How to Actually Get Rich

From the desk of Victor Pride
Subj: How to get rich, why retirement is a joke

All the ‘get rich’ advice in the world revolves around saving your money.

Here’s a tough pill to swallow, but you won’t get rich by saving your money. You can’t get rich by going without Starbuck’s coffees. The only way you will ever get rich is by creating a product, being a producer, and making massive sales and skyrocketing your income.

You don’t get rich by having a limited income and saving a portion of that limited income.

That’s the silly little fib that has been sold to you.

Saving money is reactive. You don’t get rich by reaction, you get rich by proaction.

You have to be a producer to get rich. A money saver is a reducer. They reduce the amount of Starbuck’s coffees they consume to save some money, they reduce this and reduce that but what they don’t usually do is reduce the big expenses and what they never do is produce.

You cannot get rich by reducing, you cannot get rich by saving, you cannot get rich from a 401(k).

The way you get rich is by increasing your earnings, not by saving from your capped and limited post-tax earnings from a job.

The money saver thinking he will retire rich is a dreamer. The money maker is the doer.

I see people, expats, who worked their whole lives and now either live on a pension or live on savings. The men who live on pensions don’t have enough money. Almost to a man they complain of high costs, usually of beer. They live in a 3rd world country and can hardly afford beer. The other ones, the savers, usually have a different sob story to tell. The story of running out of money. They saved up their whole life to retire like a king but, whoops, they ran out of money. The money saving dreamers simply choose to ignore the reality of inflation. A dollar today will not be worth a dollar in 20 or 40 years.

They key to wealth is to make more money by owning income producing businesses and assets, not by saving a portion of a limited income from a limited paycheck.

They used to tell me the key to wealth was to work a “good job”, save your money and open up a 401(k). I was told this by non-rich family members, guidance counselors, teachers, personal bankers etc.

If these people actually knew how to get rich they wouldn’t be working the un-skilled jobs they work. They wouldn’t be working jobs at all. These are people working jobs that anyone with a college degree in any field can work. They make about 50k per year, about 30k after taxes and they have the nerve to tell other people how to achieve success.

I used to have a family member tell me all the time “get a good job, especially in I.T., open a 401(k) and you’ll be rich when you retire”. Like many young men I was aimless at that age, but I wasn’t stupid. I could see very clearly he was living beyond his means. I did not see him for a number of years. I met him again after his house was foreclosed by the bank because he could not make the payments. I went to his new house, which was rented to him by another family member, and what I saw shocked me: two new leased cars in the driveway. This was a self-proclaimed money expert. This was a man who had the gall to speak about becoming wealthy, and this type of man is the average person giving you money advice.

The people who preach this type of “save your money, get a job, open a 401(k)” baloney are people working unskilled and highly unsatisfying jobs and they are living paycheck to paycheck. They don’t provide value and they work worthless jobs and they often withdraw money from their own get rich slow schemes, the 401(k). They are highly unmotivated people and their advice should be ignored completely. Anyone with a garbage diploma in any garbage field can do what they do. If it worked as they say it does then they wouldn’t be living hand to mouth, complaining about bills all the time. They wouldn’t be working at jobs, they would be developing businesses and making SALES and increasing earnings, not putting 10% of your paycheck into a savings account or 401(k).


There is one little, itty-bitty conundrum: You will not get rich by saving your money but you will go broke by spending all of your money.

So you do in fact need to save your money. Not for retirement, but for opportunity. You’ve heard the phrase spend money to make money. If you want to make big money you will eventually have to make a big investment.

If you have bills up to your eyeballs you’ll never be able to focus on making real money because you’ll be working some job to pay off your debts.

Stay out of debt, don’t be a money waster, educate yourself, spend time on developing income producing goods = the key to wealth.

Work a job, go into debt, throw away money on a 401(k) = putting all your faith into an imaginary God. “Just work hard now and you’ll be richly rewarded later“.

When you “invest” in a 401(k) you leave your future in the hands of the unqualified. Who cares more about your future, you or an anonymous money manager playing a game with your savings? Leaving your future in the hands of the unqualified is stupid. When you make stupid decisions with your money don’t be surprised when it comes back to bite you in the behind. When it all crashes down, and you break your crown you can point your finger but there’s no one around. That last sentence is a quote from a famous song by the most successful heavy metal band of all time, Metallica, and it’s a quote I often think of when I hear elders complain about money. They had their whole lives to build real wealth. They wasted it and threw it all away and point their finger when they don’t have enough money.

You and you alone have to keep a keen eye on your assets, you and you alone can provide for your future. You are responsible for you, give up responsibility and you have no right to complain when it doesn’t work out for you.

A few simple rules to live by:

  1. Trust no one – Unless you are someone’s loving and devoted wife or mother no one gives a damn about your future. Least of all ‘money managers’. Point the finger inward, never outward. It’s your job and your responsibility to make sure you have a future. It pays to be paranoid. Verify everything.
  2. Produce income – Wealth isn’t coming to you via a paycheck and $3 saved daily on a cup of coffee. It is coming from production, from action, from earning more money.
  3. Live below your means – You simply cannot be in debt lest you want to work in a 9-5 job forever. Debt is slavery, money and time is freedom. Think big to live little. Cut down the big expenses like housing, automobile, higher education, credit card debt, cell phone bill etc. When your biggest bills are tiny you can afford all the little coffee’s you want. Big expenses do not increase quality of life, they increase stress. No bills, no stress.
  4. Take action when opportunity presents itself – The real reason to save money, to use it to make more money.

The joke: To get rich, save your money from your limited income stream and be rich in 40 or 50 years.

The reality: To get rich make a lot more money now.

You can live like a king in the near future, or you can pretend you’ll live like a king in 40 years, but don’t be too surprised if it all crashes down and you break your crown and you point your finger but there’s no one around.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

PS – Check out the Approved Resources page for further reading and check out 30 Days of Discipline to learn to live like a Wolf and not a Lamb.

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  1. JP says

    Good post. One housekeeping note: it should be “gall” instead of “gaul.”

    There’s another problem with the “slow lane,” as MJ DeMarco calls it. Occasionally, someone is successful at saving a lot of money. The financial press loves to tell us those rare stories of a school teacher who lived like a miser and saved $1 million. But how is she going to enjoy it? Travel the world and really live life when she’s 65…and probably obese and depending on a bunch of prescription meds (if she’s like most Americans)?

    That’s one of the strong points of the 4-Hour Work Week, IMO. It explains how we should enjoy the good life through mini-retirements and long vacations throughout our lives…not just when we’ve finally retired and started collecting a pension.

  2. The Grizzly says

    I fell for the lie too, go to college and get a degree, so what it costs $50,000 just go borrow the money because a degree will open doors for you. Then keep reaching for that position, that title, the one that pays the big bucks. Along the way just kept dumping the max amount in 401k and it will all pay off!

    Now I’m looking back (and inward) and feel duped, I’m now paying back debt and it sucks. Until I found this site I had never considered opening my own businesses (I do now). I’m now stuck in granny gear due to the debt and the 9-5 bullshit job. I no longer care about titles or career, I want freedom and time.

    Moral of the story: unless you are going to medical school don’t take out student loans, fuck, go to a community college and pay cash if you can. Those monthly payments are a bitch and not only that, the job market is flooded with thousands upon thousands of people with the same useless degree that you want to get. It’s a fucking scam, the schools promote like fuck, and lenders love giving out loans but what you aren’t told are the statistics of people with those same degrees unable to find work. They just keep pumping out graduates every year and the job market has not place for them. Go to a community college and pay with cash, start your own businessess, don’t fall for the 401k lie. It’s the only way to freedom.

    • Duke says

      Well said. It’s nothing short of a scam. I went for 2 years and am $11,000 in debt, plus I spent probably $1,200 on textbooks, and $4000 for tuition up front. I lived at home too. What did I learn? Not a fucking thing. Literally nothing. I learn more on the internet every fucking hour then I did in the great institutional scam. Thankfully I’ve chosen to get out. What the fuck is the point of spending 4 years working your ass off on something you don’t give a shit about, so you can get a job that starts off at $40,000 a year, is dictated by some buffoon boss, and ultimately only goes to repaying your $75,000 of college debt? It’s just to obvious.

      Oh, but don’t worry, you can just go to church and get down on your knees, stick your ass in the air and whisper to yourself on Sundays that “you will have the strength and courage” to get through this.

      • Jack says

        I believe education is incredibly important, I do not beleive that University or College is important what so ever. I did two and half years at university for a psychology before I decided that after two and a half years I did not learn 20 thousand dollars worth of knowledge. I gained very little. Next to none. True knowledge comes from real world experience. I’m seeing a girl who is finishing up her last semester in a double major of psych and sociology who says she is jealous that I got out while I could and that she would do the same if she had her time back. She does not plan on doing sweet f*ck all with her degree but is instead opening her own business, as am I working on mutliple.. Post Secondary School = Get in a shit ton of debt so you can learn how to do an ‘intellectual job’ while digging yourself a massive hole of debt of which all that money from the higher paying job will go towards paying down loans the rest of your life, qualify for more debt and get things that eat holes away at your pockets. The system is very much broken and inefficient. .

          • says

            These comments are spot on – but there are some jobs out there that do get you some decent money. I know a few people who works for a top law firm, and they’re making a lot (though not with the freedom to leave work early to see the kids).

            Also I’m an Aussie and at least right now you can be a tradesmen in the big cities making more than 80-100K a year. This will probably pan out, but there have been winners from the last mining boom. The question is if the tradies and everyone put their money into good investments or splurged.

  3. says

    Great read as always Vic. Read many of your posts, loved the becoming a blogger series. decided to release the inner animal and finally, got of the ass and created a site. Trust you and the readers will check it out.

    Link is

    • The Grizzly says

      Your site is a complete mock of B&E, you need to be original my friend. You have a great idea but there is only one B&E. Try a different theme and colors to start with.

      Best of luck!

    • says

      I agree with Grizzly. You have nuts and heart. Your nuts show you were game enough to step up and put your self out there and create a website and you have heart for taking the time to obviously create and produce a functioning website (which is not always easy for the non IT individuals). However I believe it is very similar to B&D and that’s understandable as many people are influenced by Pride’s work. Even my self. However, you have got to be different. In order to gain a competitive advantage you’ve got to be fresh and different. Next time I visit I want to see something different! Do not give up my friend – just change it up! DO YOU!


        Appreciate the comment buddy. This site is a great site and you’re correct it is easy to get influenced. Currently working and planning on developing it in different areas and directions. Thanks again.

        PS The site name is

        • says

          You know, that is okay.
          Let me tell you my story;
          I also had a website 2 years ago- I was driven by a guy called Delusion Damage, His work changed the way I looked at the world.
          Then one faithful day on feb 1st, he took down his archives.
          Which drove me to take his advice on creating my own site.
          My sit ehad no niche, pretty much everything and the url. . very very NOT SEO friendly and weird as well .but I believe on my work and I had something to say but mostly there was a point when most parts looked just like a copy pasted DD.
          I danced with Inmalafide as a guest author for quite some time and of course achieved some traffic – My most famous work was
          “Women Who Like Jerks and the Nice Guys who Love them”
          But then because maybe I am not offering something that was unique enough, and one cannot earn from philosophy (which I am planning to republish on the future) eventually I lost my last joba and wasn’t able to pay hosting, and my writting became more and more sporrhagic, .the site slipped and was a failure.
          For quite some time I left the circulation..
          I forgot all about these web stuff- -But I knew I will be back,
          But somehow became lazy. And sometime later I received an offer to become a Spanish agent- I just neededto of course learn Spanish before my 1 year of tenure which is when I can be interviewed for the position.
          I decided from there “I will learn Spanish”!! HELL!
          So I needed to read some spanish stuff, I decided what better way to do that than read manosphere stuff translated in Spanish,.
          That is when I met Transmillenium from one of Roissy’s threads.
          And guess what? That is where I found:
          “¿Como Encontrar la Motivacion para Tener Exito?”
          How to Encounter Motivation to Achieve Success
          That is how I found B & D: I was commenting as George or “Capullo” back then,
          And that is how I found (in the same day) the
          So you wanted to become a Pro Blogger?
          I read on and waited and waited for the series., then I read all the resources of this site for making your own site and basically how I encountered Archibald who has become a friend of mine.
          And that is how I am now using my job’s internet connection right now to grow my two babies, each two months old:
          Aboutlifting (dot) com
          Translate from Spanish to english dot com
          I am thankfful to Vic and forever indebted for helping me out in his own way.
          Can I say that it is indeed “fate” ? Who knows?
          love you vic keep up the site!

          • says

            Mahal lanes looks like you came a long way paisano!

            Mucho exito en tu dos paginas del Internet!

            Much success on both you web pages

          • Joey the Hustler says

            Okay, got the gist of what you were saying but your command of the English language is awful. I was hoping, (still hoping), that possibly English is not your primary language and that having learned a second language, (albeit rudimentary), would be a pretty damn awesome accomplishment and you would have my kudos. If not, you really need to work on your delivery. I’m sure you have a ton of great shit to say but take a lesson from Vic. The way he writes makes you ready to kick down your front door and fight the world. That’s how he holds his readers. Any overweight housewife can, (and has), started their own blog. Starting a blog is not the accomplishment. Writing interesting, relevant content that captures your readers and conveys your passion AND doing all that on a regular basis is the secret. The only way that can be learned is by figuring out what the hell you have to say and then figuring out how to write it so it doesn’t put your readers to sleep. B&D is a testament to this. I personally hate blogs. I never found one I liked until I stumbled across B&D. Now, the damn thing is my homepage and shows up every time I open a browser window. Figure out how to make people who don’t read blogs read your blog and you’ve got it made my friend.

          • anon1 says

            i have to comment on this that i remember DD very well and have somewhere on my computer saved almost all his posts and also his short lived kindle book [including the single best article i’ve read on the psychology of violence anywhere, a must have for any female in your life, to keep themselves safe in a dangerous situation]

            I even emailed back and forth with him seeking advice back when he was running the site.

            Definitely it was my equivalent of solomon II

        • Abgrund says

          You could go for the sex angle. When I read “uncaged animal” I hear “fuck till your dick peels” and “how to get your girlfriend to eat pussy.” Just make sure you have a host that’s friendly to serious advice about how to keep an erection for three hours. You shouldn’t have any trouble getting advertisers either.

          • Joey the Hustler says

            It would work but that type of writing connotates a crazy writer who is probably part Charles Bukowski and part Ted Bundy. Or possibly just insane. Either way, I’ve seen writers who try to go edgy without actually having an edge and it ends up sucking ass. So unless you actually can fuck until your dick peels off and have actually gotten various girlfriends to dike it out with their friends, readers will see through your lies like a pair of your grandma’s underwear.

    • says

      I actually felt slightly inspired to finally get off my ass and do the same thing after coming across this site and a few others.

      Years ago, I had a good bit of success with affiliate marketing, but things slowed down after a year and a half, and I decided I wanted to try my hand at something else.

      Now, I’ve started writing again, this time about my 2nd job, and I’m slowly building a resource for a niche. It’s been really well received by the intended audience and that audience is growing daily. I plan on combining a lot of the material and thoughts into an e-book or two and selling it to perpetually make some change from release till the internet goes down. Advertising and affiliate marketing will only help build more supplemental income.

      I found that once I got started writing again, I had a slew of topics just begging to be mined. A lot of drafts are saved with outlines for when writer’s block hits.

      Now that I’m paying for hosting, doing the same thing with another niche will be really cheap and increase my earnings from blogging. it costs, what, as low as $~7-8/year for a domain name?

  4. Samir says

    I am really perplexed by this post today. Last night I was reading The Millionare Fastlane by MJ DeMarco, reading everything about how Slow Laners (the people that went to college to get a good job and retire after 40 years ) are living a life of mediocrity, then Victor makes a post on it the next day. Really weird coincidence.

    • KG says

      there is NO such thing as COINCIDENCE… its all law of attraction… LOA is apparent as much in a person who brings himself to accident one day (by daily fearing it and building upon that fear until it becomes destiny) As it is apparent in top-notch successes in every field.. (Arnold.. Einstein… Ford.. Lincoln… Victor Pride… just to name a few.. have all used LOA I believe in their own way)..

      • says

        I don’t know about the LOA. I don’t think there is a magical force bringing things to you as depicted in ‘the secret’. I believe LOA works on the basis that the more you think about something, the more you see it because your awareness of it is raised.


        Did you just picture bart simpson? Now if you accidentally see an image of bart today it will remind you of what I have just said AKA awareness raised.

        • Justin says

          If you take put the hocus pocus, there really is an all-powerful, reality warping message. “Focus on what you want.”

          That’s it. Mr. Hill never meant for people to think success will walk up to them because they ‘attracted’ it, but rather success comes to those who constantly focus on, and strive towards their desired outcome.

          But that message doesn’t sell, does it? Hard wishing sells.

  5. pramod says

    Great post…good point to note that for becoming rich one has to produce a service or a product .
    Thanks for this post

  6. says

    Truth. Either produce something or sell the shit out of something or own something that makes money. Everything else is day labor.

  7. says

    I just learned about this blog, and bought the Body of a Spartan book. It’s fascinating, and this post is everything I’ve been thinking about for quite some time. Just been unable to clarify it so well.

    Victor Pride… that sounds like a super-villain name, right? There are moments when I’m thinking, “This guy is a misogynistic asshole.” But mostly, I’m thinking, “Yea! That’s totally right! I’ve been too afraid to admit it!”

    I respect your commitment to being yourself 120% no excuses. But, I think you’re posts are unnecessarily long-winded. Less is more. To quote Shakespeare, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Or, simply consider that the toughest guys in our pop culture pantheon (John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, etc) were men of few words, not windbags.

    OK, that’s my 2 cents on the post and the blog. Otherwise, I say, “Rock On, Victor!”

    • Boar says

      You quote Shakespeare but you say “you’re” instead of “your” (and probably vice-versa). Nice going.

      Just my 2 cents. A lot of Victor’s articles are similar, but they hammer in a central theme and that is that you need to produce something, anything, if you want to earn money. That’s a sound approach. I like it.

    • says

      I actually like the elaborate approach myself and think Victor’s writing is fine. I think his frequency on the blog is a little lower, but I guess that just shows that I enjoy reading his work.

      I don’t believe in marketing and pandering to the idiots who can’t make it through a 750 word document versus a 250 word document with more pictures and videos. People looking for a resource like this blog should be able to sit for longer than 30 seconds.

  8. says

    What a timely post, Victor. I was actually wondering yesterday whether you subscribe to a 401(k) or other type of retirement savings programs and bam, here’s the answer.

    I bought Body of Spartan and it’s been transformative for me and then Spartan Entrepreneur when you re-released it recently. While I haven’t been able to get the business results, I’m not despairing. I just need to pick a better niche, maybe learn some SEO or figure out writing how-to guides and creating better content but the important thing, to me at least, is that I’m starting to think in terms of entrepreneurship all the time. You’ve been the kickstart. Thanks, man.

  9. Daywalker says

    Are posts about making money the new normal here at B&D?

    I thoroughly enjoy your articles about lifting weights and eating steaks.

    Lately your posts have me feeling I’m reading the same article but with a different title, over and over again. I love your work Vic, but I miss the bodybuilding posts.

    I understand why the majority of your articles lately are about making money. You clearly are making a killing and that has you super stoked to spread your knowledge.

    With that said, I’m looking forward to the next time you write an article about lifting weights and wetting panties.

    • Brandon says

      If you’ve thoroughly read through the articles here at B&D, you should know by now that Vic wholeheartedly believes making money takes priority over having a good body, although the latter is still important.

      Quite frankly I like it that way… Keep the money-making/inspiration posts comin Vic!!

      • says

        I agree with Brandon. I’m loving the money, money, money. Perhaps a new business idea for you Vic would be to start up a separate body-building website to keep people like ‘Daywalker’ happy?

        • Victor Pride says

          I write about what I’m interested in and what inspires me. At the moment it’s money. There will be more bb’ing articles in the future, rest assured.

          • Daywalker says

            Awesome. I still read and enjoy just about everything you write. I am just jonesing hard for some BB posts.

  10. Kevin J says

    Good article, Vic,

    I can’t help but to say that it makes me nervous as shit reading this, mainly because I’m a 21 year old college student who still has two years left, and a hefty amount of student loans to pay off when I get out. It’s fucking terrifying.

    In highschool, everyone made sure to pound it into the student’s heads how prudent it was to go to college and get a degree. I really wish I would have had at least a bit of common sense then to tell them to fuck off and go my own route. Now I’m half way through a double major business degree and am worried about after college with this debt and the way the job market is. The benefit of being here is I have been able to network a lot, and still am, but who know how much that will help.

    Any advice/constructive criticism for a college student, half way to a degree?

    This is an awesome site, by the way. Taking a lot from it.

    • Abgrund says

      K. J., I hope you won’t mind me replying to this although I’m not Victor Pride:

      Business degrees are of very low value. You won’t learn anything you couldn’t learn on the Internet for free, and much faster. Unless you have high quality connections, anything less than an MBA is hardly worth putting in your resume, and even an MBA only matters to certain employers who are probably the last ones you want to work for anyway.

      Unfortunately you can’t get out of your student loan debt by bankruptcy. My advice is, quit if you can afford it; get all the deferments etc. you can, don’t take on any new obligations (for God’s sake don’t get married), and do something else.

      If you’re already in over your head, switch to a degree program that will at least give you an income to pay off your student loans. If you’re not up for Medical School, there are other good options; do some research. Don’t take advice from any cunt who tells who to “follow your dreams” or similar horse shit. Find the most efficient way to get your ass out of debt and then you can do something better.

      Do NOT fall for the number one life error of pursuing sunk costs (throwing good money after bad). Never, ever, stick with something that isn’t working just because you’ve “invested too much to lose”. Suck it up and cut your losses.

      I’m saying this as a college graduate gainfully employed in my field. I make more money than I can be bothered to spend, and I love my job. But college is not for everyone. College is not for /most/ people. There are other options, and entrepreneurship is only one of them. Consider your options and don’t take anyone’s advice as the final word.

  11. says

    I read this while post while in line at Starbucks, ain’t giving that up.

    Too true, just like when I jokingly asked someone how to make more money a while back. His reply was : Work more hours.

    • Abgrund says

      The stock market is not an investment. It is speculation. In theory, stocks pay dividends, but in reality there are no stocks which pay dividends that would justify their price. People buy stocks not because of their value, but hoping that other people will buy them for even more in spite of their lack of value. Sooner or later there are no suckers left to take the bait, and the market collapses. It has done so before and will do so again, and again and again.

      Ass-et holes will cherry pick all sorts of dubious factoids to try to show that the stock market is some kind of perpetual motion machine that can make everyone rich without any risk. Here’s a fact for you: If you bought blue chip stock at the height of the 1929 boom, it would take you /forty years/ just to break even (given inflation). That’s if you managed to follow all of the many changes in the constitution of the Dow Jones with no losses or brokerage fees.

      Unless you have genuine insider knowledge, there is no reason to invest in the stock market as opposed to say horse racing.

      • The Grizzly says

        “Ass-et holes will cherry pick all sorts of dubious factoids to try to show that the stock market is some kind of perpetual motion machine that can make everyone rich without any risk”….

        i.e. Forex

      • travis says

        hi all,
        i found this site tonight while mucking around the internet. generally very interesting articles and posts, pretty solid. i know it’s dated, but i just wanted to comment on Abgrund’s statement: “The stock market is not an investment. It is speculation…”

        to me it sounds like you’ve been burned in the past. if that’s true i certainly would not begrudge you for feeling the way you do. i feel bad for you. losing money sucks.

        i wholeheartedly agree with you that there are a lot of dubious people out there cherry picking, making false claims, down right lying to people so that they can make money off of them through pump and dump schemes – bunch of snake oil sellers. i also agree with you in that most people, i mean retail investors, regular joes, “invest” through speculation via “a great tip” they heard round the water cooler from a friend who has a friend who says equity xyz is going to go on a tear, or that so and so invested in abc and made a killing. then as soon as they buy there is a downturn in the market and they panic sell at the worst possible time and lose money. worse, yet, they felt the sting of that loss and even as the markets start rebounding they stay out, afraid to get burned again. the market continues up and they start to wonder if they should get in. the market goes up and up and then they start to feel like they’re missing out, so they jump back in at the height of market exuberance, just before they market has its cyclical downturn again – buy high sell low. being burned again they say, “to hell with investing.” investing – ha. that ain’t investing that’s just stupid.

        BUT, there is money to be made by investing in the market and it is definitely not gambling. in gambling, the house always has the edge and you can’t legally bring anything into the casino that’s going to do away with their edge or give you one. there is an edge, we long-term investors have and that is getting intimate with the companies before you get involved.

        look, there is no easy way to get rich through investing and there sure as hell ain’t no get rich quick methods of investing – unless you get really lucky,or you’re doing something illegal. hell, there isn’t any one who gets rich doing anything if it isn’t through hard work and diligence. true investing involves really getting to know the company you are interested in owning inside and out: studying, analyzing a company, doing your bottoms up analysis, looking at balance sheets, income statements, k-10s quarterly reports, listening to the earnings calls and knowing who the people are who are running the company (obviously that doesn’t mean personally, but you sure can find out a lot about the success of a company by knowing how much skin in the game the COs/owners/partners have and how long they’ve been working there). you’ve got to take a look at fcf, enterprise value and other pertinent metrics. you have to find similar companies and make comparisons.

        then you have to create your thesis and work out your best, average and worst case scenarios of future values. you have to think about what would make you sell, what would make you buy more – is that sudden dip an over-reaction by the market or was it a result of fundamental in the company? would it be an opportunity to add or should you consider getting out.

        maybe most importantly, you have to have the proper temperament. you can’t get all worked up by what is going on in the market. daily price gyrations are unwanted noise and if you pay attention to them your mind will start to play tricks on you. you have to temper your emotions; no quick decisions should ever be made. you have to consider your time horizon; if your company has a bad quarter or two you have to have the balls to ride it out and see what the next few quarters bring – assuming your thesis for owning the company still stands.

        after that you have to see how each position fits into your portfolio as a whole. you don’t want all of your stocks to be correlated. you want some to zig while others zag so your who portfolio doesn’t get beaten down when mr. market’s mood turns sour. you need diversification across sectors, countries, cycles and you need to set allocation limits. you need to figure out how you’re going to hedge – are you going to keep you hedge in cash (dry powder for opportunistic buys)? are you going to set up bearish spreads, have direct shorts on various indices? if so, which ones and why? are you going to use options? if you’re going to use options that’s a whole other level of involvement – but all options positions need to be made first based on the stock first, not on price movements.

        this is a lot of shit to think about and and a whole pile of work to do, and, let’s face it, most people don’t want to put the effort in, let alone do it? ironically people spend more time researching the car they want to buy, gym routines or what kind of shoe is better for cross training, orders of magnitude more, than the stocks they buy. that, my friend, IS gambling, and fucking stupid.

        take it from someone who’s been in the market for a while, and weathered the dotcom bubble in 2000/1, the 2008/9 crisis and the fall 2011 downturn and all the volatility in between, there is money to be made if you have the drive to put in the effort. i have made decent returns over the years and have grown my wealth significantly – thanks to said downturns and volatility, that shit gets me all excited. it is this constantly upward-moving market that gets me nervous, the deals get harder and harder to find.

        one last thing to remember; it’s not timing the market, it’s time in the market. no one can time the market. anyone who claims they can prognosticate such a thing, that their trading platform will tell you when to buy and sell and you’ll make a ton of money, also has a wonderful tract of land to sell you near the daiichi nuclear power plant. trying to do the form will burn you every time. the latter will have you a lot further on your way to down the road to financial security than any other investment.

  12. Antonio Gavrila says

    Great article Victor. It touches a very important subject in our current society.

    Here’s a plan that will improve your financial life while you’re in debt:

    1) Cut your expenses by $20 and also get around $100 (get rid of the TV or sell things from your house)
    2) Use the $20 to pay your hosting and to buy a domain name
    3) Create an product that is needed in a certain market ( Do your research here)
    4) Build the sales page (you can use elements from old classic copywritters like Gary Halbert etc)
    5) Drive traffic to it using your $100. (Facebook PPC, Clickbank, Guest Posts, JV’s, forum signature)

    • Mike says

      Hi individuals,

      I just noticed something. I ate for breakfast 10 eggs today, lifted a little bit my dumbbell and went outside. I stopped masturbating and its day 10 on my non masturbating streak. Damn I got alot of looks from females. Why is that? Can this be related to eating alot of eggs and not masturbating?


  13. earl says

    The real secret to becoming rich.

    Invest in humans.

    There will be some painful short term losses…but the more humans you invest in, the more wealth you will create.

    • Abgrund says

      Earl, what do you mean by “invest in humans” ? I hear you can still buy girls in Thailand and rent them out by the hour?

          • travis says

            pretty sure earl’s talking about taking a howard schultz, jim sinegal, john mackey, etc. approach to investing in people. from a business standpoint, conscious capitalism works very well and i wish that more companies followed this business practice. though, i think we are moving slowly in that direction. businesses aren’t built on the backs of their employees, rather by investing in them, by doing right by them. only then will you truly have a successful company for all of your partners, workers, local community and, yes, shareholders.

      • Justin says

        Maybe. But what I think Abgrund is trying to point out; the message is very obscure. It leaves you to decide your own meaning for what “invest in humans” is. Give loans? Network? Is it supposed to mean that relationships measure wealth instead of money? Should I be checking the roi on a thai girl?

        It is right in many ways, but you have to already understand them to draw value.

        I invest in people by reading comments on blog posts. Bit by bit, I learn different perspectives, insights, needs and sometimes great facts.

  14. says

    You wanna get rich? This is what you gotta do:

    – invest in yourself first (acquire knowledge, acquire skills, acquire power, don’t just sit on your bum all day wasting time)

    – learn how to sell (if you’re too pussy to ask for for money, too afraid to get rejected, you don’t deserve a whole lot of money)

    – sell something that has value (hopefully, it is something where you don’t have to trade your time for money, although if you are super-skilled like a neurosurgeon, you can probably make bank with just your time)

    – learn how to live without luxuries (when you start out, it’ll be hard… can you handle living without the “finer” things in life? if not, you don’t deserve to be rich)

    – fear, marvel, and harness compound interest (it can either throw you into the poor house to give you whatever you desire without lifting a finger)

    – always, always, always… be in control (never let one person dictate how much you can make, never let anyone else control your money, seek to become the master and not the slave, have others depend on you more than you depend on them)

    Keep up the beastly work, Vic.

    • Abgrund says

      I think most of this is good advice if getting rich is your goal in life, but compound interest is a hoax. There are no secure investments that will even keep up with inflation, so you are getting negative real returns. High risk investments may get you a lot better return, but it will be highly variable so the formulas for compound interest don’t apply. Your long term results are totally unpredictable; it could be “lost every goddam penny in the crash of 2037” or “made a billion dollars on lunar real estate in 2029,” or perhaps both.

      The returns from compound interest are great exaggerated by ignoring inflation and risk. Even if you get a steady 4% real return over 30 years (which would be spectacular), it will take over forty years for your investment to return five-fold. This would be great if you had a million dollars to invest at age 20, but unless you were born with a silver spoon up your ass you will not have enough money early enough in your life to make a real contribution to your retirement. Suppose, more realistically but still optimistically, that you invest $100,000 at age 40 and get a steady /real/ return of 1% for 30 years. You will earn less than $35,000 current spending power on that. Congratulations, you can retire one year earlier! Send me a postcard.

      • says

        Compound interest is very real. It’s not just what you can get, but from what you pay out.

        Let’s take a look at student loans. If you don’t get student loan under control quickly, you’ll have a hard time paying it off. 6.8% or higher every year on interest and the original amount borrowed is quite scary. It’ll throw you into the poor house if you’re not careful.

        It’s just not for student loans, but for any other type of debt. Credit card, automobile, etc.

        I also think you’re underestimating the compound interest you can get on your investments, especially stock. But you don’t believe in it, and I’m not going to convince you to. All I’m saying is that it works for me, with real returns higher than what you have specified.

        • Abgrund says

          The Miracle of Compound Interest ™ has been an article of religious faith for the last two generations. I know I’m not going to convince you. It would take a calculator to do that.

          6.8% interest is probably enough to outrun inflation, but it’s the combination of interest and excessive principal that hurts. If you borrow $30,000 and drop out, or borrow $150,000 and get a P.M.S. in Women’s Studies, you are in trouble. You’d be in trouble at 3% interest too.

  15. Ron says

    I’m amazed how many bartenders I meet that have saved a ton of money at a young age, way more than guys who went the corporate route. Also gives time to work on building other businesses, hobbies, etc. Not to mention a built in social circle and access to girls. Those that aren’t well off usually out of drug habits, overspending, etc.

    It’s not the same as having online income or location independent. But if you would have told me that bartending would allow you to make a good living when I was 18, i would have stuck my nose up. Hell no I’m too good for that, and I’m sure my family would have said the same thing. Crazy when you think about guys going to college and slaving away for degrees, racking up debt, etc when the guy that is pouring drinks and banging girls is likely saved more money than them by 30 and had a lot more fun along the way.

    I know it’s kind of off topic but the post got me thinking how we are stuck in a frame of thinking when it comes to making a living due brainwashing from teachers, guidance counselors, family etc.

  16. sameer says

    Nice article man.But you did’nt tell how to become a producer.How to start on your own.You seem to regurgitate the same thing in almost all your articles but never come to the point.No hard feelings mate.

    • Victor Pride says

      Ok, you beggar. Since you are unable to do this on your own I’m going to give you a free idea about how to become a producer. I want you to create a wordpress plugin. You are in India, if you don’t have the tech ability you can hire it out cheaply. This plugin will be called “One Click Ban” and it will ban commenters with only one click. Right now the only way to ban people is to right click, copy the IP address, and paste it to another banning plugin. I want a plugin where I can click one button and ban a commenter from reading my work. This “ban” button should be located next to the ‘approve’, ‘reply’, ‘spam’ and ‘trash’ buttons for ease of use. Create this plugin, produce this, sell if for $20 and I will buy it from you so I can ban you with one click and many other wordpress operators will buy it as well. You will have become a producer and not a beggar like you are right now.

      • says

        wow that’s convinient and will actually save me the time pressing “Empty Spam”
        I would love that as well .
        I guess this guy would have a sure $40 bucks already

        • The Grizzly says

          Maybe he could make another plugin that would ban annoying people altogether, especially those that act like VP owes them something (i.e. “You seem to regurgitate the same thing in almost all your articles but never come to the point”) this after VP gives away so much free stuff on here.

          I’d chip in another $20 to make it happen

      • sameer says

        man,that was rude.I didn’t expect this from you.If someone genuinely asks something from you,you reply like this?what kind of after sales service you’ll give to your clients of your ebooks,I can only imagine.Anyways,peace

          • Sameer says

            Hey Victor,
            One thing is for sure.You are really shaken after you read what is the reality.Right mate?From all the good comments,you found only my comment to reply.Well,I guess just a group of words can shake your B&D spirit.And,I can also use the words you wrote but I can’t stoop down to your level.Your conduct sure shows other people why “education” is important,at least to some extent.You are so much obsessed with yourself that you only want to hear praises for yourself.But my comment came as a hard slap.What was so snide about my remarks?Did you ever tell people how you made money in real estate or things like that?

            It is truth which you too know deep down within.May God help those close to you.

            You are also the type of self-styled self help guru who do nothing more than selling dreams to common people and trying to make a quick buck out of it.But the only difference is that they are polite,while you are a s*** spewing loudmouth egotist who doesn’t know the hard work and constraints of a commoner.

            Anyways,I like your blog for all the bodybuilding advice and motivations but some of them are all hot air and less substance.Peace

          • Victor Pride says

            If someone makes this wordpress plugin I will be the first one to purchase it. Name your price.

          • Italian G says

            No doubt. It’s always the same isn’t it Vic? Tough guys behind a computer…. If they were face to face with us, it would be hands in pockets and looking at the floor. Show some respect boy. Sameer you are a fool. Did you just start reading Vic’s blog? You obviously do not grasp his psyche. Personally… I think your jealous. If you want to throw hate on my American brother I will have to educate you.

            Here is the juice… Victor shows his face. Why don’t you? If your going to bring that much bullshit to this guy’s door… Back it up. We all know you won’t because that’s what a coward does. Before your small mind starts turning…. I’ll gladly post my name & face. You simply do a lot of name calling and really don’t back it up with illustrated points. Typical week beta mind-set.

            Sameer… What do you do to make the world a better place and what country are you from? I already know your not man enough to deal with me. Walk on home boy.

          • Kurt says

            Sameer, you said “Did you ever tell people how you made money in real estate or things like that?”
            Actually, if you read through the blog, Victor has given two very specific methods to making money in real estate. I started turning a profit in about 5 weeks after learning about the first one and I’m looking into the second recommendation.
            He practically gives you money but you have think for yourself and put in your own work around here. No one owes you anything.

          • Victor Pride says

            Doesn’t matter, the kid couldn’t read or process information. He’s gone, I went the extra mile and banned him.

    • Justin says

      Harsh as that was, it describes exactly what a producer is.

      There are many ways to get started. You could spend the next six to eighteen months on google reading topic of: Copywriting, asset protection, niche identification, customer profiling, prototyping, testing if a product can sell before making it, copyright, trademark, and patent laws, outsourcing, design, branding, networking, negotiation…

      On top of that add the books “I will teach you to be rich”, which has a lot of 401k and such in it, but a lot of good info in credit and negotiating. Dan Pena’s book tells you how to get what you want, period. The millionaire fastlane will punch you in the face until you stop thinking like a consumer and start thinking like a producer.

      Be sure to make a very good index of topics, because you won’t remember most of what you read when you need it.

      Or you can do what MJ suggested at one point: type “I hate” into a twitter search and start writing down ideas
      Pick a few you think will be most profitable, google how to test them, find a winner and sell.

    • The Grizzly says

      “what free stuff are you talking about dude?”

      Advice/inside information/useful data…….dude.

  17. Italian G says

    Best line….. Saving money is reactive. You don’t get rich by reaction, you get rich by proaction.

  18. Alexander says

    I got a question for You Victor,
    It’s possible it was answered already but I can’t find the answer.
    How much protein is required daily to grow muscles and have energy for training?
    I’m 80kg now (want to be 90-95kg). Have very limited budget so I can afford only 2 meals/day (or one huge). I’m planning to eat 0.5kg of pasta or rice daily, some vegetables and obviously some meat. I’m just not sure what amount of it should be enough. I’m doing strength training 4/week.
    I appreciate any suggestion.

    • Arvind says

      Not to be rude, but if you’re struggling to feed yourself, your focus should be on making more money, get out of the curb before you invest in your secondary needs. Unless, of course your strategy is to use your physique to make money (be a model, a fighter, bouncer, etc.) But i bet you know this already, cuz Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is always at play.

  19. says

    Good point on the spend less than you earn. I’ve been telling folks this for years and people still look at me like it’s some foreign concept.

    Everyone’s definition of rich is a little different. But I find that if you can’t live on what you earn now, earning more money won’t mean jack shit. It’s just a sign that you’re a poor manager of money. This is why we always are hearing of lottery winners going bust.

    MC Hammer blew all his money, and didn’t save a dime or invest it.

    Personally I have to disagree about the saving money part, but only if you’re just letting it sit in the bank.

    I’ve been practicing a simple 50/30/20 philosophy for the last 10 yrs. I save 50% of my income, which is then divided into various investments, only a small fraction is cash. I live on 30% of my income. I never go above this amount. This is all the fixed bills in our life, including budgeted items like groceries. The 20% is our spending money. For whatever.

    I put my savings to work, earning me more money. Investments, rental properties.

    Two months ago, we bought a new car 09 Pontiac G8 GXP 425hp 6speed LS3, oh yeah!, 33K paid in cash. Didn’t bat an eye. No need to finance a depreciating asset.

    The whole point of learning to live below your means though is setting yourself up for financial independence.

    For example, if you save up 800K, you can safely withdraw 4% or 32K a year for ever and never outrun the interest earned on the 800K.

    Although my goal is much higher. I know I’d like to be bringing in at least 10K a month from rentals alone.

    It takes work and education and not being like every other joe retard to accomplish things.

    Anyhow, I went broke early on in my 20’s, climbed out of debt and have been hammering away. I set the goal of living below my means, because at any moment, life can deliver a blow, and if you’re up to your eyeballs living beyond your means, you will be screwed. If you lived below your means, you’ll find yourself in a better place to tackle life’s challenges and press forward with an attitude of determination.

    I’m probably just ranting at this point.

    • Abgrund says

      Where are you getting a secure 4% real return (4% + inflation) on your money? If you say “stocks” I am going to laugh at you.

      • says

        I didn’t say 4% return, I said 4% safe withdraw rate.

        $800,000.00 at 4% = $32,000.00

        Even if you weren’t earning any form of interest, that would last for 25yrs. If you can’t figure out how to keep growing your money while using a safe withdraw rate, then you’re a retard.

        My example was in relation to creating a nestegg that provides endlessly so long as you don’t blow it all.

        You could increase your withdrawal rate based on your growth rate as well and what you’re comfortable with. Those are all variables that change given situation.

        • Abgrund says

          Good point about the difference between return and withdraw rate, but you’re still ignoring inflation, which will “withdraw” more than you do.

          • Abgrund says

            No, I take that back. You did use words like “forever” and “never outrun the interest”. So again I ask:

            So where the HELL are you getting your steady, secure, post-inflation 4% ?

          • Abgrund says

            I also forgot to ask: Where did the 800 grand come from? Not from saving over decades, unless maybe you’re a DDS or a heart surgeon or a celebrity lawyer. If you have $800,000 to stash in the bank, you did something exceptional to make it. Why would you stuff it in an account, where moths and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal? If the money is what matters to you, wouldn’t you just do it again, and make another $800k? Why would you settle for a chickenshit 4%?

      • says

        4% from Stocks,.
        2 years ago I invested a small amount and left it be -I haven’t been able to fund it since then.
        Right now it grew 30% already – and that’s only 2 years.
        In some parts of the globe Stock market investment is still good. But the risk is all yours.
        You just have to research well -I do most of my research at bloomberg.
        I don’t play the penny stock game though that’s the risky one. I kind of treat mine like a piggy bank as I don’t believe in storing in banks,
        Right now I withdraw money from my stocks from time to time when I need extra cash and whne I happen to earn enough passive income from my 2 sites I will deffinitelly begin funding my stocks account regularly- beats giving your money to banks,

        • Abgrund says

          Two years is hardly the long term. Your 30% will be gone in the next market crash, along with the inflation losses you aren’t counting.

          Speculating is a zero sum game. For every dollar someone makes on the stock exchange, someone else has to lose a dollar. There are investors who are smarter than you, have vastly more knowledge, and sophisticated tracking programs. They have millions to play with and power to affect stock prices. These guys aren’t the ones losing money (though their clients or stockholders often get skinned). But maybe you can outwit them with a little help from Bloomberg.

          • says

            I know man – like what I said SMarkt is also RISKY!
            But were not talking abt US stocks here – Philippine stocks – market comming from the trash literally – slowly rising.
            The best time to buy stocks for long term investment is “during” a market crash, it hasn’t been long since. Its not wise to buy “before” a crash though.’And YES ! you can outwit them with bloomberg, I am big on using the graphs – I take a look at the movements of stock price and value within 5 years. If the price in in a position to rise and not at it’s highest level and the trend is still rising – I can buy some then.
            Actually my broker’s technical tools are available but I prefer to do research on bloomberg. Long term investment is not as complicated as Short term investment though

          • Abgrund says

            I am not qualified to comment on the Philippine stock market, I don’t even know what’s traded there. But if you like graphing trends, here’s an interesting one for the U.S.: Up until the mid-Eighties, the Dow Jones basically followed the U.S. GNP over time (with some wobbling, of course). Only in the bubble of the Twenties did it depart reality by a large margin for an extended time.

            In the Eighties a couple of things changed, one of which was that the lemmings moved into the stock market /en masse/. There was another bubble, which broke in 1987 when the Dow adjusted back to its normal ratio. But then an odd thing happened: instead restabilizing, the market promptly went into another bubble, one which has reached spectacular proportions and never really corrected. Even at the bottom of the 2008 crash, the Dow was still 20% above its historically stable ratio.

            This is not a new equilibrium, either; the ratio continues its overall climb while subject to sudden surges and brutal drops for no apparent reason, which is a typical characteristic of an overvalued market. A hundred million people who are counting on stock market speculation for retirement because “stocks always gain in the long run” are in for a nasty surprise.

          • says

            Right, rough indeed.
            Anyways that is why you can’t really buy “overvalued” shares.
            But the best time to buy shares is when NOBODY wants to buy shares!
            You can learn that from Buffet himself.
            Typically most peopel round here are complaining of “the only ones making money are the corporations, blah blah blah”. they are saying that while eating on the biggest Fast food chain right here owned by JFC. Righ now my JFC shares have earned thousands already. I am actually earning from the money that they are wasting – and knowing people – they will keep on wasting and wasting money anyways, you just have to know: ON WHAT?

      • travis says

        hey Abgrund,
        i don’t really get why you’re knocking one of the biggest wealth creators in history. people, regular folk like us, can and do make great returns over long periods of time if you put in the effort, and yes, compounding has much to do with it. you are certainly entitled to your opinions, but i think you would be doing a dis-service it if your comments deterred a young, would be investor.

        so you want a concrete example of a way to make more than inflation in the market over a long period of time? okay, i will give you ONE, but realize i’m not doing this to try to change your mind, you’ve obviously got your opinions and you’ve got to do what lets you sleep at night. and i’m also not doing this to puff out my chest and say, “fuck yeah, look at me, i’m a market guru!” because i’m not. i have had my share of losses, but they’re lessons to learn by and overall the losses have been less than the gains: 4~5%/yr + inflation as measured by the CPI-U, or the consumer price index for all urban consumers. i’ve done, and will continue to do well in all kinds of markets, basically doubling the value of my portfolio every 7 years or so, if i hadn’t added any more money – but i do all the time so it doubles about every 4 years as a result of gains and added moneys from my business and additional consulting work. again, i’m not some genius with a crystal ball, but i work really fucking hard at this in my spare time and i don’t worry about picking tops and bottoms or the daily noise from the talking heads on bloomberg. why do i do that? because i love it. it’s something i really enjoy doing. so why am i entertaining your request, because i want to show people that there are certainly viable ways to make money in the market (given the due diligence) and to hopefully give something back to this pretty cool community (at least it seems that way from the few hundred posts i’ve read tonight).

        so here’s your freebie. next one you gotta pay for! STON. here’s a great example of an MLP that will get you great returns. it’s very difficult for people to understand how its accounting works (GAAP reporting methods actually convolute the situation), even the so-called analysts don’t understand how it sustains its payout. because of this lack of understanding and the unwillingness to dig into its financials it is often subject to short attacks and downgrades (myopic idiots creating put writing opportunities for me, thank you!). without getting into the gory details of this death services company, you have to know that what causes most of the consternation regarding STON is that most of its revenue cannot actually be reported according to GAAP rules so it seems like it’s making this huge payout but doesn’t have enough cash flow to support it. the way it works is that when STON books a sale, it has to put 15% of the price of the burial plot into the trust. if the sale was pre-need, STON also has to put 75% of the price of the merchandise into a trust. these are legal requirements designed to make sure STON is able to meet its financial commitments (i.e., eventually deliver a casket it sold pre-need), but until the money is needed, it is invested by third-party investment managers. the money in trusts — a sizeable chunk of at-need sales and the the bulk of pre-need sales — never shows up in the financial statements as revenue. here is the bizarre, but absolutely critical point: STON can pull that money out of the trusts whenever it wants simply by delivering the service or product it sold. for instance, if STON sells a pre-need plot, by preparing that plot for use ahead of time, it can pull out most of the money it put in trust for that plot. all of that market research (it represents only a smidgen of what i have done on STON) i just provided you for free should show you i’m not some jack off loudmouth idiot talking.

        that being said, current prices ($23ish), as a result of a short attack by an SA article that came out on aug 8/9 – can’t remember exactly, give it a 10.4% ($2.40/share/year) yield and the fat pitch put writing opportunities served up by the pundits can easily add an additional 10% at least once and sometimes two or three times a year. on aug 13 on a strong down day – when other people were freaking out – i grabbed my daddy sack, and armed with what i know about the company opportunistically (not to be confused with market timing) wrote, sept $25 puts for $2.75. an 11% real return on my money, money in MY pocket, for 31 days. i’ll likely get assigned shares and then start a call writing, strangle writing or straddle writing regimen on it depending on what happens. this is the second short attack this year. the first was back in early feb. that time my real gains were similar but i didn’t get assigned more shares. so why am i comfortable writing puts on short attacks? because i know and understand the company and because i’ve been following it for many years, so i’m very familiar with it. it’s kind of like being married in a way; after 11 years i know just how my wife is going to react to (cough) certain things and i know which of her buttons to push and when (makes for exciting times if you know what i mean)! it’s the same with a company that you’ve followed for years and years.

        of course there are things to watch out for with STON. recently it has recently taken on more long-term debt for acquisitions (perhaps to leverage/hedge against the certainty of increasing interest rates) and there has share dilution lately. i need to see what happens over the next few quarters, but for now these seem okay. there are also tax consequences of owning this in a tax-advantaged account like an IRA (better to own it in your regular taxed account). as long as i don’t see too much dilution or more debt, i’m going to continue to write options on it. this range bound MLP has treated me very well for several years and hopefully for several more to come. if it doesn’t, though, i will find something else.

        disclaimer: past performance is not a guarantee of future results. you gotta do your own due diligence and make your own decisions. no one pulls the trigger but yourself. remember to always take responsibility for your actions. i hate little pissy whiners who blame all their problems on everyone else.

        last thing, there’re probably loads of typos so please give me some leeway; i’ve been up all night. how’s that? i live on the other side of the international date line.


      • says

        Abgrund,,, short term stock fixes do not work. HOWEVER, if you reinvest your dividends over the long term the compund interest will cause massive runaway growth. Even at a low number like 6% (Dow chemical for example) it’l take about 12 years to double your money if you reinvest the dividends. If you put in 20k a year to something like that, you would have a nice little group of geese laying golden eggs far into your future.

        Don’t believe me? Go to and use their compound interest calculator to see for yourself.

  20. Italian G says

    OK… I have to comment on this Sameer’s cat’s disrespect to Vic. This has me a little hot… Lets set the stage…. Sameer writes:

    sameer says:
    August 1, 2013 at 3:37 pm
    Nice article man.But you did’nt tell how to become a producer.How to start on your own.You seem to regurgitate the same thing in almost all your articles but never come to the point.No hard feelings mate.
    Do you want him to hold your d@ck when you take a leak as well? Let’s continue…

    Then you throw this his way after you initially insult him & he still answered your question… Why would you expect Vic to kiss your ass after the August 1st post you did. Then Vic… lights you up a little and you throw this back….

    sameer says:
    August 3, 2013 at 1:42 am
    man,that was rude.I didn’t expect this from you.If someone genuinely asks something from you,you reply like this?what kind of after sales service you’ll give to your clients of your ebooks,I can only imagine.Anyways,peace

    What fool? Trying to take pithy shot at a man’s lively hood because you were an asshole first and tried backtracking? Have you ever done his 30 day physical deal? No… In addition, your not man enough to do it. Seriously your not tough enough. You should have no problem with the cold shower bit as your third world shit hole can’t even construct a proper infrastructure. I suppose that’s Americas fault…

    Don’t be flipping my American brothers shit because we believe in hard work and discipline. Instead of worthless repetitive mutterings to Shiva you could get off your ass and not try to blame Vic. You were an asshole to him and disrespectful. Then out of spite you try knocking his livelihood? That’s weak shit son. You OBVIOUSLY have not read all his works. Just because you shovel cow shit out of a Calcutta slum doesn’t mean you can unfairly attack a man’s meal ticket you coward. You did not need to bring it there. You owe him an apology.

    You could be a transplant to Britain… I really don’t care about researching you. However, You need to be thankful for the strength of western culture and what individuals like Vic bring to the table. There is a reason why Americans have what we have. We give more charity to the world than all other countries combined. We work our asses off and just about all of us are, seek, or wish to become economically independent and answer to no master. So listen closely Slumdog Millionaire BEFORE YOU CALL OUT THE SLIVER IN VIC’S EYE TAKE THE PLANK OUT OF YOURS.

    • The Grizzly says

      G, I agree, this guy obviously has never had his ass stomped for being a punk with a big mouth. These beta male motherfuckers make me sick..

  21. Mike says

    Man Victors Site is the best I bought both of his books, his spartan entrepreneur book. I’m mentally inferior. I can’t focus. and I’m broke. I’m 19 years and still a virgin. Handsome face, got now smiles from girls thanks to some techniques he teaches in his ebook about discipline
    So stop attacking this site I like the posts and I sound like a whiny person but I kill you fuckers if you hack this site.

    • Justin says

      … Ok. It’s good that you want to stand up for the things you care about.
      Now, never leave death threats in comments, real or joking.

      You see that three post section called privacy? It ain’t any less relevant just because Vic shows his face. We live in a world that’s disgustingly far from private.

      All it takes now is a dull minded idiot to see your comment and call the police. Maybe it’ll get ignored. Maybe you’ll get a psychology major who’s brainwashed themselves into building demonized, presumptuous profiles and has the certificates to force action.

      Suddenly Vic’s host is hit up with a letter demanding the IP and email address of Mike, the dangerous sociopath who displays delusionary behavior and who may not be intelligent or self aware enough to know the difference between right or wrong.

      If you used a real email address and use the same one in different places, it’ll take half an hour to put down most of your internet presence and aliases into a spreadsheet. Think I’m bullshitting?, google, steam let’s you look for ‘friends’ by email, someone can try adding your email to different IM accounts and use Vic’s name to goad you into accepting and talking.

      Next thing you know, your door is kicked in, computer confiscated, and you’re detained pending investigation.

      Sounds retarded? Eh. The risk in this case is pretty low, as long as no hackers turn up murdered. There’s quite a few kids that were dumb enough to joke about school shooting on facebook that are fucked for it now.

  22. says

    Thank you. Love the kick in the ass mentality of this website and Mr. Pride. The simplicity and straightforward approach is handsome and refreshing. I’ll be on to read as often as you post.

  23. just james says

    I don’t believe “saving a little at a time” should be confused with investing a little at a time. As you mentioned, it is necessary to save for big investments, one way of compounding your savings at a higher return then simply a savings account, does require something such as a ROTH IRA. When you do come to make that big investment, there are stipulations that allow you to cash out your IRA account-before the age of 57-without fees. Such exceptions are a down payment on your first house. If someone is real estate inclined, it is then easy to turn that single house into a cash producing asset by renting and taking loans out on your mortgage for other investments or properties.

  24. says

    @Dan “John Wayne and Clint Eastwood were men of few words, not windbags”


    Did you meet John Wayne?
    Do you know Clint Eastwood?

    The majority of what you’ve seen or heard these men say… came from professionally written scripts that have been edited by teams and perfected for the screen. Big budgets generally insist on brevity. Victor is not on a big budget, he doesn’t have people writing the script. Despite this, he’s concise while he gives away more value than any other blog.

    Victor a great writer, but it’s clear that his articles would have been much more lengthy without the time he invests in each one. Those talented actors that you THINK you’ve known are ACTING the SCRIPTS designed to build mass appeal, Victor is writing what is interesting to him. If you like it, great. If you don’t, go listen to a windbag somewhere else.

    It’s hilarious you would compare Victor to a windbag since his work does not waste our time with extra words.

    Maybe one day you’ll meet Clint Eastwood in person, and you’ll realize how much you appreciate the value Victor Pride gives you.

  25. Just Saying says

    “you won’t get rich by saving your money. ”

    All of the “advice” out there is designed to make you an obedient little drone – don’t rock the boat – work hard and die quickly… You can’t make money by playing by the rules – you have to live and play by your own rules.

    There are things set up to benefit certain groups – you probably aren’t one of them – no worries, there are ways to “appear” as if you are. Shift your assets and money overseas as quickly as you can – keep it there, don’t plan on having it come back… Look around – do you really think things can last? More than 1/2 of the people are on the dole, have their hands out, and are voting people who rob Peter to pay Paul… They want you to be Peter and you’ll never be Paul… So take care of yourself – make your money work for you.

    Follow Gordon Gekko’s advice – Greed is Good… Live by it…

  26. Salim says

    Hello Victor, my name is Salim Daher from Venezuela. I have been reading Bold And Determined for quite a number of months now and I believe it is safe to say I have become incredibly inspired by your blog into taking life into my own hands and demanding exactly what it is I want from it…freedom. I take your advice to the heart, including that of bodybuilding, money making even those dealing with women. Victor, I have noticed you have retired the link that leads to your book “Spartan Entrepreneur” and I write to you to please ask that you please put it back up again. I am currently about to hit 20 years of age and I have no family members or anyone I can reach out to for help regarding any business ventures I desire to initiate. If I would I perhaps would be doubtful of accepting it for I believe success sweeter when it is built from one’s own sweat. I am willing to pay whatever you demand for this book, and I understand the knowledge comprehended in it is not for me or anyone to make a living but to make enough side money to help you get up and running in the business world. It would mean the world to me if you could please allow this information to come to my hands once more.

    Your Admirer,
    Salim Daher

  27. Justin says

    Hey Victor. Thanks for this great site. I am a former high school teacher. For years, I slaved away over lesson plans to deliver them to a mostly unreceptive audience. I sat there and listened to the never-ending idle prattling of women and children who were up to accomplishing nothing great at all. I was constantly told to earn the respect of people whose respect was not worth earning – teenagers with no skills and kindly, matronly women in their 50s who have bought into the sham of public education long enough to play mommy to all the little rugrats.

    I have the degree – shoot, I have two of them…. even got into the #1-ranked program in the WORLD for my field – Spanish…. supported my wife who is now working for a major university.

    I got smart, Victor, like you are suggesting in your article. I started my own business. It’s a translation and localization firm. Something I do better than 99% of the population is speak, read, and write Spanish. I’ve excelled at it since I was 12 years old. I was so good at it that Vanderbilt University admitted me to a PhD program with SIX other people in 2007.

    For years, I scraped by as a teacher – putting up with abuse from kids, administrators…. I even got punched in the face once and choked out by a kid….

    All of that is over now and I feel like I have recuperated my manhood and my sense of self and purpose in life. I love my wife. She is an amazing partner – intelligent, loyal, beautiful, kind – she will be an amazing mother to her children. I know i have found a diamond in a sea of black coal and I treasure her and honor her nightly.

    We will make it because we are like you, Victor. We are BOLD and DETERMINED. The words of your blog resonate so much truth to the male community. Your clarion call to spark life into men of all ages – to remind them to STAND UP and take their life into their own hands and become masters of their own destinies is a priceless message for these absolutely fucking insane times that we living in. The companies that would hire us hate us. They have sold us a dream that was a lie all along. We owe allegiance to our own loved ones, to our local communities, and to become responsible stewards of planet Earth and hopefully begin to reverse the damage of broken educational, financial, and political systems….. YOU Victor are a bright and shining voice amongst all of the noise in the digital echo chamber known as the Internet. You, my friend, are a wonderful example of how men should think, act, talk and walk.

    I am never complying with being hen-pecked to death by a sorry bunch of angry, soulless women in public education again. I am never consenting to be subservient to a lifeless administrator who only cares about test scores and minutae.

    I am living on my own terms and I am going to WORK HARD until the financial success follows.

    Those who support me can stand with me and those who don’t can get the fuck out of my way because I am not interested in your line of nonsense. I have heard it all. I taught high school for nine years.

    Now, it’s Justin time. It’s time for MY wife and MY family and MY life to prosper. And no force on Earth is going to stop me. I give my most solemn word of honor.

    I quit drinking, otherwise, I would toast your victories, Victor.

    Onward and upwards and keep on spewing truth into this cold, collapsed world of lies, shame, and deceit.

    Your newest fan,


  28. says

    The lower you live below your means the higher you can live later on in life. It’s definitely a no brainer. I hate it when these P!”£!”£!ies buy more than they earn and then go to mummy and daddy for a interest free loan that is eventually written off. Personally I hate going to my parents for money and hate how these losers are having their slates wiped clean! Don’t they have any pride!

  29. Sulia says

    I love how real and brutally honest you are about how one can actually get rich.
    Thank you so much for writing this I thoroughly enjoyed it
    I agree that you cannot get rich from a 401(k)
    I wholeheartedly agree that a broker who does not know me has no moral obligation
    as to how he/she will invest my money so why make the crazy decision by placing my
    retirement in someone else’s hands?

    I have set up a self managed super fund so that I can manage my super through trading options.

    I highly recommend options trading and that is based on my own experience.
    I prefer it because of the following reasons:

    1. The velocity of money, I invest in short term contracts so that my money is not
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    because it eliminates fear from the equation. I only purchase in companies I actually want to
    own shares in

    3. My mentor Sean is one of the best mentor’s I have met in my career, he is a man of integrity and
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    The strategies he uses are incredibly powerful and I will trade options for the rest of my life.
    I will also teach my children how to use these strategies. I think it is crazy how I have spent most of my life trading time for money when this really is how you can get your money to work for you.

    I highly recommend investing in your future to retire with peace of mind.

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    Check it out, it really is life changing!

  30. ravi says

    i think without pain and struggle we can become a rich men .But some it line false.and choose the other sortcut way .after yuo can get the more and mora money.

  31. re says

    Hey victor!! I’m 17 years old and I’ve been told. Go to college and do what you want to do college, good paying job, blah blah but at my age what should I really do! I want money I want freedom

  32. Greg says

    You know what (REALLY) irritates and depresses me? It’s these successful and/or working idiots and so-called friends I hang around that have a nice house of their own and car and etc. that keep telling me, ‘Oh, well if you hadn’t spent ‘all’ your money on such-and-such, you would have a lot more money’ implying that going and finding a 9-to-5 job and ‘just saving your money’ will somehow magically make you ‘rich’ or something. Obviously it DOES not. They’re stating the obvious about (saving) money but what’s so IRRITATING about them is that they (NEVER) acknowledge that working a 9-to-5 will NEVER, EVER, make you successful and/or rich. I, with autism, have very little chance of being anywhere near rich and/or successful or even (owning) my own house like them as we who are ‘high functioning’ autistic are stigmatized by society by the fact that we (do) have this damn disorder. We are not given many opportunities to succeed. Since when has anyone posted any how-to-become-wealthy info online for disabled people. Ha, ha, that’s a laugh….

  33. John Smith says

    I don’t know if I agree completely. Rich is a relative term. I am an American liviing in Europe. I am working for a UN organization. Retirement age is 60 for our org. The defined pension benefit for me will be 60,000 euros a year tax free. My wife (works for same org) will get 72, 000 a year tax free. That’s 11,000 euros a month with the benefit amount raised yearly to match salary increments. We both have private insurance and Austrian health insurance; those costs will be 90% covered by our employer till we die. Our current benefits include 6 weeks vacation a year plus 37.5 hour work week 4 months of the year. Sick leave and maternity leave are just amazing. We have great benefits at our employer’s compound like tax and duty free commissary, inexpensive restaurants, dry cleaners, banks, post office, hair salon, a day care center, and even a bar. I have only a high school degree and my wife has a bachelor’s degree from a third world country. We are in our mid forties and we are debt free, cars and mortgages paid off. We own 3 properties including a house in the USA debt free. Maybe we are not rich but damn I really feel blessed. In the beginning of our UN career we saved, but still enjoyed life. We’ve been to so many countries, skiing the Alps, mediterranean beaches, 4 and 5 star hotels, etc. We didn’t do anything but be good diligent workers, save and spend wisely, and basically follow the rules. I know we are lucky but if you look hard enough and figure out the game there are plenty of jobs like ours in government service and ngos. Have you ever seen how much money you can make at the national laboratories of the US, even technicians make very good money with great benefits and retirement. I guess a retirement benefit of 11000 euros a month for 25-30 years may not be “rich” enough for some but it’s enough for me. There are different paths to getting “rich”, don’t you think so?

  34. Johnny says

    Man, I swear to god: that’s the first time in my whole life that I met someone who thinks exactly the way I do! I’m 23 years old now and for the last 3 to 4 years I’ve been wasting my time with regular jobs thinking that all of those advice coming from the elders would help me get through life. Bullshit! Despite of what they may think or have done to their lives, I DON’T WANNA work five decades before being able to enjoy life. I DON’T WANNA waste the best years of my life only in order to have time to rest when I’m crazy old! What I DO WANT is to work hard and live hard right now, so I can reach my 30’s taking my girlfriend and my family to a tour in fucking Europe! That’s what I want! It’s useless to get rich when you’re 70 years old, because then you won’t have enough time nor the mood necessary to avail everything you gathered, if you did gather anything.
    Just to finish, keep thinking and acting this way, and keep listening to a lot of Heavy Metal everyday too. These two things will make you happy forever!

  35. Paul says

    Victor Pride – bold and determine does great work. If one learns to invest and we teach that – then a 401K properly invested in with “Build Wealth Strategies and executions will put a couple on a path to riches, we have seen where since 2004 – to now April 6, 2014 that couples who are in agreement where the partnership is natural where the man is the investor and he did marry a beautiful girl a “shy” girl they are over $1,200,000 richer by investing in their 401K, they have raised their FICO scores, purchased the appropriate parts of insurance, he is a self reliant guy and she is his gal – his babe – his low maintenance bride – his wife. By properly investing whether a employee or the business owner then one can take advantage of the market – and no these dollars did not perish in the 2008 – 2009 crash – in a 401K and the market there are ways to protect yourselves – no an annuity is not an option. Victor Pride – bold and determine does great work.

    • Dominic White says

      It takes money to invest. If someone has a great product idea, it takes money to push that product to the general public. Basically, it takes money to get more money. It’s really tragic. You are either born with a path or you aren’t. I guess you wouldn’t understand if you are spoon-fed opportunities, or have some kind of support system. I am a free-thinker who has no doors to open. All I can do is bust my ass for a meal every day, working a full-time job and going to college. Unless I find a connect, I will just be another puppet of the rich… the bloodsucking leaders of the corporate world.

  36. Bob says

    Yep.. totally true what you are saying here. Trying to simplify my life as much as possible now. Eat Steak and Eggs about 5 days a week now, go very simple the other days.. Work out at the gym 3-4 days a week. Do it for an hour. I refuse to pour a ton of money into my car and am thinking about getting rid of if it runs me too much. I refuse to be with a woman who will just take me blind. If she is not in sync with me at least 90%, she has to go. Besides, if a guy looks good at ANY age and in shape women will be knocking. I refuse to pay a lot of money for a place to live. Like you always say Victor, FREEDOM is the key here. These maniacs who are like 40 years old and “dreaming” of retiring on a boat fishing at the age of 65 are ridiculous.Who says they are going to make 65? And they just tossed away 25 years of their lives to get there. I will keep focusing on building my internet business like a boxer climbing up the rankings. No give in. EVER. Even as a very young guy, the concept of being Free was such a great one. Makes you want to cry in extreme happiness when you really think about. But being tough and focused, debt free, and laser like to get there is what matters. All this other bull crap people talk about be it in sports or movies is just a distraction from crap lives. The masses of people can keep their debt filled, out of shape lives. I am focusing on the opposite. Great post.

  37. Dominic White says

    This post, although completely true, cannot resolve one key problem. Let’s face it, this world is no longer about the working man and the middle class. It is about corporate rule, and they will make everyone else slaves to maintain their wealth. We are the new slaves. I am absolutely determined to not be another number with a traditional working class income. I will literally do whatever it takes to gain physical and psychological independence, away from this robotic society. I am a free-thinker, but there is a road block that limits people like me, and it is called an opportunity. I am the hardest worker my manager has ever seen, I maintain a full-time job, I attend college, and I try to be a family man. I am practically killing myself just to be able to eat. Even if I have million-dollar ideas and an independent mind set, it takes money to invest and increase riches. If I have that great product idea, I would need money for marketing and advertisement. Most people have some kind of door to go through, whether it is a supportive family member, or a connection to someone who can give someone an opportunity, but I am trapped. I do not know anybody, I do not have friends, and I do not have an opportunity. I remain in my head every day, thinking about what I could do to escape this control… what I could do to be the one taking money rather than making money for a corporate company. I may only be 21 years old, but I feel 40, and I am ready to move on in life. At this point, I will escape from this chaotic, barbaric society, or I will die trying. If anyone knows someone that can give me a chance, or someone who can pull some strings, I truly believe that my mind itself is worth a million dollars. I will give everything I have into every breath. I just cannot sit here and make money for some rich bloodsuckers who think they are better, but couldn’t even do my “unskilled job.” They sit at a desk and tell people what they are doing wrong. I told them that I would own them one day, and I will. Good luck to all, especially the ones who are just puppets making money for the puppet masters.

    • geo says

      opportunity is not lost it is hidden, if you want to succeed in this day you have to partner with people and attack the corps on their own turf, a little more modernized sam walton story, but the answer is people, you must become a leader and lead. buy american is gaining tracktion again, get my drift. i have four cats on my small farm i have learned how to herd them over the years, now if only the people were like cats. keep cool…

  38. Sam Jacobs says

    Good post. Long story short, I had nothing at age 23 (mostly my fault) and by 31 I am a multi millionaire. How did I do this? Though self education. I learnt about property investment and development (I live in Australia) and I saved every cent from my job for years to invest in property. I also learned how to develop a ‘sophisticated mindset’. That is absolutely essential if you want to be successful. Did I say it was essential? I was obsessed for 8 years (and I mean obsessed) to become finically free. Now I am financially free and my income from investments returns me about 400k a year after tax plus I keep doing more developments and earn large profits that way.

    The first step is to change your mindset and replace it with a much more powerful one. In truth, what you really need to do is completely change the person you are today, if you want financial freedom.

    Post too long already ill shut up now.

    Best wishes guys.

    • Sam Fisher says

      Keep up the fire. Not everyone becomes a multi-millionaire. Only the few that change their mindset to match their goals.

      When I changed my mindset I was called mean. I was called an asshole sometimes. But, I would never go back to being the people pleaser I was. I’ll be damned if I give up now.

      • Sam Jacobs says

        HI Sam, (good name btw ;))

        Your absolutely right that not everyone will become a multi-millionaire. The simple reason is that most people are not willing to pay the price that it takes to achieve financial freedom. Even though a lot of people might SAY they would, in reality they are not willing to pay that price. I was very quickly browsing some comments made and there are a million and one excuses given by some…this is a massive problem and as long as people don’t take 100% personal responsibility for where they are in life today, they will never be able to move forward. I had to admit to myself at 23, I was a bum, a broke loser and going no where, and it was totally, 100% my own doing. Once you acknowledge that, then you can truly being to move forward. As long as there are excuses, you will never, ever achieve any kind of massive success in life.

        Well done to you Sam and keep on your journey mate. You sound like you are well on your way to great success. Really well done,


  39. James says

    A lot of this advice is spot on, a lot of it is a bit myopic.

    There are ways to get rich working 9-5 and saving, if you specialize in a high-value field and have a high savings rate. I’m earning 6k a month pretax and I’m socking away 2k a month in savings. Roughly 50% savings rate with respect to post-tax income. I’m doing this while living very well — lots of great hobbies, active social life, good food, language tutors, and multiple domestic vacations and one international vacation for the last 2 years.

    I’ll be set to retire in another 12-15 years with a portfolio that should last forever and grow a bit faster than inflation. Assuming I stay in the US — but I’ll likely be doing geographic arbitrage as the opportunities there are just too tempting.

    There isn’t as big a dichotomy between being a 9-5 person and a producer and capitalist as this article suggests. The latter is definitely important, but the former is overly maligned.

  40. Paul says

    Lol, as usual atheists have to have another attack on God or a higher power or this or that. I keep telling you people the world is a better place because of Christians. Ignore the (2%) of priests that were caught in despicable acts and certain bozos in the church that tried to handle it the political way instead of the right way. You’re only hurting yourselves. A good moral character and a hard work ethic of extensive study and dedication will get you far. Do not underestimate our Lord. This is not all by accident. The problem with science today is that you don’t hear the whole story, only the “facts” that fit the agenda. There is so much evidence stacked in favor of an Intelligent Designer it outweighs the “chance” theory by far.

  41. says


    u are dead on in many ways, if not all. however there is something left hanging: how does one actually make more more money while staying out of debt and avoiding the obvious excesses? that’s the million dollar question. if one was making a million dollars a year, drinking Starbucks coffee all day long would hardly be an issue, which underscores ur point of course.

    well, winning in business, money matters or any other aspects of life requires a ‘winning attitude’. that of course is a prerequisite, the thread that runs across all great men and women, be it in business, politics, technology, arts, etc, etc, etc. without a winning attitude, u can hardly do sh**t. so go get u one. which begs the question: how does one get a winning attitude?

    well, the answer to the question is the most guarded secret of all time, that only a few ever find out, some accidentally. i found it out some 30 odd years ago, and since then, i have been rich, successful. and happy. no fancy university degree, no royal birth, no uncommon luck, just a little explosive secret… not some 500 page motivational book cobbled by some so-called best seller…

    to be continued…

  42. Josh says

    I am 16, I have a goal to be wealthy, and this article has helped me realize just how much I need to start now to make it big. This is a great and true article!

  43. Frederic says

    It’s a truism. How can anyone who is currently poor create a new business from scratch? I don’t even have enough to start a pop and mom shop, let alone a serious large scale enterprise.