How to Be Attractive to Women

1) Be Tall – Women want to look up to a man, literally and figuratively.

2) Be RichA rich man is equivalent to a beautiful woman. Have you ever seen a fat girl riding shotgun in a Lamborghini?

3) Be Handsome – You will find some internet sites that bewilderingly proclaim “Looks don’t matter”. We’ll call those guys virgins. Looks matter – make yourself look the best you can.

4) Be Jacked – I have seen the power of being jacked with my own two eyes. Now I’m no Zeus replica but I’m in shape and when women touch my arms and my abs the first thing they say, with huge eyes, is “Oh my God!”.

5) Be Highly Confident – You’ve seen the guy in the bar with the sideways baseball cap and the blonde on his arm just eating it up. I got some sour news for some guys: Women love the guys you call douchebags. Because they are confident enough to be a douchebag without caring what anyone else thinks.

6) Do Not Supplicate to Her – Tease her like a little sister. If you tease your little sister and don’t take her seriously she is going to look at you with you giant eyes and a huge smile. But even your little sister will shit all over you if you act in a spineless and dickless manner around her.

7) Be Sarcastically Funny but not Self-Deprecating – Women absolutely love to be teased, but they do not love when you make fun of yourself. She wants to look up to you so don’t tear yourself down, even in a joking manner.

8) Do Not Be Needy – Needy people are annoying to everyone.

9) Don’t be a Nice Guy – You don’t have to be mean or rude to women, you just don’t ever want to be thought of as a “nice guy” or a “great guy”. That conversation always starts and ends the same: “I think you’re a great guy…. and someday you’re going to meet a woman who will make you happy“.

10) Be Pre-occupied with Your Own World – Make her a part of your world. Whatever you are excited about she will genuinely become excited about as well. Do not become a part of her world – do not stay at home and watch chick flicks and TV shows about gay dancers or whatever that shit is that’s popular right now. Do your own thing and make sure it is a priority for you. If you have nothing going on then start a website and work on that.

11) Don’t be Too Available – I am not saying play some game where you don’t answer every 4th call. I am saying genuinely be too busy to take her calls or to see her sometimes. Remember, you don’t need to rush to call her back 13 seconds after she called you. It can wait as long as you need.

12) Have Excellent Style – Give her an excuse to come and talk to you. “Wow, I love your scarf / shirt / jacket whatever.”

13) Make Decisions – When she says “what do you want for dinner?” you say “Fried pork ribs“. Don’t play the “I dunno, what do you want?” game.

14) Be Aggressive in Bed – Women do not like timidity, especially in the bedroom. Be a Gentleman in public, be a caveman in private. This is also true for women: Be a lady in public and a whore in private. Here is an extra tip: Women absolutely love to be objectified. But only by winners.

15) Do Not Fall for internet Pick-Up Artist (PUA) scams – Those programs are written by societies losers for other losers. And they don’t work.

16) Do not take advice from women about how to win a woman’s heart – They will lie to your face and tell you to be nice, buy her things, bring her roses and all the other baloney they know doesn’t work. They will also lie to other women and say things like “no, you aren’t fat! You should eat more! Your haircut doesn’t make you look like a boy, it’s super cute!“.

17) Give up Masturbation and Internet Porn or Cut Down Tremendously – This will do wonders for your confidence, your energy levels, your ambition and your charisma. Read all about it here.

18) Don’t Be Scared to Say Hi – Picking up women is simply a numbers game. If you see a pretty girl on the street, and she gives you some eye contact, go ahead and say “hi”. “Hello” is a bit formal, “hi” is much better. To get over that fear of talking to women make a deal with yourself to say hi to 5 girls one day, 6 girls the next day, 7 girls the next and so on until it’s a matter of habit. Next thing you know you’re Casanova.

Pick 5-7 of the above traits and you will do ok with women. 

The real deal truth is that you need to concentrate on your career (money), you need to concentrate on your physique and health, you need to take care of yourself, you need to be the master of your own domain, you need to bring her into your world and not go into her world (like watching chick flicks every Friday night), and you need to hold yourself to a masculine standard. If you do not have a pussy you do not need to be in touch with your “feminine side”. If you worship the ground she walks on, she will not respect you. If you don’t worship the ground she walks on, she will worship the ground you walk on. And everybody’s happy.

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  1. Princeps says

    Can’t believe no one’s commented on this yet. One of your best articles in a while. Keep up the good work.

  2. eric says

    Props for this. It’s amazing how much credit you can get if you can wear a suit properly, have some muscle mass, a clear somewhat deep-tone speaking voice, a good haircut and have a good red skinny tie. Game doesn’t have to be a ridiculous set of routines, magic tricks and props. It’s just you playing your role as a Masculine Man. And having the good sense to insist that wearing a dress is better for girls than business casual capri cargo pants, hoodies and all that other crap girls try to pull (no, I won’t be seen in public with you if you wear that crap ಠ_ಠ).

    • kris says

      Thank you both, i think pick up art is shit, i tried it and it actual worked but just talking to girls and learning from the situation is a way that i prefer to take. I have met 2 girls who did pick up on was so funny and stupid, i will not rely on pua again.

      And i agree that porn can cause addiction and ruin a lot of progress in man life, my class mate was like zombie when hi used porn, now hi found a girl and delivering business to her. He acts brighter and isn’t late to class anymore that often and does contributes more to project´s.

  3. says

    Excellent post as always. I stumbled on to your website via a link and, I must say I am damn glad that I did. In all my time on the internet I have not seen anybody else that can explain manliness quite like you do. Shit, you don’t know how much you have motivated me to improve myself. My workouts have improved(training like an animal), my confidence has risen(given up porn/jacking off) and I am fucking motivated.
    Thanks Brother

  4. Jeff says

    #18. A while back, I got into the habit of purposely making eye contact with every woman I see, even if I’m not interested. It’s strangely empowering.

    • says

      I tried that once for an entire week on holiday. I looked like shit the entire time too in my opinion, yet I got a lot of positive eye contact back and I will concur that it was immensely empowering.

  5. Rob says


    Do you only say hi to women who give you eye contact? what if you see a hottie in the cereal aisle and she’s glued to the cereal? Also…what typically follows hi….do you usually make small talk or are more direct? Would love some quick ideas from you….probably a bit different for me as I’m 42 and not as good looking as I used to be…but at least I’m slim and in shape.

    • Victor Pride says

      It all starts with hi. After that, it’s downhill. Say hi, blah blah joke abut cereal, if she has a little involuntary smile and laughs at a stupid joke then you go in for the kill. If not, well, there are plenty more.

      • Prateek bhatnagar says

        Hey , all girls of my class have given me eyecontact from time to time , what should i do , should i go for all of them and nail them , and should i pick only one.

  6. jimmy says

    About #1 – I’m a young man in my 20s. I’m 5’8″ (tall by my community’s standards) but my growth spurt is over. How do I project more tallness? Did you refer to height/tallness in some metaphorical sense?

    • Sunny says

      Hey Jimmy, I’m 5’7, average to tall by my community standards as well. The one thing that absolutely helped me was doing dead-lifts. They improved my posture so much that it creates an illusion of being only an inch or 2 shorter than my brother who is 5’11.

      • Shannon says

        Actual height and perceived height are two different things. I am 5’6″ according to my driver’s license, but everyone thinks I am 5’8 – 5’10 because of my presence and how I carry myself. It’s confidence, attitude, posture, and strength of masculine presence. Remember that perception is reality. That’s why beer goggles work to get ugly people laid.

  7. Allison Parks says

    I think you should be more specific than Women absolutely love to be objectified….. because I hate being treated like I’m a piece of meat. We like to be treated like we are human not whores. Whore is a derogatory word, If you want women to be ‘nasty’ or ‘dirty’ don’t make her feel bad about liking sex…. quit the slut-shaming. Women don’t like being referred to as whore, slut, nasty, dirty. But a lot of us get really raw in bed.

    • Victor Pride says

      Allison, you dirty little slut, either every feminist in the world is named Allison or you have sent me about 500 emails and comments. Get it through your peabrain – I AM NOT INTERESTED in nasty little girls like you.

      • Allison Parks says

        LOL, funny how you call me a dirty little slut!!! I am a married woman—yes to a man who I have been faithful to for 10 years. I have only commented one time. I can see you must have a hard time getting a woman and need to hate on someone who shames you for being a fuckin woman hater who treats people like objects delete my comment and block me from this site because now I couldn’t give a fuck less about what your dumb-ass has to say.

        • Victor Pride says

          Quit the slut shaming^^. It’s time to own your word and show the world sluts shouldn’t be shamed, and that starts with you declaring your sluttiness. It’s because of whores like you, the ones who make ‘slut’ a dirty word and won’t own it, that sluts can’t go out at 2am wearing crotchless panties and not get raped by woman haters who also work for the patriarchy.

          • says

            Alison.. you are a good example of how so called education makes people dumb and wallow in chatter and abstraction.

            Pc is sodomizing you and countless others into going against what you really want.

            I remember im the 90s no means no kerfufle, a female jorno wrote in the Australian, that she liked to be “taken” . No , not raped.

            A famous indian swami said : ” a wife is a friend, a nurse, a whore etc” embrace your inner whore ! Check out early madonna stuff for this… as camille paglia wld say.

        • Gray Samurai says

          Alison, please shut your fake, gay ass up! If you didn’t care you wouldn’t have bothered to respond at all. Women like you are so full of SHIT! God damn!

  8. Cinnamon says

    The first few sound about right for younger women.
    For me: (1)Tall/Clean Looking, (2)Ambitious, (3)Great lover.
    About me: Woman, 40 yrs old, Black, desired-by-all
    1.Tall because that a 1st impression thing – you also must be clean +groomed. Dirty looking me are just nasty.
    2.Ambitious. This would be #1 if we could meet your mind first. It brings “peace of mind”
    3. ’nuff said’

    • Victor Pride says

      You are right, you do need to be formally educated by the state to believe the nonsense you morons believe. Play at home mom? If I had feelings I would feel so bad for your children. It’s too bad for them they will grow up gay.

    • Sam says

      “16) Do not take advice from women about how to win a woman’s heart”. All women, including Laura, are liars. Women love lies and therefore spread them to all men like a virus. Women and assorted feminazis hate the truth and therefore will hate men like myself and Victor. OOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  9. Shannon says

    I have been reading these posts of yours, Victor, and I find that you are spot with my experience in the school of hard knocks on about 99% of the time. This article is no exception.

  10. Clover says

    As a girl, I confess these are attractive traits…but I have to take issue with the idea that my world is frivolous and not worth considering. I’m aware I’m in a minority in that I’m an exceptionally bright woman, but I think it’s always wise to consider the financial potential a girlfriend/wife brings to the table. My fiancee and I work together to manage our finances, though our goal is for my husband to be the breadwinner while I raise the children. Just because I’m not *doing* all the work, doesn’t mean I have nothing to contribute – bouncing ideas off one another has benefited both of us, and our relationship thrives off our shared mental worlds.
    Then again, that might just be because I don’t do popular culture, so my world isn’t as asinine as most women’s

    • Maria says

      You’re a woman… no, sorry, you’re a “girl”, so following the enlightened logic of this article you can’t help but lie about what you like, therefore what you actually like is the opposite of this, which contradicts the article, which puts into question whether or not you’re really lying….
      I probably shouldn’t even be trying to make sense of this. As you pointed out, you’re a minority as an intelligent woman. Wait, who put this computer in front of me? What’s it for? What’s the internet? What are these little buttons with squiqqly lines on them? srñobvwnñbionwbo

    • Pauline says

      -“Then again, that might just be because I don’t do popular culture, so my world isn’t as asinine as most women’s”-

      Since you presume most women are asinine; would you also assert that most men are puerile?

    • Martin Hearne says

      Unfortunately, the majority of people are average to tall, in height these days.
      As a short man myself, I hope to be tall one day myself.
      But it will not happen in this lifetime, but some future one, because I believe in reincarnation.
      You may have to channel your energies in a different direction, like I have to.
      We are all not created equal, but things happen for a reason.
      Don,t worry though, you will get another crack of the whip, when the next hand comes along.

    • StS says

      Guys, what’s wrong with you – being tall helps, but being short doesn’t mean that you can’t be good with women. Be self-conscious, be dominant (but not domineering in a ridiculous Napoleon way), be successful, and don’t give a shit. Women finally fall in love with irrestistible, accomplished personalities…
      This doesn’t mean that tall guys don’t have an advantage (mostly with the tall girls of course), but when you behave like a masculine man, without coming of as a over-compensating clown, the ladies will like you. The rest applies for every men: be fit, be witty, be ambitious.
      For many girls, it’s only a problem when YOU as a men make a problem out of it…Standing 5’5”, I know what I’m talking about.

  11. Everest says

    Jo Victor, here is an comment-on-topic,

    You speak about tallness as a trait, is this something you acquired or were you always tall? If so, do you know a good method that is legit and will make me taller? Not surgery but like stretching? I would like to become taller.

    Appreciate your blog, it gets me fired up,


  12. ravi says

    This is the real thing i was searching things you have written is what actually work in real life not that are posted by others on how to get women money part was really nice girls or women go for guy who have money and bike or car good one because they too want to have fun in life. This is the best article

  13. Dom says

    I have spent the last 30 minutes trawling through some of your articles. I’ll shall be coming back here again. Nice work Vic, glad to see someone take the initiative and tell it how it is.

  14. ken says

    Vic, I like you talk back to the feminists. You don’t take no shit and I applaud you for that. Many men in America are losing their manhood and supplicating to these controlling biaaaathches!

  15. CDickens says

    I’m not tall & that’s the part that pisses me off. Easily bigger than my buds, but every chic I’m after ends up being taller than me. It’s whatever :D & good article by the way

  16. Jgooo says

    again right on the money, listen and read this advice, women are like dogs they will walk all over their master given the chance.

  17. says

    Your tips are spot-on. You’ve nailed how female psychology/biology works.

    As for me, I will never be tall or handsome. I’m working on becoming rich and am willing to die trying. I quit porn and masturbation eight years ago and that helped me gain 20 pounds of muscle.

  18. Murali says

    Another brilliant article…. I always thought that to get a girl, have to be very nice to her..i was wrong….

  19. Anonymous says

    hey victor,
    just recently, i asked a girl for her phone number and well she told me she didnt have her phone with her so i gave her mine. its been a day since i gave her my phone number and she hasnt texted me yet. should i move on?

  20. mike says

    I am blessed to be handsome. Despite that I was, for most of my life, very insecure. I believed I was ugly. When I had my first wife leave me,Ii set out on a journey to become a confident man who knows what he wants and acts on it. Needless to say, these past three years have been a great journey. As I worked on the “whole man” (physical, emotional, spiritual ) my confidence went up dramatically – as did my success with women. While I was dating I had many attractive women aggressively come on to me. It was a real pleasant change. I have since gotten remarried. She is a very beautiful woman – who naturally is inclined to domesticity. She told me once, that the minute she met me, she knew that she was going to marry me. I am the leader of our home and although at times there can be conflict, she always submits to my decisions.Anyone who says 50/50 is great or how much better PC dogma is a marriage relationship is a deluded chump!. Peace in a marriage only comes when the divinely mandated roles are followed. Best of all my lady, gets up slightly earlier than me and brings coffee to me before I am even out of bed. She knows how to treat her man. I have one friend who has a similar marriage . The rest of them – well they have all bought into the lies of the culture around them – and thus are shocked that i receive such royal treatment.

    • jeff says

      haha funny all women say the same thing to the man they married. “I knew I was gonna marry you the 1st minute I met you”…
      dude, wake up hahaha

  21. Paul says

    Having a big dick definitely helps retain girls (fuck them more than once) but if the outline does not stand out from your pants then it doesn’t really help with getting them in the first place. Not bragging but my dick is pretty big. However, I have never caught a girl looking at that area of my pants while flaccid. They have looked when its semi hard but I think that has more to do with both me and the girls being aroused as opposed to having a big dick.

    Also. I’m 5’9″ and my friend who is 5’6″ has gotten more girls than I have. Why? because he is at MIT and is very likely going to be rich as fuck. Money is the great equalizer. Money provides food,water, shelter. Its in a woman’s DNA to want a man who can consistently provide her with these things and its actually not really superficial. If women were attracted to men who didn’t provide these things then there would be no people.

  22. Paul says

    Also, you can be nice and polite (open doors, carry groceries) while being assertive. An example of this would be taking her groceries out of her hand without asking and carrying them. Also, being honest aids in confidence. If a girl is pretty sometimes I’ll hold her hand while staring at one of her eyes. This works great. Its a nice guy thing, not a douchebag thing but it works. Why? because it takes confidence to do this correctly. Girls don’t melt for nice guys, or douchebags they melt for confident guys. Douchebags are often confident and thats why girls love them. Trying being non confident douchebag and try picking up girls. It wont won’t work. You can be polite or a douche, it doesn’t matter. However, you must be confident and assertive to attract women.

    • Victor Pride says

      This is good, Paul. I usually carry all heavy bags, but if she has heavy bags of groceries and asks me to help I usually play a little joke and grab the lightest thing from a bag (like an onion) and carry that and walk away.

  23. Rafa says

    “If you don’t worship the ground she walks on, she will worship the ground you walk on. And everybody’s happy.”
    Reminds me a lot about how I used to be with women, I could stay hours listening to their nonsense bullshit and getting nothing as a reward. Being sincere, nobody gives a fuck about their neighbor’s new haircut, the new stupid dress their friend bought or their cousin’s girlfriend who is cheating on him, and they know it.

  24. Luka Morić says

    I am a Christian,and i don’t agree with some of your post(cursing,swearing parts).But I do agree with biological truth between man and a woman that you pointed out(that goes for previous articles “how to pick the right wife”,”how to get over a break up”…Very straight forward and true,no mumbo jumbo games…Excellent

  25. Bob says

    This is all very true. Like many of us, I was often the “nice guy” and all. And I want to be a nice guy. BUT one does learn the game as time goes on. You simply cannot kiss butt. It seriously gets played out with women. We all did it with women we were attracted to. But the beauty of experience and accepting REALITY is quite different. Your inner instincts almost call for you to cater to a hot woman but your common sense truly has to go in the other direction. And the only way I see to do that effectively is to work on yourself far more. Chase money and NOT women. To hit the gym consistently. To work on YOU in every aspect. From inner spiritual being to outside self and grooming. And hit that gym like it is breathing. Be consistent. It is a horrible feeling to go to the gym for a bit and stop. You feel the life being sucked out of you doing that. Put your hour in, don’t be a gossip queen and get out and get on with your day!
    it is very true. The more you work on YOU, the less time you have for games from women. And they see that. They know full well when you are improving yourself and they become quite interested. Women do love a dude who has it going on. But once the old puppy dog routine by men to women starts, they will get rid of you often. Certainly in the first year or so of dating. Women like a man of action. They can’t help it.. They thrive off of it. Women will even make excuses for a man of action if he is ugly or so so. Suddenly he becomes “unique looking” or “different.” Men are often pitiful creatures because they can;t control their urges. I saw a social media post from a guy I know not long ago BEGGING the girl to come back to him and saying he is a jerk and all.. Guess what? Relationship OVER.
    As far as pornography goes, it is a vile and evil thing that keeps men in bondage. It is an INCREDIBLE time waster. And the guilt and depression it can cause is quite disturbing. It makes you abnormal around women, too,. Puts you in a fake, twisted, altered universe. I truly run from it these days thank GOD.
    The more you kiss up and wait around for women, the less time you have to focus on YOU. Women will flock like bees once you have your act together. I have had periods of having my act together and periods where I did not. I can tell you for sure which one I had more women coming to me. And now,I am trying to change my life with the big time help of this website, I have put women on the back burner for now until I am ready. Sure, I will go out with some, etc. But no, nothing serious right now. I don’t want it. I am putting my personal improvement ahead of it. Women will ALWAYS be there- particularly if you have bucks, look good, are consistent working out and becoming a leader instead of a schlub. I truly cringe when I see some poor sap OWNED by a woman. And they both look bad physically.. NO THANKS!
    I for sure think as one ages, having a Spiritual connection with a potential mate is huge. I am looking for a woman who is Christian but am open to one who is not but who is open to JESUS. The hideous fights and breaking up of people who have no inner connection is rather sad… This article was a grand slam, game winner.. Thank you.

  26. Milena says

    Im a traditional minded woman that is also unimpressed by the degenerate “women” and lapdog “men” phenomena today… At 28 all of my peers are having their 2nd,3rd baby with their 4th,5th partner. I have been with the same man for 10 years for many of the reasons here, still loving him as much as day 1. All men should follow this advice for finding a quality girl. Please keep influencing them Victor ;)

  27. Mind show says

    I learned #14 the hard way. I was with someone who seemed totally independent, self made and assured, but it blew my mind when she confessed that she still liked being “treated like a sex object” in bed.

  28. Mind show says

    My other “better late than never discovery:”


    “Twice” because:

    A) being a Nice Guy around a HOT chick means she’ll automatically file you into her “JUST FRIENDS” category. She will never consider you as a sexual partner since you just just misplaced yourself with her brothers, girlfriends and gay friends in her busy, privileged world. And after all, she has enough real men blatantly hitting on her every day to pick from when she’s ready to do the nasty.
    And believe me, she will.

    B) but being a generally Nice Guy gets you QUICKLY NOTICED by every FAT, AGED & DISPARATE chick in a 2 mile radius! Any non threatening male who might show them ANY trivial attention automatically makes them a potential ROMANTIC PARTNER in their lonely chocolates and chic flick world. And believe me, there is nothing more unrelentingly aggressive and resentful than a DESPERATE FAT CHICK who smells blood in water!

    So, while you’re limping along, trying to corral one of those elusive, pretty mares, you’re looking over your shoulder to outrun the frothing, charging elephants!

    • Lone wolf says

      very true what mind show is saying. Not only will you be put aside but you will also gather the scraps. Yea being nice sucks , back then i never really had a girlfriend just by being the nice guy. My tip, Go do something productive and get yourself busy like drawing a plan for your business or hitting the weights. Fuck everything and get shit done and after that you will be confident enough to get what you want and leave the scraps for the losers.

  29. Daniel says

    Awesome post! Straight to the point, no BS! I’ve become addicted to B&D… I still haven’t read a single B&D article that didn’t change my life in some way.

    Victor, you are a liberator… a messiah!

    P.S. As seen in the 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss… Not masturbating doesn’t only raise your testosterone levels, but also raises your natural pheromone (attraction chemical) levels!

    Keep changing lives, brother!

  30. Jeremy says

    The #1 reason to avoid PUA is it advises men to act like clowns to get their girl.

    The problem is that even if you land a girl with clown game, your higher Self will be disappointed that you had to lower yourself below your standards to sleep with the girl so it feels bittersweet and an empty experience. Do this too many times and your life will be meaningless.

    Better to sleep with 1 girl who truly likes you than many who don’t care about you.

  31. Jamie says

    “15) Do Not Fall for internet Pick-Up Artist (PUA) scams”
    This is something I get conflicted about. I was browsing the Roosh V Forum and while there are quite a few guys getting laid over there, to put so much effort into it (along with their “AMOG”, “alpha”, “beta”, “lOl”, etc. PUA talk) seems counter intuitive, but maybe I need to go to that extreme to get good with women.
    Part of not being good with women is just the lack of approaching, but the other part is having a shitty social circle and a lack of desire to put on a “clown act” (as Roosh calls it) to just make friends, guy friends, let alone girls (that’s the type of shit you need these days to make friends with the hook ups).
    I’m curious as to why you didn’t mention any of that social proof/social validation/social (insert word here) in this article.
    What’s it’s true importance?

  32. says

    I stopped masturbating, I had a relapse, but I’m going strong again! I seriously believe that I have trouble sleeping now. Got rid of my ps3/ Tv. Stacked some proper books on my desk! Cleaned my room to the max. No job, no school, Been 19 since September, Started MuyThai and boxing, lifting weights with great gains, jumping rope and beginning get into runnin. I used to be about 320 now i’m at 206. I’ve wasted a LOT of time in my life. I think And i’m planning to put some proper info on my website., I cannot believe no one ever picked that domain out.

  33. AMG says

    Height really is attractive to girls, but it’s not everything. I’m 22 years old and I’m 5’11. I am not tall compared to the friends I go out with who range from 6’1-6’5. I also have a friend who is 5’7. Let me tell you when I go out with my buddy who is 5’7 he tends to get more girls than I do. The reason is because he is confident. He will go up to any girl and start a conversation, and the next thing I know she is laughing and all over him. He carries himself in a way that makes him look powerful. Confidence is key. I learned a lot from him so if you are short do not get discouraged!

  34. says

    You f’in nailed it…I won’t lie this is exactly what I look for in a man and no lie, confidence is about the most important part of the whole deal. Balanced with humor. ..bless

  35. Kendra says

    As the exact kind of girl who is warned against in most women related articles on this site I have to say there are 6 of these tips that are actually extremely true. 6, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 18. I’m a decently independent girl and I’m sure that makes my opinion less but this is the internet and I’m just as well to throw myself in here as anywhere.

    • Kendra says

      Oh and side note even girls who aren’t into big muscle guys like strong guys. I love when I’m with my boyfriend and he puts his hands on me possessively It’s really nice to “belong to him” like that even if it is only as dating goes.

  36. Matthew says


    To add my own ten pence to point 15..

    I went on two London PUA bootcamps, once in 2008 (expensive) the other in 2012 (at much discounted rate).

    On both occasions I didn’t get one number for all my efforts and painful approaches. Maybe I was doing something wrong, or just not doing it right. In any case I felt like a rabbit at a foxes dinner party a noisy bustle of a city was probably not my scene. I vividly recall one of the lunatic coaches actually PUSHING us into groups of random girls and shout “GO GO GO” as if it was all some military exercise doing sit ups and circuits.
    If only cold approaching women when you’re totally inept and terrified, in daylight or nightlight of a busy cosmopolitan city, could be so easy!
    I left feeling enlightened from having stepped out of my comfort zone and all, and from having learned a bunch of theory, but the honeymoon effect soon wore off and I was back to my usual self, for any benefit seemed all but temporary. That was 2008 time round.

    As for 2012, the effect was far diminished, as my final approach of the night was an absolute DISASTER! I was approaching a “2 set” with a “wingman” i.e. a fellow bootcamp attendant who I had absolutely nothing in common with but was expected to pretend to be friends with. I couldn’t stand the guy. And as for the girls, the 2 Spanish girls who hardly spoke a word of English, couldn’t have been any more disinterested if I was a notorious child molester. Yet despite the interaction going blatently south pole bound, my embarrassment snowballing, and me having made my intention to eject crystal clear to the coach, who was hovering round the edge of us all, he insisted I mustn’t “leave the set” unless the other guy wants out aswell (who was also getting nowhere with said disinterested girls), a rule that was stipulated earlier. I was left to simmer in one of the most memorable and awkward social situations ever. So 2012 was washout to say the least.

    A common theme with these scammers is always the usual persuasive marketing gimmicks, the “special offer if you book now” etc. Instead of charging £2000 for this weekend, we’ll give it you for £300. Great… if you already have that kind of money to spend plus at least another 300 to cover travel, accom and food etc. And the funny thing is they actually teach the gimmicks in their material!

    And then there’s the fashion guy who calls you up in the following weeks.. offering you too a “discount” rate for his services, only £80p/h to take you round Topshop/River Island and get you “fixed” up with all the latest skin fit fabrics have you looking good for the “chicks”, 2 of which are usually giggling in the background of his call, forming yet another element to the racket. I didn’t actually go through with that, I pretty much had him and his crew sussed by then.
    Richard La Ruina’s (as he calls himself) Facebook page now is utterly ridiculous, almost laughable. The profile pictures have SCAM and marketing hype written all over them, god help those who are falling for it all now.

    To sum up, I felt it was a total waste of money, just a means for a bunch of egomaniacs to make stupid amounts of money to live a vibrant city lifestyle off the back of quietly despaired young men like myself, and for not having to do any real work!

    Then again, as for myself as it all happened, lesson learnt for a relatively small cost! If only I was young and stupid now instead, with all the useful blogs like this one to come to for wisdom, and at a much lesser cost and outlay of pain!

    I think the overarching message has to be clear, routines and game either doesn’t work for the long run or doesn’t work at all. Being a better male, more masculine, making yourself more attractive etc, and working from within does!
    Am I right in saying this?