How to Get Big Naturally: Building Muscle, Gaining Size, and Wetting Panties

In this post you are going to learn how to get BIG the natural way. We will talk about proper training, proper eating, and proper supplementation. We will learn how to go from skinny to jacked, from zero to hero, from little to BIG! We will assume the reader is skinny.

But first...

Chuck Sipes – Panty Wetter

Let me tell you a little story about a guy I know. This guy is jacked. He spent 10 years in the gym daily. He looks exactly like the picture of Chuck Sipes (to the left). We were doing pull-ups in the gym one day when a guy and a girl came over to talk to us. The guy was running his mouth but the girl wasn’t saying anything, she was just staring at my buddy. I’ve never seen it before or since but I saw her get her little panties wet just by looking at my jacked friend. I saw the lust in her eyes, I saw it in the way she opened her mouth a little, in the way she slightly licked her lips, the way she spread her legs just a little bit more than they should be, in the way she almost imperceptibly thrusted her hips forward. She wet her panties just by looking at my friend. That’s the power of being jacked. That happened 5 years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday.

A natural trainer has two very solid years to put on maximum muscle size. Gains will be harder to come by after the first two years of training so in those two years it should be a fight to put on the most muscular weight. A skinny natural should be eating, eating and eating as if his life depended on it.

There are two types of skinny guys:

1) Lean Skinny – these types are rail thin but they have no body-fat. Their abs and musculature show all the time, even though they are toothpicks. These types have the best muscle building bodies because it’s very, very hard for them to gain any fat.

2) Skinny-Fat – these types are skinny but have no musculature to speak of. Even though they may be rail thin they usually have something of a fat gut. These guys will have a harder time building a ripped physique.

Why people are skinny:

Being skinny is a matter of not eating enough. Nearly 100% of skinny guys are not big eaters and they eat mostly carbohydrates. They do not eat much protein or fat. It’s impossible to be skinny when eating enough necessary food.

To get big there are two critical components:

Lifting BIG and Eating BIG.

If either are neglected you can expect to either A) Not get big or B) Get fat instead.

Eating BIG!

To get big one must eat big. The human body cannot grow without an excess of calories. Skinny trainers must be eating, eating, eating and eating some more. No ifs, ands or buts. No eating big = no getting big.

What to eat:

There are 3 macronutrients that make up all the food we eat.

1) Protein – Protein is what builds muscle. Without protein you cannot gain muscle. Not just any protein either. Animal protein is how one gets big. Vegetable proteins do not have the necessary amino acid profile to be utilized fully by the human body. This is one reason vegetarians look so pathetic and skinny. One cannot be healthy, fit or strong without animal protein.

Protein sources:

Beef, Eggs, Tuna, Fish, Pork, Chicken, Duck, Lamb, Cottage Cheese

2) Fats – Fats are essential to getting big and muscular. Eating fat does not make you fat. Fat is ESSENTIAL for a natural trainer because fat builds our testosterone levels. Don’t eat fat + don’t take steroids = don’t get jacked. Steroid trainers don’t eat fat because they don’t need to build natural testosterone. When you see copies of their diet in muscle magazines what they never tell you is the insane amount of muscle building drugs they use. A natural trainer must eat fats. Vegetable fats like vegetable oil are junk. To build testosterone you need saturated animal fat.


Whole Eggs, Meats with the fat, Milk, Cottage Cheese, Butter

3) Carbohydrates – Carbohydrates are a must for getting big. Carbohydrates provide energy, they send water to the muscles, and they’re an easy way to consume extra calories. You cannot get big without eating carbohydrates.


Rice, Beans, Oatmeal, Bread, Fruits, Vegetables, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes

When to eat and how much to eat:

When trying to get big one must eat 4-6 smaller meals per day. A meal should be eaten every 3 hours. A skinny trainer must be eating all the time. You must eat protein with each meal. If there is no protein it isn’t a meal. A meal can be protein + fat, protein + carbohydrates, or protein + fats + carbohydrates but protein MUST be there.

Pick your favorite foods to eat. It really doesn’t matter what food it is as long as you get enough protein, fats and carbohydrates. Just eat and eat and eat.

3 solid meals should be consumed each day. More solid meals can be consumed if the trainer has the stomach for it. Liquid meals can replace meals 4-6 if the trainer so desires.

A liquid meal can consist of:

Protein Shakes: Protein shakes are advertised in the bodybuilding world as the end-all/be-all of bodybuilding. Well, they aren’t. Protein shakes are ONLY a way to get additional calories and protein into your system to get big. Protein shakes will not make you look like the guys in the magazines but they will give you additional calories to get bigger.

Meal Replacement Shakes / Protein bars: See above. An easy way to get in some extra calories if you’re on the run or don’t have the appetite to eat.

Liver Tabs: Liver tabs are liver in pill form. They’re a kick-ass way to get quality protein without having to eat liver. You can just swallow these pills and watch your strength and endurance go up.

Homemade protein shakes / Homemade weight gaining shakes: Homemade shakes are a fantastic way to get in a bunch of extra calories in an easy to drink formula. Just about anything can be put into a blender, blended and enjoyed in between meals. Homemade shakes can include: protein powder, peanut butter, bananas, berries, raw eggs, ice, milk and any other food you wish to add. Pro bodybuilders even blend cooked chicken and drink them to get in those extra protein calories.

 Sample Meal Plan:

Meal #1) 6 eggs, bowl of oatmeal, banana

Meal #2) Protein shake or homemade shake or protein bar

Meal #3) Chicken, rice and beans

Meal #4) Protein shake or homemade shake or protein bar

Meal #5) Steak, Eggs, baked potatoes with butter

Meal #6) Cottage Cheese

Easy, low cost muscle gaining recipes:

Tuna: You can add BBQ sauce to tuna, heat it in the microwave and it tastes like brisket.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are an easy and tasty way to get in extra calories.

Eat the fat. Don’t cut the fat off of your meats and eat butter. Add butter to baked potatoes and baked sweet potatoes.

You need those calories!

Things to remember:

Eat real foods – no franken-foods like margarine, vegetable oils, or foods in boxes that never expire.

You must eat 4 times per day minimum and at least 3 of those meals must be solid meals. The more solid meals the better.

You don’t need to overthink it. Just eat from all 3 food groups. Your goal is to get BIG. If you eat your protein with each meal you will be getting enough protein – there is no additional reason to count calories or grams of protein.

Watch the scale and the mirror for progress. If the scale is not moving up you need to eat more.

Eat every 3 hours like clockwork.

Eat Real food before resorting to supplements.

Lifting BIG!

Natural trainers new to the iron game will make progress along the same lines as steroid users. In the first 6 months a natural trainer can put on many, many muscular pounds.

A natural trainer can train 4-6 days a week and make excellent progress. There is a lot of baloney floating around about “overtraining”.

It is the opinion of BOLD & DETERMINED that whiners who talk about “overtraining” do so to have an excuse for having a poor physique.

New, natural trainers can handle an extreme amount of volume. You do not want to waste your precious first two years cry-baby’ing about overtraining. You need to be in the gym lifting and killing it all the time. Take advantage of the natural growth hormone your body will produce when you start weight training.

How to Start Weight Training:

Anyone wanting to start getting in the gym and turning into a man will at minimum need to be able to perform simple bodyweight exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, body squats and pull-ups.

If a trainer cannot perform 5-10 push-ups, at least one or two pull-ups, 10 body squats and 10 sit-ups he has no business touching weights. Work on these bodyweight exercises first and then get into the gym and lift some iron.

The Basics:

The basics are how you build a muscular body. The basics are how you build your muscular foundation. The basics build strength. The basics must be done at first.

A natural trainer needs to focus on multi-joint compound barbell exercises.

The basic exercises are:

Barbell Squat, Barbell Bench Press, Standing Barbell Overhead Press, Deadlift, Bent Over Rows, Barbell Curls, Pull-ups and Dips.

The first month or two in the gym should be used to learn and prefect proper technique of the basic exercises.

Basics build strength of the muscle, the tendons, the ligaments and strength of the mind.


A skinny, natural should not do cardio. For a skinny person trying to get big cardio is a waste of time.


There are a lot of beginner routines floating around in magazines and on the internet. Routines are a good way for a new trainer to get started, but soon enough you will want to develop your own routine and train on instinct.

A beginner can start with three days per week in the gym.

Beginners should follow a routine like this:

Monday: Squats / 5 sets adding weight each set, Bench Press / 5 sets adding weight each set, Overhead Press / 5 sets adding weight each set, Pull-Ups / 3 sets of as many as you can do

Wednesday: Squats / 5 sets adding weight each set, Bench Press / 5 sets adding weight each set, Overhead Press / 5 sets adding weight each set, Pull-Ups / 3 sets of as many as you can do

Friday: Squats / 5 sets adding weight each set, Deadlift / 5 sets adding weight each set, Bench Press / 5 sets adding weight each set, Overhead Press / 5 sets adding weight each set, Pull-Ups / 3 sets of as many as you can do

Never be ashamed of the weight that you use. Most trainers start with baby weight and add weight as they get stronger. There is no shame in working to get stronger and better.

There was a time I was in the gym, I had only been training for a few weeks. I was doing seated dumbbell overhead press with 27.5 lb dumbbells. That’s baby-weight, that’s even below baby-weight, but I was struggling. For me, it may as well have been 100 lb dumbbells. I remember some girl staring at me the whole set. Other guys could have been extremely embarrassed at the baby weight being used, a lot of guys would have left the gym and never come back. I didn’t care. I saw her staring but I continued the set like it was life or death, my face contorting with all kinds of stupid faces as I lifted baby weight. I thought to myself “Baby, you can stare all you want. I’m in here to do business and there isn’t anything that’s going to stop me”.

Never be ashamed of the weight you use. With time and practice that weight will go up and up and up, but we all have to start somewhere.

When you feel comfortable with these exercises you can add gym time as you see fit and do extra work where you see fit.

When a trainer has spent enough time in the gym to learn the exercises, put on weight, and lift heavier weight he is ready to get in the gym more often and start lifting for real. The Old School 70’s Bodybuilding Routine can be followed for maximum size and gains.


There is no one size fits all routine – you will have to experiment and see what works for you. There is one rule though: You must do the basics, you must do them first, and you must do them hard.

Starting trainers can work each muscle group 3 times per week for maximum benefits.

The weights you use should be jumping up each week. Always try to go harder and heavier with each workout.

A new weight trainer will have an increase in human growth hormone and testosterone. Natural trainers can handle a lot more volume than the un-fit and whining complainers will have you believe.

It takes an obsession with eating and training to get big. Eat all the time, train all the time.

You’ve only got one life to live. You’ve only got a set amount of time to put on the most weight. The naysayers, the cry-babies, will give you baloney advice about “overtraining” and that’s why they look like poop – they believe a natural trainer will break in half if he works out too hard or too much.

The guy I told you about above, the panty wetter, lifts weights 7 days per week 364 days per year. He takes one rest day per year. He eats small meals every 3 or 4 hours. He lifts heavy and hard for 45 minutes a day and works abdominals every day. He’s dedicated, he’ll never miss a session, but he doesn’t overthink it. It’s just something he does every single day without question and without fail. When you listen to things you “can’t” do they become reality. When you don’t listen to the “can’ts” then a world of possibilities opens up.

In an earlier series we talked about the secret to being Big and completely Ripped at the same time. When it comes to natural training there truly is no secret. Put in the time and effort and you get the benefits.


  • See also Body of a Spartan for a step by step natural method to building a panty wetting physique without using drugs.
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  1. James says

    Wassup Victor..I have 2 quick questions:
    1. I already know i’m gonna be sore as fuck once I start working out initially. Should I just ignore the soreness and keep going regardless, or should I refrain from training the muscles that are sore? My plan is: mon- chest, tri’s, shoulders tue:back and bi’s wed-quads and hams, then the same thing repeated on thur, fri and saturday and resting on sunday. So for example, if the muscles I trained on monday are still sore by thursday, should I still go ahead with the workout?

    2. I’m one of those skinny fat guys (30% body fat with 12 inch arms) My plan is to get a LEAN body like greg plitt, and NOT to get huge muscles like a bodybuilder, so im planning on doing my weight training in the morning, sprint intervals at night and intemittent fasting as my diet. Is this a good plan for my goal? (My goal is 5% body fat with VERY VERY LEAN muscle like greg plitt..Please reply. Thanks

    • Victor Pride says


      1) Yeah, you will be sore. Since you’re starting I would highly advice you train 3 days per week, do a full body workout using the basic barbell exercises. Do that until you get the exercises and the form down, build some strength and you can start adding days when you are ready. I will just work through the soreness. Working a sore muscle actually makes it feel better, it relieves the soreness.

      2) I.F. is good, you may want to try the Old School Steak and Eggs diet too. You won’t be getting huge muscles like a bodybuilder so don’t fret. They use a whole lot of drugs to get that way.

    • Nick says

      wow you are a beginner and you came up with such a routine? brah it took me over a year to figure out such a routine. i have only been lifting properly for less than a year now, that i know how to properly work out. alot of wasted time in gym doing bench every day and nothing else hahaha. i was stupid. so learning what to do is more important than any effort, dont let anyone tell you otherwise.
      for your question, if there is soreness, pain in a muscle, do not keep training it. let it go for no more than 3-4 days. if the pain is still present but light, then you can work out. do not hurt yourself thou, do not go against mediocre pain…. it can cause damage which will cause even more time out and therefore less time to lift.
      I disagree with this article. you CANNOT lift every single day. the time the muscles regenerate from their microtears which you attain during workouts is the time when muscle growth occurs. if you use that muscle during that period, it will grow less. thats where protein comes in. this man that the author of the article was talking about mustve been gulping down a shitton of protein. protein helps with the muscle regeneration, as far as i understand. though i only know the basics and not too much about biological factors of protein and its amino acids.

      • says

        you absolutely can training everyday. there is no such thing over training.
        you are just lazy. only you know when you really over training your body.
        I’ve done train my shoulder 4-5 days a week. and the shoulder gain are very fast to compare training shoulder once a week.

        When I like that I use my instinct/gut/brain to lift heavy or very heavy or little light with high rep.
        You will know when you try and success.

  2. C says

    Fudging heck victor this is awesome! Best advice anyone could give! I myself fell victim to this bullcrap about overtraining and lifted 3 times per week with that fear for 3 years! This year ive decided to just say fudge it and train once in the morning at gym and once in the afternoon doing an hour of pushups and sit ups. I can say it’s been the best gains ive had in my life. This post somehow motivates me to train thrice a day haha keep it up!

    • Victor Pride says


      I myself fell for the overtraining baloney and did three days a week, one bodypart per week, for about 4-6 months and I looked like poop to show for it. Lifting and body-weight exercises are a monster for getting into top notch shape. We even have a section in 30 Days of Disicpline for hitting pushups, situps, and body-squats daily.

      • C says

        Luckily my 3 days where full body but i looked like crap regardless. As if I, like others weren’t excited enough for that 30 days of discipline I’m even more curious about it now! Victor have you ever read up on the barbarian brothers? They have a good saying “there is no such thing as overtraining only under-eating and under-sleeping.”

        • Victor Pride says


          Yes, I’ve read up on the Barbarian Bros and I agree with that quote. Arnold used to work each bodypart hard 3 times per week, in the gym 6 days per week. Stallone did the same getting ready for Rambo 2. Above, James mentioned Greg Plitt. Greg Plitt trains 7 days per week. Less does not equal better results, natural or not.

          • says

            I completely agree most people are way too afraid of “overtraining”. When you ramp up your workouts to 6-7 days per week you WILL notice a difference. I see a lot of people doing a 3 days per week routine complaining that they can’t gain weight and the advice given to them is to simply, “eat more”. This is a nice way to get fat. You need to give your body a reason to grow…by working out 6-7 days per week you will find yourself hungry because your body WANTS to grow in order to compensate for the workload.

  3. Stuart says

    “We even have a section in 30 Days of Discipline for hitting pushups, situps, and body-squats daily”

    Yeah baby!!

  4. Jeanette says

    you say that you need animal protein and saturated animal fat to build muscle. what about vegan bodybuilders. I have found examples of vegan bodybuilding by searching online (I have never tried to live on a vegan or vegetarian diet myself). are they on steroids? Or do they eat meat in secrecy and just lies that they are vegans? images are manipulated? What do you think?

    • Victor Pride says


      1) You are breaking a rule by reading. tsk tsk.

      2) All BODYBUILDERS are on steroids. There is a tiny minority of truly natural bodybuilders (not the ones with trophies) who have never juiced. These guys must eat, drink and live bodybuilding. They must eat every three hours, they must eat the perfect amount of calories and nutrients, they must sleep and they must not drink. They can’t miss a single step and meat is essential in that process. One cannot resemble a bodybuilder without juice or without meat. However, some people are in great shape and are vegan. They are skinny, but they are ripped. A big, big problem with eating veggie is that you become skinny-fat. All veggies I know are rail thin without an ounce of muscle, but they also don’t lift. Veggies that train hard can get into good shape but they will always be thin.

      3) I do not feel so harshly about a vegetarian-like diet for women. Vegetarianism is not for men but women can do well on little meat. I don’t think women should ever go full veggie, but you can get by on much less meat. Forget about eating 1 gram protein per pound of bodyweight, it’s unnecessary for a woman. If your goal is to be a female bodybuilder (gross) you must know that they use more steroids and hgh than the male competitors. If your goal is to be a fitness girl like in the magazines well I have bad news again, those girls all use drugs to get their body. If your goal is to be IN SHAPE and look great then I have great news – as long as you don’t have a big frame it is easy for a woman to look great. Hit the gym and don’t eat so much food. If you want go veggie fine, but throw in a little meat, fish or some eggs daily and get some real protein in. Good luck.

      • Melissa says

        1. Just wanted to say thank you for the above reply, although old, …opened my eyes a bit. It’s nice to have an explanation of something and it finally…click.

        2. sorry to be peeping and breaking a rule :-) husband had this page pulled up on iPad when I hopped on

      • Arthur says

        It seems like this post’s are old but First of all i wanna say thank you! it helps me a lot , and got more Tips about my nutrition and diet , i actually workout 6 times a week and Sunday rest. its been 6months already ,that im WORKING OUT. isnt that much Mr.Victor?

        Please reply if this page is still Active.
        thank you.

  5. John says

    Victor- awesome post. As a semi-new jack to the weight lifting game, the information you shared is extremely valuable to me. However, I am 6’2″ and 250. I’m looking to lose about 30-40 pounds of fat, maybe replace 10-12 with muscle. I’m currently on a ketogenic diet and have come down about 14 pounds. Any advice? Keep up the bad ass website.

    • Victor Pride says


      My advice is: Keep going. Don’t give up. Visualize yourself as you want to be and work towards that goal. One day you will get there.

      Good luck.

        • says

          Hey prowler,i was searching the comments and read your question.

          You can train the same muscles everyday and get big with the precondition that you don’t train them till failure.Personally i think there is no reason to do that except you have an underdeveloped muscle you need to focus on.
          However its better to switch up through different muscle groups. Having at least 2 differnt workouts,so if you workout 6 days per week you do its workout 3 times.
          For example Mon-Wed-Fri:Legs/Back/Biceps, tue-thu-sat: chest/shoulder/triceps in order to rest the muscles and help them grow.
          If you are natural it will be hard to become big if you don’t rest at least one day between each muscle workout. Not only that,by training the same muscle groups continously you are so sore that you lose power in every next workout so your results downgrade.

    • Matt says

      What a queer video! Little fags hanging out in their garage churning out corporate pop music with their Alpha Bitch singer telling them what to do.

      Fucking G.A.Y.

          • Victor Pride says

            This plan is centered on eating the most calorically dense food and not wasting stomach space with low calorie foods like veggies. Since you are eating basically all the time you will be very full and probably not want to wolf down veggies too. Of course, you can just add a side of veggies wherever you want or you can take a multi-vitamin to get in those same nutrients.

  6. Anastasis says

    Victor,i have a question,as I said in another comment I use IF and the 2-3 meals principle.Now for the above article….can i get big using IF(16 hours fast 8 hours feeding) but in the same time doing boxing 4-5 times a week.I usually do resistance training in the morning everyday,7 times a week one day i train for strength and power with barbells,3-6 repetitions all the basic major lifts and the other day I do Calisthenics for 30-45 minutes(Hannibal For King Style) and in the evenings I do boxing(not everyday,4 maybe 5 times a week)Generally I eat two meals and my eating window is from 14:00 to 22:00.(weight-resistance training morning between 07:00 – 10:00 am and boxing training in the eveving 19:00 to 21:00 ( 21:15 back home for eating last meal).What do you propose….should I fast 16 everyday and train everyday like a warrior all will it hurt my gains?Cause I honestly don’t wanna stop IF cause I feel the benefits of it all over my body but in terms of leaning out, now what about getting big and powerful?
    I am from Greece/Hellas I weigh 80 kgs and height 185 cm(6’1”)…I want to say something else that it’s been a month that I discovered your blog/site and I have read almost everything and I agree with your philoshopies in terms of training and being a masculine man,and about overtraining and I honestly say that with your articles I am more motivated that i was in my entire life not only about training but with my life also….

  7. Anastasis says

    I read somewhere that we should not eat proteins along with carbohydrates due to the different mechanisms that are used in order to digest it,proteins in the stomach acidic,and carbohydrates in the small intestine alkaline.Is this true or pure BS?Is it the same with fat?Please enlighten!

    • Victor Pride says

      I have a feeling there is probably some truth to that. I eat all of my meals protein first and fill up on carbs. I hate the bloat feeling of eating carbs and proteins/fats together at the same time.

  8. Shawn says


    I’m 5’4-5’5 with a smallish bone structure at 140lbs. I’m not exactly FAT but I’m not exactly in shape either. I want to put on some lean muscle and just be overall bigger. Should I just do I.F or just eat 6 sold meals and lift heavy then use IF after having bulked up? thanks

  9. Jerz says

    Hi mate, your blog is very informative!
    One question though, isn’t it muscles grow when you resting?

  10. Till says

    What do you think is an appropiate routine after a year of training? I lost 25 lbs in the beginning then gained 10-12 lbs muscle (with little fat),and getting stronger, but I am still a little skinny-fat-like I think. Currently doing Push/Pull/Legs with 3 on 1 off. Is it a good way to go? Or any other routine? And tips on eating? I will appreciate every help. Thanks. Keep up the awesome blog.

    • Captain Obvious says

      Appropriate routine: Lift something heavier than before. Keep adding weights every time.
      Good way to go?: Are you gaining muscle and getting stronger? If not, then NO, it’s not a good way to go; train more!!!
      Tips on eating: Eat. Cook 2 lbs beef, buy a dozen eggs, and proceed to consume. I didn’t know people needed help eating.

      Do 100 body squats (ATG!) daily along with 100 push ups (chest to ground) and 50 pull ups (sternum to bar; don’t do those stupid chin to bar pull ups). I don’t care how you do them – just get them done and watch yourself transform in one month. This is in addition to your gym routine. Recovery is highly underrated. Now go be a beast.

  11. Adam says

    Can you get big with rest days on weekends? I worked out before I was 19 but since I wen’t to college I didn’t have time to work out and didn’t get a gym membership yet. I am 5ft 6 and weigh about 9 stone I am quite athletic and practice some martial arts since I wen’t to college. I had a Super set workout with my heaviest weight that I preferred to save time. Bench Press followed by Seated Rows 1-2min break 5 reps x 5 sets. Dumbell Curls followed by Tricep push downs or Dips 1-2min break 5 reps x 5 sets. Overhead Dumbell Press followed by Leg lifts or any other Abdominal workout 1-2min break 5 reps x 5 sets. Squats to finish with calf raises 1-2min break 5 reps x 5 sets. I noticed some strength and muscle gains and might stick with it when I get a membership. I don’t have much money at college so what is the cheapest food to help me get big will low fat milk do? plenty of protein just drink 4 liters a day ?

  12. meathead99 says

    just wondering
    for a 15 yr old would u advise to do one day on one day off with one day being biceps and back and the other with pecs and triceps??
    ive been lifting 4 over a yr btw and do cardio 3 times a week along with legs on cardio days.

  13. HAZE says

    I am getting much bigger but my gym buddies (all huge guys) say I have to deadlift if I want to maximize my gains… I’d love to but I have 2 herniated disc. when I deadlift Im in pain like a week. should I stick to light weight deads, or give them up totally and find different workouts? or should I contiue to train heavy but only do that exercise like 3-4 times a month and then do assistance work for lower back??? thanks if you can answer this

  14. Andrew says

    So i just found your website and i’m diggin it. I got some questions that maybe you could answer for me. I’m 5’9 180 and i want to be 200 by July. I workout hard 4 days a week and do a few supplements on the weekends. I eat 4-5 meals a day, aiming for 30-40 grams of protein each meal. but im not seeing the gains that i’m hoping to see. anything that i could do to gain more muscle?

    • says

      Hi Andrew,

      The best thing you can do to build maximum muscle is to generate ” maximum intensity ” in the working muscle, for any strength-training exercise that you do.

      And if your goal is to build ” maximum muscle in minimum time “, maximum intensity is the only way you can achieve that goal.

      And that’s simply because ” intensity ” is the #1 key to muscle growth stimulation. At least as far as your workout plan goes.

      And in order to achieve maximum intensity, you need to know what intensity really is, as it relates to strength-training and muscle growth stimulation.

  15. dt says

    Great post. Iv been spinning my wheels for years on 3 days a week. Been doing a four day split, one off, so a six day week, since reading this. Iv got the same results I was getting from 3 days twice/three times as fast.
    Who’d of thought twice the work would make twice the gains.
    Going to take a couple days off soon though… panty wetting

  16. says

    Hey man,
    your blog is really good, just wanted to check if my program is ok
    Day 1 pecs/back exercises: 3 sets 8 reps bench/2 sets incline 4 sets 12 reps pull ups/8 reps seated rows
    Day 2 legs squats 5 sets 8 reps and soccer training
    day 3 arms triceps: dips 5 sets 12 reps/tricep kickback 2 sets 8 reps/overhead db extension 2 sets 8 reps biceps: db standing curls 4 sets 10 reps/ preacher curls 2 sets 8 reps/ hammer curls 3 sets 10 reps
    day 4 off then repeat

    ive been lifting for about 2 years and im 16
    just checking if you would change anything to improve gains

  17. says

    Shame–I only found this just now. Very good post; spot on!
    I would say as a beginner yes; you can handle a lot of volume- and as your intensity increases that is when you can lower volume a bit since you are making up on the intensity,.
    Personally I eat vegies though- I cannot afford to eat much though- but if I ever stumble upon the kids selling dark letuce I go for it. I love the taste, not bodybuilding wise- but vegies are wiser than bread- replace bread with yams or better yet SWEET POTATOES or CASSAVA better yet. But to be honest I love peanut butter sandwiches, then add sunnysided up eggs with the yolk still liquid– then slice the bread in half see the yellow juice fill the bread up. makes me feel hungry

    • The_Trackrunner says

      Lol I feel like I just watched food porn reading your post hahaa !!

      But to be honest I love peanut butter sandwiches, then add sunnysided up eggs with the yolk still liquid– then slice the bread in half see the yellow juice fill the bread up. makes me feel hungry

  18. Nick g says

    Just found the site on google when I was looking up benefits of farmers carries…..excellent website I’m diggin it alot man, been in the workout game for a few years all natural about to get outta army and try some dmz, pretty siked about it. Got and suggestions for it? Plannin on doing a clean bulk along with it to get max benefits.

  19. Make or Break says

    Hey Victor,

    On some days, I have enough energy to go back to the gym and do the full body work out again in the evening after already doing it in the morning, in addition to the body exercises. I’m a beginner to weightlifting, but I’m really motivated – will this fuck me over or is working out twice a day going to produce even better results?

  20. Josh says

    Im 19 and I weight 60kg.
    Having a protein shake without hitting the gym is it helpful? Will I be able to gain weight.
    I have my shake with milk normaly
    the Protein im taking is Muscle Juice 2544 Weight gainer..
    A faster reply will be much appreciated.
    And can you also give me some tips to get buffed at home. Im loaded with work and I have no time.
    Im free in the morning and I can exercise. Thank you

    • PM says

      If I were you I would go to the gym in the morning since you said you were free at that time of the day and If you want to gain weight you have to eat a lot. so 3 meals a day and take protein shake between meals.

    • says

      Hi Josh,

      The best thing you(or anyone)can do to build muscle is to generate ” maximum intensity ” in the working muscle, for any strength-training exercise that you do.

      In fact, maximum intensity is the only way you can build ” maximum muscle in minimum time “, simply by doing exercises that last for only 1-6 seconds.

      This is true for two reasons:

      1) Intensity is the #1 key to muscle growth stimulation. The higher the intensity of the exercise, the greater the muscle growth is likely to be. So for ” maximum” muscle growth, you need ” maximum intensity “.

      2) Intensity is inversely proportional to duration. So the higher the intensity, the shorter the duration of the exercise has to be. That’s simply a law of nature that applies to everyone.

      So if you generate maximum intensity and sustain that level of intensity throughout the entire exercise, you’ll inevitably have an exercise that’s super-short in duration. Like only about 1-6 seconds at the most.

      Nobody can sustain maximum intensity for longer than 6 seconds at the most. Because nobody can break the laws of nature.

      And that’s actually a good thing. Because it turns out that the fastest and most effective way to build muscle is actually the ” least time-consuming way”. If you know the secret to achieving ” maximum intensity ” for any weight training exercise that you do.

      And for that, you just need to know what exercise intensity is, as it relates to strength-training and muscle growth stimulation. Then you simply apply that definition to any weight training exercise that you do.

  21. Kevin says

    Great site Vic and thanks for this post.

    I wanted to post to ask for a response from anyone who has got ideas.
    I’m in my mid 30’s and am just getting back into weight training after several years
    away. After reading the Vic’s posts about the use of drugs to get big, I’m wondering whether I should adjust my expectations about what I can achieve. RIght now, I measure 6’3″ and 230llb and have somewhere between 22-24% body fat. I think this is a solid foundation for building a substantial physique. But again, I’m mid 30’s, so I’m a little late getting started. But, I’m ready to hit the gym 6 days a week. Any training or diet suggestions for me. Also, just diagnosed last year Type II diabetic, likely genetic + high carb diet for years.

    Thanks to anyone with suggestions, thanks again Vic for the site.


    • PM says

      at your age I would go see a doctor, get blood test and ask for TRT, you will have much better results in the gym… and everywhere else in your life

  22. Tom says

    Hi Im a student and im just starting on my GET BIG adventure but i have water polo training for 3 days.How should i balance my training with gym?

  23. miguel says


  24. sunny says

    hey good afternoon friend… i am training since 6 months.. i also take some protein shakes as well.. it result i gain weight from 110 lb to 150lb.. but i didn’t get shape in my body.. my chest and abdominal are not good.. i trained about 1 hour a day and i use superset power set but there is no benefit.. i want a proper shaped body with 190 lb weight

  25. Russian Thomas says

    Yo that some good ass advice! I am from russia i came to america at age 8, im like following more than half of what you wrote! ive been in and out of gym since i was 16 now im 23 and trying to get BIG! i weigh, 170 and i bench, 295 2 time rep. i cant squat well though cause i had a military injury that fucked up my groin any suggestions i do… i mean i work legs twice a week, but im alwyas down to here more workouts… i do seated wall sits with 80 pound dumbbells for a mintue each and than do lunges, and calf raises both standing and sitting. and also do leg press those are the ones that done hurt my injury i had acquired in the army. oh also for my biceps i curls like 60’s each arm at least 3-5 times in 4 sets is that ok ? or what do you think! any dvice helps from anyone thank you!

  26. John says

    Great post. Quick question though; for all the excersises where you recommended 5 sets, how many reps per set where you implying?

  27. says

    What’s up vic? I’m 18, trying to get jacked. I want to know if I can work my arms everyday. will it have any negative effects on my muscle growth?

  28. tony says

    Dude read this article and have to say I love the caveman no bullshit way to build muscle plan. I’m 35 and have been skinny and fat but never really muscular. So 2014 is balls to the wall time!! and I’ll gladly dedicated this year to you!! Thanks.

  29. al holmes says

    never have i read such informative info and keepin it reall …..just great info on getting big…im going to use the info that i have gotttin from this sitwe ..thanks alot much help and love…al

  30. PM says

    Hi Victor,

    I have two questions for you if you please:

    1. I train at night (7h30 pm) after my three daily meals, do I really have to eat or take a protein shake after my workout or all the food I got before is enough?

    2. I feel very great when I eat high fat and low carbs, I’m energized, focused, sharp and aggressive. This diet is really life changing because when I eat more carbs I’m tired, fat, bloated and can’t concentrate. But I don’t want to hinder my muscles gains. So how much carbs would be the absolute minimal I have to take to still make gains. I should also take them in only one meal, my last one before workout?

    I’m 21, been training for 9 months, caucasian, 6 foot, 190 lbs, maybe 15-17% fat.

    • Victor Pride says

      1) I’d time the last meal for after my workout, not before.
      2) Don’t eat so many carbs when you don’t need them, forget the magazines. Your body knows what it likes and what it doesn’t like.

  31. George says

    HI! Im 17 years old… 185cm and 71 kg :P .. i ve been lifting for about 3 years but the difference i have seen is basically at strength and not mass… i eat about 6-8 times per day BUT I CANT PUT ON SOME REEEAL MUSCLE GROWTH …. my arms are skinny and i hate them… i also have these annoying bones above the chest which are really visible…. will this program of lifting help me build the arms (biceps,triceps) and HUGE shoulders (of course not immediately i know it takes time) and upper chest …. PLEASE help me!!!!

    • says

      Hi George,

      If you’re goal is to build “maximum muscle in minimum time”, you need more than just high intensity training ( HIT ). You need MAXIMUM Intensity Training ( MIT ). And that’s because intensity is the #1 key to muscle growth stimulation. And that’s because the higher the intensity of an exercise, the greater the muscle growth is likely to be.
      And to achieve maximum intensity and muscle growth, you obviously need to know what intensity actually is, as it relates to strength-training and muscle growth stimulation. You need a “working definition” for intensity, one that can be readily applied to any motion that you do with weights. So that way, you can generate maximum intensity and achieve maximum growth in the muscle fibers that come into play for that particular motion.
      Mike Mentzer, the great, late pro bodybuilder who popularized high intensity training ( HIT ) came close to providing us with the ideal definition for exercise intensity. But his definition, although correct, is incomplete.
      In any case, the only way you can achieve maximum intensity is by doing isolation exercises. And they have to be done correctly to achieve maximum intensity and maximum muscle growth.
      Usually, maximum intensity cannot be generated when doing compound exercises. And that’s because compound exercises often limit your range of motion so much, that you can’t get to your points of maximum dynamic contraction (DC). And maximum dynamic contraction (DC) is a must for achieving maximum intensity.
      The bench press is a perfect example of this dilemma. You can’t get to your points of maximum dynamic contraction when doing the bench press. In fact, you can’t even come close. That’s why you’ll never build maximum chest muscles just by doing the bench press alone. Fortunately, there are better ways to “pack on the pecs”!
      Also, you mentioned your biceps. The only way you can generate maximum intensity and build maximum muscle in your biceps is by doing isolation exercises. There are no compound exercises that will enable you to fully develop your biceps; including the pull-up and the chin-up.
      Finally George, you need to know this:there are actually at least 42 different types of motions that the human body can perform with weights. And each one of those motions recruits a unique combination of muscle fibers, some of which don’t come into play for any other motion. So for full development of your physique, all of those motions must be done. And only about 9 of those motions can be included in compound exercises. The rest have to be done as isolation exercises.
      So are you doing all 42 of those motions, and achieving maximum intensity for each one? If not, that’s what you need.

  32. LAW says

    Victor GREAT site! Question for you. I’m in law enforcement and I want/ need size and strength. I’m 6’4 359 but have a big gut. I want the the bodybuilder physique and increased strength. I’m also 44. Will taking the steroid plunge help me? I will not abuse them. I don’t have high cholesterol, not diabetic, no high blood pressure, and no other major physical ailments. I do think I need assistance in the weight room. Please give me your opinion and you don’t have to mince your words either. I’m a big boy! Thank you in advance bro.

    • Victor Pride says

      Yes, to be perfectly honestly I believe the older you are the better gear is for you and will make you healthier if you use properly and don’t abuse. In your case I’d recommend two things right away: testosterone and HGH. You can get a scrip from an endo and do it legally and be healthy as a horse while doing it.

  33. asldaas says

    I got from 74 to 98 kg and 13 inch to 17 inch arms from 28 to 14% fat in just 18 months was with this guide basically. I dont look like a bodybuilder but i can lift 1200 total in just a year and a half. i am glad with that at least i am natural.

    • asldaas says

      And thinking bout it i got bigger results the more i trained with heavier weights 5 days per week. Stronger and bigger, 3 sets 3 reps and then 3 sets 12 reps after it and done next body part.

  34. john says

    My muscles are huge I had to buy new shirts for my arms plus im a 5th dan at mix martial arts so the ladies just flow thanks a lot

  35. damian says

    Hey victor, just discovered this blog, and i can see I will be spending a bit of time here. I was just wondering how you maintain your energy levels in those first few months, at the moment, I am doing all I can to not fall asleep all hours of the day. Even taking naps between work and going to the gym? Am I just not eating enough?

  36. Jerrin Thomas says

    I am bonny skinny but i have some muscle and i barely have any chest. What can i do to get a big chest???

    • says

      Hu Jerrin,

      There are actually 7 different types of motions that you need to do to fully develop your chest muscles.

      And since each one recruits different muscle fibers in your pectoral muscles, you need to do all 7, for maximum growth in your chest muscles.

      Plus, you need to generate ” maximum intensity ” for each one, in order to build maximum muscle in your pectorals.

      Surprisingly, you can’t build maximum muscle in your pecs by doing the bench press. And that’s because you can’t generate maximum intensity in your pecs when doing the bench press. In fact, you can’t even come close.

      Doing the bench press is better than nothing, however.

  37. Mark Crisp says

    do you have any real scientific proof pumping iron daily does more good than say 1 day on and one day off?

  38. PJ says

    I’m 6’0 and 144lb , just turned 18. I was pushing about 5500-6000 calories a day but struggling to gain weight. I have run cross country and track for 6 years, so I guess the first step is just dropping cardio completely, if I want to make any change in my weight. I fall under “lean skinny” my body fat % floats around 9-10%. I decided not to run in college because I would rather gain weight and get stronger(also it just sucks haha). I know I need more protein in my diet but as far as lifting, could i jump into a 4-6 day routine right away or would the 3 day/week beginner routine be better at first? I have done weight training but its alway endurance strength related to running, so basically not real lifting. Any thoughts?

    Appreciate the help,


  39. P-Will says

    Hey Vic, been loving your site and the spread of actual truthful knowledge, there needs to be more of this. Anyways, been wanting to start a new routine for attaining just a strong athletic body (6’1 225lb currently) and was wondering what you thought of a 5-6 day routine that consisted of only bench press(incline & decline & flat), squats(regular and front squats), deadlifts, and power cleans. Add more variation to this or less? Thanks Vic

    P.S loving the steak & eggs diet

  40. Akash says

    Hi Vic

    Love the blogpost :) I will be starting 30 days of discipline from Monday onward. My back and arms are lagging, so I plan to modify my morning workout as Pushups, Pullups and situps. I’m also doing a 3 day old school strength workout (Full body).

    Will this cause me to overtrain easily ? I already find it hard to gain weight as such.


    • says

      Akash, I’ve found if you do the 30 DOD workout first thing in the morning and your normal workout in the afternoon/evening, you should have no problem. Might be a little sore for the first week until you get used to it but nothing too bad.

      • TheGreyWolf says

        I was so out of shape my first day of 30DoD, my triceps were in agony for 5 days!

        I’m probably older than you and Akash together.

        I wish I did this 30 years ago.

        I’m glad I’m doing it now.

  41. GhostX says

    Iv only just recently started working out again since my wrist injury that took over a year and half to heal, im wanting to get big fast, I know you gotta work for the results and nothing comes easy but ill try as much as possible to get these results. Im planning to do bench presses and dumbbell curls and a bunch of others in morning and go gym in morning for a couple hours and then go to the army gym to train again for a couple hours and plan to do this mon to friday and possibly weekends.wanting to know best way to get high results and what things to do and what would be best to eat and how often for this plan and is it a good thing for me to take testroids and pre workout powder and other weight gaining pills and stuff? Or is it to much

  42. gregory says

    I have just started gyming and I would like to know how to work out a good programme
    And I also want to buy supplements, what would you recommend

    • David says

      Body of a Spartan for the regime, and supplements are (more times than not) a waste of money. Did you read the article you just commented on?
      It answered both of your questions.

  43. says

    This article gives you all of the important basics you need to make continued progress. It is also great information for advanced men as well. You can never go wrong with the basics. Great stuff Vic.

  44. Cesar says

    I used to have a bench press and free weights at my house, I’d work out for like 8 hours straight sounds extreme but I used to think that the more I’d do it the faster I’d get big. Too bad I never ate more no wonder I saw close to no improvement and constant shoulder and wrist injuries from bench pressing for long periods of time. I have to wonder if I ruined my chances to pack on muscle as a natural trainer as this was like six years ago. The motivation to lift was born after being beat by a girl at arm wrestling.

    • says

      Hi Cesar,

      You can actually build ” maximum muscle in minimum time “, simply by doing weight-lifting exercises that take only 1-6 seconds each;if you achieve “maximum intensity ” for each one of those exercises.

      And that’s due to 2 facts:

      1) Intensity is the #1 key to muscle growth stimulation. The higher the intensity of an exercise, the greater the muscle growth is likely to be.

      2) Intensity is inversely proportional to duration. So the higher the intensity, the shorter the exercise has to be.

      So the fastest and most effective way to build muscle is actually the ” least time-consuming way “; if you achieve maximum intensity for every weight training exercise that you do.

  45. says

    I am 40 years old and have been lifting on and off my whole life. I am in the military and almost time to retire. I do not care about the names of the different diets (can not diet has to be a lifestyle). I do not know the names of the different workouts (people write about workout because they get paid to). when I was 20 I could not gain weight (joined army at 19 145 LBS ran SUB 10Min. 2 mile), now that I am 40 I can put on 10lbs in a week. This article is spot on with a lot of what I have learned over the years. I know what works and what does not work FOR ME. I train 6 days a week and some days I go in feeling lazy and just go through the motions. honestly working out is the easy part. eating is 80% of it. Do not complicate it keep it simple. oatmeal breakfast (a lot of oatmeal). 6 eggs lunch. meat your choice dinner with white rice and a veggie (no canned veggies steamed). I do not take Supplements (adding calories has to be whole foods meats, potatoes and rice). when I was 20 this never would have been enough food (lots of Whole milk helped me put on weight when I was younger). At 40 it is more then enough. I am 5’10 200LBS I could jump to 220 in a month no problem. My advice keep it basic, always try to lift heavier, and do it 6 days a week. Big lifts Squat, Dead Lifts and Bench (my workout have always been 2 groups each day chest and tri, back and bi, shoulders and legs with a little abs each day also add calves when ever you want as well(3 day plan 4th day back to day one or a rest day then back to day one, that will give you six days a week in the gym hitting each muscle grp twice). I am twice as strong at 40 as I was at 20. but I will never look like the guys in the magazines because I do not use Steroids. Do not waste a single penny on supplements. best pre workout is Coffee with sugar. I have 16.5 Calves 18 inch Bicep’s 33 inch waist and 17 inch neck. Calves always my genetic weak point. Just my two cents.

  46. Nuges Phillips says

    good day. I am very skinny that my harms and legs are very tinny which get me very worry but I want to get bigger even if it will increase by two inches. Is there hope that I can still increase in my stature? thank you.

  47. Bd says

    You are full of crap.
    Humans are DESIGNED to eat fresh fruit and vegetables- not meat-, and all the exercise they need to be healthy and look good is a regular walk ( walking being the natural movement for humans).
    Excessive consumption of food -particularly meat- leads to early ageing, and focussing on muscle mass is only going to attract the wrong kind of female anyway, ie boring, shallow, superficial, pathetic bimbo type creatures.

  48. Iflo says

    Hey Vic I want to start the steak and eggs diet I just have a few questions. If I’m starting your BoS beginner routine should I eat BIG and follow the routine? and at What routine should I start the steak and eggs?