How to Make Side Money with a Blue Collar Business

There are a lot of folks who read Bold and Determined and who are gainfully employed and plan to stay that way.

Not everyone is cut out for the cut-throat world of entrepreneurship where sometimes you don’t know if you’ll be eating fresh Lobster or canned Tuna for dinner.

Fine, no problem.

But there is no reason why the gainfully employed should not make extra money and there is no reason to waste your nights and weekends being unproductive. You never know when your gainful employment will be un-gained or when your job will be shipped to Mr. Chan in China or Mr. Singh in India and there’s no reason to just be content with the set amount of money your paycheck gives you.

So what can you do? Make extra money.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a Wharton grad to make extra dough, it only takes a little American ingenuity, grit and ‘can-do’ spirit. And you may just be a little shocked to learn how easy it is to make extra money every month.

Today I will explain a method that any moron can do. No complicated typing required, no internet savvy required, no SEO, no phony-baloney MLM. Just a real method to make real money that any real man can do.

I call this the Honest Bodybuilder Method.

A little background…..

To be a bodybuilder you have to use expensive drugs. There are no if’s and’s or but’s about it so don’t boo-hoo to me about reality. Most people cannot afford bodybuilding and if you have a limited income (I.E. a job) and spend all your money on drugs you will eventually go broke or you will eventually turn to nefarious methods to make money. A great many bodybuilders do a great many not so honest things to make money and feed their needs. The answer to this little dilemma was explained to me by a dumb bodybuilder who barely speaks English, but it’s just about the most clever thing I have ever heard.

His method?

Start a blue collar side business and use 100% of the profits to buy his necessary bodybuilding medicines. That way he still has his regular job and doesn’t spend any of his “personal” money on his bodybuilding needs.

The blue collar business can be anything from carpet cleaning, to maid service, to lawn care to anything in between. Just start some service that is always in need. But remember, you are the OWNER of the business, you are not the worker bee. You don’t go out and clean carpets or mow lawns, you are the guy behind the scenes. You start the business and you hire someone to do the actual work. You pay him or her their salary, you pay the overhead, you do the advertising, you find the clientele and when the business is profitable enough you hire someone to do everything for you, you remove yourself entirely from the equation. Your job at that point is to collect your money and then use it to pay off debt, invest it, travel to friggin’ Bora Bora if you want. Whatever, Trevor.

You don’t have to be a dumb bodybuilder to utilize this method and you don’t even need to have a current job. I know a fella who owns a maid service in America and spends his time traveling around Asia.

This is how you follow the Honest Bodybuilder’s blueprint.

1) Start a blue collar business.

Any blue collar business will work. Lawn service, plumbing service, handyman service, carpet cleaning service, carpentry service etc. These fields are always in need. You can always find clients for this type of business.

There will be an investment required. You’ll have to open an LLC. You don’t want to run a business under your own name, too much liability. You can file directly with your state or you can open an LLC online. Opening an LLC is quick and easy, but it’s necessary to reduce your personal liability. NEVER let anyone work for you or your company unless you have legal protection and never let anyone work for your personal name. If your worker goes out to someone’s house and robs it you could be on the hook personally, if you have an LLC then only your LLC and its assets are at stake.  An LLC is a LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY and it is necessary in a lawsuit happy world.

You’ll need the tools and equipment required. If you start a carpet cleaning service you’ll need to own a carpet cleaner, if you start a maid service you’ll need cleaning supplies etc.

Whatever business you choose you will need money for at least 3 things: an LLC, tools of the trade, and advertising. Depending on the type of business you start you may also need a license from your state.

2) Advertise.

Business will not rush to you with cash in hand, you will have to go out and find business. There are a bunch of ways to advertise a blue collar business. Pay a good looking kid to go door to door and ask for business. Buy a big magnetic sign to put on the side of your workers pick-up truck. Purchase business cards and hand them out to everyone. Post flyers door to door and at the local grocery stores. Build a website. If you aren’t web savvy you can hire someone from craigslist for a few hundred bucks. Cold call businesses and ask them for business.

When your worker bee goes out to someone’s home to do whatever needs doin’ have them offer a 25% discount if the homeowner can recommend 5 or 10 people who also need the service, then you call those people and say “Joe Homeowner said you may need your gutters cleaned, we can offer you a 25% good neighbor discount“.

You always want new leads. You always need new phone numbers for people to call and get their business. You can set up your website to grab names and phone numbers of people who are looking for your service. Always call these numbers as fast as possible. The longer you wait to call the less chance you will get their business.

3) Hire the worker bee(s).

You will need someone to go out and actually do the work. Remember, you are the owner, you don’t go out and clean gutters. Put an ad on craigslist for a blue collar worker bee and you will get about a hundred responses per hour. Hire someone and tell them you will pay them hourly or by the job. DO NOT pay anyone a steady salary. You only pay your worker bee when you have business, you don’t pay when there is no business.

Tips for hiring your worker bee(s):

  • Hire someone who owns their own truck. You don’t want to have to buy a truck so just hire someone who already owns one. They can put a magnetic sign on the side of their truck that says “Joe’s blah blah Service” with the appropriate phone number.
  • Don’t hire anyone with a criminal record. You do not want to be responsible if your employee steals something from someone’s house.
  • Don’t hire someone with tattoos on their neck or hands. If they have visible tattoo’s on their arms and forearms make them wear a long shirt.

Your employee’s represent your company so make double sure they look presentable. Don’t hire any obvious drug addicts or people with mental disorders. Hire clean people. Provide company polo shirts. There are millions of people hurting for work, so don’t just hire any old slob, hire someone who will help to make your company respectable and profitable.

4) Pay yourself last.

Remember, you need an LLC. Do not start a blue collar business as a sole proprietorship. When the business is income producing you can start to pay yourself a salary.

An LLC is a “pass through” tax entity. That means that the LLC itself does not pay tax, you pay tax on the profits you receive. The trick to reducing your tax liability is two-fold: start an LLC but tax it as an S-Corp. Pay yourself a small but reasonable monthly salary and once per quarter you can take out a chunk of the profits as a distribution. You will pay standard tax on your monthly salary but the quarterly S-Corp distribution is not looked at as employee wages so you will not have to pay Social Security or Medicare tax on this distribution amount (more tax info).

After your business is up and running you can hire someone to take care of the phone calls and appointments. Your goal is to remove yourself from the equation entirely and just gobble up your money each month, like the dumb but rich bodybuilder or the guy I know who runs around in Asia while girls in America clean houses for him.

This business does not have to be a smashing success, it does not have to be constantly growing, it’s not going to make you rich but that’s not the goal. The goal is to make extra money to pay off debt, or save up, or invest or do any damn thing you want. A business like this can be a success for you if it only makes two grand per month. Two grand per month goes a long way when you aren’t doing anything for it. You will have to work at first, it won’t happen overnight, but eventually you will have a business up and running and paying you money while you go about your business doing something else. Like bodybuilding, or traveling around Asia, or going to work at your normal job.

Easy peasy, Japaneasy.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

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  1. says

    Another thing that is great about LLC’s is you can stack them for extra protection and tax advantages. I spent a lot of time researching and learning about them.

    I used to run a power washing business that I started and paid a kid to pressure wash all the houses I got on weekends.

    I setup a stacked LLC, the first LLC owned the company name. The second LLC owned the truck and tools. The 3rd LLC paid the kid, collected client money and then that 3rd LLC, also leased the DBA (Doing business as” name from the first LLC, it also leased the tools from the second LLC, allowing me to upstream the profit, reducing what was owed.

    If the kid I hired caused me to get sued, people could only sue LLC #3, which only ever maintained a small amount. They couldn’t take the whole company and equipment, meaning I could go back into business within a week.

    Not everyone knows about these options. It’s good to do your homework. There is legal precedent for people still being libel if they didn’t properly separate themselves from the LLC also. You need to set yourself up so you don’t even look involved.

    Doing your homework pays off.

    • zeno says

      I’m really curious about LLCs now. Stacking them… that’s fascinating to me. I’m also curious about the monthly salary thing mentioned in the blog post. Is that required? Can you pay yourself $1 a month or something?

      Also, how specific does an LLC have to be? Can I set one up and use it for random activities, or do I need to have different LLCs for each project I do? Etc. etc. Just things I’m curious about. Also, S-corps… I used to know the specifics about the various corporation types, but a few years have gone by.

      What I’m saying is, if someone with experience wrote an easy-to-understand IANAL guidebook for individual entrepeneurs, I would surely buy it at a reasonable price. I would also happily email you a brainstorming list–questions I have, can think up–about the subject to make it easier to write.

      Natch, I’ll try to answer my own questions, do my own research. etc. etc.

      Good post. Thank you!

      • Kurt says

        The IRS requires you to pay yourself a “reasonable” salary, they judge this based on what other similar businesses are paying. A friend owns a pressure washing business using this formula and pays himself the same hourly rate as his worker bees but less hours because he can show that he actually works less hours then they do.

    • says

      Great strategy. A word of caution for this approach: a court can “pierce the corporate veil” in a lawsuit, meaning that they will in fact hold you personally liable if your other LLCs are essentially covers. It’s quite rare, and you should avoid it if you keep up to date w formalities and don’t engage in blatantly fraudulent behavior.

      • says

        Piercing the corporate veil is actually pretty rare and difficult. You have to prove in a cort of law that you showed willing full neglect in separating yourself from the business.

        Believe it or not the “rich dad’s advisors own your own corporation” is the best entry level break down of LLCs I’ve read and started me on my path. Once you learn about corporations, trusts and other forms of asset protection just become the next level.

        I am not lawyer, and not advocating legal advice. Everyone needs to do their own homework.

  2. says


    I like the “hire a good looking kid” part.

    No BS. Straight to the point. Ugly people don’t get treated as well as good looking people.

    Kind of reminds me of Felix Dennis hiring cute girls to go up to men and ask “Have you bought your copy of Oz Magazine yet? ;)”

    Great post Vic. I will definitely be looking for more like this.

    Ex worker bee


    • The Grizzly says

      I believe that’s why Hooters is so successful, why else would anyone pay for such shitty food? Eye candy works every time.

  3. says

    A sideline hustle is definitely something to strive for while working a full time job. There’s not ever such an easier way to get a raise then to DO IT YOURSELF. Hustle on the side and sell your services. We are all talented and we can each think of something we’re good at and profit from our expertise.

    I like the idea of being a business owner and not doing the labor and hiring. That’s the key to a successful business. Focus on bringing in the profit not the daily operations.

  4. Abgrund says

    This kind of business can be a good way to make side money. A friend of mine does this part time and makes more money at it (for six months of the year) than he makes at his full time job. However I have some disagreements Victor’s presentation.

    First and foremost, I don’t think it’s generally a good idea to work toward being an absentee owner and just collect the money without having any involvement. For one thing, these kinds of businesses with low barriers to entry are very competitive and if you aren’t managing it yourself you are at a serious disadvantage compared to the guy who e.g. checks up on his workers personally, deals directly with customers, etc. For another thing, a hired manager will (at best) not share your motivation and may (at worst) rob you blind. Unless you are lucky enough to have a competent and trustworthy relative available, I wouldn’t recommend going on permanent vacation with your livelihood in the hands of Mr. X.

    I also don’t think it’s a good idea to avoid doing any work yourself. There are advantages to getting your hands dirty; if you don’t know how the work gets done you won’t know how to bid jobs, what tools to buy, or what quality and quantity of output to demand from your workers. The ideal situation is when you actually work alongside them: then you can make sure everything is done right and they aren’t slacking off or stealing, and the workers will respect you because they can see that you are a tough guy who can take hot sun and hard work. No one wants to work his ass off for someone who is idling on the beach, but when it’s the boss toting shingles up the ladder they will bust their balls to show they are man enough to keep up.

    A few other quibbles:

    The guy with his own truck isn’t necessarily the best hire. The best workers are usually Mexicans and few of them will own a reliable truck. The guy who does have his own truck will expect more money, and remember: someone who drives your truck might steal your truck, but the man with his own truck can steal your customers. You can insure the truck but you can’t insure your customer base or your reputation.

    Avoid paying by the hour if possible. The hourly worker is a slouch. The longer he can make a job take, the more money he makes. The man working by the job makes more money by getting more jobs done, and that means more money for you.

    It may not be worth it to try avoiding employees with rap sheets and tats. Background checks cost money and if you are hiring Mexican immigrants, a background check means nothing anyway. A large part of your potential workforce has some kind of record and probably most of them have tattoos. You wouldn’t want them cleaning houses, but there’s no reason not to put them on a roof or behind a trimmer. If a guy has a record, use your common sense. Don’t let a thief alone with your equipment, but why would you care if your worker beats his wife? Use your judgment and consider what he did, his attitude, and the situations you are going to put him in.

    One other suggestion: bid on insurance jobs. I don’t know how to go about that, but I’d start by contacting an insurance company. My friend does insurance jobs and they seem to be pretty lucrative.

    • says

      Some nice ideas here. I think the point Vic is trying to make however is that you are not trying to run the most productive, income producing business known to man, but rather a business that can run on auto-pilot in order to bring you some nice clean passive income. The beauty of passive income is that it provides you with free-time to come up with more passive income ventures so that you can continue to grow your money generating cycle.

      • Abgrund says

        And my main point is that “auto-pilot” and “passive income” are Fool’s Gold. You won’t earn an income, or make a profit, or get a real return on investment unless you continue to put in effort. You can’t even preserve the value of what you have if you are totally uninvolved.

        Don’t think you can stay away from the business and stay in control. There is always someone eager to take up what’s laid down, and that includes your “worker bees”. The dumb ones will slough off the work they are paid for, the smart ones will steal your customers, the customers will steal your equipment, and the “manager” will siphon off your profits. You won’t even know it until your LLC turns up with six figures of debt and Mr. X is not returning your phone calls.

        • says

          Do you think Richard Branson is busy behind the wheel of every plane he owns? Let alone every business he owns? He probably has so much going on he probably glimpses at each business venture every day. Same goes for others like Trump. Passive income is possible my friend. Not everyone wants to bang you sideways.

          • Justin says

            You both make good points. Yes, it is entirely possible to work yourself out of the system, and yes by doing it you’giving up a good degree of control and likely profit. I’ve watched a video where Richard said something akin to “I’ve learned to be a master delegator.”

            In all realty, you do have to keep in mind that the guy with the truck can, and often will steal customers. That’s part of where the polo shirt and clean employees come in, people have higher opinions of a brand. Hiring the mexican at the expense of having to lease a company truck, so your employee is one step removed from being able to set up shop is just Abgrund’s system to prevent that.

            Me, I’d go for making a good impression, and sending the customer a little follow-up pamphlet a day later asking for a review of the employee / work and offering whatever bribe for leads / repeat business is reasonable.

            I’d have an accountant keep a strong paper trail for me with this kind of business. They can blow the whistle if there’s suddenly $3,000 monthly expenses for ‘toilet paper’ in a five man operation.

            But that’s just how I think, not necessarily what would work. Best bet is to find people who already do this, get them talking about the times they’ve been burned and find out what systems they use to prevent it… If shit still falls, the llc is meant to keep you with a credit score, assets and you’ll be better equipped for the next thing.

    • says

      Lazy ass wind turbine technicians I used to work with would say,

      “We get paid by the hour, not by the tower.”

      A lot of sleeping on the job on that one. Literally, sleeping 300 ft in the air on the job.

      On the other hand, the contractors that actually got paid by the tower were all hard working motherfuckers. Those were the guys you wanted to work with.

      Whatever you end up doing, even if you are working for someone else, be the best that you can be at it.

      -Skinny Gains

  5. says

    Don’t have experience with this. Sounds good. What the hell. Will give it a shot. From what you’ve said in a past post Victor, regarding what you make from your ebooks, have you tried this method personally. (or not)

    • Victor Pride says

      No, I don’t do it personally. I am 100% digital. Like I said, it was ‘splained to me by a bodybuilder. And then I remembered a guy I knew about 5 years ago who would run around Asia for a year, come back and work on his house cleaning business and then go off and play some more.

  6. says

    What an awesome idea! I have always thought about gathering up some young mates of mine and outsourcing them to do some landscaping work but I have never really gone through with it. This post will take me one step further to making some more dough!

    Good work Vic.

  7. says

    Good post…. I think that there are a number of ways to distinguish yourself in a competitive market and make you stand out. Working hours, niche products offered or niche areas filled, superior unexpected customer service are just a tiny handful of ways to make Joe’s Carpentry stand out from all the other carpenters in the area. Plus, those things can lead to higher prices and cha-ching! more money.

    And, before long that person that didn’t want to leave their blue collar job is now running a successful side business “full time”, except they have all these other people running it and they can do whatever they want wherever they want and with whoever they want. Sounds like a winning combination to me.

  8. Eric J says

    Victor, thank you so much for this post. I’ve been thinking of doing something like this, because I have a “safe, comfortable” job which pays the bills but leaves me little to play with -but I don’t want to leave it for more exciting things in more exciting places until I have some passive or other second income as a safety net. Problem is, nobody in my family has ever done anything entrepreneurial for the last 75 years, and I haven’t had the faintest clue as to how to approach this. You’ve given me some great food for thought and ideas to look into.

  9. Daywalker says

    So many people try this and fail. I’m the blue collar owner/ worker bee that often goes behind these so called companies and fix their mistakes.

    You are only as good as the worker you hire. I personally trust nobody but myself.

    It’s an easier said then done method, that often ends in terrible quality work and lawsuits.

    Vic, I think you have a fear of exhausting work. Not everybody was meant to be a working class hero, I know this. But working hard for yourself gives you a satisfaction that very few things on this planet provide.

    To each his own. But I would warn anyone trying to start this method, hire somebody that takes pride in working hard. It’s a bloodline thing, look for man whose father taught him the value of honest, hard work.

    • Victor Pride says

      I’ve been watching this show called locked up abroad on youtube, last night I watched an episode where the guy was a mobster in Vegas (must be hurting for stories I guess, last time I checked Vegas was still in the US) and one part had me laughing out loud: he was talking about having to go into witness protection and becoming a regular guy, he said “we’d call him ‘Mickey the Mope'”. Anyway guy, I’m happy for you and I don’t care how you choose to spend your time. Work until your fingers bleed. Frankly, you’re the type of guy I would want to hire. I know there are a great many people who take pride in their hard work and those are the guys the blue collar business owners should hire. Not the unskilled mexicans standing at home depot at 5am, not the lowlife criminals who can’t work anywhere else, but the CRAFTSMEN. A good craftsman is hard to find and that’s the truth.

  10. Mike says

    lol I read this post and it was truly special. Another thought that came to my mind reading it, unrelated: Life is in some way about killing or be killed

    Sounds outrageous but I gifted myself five steaks today. After I digested them wolly holly I felt very relaxed and calm. This steak was another creature but it had to die for me to inherit its energy burp

  11. howtarch says

    can we get spartan entrepreneur again anytime soon?
    I started 3 affiliate profit sites, could use guidance though.
    don’t mind paying over the odds
    thought 30 days was good, so i thought I’d get yr other books

    • Victor Pride says

      Hey fella if you have 3 sites already I’d say you don’t need SE. SE is a beginner’s tool for the one’s who really don’t know anything about affiliate stuff.

      • howtarch says

        I am a beginner, though, i just started them all at once.
        If bringing SE back is a no-no, I understand, since you have to stand by
        what you said; is there any other resource you feel you could recommend on
        getting a bigger audience for an affiliate site?
        Thanks and best of,

  12. Steve says

    Hello Victor,

    Excellent job on the article. Ass kick in’ as always. I was wondering if you thought this was a practical money making plan for a teenager trying to save money for later life. Is this practical? Or does it require more time, and interfere with having to go to school?
    Thank you,

    • Victor Pride says

      It’s going to take time and energy to set up, no question. It would be best if you were able to answer the phone during the day, but if you can’t I’d look for a family member who can answer the phone during the day. I’m not sure if it’s legal for a minor to open an LLC, so do your research, if you can’t you can have your mom or dad open the LLC and the bank account and be the figurehead. If you have a family member who can go out and do the actual work that would be better for you, no adult wants to work for a high schooler. If you don’t have a fam member you can use your mom or dad as the figurehead when you interview to find a worker bee. Put your nights and weekends into it and it should not interfere too much with school. Good luck.

      • Steve says

        Thanks for the advice Victor.
        I will probably wait until I am out of school, or until I am older.
        Thanks anyway,

  13. says

    I tried this with a cleaning business doing apt turns. Had problems with quality control. The people who will work these jobs, especially during the school year, aren’t usually the most self disciplined or conscientious. Screen well.

  14. Alexei G says

    Hey Vic,

    Interesting stuff!

    So what sort of funds would a newly graduated student like me be looking at IF I am to decide giving it a shot and starting an LLC? How costly would you say it is on a scale of 1-10 ?

    Cheers, man

    • Victor Pride says

      Are you in the US? The cost of an LLC varies by state, usually $300-$400 is enough. LLC’s are cheap, and you can file directly with the state and usually save some dough if you don’t want to pay an internet company.

  15. anonk says

    Hello I have been promoting the Aurawave Pain Relief on my bodybuilding site for the past few days.
    But still no commission’s. I think the price at $99.99 is stomping people.

    Would it be wiser for me to promote an offer more mainstream such as “the Fat Loss Factor” or should I just stick to the former?

  16. Big E says

    Awesome idea. Hustle, baby, hustle.

    Two stories:
    1 – My wife’s aunt started a cleaning business. Husband was a deadbeat but she was a hard worker. Built it up to a very successful business over about 15-20 years. Husband got stomach cancer, found it to late and they went to another country to try some experimental treatments. Hired a manager to run their business. Six months later husband was dead and so was the business. Manager was ok, but wasn’t fully invested in making the business a roaring success like my wife’s aunt was. He just didn’t care enough when they started losing clients and wasn’t motivated to get new ones. Numerous lessons to be learned there (divorce yourself from the business asap, hire well, don’t smoke, drink and be lazy, sell the business at the peak, get systems in place so it runs without you, etc.)
    2. Guy i worked with at a winery after college (i was doing landscaping) had owned his own mechanic’s shop. Shut it down because he would rather make less money working for someone else as a mechanic than work his ass off and get himself dinged for lots of extra taxes because he was successful. Guy was a helluva.mechanic but he just didn’t want the hassle of running his own business. THAT’S the type of guy you want running YOUR business or working for you.

    • Victor Pride says

      Liam, from my research it’s quite cheap and easy to form a company in GB. The level of protection provided I really can’t say but the same basic outline can be used, absolutely.

  17. Jeremy says

    Anyone thinking about doing this should heed the advice from this article-

    I own a blue collar business. In fact, I own one of the ones listed in the article. If you’re thinking about doing something “on the side” be prepared to compete with someone that lives and breathes it 24 hours a day. In fact, be prepared to compete with many someone’s like that. Someone who’s a “pro.”

    Good advice on hustling to get business, but this article misses the mark with regards to what it takes to turn $1 into $1.10 enough times to put a decent amount of money in your pocket.

  18. Abhi says

    Victor you will see thatci made a post on your site rrgarding how I started my business.Low capital(approx. 60,000INR
    equivalent to approx. 1000 USD)

    I also posted a comment about how I made my monthly salary in 3 days one time.

    Since then my business has grown quite a bit.

    Right now I live in a city where I have about 10-12 customers. All is good but my parents( mother) fights me, nags me about getting a safe job. ( its quite common here in India to live and care for parents) but I am getting frustrated by my mothers nagging.

    I am moving to a another city to get sone more clients as demand for my product is good in that city also.

    my question is how do I manage my business in my current city.

    I can visit here 2-3 days per 9 days.

    I am already decided to hire a delivery boy to drop goods when I am away

    but how do I get new clients in this city when I will be away??

    any ideas will be appreciated.