How to Live Well

The Monday Morning Letter by Victor Pride

Writing Location: Makati City, Metro Manila, the Philippines

Subj: How to get rid of imaginary limits

I recently met a rich lady at a private airport in the Philippines. A nice lady. We were waiting for our airplane, which in the Philippines always seem to run late, so we chit chatted about this and that.

She told me about her home on a private island, I told her about my home in Bangkok. We chit chatted a bit about Texas where she lives full time and where I used to live full time.

She asked me what I do for a living and I gave her the standard vague response, “I work on the internet”.

She said to me: “Can I ask you a personal question? Do you live well?”

To which I responded “Yes”.

I live well because I do not place limits on myself.

The average man’s life can be summed up into 3 words: Limit without benefit.

The average man limits himself, he isn’t limited by external forces. If a man was born in the he west has no real time limits, geographical limits, relationship limits, job limits, or monetary limits. Free men of the west are free to go anywhere, do anything legal and make as much or as little money as they want. Instead of realizing this potential, they limit themselves.

These limits are all self-imposed. You truly are free to do as you please as long as you follow the rule of law. You can go anywhere, you can make all the money you want, and you can have the relationship you want.

But what does the average man do?

  • He limits his earning by taking a 9-5 job. A 9-5 job puts a limit on your earning ability and robs you of your youth. The man with a 9-5 job always says the same thing, “I don’t have time”. That’s because it has been rationed away. The “free” time of the average man is spent in front of the television or at the local watering hole. The average American watches 5+ hours of television per day. That’s a part time job. In these 5+ hours per day a man could be building a business.
  • He limits his reality by pretending he will live well after retirement, pretending that when he is old and decrepit he will finally live like a king.
  • He limits himself by putting himself into massive debt for a house, cars and “education”.
  • He limits himself by getting married. Western marriage is a one sided benefit for the woman. For the man there is no benefit, for the woman there is only benefit yet the average man will still get married to an aging, fattening harpy with attitude and baggage.

The average man puts all these limits without benefits onto himself and then he complains of the outcome. Well when you limit yourself there is no other outcome but shit.

The good news is that it can all be turned around. The change can happen tomorrow morning. I used to be limited as well. I “didn’t have the time”. I had “bills to pay”. I “didn’t have the right piece of paper on the wall to get a ‘good’ job”.

I sold my soul too, but I bought it back. I put in the time, I built businesses, I eliminated debt and I created freedom.

Comically I get a bunch of rude comments from broke as a jokesters who accuse me of being born with a silver spoon. I wasn’t, but to these “people” being born to smart parents who looked after you is a crime. I can trace my ancestry back two hundred years. Two hundred years of blue collar workers who never rose above or left wealth behind.

If you come from average or poor parents it means nothing about your future. My own family has chosen to time waste and rot. What means everything is your attitude, will and spirit.

The difference between the rich and the poor is twofold:

  1. The rich have a “can do” attitude and aren’t afraid of money. The poor have a “can’t do” attitude and are afraid of money.
  2. The rich have boundless energy and are always working and building something. The poor give away their time and then rot away doing nothing productive.

Creating money and freedom is little more than a mindset. It takes nothing more than the will to achieve and the action to follow the will. Erase the limited mindset and develop a limitless mindset. Anyone who can read can become successful monetarily.

Attitude and action is for the doers. Complaints and time-wasting is for the dreamers who are “waiting for retirement”. To me it looks as though they are waiting to die. Frankly, I couldn’t care less if someone wants to waste their life. I only associate with other achievers. Over-achievers help bring you up a level, under-achievers help to take you down to their level and they should be cut out.

Over-achievers know that it’s about attitude, will and spirit. If you truly want it, well, you’ll go and you’ll get it. It’s there for the taking, waiting for you. The achiever will take it and live well. The under-achiever will watch television or surf social networking websites instead. Hey, whatever.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

PS – Enjoy some pictures below. Location: El Nido, Palawan, the Philippines

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        • Victor Pride says

          I’ve been wondering the same thing about the egg whites. I haven’t seen any but I’m going to a large supermarket today and I will check. This is how ridiculous I am, in a new city I don’t find a cool bar to go to, I always go to supermarkets and see what kind of food they sell, how much $ etc.

  1. forever says

    1.Keep it up with those pictures,they are very motivating the type the type that makes be think.if he can do it shit why can I. you take your girlfriend to all the countries you visit?

    3.nice haircut you look like u could make it in Hollywood

    • Victor Pride says

      1) I’ve only recently figured out how to post many pics in a non distracting way. Now I’m posting them as a test, if they are well received I will continue to post them.
      2) Yes.
      3) Nah, no interest.

  2. says

    Amazing post brother. I remember people at my old job who could see no other way to make money. For some reason they put so many limits on themselves. I had no limits, I did what they couldn’t do, I turned myself from an 100lb coward into a jacked entrepreneur.

    In terms of building muscle, when I was 140lb a while back and quite lean a few people told me “I don’t think you can gain any more muscle” A couple of months later I was bigger than ever before. So much for their limit on me.

    Keep up these posts Victor, I enjoy the Monday motivation.

  3. says

    Saving in a bank is another way to wait till you die-
    I put up a little money a year ago for the stock market instead of the bank on 4 companies, I earned 32% in 1 year., but I realize you can only make the “investment” quadrant work if you have lots to put up otherwise the dividends will be close to ignorable.

    By the way how long will you be in Makati?

  4. Double H says

    Good shit VP! Great read before the gym. Your blog has consumed me, and has sparked an old part of me that was beat down into darkness by marriage!

  5. says

    Great thing with breaking through limits is the positive spill-over-effect

    Once you`ve achieved freedom in one area of your life you`ll probably start thinking to break free in other areas.

    Once you`ve done the initial work to become free, any further attempt will become easier.

  6. Mach says

    Thanks for sharing Vic, keep up the good work! You are a great source of inspiration & motivation to bring my life (and among others) to the next level!

    You’re looking sharp bro!


    • Victor Pride says

      Always look sharp my friend, people treat you well. I can say this 1,000 times and most people roll their eyes. Always. Look. Sharp. Even in a tank top and jeans or shorts, life becomes better the instant you commit to looking sharp. The girls at this hotel would stumble all over themselves when they brought breakfast to my room, trying to walk out the door side by side, two at a time and getting stuck and laughing like schoolgirls, then I’d catch them trying to subtly take my picture at the hotel restaurant, then they would ask the hotel manager for permission to take my picture. You’ve got these children on the internet trying to learn how to pick up girls, what lines to say, what “game” to run, all this retarded nonsense when the answer is as plain as day: Always look sharp. ALS and you don’t have any other work to do except a) eyeball the girl you like for a while, b) give her a brief smile so she knows you aren’t going to murder her c) say hi. what are you doing?

      • Mike says

        After reading tons of pick up bullshit in my teenage years, this:

        ALS and you don’t have any other work to do except a) eyeball the girl you like for a while, b) give her a brief smile so she knows you aren’t going to murder her c) say hi. what are you doing?

        JUST LOL! Awesome! :)

      • says

        We couldn’t agree with you more Victor!

        That’s the main reason why we created our website, to help men everywhere look sharp 24/7.

        The effect is has is remarkable. It’s unbelievable that more guys don’t clue in.

      • says

        Had some girls take my picture when I was out and about as well. Amazing how a good haircut, build, style, and posture can make you the 1%.

  7. says

    You’ve written, “The average American watches 5+ hours of television per day. That’s a part time job. In these 5+ hours per day a man could be building a business.” EXACTLY!

    A person wasting time watching television complains about the successful. This is great motivation I’m spreading to those that are still capable of becoming free from the daily programming.

  8. Ahmad says

    Victor, have you read the book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho by any chance? If you haven’t it’s a book I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to be bold and determined.

    • Victor Pride says

      Never, but I just read the synopses and put it on my amazon wishlist so hopefully I’ll get around to reading it someday.

      • Devon says

        I hope to see a post about The Alchemist once you’ve read it. That novel changed my outlook on life.

          • Joey says

            I have to agree, The Alchemist is spectacular, as it helps you find your personal treasure and persistently exceed your own expectations

  9. says

    I coudlnt agree more. “He limits his reality by pretending he will live well after retirement, pretending that when he is old and decrepit he will finally live like a king.” and then they pass their debt onto their children as their only legacy. Thanks for the post on how to write a blog it inspired me. Also out of curiosity you have started to show pictures of yourself. why did you lose the anonymity ?

    • Victor Pride says

      I started showing pictures to prove than I am real, not a keyboard warrior, and that I do exactly as I say I do.

    • The Grizzly says

      “He limits his reality by pretending he will live well after retirement, pretending that when he is old and decrepit he will finally live like a king.” and then they pass their debt onto their children as their only legacy.”

      That’s my biggest fear and it’s why I’m determined to get rid of debt and forge my own way, I pulled everything out of my 401k and I’ll never fall for that shit again. THe whole concept of ‘save for retirement’ is a sham.

  10. MIKE says

    This V.I.C.T.O.R. P.R.I.D.E P.O.S.T™ primes my attitude with venomous motivation. Morphing into THE bRuTE is becoming a master craftsman in LiFtIng. It’s not Payday time once a month Its Payback time all the time bitches. Cardio is fancy footwork, Lifting is hard to the core HARDCORE. I love getting hauled by the weight. Scratch together a jigsaw, My hands are like drillers I’m stuck to the weights till I finish my daily segment. Till my symbiont searches another host I expose myself to the process and breathe accomplishement….BURRR I like poetry “_”

    Thanks for the post Victor and all the best.

  11. says

    We waste so much time doing nothng and yet complain about how life is treating us. Becoming wealthy is a mindset the person must decide for him or herself if they want it bad enough. Unfortunately they see the path is not an easy one so they burn out of steam and just sit in front of the TV and mope at how their lives is so mediocre,

    God helps those who help themselves! Keep rising bros!

  12. says

    I see you getting more open about posting photos of your face. But I guess you’re getting so big you’ll need to worry less about privacy.

    Kudos to you living the good life. You earned it.

    • Mike says

      I do. Don’t write exclusively the reviews of other people’s work, but add your tips and posts as well. Download some more professional looking theme (preferably premium) for free from Mafiashare and use it.

      Use a transparent logo that blends with the background, this one with white background looks so messy and unprofessional.

      Do some serious content writing. A post per day.

      If you are familiar with it, do some link building and SEO. If not, don’t waste time on it and concentrate on content building and links will come along if it’s quality.

      Never give in.

      That’ll do it.

  13. Mike says

    Nice one. Keep it up man, I’m glad you’re back to posting more frequently. I missed occsassional motivation boosters.

  14. Italian G says

    I bet it feels good to show your face. Ads so much more credibility. It means you are proud of what you do, live it, and the rest of the world can piss off… It means your an authority.

    This is another great secret of success. How do you know you are crushing it and risen to the top? You have become the authority and if anyone challenges your authority you eviscerate them… depending on the situation. I became an authority in Washington State in my industry. I didn’t even know it. I faked till i made it. When will the feeble and scared learn… POWER IS NOT EARNED IT IS TAKEN.

    You know what makes Victor succeed at this blog? HE IS AN AUTHORITY. So why the hell can’t you become the authority? LIMITATIONS you put on yourself just as he describes!!! HE GETS IT. Many of you don’t. Its sad your so week and give other men authority over you. The reason guys like Victory and myself conquer is we grasp the concept… POWER IS NOT EARNED… IT IS TAKEN BY THOSE WHO DECIDE THEY WILL BECOME THE AUTHORITY. Deal with that or get the f@ck out of my way…

    • Victor Pride says

      ^Italian G with a vengeance. I like this guy. He doesn’t fuck around with his words, no “I think, I feel, I hope” baloney.

      “I became an authority in Washington State in my industry. I didn’t even know it. I faked till i made it.” That’s 100% exactly how I made it in real estate.

      This fella Italian G gets it very well.

  15. MIKE says

    I can’t see the comments only after commenting till I go offline. How can I fix this I use firefox. Strange phenomena man

    • Victor Pride says

      Try emptying your page cache. Let me know if it works. Other people have been saying the same thing to me, so I need to know if it’s a caching issue or something else so I can get it fixed.

      • Mike says

        Hi Victor,

        I just started my computer and now I see the comments clearly. Regardless of this, I deleted the page cache just two seconds ago. For me its working at the moment. I can’t see any reason why It didn’t work for me.

        All the best

      • T and A Man says

        I am getting the same too, and I am claening my cache.
        I’m usually finding the comments on each article a day in arrears.

        Right now, the frontpage says 58 comments to this article, but coming to the page it’s only 29. I suspect it will be 58 tomorrow.

      • Abgrund says

        I don’t think it’s a caching issue, I tried clearing it but this is the first day I’ve been able to read comments on this post.

        I noticed you are running some third party scripts that I think are new. I don’t let just any corporate swill or Russian mafioso run scripts on my computer, so if you’re using someone new (hellobar, maybe?) to serve content I have them locked out.

  16. Samir says

    Funny how I had this same thought the other day! I kept thinking, why in God’s name are so many people going to college and paying thousands of dollars for what? To willingly become a slave to someone? To set up their lives to where they hate getting up in the morning?

    Cool post, guy. I can’t wait to read the next one.

    • The Grizzly says


      I bought into that exact lie, go to college and get worthless degrees and go into massive debt only to hate the bullshit job I have and yes I dread every fucking morning coming into the slavery. I am working my way out and building my businesses but it’s been a hard lesson learned.

  17. says

    I agree with all of your points, Vic…but don’t forget some people honestly cannot become better than they are.

    Some people have no imagination, no drive and no ambition. I’ve met people who truly didn’t understand why money was so important, and who lived in miserable squalor.

    But we will always need the worker drones. The street sweepers, the burger flippers and the toilet cleaners. They serve their purpose. I don’t want to do that shit.

    • Victor Pride says

      I put one caveat in this posting: IF YOU CAN READ you can become successful. I’ve never stumbled upon a burger flipper or a toilet cleaner or a street sweeper (assuming these are all adults) with a book in his pocket. The lower class will never change, they have a permanent poor mentality and a permanent learning disability. To put it mildly they are stupid. They aren’t coming to B&D after a hard day’s toilet cleaning.

  18. says

    “If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”


    • Victor Pride says


      Well, this is a tough one. The first industry I worked in just jumped up and bit me in the fucking face. My eyes grew wide and my mouth hung open the very second I learned what was possible. BUT! I had had an interest in the field (real estate) for a great number of years beforehand. 2) I have enjoyed writing for a great number of years, so writing a blog was a logical step for me.

      So I would say pick something you are INTERESTED in . Not this faggy baloney “do what you love”, but something you have an interest in and have been interested in for quite some time. The key is research. Read everything and then read it again. And solve a need, solve a problem. “Do what you love” doesn’t solve any need except the “entrepreneur’s” need for narcissistic, “me me me” attention.

      Research, find a void, fill a need, execute.

        • JP says

          In my opinion, no. I spent years trying to decipher the financial markets. I bought and tested many systems using real money and paper trading. The result? I designed a good system for managing retirement account money. By “good,” I mean it averages 10%+ over the long-term and isn’t as risky as buy-and-holding stocks permanently. It also helped me create a good side business (it’s profitable, but not enough to walk away from my day job yet).

          In the short-term, I had some success in forex and other markets with short-term stuff, and I had my share of losses. I walked away about break-even. The markets constantly change, and if you find something that’s profitable, it usually doesn’t last long. Remember, you’re going head-to-head with hedge funds, banks and others armed with millions of dollars, rooms full of rocket scientists and algorithms that a small retail trader can’t afford. I don’t like those odds.

          IMO, you’re better off starting a business or possibly real estate (something I’m currently investigating). With real estate, you can find people (“motivated sellers”) who are willing to sell houses, mobile homes, etc. at far less than market value. The trick is actually finding them, negotiating then finding a buyer who will pay more. It’s not easy, but it’s better than buying a “bargain” stock or commodity that millions of other traders already know about. There are no real bargains on Wall St. unless you have inside information or can buy/sell in the nanoseconds.

          • the Grizzly says

            I agree with you JP and reading your comments reminds me of my brother-in-law who lost his job 3 months ago. After losing his job he somehow got $12,000 on credit cards to open 2 forex accounts, within the first week he lost $2000. Over the last few months he is breaking even (making enough to pay the credit card payments basically). This route wasn’t risky but stupid. You lose your job and take our $12k to day trade when you have never managed stocks and any money you make will be paying back the credit cards for the next year, what about bills? He is tied to his computer for over 12 hours a day and sometimes more.Trading is extremely risky once you see the odds are against you and the banks/hedge funds/quant experts are working the other side. Sites like Forex are good at making it look like the average Joe can open an account and roll in the cash in no time.

        • Abgrund says

          Trying to make money by speculation is for gamblers, and gamblers are losers. A market is just like a casino, and the “house” has an edge: it’s the brokers and the people who have genuine insider information. Unless you are one of those people, you are bound to get skinned in the long run. The same goes for 401k or any other “investment” that half-wit “investment counselors” will steer you toward.

          The bottom line: You can’t get paid for being worthless (unless you can into a strong union or a public office). If you don’t have /real/ knowledge that is worth something on the market, you have to /create value/. That could mean running a business that does something useful. It could mean reselling houses or cars after repairing them, instead of “flipping” them. It does NOT mean buying “assets” that someone else created when you have nothing to contribute. That’s for “ass”et-holes who want something for nothing. Most of them wind up getting nothing for something.

          • Andrew says

            WELL GUESS WHAT GUYS? I posted the message to see the kind of responses I got. No hate, but I did not expect to see these kinds of “no point of trying” responses on VICTOR fucking PRIDE’s website! The actual story is, I am a full time emini futures day trader and pull in between $500 and $1,000 a day. It’s all about taking the time to learn the craft, build a working strategy (not an easy task, but I accomplished it in less than a year) paper trade the shit out of it in REAL TIME every single day for a minimum of 6 months, and ONLY then begin using real money, and only with a small account (I started with $6,000) and UNDERSTAND how risk works in terms of each trade. I am not working for any hedge fund or Prop Firm, I am an individual retail trader who “speculates” for a living…. You call it “gambling”, I call it “recognizing patterns” and trading based on probabilities. Once you can learn to be a PROBABILITY based thinker, then you can take the next step toward becoming a successful trader, no matter what you want to trade. Trading is more of a psychological game than anything else, and I am mastering it each and every day. I hope this motivates somebody that read the last few posts to the question I asked….. DO NOT ALLOW NAYSAYERS TO STAND IN YOUR WAY! *** no disrespect to anybody who answered the question, I know you did it out of best intentions. Just please understand that it can be done if you are dedicated enough. 90% of people are not dedicated….. that’s why 10% win and 90% lose…. JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT!

        • JP says

          Well then, Andrew, good for you. In 2009 I had a great year in Forex and thought I could extrapolate those results ad infinitum as well. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way. The markets changed and my “edges” were discovered by other traders and quickly faded away. I tested all kinds of systems and patterns and only found a few that were profitable. Of those, they only worked in the long-term to beat the S&P 500 average. (For example, a 12-13% average annual return instead of 8-9% for the S&P 500. I still trade this way, but in an IRA and not to make a living.) I didn’t find any strategies that CONSISTENTLY made the high short-term returns you’re talking about. Maybe you’re one of those 1 in 10 million who can make a good living as a retail trader. Post again in a couple of years and let us know. If you can compound the gains you’re talking about, your net worth will be in Warren Buffett/Bill Gates territory. That alone should tell you how slim your odds are…

          • Andrew says

            It’s more than 1 in 10 million, that’s just hogwash you have been fed. It’s 90% lose, 10% win. If you do the math and divide 1 into 10 million, that’s far far less than 1% when the success ratio is roughly 10%. Now I am specifically talking about people who are in the realm of trading, not every individual in existence. There are lots of people who are not famous who trade for a living. It’s also a misconception that you must be a multi-millionaire or a billionaire to be considered a successful full time trader. If you have a trading methodology that produces $60k / year on average, I would call you a successful trader who can live fairly comfortably. If you are trading a $600,000 account and making $60k a year, then if you work out the mathematics, you will see that you are earning 10% a year making a pretty decent living. Now I personally make a higher annual return than 10%, but I do not want to make this a post about my personal trading methodology, but a post to hopefully inspire the one or two other people that are interested in becoming traders who have been shut down by 95% of people in society who don’t know the first thing when it comes to being a successful day trader and I am here to say that most people have the ABILITY to achieve success. Notice the word ABILITY, because most do not have the motivation and drive to actually take the action to make the ability manifest into reality. Ability without action is absolutely meaningless. I have no systems to sell to you, so there is no reason for me to be lying to you. It’s society that has been lied to, man. There’s a reason I’m on and not on some bullshit website selling hype. I may eventually endeavor in creating my own blog-type website about trading derivatives, which is a pretty specific niche that has way too many bullshit liars selling crap, so I know my material will be in demand, but I will not be selling my exact system, although I will be glad to talk about my foundational methodologies. At this moment, I’m too busy actually trading though…. unlike most who sell SHIT about trading. Peace.

  19. Joey the Bartender says

    Great post Vic, really inspiring as usual. I do have a question though. Finally making the jump to working from home but one snag I keep running into is the ridiculous loneliness. I’m good up until about 10pm then I start going stir crazy. I’m putting in 10+ hour days, got the work out solid and am pretty self-sustainable. I don’t want to end up at the bar every night but I really have no idea how to deal with this. Any pointers that anyone in a similar situation would be highly appreciated.

    • Victor Pride says

      Yeah, I went through that before. I lived alone for many years, working from home and living alone is a recipe for loneliness. Humans are social creatures, we aren’t meant to be alone. So you treat the cause, not the symptom. To stop being lonely don’t be alone. My little gf lives with me, problem solved. Off topic and no facts or figures, but I have a feeling a great many Americans are painfully lonely, even if they have a job.

  20. junchulee says

    “If a man was born in the he west has no real time limits”

    if i’m from the east what should i do?

  21. rjn says

    Great article Victor.

    I’ve got the inevitable question about whether a couple of guys are natty or not.
    Matt Sallis – these are his stats on Bodyspace (ht: 5’9”, wt: 166lbs, bf: 7.5%). I’m guessing not? Is it the case that all fitness/Men’s Health models are on something, even if just low doses?
    Martin Berkhan – ht: 6’1”, wt: 195lbs, bf: 5.5%?
    I presume Clay from The Hollywood Physique is natural? But what about these two: Nikola Tachev, and Al Kavadlo?
    Thanks for answering questions on these, I know you’re probably sick of it; then again it’s hard for me, and many others, to get their heads around!

    I’ve started Body of a Spartan and it’s going great. I’m happy to do 6 days and it’s going well so far, but I’m feeling it might be a case of diminishing returns once you’re going above 4 days. Is this the case?

    Secondly if I’m taking 20 odd liver tabs per day it’s working out at about $45 a month, nearly $530 a year. Do you think it’s worth it for the slight increase in testosterone?

    On the limited research I’ve done if one juiced for just one or two cycles would some form of post cycles (e.g. Nolvadex) keep you the gains you got and get your body used to normal testosterone production again, or would you go back to normal and your natural testosterone would never be quite as high as it was before?

    Thanks for your help and keep up the great site.
    It is damn motivating.

    • Victor Pride says

      I won’t be answering any of those “who’s natty” questions. You may as well ask me about Santa Claus. If the man in question has a bunch of internet kiddos salivating about his abs he isn’t natty. End of story.

      Liver tabs. No, I don’t think it’s worth it. Megadose them at first, then taper down to a standard dosing, and ramp up to megadose when/if you feel like it, need to get stronger, etc. The megadosing can be done in a few weeks or a couple weeks, no need to do it all year long.

      Hmm, post cycle therapy. Did it never seem strange to you that on every forum and article they are more concerned with PCT drugs than the actual drugs that work. Why is that? It’s a) because they are lying about the importance of pct or b) don’t have a clue what they are talking about. Blind leading the blind.

      • rjn says

        What would you consider a standard dose of liver tabs, like 10 a day?

        So you’re saying you don’t keep the gains?
        I know little on the subject, excuse the fact that I don’t understand.

        The gist of my question mainly though was that I am considering taking steroids when I reach 22-23, but I wanted to know if even small amounts/number of cycles, even with PCT, permanently decrease the max natural testosterone your body can produce – i.e. is it worth it?


        • Victor Pride says

          3-4 Liver tabs with meals is a standard dose, even less is ok.

          Keep the gains you made on gear when off gear? No.

          Is it worth it to cycle? No, it isn’t. If you want to do gear be prepared to do it for life or don’t do it at all. Forget cycling.

    • Victor Pride says

      I don’t care for the article, that’s what I think of it. When people start talking about what a “real man” is, as opposed to, what, a fake one, I tune out. This article could have been titled “Why beta males are the real alpha males”, which I believe is the author’s point. “Real man”, “man up” style articles are always make the case that to be a real man you have to do a bunch of stupid shit against your own interests. You’ll never see that kind of bullshit on Bold & Determined.

  22. Leon says

    Great post VP. Keep them coming. When I see spartina warriors like yourself it saddens me that there are not many like you. What I see mostly are candy ass liberal cry babies instead turning most men into metro sexual chumps.

  23. says

    In Slovakia people work from 7 to 4 usually. I used to wake up at 5:30 just to wait for a bus in minus 30 degrees Celsius (and it is still night in this time during winter), then ride it to sit in a farted office and fill in excel sheets, or do some totally dumb and pointless shit. Worst thing was that as a junior manager I had to pretend that I care about my bosses business and I do not do it only for the money. As I strained my eyes on the computer all day there was no real creative energy left to improve my own business. But I did what I cold – I did my best. I was working so much that only fun I had was in a GYM for 14 months. When I quit my job lot of people were looking at me with confused eyes. Why ? So good job close to home in his birthplace – he must be crazy leaving that security. But I went to Greece for over two months. Waking up at 8 in my seaview apartment , working on my online business for like 3 -4 hours . Then exercise on beach, cook some lunch, eat it, sleep on beach than go to train some MMA, jiu jitsu or boxing. Than have a beer with my new greek friends and have a great time – tons of fun. Every day something new. My soul was dancing all the time. . ……Those two lifestyles are incomparable. I recommend everyone to build own business and quit job – it is good. Victor , great article again ! :)

  24. Mike says

    Hi Victor,

    Delete this comment please I want to read the comments for today. I use firefox and tried opera and explorer but they don’t show the comments strangely. sorry man ^^

    All the best

  25. rjn says

    I’m having trouble viewing comments as well. I’ve cleaned my whole browser history including cache, gone offline etc. But for some reason of the 65 comments showing on the home page only about 30 – the amount before I posted – show up when I click on the article. I use Google Chrome.

    Hope that helps. Presumably it’s not a caching issue then?

      • rjn says


        I replied to your answer on liver tabs and PCT but forgot one other question.

        Do fat burners, particularly fat-burning steroids, allow you to keep size at a bit lower body-fat than you would naturally, or do they just speed up the fat burning process? If so, when you go off them does your body return to its natural limit?

        • Victor Pride says

          Fat burners may also make you lose muscle but since you’re natty it’s hardly noticeable. FBS of course let you keep size and gain fat. Guy, you cannot get the same results off as when on.

  26. john doe says

    Is it worth it to cycle? Well, let me give you some insite from someone who has been there and done it for a long time. This is going to be a long response, but hopefully I can help someone out here. (not trying to hijack this blog either Vic, but I need to share) I often ask myself why I began bodybuilding and eventually steroids. When I was a teen I was never really in “the clicke” at school. I was sort of a loner, kind of dorky but nothing too bad. I just wasnt in the group that went to all the parties, football games, dances, and I didnt play any school sports. When I started bodybuilding it was never intended to go this far. You see when I was a kid I was the one looking at magazines at 1am, dreaming about how I could look like those guys. Fast forward 10 yrs and I was one of the guys in the magazines, believe it or not. 10 yrs forward and about 50 cycles later!! Now up until this point what did steroids get me? Well, it got me a few jobs because I looked like I could lift shit, so anyone who hired me figured I was a workhorse. It got me some cougars who had no good qualities about them, which is why they were divorced to begin with. (For the record, my physique is what got them, if I wasnt into weights they wouldnt have taken to me) But back in my last 2 yrs of high school and the couple yrs in community college, I got respect. Everyone knew who I was, and unfortunately bodybuilding became my identity. Back then it was cool, if you ask me now I’d say it was fucking stupid!! How dumb it is to go through life suffering, dieting, missing out on things, just for someone elses visual curiousity and enjoyment? With more talk, respect, and compliments came more steroids. I’d start selling them to my friends to get the $$ for more gear. My second competition in 05′ I spent about 5 g’s to prepare for, and took 5th place. 5k in 12 wks for a dumbass contest, which btw would have paid for my wedding that year, but instead I took out a loan which I eventually defaulted on. Fast forward to marriage, I cant even stay faithful to my wife because my hormones are so high all I can think about is sex. I’ve screwed around more times than I can shake a stick at, because hearing anything from my wife just wasnt good enough, I needed to constantly hear it from strangers. That is, bitches that weren’t worth a damn. Was something engrained in me from those days in school when I had no confidence? Probably was. So let me just explain here, I was 19 my first cycle, I had put on about 35 lbs of muscle naturally in high school. My first summer after a year in college came juice. And back then it wasnt easy to get. You had to look like a juicer naturally before anyone would talk to you about it. If you were under 200 lbs forget it, you had to earn your way into the game. Now its everywhere, and kids wanna use 2+ grams of shit a week when they cant even eat enough to break 175 lbs. So like I said, 19 was my first cycle, it was an old school pyramid cycle of testosterone. Next came some shitty liquid dbol called reforvit-B, which wasnt worth a damn!! Next came Naposim dbols which were Russian and they kicked serious ass!! All this was within 1 yr mind you, yea so much for the guy who only wanted to do it once right? Then I moved away, was clean for about 6 yrs. Then I got hooked up with a new source, and did another few cycles. Then came the homebrewing with fina pellets and making my own test prop. Then came GH and insulin. Then came the synthol injects to my arms. All this bullshit in the quest for more and more muscle, and at this point my bodybuilding is like an expensive car payment each month. I’m spending upwards of $1000 a month for my lifestyle. Meanwhile, my family is going without because selfish me thinks I’m going to be some sort of celebrity or “pro”. Just to put things into perspective for you new guys, I have a friend who drops about 50 g’s a year on this, and is nothing close to pro yet. Its ridiculous beyond belief what guys go through now. And its not like its that much more muscle either. There comes a point where you have to go through so much just to get 5 more lbs. From the time I was 26 yrs old until 33(now) I stayed on more than off. I came off one time a few months to try and have a baby, which thank God I was able to. After my son was born it was all bets off, now I figured I could stay on all the time. I’m not sure if I ever really deserved a wife or son with how I lived my life. So anyways, by this time I’m on hormone replacement, because my test levels were that of a teenage girl (normal is 300-900, I was 89!!) So I go to the Dr. to get bloodwork and monitored every 12 wks. Well, there is something that nobody ever told me about prolonged gear use. It causes Type 2 diabetes, which I was just diagnosed with. So now I am starving, I’m on an Atkins style diet, 2 diff types of insulin along with metformin, to try and restore what beta cells I have left and utilize insulin. Its scary, my blood glucose was 350 and my A1C was almost 11. (extremely high and dangerous!!) And you wanna hear the real kicker? I’m big, shredded, eat healthy, and look great!! Nobody would think I’m a diabetic. Are steroids worth it? FUCK NO!!! If you suffer from low testosterone then I’m not against replacement doses, but stay away from everything else!!

    • Andrew says

      Thank you for that….. you answered almost every question I helped. Your comments are probably as educational as inspiring as Victor Pride’s actual blog entries! You would probably do really well yourself on your own blog. I bet the readers of Vic’s blog would read your blog too. Keep posting these comments man, I never seen anybody educate others so well in the comments section and teach them wisdom that we can take from you and apply to our own lives. Again, thank you.

  27. john doe says

    I started a blog but I’m not a very computer savy guy, I had a difficult time navigating my way around it and setting it up. I used godaddy for the blog, it seemed tough to get the pages the way I wanted them to look. Maybe I’ll give it another shot, seeing in how you think I have so much to offer people.Thanks

      • Andrew says

        That says something if the writer of this Blog, Mr Pride himself, will very likely become an avid reader of your blog. You have tons to offer to young men who don’t know what they are getting into. Just look at, there are millions of people that your blog would benefit. Just get advice from Victor on how to best monetize it, and you’ll probably get a full time income in no time, especially if Victor cross promotes with you and comments in your blog and you attach a link to your future blog every time you make one of these amazing comments in Victor’s blog. You would also do really well commenting in with a link to your blog in the signature.

  28. Sermed says

    Hey Victor,

    I’m 22 years old, finished high school, worked part- and full-time the last few years (wich really sucked hard, i have no real interest in any occupation). After high school i really didn’t know what the next step should be, so i just started working here and there. I still live in my fathers apartment (wich is small as fuck and together we’re 6 persons). I recently thought about getting better education and going to school again (wich will cost me a TON) OR choose an apprenticeship, but like i said i have no real interest in almost any occupation.
    I thought about working for myself as an strength and conditioning coach in my own gym or maybe own a guitar-shop. That’s it. Should i get better education? choose an apprenticeship? Or should i just start working 9-5 style and build my business in my free-time?
    I’m asking you because i don’t know whom to listen to… teachers? parents? career consultants?friends?. They all give me strange advice and i don’t trust them. But after reading couple of your articles it seemed like someone knows what he actually talks about. So that’s why i’m asking you!

    Thank’s alot, greetings from germany!

    • David says

      I’m more or less in the same situation as you… Well even if you’re going to build your own business, you need money to do that and to have some freedom, anywhere to start from… so you should start by working some shitty job during a while, and then when you feel prepared and have saved some money, just quit and give your full time and dedication to whatever you figure out you want to do. Having a full-time job and working on your plan at the same time might not work because you will always be tired from the 9-5 job and probably you will find yourself delaying your plans, or even feel a loss in motivation and loose track of what you want. Just my inexperienced opinion though, I also want to hear what Victor has to say about this.

        • Victor Pride says

          If a ‘career consultant’ knew dick about careers they wouldn’t be career consultants. That’s a job for people with no skills. I wouldn’t listen to a career consultant anymore than I’d listen to an employee at H&R block about how best to file my taxes.

          Who do you listen to? You don’t even know what you want so it doesn’t matter who you listen to. You can be aimless in college or aimless as an apprentice. I’d personally choose an apprenticeship, at least you’ll actually be doing something.

    • Abgrund says

      College is worthwhile under the right circumstances. These are:

      1. You are getting a degree that is actually worth something in the real world, i.e. medicine or engineering or law or even pharmacy, not some horse shit like psychology or economics.

      2. You have a real, sustained, intense interest in the subject, not just “gee pharmacists make a lot of money” or “I can’t think of anything better to do”. Five years after graduation you will be able to pay cash for a quality firearm to blow your brains out with.

      3. You are good at your intended field. Be honest with yourself; if you struggled with algebra in high school you will fail at engineering.

      4. You have enough money and motivation to finish your degree. Only half the freshmen who enroll in college ever graduate, but virtually all leave with student loan debt.

      I think 95% of high school grads really need to spend some time in the real world before being pressured into college by neurotic parents and self-serving (mis)guidance counselors.

      5. If your Daddy has a V.P. slot waiting for at Chickenshit Inc. and can’t sleaze you into it until you get a degree, by all means go to business school and get your M.B.A. so you can run the business under and walk away rich. Business degrees are for parasites and losers.

  29. john doe says

    fuck it, I’m starting a blog too. Its time to get all my years of training and nutrition out there to the world!!! Thanks for the motivating words fellaz

    • Victor Pride says

      That’s a news site, correct? Not a ‘how to’ site. Helpful, maybe. If it motivates you or educates it’s helpful.

      • Armen says

        It’s both, but the news part is more. Thanks.

        Also do you travel often? If so, doesn’t your eating or workout regimen get disturbed?

  30. JP says

    While it’s not really scientific, I just read about an interesting statistic. About 69% of adults in the U.S. are obese. The lady who runs the Eventual Millionaire (podcast) site says less than 10% of the millionaires she’s interviewed are obese.

    I’ve noticed this, too. Most people who have the discipline and self-control to be millionaire entrepreneurs are generally healthy, fit and don’t have addictions or habits that sabotage their success.

  31. xVx says

    So, I agree that the path to wealth is having a successful business, but what if you just don’t have an idea for a scalable business ? Do you have any suggestions for harnessing the ‘inner chi’?

  32. Mike says

    Hey Victor,

    I had this post idea just came up in my mind. I think you’ll probably like this. I just researched my ancestors and like you already wrote: it is important to be true to blood. The more I find out about them, the more confident I get to strive for my blood. I don’t know but this confidence runs deep. This is a very powerful tool to know about the people before you in your bloodline.

    All the best, I know you are dedicated, It came just up in my mind.


  33. Bob says

    Great post.. So true. People waste INSANE amounts of time watching and promoting others to get rich- be it watching TV all day long or being obsessed with every baseball or football statistic or following actors and all their BS. It gets you NO WHERE! Yes, I get it. Many of us like sports including myself but first get YOUR stuff done. And then when all is totally done, then watch a game maybe. I gave up the “watching football” all day long mentality finally. I felt like a big loaf just sitting there like a zombie. Now, on a sunday, I pick one game to watch and that is it. That is enough. No pre games shows or post games shows, etc. No mondays or thursdays for football either.. Nor too much baseball watching.. DONE. I make a point to not watch TV in general except for a bit of sports when all else is DONE. I barely watch it any longer. It is the greatest time destroyer there is. And one for sure has to limit their time wasting on the net as well. No doubt.

    As you say, TONS of time can be freed up if you make a point to do it but the 9-5 er, then the commute, then the just stuffing your face when you get home, some TV, sleep and back to the slave mill… What a horrible way to live.. When you said all one has to do is basically “change” their thinking just a bit and realize you do NOT have to do this, well that really hit home. Because people are filled with the other side. Boring job, bad commutes, crap boss, hate being there, lottery dreams, being 65 and retired somewhere and on and on.. Total CRAP!

  34. says

    I love what you said about television being a part-time job. First years of my college I had academic responsibilities (class, assignments, papers), a steady part-time job, freelancing work on the side and personal creative projects. It was tough but I’d rather hustle than watch TV all day.

  35. says

    Right now I have a blog and it’s a personal blog. I may not have skills like programming or self help book. But I’m writing a book, it is fiction book for entertainment. Vic I want to know after I finish it how can I market it?? I am planning to write other books after this one. You visit site and tell me what u think..