How to Channel Your Anger Into Power


Are you an angry man?

You are, huh.

Well then, I have a little secret for you…

Anger is not a bad thing. Anger is fuel.

The trick is channeling the anger into worthwhile pursuits and not letting that anger get the best of you.

Being able to control your anger is what men do. It is childish to show your anger constantly. It is childish to not be able to control your anger, or to show your anger inappropriately. Certainly, your anger must come out at the right time – but each time some little thing bothers you is not the right time to show your anger. This is not repression, it is channeling. The anger must be channeled into a higher pursuit.

I know some very angry men, it is not a life I would wish for anyone. Even with all the baloney that you face each and every day there is still too much great to be angry all the time. The absolute beauty of being born a free man of the west is that you are free to change your circumstances as you wish.

Maybe you had someone tell you, when you were a child, that you would not amount to anything. And maybe you even listened to them. But I am here to tell you right here and right now that those motherfuckers were wrong. And it is your responsibility as an achiever to prove it. Take that anger that you have and channel that into a project. Channel it into power. Don’t just let it eat you. Eat that anger first and spit it out a winner.

“You want to make me angry? I will take a bite out of that anger and shit out success.”

How to Channel Anger


Take the anger and use it as energy for success. The best revenge, the best remedy for anger, is success. The best kind of success is the kind you have created and built for yourself. If I were a young man I would focus 150% on building a business online. If I were an older man with a job, wife, kids and all those other shackles I would focus 99% on building a business online and generating some nice side income. Or I would focus on some other side business, but something that fills your time with something positive and gives you rewards on your work.

When I was a corporate man I was very angry. Sitting in traffic, yelling in my car at the dumb motherfuckers who can’t drive, moving 10 feet and then stopping for two minutes, on and on until I finally got to work or home.

Since I have made the decision to go on my own forever, I will never be forced to sit in traffic again. I have my own personal rule: I never get on the highway between the hours of 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. I just stay at home, laughing at all the goons stuck in traffic.


Art requires energy. Energy that could otherwise go into blind anger. I am of the belief that every man should practice art.

Art is not limited to the obvious (painting, drawing). Art can encompass many things. Being a skilled craftsman is like being an artist. Art can be:

  • Writing
  • Music
  • Painting
  • Woodworking
  • Carpentry
  • Fixing up cars
Anything that requires talent and that you have a genuine love for is art. You can turn that anger into expression of the highest form, rather than the lowest form.


If I lived in, say, Arkansas I would be highly angry. All it would take to remedy that would be a simple move. If your location is not to your liking there is a very simple fix for that: move.


If you hate the area you live then pack up and find a new place. If you hate that place pack up and find another one. There’s a great big world out there.

You may even figure out that there is no place quite like home and it’s not so bad. After all, you do not know how much you have and how well you have it until it is gone.


It’s hard to be angry when a hot blonde with big titties is running her hands over your abs with wide eyes.

The purpose of the gym is to get in there and work out your anger. There is one gym rule to live your life by: Get in that motherfucker and get to work. Drop the weights, curl in the squat rack, stare at the ladies – do whatever the fuck you want as long as you are pushing it 110%. It’s the little guys who are constantly worried about what everyone else is thinking and if they’re “doing it right”. Let me tell you something, I don’t give two shits what anyone in the gym thinks about me. I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do and that’s all there is to it. And that’s why when I leave the gym I’m void of anger and pumped up on adrenaline.


When it comes to burning fat and getting jacked, jogging is the worst route to take. On the other hand, there is a thing called runners high. Runners high happens when you are running for a while and endorphins are released into your system. It is like taking a shot of adrenaline, all natural and narcotic free. I always thought it was a bunch of hippy nonsense but I found out for myself that it is very real. I am not a jogger or a runner, never have been. Again, it is the worst way to get in shape. However, I signed up for a 12 mile death race and had two weeks to prepare.

Enter the running…

I started running one day for 25 minutes. Then the next day I would do 30 minutes, then the next day 35 minutes and so on. I dare say that runners high is more effective than the high you get from weightlifting. It is intense and champion molding. After pushing your body to the limit, and then pushing beyond your comfort zone and pain barrier, your body goes into runners high mode and the pain is no longer there. It’s just you and those miles adding up. In the midst of this high there is almost no better feeling in the world.


Treating men and boys like dickless curs is big, big business. It will happen to you if you let it. Women will cheat on you. They will laugh at you. They will treat you like you have a vagina.


It does not happen to me. It never has. But I have seen it happen over and over and over again. There is an easy fucking fix: Act like a man. You have a dick, don’t be shy to act like it. Make the decision to never give your power away and it won’t happen.

When your women treat you like a man instead of a girl it is hard to be angry. Hail to the King, baby.

Avoidance of Anger Inducing Places

Grocery stores in certain parts of town make me angry (disgusted may be a better word). For this reason I only visit high-class (super white) grocery stores like Whole Foods. These places are always very pleasant. I shopped at one of these places exclusively for almost a year and it was pleasant beyond belief. I spent a ton on food every month, I could have had an apartment for what I spent, but it is completely worth it to not have to look at human garbage.

Under no circumstance do I visit Wal-Mart. For you foreign readers here’s a nice look at what you are missing: People of Wal-Mart.


It is time to turn that anger into worthwhile pursuits. Being angry and doing nothing about it or having nothing to show for it is just a waste. Being angry and letting that fuel you, well, that’s how you can create something special.

If you are an angry man, channel that anger into power and create something.

Remember friends, you can let the anger eat you up or you can turn that anger into fuel for achievement.

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    • Matteo says

      Yeah up until the “Super white” part… I hope by human garbage he meant lazy, super-fat motorized people, the opposite of inspirational… and not black/hispanic people…

      otherwise he’s a dick, hope not…

  1. James says

    As a star wars nerd i couldn’t help to think of the sith code…

    Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
    Through passion, I gain strength.
    Through strength, I gain power.
    Through power, I gain victory.
    Through victory, my chains are broken.
    The Force shall free me.

  2. Dreamer says

    What’s wrong with running (jogging)? Every dam sport/martial art training always involve running somewhere. My experience it is great to keep fat/burning. Bruce Lee gave great emphasis on running (and I don’t mean like half a mile to warm up either). Though if you mean building up muscles, then yes, running is the worst way as it will not build up muscle.

  3. says

    I absolutely love this post! Real tips given by real men! Your advice is spot on and I can’t wait to incorporate these into my own life for my own anger. Best advice I ever got! Many thanks to a real man from a real woman! Cheers, Rae

  4. Catherine says

    When I was a little girl many bad things happened to me, I dealt with it by my addiction, but I was always told I had a gift. So I learned about it, my grandmother Mary and my grandmothers grandma had it too… now I turned the anger into a gift, I channel it…. many people do not believe in channelling of rage. I have used it for good for many many years. ITS like the movie … Ghost writing is another way I deal with this .. anything to protect the children.

  5. says

    There is a part when a doctor who helped people with her gift, lost the love of her life. (THANK God Richi is still alive LOL) she became so rageful with people trying to control her… there was a WAR….

    I am too funny!

      • Rus Thomas says

        Jack’s point was that the author is definately no a feminist lol, probably not too culturally liberal

    • Brenda says

      Good point, Jack. I noticed that, also. Hopefully he will learn to channel his anger at females and children into something useful besides passive aggressive blog posts before it destroys him.

  6. Rus Thomas says

    I know what you mean when you say that you cant be angry when a lovely female is rubbing on you. I had a groin injury when i was 15(2005) so I went to the hospital awkward walk and all. It was a very stressful day for me cuz right ball just wouldnt stop hurting. But this brunette nurse in her 20s was working the ultra sound thing or whatever its called. she rubbed this goo on my nuts and was going all over the place with the tool she was using and i think she was overdoing it. she was into it….point is all the stress vanished. i mean she was going at it for a good 40 minutes it seemed that dirty pedophile nurse but i wish i remember what she looked like so we could hook up.

  7. em says

    i’m a woman and despite this being clearly aimed at men, it was exactly what i needed to hear! my own sister told me i would never amount to anything and im a failure at everything. well they can all fuking suck it. Great article!

  8. Dustin says

    It is hard to be mad when I am laughing at the way you express yourself with foull language. I try not to cuss but the comments were pefectly placed with no gratuitous speech. I myself hate working days. I can’t stand getting up at 5 in the morning. Naturally, I work evenings and nights. It is also a slower work-pace evening shift,

  9. Nicolas says

    I have about 15 years of pent-up aggresion just sitting inside me and I feel like i am about to explode. This is article is gonna help me. Thanks for posting, I really appreciate knowing i am not the only one out there with so much rage I just want to blow up.

    • says

      John, your right about easier said than done and that is exactly why so few get there from here! Otherwise everyone would be successful, fulfilled and rich. From my perspective this concept keeps the competition down for those who put in the effort and passion.
      Happy Trails

  10. Clayborne says

    If you’re an angry man, don’t ever try to become a nice guy. I’ve seen what this does to men… It first makes them all soft, gay and weak, and then it turns them into something far worse than just an angry man.

    There will always be darkness in your heart. Accept that. Use it tell off the demon that sits on your shoulder. Sometimes the very thing you thought would destroy you, is actually the one thing stopping you from being devoured. Don’t trade one black hole for another.

    I like what this blog is about, because it’s true… control your anger, and it can be your greatest ally.

  11. X8 says

    I like your piece on emasculation, and it’s true despite some people find it controversial. Their only beef is doing it to “innocent” lads, which I can get their point of view. It much more rewarding to emasculate the try-hards, breaking egos is a guilty pleasure. Plus women think it’s sexy if you’re graceful about it, and not trying too hard yourself.

  12. Savage says

    Earlier i went to the gym at around 9 to get a workout in and ofc check out the ladies. And i will be damned if the door was locked. I thought the doors didnt lock until midnight. So i used my gas for nothin and i was pissed but instead of bitchin abt it and not gettin a workout i used my anger to fuel my workout at home and afterwards i felt like i just walked out of the gym. I wasnt angry anymore and i felt great. So thats how i used my anger to my advantage. Great article Victor it was this that gave me the idea to do what i did.

  13. Jason says

    Since I’m 22, I’m not looking for a relationship being single I’m always hungry and angry. But if I were to get into a relationship I just feel like my anger will fades away. Anger and action is part of my motivation and I just need it to achieve my goals. Of course its kinda sad when your single in a while but at the same time you can channel your anger into your work. I won’t be looking into relationship until I’m in my late 20s

  14. Arvind says

    This is so true. Just this morning, I was pissed off by some loser’s snarky remark. Instead I just smiled, made a witty counter remark and worked on my music. The last hour was insanely productive and a google search of “channel anger into productivity” led me to lo and behold – the BAD world, ranked first. This is another reason to never have an outburst of anger. Better store that shit in like a battery and unleash hell onto the things that truly matter.

  15. Mike says

    I would say most of the things you type on this site are: fantastic, motivating, badass and TRUE. However i’m wondering why do you sometimes say racist or prejudiced things like ”if i was black” or ”upper-class super white”.
    All men no matter what skin tone or color they may have, have the potential to be a SUCCESS. I Don’t get it… nobody can help they way they are born in any way including skin color ?!

  16. Hiral Bhatt says

    This blog post should be the first chapter in every book that helps you get over anxiety and depression. Thank-You!


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