How Money Can Naturally Raise Your Testosterone Levels

The more money you have the more of an alpha dog you are.

I used to be a real down to earth, go with the flow, “yeah, hey man it’s whatever” kind of guy. I was also poor.

When I started making money I started demanding things and I started getting things done my way. I started saying “no” as easily as most people say “yeah, uh, I guess that’s ok”.

I went from an average of a few hundred dollars in my bank account to having an average of 10, 20, 30 or 40 grand with more always on the way. And guess what happened? I stopped taking bullshit.

I make a lot less money now but A) I make enough so that I am completely free to go anywhere B) I have zero debt and my monthly expenses are less than a grand and C) I can afford to purchase anything I want and I don’t worry about putting food on the table.

Do something I don’t want to do? Not even an option. Someone telling me what to do? No. Relying on other people to pay me? Nope. Following the schedule or plans of others? Negative. My word goes? Yes.

You want to increase your testosterone but you are scared of the needle? Make more money. Money will make a man of you.

When you’ve got money in the bank and a pocket full of cash you don’t accept baloney. When your waiter brings you the wrong meal, instead of saying “oh, it’s ok I guess. I’ll just eat this” you’ll say “this isn’t what I ordered. Take this back and bring me my steak and baked potato” and you’ll say it without apology and without pleading. You’ll stop asking permission and you’ll start demanding. You won’t ask, you will tell.

When you have money you have balls. You are in control.

A lot of males are scared of money and scared of success. They’ll say things like “I would NEVER do that just for money! I would NEVER try and make money from that!“.

They say this baloney, and act this way, to feel morally superior. Morally superior in their poorness. Good for them. That makes it easier for the rest of us who aren’t afraid of money. That makes it easier for you to become a big dog.

Acting moral is the act of being the best at following orders. The most “moral” people are the best order takers. When a person brags about being too moral they are bragging that they do what they are told better than you. And you should be happy for them, the world needs customer service representatives and IT professionals to help fix your computer.

I do everything I’m told and I never get ahead! I just don’t understand!” they always end up saying.

Tough one to figure out, isn’t it boys?

I’ll have to ponder that riddle over the weekend and see if I can possibly find an answer.

See you Monday,

-Victor Pride

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  1. says

    No! I don’t want this article!! write another one!!!

    Good one Vic, BTW, this is George, pls take note of my new url above. and I go by Iron Thumb there, the wizard corpse has been buried. . for now

  2. jeff says

    Nice motivational post Vic. This is so true on so many levels. Makes me motivated to go out and rake in some more cash!

    Nice pic too. RIP Macho Man Savage.

    • Mighty Mouse says

      What is it about you americans and fake wrestling? You want to increase your testerone levels? Come down here. Last night I had a fire-fight and now I’m shit scared. And I know it will happen again.

  3. Abgrund says

    I don’t know about their testosterone levels, but anyone who brags about being moral, charitable, tolerant, innocent, honest or whatever is always abundantly endowed with the opposite quality.

  4. says

    Money does make you feel more like a man when you’re depending on people to give you money you feel free. Like right now I’m not working I feel less than a man and my life it’s pretty boring I can’t go anywhere You feel hopeless very good point victor and when you’re making your own money people show you respect.

  5. Xavier says

    Hey Vic!

    There is something i don’t understand, in this article you said “I make a lot less money now but” and In your previous articles you said you made about 3.5 grand per month expecting to make 8+?

    Please explain.

    • Victor Pride says

      Years ago I used to make a lot more money. Now I average 3.5 grand per month doing basically routine maintenance. Now I am focused on earning more, last month I made 5.2 grand and I won’t be happy until that number is at 8 grand (which will put me right at the threshold to take advantage of the foreign earned income tax exclusion).

  6. says

    I think Victor is right, but fear his points about not having debt and bullshit payments are getting lost in the shuffel. Rediculous cash flow is lost if expenses match income. If Victors monthly nut is only 1 grand, and he’s making 3, he’s banking 2/3 of his income. No matter what you make, that’s a rich mans profit margin. Control your expenses and your freedom at the same time.

    • Victor Pride says

      Yes. No bills and a measly few grand is better than making 12 grand per month with 12 grand in expenses.

  7. says

    Thanks for the kick in the ass.

    Its crazy to me that so many people fail to realize that you don’t get ahead by helping another man build his empire. Middle management is not something to strive for.

    My dad once told me I needed to take a ‘safe job’ at Walgreens pharmacy where there was opportunity to work my way up to maybe district manager and then retire at 65 with a few grand a month, low bills and my freedom.

    I told him to get that weak shit out of my face. I’m going to work towards having my freedom now instead of later, and enjoying it for the rest of my life. He’s still busting his ass at 63 for $3,000 a month. Let him have that. As you said: We need waiters and IT professionals.

    Good post, man.

    • Sam says

      “I told him to get that weak shit out of my face. I’m going to work towards having my freedom now instead of later, and enjoying it for the rest of my life.” Could not have said better myself. I am 19 and was practically born last week but I am skipping college for good and working on Body of a Spartan. My dad is really good at following orders and taking advice. He also has a wife that is too old for him and doesn’t put out, has too many kids and has a huge-ass mortgage. He finds his identity in “helping others”. What a fucking joke. He actually thinks it is better to share his hard-fought wealth with random foster kids than his own children. Give me freedom or give me a fucking job already. I made my choice. Wage slaves are like herpes, it’s better to not even get close to ’em. Time for dinner. OOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW

  8. red1x says

    Money -> Self-confidence -> Power

    But that’s money that you earned from your own free will on your own time, not in the human zoo

  9. Dustin says

    This line that “moral is poor” and “poor is weak” makes no sense in any logical way. Morality is about doing what is right despite what society or your peers say. That is true strength. True strength is about conviction and doing what you know is right despite what others say. Strength is caring about others even if it doesn’t energy you.

    Weakness is exploiting people for money. Weakness is desiring more money than you need. It is a lot easier to take advantage of people or living things than it is to care and be compassionate.

    You don’t have to be rich to stand up for yourself. Ghandi was one of the most influential people in the world and in history and he was as poor as could be. Having money in the bank should not be the determining factor in your confidence or self image.

    If you are only confident when you’re a lot of money or if you only stand up for yourself when you have a big bank account then how are you “strong”? You are using money to prop up your self confidence. That isn’t strength but the epitome of weakness.

    • Victor Pride says

      Bud, you are the mirror image of the holier than thou moral goobers I spoke of in the article.

      • Sam says

        “Weakness is exploiting people for money. Weakness is desiring more money than you need. It is a lot easier to take advantage of people or living things than it is to care and be compassionate.”
        Let the sheep go to the slaughter. As Champ Kind from Anchorman would say, “Ya sound like a gay.” Words of wisdom from Vic the Wolfman.

    • avi says

      Gandhi was neither poor nor weak. He was trained as a barrister in London practiced in south Africa and in fact one of the extremely hi testosterone individuals according to his memoirs. Read his book called my experiments with truth in which he describes rubbing himself and ejaculating against 16 year old nubile girls.
      Of course he was man enough to take responsibility and even right about it publicly though this books are now largely suppressed.

    • James says

      It is not the fiat private federal reserve notes that people scramble after that make them strong.
      It is the skills they carry in their head, their hands, or develop if the bank account gets cleaned out or stolen. They can recreate what is lost. They have the creative ability to be self-sufficient. It is the juevos to start a new endeavor when life has knocked you down or put you in a hospital bed.
      Life will smack you around, and you will have to call on a higher power to get you through if you have lived long enough. This doesn make you a pathetic wuss, it makes you human with a heart. You can combine morals and honesty with personal gain. But you are in for trouble if you are only focus on your the paper wealth you think you have. You would be wise to buy some productive farm land, physical silver and gold because all this energy you are putting into fiat paper will leave people with nothing when the currency collapse happens. Big picture….

  10. Bilal Ahmed says

    Morality is good when you have money, spend it on yourself, your family and give some part of it to poor people. That way you won’t be just thinking or speaking about moral but actually adding value to other people’s life. What do u think Vic?

  11. says

    Good Post Vic,

    I started trading the markets full time a few years ago. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. For the freedom I have and the money I make I couldn’t have made a better decision. I hated being an employee. Working 5 days a week for a bunch of assholes is for losers.

  12. says

    When I first started making (and banking) good money, it wasn’t long before I realized I needed to dial down the demanding behavior somewhat. Not saying what you wrote is incorrect, just that there is value in having a reputation of being polite regardless of your position (noblesse oblige). Getting (too) cocky as you grow wealthier is a common error of youth.

    Also, it’s important to keep an eye on the horizon. Today, that means preparing for significant loss of buying power of the major currencies. The MSM has done a great job of discrediting precious metals and the associated equities, but he who does not own them now (IMO) will just have to buy them later, at much higher prices.

    • James says

      Intelligent post.
      Farmland, silver, and gold will allow a store of value when this ponzi fiat currency goes south like all 600 fiat currencies in history have done. Jim Rogers is one of the few financial guys speaking the truth.

  13. john doe says

    I make an average of 5-6k/month, and I live like shit, LOL. But I have a wife who isnt’t working and 2 kids at my house. My bills are nothing crazy, but my bodybuilding lifestyle breaks the bank like you wouldn’t believe!!!! Groceries, the fucking groceries!!! But my wife is going to Real Estate school in a few more wks, and I may join her and help sell houses on the side. Or start flipping cars, maybe try and get my dealers license. There is far more money in selling someone something rather than “just showing up” to your day job.

    • Victor Pride says

      Back in the States I shopped exclusively at one of those yuppie whole foods type stores, I was spending about $700 per month on groceries just for me. It was nuts, but it was also delicious food. If you’re looking into the flipping biz you and your wife should look into flipping houses, way more money in that than flipping autos.

  14. says

    Victor how much do you spend on groceries monthly? How many times a day where you eating to look like the last pic that you posted on the previous article? You looked amazing!

    • Victor Pride says

      Groceries are cheap. Hard to say what I spend monthly because I usually buy in bulk but it is roughly $150-$250 per month. Here is an idea: skinless/boneless chicen breast is 92 baht per KG ($3), chicken legs are 75 baht pr kg ($2.50), white fish is 75-90 baht ($3) for 250 grams, that’s 3 ok sized fillets, veggies are nothing, eggs are nothing, rice is nothing, American junk food is more expensive than America, a whole cooked, roasted chicken is $4, a big BBQ’d fish is $4. A bottle of 430 ml egg whites is about 75 baht ($2.50) and I try and drink 1/2 or 1 of those per day. The grocery that sells them actually delivers for less than the price of the sky train fare so I order a bunch of egg whites and white fish and they deliver. Box of 1 liter fruit juice is 70 baht ($2.35) and I was drinking pineapple juice, pomegranate juice and a little orange juice. I eat when I’m hungry and in that picture I was eating high protein thai food 2-4 times per day + the junkfood I talked about in the junkfood article, a helluva lot of coconut smoothies and a lot of juice. In a nutshell I eat eggs, chicken and rice or fish and rice, some fruit juice or iced tea, a little junk food as I want it and drink some egg whites and that’s pretty much it.

  15. Conger says

    I think you need to look at R.G LeTourneau, a self made man that made millions and was charitable. He gave up to 90% and lived on 10%. He quipped, “I shovel out the money, and God shovels it back—but God has a bigger shovel.” This is a morality I can live with. Money and wealth aren’t evil, they’re neutral. I say go out, make the money, get your juices flowing, just don’t forget to give, and if not to a church there’s always some disease we need to fight like a dogs to cure.

    A self made made man traveling the world and not sharing “How to Be a Man,” lift weights, and leading his pack to take control of their life’s, now that would be immoral.

  16. Ron says


    From a few of your money-related posts in the past, I got the feeling you may have had some experience with real estate investing in the past. Do you see rental property as a alternative for a man looking to build a location-independent lifestyle? I know you are partial to internet marketing, but just curious if you had any specific thoughts on real estate.


    • Victor Pride says

      That’s right, Ron, but I was never a landlord. So much hassle for not too much monthly profit. Dealing with people who buy your houses is a nightmare, it’s got to be 1,000 times worse dealing with tenants who want every little thing fixed. And if your house is empty for a couple of months your profit is wiped out for the year. It makes sense as a long term strategy but for what I wanted it didn’t make any sense at all.

      Re: location independence, no, never. You will always be tied to your metro area where your properties are even if you have a management company dealing with your day to day. I was abroad for a year dealing with my properties back home and it was a real pain and I was definitely not location independent.

      R.E.I. is the best way to build wealth, but it’s no strategy for location independence.

      Good luck.

      • Ron says

        Thanks- yeah I definitely feel like the whole “quick cash wholesaling” strategy that always gets pushed on REI newbs at seminars is overrated. I met a guy recently living off of 17 rentals he’d acquired over the last 3-4 years. He had been rehabbing high end SFH’s but after reading 4HWW he switched to acquiring section 8’s in the hood so that he had passive income to travel. He said they are a pain in the ass sometimes, but he’s able to live comfortably and travel for 2-3 months at a time, spends about 50-50 b/w USA and abroad. Not to mention building equity.

        • Victor Pride says

          I went to a little seminar one time and I met so many people who had “been in the industry” for years but never pulled the trigger on a property. The fucking retards would buy all the books, take all the courses, go to all the meetings but never actually take action. Most of the people at the meeting hadn’t done a damn thing except wish. I never went to another meetup, seminar, networking event or anything at all ever again. Full of time wasters and tire kickers. If 100 people are interested in wholesaling, 99 of them are more interested in kicking tires and making excuses.

      • George says

        Hey Victor, I like where I live and I’m not looking for location-independence.

        By “REI is the best way to build wealth”, you’re talking about buy and hold rentals?

  17. says

    Victor what s the best way to market a website so you can gain visibility and users? Besides seo what are some other ways to spread the message? Thanks…

    • Victor Pride says

      Buy targeted traffic from google or yahoo or bing. Check to see if you can buy some google adwords coupons for $5 and test out your keywords before you spend too much dough.

  18. Victor Pride says

    Something interesting I have just read:

    “Making money affects it

    Young men who are futures traders get a testosterone spike on days when they make an above-average profit, British researchers found.

    And on the mornings when men’s testosterone levels were higher than average, their average afternoon profits were higher than on their low-testosterone days, suggesting a possible cause-and-effect relationship.

    More experienced traders showed an even stronger tie between testosterone and profits.”

  19. john doe says

    Vic, I’m just starting with auto flipping because its a way to get started within my means right now. I know alot of people who have been very successful in real estate who are having a hell of a time flipping homes right now, they just aren’t moving them fast enough anymore. As for my groceries, dude if it was whole foods my bill would be 2K/month instead of $1200/month. Those places are ridiculous and its not all as healthy as people think. They love to slap the word “organic” on things and charge out the ass now dont they? But the truth is, I never had a problem getting into single digit bodyfat and getting jacked from Wal-mart groceries, LOL. Meanwhile all these fat yuppies still jump on the organic train and continue to piss away money.

  20. Miamilaw says

    Vic, you always speak the truth! Money (and the things it can buy) does raise my test levels. I also supplement them ;). My 30k Rolex President is a clear example. I feel like a Lion when I wear it to negotiation meetings. I am 33 and pull 7 figures as an attorney and don’t take shit from anybody. I get what I want when I want it. Of course, wife and my 3 beatiful kids come first.

  21. Mike says

    Hi Victor what kind of techniques you use to understand the context you read? Do you draw mindmaps or what are you doing? I’m diagnosed with “ADHD” and thought I pick your brain.

    • Victor Pride says

      Bud, I may have some mild form of ADHD like you. What I do have is sleep apnea, and on a lot of days my mind is cloudy and I can never remember anything. So I make notes about everything. I keep an open tab on my computer for notes, I use “” to take notes, I write notes down on note cards, and I write EVERYTHING on my calendar.

    • Abgrund says

      ADHD is just a post-modern feminist label for “male”. Men have different attention patterns than women do; we are more easily distracted and have a more difficult time focusing totally and continuously on one thing. I think this is because men evolved as hunters, protectors, and killers, while women did the monotonous work like sewing hides, tending fires, and gathering roots. A man hunting zebras (or enemies) in the bush can’t afford /not/ to be distracted by a fleeting glimpse of a stalking lion or the faint rustling of an enemy tribesman readying a spear.

      On the other hand, when the circumstances are right a man can focus with a totality that women rarely seem to achieve. In sports, they call it being “in the zone”, in combat, they call it “still alive”. I think it is because of this ability to focus, at least much as the superior intelligence of the male, that virtually 100% of ranking chess players, computer programmers, and theoretical mathematicians are male.

      Modern schools are designed for female patterns of attention, which are shallow but steady. Boys have detested the monotony of schooling ever since its invention, but girls usually like school. Nearly everyone “diagnosed” with ADHD is male, and nearly every male could be subjected to the diagnosis if scrutinized. Not one in a hundred has any real disorder.

      My advice, if you are a man (with or without some jackass telling you have “ADHD”) is that when you really need to concentrate on something, you eliminate ALL distractions. Get into your cave. If necessary, get a top floor hotel room away from the bitchy wife and whiny kids, and tell them you went fishing in Antarctica. Turn off the phone. Lock the door. Put on your headphones and play music you know by heart. Cut out /anything/ that could make your subconscious say, “Look out, that might be a lion sneaking up on you!” Have both stimulants and anxiolytics handy (in English, this is “caffeine” and “alcohol”), because you didn’t go to all this trouble to find out you’re too tired or too preoccupied to focus.

      And don’t bother unless it’s something you’re actually at least a little bit interested in. If you’re in medical school because you want to be a gynecologist, but you’re not interested in pussies, your subconscious is going to insist on thinking about something else no matter what you do. Take the hint and walk away. Grinding away at something totally boring is for girls.

      • says

        I like the way you put it but sorry to disapoint you: ADHD is PHYSIOLOGIC. That means it exists organically. And I know some ADHD people and even seen some of them as patients way back in my nursing school days and its no joke at all. their brain waves secrete an imbalanced ammount of serotonin vs dopamine and there are CAT scans that prove that there is a part of their brain that is hyperactive. But you know what I learned?:
        Women love them. Some game can be learned: these ADHD guys put their habbits first before their women, and they qualify their girls specially if she shows up on him and she’s not squeeky clean: ADHD men hate that, that is why their women are always on their feet. So don’t underestimate these guys; learn from them.

  22. Co says

    The best about having enough money is that you´re able to work on all other life areas and be excellent on them, as you are free of the one worry the whole world has.

  23. Sam says

    Hey Vic thanks to your site and my willpower my life plan has been permanently changed since December 2012. This morning my dad said that if I don’t want to waste my time and money on college or a soul-stealing job that I have to pay him 450 bucks in rent in 3 weeks. It’s sink or swim time and I’m up for the challenge. OOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW

  24. says

    Great post man. Really love your character and how it portrays through your writing.

    Look forward to more posts.

  25. Tron says

    Hell Yes I am tired of hearing poor ass democrats complain about being poor, or bitching about their unions, they are like lazy ass slaves to me. I started making some money and it is all clear to me now. I want to be rich so I can own some lazy ass democrats and they can make me more money.

  26. PM says

    Victor, there’s this guy named Christopher Walker, an endocrinologist, who claims to have raised his testosterone naturally from 11 ng/dl to almost 1200 ng/dl. He sells PDF on how to do the same thing, it’s called testosterone IO (price is 77-97$). I don’t know if any of you have heard of that and if it really works.

  27. Vin says

    Hi Vic, what about doing what you love? For example if you’re a musician, or a painter or a sportsman, do you think the act of DOING something you totally LOVE gives you that rush which can increase your T-levels? Or you think it doesn’t matter what you do and the primary objective is to just do anything that makes tons of money and it will increase you a T-level boost?

  28. Roman says

    Fuck you vic, you never fail to inspire me, you speak the truth, I’m 19 but I’ll have the world in my hands…