How to Purposely Be Lucky


From the desk of Victor Pride
Subj: How to be a lucky man

I don’t mean to brag but I recently realized how great my life is and how “lucky” I am.

Before you call me arrogant pretty please hear me out…..

I have recently returned from 4 weeks in the United States of America.

For the last two weeks of my trip I was in Boise, Idaho at a premier chiropractic/rehab facility doing some intense rehab work on my spine (I’m fine, not weightlifting related).

I did two weeks at the facility, doing rehab work for 7-9 hours per day, 5 days per week. I had to do something I didn’t exactly want to do (it wasn’t pleasant), but I needed to do it.

I’d go in at 9:30 am and leave somewhere between 5:30 pm – 7 pm. I’d be dog-tired when I got back to my hotel at night. So tired I’d just grab a bag of fast food, eat like a pig and basically lie in bed and watch videos until I fell asleep.

It hit me real hard – it was exactly like having a 9-5 job. I remembered that feeling from 6 or 7 years ago, last time I had a 9-5 job.

The difference, this time, is that it only lasted two weeks and then I got to go back to my real life.

For most people it’s the opposite, they get 1 or 2 weeks of freedom per year and then they work like dogs for 50 weeks per year.

My real life is like most people’s fantasy vacation: I don’t go to a job, I get waited on hand and foot, I have money to burn, I don’t have “days off”, I don’t save up “vacation time”, I don’t call the boss and pretend to be sick so I can stay home, I don’t have any debt and I am free to come and go as I please.

Within the confines of the law I can do almost anything I want.

Brash, cocky, arrogant? Guilty.

Stuck in a rut at a dead end job, forcing myself to wake up to a “beep beep beep” alarm clock every day for 40+ years? Not guilty, your honor.

That two weeks in Idaho was a great reminder of why I’ll never sell my soul again for a paycheck.

Everywhere I went I heard the same few sentences:

  • It’s not enough to live on!
  • I wish I could live like you.
  • Wow, you’re so lucky. I hate my job…
  • Not enough money…not enough time…not enough…

I know a paycheck isn’t enough to live on, that’s why I left a life of servitude behind. I made a few small changes that turned into gigantic results.

I made myself “lucky”.

How did I make myself lucky?

Easy. I quit my dead-end 9-5 job and then I started working for real. Wouldn’t you know it, 6 or 7 years after working for myself, not others, I’m as lucky as can be.

So how can you be purposely lucky?

Easy. You switch your mindset a little and you take control of your life. Your life isn’t a roller coaster that you have no control of, it’s a one seater race car and you’re the driver.

So you learn to be self-reliant.

You stop seeking approval, instead you start seeking results.

You stop using loser phrases like “it’s not fair”.

You don’t “share your feelings”, you tell what you want or need.

When something goes awry you don’t complain, you fix the problem.

You put the goal in your mind and you envision it everyday, always. You obsess over it.

You never take the blame, you take responsibility.

You start your own business and you build and you grow and you build some more. If you aren’t building something you are withering.

You be the man instead of giving your money to the man.

You be the man the buck stops with.

Go to the mirror right now: Right here and right now the buck stops.

And when you say it you’d better mean it. When I said it I meant it and I ended up lucky as can be.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

PS – When I was in Boise I still was able to get some work done over the weekend. Check out the podcast interview I did with Chris from Good Looking Loser here.

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  1. Mike says

    Inspiring, good post.
    ” If you aren’t building something you are withering.” This resonates. Thanks.

    • says

      For me to!

      Building something give me peace, Its the reason why I kick my own ass out of my bed at 5:45 each morning! Without that I would feel like I’m just wasting my life!

      “Whatever good things we build end up building us.”

      Inspiring post! Bad-ass blog!

  2. says

    “Your life isn’t a roller coaster that you have no control of, it’s a one seater race car and you’re the driver.”
    yup. You’ve got total control over your life. People throw out all their agency and feel like the world has control over them.

    YOU are the axis on which your reality spins. No one else.

    Your external circumstances don’t determine your reality. Your mindset determines your reality.

  3. Anon says

    Another great post by Victor Pride!

    I wonder,if some says to you the adage”Pride goes before a fall”
    how would you respond?


  4. says

    Excellent post!

    I own several websites and carry zero debt as well.

    And the fact that I don’t owe anyone a dime is what allowed me to walk away
    from a job that made me feel like I was in prison.

    And I believe prison is the perfect word here…

    Because if you have a boss, you’re owned by another man and anytime you lose
    control of your own destiny like this, you lose man points.

    Funny thing is, even though my businesses are pretty much on auto pilot, I work harder
    now than I did when I was slaving in the corporate environment.

    And not because I have to, but because I want to.

    If I were to lose it all today, I know for a fact I could build it all back up again because success
    in this arena has nothing to do with luck, it’s 100 percent mindset.

    Thanks for the Saturday morning inspiration Victor, I enjoyed this one.

  5. says

    Perfect timing Victor. I’m months into an intense in-patient therapy program after traumatic brain injury… Re-learning normal mobility here. Though the work I love (the parts I don’t outsource) involves interviewing influential people and voice acting, I’m re-learning basic cognitive skills as verbal communication became seemingly impossible after traumatic brain injury.

    I’m thankful to have learned about this place where every week I see another person leave behind a wheelchair… where I see two more people go from speaking only words to answering questions in sentences – then paragraphs, etc… But Victor, you’re correct. For the first time in years, I’m calling the the stuff I’m doing “WORK” because this intense cognitive and physical therapy actually feels like work.

    I’m thankful to have continued to learn from different kinds of geniuses like you so that I can continue to focus on the doing ‘work’ that doesn’t feel like work once my brain remembers how. Thanks for your timely encouragement!

    • Victor Pride says

      Sam, I would say good luck but that’s just a joke.

      Do the work. Don’t give up. Always show up. Get better. Get stronger. And we’ll hear from you soon.

  6. Astronaut says

    Hi Vic,
    i just wanted to say that I read your blog for a few months, and english isn’t my native language, so i always thought you’re Bald and Determined. You know, bald = hairless. And when i first came here, i thought ‘fuck, this is so good name, baldanddetermined, its funny and catchy’ When my girlfriend asked me few times what i was reading, i responded ‘this guy blog, he is bald and determined’ and she also sayed its cool name.
    Today i checked what bold means, and it isnt so cool as bald, but its still good! Keep up your brilliant work.

  7. Jacob says

    Awesome article Victor. Thank you for the inspiration. The obsession for your goals should enhance your drive for achievement. And mindset is quite possibly one of the biggest and most powerful asset. You’re living the life and proving it to the world Victor keep it up!

  8. says

    Victor, great post as usual. I think one other reason people don’t get the confidence to go on their own is because they are consumed by consumerism. A minimalistic approach to life while you build an asset is a wonderful way to live, but many people just don’t seem to get it.

    Also off topic, I wanted to ask you this:

    I know it must be a dream living abroad where cost of living is cheap, but don’t you miss the intellectual stimulation that comes from interacting with like minded people. Since most people in South-East Asia are poor, thinking deeply about life must be the least of their priorities. So don’t you miss the social aspect of life that you may have had and can easily do if you are in the U.S?

    • Kurt says

      I’ve thought about this same question when I was considering moving overseas and I realized that there really aren’t any like minded people in the US either. I have lived from coast to coast in the States and I can tell you that it’s certainly not the people keeping me here.

    • Victor Pride says

      “I know it must be a dream living abroad where cost of living is cheap, but don’t you miss the intellectual stimulation that comes from interacting with like minded people. Since most people in South-East Asia are poor, thinking deeply about life must be the least of their priorities. So don’t you miss the social aspect of life that you may have had and can easily do if you are in the U.S?”

      No to all counts and I’ll tell you why.

      “I know it must be a dream living abroad where cost of living is cheap”

      It’s not a dream to live here, it’s a reality. It’s not perfect, it’s not paradise, if you let your guard down there are millions of them who will take advantage of you <—- I’m being nice here. And not everything is cheap, not even close. Housing and transportation is cheap. Shopping mall is NYC pricing + import taxes. “but don’t you miss the intellectual stimulation that comes from interacting with like minded people.” Bud TONS of whites live here and they all have one thing in common: They don’t have a 9-5 job, just like me. It’s easier finding like minds here than in say, Boise or Dallas. Tons of entrepreneurs here. My gym is full of people like this. “Since most people in South-East Asia are poor, thinking deeply about life must be the least of their priorities. So don’t you miss the social aspect of life that you may have had and can easily do if you are in the U.S?” Not in the slightest. People in the states can only go out Fri and Sat night or weeknights for a few hours. People here can do anything anytime.

  9. says

    Luck is just a synonym some people use for success, excluding the times I’ve come close to dying. I’ll chalk those up to luck or divine intervention. Great stuff Vic.

  10. says

    Great post Vic! One question though, has the 2 week rehabilitation helped your back? I suffer from back pain due to previous work conditions. I would love to check something like this out?

    Thanks Vic

  11. Sly says

    Vic, crazy thing is I have began to contemplate moving abroad and even discussed this with my daughter.

    As many people that tell me I have a “Awesomeness” to share with people, seems I have struggled to pinpoint it. I don’t just want your lifestyle and mindset as ot applies to some things, I aspire to obtain it. I’m not only a father of two amazing children but a grandfather ( a very young looking one @ that).

    Determined to share a way for my Grandson and children to live fantastic lives!!

    • Victor Pride says

      Where are you considering to move? Bit of advice, for the sake of your children and grandchildren, make sure they are the same color as the population you move to.

      • Sly says

        So are you saying racial tensions are very high in most places?

        Was thinking of moving somewhere in Asia.. I’m Latin and Indian! Any suggestions? Thanks Vic

        • Victor Pride says

          “So are you saying racial tensions are very high in most places?”

          For children who don’t fit in, yes.

          • Michael says

            I can second with Vic. I’m from a predominately Mexican region. There was like 1 or 2 white kids that went to the tiny school I went to.

            One of these guys: He was awkward, and threw up on the bus a couple times, but I believe if he was exactly the same, but mexican, he would’ve still been picked on, but not picked on as much.

            If he was good at sports, clean (didn’t smell) and not a social outcast, I believe things could’ve been way different.

            Another white guy that went to school with me lost his mind. On the most serious level (killed his mom). I don’t know if any of it had to do with being a social outcast or whatever…

            I’m a halfy, but I never really felt out of place for it or anything. I was highly involved in sports, flirted with the girls, and did just fine. My girl’s grandma (98?) asked her if I was white the other day in a hushed and weird manner… I just laughed when she told me about it.

            If anything, make sure your kids fit in. If they stick out like a sore thumb, aren’t extremely confident/very good at sports/good social skills, I would stay away from the situation.

  12. russell says

    ye great pic bro. looking like a champ. good luck with the back – blessings back to you for all the inspiration and motivation

  13. Marcelo says

    Hi, Victor. I agree that an online business is better than a 9-5 in many ways: freedom, leverage, money flowing 24/7. However, I guess that working by yourself on your online business must be FUCKING lonely!! I am no anthropologist, but I believe our ancestors would never hunt alone. Maybe we evolved to work in teams. Of course most companies end up being a cesspool of gossip and complaint, but some are not.

    I live in China and these motherfuckers have incredible work ethic. I manage 4 people, and the best moments of my professional life have happened when the five of us busted our asses to solve difficult situations together.

    How do you cope with the loneliness? Is it really a weakness of online hustling?

    • Victor Pride says

      “How do you cope with the loneliness? Is it really a weakness of online hustling?”

      I should make an article of this because this question is asked of me a lot. But I’m never lonely. My suggestion is always the same: To not feel lonely, don’t be alone.

    • says

      Interesting point Marcelo, finding the time to write hours on end for weeks on end doesnt come easy. I’ve found that online hustling can be great for the introverted, as they do quite well without too much human interaction and tend to cope more etter with loneliness.

      So long as you dont cut out every sliver of human interaction you can do alright. However, I suppose that some folks will need more human interaction than others. Personally, I’ve generally felt quite at ease with the online community and it fulfils my fair share of social needs.

    • Kurt says

      Online businessmen have friends and family outside of work just like everyone else. Do you really love the guy in the next cubicle that much to make you stay at a 9-5 that you don’t like?
      I don’t mean to pick on you individually but these kinds of questions that people ask just seem to be excuses and rationalizations.

      • Kurt says

        That was supposed to be a response to Marcelo.
        I obviously don’t work online, I can’t even post a comment right!

        • Marcelo says

          No, I don’t. But my social interactions do not need to be only with people I love.

          My job is not online. I was just curious about this aspect of something I have no experience with.

  14. says

    Spot on Vic! Although I still work for someone else I consider my trade to be my business and I’m a self employed contractor. I recently got taken onto a huge project offshore Aussie, trippling my income to 6 digits and doubling my holidays (6 months a year off).

    You know what 90% of my work colleagues, and even my friends and family said? “Lucky bastard! There’s no work here at home.” As if my booking a ticket 8000 miles away and leaving behind all i knew and loved was an accident.

    Here’s the real story: 18 months ago I was up to my neck in debt, living somewhere i hated, screwed. Someone offered me a chance to learn a trade if i agreed to work 12 hours a day 7 days a week for 6-8 weeks at a time in 35*C heat, learning in a language i didn’t even fully understand. More than that, I’d have to go to one of the most dangerous places in the world – Papua.

    I took it and dove right in. I made it happen,. I excelled, and now I win. Every single one of my team mates spent their free time around the rig saying “smoking boss”, “coffee time first!” and etc, drinking and whoring at night. They thought i was a weirdo cause i didn’t join them, i stayed in camp reading, working out and chatting to people to improve my language skills. I asked a couple of them if they want me to get them on in Australia, they all said “maybe next time” and sparked up another smoke.

    That’s what makes luck right there. This article hits the mark!

  15. says

    Great post. Old story that most people really don’t realize they have the keys to the chains. As a serial entrepreneur, I know that if I want to keep working I can always just go out and start something new. I don’t have to act out of fear.

    I’ve always wanted to teach entrepreneurship overseas. I’ve achieved that but find that all the private uni students in Latin America expect an A for showing up. So, that is what the profs give them. I won’t and almost everyone tells me I’m nuts. But for me, my time is my most valuable asset and since I know I can just get another company going at any time, even if it takes the second or third try, I don’t have to care. Nice feeling.

  16. Jon says

    So you mean to tell me you live this lifestyle of choice you describe by starting this blog and selling a $17 eBook. How long did it take for your site to start producing results? How did you make your site stand out from the rest? Who taught you how to put the blog together and learn wordpress? It’s a lot easier said than done. I know it’s smarter to go out and “get yours” but it really doesn’t work that way, it takes time, it takes lots of trials and errors, it takes a lot of mistakes before you even get to reap the rewards. It takes a lot of hard work and determination , and you said it, the right mindset! But let’s not forget, while you are in between achieving your dreams and goals, you must make money still even if that means working a 9-5. How does someone just not work, have no money, be in debt, and just turn on the light switch and money starts coming in? Here’s your answer: It doesn’t work that way. So in the meantime, while you are working on your goal, even though it sucks, working a 9-5 is sometimes the only way to stay afloat. Some people rely on petty paychecks in order to get by, some people complain about there jobs and doing do anything about it, and some people are in the middle of working on their goals, but having achieved the results they have desired quite yet, in that case, if they are broke, have no money, and are in debt, they are probably better off getting a job in the meantime that’s how it works that is of course unless one would rather have absolutely no money in the mean time, be behind on their bills, and struggle everyday until they reach their desired goals.

    • says

      His site stands out because it’s truth written in clarity. It’s truth that no one else has been willing to just share. There’s no ‘filler’ on Bold and Determined. He has real people (like me) that have a few real friends. Each of those friends has bought Victor Pride’s books. Anyone that’s read any of his books realizes that his books are worth more than $10,000 each… and that’s why his books sell enough to bring Victor Pride the kind of money he earns each month. It takes a lot of time to write with such clarity and brevity.

      His site stands out because Victor Pride is a winner that writes for winners. He doesn’t waste time making negative comments doubting the authenticity of those that are truly successful. He’s not ego-invested in ridiculous old notions of the way to work. Most 9 to 5 jobs outside of the medical and a few other fields, in the United States, are fake and subject to being outsourced or replaced immediately. Embrace this fact, believe in the impossible because winners like Victor Pride do the impossible every day. Complaining will not make it ok to avoid learning from this blog.

      Your time for skepticism would be better spent asking Andrew Hunt how Warby Parker sells a two $500 pair of eye glasses for $95 including the prescription lenses, yet still makes a profit. Two pair? Yep… it’s like this: For every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.

      How do they do it? No middle man… they inspire, innovate and motivate… and the low prices cause VOLUME sales. When you have content as great as that from Victor Pride’s work, it’s not difficult to sell 500 ebooks per month. No shipping, instant sale, etc.

  17. Dominator says

    You are the reason I got a job. You are the reason I changed my mindset. Getting a job is just a start for me to hustle my own money. Getting a job is just a start to get my own capital to have a safety net so I don’t have to move home. It’s just a start. It’s the start of something great. Life is NOT about money, Life is about mindset. You basically create your reality like you are saying.

    I work hard with my whole body so I am investing in my body at the same time I get money. I am saving my money. I have lowered my daily use of money. I have decided to take coldshowers. I have understood that life is all about having the bad to have the good.

    I am envisioning my future everyday. My future is NOT about not doing a chit everyday. My future is about doing chit I will be rememebered for. I am fuking PROUD of my self. Thanks Victor Pride. Never forget your dreams.

  18. says

    Learn to enjoy obsession; as Victor once put it. It’s what separates those that make it, and those that flip flop around bullshitting themselves pretending to be productive. You need to treat whatever path you’ve chosen with complete and utter seriousness. Obess over your creation and path until there’s a churning guilt inside of you if you dont spend every waking moment and spare time working at your dream.

    I’m glad you’re posting more frequently again Vic.

  19. George says

    Hey Vic,

    Yesterday at the gym I saw a group of guys do some weird shit. They loaded up the bar on the smith machine with a fair amount of weight, but instead of squatting it or benching it they placed a step underneath it, sat on that, turned upside down and leg pressed the weight up into the air and back down again, pushing the bar with their feet. Is this a legit exercise or are these guys morons.

      • George says

        It looked exactly like a leg press that you’d do on a machine, but upside down and pushing the bar on the smith machine up into the air with the soles of their feet.

        • Victor Pride says

          Yes, sounds like the way they would do leg press in the 1930’s before the leg press sled was invented. Legit exercise, dumb way to do them in a modern gym. But we all do dumb things in the gym, then we learn.

          • Abgrund says

            I have an old book with a picture of some badass (or stupid) fucker doing a leg press on a regular bench, with a (very heavy) plain barbell, and bare feet. Without a spotter in sight. Somehow I never got around to trying that.

  20. gavril raducanu says

    hi Victor. I really like your site, and with this I will trying to fix my shit personal life. I like to train at the gym but I have a big problem I do not know how to fix. I have back problems, low back and I can not train legs, especially squats. I feel like standing still, no progress because of it. I tried to do all kinds of exercises and stretches, with no results. What can you recommend?

      • Gavril Raducanu says

        Apart from leg press(because on this exercise I feel the back as well) I do everything else from what you said, but still nothing that I can see. Maybe I have to train the legs twice a week. Since you been training, did you ever got serious problem with your back? In your opinion how can you make your low back strong if there is a problem?

        • Victor Pride says

          The rest of your body is progressing but your legs are not improving, correct? If you’re not seeing results in legs bump it up to twice per week.

          I get lower back cramps on squats and leg cramps, no problems otherwise, and my low back has just always been strong. Do you train yours? Straight leg deadlifts, hyper-extensions etc..

          • Gavril Raducanu says

            Yes, my body is progressing but the legs are not, I will train twice a week just for the legs. My low back it never been strong and I only do hyper-extensions , because If I try anyother exercises I get this pain on my lower back. Maybe I have to start to train the lower back from beginning , with very small weights . What you think? In your opinion what exercises do you recommend to make it strong?

          • Victor Pride says

            Yes, start over with light weights. Use good form, get a good stretch, and work your way up. Hyperextensions, stiff leg deadlifts, should do the trick.

  21. Scott says

    Hey Vic,

    What percentage of your income comes from affiliate marketing? I notice in some of your posts (“6 Items that should be in every gym bag” for one), you provide links for people to buy items from Amazon. Thanks.

  22. says

    People say that I’m so “lucky” that I have the willpower to be in the gym 6 days a week. I’m so “lucky” that I can stick with to my diet 100%, when they let their excuses get the better of them after a week.

    End of the day, I know there aint no better feeling than achieving results that are 100% a result of my own conscious effort. I don’t let circumstances get the better of me.

    I look at myself in the mirror and I have the pride that I built this body. It’s all a product of my conscious will and I know I’ve earned every single vein that has surfaced over my abdomen.

    Good post Vic, awesome as always.


  23. says

    A shock to your lifestyle will reveal all the nasty critters that lay under your bed.

    I had the misfortune of cutting a 55 year old Auto worker job in my stint in Toyota. He had 40 years, and I had 40 days.

    He cried when I told him he didn’t pass my bullshit “time trials”

    Since then I implemented KAIZEN (Japanese improvement philosophy of improvement), and really improved myself so I don’t end up like that guy being cut from his job.

    • Victor Pride says

      Such indignity, to ever allow yourself to be in such a position that you are crying over a job. Pathetic.

  24. says

    Very insiring post Vic. Also, I noticed that all of the guys posting replies are fired up as well. I love being around like minded bros. you are doing a great service vic. I too am working towards a business system that will be working for me.

    Also, have you seen the videos of bodbuilder Rich Piana? He sounds alot like you Vic. Men carving out their own destiny.

      • says

        More about your business structure, it was nice to hear about Chris on part2, how he developped his online businesses.
        Also I wasn’t totally agree with you about selling an ebook from day one on a new blog. I believe that with an extremely good content we can motivate a new reader to trust us and download our ebook if he thinks he will have even more value in it.

      • Scott says

        I’d like to hear about the most important aspects of building an online business. What should someone just starting out focus the most on and what should be ignored or put off until later. Specifically for blogging and your strategies if any for building an empire.

      • skooter says

        Hey bud, just wanted to drop in and check in on you,hows the back thing holding up, you mentioned in the article. ~skooter

  25. peter says

    Hi Vic,
    Much respect.

    After reading previous blogs, I took up your suggestion on domaining.

    Curious about one thing. How do you feel about purchasing established websites put up for sale on auction sites like GoDddy, Sodo etc? The site’s for sale supposedly generate a passive income. Is this something worth investing in?

  26. Shenpen says

    Actually I disagree, Victor, you oversimplified it. To be purposely lucky is to maximize your option tree – to make decisions so that keep the maximum possible choices open for you, or even open up newer ones. So that with many options open, you can grab luck if it arises in one of them.

    Also, Nassim Talebs antifragility is also a way to be purposely lucky. It means putting yourself into positions where unexpected events are more likely to be positive than negative. For example, never try to make a living off writing novels. Get an ultra-secure job and write on the side. This way, there is no bad luck: if nobody wants to read them, then you have a job and a hobby, fine. But if it works out it can be very lucrative.

    • Abgrund says

      Sounds more like “hedging your bets” than “being lucky”. Judging from his previous statements, I think Victor’s philosophy is rather the opposite; that is, total commitment to a chosen path, put all your eggs in one basket, leap of faith, burn the ships, etc. There is a certain merit to this strategy; the probability of succeeding at the true goal is certainly greater than if resources are diverted to “good enough” goals like keeping a job, and most people are unlikely to make the necessary effort or take the necessary risks while they have a fallback position.

      I’m not saying I disagree with Shenpen, and certainly it is good to keep one’s options open /when the cost of doing so is low/, but you can’t really start riding until you take the training wheels off.

  27. says

    Hey Victor

    Did you do a lot of guest posts during your first 2 years of Bold and Determined?

    What were the key things you did to get your traffic to 10,000 visits per day?

  28. Ken says

    Hey Vic,

    Just had the PERFECT idea for your next post! Give this a crack…

    1. The NUMBER ONE advice to handle criticism.
    2. Simple – don’t. Shut it out.
    3. Why? Because you’re mortal.
    4. You’re dying by the minute.
    5. You haven’t got TIME!!!
    6. Even a two-minute argument with an idiot equals killing your life off by TWO WHOLE MINUTES.
    7. Multiply that by the number of times people try to give you shit…
    8. … and the number of times you fall for it.
    9. And if you’re not careful, half (or more of) your life is killed off!
    10. So don’t kill yourself – don’t listen to critics!
    11. Do what you gotta do.
    12. And if you’re scared of failing at anything you’re hoping to accomplish and being laughed at, tell yourself…
    13. IT HAS TO BE DONE.
    14. You got a mortgage? Don’t matter – IT HAS TO BE DONE.
    15. You missed out on some fleeting pussy? IT HAS TO BE DONE.
    16. You’re afraid you’ll starve? IT HAS TO BE DONE.
    17. What does NOT have to be done is fear anyone else’s opinions (unless they have a point, which RARELY happens)…
    18. Because you haven’t got TIME to listen!
    19. That’s precisely WHY you’re a mortal in the first place…
    20. So you can get shit DONE.

    All credit to you. I think the gang at B&D needs to hear this ASAP.

    Okay, time’s up. Gotta get back to work.

  29. phil says

    nice one.
    as thomas jefferson said:
    “i am a great believer in luck, and i find the harder I work, the more I have of it”
    cultivate priorities, take action, work hard – i’m getting there!
    cheers fella.

  30. says

    There is a reason this blog is one of the best and most effective online ON THE INTERNET!

    That reason is Victor’s focused & hard work, sincerity, his dedication, his passion, and his spirit – all merged into a symbiosis that fucking clicks with people!

    Vick I wanna thank you a lot for doing what you do, you are too humble bro, really you are impacting thousands of lives in a positive way who will in turn impact a hundred thousand more if they have even half your dedication and focus!

    It would be awesome to hold in my hands a physical book by you one day…a 200 pager or so – filled with lifestyle advice. If Tim Ferris can do it, then Victor Pride is BORN TO DO IT. Well either way thanks for your fantastic work!

  31. MIG says

    Hey Vic,

    i can’t buy your 30 days of discipline ebook. i tried to pay with paypal but nothing happens.
    there is a problem with money transaction.

  32. BM says

    I am writing a project for which I could win 1.5 million euros (yes, sounds like a joke, but it is not), not sleeping for two days now. I am extremely tired and I have no idea if I will win the big buck or if I will lose it all. But I will never give excuses like ” it’s not fair.” .

    It’s always fair my friends, for good and bad. You were born without money? You were born with lots of money? All fair. I know because I have sons, and whatever “luck” they will have depends on me. But in the end, that is only 1%, the rest 99% is up to you. I am trying to win 1.5 million euros with my work (not the fucking lottery) – what are you trying to do?

    Victor, in this difficult for me, I just thank you for your inspiring posts,

    You’re the man.

    • Victor Pride says

      Yeah, I saw on the Art of Manliness forum that a guy accused me of a) making a lot of money and b) putting that money in the bank and c) living in a low cost country. I got a really good laugh at that one, I’ve only written a dozen articles about that.

  33. Alex says

    Hi V,

    I bought ‘Body of a Spartan’ a few weeks ago, and am currently on the beginners routine. I’ve only been going three weeks but I’m seeing results already and I love it.

    Had a question. On Mondays and Thursdays, you advise doing both bench press and close grip bench press, five sets of each. My gym only has one rack, so unless I do them consecutively, which would be hard and mean I wouldn’t lift very much on the later exercise, it’s not really an option as there’s always a queue. As I go before work, I need to be in and out.

    Because of that I’ve only been doing bench press, not close grip. Do you think this is okay, or should I do bench press on Mondays, close grip on Thursdays, for example?

  34. says

    Hello Victor

    So i fullfilled my another dream and i went to thailand. Koh samui. Actually its quite funny how this dream fullfilled because my millionaire girlfriend paid for whole stay while fullfilling my every sexual dream :) i would never expect it to happen this way. But if man has some intention it sometimes fullfil in completely unexpected ways. I still do what i love and unexpected people come to help me with my intentions. I think taht it happens easily when you follow the road you desire to follow.

  35. daniel says

    greatt post
    Victor,which was the result of the method classic body in your body? it add many more tips besides those included in body of spartan?I bought it and it is fabulous Must you talk few about cassic body tips?

  36. pbw says

    Great post again, Vic. I like to make a request. Please write a post on your opinion on trading the markets as a source of income – stocks, currencies, options etc. Most traders do not make money, but those who have perfected their trading skills -some do very well. Are any of the readers of your blog engaged in real market trading? Would love to get a discussion going on the topic. Thanks.

  37. John says

    Hey Victor,

    The photo that you have on the top where it says “The Buck Stops Here”, Did you have a professional photographer take it for you ? You look awesome man. It shows that you’ve got a lot of style and substance to back up everything you write on your blog.

    This pic is a far cry from the young Vic.


  38. says

    Very inspiring. Pumped me up. This article reminds me of one of my favorite quotes…

    “I consider that it is better to be adventurous than cautious, because fortune is a woman, and if you wish to keep her under it is necessary to beat and ill-use her; and it is seen that she allows herself to be mastered by the adventurous rather than by those who go to work more coldly. She is, therefore, always, woman-like, a lover of young men, because they are less cautious, more violent, and with more audacity command her.” – Niccolo Machiavelli

  39. Bob says

    Great article here because it just says IT.. DO IT. Become IT. Live IT. And then good things come of it. I was in the gym today putting my hour in. NO BS. No talking much. Do the time and hit the weights hard, hit the heavy bag a bit and then OUT. But I could not help but notice guys just hanging around talking about LeBron James the basketball player. Talking of all the money he is getting and will get. Mentioned some other guys, too. A bunch of lunk heads speaking of a guy they don’t know who can and will NEVER help them out in life. One thing to BS for five minutes or so. Quite another to talk and talk and talk for about an hour about him and what he can do for a team.. Guys are throwing around things like “160 million for this guy.” 120 million for that guy.” Getting all hyped up like little kids. Meanwhile these guys were NOT kids in the least. Ages from about 35-50..
    I was cringing thinking “do what I have to do and get out of there.” I hate gym culture.Not to say I have not met some decent dudes there. I have BUT to hang around and all? Nah, no way. Do the time in the gym and out the door to get on with life.
    Talking about entertainment people takes away from YOU and what you can do to make yourself better. It puts you in a vile, sad world where you “get off” on what they are doing living a pathetic fantasy through them.. Guys were literally screaming “160 Million!!” like some sick psychos..What does that do? ZILCH. And I like some sports but have made a point to put it in its proper place. Watching games non stop like the old days? NOPE.. No more. Knowing every Earned run average for every major league pitcher? NOPE.. NO more. What did that ever do for me? What does following quarterback Tom Brady’s every move do for you? Nothing. Tom is living large and good for him.. But that does nothing for mostly everyone else… At least Victor Pride, Dave Ramsey and a few other sites HELP YOU in how to get better and how to develop in many areas.
    I totally understand some down time. Totally cool. Being entertained for a bit is normal and human. But this sickness in knowing a guy’s every move who puts a ball in a hoop or knowing when a football player just took crap is utterly absurd and shows the decline and mindlessness of a culture. A culture too filled with media gluttony. Meanwhile ask them about the US Constitution and you will get a big laugh or a look like you are nuts.. But the 160 million for a guy who shoots hoops who you will never meet and will never help you? Yeah, right on that one! Nah, I will be do my hour at the gym, keep working on being FREE and read sites like this one. I have never been more sound and determined in my life as now. Life comes and then goes, Why not go full steam ahead for what TRULY matters in life? And being free is that. Keeping GOD in your heart is that. I will go with both till death and not the insanity of passing ships entertainment speaking of things that do nothing for you….Big time article here… Thank you.