How Can You Change Your Life Today? (A 30 Days of Discipline Review)

30dod-dsGentlemen, I got this message via email a few weeks back and it put a big smile on my face.

“Hey Vic, today was Day 30 of your life-changing program. I have to say it’s the most powerful and enlightening experience I’ve ever had. I’m a new man now. A REAL MAN.

Waking up at 5 am is easy for me now. I love to walk in the morning and clear my mind. I love to go to the gym at 6:30 am and give everything I have. I’m a Proud and Bold Lion now.

I take cold showers everyday. Not even a second of hot water. My muscles contract and I feel alive. There is this animal feeling inside, this true leadership that I’ve never felt before.

Gave up porn and masturbation. Feel like a million bucks, smiling to ladies, talking to strangers, getting compliments for my clothing style.

Adopted the To-Do list for the rest of my life. I was the biggest procrastinator ever a month ago. Now I get shit done everyday man. Kicking ass real hard.

Pushups helped me to finally show a little of chest definition. It was my lacking body part and I know someday it will be my strongest part. Thank you for your site, for your program, thank you for being direct, no B.S., and thank you for helping me discovering the hidden Alpha Man inside.

Cheers my friend.”

If you’d like to have a try at changing your life today you can pick up a copy of 30 Days of Discipline here.

-Victor Pride


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  1. says

    Your program sounds awesome. I’ve always thought a man should live by those rules and I’ve been trying to adopt some of the habits for years. I can boast of one success though: I gave up porn and masturbation eight years ago and will never masturbate again.

  2. says

    hey bro , love the book and workbook but wanted to give you a heads up with a glitch in the workbook. When it asks if you gave expanations or excuses and you check “no” , it registers as “Failure”. Im sure that is the other way around so Ive been marking it as “yes” to keep my record successes. Might want to tweak that as some of the warriors here can be a slow on the draw lol. take care!

  3. Patroclos says

    I took my first real cold shower today. I had done it before by starting with hot and gradually switching to cold the last 1-2 minutes. Today I started with the 30 days of Discipline and took my first full length cold shower. Feeling exhilarated!

  4. D.K. says

    Last week, I began your program “30 Days of Discipline”. I came across your site from an article I read on another site. I started to read your stuff and related to your message as I have spent most of my life in search of answers successful living. I have always been entrepreneurial and brimming with ideas, but discipline has always been an issue in my life.
    At age 40, I have a had a great share of successes and failures in business and finances, but I keep going at it. There has always been a disconnect between what I knew I needed to do on a daily basis and what I actually did. Eating like shit, working out sporadically, drinking a lot, over spending on stupid shit or material things to keep my wife(now ex-wife) happy or impress some girl.
    It was a miserable existence for a long time. Over the summer I quit my soul sucking job, when I started to get some contracts with my consulting business, did great for a few months and hit some road blocks and felt like quitting again. I analyzed some things, and realized I could turn things around, but I knew i needed to change my discipline and habits first. Fast forward, I downloaded your ebook 30 Days of Discipline and committed to doing it.
    It is amazing how that first day when the alarm went off at 5am, my inner voice started saying things like “Just another hour” “What is the point of getting up this early?” “Maybe tomorrow”. But, I pushed through it, got up, did my 100 pushups, situps, squats…grabbed a water, went to the gym, and began the building phase of a new ME. Each day, I had these inner arguments with myself, “A cold shower?”, “One beer won’t hurt” “A little porn and release session will be ok” but I ignored those Asshole voices and did what I was supposed to do. Each day at the end of the day I felt better. Each day helped me to feel stronger have more mental clarity and total self confidence. I am in Week 2 now, and these little discipline steps have helped me to pick up some other habits as well. I am totally congruent with what you teach about achievement, and I am beginning to feel alive again. I totally recommend this to any man that struggles with discipline or who needs to build better habits. Keep it up, Vic!

  5. David S. says

    Vic, I just bought your ebook last night and I read it 3 times–it kept me up all night. Good work! This is a ‘must’ read for people who need that kick in the ass to get them started!

    As I was going over all of your Habits, I noticed that I was already doing most of them. However, I was like a missile without a guidance system. After reviewing Habits #7,10,11, and 12 I feel like I’ve found the missing components to complement the missile. LOL.

    Anyways, I just bought Body of a Spartan a few minutes ago. Time to dig into that and see what other things I can learn!

    Keep up the Good Fight!

  6. Charles says

    I started 30DoD and Body of a Spartan at the same time. 30 days ago. The first day was rough, the shock of waking up at 5am, all that exercise and an ice cold shower led me to vomit that first morning. After that it was pretty smooth sailing. Deadlifts have made my back strong and straight. Quitting porn made my dick long and hard and sex is that much better when you’re not jerking off every day. It also makes you take a lot more action (with women) I’m confident and people see it. Women love it and it makes other men feel insecure and I love it all. I got so much shit done that I had been putting off in the course of the first two weeks. I can’t tell you enough how much this has boosted my confidence. Victor I salute you for putting this program together and it was well worth the money spent. Just last night I had a girl feeling all over me, telling me how perfect my body was… and I felt vindicated. I busted my ass this past month. A quote that helped me get through it all was this: “Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you” To anyone on the fence, set a day (the next Monday) and just fucking do it. At the end of 30 days you’ll wonder how you were ever such a pussy. These habits are staying with me for life.

    In the end you get out what you put in, don’t go easy on yourself.

  7. SINGH says

    Hi Vic,
    I bought the book a while back, just found out you also have a workbook for the program. Any possibility of us men who have already bought the book, getting hold of the workbook?


  8. says

    I’ve got my copy. Thanks to Victor for all the high-quality material.

    A few questions for the Bold and Determined community:

    Do you think “30 Days of Discipline” would be modifiable for someone who works nights? If so, how? What would you advise?

    I’m a musician, so I’m getting out of gigs at 1-3am, sometimes 2x/week.