How to Become a Genetic Freak

From the desk of Victor Pride
Subj: 3 steps to greatness

Recently I was in the gym, lifting some weights and having a joke with some of the guys in the gym.

One of the fellows, a nice enough guy, called me a name that had me laughing out loud.

He called me a “genetic freak”.

A “genetic freak” in bodybuilding terms is a mythical person who can put on super-human amounts of muscle just by opening the refrigerator door and not by working hard. These people, “genetic freaks”, were born with the ability to put on endless slabs of beef.

My first thought when the fellow accused me of freakage was:

Sure buddy, I’m a genetic freak. In the last 14 days I’ve only been in the gym 14 times. I only spent 8 years sweating in the gym. I only tried every diet, every weightlifting scheme and every supplement on the planet to get this way. Sure I’m a genetic freak“.

But I got to thinking to myself. I thought wait a second, maybe I am a genetic freak.

It sounds arrogant but hear me out first…..

Every man in my family looks exactly the same, and not a single one of them has a body like me. I’m a clear and obvious “genetic” outlier.

Half of the men in my family, the ones who work outdoors, are slim framed with big bellies and spaghetti arms. They are tan and look healthy enough to do physical work but they sure don’t look like they’ve ever seen the inside of a gym.

The other half, the ones who have “real” jobs working indoors under fluorescent lights, are all doughy, pale and sickly and don’t look capable of doing much physical activity.

None of them have a body like me, and since your genes come from mommy, daddy, grandma and grandpa you should all look pretty much the same. And in my family they do all look pretty much the same. Except for me.

But here’s a little confession: I used to look exactly like them. I had the exact same body type as the rest of the men in my family. The simple reality is that I like to lift weights and they don’t.

I hate to ruin my reputation as a “genetic freak” but I had to actually put in the time and effort to go from geek to freak. My muscle man “genetics” weren’t born in me, they were forged in the gym. I’m not actually a genetic freak, but in real terms I am a freak for going to the gym for 8 years straight without quitting even a single time.

See exhibit A, Victor Pride at 21 years of age….


At 21 years old I looked like every other skinny white guy.

I recently had a genetic test done to see what my exact genetic make up is.

The test came back at 99.8% Western European genetics and .2% unknown.

I don’t think the .2% unknown came from Mt. Olympus because it wasn’t until I spent roughly 8 years in the gym that I was accused of being a “genetic freak”.

See exhibit B, Victor Pride at 30 years of age….


If I was born a genetic freak it took almost 30 years for those freak genes to kick in.

I’m not a professional geneticist but something tells me genetics had nothing to do with it and putting in the work had everything to do with it.

See, the simple truth is that in bodybuilding terms, no one is a genetic freak. No one is born with mega muscle. The only thing genetics determine is your muscle shape and symmetry.

Building muscle only comes from lifting weights, eating food and using hormones.

No one is born looking like Zeus or Adonis. And you will never look that way without doing the required physical work.

Do something to be somebody. Do nothing to be nobody.

The “genetic freak” line is either a) a lie or b) an excuse. It all depends on who is saying it.

The genetic freak lie: “Yeah, I’m just a genetic freak. I can eat whatever I want and put on muscle. Thanks mom and dad“. Meanwhile he has a 3cc syringe loaded with testosterone, trenbolone and masteron ready to shoot into his glute, he lifts weights minimum 4 days per week and he eats bodybuilding foods and probably counts his calories.

The genetic freak excuse: “Oh, I’ll never look like that because he’s just a genetic freak.” So sorry to take away excuses, but when you call someone a genetic freak you’re giving yourself an easy reason to be less than him. He isn’t a genetic freak, he’s just doing what it takes while you aren’t.

Listen boys, everybody on planet earth is a human being and we all have human genetics. Nobody was born on Mt. Olympus. Your genetics come from mommy and daddy and whatever race they are. Irish people have Irish genetics, Nigerians have Nigerian genetics, Koreans have Korean genetics. And unless they do hard physical activity they all look like slop.

There are people who exercise and people who don’t. There are people who eat right and people who don’t. There are people who take muscle building hormones and people who don’t.

There are people who do what it takes, and there are people who complain about doing what it takes.

The simple recipe for building a body is this:

You do the work you get the results.

You don’t do the work you look like slop, like everybody else who doesn’t exercise.

You can’t be born a bodybuilding “genetic freak”.


You can turn yourself into one following this 3 step outline.

Step 1) Join a gym, make the gym part of your daily routine, lift weights in the gym

Going to the gym has to be part of your daily routine just like going to the supermarket and going to work. It’s just something you have to do, somewhere you have to go every day.

Personally I hate going to the gym. I love lifting weights but I hate being in transit to the gym. I hate walking across the polluted street near my home, I hate waiting for the sky train, I hate walking behind slow people.

But the gym is a must, so I simply get up and go. Day in and day out.

If you want to be a “genetic freak” then that’s what you do as well – you go to the gym. The gym is part of your daily routine. Take Saturday and Sunday off if you feel like, no problem, but go to the gym just like you go to the grocery store or whatever else you do daily.

Train hard

When you’re in the gym do some work. The gym isn’t for social hour, it’s not a place to play on your smart phone, it’s a place to train. Get in, get it done, and get out. You don’t have to spend all day in the gym, you just need to finish your business and get out. I’m rarely in the gym longer than 30 minutes. Hit it and quit it some say.

Train correctly

Training one bodypart per day is the worst way to train. Your muscles can be trained 2-3 times per week each for max results. One bodypart per day once per week is for bodybuilders who use tons of gear. They “get away” with training so little because the hormones build the muscle regardless of what they do.

If you’ve been lifting weights for less than two years, stick with free weights and basic exercises. The basics build the raw ingredients for the body. After you’ve got a body to work with you can mold it into shape later, like a sculptor who molds a lump of clay into a masterpiece.

2) Eat the right way

Food is fuel, but I’m not going to bullshit you about eating chicken, rice and broccoli. You’ll never get to your goal eating like that and bodybuilders only eat like that during the last few weeks of a contest preparation.

You can eat real food, get full, enjoy your food and still get into great shape.

And you don’t have to do all that crazy stuff like weighing your food and counting your macronutrients. All that baloney gets in the way of real life and I don’t bother with that nonsense.

The simple fact is that if you want to lose weight you need to eat less, if you want to gain weight you need to eat more.

I like easy diets and here are my top 3 easy diets for getting into top shape.

  1. The steak and eggs diet – The steak and eggs diet is the only diet I am never hungry on. It’s almost unbelievable, but when you eat these super-foods everyday you feel super calm and never hungry.
  2. Eat two meals per day – Frankly you can eat anything you want if you eat only two meals per day. Two meals per day from McDonalds will get you into better shape than 6 meals per day of chicken, rice and broccoli.
  3. Eat whatever you want, just eat less calories than you burn – Junkfood is fine if you’re burning those calories off. I’m not a real big eater so sometimes I even need junkfood to get calories in. I’ve had 6 pack abs eating snickers bars, pop-tarts, coca-colas etc.


The one thing that fatsos all have in common is that they eat constantly. It’s much better to eat meals, not snacks. But if you must snack, here are the best snacks on earth

  • hardboiled eggs – if you have a hard time controlling hunger you should always keep some hardboiled eggs in the refrigerator. Each time you’re hungry and it isn’t meal time grab an egg or two and eat just the egg whites. The egg whites barely have any calories and they’ll fill you up. Besides, the egg yolks taste like chalk when you hard-boil them.
  • cottage cheese – this is a good snack to eat before bed because it has no carbohydrates and it provides long acting protein called casein.
  • natural peanut butter (mix with yogurt if trying to gain weight) – 2 or 3 spoonfuls of natural  peanut butter should be enough to take away the hunger until meal time. I actually used to eat peanut butter mixed with yogurt to try and gain weight, and it worked.

Gaining weight

If you’re a skinny guy you need to eat to gain weight. Skinny guys don’t need to worry about eating clean. What you need are calories and lots of them. Here’s an example of a skinny to freak diet strategy from John Doe Bodybuilding

This is a shotgun approach, or beginner so to say. A shotgunner doesn’t worry about calorie count, he just eats. Pizza, subs, rice, steaks, whatever. Don’t buy into that magazine bullshit for second if you want real muscle!! All of those guys in the magazines ate this way at one point or another, especially in the beginning.

Nobody ever got 200 + lean lbs of JUST chicken and rice, no Sir!! This is going to be roundabout the first 5 years of your training. Think of this as building the foundation. You don’t go to a construction site and see the landscaping and driveway done before the foundation do you?

So why in the hell would you focus on toning muscle you don’t have yet? Why would you focus on eating so strictly when you’re already a hardgainer and thin as a rail? You need the shotgun blast approach buddy, anyone who is under 25 years old, a hardgainer or thin stature, needs to take this approach his first 5 years in the gym. The first 5 years will pave the way the rest of your bodybuilding endevor, you will get 90% of everything your going to get out of the weightroom, your first 5 years.

3) Performance enhancing drugs, PEDs, Hormones

Yes, I know everybody is scared to death of performance enhancing drugs (you’d prefer performance decreasing drugs?) but I’m going to talk about them anyway. They are a necessary part of bodybuilding and, in a world of estro-fied water and genetically modified foods, they are necessary to have a happy and healthy life as a man.

There is a difference between using hormones for bodybuilding and using hormones for a healthy life, and I’ll talk a little about both…

Hormones for a healthy life

The reality is that male hormones aren’t the devil they’re made out to be and they’re actually downright healthy. If you’re scared of testosterone you may as well be scared of being a man.

The two healthiest hormones for gentlemen over the age of 30 are testosterone and human growth hormone, prescribed as male hormone replacement therapy by your kindly endocrinologist.

They will make you as healthy and as vital as a horse.

It’s never too late, like the young man pictured below proves….

Dr-Jeffrey-Life B&W

Dr. Jeffrey life at 70+ years of age.

At a certain age, which may be different for every man, exogenous testosterone is needed. I was 27-28 years of age when I became aware that my testosterone levels were dropping.

To give a little backstory, I’ve always had an extremely high sex drive. 3-5 times per night was not abnormal for me. At the age of 27 that drive started to subside.

Around 28 years of age I had a girlfriend for an entire year. Before me she was a virgin. She was clean, unspoiled, untouched, not yet jaded, she had a terrific body and she belonged only to me. She was available to me anytime I wanted, but I could only manage to sleep with her 3 times per week and never more than once per night. I simply didn’t have the desire or the drive for more.

In retrospect it is abundantly clear my testosterone levels were in the gutter (likely from excessive dieting as a natural as well as simple aging).

Knowing that low testosterone can be fixed in an instant I simply will not accept or allow low testosterone levels and at 29 years of age I started testosterone replacement therapy and changed my life for the better.

As a medicine, testosterone is a life saver and I expect to never stop using it. Even if I never touched a barbell again for the rest of my life I would still use testosterone for quality of life.

Hormones for bodybuilding

Hormones are a necessary part of bodybuilding. We could whine about cheating and immorality all day and night but facts are facts and I’m here to give the facts to you. As a natural you can be ripped and kinda skinny or you can be big and kinda fat but you won’t be big and ripped as a natural.

You can look good naturally, really good, but you won’t look like the guys in the magazines.

So what do you do?

First, you train naturally for at least two years. Two years bare minimum natural training, Hard and heavy training.

I’d like to see you with 5+ years of natural training and at the age of 30 or above before you go to the next level but I’m not your daddy and you’ll do what you want to do, just pretty please listen to some helpful tips from a “been there, done that” guy.

I was 29 and had been training since 23 when I started using testosterone and superdrol (superdrol is legal and is to this day the strongest hormone I have ever used).

Kiddos shouldn’t touch the stuff, unless medically necessary, because as a kiddo (less than 25) you aren’t fully and completely developed. Emotionally or physically.

As a natural trainer you will reach a point where gains stop. You don’t continue to gain as a natural, you simply maintain or get a little leaner. But you’ve gotta put in your time in the gym before you get to that point, and you’ve got to lift hard and heavy to get there.

If you’ve already put in your gym time, maxed out your lifts and your body naturally, if you train hard and know how to eat and you’re thirsty for more then it’s time to take it to the next level.

And if you do take it to the next level, you should be prepared to use hormones for the long haul. In the real world “cycling” steroids (example: using steroids for 8 weeks, then taking a 16 week break, then using again for 8 weeks, rinse and repeat) will get you exactly nothing in terms of lasting results.

If you’re “on” you have muscle, if you’re “off” you don’t. You shouldn’t “yo-yo” your hormones up and down if you want to stay healthy and fit. Simple as that.

Oh, and welcome to the “genetic freak” club. We’re an exclusive club, we don’t have many members, so we’re very happy to have you with us.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

PS – If you’re unsure about your bodybuilding routine, if you’re new to bodybuilding, or if you need a kick in the ass then check out my book Body of a Spartan. I stand by it as the best training program for natural trainers. Buy it. If you hate it, if you think it won’t have you carved out of marble, if you don’t feel like a new man after the first week then just send me an email and tell me so. You’ll have your money back instantly.

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  1. says

    Great post Victor. When people make statements such as Genetic Freak it really takes away all the hard work and sweat you’ve put in, these people are actually minimising our achievements by attributing success to superior genes. I can see from the pictures that you were no way gifted in terms of genes that were predisposed to becoming an Alpha (No Disrespect). Instead what I see is that you’ve put the time in and got the results out which is far more worthy. This post is very aspiring and has given me more of the fuel I need to succeed in life. Keep it up Victor!

    • says

      Yeah your right, My mom joke that I probably come from the milk man or something!

      They simply cant admit that this is the result of hard work.

      I think that people love so much the “I cannot do anything because I’m not genetically gifted” or “you are lucky because you have good genetic” way of thinking it’s because it disempower them! It’s not their fault, it’s not because there are lazy, it’s because of their genetic… Poor them … they can’t do anything about it! It’s not even worth trying…

      And you who have a great body, it’s not because you have been focus, hard-working and disciplined … no it’s because you’re lucky!

      Each time I hear the word “genetic” in almost any context … It automatically trigger my “loser alarm”. Anyway, good post to remember than in live you get what you work for!

  2. says

    Great post, it just shows how people are so quick to jump to conclusions. He has a ripped body? Oh, definitely steroids! He’s fat? That’s just genetics, nothing he can do about that. Goes to prove that people are retarded.

  3. says


    Kudos for 8 years of consistent gym-going!

    Quick questions about the genetic test:
    –Where did you get it?
    –How does it work?
    –What does it cost?

    I’d like to do one too.

    Interesting read. I’m really digging the last two articles.

  4. says

    This is a funny post.

    I hear people sneer about my “good genetics” all of the time. Do they mean my naturally low energy and my genetic ability to lay on rapid amounts of fat?

    You could have also titled this, “Muscle Building Secrets for Hard Gainers,” since you have the same genetics as those “hard gainers” who are on every bodybuilding message board talking about how they can’t gain any weight.

    And yet here you are…

    • Victor Pride says

      Yeah, I’m a genetic freak. It’s been a real bitch filling those suckers out to match my torso. This is one thing that genetics do determine, how well certain muscles respond to training.

      • says


        I, too, have long-ass arms. I was teased in school, called “monkey”. Well, until the day I slammed the kid’s head into a locker, leaving an imprint. I’ve always had problems developing my shoulders and arms. I found the Arnold press article (thank you), and am improving this area immensely.

        • Mr. A says

          Don’t forget about Hammer Curls. I use them since Victor’s recommendation and it quickly improved size of my forearms.

        • Chris Perilli says

          I have long arms too and I trained boxing and muay thai, long arms can throw hella power punches, a lot of great power hitters have long arms. The longer a punch travels the more power it gains.

          Vic, what is your HRT? Cyp 2 times a month or more frequent? Any Anti E?

          • Victor Pride says

            I mix it up. No cyp or enanthate ever, only prop or sust. Anti e if I need it I use aromasin. Been off t for 8 weeks and counting. Dieting and don’t want any water bloat.

  5. says

    Societies stance on PED’s is definitely skewed. People don’t understand that any negatives from the usage of steroids is likely strongly outweighed by the benefits. I only wish that the sport of MMA approved the usage of steroids so that I may use them. Perhaps once I no longer compete, I will use testosterone/hgh/hcg to prolong my health.

  6. says

    Hey Victor,

    As always, a great post!

    Last month, I trained each bodypart 1-2 times a week, with a lot of sets beyond failure (HIT style) combined with cardio 2 times a week.

    It got me in the best shape of my life, but I had almost no energy for anything else. All day was spent recovering.

    Do you also experience this kind of daily fatigue while training hard?

    • Victor Pride says

      Yes, I do. I absolutely do if I hit it hard and heavy for a long period of time. So now my gym sessions are about 30 mins long for this specific reason – so I can function the rest of the day. Currently I actually just have 2 workouts, A and B. A is chest, shoulders, bis and tris with realistically one exercise per muscle group. B is legs and back. I do this over and over until I feel like taking a day off.

      • says

        Your split is similar to my current, although I have a day just for shoulders since they require a lot of sets and reps to grow.

        With that said, I will start timing my sessions from now and keep them to about 30 minutes.

        Also, what is your opinion on lifting lighter weights, but do more sets and reps, with low rest between set (Serge Nubret style) for a natural that already has a foundation?

        • Victor Pride says

          I do that. My rest periods are tiny, so I use weight that I can handle on no rest. Typically I like to work up to one heavy set on my first exercise to “activate” my strength and for the rest of the workout I use moderate to even light weights.

        • David says

          Next time you train squats Oscar do a heavy static support walk out with 50-100lbs more than you plan to squat stand for 20 secs or so knees unlocked slightly then re rack and adjust the weight on the bar back to your work set weight which should by comparison feel a lot lighter and as a result should be easier psychologically when you start to lift

      • Abgrund says

        Why bis and tris together? I would have expected bis together with back, since the lats and bis tend to work at the same time (arm flexion, as in bent rows or chinups) just like pecs and tris often work together (arm extension, as in bench press or military press). I haven’t done alternating days in years, but I try to superset flexion against extension, for the obvious reason.

        • Victor Pride says

          Yes, a lot of people like to do that – push, pull, legs split. Arms are small muscle groups and I like to work them together. Simple as that. Same for legs, I don’t often work hamstrings then come back the next day for quads. I like to work legs as a whole as well.

  7. Scandibro says

    Good post as always Victor.

    Question about test replacement. I am also in my early 30s and have noticed a sex drive drop. Tempted to jump on the juice, but does it affect fertility and sperm count?

    • Victor Pride says

      I know far too many bodybuilders, guys who abuse way more than simple testosterone, who have had multiple children while blasting heavy compounds. If it does affect you there are ways to counter it. Hell, if it did affect it we’d have male birth control. But we don’t, do we.

      • says

        Excellent point Vic. I will tell my doctor that next time. Apparently, many doctors have bought into the “testosterone is bad for the heart” lie. Here in the states all you see are those slip and fall lawyers placing commercial ads on TV to sew your doctor if you have had heart problems due to HRT.

    • says

      Scandibro, make sure to cut out porn or masturbation if it’s a habit, this can easily be one way to bring your drive back up.

      Vic, where does one acquire safe testosterone supplements? I’m pretty new to that whole thing so any advice is appreciated. I’ll be 30 this year and I feel a bit of a decline as well.

  8. says

    I have personally known one legitimate genetic freak in my lifetime and he wasn’t humongous, just very muscular and lean without lifting or watching what he ate in any way. However, there is a time limit on his good fortune as mindlessly eating and drinking will catch up with him someday if it hasn’t already.

    The bottom line is that worrying about someone else’s genetics won’t do anything to further my ambitions.

  9. Matias Page says

    Victor. First, let me tell you that I think this website is a gold mine.

    But I had a question in my mind while reading this particular post. “What would you say about guys like Martin Berkhan ( or Andy Morgan (” Their client results are excellent. They claim to be 100% natural and they only train 3 times per week. They are very well known in the fitness/nutrition world as evidence-based people..

    I don’t know if you’ll like this question. Maybe you just don’t care. I had to ask.

    Thanks for your writing and motivation.

  10. y says

    I’m 25 and lifting for over a year now. Do you still recommend waiting two full years before taking Super DMZ?

  11. Bay says

    39yo and strongly considering TRT.

    Currently my testosterone is around 500.

    Sex drive and energy for workouts not what it use to be.

    Have any of you noticed tangible benefits from raising from 500 to the 800-1000 range?

  12. says

    Interesting post vic.

    What’s your take on conditioning? Do you do any and do you think it’s required?

    Any more info on UK supply’s or more info regarding hormones?

    • Victor Pride says

      At some point it is required to drop to a certain bodyfat level. At the moment I don’t do any cardio or conditioning (until recently my pool has been ice cold in the morning and I’ll never waste my time on a treadmill). Hormones are legal for personal use in the UK, but you have to buy black market AFAIK. I’m not the sure limey docs prescribe meds the same way the Americans do.

      • says

        Uk docs are a waste of time. They won’t refer and do everything they can to not spend any money. I’ve always found it better to pay for private health. Cheers for the info Vic.

  13. nek says

    Great post Vic, I got a few questions:

    1) you said excessive dieting lowered your T. Are you talking simply about excessive calorie restriction or does being on too strict of a diet (as in what foods you’re consuming) do this?

    2) If you’re along the skinny-fat side (I got some muscle, am apparently stronger than I look, but I got some abdominal/neck fat), what would be the best diet/training regiment?

    3) I train MMA 5-6 nights a week and try to lift during the day. What should my approach to lifting be considering the additional activity (not sure your experience with this but I figured I’d throw it out there)?


    • PM says

      eating too much is not good for your hormones and so is not eating enough. Drastic diet are not good for endocrine system, you should aim for a 10% deficit everyday.

    • says

      Hey, guy. Got some answers for you.

      1) Probably the first one, if not both. Yo-yo diets and fluctuations in your calories messes your metabolism and hormones right up.

      2) Assuming you’re already eating good food or tracking calories, just drop your food intake by a good 10%, say. Your MMA training will more than suffice in terms of cardio.

      3) It depends on what you’re after, guy. As an MMA trainer you probably want more of muscle, so just train for some size with compound movements. If you just want power just lift heavy and lift hard, maybe throw in some Olympic lifts.

      Hope that helps.

    • Chris Perilli says

      I train MMA, BJJ, etc and I lift 2-3 times a week. Because I train a lot you don’t want to over train. MMA is heavy cardio based. So the last thing you want to do is more cardio based stuff. Lift heavy. Real heavy. do the 3 basic compound lifts and a shit load of ancillary lifts. Bench, Squat, Deadlift. I do squats and Deads on the same day. with pull throughs or kettlebell swings and finish with a finisher ropes or sprints. etc.

  14. Canadian Millionaire says

    I don’t understand why people body-build…I guess its just one of those things i’ll nvr undrstnd. Moreover, liked your other posts …esp on productivity ones. imma productivity freak.

  15. Jimmy says

    Hey Victor, I recently bought Body Of A Spartan and have a few questions about it and bodybuilding:
    1.I’m 15 years old, should I be doing low rep lifting like in body of a Spartan(1-5 reps) or is it more beneficial for me to higher rep stuff(6-10)?
    2.Are you consistently using prohormones now, our did you just a few cycles on prohormones, and then go off and consistently use testosterone(TRT)?

    • Victor Pride says

      1) If you’ve just started stick to 6-10 reps. Go to 1-5 when you can handle the weight and the exercises with confidence.
      2) I rarely use prohormones, maybe twice per year, I always use TRT. The only prohormones that have my approval are superdrol and epistane, I’ve not used anything else and I DON’T recommend for someone your age.

      • Jimmy says

        Thanks Victor, I really appreciate your fast response. I don’t plan on taking ANY STEROIDS at my age. Thanks again

  16. says

    Yo Vic,

    From someone that is just not that into the whole body building scene first of all I would like to say that this post was quite interesting. Especially your views of performance enhancers.

    Also I thought I mite ask how your back exercises were going? I remember you stating that you were doing a bit of rehab due to a non-body building related injury.

    I suffer from terrible back pain from my previous work conditions/lifting like a gimp in the gym and would be really interested in checking out the clinic you visited. Do they have a name/website you could comment back to me so I can have a look at them?

    Would greatly appreciate it my man!

    Keep up the good work.


  17. says

    The shotgun approach to hardgainers, that’s some no bullshit there. Calories is the name of the game for awhile. Stuff yourself, hard, then a little more, followed by a little more.

  18. says

    I’m the same, my parents and grandparents all have average bodies. They are by no means naturally fit and lean. I was the same throughout my childhood and teens, weak armed and chubby.

    I’ve been training and dieting for about three years now, I am 20 years old, weigh 176 lbs with abs and can deadlift 440 lbs. This is irregular for my family, as all of my relatives hit their physical peak at around 18-19, then start growing beer guts and talking about how good it was to be young and fit.

    For winners, your body is a product of your mind. For losers, it’s the result of genetics and emotional whims.

    Good post Victor

  19. says

    Saying he’s a genetic freak is indeed an excuse

    Much like a skinny guy saying:

    “I dont want to be a HUGE as that man”

    And he’s looking at Zane..
    Obviously a sourgrapping mental self-deceit. Well at least it soothes their egos

  20. Abgrund says

    I have to disagree here with Mr. Pride. Genetics makes a huge difference in every aspect of life, of which muscular development is just one.

    Not to say that genetics makes the difference between ripped and feeble. But all men are NOT created equal. Some gain muscle easily with moderate exercise, while others struggle mightily for modest gains and quickly hit a plateau. *Given* your genetics (which are not going to change) and *given* your hormone intake (which can change), your results will depend on the effort you put in. Of course a man who never exerts his strength will never become strong, but if he does, if he pushes himself to the limit, his results will depend on genetics and chemistry.

    If this were not so, there would be millions of men with the bodies of professional bodybuilders, because there are plenty of men who have the drive (and the willingness to enhance).

    Genetics makes some men react differently to exercise than others. Some get huge without hormones; some get stronger but stay “wiry”. In the wild, it is the wiry man who is genetically superior, because he attains strength at /lower/ muscle mass and hence lower calorie demand, better cooling, and lower blood volume. I once knew a guy who was maybe 5’6″ who could put 150 lbs over his head like a feather, and do it a hundred times in an hour with no sign of fatigue. This guy never touched a weight and never doped, he just had a job that required strength. He was as scrawny as a scarecrow.

    An excellent comment by Z: “The bottom line is that worrying about someone else’s genetics won’t do anything to further my ambitions.” No matter what your genetics are, your /results/ will be better if you work at it. My genetics suck (don’t everyone’s?), but many years ago when I built hard I got jealous comments from people about my “luck” and “genetics” even though I was far from being “Hollywood buff”. After a disabling injury, years of reduced exercise, and a job that no longer involves putting 150 lbs over my head hundreds of times a day, no one says that to me anymore. So, genetics give you potential, but potential is only realized by effort.

    P.S. I disagree with Victor about a lot of things, but he gives solid, no-bullshit advice. Like supplements and steroids: “And if you do take it to the next level, you should be prepared to use hormones for the long haul.” To paraphrase someone I once read somewhere, don’t take up any habits you don’t intend to keep forever. If you don’t see yourself using a supplement (or “supplement”) until your kids lock you in a rest home, don’t use it at all. You can’t get roid-ripped, go natty to spare your liver, and still look like that for twenty years. You’re in or you’re out.

    • David says

      Thanks you actually answered some questions I had about this post. And yes genetics do matter. Me and my brother always do our workouts together, we do the same exercices, same weights etc, and he’s just bigger and stronger than me. His arms are like 3 times bigger than mine, and he’s not a fatso or anything, he’s just genetically predisposed to grow stronger more easily than me. I’ll never use it as an excuse to be lazy, but I honestly could be blasting heavy weights for years, gain a few kgs of muscle, but he’d still be bigger than me with little to no effort

      • Victor Pride says

        That’s utterly ridiculous to think you and your brother have different genetics unless you have different parents.

        • Chris says

          Two full-blooded brothers have identical genetics, yes. However, mental and emotional disposition and their interaction with dynamic environmental conditions can cause different gene expression from one individual to the next. Some genes are activated while others remain dormant and the mix is always different.

        • Abgrund says

          Unless they are identical twins, they have different genetics. Absent inbreeding, full siblings will share 50% of their genes (or rather, of those genes which vary within the population, and excluding the Y chromosome which is identical for brothers of the same father).

        • David says

          I don’t “think” we have different genetics, nor do I know the probability of it in theory, but the fact remains that he has more body fat + muscle than me, and much larger bone structure (bone structure being the largest difference between us). We share the same parents and pretty much the same environmental background. The only significant difference between us is that I’m 21 and he’s 27, but he has never been skinny like I am and his body has changed very little in 7 years. Our mindsets are really different too, yes. He’s way more agressive, selfish, focused, etc, that’s probably a determinant factor, since our body for a great part is the physical manifestation of our mind.

  21. says

    How many meals do u currently eat? Do u follow the one meal a day plan anymore like your bio says? U mentioned eating like a spartan but I have read that sometimes u eat 4 or 5 times a day. Which one is it? Btw kick ass post.

  22. PM says

    The way I see genetics playing a role is when you look at the bones structure size. With the same muscle mass, people with small bones will look better than people with bigger bones.

  23. Michael says

    Hi Victor,

    I’m 31 years old and have only been training in the gym seriously for about 6 months. Would you recommend looking into hormone replacement therapy for someone in my situation? My interest is mainly in quality of life-enhancement, rather than speeding-up muscle growth. I’ve experienced mild loss of libido and lack of energy over the last few years. Nothing extreme, but I’m sure my T levels aren’t optimum. Due to my age, do you think running gear would be reasonable, even though I haven’t yet put in my time in the gym?

    • Victor Pride says

      TRT for quality of life is different from using a bb’ing dose and yes, if I were you I’d look into it.

  24. Tyler says

    Victor, I’m more than a huge fan. I sent you an email a couple days ago and it would be super appreciated if you’d respond. Great article btw.

    • Victor Pride says

      The Q about nightclubs? I’ll just answer it here. The last time I was at a nightclub in the states the girls were mostly raging cunts and very unattractive. How do you flirt with them better? I really couldn’t care less. Once you’ve gone abroad you don’t return to American women. But since you asked I’ll give you some tips from when I used to waste my time at nightclubs picking up dirty sluts. Dress well, give the whores a reason to come up and talk to you, don’t buy them drinks (or buy 50/50), always pretend there’s an afterparty at your place, make sure she’s drinking, don’t bother trying to make them laugh, clowns don’t get laid. At 2pm always push to get the girl to come back home with you or you to her place. Seal the deal and move on. Congratulate yourself on wasting your night drinking and trying to bag some cunt when you could have done the same thing online, easier, and you wouldn’t have a hangover to deal with.

  25. says

    Vic, what are your thoughts on hair loss being accelerated from using Testosterone replacement therapy?

    Have you experienced this at all?


    • Victor Pride says

      Seems to be genetic. Test doesn’t do anything to my Lion’s mane. Actually most people I know don’t experience hair loss from test, they mostly get hair loss from trenbolone, masteron, winstrol, sometimes primo. Test is safe, but if you’re prone to male pattern baldness you should take corrective action now before it’s too late.

  26. BJ says

    Vic – Did you get your total testosterone checked prior to getting on HRT? If so, what result?

    I’m 27 and have noticed my sex drive decreasing over the past couple years. I got tested 3 months ago and posted 820 ng/dL. I was surprised it was this high.

  27. Mike says

    Great post as always BOD!

    Vic, just wanted to get your thoughts on HIIT (high intensity interval training). I am 28 yrs of age now, and I find that HIIT seems to be the best way to really work those muscles. (combination of lifting free weights, skipping rope + sprints)…due to the nature of my job, I don’t usually have easy access to a gym, but I carry around a pair dumbells & some weight plates in my car, also I love to go hiking on the weekends…that’s how I try to keep fit…..

    However some school of thoughts say that HIIT may not be to good?

    Your take Vic?


  28. Xavi says

    Hey Vic I’m turning 18 over a couple of months.
    I started lifting weights when I was 15.
    Can I take steroids at the age of 18?
    I mean Arnie took ”em when he was 15.
    What do you need to pay for steroids per month.
    Do you stay on FOREVER?

    • T and A Man says

      At 18, you’re getting all the testosterone you need.

      You’ve got nearly a decade ahead of you where gains can be made out of diet and routine.

    • Victor Pride says

      Nobody dies from hormones. They die from mixing hormones with narcotics, painkillers, alcohol and diuretics.

  29. Good Looking Winner says

    Hey, Vic, what’s up

    I just got a few questions about the steak and eggs diet

    1. Is it just for burning fat or can you gain muscle as well on this diet?

    2. Are you supposed to eat the entire egg or just the egg white?

    3. Would it be okay to have 3 meals a day instead of 2 if it’s hard for you to eat a shit load of calories in just 2 meals?

    Thanks, man

    • Victor Pride says

      It was developed by Vince Gironda who ate two meals per day and said he in fact did gain muscle on this diet. I never did. Eat the whole egg, you need those cals. Yes, you could do 3 meals but I find that I’m simply not hungry on this diet and 2 meals is enough. With the butter, whole eggs and steak you’re getting a good amount of cals already, but you may be on some added stuff that makes you extra hungry and need 3 meals.

      • Good Looking Winner says

        What would you recommend for a fellow skinny guy? Should I still follow the diet but just add carbs like oatmeal and pasta, or should I just do something completely different? I want to gain muscle and either burn or maintain my body fat. I also do MMA, so that kills a lot of my calorie intake. Thanks, Vic.

    • Victor Pride says

      Seriously? I live in Thailand pal, hormone capital of the world. Over the counter basically anything you want.

      • Anonk says

        Hey,Vic.I have noticed that no one have requested a post or review on Thailand.
        Including topics such as avoiding ladyboys,favorite gyms,resaturants, hotels,cultural differences and the such.

        • Victor Pride says

          I’ve been kinda, sorta meaning to do a post like this for about a year and a half. I probably won’t do it anytime soon, so I’ll give some quick tips now.

          Ladyboys: The #1 way to spot a ladyboy. If you look at a girl, maybe her ass, then do a double take and say “wow! That’s the hottest Thai girl I have EVER seen”. If you do that you’ll know 2 things right away. 1) It ain’t a lady and 2) You’re a homo.
          Hotels: Millions of them, this is a very touristy country.
          Gyms: You just find the best one closest to you.
          Cultural Differences: Too many to count. Each time the Thai’s do something that doesn’t make any sense (always) we have a little saying: T.I.T. (This is Thailand).

          • Vendetta says

            I just had to leave Thailand and come back to the UK – I wasn’t too sad to leave but I can tell you, I am very sad to be back in the West. What a bunch of shit. Stuck-up, ugly girls, looking like fucking men, all thinking if you look at them directly that you want to rape them or something. Yeah right bitch.

            Maybe I won’t go back to Thailand forever (but I will return as Bangkok is great) but I’m sure as shit getting out of this dump ASAP.

            Money – clear debts – save – get online work making money (have my own way, not blogging) – train in gym – get focused – get the fuck out!

          • says

            HAHAHAHA Funniest shit I have read all day. I have definitely spotted a lady boy or two during my travels. The same exact thoughts ran through my head. “Wow! She’s hot. Annnnnnd I’m a homo.”

  30. Rob says

    Hey Victor

    Sort of related to this topic, but how would you approach gaining weight/eating allt while keeping productivity during the day? I’m currently bulking at 3000 calories, but dividing it in 6 meals makes me tired around 3 to 4pm, which conflicts with my projects that I’m working on (I start around 8am after gym and work until 10pm)

    Would a 3 meals/day approach work better?(6 – 12- 6) I know about Modafinil but it’s almost impossible to get it in my country.


    • Victor Pride says

      I eat smaller, or no, meals during the day and bigger meals at night. The same thing happens to me if I eat too much during the day, I’m useless in the afternoon.

      • Rob says

        Ok, thanks for the reply! I’m going to restructure my meal frequency for the next two weeks to two small meals at breakfast and noon (High in protein & fat, not too much in carbs) and one big meal in the evening. Will report back later on.

  31. Shreyas says

    Hey Victor,

    You mention that as a natural, you can be either ripped but a bit scrawny or muscled but a bit pudgy. Is there no natural diet/combination of diet and exercise that can get you ripped without compromising mass? I’ve just started lifting and I’m unfortunately genetically skinny-fat, so there’s a lot of work ahead. For example, how about sprint and lifting combo workouts?

    Second thing-I’m not sure if it would be good to get ripped first or simply gain mass and then worry about shredding. To be honest, with my natural body type, I think it is most logical for me (if I’m natural) to focus on bulking and not worry about the little bit of excess fat.

    Bought Body of a Spartan and will keep you updated on my progress.


    • Victor Pride says

      “Is there no natural diet/combination of diet and exercise that can get you ripped without compromising mass?”

      No, there isn’t. If I were you, without seeing pics, I’d concentrate on gaining weight first.

  32. says

    Victor I just read an old post of yours titled 14 fat burning tips. You mention bronkaid in there. Do u still take it?when I google it I cant find info on it saying it burns fat. How many times should u take it and for how long? I want to get my 6 pack abs and im almost there? Any tips?

  33. Jacob says

    Loved this article, Vic. I teach martial arts classes and I am surrounded by the “can’t do” attitude. Unfortunately, since I’m not the lead instructor, my disciplinary options are limited. I once tried to discipline one kid for integrity issues and I got in trouble, because my “expectations are too high and not everyone can be a gifted as I was at their age.” Gifted? I was a flat-footed skinny boy who had never touched a weight. The only reason I’m as good as I am is because I put in the time and the effort. Most people stop training when they leave the class for the night. I was training for hours every night whether there was class or not. So yeah, I feel you, Vic….maybe I WAS a genetic freak too! Keep up the great posts!

    • Victor Pride says

      Love it. I’m cursed with flat feet too, size 13. I look like a friggin’ clown if I wear shorts and I can’t stand up for too long without my feet hurting like hell. Did you ever read about that on B&D? No. You sure as shit haven’t because complaining and “can’t do-ing” is for losers.

      • Jacob says

        I know what you mean about standing too long. I have converted my work station to a standing desk for the health benefits and I can tell you it’s a freaking test of character when you’re flat footed haha! What really gets me is we even tell our students never to say “can’t” and what do they do? You guessed it…”it’s too hard. I can’t do it.” Really grinds on my nerves. Keep doing what you’re doing and telling people what they need to hear, not necessarily what they want to hear.

      • D. Bag says

        Custom insoles will help the tired feet issue tremendously. My chiro had some made up for me (I’m also size 13 and flat footed), and they work like magic. Used to get sore after 20 minutes on my feet, now I can stand/walk for hours pain-free. Not to mention, they eliminated the nagging knee pain I was getting that made me assume my knees were finally having real issues after years o abuse.

        Good orthotic insoles will set you back about $350, but they’re worth every penny.

        • Victor Pride says

          That’s good advice Dbag, I had some made for me when I was in the States a couple months ago. It turns out one of my legs is 1-2 mm longer than the other so the orthotics have a tiny lift in one side to compensate as well.

          • Jacob says

            Same here. My left foot is slightly larger than my right. Doesn’t make a huge impact in my normal day-to-day life (from what I can tell) but I can definitely tell a difference when I’m wearing my Vibrams.

  34. Forty Six says


    Big man. Young man. My compliments on your posts. Makes much sense. So often, seems like you’ve been writing just for me. Great work. Please keep it up.

    Thought I can take some liberty to ask for your advice. About me.

    MY PRESENT: Married late & immediately separated. Facing litigation for divorce & maintenance. Deep in debt. Family and friends gone cold. No girl. No love. E-V-E-R. Fat belly. No muscle. Skinny hands. No style. No Calibre. No voice. Small source of income. Under all kinda pressure to confirm to mediocrity. Grew-up from boy to pussy. Not boy to Man. Still habitual masturbator. Porn addict. Miserable existence.

    MAJOR reason: No individuality. No inner strength. Always choose being lonely. Consistently raped by other people’s beliefs and convictions. Had WRONG belief that being obedient was a virtue.

    MAJOR HOPE: Victor Pride philosophy and the theme of

    CURRENT THOUGHTS: Deep inside I know I can be something BIGGGG. Wish to Re-claim EVERYTHING that I missed out. Especially, being a Man. Celebrate Life. Seeking revenge on my past. Get addressed as “BIG MAN” Live with P-R-I-D-E.

    IMMEDIATE AIM (In 8-12 months): Lift weights. Build muscle. BUILD SERIOUS MUSCLE. Wet panties. Have choices. LIVE WELL. No less than Victor Pride himself.

    SCARE: Just completed 46. Yes completed forty-six.

    QUESTION: Which part of is NOT for my use because of MY AGE ? Do I belong here ?

    Thank you Victor Pride. Blessings.

    • Victor Pride says

      I was recently watching the first Dan Henderson/Shogun fight. Dan Henderson was 41 years old at the time and Shogun was 29. It was a 5 round war, but Dan Henderson, the 41 year old, won the battle. My gf was massaging my back while we watched all 5 rounds. A few days later my gf, who doesn’t speak english so well, said to me: “I don’t understand how American old man can work so hard. In Vietnam, 41 year old man is old man, same same ready for die”. I told her testosterone and hard training. Testosterone is youth serum and allows you to age well so to answer your question, no, 46 doesn’t mean anything. Attitude, will and spirit mean everything.

      You said: “Under all kinda pressure to confirm to mediocrity.”

      That’s bullshit. You already conformed a long time ago. The reality is “society” doesn’t give a shit about you, you put the pressure on yourself because you wanted to fit in, but it backfired. Society shits on guys like you who try so hard to “do the right thing”. I haven’t conformed, you know what I hear from “society” constantly? “Wow, you’re so lucky. I wish I could do that. I admire you so much for doing what you do”. This is from average, everyday people who don’t even know about B&D. I could choose to be like you, “conform to society” and I’d get shit on just like you.

      But I chose not to.

      You already explained in full detail what you want. My question is what the fuck are you waiting for? You want to be 80 and still be miserable? Go ahead. It’s just a fucking choice you make. That’s all it is.

      A choice you make.

      • Forty Six says

        Hi Victor,

        Thanks a lot for your immediate reply.

        Shall make the choice and take action.

        Thank you. Best Wishes for you Victor Pride.

        • Jacob says

          Forty Six – Vic summed it up real well, but I’m going to add a few points.

          1) The definition of insanity is to do the same the over and over again and expecting different results. You’ve been doing the same things over and over so get out there and do something different. If it doesn’t work, then try something else.

          2) Everyone talks about wanting to fit in and be like everyone else. The average American is overweight, over-stressed, in way too much debt, and complaining about their life….why the hell would I want to be like that? Whatever they’re doing, you do the exact opposite and you won’t be like them.

          Get out there and make it happen!

    • Thegreywolf says

      46, I’m 52.

      I took the red pill in January.

      Your present is my recent past. I have just lived the 6 years you are about to go through.

      The major reason is YOU. You made bad choices. The sooner you take on that responsibility the sooner you will get on with your life.

      Your major hope is YOU. You, and you only, can change your life. It’s helpful if you have faith, a higher power, whatever. But here on Earth, YOU are it. I can’t do it for you. Victor Pride can’t do it for you. Only YOU can do it.

      Your current thoughts need to go back to basics. Start over. Lay a new foundation.

      Here is the advice I wish I’d gotten at 46 when I was on the front end of a divorce with 4 kids and a blue collar job.

      1) leave your dick alone. Read yourbrainonporn. Except for taking a piss and personal hygiene, resolve that the next hand to play with your dick will have a female name.
      2) find and hire the dirtiest, hungriest, lawyer you can that will fight for you like a beast from hell. Feed the beast. The beast eats $$. Every time you get money, you must remember to feed the beast.
      3) read all you can about divorce in your state on the Internet
      4) live like a spartan. No more movies, trips, dining out, fun, etc. Never pay full price again. If you can’t find it at goodwill, the pawn shop, or a garage sale, you don’t need it. Feed the beast
      5) get in shape. It’s the best thing you can do for your physical and mental health. I am a huge kettlebell fan. Whatever. Just do it right. Read Pride’s archives, invest in his two books, and remember to feed the beast.

      No more women until you are divorced, in shape and healthy, and porn free. That’s your reward.

      Check in again in 6 months.

      • Vendetta says

        Good post!

        I am 38 and feel the same thoughts so I guess it’s all relative. I felt like that in my 20s too! Always too old!! (but obviously that is BS)

      • Forty Six says

        Hey Greywolf,

        Thanks for reply and more suggestions. Shall surely check-in again in six months. Am excited about my future.


          • Forty Six says

            Intense apex alpha male,

            ” I believe the best is yet to come for you, ”

            I am excited about that. I think I felt that too but was waiting to hear that from more and more of you at B&D. Thanks.

            Shall actively discuss my journey.

            Thanks aplha male

  35. Lupe Bogi says

    I am 22 and I have a GF that is only mine, she wasn’t a virgin before but I can have her whenever I want. Problem is, I don’t have a desire to hump her more than twice in one night, and it’s usually 3-4 times per week. Should I be worried about my testosterone or something else ?

  36. Kp says

    What do you typically eat in a week? The steak and egg diet?

    From what I see you take testosterone regularly. Do you take something like topical Androgel, or some sort of injectable version?

    I see BCAA’s as a supplement (on other sites) when leaning out. Do they work? Any health concerns around that?


    • Victor Pride says

      Beef, eggs, chicken, rice, fish, pasta, pears, asparagus, onions. Inject test. BCAA’s never did anything for me.

      • Alexander says

        Victor, a quick one. I’ve read on Max Tucker’s new site that bread, pasta, cereals and rice hurt testosterone production. Have you had any problem with these foods? Thanks.

      • Mike says

        Vic do you take HCG with your TRT regimen? How low were your levels before you made the jump? I am at a 500 natural level but have def noticed a decline in drive since turning 28. How long did it take for you to get dialed in to a level you felt best?

        • Victor Pride says

          I don’t take HCG. How long did it take to get dialed in? Well, I actually “cycle” in that I don’t always use the same dosage. Typically I stay from 150mg to 300mg per week but I vary it sometimes.

  37. Adam says

    Hey there Vic been a long time reader, wanted to say one of my favorite posts yet!

    Just a quick one bought BOAS and love it following the 6day aweek routine but I often have real trouble deciding on the supplemental exercises. Any guideline would be great.

    Keep killing it!

    • Victor Pride says

      Go by feel. Change it up to see what you like and what works for you. Like Bruce Lee said, be like water.

  38. Brandon says

    I should’ve asked in my earlier post. Vic, with this article in mind, is there ANY truth then to the whole ecto/endo/meso-morph theory? Surely there have to be SOME people that are more genetically predisposed to putting on muscle mass than others? What about studies showing people with naturally lower myostatin levels being able to put mass on more easily?

    • Victor Pride says

      You get muscles from lifting weights, eating food and taking hormones. Use any excuse you like but those are the facts.

    • Abgrund says

      Some people do gain muscle more easily than others. Some people learn things more easily than others. Some people build endurance, or speed, or agility, more readily than others. Not everyone has the potential to be an Arnold, or an Einstein, or a Lance Armstrong, or a Jesse Owens.

      I think the important point is not whether genetics make a difference; it is clear that genetics (and other factors outside your control) do make a large difference to your potential, whatever Mr. Pride may say. The point is that only the work you put it in can take you to your potential , and that IS within your control. The best genetics in the world, without some effort, amount to rat feces, same as lousy genetics without effort. Lousy genetics plus determination will not let you achieve like great genetics plus determination, but it will beat rat feces 365 days a year except for leap years. And the no-shows in life will envy your “genetics”.

  39. Lupe Bogi says

    Damn, Victor telling the truth almost hits like a truck. Every answer he gives on either my question or other’s is like exactly what I’d like to hear. What I need to hear. That little push I hope everybody else needs in order to put his thoughts into action and start to be a real go-getter. Keep it up man!!

  40. Ty says

    I’m 18 and pretty serious about my workouts. What do you think about testosterone boosters at my age. i know I probably have enough already but I’m wondering if it would give me any advantage.

  41. Ty says

    Victor, you’re a huge inspiration for many. One question though. In your own experiences, what comes after you say hi to a broad in a bar? what types of things do you typically say after meeting?

  42. tyler says

    Victor, you’re a role model. One question though. What do you typical say or talk about specifically when you used to meet girls at a bar?

    • Victor Pride says

      It doesn’t matter. Don’t be a homo like “wow, you’re so pretty. Can I buy you a drink? Wow, you’re so smart, I could talk to you all night”. If you do everything else right (look good) she’ll be asking you rapid fire questions and you won’t have to ask her much. If she isn’t asking you much then you need to get her talking, so tease her a bit to get her to open up to you and be receptive to you.

      If you want the reality, a lot of guys and girl who find each other in a bar and go somewhere to have sex find each other like a magnet, they make eye contact, say hi, make a lot more eye contact and smile then they get outta the bar and go get down to business. If it’s too early in the night to leave, you just keep asking her questions to keep her talking. All there is to it.

      Words don’t make much difference, style and attitude make much more difference.

  43. Andre says

    I’ve been doing the ‘shot gun approach’ towards my nutrition, the only thing I really look after is if the food is natural and not full of bullshit chemicals. Macros, calories and all that counting BS takes the fun out of growing stronger in my opinion.

    Despite having flared ribs and pectus excavatum, I continue to train hard in the gym. I have a 4-day split routine and swim on 2 days off. I’m currently at 150lb and 6’1, started at 130 last year. I’m not letting these stupid genetic defects get in the way!

    Also been following your 30 Days of Discipline book and fuck is it ever a challenge! Cold showers are a bitch :)

    • David says

      Cold showers are indeed a bitch my friend. especially on cold winter nights/mornings =] And’s it great too see someone not being let down by their genetic problems and keeping their determination in growing stronger. You just made me feel a lazy ass pussy for having missed a few workouts/cold showers this last few days, ha! Good luck with your goals

  44. says

    Victor, is there anything else u take to burn fat besides bronkaid? What else do u recommend? Btw bought all your books. Hope u write more.

    • Victor Pride says

      No, not really. You’ve got ECA which is ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin. Bronkaid is ephedrine, but I’ve never used all 3 together, only bronkaid. You’ve got t3 which is a thryoid hormone scrip only or black market, but makes you super weak in the gym. You’ve got clenbuterol, black market only, which makes you shake like you’ve had 10 shots of espresso and can give you nasty cramps. Bronkaid has the most bang for the buck, no sides, easy to buy.

      • Panos says

        I’ve used all of them, and as Victor said, plain ephedrine is by far the most all right thing to get.

        When I was on Clen, I had some good results but the moment I stopped all hell break loose.

        With t3 I’m fucking hungry all the time and I barely control my hunger.

  45. Ty says

    Hey Vic I’m 18 years old and have been training close to a year now. Gains are starting to stall. I’m 5’8 165 pounds and put 265 up on the bench 330 squat 430 deadlift 260 power clean. Basically I’m stronger than the average joe and have only been training for about a year. I know I haven’t hit my genetic potential but gains are coming very very slow now and I have been thinking about gear. I know what people are going to say “your test levels are already sky high at your age you don’t need gear! We’ll I am tired of being a sheep, I want to be a god damn lion. I don’t want to wait 10 damn years to get jacked. The orals you recommend are good and all but they will fuck my liver in the ass if I cruise on them. Would test do anything for me at this point. Would a doctor prescribe it to me? I think I know the answer.. But famn Vic I need some advice man. There’s know way in hell you would have wanted to wait to take juice if you were 18 again. How can I be a lion Vic natty how? You should really do an article about taking steroids safely and which ones to take in case idiots like me decide to do them.

    • Victor Pride says

      Ty, I sympathize with you. I wouldn’t want to wait 10 years either. But I can’t in good conscience give gear advice to an 18 year old. You are still developing, whether you believe me or not, and I don’t want to be responsible for problems you may have in the future.

    • Panos says

      F@ck! Ty for your age and training experience, you are a LION with these lift numbers!

      My suggestion would be to change your programm. You could perhaprs do 10 triples or singles at your 95% and then do 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps at 75%.

      And maybe to eat like a maniac beef and eggs (whole eggs).

      Just my suggestions, don’t say that are the real deal. But, you could try.

      • Ty says

        Thanks so much for the compliments guys it really means a lot. I owe my fast progress to people like you and Vic that share there wisdom over the internet. I was blessed to have acess to all this knowledge at such a young age, it allowed me to train smartly and efficiently right from the get go. I decided to lay off the juice at least for now but when I’m older and my body is mature enough to handle it, you can bet your ass I’ll be sending you a message Vic. You might not be the number 1 expert on steroids but I feel as if i can trust you and that goes a very long way in my book. Have a happy Easter everyone.

        • Victor Pride says

          “I decided to lay off the juice at least for now but when I’m older and my body is mature enough to handle it, you can bet your ass I’ll be sending you a message Vic.”

          When that day comes you have my word I will kick you the real deal.

  46. Dejan says

    I’ve been a long time reader, bought your eBooks, etc… but you have just completely killed you credibility by say this “Two meals per day from McDonalds will get you into better shape than 6 meals per day of chicken, rice and broccoli.”.

    There has to be a missing screw in your head to eat that much sodium, msg, sugar and other rubbish that come along with mcdonalds foods than a whole food diet.

    Just because your body can take it and process it, that does not mean it works for others and for you to recommend it like you do is crazy because I know there is young skinny guys out there that will actually listen.

    Get informed about a proper nutritional diet, recommend that and then consider telling people to add a steak and a few eggs a day. Quit trying to poison the population, we are not lions we are humans.

          • Dejan says

            Victor you are the man, I put you under the pump their with my comment. The one thing I respect about a man is one who goes through with what he says a.k.a keeping his word.

          • Victor Pride says

            No harm, pal. Everything I say about diet comes from direct experience. The leanest I’ve ever been in my life was from 2 meals per day burger king and mcdonalds. I never posted that pic but it’s unreal how lean I was. I also understand that people have shitty days and sometimes go to the internet to vent. But I don’t take no bullshit from commenters. So have a nice day, and enjoy whatever food you like. And do me a favor, send those “blow off steam comments” to other people. That’s not often tolerated here.

    • Alexander says

      CT Fletcher has said that for at least 10 years he pumped several cheeseburgers a day. Now he’s eating clean.

      • Victor Pride says

        He used to be a little fat didn’t he? Regardless, you can eat cheeseburgers and be jacked. If you do it right.

  47. Adrian says

    Superdrol has had incredible benefits for me. Over the course of 6 weeks, my max bench press went from 250 to 292 lbs (there are websites that estimate your max based on how many reps you can do at a particular weight). I have been lifting for about 6 months after taking a 5 year hiatus. Granted, before that, I worked out for 9 years straight. Keep in mind, I weigh 180 lbs.

    Here is the thing: I stopped taking the superdrol for 6 days and my bench dropped to 270 lbs. Then I took the pills again and the very next session I hit the 292 lbs again. The significant drop was likely due to the shortfall of T in a withdrawal period but to get right back to where I was at is pretty sweet.

  48. Anonk says

    Victor I skinny and its hard for me to gain weight.When I started lifting weights I gained around 20 pounds max and then I stopped gaining.

    I’m still a teen and I haven’t been hitting the racks lately.But would it be a good idea that when I do start lifting to do the following.
    Eat fast food everyday until I get big.
    Combined with liting heavy weights at low reps.Then when I get big switch to light weight high rep in order to commence sculpting and lay off the fast food.

  49. John says

    Hey Victor,

    Great post as always, Just a couple of questions, i recently bought a copy of your ebook “Body of a spartan”

    1,) Since my arms are really thin, do i need to work them 3-4 days in a row ? I’ve done the one part per week and i got no where.

    2.) Should i play biceps/triceps on the same day ?

    3.) How do you finish your workouts in 30 minutes, it takes at least an hour and half for me to complete the exercises following your template.

    Thanks again

  50. PM says

    Victor you said: ”Personally I hate going to the gym. I love lifting weights but I hate being in transit to the gym. I hate walking across the polluted street near my home, I hate waiting for the sky train, I hate walking behind slow people.” That’s a good thing because as John Doe says: ”Do not drive your car to the gym, walk, jog, ride a bike, or take the bus. The more you have invested in getting to the gym, the less likely you are to fuck around and you’ll make each workout count.”

  51. says

    Victor your last 2 posts have been outstanding I love the pic of there are a lot of senior citizens 70,80, and 90s who want to look like u at their age but the laws of aging stops them. Jack lalanne worked out in his 90s but he didnt look good by that time. What pointers would u give this part of the population that looks up to u and feels its too late to start and look like u?

  52. says

    Victor, in 30 days of discipline doing 100 push ups,100 sit ups and 100 squats everyday for 30 days straight what is the supposed to do? If you cant afford a gym membership is it ok to just stick to that and can you get in shape doing that alone?

    • Vendetta says

      You’ll look a darn sight better than someone who does nothing and you’ll be strong.

      There is a book called “You Are Your Own Gym” – has a few hundred exercises using your own body weight and stuff around the house like chairs and tables to help you get ripped.

      Do that until you have money – when u can afford a gym, you’ll be ahead of the game.

      • crusher says

        This ^^^ Did 100-150 push-ups 6 days a week for 6 months straight. When I first started lifting weights, I was way bigger and stronger than most guys in the gym.

  53. BT says

    I have decided to get on TRT.

    Researching options now.
    Looks like there is no way my doc (Kaiser) will subscribe unless my total T is below 200 (I know… ridiculous).

    Without insurance, what is the average cost you guys are looking at?
    Best i can find is $199 per month (Test Cyp, HCG, Estrogen blocker).

    Is this about right in terms of cost?

    • Victor Pride says

      That’s about right for legit. Black market is way cheaper but a) untrustworthy and b) possibly illegal depending on your location.

  54. Ed says

    Hey Vic, I just wanna thank you for producing such a captivating and truly LIFE TRANSFORMING blog. The values that you teach are aligned with the values of masculinity, respect of tradition, ambition, and basically everything else that my father taught me.

    I’m an Asian-American reader of your blog, but still connect very deeply with what you say about being proud of your roots, and not apologizing for your heritage. I’m also wary of not being indoctrinated by the leftist-biased “white bashing” crap that some colleges spew, and I’m grateful that you’ve basically put in words the core values that my father has taught me.

    Keep up the amazing work.

  55. Mr. A says


    Could you share sample workout from your present training routine? You say, you rarely spend more than 30 min in the gym. Does it include warm-up?

    BTW, I would be very grateful if you’d share some new thoughts about weight lifting. Routines from Body of a Spartan seriously accelerated my progress. Though, I feel I need some new ideas as my progress recently stalled.

    • Victor Pride says

      Sure, today I went in and did chins ups, 2 sets to failure with slow negatives on the last 2-3 reps, then lat pulldowns, 3 sets, then I supersetted leg extentions with leg curls for about 8 sets increasing in weight each set, then 3 sets stiff legged deadlifts, finished when I thought I was probably going to pass out, had to hold on to the squat cage so I didn’t fall down.

      My workout yesterday: incline bench press 5 sets, barbell curls superset with cable triceps extensions 4 sets, db curls superset with db triceps extensions 3 sets, hammer curls superset with close grip bench 3 sets, db side laterals superset with bent over laterals for rear delts 3 sets, 3 sets rear delt machine, 2 sets hammer strength overhead press machine. Finish. Hit it and quit it. Sweat from the first set and stop when the pump fades. 23 sets, 30 mins or less, rest is for fatasses.

      I don’t do long warmups. My first set is my warmup, then I’m good to go. I only take rest periods when doing the first exercise (like bench) and going a little heavy. This is not a good workout if you don’t have a solid base, this is for refinement not for building. It’s basically 2 workouts .. a) legs/back b) everything else and it’s based on instinct so the exercises change here and there.

      Basic ideas: Pump the fuck up. Don’t rest. Be covered in sweat. Make all the fucking fat go away. Look completely different when I leave the gym 30 minutes later, pumped up like the hulk.

      #1 rule for bodybuilding training: You’ve got to be able to handle heavy weight to train light. You’ll get nothing from training light if you never put in your time training heavy.

      • Mr. A says

        Intensive. It made me realize how lazy I am. My workouts take 1.5h-2h. I do 3-4 big lifts (presently ramping up sets of 3 reps), then 3 isolation exercises. 5-6/week., it’s Upper Body Push/Upper Body Pull/Legs split. I’m still building my strength base and need to put some quality weight on so I doubt routine you’ve presented would fit my goals. Although, it inspired me to move my ass faster and my goal is to finish my training in an hour from now on. Thanks.

        What do you think about training on an empty stomach? I do it occasionally when in rush or for some other reason. 2-3 sessions like that and I’m visibly more ripped w/o dieting.

        • Victor Pride says

          “What do you think about training on an empty stomach? I do it occasionally when in rush or for some other reason. 2-3 sessions like that and I’m visibly more ripped w/o dieting.”

          I like it, I feel better, I feel lighter, I get better workouts in, I hate lifting with a full belly, but you’ve got to get the timing right. Today I ate almost nothing in the morning but I didn’t get to the gym until 2. This is exactly why I was about to pass out after stiff legged deads, empty belly, but some of the supps I’m taking require food. Naturally, no supps no nothing, I’ve been to the gym at 7pm with zero cals in my system and had terrific workouts.

          • Mr. A says

            If I do it on purpose, I have a big meal just before going to bed day before. Then I’m full next day until afternoon. And as I usually train in the morning, I’m using energy from my evening meal and I’m fine. I’m just thinking sometimes if it has any negative impact on my muscles. Though, so far it’s good and I’m not doing it that often to worry about that.

            I tend to train with empty stomach mostly on my Upper Body Pulling days. It improves pull-ups performance a lot.

  56. Mr. A says

    PS: Didn’t you think about releasing 2nd edition of BOAS? Instead of picture instructions, you could make videos on YT with exercise demonstrations. Maybe it could serve as a marketing and bring new audience to B&D.
    Regardless of your plans, I keep on recommending BOAS to every person I talk to at the gym. I was even accused twice of taking steroids (that’s how fast I was progressing). It was month and a half after I started to train 6/week (instead of 3/week), started doing sets of heavy singles and triples and stopped stressing about diet (instead of 5 meals a day started to eat 2 big ones).

    Thanks for everything Victor.

  57. says

    Hello Victor. Regarding your diminished apetite for that girlfriend when you started TRT – behind every beautiful woman, is a man tired of fu****g her :)

    About training I would like to know Your opinons:
    1) What is the better options for building muscle group . Lets say 20 heavy sets once per week / or 3 times per week 7 heavy sets ( plus another for differnt muscles).

    2) What amount of reptitions do You prefer for muscle building 4-6 , 6-8, 8-12 ?

    Thank You ! Have a nice day


    • Victor Pride says

      “Hello Victor. Regarding your diminished apetite for that girlfriend when you started TRT – behind every beautiful woman, is a man tired of fu****g her :)”

      Save that bullshit for retards who don’t fix their problems. I have a problem, I fix it. Being tired of her can be fixed in ten seconds… “get out and don’t come back”.

      1) 3 times per week.
      2) 6-8

  58. fighttilyouwin says

    Hi Victor, thanks for all you do. I’ve been checking your blog periodically over the last two years

  59. Matias Page says

    I have a question for you Vic, or anyone else who might have a few minutes to help.

    I’m building my body and my mind. I’m building my own business so I can buy my freedom to do what I want with my time. But my body is not responding the way I need/want it to.

    I’m 36 years old. I’m in “good shape”, but too weak and skinny for my liking. I’m training much like your book Body of a Spartan recommends and I love to train. But I’m not feeling very well. I have low libido (no erection problems, just no drive to chase tail). I don’t watch porn at all. And I have mysterious changes in my mood. I just feel weak and unmotivated. I have to push myself harder every day just to get basic things done.

    So I went to an endocrinologist after reading this post. Some results are:

    TSH (plasma thyrotropin) = 5.96 uL/ml [0.34 – 5.60]
    T4 Free (Effective Thyroxine) = 0.77 ng% [0.60 – 1.50]
    PLASMA PROLACTIN = 20.22 ng/ml [2.50 – 13.50]
    TESTOSTERONE TOTAL = 4.89 ng/ml [2.4 – 16.0] This is 489 ng/dl according to my conversion.

    He said it’s only slight hypothyroidism. Testosterone is perfect according to him. So he recommends that I take T4 (sodic levothyroxine x25mg every day) and “keep him updated”…

    What would you do in my case? Do you have any recommendations. I would appreciate some advice or ideas.

    Thanks Vic for your great writing and your inspiration.

    • Victor Pride says

      If I were you ‘d take the t4 and see if the issues resolve. Hypo or hyperthyroidism can be a real bitch but it’s an easy fix.

      • Matias Page says

        Thanks for your time.

        I want to raise my testosterone to 600 or more (TRT). Would you say that the thyroid should be dealt with first?

        BTW, it’s “Labor Day” here in Argentina. And today I’m working on my project harder than ever, mostly as a statement to myself.

  60. Michael says


    Quick questions regarding bodybuilders vs. strongmen:

    1) The average strongman, in terms of pure strength, would probably blow the bodybuilder out of the water, correct? Is this a function of strongmen being more willing to carry excess fat?

    2) Have great strongmen like Magnus Norman taken steroids? I ask because while they are extremely strong, they do not have the ridiculously low body fat or chiseled physique of bodybuilders (in fact, they are often quite fat).


    • Victor Pride says

      1) In terms of strength, sure. Strength is more about tendons, ligaments, bones that it is about muscle. Bodybuilding muscle is “show muscle”.
      2) Yes. You don’t get chiseled from steroids, you get chiseled from dieting. End of story.

    • D. Bag says

      To chime in –

      As a former strongman competitor (not high level, just a handful of comps for fun), i can say that there’s a world of difference between how they and bodybuilders train. Strongman involves training for max strength, strength/speed endurance and overall conditioning (for moving events or max rep events). BB’ers train for physique first and will forego pure strength as it means little on the platform come competition time. For these differences, the strongman competitors are almost always stronger by sheer bodyweight based on how they train. But, you are correct, in not always worrying about dieting down, it is easier to build and keep getting stronger vs. the BB’er “two steps forward, one step back” of bulking, cutting, and repeating. Train to be strong, get strong. Train to be ripped, you sacrifice some strength, that’s just how it usually goes unless you’re taking test or other things that can change the dynamic.

      As for strongman competitors being juiced, of COURSE they are. Show me a crop of elite athletes in any sport today and I’ll show you people who know best how to manipulate physique and performance through chemical enhancement. Nothing wrong with it, of course, just that we need to all understand that the guys in the ads you see who are 300 lbs ripped lean are NOT getting that way from OTC supplements.

  61. says

    Hey Victor,

    I’m 15 and recently got your 30 Days of Discipline Book and not Body of a Spartan yet. Been doing the exercises (100 push ups, squats, sit ups) well and I’m looking for a better home workout since I can’t go to the gym anytime soon. In fact, all I use for lifting is two 20 lb. dumbbells, but they’re not enough. If you could recommend a natural body weight workout using the dumbbells or not it’d be much appreciated.

    Keep up the quality posts man. They’re very inspiring.

    • Abgrund says

      At 100 reps/day, your bodyweight should be plenty, if you are doing them right. Move smoothly and deliberately, don’t jerk or bounce, go all the way down. On pushups, your nose should touch the floor and your legs and torso should stay in a rigid straight line. If that’s not hard enough, spread your hands wider. Still not hard enough? elevate your feet on a couple phone books, or a chair if you are badass.

      For squats, you should go as far down as your balance permits. Extend your arms straight in front of you, clasp your hands together for stability, and you can go further down. Hold your dumbbells out in front of you as far as you can, not down at your sides. Your torso should be as upright as possible – get your ass down, not your shoulders.

      I don’t recommend conventional situps, which tend to put strain on the back for no good purpose. If you must do them, have your knees bent and your legs elevated. You can get more resistance by using dumbbells. If you want to be badass, start with dumbbells level with your chin and press them over your head as you do the situp. Or do jackknifes or a Roman chair type exercise instead.

      A better bodyweight exercise IMO is pullups or chinups. You can make them easier, if necessary, by resting your feet on a chair (with your knees bent). If you haven’t got a suitable bar, sometimes you can make do with furniture. For example, get under a table and grab two opposite edges. Pull yourself up with your body rigid and your feet resting on the floor, like an inverted pushup. This can be quite challenging because you usually have a wide grip by necessity.

  62. says

    My buddy is skinny-fat. Every time I try to get him to the gym, he says that he doesn’t enjoy it and that he “just isn’t like me.” He thinks I got strong by magic or something and that it takes no willpower for me to workout. I keep telling him he could be huge and jacked if he would just go to the gym and follow the workout plan I gave him, but he always does about a week and then quits. I guess I’ll just keep working on being a genetic freak while he sits on his computer all day.

    • Justin says

      Sounds like your buddy just doesn’t want it. If he ever bitches tell him to shut the fuck up or do something about it.

  63. Mr. A says

    Out of pure curiosity, may I ask how TRT affected level of your body hair? Did you grew any new or existing ones got “fuller”? I’m thinking about going on TRT on second half of the year and I wonder what androgenic effects to expect. BTW, did any noticeable “androgenic” changes happened to you while on TRT?

    • Victor Pride says

      My body hair grows at an unbelievable speed. If I were a bodybuilder I’d have to shave my body twice per week. Noticeable androgenic changes? I got bigger, stronger and harder.

  64. Cesar says


    I am 21 years old and I look just like you did at twenty one… my question is:

    How do I up my apetite?

    I’ve been rocking that calm feeling I get from steaks, and I hate to think that I got to go back to eating junk food and carbs but if it’s a must than I’ll do it. (To Get Big)

    • Cesar says

      Disregard this… I realized I’m procrastinating by asking this.

      I downed a bunch of food felt fat nearly all day and listened to myself bitch about it, realized that’s pathetic and just went on to exercise regardless.

      I gotta say that eating a lot more than I’m used to is uncomfortable as fuck but the body is almighty and will get used to anything as long as you keep pushing.

      For those out there waiting to take action…let me tell you that if you really want something then you should be doing it NOW.

      30 Days of Discipline is definitetly worth the asking price.

    • Victor Pride says

      I force fed like a pig to get bigger. Even going to far as to drinking a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper and eating a tub of ice cream everyday. That WILL get you fat but you will gain weight and muscle if you lift weights.

  65. Stephen says

    Hey Vic, I saw a post from the Archives from December 2010 that you recommend the book “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie, but in the Approved Resorces section, you no longer do it. Is there a reason why?

    • Victor Pride says

      Nah, just don’t want 10,000 books in the approved resources page. If you haven’t already, check out his book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, I like that one more than How to Win Friends.

  66. sex symbol says

    Victor do u still follow the 1 meal a day? if u do what and how big is that meal? do u lose muscle when u follow it? thanks…

  67. George says

    Hey Victor Pride, I’m a teenager wanting to put on muscular weight, what should I eat for lunch that will put quality weight on me? What did you eat for lunch to put on weight? I eat the other several meals for the day, I just have trouble with lunch.

  68. Skinny Guy says

    Good post Victor,

    However, what happens when you go to the gym, work hard everyday, and you still aren’t putting on any results? What is it someone can be doing wrong? I’m a skinny guy trying to bulk up, I’ve gone to the gym many times, but it’s almost as if I’m spinning my wheels. Could it be wrong workouts? Could it be low testosterone levels? Could it be the only possible way to get big and see results in a reasonable time is to get on the juice? It could be that I am also not eating enough calories. How long did it take you to go from skinny to beast? What did you start doing so differently that dramatically changed your results? Is the juice your real secret to getting big? You talk about going to the gym a lot , but what EXACTLY did you start doing differently? It’s more than just going and lifting for a half hour. How does one go to the gym , lift hard, and know they will get results, when time after time has shown they are left spinning there wheels getting no where?

    I would like to see your input.
    -Skinny guy

    • says

      Skinny guy,

      How much are you eating – are you tracking your calories? Chances are you’re consuming fewer calories than you think you are.
      In terms of lifting are you performing heavy compounds as opposed to lots of isolation exercises?
      The main issues I encounter when assisting and training new lifters is that they’re:

      a) consuming less calories than their TDEE (number of calories required to maintain their current weight)
      b) focusing on bicep curls and other pointless isolation exercises, while these exercises are good they are best incorporated later down the road once you’ve built a base, then you can begin to hone in on individual muscle groups.

      Hope this helps.


  69. mike says

    just curious victor for some clarification. You literally take oral steroids year round without stopping?

    • Victor Pride says

      No fella. No way. 4 weeks max. Oral steroids, esp. the legal ones, are hepatotoxic, THEY ARE NOT SAFE TO RUN YEAR ‘ROUND!

      • Dustin says


        great post. I’ve gone to 3 different doctors with test levels at 298 total and like 60 bioavailable and all 3 say my test levels are fine. They are smoking crack because I feel like shit most of the time with brain fog, no sex drive (and I used to be able to go again and again) and emotions are jacked up.

        I’m pretty good in size and have good strength (max lifts – 315 bench, 425 dead and 415 squat but have plateaued) so I think when the doctors see me and they think nothing is wrong because I don’t look like I have a problem. My bloodwork shows there is a problem though. Not only with my test levels but I’m showing signs of hypothyroidism as my t3 and t4 levels are way low; I’m showing high antibodies (hashimotos’s) and my tsh was 145.

        Just keep pounding on doctors doors showing the bloodwork until I find one of them to give it to me?

        I’ve told all of them my symptoms and show my bloodwork. They all just say take the synthroid and your test levels are fine, it’s the thyroid causing the sex drive issue and the synthroid will make you feel like a million bucks soon, just keep taking it. That shit gives me headaches and causes bald spots on my face so I have to shave all the time.

        It takes me longer and longer now to recover from my workouts. Legs take a full 7 days. I’m sore as hell for 4 of those days.

        Any suggestions with the doctors? TRT sounds like what I need for sure.

        • Utopianfreeman says

          Low testosterone is a symptom. Your problems will only get worse, solve the problem at it roots. My guess is diet, something is lacking either a mineral or vitamin. Now take a really close look at what your intake is, aim for the quadruple of the FDA recommendends.

  70. Andy says

    Hey Vic, we are all waiting for you to write something new.
    I hope you didn’t get stuck in some pussy in Thailand or something.
    Chers, and keep the good work.

  71. Mr. A says

    “I hope you didn’t get stuck in some pussy in Thailand or something.” – Brilliant comment.

  72. Billy says

    Hey Victor, I recently started Body of a Spartan and I love it! I’m addicted to weight lifting especially after I quit swimming. I plan my day around workouts, not the other way around. I did have a few questions about the workout and diet.
    1. I’m eating two meals a day. Should I eat until I’m just plain full?
    2. Is the rest day required or can I just go 7 days straight?
    3. Should I do the max amount of supplemental exercises EX: 5 sets of 12?
    4. And how often should I do sets to failure?

    Thank for your time!

    • Mr. A says

      I’m not Victor. However, I dare to share my experiences and opinions.

      1. First what is your goal? Fat loss, muscle mass increase? If you are just satisfied with your present body composition, simply eat to make sure you feel good, are not hungry and provide enough nutrients (calories) to maintain body you have.
      2. It all depends how you recover. How much testosterone you have, if rest /sleep enough, eat properly. In many cases it’s possible to go 7 day/week. However, deload or simple rest from the gym is good (if not necessary) from time to time. Sometimes, if training too much you can actually decrease your gains. It’s when you don’t recover properly from the workouts.
      3. I’m not sure what you are asking about exactly so I won’t try to answer.
      4. If you want to train 7 days a week NEVER! Or at least never on purpose. Training to failure kills my (and not only) recover abilities. Instead, train for performance on basic lifts as often as possible. Unless you are training for bodybuilding and have “enhanced” recovery abilities training to failure can actually decrease your gains in a long run and in the very bad scenario lead to injury.

      Hope I could help. All the best.

  73. Ken says

    It’s funny, because you can find “Body of a Spartan” on Scribd – posted by a guy called Ali Hassani. Might be free. Any affiliation, Vic?

  74. Farhad Gul says

    My man Vic! Just checking in, there hasn’t been a blog post from you. Hopefully your just chilling on vacation and nothing’s wrong.

  75. Cesar says

    Victor are you taking a break from writhing B&D articles?

    I know I’m not the only one waiting to read some new kick-ass content, just sayin’.

  76. Jacob says

    Hope everything is OK, Vic. Haven’t heard from you in a while (I sent you a few emails about the affiliate program and my start-up) and haven’t seen a B&D post in a while either. If there is anything wrong, I hope you will be able to resolve it quickly.

  77. Italian G says

    Have you been held up in a whore house in Thailand? This next article must be the mother of all articles! :)

  78. TheGreyWolf says

    The Thai military has announced a coup and suspended the Thai constitution. Thailand in general and Bangkok in particular are not desirable places for an American right now. We know Pride is okay because he is still posting our replies. I don’t care how jacked or badass you are, you have to respect tanks and machine guns. Pride’s probably a little distracted. Give him some time.

  79. speaking my mind says

    I ve posted comments too often now, that means I’m not taking any real action but waiting around to spark a fire that I let die out because of excuses and buts.

    I dont know what my T levels are cause of fears, and over-thinking (clearly efete traits)

    Whatever I wont be visiting the site until I serve time owed and I’m on trt, If I do not get on trt I promise I will not come back that is all.


  80. Sam says

    Hey Victor I took your advice from a past article and got a manual labor job at UPS. I put on 25 lbs of muscle last year but now I am reaping the benefits of all that heavy lifting. Using perfect form and uncompromisingly going to the gym for 6 days a week for 4 months in 2013 was enough to ensure that I have a strong base of strength for the rest of my life. I maintain on 2 meals a day and I eat whatever I want yet still have low body fat. People thought I was weird for my commitment but that’s what obsession is like for alpha male winners. It’s amazing how hard work always pays off someday. BOS was worth every penny.

  81. George says

    hi victor

    You said that when you are on you have muscle and when you are off you dont. Lots of people claim that after a successful cycle with good pct you can keep some of the gains..they are lying?this is impossible?what do you think
    thank you

  82. go says

    you say to don’t cycle hormones. Isn’t this “unhealthy” and dangerous?
    Or are you referring only to the people that use TRT?

  83. Chris says

    Hey Victor,

    I think your blog is awesome, and I love to read it. I recently just bought your Body of a Spartan book, and I am so pumped up to start work out. The case here is just I am going on vacation with my familiy in 1 month, and if I start now with the training, I will have to pause about 2-3 weeks because of vacation. So my question to you is: Should I just start now with training now no matter what, and just pause 2-3 weeks when I have to go on vacation, or should I begin to work out after my vacation, which is about 25 of July.

  84. PM says

    Is it normal that my testosterone falls off so quickly after training, Like this week after 3 workout I felt like a castrated man. maybe too much bodybuilding style and not enough power lifting?

  85. Tyler David says


    Hey man I’ve noticed I am continuing to get a lot stronger but haven’t put on too much weight. I work extremely hard in the gym and although my numbers go up, the physical results aren’t quite there. I’m 6’0 175 aged 20 and play D1 college baseball. I am a strong kid for my size squat 375, dead 400, and power clean 250 but I don’t look that impressive. I am definitely small boned and a hard gainer. I eat very clean but I still don’t have a great 6-pack (more like a 4). I think its important to note that being a pitcher in college most my lifts are olympic style. I’d love to put on 10-15 pounds but putting on weight has been extremely hard for me. If you could give me some suggestions I would really appreciate it.

    • Jacob says

      Tyler, if you’re new to weightlifting, you will notice some rather large strength gains without packing on too much muscle at first. Not sure of all the terms, but basically your body is creating more nerve connections in your muscles so you can recruit more of the muscle when you lift.

      • Tyler David says

        Thanks for the response Jacob. Im now going into my junior year of college and I’ve been lifting with a professional trainer since my junior year of high school so I’m not really new to weight lifting. I was REALLY skinny when i started, probably 5’11 155lbs. My lifting is pretty much set so does anyone have any diet or supplement suggestions for me? Im 175 and I’d love to be 185.

        • Jacob says

          I’m a fan of the Primal Blueprint diet that Mark Sisson created. Just makes sense to me. Very nutrient dense and plenty of proteins and fats to build muscle and boost testosterone.

          I don’t do a whole lot of supplements myself other than a standard multivitamin and a Vit D pill. Vic has mentioned liver pills and I have been thinking of giving them a shot.

          • Tyler David says

            Jacob I researched that diet and it looks very promising. The only thing I’m concerned with is do you think I would be able to put on a lot of weight while eating very few carbs?

          • says

            The thing I like about Mark’s Primal Blueprint is it doesn’t take the very rigid stance on carbs like other paleo diets do. If you’re very active, bump the carb intake up. The typical ranges he uses are as follows:
            <50g = keto, fast weight loss
            50-100g = easy weight loss
            100-150g = maintenance

            If you're super active I'd start around 125-150g and see how that works for you. If your protein and fat consumption is good and you're still losing weight then you might try bumping the carb intake by a 10-20 grams (but not above 200g unless you're training like an olympic athlete or something).

            I tend to go low carb on rest days or light days and bump up the carbs on more intense days. Play around with it. It takes some experimentation.

  86. PM says

    Victor, I’m not arguing with you about the steroids, you’ve been there and done that and I have not. But that’s what I’m thinking:
    Doing steroids cycle young will impact your hpta, yes, but the way I see it, every man will need trt sooner or later; you went on at 29 and never did steroids before… lot of men go on trt in late 20’s, early 30’s even if they didn’t cycle steroids before… so even if you do steroids before 25 years old and end up with low t because of it, you’ll go on trt anyway, steroids or not, training or not.
    Now, it’s true that you have to know how to train, know how to progress in the gym and have a good base of muscles before, no doubt about that, a lot of stupid people that are thin as a rail take dbol and they look the same.
    You will probably say that these cycles will give you muscles and then you’ll loose them later, but people who haven’t reached their absolute genetic limits and who know what they are doing, have a good pct afterwards and keep a good diet to maintain will keep a very good portion of their gains and just reach their natural limits quicker. it’s harder to keep steroids gains when you are over your natural limits. I’m able to progress in the gym, it’s just that I want to go quicker, I am not patient at all.

    • Victor Pride says

      Couple things…

      You won’t stay skinny on real dbol. Won’t happen.

      If you go off gear you will eventually lose everything you gained.

      There is no PCT to keep gains. TRT is your base and you never go off if you want to keep gains. PCT and diet mean jack shit, if you’re off eventually it will all go away. A TRT base + 2-3 cycles a year and you’ll keep it.

      • pm says

        Alright. I truly thought that you could keep gains from gear when under genetic limiit. I guess I’ll have to wait until my doctor finds me miserable enough to allow trt. Damn it woulld be cool if I could just go to costco and buy some test p

  87. says

    By changing our environmental conditions we can affect our genes. Certain genes will be turned “on” or “off” based on the lives we choose to lead. The more time you spend working out and eating right, the more those genes for improving muscle and losing fat will be turned “on”. Hard work will always be the deciding factor when it comes to winning, but it’s not going to happen overnight. It takes years of consistency to see big changes, so buckle down for the long haul.

    Good overall advice about training, diet, and hormones as well.

  88. Paul says

    I have a question, and if I can get any help I would be grateful.

    I recently purchased a gym membership and started following Body of a Spartan since this past Tuesday. I’ve been training hard and heavy.

    My main concern is about my eating habits and schedule. I am currently a 235lb 19 year old at 5`6″.

    Given that information, I need to know if I should be eating big or eating small. On one hand, I’m worry that I may not eat enough to get my necessary calories for how hard I train, on the other hand, I worry that I may end up eating more than I need to.

    If I follow BOAS to the tee, how much should I be eating?

    Some useful information:
    19 years old
    235 lbs
    5 foot 6 inches
    I’ve been eating 2-3 meals a day, with foods like bacon, eggs and rice
    I go to the gym generally between 1700-1900
    I don’t drink soda except when in my lunch break.
    I’m also a brand new beginner in weight training

    Given the information above, how big or small should I eat

    • says

      Paul, if you’re getting plenty of protein and enough fat to facilitate hormone production, I’d cut down the carbs….definitely cut out the sodas and limit the rice you eat. Low cal, nutrient-dense veggies would be the better option. Given your size, my priorities would be first lose weight, then get massive. Eat for weight loss first. It’s easier to lose fat than gain muscle and you’ll notice progress sooner.

    • PM says

      I’d focus on losing weight first, eat less and stop drinking that stupid soda and do 2-3 sprints sessions by week, you’ll lose fat fast

      • says

        Sprints are indeed a very powerful tool for losing weight and putting on muscle, but I have to respectfully disagree on the number you suggest. If he’s a beginner, his fitness level is probably not high enough to support 2-3 sprint sessions on top of a dedicated weightlifting program. The only exception would be if they were short sprint sessions. My suggestion would be 1 sprint session/week until he’s lost weight and had a few months of strength training under his belt.

  89. Mark says

    I personally don’t like testosterone. I have used it in the past but hated the side effects. My face would turn beet red for days. Libido was great, can’t complain there but even that had weird side effects. At this point in my life (just turned 50 a few days ago) I take HCG at 100mcg daily and Aromasin every other day. That keeps my testosterone levels high naturally. It even allows me to use steroids that are much stronger than testosterone like trenbolone. Trenbolone Enanthate is known for harsh side effects, but my experience is that it is only true if you are taking testosterone with it. I have no side effects on trenbolone as long as I don’t take test with it. When bulking, I take dianabol and when cutting I take anavar. Additionally, I take ipamorelin and CJC-1293 at 100mcg each every night before bed. This makes my body release growth hormone. At 50 years old, I look like a bodybuilder and look much younger than I am. At 6’2″ I have a 29″ waist and a 54″ chest. My body turns heads wherever I go. I have good genetics for my shape but I don’t think I could have achieved my results without the pharmacological help….

  90. Caleb says

    Hey Victor,

    I’m 18 years old and I’ve been lifting for about four months using the 5×5 method. I’ve had some decent gains from it (195 squat, 275 deadlift), but lately I’ve been stalling left and right. I went from 145 lbs to 185 lbs at 6’1 thanks to the shotgun approach to eating (dirty bulking), and while a good deal of that is muscle, the majority of it (at least 20 lbs) is definitely fat. I bought BOAS about a month ago and I’ve been intending to switch over to it from 5×5. I’m just wondering if you think it’s best for me to continue gaining mass or if I should cut some fat before trying to gain more size, as well as how forgiving BOAS would be at a caloric deficit. I’d really appreciate your insight and any suggestions you might have.

  91. says

    Good post. As I get older, testosterone replace therapy is something I’m really thinking about. Father time and genetics never lose.

  92. Jack LaBear says

    Victor, your muscular development is clearly due to training.

    “In the last 14 days I’ve only been in the gym 14 times.”

    Your genetic gift is being able to tolerate that much exercise.

    Back when I followed the standard advice to lift 1 hour 3 times a week, I made little progress. I frequently got colds. Same thing with a rather husky buddy of mine. He blamed it on picking up germs at the gym.
    Years later, I came across the idea of exercise as medicine where the best amount is the minimum effective dose. After cutting down to ~18 sets once every 5-7 days, I made good progress and at 57yo am the most muscular I’ve been in my life. I rarely get colds anymore. And I’m not sore all the time either.

  93. Greg says

    Hi Victor,

    I have to say, your post is spot on.
    I’m a 45 yo Asian guy, and while I did hear a lot of crap “Asians can’t get big because of genetics..etc..” in my youth, I chose to give it my all anyways, and as a results have been able to start out at a skinny 120 lbs at 5’10” to a muscular 189 lbs at 14% (which I’m happy with).
    No one can know for certain what our Genetic limits are until they’re pushed with hard work and a ‘Never QUIT attitude. It helps that I don’t listen to naysayers.

    So thanks, Man, for this post. It validates my world so far.

    • BEN says

      To Greg
      “Asians can’t get big because of genetics..etc..”
      LOL look at those chinese weightlifter. They are beasts.
      The truth is eating rice and pork, and reading book dont make you BIG.
      Eating steak and eggs, and lifting make you BIG!!

  94. Johnb898 says

    I have not checked in here for a while since I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are good quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend debkbceeacea

  95. Jean says


    I’m the skinny fat guy. I’m determined to get my ass to the gym for the time it takes to get the body I want and to keep it.

    2 questions :

    My joints are weak. Everytime I od a push up (even against a wall), my elbow’s joint hurt like hell. Same with squats : after one or two squats, my knee joints hurt badly. Being a Martial Art practicant, I know the difference between pain of effort and pain before wounding myself. In this case, I feel that if I go further, I will hurt myself. What can I do?

    I am short (171cm). How can I radiate dominance and pride despite my size?

    Thanks for your time and your kick-ass blog.

    • says

      Hey Jean. From a fellow MA practitioner I would suggest incorporating some weightlifting to help put on muscle. If what you say is true and you do have weak joints, weightlifting will help build muscle which will take some of the pressure off your joints.

      The big lifts (squats, deadlifts, bench press, and pullups) are best but if those hurt your joints you might try other exercises/machines until you can find some that don’t hurt the joints but allow you to steadily increase the weight. Experimentation is key. Once you get stronger, you might come back and try the squats and pushups again.

      Best of luck.

      • Movonnow says

        Hey Jacob.

        Thanks for the answer. My MA teacher told me we would do some Chin na training next year so it will strengthen my elbow joints, which is good news.

        I hear you about gaining muscles. I still don’t know how to do it, my back, my left arm and my neck have been injured so I don’t think lifting would be a good idea. I will consider it though, maybe with light weights….or swimming could be good too. Anyway, thanks for showing me the way to go!

        All the best.

  96. Nick says

    Hey Victor. Im 18 and several months back I checked my testosterone levels which came out to 432ng/dl. This was when I was training hard but making very limited gains in the gym. Im positive the number is even lower now. My doctor thinks im crazy for wanting to go on test and told me it’s completely normal. Ive struggled with depression and lethargy all my life as well as weak erections. People always called me gay growing up and I actually believed them because I wasn’t into girls around the time I should’ve been. Should I go on testosterone or steroids? And how would I go about doing this?

  97. Nick says

    I couldn’t agree more with PED’s being essential to a man in todays age.

    I’ve done my first 2 shots of test @ 200ml a week. Doctor wouldn’t entertain I had low test due to my age (23) even though I was showing all the typical symptoms. He denied me bloodwork on NHS so I took shit into my own hands and did TRT myself. The difference high test makes to your mentality, energy levels, quality of work, focus, sex drive is unreal. Even my cock has returned to its 7 1/2 inch glory that it was when I was 18/19 (I lost 2 inches and put it down to age) – test even makes you a more balanced person. I’ve never felt this good in my entire life.

    If you’re over 21 and male you need to be taking testosterone, simple as. The very food and water you drink is full of estrogen (even the fish in rivers now are turning from male to female due to it) – you simply cannot avoid the fact you need it if you want to be a winner.

    Dont even wait to go to the doctor, they are all fucking quacks and have no idea what they are on about regarding male hormones – he will tell you 300ng/dl is normal and you’re ok – this is horseshit – there is no reason to be below 1000ng/dl (99% of naturals will never be close to this figure today), start taking 200mg a week and see how much of a difference it makes.

    There is no shame in taking your destiny into your own hands. The media is waging a war on test in order to make a population that is easy to manipulate and to turn men into cattle so they buy all their shit and do as they say. Dont listen to the b/s the media outlets sprout about people dying due to steroid abuse and steroids ruining people’s lives – this is all complete horse shit, steroids are the gateway to the fountain of youth and greatness. Not a single death has been related to steroid abuse and certainly not responsible use, ever.

  98. George Potter says

    Great post Mr. Pride! And great website,too,full of value. It feels like you truly bleed those words out when you write them. Although you might be too busy to answer, when I see your picture at 21 and how you are now,it looks like two different people. I am 21 myself and a bit(not much more) wise than my fellow colleagues. How did you get to where you are now? Did you see it long before,did you have a picture in your mind of where you want to be since 18 or something? I live in Romania and my whole family makes like 600$ a month. I want to move to America and start a business, but it’s almost unreal at this point. I am finding my own advice in your words, but please, can you give me the slightest hint? Thank you.

    • Victor Pride says

      It’s not unreal George, millions of people have done it. Do one thing every day that gets you closer to your goal. One day you will have it.

      • George Potter says

        I am,most of the time. It’s just that I am in college and I half ass-ed it and I have to take a lot of exams and can’t work at this point. It just seems that I keep saying “next year” to my life. I don’t even want a job in engineering,but I’m in my last year. I know your advice on the subject, it’s just harder to implement than it is to know.And thank you very much for the reply!

      • George Potter says

        Just one question. If I could just make a few hundred dollars online I would be in a very good situation with my life. I know I am supposed to offer something of value, to help people, but where should I look first? I am 21-22 and know many things but I believe nobody will take my advice seriously. Thank you !

  99. says

    Genetics barely determines your muscle growth capabilities. People who are envious about other people like you who have great bodies are telling themselves the lie that the only reason you are better is ”genes” in order to feel good about themselves. Deep inside they know the truth but they keep repeating the lie over and over.

    • PM says

      genetics are important. It comes down to testosterone levels and metabolism. Its not everything but its very important.

  100. Mike says

    There are two reasons why people get ripped.

    1.) They have genetics (i’ve seen many blacks get ripped with bare minimum workout)
    2.) They use steroids (which is mostly denied by people who do have recognizable muscle)

    If you don’t have the genetics aka High enough test it doesn’t matter how much you work out, in fact you can be stuck spinning your wheels lifting everyday eating healthy and still not getting no where. The reason lots of black men naturally put on muscle easier is because naturally they have a very high test.

    The other alternative is to get on TRT or something that increasing test, many bodybuilding deny this in fact we all know the real truth they are using performance enhancing drugs or something use to alter their body’s natural state which in turn increases and develops muscle and produces results.

    For most people who want to start working out naturally and don’t have the highest of test. they will most likely get in “shape” but they will never develop their desired body they really want. It doesn’t matter how healthy they eat, how often they work out, and what muscle groups or workout routine they use, some people lack the natural genetics that’s the bottom line, while others are only buff because they used some form of steroids to give them the edge in building muscles. Naturally working out has a plateau is the real truth and working out isn’t always as easy as people are led to believe and you cannot just “change” and “take action” and your life is somehow changed. People are forgetting Test. plays a huge roll in muscle growth.

  101. Victor says

    Vic, I’ve been following your Body of a Spartan program for about 6 months now and basically, I dicked around with it in the beginning. I didn’t really know what I was doing and while I gained some strength, I wasn’t working hard enough nor smart enough to elicit any real progress.
    I need your advice now. Should I drop my weight by 50% and start a program like StrongLifts to try and get strength? It seems like it’d hurt my ego but I’m willing to do anything to get to at least a double plate squat and a triple plate deadlift, as weak as that sounds. Thanks!

  102. Karam says

    Hey Vic,
    Not being a dick, just curious.
    You say about having the body of a spartan but how would spartans (remembering they were around years and years ago) get big ass bodies without peds and hormones and keep those bodies until well after 30
    – Karam

  103. Bence says

    Hey Vic,
    so you think that the ideal age to start using gear is after 25 years of age? The reason why I’m asking is because I’ve been working out for over a year now.I only started barbell and dumbbell training last year December(prior to this I’d been doing calisthenics at home) and I believe I’ve made decent progress.I also think that for my age(19) my test levels are ok because I’m fairly lean and I feel pretty healthy(high energy,good sleep,morning wood etc).
    However,I want to keep training for a long time because I enjoy it tremendously and I realize that I’ll have to seriously pay attention to my hormones in my late 20s,30s and so forth.
    So what I’m curious about is if I decide to take the plunge,I should first start TRT,right? And after that I could tinker with different types of potent gear or prohormones,right?.Also,am I correct that if you don’t abuse and megadose gear,then you can keep at least some of your newfound gains?
    Thank you for your advice in advance.