How to Become Unbreakable

From the desk of Victor Pride
Subj: How to develop a superiority complex

The best way to become ordinary is to follow the advice of ordinary people. Maybe even some of the time they truly believe their advice will help you. But most of the time their advice is designed to keep you from rising up. They’ll say “well, I just don’t want to see you get hurt“. But what they truly mean is “well, I’d really hate to see you succeed and remind me of my menial existence“.

So who can you take advice from?

You take advice only from people who walk the walk, the only people who give meaningful advice. And here’s the cold hard reality: Good advice is always the opposite of popular advice, or the “consensus”.

When you ask for the consensus in regards to blah blah you are asking how to fail. I see this in internet forums all the time. Some guy on a bodybuilding forum asks for a consensus on some exercise or supplement. A bunch of know-nothing talkers talk about their know-nothing opinion and the advice seeker says “thanks for the great advice. Glad we’re all on the same page“.

If you want real advice that really works you take it from the lone wolf who’s opinion differs from the consensus. If the consensus is “A”, you do “B”.

But when you take unpopular advice you become a target to your friends and family for doing something out of the ordinary. They start to question you, they start to mock you, they demand you give in to them and do the normal thing.

So you do one of two things:

  1. You tuck your tail between your legs and give in, like a broken dog, or
  2. You become unbreakable.

Larry the Lamb chooses option #1.

Winner Wolf chooses option #2. He becomes UNBREAKABLE. The opinions of lessers mean absolutely nothing to the unbreakable.

What does it mean to be unbreakable?

To put it in no uncertain terms, becoming unbreakable means building and maintaining a protective shell or wall around your emotions to insulate yourself so you don’t even entertain thoughts that deviate from your plan.

Inside your head you have your plan, you know your plan. Your mom, your dad, your girlfriend, your best buddy from 5th grade don’t know your plan because they aren’t inside your head. When you spill your guts to them about your plan they try and talk you out of it. They don’t understand your plan and it isn’t their job to understand, it’s their job to try and talk you out of it. The breakable will listen to them and say “Yeah, I guess you’re right“. The unbreakable won’t even hear it.

If you want success you must have a plan for that success and it must be on your terms. To do things on your own terms you must be unbreakable. Develop an unbreakable shell. When they shout their nonsense in your ear don’t let it break you. When they talk down to you, ridicule you, or poke fun at you don’t let it break you. Don’t even hear it, don’t even entertain it, don’t even pretend to listen.

Remember this: They are in the position they are in because they took that same stupid advice; go with the flow. If you want to be like them then listen to them and become forgettable. If you want more you must ignore.

Recently a reader asked me how to deal with an inferiority complex. Here’s what you do: develop a superiority complex by becoming superior. Don’t just think of yourself as superior, become superior. This “everyone is equal and everyone is the same” line is cute and all but it’s baloney. Some people are good and some people are bad, some people are inferior and some people are superior.

My man Victor,

Reading your blogs is a breath of fresh air. In fact, I was so driven insane by thoughts of failure and depression that only your blog helps.

My question: I go to an Ivy League university (not that I give a shit about it, but it gives context to my problem) and seeing so many intelligent people around me deflates me. I know I’ll never be an engineer as good as some of these guys, or a mathematician. I know-and this is factual-that ounce for ounce, some of them are more intelligent.

My success comes in practical things-the softer subjects, but also life. I am a religious Indian man and I believe in leading my life with pride and purpose. Yet it happens so often-I feel inferior to others who are “better”, more intelligent/more accomplished, although I am gifted in so many ways-I look for something even better.

I have to overcome this shit; I need to wake up knowing that I’m no lesser to anyone. Hell, I know in my heart that I’m a champ, but the fire seems to die out every once in a while.

I was in the social circle/networking until about a year ago, when a rumor came to bite me in the back. I quit that shit called Facebook and now just look at emails…was happy when I saw you wrote a post on that.

PLEASE write a blog post on this if you can. I want to live life like a tiger, and I want to stop feeling like a 2nd rate piece of trash from time to time. HOW DO I FORGET MY PAST MISTAKES? I care too much about what people think of me. I need to move on with my life, but it’s not happening. I need your advice.

Thanks so much,


If it were true that you wanted to overcome this inferiority “complex” then you would be busy right now. You would be busy building, molting, or metamorphosizing.

If you feel inferior there is only one damn thing you can do.


Remold into gold and become a superior man.

Put a plan into action and follow it until accomplished and don’t let a goddamn thing get in your way.

I’m not going to tell you that you’re just as good as everyone else and that no one is better than you and that we all have our strengths. Some people are better than others. If you are inferior it isn’t a complex. It’s a cold, hard slap in the face from daddy reality.

If I were inferior, and believe me I used to be, I would work like hell to become superior.

Here is the rule to follow: Accept the things you cannot change and fix the things that you can. And then become unbreakable. If it cannot be changed there is no sense in crying about it, but if it can be changed and it’s eating at your soul then you need to work on it, day and night if need be, until you’re a better man.

Some people will call superiority a mental disorder. I don’t care. The mental health profession is full of delusional ninnies. When you’re so focused and driven that you don’t let nincompoops tear you down that is called a mental disorder or a social disorder. Fine. They can be normal and “healthy” all they want. That’s why they are losers. The entire mental health industry is full of quacks and crazies, to listen to them is insane. Inferiority and superiority aren’t complexes, they are real life.

When I see people I usually feel one of two things: Disgust or curiosity. When I see dirty people I feel nothing but disgust. When I see well dressed, presentable, successful people of means I become curious. “What do they do, how did they do it, and what could I learn from reverse engineering them?“.

And when I go looking for advice, guess which type of person I go to?

Inferior or superior, choose one or the other ’cause ain’t no in-between.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

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  1. Adamzis says

    Great post. Most people in today’s world have the opportunity to become great people and do great things, it’s hard to understand why so many of them choose to emulate stupid people and live a life of mediocrity.

    • Bilal Ahmed says

      Your words have given me a great new experience. I feel free and breathe freedom. You did a great job putting me into action. 4 months back I was a jobless looser and now I am earning in four figures a month. Hats off! keep it up! God bless you!
      Love Bilal

    • says

      I think it is ingrained in us genetically to be part of the herd. There is safety in the herd from a biological standpoint.

      However, as Victor points out. Following the consensus now has its limitations. We become “forgetable.”

      In the realities of today we no longer need to follow the herd. There is no saber tooth tiger that will eat us if we stand alone. Now in this new reality there are benefits to standing alone. Some of those are financial benefits.

      I really enjoyed reading this post!

  2. says


    Great way to start a Wednesday.

    I agree with your view on psychiatrists – never liked them and always felt like mental disorders were 94% lies.

    Keep it up, boss.


      • says


        Right on. I have been diagnosed with just about everything under the sun. Personally, I like to find my own, natural cures for things because of the counter-interactions that many meds have on the “substances” I am using.

        Check out my site to see in what way I seemed to cure myself of depression naturally.

        Also, I highly recommend Vic’s recent post regarding money raising testosterone levels. Truly a solid piece of writing.

        See you in the gym, boss.


  3. SZ says

    I am 6 foot (180cm) exactly and I am not built like you V.Pride, I have skinny arms, but when I am around shorter people I automatically feel a sense of superiority no matter how successful they are. The opposite happens with taller people in the 185-195cm (sorry I’m Australian) range, I automatically feel a bit inferior to the normal everyday person, let alone the powerful athletes and successful men.

    Is it natural for this? And how do i act like a boss to taller people thankyou.

    You have actually changed my life VP, actual love you brosephh !

    • Daywalker says

      I’m not short, but I’m not tall either. 5’9. For the longest I used to feel inferior around tall people and people in great shape. Now that I’m a solid, muscular 170lbs with an enormous amount of pride, I no longer feel inferior around tall men. The same goes for when I’m around other ripped and jacked people. Once you build that shell Vic is talking about, you realize your self worth and you value yourself higher than any person on the planet. Because you know your level of determination and strength, and you have confidence in your abilities. Stand me next to LeBron James and I will have no fear or shame. Unbreakable with Vindicated confidence. Tough. Mentally, physically, emotionally. Build the shell. Enjoy the armor.

    • Adamzis says

      I’m shorter than all of you (5’8″) but it’s like VP said, don’t worry about things that you can’t change. I see people who are over 6 feet and they’re goofs. Tall, lanky, goofs who enjoy mockery of successful people instead of emulation of them.

  4. Daywalker says

    My testosterone raised while reading this. Fucking brilliant work. They want to keep us down, so we won’t revolt. They can have their Facebook and real housewives of who the fuck cares, I’ll keep my rock hard exterior and an inside full of pride.

  5. The Grizzly says

    I’ve found this to be true especially when trying to start your own business, the naysayers are everywhere. I’ve learned to not tell anyone anything, let my actions speak for themselves. Talking all the time actually kills the process and before you know it you haven’t done anything like you planned.

  6. Rod says

    While this article is pretty inspiring and certainly has truth to it, it would be nice to see some actual arguments against modern psychology instead of just calling them “delusional ninnies”, “quacks” and “crazies”.

    • JP says

      The Myth of Mental Illness: Foundations of a Theory of Personal Conduct by Thomas Szasz for starter.

      Also, look at the failure rates for things like marriage counseling. The only real “success stories” seem to come when they medicate people into benign robots. Also, modern psychology is very influenced by politics, changing societal “norms,” etc. Case-in-point: homosexuality was once classified as a mental illness. Over the decades, this changed radically and had little or nothing to do with science.

      • Brononymous says

        Also note that Asperger’s was the trendy new diagnosis after being listed in the DSM-IV-TR in 2000, and, as of the DSM V this year, no longer exists: it’s just considered Autism.

        If classification of a ‘mental illness’ can be swayed by the popular opinion of the time, then what use is it?

    • Abgrund says

      One good argument against the validity of modern psychology, as practiced, is the vast number of worthless dipshits drawing disability for feigned or fictitious mental disorders like agoraphobia, anxiety, or lazycuntosis. The people who built the world didn’t get a free pass if responsibility made them nervous; they got curbed.

      • JP says

        Yes, modern psychology and the modern welfare state have teamed up and given us a large group of parasites. In the innner city, people jokingly call these handouts “crazy checks.”

  7. says

    Victor Pride you are the best in the world at crafting the truth with only the words that are necessary, no BS, just greatness instruction.

    Oscar Wilde is quoted as saying, “Everything popular is wrong” … Those words are from a LONG TIME AGO – More true now than ever! Seriously if you’ve not done Vic’s 30 Days of Discipline REMOVED something is wrong with you. Seriously, if you are actually a man, you’ll start the 30 days NOW.

  8. says

    Your blog is my favorite one out there!

    I totally agree that you shouldn’t take advice from people that haven’t walked the walk that you want to walk. 3.5 years ago I was 17 years old, skinny-fat, couldn’t do a single push up and I was embarassed about my physique. One day I saw a transformation post by accident on the internet and I decided to change my body. From day one I was obsessed about researching nutrition and training and I started lifting heavy and progressing. Progress was slow and my family told me I was wasting my time on all this “bodybuilding crap”, and they were partly right; a lot of bodybuilding advice is bullshit. But, I kept progressing slowly and I ignored people that didn’t support me. 3.5 years later I look like a completely different person, and my confidence has sky rocketed.

    I’ve also had problems with attracting women most of my life (I’m autistic) so I decided to go out alone frequently to learn that skill. My friends and family laughed at me when I told them about this, but 1 year later I can look back and see that I’ve attracted and slept with a lot of high quality women and I currently have a very attractive girlfriend from Cambodia with traditional values that I respect.

    Finally, your articles have inspired me to start my own website about my transformation aimed at helping skinny-fat people transform themselves.

    Keep posting more quality content, I’ll definitely stay updated, and check out my website if you are skinny-fat and need advice for transforming.

    – Oskar

  9. Adam S says

    If I may add. The fastest way to be superior is to hang around superior people, acquire their mindset and totally ignore inferior people. If Your friends, significant other or family are holding You back, well… TIME TO FIND NEW PEOPLE! It’s hardly possible to become better person when people around You don’t understand Your passions. I’m really serious about that. If Your girlfriend doesn’t want You to spend more time on Your business or Your father wants You to work at his shop after he retires, dump them. Seriously, let nobody, NOBODY, hold You back!
    Victor, do You agree?

  10. says

    Victor! As always brother you know how to put it all in focus brother! Keep doing what you doing and pass along your ideas to others so they to can be superior!


  11. RootPeench says

    During my divorce 5 or so years ago I decided it was time to completely change myself for the better. From success ($) to health to state of mine, body and soul I’ve made a complete 180 here’s what comes to mind in the changes I made:

    1. Dump people who aren’t high value / add value to your life. Just because they are life long friends or some extended family member doesn’t mean its YOUR responsibility to be dragged down by them. It’s not easy to do this early on but once you start it’s easy.

    2. Get involved in anyway form or fashion with people who are high value which can range from people who have the skills and knowledge on making more money to ones who are at complete peace with themselves to the ones who know more about health, working out, etc.

    3. Do (fill in blank) add value to my life? Does it improve my life in any fashion? If yes learn from them.

    4. You are the #1 most important person, you live by your rules and your rules only not someone else.

    5. Get your health under control, your body is your temple you know what to do and work out. Eat high saturated fat more protein and very low carbs (green leafy veggies mainly) which are only eaten to load more saturated fat.
    Case in point: I was always feeling like crap every morning and felt like I was 40 years older and I wasn’t even a lard ass (needed to drop some fat at the time but certainly didn’t look fat) I thought I was “eating right”. Got blood work done and I was out of the range on some the key stuff.
    I changed diet completely and six weeks later got blood tested again and my doctor was utterly shocked to see the quick turn-a-round and NOW wanted to know what I did. As soon as I got to the load up on saturated fat he said that’ not good cut it way down. I said look at the numbers of my results where is there a concern. Again, listen to YOU and only YOU unless you are around high value people who can tell you without a shred of doubt what needs to be done or be done differently.

    6. Get the book on here. The workout one is invaluable to me. I don’t way to fucking waste my time doing the wrong workouts only to find out way down the line it was a waste.

    7. Maximize your time. Life is too short not too.

    8. Love life. If you complain be a man change it or better yet go do what I did and live/work/visit some other countries and see what being poor is really like. There’s no real poor people in the USA.

    9. Admire your grandfather’s generation where men were men. No wavering this is how it’s done and how to do it generation.

    10. So many males are either guys or boys who look like men. Be a man. Know what you like and don’t like and don’t put up crap for a moment. I have no problem picking up hot women and while I’m not ugly I don’t look like George Clooney either. Friends are always shocked, how’d you pick up that? It’s easy. The hotter the chick the more insecure they are and NEVER put them on a higher level than you. They have looks only to offer and it’s a quick diminishing return while a REAL MAN’s value only increases with age. No limits on a man while tons of limits on a great looking girl. NEVER compliment a hot chick on her looks. ONLY after you’ve banged them, period. Why? Because 10,000 men before you have and you don’t instantly they are thinking this guy doesn’t look like a model so why is he not fawning all over me he must possess something.

    Thank VP excellent site I’m definitely going to use your guide on how to make a 100 bucks a day and start a blog.

    Keep it up


  12. says

    Huge aim in to this fucking post. Fuck what all other mother fucker’s think. True happiness is found in loving what you do. Nothing feels better then a big metaphorical ‘FUCK YOU’ once your a success to everyone that tried to talk you down or out of your dreams. KEEP WRITING THIS SHIT!


  13. Dan says

    Very good post Victor

    It also came at a perfect time . The advice of creating an impenetrable wall around your emotions is vital . Only allow things past that wall if they enhance your plan, and if they deviate, push them back out with the force of a nuke. The wall is controlled by you with an iron will .

    You have to be brutal and if something or someone has any negative effect on your life, plan, soul or general well being then it has to be eradicated.(no matter how hard this may be). Life long friend,ex wife, ex gf, family member, mundane job, social networking and many more things can all be bringing you down but people cling onto them for weak reasons. “Nice Guys” are notoriously bad for this , i used to be one so i should know.

    Take yesterday for example . I took a power nap as I’m teaching myself web design and needed an hour to recharge my brain. I was awoken to a phone call from an ex girl friend and received nothing but abuse ,drama and insults over a situation that did not even require a reaction .(unfortunately my ex is not sane and would make an argument out of absolutely anything and everything).

    The old “Nice Guy” me would still be texting her this morning trying to understand her screwed logic and perception on the situation ,which in all honesty I,m guessing about 5% of the population may understand and they are feminists in straight jackets .

    The new me ,an evolutionary stage between Larry Lamb and Winner Wolf ,lets call this Action Alligator inspired by this posts picture decided to take action and call my mobile phone operator and change my damn number so she can never contact me again.

    Its all about small positive changes that filter out any dirt that aims to bring you down .

    Keep up the good work

  14. Adam S says


    Two questions:
    1. Have You ever had a problem with acne while on Testosterone RT?
    2. When has Your facial hair started to grow to the point You could grow full beard? Was it before or after TRT? I can’t grow beard at 23 yet my legs, chest and arms are hairier than most guys I know. I’m irritated shaving every day, waiting for my beard to fill in…

    • Victor Pride says

      1) Get a suntan. It fixes it immediately. Vit D kills it. I had it on my back, spent two hours in the sun and the next day it was GONE.
      2) I could grow a beard years before I ever used TRT, now I can grow a beard in a friggin day and a half. TRT def helps it grow faster.

      • Abgrund says

        1) That’s ultraviolet radiation at work, not vitamin D. UV kills the fuck out of bacteria. It also ages your skin, but life is full of choices…

        2) I don’t get why anyone would /want/ his beard to grow faster. If you want to look like a douchebag – and 90% of white men, and all non-white men look like douchebags with beards – it never takes long enough. Otherwise, shaving is just a chore, and if it seems trivial when you’re 20 wait until you’re 40 and have steel wool growing on your goddam face.

        • Adam S says

          Abgrund, it’s not that I want to grow a beard. Let me put it this way. I’m coming home around 4/5 a.m very often and I’m getting up at 6 a.m, I’m just not feeling like shaving every day but I have to because, my stubble looks very unesthetic/unclean and It’s because it’s not fully filled in. That’s the reason I’m asking, I’m wondering when will it completely develop.

  15. earl says

    When I see dirty people I feel nothing but disgust. When I see well dressed, presentable, successful people of means I become curious. “What do they do, how did they do it, and what could I learn from reverse engineering them?“.

    I even go past the dress…when I see joyful people I become curious. Most people are unhappy and they disgust me.

  16. says

    Victor here in the states a lot of people are converting into vegans because of all the drugs that these animals are being injected with and fed sowy and corn. That s why they eliminate meat and dairy from their diet. Organic meat is too expensive to buy. So imagine eating meat with 3 or 4 of your meals ? O

    • Victor Pride says

      People stop eating meat because the meat has been fed with corn and soy so the people start eating corn and soy instead. ok. Makes perfect sense.

  17. Gabriel says

    Random question here. Do you think it’s harder for a skinny guy to gain muscle or a fat guy to get lean?

  18. says

    Bold & Determined gave me the impetus to finally start my own website so that I can help out other guys. Although I don’t plan to quit my 9-5 (I actually enjoy my career), B&D got me fired up enough that I want to do my part to stem the tide of suck that is the modern man.

    Thanks for motivation!

  19. Abgrund says

    Victor: This is, in my opinion, your most valuable post yet. (And it makes me wonder if you have read the three metamorphoses of Thus Spake Zarathustra). Because I respect it, I offer this criticism: true strength, and thus true superiority, does not consist in a wall or shell, which implies a softer center which is weaker and would fail if that shell were breached. Nor does it consist in a personality which is imbued throughout with hardness; the surfeit of hardness is brittleness and any failure must entail total collapse.

    True strength consists not in being indefeatable, but always persisting beyond defeat; not in being unbreakable, but in surviving when broken; not in avoiding pain or criticism, but in relentless persistence in their spite. Strength is learned, not through success, but through failure.

    • Victor Pride says

      The only thing I’m afraid of is that you will never run out of questions to ask me. Why would I be scared of being skinny or broke? It’s called lifting weights, eating steaks and planting & investing money offshore strategically. Broke and skinny my balls.

  20. stampman2008 says

    I’m a cadet at West Point, and I see this kind of thing all the time, lots of following the herd, if you get out of it, you’re called crazy or whacked out. All these high speed people get in here, then they go to shit, I know I did. An officer here who is my mentor is a major who’s been in special forces for nearly 20 years, he was enlisted first. He hates mediocrity and often kicks people out who suck, many cadets and officers hate him. He’s the guy I want to be like and I take his advice seriously, he’s a stone cold killer who doesn’t give a fuck about the status quo and gets things done. I’ve screwed up a lot as a cadet, and he’s helped me out. All the people that told me to settle down and go with the flow I’ve forgotten, but this major told me to get me shit together and work hard. I was just a apathetic cadet who got in trouble a lot. I’m graduating late for all the demerits I’ve gotten and been on room restriction for several months now. But I’m turning it around. Reading this blog, I get fired up. My goals are clear and I know what I need to do to become a kick ass officer. My family and friends think I should find an easy desk job fuck that, going be like my mentor and kick ass. I’m going to see the world and blow it up at the same time. I need to be a badass in order to even think about leading men in the greatest army in the world.
    PS. My nick name for the 30 days of discipline is BAMF Training, got an excel sheet I fill out everyday for it.
    This is great stuff, keep it up


    • JP says

      I spent 8 years as an Air Force officer. The commander at my first base (after training) was a great leader. He was an alpha male type who hated all the PC stuff we had to endure. (This was in the late 1990s; it’s even worse now.) He also stayed in great shape. I saw an article on him a few years ago, and at age 48 he could outperform most guys half his age.

      Even though he worked really hard and did all the right stuff to get promoted, he told us he’d never make general. Unfortunately, you have to be a PC “yes man” to do that. It’s not like the old days. Last I checked, he was a full-bird colonel. He’ll probably retire as one. At least he can sleep at night and know that he didn’t compromise or lower his standards.

  21. Storm says

    Thanks Victor,
    Remember guys when you make a decision away from the norm, your family, friends, and other may attempt to berate you to change your mind. You may even feel hurt by this, but do not. You know what they don’t understand.
    A Quote from a favorite book of mine on the subject.
    “You cannot reason appropriately in any situation as long as you are emotionally attached to the
    outcome. In any pick up, you must desensitize yourself to the end result. In any relationship, you
    must ignore the possibility of loss. In any work-related decision, you must cut off the screaming
    tide of your ego. Your emotions are not negative in the sense that they exist, but their existence
    must be limited to their chemically induced reflexes. They must never be allowed to rule you, or
    sway the progress of your decisions.” Shark – The Black Flag

  22. says

    Victor u never worry about the side effects of trt on your liver and kidneys? What s the point of looking good if u r destroying your insides? What happens if u can t get any trt? Would u lose your gains and muscles?

    • Victor Pride says

      It’s very stupid to think testosterone destroys your insides. Testosterone is the ultimate health drug for men and if every man were on it you wouldn’t see such weaklings everywhere. Destroys your insides but makes you LOOK healthy as a horse? Yeah, ok. People who look like sick animals tell you steroids “destroy your insides”. Guess what jack, gear is the ultimate life and health enhancer.

      • Abgrund says

        Too much testosterone will fuck you up. So will too much aspirin or too many soda pops or even too much oxygen or water. There is a right amount and a wrong amount for everything. If you think testosterone per se is toxic, you should cut off your balls so they don’t poison you.

  23. Daywalker says

    I just saw the new movie “This is The End” with Seth Rogen and Jay Burchell. Jay Burchell pretty much looks like the old skinny fat Victor. If he saw your transformation, maybe it would motivate him. You could easily play his bad ass older brother in a movie, haha. Before I got shredded people used to tell me all the time I looked like Seth Rogen. Same chunky cheeks and awkward grin, along with a gut and moderately sized arms. Glad that’s changed. Those are today’s role models though. Fat guys and skinny fat guys. I understand they have hilarious personalities, but these out of shape actors that makes it seem cool to be fat or skinny fatmare killing the generations to come. They are raised on facebook, big macs, video games, and support Obama. The race of man is doomed.

    • Victor Pride says

      ^Never even heard of it. Last movie I watched was the James Bond movie, it was playing on a mini bus in Cambodia. But I did open a netxlix acct just to watch the newest season of Arrested Development, that’s the funniest damn show of all time. It’s so over the top and subtle at the same time, those writers are just absolute geniuses.

    • Dan says

      Ive noticed this also . Movies like . Superbad .knocked up , the hangover. Its simply Hollywood catering to a specific audience. A huge amount of beta males who watch a hell of a lot of movies . These kind of movies project the message that it is cool and acceptable to be like this , and if your very lucky you may even get a super sexy girlfriend, which we all know is pretty much bullshit ,but ppl eat this stuff up and it brings in a hell of a lot of money . Guys find it funny ,women find it pretty entertaining /funny and its kinda true to life in many respects (apart from the hot girl at the end ).

      I try to avoid any films now that project a false social brainwashing . For example its cool to be a beta male. Its cool to be a love sick puppy hell bent on winning the heart of that one women . Its cool to be effeminate or weak . I also avoid crappy horror films or just sick messed up films (i used to love these but have no interest in them anymore).

      Films and TV that project a good social message and positive male role models should make up the bulk of your entertainment .
      Some such as sci fi, thrillers etc and the marvel films that haven’t been ruined by a love interest are also acceptable.

      The expendables is good . The second being better than the first.
      the recent Spartacus TV series is very good.300 etc gets you pumped for the gym.
      any James bond,

      I love the message in back to the future where Mcfly becomes a man by knocking biff out,goes for the girl ,overcomes his shy nature and in turn gets a better life for it .

      If Back to the future was made now then he would have got the girl by continuing to be a Wuss maybe getting drunk , pissing on the high school dance band and then she would have found him funny and decided she wanted to marry him or some shit.

  24. says

    So if gear is so healthy victor why do some bodybuilders look like shit when they get off of it? Bitch tits, small balls, low sex drive, can t even procreate. If it was so good your gains wouldn t disappear after taking it.

    • Victor Pride says

      If gear is healthy why are they unhealthy when they stop using it? Are you serious? Medicine only works when you take it, Ralph. You think a diabetic can take insulin once and never need it ever again? If aspirin were so good you would only need to take it once and you’d never have another headache ever again? Aren’t you a conspiracy theory guy? But you believe all this stupid shit that gear is unhealthy? Where do you think that misinformation comes from?

      Low sex drive? You’re out of your fucking mind. BB’ers are sex crazed maniacs. Can’t procreate? Ronnie Coleman is the biggest abuser of steroids the world has ever seen, he has at least 6 kids. Don’t come here with nonsense like this.

      Anyway guy, bodybuilders look like shit at the end of their careers because they abuse narcotics, insulin, HGH, research peptides, stimulants, downers, and, yes, MEGA doses of gear. That’s why. Not to mention the fact that they get old.

      Let me be the bringer of light here, there isn’t a bodybuilder alive who only uses steroids. Those are called fitness models, or on youtube they’re called “natural bodybuilders”.

      • says

        One note on this; I myself haven’t been on gear. I believe that I haven’t yet reched my full potential. And I also believed that I am genetic enough to look good and scary even without steroids and that is one thing I want to prove: That one can harness great gains even without roids.
        Given that I am not at all against it and as for the GAINS thing; Actually research has indicated that past users has maintained their gains when they looked at the EX USER’s muscle fiber biopsies.
        But one must continue training even after getting off the gear – it is a guarantee that he will still look great (provided that he trains scientifically). I cannot cite the actuall research I don’t have it in my hand right now. I will probably write about it in the future.

      • says

        Show me an old and jacked bodybuilder on gear that looks great. oh and corpses don t count. I followed your article on trt and went to my doctor. I asked him about it. He told me that if I cared about my prostate not to take it. It makes it grow and can cause prostate cancer. Look at Arnold it s disgusting. Frank Zane I didn t recognize him. I m no conspiracy theorist. I talk facts. The thing is that we are living among zombies. I know people that know stuff that no ones knows. That s all.

        • Victor Pride says

          Old guys who don’t use T have perfectly healthy prostates? Sure. Last time I checked Arnold hasn’t been a bodybuilder since 1980.

          But ok fella, here you go. Gary Strydom, Andreas Kahling, the guy that played Ultimate Warrior James Brian Hellwig, Robby Robinson, Lou Ferrigno, Dave Draper, Clarence Bass etc.

          Corpses don’t count? All those bb’ers dropping like flies everywhere you look, right bud?

  25. says

    Victor great example on aspirin. Let s not forget it kills 25000 people a year. Oh and conspiracy theories? 911, bp oil spill, hurricane katrina, boston bombing, gmo food, aliens, 2008 financial crash, aliens, haarp? Wake up dude…I work in a hospital and reside in NYC. Do your research. What about gorillas do they juice yet with one punch they would knock u out. U bring up great points but on some other things u still wet behind the ears. And if u want proof come to NY so I can take off that blind fold that u have and make u a more conscious individual.

      • says

        Damn a little too sensitive..I guess roid rage is real. Don t worry I don t take anything personal but I like to pick your brain. Lol

        • The Grizzly says

          Here is this idiot called Ralph posting his stupidity again.

          Go back to video games you homo, you aren’t even a beta male, you are more like a she-male (minus the male).

    • Abgrund says

      Hey I work in a chickenshit factory and I eat chicken. Do your research. Wake up dude, what about wolverines they can gnaw your balls off and give you rabies. What about Nazis in the hollow Earth and the Second Coming of Elvis and your mama’s third tit? You think you’re a conspiracy theorist but you’re still wet behind the aspirin.

  26. Adamzis says

    Hey Victor, another question I hope I’m not pissing you off with all of them.

    Do you use Yoast SEO? And if so do you care about getting a good score on the flesch reading test? Should I always aim for a number above 80 or does it not make a difference in the end.

    Thanks again.

  27. Lion says

    Vic, have you been deleting older posts? There are definitely some that I cannot find right now, that I remember seeing in the past, for example the “Urban vision” quest article or the “Time to go do something” series

  28. Odie C. says

    “I care too much about what people think of me. I need to move on with my life, but it’s not happening. I need your advice.”

    In reply to this quote,
    Just keep in mind, people tend to manipulate others by applying pressure with the use of adjectives in phrases such as :
    (in this example , an adult trying to get a kid to fetch something for him)
    “Now be a good boy and fetch me that ball”
    This is a very simple example, obviously. Later in life, that kid will face much more capable manipulators.
    So apparently for that adult, a good boy is one who fetches stuff for people when asked, a.k.a does what HE wants him to do.
    What I’m trying to say is,
    The only one who knows if he is “good” or not is you, based on what you and only you believe the word “good” means (and that works for any other word).
    Always assume that what somebody says is his sole opinion and not a fact :
    A picture I saw in one of Victors posts read :
    That is actually the only fact I believe in.
    People twist the meaning of words to bend others to their will. That means you don’t have to care about what people think of you more than what you think of yourself.

    Nobody knows ourselves as much as we do, and we are the first to pay the price of our actions.
    So stop obeying, and do what you want, regardless of other people’s opinions.
    Your opinion is the first to matter, and then the others. You choose how much you want to pay attention to other people’s words.
    But next time, try to decode their words – “good”,”bad”,”nice” don’t always mean what you think. Next time you will be able to state, without fear, that you are a bad, bad kid.

    Sometimes people actually care about you and will give you good advice. At they same time, they might try to restrict your freedom in exchange for more safety, so they have to worry less about it.
    Once again, people doing what they want with your life, even if they don’t realize it.
    I’m not trying to say you have to be a shut-in and not trust anybody, I’m saying you have to know when and who to trust, but FIRST, keep your own council.

    Great post Victor,
    Been a long time reader only now I thought I’d give a reply to try and sum up the importance of doing what you want, because if you don’t, you’re doing what other people want. If you like that, fine.

  29. Fernando Cunha says

    Victor. My name is Fernando Cunha and i`m from PORTUGAL. It was with great surprise that i discovered your site. Let me just say it : YOU ARE RIGHT . YOU ARE ALLWAYS RIGHT. And you konw why? Because you think as just as i do. EVERYTHING. But EVERYTHING you say is my way of thinking. Gym stuff, girls, bodybuilding,workouts …well not everything, i´m not a steroid user and i don´t motivate people to use them (been there done there), but in general It´s a pleasure to know that there are people like me.

    Keep up the GOOD WORK, litle kids need a way of thinking to become man. Great job.

  30. says

    By assuming you are superior you will BE superior. It’s true no way to improve yourself if you continue to understimate your skills.
    Just remember a quote by Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now: “Have you ever thought about any real freedoms? Freedom from the opinions of others…even from the opinions of yourself?”

  31. Mach says

    Thanks for sharing this great insight Victor. I know that from time to time when I use to talk about my businessplans from a good place, my best friends/brother/mom, sister, whatever, were pretty quick to ridicule me.

    Well, guess what, I’m still in business ;)

  32. Jans says

    Thank You.

    I like the way you talk (<ok, not "talk" but you know~ like.. blog~ words that you choose to use~ the way that you choose to use them~)

    I get the feeling it's sharp, to the point, clear and firm. I love it. There's no feeling of doubt and it doesn't feel like small talk. ^_^

    It feels unforgiving, like a straight line, no deviations, harsh but it rings like the truth and I for one, would want the truth and go for the truth even when it hurts. (<I can't help myself. Even if I know the truth would kill me, I'd still go for it. Like an idiot haha accepting it is always a bitch but it's a must.)

    anyways ^_^ just to thank you again, for blogging the way you do. It clears my mind just reading it.

  33. Jron says

    As a great poet once put it, “success is my only motherfucking option, failures not”. This was my tackling fuel on the football field, now I’m transferring this one line into making money with my invention. It’s funny that you said something about the mental health professionals and superiority complexes. When I went to get focus meds, the doc asked if I ever felt like I was bullet proof. I thought about it and said, hell yes. She diagnosed me as bipolar. I argued with her and said bipolar means I have extreme highs coupled with extreme lows. I said I’m always on the extreme high because I realize my potential as an inventor and I know I will make millions sometime soon, so there are no lows for me. I told her i just dont let the little shit bother me. never have, never will. Needless to say she kept her damn misinformed diagnosis to herself and I got aderol for test taking! Some people say I’m a dreamer, but what will they call me when I succeed? Exactly.

  34. Farooq Naseer says

    Hi Vic

    I appreciate this post, when i asked a similar question to my family as sanford they replied there is no such thing as inferior or superiour, only thinking makes it so. Just be content with everything you have.

    Ha Ha what BS !! I love this post, one of my favourites. Don’t just think of yourself as superior, BE superior. that sentance alone is what i needed to hear and has changed my mindset, made me take action.

    Thanks for your words Vic,

  35. says

    I AM FIRED UP! All these motivational articles are getting me ready to kick ass this wrestling season. I have been saying this for years now. EQUALITY IS BOGUS, A SHAM, A LIE! It is easy to be loser, and a winner takes work, but guess what? It is worth it. When you get the taste of being on top it is addicting. And I encourage every man to to take this BOUND into greatness.

    Thanks Victor.

  36. says

    you know reading through this website made me feel unstoppable your advice really i took it to heart but i dont know if it will really make me stronger or not though i came here since i want to break the path of despair i want to be how i once was now it may happen

    thanks for your advice you put on the website it honestly did help me

  37. Alex says

    This article is so great. It felt like a slap in my face, it opened my eyes on several things in my own life. Thank you.