How to Develop Your Life Mission

manwithmission-dsTHERE’S ONLY THE MISSION.

Boys, it’s imperative to have a mission in life. Let’s forget about this dream business. Dreams are the bullshit you do when you sleep. Your mission is what you fill your waking life with. A dream is by very definition fantasy. A mission is something you have every intention of fulfilling.

You got to think of your goals as missions. You got so say to yourself “I’m going to run 5 miles or I’m going to drop dead and nothin’ in between“. With that mindset there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

Say to yourself “I’m going to do this even if it kills me“.

Don’t say “I sure would like to do this someday…“.

Nobody needs to know your mission but you.

You don’t need to go blabbing about your mission. You just need to have it firmly planted in your mind.

How to start going on missions

The first step you take is to turn all your short term goals into missions. Give yourself to those missions with a one track mind, a tunnel vision. Transform yourself from everyday John Johnson into the Terminator and get after it.

I can’t even tell you how great it is to be fired up about one thing and then get that motherfucker accomplished. It’s the best feeling in the whole, big, wide world.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the mission is. Just get fired up about that one thing and turn it into overdrive until it’s done. Keep doing it and doing it. Get your ‘to-do’ list out every day and turn each of those tasks into missions.

So how do you figure out what your life mission is?

Hey man, that’s really just as simple as could be. You can do that in three easy steps.

Step 1) Figure out who you are

There are a lot of lost souls in our world but, boy, you got to know who you are. You can’t be no lost soul on a mission. Lot of men in our world emasculated, lot of men raised by single mommy’s, lot of men don’t understand what race they are, lot of men don’t understand their own, lot of men at war with their own thoughts and feelings.

Cut out the bullshit and figure out who you are. If you’re a redneck then stand up and say it loud and proud “My name’s Ronnie Joe and I’m a redneck and damn proud of it“.

You are something, man, you ain’t nothing. Figure out just what the hell that is.

Step 2) Figure out what you stand for

Now that you know who you are you can figure out what you stand for.

You can stand for good.

You can stand for evil.

Or you can stand out of the way.

Choice is yours.

Step 3) Give some of what you got to the world

Everybody’s here for a purpose. That’s what I believe. Your purpose is up to you to decide but your life purpose has got to be something you can be proud of. Now that you know who you are and what you stand for you can give some of that to the world.

The Buddhists say what goes around comes around. They call it karma. Another way of thinking about it is ’cause and effect’.

There’s an internet forum where all the internet guys go to hang out and trade war stories. The stories are always the same, the guys who provide a service and value, are on a mission for success and have the mind of a killer are always getting ahead. On the opposite side are the guys who don’t want to build anything, don’t want to work for anything and just want to scam people out of money and always complain how they can’t find success.

That’s their karma. Their life mission is to be a parasite. They could change it with the snap of a finger but they never do and nothing but despair comes from their lips.

You have to take your pick out of 3 options

I) You can do a little bit of good and get a little bit of good coming your way.

II) You knowingly do evil and it’s gonna eat at your soul, if you even have one, until it’s been eaten away.

III) You can just stand out of the way and let things happen, like all those lost souls you see everyday stuck in traffic. Those people are just along for the ride, you want to be like them? Fuck those people, they aren’t winners. Even those people don’t want to be those people.

And if you think your life has no purpose, boy, I pity you but maybe you’re right. Maybe it’s your fate to be stuck in traffic waiting to die.

For the rest of you killers and real dealers

Forget about having dreams, leave that to the little girls dreaming of becoming princesses, and start focusing on completing your missions.

When your mission is accomplished that’s when you’ll be living the dream.


Acta non verba.
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  1. David says

    This fucking fired me up. A short, concise and explosive post.

    It makes me want to print it thousand times and paste it everywhere.

    • Jean-michel says

      Everytime I read this article, ANY B&D article for that matter, I get that fucking sense of ”stop wasting your god damn time on this earth and act”. Acta Non Verba, that shit is about to get inked on me for sure.

  2. Russ says

    I just moved into my boss’s cottage in the middle of the bush. Dude has his own private mountain.

    This Saturday my mission is to climb it before breakfast.

    Just a light warm-up before a day of ass kicking.

  3. Leon Maderas says

    This is good Victor. A man needs a mission. It’s the law of nature. And remember, the enemy is by definition a man whose mission could adversely affect the outcome of my mission. A mission is the fuel that makes a man roar.

      • Russ says

        Vic, Almost done, another 3-4 days of solid work. In the middle of moving countries at the moment and have to deal with some ‘family issues’ when I get there. Will get back into a work routine asap, looking to launch in two weeks time.

      • Russ says

        Oh, here’s an idea for you Vic. An eBook on how to form a Hong Kong corporation and opening a Hong Kong Business/Personal account, aimed at Internet Marketers. I know it can be done for $2k, but I can’t find step by step instructions. I don’t want to learn Cantonese or work out which filing companies are reputable either. I’d happily pay $100 for a book that details everything, even including maps of where to walk so I don’t have to waste my time looking up everything and making mistakes. A complete guide so I can be in and out of Hong Kong in 3 days. I’d save the $100 on accommodation alone.

        In the coming years Internet Entrepreneurs are going to be crying out for offshore corporations. Personal bank accounts and private funds are already being stolen by Italian, Greek, and other Western governments. The little guy needs protection too.

        Alternatively a blog post would be great, but I know at least 3 people who’d be happy to pay.

        • Victor Pride says


          You are right, big time. There’s going to be an increasing market for this type of thing. I invested in several domains of this nature a few months ago. If anyone were wanting a niche to dive into and take advantage of, this one is good. As for a book, well, that’s a very good idea. We’ll see where it leads.

          BTW – They can speak english in HK, you won’t need a translator.

        • omar says

          I agree with you one-hundred percent Russ. I would personally buy that book as well if it came out, it’s very important.

  4. zagamaphatoadis says

    I feel so fortunate that I already know my life purpose, my mission. I am sure that it’s my mission because it burns inside me like a fire that will consume me from the inside. I don’t care what it takes to pursue it, I have to give it my all. It is more important than anything else I could do or be, if it consumes my entire life and grinds me into the dust, it will have been a life well spent. I CANNOT worry about the smaller things in life, they are just distractions, I can focus on them and enjoy life once I have completed what I am here to do. When I am pursuing the mission, my life is filled with clarify and the way becomes clear before me. When I lose focus and am distracted by the world around me, my life becomes muddled and I begin to feel dead inside. It is the mission, my purpose, that is my very soul. My mind, my life, my ego; that’s just a vehicle through which the idea must spread into the world. And yet I feel at peace because my mission, my ideology, is THE logical conclusion, I see it in the writings of many great men, and I see it in the explicit goals of many of the movers and shakers of society. So I know that even if I fail, even if I were to die today, or worse, die the early death and lose my fire to life’s distractions, the purpose would go on, because it is much bigger than any man, it is infact, bigger than any one species. It is the drive written into the dna of all life, and all we must do is do our part, and pass the torch. Because it is our purpose as a species. People often ask what you would want others to say about you at your funeral. What you were like in life and what did you accomplish. But what will the funeral of humanity be like? What will be our legacy when we are all dead and gone? Will we have just arisen on our world, used up the available resources and died? Or will we have passed the torch, spread the fire of life to where it didn’t exist before, to new worlds. Because we will all die, nothing lasts forever, and the earth too will die, consumed by the sun in a few billion years, but the universe is young, star formation will continue for between 1 and 100 TRILLION years. Will those eons of time be empty of life? Echoing voids of dead worlds? Or will they be filed with life of all kinds inhabiting countless worlds, a plethora of beautiful species èxperiencing the cycles of life, experience and death.
    The choice is ours now, because life is a rare and beautiful thing in the universe, Do we stay on our beautiful world for the rest of our days contentedly living on limited recources? And thus let the universe return to the lifeless void it once was? Or do we leave our world like a child leaving home, and spread our genetic heritage to every world we visit, leaving the seeds for a biosphere in every suitable world.

    That is THE purpose that drives all living things, the drive to continue life, for life is that which makes itself. Our ultimate purpose as a species is to guide and spread life, for we are both the brain and the sperm of the biosphere.

    Vitae Ad Astra!

    Life to the stars!

  5. Darren says

    Vic, your articles are always motivating & inspiring. More importantly, your articles are real & full of truth. As a Christian, I, like many other Christians, used to live in a fake world, afraid to express & embrace my true self, and lived aimlessly leaving everything up to chance, or “God’s will”. But seven years ago, through some painful & unexpected events in my life, God stripped me of everything and began to show me who I was at my core. For the first time in my life I began to understand who I was and I began to embrace it instead of deny it. It was then that I lost my fear of man and was freed from the opinions of the superficial fake Christians around me. I began to see that the passions & desires inside of me, that the fake Christians called the “self-life” and told me to deny, were actually the things that God Himself had placed inside of me in order to show me who He had created me to be and my purpose in life. Most Christians that I know wouldn’t even read your articles because of the language you use, and they would dismiss your ideas as foolishness. But I enjoy your articles Vic, even your language, because you are real with life and with who you are. And actually, the principles you teach are in fact Biblical. The things you said in this article remind me of a Biblical story. In 2 Kings 7, Israel was facing a famine. There were four lepers who were sitting at the gate to the city. The law forbid lepers from going into the city amongst the people. They were sitting at the gate starving and they said to each other, “Why are we sitting here until we die?” They decided not to just sit around and do nothing because that would lead to ultimate death; rather they decided to break the rules and go do something, because doing something was better than doing nothing. Their decision led them to the enemy’s camp who had fled in which the lepers found food, drink, gold & silver. They could have chosen to sit back and do nothing hoping that they would somehow be saved claiming it as “God’s will”, or they could get off their butts and go do something and die trying, which in reality was God’s will for these men. Keep doing what you’re doing bro!

    • says

      As a fellow Christian I also enjoy Vic’s posts. I agree that many Christians have the notion that we can’t succeed or be wealthy or have everything we want; that it’s somehow immoral. While we certainly shouldn’t let the pursuit of wealth rule our lives, there’s nothing wrong with making a life for yourself on your terms. It’s immoral to be a lazy bum. Consider the ant (Proverbs 6:6). Excellent comment, Darren.

      • Darren says

        Thank you for your comments Jacob. Not trying to turn Vic’s site into a Christian forum, but Jacob you & I understand the principles of Scripture and the realities of life. Most Christians claim to be so heavenly minded that they’re no earthly good. Certainly that principle is not taught in Scripture. As Christians, we worship God thru Jesus Christ, but at the same time being grounded and real with the world around us. Being real & grounded is one of the things I love & appreciate about Vic’s articles. I understand what Jesus taught about the “self-life” and how it must be denied in order to truly follow Him, but that doesn’t mean that we have to live poor or lacking in our process of following Him. Abraham & Job were both very wealthy men and both were devoted followers of God. As Bishop T.D. Jakes said, nobody condemns or says anything when they see a rich Muslim or Arab living in a mansion or driving nice cars, but the Christian is condemned or made to feel guilty is he/she does. The principle of hard work & pursuit is definitely taught & supported in the Scriptures. Paul taught us that if a man wouldn’t work neither should he eat, that men should work with their own hands rather than steal, that we should not be a slave to anybody by owing them anything, and that if a man wouldn’t provide for his own family then he is worse than an infidel. Money is spoken about more in the Bible than the subjects of heaven & hell combined, 16 of the 35 parables that Jesus spoke related to money, and the wisest of all men, Solomon, said that money answers all things. I see all of those principles taught in Vic’s articles. Most people are slaves to their jobs and to creditors for the massive amounts of debt that they owe, and having money frees us up in a lot of the areas in our lives. And from a Christian stand point, having money & the freedom from not owing any man anything, allows us to give more to those who are less fortunate than we are. As I believe that Vic shared in one of his articles, we Americans do have a lot of opportunities available to us that poor third world countries & communist countries do not have. A lot of people in the world will die today just because clean water to drink isn’t available to them, and it is so inexpensive to dig these people a well giving them access to clean water. Imagine the joys of being financially free to the point of being able to give enough money to dig someone a well and giving them life.

  6. Bear says

    Hey there Vic, great post!

    As a handicapped person my life was a fight against all odds from the very beginning, and I’m thankful for that, since it forced me to develop a “Never ever quit!” attitude. The “Do more than everybody else… because you have to, to even be able to stay at the same level.”

    It was great knowing that despite all odds I had control over my life. I even got into bodybuilding and got into great shape, while missing an arm. Suddenly people were all like: Wow you are so lucky to have that physique! Like it came from nothing. That was a shitload of work!

    So why am I writing this? It’s not to brag, I just want people reading this to understand what follows. I put tremedous effort into self development, I thought I had overcome the greates obstacles of my life and found success.

    I fought the odds. I did everything a determined man can do for himself to make the best of his life, even if his situation sucks. And then life came and punched me in the nuts. I had an iron will, but life managed to bend it with the crushing force of fate. The last 3 years were living hell. My body started to hurt, I got inflammationproblems in my joints, my left arm stopped working, my guts were on fire, my head bursting with stinging pain, sometimes I couldn’t even feel my limbs when I woke up. I had to give up bodybuilding and most of my hobbies. I felt like a useless cripple, a junk of meat waiting to rot. I saw my expiration date clearly before me. No doctor had a solution, everywhere I was told that they can’t find anything. There was no cure. There was no relieve from all this pain. The worst thing about pain is that, if it stays with you for month, it drains you of your energy and motivation no matter what you do, no matter how positive your attitude is. It’s biology. Your mind is chained to your body, to hormones, to chemistry.

    And still, somehow, I managed to keep my resolve. Never ever quit. I had to accept my pain. I had to accept, that I have to fight even MORE odds than ever before. I had to accept that it is not “unfair”, it is just life. I had to accept that I was not a victim. I was a sailor in the sea of life that got into a storm, a storm where he had to keep going or drown. If life was going to kill me, I’d rather die fighting.

    And just as I found my source of power again, my drive, my passion… I stumbled across another problem: I knew how to survive everything. I knew how to do what needs to be done no matter what. But… what for? What was my goal? My mind was primed on survival and fleeting hopes for too long. You can’t strive only for survival, there has to be some endgame. Pure survival is not living.

    And that’s where this amazing guy named Victor Pride comes in. I found your blog yesterday, and by today I have read most of the articles you have written. For years I did not manage to find my mission. My real passion. I had a lot of energy and passion, but no direction for it. You showed me a way. Opened my eyes, eyes that were blinded by pain.

    Pain shall be my fuel. Thanks, Victor, for sharing your erperiences.