How I Make 10k Per Month Online

Boys, I get a lot of questions about how I actually make money from a blog. Today I’m going to tell you.

I’m going to show you income and expense figures from last month.


Well…lately I’ve been searching for websites to buy. I’ve been looking for income producing websites or websites with promise.

My goal was to buy a website for a modest investment of $5,000 USD or so and turn the site profitable. Just for a bit of fun, and to show the Gentlemen Wolf readers what is possible.


While endlessly looking through all the ‘for sale’ sites it dawned on me: If I were just starting out this would feel hopeless.

None of the websites I saw for sale at a reasonable price were producers, but worse than that none of the websites even had potential. They were all point and click template websites developed to sell to people who don’t know what they’re doing.

The websites for sale were never designed to be real websites, they were designed to sell to newbies to the online money game. They were full of pictures of hot cars and hotter women but that’s all they were. “Take the money and run. Show them pictures of Blond Babes in Bikinis and the idiots will buy anything!“.

I’m not going to waste money buying a worthless website to show you how to do it. What I’m going to do instead is expose my entire operation and show you how I get things done and show you that it is indeed possible to make money online.

You know what they say, if you want something done right you’ve got to do it yourself.

The Bold and Determined Enterprise

I want to make one thing very clear: I am not an internet marketer and never have been. Internet marketers are a bunch of “take the money and run” scum artists. I’m a businessman, motivation is my business, Bold and Determined is my empire and what you’ll see below took me a long time to build.

The Bold and Determined empire currently consists of 3 websites. The main blog and our two satellite sites. The 2 satellite sites orbit around Bold and Determined, like Phobos and Deimos orbit Mars (the God of War). These 3 sites are all completely interconnected and part of the same enterprise.

  • Bold and Determined is the Website for Winners ™, the blog that everybody can read and enjoy for free. Always has been free and always will be free.
  • 30 Days of Discipline is an e-book. It’s the Bootcamp for Winners and it’s our flagship product. My life changed when I started following what I have outlined in 30 Days of Discipline. I started making money online when I developed and followed 30 Days of Discipline (not from sales, because I gave it away for free for 6 months before I ever put a price tag on it) but because the habits are powerful for focus and motivation. I get readers emails every single day saying how much it has helped to change their lives. For reference I started following 30 Days of Discipline in early October 2011. You can go to the archives page to look and see at the night and day difference in quality of writing and output before and after September/October 2011. As far as I am concerned anything I ever wrote before I initiated the 30 Days of Discipline protocol could easily be trashed. (Buy it here).
  • Body of a Spartan is a bodybuilding and strength training e-book. It’s the ultimate guide to insane strength and physique building for the natural trainer. I followed this plan to a T for an entire year before I ever wrote it down. It works like magic. (Buy it here).

The Bold and Determined enterprise makes money in two ways: e-book sales and from affiliate marketing. If you’re unfamiliar with affiliate marketing in simple terms it means that if I recommend a product and you buy it I make a commission.

I have never allowed outside advertising, sponsored posts or sponsored links on Bold and Determined and the only products that appear on the site are products that I like and approve personally. I have never advertised Bold and Determined and I have never used any SEO voodoo trickery to get better rankings on Google.

The only way I have ever gotten readers is by writing winning content that inspires. Like Frank Sinatra I did it all My Way and below I will show you exactly how well doing things my way has paid off.

Below I will outline the income, expenses and profit report for the month of November 2013. Instead of showing you some pictures of hot tubs, or mansions, or (rented) sports cars I’m going to show you the nuts and bolts of a real, successful blog.

Go get yourself a coffee, tell your girlfriend not to bother you, put the kids to bed, go to the toilet and take care of business, and then come back and give this your full attention.

And let’s party…

Income Breakdown from November 2013:

(Legal disclaimer: The November income sheet may not necessarily reflect the actual payment which may change because of potential refunds or corrections. Some of the income listed may have been earned up to 6 months prior, but paid in November. Some income received in November may be excluded from this list. Some of the links below are affiliate links and some aren’t. The affiliate list below is not inclusive of every business Bold and Determined is affiliated with. The income and expense sheet below is to be used for entertainment purposes only and is no guarantee of what any other business may make.)

  • E-book sales: $9,288
    • 30 Days of Discipline $5,410
    • Body of a Spartan $3,878
  • HostGator affiliate sales: $569.48
    • I’ve been using HostGator for my website hosting for over 5 years now and I won’t switch. I’d like to get my servers offshore, but I won’t because HostGator’s customer service blows away everything else.
  • ClickBank affiliate sales: $165.39
    • The only product on ClickBank I recommend is Classic Body Now by Matt Marshall (<—Don’t go there, it has been hacked). 
  • StudioPress affiliate sales: $104.94
    • StudioPress is the organization behind Genesis Theme. I use Genesis themes and they are the best of the best.
  • IronMagLabs affiliate sales $702.44
    • These are old, old Super-DMZ sales that I was finally paid on.
  • Gross Total Income: $11,644.21

Expense Breakdown from November 2013:

(The list of expenses below may not be inclusive of every payment made in November. Some expenses may have physically been paid in November but deemed as necessary to another month’s expense report. Some expenses may have been incurred in November but not necessarily paid in November.)

  • PayPal fees $518.57
  • Affiliate payments $483.28
  • Stock photos $36
  • Hello Bar $29.95 (I have since cancelled this service)

Gross Total Income: $11,644.21 – 

Total Expenses: $1,391.86 = 

Total Profit: $10,252.35

Notes from Vic

There you have it, boys. No blonde babes in bikinis trying to sell you a dream, but you’ve got the nuts and bolts of a successful, boot-strapped operation.

The biggest earner for the enterprise is the ebooks. That’s not an accident. When you create your own product you are in control, when you rely on advertising or affiliate marketing you aren’t in control. Not only are the books the biggest earner but it’s also income by the minute. Each time an order is made the enterprise is paid, and the money can be withdrawn the very same day. Affiliates will pay you up to two months later or longer. As for advertisers, well, I don’t allow outside advertising so who cares how much or when they pay.

The expense report is what the normal monthly expenses to run the empire look like, but may not be a 100% accurate reflection of what was paid in November. Bold and Determined has quietly been doing some background upgrading and some expenses paid in November may not be deemed as necessary to run the enterprise and may not be included in the expense report. Expenses are growing though and will be significantly higher from this point forward. Price of success – Pay to play – Spend money to make money.

If you’d like to start a blog

Aspiring bloggers need to read the So You Want to Be a Professional Blogger series.

For the “computer illiterate” who want to get started blogging but don’t know how you can use BADNET to install your blog for you free of charge (and get some free reports).

Happy late Thanksgiving

Friends, I don’t often say these two words but thank you for coming here to the Website for Winners ™ and an extra special thank you if you bought one of our products. Bold and Determined is growing, and as we grow we are only going to get better. That’s an absolute guarantee.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

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  1. David says

    I admire you Victor your posts are so clever. You help people out while at the same time promoting your product in an honest and clear simplified no-bullshit way. I find it hard for anyone to not want to buy your e-books after reading posts like this. I’ve been visiting this site frequently for little more than a year now and honestly I can only see this growing. May every man who comes here grow with it too, as I surely am.

    • says

      I agree.

      Very inspirational.

      I use the genesis framework too and got it from clicking from this website. I am glad Victor got to see a piece of that purchase. Affiliated marketing is a good way to go and is not offensive to readers.

      Thanks for all of the tips. My website is so much better for having found this website.

      I hope to continue in Victors footsteps. It very meaningful to see that it is possible from a financial standpoint.

  2. Darius Skipp says

    I’ve been following your blog for some time and I like what you are doing because it really helps people.

    My question is, how you deal with piracy?

    Anyway, congratulations on your empire and your sucess in life.

  3. says

    Thanks for the detailed break down. This article has some really useful information.

    I saw you say somewhere that entrepreneurs tend to make money in ‘windfalls’ rather than in a constant progression.

    If that’s the case with B&D, when was your first major windfall and what would attribute it to?

    • Victor Pride says

      1st time selling a book. Actually, a reader named Mark in Seattle gave me the idea and tools necessary. I had a couple of windfalls last year and a couple this year, from new books coming out and new promotions. I can only attribute it all to the articles here to putting the time in. You make megabucks in windfalls, but it’s not “out of the blue”.

  4. aZr says

    Thanks for sharing.
    Your site is my fix every time I need to find the strength to say f*** to people.

    Congrats on the progression. I’m currently following 30 days of Discipline and working on my first e-book too.

    Keep it up Victor.

  5. reaper23 says


    With all due respect, this method of showing income is flawed and doesn’t comply with GAAP. And there is a reason GAAP does it differently.

    Income should be recorded in the month it was earned, not in the month it was paid. This will help you in understanding the ebbs and flows of income and give a clearer understanding of the actual business operations.

    What you are showing here is more of a cash flow statement, which while very useful to the small business owner, doesn’t tell you the owner the true story.

    Making expense growth decisions that you allude to based on a sub optimal financial presentation might mean big trouble down the road.

    Your post is very useful to folks, but it could be much more useful if presented according the generally accepted accounting policies that every one else uses.

    • AC says

      This is not a publicly traded company. GAAP is only needed for outside investors and other stakeholders. As a very small business Victor can easily use the cash basis of accounting as shown above. accruals are overrated

      • reaper23 says

        well, no.

        GAAP is meant to give a clear picture of operations to the owner.

        Accruals are real representation of how income is derived. Cash basis is representative of how one collects cash. Two separate items.

        The bigger question really though, is what is the 12 month average for ebook revenue?

        • AC says

          This is a very small business though with very simple operations and for this article all that matters is the Cash basis. This is an article and is not financial statements pending review by a CPA. the purpose of the article was to show how he makes money, not how he does his financial statements. accrual accounting would also just confuse many readers.

          • phil says

            quite right pal!
            GAAP in itself is meaningless, it’s all a question of how it’s applied and in this case GAAP has often been found more than wanting – examples are legion, but just look at enron, whose GAAP-washed accounts made it appear a never-ending money-printing machine instead of the house of crooks it really was.
            a crafty accountant can use GAAP to make a shitty business come up smelling of roses, while a jobsworth beancounter can make a going concern look like it’s about to fold.
            when warren buffet makes an investment, he doesn’t look at reported earnings (he’s extremely distrustful of GAAP-based accounting), he looks at the cash flow, which tells him much more about the health of a business (and allows him to spot an undervalued opportunity).
            it is, has been and will always be about the cash – companies don’t go bust because of bad P+L, they go bust because they run out of cash.
            cheers vic, nice going!

        • collis says

          The manner in which victor displays is correct. Given that clickbank has a 60 money back policy. Thus anything earned is not earned until the money is in the bank. GAAP applied would be an inaccurate reflexion of actual money earned as it would show what could be gone within 60 days. However no accountant worth his salt would dispute this method of reporting for info purposes.

          Also, cash flow is king and it’s the only thing that actually matters.

    • Ben says

      As the numbers show and as he stated, the e books comprise the majority of income and are paid immediately. So for the most part that is the actual income for November.

    • Dallas107 says

      I agree to a certain extent, especially when trying to be as accurate as possible. But most people don’t even know what GAAP stands for and more or less would never understand it.
      He broke it down in a way that anyone can get it.

    • FACT-MASTER says

      I think you hit the nail on the head when you said “like everybody else does”. Who wants to do ANYTHING “like everybody else does”.. ?
      I use a method similar to GAAP, but tailored to myself called ASSPOM (Always Successful Sound Principals Of MINE) Even when it comes to accounting. I started a little later than Victor, and my income for November reflects that fact. I will agree however that income earned is more important than when it was received. I have used that to support ideas, and correct inefficiencies. But I have been reading “Victor Pride” for a few months now and I do agree with 90% of what he writes. 90% is a high rate, looking back on what I have written, I only agree with 95%.

  6. says

    Good Morning Victor, (it´s 10am here in the Dominican Republic). I would also like to thank you for your work, it´s simply life-changing. It´s funny how i discovered this site, a friend of mine from Canada recommended me to read an article concerning the reality of going to college… Loved it. See, since then i read every monday morning article; evolution is what i have received from this teaching, i identify myself with your way of thinking that is why when i read that first article i experienced the ´´that´s what i am talking about´´ effect. I have now gained 20 pounds of pure muscle(been hitting the iron for 3 months), i am starting to create my own blog(In Spanish), i am so quitting the longest-lasting job i have ever had and i am ready to travel to Central America by the end of this month or the beggining of the new year. (By the way, since you travel a lot i am pretty sure you are capable of writting an article regarding how to travel safer and cheaper, i could use that article/advice).

    My respect to you and your work from the Dominican Republic. Keep kickin´ass.

    • Victor Pride says

      Hi Pablo, I actually don’t travel on a budget. I fly somewhere, stay at a mid range hotel, rent cars or motorbikes, eat a lot of food, then come home. As for being safe, well, I rarely drink and that cuts down your danger factor by about 99%. I’m also a giant compared to most Asians.

  7. Steve says

    Proof right here that the key is to actually produce something that solves a need. Take away Victor’s e-book sales and the Paypal expenses (which I assume are mostly from the e-book’s) and you are left with income of $2,356.21 and expenses of $868.29, coming out to a monthly income of $1,487.92 and an annual income of roughly $18,000. That is with Victor’s large and loyal audience, which lead to the affiliate sales. Most people don’t have an audience like Victor which is why it’s difficult for a blog to make money solely off of affiliate marketing. Show’s the power of two great products. Keep up the good work on growing the B&D empire

  8. says

    Congratulations Vic, you deserve all the success you enjoy. I didn’t realize you made that much from your eBooks. Definitely opened my eyes to the difference between your own product and affiliate products.

  9. Takumi says

    Thanks a lot for your tremendously motivating article,Victor! Purely in order to face the fear that I’m having (I don’t deny), I dare to ask you this question. Does it ever occur to you that there is a chance that your empire will someday stop profiting?
    Thank you from Japan!

    • Victor Pride says

      It’s certainly possible. I’ve been “well off” and then broke and then “well off” again so nothing new. With the plans I have it would take an act of God for the empire to stop being profitable anytime soon, but if it eventually does happen, well, I’ll be prepared.

  10. Jacob says

    Hey Vic,

    Nice article. I’ve been tinkering with the idea of creating a website and this gives me some nice points to focus on to maximize my income from it. I thought about eventually creating an e-book, but now that I see the HUGE amount of money you rake in from the e-books you’ve created, I’m going to make that a higher priority once I get established.

    One question I have is how do you actually set up the process for selling e-books? Does someone simply send you money through paypal and you email them the pdf or is it all automated? Sadly, this is an area I am weak in. Perhaps you can do an article that explains some of the nitty-gritty parts of setup and how it’s done.


  11. Richard says

    Great post as always Vic. Two questions for you?
    1) So a newbie gets the blog up. He has a special talent, and offers a worthy e-book product of “10 Steps and Secrets to XXXXX”. He not advertise. He does not do SEO… at all. He offers the e-book, and a related service. He blogs once or twice a week on related topics of interest. How does traffic and sales build?
    2) Your target market is huge (guys that seek betterment on internet… at least 1.5 billion, you have 9,000+ subscribers, and traffic of 10,000+ visitors a day). What would your recommendations be to smaller niche markets?

    • Victor Pride says

      In your case I would optimize for SEO and I would advertise where I could. Find other people in your niche and get them to email their list with you pitch.

  12. says

    Great post Victor,

    I have enjoyed your blog for a long time now. You provide a lot of value through your free articles, but also through the products you sell/recommend. So far I’ve bought Spartan Entrepreneur, which motivated me to start my blog about my transformation from skinny-fat to fit. After that I bought the genesis theme through your affiliate link to set up my blog in less than one day. After setting up the blog, I used the methods in Spartan Entrepreneur to gain a following, instead of selling affiliate products, and it worked great!

    Then I bought Body of a Spartan. The main reason was not to find a new training routine, but to gain inspiration for my current calisthenics training. The book inspired me to train as often as possible, rather than 3-4 times a week, and the results since then have been phenomenal.

    In addition to that I’ve bought 2 advertising/sales books through your affiliate links, and so far those books have taught me much more than any of the lectures I get at business school.

    Thank you for providing so much value, and keep up the good work. My life right now is so much better than it was 2 years ago, and that’s about the time I started following your advice.

    – Oskar

  13. Karson says

    Nice work. I’ve been at trying to create an income online for a long while and not in a scam like way which is a largely craptastic thing I did get pulled into years ago.

    I’ve since changed suit and taken what I’ve learned to try and add real value to the world however can’t seem to get going online.

    My main issue is writing. I love motivation, know plenty I can share and love helping people. Get me one on one with someone and I can pump them up and give them the tools needed to see something through but when it comes to creating a digital home for content, be that an ebook or site I never seem to be able to cohesively put the content together. A new year is around the corner though and still determined as ever.

    I just bought your 30 days to discipline so maybe that will give me the jump start needed.



    • Victor Pride says

      “My main issue is writing.”

      Try making vidoes for youtube, or podcasting. No writing involved and you can can get your out there in your preferred medium.

  14. mikenaus says

    Just goes to show that content is king! You can SEO all you want but if you don’t have what people are searching for you don’t have an audience or a potential customer

  15. says

    Thanks for this Vic.

    Guys, remember, the numbers you’re seeing are after 3 years of Victor working his ass off to build this. Did you know that most websites that succeed only succeed due to the person behind the website NOT GIVING UP. A lot of guys will start a blog, work on it for a month or two, see no results and QUIT. There are so many “incomplete” blogs out there where a person got fed up, lost faith and quit.

    I started Man of Freedom in September. I have done zero SEO, zero weird tricks and my traffic has doubled each month. At first I got frustrated when I saw no traffic. Slowly but surely, with quality content, I have begun to get more and more traffic. Me getting my first non-spam comment, from a real person was what I needed, I knew that if I could capture the attention of one reader, I could capture a thousand, and so on and so on. Building an empire (like Bold and Determined) takes work.

    Victor, I ask you this, how long did it take for you to see your first dollar made from Bold and Determined? I think once one makes his first buck, it should become and ephiany to the blog owner, if you can make $1, you can make $10, $10, $100……It’s all a matter of scaling up.

    As always, your wisdom, knowledge and ass-kicking is appreciated.



    • says

      I’ve learned that making your first $1 isn’t hard (once you get over the mental hurdle of starting a website and adding some affiliate links to a book review for example). The challenge is sustaining your efforts over months and years, and developing and launching your own, quality products. I’ve got a lot of work to do, but as usual, Victor Pride has shown what’s possible and how to get there.

        • says

          My first dollars were made last night via my blog. Ironically it was a copy of Victor’s kick-ass book Body of a Spartan.

          Cheers to everyone having a great weekend. Hard work pays off.

          • Victor Pride says

            Congrats Mack! That’s great news. It took me forever to make a buck, and actually it was a few pennies I made.

    • says

      This is a great article. Great strategy giving away 30 Days of Discipline for free for the first 6 months.
      When I started CleanCutBadBoy I didn’t realize how hard everything would be: figuring out how to work wordpress, how to use the hosting platform, getting readers. I had a shitload of spam
      My Site is still a baby, and like you said MOF keeping up the sustained effort is indeed difficult, especially when you have alot of other things going on. But I just let the thought fill up inside me and spill them out every week, at least once a week. I believe in my content, and like you said if you can get one persons attention you can get more. Next thing to figure out is making money, but for now I just want people to read what i have to say.

  16. Heather says

    Thank you so much, Victor! I signed up on Host Gator just now! Quick question is how do I locate the control panel URL? :)

    • Evan says

      H, Hostgator will send the login panel info in an email…it may take 24 hours for them to approve everything. Once you have it, bookmark it as it is different than the HG website.

    • Channing says

      First, go to the HostGator website, and click on the “HOSTGATOR BILLING LOGIN” on top. Click “View Hosting Package” on the left navigation, and there will be a hyperlink after “cPanel Login”.

  17. says

    Outstanding. I make a living online as well. I’m a new reader and this is the first I’ve seen of your income reports. I follow Pat Flynn’s of as well.

    I’m thrilled to see that the majority of your income comes from your own products. That’s how I like to run my online empire in the making. I’m a developer/designer so I have my own creations as well. Until my passive revenue picks up, I still do freelance work. Hoping to get away from that soon, though.

    Thanks for the update. Inspiring like a mofo.

  18. Mike says


    I just found your site and I like it. A lot. I have a request: Can you write a post that centers on the affiliate marketing side of an online business? Using Amazon, clickbank, independent companies that have affiliate programs, etc. Perhaps you have already done so, and you or one of your readers can direct me to it. Thanks. Mike K.

    • Evan says

      Indeed, Vic has been at this for years now as evidence by his reference to blogs from Sept/Oct 2011, and if you search his site (full of very motivating reads) you’ll find that his consistency has been in there from the get go.
      Most bloggers (not all) will hit it once or twice, but eventually fade out. Vic puts into practice that which he professes to us. He’s transparent about all of it and he is out to help more people than just himself, which is a huge factor in growth for a company.

      People get paid for what they do or what they know, the smart ones get paid for what they know. Vic knows how to inspire people, that’s one reason he will continue to grow.

  19. sdf says

    Hey you could reduce that paypal fee by accepting bitcoin. No chargebacks, 10 minute payment clearance. Bitcoin exchanges typically charge %0.5 to convert bitcoin to USD or whatever else. Coinbase is one good service for merchants if your based on US bank accounts. Shopify has bitcoin integration now.

    Bitcoin is also attractive to the more independent set, and you’ll get PR & sales for accepting it since it’s still novel. It also allows people who can’t pay you, because of being in a country banned by paypal, doesn’t like paypal or whatever to donate and buy from you too.

    • anon1 says

      the blogging world is a truly small place :’), you’re the guy i think James Altucher recommended on his site/ possibly one of his books i’ve read. He had an anecdote about you. Its nice to know there’s overlap with my interests :)

  20. says

    Hey there – I don’t see any marketing dollars in your expenses. It would be great to see all this income for free. How are you doing the rolling of the marketing ball?

    • Victor Pride says

      I’ve been using, they have some pretty good options, but I’ve used some of the others as well like istockphoto and you can find some good things if you look.

  21. says

    What a successful fire up! I vote for one of these each month! or even every 3 months so we can see how you are progressing Vic.

    Very inspiring and congrats on that sweet 10 K per month. Enjoy it my friend because you and you only earned it!


  22. says

    This was the kick in the ass I needed today to get me going.

    Amazing story and site Vic, I’m curious though, how did you promote your site in the beginning without the use of SEO wizardry? Was it done in the similar manner outlined in your Spartan Entrepreneur ebook?


    • Victor Pride says

      Yes and no. My money goes a whole lot further here for sure. For example I pay cash for everything and I haven’t even been to an atm in 6 months or more (except when traveling).

  23. says

    Awesome results Victor! Regarding the purchasing of a website I know exactly what you mean it’s a nightmare to say the least!

    However I have found more success looking for high traffic sites that are monetized poorly and offering to purchase their site.

    One thing I am very suprised about is your hosting costs, I own a server company and unless your getting over 50,000 hits a day and require around 64GB ram and 16 cores you should not be paying $200!

  24. says

    Great Article Vic,

    Thanks again your Blog is a great inspiration I also am working on a Blog that I need to work harder on and maybe in the future I can think about making some income from it. But first I need to gain a decent following.



  25. says


    I don’t know how you do it, but your posts keep on getting better and better. I think this is one of the top articles you’ve ever written. I really respect what you do and how you’re so open about your successes.

    There no tricks involved … just plain ol’ hard work and persistence.

    You deserve all the successes that you’ve gotten.

  26. Aaron says

    Hey Victor,

    New reader. Have liked all the articles so far and even ordered a 30 pack of modafinil out of curiosity. Now that you admit some of your income is derived from “affiliate sales”, I can’t help but suspect that those modafinil blog posts might have some affiliate revenue behind them. I was even considering starting a dmz cycle in March once I get back into decent shape (I used to actively lift in high school and college but stopped once I started working a corporate job). I’ve read in-depth, day-by-day reviews of super dmz on other sites and it sounds like a harsh pro-hormone with nasty blood pressure side effects but decent results. Once I saw IronMagLabs listed as an affiliate, I started to reconsider.

    Regardless, I like a lot of the other posts, especially the one about quitting internet porn and how to talk to shy girls. Good, plausible, sensible advice and just what I needed to motivate myself out of this (self-made) rut. You got a new reader here, although somewhat skeptical of the product endorsements.

    – Aaron

  27. Sir says

    Hey Vic,

    What are the pros and cons of an e commerce store versus a blog? Amount of money, expenses, difficulty,etc.?

    • Victor Pride says

      I’ve never owned a store, though I have been looking to buy one, but for a new blogger there is basically no overhead. $10 a month for hosting and that’s it.

  28. Shane says

    This is great but I can’t help but wonder how you keep such a steady income on the ebooks. Still, a great insight into how the business works. I bet it was a pain in the ass working this shit out all on your lonesome.

  29. Sean says

    Great post. I really admire the reality of the hard work you have put it to your lifestyle guide. For some reason I did not read the inspirational aspect of this piece that others saw, but I definitely felt it. I think the greatest aspect of your website and writing is that it simply, MAKES ME WANT TO READ MORE. Your entire way of writing is like the hook of an essay. It is a suspenseful blog of inspiration. I think your English teacher’s would be very proud (You should contact them!).

    After following given links and following many more from those I keep taking in great information. I’m 16 and currently enduring the troubles of HS. After trying to brainstorm ideas for more of a product based website in order to achieve income, I believe I have found a great idea for a blog.

    I thank you very much for having taken initiative for getting things done, and them done right. Props. Your writing has matured and motivated me immensely. One question: What can I do when I’m 18 that would be different than what I would do while I’m not 18? I’m will be still in school anyway when I’m 18?

    -Thanks, Sean M.

    • Victor Pride says

      “I think your English teacher’s would be very proud (You should contact them!).”

      HAHAHA! I FAILED english class in 10th grade. Ms. Holsapple hated my guts. She was utterly insane. English class is what the most useless of teachers teach. Come to think of it, I think I failed 7th grade english class too. All of my teachers either hated me or ignored me, they won’t be getting a call from me. I never had a good teacher in my whole life.

      “I’m 16 and currently enduring the troubles of HS. After trying to brainstorm ideas for more of a product based website in order to achieve income, I believe I have found a great idea for a blog.”

      Start it up my friend, no better time than now. What can you do when you’re 18? You can be legally free (well, when you graduate. Stay at home AT LEAST until then). At 16 you may have trouble accepting payment online, I am not sure, and I don’t think you can own your own checking account yet, but no troubles at 18.

  30. Ryan says


    Starting out with a blog, what’s your opinion with using images from google images and tumblr in your blog posts?

    Is it necessary to pay for stock images right from the start, or only when you start getting some attention to your blog?


  31. Pilgrim of the East says

    I don’t really understand your expenses – over $250 for hosting seems really high, especially with HostingGator prices – did you include expenses from some of your other sites too?

  32. Kush Sharma says

    About $500 of Hostgator commissions seems pretty low considering the amount of traffic you get, and the amount of content pointing towards Hostgator, especially the blogger series you’ve got. I’m interested because I’ve started promoting them as well through one of my blogs. I think you can really shoot that figure up. Do they pay on time and are they reliable?

    Great blog by the way. Much of the stuff here reminds me of Osho’s teachings, although it’s presented in a completely different manner. That guy had the courage to talk the truth, and so do you. Both of you have a great sense of humor as well.

    The world needs more genuine people like yourself. Thanks, and good luck Vic.

    • Victor Pride says

      The affiliate commissions were comically low this month. Frankly the only reason I posted this article is because they were so low.

  33. nek says

    Hey Vic,

    Off-topic a bit, but what are your thoughts on taking a loan to start a business? I know you’re not a fan of debts, but you’ve mentioned that it takes money to make money. Thanks.


    • Victor Pride says

      Nek, if, IF!, you are 110% sure about your plan and can’t do it without a loan then go ahead. But a lot of people take out loans for hair-brained schemes.

  34. Matt says

    What is a “framework”?

    You know Victor, I would definitely pay for an eBook that explained IN DETAIL everything necessary to start a website or blog.

    Like you say, there is so much scam bullshit out there in this world of online money making, that it’s almost impossible to get a straight answer.

    Your 3-part post on blogging is very simple and helpful but I’d pay for an eBook that explained every FAQ a noob like me might have.


  35. Unknown says

    Let’s face it, it’s easier said than done. Not anyone can be that successful online. And yes, I am jealous.

  36. Sebastian says


    a couple of months ago your words gave me the kick in the ass I needed to start my own online empire. The last five months I`ve worked 14-16 hours a day. I`ve written an EBook, created an landing page and recently launched a blog. Would have been impossible without an role model!
    No it`s time to earn some money!

    Thx for the major ass kick!

  37. Lion says

    I have 3 questions for you:
    1) Readers who buy the books will be automatically excluded from the prospective buyer pool. So you need an at least constant if not growing flow of new readers, a percentage of which will become buyers, to assume a steady income. Has that been so from your experience? How does it fluctuate?

    2) How do/will you handle piracy?

    3) How do you handle refunds, when it’s so easy to just request one whether liking an e-product or not?

  38. el sid says

    Vic, IMHO your plan would work great for people who have actual and real content/product. that means for most folks, they have to be more realistic and have to find some other way to make a buck online. BTW congrats on your independence and success.

  39. el sid says

    Victor one other thing can i email you some questions i have had regarding business and esp. online business matters. I do some gigs on the side myself wanted to get some advice from you, i have some plans of my own. I understand that you must be a busy guy, would appreciate any feedback from you whenever you get the time.

  40. Channing says

    Hey Victor,

    For managing site stats, do you still use Google Analytics or have you moved onto just using Jetpack Site Stats? I currently have both and am not sure whether it benefits me. Also, do you have any idea whether having both impairs the function of the other?

    Thanks for any info!

  41. says

    Bravo! I love it! The breakdown was great but most of all I am inspired that you are speaking in your voice. Your words are so vivid I feel like you are speaking to me face to face. Continue to do YOUR thing!

  42. says


    I started a online micro-product business about 2 years ago, built up a ton of facebook traffic, and funneled them to my list. It’s finally starting to throw off about 5 figures each quarter. I know I can take that a lot higher if I focus my efforts. I have a blog built around the business and back linked well, but struggled to get it off the ground. The main site is doing good sales without real blog content, so if I blast it and cross promote with good content I know I can bolster the revenues greatly.

    My question, do you just write when the inspiration hits? Or do you have a systematic approach to it (like every monday write 3 articles etc? What do you do when inspiration isn’t hitting?

    Thanks, sick blog.


    • Victor Pride says


      “My question, do you just write when the inspiration hits?”

      Yes, writing when inspiration hits has been my modus operandi for the past 3 years. That has changed though, now I’m planned out for the 4-6 weeks in advance. I can’t write 3 articles per day, it took me two weeks to write this article. I spend minimum 8 hours on an article.

      “What do you do when inspiration isn’t hitting?”

      In that case I don’t write. I write wows makers, when I can’t “WOW!” people I don’t publish. I have 200+ unfinished articles sitting around.

  43. John says

    Hi Victor,

    Great site – I’ve just bought 30 Days of Discipline and am really enjoying it.

    With regard to ebooks – did you ever consider publishing on Amazon? I assume you make a much higher profit-margin selling from your own site, but then presumably you had to build up your audience before you started pulling in the kinds of revenues quoted above?

    I’m developing an ebook now which should be ready by Jan 2014 but I have nothing like your online audience to sell to as yet. Would you advise going with Amazon for this product and developing another one for sale when I’ve built up traffic to my site?

    Also, do you advertise 30 Days anywhere else other than on your own site?

    Many thanks in advance,

    • Victor Pride says

      Amazon takes a bite out and my product is specific to B&D, I don’t need amazon. I don’t see a reason to be on amazon. Depending on your ebook (length and niche) I would say yes or no to amazon. Just depends, but being on amazon will never hurt.

  44. Lerob says

    Just subscribed to your blog. Very inspiring and motivational! Just curious Victor Pride – is that your real name or just “pen” name? Thanks!

  45. says

    You fired me up again Vic er….Vernon er…Courage….???

    Nah! Whatever your name is!

    You basically insipired me to start hustlin’ online again after failing on my third tier site.
    Now I can see the earnings snowballing at least and like you I also believe that writting an inspirational no-BS book is the best way to go if you have something to say.
    For now I am still refining the fundamentals and deffinitelly on my way of publishing it one of these days. Yeah I know you said its better to publish a half baked book than nothing but I am taking a different path on that account since the Ironthumb method would carry my name and my pride so I want everything perfect.

    Talking about books, how is the Spartan Entrepreneur doing? I dont see it above in the report? I like the way you remove the availability of the books once in a while – decreasing the supply once in a while to balance the supply:demand ratio.

    Another thing Vic, how much uniques or views per day has forced you to utilize dedicated servers?

    Last, how much of your overall tarffic come from search engines? Referrals and direct?

    All in all great post and like the others I am also looking forward to your videos

    • Victor Pride says

      ^^I’m lost on this whole comment.

      “You basically insipired me to start hustlin’ online again after failing on my third tier site.”

      Ok, whatever a 3rd tier site is, go ahead and hustle and stay broke. Hustlers = broke artists. I don’t know how you guys have been fooled into thinking being a hustler is a good thing. A hustler’s got nothing in his pocket but his hand. Problem solvers who aren’t looking for a quick buck and a quicker exit will make money.

      “Yeah I know you said its better to publish a half baked book than nothing…”

      I don’t recall saying anything like that.

      “Talking about books, how is the Spartan Entrepreneur doing? I dont see it above in the report?”

      When I said I would sell it for one day only I meant I would sell it for one day only.

      “Another thing Vic, how much uniques or views per day has forced you to utilize dedicated servers?”

      When the slobs from jezebel and reddit took the time out of their busy days to leave their appreciation my shared hosting plan couldn’t handle it, had to upgrade. When you need to upgrade you will know.

      “Last, how much of your overall tarffic come from search engines? Referrals and direct?”

      The very vast majority if my traffic is from google. A distant second is direct. Then a small third is referrals.

      • says

        BTW just a clarification, with hustling I mean any way to make money online. That term is non-specific to snake oil product selling. As you can see my site itself is focused on solving questions about “lifting” hence “Aboutlifting”.

        Third tier is a site that basically talks about anything, no specific niche whatsoever. Its more of an experimental site.

        And about the “book” being halfbaked – well you didn’t exactly mentioned “halfbaked” and I know that that is not what you meant generally:

        The goal of this is to not create the greatest quality product the world has ever seen, the goal is to get you started making some additional dough. We want this to move fast, fast, fast not slow like a turtle. You should be able to have all of this DONE in 30 days.

        Thank you for that and to all of your posts
        Keep rocking Vic

      • anon1 says

        @vic that’s really interesting actually, regarding where you get your traffic from.

        when you started did you tell anyone about your site?

        i’m thinking whether promotions or reviews of a site i’m making are worth doing or not

          • anon1 says

            holy shit. damn that is basically the definition of the ‘build it and they will come’ philosophy.

            mad respect.

            i never particularly wanted to promote my shit, but i was always thinking/worrying, how will people find out about it? how to get an audience up and running without letting them know what you do?

            most of my old connections are all blue pill and i dont particularly want to promote through fb or whatever to them because i know that would get a wall of hate. and there are a few 10 year plus [real life] friendships on there [been through thick and thin and whatever] that i’d not exactly want to lose, because my opinions are such a stark contrast to a lot of their sensitivities.

            i think i’ll start mine raw then, forget trying to change an old groups opinion of me, and rather focus on making the best content, and hope that somehow filters out to the right sort of people who can benefit from it.

            i always want to speed the shit up on the timeline to me quitting my crappy job

  46. says

    Hey, what’s your opinion on having a full-time job and doing this content/site building on the side? I’ve been doing it for a few months and I find my energy and motivation lagging after 9 hours of work. Any tips?

    • Abgrund says

      I see that Victor has taken a pass on this, so on the off chance you are still reading, I will point out that he has already discussed this repeatedly, and his advice seems to be: quit your damn job and go out on a limb.

      If you don’t have enough savings or other resources to survive for a year with no (or maybe part time) employment, you are spending too much money. If you can’t cut your expenses, you are either a spoiled fairy or you have one too many women in your life. Fix that.

      Or you can try to fix your lack of energy directly. Victor claims Modafinil is a wonder drug, although I haven’t tried it. Get more exercise and good nutrition. The more exercise you get the more energy you have (up to a point, but you are not going to reach that point). If you have to have a job, get a job doing hard labor, not answering telephones. Give it three months and you will be less tired at the end of the day.

      Or take a step back and consider whether what you want for your life is to attain what Victor Pride appears to have. There are other ways to spend your finite worldly existence than building a financial independence that will die with you, and if there is something else you care more about, get on it. When you have the right direction, “focus” is easier to find.

  47. Bob Smith says

    Hi Victor,
    Congratulations on your success! You provide genuine value and you get compensated for it and that’s the way it ought to be.
    I admire how you keep exact tabs on how much you take in versus how much goes out. It amazes me how many people start a business but don’t know how to, or can’t, commit to a budget. Needless to say, their business usually doesn’t last long.
    You are successful because you analyze what works and what doesn’t and you therefore take action. For example, if you find an item on your spreadsheet that doesn’t help your business you either eliminate it, or find something better. Also, you probably look for ways to invest your “disposable” income. Unlike most people though, I’ll bet that you thoroughly do your homework first before parting with your hard-earned cash. And just as important, you probably have emergency funds set aside just in case things don’t turn out the way you anticipate. In short, you have the mindset of a millionaire, that is to say you look for ways for your money to work for you instead of you working for your money.
    But your biggest asset, in my opinion, is your honesty. It’s extremely rare these days. It will carry you very far in your entrepreneurial endeavors.
    And to those who may say Victor is successful because of luck, I will leave you with this quote to ponder:

    “Chance favors the prepared mind.” – Louis Pasteur

    Best regards,
    Bob Smith

  48. James says


    Excellent article. My congrats on your hard earned wealth. I would also like to start a blog. Although I am very broke. What is the absolute bare minimum I can invest to create a good looking blog, and an e book to go along with it.
    Thank you

    • Victor Pride says

      $20 to start a blog. $10 for a domain, less than $10 for monthly hosting. Writing is free. To buy a good looking theme will run you perhaps $50 or less if you’re on a tight budget. Check out woothemes for a big selection of low priced themes.

      • says

        The initial investment is nothing when you realize that “Damn, in a few months, I could be paying this site off in a day once I get my site up and running.”

        As I stated above, the fact that I made my first money online in a span of less than 3 months, shows you, that this CAN and WILL happen, IF you work towards it. My first month, I had basically no page views. Second month the number tripled, third month, I literally had more page views in 4 days than I had the prior month COMBINED. I’m not tooting my own horn whatsoever (ok, maybe a bit) bit, but I am only saying this because my first few weeks of blogging, I felt like I would NEVER make a buck. Well, fellas, it’s possible. Just eliminate the mindset of “instant gratification” and build. Build, build, build and build some more. Your goal should be aiming towards making money automatically. If I have to bust ass for 6 months, churn out high-quality, well written articles to see money down the line, hell yeah I’m going to do it.

        Remember this, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it WAS BUILT.

  49. says

    Hey Victor,

    I’m gonna be totally honest here.

    You have inspired me. Funny to say that.

    I bought spartan entrepreneur a while back when you had that one day sale. I read it from cover to cover. And then I did absolutely nothing.

    But then I started reading your posts about how you did everything step-by-step to make money. It made me seriously think “If this guy can do it, I sure as hell can, too.”

    Some people are gonna read these articles and go back to their 9-5’s like what they just read was another episode of Friends. Some people are only going to talk the talk, as you say.

    Well. I took some massive action in the past month. I dropped out of graduate school because I realized that the school was a joke and waste of my time. I was in a PC, fruit-toot liberal environment where my dick was shrinking by the day. I calculated from my tuition fees that an hour of class was $416. So, a 10 minute break in class was a $70 break. I told my department head that his curriculum wasn’t worth the price tag and said I won’t be coming back. And that was that.

    During the past month, I built up two niche e-commerce stores and started a small business for myself. I found a way to live rent-free for a couple of months in NYC. I plan to do the Chaing Mai tour by mid 2014. And this past week, I finally launched my blog, which, to be honest, was a huge inspiration from you. I give credit where it’s due. I literally did everything step by step to create the blog, as you did. My marketing strategy for my blog is also scaled similar to yours and it’s going to take me at least 6 months for strong readership. But damn it feels good to be in control.

    If there is anything I learned from this website, to be a winner:

    – you have be in control of your plan, not someone else
    – you have to put in the work
    – you have to stop all the bullshit and take action.
    – you have to work out and be a lone wolf.
    – you have to do it everyday.

    – Daniel // The Knowledge of Man

  50. Joel says

    Hey man, I like how up front you are about everything. This blog is easily one of my favorite sites on the internet, and I visit weekly at minimum. It has definitely improved my life. Keep up the good work

  51. says

    Not sure how I found your site but it was through this post.

    I can’t believe you’re making so much from these 2 ebooks. This is some serious motivation man.

    Anyways, I’m a natural bodybuilder so I admire what you’re doing. Do you have some progress pictures of something like that?

  52. PJH in STL says

    Can you elaborate a little more about “clickbank” being hacked? I’m not familiar with the service or how it works (and don’t expect a full explanation), but does its being hacked mean I should just table using/looking into it for now?

  53. will says

    Hi Vic, Great post!

    What do you mean by ‘stock photos’ in expenses?
    And also are all images used on this site owned by you? How do you get around/make sure they are not copywrited?


    • Victor Pride says

      You answered your own question in a roundabout way. I buy the photos. “Stock photos” means you buy photos and you can use them royalty free. Some of the images are mine, but the majority are stock.

    • Farooq Naseer says

      Hi Vic

      Your content of your articles and ebooks are the key to your success, the images you use are the cherry on the cake.

      Who would you recommend for Stock photos? I ask because I want to illustrate the ‘About Us’ page on my online shop without getting sued.

      • says

        I use a website called it does not have the best selection of pics but most of them are free and not copyrighted. It’s important to pay attention to the images you use because I heard Getty Images likes to file lawsuits against people who use their images by accident. So make sure that you get stock pictures from trusted stock image databases.

  54. Marco says

    Nice article, thanks for sharing (I know it’s an old one but I just found it)!
    I wonder: So you don’t do any ads (google ads or Facebook ads) to promote your products?
    All the sales from the ebooks come from your blog?


  55. says

    You Sir are the FUCKING MAN! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences honestly and straight to the no bullshit point! Your site is now my go to site for everything!
    Thanks again

  56. JB says

    You know why I bought 30 dod? The sale page of dod is empty compared to other products with a wall of text of marketing techniques. No bullshit.

  57. Marcus Victus says

    Hey Vic,

    I am curious.

    How has/Did the torrenting of both your books drasticly affected your sales? Please give me a concrete answer number wise.

    Sincerly, Mark

    • Victor Pride says

      You know, there’s no way for me to know 100% but what I do know is that MOST people will buy the book and not torrent it and most guys who aren’t scum will buy and not steal. I don’t have faith in humanity but I have faith in my guys.

  58. says

    Working on it! My website is up, my ebook is up, and I am using a handful of affiliates. I WILL be making 10k a month on my website by the end March 2015. No if, and, or buts about it.

  59. says

    Hey Vic,
    I appreciate that you took the time to break out your finances in this article. It puts a lot of things into perspective.

  60. Paul says

    Hello Victor,
    congratulations for creating and developing boldanddetermined.
    I have one question for you.
    Did you ever need an LLC (or another business structure) in order to accept payment online?
    Keep on rockin’


  1. […] How I Make 10K per Month Online by Bold and Determined. This is a real eye opener on internet hustling (because not too many guys want to be hunched over a desk till they’re 60). I love the income and expense breakdowns, they are very helpful. And notice how most of the money is made – yep – in content creation and sales. Running vivalamanosphere probably helps a lot too:) .  I’m using this article as my own personal jump off point to improve this blog. […]

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