How I Kicked Dirt into a Feminist’s Face

Step 1) I wrote a kick-ass article about kicking-ass and called it 32 Things Every Man Should Do.

Step 2) A fatty-patty feminist wrote an article about it on the hugely popular website for losers, The article is full of snarky and sarcastic put-down humor attempting to mock my masterpiece. You can see her picture below.

Step 3) Her article became wildly popular and went viral. It received over 2,000 likes and over 300 comments in just a few days. The article spread through social media like wildfire, the little piggies couldn’t get enough of it.

Step 4) 33.3% of the commenters were smart enough to agree with me.

Step 5)  Thousands of feminist Nazi’s stormed the shores of Bold and Determined. 90+ of them wrote enraged hate comments and death threats. Many of them wrote long, heartfelt comments and all of them were completely ignored and banned for life.

Step 6) The feminist she-devils liked the Jezebel article so much that my original article went viral in a big way. It went from roughly 100 likes to over 400 likes in the span of a day or two.

Step 7) The feminist clowns got wind of yet another ass-kicking article I wrote called How to Meet Shy Girls. They invaded that article with full force, trying to get me to remove it.

Step 8) The attempted sabotage of How to Meet Shy Girls backfired and the article became even more popular than the original Jezebel article, receiving over 2.4 thousand likes.

Step 9) Because of the huge influx of readers and the social media wildfire my already large readership grew dramatically in just 2 days.

Step 8) Thanks to the social media controversy tons of men who have balls and hate feminists as much as I do found BOLD & DETERMINED. Sales of the best ass-kicking book for winners, 30 Days of Discipline, increased even though the web server was crashed for nearly 24 hours due to all the shrill harpies trying to invade man’s world.

Step 9) I laughed all the way to the bank knowing that a new bunch of winners are doing 30 Days of Discipline, and it’s all thanks to feminism.

What I Will Do Now

#1) I will send the author of the Jezebel article some Christmas cupcakes for giving me such a wonderful gift.

I need your address baby girl, I’m going to send you the best cupcakes money can buy!!! I know you like them!!

#2) I will continue to write more articles for winners on THE website for winners, BOLD & DETERMINED.

How You Can Kick Dirt into a Feminist’s Face

Step 1) Like or Tweet this post and make the feminist cows even angrier (if possible!).

Step 2) Never do what the entitled piggies tell you to do.

Step 3) Act like a man, not a little boy, and for the love of god stand up for yourself. Live your life as a winner who doesn’t take orders from mentally ill women.

Step 4) Every man should follow 30 Days of Discipline.

Step 5) Have a nice day and enjoy a nice coconut smoothie, I will!

-Victor Pride

PS – If you cannot see a “like” or “tweet” button click here to open the article and hit the like or tweet button on the left hand side of the page.

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    • Joe says

      They dont like the shy girl article bc they are the “outgoing 45min american type”, and that description fit them so well that makes them sick once they realize the truth. Ive met so many of them, and this is so true to the roots. THe shy girl is nothing more a woman that still has family values and havent slept with their entire HS football team.

      • anonymouse says

        Yup. Shy girl here. This is the truth. I’m not into the muscle-man stuff of this blog but that’s the truth. Those girls are just slutty and this post made them feel bad :(

    • Capt. David Webb says

      i don’t get it. These BAs!@@ feminist losers are sheer hypocrites.
      On one hand these loosers ask for equality for women and on the other hand they want you to do all dangerous jobs(adventure for real men but involves risk nevertheless)
      Find a single feminist in Armed forces and reply.
      No reply? well these stupid as**** shitty loosers can’t shine their buttocks in Afghanistan.
      I’ve seen afghan women fight Red army choppers with AK-47’s.My Father was a vietnam vet, he faced fierce rs from Vietnam’s women. They took down B 52’s with WW2 rifles(HAHAHA!)
      How’s that? that’s real women power-the power which compliments her man and not against his man.
      Women are compliments of men. Both are different but no one is better. They are diff. like banana and oranges. one gives you potassium and other gives Vit. C. both are needed but you can’t choose one of them and reject the other.
      American bitches just don’t get it.Women in east are far better.
      : []

  1. Daywalker says

    Exactly what I needed to read before my workout. I’m so fired up right now!!! I was literally talking last night about how Jezebel was such a terrible person in the Bible, and why would anyone anyone in the present, name their daughter that? (Or website even).


  2. says

    Victor, you just made my morning :)
    Keep at it man! Her article, and blog, is full of nonsense, typical feminist.

    By the way, isn’t it ironic that her blog logo is a muscular and fit girl, when she is completely out of shape? I can’t take this woman seriously

  3. says

    Wow. Just, wow.

    I can’t believe these people would come here, dislike what they see, then RETURN. I’m a long time reader and I’ve only ever disagreed with 1 of your posts Vic. Keep speaking the truth and posting whatever you want.

  4. Takahashiryu says

    Sharing this article in every way I can!
    There are 2 brazilian failbook pages called “Women Against Feminism” and “Feminism Hypocrisy” (seems that there are still thinking people here!) Gonna share there too!


    Also, I’m gonna double my push-ups today!

  5. Seekay says

    Well done!
    It’s funny most feminist are ugly. They are not attractive to us and they hate it…so they hate real men. Because they get none!

  6. says

    HAHAHA! You absolute hero Victor! Quite good to see that there’s a gradual shifting of support away from extreme feminism towards a constructive, self-reliant and masculine ideal. She shames the guys who take control of their lives and make themselves badass so that she doesn’t have to feel so bad about being fat and unattractive. Great point by Adamzis about the blog logo!

    Great blog if a little arrogant at times. But as we all now, a little arrogance goes a long way.
    Stay sharp,

  7. Steve says

    Victor I don’t agree with everything you say, I’m more into spending my time with some fun loving, exuberant, extrovert girls than shy submissive ones, for example. (Although I’m not going to marry either one, haha) But still, I think you smashed it here! I especially like the way you cashed in from this whole thing. Kudos man, and enjoy spending the cash to further your empire.

  8. Francesco says

    I would not even react to most of this feminist nonsense Victor. Personally I am too busy enjoying your 30 day program, acting like a man should and reaping the rewards.
    Feel bad for you that you are in the USA though.

  9. alexabda says

    it is not ladies who became feminists, it is men who became feministic. ladies just took over what men have given up. a true feminist is any woman who is trying to prevent a man from regaining his realms by claiming she won the position thanks to her having grown stronger rather than owing to the man’s having reduced to zero. on the other hand, a woman who is doing the same thing might be simply encouraging men to be men, in an unpleasant, but provokating form though.

  10. Devilsclarinet says

    This was great! I still can’t get over the two girls who thought if they politely ask you to remove the article that you would comply. Congrats on the huge influx of 30 Days sales!

  11. Marcus says

    Numbers tripled thanks to some fat broad? Glad to hear some good came out of it! One thing you’ve said in one of your posts was along the lines that if an individual looks like they can’t even make it up two flights of stairs, they’re completely insignificant and not worth the trouble. From this looks of it this chick could use a stairmaster.

    Sit back, relax, and watch the sales come in!

  12. Jordan says

    this is fantastic. buy yourself something nice with the new money, and i hope it can come in this easy for you again in the future!

    kudos for sticking to your guns

  13. Dell says

    This was hilarious…
    She went knocking on the devils door, and the devil answerd! I bet feminist fatty is getting a huge influx of abusive emails which will all be a blessing in disgiuse, as no doubt they will abuse her lack of self respect, self discipline and general care for her health, which will ultimately lead her to lose weight and change her life for the better.

  14. says

    Great stuff. I wonder if they will ever realize that trying to trash us just brings a bigger audience?

    I’ve got 2 guys at work on 30 Days now. Keep up the good work, Vic.

  15. says

    Man if there is one website more filled with fat liberals it’s only followed up by gawker. It’s hard to think, my other favorite three websites,, and are all associated with gawker. Barf.

    Femnazis. What’s someone to do?

  16. Adam says

    I’ve just turned 19. I’ve been following Victor from about a year ago. I used to be depressed, fat, and idle. Now I’ve lost almost 110 pounds, speak 6 languages, read books daily, and never back down from a challenge. Victor speaks to me. He helped me in many ways(exercise, food, attitude, the power of will…..etc). All I have to say is: thank you and I truly cherish you man.

  17. Hardy says

    I bought your 30 days of discipline. I have added 10 pounds of muscle mass since then. I go to the gym every day without fail. Thanks for everything, Victor. Keep on writing :)

  18. Revo Luzione says

    Epic win, man. This article should be titled: How to Distill feminist troll hate into Fuel For a Kickass Life.

    The article hit just in time for your site upgrade, too. Way to be… Bold & Determined.

  19. E.J. says

    This is great news. Ignoring feminists is the best way to go, but for them to pick a fight and lose is even sweeter.

  20. steveeeeeee says

    I just wanted to tell everyone here that “feminist” women in real life of the actually fuckable persuasion react favorably when I tease them about their stupid ideals. Never talked to fat cows like the bitch who wrote the article though and I hope I never will

  21. savage spartacus says

    This article has made my day. I despise feminists as much as the next alpha male, reading this article and all the whiny dumb comments by the indoctrinated she beasts was truly satisfying.
    any one that doesn’t agree with victor pride, does not have the balls or or the moral conscience to know what is right in the world, you write your articles straight up without any political correctness. There are those of use that agree with victor pride very much, we must stand strong and be the beacons of light for other men lost in the dark. The Truth Will Set You Free

  22. says

    I’m so happy for you, Victor! They gave you lemons, you made lemonade! Self-hating, delusional feminists just kick-started your blog into the next level, helping men everywhere in the process! YES!

  23. says

    I just read her article. It has no substance whatsoever! She attacks every single point you make, without ever proving why its incorrect! All she does is get angry, call you “snowflake”, and generally flails around linguistically (she’s got a lot of body to flail). In response to your article, rather than pose any alternative, she merely attacks your manhood over and over!

    Her feminist nature has blinded her to the nature of man and woman. She’s so far gone, that she can’t even form a logical rebuttal!

  24. Tits Megee says

    I personally really enjoyed the heartfelt responses trying to get through to you. Who has the time for that bullish?

    Dont argue with morons, solid approach Victor.

  25. Mojo says


    I have 32 Things Every Man should do printed out and taped to my bedroom wall so I can see it every morning. You sir, are a boss. Keep it up, and savor the cries of the feminists that crumble before you.

    Gonna grab a coconut smoothie this afternoon too!

  26. Dessox says

    This made my morning. But I really lost it when the Shy Girls part came up, and my manager inquired why the fuck I was dying before the day had started. That article has really helped my prospecting this last week, and funny enough – it WORKS. I used to think that for whatever reason, shy, timid Asian girls were inaccessible – fuck, was I wrong.

    I forwarded your blog to my boss, specifically the “Be a Killer” – genuinely changed my life, by the way, that and cold fucking showers. Quick side note, that was probably the hardest part of 30 days man. Now, its like a fucking battle, I literally get psyched up before a cold shower and that just builds through the morning and through the day.

    My manager and I have shared the same challenges and advantages, my manager (Tall, white, former Mormon, 250k+ annually) loves Asian girls, and couldn’t figure out why. I checked back with him for lunch, and he was still browsing articles and wanting to talk to me about it.

    He said to me right now – “I didn’t know that people like this were out there. I have a lot to think about.”

    And to any upset female reading this blog – ask yourself why you’re mad.

    Aside from profane or explicit language, there is really nothing offensive about this. Yeah, sure the “homophobe” crowd can continue their song and dance, but most people hate faggots, (I lived and worked in SF for 6 years, so you can’t tell me shit), and couldn’t give two shits about the tiny minority that is LBG.

    Odds are if you’re mad, or offended – you need to work on yourself.

    All the best Victor, and have a great Christmas & New Years brother!

  27. Faust says

    So Victor, how many boxes of Candy Corn Oreos did you have to send to this woman to get her to put your article on the front page of one of the Internet’s most-trafficked websites? Congratulations man.

  28. Ra says

    Jezebel has been doing this for a while now. Many guys in men’s circles have at least been linked to it a few times and at this point can’t even be bothered to summon the energy to point out how it is the quintessential internet echo chamber of fat, unattractive, whiny, do-nothing women.

    But when I saw a blog post by Victor start out with “A site called Jezebel…”, I know my day was made. Here was the right man for the job, and he did not disappoint in tearing into his tubby prey with extreme, glorious prejudice.

    What those snarky, short haired sows can’t quite wrap their piggly little fingers around is that they give guys like Victor more power, as this post’s play-by-play recap illustrated. They try to swing the cultural pendulum so very far from center, but lack the basic critical thinking faculties to work out that it’s going to come back swinging right back at them with a vengeance too long repressed. Their repulsive qualities are advertised ever more potently to men who are ever more repulsed, and thus driven to the farthest opposite direction that can be identified.

    Now, thanks to the Jezebels of the world, there’s simply no such thing as “too masculine”. You can’t be masculine enough. You have to be completely over the top He-Man manly just to keep your balls on straight in this estrogen-soaked, politically sterilized modern society.

    Now that they’ve served as fodder for Victor’s pummeling to brighten my day, I can go back to forgetting they exist and enjoy the company of well adjusted, happy, feminine women who make the world brighter.

  29. BoldwithDetermination says

    Vic makes his living by writing in a positive way that encourages those looking to improve. He’s blunt, and if that makes you uncomfortable then you’re a closed-up pussy not willing to receive the good force of this superior site. No bullshitting around is a key point. Miss Piggy up there spends her time defaming the work of others. You could say it’s because of insecurity, jealousy (feminists are jealous they’re not men, that’s their big secret) or cause she’s a worthless cunt. All answers would be true.

    Either way, keep at it strong Mr. Pride, because the people worth talking to are listening.

  30. lupus bellator says

    I was laughing so hard when i read the article that the feminist wrote i nearly fell from my chair. I gotta go now and make fun of them on their website. Keep up the good work.

    My motto : “Amat Victoria Curam”

  31. Shane says

    Read that bitch’s blog. Nothing but a bunch of poking fun with poorly thought-out excuses at exposing the lunacy she claims is in the article. She’s a loon and her readers are scum, and im sure all the angry girls who commented and bitched in the comments to your article were secretly wetting themselves at the thought of that kind of man. Also, I think lil Miss Piggy likes you Vic :P

  32. jeff says

    Who the fuck is this fat, feminist bitch? Jezebel is Exactly right.BTW- what in the blue hell are kookoonanners? And Why does she keep referring to you as dude and bro? Is she frm the Jersey shore? This shit made me laugh out loud!!! Apparently, you laughed all the way to the bank! Kudos!

  33. curtis says

    I used to act the way liberal media taught me to act via tv shows, movies, etc. Lame, pussy-brained social messages is what I abided by. Never did shit for me. Women really do NOT want men to act that way deep down inside. Man, why are they so fired up. The article really wasn;t offensive. Anyways, I am a huge supporter of this type of training for men as men should have many choices, as do women. I also support the PUA communities social-engineering techniques, just not the guys who teach it….they seem like flakes.

  34. Yes Indeed says

    This is yet another manosphere website I will be referring men of all ages to. That’s right, I am promoting awareness of the threat the feminazis pose. I have engaged hundreds of random dudes on the subject, especially when I see them frustrated with something that feminism is in some way related to. Thanks to both internet and direct street-level activism like what I (and many others) do, thousands of men are waking up – and the tide is turning.

    I sincerely hope that some Jizabeller is reading this and choking on her cupcake in the process.
    That’s right, sweetheart. Someone like me is going to get to your brother, or your cousin, or your son, or your dad and wake him up. Once they see your bullshit for what it is, they are not going back to sleep.

    We’re building an army, and we are (in a peaceful way, of course {in case some femtroll wants to take this out of context for propaganda reasons}) going to take back what is rightfully ours – our rights, our bodies, our hard work and our dignity. Watch out.

  35. TempestTcup says

    This article is the best thing on the internet! I HATE that Lindy chick; all she knows how to do is criticize and (attempt to) tear stuff down.

  36. Cole says

    It’s no surprise that feminists are critical towards advice on self-improvement. They operate on the principle that everybody deserves to be equally proud of themselves merely for being alive, regardless of any productive achievements. Why bother putting in any hard work to improve yourself when you can just demand that society must always respect everybody equally? In fact, Jezebel followed up the 32 Things article with an article titled “Why Bother?” that suggested women stop dieting.

    The most telling part of the article was when she repeatedly referred to impulse control as “witchcraft” and “magic.” When I Googled her name, it was no surprise to find that her previous work includes videos of herself eating cookies and candy in her kitchen. She must have filmed it in between writing her other articles like “The World’s First 100% Foolproof Guide to Losing Weight and Keeping It Off” and an article criticizing meat and vegetable diets as “fads.”

    The face of feminism:

    • deniz says


  37. Jorge Diaz says

    Sorry but I feel you are in her game now…. I will add other two things to your list.
    33.- Do not bother about other people think about you. A real guy has is own path and it doesn’t change for other people thinking.
    34.- A real man knows how to win or lose without care to much about the consequence. A real man doesn’t mock his opponent.
    My two cents.

  38. Abgrund says

    Ok, I think I have this thing figured out. Lindy’s site has this over-muscled silhouette intended to represent Victor, but in the middle there’s a cute little boy looking slightly lost. Clearly she is hoping for a well built muscular guy with a sensitive, vulnerable side – deep inside where only Lindy can get to.

    And she /knew/ that she would be giving him a readership boost, and was ok with it. Not to mention she talks rather a lot about his penis.

    Well, don’t give up hope, Lindy (I know you’re reading this): Victor did give you a return link, and he promised you cupcakes. Maybe he likes fat chicks.

    • Master Dogen says

      I think that illustration is meant to imply that men who are strong and self-sufficient must somehow be little lost boys inside. You know, the old “he must be soooo insecure if he works out hard” idea.

      • Abgrund says

        I know what the picture was overtly intended to imply, but in the context of the whole post it clearly has another, subconscious, intention.

        Lovelorn Lindy’s frenetic little rant has exactly the same flavor as a 13 year old having a tantrum because the boy who fingered her at the movie told his friends about it. She wouldn’t dare say outright what’s really eating her, but the subconscious finds ways to communicate.

    • deniz says


  39. Daywalker says

    I’m so glad I married a real woman. And not a “liberated” cunt. My wife enjoyed this article. Her first response to Lindy’s picture was “she looks likes this bitch I can’t stand at work.”

    Fatties like Lindy need low T, emo boys, that play Call of Duty (when she allows it) and fuck her (when she says so).

    Real women wrap their arms tightly around a mans arm, snuggle their heads into their bulging pecs, and feel secure in the fact their man is strong and is able to provide.

    Lindy if you read this remember, those cupcakes will taste good. But nothing is as delicous as rock hard 6 pack abs.

  40. says

    You’ve an excellent here! Good on you for getting the last laugh over that idiot Lindy West. She’s got some nerve to attack an idea like “Build something” or “own your own car outright,” especially when a woman saying *those same things* would get lauded.

    By the way, I’ve linked your article about Shy Girls on my site because it’s the truth.

    Keep on rocking.

  41. says

    This post is amazing.
    Really made my day. The world is full of these fat feminist pricks who have lost all touch with the female in themselves. Maybe they were abused by their dads as kids??

    Whats wrong with expressing the natural masculinity in men?

    The world is becoming full of men who want to be women and women who want to be men………. FUCK THAT.

    Ignore the haters and just keep writing.

    Long live bold and determined!!!!!!!!

  42. Adam says

    I like the part where Lindy calls refraining from watching porn or taking cold showers to boost T witchcraft. Well, I guess self-reports of cured ED or drawing analogies between the depressed dopamine response of addicts to heavy porn users is not yet science, but it certainly isn’t witchcraft. Exposure to cold’s effect on the adrenal system, on the other hand, is already well-studied and is increasingly so. Maybe urologists or fertility docs recommend the test and sperm boosting properties of cold exposure just to fuck with us, or maybe world-class athletes who swear by cold baths for recovery are just superstitious. Maybe studies of cold exposure stimulating brown fat metabolic boosts don’t exist.

    But when she suggests that eating meat doesnt boost T? LOLOLOL

    Maybe doughy Lindy is uncomfortable with the ideas of discipline and sacrifice, which drives her to call anything denying her fat self what she wants “witchcraft. “

    • anonymouse says

      Don’t be afraid of the word. This whole “T” usage just sounds like fear or being timid.



      IT RULES



  43. says


    That’s great! I read Jezebel for material for my blog and usually for a good laugh. I will never forget the commenter who wrote:

    I just want a man who will come home and see my fat body on the unmade bed scarfing down an entire pizza and love me for WHO I AM!

    Love you for being a fat, slovenly pig? Don’t hold your breath, sweetpea.

    I’m grateful my comment got through, Victor. Sounds like you’ve had a fun few days!

  44. john doe says

    I dont see anything wrong with Vic’s website. If anything it encourages guys to pull their heads out of their asses and start acting like men again. Which is something America seriously needs right now. Look at how many children grow up with no fathers or even a father figure or a role model. Keep up the good work Victor!!!

    • andres reng says

      That is why United States is not respected as before, I am not american so I know why I am saying this, many americans are now weak, prone to be victims of their wifes, it is not like before the 80´s. Americans were respected and admired all over the world for their charisma, intelligence and strength. Now the view of Americans it is what you see on MTV or similar channels.

  45. KG says

    This made me feel good Victor. She has just tried to make fun of that amazing article without any logic (at least i didnt see much, anyway i just gave a short glance to her article).

    Hope more and more men realise what youre trying to say (and women too)..

  46. lupus bellator says

    You have enemies? Good.
    That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.
    By Winston Churchill

  47. Sea says

    I was reading this article and it was some really good advice. Most of the time when someone tells me about ” manliness” it’s just stupid shiet. This article is good. And what I don’t understand is why are women hating it so much. It doesn’t even concern them?!? It’s about being a man and having a cawk.. Which they can never comprehend. Some of the things written here are common sense,, like lifting weights etc and even that is being ridiculed. No wonder that bitcch is fat

  48. Adrock from NJ says

    lol fuck this fat man-hating dyke. more evidence of our culture’s war against men. smack a bitch in the face

  49. Silviu says

    Victor, this is fucking awesome, plain and simple. That feminist article is garbage. It’s funny how those nasty women talk about masculinity. How can they possibly know what being a man is like when they’re women, and deluded ones at that?

  50. John says

    You are the coolest dude ever I mean how can they not notice they’re
    disgusting fat feminist whores. Come on, why can’t they have a
    little decency and let us be men. It’s not like anyone can stand their
    shit, they should get laid, am I right?

    Great blog bro :) keep it up.

  51. cobuen says

    I am addicted to this website! Just bought my own Website, going to make some money on the internet too. As soon as i get my first pay i HAVE to thank you in some way, maybe i donate something to you (if you accept donations as spartan). :D

    Really life changing this Website, i´m 22, hitting the weights since some months, and now going to make my own money. Couldn´t be better.

    Keep this “internetpearl” going!

    PD: Happy to start my Steak and Eggs diet., love steaks!

  52. Big Bad Jim says

    Gah! Jezabel?!?!? When did the term ‘feminist’ become the same as ‘crazy’? Those cunned stunts are kicking sand in their own faces if you ask me. Making sport of cankles like that is like shooting fish in a bucket.

    Really liked your 32 articles. Anyone that has problems with any of that isn’t a man or a woman worth the time of day. Keep up the good work, lad! Yours is a voice our young men seriously need to hear these days!

  53. Just Some Guy says

    I feel so empowered as a man now…
    My girl is always trying to bring me down and insult my manhood with her stupid feminist ideals.
    Hell, she won’t even learn how to cook because she’s “”got a phobia of fire””, which is such bullshit. Just because she was in one or something when she was five.
    I find the easiest way to deal with her is to just give her a good ol’ slap across the face. Sometimes, if she tries any of her ‘Please stop, this is not cool’ bullshit, I have to punch instead. She’s always fine though.
    lol, if she starts yakking to her friends about this blog and tries to take it down, I’m gonna have something to say.
    Great work, man.

    • Victor Pride says

      When will you adult children learn you cannot fool me, “Just some guy”? Listen here Olivia, be a feminist all you want but don’t come to the website for winners and try to mock your superiors. If you wish to have your nonsense published here again you will not refer to me as “man”, you will refer to me as sir. Now run off little girl.

  54. Murdoc says

    I realize Victor has to some degree objectified women or hinted that they are subservient to men. You can say he has taken things a bit too far considering the Zeitgeist of this era, but considering men are continuously bombarded with feminizing messages, some of what he says are a wake up call.

    To me, what he’s trying to say is that if men want to continue being men in this era they have to know their role and he’s trying to remind us of it. Women have become so “on par” with men in terms of status that I feel they are losing their femininity. It is true that women have been far too suppressed in the past, but what happens when women begin to overpower men?
    Is this necessarily a good thing?

    I’ve personally known quite a few women and there are tons of blogs written by women out there that are complaining that men can’t muster up the courage to talk to them or how frustrated they get when they wish their man had stood up for them in times of need.

    I was listening to a radio show just earlier today where the hostess said “the perfect man is not one that will promise his loyalty for a life time, but to do small things that make his women’s day better”. Her examples included “if her shoe lace becomes undone, rather than telling her, he ties her shoe laces back for her” and a list of other things which in my opinion sounded nice on paper but if a man really acted out on it, he will be more of a slave than a lover. If a slave is what you want then you can always hire a butler.

    The dynamics between a man and a women has always been the man being the decision maker, more logical, more confident, a protector, the person who takes initiative. This does not mean that he disrespects women or that he thinks less of her. This does not mean he can’t do small meaningful things for her either, but to strike the balance. If we bend too far, we will lose our status as males. There are ideals that you women wish for and there’s the realities of what we can do.

    I used to think that shy girls are “easy” compared to the “hot” ones simply because they are more approachable, but the opposite is true. Ironically, the so called “hot” girls are also the ones who tend to be a lot more dominant and is always attempting to out muster men. If women wish to be treated like one, I believe there is a role to play for both parties. This is the only way where things will work. One is always more dominant than the other. The question is who is the dominant one? I do not believe that both can co-exist in a mutually equal matter because once the definitions of the roles are erased, we will not know how to act. If women are on par with men, then there will be no difference between a heterosexual and a homosexual other than the biological differences.

  55. stirner max says

    Just found your site last night from a link on a different, tamer manosphere site. First thing I read was your takedown of this Jezebel chick. Totally in awe. You sonned that girl–it’s clear she has no sense of strategy, much less logic, since your takedown was so beautifully done and her countermove such an utter fail.
    This site here is officially my shit. I was so inspired I read 5 more articles before bed and got my ass up at 5 in the morning to do sit-ups and push-ups and had a very focused, productive day. Most definitely going to be buying your book and seeing what I can do to up my man-value and get out of the wage-slave/ woman-slave paradigm.

  56. says

    Hey Vic,

    First major props, almost everything you say health/fitness wise on 32 Things is backed up by scientific studies. I mean see not agreeing with some things but half the stuff she calls you out on can be backed up with scientifically quantified proof. Who was she calling stupid again?

    Second, in step 9, you have a picture of your site stats. Is that Google Analytics? If not what are you using?


  57. Italian G says

    Vic! Did you see you caught Henry Rollins attention? He commented on the 32 things post. He’s a punk. check it out on her blog.

  58. Chicken Party Time! says

    Great article, Vic! I found your site today, and I must say that I am very pleased with your writings. Most of all, I am absolutely enamored with your attitude toward these, dare I say, “slutty bitchy whore whores” feminist women. (Typing that out felt great!)

    I like your approach to these things. Sometimes, you just gotta put people in their place, you know?

    I can relate to you on so many levels. Don’t like the way someone talks back me? I have no choice. I have to (theoretically speaking, of course) “kick dirt in their face”, as you put it. You know, teach them a good lesson! Yeah! Ignoring things is for pansies! You gotta prove your worth! Show ’em you’re a man and y’aint gonna take no crap from no one! Saddle up, drink a freakin’ jug of unleaded testosterone and wrangle with some liberal scum!

    HEY! Are you calling me immature?! Well, I can overgeneralize any situation and group of people! I can call you lily-livered landlubbers NAMES! INSULTS! I can even send you cupcakes! Delicious, moist, savory cupcakes that IwouldmuchratherbeeatingmyselfbutinsteadI’mtryingtoproveastupidpoint but that doesn’t matter! That’s how manly I am! I don’t even care about what any of you have to say! If you’re in the vicinity I CAN KICK DIRT IN YO FACE! I’M OVERQUALIFIED FOR THIS JOB

    Keep up the good work!

  59. Keenan says

    Thank The Lord, I’m quite pleased to see this. I’m not anti anyone, but it seems women these days hate anything to do with testostrone! It seems most of these women are hatefilled and completely loath anyone with their own beliefs!… Agree or Die kind of attitue.

    ts time more Sparants took charge and fight back with the one directon clowns and smash the effiminate male of today!

  60. PaleoJoe says

    Gay guy here and I’m loving your site Vic. I bought your 30 day program and I’m incorporating into my own. I’ve been doing cold showers since I was on the high school swim team, through IRONMAN triathlon training x3 and as a matter of fact, I got sick last time I took a hot shower. I also live a 90% raw paleo lifestyle and go as far as to eat raw liver once a week. It’s all about the meat man! I started getting up at 330AM ten years ago to train for the IRONMAN and just kept it up. I love the argument with the pseudo women on Jezebel and it tickles me to see how defensive they can get when confronted with testosterone. (Reminds me of this lesbian cop who works out at my gym and gets upset when I bench over 300 in front of her/him) One thing I hate more than an uber-butch women is effeminate men. The last time someone tried to gay bash me, I put him in the hospital. I’ll keep coming back!

  61. says

    We are full of girls who have misled to believe the world and men mostly, owns them everything.
    When they read posts like that its like a free fall for them, they think that this kind of behavior is unnatural and primitive.Fuck them (not literally) do not even listen to what they spit out of their mouth, these girls are only good for one thing: Killing your pride.
    Next time you meet a bitch with this attitude just act like a man as always, she will like it eventually.

    Greetings from Greece.

    Kostas M.

  62. Andre says

    The problem with our society is men have become more feminine and women more masculine. Just like magnets of different polarities attract and the same polarities repel each other, this has also occurred on a massive scale within our relationships with the opposite sex.

    I have seen some “average” looking women with a very feminine vulnerable energy make mens jaws drop because they are real about themselves for me THAT is what most North American women are missing.. and every male I spoke with on this issue has agreed. Which is why you couldn’t pay me to date most women in Canada / USA on a serious basis. Even though many were intelligent and beautiful on the outside I felt like I was interacting with a man with boobs…

    Think Asian or European women gentlemen… much better odds of finding a true FEMININE woman…

    And the sad thing applies to most North American men brought up by many single moms with no man as a real model, they have become people pleasers and lost their balls along the way. This is part of the reason some women get attracted to “bad boys” because those guys still have their “masculine energy”.

    Why do most boys naturally prefer to play with balls or guns and girls dolls ? This is GENETIC PEOPLE ! Get over it ! We have to APPRECIATE our differences. Feminine energy is just as powerful as masculine but in a DIFFERENT WAY…

    The more women try to become men and vica-versa the more diluted the attraction will be between the sexes and their will also be more conflict as well


  63. Mike says

    Victor, you’re the fucking man. I came across this Blog few weeks ago, and after reading all those craps for self improvment in recent years, I was so glad I finally found someone giving real applicable advice without bullshitting around. I mean, everyone today, love to BULLSHIT SO FUCKING MUCH, that reading or hearing something honest and direct became an aspirable miracle.

    I am 18 years old, and honestly, what helped me most in recent weeks was your article on benefits and absolute need to stop using internet porn. I AM A BEAST NOW! FUCKING BEAST! AND I GET LAID, I DON’T JERK OF ANYMORE!

  64. Stephen says

    First of all, I don’t take advice or criticism from someone who named their website after a whore who was eaten by dog in the bible. Two, why are feminist worried about what we as men do, scratch that what us winners do (I’m new, still getting the lengo down).

  65. Dom says

    This is fucking awesome. I found this site by searching some random stuff about feminism and how it’s backfired. Your site has been bookmarked.

  66. Nick says

    I can’t fucking stand feminism for shit. It literally makes me sick when I see men where make up, get into drag etc. Respecting women is one thing and protecting them certainly is part of that. Playing their game and being the women sickens me and the whole male race.

    Great fucking article Vic. I couldn’t agree more. We need more men out in the world to control these stupid feminists

  67. Occasional Reader says

    You probably don’t know this, but Iron Will is a character from My Little Pony. That one commentor wasn’t referring to the book. They we’re comparing you to a character in a little girls show.

  68. says

    Awesome article!! I’ve always found it interesting that overweight, unhealthy people try to justify being overweight and unhealthy by saying insincere quotes such as “Big is Beautiful!” and the like simply because it’s much easier than actually controlling your eating portions, controlling your eating habits, and exercising. Fat people–especially fat women–get so upset that every man doesn’t praise them for their extra large clothes, too much make-up to distract from their obese figure, and their constant sweating while doing menial tasks that it’s hilarious to those of us who have taken control of their lives, eat and live healthy, and enjoy being alive. The sad thing is that when we try and advise them into a healthier lifestyle they immediately attack back with excuses, all the while crying themselves to sleep alone at night because they hate their physical selves but want to do nothing about it because that would actually require some effort.

    Personally I’ve given up advising others and have focused entirely on myself, because trying to help fat people who constantly complain about being fat but won’t do anything to change it is just wasted effort on my part.

    Besides, I win in the end because i save money on less trips to the doctor, spend less money NOT buying junk food and fast food, and live much longer in better health. I’d say the joke is on them, only that ‘joke’ is living with constant health problems and a shorter life span.

    Anyways, love the site!!

  69. Dan says

    Hi Victor
    This is pure gold

    Just want to thank you for your great website. I purchased 30 days of discipline and body of a spartan yesterday and I’m on track with it . Ive lifted weights and done various martial arts over the last 7 yrs of my life but now want to turn my body into a piece of granite . Ive always been a pretty conservative minded guy and enjoyed manly hobbies ,and this has gotten me absolutely nowhere with women, especially in the UK where it is a haven for liberal feminists who borderline on the psychotic. its made it very difficult for me to actually meet a woman of substance . I have been way to nice in the past with women and put there feelings before my own . I’m now hard wiring my brain to your teachings and realize that 90 percent of women out there don’t deserve me to be a gentleman to them they deserve a SELFISH treatment.

    Why would any man want to be a gentleman to a women who consumes vast amount of alcohol? who has had a huge amount of sexual partners?.

    Feminists are absolutely batshit .They claim that they want equality ,that they want nice men ,understanding men etc . but as soon as they get a man who is attentive, kind, a gent, then they are automatically turned off by this behavior because he is to clingy?. Women (even feminists) are attracted to selfish ,masculine behavior . The fact of the matter is that feminists(any women brainwashed by the western mantra of equality and sexual liberation) deserve the pump and dump option . This isn’t because they are bad people , its because they are uncompilable in a relationship due to the brainwashing they have received that has basically reversed their biology.

    Your advice on the utter garbage of ‘game’ is also fantastic. learning that shit is for people who don’t have real things to get on with . the selfish approach is spot on . allow that classic gentleman out in controlled spurts for women who truly deserve it . Not a used up feminist who will accuse you of being a possessive chauvinist if you pay for dinner now and again.

    PS that feminist who wrote that shit about you would be on your dick faster than a bullet from a gun given half the chance , and then moan about how much of a pig you are to some beat down latte drinking fruit

      • Dan says

        Thanks Victor !

        This website and your work is my bible now . It should be mandatory reading for every school boy . At 26 this is a bit late for me to find the truth, i wish i found it ten yrs ago . I’m spreading your word and pointing other fellow men who have lost the way to your website.
        I believe men have been so downtrodden by the trash they have been fed over the yrs that they have to totally re invent themselves . One of my good friends is broken after a long term relationship of his has broken down and ironically i came to your website to find some real info, past all of the false shit floating around on the internet when i was the victim of a nasty drama queen bitch .
        I’m helping my friend out by showing him your advice. Ive quit my job and I’m trying to make it on my own now ,a fast decision but i could no longer put up with my bosses bullshit. Ive thrown out all of my shit clothes and I’m weening myself into the 30 days of discipline lifestyle with the intent of following it 100% in July . Body of a spartan is hands down the best workout info i have ever read n I’m fairly clued up on weight training . Its a beautiful feeling getting in the gym 6 days a week and not being as sore as hell . Its a very flexible program that is real world (sometimes you are fired up ,other days not so much) Body of a spartan takes this into account where other programs fall short and it helps the natural lifter .

        Many thanks Victor , by the time i hit 30 I’m 100% sure that i will be a better man than i would have been thanks to your work .

        Keep up the good work

  70. SoniaKaur says

    I am a woman.
    I agree with 32 Things Every Man Should Do.
    It is effing hard to be a man, i understand it and I see it everyday,
    Your finally having some ideals we have had to comply to everyday being placed on YOU

    I don’t agree with everything, but you empower men to act like men. THANKYOU

    Masculinity is attractive and sometimes it is aggressive in its portrayal
    Victor is right, men who aren’t masculine and pander to me all the time are not men I want to be with.
    Respect is key. I will respect him if he believes in himself.
    A real man will then recognise this and respect me in turn.

  71. lonny says

    Why the outrage? Because they are SUDDENLY and openly faced with the brutal reality [real men know that only issue riddled harridans hide behind faux feminism] and it pops that safety bubble they have built. To the Victor..the spoils and shy girls, naturally.

  72. johnny says

    This reminds me that a few months ago I had an online insult match with a manly bitch. I came at her pretty harshly even by my standards looking back at it, but the surprising thing is that she seemed to like the way I was and even went from attacking me to trying to hit on me, which became a problem for me since she was a nasty bitch.

  73. ^_^ says

    Hi. I read your article and honestly, the only part I personally didn’t like, is the part about women not ‘deserving’ this and ‘deserving’ that, it was a little offenssive, I know you don’t seek out permission to do your thing, and I’m sure you really dont care about what I think. I’m not bashing or anything, I just felt kinda bad. I think a man should still respect and love his woman, that’s all. Personally, for me, I don’t mind my husband leading, I love him and respect him, and he shows me the same.
    It also seems gentlemen are in short supply (not to say you aren’t, I don’t know you), and I’m not pretending I don’t know why, my peers today (young women my age) are far from LADIES, all because of this feminist hippie movement, it doesn’t encourge women to be LADIES, it encourges them to be this weird, warped “I only need him for a night, I make my own, I hold my own, I depend on me, I’m tough, I run this” kind of female. That’s bad.
    I enjoy reading your articles, nevertheless, even though it seems like its “men only” in truth, its encourging to me.

    P.S. I hope to see you write something about how a woman can become successful, strong and ladylike without being a feminist or ‘sexed-up’ in today’s world (I hope you’re not just anti-female either). Once again, I’m not trying to ‘tell’ you anything or to disrespect you Mr. Victor, I hope you or anybody else will not see it like that.
    Thank You! :)

  74. Jgooo says


  75. Terry Q says

    This right here deserves a standing ovation. Goes to show those who intentionally try to harm for no apparent reason end up getting exactly what they deserve. They did you a favor at the end of the day. Much respect for your posts and no one should come at you for something they not need read.

  76. says

    Wow, I didn’t agree to all the stuff on 32 things every man should do, because, well mostly cultural differences and, I like to believe to some of things you recommend I have already found a better option. Doesn’t mean I bitched about it because I didn’t agree, or because I think I’m better.

    If it were a 32 things every woman should do (not written by a feminist directly asking to all woman in the world to bitch on man and ask for laws that make no sense), I don’t think I’d be any angrier, in fact if it were good human advice, like some of the stuff I’ve read from this site, I think I’d probably endorse it and share it, even as a man.
    Good fucking work. Whenever I stop being poor, I’ll try to get the book, looks fairly interesting, and I like reading.
    What’s up with all this feminist bullshit anyway? I don’t think many men go on the internet telling how to not post their tits or to get skinny, those are normally other woman doing it.

  77. says

    Hey! wait a minute, VIc! I see that you have removed the featured pic on the Shy girls article,
    Its an abstract thing, very interesting,
    Can somebody tell me what does that mean,
    My eyes don’t work good with these abstract stuff

  78. Lleyton Diaz says



    One of most compelling reasons for women rearing their ugly heads of egoism, insubordination and arrogance is because of this ideology called ‘feminism’. This sh**ty philosophy brainwashes a woman into thinking as long as it’s ok for a man to do it, the woman should as well. These messed up women even argue the authenticity of the Bible saying that it wasn’t right for King Solomon to have over 700 wives. Even the newest versions of American Bibles have been altered to show that a woman should in no way think of herself as inferior to a man. Domestic violence is on the rise because these brainwashed wives are challenging every move of their husbands in the name of equal rights. In short, these hos believe that a man is longer the head of the family. This ideology has swept across America over the decades and the result is obvious; every second marriage in the US results in a divorce. Sadly, the quality of family life in the US has worsened like hell and it comes as no surprise that kids from broken homes are resorting to drugs, violence and crime as a way of life. Monogamy or the concept of having only one wife has made the f**king slag think no end of herself.
    Islam on the other hand, legally allows polygamy. The prophet Mohammed had 13 wives himself and it’s permissible for a man to marry more than once. If a man is eligible and well to do, he can marry 4 women legally under the condition of providing equally for all 4 of them. Psychologically what this does is, it reduces the worth of a woman by ¾. In other words, where the worth was 100%, its just 25% now. Even the procedure of divorcing a woman is really simple and easy, all a man has to do is say the word ‘tallaaq’ thrice in the presence of a cleric and she’s chucked out like cheap trash. The very thought of her husband marrying any other woman or her getting flushed out, makes this one insecure and keeps her on her toes. She goes through all lengths to keep him happy and satisfied. That’s why I’ve seen many Muslim wives take all kind of crappy, high-handed and even violent behavior from their husbands, without even uttering even a word. Even the concept of Islam sets the husband on a very high and noble pedestal, much higher than his wife and he’s treated like a blessing from the almighty that provides for her. It is clearly mentioned that a disobedient wife is the greatest curse and she deserves no mercy on the Day of Judgment; so a woman knows her role and shuts her mouth.
    How brilliant and delicious is this situation to suit a man’s taste? It’s all about making her feel worthy or unworthy that makes a slag act arrogant or helpless. If she’s made to feel unworthy and cheap, she’ll behave like she’s lowly and needy and vice-versa. That’s why

  79. MadMax007 says

    Simply awesome article, Victor!. This is called handling things by the scruff of the neck. The last time I felt this mantastic was when I listened to ‘superman’ by Eminem. Keep ’em coming Comrade!!

  80. William says

    Well said. Feminism is nothing about female equality anymore. It’s about whining about men until demands are met.

  81. Klarysa says

    I am happy to know that there are still some smart men out there. We need more assertive males in the world, not some wimps who give in to whatever a women says. I sure as hell know I don’t want a man like that.
    These feminists act like they’re on estrogen steroids and need to stop with this propaganda.

  82. Matthew J Trujillo says

    They are offended because you speak the TRUTH.

    She went through great depths to reply back to you, it must have some TRUTH.

    Most men are losers, and most women WON’T accept their role so of course they will be uncomfortable when you speak things that they don’t want to hear.

    It’s almost like covering your ears and saying “LA LA I CANT HEAR YOU!!!!” out of pure denial.

    At the end of the day, WINNERS will continue being WINNERS, and losers will always be losers.

    There is an old saying that says something like “If people are hating you, you must be doing something RIGHT” When you are ON TOP everyone wants to take shots at you.

    Bottom line, WOMEN ARE WOMEN, and MEN ARE MEN. ACCEPT IT that how it is and that is how it will always be. I dont watch the Kardashians but my sister does and the husband (I Forget his name) Is a FAGG big time he is almost like a woman and the mom is the MAN of the household WTF? Same thing with shows I’ve seen them pushing on people like “Modern Family” about 2 gay guys that are with each other, and that is the MODERN man??

    What happened to REAL MEN?

    Then you have sites like this who are MADE for REAL men and WINNERS and people cant accept it, they hate it, they dont want to win it, because they know the REAL TRUTH.

    • Bob Smith says

      Hi Matthew,

      You said it, brother! I couldn’t agree with you more. And you are absolutely right: When you are on top, losers will say spiteful things about you and will waste their times complaining instead of bettering themselves. It’s so sad. When someone gives you THAT look (one that conveys hate, envy, and insecurity) it certainly means that you are heading in the right direction. It is, by far, the nastiest expression I have ever seen on a human face. Victor knows exactly what I am talking about; he mentioned it in a previous article. I get THAT look from time to time (and yes, I will admit, it hurts: after all, I’m still human) but there is nothing I can do about it and I eventually get over it.

      And yes, a sure sign of a loser is one who watches the Kardashians, Modern Man, or any of the numerous trashy shows available today. Celebrity gossip shows, mainstream media, Twitter, Facebook, etc. do absolutely nothing to add any real value to the world. Today’s journalism is absolutely atrocious because most of it is geared toward an audience of mindless consumers who don’t have the capacity for critical thinking. It’s so sad. Personally, I don’t watch TV at all because I don’t see any benefit in it. Instead, I strive to better my skills, knowledge, and personal value. I will never regret living my own life as opposed to living vicariously through the achievements, imaginations, and goals of others.
      Let’s face it, life really boils down to either enriching yourself or enriching others. But…if you can find a way to do it, it’s even FAR better to enrich humanity.

      Best regards,
      Bob Smith

      • TheGreyWolf says

        I have 7 children.

        No external TV feed or cable of any kind comes into this house.

        I call it my “bullshit-free” zone.

        Yes, there’s still a lot of it out there that they will step in, but NOT IN MY HOUSE!

  83. George says

    Always come back to read these old articles because they are so kickass, these were a glorious few days for B&D and I cringe at just how many “men” act and think like emotional oestrogen blobs. Although I get an onslaught of insults and cries of misogyny when I bring up my views on topics like this, I will not alter my opinions, but merely my opinions of them.

    • Bob Smith says

      Hey George,

      I agree with you! The way Victor handled this was priceless. He wasn’t about to let some idiot ruin his good reputation.He truly is the real deal. As for your “onslaught of insults and cries of misogyny” from insecure haters and losers, don’t pay attention to them. Let me share a quote with you that I just absolutely love!

      Wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

      Best regards,

  84. Josh T says

    Vic I gotta say I love your mindset brother. There’s a war on masculenity and it’s truly disturbing. The sad truth is that most men are going to remain spineless goofs and bow to every woman they meet and get involved with. Fuck that bullshit. And the funny thing is, is that every woman who wrote bashing you and your beliefs were only mad cuz they couldn’t suck your dick. Such a shame!!! Happy hunting men

  85. benjisco says

    Felt like my blood was going to boil reading jezebel’s article. It really shows how insecure she is! Wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.

  86. says

    Ah, now isn’t this just the most wonderful thing I have read today. I found your blog today because someone linked to your podcast, which I listened to in full BTW. Holy crap did I need to hear that right now. I am living smack dab in the middle of “Someday Isle” and it’s not cool. I have been living here for a while and I am ashamed to look back and think about how I got here. I’ve had the dream of having an internet business based on blogging and writing for a long time and I have never followed through, I always find some distraction, or otherwise fail to keep focused long enough to achieve. Wake up call.

    But back to the feminists, damn it, the hardest part it remember to NEVER, EVER engage with them, and I failed at that again today. Engaging with a feminist (feminist is really just s synonym for borderline personality disorder) is a sure recipe for hight blood pressure and frustration. You handled them perfectly, completely admirably in fact.



  87. says

    This made me laugh so hard, how the hell is a fucking jello prissy women pig tard supposed to understand anything about men. How can she seriously expect men to be like THAT?

    There are differences between men and women mentally for a reason its called the balance of nature. The funny thing is that NO girl knows what they want. They all say they want a guy like this or like that lame ass twilight guy but guess what, they always go for the more masculine guy.

    As much as these feminists think they are not going to subject themselves to how men are guess what? We have been mind fucking them this whole time and they never even knew it.

    If they all hate men so much then why do they focus so much attention on us and how come they arent instead all pretending to be lesbians.

    Oh and your email reply to that one feminists email about her sucking her daddys dick made me laugh hysterically. I could just see her blood boiling in her stupid empty head from her attempt to break the unbreakable.

    • deniz says


  88. Don says

    Good job man.
    Those shrill, self-centered harpies are just insufferable.
    It is a shame they already have the support of the political and moral majorities… and yet they continue to whine incessantly about their nonexistent oppression and marginalization.

  89. Tiberius says

    I just recently started reading B&D but I tend to like these types of sites and I’m sure I’ll be a regular. With that said and knowing this is a really old post I feel compelled to make a comment about a recent event that correlates to this. I went on a first date with an attractive girl, I won’t go into details but at the end of the night she said, verbatim “I like that you tell me what to do.” she was 100% serious.

  90. Jon says

    It’s women like these that deserve cancer. Why do they feel like this is their business? This article is only 4 men yet they feel the need to not only read and comment on it but to make a whole article about it. Damn these feminists really gotta learn to mind their own damn business.

  91. Jim says

    Shut it down!!!!!! Feminists can spout their mouths off all they want, but they will soon suffer … BARREN WOMB SYNDROME, aka no children. The choice is theirs: shut up or lose out.

    We played nice guy as you supposedly wanted and you feminists ignored us. Now we’re not taking any of your nonsense and you criticize us. Your move: you created this problem for yourself and we have no sympathy for you.

  92. Sirgett says

    Thank you for the article, keep up the good work.


    At the end of her articles JB asks if there might be a theory about a possible connection between the ugliyess of some women and their believe in feminiism, and looking at the pictures of the fatty-patty above I start to believe that she might have a point there, either they are ugly when tthey get involved with the movement or the movement makes them ugly, inside and outside.

  93. Daniel says

    How many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb:
    One to screw it in,
    One to excoriate men for creating the need for illumination,
    One to blame men for inventing such a faulty means of illumination,
    One to suggest the whole “screwing” bit to be too “rape-like”,
    One to deconstruct the lightbulb itself as being phallic,
    One to blame men for not changing the bulb,
    One to blame men for trying to change the bulb instead of letting a woman do it,
    One to blame men for creating a society that discourages women from changing light bulbs,
    One to blame men for creating a society where women change too many light bulbs,
    One to advocate that lightbulb changers should have wage parity with electricians,
    One to alert the media that women are now “out-lightbulbing” men,
    One to just sit there taking pictures for her blog for photo-evidence that men are unnecessary.


    Q: Why did the feminist cross the road?
    A: To suck Victor’s dick.

  94. says

    Her article seriously pissed me off..

    Not so often you come across an extremely attractive feminist, they tend to normally look like her.

    Well played on this Vic.

  95. Derek Wolf says

    Absolutely hilarious. Perhaps funniest thing I’ve read in weeks!

    Most amusing is that they not only demanded an apology – but EXPECTED you to give it!

    The emasculating of men is reaching epidemic status. Thankfully guys like you and Mike C. of DNP are helping others remember that we should not be ashamed of our manhood. Nor should true, feminine girls be ashamed of their womanhood.

  96. Chuck McButtfuck says

    Man, you really got that heifer riled up. That poor thing. Don’t worry man, she’s probably just sitting on her couch beside her 8 cats wearing her shit stained undies hating herself more everyday while people around here seem to be perfectly happy working towards more successful, fulfilling lives. That’s the name of the game, right? Honestly, I just feel bad for her. And even worse for the poor bastard that has to wake up next to that..thing. Disgusting on the inside and out. woof.

  97. Garcia Mora Alejandro says

    dawn Viktor, nice work you did there kicking dirt to the faces of those harpies. Lol, thanks for all the good posting on your blog.

    see ya, i gotta work out.

  98. Ryan says

    By god man this is amazing, of course these women are the antithesis of Viagra, but pissing them off to this extent is amazing and awe inspiring!

  99. Nikos Miou says

    Continue your golden blog Vic and don’t waste your time on feministic time wasting losers and haters by even answering to them.You are who you are,you have us,your fans and readers.Fuck the rest!

  100. says

    Hello Victor. I enjoyed reading this article after finding your inspirational review of Mike Tyson’s autobiography. I think that men and women should be equal, but only if women respect men like you. Women who show respect for men can earn respect from men. Where feminists try to overturn social order and control men, they deserve no respect.

  101. says

    This is absolutely hilarious, I have to say it’s an incredibly effective marketing technique to piss off feminists. Ryan Holiday talks about it in Growth Hacking, he used methods much like this to promote Tucker Max’s books/movie and American Apparel. Very effective… I feel a case study coming on.

  102. Arthur says


    Funny article.

    I know your stance on how men should not let western women/feminists treat them like puppets : grow some balls, have some self respect and put your foot down.

    However, what is and what is not acceptable? I’m canadian. I have been raised by feminists and I am lost into that sea of feminism…I don’t even know what I should refuse and accept because I never met a masculine man. All the men here are constantly kissing women’s ass and being a good, good dog….

    Will you write a post about that kind of thing?

    Thank you and have a nice day.

    • Victor Pride says

      I have it on some authority that a book covering this topic is being researched and prepared for publication (not written by me).

  103. says

    Brilliant – Brilliant – Brilliant…for many years i thought i was the only one who had the balls to tell-it-like-it-is and argue with the femmies and femmie wannabe’s – (including a lotta guys)…

    Well done Victor – only just found you on the net and will most definitely be a permanent follower…inspirational stuff | DONT stop..!

    Cheers – – Peter

  104. Xaver says

    I am proud that you are strong and did not surrender to those vicious and despotic women. It is good to know there are like minded people in this world.