How to Eat Whatever You Want and Get Away With It

Friends, I have a confession to make: I eat whatever I want.

So much for discipline huh?

Of course, it just so happens that want I want to eat 90% of the time is staple foods like Steak and Eggs.

It also just so happens that I eat, at most, 8 hours out of the day and fast for 16-20 hours every single day. Intermittent Fasting is a fancy word for it but it really just means I don’t eat breakfast and sometime I don’t eat lunch.

Some days I eat only one meal, other days I go up to three meals. For simplicities sake we’ll say on any average day I eat two meals. That doesn’t mean I eat two meals and snack all throughout the day – it means I eat twice per day.

If I eat lunch I usually eat Steak and Eggs, but I have been known to eat Sushi, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and I have even been known to include beer with lunch.

Now I have eaten junk foods with lunch before and it always ends the same way – with me taking a long nap. Got to sleep off that insulin spike.

I’ve learned from my blunders and I don’t include any junk foods like ice cream with lunch. It’s usually my standby Steak and Eggs and if I want to go wild I’ll eat some sushi and drink some beer.

But dinner, that’s a whole different story.

At the end of dinner I eat whatever I want.

In a previous lifetime it was called dessert. It was when people ate their real foods throughout the day and then after dinner they gave themselves a little treat. Nowadays people give themselves a little treat all day and they may eat some real foods after their junk dinner.

So if I want to eat a pint of ice cream mixed with peanut butter I’ll do it. But I’ll make sure and eat my real food (steak and eggs) first. That way I get all my protein and saturated fat needs met, I get full enough that I’m not gonna go too crazy on junk food, and the fat that I eat will slow the release of that insulin so I don’t get crazy energy spikes. And I’ll wash it down with a beer or two. And hell, even if I do get energy spikes, it’s near bed-time anyway because I only eat that junk at night-time.

I did a two week *experiment* where I reversed that order big time. Every single day I ate Mcdonalds for lunch – that’s two double cheeseburgers, big super-size fries and a large coca-cola classic and I had a big ice cream for dessert. For dinner I ate one or two big ol’ fresh barbecued fishes and washed it down with beer. And then I drank beer all night. And I came back leaner and more muscular than before. Go figure huh?

Now I’m sure if I ate like a normal tourist, grazing all day on all those lovely snacks, I’d have come back a bit plumper.

That’s the beauty of eating like you’re supposed – feasting, not snacking – that it’s just damn hard to get fat.

For my 6 pack abs to go away I’d have to do something drastic, like eat all the time.

I’m not doing that though. I’m a goddamn animal, and I don’t mean a cow.

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    • Victor Pride says

      Friendo, I’m not a doctor and I don’t have gout so take this with a grain of salt. The only thing I know about Gout is that it has been linked to high-protein intake and beer drinking. I only know this because of lot of Chinese men get gout and they eat a small amount of high protein/low fat meats like seafood and overcooked red meat with zero fat and they drink a lot of beer. Their diet is beer, high carbs, high protein/zero fat meats. The steak and eggs diet is a high fat/moderate protein/zero carb diet and no beer – the complete opposite of the way described above.

      The only thing I can offer is try it for a week or two and see how your body reacts. If you have gout and continue to eat the exact same way you will get the same results you have always gotten. Get fatty cuts of steak, don’t overcook the steak and experiment. If it doesn’t work for you at least you will know.

      Perhaps another commenter will have some experience with treating and eating for gout.

    • TS says

      I was looking through some diet sections here and coincidentally found this. So recently I noticed my diet has been mostly drinking a lot of beer, eating overcooked beef, chicken and consuming a lot of carbs. Every time I get up after bed, my knees hurt badly and feel sharp pain even in my ankles sometimes. Now I never got any of that when I consumed steak and eggs with a lot of fat.
      I wanted to bulk up so I been adding a lot of carb, and drinking beer at the same time.

      I will try to experiment back to steak and egg diet only for one week and see if my knees still hurt. I even tried to take glucosamine and chondroitin but the pain is still there. Everytime I try to deadlift, my knees make the “pop” sound.

  1. Dan says

    I have gout but it doesn’t seem to be linked to diet for me because if it was, I’d be in agony every single day. I eat high protein and drink more than my fair share of brew, but the only time my gout flares up is when the weather changes (I live in Canada, the land of extremes) from winter to spring and from summer to fall, March and October, pretty much like clockwork. Supposedly, gout is a form of arthritis. Cherries seem to help when an attack hits. I’m no doctor, but this has been my experience with it. And actually, since I started working out regularly (about 2 years now) the gout hasn’t hit as hard. I don’t think I got my fall attack at all this past year.

  2. Lestat says

    Victor, how many Eggs do you typically eat during your Steak and Eggs meal? Also, if that was your lunch, what would you typically eat for dinner?

    Awesome site man, keep up the work.

  3. Jeff says

    VP said, “That’s the beauty of eating like you’re supposed – feasting, not snacking – that it’s just damn hard to get fat.”

    So true. Been feasting twice a day, absolutely no snacking, for 6 weeks now. Never hungry, leaning out signigicantly, and actually gaining strength.
    The diet “experts” will never reveal this information, they want to keep people fat & make money off of them.

  4. Paul N says

    Great stuff Victor – the whole blog.

    A really good, but slightly more in depth version (and explained with the science) of this sort of eating is at a website called – how to eat like a predator

    Also, an equally good explanation of why snacking makes you weak, not just fat

    Be it food, possessions, jobs or life, when you sweep away the crap, you are left with what really important, and you are then able to take action accordingly.

    And you then start to see how many people don’t – amazing, really.

    Keep up the good stuff.

  5. wolfie says

    for the gout sufferer guy above,

    i’m a gout sufferer too. i was. i was having gout index as high as 15, with the normal index would be 5-7. at that time, having eat protein was a big no. and i avoided most protein source..first eliminate red meat, then white meat, until i eliminate all and only eat carbohydrate and sugar.

    then i get back to the gym and it need a lot of protein to build my muscle.

    been trying alot of combination. and this steak and eggs work well! particularly the “eat fat” part.
    when i eat lean meat. most of time it end with the gout come back. but when it is meat with a fat (most of it being part of the steak and the rest i get it from butter..a lot of as victor told me in the article), the gout never comes back.

    processed food is the worst! dont get your protein from there. eat real protein source.

    at least it works for me. i still follow the eat 2 meals on average plus steak+egg diets.