How to Conquer the Fear of Success

From the desk of Victor Pride
Subj: Not giving up when you start getting somewhere

I get asked the same question constantly.

Victor, please help! I don’t want to do A, I want to do B. But my family wants me to do A. What should I do?“.

You should stop being a cowardly Lion, that’s what you should do.

If you know what you want to do, what you need to do, but you run away from it you are a coward and a quitter.

But but but but but but but but but but but….

But shut up.

If I wanted to hear about ifs and buts and candies and nuts I would have started Timid & Unsure – The Website for Mediocres.

But I didn’t, I started Bold & Determined – The Website for Winners.

So do one very important thing, pretty please for me, let the winner out. Stop resisting. If it’s your fate to be great then do it.

Your friends and family will either support you or they won’t. The ones who resist you (the majority) are saboteurs out to stop you from real success. If you can do it and they can’t, well, that’s a real nasty thought for them to think about.

So how do you convince your friends and family that you will succeed and be a big success and that they should believe in you?

You don’t convince them of anything. You should never conspire with saboteurs and you should never seek approval from people who are irrelevant to your success.

Your friends and family aren’t on the same wavelength as you and they are not the real enemy to success. It is not them that need to be convinced.

It is you who needs to convince yourself.

An unbreakable resolve and an iron will is worth more than 10,000 well-wishers. Support is irrelevant if you don’t even believe in yourself beyond reason.

Do you know what it’s called to resist your calling in life? It’s called self-sabotage. When you resist you are sabotaging yourself. You’re a damn traitor to yourself.

Your punishment as a traitor is more severe than Judas’ or Brutus’. Your punishment, as a traitor to yourself, is to live your whole life doing a job you hate and asking yourself the same question, teary eyed at night when no one else can see, “what if?“.

Oh, if only you had done as you were supposed to. If only you hadn’t ran from your destiny like Jonah. If only you weren’t a self-saboteur who conspired with other saboteurs against yourself.

If only, if only, if only, boo-hoo“.

Good news, no matter how old you are and no matter how many times you have turned your back on success it is not too late. When you make the change you will only have one regret: “I should have done this sooner. My god, why did I wait so long?“.

After you’re done feeling sorry for yourself, you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and say these words: I can do it, I will do it and no one will stop me.

Instead of being a self-saboteur, become self-sufficient. Unbreakable in your resolve.

It’s OK to be scared, everyone is scared, even I’m scared every time I hit publish. I’m not afraid 10 people will read, I’m afraid a million people will read.

The more successful you are the stronger the fear becomes. People will sabotage themselves so they don’t have to feel the fear anymore. Fear stops cowards and fear powers winners

When you’re successful everything is on the line, all eyes are on you and they’re all praying for you to fail. It’s easy to give them what they want, another failure. When you’re a failure nothing is on the line and there is no more pressure.

It’s not the absence of fear that makes you great. It’s action in the face of that fear that makes you great.

No one is really afraid of failing. Failing is easy and everybody does it. Nobody will hate you for failing. They will hate you for succeeding where they have failed.

Nobody wants to be hated, nobody wants to work hard, nobody wants to think they are better than others, nobody wants to make a big change, nobody wants mounting pressures.

It’s easier to just stay small. It’s easier to procrastinate and pretend you are going to do something big “later. It’s easier to just be regular and fit in with regular Joe and Joanna.

It’s easier, when you’re on the cusp of success, staring it down, to just turn your back and walk away.

When you fail you get to stay the same, no change required, and staying the same is easy.

The higher you climb the harder you fall. It’s lonely at the top. You don’t deserve success when other people are starving.”

On and on the excuses. Hey, if that’s the way you feel you can just stay the same. It’s a guarantee that no one will despise you for not succeeding and not everybody was meant for more.


If you’re better than that you have to fight through that feeling of fear. Stop the procrastination and excuses for 30 days. Then extend it 30 more days. And 30 more. And on and on and on and on and on…

…and on and on and on…..

And just don’t damn stop. All the way from A to Z.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

PS – If you enjoyed this post be sure to check out the Rock ‘n Roll version.

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  1. says

    Great post, Vic.

    Isn’t it funny how when you have goals, and you are around with people who have no goals, the people with no goals will come up with a million excuses on why you cannot accomplish your goals?

    It really comes down to having an attitude where you simply put your foot down and make a proclimation “I will could not care any less what any one thinks. This is what I am going to do, and I am going to do it!”

    The people who TRULY matter in your life will support whatever it is you choose to decide. However, I believe in talking the talk with walking the walk. More than not, it’s best to get your shit done and not talk about it. Let your results speak for themselves. Lust, envy and jealousy are horrible emotions. Those three emotions are used by people who “wish” and “hope”. Fuck that. You “believe” and “achieve”.

  2. Winning says

    One of your best articles yet. I can hear your inner Napoleon Hill being released in every word. This post came at a particularly favorable time, as I right now am staring down the barrel of successes gun. But old man fear is always being sly, tryin to knife me in the back. Your encouraging words help deliver a haymaker to fears ugly mug. Thanks Vic.

  3. Kush Sharma says

    I face this a lot. Whenver I’m happy, I tend to become catious for the fear of losing the happiness that I’m experiencing. I have recently started making income from affiliate marketing, and now the fear I have is of moving out compleltely on my own. I know this is far easier for people in the West, but here in India, staying independedntly is not the norm. But I know I have to take this step in order to really find the freedom and happiness I truly long for. I even have eough of income saved to carry out this. It’s just a mental block, and I know I will overcome it.

  4. Kush Sharma says

    By the way Victor, few days back I bought a book you recommended – “How I Found my Freedom in an Unfree World” by Harry Browne. What a gem of a book! Thank you so much.

    • Victor Pride says

      No problem. I will recommend another book that commenter Ludvig mentioned – The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. I have read only the first paragraph but I loved it.

        • Victor Pride says

          I have just finished War of Art. I don’t love it. It’s an ok book, but it’s not a great book. It started out strong but turned into goofery by the middle. Chakras this, heavens that, buddha this. He also kept changing pronouns from he to she, him to her, seemingly every other paragraph. That was a giant distraction and continually takes the reader out of the book. Pick one and stay with it. I have some of his other books – Gates of Fire and the Warrior Ethos – but I may not get around to reading them.

          This video is good:

  5. says

    All true Vic. Thanks to inspiration from your site and others I’ve made the decision to leave my job and pursue my personal goals while living in Eastern Europe. I’m wrapping things up at work and tying off loose ends and I’ll be leaving in February. It’s both liberating and terrifying, but I don’t want to go any longer asking myself “what if?”

  6. Alex says

    Hey Vic,
    Have you done a post about dealing with loneliness and perceived isolation while you work to better yourself? If not, please consider it. Thanks.

    • Victor Pride says

      Alex, I used to be quite lonely. I had a new girl over all the time, I went out to party all the time. The secret to not being lonely is to not be alone. And the secret to not being alone is to be in one of the boring old relationships people always make fun of. Nothing has ever been better for my success than having a “rock” waiting at home for me with a smile.

      • Alex says

        Thanks for the reply, I guess I need to think about this.
        What about now, are you still in the “party all the time” camp?

      • Brandon says

        There seems to be to this though Vic. Based on previous writings of yours, I get the impression you’re very particular and have high standards about the women you get into a relationship with. You seem like you’d rather be “alone” than date a woman you didn’t think was worthy… is that a fair statement?

        • says

          Why would he (or any guy for that matter) not have high standards on women and how you want to be treated?

          I treat my heart and dick as if they were gold. I’ve been with enough women to realize that I’m a good catch. Ironically, with this mentality, I got 99 problems and getting laid ain’t one!

  7. says

    I think an important aspect to the saboteurs is that they don’t know they are saboteurs. They think they are helping you. They will sabotage you with a smile on their face and all the caring in the world. Which makes them the most dangerous form of saboteur because they do it under the guise of your best interest.

    Thanks for the post Victor! I needed to read this today! It’s nice to get confirmations of what winners do.

  8. says

    Fear is something we all have to deal with when we try to better ourselves. It sticks its claws in you whenever an the idea of getting out of our comfort zone comes up. We have been conditioned that we need to be like everyone else but what if you do not want to be like everyone else? What if you see yourself being a leader rather than a follower?

    That was my dilemma for a long time until one day i came across this site! Believe it or not reading Victor’s post from beginning to end has helped me decide to be become bigger than everyone else. To face the fear that has been hampering me for a long time.

    It feels as if I’m staring down a barrel of a gun!

    Before i lived on an emotional roller coaster always being angry all the time not knowing why, my mind foggy not being able to think clearly until i realized that i was angry at myself subconsciously for not making my own way and being my own man.

    So i decided to have my own blog just to get my ideas and opinions out there and meet with other like minded people. It’s been over a year and a half since i started and you know what! I no longer am angry at myself my mind is no longer foggy! I feel doing this will get me to rise higher than the average Joe who constantly complains about his life not being the way he wants it to be.

    It’s never too late to change! You just got to decide and i mean really decide to change your status from average Joe to Superman!

    Its true that the higher you go in success the more fear will try to convince you to not do it. When this happens just take a deep breath, give a shout out to God and just do it! if you fail its alright because like Victor said people fail all the time and no one is going to hate you for that!

    There will be others who will try to convince you to not better yourself. They will fill your head with doubt about your idea to a point that you decided to do nothing. Don’t let that happen as i did it many times before until i learned to keep my mouth shut when it comes to bettering myself and my situation. You do not need people to support you on your path to success at least not in the beginning anyway.

    So remember when fear creeps in or people are passing out self-doubt like candy you just hold it now and persevere and achieve your goal!!

    Also i would like to thank all you fellas that comment on this site i have learned quite a bit as well as Vic himself for setting me at least on the right path to righteousness!!

    Hey Vic! Make some room for me cause I’m on my way up bro!!

    Great post!

  9. Sam says

    Remove those people from your life. I don’t have any acquaintances or “friends” that I just hang out with. My roommate is a Bodybuilder and myself am a businessman. We both have our goals and we both have haters.

    To bad neither of us gives a fuck what anybody thinks.

  10. mikenaus says

    Boom! That’s the sound of the nail being hit on the head once again by VP.

    Sucess is ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE. If you want to succeed, go do it. Dont be wishy washy. Dont be shy.

    Plan big and do it.

  11. Loser says

    I am pumped up after reading this! but I still need to get out of my bed though…I think I am just depressed or maybe something else :(

    But It’s a great post, as always..

  12. Phil says

    I’ve been following for a while and watching the evolution of your style and after reading this article I have to say that you write really, really well (IMO).

  13. says

    B&D Brain Tonic FP

    A unique optical isomer that converts Fear into Power and includes a lipid component of the ghoh-ghetter cell membranes. B&D Brain Tonic FP has been shown in experiments to typically convert fear into power, procrastination into clarity, excuses into winning.

    Store in a cool place. Keep out of the reach of no one.

  14. Farhad Gul says

    THIS type of post is what I look for when I browse through Bold&Determined. Fucking motivating, absolutely an ass-kicker. Thanks Victor

  15. Tcal says

    Felix Dennis talks about in his book how to get rich never giving up about Vincent Van Gogh going crazy, going mad, having depression, feeling pain etc. ever since you began improving yourself, strength training, quitting your job etc. Whats your experience with it? How did you overcome it? Did you get comfortable with it?

    • says

      I think one has to be comfortable with uncertainty. Uncertainty is not a bad thing. Uncertainty means that you have options.

      When you take the first step towards changing your life, it can and will be scary. It’s scary because it’s NEW. People are deathly afraid of changing. Change (for the better) is a good thing if it’s changing for the better. I think the worst thing a man can do is be afraid of change. Step up to the plate, swing for the fences and if you strike out, improve your swing and swing again.

  16. says

    This commentary is absolutely correct and I’ve been guilty of it myself. Failing is easy and success is difficult. Having tasted both, I prefer the latter. Great post!

  17. LUIS says

    Hey Victor …what’s your take on getting old? you wrote in a comment to one of your posts that in the long run no one gets healthy bud..what did you mean by that? what’s your take on aging? nice post…

    • Victor Pride says

      Everybody dies. So when you say something dumb like “it’s not healthy in the long run” you’re wasting your breath. You are going to die, not live forever.

      My take on aging? Give me a few more years.

  18. Vendetta says

    Ha! Love the joke about Timid & Unsure –

    I have tried several times to send article links from B&D to a friend of mine who is aimless at the moment.

    He joked with me that he is more likely to read Old & Dissuaded.

    You can lead a horse to water…

  19. Wes says

    Vic, It’s hard to put into words how much I appreciate all of your posts. So many posts have given me information to reflect on deeply and figure out the direction I want to take my life. You are a huge inspiration to me and everyday I take steps to get closer to the kind of lifestyle you live.

    I completed 30 days of discipline, but missed a couple of the habits so I still need to try it again to incorporate all the habits into my day for the 30 days. Since I started 30 days of discipline 2 months ago everyday I have woke up at 7 am, takin a cold shower, quit porn, hit the gym 6 days a week, and had a huge increase in motivation to better my life.

    I’ve takin a before pic and going to take a pic in a couple weeks as an after pic to show you the progress I have made since I found your site and incorporated BOAS with 30 days of discipline. I’ve made a lot of progress in a short amount of time.

  20. says

    Great post Vic. I’ve got nothing to say but an emphatic…Indeed.

    “…I would have started Timid & Unsure – The Website for Mediocres.”

    —> Hahaha!

    By the way. For anyone reading this, I recommend you check out the book “The War of Art” by Stephen Pressfield. I’m willing to bet you’d dig it.

  21. Michael says

    Hey Victor ! Another Masterpiece . I was once told and always believed as well as witnessed for myself that ” being at the top is lonely but DAM the view is great” .

  22. says

    Great article my man
    But you called me a lion and a coward at the same time? How dare you!

    Yes – its quite lonely being a “winner”.
    Everybody thinks that
    “You’re so smart, you’re so good that is why nobody likes you” – you’ll feel it they dont need to tell it
    But at least you can enjoy the Halo effect

  23. says

    “An unbreakable resolve and an iron will is worth more than 10,000 well-wishers.”

    This is a very memorable quote Vic. – thank you.

    Have you considered making videos?
    I don’t know your voice but I can “hear” you giving this a motivational speech.

    YouTube would love you. I know I – and all the other readers – would too.

    Aside from GLL’s 30DoD section, have you considered making, “The Forum for Winners(TM)”?

    Either way, this article reminds me of your writings two years ago when I started writing.

    I got that “man vibe” that we all get after reading your works.

    Good shit Victor; you never fail to disappoint.

    – No, I’m not sucking your cock. I could give a fuck what you think – your blog is the best in its category; honest praise and appreciation is in well-order.

    P.S. – I found the email you sent me two years ago about “enduring”. It’s been a ride my man.

    • Victor Pride says

      “I don’t know your voice but I can “hear” you giving this a motivational speech.”

      This piece in particular I thought of as a speech rather than an article. At some point I will record some of these.

      B&D forum..

      I have thought about it, but I don’t want to moderate a forum. If I did make a forum it would be paid only and I would have to find someone else to moderate.

      • says

        Record your speeches Vic, there is no better time than now as we on the east coast descend into winter = more time inside = more readers browsing B&D.

        Re:forum: It’s your online empire – do with it as you please. I’d moderate the hell out of a B&D forum, or another long time loyal reader.

        Anyways, keep your steak and eggs going strong and growl each morning like I know you used to (still?) do.

        Stay real,

        Mike C. – Mr. Veins

  24. says

    Hit the nail on the head Vic. I read a recent speech by Marianne Williamson who said:

    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It’s not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

    I think you and B&D are great examples of this, Vic.

    Keep up the fear conquering,

  25. Tyler Durden says

    Hey Victor, why are you deleting old posts? Cliff jumping and supplication to women are the ones i noticed so far.

    • Victor Pride says

      Some of the old posts aren’t up to par and got no business here. The cliff jumping piece for example was basically one paragraph.

  26. Alexander says

    Let the dead burry their dead.
    Noone who looks back is worthy of the kingdom of god.
    Let your yes be yes, and your no be no. Anything else is of evil.
    I am coming up to Jerusalem and will be mocked and killed. But I will raise on the third day.
    Man, after having acquinted you, I started to read the bible in a new way.
    The bible is not for the meek and weak. Only really strong people can really follow it.
    The promised land was not a gift, the Israelites had to go and take it.
    The Christ’s death is not about passive salvation in exchange for idle acceptance and repentance. No way.
    It’s about growing to kings, and winners will be shared the throne with.

  27. Michael says

    There are two paths to overcoming the loneliness which so many of you speak of (As a single wolf, I know exactly what you mean, and the lonely pangs strike typically during the night…daytime is never an issue).

    1) Be celibate and see the world for what it is. Celibacy gives you a level of ass-kicking discipline,focus and most importantly, SELF-CONFIDENCE that is unparalleled, but it is certainly not for everyone. Which leads to the second super-solid option…

    2) Get a good girl and enjoy her company. Channel your sexual energy and don’t fritter it away into napkins or random party pickups. Don’t waste your time trying to deal with women who want to demand equal grounds in every aspect of life-It is biologically and socially idiotic and gender roles DO EXIST MY FRIENDS, contrary to everything you have learned in grade school.

    I found an AWESOME joke from a guy who was stuck with a feminist girlfriend who kept asking him why men and women have different standards when it comes to sexual partners.

    Right before breaking up, the guy sends her a cheeky note with his response: “Let’s talk about locks and keys. What do you call a key that opens various locks? A MASTER KEY. What do you call a lock that can be opened by various keys? Well, that’s just a shitty lock!”

    HAHAHAHA! I found the retort brilliant and hysterical.

    Fantastic article Victor! Awaiting the next piece as usual.

  28. says

    Ahh Vic you hit the spot.

    My grandfather used to constantly niggle at me to go back to university and finish my course. He used to constantly search and email me job applications and traineeships related to my studies. This made my self feel so pressured as all I wanted to do is make the old man proud.

    But your right Vic, folding in to emotions will not bring happiness and get you to where you want to be. Now grandpa see’s that university was probably not for me.

    Thanks for the vicious reminder,


  29. Anon says

    Cheers for the article Vic, you hit the nail on the head with being scared. If I wasn’t scaring myself often, then I’d know something had gone wrong!

    For some reason I was unable to post a reply in the 3 years of Pride post about what diet I should eat. You asked me how much fat was hanging off that 200lbs. Going by the GLL Get a Life guide to body fat I’d estimate somewhere between 15% and 20%. What do you think I should do?


  30. JOBO says

    Just last night I was having an enlightening thought that I am not really afraid of failure but I am afraid of success with the massive power it holds. People who gave up on life will always try to pull you down with them. This post is one of the favorites! I have been reading your blog for almost 2 months now, and I want to say that it changed my life, the way I see things, the way I view life. I’m waking up before 5am with no help of alarms, I doing 100 push ups, 100 squats, and others exercises, and quit porn and raping my right hand. It boosts my confidence up to the roof. Now I walk like I have a 9 inch dick. I don’t care anymore about what other people think about me. I just do my own shit. I also shaved my head – and I look like I’m always ready to KILL!

    Thank you

  31. David says

    Damn Vic, you always seem to speak what I need to hear.

    I’ve been so afraid these past couple of months to begin my journey into freedom, mainly through the blog you helped me set up.

    I know I can write and I know I have something to say. I’ve just been too damn afraid of A) putting myself out there, exposing my thoughts to the world and B) having the balls to push my old life away and take a leap of faith, as it were.

    But, in less than two months time, I’ll be leaving my soul-sucking job to begin sharing myself with the world, and best of all, I’ll be free. Right now, I’ve got to look fear in the eye, tell it to back off, and I have to get to work so I’m ready when my “freedom day” comes.

    As always, thanks Vic, and keep it up brother.


    • says


      I can tell you this, as one of Victor’s “Disciplined Disciples” (Wanna trademark that, Vic?), when you decide to take that first step towards changing and you begin to make actual, real changes, there is no better feeling in the world.

      Remember this, when you say you will “Do something tomorrow.”, it will never come. Immediate action produces immediate results.

      Go for it and don’t look back!

  32. says

    Another inspiring motivating post Vic!!

    You know how to make me go and get after it!!

    After reading some of your posts I have been active on the fastlane millionaire forum. If there is one thing I should of done ages ago it is to surround myself with like minded people. That forum has inspired me with a billion ideas!!

    Cheers for helping us guys kick ass!!!

  33. Constantin says

    One question Vic,

    will there ever by something like a B&D Meeting, Bootcamp or something similar?

    Would love to stay some days in Thailand while improving my personal philosophy, and meeting some people which are like-minded. It could even be great to make some business connections.

    Just a thought!

  34. Miki says

    Facing what consumes you is the only way to be free.
    Released from those poisonous fears.
    Resurrected once and for all.
    You want me to hold my tongue,
    Then why the fuck am I here?
    You want me to bottle my rage,
    Cause you never had the heart to say what I say.
    My life, my body, my pride.
    You have no opinion, no right.
    I’ve built myself nothing like you.
    My refusal is my way of life.

    doubt me, DOUBT ME!,hate me,HATE ME!
    You’re the inspiration I need

    You’re all the inpiration that i need.


    My life, my body, my pride
    You have no say

    You don’t have a say.

    Facing what consumes you is the only way to be free.
    Though I’m still far from perfection.
    I stay relevant, I’m still vigilante.
    I have so much more to say.
    I have so much more to fight for.
    I’ve used your lack of expectation.
    As my awakening, its my ability to live forever
    By my own command.
    To be vehement, remain confident.

    doubt me,DOUBT ME,hate me,HATE ME
    You’re the inspiration I need

    You’re all the inspiration that I need.

    Your doubt, it fuels me.
    Your hate, it drives me.
    The challenge ignites me.
    You make me fight harder! Stanza


    This song is like a sum of B&D in few paragraphs. Since I’ve found B&D at the February of this year and read “don’t listen to depressing music” advice I started listening to Hatebreed only, and let me tell you, B&D + HB = natural Testosterone boost, sonny!

    If you add howlin’ outta window each mornin’, you may reach feelin’ like a 1,000,000,- USD state, haha.

    True story.

  35. says

    Hey Bro Vic,
    I was going over this past year of 2013. I discovered your blog back in June of 2013. It has been six months of Bold and Determined for me and eventhough I always had the thinking processes of Bold and Determined and like you Vic, I have become more, much more like a razor sharp man. So much so that many people tell me that I am not the same person from six months ago. They say that I am more intense and much more focused as well as less tolerant to the idiots that parade around as men.
    Recently, A friend of mine who was a substance abuse abuser said he needs to change. I told him about bold and determined. He is 50 years ola and he said to me, I want to change but it is going to take time, for which I replyed to him: Time, you are fifty already. You wasted enough time being an emotional candy ass, no man up and change already; like right now!! My wife said that I was too harsh on him, but basically that is how I am now. As human beings and as men we should always srtive to change and better our selves. The person we were five years ago should not be the person we are today. Because of Bold and Determined, I have the focus, Intensity and rage of the Incredible Hulk busting through walls. Much like you Vic.
    God Bless, and Thanks. Remember that the Hulk takes a back seat to no one. LOL

    • Victor Pride says

      Glad to hear it, fella. Grown men need a slap in the face to change. Gentle only works for babies, when you change their diapers.

  36. LUIS says

    Yeah you are in great shape Vic but you are not going to look like that forever or take that body with you. What’s the point of killing yourself lifting all that heavy weight when in the end you will be buried 6 feet under?

      • says

        Hey Luis,
        You should live your life with purpose. Quality of life is vital. Weight training and bodybuilding as a lifestyle will improve your life incredibly, give you character and give you a sense of accomplishment. Its like Vic said, if you think that way then why bother with anything. Don’t think that way. Focus and be the man you were meant to be. Start now working towards your goals.

    • The Grizzly says

      “Yeah you are in great shape Vic but you are not going to look like that forever or take that body with you. What’s the point of killing yourself lifting all that heavy weight when in the end you will be buried 6 feet under?”

      ^ This is a classic textbook example of how beta males think and rationalize. Why do anything because in the end nothing matters.

  37. says

    “When you’re successful everything is on the line, all eyes are on you and they’re all praying for you to fail.”

    Strong words.

    Ps: I admire how you respond to everyone man.

  38. Mat says

    I really needed this article. Thanks victor.
    I just got more portfolio in my work when my colleague resigned. It seems to be something many people were eyeing. Even before this, i already have a portfolio that people are eyeing, although that was simply because i had interviewed for that explicit position and got it.

    Im really started to feel the pressure and fear now. Fear of failing and crashing. I feel like there is hostility toward me and eyes watching me, wanting me to fail. I feel like there are people playing a “wait and see” mindset to let me trip and utterly destroy what i have to lose now. It was easy with little to lose. I always lived that way. I gained strength by telling myself i have nothing to lose, but does this mindset lose relevance at some point? Must i accept that i have somethng great passed to me and i have something to lose?

    I dont know if this is the fear of failure, or the fear of success. I may be damned, but i even entertained the thought of losing this new portfolio, reassigned to someone else by the bosses, and i felt relief. Then i would have failed, been humiliated while the fall is not so hard, and have less to fear. To a large degree, this fear is also because i dont feel confident of my abilities so failure really does seem like a possibility. But for all my self doubt, if this was passed to me, shouldnt that count for validation of my abilities? its funny how that thought is overshadowed by the fear telling me maybe i was just lucky and appeared to be capable which is why i am handed more responsibility.

    You are absolutely spot on. A part of me just wants to remove the hostility from others, the naysaying, the eyes on me, the fear. I just want to fit in. Its easier to stay small. Nobody wants to be hated. Nobody wants to work hard. Nobody wants to face mounting pressure. Fuck, spot on to the emotions i feel now. And everyday i have to go to work where i come into contact with these people who i think are rooting for my utter demise and humiliation. I feel i have to be strong in every way.

    Thanks for this article man.

  39. vuk says

    Great post, my code: Keep your God i yourself, keep weak people out of your head, listen to yourself and nothing can beat you.

  40. says

    conquering fear of success is a great thing. For years I wanted to do what you’ve achieved but my family held convinced me to remain in a steady job. I eventually quit the job and am earning money online. One of my goals is to break the £10 k mark as you have. It’s so refreshing to hear your insights – keep it up Friend.

  41. says

    Great Post, really motivating stuff!

    I just wanted to let you know reading your material & keeping up with your website gave me that extra push to start my own travel photography website. The 30 days of discipline really changed mine & my husbands life. Your website has really made us both look at life differently & I wanted to thank you for that…

    Keep up the Success!

    -Hailee Strader

  42. David says

    On a larger note there is a man named John Sherman who claims that all fear arises from the fear of life. The fear of success would be one of them. He has a direct and practical technique to remove it. I tried the technique around a month ago and I’m literally witnessing fear by fear drop out of my sight. If you all are interested his websites at

    Among bodybuilders there is a common hole of dissatisfaction that no one can deny, and this method he has is what removes that hole, supposedly. It’s working for me.

  43. Cesar says

    Day 8 of 30 D.O.D. I thought I ought to “get some rest” (pertaining to habit #5)
    Right after taking a break I gave in to sweets and the whole thing went to shit, the Willy wanker mindset took hold and I started fucking up.

    I tried to start 30 DOD asap but “couldn’t find the reason to do so.”

    Well today I read this and as soon as I was done reading it I hit the floor and did 42 push-ups.
    I’m picking up right where I left off, back to day 1.

  44. Sun says

    A lot of times in life we are afraid of doing something is because we are worried about the consequences , whenever I fear to do something, I would tell myself you are damned if you do and you are damned if you don’t. If you follow your gut, you might only be fucked up for the time being, but if you let the fear take over you, you are fucked up for life. Life is a struggle. Life is tough, the only way you can beat the obstacles of life is being tougher than the . Keep hustling and go out to ‘fuck up’ something

  45. Brendan says

    Dude! I Reading this article is the icing on the cake of a super hard day of lifting and doing exhaustive research for an upcoming business proposal. I already felt jacked after going over commercial real estate studies and market research papers and was thinking “this is a seriously expensive and intricate undertaking!” But, patience, knowledge and a shitload of nights staying up reading have finally paid off, I’ve got my shot!

    Great blog, succinct, honest, and confrontational.