thigh. She may push it away this time, and maybe next time, but eventually your hand will always stay there. Eventually she will not only be used to your touch, but she will expect it and crave it.

Keep at it. Shy girls aren’t bold enough to say “I like you so much. I can’t wait to see you again!“. They probably won’t ever come out and say it. Simply assume that she likes you since she is meeting up with you. Keep making plans with her every few days to week(s) for as long as it takes. She may invite you to this event or that event and she may not, don’t let it worry you if she never initiates contact or tries to make plans with you. Let her come along with you in your world.

It takes time with a shy girl, so have patience. The wait will be worth it. You will always appreciate something you have worked for more than something that was given to you. If you diet for 10 weeks and then eat a cheesecake it’s going to taste better than if you eat junkfood daily. If you try to get a girl into bed for 8 weeks and finally land it it’s going to be better than the girl that gave it up after 45 minutes. I promise.

When you finally do get in you’ll have the pleasure of saying, into her ear, “you’re my property now“.

Happy hunting,


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  1. KG says

    Great post man! Me here in India (which is still way different from America, though I am in the capital Delhi which is slowly getting westernized) can also appreciate and it seems true here. I mean here in India we wont find that many 45-minute achievements but still I can relate. A creamy good advice i think.

    You rock man…

  2. Seekay says

    Great article. But when it comes to women, you never know. Women are great at acting.
    Never forget that. Never give them everything or give them gifts for nothing. They have to earn them.
    I’ve seen “shy” girls cheat more than regular girls. Those are the real dangerous ones.
    Women are far better at manipulating than men. We are physically stronger but they are psycologically waay stronger. Hot girls know they can get whatever they want from men. Ugly girls use the “shy” thing to get as much as they can. Be careful out there guys and always wear a condom.

    • Din Dang says

      I am a woman and I totally can relate myself to this article. ( I still don’t learn the American way of “smile at strangers”..) However, I can also tell you, many “shy girl” (particularly in our Asian culture) are also “manipulative” and good at fake…Soft at first sight, but once she knows she can control you, you will find every penny of yours in her wallet..
      They are also good at scoring. I knew a guy who fell in love with a shy girl ( “she always covers her face when she laughs, so shy and so cute” he recalled)… he got burned badly…. how badly? To make a quick example, she just walked out of his apartment after one year in relationship with him.(at least he thought he was in a relationship with her) when she is done with him. It turned out , this girl found another older and richer guy….
      You guys just need to be careful, because there are always someone with better things to offer materialistically So you boys want to avoid a girl who mainly looking for “being taken care of” in a relationship.

  3. Proj says

    Good post – I actually find that the best-looking girls I see and meet (the “natural beauty” types, which you touch on with the bit about make-up) are often somewhat shy and/or introverted, as opposed to the typical outgoing club rat that one might think of when they think “hot girl”. I’ve often seen comments from game guys like “ignore shy girls, they’re not worth your time” but I’d rather not pass over the most attractive and feminine women and settle for sub-standard but more outgoing types; yes I know there’s a whole lot of over-generalisation going on in that statement but you get the idea. They’re hard to meet since they’re not out in clubs and bars as often, and they’re harder to converse with and escalate with especially since my own conversation skill and shyness still need work. I guess conversation skill become all the more important since these types of girls will do less of the work for you, especially at first.

    I guess day game is the solution, or getting into the social circles or clubs that they tend to be involved in: studenty things, arty things maybe (for example I went to see a French play a while ago and I was absolutely mind-blown by the level of “talent” in the audience, lots of quiet and feminine types), I’m not sure what else. Your point about intimidation is also good – I often think that they don’t like me because they’re not talking much, but it could just be a combination of shyness and intimidation since I’m quite big and tall, and often a few years older than them.

    Thanks again, I’ll certainly try applying some of your advice about the goofy humour and the touching.

  4. says

    This is one of the best dating articles I have read anywhere. This is how I conduct business. I want a girl to be in a relationship with. Anyone with a little game can seduce sluts, this is where the skill is.

    Great advice. When guys talk about not white knighting, not buying a girl anything, etc…they haven’t been with the right girls.

  5. Doggo says

    I don’t know if it’s just the sort of woman I attract into my life, but most of the shy girls I meet are immigrants, like the aforementioned Vietnamese woman at the airport. Fewer American-born girls seem to be shy. (Or maybe I’m just not putting enough effort into finding them.)

  6. says

    That video where he knocks the girl is pretty crazy. Especially that he gives her an uppercut!

    Don’t like when they dress modestly though and waiting is not the least bit ok :) And why choose between a shy girl or a loud mouth, I wouldn’t want either one. That makeup thing is definitely true though, it’s pretty major.

    • says

      Apparently you refuse to accept the fact that someday you will age? I know that is a huge shock to someone as dumb as you clearly are. You apparently think you are a badass because you can Game sluts into bed? I could game a slut after showing up on a bicycle. You aren’t special. I have a gorgeous 20 yr old woman who cleans my house, does laundry, cooks my food, and drives me anywhere I want to go. Victor and I have the right idea. Geg the quiet, non slutty ones. Make them fall in love, treat them well. Saves a lot of time bar hopping and all that drama. Dumbass.

      • says

        Attacking people like that actually says a lot more about you than about me. Obviously you have some issues that you need to deal with, I hope you’ll work them out. Good for you that you can pick up girls on your bicycle, maybe you should join the circus? I never said anything about all the statements you made about me, where did that come from? I haven’t been bar hoping for almost a decade and I have a very nice girlfriend, a 10 actually, since almost 4 years back. You’re young and when you grow up you’ll hopefully stop saying so many stupid things. Until then I wish you all the best.

        • Din Dang says

          I am with you Marcus, as a shy girl myself (also a 8) … Seems what Dr. Illusion needs can be easily satisfied by cheap mail bride service.:-)

        • says

          Mainly what it says about me is that I like to comment after working a 14 hour shift and drinking a 12 pack. I read your comment way more seriously than you meant it, as far as not liking them to dress modestly and not wanting to wait. I took it as you saying you only want slutty, easy women.

          Such is life.

  7. Seekay says

    Be careful with asian girls. They can play the shy role pretty well.
    Especially japanese girls. U think they are shy…
    Ah guys, and one thing is dating and another thing is getting married. I have seem too many shy girls become real sluts and bitches after having the 1st kid…
    Watch out, guys!

    Ask old men about women. They give the best advice.

    • Din Dang says

      Seekay, see my comments above about my warning to shy girls? (yes, Japanese girls , and shanghai-ness girls are the most typical…)
      As an Asian shy girl myself who lived in the U.S long enough to adopt both east and west culture, I try to be the best of myself everyday, relationship-wise included, without sacrifice who I am.
      What I like to see more in modern relationship is actually the conventional way of man and woman’s loving relationship (like my Asian parents generation) without manipulation.
      Good luck to you guys!

  8. Din Dang says

    I just noticed Victor deleted all my posts which are to tell readers how shy girls think all of his strategy. If a strong man as he claims himself to be is so afraid …he is not a real alpha male…

    • Victor Pride says

      Your eyeballs must not work too well you silly goose, I never deleted anything. What you said about Asian girls being manipulative is of course 100% true. But there is a big BUT! here, if a fella is the type of goof to get taken advantage of by an Asian girl he’d easily be taken advantage of by an American girl, a Russian girl, a fucking Congolese girl and a damn Martian girl. Some men were born to eat shit, some morn are willfully blind to certain realities, some men are silly pussies. And they’ll never change no matter how many girls use them up and spit them out. Such men are naive and idealistic to the extreme.

      • Seekay says

        Victor, remember Mel Gibson? Or Prince? Julio Iglesias? Or so many other superalpha pussy collectors that had more pussy in a week than you in your entire life? Well, at least a few women played with them. Manipulated them and took advantage of them.
        Nobody is perfect…

      • Din Dang says

        Yeah, I saw all my post right after I post the last one (just like you stop looking, the missing key showed up)..then I know I am in trouble ….:-)

  9. hallizann says

    Shy girl here,

    I was wondering if you had any advice for shy girls. It’s really difficult to meet guys when I automatically avert my eyes if I happen to catch theirs. And then I feel bitchy for doing that.

    • Victor Pride says

      Yeah, give him any reason to talk to you. Go stand by him, accidentally drop something in front of him, if you can muster up the courage give him an eye smile or a real smile. Get a gym membership and clumsily use the weights or act like you can’t figure out a machine so a guy can come over and correct your form, do not use headphones or wear a hat. When you see a fella in the grocery store act like you can’t find something when he walks by. Also, dress nice and put up a dating profile online. Put yourself in a position where a fella will talk to you. It should go without saying that you need to be at least marginally attractive. If you’re an uggo you should do everything in your power to make yourself pretty, wearing a dress will help.

    • Benjo James says

      If you’re shy but pretty just put yourself in a situation where enough guys are there, like a social gathering, if the guys are confident they’ll come talk to you. If I’m at a party I’ll never pass up talking to a pretty girl.

  10. Rob says

    Great article, Victor. My current girl friend is very shy. I took things slowly, but tested. Sometimes men have to delay gratification to get what they want. Anyone who is successful at anything knows this. Like you said, if you are masculine and confident once you do get into bed, things take care of themselves. Tell them what to do, and they will do it.

  11. jon doe says

    Vic hit the nail right on the head harder than any post I’ve read on here yet!!! This is a guy who has been there and done that, he has been around enough women to learn their ways and personalities, and can spot the type of girl they are a mile away. This only comes from experience!!! When I met my wife we went out for dinner and coffee the first night. I kissed her the first night, long and good. She wasn’t the type to do this, but I pushed it and did it. She wanted to show me her house and introduce me to her mother. We went back to her place and I tried grabbing her breasts and my hand was pushed away. The second date I tried again and same thing. Third date same thing. Fast forward a few wks, when I finally got her hand on my dick it was a handjob only, no BJ, I couldn’t do shit but get a handjob!!! And was left to blow my wad on myself and part of the couch, she was fully clothed doing this too. I just couldn’t hit on shit!!! I think it was about 6-8 wks when I slept with her, and I actually told her I loved her before I stuck my dick in her. Fast forward 8 months into it, I proposed to her. I’d been with enough bullshit to know what I wanted and I didn’t need yrs to figure it out. We have been together now for 9 yrs, and the majority of the time I’m jerking off I’m thinking about her. My wife is better at taking care of the house and kids than working. The majority of the time she has only worked p/t or been a stay at home mom. We get along better when she takes care of the house and I’m the one working. I used to resent the fact that I worked my ass off and she didn’t bring in much financially, but now that I’m older and more mature I see things differently. I’m the fucking man and its my job to provide. If that means working overtime then that is what I do. If I fail to make what I need to make its my own god damn fault. Like Victor said, if you think about things as “your world” and they live in it or are part of what YOU AQUIRE, this is when you’ll see the difference between a real woman who takes care of her man and an independent bitch no man can get along with. That real woman will appreciate what you do for your family and take care of you. My wife drives a BMW convertable I bought for her, I drive a 95′ Cherokee because its paid for and I dont give a fuck. And no, I dont look at it like I’m the guy busting my ass for her to drive a nicer car, I look at it like the car my son gets taken places in that is safe and reliable and nice. I bust my ass in the gym to stay jacked and healthy. Without trying to sound arrogant here, I can tell I’m the type of guy other women would definitely want to be with. And the funny thing is I dont make a ton of money. HOWEVER, my family gets what is important in life. They get time together, I make sure come hell or high water we take a week long family vacation every summer, I make sure they get clothes when they need them and dont go hungry. Guys have it confused sometimes, they all just assume they dont have a nice enough car or make enough $$$ to land a good woman. The problem is they are guys who are going through life as miserable fucks trying to land women who arent worth a shit and will never be happy no matter what!! When I’m sitting at the coffee shop drinking a cup of coffee before the gym and watching all of the 3 piece suit miserable assholes walk in, I often wonder if despite the glitter and gold if they are really happy? I mean out of shape guys, working their balls off to support women who will never be satisfied, I think many of these guys fall into the same category of guys who feel like they have given up their lives for some miserable bitch. These become the guys who get their kicks in small packages like drinking every night, or smoking, or taking their 100k boat out TWICE A FUCKING YEAR, LOL. It just becomes a big show, and simply because the guy was always looking for the perfect 10 type of woman. Meanwhile, the guy who is making average dough but has a good woman and his head on straight, is out having a picnic with his family and has his wife and kids looking at him like Superman. I decided a long time ago that was the guy I wanted to be. Cant take that shit with you when you die, and if you marry the wrong one that bitch will end up with it all anyways, LOL

  12. Random Angeleno says

    For the shy girls in the audience, take some social dancing group classes. Swing or salsa work well, ballroom is also ok. It’s typical in these classes to change partners frequently which will give you numerous opportunities to interact with men.

  13. stev says

    Great post,and for guys out there who are worried about what to say or forcing the conversation listen up! Read the post on this website about martial arts and join a gym like muay thai or boxing… ,then read the post about not watching porn… your body and mind will give you positive feeling testosterone,and itll feel natural because it is. Our grandfathers werent watching porn or playing video games they were out fishing,fightingat bars, and picking up shy girls… hope it helps

  14. JP says


    It’s funny that I found your blog searching for a quote, and I think your blog is pretty interesting so far. However, I do wonder if your “black girl” stereotype arises from your experience dating them, or from what you see or hear in the media. I have a feeling you haven’t dated many- if any- black girls, and if what I’m saying is correct, how would you know what a “black girl” attitude is? You say that your blog is not meant to be politically correct, but even so, people who choose not to be politically correct are people who state the obvious- based on ‘their’ experience. It seems that you already had a preconceived notion of how a black girl acts without the evidence to confirm your preconception.

  15. Kepaso says

    Bravo. You just described my wife : a mexican shy catholic girl. From the 1st flirting we had till her giggle and all that.
    Even if we are married, sometimes she is still intimidated by me, always giggles, and look up to me, i am her man and she tries to be the best person she can be for me. Always caring, modest, and super feminine.
    And me? feeling finally like a man, having this desire to protect her. I didn’t had with my ex GFs before.
    And you are right about the acne, she had a case when she was a teenager, but now is beautiful with her nice exotic features.

  16. says


    A lot of the things you are talking about apply to rural girls, too. Girls raised in intact families with a small, strong community around them. When you grow up in a small town, you assume everyone will know everything you do, and that creates a very different mindset from the assumption of anonymity. Blow five guys behind the local boozecan, and the whole damn town will know about it before morning and you will have to face not only those five guys, but their friends, siblings, parents and grandparents at church the next day.

    Lots of country girls go wild when they move to a bigger city, but plenty of them don’t. They aren’t necessarily shy, but they will act in a lot of the ways you describe. Rural girls can actually be a bit tougher than shy girls. Touch them too much and you might see fireworks, but the motivation is the same: you don’t own me til you own me, baby.

    Hmmm. You may have inspired a blog post. I’ve already written about how to find a wife. Maybe how to find a girlfriend should be a subject I tackle, too? I blog at Hope Jezebel never finds me. On second thought, I hope the DO.

    Never mind the haters, Victor. Keep talking.

  17. anon says

    Though the word ‘property’ was a little offputting to read (some men might take that to the abusive level) I think you pretty much described me. Only thing is i am a complete recluse now after driving to hell and having to walk back too often. I wear a hoodie to avoid eye contact, and my skin practically crawls and falls off when I see how other ‘women’ dress lately. I think you should put your website right out in the open, it may give the sl..tty women something to clean themselves up for. I recently had a friend tell me she can’t find a ‘good man’. She wasn’t impressed when i told her she doesn’t dress or act like she deserves one. There are alot of single men I know and alot of single sl..ts I know, they will never be introduced to each other as I could never do that to my poor male friends. Keep up the blog, I’ll follow from my art studio, any maybe flick a few girls your way so they can learn a few things about common decency and complimenting their chromosone for a change .. AK.