How to Be a Winner in One Easy Step

winner-dsNo one at your office is as innovative as you and they won’t listen to you?
Who gives a fuck!

Your co-workers are all obese and don’t respect your dietary lifestyle?
Who gives a fuck!

Can’t get Suzy in accounting to go out with you?
Who gives a fuck!

Can’t find a job with your degree?
Who gives a fuck!

Can’t go out tonight because you have to open up the store tomorrow?
Who gives a fuck!

The big promotion went to that asshole Brad instead of you?
Who gives a fuck!

Got laid off so the company could save a few bucks?
Who gives a fuck!

Facebook is blocked on your company server?
Who gives a fuck!

Wouldn’t you rather make the rules instead of obey them?
You had better do something about it yourself because we certainly don’t give a fuck.

Until you see that everything is your responsibility nothing will ever change. Accept it or do something about it but never whine about it. Winners act. Losers complain. Which one are you?

It is only when you start to win that anybody starts to give a fuck. Keep your mouth shut and change the game while all the losers are complaining.

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  1. Jay says

    Bro your site IS the best on the planet! I just divorced my loud-mouth bitch and your site lifted-me up my man and opened my eyes.

  2. Zen says

    You have made me grow so much , i take you as a father figure or common sense in this ignorant world of pussy’s those article have been very helpful.